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Title: The Princeton review. / Volume 2, 1879
Publication info: University of Michigan: Humanities Text Initiative
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Print source: The Princeton review.
New York: G. & C. Carvill
Volume 2, July-Dec 1879
[unavailable for reprint]

Title Page
Labor and Wages in England
The Aim and Influence of Modern Biblical Criticism
Nemesis in the Court-Room
Reason, Conscience, and Authority
The Organ of Mind
Music and Worship
Christ and the Doctrine of Immortality
Local Government: At Home and Abroad
Philosophy and Apologetics
Progress of Christianity in the United States
The Philosophic Movement in Italy
Painting in Its Historic Relations
Religion and Morality
The Problem of the Human Will
The Laws of War in Their Bearing on Peace
Secularized Education
Virgil as a Precursor of Christianity
Professor Huxley's Exposition of Hume's Philosophy
University Questions in England
Professor Tyndall upon the Origin of the Cosmos
Comparative View of American Progress
The A Priori Novum Organum of Christianity
Points of Contact Between Science and Revelation
Herbert Spencer's "Data of Ethics"