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Lee, Mary Elizabeth The Hyacinth
The Hybrid Races of Animals and Men
Scott, Irving M. Hydraulic Mining Illustrated, Part I
Scott, Irving M. Hydraulic Mining, Chapter III
Scott, Irving M. Hydraulic Mining, Part II
Bagger, Louis The Hydrographic-Office at Washington
Bridge, James Howard A Hymeneal Mosaic
Bryant, W. C. Hymn
Moore, Augusta Hymn
Eastman, Rev. H. A Hymn
Stevenson, James I. Hymn
Baxter, William Hymn
W. B. Hymn
A Hymn
Key, Francis Scott Hymn
Sigourney, Mrs. L. H. Hymn at Sea
Baldwin, Astley H. Hymn by Mary Queen of Scots
Mack, Ellen E. A Hymn by the Way
Moore, Augusta Hymn for a Dark Hour
Tupper, Martin F. A Hymn for all Nations
Barstow, G. Forrester A Hymn for Spring
Σ Hymn, for the Dedication of a Church
Moore, Augusta Hymn for the Spring
Moore, Augusta A Hymn for the Times
McCabe, W. G. [trans.] A Hymn from St. Gregory the Great
Mac, George A Hymn of Faith (German)
Hymn of St. Paul's Christian Doctrine Society
Howe, Mrs. Hymn of Thankfulness
Cocker, B. F., Arranged by, after Rorison A Hymn of the Creation
Hymn of the Flowers
Milton, John Hymn of the Nativity
Delinn, Lua Hymn of the Pentitent
A Hymn of Trust
H. C. L. Hymn to Jove—by Cleanthes
Taylor, Geo. Lansing A Hymn to Light
Briggs, William M. Hymn to Nature
Kellogg, G. M. Hymn to Night
Waters, Frank Hymn to the Blessed Virgin Mary
Hymn to the Saviour
Dix, W. G. A Hymn to the Saviour of Men
Martin, D. Hymn to the Stars
Hymnody, Part I
Hymnody, Part II
Hymns and Hymn Writers
Woodbridge, Maria P. Hymns and Their Histories, Part I
Woodbridge, Maria P. Hymns and Their Histories, Part II
Goodwin, Rev. W. A. Hymns—Their Writers and their Influence
Hymns to St. Agnes.
Gotch, F. W. Hymns Translated from the German
Moore, J. Preston Hypnotism
Seton, William Hypnotism
O'Conner, Joseph T., M. D. Hypnotism
Hypnotism in the House
Cooke, J. Edmund V. A Hypnotized Ghost
G. C. H. The Hypochondriac
Tefft Hypocrisy
Seton, William The Hypothesis of Evolution
Vambery, Prof. Augustus The Hyrcanian Desert, and the Principal Roads Across It