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Serial: The Princeton review.
Title: 1. Joannis Calvini in Librum Geneseos Commentarius. Ad editionem Amstelodamensem accuratissime excribi curavit E. Hengstenberg. 2. Kommentar über die Genesis von Dr. Friedrich Tuch, Privatdocent an der Universität zu Halle. 3. A Companion to the Book of Genesis. By Samuel H. Turner, D. D. Prof. Bib. Lit. and Interp. of Scrip. in the Theol. Sem. of the Prot. Epis. Church, and of the Hebrew Lang. and Lit. in Columbia College, New York. 4. A Family Exposition of the Pentateuch. By the Rev. Henry Blunt, M. A., Rector of Streatham, Surrey, Chaplain to his Grace the Duke of Richmond, and formerly Fellow of Pembroke College, Cambridge.—Genesis. [Volume 14, Issue 2, Apr 1842; pp. 199-215]
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