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Full Record: x-ls015408/LS015408

Soy beans in storage bins

Full Record: x-ls015370/LS015370

Soy beans inspection

Full Record: x-ls007981/LS007981

Spain Castle.

Spandau-Haselhorst housing project. Elevation and Model.

Walter Gropius


Spanish Building. Panama-Pacific International Exposition.


Full Record: x-ls003569/LS003569

Spanish House.

Full Record: x-ls011896/LS011896

Spanish Pavilion

Spanish Pavilion. Exposition Universelle.

Urioste y Velada and Marcel


Spanish Pavilion.Exposition des Arts decoratifs.



Full Record: x-ls008944/LS008944

Spaski Vorota

Special forging machines

Full Record: x-ls013162/LS013162

Spedale degli Innocenti - Loggia

Andrea della Robbia

Spencer Smith Machine Shop

Speyer. Cathedral.


Speyer. Cathedral. Trans. section.


Full Record: x-ls011568/LS011568

Sphinx, pyramids

Full Record: x-ls000131/LS000131


2850 B. C.

Full Record: x-ls000150/LS000150

Sphinxes. General view of ram-headed sphinxes.

Full Record: x-ls000151/LS000151

Sphinxes. View of ram-headed sphinxes from pylon.

Split, Yugoslavia. Palace of Diocletian.

Split, Yugoslavia. Palace of Diocletian.

Split, Yugoslavia. Palace of Diocletian. Arcade and stairway.

Split, Yugoslavia. Palace of Diocletian. Porta Aurea (Golden Gate)

Full Record: x-ls007047/LS007047

Sport and Community Centre.

Full Record: x-ls006333/LS006333

Sports center playground

Jack Neal Vogley

Apr. 30, 1954

Sports center playground

Jack Neal Vogley

Apr. 30, 1954

Sports Park.


Full Record: x-ls012195/LS012195

Spot of the Ascension

Full Record: x-ls016503/LS016503

Spraying rubber against lace bug

Spreckles Building. San Francisco.

Reid Brother?

Full Record: x-ls010777/LS010777

Spring (La Primavera), detail

Sandro Botticelli

c. 1482

Spring House (north of RR station).

Full Record: x-ls012176/LS012176

Spring of Cauk (?)

Full Record: x-ls004381/LS004381

Springside - Willow Spring.

Downing, Andrew Jackson


Full Record: x-ls004283/LS004283

Springside Jet Vale Fountain. Exterior view.

Downing, Andrew Jackson


Full Record: x-ls004284/LS004284


Downing, Andrew Jackson


Full Record: x-ls016597/LS016597

Sprout Lake at Vancouver Island in British Columbia

Full Record: x-ls007003/LS007003

SpruceFalls Pulp and Paper Co.

Full Record: x-ls005618/LS005618

Spruces. Lake of the Isleo Park.

Full Record: x-ls008567/LS008567

Spurgeon Tabernacle. Exterior view.

Full Record: x-ls008566/LS008566

Spurgeon Tabernacle. Interior view.


Full Record: x-ls010515/LS010515

Square at Al-Qatn

Full Record: x-ls008475/LS008475

Square with statue of Roland.

Square-sailed junks

Full Record: x-ls005134/LS005134

Squatter's shacks with grain elevator in background.

January 1939

Full Record: x-ls016972/LS016972

SS Excelsior in Sousse harbor.

Full Record: x-ls016971/LS016971

SS Excelsior loading olive oil at Sousse

Full Record: x-ls016975/LS016975

SS Providence ashore on Imbros

Full Record: x-ls013280/LS013280

St Marks Basilica

Full Record: x-ls013288/LS013288

St Marks Basilica