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Editor’s Introduction Sandra Matthews
The Good, the Bad, and the Not Beautiful: In the Street and on the Ground in Vietnam Nina Hien Article
Distinctiveness versus Universality: Reconsidering New Japanese Photography Yoshiaki Kai Article
Early Twentieth-Century Art Photography in China: Adopting, Domesticating, and Embracing the Foreign Richard K. Kent Article
Notes on a Painting of a Painted Photograph Ajay Sinha Article
Engaging with Tradition: A Conversation with Michael Cherney Stephanie H. Tung Article
The Charismatic Index: Photographic Representations of Power and Status in the Thai Social Order Clare Veal Article
Deepali Dewan, Embellished Reality: Indian Painted Photographs: Towards a Transcultural History of Photography (Toronto: Royal Ontario Museum Press, 2012) 119 p. ISBN 978-0-88854-481-0 Jennifer Chowdhry Book Review
Reinventing Tokyo: Japan’s Largest City in the Artistic Imagination. Ed. by Samuel C. Morse, with a foreword by Elizabeth E. Barker and contributions by John W. Dower, Trent E. Maxey, Samuel C. Morse, Timothy J. Van Campernolle and Yamashita Yūji (Amherst, MA: Mead Art Museum, Amherst College; Hanover, N.H.: distributed by University Press of New England, c2012 ISBN 9780914337355 William Johnston Book Review
Traces of Life: Seen Through Korean Eyes, 1945-1992 (New York: The Korea Society, 2012) 136 pp. Chang Jae Lee, ed., with contributions by David R. McCann and Sun Il. ISBN 9788974092894. In English and Korean. Jina E. Kim Book Review
Archaeologists in Angkor: Photographic Archives of the École Française d’Extrême-Orient (French School of Asian Studies) (Paris : École française d’Extrême-Orient) 2010. 239 p. ISBN 9782855391212 Raymond Lum Book Review
Claire Roberts, Photography and China (London: Reaktion Books; Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press, 2013) 200 pp. ISBN978-988-8139-88-0 (Hong Kong ed.) Laura Wexler Book Review
Maki Fukuoka, The Premise of Fidelity: Science, Visuality and the Representation of the Real in Nineteenth Century Japan (Stanford University Press, 2012) 272 pp. ISBN 9780804777902 Ayelet Zohar Book Review
Recent Publications of Note Raymond Lum Recent Publications of Note