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Rockwood, Gervase Mr. and Mrs. Hussbar
Mr. and Mrs. Smith's Headaches
Fitzhugh, G. Mr. Bancroft and the "Inner Light"
Mr. Bancroft at King's Mountain
Tenney, W. J. Mr. Bancroft's New Volumes
Mr. Basher's Sacrifice, and Why He Made It
Cage, Charles S. Mr. Bixby's Christmas Visitor
Bledsoe, Albert Taylor Mr. Bledsoe's Review of His Reviewer
C. E. B. Mr. Bodley and the Dragon
Bunce, O. B. Mr. Booth's Hamlet, Part I
Bunce, O. B. Mr. Booth's Hamlet, Part II
Chesebro, Caroline Mr. Bronson's Fall Engagements
Mr. Browning's Dramatic Idyls
Mr. Buckingham, Sketch of his Life
Mr. Bull Contributes to the Harmony of the Occasion
Rosevelt, Hilda Mr. Burleigh's Way
M'Conaughy, Mrs. J. E. Mr. Cady's Bad Habit
Brann, Rev. Henry A., D. D. Mr. Cahensly and the Church in the United States
Mr. Carlyle and Pére Bouhours
Mr. Caustic
Mr. Caxton's Review of "My Novel"
McDermot, Rev. George, C. S. P. Mr. Chamberlain's Foreign Policy and the Dreyfus Case
Mr. Cimabue Brown on the Defensive
Mr. Clarke's Lives of the American Catholic Bishops
Mr. Clements' "The Rivals," Burr and Hamilton
Brooks, Noah Mr. Columbus Coriander's Gorilla
Elam, William C. Mr. Croyle's Heir
Hubbard, Fordyce Mitchell Mr. Dana's Prose (review)
Robertson, T. W. Mr. Dawbarn, Chapters I-V
Reid, T. W. Mr. Disraeli
Victor, Mrs. F. F. Mr. Ela's Story
Townsend, Virginia F. Mr. Elliott's Clerk
Townsend, Virginia F. Mr. Elliott's Clerk—The Sequel
Mr. Everett Speaks Decidedly
Mr. Everett's Report on Indian Affairs
Mr. Froude and Calvinism
Mr. Froude's Attack on Liberty
Mr. Froude's History of England, Article IV
Mr. Froude's History of England, Part I
Mr. Froude's History of England, Part II
Mr. Froude's History of England. Article III, Part I
Mr. Froude's History of England. Article III, Part II
Mr. Gladstone and Maryland Toleration
Mr. Gladstone and the Irish Farmers
Mr. Gladstone as a Man of Letters
Heath, Kate Mr. Grigg's Christmas
Mr. Hawkins, Mr. Crooks, and Harper's Weekly
Klutz Mr. Hobgobb
Mr. Hunter on the English Negro Apprentice Trade
Mr. Irving and the Modern Prophetic School by Robert Baxter
Widney, J. P. Mr. James Nesmith
Upshur, Abel Parker [Unsigned] Mr. Jefferson
Native Virginian, By a Mr. Jefferson, Part I
T. Mr. Jefferson, Part II
Shortridge, Hon. George D. Mr. Jefferson—The Declaration of Independence and Freedom
Mr. Kellogg of Illinois
Mr. Lincoln Has Spoken
Mr. Lincoln's Tour to Washington
T. H. E. Mr. Lindsay's Manuscript
Mr. Lovejoy and His Nigger
Browne, Matthew Mr. Macvey Napier and the Edinburgh Reviewers
Mr. Madison's Allegory of the North and South
McDermot, Rev. George Mr. Mallock on the Church and Science
Farinholt, F. C. Mr. Match-Maker Ram
Maxwell, William [Signed] Mr. Maxwell's Speech
Delmar, A. Mr. McCulloch's U. S. Treasury Report
Mr. Peabody's Gift to the Poor of London, Part I
Mr. Peabody's Gift to the Poor of London, Part II
Mr. Raymond as a Comic Speaker
Mr. Reginald's Brindle Dog
Clarke, John T. Mr. Rive's Address (review)
Bainbridge, Miss E. H. Mr. Rudd the Working-man, Chapter I
Bainbridge, Miss E. H. Mr. Rudd the Working-man, Chapter II
Bainbridge, Miss E. H. Mr. Rudd the Working-Man, Chapters IV-V
Bainbridge, Miss E. H. Mr. Rudd, The Working-man, Chapter VI-VII
Mr. S. W. D.—Look here, Miss Sherman, you've rather too much crinoline (illustration)
Merrill, George B. Mr. Sheds' Courtship
Reynolds, T. C. Mr. Simms as a Political Writer
Murray, John Mr. Stevenson's Reading Party
Mr. Stewart's Hotel for Working People
Coan, Titus M. Mr. Stoddard's Poems
Burrough, Miss Caroline M. Mr. Summerfield
Benton, Joel Mr. Swinburne's Prose
Mr. Tennyson's Queen Mary
Johnston, R. M. Mr. Thomas Chivers' Boarder
Mr. Thomas Chivers' Boarder, Part II
Harte, F. Bret Mr. Thompson's Prodigal
Mr. Tupper's Best
Mr. Vattermare
Morse, Charles A. L. Mr. Ward's Cardinal Wiseman
Wallis, Severn Teackle Mr. Washington Irving, Mr. Navarrete, and The Knickerbocker
Mr. Webster's Bunker Hill Oration (concl.)
O'Malley, Frank Ward Mr. Whistler and the Expatriated
Mr. Wintrysides, a Character
Wentworth, Miss N. C. Mrs. Abigail Adams
Mrs. Abigail Adams (Engraving)
Clark, Luella Mrs. Ada Kinsman Wanless
Clark, Luella Mrs. Ada Kinsman Wanless
Mrs. Ada Kinsman Wanless [Engraving]
Casseday, Ben Mrs. Amelia Welby
Benham, Rev. J. B. Mrs. Ann Wilkins
Durbin, Rev. J. P., D. D. Mrs. Ann Wilkins
Mrs. Barbauld's Opinion of Precocious Children
S. W. Mrs. Butler's Book
Olin, Mrs. J. M. Mrs. Catherine Garrettson
Burr, Jenny M. Mrs. Common Sense
Dana, Mary S. B. Mrs. Dana's Letters
Soulsby, Lucy H. M. Mrs. Delany, Part I
Soulsby, Lucy H. M. Mrs. Delany, Part II
Cheney, Lucretia M. Mrs. Douglas's Story
Hamline, Bishop Mrs. Dubois
Mrs. Eliza Garrett
Seager, Mrs. E. S. Mrs. Eliza Parsons
Mrs. Elizabeth Asbury (Engraving)
Wakeley, Rev. J. B. Mrs. Elizabeth Asbury, the Mother of Bishop Asbury
Mercein, Imogen Mrs. Elizabeth Fry, Part I
R. N. R. Mrs. Emily Judson
Mrs. Fletcher
Mrs. Francis Sargent Osgood (illustration)
Hawthorne, Julian Mrs. Gainsborough's Diamonds, Chapters I-IV
Hawthorne, Julian Mrs. Gainsborough's Diamonds, Chapters V-IX
Browne, Junius Henri Mrs. George Ochram
Mrs. Gerald's Niece
Walcott, E. A. Mrs. Gilmore's Diamonds
Mrs. Gray's History of Etruria
Wright, Flora M. Mrs. Grosvenor
Deas, Fannie M. P. Mrs. Gwyn's New Year's Gift
Holdich, Mrs. L. A. Mrs. G—'s Story
Mrs. Harmony C. Gardner (engraving)
Tuckerman, Henry Theodore Mrs. Hemans
Marlay, Rev. John F. Mrs. Hester Ann Rogers
Cutler, Helen R. Mrs. Hinton's Donation Party
M. Mrs. J. H. Duncan
Worthington, Jane Tayloe Lomax Mrs. Jane Tayloe Worthington
Mathews, Rev. J. M'D. Mrs. Jane Trimble
Trimble, Rev. J. M'D. Mrs. Jane Trimble
Shinn, Milicent Washburn Mrs. Johnson
Ross, M. A. Mrs. Jones and Her "Old Man"
Mrs. Jones's Trials
Mrs. Judge M'Lean
Parker, Mrs. Rumina A. Mrs. Judson
Hamilton, Kate W. Mrs. Kenyon's Neighbors
Wiley, Rev. I. W., D. D. Mrs. Kirkland
Lawson, Dr. Mrs. L. M. Lawson
Humphrey, Hugh Mrs. La Rue's Snails
Mrs. Lamb's History of New York City
Young Lady of Virginia, A Mrs. Latour
Mrs. Lillie Hayes Waugh (Engraving)
Alexander, Mrs. Mary W. Mrs. Lydia H. Sigourney
Bradley, Mary E. Mrs. MacGregor
Thomson, Rev. Edward Mrs. Martha M'Cabe
Adams, Rev. Charles Mrs. Mary Fletcher
Mrs. Mary Marshall Furman (verse)
Mrs. Match Hewlett's Match
Mitchell, Rev. J. T. Mrs. Mitchell
M'Conaughy, Mrs. N. Mrs. Nelson's Benevolence
Roche, Rev. J. A. Mrs. Phœbe Palmer
E. M. I. Mrs. Rose's Adventure
Milward, Maria Georgina Mrs. Sad's Private Boarding-House
Wright, Rev. J. F. Mrs. Sarah Griffith
Dunn, Rev. Samuel Mrs. Sarah Wesley
Mrs. Sarah Wesley (Engraving)
Mrs. Seton
Conway, Moncure Mrs. Sherwood
Mrs. Sherwood and Henry Martyn
Milward, Maria Georgina Mrs. Shooter's Party
Sigourney, Mrs. Lydia Howard Huntley Mrs. Sigourney's Address on Female Education
Dijon, Harold Mrs. Simpkin's Ball
Dijon, Harold Mrs. Simpkins's Instincts
Spero, A. K. Mrs. Skimp Joins the Army
Mrs. Stowe and Dred
Youmans, E. L. Mrs. Stowe's Mistake
Hawthorne, Julian Mrs. Suffrin's Smelling-Bottle
Mrs. Susannah Wesley (engraving)
Welby, Amelia Mrs. Welby's Poems
Townsend, Virginia F. Mrs. Whitney's Pupil, Part I
Townsend, Virginia F. Mrs. Whitney's Pupil, Part II (concluded)
Mrs. Wright
Tompkins, Lydia A. Mrs. York and the Sabbath School