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Aibonotos Iberia Dejecta
Aibonotos Stanzas Translated from Lamartine's "Dernier's Chant D'Harold"
Aiken, Charles A. Matthew Arnold's Literature and Dogma
Aiken, Charles, A., D. D. The Variable and the Constant in Christian Apology
Aiken, Prof. Charles A., D. D. Catholic and Protestant Treatment of the Evidences.
Aime, M. Valcour McCulloh's Report on Sugar— Reviewed
Aime, Valcour, Esq. Sugar Culture and Manufacture of Louisiana and West Indies
Ainsa, Santiago The United States and Mexico
Ainslie, Gilbert The Rector's Daughter
Ainslie, Rev. Geo. The Indian Question
Aird, Thomas An Evening Walk
Aiton, John, D. D., Minister of Dophinton The Life and Times of Alexander Henderson, giving a History of the Second Reformation of the Church of Scotland, and the Covenanters, during the reign of Charles I