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Full Record: x-ls004583/LS004583

Broadway, showing each building from Canal Street to beyond Niblo’s Garden.

c. 1834



Broadway. Bird's eye view.

Full Record: x-ls016595/LS016595

Brockton Point, Stanley Park in province of British Columbia

Bronx Park.

Full Record: x-ls004789/LS004789

Bronze doors, main entrance, the Forsyth Dental Infirmary, Boston.

c. 1914

Full Record: x-ls012878/LS012878

Bronze room at the Bargello Museum (previously called Podesta Palace)

Bronze Well-Head. Palazzo Ducale (Palace of the Doges). Venice, Italy


Brook at Surface of Street. Rejected as not in accordance with bylaws.

Full Record: x-ls003267/LS003267

Brooklyn Bridge.

John and Washington Roebling engineers.


Brooks Building. Angle view

Holabird & Roche


Brown Deer Park. General Development Plan.

A. L. Boerner

c. 1933

Full Record: x-ls001983/LS001983

Browne’s Bookstore. Interior view.

Frank Lloyd Wright


Brown’s Hoisting Company Factory.


Full Record: x-ls002798/LS002798

Bruchfeldstrasse Housing Development. Exterior, court view.

Ernst May, Dominikus Bohm, and C. H. Rudloff


Bruchfeldstrasse Housing Development. Plan.

Ernst May, Dominikus Bohm, and C. H. Rudloff


Full Record: x-ls007884/LS007884

Bruges. House front.

Brumton House

Full Record: x-ls015894/LS015894

Brush fires

Brussels. International and universal exhibition, 1958. Philips Building.


Bucarest, Bourse et Chambre de Commerce

M Stephan Burcus

Bucarest, Bourse et Chambre de Commerce

M Stephan Burcus

Full Record: x-ls004550/LS004550

Buckboard Charlie in his shack near Iron River.

April 1937

Full Record: x-ls004775/LS004775

Bud Fields and His Family, Hale County, Alabama, 1936.

Walker Evans


Full Record: x-ls007497/LS007497

Budapest City Plan.

Full Record: x-ls007496/LS007496


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Full Record: x-ls015475/LS015475

Buddha sculpture

Full Record: x-ls016004/LS016004

Buddha seen through entrance

Full Record: x-ls011995/LS011995

Buddha Statue

Full Record: x-ls011292/LS011292


Buffalo - Propsed waterfront development


Full Record: x-ls005489/LS005489

Buffalo Art Museum. Detail of Grounds.

Full Record: x-ls012655/LS012655

Buffalo in Banff National Park

Full Record: x-ls010590/LS010590

Buffalo, Pan-American Exposition 1901. Stadium.

Full Record: x-ls010589/LS010589

Buffalo, Pan-American Exposition. Stadium. View from Southeast.

Full Record: x-ls017311/LS017311

Building exposition 1931. House. Exterior view.

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe


Full Record: x-ls017310/LS017310

Building exposition 1931. House. Plan.

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe


Full Record: x-ls001915/LS001915

Building for an Insurance Company. Close Exterior View.

Carrere and Hastings

Building lots.

Building lots.

Building Lots. New York, NY

Building permits for 1928, city of Saginaw, Mich.


Full Record: x-ls015795/LS015795

Building Roads

Building zone map, city of Saginaw, Mich.

Full Record: x-ls015443/LS015443

Buildings by water

Full Record: x-ls001924/LS001924

Buildings on Murray Hill. Rendering.


Built-up corner treatment.

Full Record: x-ls017745/LS017745

Bulkley Canyon Bridge

Bulkley Canyon showing bridge site