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    Appendix A: The main use services [5]

    BibEc at http://netec.mcc.ac.uk/bibec.html & WoPEc at http://netec.mcc.ac.uk/wopec.html provide static html pages for all working papers that are only available in print (BibEc) and all papers that are available electronically (WoPEc). Both datasets use the same search engines. There are three search engines: a full-text WAIS engine, a fielded search engine based on the mySQL relational database and a ROADS fielded search engine. The mySQL database is also used for the control of the relational components in the RePEc dataset. BibEc and WoPEc are based at Manchester Computing in Japan and the United States.

    EDIRC at http://edirc.repec.org/ provides web pages that represent the complete institutional information in RePEc.

    IDEAS at http://ideas.repec.org/templates.html provides an Excite index of static html pages that represent all paper, article and software templates. This is by far the most popular RePEc user interface.

    NEP: New Economics Papers at http://nep.repec.org/ is a set of reports on new additions of papers to RePEc. Each report is edited by subject specialists who receive information on all new additions and then select the papers that are relevant to the subject of the report. These subject specialists are PhD students and junior researchers, who work as volunteers. On 14 March 2000, there are 2753 different email addresses that subscribe to at least one list.

    The Tilburg University Working Papers & Research Memoranda service was at http://www.kub.nl/~dbi/demomate/repref.htm, but is now closed. The interface is archived at http://web.archive.org/web/20010305214804/cwis.kub.nl/~dbi/demomate/repref.htm

    socionet at http://socionet.ru is a server in Russian. Its maintainers also provide archival facilities for Russian contributors.

    INOMICS at http://www.inomics.com/ not only provides an index of RePEc data but also allows simultaneous searches in indices of other Web pages related to Economics.

    HoPEc at http://authors.repec.org/ provides a personal registration service for authors and allows searches for personal data.