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Be Always Ready
Be Careful of Your Temper
Be Contented
Nealy, Mary E. Be Earnest
Nealy, Mrs. Mary E. Be Earnest
Be Gentle
H. M. G., Jr. Be Glad While You Yet May
Be Good
Be Happy
Baxter, William Be Holy
Cassady, Rev. F. S. Be in Earnest
Be It Remembered
Be Just
Nixon, Miss (Music) Be Kind to Each Other
Swain, Charles Be Kind to Each Other
Harriet Be Kind to Erring
Phillips, Mary Jane Be Kind to the Erring
Howe, Annie E. Be Kind to the Little Ones at Home
Be Kind to Thy Mother
Taylor, George Lansing Be Strong
Be Sure Your Sin will Find you Out
Truth Lover Be True
Griswold, Rufus Wilmot Be True to Thyself
Be Truthful with Children
De Forest, Miss "Be Ye also Ready"
Yorke, Anthony Be Ye Cultured
Powers, H. N. The Beacon of the Bay
Scammon, Charles M. Beacons at the Golden Gate
Bear and Forebear—Live and Let Live
The Bear-Chase (from the French)
Bidwell, John The Bear Flag
Bear Grass of Florida
Shinn, M. W. The "Bears" and the Historians, Part I
Shinn, M. W. The "Bears" and the Historians, Part II
Martin, Oscar F. Bears, Chapters I-III
Cist, Lewis Jacob [Signed] The Beaten Path
Grey, Francis W. Beati Misericordes
Vere, Aubrey de "Beati Mites, Quoniam Ipsi Posidebunt Terram"
Grey, Francis W. Beati Mundo Corde
Beati Paupers Animo
Jenna, Marie Beati qui Lugeant
Beating the Air
The Beatitudes, Part I
The Beatitudes, Part II
Piatt, Mrs. S. M. B. Beatrice Cenci
Caorsi, Elvira Beatrice Cenci
L. M. C. Beatrice's Loss
The Beau's Ideal
English, Thomas Dunn Beaudrot: A Ballad of the French Domination
Mason, El The Beauteous Maiden—A Song of Memory
The Beauties of Creation
Beauties of Nature
Elia Beauties of Nature
Beauties of Negro Rule
Beauties of the Grecian Drama
Clarke, R. H., LL. D. Beautification asked for American Servants of God
Merrick, Professor Edward C. The Beautiful
Wardwell, H. B. The Beautiful
Gordon, J. W. The Beautiful
De Bow, J. D. B. [The Editor] The Beautiful
Susan The Beautiful
M. E. W. S. Beautiful Actresses
Bean, Harriet M. Beautiful Angel of Dreamland
M'Farland, Lizzie Mace The Beautiful Art
A Beautiful Comparison
Morse, Elihu Mason, Esq. The Beautiful Days of Old
Beautiful Extract
Beautiful Extract
Editor The Beautiful Fountain, Nuremberg
The Beautiful Garment
Dennett, A. H. The Beautiful Gate
Butterfield, Nellie L. The Beautiful has Vanished
Butterfield, Meriba L. The Beautiful Home
Huntington, Emily C. The Beautiful Home
A Beautiful Idea
Beautiful Idea
A Beautiful Illustration
Beautiful Illustration
Mudge, Enoch The Beautiful in God's Works
Beautiful Incident
Paddock, Rev. Z., D. D. A Beautiful Incident in the Life of Bishop Hedding
Cornwall, Barry The Beautiful Land
A Beautiful Legend
A Beautiful Lesson
Holmes, Avanelle L. A Beautiful Life
The Beautiful Maniac
A Beautiful Metaphor
Beautiful Reply
A Beautiful Scene
Beautiful Sentiment
A Beautiful Simile
Lattimore, Mrs. Ellen F. Beautiful Snow
Holmes, Evelyn C. The Beautiful Snow
The Beautiful Things on Earth
A Beautiful Thought
A Beautiful Thought of Pascal
Roberts, J. W. Beautiful Thoughts
Beautiful Venice (illustrated)
Fairfield, Francis Gerry Beautiful Women
Lady Reader, A The Beautiful Works of God
Russell, Edmund Warren Beauty
Brock, Sallie A. Beauty
Gardner, Mrs. H. C. Beauty
Welling, D. S. Beauty
Stewart, Rev. W. F. Beauty
Eliza Beauty
Wolfe, Helen J. Beauty and Duty
Beauty and Intelligence
Snow, Rev. D. I., Jr. Beauty and Love
Howard, W. G. Beauty and Religion
S. Beauty and Time
Morgan, Carrie Blake Beauty from Ugliness
Rowe, Mrs. F. M. Beauty in Duty
Harp of the Vale The Beauty of Bantam
Shadduck, M. Jane The Beauty of Godliness
Bigelow, Mrs. M. A. The Beauty of Holiness
Beauty of Nature
Cox, Rev. John The Beauty of Quietness
Lamda Beauty, Piety, and Death
Beauty's Bath
Thayer, Stephen Henry Beauty's Ideal
P Beauty to the Beaux of Williamsburg
Beauty without Loveliness
Les Beaux Yeux
Fawcett, Edgar Because: A Love Ballad
Baxter, William Become as Little Children
Becon the Reformer
Mulford, Prentice "The Bed of the River"
J. W. Bedridden in Bellevue
Bedside of a Dying Believer
Chester, G. M. The Bee and the Butterfly
Donnelly, Eleanor C. The Bee at the Altar
Eames, Ninetta Bee Culture in California
Bee-Hunters of Timor
Fawcett, Edgar A Bee in His Bonnet
Fernow, B.E., M.E. The Beech for Charcoal.
The Beechen Tree
Beecher, Edward Beecher's Great Conflict
Beecher's Idea of a Blush
Beecher's Norwood
Beecherism and Its Tendencies
Beef, Pork, Bacon, and Lard
Crawford, Virginia M. Béeguines Past and Present
The Beekman Mansion (with illustration)
A. P. "Been to the Mines, Sir?"
Mooney, John A. The Beer-Drinkers' "Trust"
Bierbower, Austin Beer-Drinking in Germany
Bigelow, Mrs. M. A. Bees in the Flowers
Hilgard, E. W. The Beet-Sugar Industry in California
Beethoven, Part I
Beethoven, Part II
Beethoven, Part III
Cranch, C. P. Beethoven's Fifth Symphony
The Beetle in My Pathway; or, Doing Good
Before and After
Before God and Man
Cheney, John Vance Before the Barrier
Clark, Luella Before the Battle
Loughead, Flora Haines Before the Black Cap Went On
Willis, Richard Storrs Before the Cross
Before the Grave of Washington
Hilton, W. H. Before the Gringo Came
Winter, William Before the Palace
Before the Restaurant
Platt, W. H. Before the Veil
Dolliver, Clara G. The Beggar
French, Fanny S. The Beggar Child and Church
The Beggar's Opera (filler)
A Beggared Millionaire
Elden, John Begging as a Fine Art
Clark, Mrs. R. S. Begging for the Soldiers
Brooks, Rev. Cyrus, D. D. The Beginning of Miracles
The Beginning of the Pope's Temporal Principality
Vassault, F. I. The Beginnings of California
McLaughlin, J. Fairfax The Beginnings of Georgetown College
Miller, Hugh The Beginnings of Life
Meline, Mary M. The Beginnings of Mount St. Mary's
Azarias, Brother Beginnings of the Normal School
Roman, Anton The Beginnings of the Overland
The Behavior of Pig-Iron when Heated in Wood Charcoal.
Bunce, O. B. Behind, Below, and Above the Scenes
Amie Behind the Cloud
Vernon, Lue Behind the Footlights
Birdsey, Emer Behind the Scenes
Broughton, Rhoda Behold, it was a Dream!
Behold the Cross
Behold the Dreamer Cometh
The Being of Man
Higginson, Ella "Being So Bereft"
Sanford, E. C. A Belated Butterfly
Longfellow, Prof. Henry W. The Beleagured City
Belief in a Future Life
Wright, Mrs. Julie M. A Believer's Life
English, Thomas Dunn Bell Adrain
A Bell(e) Adventure: A Story of Continental Travel
Bell Gossip
Jones, Alma Blakeman The Bell of Lande-Fleurie (translated from the French)
Annie Bell of the Atlantic
The Bell of the Wanderers
S. S. C. The Bell Ringer of Chanzeaux, Part I
S. S. C. The Bell Ringer of Chanzeaux, Part II
M. E. W. S. Bell's Beehives
King, R. H. Bell's Tavern
Bella Hinkley
Bella, Horrida Bella
La Bella Mardherita
Fitzgerald, Riter Bella's Defeat
La Belle Grisette (frontispiece)
Shanly, C. D. "Belle Normandie"
O'Connell, Daniel The Belle of Monterey
Ballard, I. H. Belleboo
Ballard, I. H. Belleboo
Ballard, I. H. Belleboo, Chapters I-IV
The Belles
Tucker, St. George [Unsigned] Belles of Williamsburg
Walcott, E. A. The Belleville Claim (cont'd.)
Walcott, E. A. The Belleville Claim—Part First
Tefft, Rev. B. F., D. D. Bellevue Springs
Moore, J. Quitman The Belligerents
Bellini's Romance
Bellows vs. Bellum
The Bells
Battershall, W. W. The Bells
Snively, J. H. Bells and Bell-music
Bells! Bells! Bells!
The Bells of Abingdon
The Bells of Avignon
The Bells of Prayer
Byers, S. H. M. The Bells of San Diego
Scollard, Clinton The Bells of San Xavier Del Bac
Carson, Mrs. Petigru The Bells of St. Michael's
Menard, J. Gertrude The Bells of Ste. Anne
Coleman, P. J. The Bells of Stonyhurst
Bigelow, Marion A. The Beloved Pastor
Prescott, Annie C. Below the Surface
Haliburton, R. S. Belshazzar's Feast
Lykins, David Belshazzar's Feast
Chester, G. M. The Belvidere at Central Park
The Bench of Bishops
Beneath the Streets of Paris
Thompson, John Reuben Benedicite
The Benedictines
Barber, Rev. A. D. Beneficiary Education
Atwater, Lyman H., D. D. Beneficiary Education for the Ministry.
Perry, Elizabeth E. R. Beneficience
Lesing, J. The Benefit of Affliction
Hittell, John S. Benefits of Chinese Immigration
The Benefits of Italian Unity
Benefits of Knowledge on Morals
Benefits of the Reformation on the Happiness of Man
Morris, Bishop Benevolence
Benevolence and Modesty
Benevolence (illustration)
The Benevolence of Christianity
Fellows, D., Jr. Benevolent Action
Riordan, M. J. "Benevolent Assimilation" through the Laity
Foote, John A. A Benevolent Highwayman
Backus, J. Trumbull, D. D. The Benevolent Work of the Church, and the Report of the Committee of Twenty-One
The Benicia Boy's Farewell
Champney, Lizzie W. Benita's Pastoral
Slattery, Rev. John R. Benjamin Banneker, The Negro Astronomer
Benjamin Franklin
Clark, Rev. D. W. Benjamin West, Part I: Boyhood
Clark, Rev. D. W. Benjamin West, Part II: The Painter-Boy Ascending the Ladder
Clark, Rev. D. W. Benjamin West, Part III: In the Sunlight of Royal Favor
Bennett on Poetry
Bennett to Douglas
Willis, G. W. Benson John Lossing, (with portrait)
Phelan, J. D. The Bent of International Intercourse
Brisbin, James S. Bent Twig and Broken Tree
Eggleston, Rev. Edw. Beranger, The Poet of the People
Augusta The Bereaved
House, Erwin The Bereaved Mother
The Bereaved Mother
H. A. H. The Bereavement
Cowdery, Mrs. Bereavement
Poe, Edgar Allan Berenice—A Tale
Winthrop, W. Bergamo
Harney, Will Wallace The Bergamot-Blossom
McCosh, President, D. D., LL. D. Berkeley's Philosophy.
Richards, William C. Berkshire; A Tribute—1875
C. N. B. R. Berkshire Glorified
C. N. B. R. Berkshire Glorified
Furniss, Louise E. Berlapsades
Wilson, Kaye Berlin
Wells, Prof. William Berlin and the Berliners
Wells, Prof. William Berlin and the Berliners, Part II
Hoffman, Mrs. M. L. Bermuda
Bermuda Floating Docks (illustrated)
Bermuda. (Illustrated.)
Horner, Rev. J. Wesley The Bermuda Islands, Part I
Horner, Rev. J. Wesley The Bermuda Islands, Part II
Horner, Rev. J. Wesley The Bermuda Islands, Part III
Reid, Christian Bernard's Invention, Part I
Reid, Christian Bernard's Invention, Part II
Bernardo Tasso
Godkin, G. S. Bernardo the Blessed
Berne and the Nydeck Bridge (Engraving)
The Bernese Oberland
Hamilton, Kate W. Bert's Whistle
Holdich, Miss Bertel Thorwaldsen
Bertha's Legacy
Hurst, Rev. J. F., D. D. Berthold Auerbach, The German Poet
Lee, Mary Elizabeth Bertrand du Guesclin: a Historical Ballad (verse).
Stillwell, Sarah L. Beside the Bay of Monterey
Coolbrith, Ina D. Beside the Dead
Smith, Lizzie Conwell Beside the Grave
Tefft Bess and Her Spinning Wheel
Kelly, W.C. The Bessemer Converter and the Run-out Fire.
Thorpe, T. B. Bessie Black; or, The Undertaker's Courtship
M'Conaughy, Mrs. N. The Best Cheer
Genung, Rev. B. M. The Best Gem of Earth
Young, Rev. Alfred The Best Music for Congretional Singing
The Best Recreation
Best Rooms versus Happy Homes
The Best Way to Serve Him
Lowe, Mrs. Mary C. Bethlehem
Henry, Rev. Hugh T. Bethlehem
Bethlehem: A Pilgrimage
Mary Bethlehem's Star
George, Sarah S. The Betrayal
M. E. D. The Betrayal
H. The Betrayed
The Betrothal of Victoria
Grey, Barton Betrothed
Latimer, Mrs. E. W. Betrothed
The Betrothed
Hathaway, William E. Betsy Triggs; or, Rescued from Shame
Hathaway, William E. Betsy Triggs; or, Rescued from Shame
Hathaway, William E. Betsy Triggs; or, Rescued from Shame
Hathaway, William E. Betsy Triggs; or, Rescued from Shame
Hathaway, William E. Betsy Triggs; or, Rescued from Shame
Hathaway, W. E. Betsy Triggs; or, Rescued from Shame, Chapter IX-X
Hathaway, W. E. Betsy Triggs; or, Rescued from Shame, Chapters III-IV
Hathaway, W. E. Betsy Triggs; or, Rescued from Shame, Chapters V-VI
Hathaway, W. E. Betsy Triggs; or, Rescued from Shame, Chapters VII-VIII
Hathaway, W. E. Betsy Triggs; or, Rescued Shame, Chapters I-II
Kendall, W. A. Better Cheer
The Better Christmas
DeMott, Amanda F. Better Days
Curry, Otway The Better Land
Hemans, Mrs. The Better Land
Moore, Augusta The Better Love
Nichols, Mrs. R. S. Better Moments
The Better Part
Neville, Henry Hedges Better than a Trip to Europe
Bettie, Sallie, and Mollie
L. L. L. Betty Mills's Grand Match, Part I
L. L. L. Betty Mills's Grand Match, Part II
Betty's Story
Wildman, Edwin Between the Lines
Between the Years
Rhodes, Albert Between Two Fires
Between You and Me and the Post
Rulison, Miss S. A. Betwixt the Mount and Multitude
Clark, Luella Beulah
Bradley, Mary J. Beverly
Beware of Imitations
Hughes, Margie S. Beware of Mole-Hills, Chapter I
Hughes, Margie S. Beware of Mole-Hills, Chapter II
Fawcett, Edgar Beware of the Mirror
The Bewildered Old Woman (illustration)
Wyman, Mrs. M. B. Beyond
Akers, Mrs. J. E. Beyond
Clark, Sarah B. Beyond
Bonar, H. Beyond the Hills
E. C. G. Beyond the Mountains