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Harte, F. Bret "Cicely"
Woolson, Charles F. Cicely's Christmas
Cicero De Officiis
Minor, Lucian (trans.) Cicero's Cato the Elder; or, A Treatise on Old Age
Cicero Cicero's Letters, with Remarks by William Melmoth
Porter, Lieut. William D., U. S. N. The Cicisbeo; or Customs of Sicily, Chapters VI-XI
Porter, Lieut. William D., U. S. N. The Cicisbeo; or, Customs of Sicily, Chapters I-V
Cimon and Pericles. By the Right Rev. Connop C. Thirlwall
Ruffner, Henry, D. D. Cincinnati Address
Cincinnati and Her Great Commercial Movements
Van Cleve, John S. The Cincinnati May Festival and Its Effects
Callaghan, The Rev. J. F., D. D. The Cincinnati Pastoral and its Critics
Ralston, W. R. S. Cinderella
Cintra and Its Surroundings
Goetz, Philip Becker Circe
Grey, Barton Circe
Russell, T. O'Neill The "Circuit of Ireland" and the Fortress of Aileach
Wentworth, Rev. William Circuiting in China
Circular of the S. C. State Agricultural Society
Whitlock, Will T. The Circumflex
Circumlocution of the Siamese
Stoddard, Charles Warren Circumstance
Furniss, Louise E. Circumstance
Talmon, Thrace Circumstances
Osborne, Helen V. "Circumstances Alter Cases"
Mudge, B. F. Circumstantial Evidence
Donkersley, Rev. R. Circumstantial Evidence
Emillion Circumstantial Evidence, Its Danger Illustrated by a Narrative
The Citadel, Corfu (Frontispiece)
Cities of Europe (illustration)
Cities of Europe, No. IX—Cassel
Cities of Europe, No. VIII—Dantzic
Cities of Europe, No. X—Frankfort
Cities of Europe: Heilbronn on the Neckar
Stueckrath, Prof. G. H. The Cities of Georgia—Atlanta
The Cities of Georgia—Savannah
The Cities of Italy: Florence
Editor, By the Cities of the Mississippi and Ohio
Cities of the South—Richmond
Wheeler, Prof. D. H. The Citizen and His Party, First Paper
Wheeler, Prof. D. H. The Citizen and His Party, Second Paper
Connell, Richard E. A Citizen of the Democracy of Literature
Citrus Fair, Cloverdale, California (Frontispiece)
The City
Bowman, Amos A City 180,000 Years Old
Coggeshall, W. T. City and Country Life
Mitchell, Donald Grant City and Salon
City and Village Life
City Aspirations
Robinson, Henry The City at the Golden Gate
City Characters
City Characters (drawing)
City Characters (drawing)
Wentworth, Miss M. E. The City Coquet and the Country Pastor
The City Fathers of All Evil
Keeler, Charles A. The City From the Hills
The City Gate of St. Augustine Florida (illustration)
Miller, Clarence A. A City in the Old West
A City Incident
A City Item
The City Judge
Powers, Stephen A City of a Day
Pettingell, Rev. J. M. The City of Antwerp
Payne, Edward B. A City of Education
Payne, Edward B. The City of Education
The City of Ghent
The City of God
Lacroix, Professor J. P. "The City of God"
Ringwalt, Jessie E. The City of Harrisburg
The City of Mobile
The City of Nashville
Haynes, Milton A. City of Nashville
Hammerton, Cecil The City of Oaks
Little, Henry, Esq. The City of Quebec
A City of Realized Dreams
Ryan, Rev. R. M. The City of Redemption
The City of Richmond, the Capital and Metropolis of Virginia
Murphy, J. The City of Rocks
The City of Savannah
The City of Savannah
Poe, Edgar Allan [Unsigned] The City of Sin
Courson, Comtesse de A City of Spires: Caen
City of St. John the Baptist
The City of St. Louis
The City of St. Louis and Its Colossal Growth
A City of the Dead
Talley, Susan Archer The City of the Dead
Bunce, O. B. The City of the Future
Bunce, O. B. The "City of the Future" Once More
Shipley, Orby, M. A. The City of the Soul and Its Churches
Nampon, Rev. A. A City of Women
Bross, Ernest The City's Voice
Furniss, Louise E. A City Savage
Nealy, Mrs. Mary E. City Windows
La Ciudad de la Reyna de Los Angeles, Part II
Civil and Political Liberty
Prime, Rev. E. D. G., D. D. Civil and Religious Liberty in Turkey
Grayson, W. S. Civil Government
Atwater, Lyman H. Civil Government and Religion
The Civil Law
Lawyer of North Carolina, A The Civil Law
Cooper, W. B., Esq. The Civil Law, No. I
Cooper, W. B., Esq. The Civil Law, No. II
The Civil Law—from Hienneccius (continued from October number)
Grayson, W. S. Civil Liberty
Grayson, W. S. Civil Liberty
Civil Liberty and Self-Government. By Francis Lieber
Civil Marriage Bill in Italy
Daniel, Jno. W. Civil Policy of America
The Civil Service
Ward, George Atkinson [Unsigned] The Civil Warfare in the Carolinas and Georgia, During the Revolution, Part I
Ward, George Atkinson [Unsigned] The Civil Warfare in the Carolinas and Georgia, During the Revolution, Part II
Ward, George Atkinson [Unsigned] The Civil Warfare in the Carolinas and Georgia, During the Revolution, Part III
The "Civila Cattolica" on a Recent Work by Dr. Müuller-Simonis and Dr. Hyvernat
Mallock, W. H. Civilization and Equality
Civilization and its Laws
Kellogg, G. M., M. D. Civilization and Nature
Kilpatrick, Dr. Civilization in England
Grayson, W. S. Civilization in Its Relations to Property and Social Life.
Civilization in the Fifth Century
Civilization in the Free and Slave States
Civilization of Ancient Ireland
Youmans, E. L. The Civilization of Uses
Civilizing by Force
Day, Sherman Civilizing the Indians of California
The Civiltà Cattolica on the Fortifications of Rome