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Full Record: x-1954-sl-2.40/1954_2.40.JPG

Rectangular Bronze Form No. 2

Robert Adams

Thin, double-side, H-shaped bronze sculpture. Each side is made up of a collection of rough rectangle shapes overlapping and butting up against one another. Two rectangle-shaped openings penetrate the piece.


20th century

circa 1953


bronze with wood base

rank 14.23332

Full Record: x-1948-sl-2.26/1948_2.26.JPG

Pre-Adamic Fruit (Fruit préadamite)

Hans Arp

A small, biomorphically abstract sculpture of bronze grows from a wooden base. Bulbous at the bottom, the shape stretches and narrows in the middle and then expands into a larger shape from which two rounded points rise.


20th century



bronze with wood base

rank 14.23332

Full Record: x-1958-sl-2.52/1958_2.52.JPG

Venus Marina

Tiziano Aspetti


16th century

circa 1575-1600


bronze with wood base

rank 14.23332

Full Record: x-1970-sl-1.193/1970_1.193.JPG

Bust of a Satyr

Massimiliano Soldani Benzi

This small bust-length figure represents a mustached satyr turning his head toward his left. He wears an animal skin tied at his right shoulder over his bare chest. The liquid character of the cast bronze admirably captures the rippling muscles of the satyr's chest and the flowing curls of his hair and the animal pelt.


17th century

circa 1695


bronze on wood base

rank 14.23332

Full Record: x-1959-sl-2.100/1959_2.100.JPG

Man in Motion (Uomo in movimento)

Mino Rosso

A bronze sculpture of an abstracted male figure in motion. His knees are bent as he leans into his movement. His arms are tucked along his torso, and he appears to be propelling his movement with great force. The surface is a bright bronze color but with some patina.

1904 - 1963

20th century



bronze with wood base

rank 14.23332

Full Record: x-1968-sl-1.98/1968_1.98.JPG

Stringed Reclining Figure

Henry Moore

Abstracted human figure reclining on its side. Eight strings resembling the strings of a harp extend from the chest area to the hip.

1898 - 1986

20th century



bronze and string on wood base

rank 14.07683