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Sub-Soil Ploughing
Cass, M. M., Jr. Sub Tegmine Fagi, Sub Sole
Browne, Frank C. Subaqueous History. Record of the Lake Dwellers
Sweeney, Helen M. Subject to Change
Elliott, Prof. Charles, D. D. The Subjective Theory of Inspiration
The Subjects of Baptism
Richardson, George A. The Subjugation of Inferior Races
Thomson, Edward The Sublimity of the Bible
The Submarine Printing Telegraph
Maury, Lieut. Submarine Telegraph Across the Atlantic
Green, Genl. Duff Submerged Lands
Furman, Mrs. S. K. Submission
Bicknell, Mrs. E. L. Submission
Wilcox, Mary E. Submission
Lee, S. A. Submission
Hyperion Substance and Shadow
Substance and Shadow (illustration)
Coit, J. C. The substance of a Discourse, delivered upon the occasion of the Semi-Centenary Celebration, on the second Sabbath in December, 1839, before the Presbyterian Church in Cheraw, S.C.
Substantial Generations, Part I
Substantial Generations, Part II
Gentleman of N. York, A The Subtilty of Love
Jones, Alma Blakeman A Suburban Garden
Suburban Home Grounds (illustrated)
Suburban Homes
French, Celia N. Suburban Life
French, Celia N. Suburban Life
Clark, Luella Success
Bean, Harriet M. Success
Waggaman, Mary T. A Success
Success and Failure
Whiting, Emily L. Success in Life
Successful Iron Works.
Thomas, Annie The Successful Novelist
Vore, Elizabeth A. A Successful Pacific Coast Writer
Shinn, M. W. The Successful Rival
Christian Intelligencer A Successful Voyage in Life
Successive Degrees
The Successor of Liszt
Eu, Elward A Successor to Scheherezade
A Succinct Account of the Sandwich Islands
Mack, Ellen E. Sudden Sorrows
Morgan, P. H. The Suez Canal
The Suez Canal
The Suez Canal
Rockwell, Charles H. The Suez Canal and Egyptian Finances
Morgan, P. H. The Suez Canal History: Letters from M. de Lesseps and Judge
The Suez Canal—Its Effects on Commerce
Hamline, Mrs. The Sufferer Released
Knox, Mrs. A. E. Suffering and Strength
O'Reilly, W. J. The Suffering Souls
M. E. W. S. The Sufferings of Childhood
Coolbrith, Ina D. Sufficient
Sugar-Beet and Beet Sugar, No. 1
Sugar Beet and Beet Sugar, No. 2
McCullor, Professor R. S. The Sugar Cane
The Sugar Cane and Its Diseases, Part 2
The Sugar Cane Expedition
The Sugar Cane Expedition; a Cuban Estate
The Sugar Cane in Louisiana
Goodrich, C. E. The Sugar Cane: Its Diseases, Characteristics, &c., Part 1
Avequin, M. The Sugar Cane; McCulloh's Report on the Sugar Cane to the U. S. Government, Reviewed
Reynolds, Prof. J. B. (trans.) The Sugar Cane—Extract from a Memoir on the Structure and Composition of the Sugar Cane, by M. Payen
Sugar Crop and Climate
Sugar Crop and Consumption in the United States
The Sugar Crop and Sugar Duties, No. 1
The Sugar Crop and Trade of the United States
Sugar Crop of Louisiana
The Sugar Crop of Louisiana
Sugar Crop of Louisiana, 1858-'59
Aime, Valcour, Esq. Sugar Culture and Manufacture of Louisiana and West Indies
McCulloh, Prof. Sugar, Etc.
Chapman, G. T. Sugar from Beets
Seagrave, Frank H. Sugar Growing in Hawaii
The Sugar-growth in Louisiana
Baldwin, H. P. The Sugar Industry in the Hawaiin Islands
The Sugar Interests of Louisiana
Sugar Interests of Louisiana
The Sugar Interests, No. 2
Sugar—Its Cultivation and Consumption in the World, No.9
De Bow, J. D. B. [The Editor] Sugar, its Cultivation, Manufacture and Commerce, No. I
De Bow, J. D. B. [The Editor] Sugar, its Cultivation, Manufacture, and Commerce, No. II
Sugar—Its Culture and Consumption in the World
Sugar: M. Rousseau's Process of Manufacture
Evans, Dr. Sugar Manufacture
Evans, Dr. Sugar Manufacture
Evans, Dr. Sugar Manufacture—Concluded
Sugar, Part 1
Sugar Planters' Convention
Wray, Dr. The Sugar Product and Process of Manufacture
Sugar Production and Statistics
Sugar Statistics of New-Orleans
The Sugar Trade of the United States
Sugar Trade of the United States
Suggested by a Cascade at Lake George
Davidson, Rev. W. A. A Suggestion
A Suggestion for It
Huggins, E. L. A Suggestion on the Indian Question
A Suggestion, to Major Anderson
Sheedy, Rev. Morgan M. Suggestions for the Coming Total Abstinence Convention
Suggestions in Vindication of the Temperance Society
Suggestions of Theological Students
Suggestions on the Religious Instruction of the Negroes in the Southern States, by Charles Colcock Jones, D. D.
Cobb, Rev. Henry N. Suggestive Readings from the Syriac New Testament
Carey, Alice The Suicide
Lawson, Mrs. Suicide
Danziger, G. A. Suicide and Martyrdom Among the Ancient Hebrews
Woodman, C. H. The Suicide of the Ottomans
Juvenis The Suicide's Grave: A Fragment
Cook, Dutton "Suit the Action to the Word"
A Suitable Explanation
Gardner, Mrs. H. C. Sulks, Part I
Gardner, Mrs. H. C. Sulks, Part II
Sully: A Tale of Blue Ridge, Letters I-II
Sully: A Tale of the Blue Ridge, Letters III-V
Sully: A Tale of the Blue Ridge, Letters VI-X
Cooke, John Esten Sully's Forest Days
Sully's Woodland Dreams, Chapters I-VIII
De-Sulphurization of Iron Ore.
The Sum of Life
Eliza The Sumach Tree
Summary of Foreign Intelligence
Townsend, Alfred I. Summer
Tuttle, Rev. R., M. A. Summer
Gardner, Mrs. H. C. Summer
House [By an Author] Summer
Disosway, G. P. Summer
Gove, E. M. A Summer Among French Peasants
Davis, Rev. L. D. A Summer at Martha's Vineyard
Miller, Emily H. Summer Blossoms
Timrod, Henry The Summer Bower
Shinn, Mildred Washburn Summer Cañons
M. G. W. The Summer Child
A Summer Cloud (Engraving)
Kellogg, G. M., M. D. Summer Clouds
Taylor, Miss T. A Summer Concert (The Children's Repository)
M'Kenney, C. E. C. A Summer Day
Bertha Summer-Day Dreams in the Country
Cooper, George Summer Days
The Summer Days Are Gone
Summer Days—In the Woods, and On the Water
A Summer Evening Ramble
Buckeye, A A Summer Excursion
Buckeye, A A Summer Excursion
Buckeye, A A Summer Excursion
Robinson, Mary P. Summer Farewell
Hamline Summer Glories
Bashford, Herbert Summer Hours by the Pacific
A Summer Idyl
Carpenter, Helen M. A Summer Idyl
Summer in Labrador, Christian Treasury
Summer in Maine [Engraving]
Grey, F. W. A Summer in Rhensili Prussia
A Summer in Rome
Summer in the Blue Ridge
King, Dorothy A Summer in the Carpathians
Bunce, O. B. Summer in the Country
A Summer in the Tryol
Lecky, Walter Summer is O'er
Whittlesey, Sarah J. C. Summer is Over
Walsh, H. C. The Summer Islands
A Summer Memory
Henry, Mrs. Sarepta Irish A Summer Morning
Lanman, Charles Summer Morning
Brent, Henry J. Summer Murmurs
Byron, May Summer Night
Pummill, James Summer Noon
Whitaker, Robert Summer Noon in the Siskiyous
Talley, Susan Archer Summer Noon-Day Dream
Summer Novels
Mack, Ellen E. The Summer of the Heart
Thomson, Mrs. Annie Howe The Summer Rain
Waggaman, Mary T. Summer Rain
Sweeney, Helen M. Summer Rain
Murphy, J. Summer Ramblings in Washington Territory
O'Conor, J. V. Summer Reading
Miller, Emily H. A Summer's Adventures
Miller, Emily H. A Summer's Adventures (continued)
Miller, Emily H. A Summer's Adventures, No. III
Dixon, Paul A Summer Scene (Illustration)
Stoddard, Charles Warren Summer Seas
A Summer Shower
Gray, Mary A. The Summer Shower
Ford, William Summer Shower
Weston, Amanda The Summer Shower
Bigelow, Mrs. M. A. Summer Showers
Peterson, W. S. Summer Showers
Waring, Harriet Winthrop A Summer Song
Bradley, Mary E. A Summer Song
A Summer Sorrow
Underwood, T. Hulbert Summer Storm
Summer Storms
Meek, Miss Harriet J. The Summer Stream
Sutherland, Rev. Wm. H. Summer Sunset
Cist, Lewis Jacob Summer Sunset Lines
Delmar, Alexander A summer Tour in High Latitudes
Delmar, Alexander A Summer Tour in High Latitudes, No. V
Delmar, Alexander A Summer Tour in High Latitudes, No. VI
Delmar, Alexander A Summer Tour in High Latitudes, No. VII
Delmar, Alexander A Summer Tour in High Latitudes, No. VIII
Delmar, Alexander A Summer Tour in High Latitudes, No. X
Delmar, Alexander A Summer Tour in High Latitudes, No. XI
Delmar, Alexander A Summer Tour in High Latitudes, No. XII
Delmar, Alexander A Summer Tour in High Latitudes, Part I
Delmar, Alexander A Summer Tour In High Latitudes, Part II
Delmar, Alexander A Summer Tour in High Latitudes, Part III
Delmar, Alexander A Summer Tour in High Latitudes, Part IV
Summer Travel in the South
"The Summer Tresses of the Trees Are Gone" [Engraving]
Wells, Prof. William A Summer Trip
Nash, Louisa O'Huenty A Summer Trip to Mount Adams
A Summer Vision
Bradley, Mary E. Summer Winds
Lawrence, Mary Viola Summer With a Countess
Nelson, Professor Edward T., Ph. D. A Summer with the Fish Commission
Thomas, Mrs. E. S. Summerfield Preaching to Children
Bowker, R. R. Summering at Lake George
Ingham, Mary B. Summering in Newport
Avery, Benjamin P. Summering in the Sierra, No. I
Avery, Benjamin P. Summering in the Sierra, No. II
Summers Ago
Summit of Gray's Peak [Frontispiece]
Coolbrith, Ina D. Summons
Guiney, Louise Imogen Summum Bonum
The Sun
Pummill, James The Sun
P. J. The Sun
The Sun
Warner, Esther A. Sun and Moon
Zephyr The Sun and Rivulet
Bates, Elizabeth S. Sun Dials
Moore, Augusta The Sun of Love
M'Falls, Rev. T. B. The Sun of Righteous
Spero, A. K. The Sun's Eclipse
Mead, Edwin D. Sunbeam
S. P. The Sunbeam
Beck, R. M. The Sunbeams
A Sunday Afternoon in Madrid
York, Newton A Sunday at Ulm
Sunday Coming on Monday
Tappan, Rev. William B. Sunday Evening Verses (verse)
Lowe, Mrs. Mary A Sunday in and about Jerusalem
Bragg, Braxton A Sunday in South-America
M. E. W. S. Sunday in the City; and some Other Matters
Miller, Thomas Sunday in the Country
Olin, Mrs. Julia M. A Sunday in Zermatt
Clarke, E. P. Sunday Laws
Sunday Laws
Sunday Morning Scene on the Hudson
Sunday-School Libraries. By Rev. Sanford H. Cobb
Mott, Rev. George S. The Sunday School, its Past and Present
Sunday Sensationism
Fletcher, Miss A. The Sunday Swim
Marshall, A. F. Sundayism in England
Dodge, Mary B. Sundown
Owen, Juliette A. Sundry Observations of an Excursionist
Thompson, James M. The Sunfish
Eames, Elizabeth Jessup The Sunflower—Versified from the German
Abbey, Henry The Sunken City
Clough, Mary L. Sunlight
Sunlight and Shadow [Engraving]
Sunlight and Shadows
Sunlight, Starlight, and Cloud
Beni, D. S. Sunlights and Shadows in a Noble Life
Cross, Annie M. Sunny Hours
Wilcox, Mary E. Sunny Hours
Bashford, Herbert Sunrise
Best, Flora L. Sunrise
Trembly, Clifford Sunrise amid the Pines
Gardner, Mrs. H. C. Sunrise and Sunset
Douglas, Bruce Sunrise in the Sierras
G. P. D. Sunrise on Staten Island
Green, Julia Boynton A Sunset
Smith, Miss M. Sunset
M'Farland, Lizzie Mace Sunset
Sutherland, W. H. Sunset
Gardner, Mrs. H. C. Sunset at Mohegan
Muller, A. A. Sunset at Rome
Waters, Frank Sunset Blessings
Stoddard, C. W. Sunset from Puu Mahoe
Andrews, Rev. H. P. The Sunset Hour
Douglas, Bruce Sunset in the Sierras
The Sunset Land
Starr, Margaret Sunset on the Alleghanies
L. Sunset on the Chesapeake
Olin, Mrs. Julia M. Sunset on the Gomer Grat
Sunset on the White Mountains (engraving)
Mignonnette, May Sunset Skies
Griswold, Rufus Wilmot A Sunset-Storm in Summer
Richey, J. A. A Sunset Thought
Cooper, George A Sunset Walk
M'Farland, Lizzie Mace Sunshine
M'Farland, Lizzie Mace Sunshine
Cook, Edith W. Sunshine
Laura Sunshine
Sunshine after Storm
Sunshine and Rain
Turner, J. A. Sunshine and Shade
Sunshine Domesticated
Sunshine Found
Hutchinson, W. S. Sunshine in a Snow Prison
Gardiner, Mrs. H. C. The Sunshine of the Mind
Swinburne, A. C. Super Flumina Babylonis
Super Omnes Speciosa
Tefft, Rev. B. F. The Superannuated Minister
Country Pastor, A A Superficial Infidel
The Superfluities of Life: a Tale abridged from Tieck
The Superintendence of Foreign Missions
Humphrey, Mrs. Mary A. P. Superintendent's Story
Superiority of Slave Labor in Constructing Railroads
Fitzhugh, Geo. Superiority of Southern Races
Cantu, Cesar The Supernatural
Talmon, Thrace The Supernatural
Hewit, Rev. Augustine F. The Supernatural
Supernatural Beings
Libby, Dorville The Supernatural in Hawthorne
The Supernatural World
McMillan, Rev. Thomas Supersensitive Constitutionalism
The Superstition of Unbelief
Harris, A. B. Superstitions About Flowers
Perrier, Amelia Superstitions in Morocco
Andrews, William Winthrop Superstitions of the Maltese People, Part I
Andrews, William Winthrop Superstitions of the Maltese People, Part II
Andrews, William Winthrop Superstitions of the Maltese People, Part III
Alba Superstitions of Virginia: the Whippoorwill
A Supper with Marie Seebach (from the German)
A Supper with Rachel
Brock, Alvan D. The Supplanting of Steam
White, Thomas Willis Supplement
Maury, Matthew Fontaine Supplement to the Lucky Bag
Cardoza, J. N., Esq. Supply and Consumption of Cotton
Cordoza, John M. Supply and Consumption of Cotton—Present and Prospective
Wheeler, Prof. David H. Supply and Demand in Food
Supply of Gold and Silver
Thomson, Edward Supporting the Constitution
Bacon, Mrs. Edward W. Suppose
Searle, Rev. George M. The Supposed Issue Between Religion and Science
Suppositious Reviews (Concluded)
Suppositious Reviews, No. IV
Supposititious Reviews, No.III
Legare, J. M. Supposititious Reviews, Part 2
Legare, J. M. Supposititious Reviews, Part I
The Suppressed History of John Adams' Administration
Suppression of the Telegraphic Despatches to Vanity Fair
Atwater, Lyman H., D. D., LL. D. The Supremacy of Conscience and Revelation
The Supreme Court and Sectarian Institutions
Elliott, Rev. Walter The Supreme End and Office of Religion
Supreme Felicity
Sur Les Etats Unis D'Amerique; a Poem, Presented to Dr. Franklin
A Sure Preventive
L. D. H. The Sure Word of Prophecy
Alba Surge, Amica Mea, et Veni!
The Surgeon's Story
Surgeon's Wit
Scott, Irving M. The Surplus
The Surplus Power Madly Rushes to Join the Truckee River (frontispiece)
Clifford, Josephine A Surprise—with Variations
Surprises of Dying
Gillington, M. C. Surrender
Robinson, D. H. The Surrender—A Sonnet
Cooley, Chief Justice The Surrender of Fugitives from Justice
O'Sheridan, Mary Grant Surrexit Christus Spes Mea
Parsons, T. W. Sursam Corda
Sweeney, Helen M. Sursum Corda
Sursum Recorder
Survey of Modern German Works on Interpretation
Stedman, Julia Susan Brown, Autocrat.
Andrews, Rev. H. P. Susan Leslie, No. I
Andrews, Rev. H. P. Susan Leslie, No. II
Andrews, Rev. H. P. Susan Leslie—The Sunday School
Susanne Gervaz: A Maid of the Gévaudan, Chapter I
Susanne Gervaz: A Maid of the Gévaudan, Chapter II
Susanne Gervaz: A Maid of the Gévaudan, Chapter III
Weimer, John A. Suspended Iron Pipe Hot Blast Stove.
Gardner, Mrs. H. C. The Susquehanna
Gillman, Henry Sustained
Sustentation Found
Butler, Rev. W., D. D. Suttee; or, Widow Burning in India