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    The work discussed here has received financial support by the Joint Information Systems committee of the UK Higher Education Funding Councils through its Electronic Library Programme. A version of this paper was presented at the PEAK conference at the University of Michigan on 2000 03 24. I am grateful to Ivan V. Kurmanov for comments on that version. In March 2001, I revised and updated the paper following suggestions by Jeffrey K. MacKie-Mason and Emily Walshe. Neither of them bear responsibility for any remaining errors. This paper is available online at http://openlib.org/home/krichel/salibury.html.return to text

    1. Reports of research results in research "papers" form the bulk of academic digital or digitisable data. I refer to these as documents.

    2. I suppress the Abstract: field to conserve space.

    3. I leave out a few fields to conserve space.

    4. HoPEc stood initially for Home Page Papers in Economics, but this would be totally misleading now.

    5. I list them by order of historical appearance. The "Tilburg University working papers & research memoranda" service is operated by a library-based group that has received funding from the European Union. INOMICS is operated by the Economics consultancy Berlecon Research. All the other user services are operated by junior academics.