Chellis Glendinning Papers (1890-2008, bulk 1980s-2007)
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Series N: Archive of Micrographics/History [series]:

The series Archive of Micrographics/History includes correspondence, financial information, photographs, biographical and historical information, and a tape-recorded memoir. This material concerns Vernon Tate's work in collecting information on the history of microfilm and the history of the NMA. Tate served as founder and archivist of the Archive of Micrographics. Topics include: the careers of microfilm pioneers Rene Dagron, John Benjamin Dancer, Rupert H. Draeger, and Robert Goldschmidt; planning for a 1971 exhibit on microfilm at the Smithsonian Institution; and transcripts of Ernest Taube's taperecorded memoir concerning the early years of the microfilm industry.

Arranged alphabetically by subject.

Box   N1 Folder   1
Budget and Finance,  1971-1973
Box   N1 Folder   2
 October, 1970-April, 1971
Box   N1 Folder   3
 May, 1971-September, 1971
Box   N1 Folder   4
 October, 1971-December, 1971
Box   N1 Folder   5
 January, 1972-May, 1972
Box   N1 Folder   6
 June, 1972-December, 1973
Box   N1 Folder   6a
Medals and Souvenirs
Box   N1 Folder   7
Dagron, Rene
Box   N1 Folder   8
Box   N1 Folder   9
Box   N1 Folder   10
Photographs and Captions Received From the French Embassy
Box   N1 Folder   11
Photostatic Copies of Documents
Box   N1 Folder   12
Traite de Photographie Microscopique  (1864)
Box   N1 Folder   13
Dancer, John Benjamin - Biographical Information and Examples of Microphotographs
Draeger, Rupert H.
Box   N1 Folder   14
Correspondence and Citations Concerning Pioneer Award,  1972
Box   N1 Folder   15
Box   N1 Folder   16
Photocopies and Photographs
Box   N1 Folder   17
Goldschmidt, Robert
Box   N1 Folder   18
Hunt, Robert. History of Photography,  1854.
Box   N1 Folder   19
Kodak. Microfilm of Historical Materials
Box   N1 Folder   20
NMA - Headquarters Photographs Interior and Exterior,  undated
Box   N1 Folder   21
Roosevelt, Franklin D. - Photocopied Letter Regarding Microfilm,  February 13, 1942
Smithsonian Exhibit on Microfilm,  1971
Box   N1 Folder   22
Commemorative Medals
Box   N1 Folder   23
Box   N1 Folder   24
Box   N1 Folder   25
Box   N1 Folder   26
Box   N1 Folder   27
Slide Show
Box   N1 Folder   28
Tape Recordings
Box   N1 Folder   29
Box   N1 Folder   30-31
Taubes, Ernest - Transcript of Taped Memoir of the History of the Microfilm Industry