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Full Record: x-ls005231/LS005231

Tibbits Theater


Full Record: x-ls012216/LS012216


Tiberina Island (Isola Tiberina).

Full Record: x-ls012189/LS012189

Tiberius, Middle East

Tie plate spread out for inspection

Tientan (Temple of Heaven). Aerial view.

1420 A.D.

Full Record: x-ls008026/LS008026

Tiepolo Casette .



Tiffany-Fisher House. Front (west) facade.

Robert C. Long, Jr.


Full Record: x-ls016797/LS016797

Tilling soil near Haran, northern Mesoportamia

Timber House on Rue St. Malo.

Timber House.

Timber House.

Timber House.

Full Record: x-ls008176/LS008176

Timbered Houses.

Full Record: x-ls005717/LS005717

Time Zones From City Hall. Lower Manhattan

Full Record: x-ls001942/LS001942

Times Building.

Cyrus L. W. Eidlitz and Andrew C. McKenzie (or MacKenzie)


Times Office Building

Times Square.

Timezones from Fifth and Penn street by troley and walking

Titania Palast Theatre

Carl Jacobi , Carlo Schloenbach, & Ernst Schoeffler

1926 - 1927

Titanic Palast Theatre

Full Record: x-ls016763/LS016763

Titled "Islam, Britian and Arab World, The Arab World with which Britian seeks to Remain Friendly"

Full Record: x-ls014813/LS014813

Titled "Tendencies since 1930 towards a third division of the world"

Full Record: x-ls014811/LS014811

Titled "The Far-Flung Power Empire of the Federal Government"

Full Record: x-ls014800/LS014800

Titled "The Jews"

Full Record: x-ls014810/LS014810

Titled "The Leaders in Sea Power - Their Ships and Tonnage"

Full Record: x-ls014799/LS014799

Titled "The Negro Problem"

Full Record: x-ls014805/LS014805

Titled: "Annual per Capita Consumption of Sugar in the United States and European Countries, Fiscal Year, 1910-11"


Full Record: x-ls014806/LS014806

Titled: "Agricultural Progress in the United States and Germany"

Full Record: x-ls014808/LS014808

Titled: "Geopolitics of the Northern Polar View"

Full Record: x-ls005076/LS005076

Tivoli Gardens.

Georg Carstensen


Full Record: x-ls006574/LS006574

Tlahnac school group

Full Record: x-ls012231/LS012231

To the Spirits in Prison

Full Record: x-ls014705/LS014705

Tobacco fields in state of Kentucky

Full Record: x-ls014707/LS014707

Tobacco fields in state of Kentucky

Full Record: x-ls014708/LS014708

Tobacco fields in state of Kentucky

Full Record: x-ls014709/LS014709

Tobacco fields in state of Kentucky

Full Record: x-ls014710/LS014710

Tobacco fields in state of Kentucky

Full Record: x-ls014711/LS014711

Tobacco fields in state of Kentucky

Full Record: x-ls015845/LS015845

Tobacco growing on mountain sides

Tobacco stripping in a hill sweatshop.

[Lewis Hine?]

[early 1900s?]

Full Record: x-ls016242/LS016242

Tocopilla, nitrate port in north

Full Record: x-ls016261/LS016261

Tocopilla, nitrate port in Northern Chile

Tokyo - part of city plan

Full Record: x-ls015971/LS015971

Tokyo boys middle school

Tokyo. City Hall.

Full Record: x-ls017699/LS017699

Toledo High School

Auditorium Centering


Full Record: x-ls017729/LS017729

Toledo High School

Brown Coat for Ornamental Plaster


Full Record: x-ls017686/LS017686

Toledo High School

Cantilever Slab under Rear Bay