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The Effect of Bull Run upon the Southern Mind
Effect of Christ's Death
Scott, J. W., Esq. Effect of Climate on Human Development
The Effect of Drought Upon Rice Land
Effect of Profane Words
Welker, Rev. L. L. The Effect of Religion on Natural Scenery
Effect of the Mileage Reform Bill
Effects of Emancipation
Burton, Captain E. Effects of Hashish
W. J. S. Effects of Radicalism
Effects of Solitude
Ruffin, Edmund The Effects of the High Prices of Slaves
Holmes, G. Fred. Effects of the Increase of Gold Throughout the World
Effects of the War
Eames, Mrs. Elizabeth Jessup The Effects of Unbelief
Effects of Worldly Success
Effeminate Men and Masculine Women (Pall-Mall Gazette)
An Effeminate Puppy
Efficacy of Example
Efficacy of Prayer
Hamline, Rev. L. L. The Efficiency of Grace