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El Buscapie. Escribio Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra
Brooks, Mrs. Henry S. El Caballo de Mi Querido—Santa Cruz
El Capitan (frontispiece)
Campo, Juez de El Carpintero
Jenkinson-Frazee, Isaac El Cigarrito
Merrick, Professor Edward C. El Dorado
Kidder, D. P. El Dorado—The Gilded King
Baltimore, J. Mayne "El Dulce Sueno de Mejico"
Collier, Thomas S. El Mahdi
Moyle, Thomas M. El Paisano, Enemy of the Rattlesnake
El Politico; An Opera in One Grand Act
White, Lovell El Rio Colorado Del Sur
Victor, Mrs. F. F. El Tesoro
Miller, Joaquin El Vaquero
An Elaborate View of the Bridgewater Treatises
Gardner, Mrs. H. C. Eld
Talley, Susan Archer Eld
Sigourney, Mrs. L. H. An Elder Sister
The Eldership
Moore, Rev. William E., D. D. The Eldership Question
Field, A. D. Electing an Abbot
The Election
Pelly, F. W. An Election in Ancient Rome
Morras, W. P. The Election of a Pope
The Election of Electors of President and Vice-President of the United States
Nichols, Rev. W. I. Elective Affinities
Burns, Rev. James A. The Elective System of Studies
Mansfield, George W. The Electric Motor in Mining Operations.
Brennan, Rev. Martin S. Electric Motors
Electric Peak, Yellowstone Park (Frontispiece)
Butterworth, H. Electrical Persons and Places
Withington, Vere An Electrical Study
Electrical vs. Rope Transmission of Power.
G. W. O. Electricity
Electricity as a Factor in Happiness
Coates-Kinney Elecution
Griffith, T. M. Elegiac Poetry
Speece, Frederic An Elegy
An Elegy of St. Prudentius
G. F. R. Elegy to Mount Zion
Porter, Hon. B. F. Elementa Juris Civilis (Cont.)
Porter, Hon. B. F. Elementa Juris Civilis, Part I
Elementary Education in England
Elementary Sketches of Moral Philosophy. By Rev. Sidney Smith
An Elementary Treatise on Analytical Geometry: translated from the French of J. B. Biot, for the use of the Cadets of the Virginia Military Institute, at Lexington, Va.; and adapted to the Present State of Mathematical Instruction in the Colleges of the United States. By Francis H. Smith, A. M. Principal and Professor of Mathematics of the Virginia Military Institute, late Professor of Mathematics in Hampden Sidney College, and formerly Assistant Professor in the U. S. Military Academy at West Point
Elements of a Good Character
Clark, Rev. D. W., D. D. Elements of a High Standard of Piety in the Christian Professor
Pegg, John, Jr. Elements of Empire in Palestine
Elements of Forestry.
Elements of International Law
Payne, George, A. M. Elements of Mental and Moral Science
Whewell, W. The Elements of Morality, Book Review
The Elements of Our Nationality
Elements of Psychology. By Victor Cousin; Introduction to the History of Philosophy. By Victor Cousin; An Address delivered before the Senior Class in Divinity College, Cambridge,Sunday, 15th July, 1838. By Ralph Waldo Emerson
Eddy, Rev. L. A. Elements of the True Missionary Spirit
Best, Flora L. Elenore
Taylor, George L. Eleutheria
Rideing, William H. Elevated Railways in New York
Marshall, A. F. The Eleven General Elections of the Reign of Queen Victoria
Haughton, Miss Lucy The Eleventh Commandment
Wagner, Edith The Eleventh Juror
The Elfin Exile
Smith, Eli Eli Smith's Arabic Bible, review
Bailey, Rev. Rufus William Elihu Burritt
Akers, Rev. J. Milton Elijah on Mount Carmel
E. E. D. Elijah on Mt. Carmel
Elinor's Trial
Wilson, James Grant Eliot's Indian Bible
Webber, George, D. D. Eliphalet Clark, M. D.
Eliphalet Clark, M. D. (illustration)
World of Wonders The Elixer of Life
Clarke, Walter S. Eliza Allen Starr, Poet, Artist, and Teacher of Christian Art
Henry, Serepta M. Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Clark, Rev. D. W., D. D. Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Elizabeth Barrett Browning [Engraving]
Fitzpatrick, Frances Elizabeth Bruyeré
Eddy, Rev. T. M. Elizabeth Bunyan
Putnam, Harrington Elizabeth Carter
Elizabeth Goethe
Bretherton, Bernard J. Elk and Camera
Elk Rapids Furnace.
Noble, Edwin S. The Elk Rapids Furnaces.
Bicknell, Mrs. E. L. Ella
Ella in Heaven
Keen, Josie Ella Mason's Reception
Dice Ella Nocare
Campbell, Charles Ellen Dale
Ellen Day
Country Pastor, A Ellen Lindsay
Eddy, L. A. Ellen, the Lamb-Feeder
Ellen Traverse
O'Connor, Rev. Joseph V. The Elocution of the Pulpit
The Elopement
Burrough, Miss Caroline M. [Constantia] Elopement
Walker, Susan The Elopement: a Tale
Cassady, Rev. F. S. Eloquence
Judson, A. M. Eloquence
H. M. Eloquence
Eloquence and Power in Prayer
House, Erwin Eloquence and the Pulpit
Eloquence in New England: Scraps from the Diary of a Virginian, Sojourning in Boston
The Eloquence of Martyrdom
Eloquence of the French Pulpit
Eloquence of Whitefield and Wesley
Gilbert, R. The Eloquence of Woe
Barnes, W. H. The Eloquence of Woman
Janvier, Margaret T. Elsie's Christmas Flowers, Part I
Janvier, Margaret T. Elsie's Christmas Flowers, Part II
Bridgman, L. B. Elvira's Chance
Elwood Fisher on the North and South
Elwood Fisher on the North and South (cont'd.)
Elwood Fisher on the North and the South (concluded)
Benjamin, Park The Elysian Isle