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Animal Self-Awareness Madden, Rory vol. 9 2017
Natural Selection and Multi-Level Causation Martínez, Maximiliano; Moya, Andrés vol. 3 May 2011
What Is Drift? A Response to Millstein, Skipper, and Dietrich Matthen, Mohan vol. 2 May 2010
Evolutionary Chance Mutation: A Defense of the Modern Synthesis' Consensus View Merlin, Francesca vol. 2 September 2010
(Mis)interpreting Mathematical Models: Drift as a Physical Process Millstein, Roberta L.; Skipper, Jr., Robert A.; Dietrich, Michael R. vol. 1 December 2009
Proper activity, preference, and the meaning of life Mix, Lucas J. vol. 6 2014