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Full Record: x-ls012138/LS012138

Street in Jewish Quarter

Full Record: x-ls013552/LS013552

Street in Melnik and view of Pirin Range

Full Record: x-ls004045/LS004045

Street in North Side Subdivision.


Full Record: x-ls012632/LS012632

Street in Paris

Full Record: x-ls005174/LS005174

Street in Postumville. Freehold Houses of Wage Earners.

Full Record: x-ls010945/LS010945

Street in Quebec

Full Record: x-ls016554/LS016554

Street in Tacna

Street in unidentified city, with cable cars.

Full Record: x-ls016399/LS016399

Street in unidentified town

Full Record: x-ls016400/LS016400

Street in unidentified town

Full Record: x-ls016401/LS016401

Street in unidentified town

Full Record: x-ls016403/LS016403

Street in unidentified town

Full Record: x-ls016396/LS016396

Street in village of Itabira

Full Record: x-ls013537/LS013537

Street in village of Ochrid

Full Record: x-ls016422/LS016422

Street in village of Tres Lagoas

Street intersection

Full Record: x-ls003984/LS003984

Street intersection, trains crossing street and bridge (Ortziezbruecke).

Full Record: x-ls005916/LS005916

Street intersections. Accident experience, showing revised conditions.

Street island. After cleaned up.

Full Record: x-ls006107/LS006107

Street island. Before cleaned up.

Full Record: x-ls015903/LS015903

Street life

Full Record: x-ls013060/LS013060

Street Lights on Alexandre III Bridge, view towards Rue de Nations

Full Record: x-ls012147/LS012147

Street of Arches

Full Record: x-ls007500/LS007500

Street of Budapest. Street tunnel thru "Acropolis" & Chain-bridge.

Full Record: x-ls011179/LS011179

Street of Nations


Full Record: x-ls012964/LS012964

Street of Nations

Full Record: x-ls012970/LS012970

Street of Nations

Full Record: x-ls012350/LS012350

Street of Nations, World Exposition 1900, Paris

Full Record: x-ls012117/LS012117

Street of steps

Street of the Tombs. View along Street of Tombs (Strada de Sepolcri) North of Porta di Ercolano. Drawing.

Full Record: x-ls006990/LS006990

Street Plan. Welwyn, England

Full Record: x-ls005463/LS005463

Street planting, tulip trees, Biltmore, NC.

Street Planting.


Full Record: x-ls005510/LS005510

Street Planting.

Full Record: x-ls003967/LS003967

Street Poster Column (kiosk).

Street railway tracks connecting Boston with the surounding areas


Street railway tracks connecting Boston with the surounding areas


Street railway tracks connecting Boston with the surounding areas


Full Record: x-ls011999/LS011999

Street scene

Full Record: x-ls016086/LS016086

Street scene

Full Record: x-ls016118/LS016118

Street scene

Full Record: x-ls016172/LS016172

Street scene

Full Record: x-ls016837/LS016837

Street scene

Full Record: x-ls016841/LS016841

Street scene

Full Record: x-ls011042/LS011042

Street scene in Leningrad

Full Record: x-ls006854/LS006854

Street Scene in Bournville.

Full Record: x-ls015457/LS015457

Street scene in city of Mukden

Full Record: x-ls015276/LS015276

Street scene in city ofTunha

Street Scene in Dinan.

Full Record: x-ls016991/LS016991

Street scene in Kairouan