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Eames, Ninetta Me an' Babby
Hancock, M. B. Me and Mine
Willis, Richard Storrs Mea Culpa
Mea Mater
Willis, Richard Storrs Meadow Hymn
Coolbrith, Ina D. Meadow-Larks
A Meadow-Song
Pallen, Conde B. A Meaning of Idyls of the King
Dodge, N. S. Means of Locomotion
The Means of Repentance
Measure for Measure
Bingen, Anna Measure for Measure, Chapter I
Bingen, Anna Measure for Measure, Chapter II
Bingen, Anna Measure for Measure, Chapter III
M'Farland, Lizzie M. The Measure of Resistance
Story, George A. The Measure of Value
Measuring Charcoal.
The Mechanic Arts, and Everett's Address, Part I
The Mechanical Agencies of Heat
Mechanical Aids to Labor
Carter, St. Leger Landon The Mechanician and Uncle Simon
Mechanics and Laborers' Wages North and South
Bidwell, A. K. The Mechoopdas, or Rancho Chico Indians
Investigator Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence
Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence
C. L. H. Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence, Again Considered
Goodwin, Pamela Helen Medea
Murphy, Blanche Medeival Female Education in Germany
Allies, Mary H. A Mediaeval Culturkampf
Baker, A. The Mediator
Loomis, Rev. A. W. Medical Art in the Chinese Quarter
The Medical Bureau
Medical College, at Richmond, Va.
Potts, Galligh, M. D. Medical Intelligence
Medical Red Tape
Medical Schools in the South
Medical Science as Expounded in the Store at Grangeville (Outcroppings)
Medical State Rights
Medical Statistics of the Census of 1850
Medical Statistics of the State of Virginia
Gilliard, E. L. Medical Topography of Florida
Gaillard, E. S., M. D. Medical Topography of Florida, No. III
Gaillard, E. S., M. D. Medical Topography of Florida, No. IV
Gaillard, G. S., M. D. Medical Topography of Florida, No.2
Atteridge, A. Hillard A Medieval Baron At Home
Medieval Universities
Viator A Meditation
Brooks, Erastus Meditation Among the Tombs: Congressional Burying Ground
Meditation on Truth
Meditations of a Convict
Lockyer, J. Norman The Mediterranean Eclipse, 1870
A Mediæval Banquet
Mediæval Books and Hymns
Gautier, Contessa F. A Mediæval Magdalen
McMillan, Rev. Thos. A Mediæval Study of the Temperance Question
Hyperion Meek and Lowly in Heart
Ireton, Fannie G. Meera
Griswold, Mrs. S. T. Meet Thy Husband with a Smile
Markham, Charles Edwin A Meeting
The Meeting Again
Moore, Augusta Meeting and Parting
Alden, Joseph, D. D. The Meeting at the School House
Lathrop, Rose Hawthorne Meeting the Spirit
Mehemet Ali
Mehitable Ross, Epistle 10th
Mehitable Ross, Epistle 11th
Mehitable Ross, Epistle 12th
Mehitable Ross, Epistle 13th
Mehitable Ross, Epistle 14th
Mehitable Ross, Epistle 1st
Mehitable Ross, Epistle 2nd
Mehitable Ross, Epistle 3rd
Mehitable Ross, Epistle 4th
Mehitable Ross, Epistle 5th
Mehitable Ross, Epistle 6th
Mehitable Ross, Epistle 7th
Mehitable Ross, Epistle 8th
Mehitable Ross, Epistle 9th
Meilers vs. Retorts.
The Meiningen Company and the London Stage
Benson, Eugene Meissonier
Melaia and Other Poems (review)
Melancholy Hours
A Melancholy Swell's Farewell to the Gay Season
Seymour, Lucy A Melancholy Thought
Melanchthon on Sin
Melancthon Letters
Wells, Professor Wm. Melancthon, the Lamb of the Reformation
Browne, John Ross Melhatchee, the Enchanted Warrior
C. E. B. Melissa
Mellen's Poems
Street, Alfred B. The Mellow Moon
Lilian The Melody of Sounds
Martin, Elizabeth S. Melpomene
Harcourt, Rev. R. Melrose Abbey
Clemson, Thomas G. Melsens's Sugar Manufacture. Part I
M'Kown, J. La Grange Melville B. Cox
M. J. "La Meme Vase" (verse)
Memento, Homo, quia Pulvis Es
Memento Mori
Mementos from a Lady's Memorandum Book
Mementos from a Lady's Memorandum Book
Mementos from a Lady's Memorandum Book: Generals of Yore
Towle, George M. Mementos of Mycenae
Harcourt, T. A. Memnon
Memoir and Portrait of Very Rev. Augustine F. Hewitt, D. D. (Portrait)
Memoir and Portrait or Very Rev. Augustine F. Hewitt, D. D. (Memoir)
Memoir and Sermons of the Rev. Edward Payson, D. D.
Lady of Boston, By a Memoir of A. Andryane
A Memoir of Balzac
Memoir of Bishop Elliott
Memoir of Col. M. C. Hammond, of South Carolina
Alexander, James W. Memoir of Dr. Archibald Alexander
Memoir of Dr. Henry
Memoir of Father John Brébeuf, Part II
Memoir of Father John de Brébeuf, Part I
Memoir of James Brainerd Taylor by John Holt Rice, D. D., and Benjamin Holt Rice, D. D.
Memoir of Mormons
Dunn, Rev. Samuel Memoir of Mrs. Adam Clarke (Mary)
Memoir of Rezeau Brown, A. M.
Memoir of Rieu
Harper, Judge Memoir of Slavery
Memoir of the "School of Athens"
Narrator Memoir of the Ambitious Lawyer
Memoir of the Life of Elizabeth Fry
A Memoir of the Life of James Milnor D. D. By Rev John S. Stone, D. D.
Memoir of the Rev. John Keble
Memoir of the Rev. Joseph Stibbs Christmas. By E. Lord
Memoir of Tritan Burges, with Selections from His Speeches and Occasional Writings. By H. L. Bowen
Harper, Chancellor Memoir on Slavery, Part 2
Harper, Chancellor Memoir on Slavery, Part I.
Memoirs of a Good French Priest
Bergerat, Emile Memoirs of a Pair of Stays
Memoirs of Aaron Burr
Memoirs of Count Segur
Memoirs of Dr. William Carey
Memoirs of Georgiana, Lady Chatterton
Cecilia Memoirs of Home Travels
Van Vechten, Jacob Memoirs of John Mason, D. D.
Memoirs of Madame Charlotte of Bavaria
Memoirs of Madame de Rémusat, Part I
Memoirs of Madame de Rémusat, Part II
Taylor, Miss T. Memoirs of Madame Recamier
Memoirs of Margaret Fuller Ossoli
Memoirs of Mrs. Hawkes, late of Islington. By Catharine Cecil
Chorley, Henry Fothergill Memoirs of Mrs. Hemans
V. Memoirs of my Youth
V. Memoirs of my Youth, Part I
Memoirs of Oberlin
Memoirs of Philip de Mornay
Memoirs of Robert-Houdin
Memoirs of Rostopchin
Memoirs of Sydney Smith
The Memoirs of the Duke of St. Simon
Memoirs of the Life of the Rev. Charles Simeon, M. A.
Memoirs of the Lives of Robert Haldane, of Airthrey, and of his brother, James Alexander Haldane
Memoirs of the Rev. Eleazar Wheelock D.D. By David McClure, D.D., and Elijah Parish, D.D.
Memoirs of the Rev. Walter M. Lowrie, Missionary to China
Memoirs of Thomas Moore
Keane, Anna H. H. A Memorable Christmas Night
Hofer, E. Memorable Contests for Oregon Senatorships
Thorpe, Kamba A Memorable Trip
Manning, Cardinal A Memorial of the Late Lady Blanche Murphy
Memorial of the Virginia Colonization Society
Shipley, Orby Memorial-Sketch of Cardinal Manning
Shipley, Orby Memorial Sketch of Cardinal Manning, Part II
Howe, Mrs. S. J. Memorials
Memorials of the Dead
Memorials of the Revolution, Two Letters of Richard Kidder Meade
Perry, Elizabeth E. R. Memories
Sigourney, Mrs. L. H. Memories and Legends of Connecticut, Number III: Miss Tabitha's Farming
Sigourney, Mrs. L. H. Memories and Legends of Connecticut, Number I—My Native Place
Sigourney, Mrs. L. H. Memories and Legends—Number II—A Lady of the Olden School
R. E. C. S. Memories of California
Custar, Mrs. E. S. Memories of Early Methodism
Cecilia Memories of Home Travels
Welch, Rev. R. B. Memories of Rome
Welch, Rev. R. B. Memories of Rome
Welch, Rev. R. B. Memories of Rome, No. I
Welch, Rev. R. B. Memories of Rome, No. II
Dever, Mary A. Memories of the Past
Gardiner, Mrs. H. C. Memories of the Past
Greenwood, Joseph H. Memories of the Past
Memories of the War
De Bow, J. D. B. [The Editor] Memories of the War
De Bow, J. D. B. [The Editor] Memories of the War
De Bow, J. D. B. [The Editor] Memories of the War
De Bow, The Late J. B. "Memories of the War"
De Bow, Mr. Memories of the War. From Mr. De Bow's Unpublished Papers
De Bow, Mr. Memories of the War. From Mr. De Bow's Unpublished Papers
De Bow, Mr. Memories of the War. From Mr. De Bow's Unpublished papers
Bell, Mrs. Margaret Cabell Memories: The Guardian Spirit
Lady of Virginia, A Memories: The Opal Ring
Memories (verse)
Eames, Mrs. Elizabeth Jessup Memorium
A Memory
Effing, Rebecca A Memory
Morgan, Carrie Blake A Memory
Larremore, Wilbur Memory
Faust, A. J. Memory
Woolson, C. F. Memory
Dilks, Harriet Benedict A Memory
Bigelow, Mrs. M. A. Memory
Wilcox, Mary E. A Memory
Biddle, Hon. Horace P. Memory
Cantwell, Rev. William F. A Memory
Hagans, M. B. Memory
Hill, A. Memory
Baxter, William Memory
Tenella Memory
Marcius Memory
Sigourney, Lydia Howard Huntley Memory
Memory, Addressed to the Students
Alpha Memory, an Allegory
Paulding, James Kirke Memory and Hope, an Allegory
O'Leary, C. M. Memory and its Diseases
Memory, Fancy, and Love
Wilcox, M. E. Memory, Hope, and Faith
A Memory of Childhood
McCabe, John Collins The Memory of My Mother
Kincaid, Martha E. The Memory of the Dead
Dana, Matilda Freeman [Signed] The Memory of The Departed
Barnes, W. H. The Memory of the Oldest Inhabitant
Avery, Benj. P. A Memory of the Sierra
Cross, Mrs. Stella Memory; or, The Magic Ring
Memory Pictures
Huntley, Anna M. Memory's Book
Rounds, Mrs. F. S. Memory's Hall
Canoll, Angelo Memory's Hymn
R. E. M. K. Memory's Pictures
Worthington, Jane Tayloe Lomax A Memory (verse)
Worthington, Jane Tayloe Lomax A Memory (verse)
Memphis and Charleston Railroad
Memphis and Charleston Road
Memphis, and Its Manufacturing Advantages
Memphis and Its Progress
Memphis and Its Prospects
Memphis and Little Rock Railroad
Memphis and Savannah Railroad
Memphis and Selma Railroad
Memphis and St. Louis Railroad
Memphis as a Manufacturing City
Calhoun, J. C. The Memphis Convention
The Memphis Convention
De Bow, J. D. B. [The Editor] The Memphis Convention
Calhoun, John Caldwell The Memphis Convention: The Warehousing System
Minor, Benjamin Blake [Unsigned] The Memphis Convention: The Warehousing System
Memphis—Its Commerce and Prospects
Memphis, Tennessee
Rounds, Rev. N. Men and Things Underground; or, A Visit to the Coal Mines of Carbondale
Men and Wheat
Men and Women of the Eighteenth Century
The "Men for Charleston"
Men, not Measures
London, Jack The Men of Forty-Mile
Claxton, W. R. Men of Letters and Early Training
Palgrave, Sir Francis The Men of Science in the Middle Ages
Men of Song
G. B. J. Men of the South
Browne, Junius Henri The Men Who Fascinate Women
Lea, Henry Charles Ménage's Poems: A Review
Menagerie of the Soul
MacCorry, P. J. The Mendicant
McNab, Lulu Mendocino
Clark, D. W., D. D. [The Editor] Mental Abstraction
Mental Abstraction
S., Signed H. R. Mental Character of the Aborigines
Shears, Rev. A. G. Mental Cultivation
Hetherington, Sue W. Mental Culture
Mental Disposition
Osborn, Minerva Mental Effort
Mental Grandeur of the Reign of George III
Mental Hygiene. By William Sweetser, M. D.
Trowbridge, S. H. Mental Independence
Grayson, William Spence Mental Philosophy, Part I
Grayson, William Spence Mental Philosophy, Part II
Grayson, William Spence Mental Philosophy, Part III
A Mental Retrospect
Mental Solitude
Corning, Rev. J. L. Mental Stomach
Comfort, S. Mental Symmetry
Thomson, Edward Mental Symmetry, Part I
Thomson, Edward Mental Symmetry, Part II
Mental Traits of the Aborigines. Mondamin; or The Origin of Indian Corn
Cassady, Rev. F. S. Mental Treasures
M'Nall, Mrs. B. A. Mention the Good
Caeur, Jacques Mercantile Biography
Mercantile Biography: James Coeur, De Medicis, Roscoe
Mercantile Failures
Mercantile Library Association of St. Louis
Mercantile Library Associations
Mercantile Library of Charleston
Mercantile Miscellanies
Mercantile Morals, and the Successful Merchant
Mercer County Teachers' Institute
Mercersburg Philosophy
De Bow, J. D. B. [The Editor] The Merchant Fleets and Navies of the World
The Merchant—His Character, Position, Duties
A Merchant of the Old School
Merchant's Libraries
Merchantable Misses
Mercier at Richmond
The Mercies of Affliction
A Merciful Provision of Nature
Glyndon, Howard Mercilesse Fayre Ladye
E. R. M. A Mercurial Visitor, with Variations
Bogue, Sybil Russell Mercy
Lepere, C. Filomene The Mercy of Christ
Hunter, Rev. William The Mercy of God in Jesus Christ
Sexton, Ella M. Mere Atoms, Lord!
Alden, W. L. A Mere Bohemian
Menard, J. Gertrude Mère Julie's Cure
Meriam's Address to the Great Meteor
Stoddard, Charles Warren Meridian
Whitney, Adeline D. T. Meridian
Bates, Elizabeth S. Merit
The Merit of Good Works
Bell, Mary The Mermaid's Waking Song
Colby, Fred. Myron The Merrimack River
Finley, Mary J. Merry Bells
Merry Christmas
Holmes, Avanelle L. The Merry Old Days
Mesa Grande (Frontispiece)
Bush, George Mesmer and Swedenborg: Or the Relations of the Developments of Mesmerism to the Doctrines and Disclosures
Treasury of Literature Mesmeric Telegraphy
Harrison, Professor Mesmerism
Lorraine, Alfred M. Mesmerism
Burrough, Miss Caroline M. Mesmerism
The Mesquit.
A Message
Stoddard, Charles Warren The Message
P. G. A Message by the Winds
Message from the President of the United States to the Two Houses of Congress
The Message Made Easy
The Message of Divine Mercy
The Message, the Constitution, and the Times
Grant, Ethel The Message to Colossæ
Gretta The Message to the Dead
The Messages of Governors Seymour and Parker
Sjöstedt, Ernst The Messau Pine Wood Still.
Roe, E. D. The Messiah
Latta, Rev. S. A. The Messiah
The Messiah's Government
Babcock, Rev. C. Messiah's Reign
The Messilla Valley, and Its Mineral Resources
Messopotamia and Assyria
Messrs. Hammett and Co.
Smith, Emeline S. The Met-ta-wee
Stevens, Rev. A., A. M. Meta Klopstock
Simms, William Gilmore Metacom of Montaup
The Metal Crop of the World
Metallic Influences
A Metallic Voice
Brooks, Henry S. The Metallurgist, Chapters I-V
Dodge, N. S. Metamorphoses
Metamorphoses of Butterflies and Moths
Galwey, Thomas F. The Metamorphoses of Irish Names
Godman, Prof. W. D. Metamorphoses of Words
MacCulloch, Hunter The Metamorphosis
Ansot, H. The Metamorphosis of Fencing
Metaphysical Theology of the Schoolmen
Hamline, Rev. L. L. The Metaphysician
Hamline, Rev. L. L. The Metaphysician
Hamline, Rev. L. L. The Metaphysician
Hamline, Rev. L. L. The Metaphysician
Hamline, Rev. L. L. The Metaphysician
Hamline, Rev. L. L. The Metaphysician
Metastasio, a Sonnet
Huggins, E. L. Metempsychosis
Meteoric Iron.
X. Meteoric Phenomena: Humboldt's Cosmos.
The Meteorological Station on the Säntis (Frontispiece)
Meteorology for the Farmer
Stillman, J. D. B., M. D. Meteorology from Tamalpais
Converse, E. M. Meteors and Meteor-Systems
Humphrey, Edward P. Method of Church History
The Method of Divine Government, Physical and Moral. By Rev. James McCosh
Method of Freezing
Shelton, F. W. The Method of Shakespeare as an Artist
A Method of Teaching Religion in a College
Methodism and Missions
Stevens, Rev. A., LL. D. Methodism and the Moravians, Part I
Stevens, Rev. A., LL. D. Methodism and the Moravians, Part II
Stevens, Rev. A., LL. D. Methodism and the Moravians, Part III
Peck, Rev. L. W. Methodism in Olden Times
Graham, Rev. H. Methodism in Scotland
Robinson, W. C. The Methodist Book Concern
Stevens, Abel, LL. D. Methodist Heroines
Methodist Home for the Aged and Infirm
MacCarthy, John Methodist Missions in Heathen and Catholic Lands
Blaikie, Prof. Wm. G. Methods of Home-Evangelization
Le Conte, John The Metric System
The Metric System
Metropolitan Amusements
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Goodyear, Wm. H. Metropolitan Museum of Art-Collection of Cypriote Sculpture, Second Paper
Metropolitan Museum of Art: Collection of Cypriote Sculpture
The Metternich Memoirs
Poe, Edgar Allan Metzengerstein: a Tale in Imitation of the German
Mexican Art and its Michael Angelo
Bancroft, E. P. Mexican Art in Clay
Turnbull, W. R. Mexican Bandits
More, Phil. Mexican Dan
Stewart, A. D. A Mexican Ferry
The Mexican Hierarchy
Mexican Iron Ores.
Hodson, Charles E. Mexican Journalism
Bolivar, Jonas A Mexican Lover, Chapters I-VII
Mayer, Brantz Mexican Mines and Mineral Resources in 1850
Dijon, Harold Mexican Poets and Poetry, Part I
Dijon, Harold Mexican Poets and Poetry, Part II
Poinsett, Hon. Joel R. The Mexican War
Roysdon, A. W., Esq. Mexico
Roysdon, A. W., Esq. Mexico
Mexico and Texas
Mexico and the Fenians—France and England
Poinsett, Hon. Joel R. Mexico and the Mexicans
Poinsett, Hon. Joel R. Mexico and the United States
Mexico, by Baron Humboldt
Sullivan, Margaret F. Mexico: Educational and Industrial
B. M. Mexico—Her People and Revolutions
Mexico in 1852
Mexico in 1858
Mexico—Its Wealth, Soil, Cities, Population, Etc.
Clinche, Bryan J. Mexico of To-day
Schmidt, Gustavus Mexico, Socially and Politically