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Full Record: x-ls016651/LS016651

Picking coffee

Full Record: x-ls014761/LS014761

Picking coffee

Full Record: x-ls016508/LS016508

Picking coffee beans in Sao Paolo

Full Record: x-ls015731/LS015731

Picking cotton near Bou Raken

Full Record: x-ls010451/LS010451

Picking lemons, Conca d'Oro, outside Palermo, Sicily

Pickman (Benjamin) House. Front entrance.


Full Record: x-ls016215/LS016215

Piedra del Cucuy

Full Record: x-ls013511/LS013511

Pieniny Mts and Dunajec Valley in Polish Carpathians

Pier cranes on main pier

Pierre Charles L'Enfant

Full Record: x-ls005882/LS005882

Pieter Bronck House.

Eberlein Hubbard


Full Record: x-ls005883/LS005883

Pieter Bronck House.

Eberlein Hubbard


Full Record: x-ls013077/LS013077

Pietro Cardinal Gasparri (not in photo) and Mussolini sign the Lateran Treaty

Full Record: x-ls013075/LS013075

Pietro Cardinal Gasparri and Mussolini sign the Lateran Treaty

Full Record: x-ls012230/LS012230

Pilate tying Christ

Full Record: x-ls012236/LS012236

Pilate washing hands

Full Record: x-ls014772/LS014772

Pile of buffalo skins in Dodge City, Kansas

Pile village near Yangtze River

Full Record: x-ls015410/LS015410

Piles of wool in field

Full Record: x-ls011571/LS011571

Pilgrim in "The Blue God" (?)

Full Record: x-ls011281/LS011281

Pilgrims at Golden Temple

Full Record: x-ls012240/LS012240

Pilgrims Carrying the Holy Fire, Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Full Record: x-ls010738/LS010738

Pilgrims of Emmaus



Full Record: x-ls017866/LS017866

Piling and Foundations

Battleship Maine in Havana Harbor


Full Record: x-ls017863/LS017863

Piling and Foundations

Double acting steam Pile Driver driving "Raymond" concrete piles


Full Record: x-ls017862/LS017862

Piling and Foundations

Driving "Raymond" concrete piles - Double acting steam hammer


Full Record: x-ls017865/LS017865

Piling and Foundations

Pile Driver with inclined leads for driving batter piles for end abutments of bridge


Full Record: x-ls017864/LS017864

Piling and Foundations

Timber piles excavated. Shows configuration of earth strata on account of driving


Pillars of the Temple

Full Record: x-ls004227/LS004227

Pilo & Coal Hill. Imperial Palace (Forbidden City).


Pine Shores Trailer Town.

Robert W. Hoffman


Full Record: x-ls000958/LS000958

Pine Street M.E. Church.

Brown & Davis

Pine Street M.E. Church.

Brown & Davis

Full Record: x-ls000960/LS000960

Pine Street M.E. Church.

Brown & Davis

Full Record: x-ls015740/LS015740

Pineapple cape

Full Record: x-ls010757/LS010757

Pineapple fields

Full Record: x-ls010765/LS010765

Pineapple fields

Full Record: x-ls015734/LS015734

Pineapples cape

Full Record: x-ls016429/LS016429

Pinheiro Marcado - rio Grande do Sul campos

Full Record: x-ls016374/LS016374

Pinheiros Valley in flood

Full Record: x-ls010849/LS010849

Pink Shower Tree

Full Record: x-ls005846/LS005846

Pioneer square. Totem pole.

Piraeus. Greece. City.

Piraeus. Greece. City.

Pirelli Building. Aerial view.


Full Record: x-ls002114/LS002114

Pirelli Building. Ground floor plan.


Pirelli Building. Model.


Full Record: x-ls002112/LS002112

Pirelli Building. Site plan and 3 other plans.


Full Record: x-ls002113/LS002113

Pirelli Building. Three floor plans


Full Record: x-ls011797/LS011797

Pisa Cathedral and Leaning Tower