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Gheel, A Colony of the Insane
Gore, J. H. Gheel, The Insane Colony of Belgium, Chapters I-II
Gardner, Mrs. H. C. Ghost Almost
Anderson, William H. The Ghost Bell
A Ghost in Court
Denison, Mrs. The Ghost in the Chancel
Thompson, Lizzie E. A Ghost in the House
Arthur, Marion A Ghost of '49
The Ghost of Lime-Kiln
Ver Mehr, J. L., D. D. The Ghost of Rummelsburg
Nordhoff, Charles Ghost or no Ghost?
Ghost Scenes From the Life of One Who Never Saw a Ghost
Cary, Alice Ghost Stories
Ghost Stories
Cary, Alice Ghost Stories—Number II
Cary, Alice Ghost Stories—Number III
Cary, Alice Ghost Stories—Number IV
A Ghost Story
A Ghost Story of the Revolution
Irwin, Wallace The Ghost-Tryst
Gally, J. W. Ghosted
G. Ghosts