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Full Record: x-1960-sl-2.24/1960_2.24.JPG

Allegorical Representation of 'America'

Maarten de Vos


16th century



pen and black ink with ink wash on cream-colored paper

Flanders (former nation/state/empire)

Full Record: x-1968-sl-2.44/1968_2.44.JPG

Christ giving communion to the Apostles in an historiated initial "C"

Artist Unknown, Netherlands

Eight robed male figures, each with a halo, kneel before a v-shaped bench or rail. They face a male figure with a crossed halo that stands on the other side of the bench, holding a golden chalice in his left hand and a circular white wafer imprinted with a crucifixion scene in his right. An altar draped with a red cloth appears behind him. The entire scene is enframed within the letter "C."

Mid-15th century



tempera and gold leaf on vellum

Flanders (former nation/state/empire)

Full Record: x-1974-sl-1.135/1974_1.135.JPG

Dancing Satyr with Tambourine and Horn

Jacob Jordaens

This chalk drawing on laid paper is vertically oriented. It is executed in black and red chalk, heightened with white, on tan paper. The piece is dominated with a dancing child satyr with goat legs and curly hair. He is wearing a redish cape. With one foot on the ground and one in the air, he is visible from his right side and he holds a small horn and a tambourine. He looks to the sky with his mouth agape. Several blades of grass suggest the ground below him.


17th century

17th century


black and red chalk, heightened with white on laid paper

Flanders (former nation/state/empire)

Jan Vermoelen (born ca. 1589)

Peter Rubens


16th - 17th century

16th century - 17th century


oil on canvas, mounted on board

Flanders (former nation/state/empire)

Full Record: x-1981-sl-1.324/1981_1.324.JPG

Landscape with Travelers

Lucas van Uden


17th century



oil on paper, mounted on board

Flanders (former nation/state/empire)

Full Record: x-1959-sl-1.124/1959_1.124.JPG

Landscape with Trees and Distant View of a City

Hans Bol

This is a brown pen and gray wash drawing in a horizontal format. It shows a sweeping landscape scene with a wooded area in the foreground and distant mountains in the background. In the lower left corner, there is a group of three figures seated among tall trees with full foliage. There are other groups of people positioned in this wooded area. Beyond the trees, there is a rural village with thatched roof buildings, church steeples and windmills. Farmland extends out into a distant mountain range on the right.


16th century



ink and wash

Flanders (former nation/state/empire)

Full Record: x-1960-sl-2.83/1960_2.83.JPG

Samson's Vengeance

Anonymous Flemish?

16th century

2nd half of 16th century


brush, red ink wash and Sanquine on cream paper

Flanders (former nation/state/empire)

Full Record: x-1959-sl-1.108/1959_1.108.JPG

The Parable of the Unmerciful Servant

Jan van Hemessen

This painting depicts the interior of a room where four men are grouped around a table. They are painted as half-length figures, and their forms fill the foreground. They are painted in warm tones of brown, red and green and dressed in 16th century Netherlandish clothing. There is a king, wearing a pointed crown, who, with his right arm awkwardly crossed over his left, points to another man across the table. He has a furrowed brow and his mouth is partially open as if he is speaking. Next to him is a man looking downward, intently counting coins piled on the table. The third man pauses while writing in a book, his hand with the pen is stopped in mid-air, and looks back at the king. The fourth man, on the other side of the table, has his hands clasped in a pleading gesture and his eyes meet the gaze of the king. Items in the room and on the table such as books, scissors, a money bag, and an hourglass, are painted in great detail. In the upper right, a small outdoor scene, painted in tones of light green, shows an imaginary cityscape with a man being dragged into an underground chamber by some soldiers.

c. 1500-c.1575

16th century

circa 1556


oil on panel

Flanders (former nation/state/empire)

Full Record: x-1955-sl-1.186/1955_1.186.JPG

The Rape of Europa

Anonymous Flemish

16th-17th century

late 16th century - early 17th century


wool tapestry

Flanders (former nation/state/empire)

Full Record: x-1942.9/1942.9.JPG

Troy Legend

Anonymous Flemish (Brussels)

16th century



wool and silk

Flanders (former nation/state/empire)

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Anonymous Flemish (Oudenarde, Enghien)

16th century



wool and silk

Flanders (former nation/state/empire)