Turkish Life in Pictures


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Welcome to the University of Michigan Turkish Life in Pictures (TULIP) image database, brought to you by the Language Resource Center and the Digital Library Production Service. This collection is designed to supplement the teaching and learning of the Turkish language by providing a variety of images through which learners may acquire a better understanding of life in Turkey. These images are primarily intended for learners and instructors of the Turkish language. Therefore certain linguistic aspects have been deliberately emphasized in the selection of images and the captions. Hopefully, however, those interested in other Near Eastern languages and related disciplines, or those who are just curious about Turkey, may find them useful as well. We have no intention to duplicate all the pictures of monuments and tourist sites already available on the web. Some images selected here are mundane, others perhaps surprising, but all should have a story to tell.

Certain aspects of life, or certain regions, are well represented, while others are less so, or not at all. We will work to extend coverage over time, but the collection of images can never be, and does not claim to be, exhaustive.

Gottfried Hagen
Dayla Rogers
Lynne Crandall

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