Saline Area Historical Photos

Collection Information

Welcome to the searchable collection of over 700 photographs of Saline, Michigan. This collection covers a time span of more than 100 years, from the 1860s to the late 1900s, and includes images of historic homes, buildings, people, and other subjects. For information about the area, see History of Saline.

The Saline Area Historical Photos project was produced cooperatively by Saline District Library, Saline Area Historical Society, and The University of Michigan, Digital Library Initiative, with funding from the Schrandt Endowment Fund.

These images may be protected by copyright law. You may use if for your private study, scholarship, or research.If you wish to publish or reproduce this image in any physical or digital form that exceeds that permitted by the fair use clause of the 1976 Copyright Act or use it for any commercial purpose, including display or web page use, you must obtain prior permission from the Saline Area Historical Society.