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    A closer look at the contents

    To understand the basics of ReDIF it is best to start with an example. Here is a piece of ReDIF data at http://www.econ.surrey.ac.uk/discussion_papers/RePEC/sur/surrec/surrec9601.pdf:[2]

    Template-Type: ReDIF-Paper 1.0
    Title: Dynamic Aspect of Growth and Fiscal Policy
    Author-Name: Thomas Krichel
    Author-Person: RePEc:per:1965-06-05:thomas_krichel
    Author-Email: T.Krichel@surrey.ac.uk
    Author-Name: Paul Levine
    Author-Email: P.Levine@surrey.ac.uk
    Author-WorkPlace-Name: University of Surrey
    Classification-JEL: C61; E21; E23; E62; O41
    File-URL: ftp://www.econ.surrey.ac.uk/pub/ RePEc/sur/surrec/surrec9601.pdf
    File-Format: application/pdf
    Creation-Date: 199603
    Revision-Date: 199711
    Handle: RePEc:sur:surrec:9601

    When we look at this record, the ReDIF data resembles a standard bibliographical format, with authors, title etc.. The only thing that appears a bit mysterious here is the "Author-Person" field. This field quotes a handle that is known to RePEc. This handle leads to a record maintained at a RePEc handle server.[3]

    Template-Type: ReDIF-Person 1.0
    Name-Full: KRICHEL, THOMAS
    Name-First: THOMAS
    Name-Last: KRICHEL
    Postal: 1 Martyr Court
    10 Martyr Road
    Guildford GU1 4LF
    Email: t.krichel@surrey.ac.uk
    Homepage: http://openlib.org/home/krichel
    Workplace-Institution: RePEc:edi:desuruk
    Author-Paper: RePEc:sur:surrec:9801
    Author-Paper: RePEc:sur:surrec:9702
    Author-Paper: RePEc:sur:surrec:9601
    Author-Paper: RePEc:rpc:rdfdoc:concepts
    Author-Paper: RePEc:rpc:rdfdoc:ReDIF
    Handle: RePEc:per:1965-06-05:THOMAS_KRICHEL

    In this record, we have the handles of documents that the person has written. This record will allow user services to list the complete papers by a given author. This is obviously useful when we want to find papers that one particular author has written. It is also useful to have a central record of the person's contact details. This eliminates the need to update the relevant data elements on every document record. In fact the record on the paper template may be considered as the historical record that is valid at the time when the paper was written, but the address in the person template is the one that is currently valid.

    In the person template, we find another RePEc identifier in the "Workplace-Institution" field. This points to a record that describes the institution, stored at another RePEc handle server.

    Template-Type: ReDIF-Institution 1.0
    Primary-Name: University of Surrey
    Primary-Location: Guildford
    Secondary-Name: Department of Economics
    Secondary-Phone: (01483) 259380
    Secondary-Email: economics@surrey.ac.uk
    Secondary-Fax: (01483) 259548
    Secondary-Postal: Guildford, Surrey GU2 5XH
    Secondary-Homepage: http://www.econ.surrey.ac.uk/
    Handle: RePEc:edi:desuruk

    This information in this record is self-explanatory. Less apparent is the origin of these records.