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Taylor, Mrs. T. Babbette's Thanksgiving Day
Babcock & Wilcox Boiler in Connection With Heating and Puddling Furnaces.
A Babe Forever
Parkinson, M. Y. The Babe in Heaven to Its Mother
Babies and Science
Babington on Education. By T. Babington, Esq.
Wildman, Rounsevelle Baboo's Good Tiger
Wildman, Rounsevelle Baboo's Pirates
The Baby
Lattimore, Mrs. Ellen F. Baby Alice
The Baby Bazaar
Francis, Harriet E. Baby Blanche
Craven, Sally Baby Burr
Greene, Chas. S. Baby-Eyes
The Baby in the Cottage
Bennett, W. C. Baby May
Baby Rhymes
Chislon Baby's Pillow
Everest, C. W. Babylon—A Poem
Baccaccio and His Writings
Saunders, Professor Robert Baccalaureate Address to the Graduates of William and Mary College
Dew, Thomas Roderick Baccaulaureate Address to the Graduates of William and Mary College, 1837
Bacchus and Anti-Bacchus, concluded
The Bachelor: A Tale
Milwood, Mrs. Maria Georgian The Bachelor Beset, or the Rival Candidates
Bunce, O. B. Bachelor Bluff's Holidays
Cist, Lewis Jacob Bachelor Philosophy
A Bachelor's Christmas
The Bachelor's Death Bed
Bachelor's Reverie
Marvel, Ik A Bachelor's Reverie
Mitchell, Donald Grant A Bachelor's Reverie: Over Sea-Coal and Anthracite
Ludlum, Evelyn M. A Back-Country Type
Back Matter
Back Matter
Back Matter
Back Matter
Back Matter
Back Matter
Back Numbers of Journal.
Back of Point Coupee, La. [Engraving]
The Back Trail
Burr, Jenny M. Backdoor Friends
House Backsliding from God
Harris, Mrs. Flora Best A Backward Look
Bacon's Philosophy and Macaulay's Criticism of it. A Reply to Mr. Grayson
Grayson, William S. Bacon's Philosophy, and Macaulay's Criticism of It
A Bad Beginning for a Saint
Bad for Virgil
Bad Girls
Bad Habits
Badeau's Military History of General Grant
Badgering Him (Cartoon)
Kimball, Marie Allen The Bagley Kidnapping
Poe, Edgar Allan [Unsigned] Bai
Bailey's Angel World, Reviewed
Bailey's Grammar
Baird's History of the New School
Baird, Robert Baird's Religion in America, Review
Brower, Edith Baith Faither and Mither
Murphy, W. The Balance of Power in Nature
Wiley, Rev. I. W., D. D. Balaustion's Adventure
Madden, Felicia Balboa
Bayard, H. W. Balboa Discovering the Pacific
Balfour's Enquiry
Rose, Walter A. Báli
M. Ll. W. H. Ballad
Poe, Edgar Allan Ballad
W. M. R. Ballad
Sidney Ballad
Breitman, Hans A Ballad About de Rowties
Brenan, Joseph A Ballad for the Young South (verse)
F. W. R. Ballad. In Imitation of the German Style
The Ballad of Captain Hicks
McCoy, Edna Heald A Ballad of Christmas
The Ballad of Fistiana
The Ballad of Fort Henry
Lear, Rob A Ballad of Normandy
G. W. M. The Ballad of Sancha of Castile and the Count Alarcós
Harris, Flora B. Ballad of the Death-Stone
Wheeler, Alfred A. Ballad of the North-Wind
Deane, Inigo A Ballad of Things Beautiful
Guiney, Louise Imogen A Ballad of Tyrone
Black, P. Y. A Ballad of Youth
A Ballad: The Indian Warrior and His Bride
Powers, Stephen Ballad to the King (from the German)
Hines, E. L. A Ballad (verse)
Foote, Lucius Harwood Ballad, When Richard Lovelace Came to Woo
Huntoon, Frank A Ballade of Day and Night
Ballads from Herodotus
Jones, J. Atheam Ballads of History. The Vision of Julian the Apostate
The Ballads of Scotland
Woolson, Constance Fenimore Ballast Island
Polko, Elise A Ballerina
A Balloon Reconnoissance
Wingate, C. F. A Balloon Voyage with Gambetta
Vassault, F. I. Ballot Reform
Ange, Elsie Balm in November: A Thanksgiving Story
Lee, Mary Elizabeth [Unsigned] The Balsam: A Tale, Part I
Lee, Mary Elizabeth [Unsigned] The Balsam: A Tale, Part II
Lee, Mary Elizabeth The Balsam: A Tale, Part III
Carpenter, W. J. Baltimore and Druid Hill Park
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad
Baltimore (Engraving)
Baltimore—Her Past and Future
Baltimore Tobacco Trade
Mulford, Prentice Balty
Tuckerman, Henry Theodore [Signed] Balzac
Sigerson, Dora Banagher Rhue
Gasparin, Mme. de Bancis and Philemon, from the French
Banco; or the Tenant of the Spring, a Legend of the Whtie Sulphur
Clarke, R. H. Bancroft's History of the United States
Bancroft's History of the United States
Clarke, R. H., LL. D. Bancroft's History of the United States, IV
Clarke, R. H. Bancroft's History of the United States, Part I
Clarke, R. H. Bancroft's History of the United States, Part II
Browne, J. Ross Bancroft's Native Races
Bangbro Iron and Steel Works, Sweden.
Bank Capital of Cities in the United States
Bank Lick, Kentucky
Fletcher, Miss A. The Bank-Note
Bank Paper Remedies
Reynolds, Alexander M. The Banker of Nations
Banking in the United States
The Banking System of the United States
Banks and Banking
Finlay, John Banks and Banking of California
Finlay, John Banks and Banking on the Pacific Coast, Part I
Paulina The Banks of the Pearl
The Banks of the United States
Banks of the United States
Bannaker, the Black Astronomer
Banned and Blessed
Tefft The Banyan Tree
The Banyan Tree (Engraving)
Daniel, Rev. John The Baptism
Hamline, Rev. L. L. [By the Editor] Baptism
Hamline, Rev. L. L. The Baptism
Hamline, Rev. L. L. The Baptism
Hamline, Rev. L. L. [By the Editor] Baptism, cont.
Baptism in its Mode and Subjects. By Alexander Carson, LL. D.
Wentworth, Miss M. E. Baptism in the Country
Baptism, with reference to its Import and Modes. By Edward Beecher; Infant Baptism a Scriptural Service, and Dipping unnecessary to its Right Administration. By Rev. Robert Wilson
Amie The Baptismal of Death
Baptist Version of the Bible
Baptist Vincent Lavall
Elliott, Rev. Walter Baptized Democracy
Irvin, Corintha M. Baptized in Tears
Bar Associations
The Bar of Charleston
Barabbas and I
Beringer, Pierre N. Barasso, the Fool of San Roque
Perry, Nora Barbara
Seton, William Barbara Redwood
Thorpe, Kamba Barbara's Folly
Royce, Katharine Barbara's Story
Neely, Miss K. J. Barbara Thorne
Richardson, James Barbarian Arithmetic
Stoddard, Charles Warren Barbarian Days
Tefft Barbarian Poetry
The Barbarians
Yelverton, Therese Barbaric Pageants
Gally, J. W. A Barbaric Yawp
Lady, By a The Barber Abroad
Reed, Elliott Barcarola
W. F. J. The Bard of Avon (verse).
Lacroix, Professor J. P. The Bard of the Magyars
McCabe, John Collins [Signed] The Bard's Farewell
Reid, Mary J. The Bards of Polypheme
The Bards of the Bible. By George Gilfillan
Brimblecom, Charles E. A Bare-Faced Deception
Estabrook, Alma Martin Barkuloo
Webster, A., Jr. A Barn-Burner
Fawcett, Edgar A Barn-Yard Eclogue
Barnard on American Colleges
Barnes on the Atonement
Eddy, Rev. T. M. Barnum
The Baron DeKalb
Forshey, Prof. C. G. The Baron Humboldt's Cosmos, Part 2
Forshey, Prof. C. G. The Baron Humboldt's Cosmos, Part I
Smith, Rev. J. Talbot The Baron of Cherubusco
Towle, George M. Baroness Burdett-Coutts
The Barren Fig-Tree and the Cross
Lorraine, Rev. A. M. Barrett's Dream
Bicknell, Mrs. E. L. Barthold George Niebuhr
Bartoleme Las Casas
Rogers, Rebecca The Barzeitson Experiment, Chapter IX
Rogers, Rebecca The Barzeitson Experiment, Chapters I-IV
Rogers, Rebecca The Barzeitson Experiment, Chapters V-VIII
A Bas Les Polygames
Noble, M. Bas-Relief, "The Song of the Shirt," from the Monument. Tom Hood as an Artist
A Bas Sandford
Powers, H. N. Bash-Bish Falls
Noah, M. M. A Bashful Gentleman
Author of "Bitter Fruit," By the Basil's Faith, Chapter I
Author of "Bitter Fruit," By the Basil's Faith, Chapter II
Author of "Bitter Fruit," By the Basil's Faith, Chapter III
The Basilica of St. Peter
The Basilica of St. Saturnin
Clarkson, A. The Basis of Northern Hostility to the South
Ray, M. F. A Basket of Eggs
Crosman, Mary J. The Basket of Plums
Draper, Rev. Gideon The Basle Mission's-fest
Duane, William John The Basque Provinces of Spain
The Basques
Bass-Wood Paper
Bassnett's Theory of the Sun
Eugenie La Bataille des Mouchoirs
A Batch of Valentines
V. G. T. The Bath of Madame Malibran
The Bath of the Golden Robin
Bath Oriental
Minor, Lucian (trans.) Bathmendi, a Persian Tale, from the French of M. Florian
Amateur, By an The Bathos of Music
Baton Rouge, Grosse Tete, and Opelousas Railroad
The Battery Boatman
A Battle Before Victory
Talley, Susan Archer The Battle Eve (verse)
The Battle-Field
The Battle of Ayetta (verse)
Alpha The Battle of Breed's Hill
Battle of Buena Vista
H. Battle of Cerro Gordo
The Battle of Churubusco
H. The Battle of Contreras
Battle of El Molino Del Rey
The Battle of Hampton Roads
The Battle of King's Mountain
The Battle of Lexington
Lee, Major Henry The Battle of Lodi
The Battle of Lundy's Lane
Talley, Susan Archer Battle of Manassas
The Battle of Morris' Island
The Battle of New-Orleans
Allerton, Sarah H. Battle of Principles
Olney, Warren The Battle of Shiloh, with Personal Reminiscences
Marlay The Battle of the Dictionaries
The Battle of the Eight (verse)
The "Battle of the Eutaws"
Bowley, Freeman S. The Battle of the Mine
The Battle of the Skies
Battle of Trafalgar
Thompson, John Reuben The Battle Rainbow
The Battle Summer (review)
Wright, J. W. A. Battles of Lookout Mountain and Missionary Ridge
Thompson, Maurice The Battles of the Birds
The Battles of the Rio Grande
Thornbury, Walter Battles on the Rhine
The Batture Formation in front of the City of New Orleans
Benson, Eugene Baugniet and his Pictures
Schetty, John Austin A Bavarian Pastoral. (Illustrated.)
Baxter's Wife
Bay-Side Avenue—Fern Hill (illustration)
Saltus, F. S. The BayadÈre
Bayard Taylor
Bayard Taylor
Wheeler, Mrs. Emily F. Bayard Taylor
Willing, Mrs. J. F. Bayard Taylor's Last Novel
Fitzhugh, George Bayard Taylor's Travels in Greece and Russia
Bayle, the Sceptic
Bayne's Christian Life
C. D. Bayou Manchac
J. Bayou Tahah, Near Pensacola (verse)
Bazaar at Cairo
Gerome, J. L. The Bazaar at Cairo (illustration)
Bazaar at Suez
Mason, Charles J. Bazaine's Ghost