The Court Rolls of Ramsey, Hepmangrove, and Bury, 1268–1600



8 d. from Alice Andreu, 6 d. from Joan Bray, 2 d. from William Glovere [twice], 12. each from John Pope Spicer and Christina Robyn, 2 d. from Orframya Bodeseye [twice], 6 d. from Joan othe Pantree, 8 d. from Beatrice Barbor, 4 d. from Emma Bocher [12 times], 8 d. from Emma Berford, 4 d. each from Maria Bodeseye [10 times] and Emma Barbor [nine times], 6 d. from Isabelle (Cok), 12d. each from Ellen Tyler and Agnes Cotes the Younger, 18 d. from Alice Dodesthorp, 6 d. from Alice Turnor, 12 d. each from Ellen Clerc, Margaret Wakir, Alice Osgod and Ellen Schepherd, 6 d. each from Agnes Wakir, Alice Caumvyll and Alice Coupere for regularly brewing and selling ale contrary to the assize [of ale.]


8 d. each from Ivette, wife of Simon Milnere and Agnes, wife of Thomas Wodeward, ale-wives, for regrating ale.