The Court Rolls of Ramsey, Hepmangrove, and Bury, 1268–1600

TNA/SC2/179/14 (AD1308)

[RAMSEY.] [1]



6 d. from Ralph Mercator for unjustly raising the hue and cry on William Note. Pledge: John Tannator.


6 d. from John Beaufreye for beating and mistreating Thomas Cissor, for which Thomas justly raised the hue and cry. Pledge: Elias Reyner.


6 d. from Andrew de Weston and Robert Cocus, pledges of Agnes de Cleye, for not having her to respond to a charge of beating and mistreating Alice Brouse, for which Alice justly raised the hue and cry. Order to distrain Agnes to respond.


6 d. from John le Lavender, pledge of Philippa le Lavender, for not having her to respond to a charge of unjustly disseising Alice, wife of Richard Pedefer of a tenement, for which Alice justly raised the hue and cry. Order to distrain Philippa to respond.


40 d. from the whole vill for not taking up the hue and cry justly raised on Nicholas Russel by John le Teler, for beating and mistreating the said John. Order to distrain Nicholas to respond.


6 d. from John Boleheved and Alice, his mother, for beating and mistreating Henry Tubbe, for which Henry justly raised the hue and cry. Pledge: Robert le Wodeward.


6 d. from Richard Beverhech for exercising the office of tanner and cobbler and for rendering nothing to the lord. Pledge: Andrew de Weston.


12 d. from Alexander Molendinarius of Biggin for charging extremely heavy tolls and in an uncustomary place. Pledge: Godfrey Andreu.


6 d. from Alan Wythegere for taking bitterns, to serious nuisance. Pledge: Peter Flote.


Order to distrain John Child to respond to a charge of destroying the marsh of King's Delph by mowing and carrying off rushes, where he does not have common.


Order to distrain Richard Engyne to respond to the same charge.


Order to remove Robert le Swon, a leper, from the vill and beyond the company of others. He is to provide a place for himself, nor may he return before Easter.


The same order regarding [...], [3] for the same.


Order to distrain Alward le Turner to respond to a charge of destroying the marsh by digging peat.


Order to distrain Simon de W[...] [4] for the same.


6 d. from Laurence Chatte for being a nocturnal vagabond, to the terror of the vill. Pledge: Robert le Wodeward.


Complaint of trespass by William le Hayward against Godfrey Andreu. Pledges for prosecuting: William Gardeyn and William le Barker. Pledges for the defence: William de Hale and Nicholas le Maister. Godfrey is essoined by Benedict son of Roger. The Complainant being present, Godfrey is given a day at the next court of the Cellarer, under summons.


Attachment [5] of Ralph Dauwesone, of Walton, through the pledge of John le Barkere, to respond to Roger de Brunyeswald and Agnes, his wife, in a plea of debt, whereof Roger complains that Ralph owes and does not pay him 16 d. of the wages of their daughter from the time she was in Ralph's service, nor does he take measures to pay them but withholds it and unjustly continues to withhold it, to their damages of 12 d. Ralph, present, [makes no answer to the charge], on account of which Roger and Agnes request judgement.[It is ordered that they recover the money] from Ralph and his pledge, John le Barkere, as well as damages. Amercement of Ralph for unjust detention. [6]


[Illegible entry concerning the son of Thomas de Bracino and Simon son of Ralph le Lavender.]


6 d. from Geoffrey de Sutho for beating and mistreating Adam Jolistrone, to his damages of 6 d., which he is to recover. Pledge: Ralph Pasch.


6 d. from Adam Jolistrone for a false plaint against Ralph Pasch. Pledge: John Faber.


1. One membrane surviving from a fuller roll, beginning "Adhuc Rammes'." I have dated the roll 1308 because entries no. 5, 10, 11, 12, 14 and 15 seem to be the items mentioned in the roll for 23 January, 1309 (see infra) as having been ordered in the previous view (see infra, 1309, nos. 9, 10, 11, 12).

2. MS: prijurati.

3. Obliterated.

4. Obliterated.

5. Bulk of entry obliterated.

6. Remainder of entry obliterated.