The Court Rolls of Ramsey, Hepmangrove, and Bury, 1268–1600



Amercement excused from Alexander Camberlanus for default.


6 d. each from Thomas de Hoylond, Benedict Clere Senior, Reyner le Porter, John son of Sarah and Robert Bretun for the same.


Amercement excused from John le Porter for the same.


Order to distrain the Warden of the Chapel of Blessed Mary to answer at the next court for receiving men in four of his houses who made waste in the King's road, to the nuisance of the whole vill and passers-by.


12 d. from Henry Kyppon for having one dung heap opposite his house, to the nuisance of passers-by. (Order to remove.)


6 d. from Cecilia Tannatrix for impeding the watercourse opposite her house with one dung heap, to the detriment of the King's road and to the nuisance of passers-by. Pledge: Alan Tannator Junior. (Order to correct.)


12 d. from William Wrau for having one dung heap opposite Cole Lane, [5] to the detriment of the King's road. Pledge: Simon Forestarius. (Order to remove.)


Discussion to be held with the Lord Abbot concerning the fact that the King's road is deteriorated, to the nuisance of passers-by, by [the absence of] one bridge which the abbot was supposed to construct at Biggin Way [6] and has not done.


[No amercement] from the Almoner of Ramsey for making cess pits in the King's road at Aldbornwell, to the detriment of the King's road and the nuisance of passers-by. (Order to correct.)


2 s. from Bate Pistor for exercising the office of baker and for not having correct weights.


18 d. from Elias le Stabler, 12 d. from Ivo le Alderman, 6 d. from Isabelle Callop, 18 d. from Anota Clere, and 6 d. from Aubrey, wife of Thomas Abbot for the same. Pledges: the one for the other.


Imprisonment of John Norman for a hue and cry justly raised on him by Stephen de Wintonia for making rescue from Stephen of one cow which the latter attempted to attach for a debt incurred by John in the eyre. [7] John found mainpernors for his release: Alan Tannator Junior, Simon de Elysworth, Simon Chacede and William le Rydeman. Fine by John: 6 s. 8 d. Pledge: Alan Tannator Junior.


Hue and cry justly raised on Benedict Clere Senior by the same Stephen [for attempting to prevent Stephen from] delivering seisin to Benedict Clere Junior following a judgement. Order to attach by his body.


Amercement excused from the same Stephen for a hue and cry justly raised on him by John Pynkeneye for striking John with his rod. Pledge: Robert Chacede, cleric.


Order to attach Robert le Dychere by his body for unjustly raising a hue and cry on Ralph Carnifex.


Order to attach Alan Norman, Robert Pictor and Nicholas, his brother, for a hue and cry justly raised on them by Richard Hagin for battery and bloodshed.


Imprisonment of Adam ate Grene for making rescue from the man of Alexander Camberlanus of his beasts that were causing damage in Alexander's grain. Fine for release: 2 s. Pledges: William le Rydeman, Alan Tannator Junior and Walter Cuparius.


Order to distrain Hugh Dunch for selling 400 rushes, beyond the amount necessary to maintain his house, at Sawtrey, to the destruction of the marsh.


12 d. from Alan Lytonthemore for selling 600 rushes at Crowland. Pledge: William Clericus.


12 d. from Hugh de Assebech for selling 360 [8] rushes to Stephen son of Serle of Upwood. Pledge: Peter Fezaunt.


18 d. from Simon Tannator for selling 500 rushes at Farcet. Pledge: Hugh de Assebech.


Order to attach the wife of Henry Kyppon and her husband to respond at the next court for sometimes selling the entrails of her neighbors' pigs and acting dishonestly.


Order to distrain Emma Powel for dishonestly using the entrails of pigs and other animals, which was prohibited her in the last year, [when it was established] that she could no longer exercise such an office.


12 d. from Richard de Marham for being a forestallor, in that he meets merchants coming into the vill with their victuals and sells them to the detriment of the whole vill. Pledge: Alan Lytonthemor.


6 d. from John Henry for the same.