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Arabella Discontent
Archbald, John Savings Banks Of California
Archbald, John Why "California"?
Archbald, John The Real Estate Mania
Archdekan-Cody, B. The Parisian Working-Classes
Archer, B. T. Art. III.—Southern Enterprise—Line of Steam-ships from Norfolk to Europe
Archer, Dr. B. T. Texas and Her Resources
Archer, Rev. T. All Science Leads Up to God
Archibald, James F. J. Lawn Tennis in California
Argyll, Duke of First Impressions of the New World, Part II
Argyll, Duke of First Impressions of the New World, Part I
Ariel The Student's Funeral
Ariel Soul Painting
Arion, Helen M. The Friendship of Jonathan
Armes, William Dallam California Artists: III. Douglas Tilden, Sculptor
Armes, Wm. Dallam The Man with a Hoe
Arms, Mary Street Among the Sierras
Armstrong, E. Sweet Baby Sleeps
Armstrong, E. W. The Orphan's Plaint
Armstrong, J. M. Caloric as an Agent
Armstrong, John, Jr. The Disappearance of Robert Fairway
Armstrong, R. H. Salve, Regina!
Armstrong, Regina The Making of a Greek Flag
Armstrong, Regina Richard Malcolm Johnston, Gentleman and Man of Letters. (Illustrated.)
Armstrong, Regina The Crucified. (Illustrated.)
Armstrong, W. N. Kalakana's Trip Around the World
Arnell, David R. The Autumn Storm: A Proemial Fragment
Arnell, David R. Twilight
Arnell, David R. Rural Hymn
Arnold, Arthur A Plea for Free Trade
Arnold, Arthur The Cost of Landed Gentry
Arnold, Edwin Woman's Voice
Arnold, Marion The First Easter
Arnold, Marion The Evangelists in Symbolism
Arnold, Mary Our Wants
Arnold, Matthew Wordsworth
Arnold, Matthew Geist's Grave
Arnold, Matthew Byron
Arnold, S. G. Our Excellent Women of the Olden Time
Arnold, S. G. The Maid of New Orleans
Arnold, Samuel G., Esq. Napoleon
Arnold, T. J. The Future of San Francisco Harbor
Arnold, Thomas The Study of History
Arthur, Marion A Ghost of '49
Arthur, Rev. Wm. Who Is the Hero?