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Full Record: x-1975-sl-1.64/1975_1.64V1.JPG

Console with bird in vine scroll, rinceau, and angel

Anonymous French (Burgundy)

A three-quarter length angel, robustly carved in high relief, emerges from a cloud bank on the curved inner face of the console. The outer face of the console bears a tightly wound vine scroll carved in shallower relief with a bird at its center. The bird grasps the vine with its left leg while stretching back to grasp a cluster of grapes in its beak.

Third quarter of 12th century




rank 12.78560

Full Record: x-1982-sl-1.273/1982_1.273.JPG

Engaged capital with vine rinceau, palmette leaves, and rosettes

Anonymous French

Engaged capital carved in grayish, coarse sandstone (arkose). The bell-shaped drum is decorated with a pattern of vine rinceau that encircles palmette leaves in a roughly symmetrical arrangement on each face of the capital. These ornamental plant forms are deeply undercut to highlight the pattern in sharp relief. A pair of volutes decorated with vertical striations springs from the vine rinceau in the upper portion of each face of the capital. A rosette enclosed in a circle appears at the top edge of the center of each face of the capital, above the point where the branches of the volutes diverge.

First quarter of 12th century




rank 12.78560