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Full Record: x-ls011013/LS011013

Two dancers (theatrical still)

Full Record: x-ls005730/LS005730

Two Early Sketches of Philadelphia Station Development


Full Record: x-ls007717/LS007717

Two family House in the Garden City of Plessis- Robinson.

M. Payret-Dortail

Full Record: x-ls006474/LS006474

Two family house.

Luis Barragan

Full Record: x-ls011426/LS011426

Two girls

Two men clad in turbans with camel praying near Sphinx and pyramids

Full Record: x-ls011446/LS011446

Two men climbing up steps of Rock Temple, with roofs in background

Full Record: x-ls015363/LS015363

Two men posing

Full Record: x-ls015360/LS015360

Two men sawing log in North China

Full Record: x-ls016859/LS016859

Two men using a device, possibly retrieving water

Full Record: x-ls015403/LS015403

Two people in a field

Two Plans Showing the Actual and Theoretical Traffic Circulation of Paris.

ca. 1909

Two views of 130 West 30th Street.

Cass Gilbert

Full Record: x-ls011562/LS011562

Two women with nose rings in native dress

Two-room box houses for cotton mill workers.

Two-story Slum Dwellings.

Full Record: x-ls007369/LS007369

Types of Colonial Houses at Williamsburg.

Full Record: x-ls007370/LS007370

Types of Colonial Houses at Williamsburg.

Full Record: x-ls005927/LS005927

Types of entrances. Plans.

Types of Housing Plans

Full Record: x-ls013436/LS013436

Types of Kerry Irish at sheep fair

Types of Medieval Platz.

Types of parks.

Types of thorofares

Full Record: x-ls004384/LS004384

Typical 17th century multile plot holdings.

1659 - 1700

Typical 30 acre playfield

Detroit city plan commission

Typical Apartment of Garden City of Plessis- Robinson.

M. Payret-Dortail

Typical Church & Abbey Plan with Fountains

Full Record: x-ls005911/LS005911

Typical freeway grade separation


Full Record: x-ls004976/LS004976

Typical Homes of Workingmen.


Typical housing conditions.

Full Record: x-ls006626/LS006626

Typical Mexican Residence.

Typical modern school playground

Full Record: x-ls016245/LS016245

Typical narrow irrigated valley of west base of Andes S.E. of city of Illapel

Typical new project street. New York City.


Full Record: x-ls005099/LS005099

Typical New York Park


Full Record: x-ls016495/LS016495

Typical pasture land north of Bebedouro

Typical Plan - Multifamily House

Typical Romanesque House Plans.

Typical Street. Exterior view.


Typical town square in midwest.

Full Record: x-ls004977/LS004977

Typical Workingman's Home.

Typical “old law” tenement building. Chrystie (?) and Delancey Streets.


U. S. Express Co. Building. Exterior view.

Clinton, Russell & Mansfield


U.S Storehouse.

Full Record: x-ls011207/LS011207

U.S. Capitol

Thomas Walter

Full Record: x-ls003471/LS003471

U.S. Capitol. Central part of east facade.

William Thornton


U.S. Capitol. East front.

William Thornton


U.S. Capitol. Latrobe’s west elevation with proposed propylaea.


U.S. Capitol. Original part of east facade.

William Thornton