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Plan of Palazzo Pandolfini. Florence.



Plan of Park System.

Plan of poor housing conditions, Saginaw, Mich.

Plan of proposed town.

Plan of Rixdorf

Plan of Sacacoyuca escuela rural school group

Carlos Contreras and Carlos Tarditi

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Plan of Solomon's Temple.

Full Record: x-ls005140/LS005140

Plan of St. Louis, MO.


PLan of Subdivision


Plan of Tawas city

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Plan of the ancient city. Founded 300 B.C.E.

Plan of the chief ruins of the Chichen Itza region

Plan of the city


Plan of the city


Plan of the city and environs of Philadelphia; Elevation of the State house.

Will Faden

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Plan of the city in 1896.


Plan of the city showing park and boulevard system

Plan of the city.

Plan of the city.

Plan of the city.

Plan of the city.

Plan of the city.

Plan of the city.

Plan of the Commission dite des Artistes".


Plan of the Fulham neighborhood

Plan of the ring promenade.

Plan of the ring promenade.

Plan of the ring promenade.

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Plan of the sacred precinct. l

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Plan of the village of Port Sunlight


Plan of theater and thersilion.


c.370 B.C.

Plan of Typical Old Roman House.

4th-3rd centuries BC

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Plan of U.S. Arsenal


Full Record: x-ls017461/LS017461

Plan of unknown cathedral.

Plan of Walls. Khorsabad.

Full Record: x-ls005858/LS005858

Plan of Washington, D.C. including Capitol and White House area.

Plan Showing Existing Part System. Omaha, NE

Plan showing line of Louis XVI wall. “Present fortifications and suggested parks”.


Full Record: x-ls005773/LS005773

Plan Showing Park System. Rochester, NY

Plan showing the extent of Haussmann’s operations.


Plan Showing Traffic Circulation.


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11th-15th centuries

Plan. Contrasts. Liverpool, England

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Plan. Oaxaca, Mexico

Plan. Palais de Justice. Paris, France

13th-18th Century

Plan. Volume of traffic, incl. city and belt railways, elevated and suspended

Plan. Louisiana Purchase Exposition.


Plan. Main thorofares.

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Plane trees on Thames embankment.

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Plane, llamas, and automobile