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Introduction Young Min Moon
Dear Heung-Soon [translated by Young Min Moon] Heung-Soon Im Article
Icons in Disguise: Vietnamese Resistance Figures Hoàng Hoa Thám and Ba Biểu in French Colonial Images and Related Texts, 1909-2007 Ellen Takata Article
The Logic of Pity in an Era of Armistice: Hein-Kuhn Oh and Area Park [translated by Young Min Moon] Jee-sook Beck Article
Camouflage, Photography and [In]visibility: Yamashiro Chikako’s “Chorus of the Melodies” Series (2010) Ayelet Zohar Article
Leviathan: Kang Yong Suk’s Maehyang-ri Photographs [translated by Young Min Moon] Chan-Kyong Park Article
Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) in Laos Sheila Pinkel Curatorial Project
Cambodian Photographers Document War and Violence: Vandy Rattana, Khvay Samnang and Sovan Philong Vuth Lyno Curatorial Project
What Remains Gauri Gill Curatorial Project
Report from the Underside: Dongducheon Young Min Moon Curatorial Project
Miryam Sas, Experimental Arts in Postwar Japan: Moments of Encounter, Engagement, and Imagined Return (Cambridge: Harvard University Asia Center, 2011) Harvard East Asian Monograph, 329. 300 p. ISBN 978-0674053403. Yuko Fujii Book Review
Liu Heung Shing, China in Revolution: The Road to 1911 (Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press, 2011) 415 p. ISBN 978-988-8139-50-7 Yi Gu Book Review
Road to China’s 1911 Revolution=走向辛亥革命之路 (Hong Kong: Hong Kong Museum of History, 2011), 176 pp. ISBN 9789627039686 Raymond Lum Book Review
John Rich, with Elizabeth Shim, Andrew Salmon, Robert Koehler, Korean War in Color: A Correspondent’s Retrospective on a Forgotten War (Seoul: Seoul Selection, 2010). 233 pp. ISBN 9788991913646 Jung Joon Lee Book Review
Recent Publications of Note Raymond Lum Recent Publications of Note
ARCHIVE PROFILE: The SouthEast Asian Images & Texts (SEAiT) Project at The University of Wisconsin-Madison Larry Ashmun Archive