The Court Rolls of Ramsey, Hepmangrove, and Bury, 1268–1600

TNA/SC2/179/24, m. 1r (AD1326/7)

[RAMSEY.] [1]



3 d. from Nicholas le Poleter for narrowing a certain common ditch that extends from the marsh of the Almoner up to the King's road. Pledge: the Bailiff. Order to correct.


6 d. from Robert Bygge for narrowing the common lade that extends from Breden Bridge [2] towards Wyndles Heath, [3] 20 feet and more in length and two feet in width. Pledge: William Gerveis. Order to correct.


3 d. from Little Philip [4] for obstructing a certain gutter between himself and Richard de Castre, to nuisance. Order to correct.


6 d. from John Clervaus for obstructing a certain gutter in which the common watercourse is supposed to be, located between the house once belonging to John Gory and the King's road, as a result of which the road is flooded and suffers much damage, to the nuisance of his neighbors. Pledge: himself. Order to correct.


6 d. from the same John for enlarging his ditch at the head of Fesaunt Croft [5] next to the King's road by a length of two feet and more and the width of the whole croft, by appropriating the lord's land. Pledge: himself. Order to correct.


6 d. from the same John for appropriating land at Fesaunt Croft [6] one foot and more in length, namely from the King's road up to New Field Holt, [7] and for narrowing the common path there, to nuisance. Pledge: himself. Order to correct.


6 d. from Adam le Lavender for narrowing a certain common ditch behind the property of Godfrey Andreu 20 feet in length and four feet in width. Pledge: Edmund le Botiller. Order to correct.


6 d. from John Clervaus for erecting a dike larger than it should be at Crofteshende and for removing the peat lying there, as a result of which the common path to the fields is impeded, to nuisance. Pledge: himself. Order to correct.


6 d. from the same John for obstructing a watercourse at Elde Colane at the head of the croft held by John Gory, to nuisance. Pledge: himself. Order to correct.


12 d. from John, son of Simon le Barkere for appropriating four furlongs from the common road at the head of Lepers Lane. [8]Furthermore, after doing this, his neighbors came and put up metes and bounds there, in the presence of John and with his consent, but, afterwards, and in their absence, John tore up those metes and bounds and carried them away, to the serious damage of the lord and of all his neighbors. Pledge: William Predicas. Order to the jurors that they not fail to have appropriate metes and bounds set up in that place.


3 d. from Robert Beaumeys for receiving John le Skynner outside of tithing. Pledge: Godfrey Andreu.


3 d. from Nicholas de Houghton, forestallor of geese, capons, hens, ducks and other birds. Pledges: Robert le Ferour and the Bailiff.


12 d. each from Nicholas Perkyn, Adam Kyllot and Thomas son of Gilbert, forestallors of many pigs and other animals, in that they conspired that one of them should offer 4 s. for one beast, another 30 d., and thus each of them [offers] less than the other, and thereby they do not permit anyone else to buy beasts [unless they are a part of their conspiracy,] which impedes the sale of animals, to the damage of diverse people. Pledge for Nicholas: Thomas de Elyngton. Pledge for Adam: Michael Pistor. Pledge for Thomas: William Chaceden.


6 d. from John and Richard, sons of Robert Bretoun, malefactors in the woods and marsh and [thieves] of geese and other such creatures. Pledge: Robert Bretoun. Order that henceforth no one is to receive John de Pappeworth, who has contracted leprosy.


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