Catalogue of books added to the Library of Congress.
Library of Congress. Catalog, 1868.

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Page  [unnumbered] LIjST OF ABBREVIATIONS EMPLOYED. anon. Anonylmous. obl. Oblong. b. I. Black letter. pl. Plates. col. Colored. i p. 1. Preliminary leaves. ed. Edition. pp. Pages. fol. Folio. 40~. Quarto. 8'. Octavo. 12~. pseudon. Pseudonymollus. Duodecimo, etc. sm. Small. 1. Leaves. sq. Square. n. d. No date. tab. Tables. n. p. No place of publication. unp. Unpaged. The books are described as folio, quarto, octavo, duodecimo, etc., according to the apparent size of the volume, and not according to the printer's designations derived from the fold of the sheets. In the alphabetical arrangement, the prefix Mc, M', or Mac, is treated uniformly as a compocent part of the word, as if spelled Mac. Thus, McLeod or M'Leod precedes Macltre. In like manner, the prefixes New, La, Du, etc., are treated as component parts of the words to which they belong. Thus New England follows Newell instead of preceding it, as it would do if tile prefix New were treated as a separate word. It is one of the aims of the present catalogue to furnish with the titles a sufficiently full collation of each work. Thus it is made a part of the description to give the number of pages, in the case of all works not exceeding two volumes, together with the number of maps and plates, if any, and the name of the publisher. The information thus conveyed will, it is believed, be found of practical value to readers, as conveying at a glance some idea of the extent of each work, while the addition of publishers' names is useful as supplying a guide to the identification of editions. In the case of books printed without date, the actual or approximate date is usually supplied, in brackets. Brackets in any part of at title indicate that the words included in them are not found in tHle title, but are inserted. The titles of most modern books are given with approximate fullness, but it is to le understo)od tihat loung titles are uniformly abridged, the more significant Nwords of the title only being inser!tedl. The letter s, affixed to any title, denotes that the work belongs to the library of the Smith. sonian Institution, now deposited with the Library of Congress.

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Page  1 CATALOGUE. Abaelard or Abailard. See Abelard. Abbott (Jacob)-continued. Abbadie (James, d. d.) The accomplishment -- William Gay; or, play for boys. 4 v. of prophecy in the character and conduct of 180~. New York, Hurd S& Houghton, 1869. Jesus Christ. From the impressive treatise CONTENTS. on the truth of the christian religion. ix pp. 1. Play for winter. 192 pp. 3 pl. 2. Play for spring. 192 pp. 3 pl. 3 1. 266 pp. 16~. London, F. C. 48 J. Riv- 3. Play for summer. 192 pp. 3 pl. ington, ~~~1810. ~4. Play for autumn. 192 pp. 3 pl. ington, 1810. Abbott (John Sebastian Cabot). The history The deity of Jesus Christ essential to of queen Hortense, daughter of Josephine, the christian religion: a treatise on the di- queen of Holland, mother of Napoleon iii. vinity of our lord Jesus Christ. A newv ed. 379 pp. 12 pl. 1 portrait. 16. New York, of the English translation, revised, corrected, Harper 1 brothers, 1870. and, in a few places, abridged by Abraham Abbott (Lyman). Old testament shadows of Booth. x pp. 5 1; 338 pp. 3 1. 160. Lon- new testament truths. With designs by Dor6, don, J. Harris, 1777. IDelaroche, Durham, and Parsons. 213 pp. Abbot's Cleve; or, can it be proved? A novel. 10 pl. 80. NIew York, Harper & brothers, [anon.] 2ded. 3v. 120. London, linsley 1870. brothers, 1864. Abbott (Rosa). See Parker (Rosa Abbott). Abbott (Benjamin Vaughan, Austin, and Ly- Abeja (La) poblana. Tom. 1~, no. 1-48; tom. man). Cone cut corners; the experiences of 2', no. 1-6. fol. Puebla, Moreno hermanos, a conservative family in fanatical times, in- 1820-21. volving some account of a Connecticut vil- [A weekly newspaper]. lage. the people who live in it, and those who Abelard (Pierre) and Heloise. Lettres [traduites du Latin par Bussy Rabutin] accomcome there from the city. By Benauly. e pagn6es de la vie, les amours et les infortunes [pseudon.] 456 pp. I pl. 120. New York, o Mason brothers, 185d'Abeilard et d'H1loise. 392 pp. 16~. Paris, Mason brothers, 185.5. Collin, 1808. Abbott (Jacob). The Juno stories. v. 1-4. Collie, 1808. NAbbottw (Jacob). The Ju stories. v. 1-4. r[In CAILLEAU (A. C.) Lettres de tendresse, etc. v. 41. 16~. New York, Dodd 4 Mead, 1870....The same. Letters of the celebrated CONTENTS. Abelard and Heloise, with the history of their 1. Juno and Georgie. 312 pp. 2 pl. lives prefixed, [etc.] Translated by mr. 2. Mary Osborne. 301 pp. 2 pl. John Hughes. To which is added: Eloisa to 3. Juno on a journey. 300 pp. 3 pl. 4. Hubert. 308 pp. 3 pl. Abelard, a poem, by Alexander Pope. 4 p. 1. The Lucy books, by the author of the 200, 12 pp. 160. Glasgow, R. 4 A. Foulis, Rollo books. [anon.] Cousin Lucy among 1751. themountains. Newed. -180pp. 6pl. 18~. The same. Cartas de Abelardo y HeNew York, Clark 4' Maynard, 1870. loisa, en prosa y verso, sacadas de la correThe same. Cousin Lucy on the sea spondencia original, y traducidas nuevamente shore. New ed. 180 pp. 6 pl. 18~. New en Espafiol. 224 pp. 1 portrait. 32~. Reus, York, Clark 4' Maynard, 1870. Cami 4- Arnabat, 1857. 1

Page  2 ABERNETHY. ADAMS. Abernethy (John). Surgical observations on 9ois par R. R. Cauxois. Derniere L2e ] 6d. 7 the constitutional origin and treatment of' p. 1.376 pp. 171. 160. Paris, M. Orry, 1600. local diseases; and on aneurisms. 8~. The same. Historie naturael en mo[Boston, 1832]. rael van de Westersche Indien. Wt den [MASSACHUSETTS medical society. Library of prac- spaenschen in onse nederduijtsche tale overtical medicine, v. 2, pp. 123-263]. gheset: door Jan Huyghen van Linschoten. About (Edmond Franvois Valentin). Les 2e ed. 4 p. 1. 177, 3 1. 4~. Amsterdamn, B. mariages de Paris. 8e 6d. 2 p. 1. 428 pp. 1 Jansz, 1624. 1. 120. Paris, L. Hachette cie. 1859. Acosta (Manuel). Kurtze verzeichnusz vnd Abridgement (An); or, summary of the historische beschreibung deren dingen, so chronicles of Scotland. Containing a short von der societet Jesv in Orient, von dem jar account of the original of the Scots, from the nach Christi geburt, 1542, bisz auff das 1568 coming of Gathelus, [etc.] together with a gehandlet worden. Erstlich durch Ioarnem description of the realm of Scotland, and of Petrum Maffeium, auss portugalesischer its principal cities, forts, abbeys, etc. To sprach in latein, vnd jetzo neben etlichen which is added, a particular account of the japonischen sendtschreiben, vom jar 1548 isles, and of the rarities therein, [etc.] 1 p. 1. biss auff 1555, allen frommen catholischen zu 159 pp. 18~. Edinblurgh, J. Mlitchell, 1756. lieb und trost ins teutsch gebracht vnnd zum Abi'l-faraj (Grigfiriyfis Ben Htrfin), or Je- ersten mal an tag geben. Durch I. G. GotmAled-din Abf'lfaraj Grigfuriyfis Ben Tij-ed- zen. [anon.] 8 p. 1. 191, 524 pp. 1 1. 18~. din Hrfiun Ben Tuim~a El-Meleti. Historia Ingolstadt, D. Sartorius, 1586. compendiosa dynastiarvm, [etc.] Arabice Note.-The authors of the Japonischen sendschrei-..its et latine versa, ab Edwardo Pocockio.. ben, are Cosmos Turrianus, Emmanuel Noberga, edita, et latine versa, ab Edwardo Pocockio. Ferdinandus Mendozius, Franciscus Xaverius, 11 p. 1. 368 pp. 40 1. sm. 40. Oxonie, H. Gaspar Belga, Henricus Henriquez, Joannes de Beyra, Joannes Ferdinandez, Paulus Japonius, PeHall, 1663. trus Alcacenas. Account (An) of the island of Mauritius and Acta martyrum. Martyrbuch. Denkwiirdige its dependencies. By a late official resident. reden vnnd thaten vieler h. martyrer: welche [anon.] 182 pp. 8~. London, author, 1842. nach den zeitten der aposteln, biss auffs jar Christi 1597, in'l'eutschland, Franckreich, Account (An) of the late dreadful earthquake,,, and fire, which destroyed the city of Lisbon, Eugelland, Schottland, Niderland, Italien, the metropolis of Portugal. In a letter from Hispanien, etc. vmb der evangelischen warheit willen verfolget, vnnd jammerlich gea merchant resident there, to his friend in eit willen verfolget, vn England. [anon. ] 2de ed. 23 p p. 8~. Bos- martert worden. Auss den grossen franzosischen Actis martyrum fleissig aussgezogen ton, Green & Ruzssell, 1756. vnd verteutschet, vnd mit dem eylfften vnd Acerbi (Giuseppe). Reise durch Schweden zwelfften buch, so vormaln nicht darbey und Finnland, his an die aussersten grien gewesen,gemehret. [Von Ludvig Konig]. von Lappland, in den jahren 1798 und 1799. 6 p. 1. 834 pp. 8 1. 160. Basel, 1597. Aus dem Englischen ubersetzt yon Ch.. Adagia nonnulla latino-anglica, ordine al Weyland. Nebstberichtigenden bemerkun- phabetico descripta. 160 phabetico descripta. [anon.] 42 pp. 16~. gen eines sachkundigen gelellrten. I p. 1. Edinburgi, J. Ross, 1723. V, 520 pp. Edinburgi, J. R p. 8. Berln, oss, 1723. iv, 520 pp. map, 2 pl. 8. Berlin, Voss, Adam (Rev. Thomas). Private thoughts on 1803. s. religion, and other subjects connected with Acosta (Christoval). Aromatum et medica-] To which is prefixed a short it, [etc.] To which is prefixed a short mentorum in Orientali India nasentim sketch of [the author's] life and character. liber: plvrimvm lucis adferens uis quve a doc- From the 4th London ed. 311 pp. 160 tore Garcia de Orta in hoc genere scripta Ponghkeepsie, Rudd & Stockholm, 1814. sunt: Caroli Clvsii atrebatis opera ex his- s (Charles, d d) The earth and its Adams (Charles, d. d.) The earth and its panico sermone latinus factus, [etc.] 2' ed. wonders. In a series of familiar sketches. pp. 227-404, 21. 16~. Antverpie, ex oicina pp. 227-404, 21. 16. Antverpi, ex oficina 341 pp. 16pl. 16~. Cincinnati, Hitchcock & plantiniana, 1593. s. [In ORTA (Garcia de). Aromatvm et simplicivm, Letc.] Memoir of Washington Irving. With Acosta (Jos6 de). Histoire natvrelle et mo- selections from his works, and criticisms. ralle des Indes, tant Orientalles qu'Occiden- 299 pp. 16~.,Xew York, Carlton & Lanahan, talles, [etc.] Traduite deCastillan en Fran- [1870].

Page  3 ADAMS. ADRICHEM. Adams (Mrs. II. A.) Dawn. [A novel. Adams (William T.)-continued. anon.] 404 pp. 120. Boston, Adams & Bear and forbear; or, the young skipper co. 1868. of lake Ucavga. By Oliver Optic. [pseuAdams (H. G.) The life and adventures of don.] 311 pp. 8 pl. 160. Boston, Lee 4 dr. Livingston in the interior of South'Africa. Shepard, 1871. Comprising a description of the regions which [Lake shore series, no. 6]. he traversed; an account of missionary pio- I Field and forest; or, the fortunes of a neers; and chapters on cotton cultivation, farmer. By Oliver Optic. [pseudon.] 288 slavery, wild animals, etc. I p. 1. xxviii, pp. 14 pl. 16~. Boston, Lee S& Shepard, 322 pp. 1 portrait. 16~. London, J. Black- 1871. 2wood 4.~ co. r[1870]. [Upward and onward series, no. 1]. Adams (Rev. John). Flowers of ancient his- Plane and plank; or, the mishaps of a tory; comprehending, on a new plan, the mechanic. By Oliver Optic. [psedon.] tory; comprehending, on a new plan, the 315 pp. 14 pl. 16~. Boston, Lee & Shepard, most remarkable and interesting events, as 315 pp. 14. Boston, Lee Spad, well as characters, of antiquity. 300 pp. 1871. 180. Leesburg, (Va.) S. B. T. Caldewell, [Upward and onward series, No. 2]. 1822. Adderley (Rt. hon. sir Charles Bowyer). ReAdams (John G.) The sabbath-school melo- view of " The colonial policy of lord J. Russell's administration," by earl Grey, 1853; dist; a collection of hymns and tunes de- sell's dmiistration," by earl Grey, 1853; (list; a collection of hymns and tunes de- and of subsequent colonial history. viii, 423 signed for the sabbath-school and the home. ndofsubsequent colonialhistory. viii, 423 128 pp. obl. 16~. Boston, R. A. Ballou, pp. 80. London, E.Stanford, 1869. 1866. Addison (Charles G.) Damascus and Pal- ~ and Chapin (E. H.) Hymns for chris- myra: a journey to the east. With a sketch tian devotion; especially adapted to the uni- of the state and prospects of Syria, under versalist denomination. New ed. 704 pp. Ibrahim Pasha. *2 v. xviii, 440 pp. 2 pl; 120. Boston, universalist publishing house, x pp. 1 1. 484 pp. 5 pl. 8~. London, R. 1870. Bentley, 1838. Adams (John Quincy). Report [on weights Additional (The) and selected hymns, from and measures]. 120. New York, 1870. "Hymns, ancient and modern," and [In DAvIEs (Charles). The metric system. Part iii]. "Hymns for church and home." Prepared Adams (Rev. John Quincy). Experiences of at the request of several of the bishops by the higher christian life in the baptist de- two of their number. 345 pp. 16~. New nomination; being the testimony of a num- York, E. P. Duttosn 4' co. 1870. ber of ministers and private members of bap- Adelaida; 6, el misterio. Novela original por tist churches to the reality and blessedness of D. C. N. [anon.] 2 p. 1. 147 pp. 18~. the experience of sanctification through faith Valencia, J. de Orga, 1832. s. in the blood of Jesus Christ. 287 pp. 120. Adhemar (Joseph Alphonse). Traite comNew York, Sheldon 8f co. 1870. plet d'arithm6tique. 2 v. in 1. 108, 74 pp. 21. 18~. Paris, 1833. S. Adams (Nehemiah, d. d.) Agnes and the 21. 180. Paris, 1833. d. [With CONDILLAC (]tienne Bonnot de). Thdorie little key; or, bereaved parents instructed des calunls, ouvrage extrait de Langue des calculs, and comforted. 10th ed. revised. 192 pp. par C. Chelle]. 160. Boston, Gould 4 Lincoln, 1869. Adrichem or Adrichomius (Christiaan van). Catherine. 7th ed. 192 pp. 160. Bos- Cionicon [de la creacion del mondo al afio de ton, Gould 4. Lincoln, 1869. Jesu Christo 109]. Traducido de Latin en Adams (Rev. William). The cherry-stones; Espafiol por d. L. Martinez de Marcilla. 4 or, Charlton school; a tale for youth. Ed- p. 1. 284 pp. 111. sm. 40~. Madrid, imited by the rev. H. C. Adams. viii, 143 pp. prenta imperial, 1679. s. 180. London, F. 8f J. Rivington, 1851. The same. 14a impression. 4 p. 1. 234 -- The old man's home. 2d ed. 108 pp. pp. 11 1. 80. Madrid, P. Alonso y Padilla, 16~. -London, F. & J. Rivinaton, 1847. 1761. s. Adams (William T. ) Brake up; or, the - Vrbis HierosolymEe, qvemadmodum ea young peacemakers. By Oliver Optic. Christi tempore florvit, et suburbanorum eius [pseudon. ] 303 pp. 8pl. 16~. Boston, Lee breuis descriptio, [etc.] Ed. postrema. 15,If Shepard, 1870. p. 1. 136 pp. 10 1. 160. Colonice Agrip[Lake shore series, no. 5]. pina, Birckmann, 1597.

Page  4 4 ADRICHEM. AHIN. Adrichem-continued. Aguilar-continued. The same. Breve descripcion de la - Home influence. A tale for mothers and ciudad de Jerusalem y lugares circunvecinos, daughters. 24th ed. xviii, 421 pp. 8 pl. como estaba en tiempo de Cristo nuestro 120. London, Groombridge,. sons, 1869. senor [etc.] Compuesta en Latin, y tradu- -- Woman's friendship. A story of domescida al Castellano, por V. Gomez. 256 pp. tic life. New ed. illustrated. 2 p. 1. 349 pp. 16~. Madrid, Verges, 1828. s. 5 pl. 160. London, Groombridge 4' sons, 1869. [Imperfect, wanting map]. Aguilar (Miguel de ). Enchiridion predicaAdventures (The) of Laurentini in search ble. 16 p. 1. 174 pp. 9 1. 160. Alcala la of his father. A French romance. By the real, G. A. de Padilla Pacheco Guardiola y author of the Chevalier Faublas, etc. [pseu- Solis, 1706. s. don.] 64 pp. 80. New York, Wilson and Aguinaldo (El) para MDcccxxx. 2 p.l. 306 company, 1845. pp. 180. Filadelfia, Carey, Lea & Carey, [In French novels, v. 5]. 1829. Advis fidelle aux v6ritables Hollandois. See Aguinaldo puerto-riquefio. Colleccion de Wicquefort (Abraham de). producciones orijinales en prosa y verso. 2ilianus (Claudius). Atutavov TO1tKtlj lGTO- [anon.] 206 pp. 1 1. 12~. Puerto Rico, Ginmpag:ft3lta rd. Aeliani varise historiae libri bernat 4- Dalmau, 184:3. xiiii. Ex Heraclide de rebus publicis com- Agurleta (Jos Lopez). Apologiaporel habimnentarium. Polemonis physionomia. Ada- to de santo Domingo en la orden de Santiago, mantii physionomia. Melampodis ex pal- [etc.] 20 p. 1. 448 pp. 20 1. sm. 80. Alcala, pitationibus divinatio. De neuis. [Omnia M. de Moya, 1725. S. Camilli Perusci diligentia primo in lucem Ahn(Friedrich). Ahn'sGermanprimer. Edmissa]. 4 p. 1. 111 1. paged, 12 1. unpaged. itedbyW.Grauert. 94pp. 120. Vew York, ~~4~0~ Romes, 1545. ~E. Steiger, 1870. 40. tomtv, 1545. s, g- sThe first German reading-book. After ~Pineas, gazaes. Theophrastus; sine, de the system of " The first French readinganimorum immortalitate, greece et latine, animorum immortalitate, grce et latine, book," [etc.] To which is added a series of Joanne Wofifo interprete ex editione ger- amusing and instructive pieces, in prose and manica Gesneri, 1560. fol. Parisils, 1624. [Ia BIBLOTHECA vetervm patrvmr, v. 2]. verse, [etc.] By D.H. Altschal, [etc.] 1st [Ia BIBLTOTHECA vetervm patrvm, v. 2]69 pp. 12. Philadelphia, AEsopus. Fables choisies d'flsope. [Grecques American ed. 169pp. 12. Philadelphia, et francaises]. Nouv. ed. accompagnee des - A hand-book of German conversation. imitations de La Fontaine et d'un lexique, par E. Sommer. i26 pp. L12''. Paris, L. New edition, adapted to the use of English Hachette 4 cie. 1853. scholars, [etc.] To which is added, ConversaAfrican (The) repository. Jan. to Dec. 1870. tions on the geography of Germany, and letv. 46. 8~. Washington, American coloniza- ters, notes, correspondence, etc. By Chrystion society, 1870. ostome Dagobert and W. Pfeiffer. 180 pp. Afterwards; or, Janet's true friend. By the 120. Philadelphia, J. Weik & co. 1859. author of "Answered prayer," [etc.] 419 -- A new, complete, and cheap traveller's pp. 3pl. 160. Philadelphia, American sun- pocket dictionary, of the English and Gerday-school union, [ 1 870]. man languages. New edition [or] Neues vollstiindiges und billiges reise-taschen-wMrterAgapetus, constantinopolitanus. Ad Justi- stndiges und billiges reise-taschen-w nianum capita admonitoria, [etc.] gyrmece et buch der englischen und deutschen sprache. latine, interprete incerto. fol. Parisiis, Neue ausgabe. vi, 316 pp. 160 Philadel1624. phia, J. Weik 4 co. 1860. [In BIBLIOTHECA vetervm patrvm, v. 2]. A new, practical and easy method ot Aguila (La) mexicana. Periodico cuotidiano learning the German language. With a propolitico y literario. Abril de 1823-Octu- nunciation, arranged according to J. C. Oehlbre 1824. 2 v. fol. Mexico, M. Ontiveros, schliiger's recently published German diction1823-24. ary. First course, 15th ed. 79pp. 11. 120. Aguilar(Grace). Thedays of Bruce. A story St. Louis, (Mo.) F. Saler, 1870. from Scottish history. New ed. 3 p. 1. 591 - The same. First course. 3d American, pp. 2 pl. 16~. London, Groombridge 4-sons, from the 8th London ed. 3 p. 1. 88 pp. 1868. 16~. St. Louis, (Mo.) F. Saler, 1869.

Page  5 5 AHN. ALBANY. Ahn-continued. Ainsworth (Rev. Henry) —continued. The same. Second course. 6th Ameri- - Solomon's Song of songs, in English can, from the 8th London ed. 125 pp. 16~. metre. See Bible, English. St. Louis, (Mo.) F. Saler, 1869. Ainsworth (William Harrison). The SouthThe same. 15th ed. 108 pp. 12~. Sea bubble. Atale of the year 1720. CopySt. Louis, (Mo.) F. Saler, 1870. right ed. 2 v. 300 pp; 287 pp. 160. LcipA key to Ahn's practical and easy zig, B. Tauchnitz, 1868. method of learning the German language. Aitzema (Lieuwevan). Verhael van de nederByJ. C. Oeh[l]schlmger. 66 pp. 120. St. landsche vreede handeling. Noch is tot gheLouis, (Mo.) F. Saler, 1863. rief van den leser alle de stucken voor desen Praktischer lehrgang zur schnellen und in Fransch, Latin, als Spaensch ghedruckt. leichten erlernung der englischen sprache. In Duytsch vertaelt, door J. H. Glasemaker. Nebst angabe der aussprache mit deutschen 2 v. in 1. 2 p. 1. 376 pp; 2 1. 366 pp. 40~. buchstaben und deutschen tonen. Von J. C. Amsterdam, I. Benjamin, 1653. Oehlschlager. Erster cursus. iv, 113 pp. Ajofrin (Fr. Francisco de). Tratado theol6120. St. Louis, (Mo.) F. Saler, 1870. gico-mistico-moral, en que se explica, segun los principios mas s6lidos, la bula pastoralis curm de la santidad de Benedicto xiv, sobre el confesor extraordinario de las monJas, The same. Erster [und] zweiter cur- [etc.] 6p.l1.267pp. 80. Madrid, P. Marin, sus. 2v. in. iv, 113 pp; 122 pp. 160~. St. 1789. s. Lozuis, ( Mo.) F. Saler, 1867. Akiander (Matthias). Herdamminne for ford Practischer lehrgang zur schnellen und na Wiborgs och nuvarande Borga stift. leichten erlernung der franzosischen sprache. Bidrag till kannedom af Finlands natur och Durchgesehen und verbessert von J. C. folk, utgifna af Finska vetenskaps-societeOehlschliager. 4e auflage, bereichert mit ei- ten. Trettonde haftet. viii, 479 pp. 80. nem anhange: Kurze theorie zu Ahn's fran- Helsingfors, Finska litteratur-sdillskapets tryzosischem lehrgang, von L. Soldan. Erster ckeri 1868. S. cursus. 150, 18 pp. 120. St. Louis, (Mo.) The same. ii. delen. 2 p. 1. 534 pp. F. Saler, 1 867. 80. Helsingfors, Finska literatur-sillskapets Ahrens (Heinrich). Curso completo de de- tryceri 1869. s. recho natural, 6 de filosofia del derecho, con [n FINKA veteskaps-societetn. Bidrag till knrcn FIk-SKA vetenskps-societeten. arreglo al estado actual de esta ciencia en nedom at Finlands natur och folk. 14e haftet]. Alemania. 5a ed. Traducida por d. Manuel Alabaster (Henry, editor). The modern buddMaria Flamant. 2a ed. espafola. 520 pp. hist, [etc.] 1870. 8~. Madrid, C. Bailly-Bailliere, 1864. [See CHAO Phya Thipakon]. Aikman (William, d. d.) Life at home; or, Alamanni (Atonio). Sonetti alla burchiel the family and its members. 249 pp. ]2~0. lesca. xx pp. 120. [Lucca, 1757]. New York, S. R. Wells, 1870. [ With BURCHIELLO (Domenico, detto) and others]. - The moral power of the sea; an in- Alamanni(Luigi). L'avarchide,con diligenza quiry into the true relations of commerce to corretta, e alla moderna ortografia ridotta. the evangelization of the world. 152 pp. 2a ed. 2 v. xxxviii, 355 pp; I p. 1.421 pp. 163. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania seamen's 180. Bergamo, P. Lanceliotti, 1761. Niote. This edition was prepared by Piero Antonio friend society, 1863. Serassi. Aimard (Gustave). The prairie-flower; or, Alamin (Fr. Felix de). Retrato del verdadero the baffled chief. 100 pp. 8~. New York, sacerdote, y manual de sus obligaciones, Beadle 8& co. 1869. [etc.] 8 p. 1. 413 pp. fol. Barcelona, J. Ainsworth (Rev. Henry). Annotations upon Piferrer, 1747. s. the fourth book of Moses, called Numbers. Alaux (Gustave d'). L'empereur Soulouque 1619. See Bible, English. et son empire. 2 p. 1.286 pp. 16~. Paris, Annotations upon the fifth book of M. LUvyfreres, 1856. Moses, called Devteronomie. 1619. See Bi- Albany (New York). The Albany directory ble, English. for the year 1870, [etc.] 8~. Albany, SampAnnotations upon the book of Psalmes. son, Davenport &S co. 1870. 1617. See Bible, English. Wallace's street and city guide of Al

Page  6 6 ALBANY. ALEXANDER. bany, [etc.] 80 pp. 240. Albany, C. Van nouo apparatu librorum ad annum 1642 Benthuysen,5 sons, 1870. editorum concinnata, [etc]. Accedit cataAlbany (The) argus, [semi-weekly]. Oct. logus religiosoruni societatis Iesu, qui hacte21, 1817, to Oct. 9, 1818. fol. Albany, J. nus pro catholica fide et pietate in variis Buel, 1817-18. mundi plagis interempti sunt. 12 p.l. 587 The same. July 15, 1836, to Dec. 28, pp. fol. Antverpie, J. Mevrsivs, 1643. 1838. 2 v. fol. Albany, E. Croswell & co- Alembert (Jean Le Rond d'). Melanges 1836-38. de litt6rature, d'histoire et de philosophie. Albany (Presbytery of). Official documents, [anon.] v.1. 12~. Amsterdam, la conmpagnie, exhibiting the trials of the rev. John Ches- 1760. s. ter and mr. Mark Tucker; together with [v. 2-5 wanting]. the whole case of the rev. Hooper Cum- - Sur la destruction des jesuites en mning. 255 pp. 8~. Schenectady, H. Ste- France. Par un auteur desint6ress6. [anon.] vens 8 co. 1818. 235 pp. 120. [n. p.] 1765. Albertano da Brescia. Albertani causidici - The same. 126 pp. 1 1. 16~. [n. p.] brixiensis tractatus de arte loquendi et ta- 1765. cendi. Mccxlv. Quis, quii, cui dicas, cur, ----- The same. Seconde partie. Ou, lettre quomodo, quando requiras. 80. Kib'enhavn, a mr. * * * conseiller au parlement de * * * J. Lund, 1869. POur servir de supplement a l'ouvrage qui [In SUNDBY (Thor). Brunetto Latinos levnet og a pour titre: Sur la destruction des j6suites skrifter, pp. lxxxiv-cxliv]. A'bi.e i ( n d) Q - en France. Par un auteur d6sint6ress6. Albizeschi (Bernardino de'). Quadragesi- [non.] 60. 16. [Pris], 1767. male beati Bernardini de xpiana religione, [Withthepreceding]. b.l. 254 1.unp. fol. [n. p. about 1490]. h. 1. 254 1. unp. fol. [n. p. about 1490]. Alethceus (Theophilus),[pseudon. ] See Lyser Note. Each page has two columns, of 54 lines, in gothic type. (Johann). Albrecht (Wilhelm). Blatter aus Nassau. Alexander, (bishop of Alexandria). Epistles Deutschen landleuten und weinbauern ge- on the Arian heresy, etc. Translated by J. widmet. Erstes-viertes heft. 180. IWies- B. H. Hawkins. 80. Edinburgh, T. & T. baden, Friedrich, 1844-47. Clark, 1866. Alcaforado (Marianna). Lettres portugaises, [In ANTE-NICENE library, v. 14. pp. 333 to 363]. traduites par Guilleragues. 157 pp. 16o. Alexander, lycopolitanus. Treatise on the Paris, 1808. tenets of the Manichaeans. Translated by J. [In' CAILLEAU (A. C.) Lettres de tendresse, etc. v. B. H. Hawkins. 80. Edinburgh, 7. 4, T 2]. Clark, 1869. Alcala. (Colegio de Santo Thomas). Collegij [I'o ANTE-NICENE library, v. 14. pp. 231 to 266]. s. Thomre in vniversam Aristotelis logicam Alexander iii, pope. Ad Petrum abbatem qvostiones. 7a ed. 4 p. 1. 559 pp. 8~..s. Remigii, et alios, epistolae lvi. pp. 647 [Madrid], typis I. Garcia Briones, 1718. s. 674. fol. Parisiis, typographia regia, 1696. Alciati (Andrea). Ad Alciati emblemata, per [In SIRMOND (Jacques). Opera varia, v. 3]. Clavdivm Minoem [Mignault] (evrepat bpov- Alexander (Caleb). A grammatical system of rtdtg. Ed. vltima. 19p. 1. 816 pp. 12 1. 160. the English language; comprehending a Lvgdvni, H. G. Rovilius, 1614. plain and familiar scheme of teaching young Alcott (Louisa M.) An old-fashioned girl. gentlemen and ladies the art of speaking and 3 p. 1..378 pp. 3 pl. 16~. Boston, Roberts writing correctly their native tongue. 96 pp. brothers, 1870. 16~. Rutland, (Vt.) Fay 4 Burt, 1819. Alden (Joseph, d. d. ) The natural speaker. Alexander (Henry Carrington). The life of Being selections to aid the student in acquir- Joseph Addison Alexander, d. d. 2 v. xii, ing a simple, natural, business-like style of 480 pp. 1 portrait; viii, 481 to 921 pp. 8~. speaking. With a prefatory note by James New York, C. Scribner - co. 1870. McCosh, d.d. xvi, 302 pp. 12~. New Alexander (Sir James Edward). TransatYork, D. Appleton $, co. 1870. lantic sketches, comprising visits to the most Aldus. See Manuz-o (Aldo). interesting scenes in North and South AmerAlegambe (Philippe). Bibliotheca scriptorvm ica and the West Indies. With notes on societatis Iesv, post excusum anno 1608 negro slavery and Canadian emigration. 378 catalogum r. p. P. Ribadeneirae, nunc hoc pp. 80. Philadelphia, Key 4 Biddle, 1833.

Page  7 ALEXANDER. ALLAN. Alexander (John Henry). An inquiry into Alford (Henry)-continued. the English system of weights and measures. The same. xxiv,207 pp. 18~. London, 110 pp. 120. Oxford, J. Henry, 1857. A. Strahan, 1867. _ The library of the late prof. J. H. Alex- Alford (L. A. d. d.) The mystic numbers ander, 11. d. now the property of F.W. Alex- of the word; or, five hundred important theander, comprising 5,593 volumes, in thirty- ological and scientific questions answered, one different languages. 114 pp. 8~. Bal- [etc.] 80. Logansport,(Id.) timore, Sun printing establishment, 1868. S. L. A. A/ford & son, 1870. R —- eport on the manu facture of iron; adReport on the manufacture of iron; ad- Alfred the great; an historical tragedy, in five dressed to the governor of Maryland. xxiv, acts. By a young gentleman of this city. acts. [By a young gentleman of this city. ]7-269 pp. 31.3pl. 8~. Annapolis, 1~2. Me7-269 pp. 31. 3p. 80. Annapolis,. M c- [anon.] 107 pp. 160. New York, E. Mnrden, Neir, 1840. 1829.2 Alexander (J. H.) The mountains of Pales- 12 tine. 1 p.1. 202pp. 6pl. 2 maps. 180. Rich- Algarotti (Francesco, conte). An essay on mond, presbyterian committee of publication, the opera. iv,182pp. 180 Glasgow, R. [1870]. Urie, 1768. Alexander (William, claiming to be earl of Alger (Horatio, jr.) Ben, the luggage boy; Stirling). The conduct of major general Shir or, among the waves. 290 pp. 3 pl. 160. ley, late general and commander in chief of Boston, Loring, 1870. his majesty's forces in North America. Briefly [RAGGED Dick series, No. 5]. stated. [anon.] 131 pp. 8~. London, R.& — Rufus and Rose; or, the fortunes of J. Dodsley, 1758. Rough and Ready. 292pp. 4 pl. 160. BosAlexandri (Vassilij). Poesie roumane. Les ton, Loricng, [1870]. doinas. Poesies moldaves. Traduites par J. [RAGGED Dick series, no. 6]. E. Voinesco. III pp. 180. Paris, De Soye Alger (William Rounseville). Prayersoffered A- Bouchet, 1853. in the Massachusetts house of representatives, Alexandria (The) gazette [and Virginia ad- during the session of 1868. viii, 103 1. 160. vertiser]. Jan. 2 to Dec. 31, 1844, and Jan. Boston, Roberts brothers, 1868. 17, 1865, to March 7, 1866. 3 v. 40. and fol. Algerine (The) spy in Pennsylvania; or, let Alexandria, (Va.) 1844-66. ters written by a native of Algiers on the afAlexandria (The) herald. LTri-weekly]. fairs of the United States in America, from the March 15, 1816, to Aug. 20, 1817. fol. Alex- close of the year 1783 to the meeting of the andria, Corse & Rounsavall, 1816-17. convention. [anon.] 129pp. 160. PhilaAlexandria index. See Index (The Alexan- delphia, Richard &, Hall, 1787. dria semi- and tri-weekly). Alianelli (Niccola). Della riabilitazione de' Aleyn or Alien (Charles). The battailes of condannati. 78 pp. 80. Ncapoli, F. GiliCrescey and Poictiers, vnder the fortunes and berti, 1863. s. valour of king Edward the third of that name, All the year round. A weekly journal, conand his sonne Edward, prince of Wales, ducted by Charles Dickens: with which is innamed the black. 2d ed. 7 p. 1.125pp. 160. corporated Household words. New series. London, T. Knigaht, 1633. v. 2-3. June 5, 1869, to May 28, 1870. 8~. Alfaro (Nicolas de). Tratado del colera-morbo, London, Chapman &' Hall, 1869-70. redactado principalmente con presencia de Alla (Moonshee Taeh). Lives of Maha raja las observaciones recogidas en los hospitales Apurva Krishna bahadur, poet laureat to his de Paris, [etc.] durante la epidemia. 208 pp. imperial majesty of Delhi, [etc. ], his father 1 1. 180. Barcelona, A. Bergnes yca. 1832. and grandfather. [Translated from the PerAlford (Henry, d.d.) Eastertide sermons, sian, with the Persian version]? 1 p. 1. 14, 32 preached before the university of Cambridge, pp. 8~. Calcutta, catholic orphan press, 1847. on four sundays after easter, 1866. 2 p.. Allan (John). A catalogue of the books, au124 pp. 160. London, A. Strahan, 1866. tographs, engravings, and miscellaneous artiThe year of prayer. Being family cles, belonging to the estate of John Allan. prayers for the christian year, suited to the Prepared by Joseph Sabin. vi pp. 1. 324 services and commemorations of the church. pp. 80. New York, 1864. xxxvi, 283 pp. 160. London, A. Strahan, I With prices at auction sale in ms.] 1867. Allan Haywood. By the author of the "IGold

Page  8 ALLEN. ALMEYDA. en ladder series." [anon.] 197 pp. 1 pl. Allgemeine zeitung. Jahrgang 1798-1870. 160. New York, R. Carter & brothers, 1870. 75v. 40. Tilbingen & Augsburg, 1798-1870. [DRAYTON Hall series]. Allibone (Samuel Austin). A critical dicAllen (C. G.) The song cabinet; a new sing- tionary of English literature, and British and ing book, for the use of schools, academies, American authors, living and deceased, seminaries, and singing classes, [etc.] 216 pp. from the earliest accounts to the latter half obl. 120. New York, Hall &S son, 1868. of the nineteenth century. Containing over Allen (Charles). See Aleyn. forty-three thousand articles, [authors], with Allen (Rev. Ethan). Historical notices of St. forty indexes of subjects. v. 2. [K-S.] Ann's parish in Ann Arundel county, Mary- 8o. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott & co. land, extending from 1649 to 1857, a period 1870. of 208 years. 131 pp. 120. Baltimore, J.. The same. [Second issue of vols. 1-2. P. Des Forges, 1857. A-S.] 2 v. 2326 pp. 8~. Philadelphia, Allen (Ira). Miscellaneous remarks on the J. B. Lippincott e4 co. 1870. proceedings of the state of New York against Alline (Rev. Henry). Hymns and spiritual the state of Vermont, etc. 1777. 80. [Mont- songs. 281 pp. 18~. Stonington-port, S. pelier, 1870]. Trumbull, 1802. [In VERMONT historical society collections. v. 1, pp. Allix (Rev. Peter). Diatriba de anno et 109-144]. 109 144.. mense natali Jesu Christi. 4 p. 1. 150 pp. I - The natural and political history of the state of Vermont, 1798. 80. [Montpelier, D. Mortier, 1710. 1] ~~~~870].' The judgment of the ancient jewish [In VERMONT historical society collections. v. 1. church against the unitarians, in the cntrpp. 319-499]. versy upon the holy trinity, and the divinity Allen (Jerome) and King (G. A.) Allen's of our blessed saviour, [etc.] By a divine ot object drawing. 1 p. 1. 12 pl. 121. obl. 80. the church of England. [anon.] xxii, 460 New York, Clark 4c Maynard, 1871. pp. 71. 80. London, R. Chisweell, 1699. Allen (J. Adams, m. d.) Medical examina- Almanac. Annonces de la librairie J. A. tions for life insurance. Revised and en- Jaquet, pour 1870. 109 pp. 8~. Nouvelle larged edition, with new introductory chap- Orleans, Pelican, 1870. terand an extensive appendix. 181pp. 8~. Almanac am6ricain, pourl'ann6e 1802. 240. New York, J. H. & C. M1. Goodsell, 1870. Philadelphie, 1802. Allen (Rose). The autobiography of Rose Almanach du chaulage et de l'engrais huAllen. Edited by a lady. 2 p. 1. 162 pp. main naturel dit chaux animnalise. Deux160. London, Longman, Brown, Green &; ibme ann.e. [anon.] 119pp. 16~. Paris, Longmans, 1847. L. Hachette ~4 cie. 1863. s. Allen (R. H.) and co. Catalogue of agricul- Almanach quinq3 planetarum capitisque dratural and horticultural implements, machin- conis pro triginta duobus annis. b 1. 16 1. ery and hardware, seeds and fertilizers, and 40. [n. p.] 1502. of improved live stock. 15th ed. 272 pp. Almanach et directorium frangais des 1l tats80. New York, R. H. Allen 5 co. 1868. Unis, 1870. 120. New York, J. L. D. ZenAllen (William F.) An introduction to Latin der, 1869. composition. vii, 67; 27; 13 pp. 12~. Almanack (The) of science and art, 1856. Boston, Ginn brothers & co. 1870. 120. London, Chapman 4 Hall, [1855]. and Allen (John H.) Latin lessons Almeloveen (Theodor Jansson van). Opus adapted to the manualLatin grammar. 10th cula, sive antiquitatum e sacris profanarum ed. xii, 134 pp. 12~. Boston, E. Ginn, 1870. specimen, conjectanea, veterum poetarum Alles fUr Jesus. Katholisches gebet- und er- fragments, et plagiariorum syllabus. 4 p. 1. bauungsbuch fiir kirche und haus, [etc.] 200 pp. 41. 160. Amstelhedami, Janssonio511 pp. 240. Einsiedeln, etc. C. & N. Ben- Waesberg, 1686. s. ziger, 1869. Almeyda (Teodoro de). Gemidos de la maAllgemeine militair-encyclopadie. Heraus- dre de Dios afligida, y consuelos de sus degegeben und bearbeitet von einem verein votos, [etc.] Traducidos del Portugues al deutscher offiziere und anderen. 2e auflage. Castillano sobre la 4a impresion por D. F. A-Mahon. v. 1-5. 8~. Leipzig, J. HI. We- V. G. 8 p. 1. 280 pp. 160. Madrid, imbel, 1868-70. prenta real, 1796. s.

Page  9 ALMON. AMERICAN. Almon (John). Anecdotes of the life of Amado N(Manuel). La monarquia y la reWilliam Pitt, earl of Chatham, and of the ligion triunfantes de los sofismas, de la reprincipal events of his time. With his belion, y de la incredulidad de las preocupaspeeches in parliament, from 1736 to 1778. ciones de nuestros dias; 6, sean cuatro didlo[anon.] 6th ed. 3 v. 80. London, L. B. gos entre un Americano y un Espaiiol, sobre Seeley, 1797. la libertad, gobiernos, revoluciones y religion. A letter to the right hon. George Gren- xxiv, 282 pp. 21. 18~. MJadrid, E. Aguaville. [Also] a letter on the public conduct do, 1829. s. of Mr. Wilkes, [etc. anon.] l p. 1. 1.3lpp. Ambrosius (Saint). On holy virginity, with 80. London, L. Fell, 1769. a brief account of the life of st. Ambrose, [MISCELLANEOUS pamphlets, v. 247]. by Albany J. Christie. xxxvi, 64 pp. 160. Almonte (Juan Nepomuceno) and others. Oxford, J. H. Parker, 1843. Refutacion en la parte hist6rica del articulo Amelia; 6, desgraciados efectos de la extrema de fondo publicado en el num. 305 del perio- sensibilidad. Anecdota inglesa. Traducida dico titulado "El universal," el 16 del por D. J. F. S. [anon.] 192 pp. 180. Vapasado septiembre. Por una comision de la lencia, I. Momnpi6, 1827. s junta civica. 32pp. 1 tab. I portrait. 80. American advertiser. [Hartford weekly]. Mexico, J. Cunmplido, 1849. See Freemen's chronicle or American adverAlphabet picture stories. [anon.] 55 pp. 29 tiser. pl. 180. Philadelphia, American sunday- American agricultural annual, 1870. A farschool union, 1868. mers' year-book, exhibiting recent progress Alting (Jacob). Internuncius Dei geminus, in agricultural theory and practice, and a -veteris alter, alter novi testamenti. Seu vati- guide to present and future labors. 120. cinii mosaici, quod Deut. xviii. exstat, plenior New York, O. Judd &, co. 1870. explicatio. 82pp. 18o. Groningae FrisioJexplicatio. 82 pp. 18. Groninge Frisio- American (The) agriculturist. For the farm, rum, J. C6llen, 1658. rum, J. C61~, 1658. garden, and household. Jan: to Dec. 1870. [With Voss (Gerhard Johann). De cognitione sul libellus]. v. 9. 4~. New York, O. Judd & co. [1870]. -.- Synodi nationalis dordracenae doctrina The same. Der amerikanische agriculde sabbatho, juxta regulas ibidem conceptas turist. Gewidmet der belehrung aller klasexplicata. 2p. 1. 103 pp. 180. Groning(e, sen, welche in der bodencultur betheiligt Spinrecker, 1671. sind, etc. Januar bis Dezember, 1870. v. 29. [With Voss (Gerhard Johann). De cognitione sui 4C. New York, 0. Judd 4 co. [1870]. Alivaellus]z (l~ma. American Apollo. [Boston weekly]. Oct. Alvarez (Emanuel). Prosodia. 180. Cer- 5 to Dec. 31, 1792. fol. Boston, Belknap & variea, [about 1620]. S. [In LEBRfXA or Lebrija (Antonio de). Grammatica- ll, 1792. rum institutionum libri iv]. [ WVith BOSTON gazette and country journal, 1792]. Alvarez (Francisco). Sehr herrliche schone - The same. June 21, 1793, to Nov. 13, warhafftige beschreibung, aller griindlichen 1794. fol. Boston, Belknap & Hall, 1793-94. erfarnusz, von den landen des mechtigen [lmperfect]. konigs inn Ethiopien, den wir priester Johain American artisan and patent record. A weekly nennen, auch von seinem geistlichen vnd journal of arts, mechanics, manufactures, weltlichen regiment, wie denf solchs durch mining, engineering, and chemistry, and repdas konigreich Portugal, mit besonderm ertory of patents. vol. 1. May 1864 to fleisz erkiindiget[etc.] Aus portugalischer May 1865. fol. New York, Brown, Coombs und italianischer sprach ins Teutsch ge- 4 co. 1864-65. s. bracht, [etc.] 8 p. 1. 444 pp. 11. fol. Eiss- The same. New series. v. 1-2. 40 leben, J. Heller, 1573. New York, 1865-66. s. [Imperfect; v. 1. wanting nos. 3, 5, 11-12, 23; v. 2, nos. Alvaro Navarro (Pedro). See Navarro. 8,10,12,19, 21-261]. Alvear (A.) and Herrera Davila (J.) Lec- American art-union. Transactions for the ciones de moral cristiana. 132 pp. 21. 180. year 1848. 2 p. 1.192 pp. 80. New York, Sevilla, M. Caro, 1827. s. G. F. Nesbitt, 1849. Amadeis (Amadeo de). Motivos que justi- - Bulletin. 48 pp. 1 pl. 8~. New York, fican los concordatos de el ssmo. padre Be- 1849. nito papa xiii. con el rey de Cerdefia. 7p. 1. American atlas, containing [20] maps. fol. 238 pp. 16~. Turin, J. B. Valetta, 1736. New York, John Reid, 1796. 2

Page  10 10 AMERICAN. AMERICAN. American (The) bee journal. Edited by florist's companion. v. 4. 80. Boston, J. E. Samuel Wagner. July 1869, to June 1870. Tilton &8 co. 1868. v. 5. 8~. Washington, (D. C.) S. W'agner, [Continued as TILTON'S journal of horticulture and florist's companion]. American (The) journal of the medical scienAmerican (The) builder and [monthly] jour- ces. Edited by I. Hays, m. d. Jan. to Oct. nal of art. Chas. D. Lakey, editor. Oct. 1870. New series. v. 59-60. 80. Phila1868, to Dec. 1869. v. 1. fol. Chicago, delphia, H. C. Lea, 1870. Church, Goodman 8' Donnelley, 1868-69. American journal of mining, milling, oilAmerican citizen and general advertiser. boring, geology, mineralogy, metallurgy, [New York daily]. April 4, 1801, to May etc. March 1867, to June 1867. v. 3. 4C. 31, 1802. fol. New York, D. Denniston 4 New York, Western 8' co. 1867. s. J. Cheetham, 1801-02. The same. American journal of minThe same. American citizen. [New ing, engineering, geology, mineralogy, metYork daily]. May 26 to Dec. 6, 1804; July allurgy, chemistry, etc. July 1867, [to] I to Nov. 30, 1805; April 1, 1806, to Sept. July 1869. v. 4-7. fol. New York, IWest29, 1810; Nov. 12 to 19, 1810. 11. v. fol. ern 4 co. 1867-69. S. New York, James Cheetham and G. C. Tuni- [Wanting v. 1, 2, 3, (no. 1); 4, (no. 3); 5, (no. 11); 6, (no. 6, 19, 26). son, 1804-10. American (The) journal of science and arts. American eclectic medical review. Editors, Conducted by B. Silliman and J. D. Dana, R. S. Newton, m. d. J. M. F. Browne, m. d. [and others]. Jan. to Nov. 1870. Second and P. A. Morrow, m. d. July 1869, to June series, v. 49-50; (complete series, v. 99-100). 1870. v. 5. 80. New York, Trow SC Smith 80. New Haven, editors, 1870. book manufacturing, co. 1869-70. American literary gazette and publishers' cir American (The) ephemeris and nautical al- cular. [Semi-monthly]. Nov. 1, 1869, to manac for 1872 and 1873. See United Oct. 15, 1870. v. 14-15. 8~. Philadelphia, States, Navy department. G. W. Clilds, r1870]. American (The) farmer. Containing original American (The) naturalist. A popular illusessays and selections on rural economy and trated [monthly] magazine of natural history. internal improvements, with illustrative en- Edited by A. L. Packard, jr. [and others]. gravings, and the prices current of country March 1869, to Feb. 1870. v. 3. 80. Salem, produce. John S. Skinner, editor, v. 1 to 7, Peabody academy of science, 1870. and 13-14, by Gideon B. Smith. 4~. Bal- American observer. A monthly journal, detimore, 1821-25, 1831-33. voted to the dissemination of homoeopathy. American (The) farmer and school visitor. [A Editors, B. W. James, [and others]. Jan. semi-monthly journal, devoted to] the farm, to Dec. 1870. v. 7. 8~. Detroit, E. A. the garden, the family, the school. Jan. ], Lodge, 1870. 1869, to Dec. 15, 1870. v. 4-5. 40. R- (V. 1-6, known as American homceopathic observer). hester, (N. Y.) J. R. Garretsee, 1869-70. American pharmaceutical association. ProAmerican (The herald. ceedings at the seventeenth annual meeting, American (The) herald. [Boston weekly]. Meay24, 1784,to April 24, 1786. 3 v. fol. held in Chicago, Ill. Sept. 1869. Also the May 24, 1784, to April 24, 1784-86. 3 v. fo constitution and roll of members. 80. PhilBoston, Powars &' Willis, 1784-86. delphia, Merrihew son, 1870. [Imperfectl. ladelphia, Merrilhelw 8 son, 1870. American homopathic observer. See Amer- American (The) protestant magazine. 6 v. ican observer. 8O~ New York, American protestant society, American horticultural annual, ] 870. A year- 1845-49. book of horticultural progress for the profes- American (The) quarterly register. v. 4-15. sional and amateur gardener, fruit grower, Conducted by B. B. Edwards, [etc. v. 1-11]; and florist. 12c. New York, 0. Judd 4. co. B. B. Edwards and W. Cogswell, [v. 12-13]; [1869]. B. B. Edwards and S. H. Riddell, [v. 14]. 1~. Boston, Perkins &' Martin, [etc.] 1832-43. American institute of homoeopathy. Trans- Boston, Perkins rin,etc. 1832-43. actions of the twenty-first session, held in [A continuation of the "Quarterly register of the American education society," v. 1-3]. St. Louis, June 2,3,4, and 5, 1868. New American railroad journal. Steam, navigaseries. 8~. Boston, A. Mudge & son, 1869. tion, commerce, finance, engineering, bankAmerican (The) journal of horticulture and ing, mining, manufactures. John H.

Page  11 11 AMERICAN. ANACREON. Schultz, editor. Jan. to Dec. 1870. Sec- Ammonius. De similibusetdifferentibus voond quarto series, v. 26; [complete series] cabulis libellus. 23 1. fol. Lugduni Batav. 43. 4~. New York, J. HI. Schultz, 1870. vorum, J. Patius, 1600. American (The) speaker; a selection of pop- [12n VULCANIUS o0- Smit (Bonaventpra). Thesaurus utriusque lineva~, etc.] ular, parliamentary, and forensic eloquence. dunensis. Amolonis d ed. xii, 39 pp. 16. Philadelphia, A Amolo, archiepiscopuslugdunensis. Amolonis 2dSm ed. all, 1814. pp. 16g Philadelphia, A ad Gothescalcum epistola, in qua ejus de praedestinatione et gratia errores aliquot repreAmerican telegraph (Washington daily). hendit. Primum edita studio et opera J. SirMarch24, 1851, toNov. 18, 1852. 2 v. fo]. mondi, anno 1649. pp. 568-587. fol. Pa-,,ashington, 1851-52. risiis, typographia reia, 1696. American telegraph and Fairfield county [In SIRMOND (Jacques). Opera varia, v. 21. gazette. [Newfield, Conn. weekly]. April Amort (Eusebio). Censura sobre el arte de 8,1 795, to March 29, 1797. fol. IYezwfield, peusar; 6, logica admirable de don Antonio (Coon.) L. Beach, 1795-97. Arnaldo. Escrita en Latin, y traducida en [ With IIARTFORD gazette, 1794-95]. With ARTFORD gazette 1794-95. Espafiol por d. Miguel Joseph Fernandez. Anmerican unitarian association. Services for 10 p.. 171 pp. 80. Madrid, A. Muoz del congregational worship. viii, 215 pp. sm. 40 Valle, 1759. Boston, association, 1868. [ Tith ARNAULD (A.) Arte de pensar. ed. Madrid, American (The) and foreign christian union. 1759]. vol. 1-8, 1850-57. 8 v. 8~. New York Amphilochius. De occursu domini, et de deiAmerican j foreign christian union, 1850-57. para; item de Simeone oratio, greece et latine, Amres (William). Coronis ad collationem L. Sifanio interprete, [etc.] fol. Parisiis, 1624. hagiensem, qva argvmenta pastorum Hol- [In BIBLloTHEcAvetervm patrvm, v. 2]. landise adversus remonstrantium quinque ar- Vita d. Basilij Coesarese Cappadociae ticulos de divina prsedestinatione, et capiti- archiepiscopi, interprete Urso. fol. Ant bus ei adnexis producta, ab horum excep- verpice, 1615. tionibus vindicantur. Ed. 3a. 6 p. 1. 386 pp. [In ROSWEYDE (Hhribert). Vitae patrum]. 18~. Amstelrodami, I. Iansonius, 1630. See, also, Combefis (Franpois). Puritanismus anglicanvs, sive prseci- Amsterdamsche courant, Jan.-Dec. 1776. pva dogmata eorum, qui inter vulgo dictos fol. Amsterdam, H. Linsen, 1776. puritanos in Anglia rigidiores habentur. 14 Amy Hall; or, pleasing one's self. By the p. 1. 90 pp. 160. Francofvrti, prostat in bib- author of "Money." [anon.] 72 pp. 2 pl. liopolio aubriano. 1610. 18C. Philadelphia, presbyterian publication Amigo (El) de la verdad. [Periodico pobla- committee, 1868. no]. A-no 1. 1 p. 1.202 pp. fol. Puebla, 1828. Amy Russell; or, lambs gathered. By the Amman (Johann Jacob). Reisz in das ge- author of "Ben Ross." [anon.] 120 pp. lobte land, von Wien aus Oesterreich, durch 2 pl. 18~. Philadelphia, American sundayUngariam, Serviam, Bulgariam, und Thra- school union., 1869. ciam, auf Constantinopel, [etc.] Mit nach Amyraut (Moise). In symbolvm apostolorvm dreyen andern reiszbeschreibungen vermeh- exercitatio. 4 p.l. 402 pp. 18~. Salmvrii, ret, [etc.] 8p.1. 192pp. 3pl. 160. Zurich, L D esbordes, 1663. J. W1. Simler &8 J. R. Rhauen, 1678. A discourse concerning the divine Ammianus Marcellinus. The Roman his- dreams mention'd in scripture, with the torie, containing such acts and occurrents marks by which they might be distinguish'd as passed under Constantius, Iulianus, from vain delusions. Translated out of Iovianus, Valentinianus, and Valens, emper- French by J. Lowde. 44 p. 1. 132 pp. 1 1. ours. Digested into eighteen books, the re- 18~. London, [F. Kettilby, 1676. mains of thirty-one. Whereunto is annexed -- Traitt6 des religions, contre cevx qui the chronologie serving instead of a briefe sup- les estiment tovtes indiffhrentes. 2e 6d. 8 p. i. plement of those former thirteen books, which, 398 pp. 4~. Saumvr, J. Lesnier, 1652. by the iniurie of time, are lost: together with Anacreon. The odes of Anacreon, transcompendious annotations and coniectures lated from the Greek, into English verse, upon such hard places as occurre in the said with notes, by Thomas Girdlestone. 2d ed. historie. Done by Philemon Holland. 2 p. 1. 27,144 pp. 160. Yarmouth, J. Beart, 1804. 432 pp. 361. 80. London, A. Islip, 1609. - The same. Anacreonte poeta greco,

Page  12 ANAIS. ANDRI]. tradotto in rime toscane da Cidalmo Orio, Anderson (John J.)-continued. [Francesco Catelano] pastore arcade. Ed. An introductory school history of the 2a. xlviii, 168 pp. 18~. Venezia, D. Pom- United States, arranged on the catechetical peati, 1774. s. plan; to which are added the declaration of Anaris et d'Orbeville; histoire d'une jeune independence and the constitution of the Athenienne, et d'un consul frangais, [etc.] United States, [etc.] 155, 39 pp. 120. [anon. ] 3 v. in 2. 18C. Paris, J. Chaurmerot, New York, Clark & Maynard, 1868. 1808. - A manual of general history; being Analyse d'un poeme en prose, intitule: M6- an outline history of the world from the cremoire sur la situation des catholiques dans ation to the present time, [etc.] 419 pp 9 les Pays-Bas, depuis leur emancipation en maps. 80. New York-, Clark &8 Maynard, 1798, jusqu'a nos jours, par un 6lecteur 1870. n6erlandais. Par Monclar. [pseudon.] vii, A pictorial school history of the United 76 pp. 160. Arnhem, P. A. de Jong, 1849. States; to which are added the declaration Anastasius, bibliothecarius. Collectanea qume of independence and the constitution of the in gratiam Joannis diaconi, cum ecclesias- Ulnited States, [etc.] 363, 40 pp. 1 pl. 12~. ticam historiam meditaretur, e Grrecis versa New York, Clark &, Maynard, 1870. concinnavit Anastasius. Primumedita studio - A school history of England; illuset opera J. Sirmondi anno 1620. 1 p. 1. pp. trated with maps. 302 pp. 5 maps. 12~. 231-308. fol. Parisiis, typographia regia, New York, Clark & Maynard, 1870. 1696. Anderson (Dr. M'Call). On the parasitic [In SIRMOND (Jacques). Opera varia. v. 3]. affections of the skin. 2d ed. ix pp. I 1. 250 Anatolius, of Alexandria (bishop of Laodicea pp. 80. London, J. Churchill f sons, 1868. in Syria). Paschal canon, translated by B. Anderson (Nils Johan). Spiselige svampe L. Pratten. 8~. Edinburgh, T.. T. Clark, og spiselige lavarter. Uddeles som gave 1869. efter h. m. kongens bestemmelse. 12, 16 pp. [In ANTE-NICENE library. v. 14. pp. 410 to 4311. 3 1. 2 pl. col'd. 80. Cristiania, H. Tinsberg, Anderson (Adam). An historical and chron- [1867-68]. s. ological deduction of the origin of com- Anderson (Robert) and others. Ballads in merce, from the earliest accounts. Contain- the Cumberland dialect, with notes and a ing an history of the great commercial glossary; [partly] by various authors, sevinterests of the British empire. [With] an eral of which have been never before pubintroduction, exhibiting a view of the ancient lished. 2 p. 1. 258 pp. 1 1. 1 pl. 160. Wigand modern state of Europe, etc. Carefully ton, R. Hetherton, 1808. revised, corrected, and continued down to Anderson (Col. William). Sketch of the the present time. [anon.] 4 v. 4~. London, mode of manufacturing gunpowder at the, J. TWalter, 1787-89. Ishapore mills in Bengal. With a record of Anderson (John, d. d.) The course of crea- the experiments carried on to ascertain the tion; with a glossary of scientific terms. value of charge, windage, vent, and weight, 384 pp. 12c. Cincinnati, TE H. Moore &8 co. etc. in mortars and muskets; also reports 1851. of the various proofs of powder. With Anderson (John J.) A common-school his- notes and additions by lieut. col. Parlby. tory of the United States, arranged on the xviii pp. 1 1. 303 pp. 80. London, J. lVeale, catechetical plan; to which are added the 1862. declaration of independence and the consti- Andes manual of fire insurance, for the agents tution of the United States, [etc.] 312, 39 of Andes insurance company, Cincinnati, pp. 2 maps. 16~. New York, Clark & May- Ohio. I p. 1. 186 pp. 2. 1. 4 pl. 80. [Cinnard, 1868. cinnati], 1870. A grammar-school history of the United Andover theological seminary. Triennial States; to which are added the constitution catalogue of the theological seminary, Anof the United States, with questions and dover, Mass. 1867. 80. Andover, IT. F. explanations, the declaration of independ- Draper, 1867. ence, and Washington's farewell address. Andre (Gustav). Vade-mecum exhibiting a 194, 75 pp. 5 maps. 120. New York, Clark comparative abstract of the words originally,f Maynard, 1870. German, contained in English. Arranged

Page  13 ANDR1e. ANDRYANE. according to the organic laws of the permu- Andres (Abate Juan). Carta ti su hermano tation of sounds, and compiled for the use Carlos Andres, dandole noticia de la literatura of schools and families as an appendix to de Viena. 2 p. 1. 127 pp. 180. Madrid, every grammar, by G. Andr6. With a pre- Sancha, 1794. s. face by prof. Aug. Boltz. [ Or] Memorirbuch Andrews (C. W. d. d.) The'American conin vergleichender iibersicht der urspriinglich vent as a school for protestant children. 341 deutschen wdrter im Englischen. Nach pp. 16~. New York, protestant episcopal dem system der organischen lautverschie- society for the promotion of evangelical knowlbung geordnet, und fuir den schul- und pri- edge, 1870. vatgebrauch, als anhang zu jeder grammatik Andrews (Rev. Emerson). Revival sermons zusammengestellt von G. Andr6. Mit einem preached in protracted meetings. 336 pp. 1 vorwort von prof. dr. Aug. Boltz. 8 p. 1. portrait. 120. Boston, J. H. Earle, 1870. 115 pp. 160. Leipsic, H. Haessel, 1870. Andrews (Ethan Allen). Leisure hours; a Andre' (Major Johnl). The cow chase; an choice collection of readings in prose. New heroic poem, in three cantos. Written at illustrated ed. 340 pp.5 pl. 120. Boston, New York, 1780, with explanatory notes by T. H. Carter &, co. 1844. the editor. Reprint. 32 pp. 8~. Cincin- - and Stoddard (S.) An epitome of nati, R. Clarke & co. 1869. Andrews and Stoddard's Latin grammar. For the use of schools and academies. Prepared Andreae (Johann Valentin). De christiani y J..Andrews, [etc.] viii,232 pp. 12 cosmoxeni genitura judicium. 240. Argen- by J. H. Andrews, [ete.] viii, 232Bpp. 121 toai 1n.Boston, Crocker c Brewster, 1869. ~torati? 1619. ~Andrews (Garnett). Reminiscences of an ( With his Theophilus. sive de christiana religione sanctius colenda, ed. 1849, pp. 193-235]. old Georgia lawyer. 104 pp. 8~. Atlanta, Reipublicm christianopolitanre descrip- (Ga.) Franklin steam printing house, 1870. tio, psalm. lxxxiii. [anon.] 220pp. 2 pl. Andrews (John, d.d.) Elements of logick. 24~. Argentorati, L.Zetzner, 1619. s. 2d ed. 172 pp. 16~. Philadelphia, B. B. Hopkins & co. 1807. Theophilus, sive de christiana religione Andrews (Lancelot, d. d. bishop of WYinchester). sanctius colenda, vita temperatntius institu- The pattern of catechistical doctrine at large; enda, et literatvra rationabilius docenda con- or, a learned and pious exposition of the tel silium, cim paraenesi ad ecclesiae ministros, commandments, with an introduction con[etc. 6 p. 1. 220 pp. 3 1. 180. Strdt- taining the use and benefit of catechizing; garrdiwe, typis l. Kauttij, 1649. S. the general grounds of religion; and the Andreas, cretensis. In sanctee Marire deiparwe truth of christian religion in particular, provsalutationem sermo, greece et latine, interprete ed against atheists, pagans, Jews, and Turks. incerto, ex editione basileensi, [etc.] fol. 3d ed. corrected and perfected according to Parisiis, 1624. the author's own copy, [etc.] 15 p. 1. 530 pp. [In BIBLIOTHECA vetervm patrvm, v. 2]. fol. London, G. Swinnock, 1675. See, also, Combefis (Francois). - Qvaestionis nvnqvid per ivs diuinum, Andree (Iacob). Kurtzer vnnd einfeltiger magistratui liceat, a reo iusiurandum exigere? bericht von dess herren nachtmal, vnnd wie et id, quatenus ac quousque liceat? theolosich ein einfeltiger christ in die langwirige gica determinatio, habita in Cantabrigiae, zwyspalt, so sich dariiber erhebt, schicken 1591. pp.242-255. 120. [In COSIN (Richard). Apologie for svndrie proceedsol. Mit einer vorred herrn Johan Brentzen. ings, etc. v. 3]. 109 1. 240. Pfortzheym, G. Rabe, 1559. s. Andrews (Stephen Pearl) and Boyle (AugusEinfeltiger bericht, wie ein yeder christ tus F.) The complete phonographic class antworten sol auss seinem catechismo, wa- book, containing a strictly inductive exposirumb er nicht mehr zu der messe gehe. 39 1. tion of Pitman's phonography, [etc.] 11th 24~. Pfortzheim, G. Rabe, 1560. ed. 131 pp. 12~. New York, Andrews & [ With the preceding]. Boyle, 1848. s. Andreo (Manuel). Athenas sacra y politica, Andryane (Alessandro). Memoires d'un para formar ti un hombre perfecto, ti lo hu- prisonnier d'6tat. 3e 6d. Augmentee d'une maono, y i lo divino, bien visto & los ojos de correspondance in6dite de Confalonieri. 2 v. Dios, y de los hombros. 16 p. 1. 288 pp. 8~. 508 pp. 2 pl; 610 pp. 2 pl. 8~0. Paris, Zaragoza, 1721. s. Gaume freres, 1850.

Page  14 14 ANECDOTES. ANSTIS. Anecdotes du temps de Louis xvi. [anon.] Annales monastici [Anglia]. See Luard 2 p. 1. 218 pp. 16~. Paris, L. Ilachette et cie. (Henry). 1854. Annales t61lgrapihiques, publi6es par un coAngela Maria de la concepcion. Ave Maria. mite compose de fonctionnaires de l'adminisRiego espiritual para nuevas plantas, sacado tration des lignes t6legraphiques. v. 1-8. y recogido de la doctrina de padres de la 80. Paris, Dalmont & Dunod, 1858-65. s. iglesia, y doctores mysticos. 2a impresion. LV. 1, (no. 2, Nov. Dec.) 2, (no. 6, Sep. Oct.) wanting]. xxxii, 436 pp. 80. Madrid, J. Ibarra, 1773. s. Annals (The) and magazine of natural history, including zoology, botany, and geology. Angler's (The) magazine; or complete fisherman; containing short, plain, and easy Conducted by Charles C. Babington, John instructions, whereby the most ignorant be- Edward Gray, William S. Dallas, and Williginner may, in a short time, become a per. am Francis. v. 4. Fourth series. 8. Lonfect artist in angling [etc.] To which is don, Taylor & Francis, 1869. added the angler's dictionary. By G. S. A Ann6e (L') scientifique et industrielle; on, exgentleman who has made angling his diver- pos6 annuel des travaux scientifiques, des sion twenty-seven years. [anon. By George inventions et des principales applications de Smith? ] 138 pp. 16~. Dublin, J. Hocy,jr. la science'i l'industrie et aux arts qui ont at1760. tir6 l'attention publique en France et a Anglo-Saxon (The) chronicle. See Chron- l'etranger. Accompagne d'une necrologie icum saxonicum. scientifique. Par Louis Figuier. Quatorzieme annie [1869]. 120. Paris, L. Hachetlte Anguiano (Matheo de). Nueva Jerusalem, 8 cie. 1870. s. en que la perfidia hebraica reiter6 con nvevos vltrages la passion de Christo, en su imagen Anniversary hymns. Six new anniversary del crucifixo de la paciencia, en Madrid, hymns for christmas. 8 pp. sqr. 18~. Nez [etc.] 16 p. 1. 380 pp. 10 1. 80. Madrid, York, P. Phillips, 1870. M J,is de Murga, 1709. Annuaire de la marine et des colonies. 8c. M. Ruis de Murga, 1709. Angulo y Guridi (Javier). Elementos de Paris, J. Dupont, 1868. s. geografia fisico-historica antiga y moderna Annual of scientific discovery; or, year-book of facts in science and art, for 1870, [etc.] de la isla de Santo Domingo, con una tabla sinoptica d las distancias d sus pueblos Edited by John Trowbridge, aided by Samuel sinoptica de las distancias de sus pueblos principales. 1 p. 1. 42 pp. 1 tab. si. 4~. Kneeland, m. d. and V. R. Nichols. 354 pp. 1 portrait. 120. Boston, Gould & Lincoln, Santo Dominngo, Garcia hs. 1866. Anker (Carl Johan). Ledetraad ved under- 1870. visning i gymnastik n. v. naermest til brug Annual (The) subscription charities and public societies in London; or, an account of ved skytterlag, seminarier apg almucskoler. 4 p. 1.1?56 pp. 8~ the several sermons, dinners, concerts, balls, 4 p. 1. 136 pp. 8~. Christiania, J. [. Cappelen. 1864. s. and meetings of every description, by which Anleitung zumlatein lesenundsebreiben,'8. the different establishments of the metroAnleitung zum latein lesen und schreiben,, polis, for charity, or other purposes connected nebst einem anhange, mit beispielen zur ein- ihung der lateinisehen formen. [anon.] 1 r21 with the general welfare of society, are supubung der lateinischen formen. [anon.] 191 160. Wien, k. k. schubiiher-verlag 1870. ported. [anon.] xii, 164pp. 180. London. pp. i6~. IWien, k.k. schul~bucher-v;erlag, 1870. J. Murray, 1823. Annales gen6rales des sciences physiques; Anonymous treatise against the heretic Nova. par mm. Bory de St. Vincent, Drapiez, et Van Mons. Tome'2..276 pp. 10 p.A1. tian. Translated by R. E. Wallis. 8~. Van lMons. Tome 2. 276 pp. 10 p. 1. 8. Edinburgh, T. &8 T. Clark, 1869. Bruzelles, Weissenbruch, 1819. B~ruxelles, Weissenbruch, 1819. [In ANTE-NICENE library, v. 13, pp. 429 to 445]. Annales indiqves, contenantes la vraye nar- Anonymous treatise on re-baptism. Transration et advis de ce qu'est aduenu et suc- lated by R. E. Wallis. 8'. Edinburgh, T. cede en Japon,et autres lieux voisins des & T. Clark, 1869. Indes, enuoyez par les pores de la societ6 de rIn ANTE-NICENE library, v. 13, pp. 401 to 428]. J6svs au r. p. Claude Aquauiua, ge6nral de Anstis (John). The register of the most la dicte compagnie, en l'an 1588. Nouuelle- noble order of the garter, from its cover in ment traduictes en Frangois. [Par Thomas black velvet usually called the black book; de Sailly, anon.] 166 pp. 160. Anvers, with notes and an introduction by the editor. La Vefue &8 J. Mourentorf, 1590. [anon.] 2 v. 1 p. 1. xxxiv, 470 pp. 2 pl; 1

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Page  16 16 APPLETON. ARGELATI. Appletons' journal of literature, science, and [etc.] 3a impression. 12 p.l. 576 pp. 41. art. [Weekly]. Aug. 21, 1869, to Dec. 31, sm. 40~. Zaragoza, A. Rubio, [1725]. s. 1870. v. 2-4. 80~. New York, D. Appleton & Arceniega (Manuel de). Metodo practico de co. 1869-70. hacer fructuosamente confesion general de Aquaviva or Acquaviva (Claudio, general muchos afnos, util para confesores, y penitenof the jesuits). Industriae pro superioribus tes, por quanto se proponen, y resuelven los societatis [Jesu] ad curandos animre mor- casos mas freqiientes que llegan al confesobos. 118pp. 21. 16~. Antverpice, J. Meur- nario[etc.] 2aimp. 2p.1. 486pp. sm. 4~. sius, 1635. Madrid, B. Cano, 1785. s. The same. Industrime ad curandos ani- Archenholz (Johann Wilhelm von). The hismme morbos, ad formandos superiores. Et tory of the pirates, free-booters, or buccanepistola sancti Ignatii de virtute obedientire. eers of America. From the German, by 4 p. 1. 302 pp. 32~. Parisiis, J. de Laize de George Mason. xiv, 240 pp. 12~. London, Bresche, 1673. IV. Calvert, 1807. -- Instrvctio pro superioribus ad augen- I A picture of England; containing a dedum conservandumque spiritum in societate scription of the laws, customs, and manners [Jesu]. 48 pp. 2 1. 160. Antverpiee, J. of England. Interspersed with curious and Meursius, 1635. interesting anecdotes, [etc.] Translated Aquinas (Saint Thomas). See Thomas de from the French. 2 v. in 1. 2p.l. iv, 210 Aquino. pp. 1 p. 1. iv, 223 pp. 12~. London,, E. JefArabian nights entertainments. Caliphs and fery, 1789. sultans, being tales omitted in the usual edi- Archiac (IEtienne Jules Adolphe, vicomte d'). tions of the Arabian nights entertainments; Cours de paleontologie stratigraphique prore-written and re-arranged by Sylvanus Han- fesse au mus6um d'histoire naturelle. Preley. viii, 363 pp. 12~. London, L. Reeve miere annee. 2 v. 2 p. 1. iii, xxiii, 491 pp; & co. 1r68. 2 p. 1. iii, 616 pp. 3 maps. 80. Paris, F. Aragon (Kingdom of). Consultationis reso- Savy, 1862-64. lvtio, gravissimorvm doctorvm, tam theologo- CONTENTS. rvm, qvam ivris pontificii professorvm, con- v. i Pr(cis de l'histoire de la paldontologie stratigraphique. demnans auctorem libelli famosi noncupati, v. 2. Connaissances g6nerales qui doivent pr6cdder i1'etudde de la pal6ontologie et phenom6nes orgael Verde, [etc]. Ivssu illvstrissimorvm dip- niques de 1'6poque actuelle qui s'y rattachent. putatorum gvbernacvlaregni Aragonise typis Architectural (The) review and American mandata, [etc.] 1 p. 1. 30 pp. 2 1. fol. Ce- builder's journal. By Samuel Sloan, archisaraugustce, J. Lanaja &, Quartanet, 1623. s. tect. July, 1868, to June, 1870. v. 1-2. Araujo (Juan Martinez de). Manval de los 8 Philadelphia, Claxton, Reinsen & Ha1santos sacramentos en el idioma de Michua- felfinger, 1869-70. can. 7 p. 1. 94 1. sm. 40. Mixico, *1. de Archivio storico italiano. Ser. 3a. v. 9. part Benavides, 1690. 1. 1869. 80. Firenze, G.P. Vieusseux, 1869. Arber (Edward). English reprints. Care- Archivio per la zoologia, l'anatomia e la fisiofully edited. v.9. 64,208 pp. 16~. Lonfully edited. v. 9. 64,208. 16 Lon- logia publicato per cura dei professori Sebastidon. E. Arber, i870. don,'E. Arber, i870..ano Richiardi e Giovanni Canestrini. Serie 2. CONTENTS. NAUNTON (Sir Robert). Fragmenta regalia. no. 20. v. 1. 80. Bologna, Favae Garagnani,1869 WATSON (Thunas). The EKaro#praOta, or passi- Arena (Antoine d'). Meygra entreprisa catoonate centurie of love, 1582. Melibceus, siv6 ecloga in obitum Francisci Walsinghami, 1590,etc. An liqui imperatoris quando de anno domini eclogue upon the death of sir Francis Walsinghlam, mdxxxvi, veniebat per Provensam bene cor1590. The teare of fancie; or, love disclaimed, 1593. no. 21. rossatus in postam prendere Fransam cum Arbiol (Antonio). Mistica fundamental de villis de Provensa; propter grossas et menuChristo seftor nuestro, explicada por el padre tas gentes rejohire. xvj, 106 pp. 120. Lugsan Jvan de la Crvz, y santa madre Te- duni, 1760. resa de Jesus, [etc. ] 24 p. 1. 556 pp. 8 1. 80. Aretius (Benedictus). [pseudon.] See MarBarcelona, J. Alte's, 1741. s. ti (Benedetto). Vocacion eclesiastica, examinada con Argelati (Filippo). Bibliotheca scriptorum las divinas escritvras, sagradosf.concilios, san- mediolanensium; seu, acta et elogia virorum tos padres, bulas apostolicas; y principal- onmnigena eruditione illustrium, qui in memente con la novissima de Inocencio xiii. tropoli Insubriae, oppidisque circumjacenti

Page  17 17 ARGENTINE. ARREST. Argelati-continued. Arnauld-continued. bus orti sunt; additis literariis monumentis demand6 pour les j6suites. [anon. Nouv post eorundem obitum relictis, aut ab aliis dd. par l'abb6 C. P. Goujet]. 139 pp. 120. memorie -traditis. 2 v. in 4 parts. fol. [n p.] 1762. Mediolani, in tedibus palatinis, 1745. - Instructions sur la grace selon l'6criture Argentine confederation. Ultimatum of mr. et les peres. Avec l'exposition de la foi de Aim6 Roger, consul of France, addressed to l'6glise romaine touchant la grace et la pr6the government of Buenos Ayres, charged destination. Parm. de Barcos. Et plusieurs with the foreign affairs of the Argentine con- autres pieces sur ce sujet. 2 p. I. lxii, federation, its answer and relative documents. 462 pp. 16~. Cologne, P. Marteau, 1700. [French and English]. 189 pp. 80. Bue- ~ Nicole (Pierre), and Renaudot (Eunos Ayres, state printing office, 1838. sebe). La perp6tuit6 de la foy de l'eglise Argosy (The). Edited by mrs. Henry Wood. catholique touchantl'eucharistie, [etc. anon.] Jan. to Dec. 1870. v. 9-10. 8~. [London Nouvelle6d. 5 v. in 6. 40~. Paris, C. SavJ. Ogden 4' co. [1870]. reux, 1704-13. Argiielles (Jos6 Reguero). Apologia deljusto [v. 5. by Eusebe Renaudot, entitled La perp6tuit6 de la foy de l'6glise catholique sur les sacraments, etc. melio; discurso politico, calmante de exalta 1713.] cion,conciliador de estremados partidos, [etc. ] Arnd (Carl). Die naturgemasse steuer. viij,322 xvi, 181 pp. 18O. Toledo, Cea, 1836. s. pp. 8~. Frankfurta. M. H. L. Bronner, 1852. Aristeas, pseudo-Aristeas. De legis diuin'e Arnold (Augustus C. L.) assisted by Samex hebraica lingua in groecam translatione uels (Edward A.) The living world; conper lxx interpretes, ad Philocratem historia tainiug descriptions of the several races of grrece et latine, Matthia Garbitio interprete, men, and all species of animals, birds, fishes, [etc.] fol. Parisiis, 1624. insects, etc. With numerous anecdotes, [In BIBLIOTHECA vetervm patrvm, v. 2]. illustrative of their instincts, reasoning powAristoteles. Aristotelis et Theophrasti his- ers,anddomestic habits. 2 v. in 1. 424 pp. torice, cum de natura animalium, tum de 21 pl; 392 pp. 20 pl. 8~. Boston, S. IValker plantis et eorum causis, [etc. Interprete T. & co. 1870. Gaza.-Aristoteles]. 40 p. 1. 495 pp. 91. 160. Arnold (Gottfried). Historia et descriptio Lugduni, G. Roeuillius, 1552. S. theologiae mysticse, seu theosophime arcantre CORTENTs. et recondit-e, itemque veterum et novorum De historia animalium. De partibus anirnmalii et earum causis. mysticorvm. 3p. 1. 615pp. 11. 16~. FrancoDe generatione animalium. fvrti, T. Fritsch, 1702. De communi animalium gressu. De communi animalium motu. Arnold (Ignaz Theodor Ferdinand Cajetan). Arithmetic (The) of life, or, the nine digits. Dr. Joseph Gall's system des gehllirn- und By sister Ruth. [anon.] 108 pp. 2 pl. schadelbales, nach den bis jetzt fiber seine 18~. Philadelphia, presbyterian board of theorie erschienenen schriften, [etc.] 304 publication, 1865. pp. 1 pl. 160. Erfurt, Henning, 1805. s. Arkansas. Debates in the house of repre- Arnold (Matthew). New poems. viii, 244 sentatives of the state, on the resolution ten- pp. 16~. London, Macmnillan & co. 1867. dering the thanks of the house to brig. gen. Arnoul, bishop of Lisieux. Arnulfi lexoviensis Catterson and command, for their services. episcopi epistolae, ad Henricurn ii. regem 240 pp. 8o. Little Rock, public printer, 1869. Anglioe, sanctum Thomamn arch. cant. et Armstrong (Sir William, and others). Recent alios. E codice manuscripto qui in collegio discussions on the abolition of patents for s. Johannis baptistae Oxon. servatur. Edidit inventions in the United Kingdom, France, J. A. Giles, ll. d. xvi, 310 pp. 8$. Oxonii, Germany, and the Netherlands. Evidence, J. H. Parker, 1864. speeches, and papers in its favour. With sug- Arrest, confession, and suicide of Almira gestions as to international arrangements re- Cathcart; who, having hitherto eluded all garding inventions and copyright. viii, 342 efforts to capture her, was arrested last week pp. 8~. London, Lontmans, 1869. in Cincinnati. [anon.] 62 pp. 3 pl. 80. Army and navy journal. See United States Philadelphia, C. W. Alexander, 1869. army and navy journal. The same. Verhaftung, gesttindniss Arnauld (Antoine). Franc et veritable dis- und selbstmord von Almira Cathcart. [anon.] cours au roi, sur le retablissement qui lui est pp. 17-62. 80. C. W. Alexander, 1869. 3

Page  18 18 ARRHENIUS. ATAIDE. Arrhenius of Oernhielmn (Claudius). Vita Asbury (Francis, d. d.) Journal, 1775-1815. illustrissimi herois Ponti de La Gardie, exerci- 3 v. 12~. New York, Lane,' Scott, 1852. tuum Svecire supremi campi ducis, regnante Asensio (Josef). Plano deMadrid. 180. 1800. Johanne iii. cujus occasione totius fere Li- [See TORRE (F. M. de la) and ASENSIO]. vonire historia exhibetur, [etc.] 3 p. 1. 216 Ashburner (John, m. d.) Notes and studies pp. 1 tab. 2 pl. 40. Lipsie, J. F. Gleditsch, in the philosophy of animal magnetism and 1690. spiritualism. With observations upon caArriaga (Rodrigo de). Dispvtationes theolo- tarrh, bronchitis, rheumatism, gout, scrofula, gicae in [summam] divi Thomre. 8 v. fol. and cognate diseases. xxiv, 444 pp. 8~. Antverpie, ex officina plantiniana, 1643-55. London, H. Bailliere, 1867. CONTENTS. Asher and Adams. New topographical atlas v. 1. Tractatvs de Deo vno et trino. and gazetteer of New York, comprising a v. 2. De angelis, de opere sex diervm, de vltimo fine topographical view of the several counties of hominis. v. 3. De actibvs hvmanis, de passionibvs anime, de the state, with a railroad map, geological and habitibvs et virtvtibvs, de vitiis et peccatis. v. 4. De legibvs, de divina gratia, de ivstificatione, meteorological maps; an alphabetical gazetde merito. teer, giving a concise description and the v. 5. De virtutibus theologicis, fide, spe et charitate; item de virtutibus cardinalibus, prvdentia, forti- location of cities, villages, post offices, railvvdine et temperantia. road stations, landings, etc. 79 pp. 14 maps. v. 6. De incarnatione divini verbi. v. 7. De sacramentis in genere, et de evcharistia. 80~. New York, Asher 4- Adams, [1870]. v. 8. Do sacramento poenitentie, extremee vnctioio Ashwell (Samuel, m. d.) A practical treatise et ordinis. Arriba (Francisco de). Operis conciliatorii, on the diseases peculiar to women, illustrated gratise et liberi arbitrii creati perfectam con- by cases derived from hospital and private cordiam, aeternoeque praescientire et proe- practice. 312 pp. 8o. Boston, 1843. destinationis infallibilitatem, necnon volun- [MASSACHUSTTs medicalsociety. Library of practical medicine, v. 13]. tatis nostrse veram libertatem et contingen- Ass (The); or, weekly beast of burden, cartiam, explicantis, pro conciliandis contro- rying all men, things, opinions, and facts for uersiis istius temporis circa materiam auxi- the period of its existence. [anon.] 2 p. 1. liorum gratie. 4 v. in 1. sm. 4~. Parisiis, 252 pp. 80. London, Cowie & co. 1826. L. Sonnius, 1622. Association of medical superintendents of Arsilli (Francesco). De poetis urbanis libel- American institutions for the insane. Transins; carmen. 80. Venezia, 1796. actions of the association at the twenty-first [In TIRABOSCHI (G.) Storia della litteratura italiana. v. 7, pt. iiii. pp. 1576-1593]. annual session, held at Philadelphia, May, Artemi. Memoirs of the life of Artemi, of 1867. 132 pp. 8~. Harrisburg, T. F. SchefWagarschapat, near mount Ararat, in Arme- fer, 1867. nia. From the original Armenian written by Associazione agraria friulana. Bulletino. himself. x, 374 pp. 8~. London, Treuttel Anno xii. [etc.] 8~. Udine, G. Seitz, k8 Wiirtz, 1822. 1867. s. Arthur (Timothy Shay). Fireside angel, and Associazione italiana di soccorso ai militari other stories. 198 pp. 5 pl. 18~. Boston, feriti e mlalati in tempo di guerra. (Comitato D. Lothrop & co. 1870. milanese). Rendiconto morale ed economico [RAINY day stories]. dalla sua costituzione al 31 dicembre 1866.,- - The seen and the unseen. 205 pp. 1 Presentato dalla presidenza ed approvato pl. 18~. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott & nella adunanza generale del comitato il 25 co. 1869. novembre1866. 259 pp. 4 tab. 8~. Milano, Tom Blinn's temperance society, and G. Chiusi, 1867. S. other tales. 316pp. 1 pl. 16~. New York, Rendiconto morale ed economico per national temperance society, 1870. l'anno 1867, etc. 100 pp. 1 1. 80. Milano, Artiga, or Artieda, (Francisco Jos6). Epito- Chiusi c4 Rechiedei, 1868. s. me de la eloquencia espaniola. 10 p. 1. 508 pp. Asterius, amasenus. Homiliae quinque, greece 180. [Pamplona, M. Marti, 1750]. s. et latine. fol. Parisiis, 16'24. [Imperfect: title page and all after page 508 wanting]. [In BIBLIOTHECA vetervm patrvm, v. 2]. Asa and his family. By the author of "Ellen Ataide y Portugal (Enrique). El tesoro de and her cousins." [anon]. 216 pp. 3 pl. los ninios. Obra fitil para su cristiana y civil 180. Philadelphia, presbyterian board of pub- educacion. Traducida del Frances al Caslication, 1865. tellano. 158 pp. 160. Madrid, 1807. s.

Page  19 19 ATHANASIUS. AUGUSTINUS. Athanasius (Saint). Vita b. Antonii abbatis Aubin (Penelope)-continued. interprete Evagrio antiocheno. fol. Antver- men and ladies of quality. 108 pp. 18~. pice, 1615. New York, E. Duyckinck, 1814. [In ROSWEYDE (H6ribert). Vite patrvm]. Auchincloss (William S.) The practical apAthenreum (The) journal of literature, sci- plication of the slide valve and link motion ence, the fine arts, music, and the drama. to stationary, portable, locomotive, and maJan. to Dec. 1870. 2 v. 40~. London, J. rine engines, with new and simple methods Francis, 1870. for proportioning the parts. 3d ed. revised Athenagoras. Apologia pro christianis, grece and enlarged. 170 pp. 19 pl. 8~. New et ]atine, Conr. Gesnero interprete. fol. York, D. Van Nostrand, 1870. Parisiis, 1624. -Gi e- Report upon steam engineering, as il[in BIBLIOTHECA vetervm patrvm, v. 1]. lustrated by the Paris universal exposition, De mortuorum resurrectione, groace et 1867. 72 pp. 5 pl. 80. Washington, govlatine, Petro Nannio interprete, ex editione ernment printing office, 1869. germanica apud A. Gesner, 1560, et H. Ste- [EXHIBITION, PariS, 1867]. phanum, 1557. fol. Parisiis, 1624. Audin (Jean Marie Victor). Guide aux Pyr6[In BIBLIOTHECA vetervm patrvm, v. I]. n6es, itin6raire p6destredes montagnes. Par Atkins (John). A voyage to Guinea, Brasil, J. B. Richard, [pseudon.] etc. 2e 6d. 1 p. 1. and the West-Indies, in his majesty's ships 426 pp. 1 pl. 1 map. 120. Paris, lllaison, 1839. the Swallow and Weymouth, [etc.] 1721. Audley. See Awdeley. 2d ed. 1 p.1. xxv, 266 pp. 8~. London, Auguet de Saint Sylvain (L. Xavier, baron de Ward &8 Chandler, 1737. Los Valles). See Los Valles. Atkinson (Mary Ellen). Ivy leaves. 112 Auguez(Paul). Parfumsetcaprices; po6sies. pp. 120. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippinrcott 8t 1'25 pp. 8~. Paris, Pillet, fils ainU, 1854. co. 1870. Augusti (Johann Christian Wilhelm). Die christlichen altherthiimer. Ein lehrbuch fiir Atlantic (The) almanac. 1871. 80. Boston, christlichen althertmer. Ein lehrbuchf2r F'ields, Osgoold 8a co. 1870. academische vorlesungen. xii, 243 pp. 8~. Atlantic (The) monthly. A magazine of lit- Leipzig, Dyk, 1819. erature, science, art, and politics. Jan. to Augustinus (Aurelius, St.) De m a cite de Dec. 1870. v. 25-26. 8~. Boston, Fields, Diev; contenantle commencement etprogrez Osgood BF 8o. 1870. d'icelle cit6, auec vne defense de la religion Atlantic (The) souvenir. 1827-1830. 4 v. chrestienne contre les erreurs et mesdisances 180. Philadelphia, H. C. Carey * Lea, des getils, h6retiques, et autres ennemis de 1827-30. l'6glise de Dieu; illustr6es des commentaires Atwater (Caleb). Remarks made on a tour de Jean Louys Viues de Valance. Le tout to Prairie du Chien; thence to Washington faict frangoys par Gentian Hervet, et encity, in 1829. viii, 296pp. 16~. Columbus, richy de plusieurs annotations par Fran(0.) I. N. Wfhiting, 1831. 9ois de Belle-Forest. 10 p. 1. 364 pp. 121; 356 Auber (Daniel Franuois Esprit). Masaniello; pp. 161. fol. Paris, N. Chesneau, 1570......-~ Commentaria in sacrosanctvm Iesv a lyric drama. The libretto edited and translated by Manfredo Maggioni. [Italian and Christi evangelivm secvndvm Lvcam. Ex English]. 75 pp. 16~. London, F. Brettell, omnibus d. Augustini operibus collecta, per [1844]? fratrem Iacobum a Logenhagen. 4p. 1. 406 Aubin (- -). The cheats and illusions of pp. 81. 18~. Antverpiae, A. T. Brechtanus, Romish priests and exorcists discover'd in 1574. S. the history of the devils of Loudun; or, an Liber de consensu evangelistarum. account of the possession of the vrsuline 1071. sm.fol. Laugingen, 1473. and the condemnation and punishment **Note.-The only book known to have been printed nuns, and the condemnation and punishment at Laugingen. The type is rude, gothic, and peof Vrban Grandier, a parson of the same culiar; the book is without numerals, signatures, or catch-words; 37 lines make a full page. town..From theLFrench. ranon.] 17p.. -- Sententire de pruedestinatione et gratia 331 pp. 8~. London, W. Turner, 1703. 331 (Pp elonn, W. Tner, 1. Dci et de libero hominis arbitrio, ante annos Aubin (Penelope). Thenobleslaves. Being dccc. ex ejus libris collectre, ac studio etopan entertaining history of the surprising ad- era J. Sirmondi primum edite 1649. pp. 585era J. Sirmondi primurn editre 1649. pp. 585ventures and remarkable deliverances from 611. fol. Parisiis, typographia regia 1696. Algerine slavery of several Spanish noble- I SIROND (Jacques). Opera,. 2]. [I7, SxRMOtqD (Jacques). Opera, v. 2].

Page  20 AULNAY. AUSTRIA. Aulnay (Louise d'). A little boy's story, Austin (Thomas and Thomas, jr.)-continued. (M6moires d'un petit garcon). Translated figures and descriptions of some recent and from the French of Julie Gouraud by Howard fossil allied genera. 128, xvi pp. 16 col. pl. Glyndon. [pseudon. for Laura C. Redden.] 40~. Bristol, 1843-46. S. vii, 306 pp. 25 pl. 12~. New York, Hurd L[No more published.] Houghton, 1869. Austria. Allgemeines reichs,- gesetz-undreAunt Hattie. [pseudon. ] See Baker (H. N. gierungsblatt fuir das kaiserthum Oesterreich. Woods). Jahrgang 1849-1850. 2 v. in 3. 4~. WTien Aurelianus (Caelius). De morbis acutis et k. k. hof- elnd staatsdrutckerei, 1850-51. s. chronicis libri viii. J. C. Amman recensuit, The same. Reichs-gesetzblatt fuir das emaculavit, notulasque adjecit. Accedunt kaiserthum Oesterreich. Jahrgang 1851 [-] seorsim T. Jansson ab Almeloveen notre et 1869. 19 v. 40. Wien k. k. hof- und staatsanimadversiones [etc.] ut et ejusdem lexicon druckerei, 1851-69. S. caelianum [etc.] Ed. nova. 1 p.l. 728 pp. -- Annuario marittimo per l'anno 1869 sm. 40. Amsteledami, officina wetsteniana, compilato presso 1' i. r. governo centrale ma1722. s. rittimo. xix annata. 3 v. in 1. 8~. Trieste, Aurora as it is. First annual gazetteer and stabilimento letterario artistico, 1869. S. directory of the city of Aurora, 1868. 148 pp. BBureau der offenen briefe. Verzeichniss 1 map. 80. Aurora, ( ll.) Knickerbocker SC der im jahre 1866 von dem k. k. privilegien-arHodder, 1868. chive einregistrirten, ertheilten, verlangerten, Aus der heimath. Ein naturwissenschaft- iibertragenen und ausser kraft getretenen liches volksblatt, herausgegeben von E. A. ausschliessenden privilegien. I p. 1. 171 pp. Rossmassler. Jahrgang i, 1859 [-] iii, 1861. 40. Wien, k. k. hof- und staatsdruckerei, 3 v. 80. Leipzig, E. Keil, 1861-62. s. 1867. S. [Imperfect, wanting v. 1, (22); v. 3, (50, 51, 52]. The same. 1867. 1 p. 1. 189 pp. 40. Aus der natur. Die neuesten entdeckungen 1Wfien, k. k. hof- und staatsdruckerei, 1868. s. auf dem gebiete der naturwissenschaften. I Ministeriunm fur cultus und unterricht. 43-46 b. oder neue folge, 31-34 b. 4 v. in 1. Verordnungsblatt fiur den dienstbereich des 8~. Leipzig, Gebhart 4- Reisland, 1868. s. ministeriums fiir cultus und unterricht. Ausfiihrliche historische und geographische Jahrgang 1869. 4e auflage. Redigirt im beschreibung des am grossen flusse Missis- k. k. ministerium fur cultus und unterricht. sippi in Nord-America gelegenen herrlichen cclj pp. 8~. TWien, k. k. hof- und staatslandes Louisiana; in welches die neu-aufge- druckerei, 1869. richtete frantz6sische grosse indianische com- I Statistische central-commission. Statispagnie colonien zu schicken angefangen; tisches handbiichlein fur die osterreichische wobei zugleich einige refiexionen fiber die monarchie. Verfasst von director Carl, freiweit hinaus sehende desseins gedachter com- berrn von Czoernig. Herausgegeben von pagnie, und des dariiber entstandenen actien- der k. k. direction der administrativen stahandels, eroffnet werden. 3e auflage. [anon.] tistik. 1. jahrgang. 2. auflage. xii, 151 pp. 3 p. 1. 102 pp. 16~. Leipzig, J. F. Gle- 120. Wien, k. k. hof- und staatsdruckerei, ditsch, 1720. 1861. S. Ausland (Das). Ueberschau der neuesten Statistisches handbiichlein des forschungen auf dem gebiete der natur-, erd- kaiserthumes Oesterreich fiir das jahr 1866. und volkerkunde. Herausgegeben von dr. 2 p. 1. 61 pp. 12~0. [ien, k. k. hof- und staatsOscar Peschel. 4~. Augsburg, J. G. Cotta, druckerei, 1868. S. 1869. _ _ Statistisches jahrbuch der osterAusten-Leigh (Rev. James Edward). See reichisch-ungarischen monarchie, far das jahr Leigh. 1867. 2 p. 1. 489 pp. t 1. 8~. [Wien, k. k. Austin (Alfred). A vindication of lord By- hof- und staatsdruckerei, 1869. s. ron. 2d ed. 69 pp. 160. London, Chap- Statistisches jahrbuch fuir das man 4 Hall, 1869. jahr 1868. 80. Wien, k. k. hof- und staatsAustin (Jane G.) Cipher; a romance. 175 druckerei, 1870. s. pp. 4 pl. 80. New York, Sheldon & co. 1869. Statistische daten betreffend die Austin (Thomas, and Thomas, jr.) A mono- volks-wirthschaftlichen zusta.nde Ober-Oesgraph of recent and fossil crinoidea; with terreichs. Zusammengestel!tvon derhandels

Page  21 21 AUTOGRAPHIC. AZNAR. Austria-continued. Avisos-continued. undgewerbekammer Ober-Oesterreichs. 329 Garsifa. [anon.] 7 p. 1. 144 pp. 180. pp. 80. Linz, handels-und gewerbekaismer, Madrid, Perez de Soto, 1761. s. 1870. Avitus (Alcimus). Opera. Nec primum ediAutographic (The) mirror; autographic let- ta, vel instaurata, cura et studio J. Sirters and sketches of illustrious and distin- mondi, anno 1643. pp. 1-146. fol. Parisiis, guished men of past and present times; sov- typographia regia, 1696. ereigns, statesmen, warriors, divines; histo- [1r SIRIOND (Jacques). Opera varia. v. 2]. rians, lawyers; literary, scientific, artistic, Avity (Pierre d'). Archontologia cosmica; and theatrical celebrities. 4 v. fol. Lon- sive, imperiorvm, regnorvm, principatvvm, don, Cassell, Petter 4, Galpin, [1864-1866]. rervmqve pvblicarvm omnivm per totvm terrarvm orbemr commentarii lvcvlentissimi,.Autumn days and their teachings. A con[etc.] Opera et studio Jo. Lvdovici Gototinuation of " Country sights and sounds." fredi, [pseudon. pro Jo. Philippo Abelin] qui [anon.] 108 pp. 3 pl. 18~. Philadelphia,, eos primo gallice per D. T. V. Y. [id est presbyterian board of publication, 1865. P Petrum d'Avitiuml] conscriptos in sermonem Autumn leaf stories. By E. M. J. [anon.] latinum conuertit, locupletavit, etc. 2 v. in 126 pp. 9 pl. 18o. Philadelphia, J. P. 1. 22 p.. 690 pp; 267, 81 pp. 42 1. fol. Skelly & co. 1870. Francofvrti ad Moenum, L. Jennisivs, 1628. Autumn (An) near the Rhine; or, sketches of Avondo (Giacomo Giuseppe). I1 Teotimno, courts, society, and scenery in Germany; ossia istruzioni famigliari sovra gli obblighi with a tour in the Taunus mountains in 1820. cristiani della gioventf e principalmente [anon.] 2d ed. To which are now added degli studenti, [etc.] xxiv, 440 pp. 160~. translations from Schiller, Goethe, and other Torino, G. G. Avondo, 1768. s. German poets. vi, 602 pp. 1 1. 1 p.1. 8~0. Avrillon (Jean Baptiste llie). Conduitepour London, J. Murray, 1821. passer saintement les f6tes et octaves de la Auvigny (Jean du Castre d'). L'histoire et les pentec6te, du saint sacrement, et de l'asamours de Sapho de Mitylene. [anon.] 1 p. somption. Nouvelle 6d. 3 p. 1. 370 pp. 12~. 1. 442 pp. 16~. La Haye, J. Neaulme, 1743. Paris, Maname, 1811. s. Auxilia humaniorum scholarum, videlicet Awdeley or Audley (John). The fratergrammaticae, syntaxeos, poeseos, et rheto- nitye of vacabondes. As wel of ruflyng vacricre, ex nucleo grammaticae, formulis va- abondes as of beggerly; of women as of men; riandi particulis Tursellini, proeceptis epistd- of gyries as of boyes, with their proper larum synonymis minoribus, et compendio names and qualities. Whereunto also is adrhetoricne conflata. [anon.] 6 parts in 1 v. joyned the xxv orders of knaues, otherwyse 160. Pragee, typis universit. carolo-ferdin. called a quartern of knaues. Confirmed for 1744. s. euer by Cocke Lorell. 1575. Edited by EdAventurieri (Gli). Los aventureros. Drama ward Viles and F. J. Furnivall. 16 pp. 8'. joco-serio para mfisica, que ha de cantarse London, Triibner, 1869. en el teatro principal de Cadiz en el ano de [EARLY Englishtext society. Extra series, ix]. 1829. [anon. Spanish and Italian]. Tra- Ayanque(Simon). Lima, pordentroyfuera; ducido porD. J. C. 143pp. 180. [Madrid], obra jocosa y divertida. Nueva edicion meR. Howe, 1829. s. jorada, corregida con esmero y adornada con Avery (S. P.) The harp of a thousand strings; laminas dibujadas por d. Ignacio Merino. 3 p. or, laughter for a lifetime. Konceived, kom- 1. 224 pp. 13 pl. 80. Paris, A. iAezin, 1854. piled, and komically konkokted, by Spavery, Aytoun (Sir Robert). Poems. Edited by [etc.] 368 pp. l pl. 120. New York, Dick Charles Roger, (etc.) lij, 154 pp. I 1. 2 pl. 8r Fitzgerald, 1858. 8~0. Edinburgh, A. k C. Black, 1844. Avila (Francisco de). Arte de la lengua Azeglio (Massimo Taparelli, marquis d'). mexicana, y breves platicas de los mysterios Niccolb dei Lapi; or, the last days of the de n. santa fee catholica, [etc.] 13 p. 1. 371. Florentine republic. Translated from the 18~. Mexico, herederos de Ribera Calderon, Italian, by H. Hallet. xii, 529 pp. 120. 1717. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott 4' co. 1860. Avisos para palacio, traducidos del idioma Aznar de Polanco (Juan Claudio). Arithmeportugu6s al Castellano, por d. E. Diez de tica, geometria, y origen de los nacimientos

Page  22 22 BABCOCK. BAGATELLES. Aznar de Polanco-continued. Baden-continued. de las aguas, y fuentes de Madrid. 11 p. 1. xx, 144 pp. 1 1. 12~. Karlsruhe, C. F. Miil3:31 pp. 8~. Madrid, 1727. s. ler, 1867. [Title page wanting]. - Die steuergesetzgebung des grosz. Babcock (Emma S.) The hero of the spade. herzogthums Baden. Eine systematisch geA story for winter nights. 47 pp. 1 pl. 18~. ordnete sammlung der gegenw/irtig geltenNew York, Carlton S' Lanahan, 1869l. den gesetze und verordnungen, fiber stenern, Babes (The) in the balloon, and other stories. accise und zolle. vii, 452pp. 80. Mann[anon.] 116 pp. 5 pl. 180. Philadelphia, heim, F. Bassermann, 1858. Perkinpinc cY Hifggins, 1870. Systematisch geordnete sammlung aller [SNOWDROP library]. durch das groszh. bad. steuerverordnungsBach (Johann Sebastian). Passion music, blatt vom 1. Januar 1827 bis zum 31. De(according to the gospel of St. Matthew). cember 1850 verkiindeten, am schlusse Words in English and German. The Eng- dieses zeitraums noch giiltig gewesenen, und lish translation and adaptation by John S. keiner andern verordnungs-sammlung einDwight. Full vocal score, with piano-forte verleibten, gesetze und verordnungen, [etc.] accompaniment, mainly by Julius Stern. 5, xxxviij, 316 pp. 1 pl. 40~. Karlsruhe, C. F. 3-221 pp. 8o. Boston, O. Ditson 8f co. 1869. Miuller, 1852. Bachaumont (Francois Le Coigneux de). Weinsteuerordnung fiur das groszherVoyage en Provence. See La Suze (H. de zogthum Baden vom 30. October 1858 nebst C. de). Recueil de pidces galantes, v. 5. dienstanweisung. 1 p. 1. 138 pp. 4~. KarlsBache (Alexander Dallas). Report to the ruhe, C. F. Miiller, 1858. secretary of the treasury of the United States Baedeker (Carl). Belgium and Holland. on the construction and distribution of Handbook for travellers. xxviii, 324 pp. 13 weights and measures. 218 pp. 1 chart. 8~. pl. 3 maps. 16~. Coblenz, K. Baedeker, 1869. WVashington, A. O. P. Nicholson, 1857. Northern Italy as far as Leghorn, FlorBacon (Albert M.) A manual of gesture. ence, and Ancona, and the island of Corsica. 60 pp. 12C. Chicago, J. I-. Dean, 1870. Handbook for travellers. xxiv, 340 pp. 20 Bacon (David Francis). Lives of the apos. pl. 6 maps. 160. Coblenz, K. Baedeker, 1868. tles of Jesus Christ. 633 pp. 1 pl. 8~. Italy. Handbook for travellers. See New York, Baker A& Scribner, 1846. ond part. Central Italy and Rome. * 2d ed. Bacon (Francis, lord high chancellor of Eng- revised and augmented. lxviii, 324 pp. 8 pl. land). De avgmentis scientiarvm lib. ix. 10 3 maps. 16~. Coblenz, K. Baedeker, 1869. p. 1.607 pp. 321. 18~. Amsteleedami, J. Ra- i The same. Part third. Southern Italy, vesteins, 1662. Sicily, and excursions to the Lipari islands, The essaies of Bacon. His religious Tunis, Sardinia, Malta, and Athens. 2d ed. meditations. Places of perswasion and dis- revised and augmented. xxvi, 373 pp. 7 pl. swasion. 1131. 32~. London, E. Jag- 6 maps. 16~. Coblenz, K. Baedeker, 1869. gard, 1624. Paris and northern France. HandBacon (Rev. Thomas). Four sermons upon the book for travellers. 2d ed. xxviii, 302pp. great and indispensible duty of all christian 2 maps, 26 plans. 16~. Coblenz, C. Baemasters and mistresses to bring up their ne- deker, 1867. gro slaves in the knowledge and fear of God. Southern Germany and the Austrian Preached at the parish church of st. Peter, empire. Handbook for travellers. xviii, in Talbot county, in the province of Mary- 395pp. 11 maps, 16 plans. 160. Coblenz, C. land. 142 pp. 120. London, J. Oliver, Baedeker, 1868. 1750. Switzerland and the adjacent portions Baideker (K). See Baedeker (Carl). of Italy, Savoy, and the Tyrol. Handbook Baden (Frances Henshaw). The christmas for travellers. 4th ed. revised and augguest. See Southworth (E. D. E. N.) and mented. xliv, 418 pp. 7 pl. 7 panoramas, 21 Baden. maps. 160. Coblenz, K. Baedeker, 1869. Baden. Die betheiligung des groszherzog- Bagatelles. In this collectionis reprinted the thums Baden an der universalausstellung Fragment: or, Allen and Ella. Which (unzu Paris im jahre 1867. Herausgegeben known to the author) appeared some years von der badischen ausstellungs-commission. since, under the title of Collin and Lucy

Page  23 BAHRT. BAKER. Bagatelles-continued, Baker (B. F.) and Fargo (J. F. )-continued. [With] A journey to, and description of, the sentences, motets, and anthems. Original Paraclete near the city of Troyes, in Cham- and selected. 360 pp. obl. 80. Boston, Lee pagne, where Abelard and Eloisa were bu- & Shepard, 1868. ried. All by the same hand. [anon.] 2d ed. Baker (George M.) The social stage; origiI p. 1. viii, 226pp. 18~0. London, Walking- nal dramas, comedies, burlesques, and enterhame, etc. 1767. tainments for home recreation, schools, and Bahrt (-). Ueber den zweck der erziehung. public exhibitions. 281 pp. 4 pl. 16~. Bos12~. Hamburg, 1785. ton, Lee A& Shepard, 1871. [In CAeIPE (Joachim Heinrich). Allgemeine re- Baker (Harriet Newell Woods). Behind the -vision, etc. v. 1. curtain; or, Leelinan. [anon.] 335 pp. 3 Bailey (J. W.) Knox college, by whom pl. 160. Boston, A. F. Graves, 1869. founded and endowed; also a review of a [The golden spring series, v. 1]. pamphlet entitled "Rights of congrega- The breach of trust; or, the professor tionalists in Knox college." 131 pp. 8~. andpossessorofpiety. [anon.] 330pp.3pl. Chicago, Press and Tribune book and job 16. Boston, A. F. Graves, 1869. printing office, 1860. S. [The golden spring series, v. 3]. Baillet (Adrien). The life of monsieur Des The hard sum, and other stories. By Cartes, containing the history of his philoso- aunt Hattie. [pseudon. ] 204 pp. 1 pl. 160~. phy and works; as also, the most remarkable Cincinnati, western tract society, 1870. things that befell him during the whole - Helps and hinderances to the cross. course of his life. [anon.] From the French [anon.] 356 pp. 3 pl. 16~. Boston, A. F. by S. R. 1 p. 1. 286 pp. 160. London, R. Graves, 1869. Simpson, 1693. LThe golden spring series, v. 2]. Les vies des saints, disposdes selon l'or- Juliette; or, now and forever. By dre des calendriers et des martyrologes; avec mrs. Madeline Leslie. [pseudon.] 416 pp. l'histoire de leur culte, selon qu'il est 6tabli 120. Boston, Lee 4 Shepard, 1869. dans l'6glise catholique, et l'histoire des autres fMrs. Leslie's bible pearls. By Madefestes de l'ann6e. Nouvelle 6d. 4 v. fol. line Leslie. [pseudon.] 6 v. 18~. BosParis, L. Genneau, 1724. ton, A. F. Graves, 1868. CONTENTS. CONTENTS. v. 1. Janvier, F6vrier, Mars et Avril. v. 2. May, Juin, Juillet, et Aoust. The pearl of charity; or, the chain and seals. 111 pp. v. 3. Septembre, Octobre, Novembre, Ddcembre. The pearl of hope; or, the s Edgar. 112 pp. v. 4. L'histoire des fetes mobiles. The pearl of love; or, Josey's gift. 111 pp. Les vies dee saints de l'ancien testament. The pearl of obedience; or, the soldier's son. 112 pp. La chronologie des saints. The pearl of patience; or, Maurice and Kitty MayLa topographie des saints. nard. 111 pp. The pearl of penitence; or, Charley's sad story. Baillie (Rev. Robert). Anabaptism, the trve 111 pp. fovntaine of independency, brownisme, an- - The rosy dawn stories. [anon.] 6 v. tinomy, familisme, and most of the other 18~. Boston, I. A. Yollng & co. 1869. errours, which for the time doe trouble the CONTENTS. church of England, vnsealed. Also the v. 1. The little Indian; or, Aola. 160 pp. 3 pl. questions of poedobaptisme and dipping v. 2. The violet girls; or, Susy and Louise. 159 pp. handled from scripture. In a second part of 3pl. v. 3. The water-cress girl; or, little Aggie. 160 pp. the Disswasive from the errors of the time. 3 pl. v. 4. The pic-nic party; or, Alfred Morton. 159 pp. 16 p. 1.280 pp. 6 1. sm. 40. London, S. Gel- 3 pl. lirrandt, 1647. v. 5. The twin-brothers; or, Hugh and Malcolm. 160 pp. 3 pl. Baird (Rev. Robert). View of the valley of the v. 6. The two birthdays; or, Rosa and her father. Mississippi; or, the emigrant's and traveller's 160 pp. 3 pl _,The sunshine series. 6 v. 18~. Bosguide to the west, [etc.] [anon. By R. B. ] ix pp. 1 1. 341 pp. 15 maps. 120. Philadel- ton,. F. G 1870. phia, H. S. Tanner, 1832. CONTENTS. Baker (B. F.) School music book; a collec- v. 1. Honeysuckle cottage. 160 pp. 3 pl. v. 2. The little Florentine. 164 pp. 3 pl. tion of songs, chants, and hymns, [etc.] v. 3. The load of chips. 175 pp. 3 pl. 208 pp. obl. 160. Boston, Ditson & co. 1854. v. 4. Tony and his harp. 176 pp. 3 pl. v. 5. Timmy Top-boots. 169 pp. 3 pl. and Fargo (J. F.) Songs of the tem- v. 6. Sophia and the gypsies. 171 pp. 3 p. 1. ple; a new collection of hymn tunes, chants, The woodbine series. By mrs. Made

Page  24 24 BAKER. BALTUS. Baker (Harriet Newell Woods)-continued. Ballard (Joseph)-continued. line Leslie. [pseudon.] 4v. 180. Boston, to the late trial before the supreme court of A. F. Graves, 1869. Massachusetts in 1867. 234 pp. 80. Boston, CONTENTS. G. C. Rand & Avery, 1868. v. 1. Live and learn. 285 pp.3 pl. Ballard (Mrs. J. P.) Lift a little; or, the old v. 2. The governor's pardon; or, the bridge of sighs. 286 pp. 3 pl. quilt. 80 pp. 1 pl. 180. Boston, American v. 3. Paul Barton; or, the drunkard's son. 272 pp. tract society, 1866. 3 pl. y v. 4. Walter and Frank; or, the Apthorp faIm. 280 Ballet (Fran-ois). Tratado de la devocion de pp. lpl. Baker (Rev. James). The life of sir Thomas Maria ssnia madre de Dios, y vindicaciou de Bernard, baronet. xiii, 190 pp. 1 por- agravios hechos a la misma seilora, sacado de Bernard, baronet. xiii, 190 pp. 1 1. I portrait. 80. London, J. Murray, 1819. la escritura, de los concilios y los padres, con reflexionesy oraciones. Escrito en Frances, Baker (William M.) The new Timothy. [A novel]. 344 pp. 120. New York, Harper y traducido al Castellano por R. Lopez. 12 novell. 344 pp. 12~. New York, Harper 84 brothers, 1870. p. 1. 336 pp. 80. Madrid, M. Martin, 1779. s. Balbani( uiteprovenal. Appellara- Ballot (Josef Pablo). Gramatica de la lengua Balbani ( —jisuite provencal). Appel Ala raison des 6crits et libelles publi6s par la passion castellana dirigida 6 las escuelas. 7F imp. contre les j6suites de France. [anon]. 372 pp. 14 p. 1. 296 pp. 2 1. 16 11. 120~. Bruxelles, Vandenberghen, 1762. rrr 825. Balbo (Cesare). Della storia d'Italia dalle Balou ( Rev. Adin). History of Milford, [Mass.] 80. Milford, 1869. origini fino all' anno 1814. Ed 3a prima con- [ MLFORD (The) diretor, etc.] LIn MILFORD (The) directory, etc.I piuta, copiosamente corretta ed ampliata. Ballous monthly magazine. Jan. 1869, to x, 402 pp. 12~. Parigi, Bauclhy, 1847. Dec. 1870. v. 29-32. 8o. Boston, qffice AmerBaldwin (George C. d. d.) The modelprayer. ican union, [etc. 1869-70]. A course of lectures on the Lord's prayer. 298 Baltimore (City council of). Journal of propp. sq. 160. Boston, Lee 8& SiLepard, 1871. ceedings of the second branch of the city Baldwin (Thomas). Narrative of the massacre, council of Baltimore, at the sessions of 1860 by the savages, of the wife and children of and 1861. [Concerning the Baltimore riots, Thomas Baldwin, who, since, has dwelt etc.] 362, 43pp. 80~. Baltimore, W. M. Inentirely alone [etc.] in the extreme western nes, 1860-61. part of the state of Kentucky. 24 pp. 80. Baltimore (The) directory, for 1802. By CorNew York, Martin f Wfood, 1835. nelius William Stafford. 132, 71 pp. 160~. Bale (John). Scriptorvm illustrifi maioris Baltimore, J. H'. Butler, 1802. Brytannie, quam nunc Angliarn et Scotiam B The same. Houston's new, improved, uocant catalogus: a Iapheto per 3618 an- and enlarged Baltimore city directory, [etc.] nos, usque ad annu 1557, ex Beroso, Gen- 8O. Baltimore, Houston S' co. [1867]. nadio, Beda, Honorio, [etc.] collectus,et Baltimore federal gazette. See Federal gaxiv centurias continens, [etc.] 2 v. in ]. zette and Baltimore advertiser. 14 p. 1. 742 pp. 1 1; 10 p. 1. 250 pp. 43 1. fol. Baltimore (The) musical miscellany; or, CoBasileev, I. Oporinus, 1557-59. S. lumbian songster; containing a collection of Ball (Mrs. C. A.) The jacket of grey, and approved songs, set to music. To which is other fugitive poems. [etc. ] 28 pp. 2 1. 120. prefixed an essay on vocal music, with direcCharleston, J. Walker, 1866. tions for graceful singing and the improveBallad (The) society. Ballads from manu- mentof te voice. 2 v. 198 pp. 31; 192 pp. scripts, edited by Frederick J. Furnivall. 21. 16i. Baltimore, Socer c Cole, 1804. 2 v. 11, 300 pp. 1 pl; 42, 60O pp. 80. London, Baltimore (The) weekly magazine. ContainTaylor 8&, co. 1868. ing a variety of entertaining, instructive, and CONTENTS. useful productions, original and selected. Ballads on the condition of England, in Henry viii's and Edward vi's reigns, (including the state of the Edited by John B. Colvin. April 26, 1800, clergy, monks, and friars), on Wolsey and Anne to May27, 1801. 1p.1.312pp. 40. BaltiBoleyn. Part I. t The poor man's pittance, by Richard Williams. more, IV. Pechin, 1800-01. Part 1. [No more published. Imperfect: pp. 33-34 wanting]. Ballard (Joseph). Account of the poor fund, Baltus (Jean Frangois). An answer to mr. and other charities, held in trust by the old de Fontenelle's history of oracles. In which south society, city of Boston; with copies of mr. Van-Dale's system concerning the auoriginal papers relative to the charities, and thors of the heathen oracles, and the cause

Page  25 25 BALZ AC. BARBIERT. Baltus-continued. Bankers' (Thle) magazine, journal of the and time of their silence, is confuted; and money market, and commercial digest. Jan. the opinion of the fathers upon that subject to Dec. 1870. v. 30. 80. London, Groomvindicated. From the French [of J. F. Bal- bridge & sons, 1870. tus]. With some reflections upon the re- Bankers' (The) magazine, and statistical regmarks of mr. Le Clerc in his Bibliotheque ister. Edited by I. Smith Homans. July choisie. By a priest of the church of Eng- 1869, to June 1870. Third series, v. 4, [comland [Hilkiah Bedford]. To which is pre- plete series] v. 24. 80. New York, I. S. fixed a letter to the translator, by the rev. Homans, jr. 1869-70. George llickes, d. d.:35 p. 1. 229 pp. 13 1. 7 Banvard (Joseph, d. d.) Little pilgrim series. pl. 120. London, H. Clements, 1709. Number one. Designed for the youngest Note.-The seven plates found in this volume belong children in sunday-schools and families. to some other work; perhaps to Van Dale]. Balzac (Honor6 de). Les fantaisies de Clau- 42pp. 10. Boston, H.A.Yo st co. 1869. dine. 96pp. 18~. Paris, E. Didier, 1853. Traicscenes in the history of ary__d___a t land and the old French war. With an ac- Les peines de coeur d'une chatte anglaise, par H. do Balzac. Suivies do Les count of various interesting contemporanepeines de cer d'une chatte franaise, par ous events which occurred in the early setPeine J.Sal[p.IO ai, tlement of America. 239 pp. 16. Boston, P. J. Stahl [Hetzel]. 88 pp. LS~. Paris, ~Bla~nchard, l~853~. Gould 8& Lincoln, l1856. Blanchard, 1853. Barbauld (Anna Letitia). [A collection of Traite de la vie e681 ante. 88pp. 18~. Paris, librairie n.ovelle, 1853. introductory, critical, and biographical esiaris, librairie nouelle, 1853. A_____ d h oE F tFn says prefixed to "The British novelists." A daughter of Eve. From the French. anon] 18 [London 1810]. 48pp. 80. [New York, about 1843]. CONTENTS. [FRENCH novels, v. 5]. - The lady with two husbands. From the On the origin and progress of novel writing. 62 pp. Richardson. xlvi pp. French. 30 pp. 8O. [ New York, about 1843]. De Foe. viiipp. [FRENCH novels, v. 5]. Fielding. 32 pp. Goldsmith. xii pp. Sketches of provincial life. Eugenie Walpole. iii pp. Grandet, or the miser's daughter, [etc.] Clara Reeve. iii pp. Grandet, or Mrs. Lennox. iv pp. Translated by O. W. Wight and F. B. Good- Johnson. viii pp. York, Hawkesworth. ii pp. rich. 309 pp. 120. New York, Rudd Mrs. Brooke. ii pp. Carleton, 1861. Mrs. Inchbald. iv pp. Mackenzie. iii pp. The same. Eugenia Grandet. A tale Smollett. xviii pp. of everyday life in France in the nineteenth Dr. Moore. viipp. Mrs. Charlotte Smith. rii pp. century. From the French, by E. S. Gould. Miss Burney. xi pp. 30 pp. 40~. New York, New WIorld, (J. oFin- Miss Bgerth. 1 1. chester, publisher), 1843. Mrs. Radcliffe. viiipp. [FRENCH novels, v. 1]. Barber (John Warner) and Punderson (LemBamberger (Ludwig). Count Bismarck. A uel S.) History and antiquities of New Haven, political biography. From the German, by Connecticut, from its earliest settlement to Charles Lee Lewes. Authorized ed. viii, the present time, with biographical sketches 229pp. 160. London, Triibner &S co. 1869. and statistical information of the public inBancroft (Rev. Aaron). Life of George stitutions. 3ded. 4,216pp. 5pl. 1map. 160. Washington. xii, 560pp. 8~. London, J. New Haven, J. IW. Barber A& L. S. Punderson, Stockdale, 1808. 1870. Bancroft (Edward). Naturgeschichte von Barberini (Francesco). Index bibliothecre qva Guiana in Siid-Amerika, [etc.] In vier Francisevs Barberinvs s. r. e. cardinalis vice briefen. Aus dem Englischen. xpp. 1 1. cancellarivs magnificentissimas sume familioe 248 pp. 1 pl. 8~0. Frankfurt & Leipzig, J. ad qvirinalem redes magnificentiores reddidit. Dodsley - comp. 1769. Tomi tres, libros typis editos complectentes. Bandello (Matteo). La prima-quarta parte 2 v. 2 p. 1.646 pp. 1 pl; 2 p. 1.596 pp. fol de le novelle del Bandello. [Edizione eu- Romce, typis barberinis, 1681. rata da Gaetano Poggiali, colla vita del au- Barbieri (Agostino). Monografia della arteria tore scritta dal conte Mazzuchelli]. 9 v. 12~. vertebrale. 4 p. 1. 116 pp. 5 pl. 40~. Milano, Londra, [Livorno], R. Bancker, 1791-93. fratelli Rechiedei, 1867-68. s. 4

Page  26 BARBOUR. BARNES. Barbour (I. R.) The silk culture in the Barnard (Charles). A simple flower garden United States; embracing complete accounts for country homes. A practical guide for of the latest and most approved modes of every lady, [etc.] 76 pp. 120. Boston, hatching, rearing, and feeding the silk worm, Loring, 1870. managing a cocoonery, reeling, spinning, and The tone masters. A musical series for manufacturing the silk, etc. With brief his- young people. Bythe author of "The sotorical sketches of the silk business, natural prano," etc. [anon. v. 1]. Mozart and history of the silk worm, the mulberry, etc. Mendelssohn. 193 pp. 3 pl. 16c. Boston, illustrated by numerous engravings of ma- Lee &'Shepard. 1870. chinery and processes. To which is added The same. [v. 2]. Handel and HayBlydenburg's manual' of the silk culture; den. 223 pp. 3 p-. 160. Boston, Lee S statistics of silk imports, etc. 80 pp. 8~. Shepard 1871 New York, Greeley &8 McElrath, 1844.,, - The same. [v. 3]. Bach and Beethoven. Barclay (James). The rudiments of the 243 pp. 4 pl. 16~. Boston, Lee & Shepard. Latin tongue; in which the difficulties of all 1871. the parts of our Latin grammars are made Barnard (Daniel Dewey). A discourse on plain to the capacities of children. xii, 176 the life, services and character of Stephen pp. S0. Edinbnrgh and London, A. Millar, Van Rensselaer; delivered before the Albany etc. 1750. institute, April 15, 1839. With an historical Barcos (Martin de). La doctrine de l'6glise sketch of the colony and manor of Rensseltouchant la predestination. Et plusieurs aerwyck in an appendix. 144 pp. S0. Al autres pieces sur ce sujet. 22,440 pp. 160. bany, Hoffman &' White, 1839. S. Cologne, P. Marteau, 1700. Barnard (Frederick Augustus Porter). Ma[ With ARNAULD (Antoine). Instructions sur la grace chinery and processes of the industrial arts, selon l'hcriture et les phres].hnery and processes of the ndustrial at and apparatus of the exact sciences. ix, 669 Barenton (Armand de). Physiologie du senti-, pp. 7 pl. 8~. WEashington, government ment. Ire partie: La beaut6.-2e partie: pp7i o an g m L'amour. Par Georges Roeder. 104 pp. 180. rinting office, 1869. [EXHIBITION, Paris, 1867]. Paris, librairie nouvelle, 1853. aretti (Giuseppe). An introduction to the Barnard (Henry). Oral training lessons in Baretl (Giuseppe). An introduction to the Italian language. Containing specimens both natural science and general knowledge, emof prose and verse; selected [from various bracing the subjects of astronomy, anatomy, authors], with a literal translation and gram- physiology, chemistry, geography, etc. x, matical notes, for the use of those who, be- 146 pp. 160. Minneapolis, (Min.) G. A. ing already acquainted with grammar, Edes, 1870. attempt to learn it without a master. xi, Barnard (John G. U. S. a.) Memoir on na467 pp. 8~. London, A. Millar, 1755. tional defences. [80. N\elw York, 1860]. Baring-Gould (Sabine). The origin and de- [btin NEW YORK state military association. Proceedings, 1860, pp. 55-71]. velopment of religious belief. v. 1. part 1. Barnby (Joseph, editor). Gounod's " messe Heathenism and mosaism. xvi, 422pp. 8~. solennelle." London, Rivingtons, 1869. London, Rivintos, 16. See GOUNOD (Charles Franqois). The same. Part ii. Christianity. xx, e se. Pt. Cristin, Barnes (Rev. Albert). The atonement, in its 388 pp. 8~. London, Rimingtons, 1870. 388 pp. LondonRvints, 1relations to law and moral government. 338 Barker (George Frederick, m. d.) The correpp. 12~. Philadelphia, Parry 4 McMillan, lation of vital and physical forces. 36 pp. pp. 12 Phil ia, Par McMi 12~. New Haven, 1870. [UNIVERSITY series, no. 2]. - Notes, explanatory and practical, on ~-~- A text book of elementary chemistry, the gospels and acts of the apostles. See theoretical and inorganic. vi pp. 11. 342 Bible, English. pp. 12~. New Haven, C. C. Chatfield 4- co. ~ Scenes and incidents in the life of the 1870. apostle Paul, viewed as illustrating the naBarker (M. H.) The four P's, or the for- ture and influence of the christian religion. tunes of Frank on his road to wealth. A v pp. I 1. 496 pp. 2 pl. 1 portrait. 2 maps. tale of the sea for boys. 178 pp. 5 pl. 180~. 120. Philadelphia, Zeigler, McCurdy $& co. London, Dean 4 son. 1869.

Page  27 27 BARNES. BARRY. Barnes (Robert, d. d.) Workes. 4 p. 1. pp. 183 Baron (Robert).'Epororatyvlov, or, the Cyto 376. 21. 8~0. London, J. Daye, 1572. prian academy. 2 v. in 1. 12 p. 1.61 pp; [With TYNDALL (William). Works. ed. of 1572]. 101 pp. 16~. London, J. Hardesty, I. HunCONTENTS. tington, & I. Jackson, 1648. His lyfe and martyrdome. A supplication to k. Henry 8th. Baronio or Baronius (Cesare). Annales His articles condemned by popishe byshops. ecclesiastici, a Lvdovico Avrelio pervsino in The disputation betweene the byshoppes and hymFayth onely iustifieth before God. totidem libellos breuissime redacti, in qvot What the church is; and who bee thereof, and magna volumina opus ab autore digestum whereby men may know her. Another declaration of the church, wherein hee aun- est. Accessit Baronii svpplementvm chroswereth m. More. nologievm ad Christi annm 1665. 3 v. What the keyes of the church bee, and to whom nologicvm ad Christi annum 1665. 3 v. they we-re geeuen. 18~. Parisiis, P. Variquet, C. Fosset, Free will of man, after the fall of Adam, of his naturall stren gth, can doe nothing but sinne afore God. 1665. That it is lawf!ll for all maner of men to read the Barraud (L'abb6 -). Des bagues A toutes les holy scripture. Th,;t men's constitutions, which are not grounded in 6poques, et en particulier de l'anneau des evescripture, bynde not the coscience of man under the payne of deadly synne. ques et des abb6s. 228 pp. 8~. Paris, DeThat all me are boude to receiue the holy communion rache, 1864. under both kyndes, under the payne of deadly synne. Barrenechea (Juan de). Nueva obseruacion That by God's woorde it is lawfull to priestes that astronomica del periodo tragico de los ternhath not the gifte of chastitie, to marry wines. That it is against the holy scripture to honor images blores grandes de la tierra. Exactamente and to pray to saintes. Of the originall of the masse: arreglada A Europa, y Assia, y de la AmdriA collection of doctours' testimonies. ca, A los reynos del Peru, Chile, y GuatheBarnes (Robert, mz. d.) Obstetric operations, mala. 16 p.1. 36 1. 2 tab. sm. 4C. Lima, including the treatment of hbemorrhage. J. J. Gonzales de Cossio, 1734. With additions, by Benjamin F. Dawson, m. Barrett (Mary). The story of William the d. xv, 483 pp. 80. New York, D. Apple- silent and the Netherland war, 1555-1584. ton $, co. 1870. 480 pp. 2 pl. 1 portrait. 1 map. 160. Boston, Barnes (William H.) The fortieth congress American tract society, [1869]. of the United States; historical and bio- Barrow (Sir John). Voyages of discovery graphical. With portraits on steel by George and research within the arctic regions, from E. Perine. 2 v. 384 pp. 127 portraits; 392 the year 1818 to the present time; under the pp. 163 portraits. 8~. New York, interna- command of the several naval officers emtional publishing co. 1870. ployed by sea and land in search of a northBarney (Charles G. m. d. ) Bibliotheca ameri west passage from the Atlantic to the Pacana. Catalogue of a private library, com- cific; with two attempts to reach the north prising a large assortment of rare and valua- pole, [etc.] xiv, 530 pp. 2 maps, 1 portrait. able books relating to America. Also local 8~0. London, J. Murray, 1846. histories, privately printed works, etc. also i Reisen durch die inneren gegenden des a choice collection of standard works, biblio- siidlichen Africa in den jahren 1797 und 1798. graphical, historical, illustrated, etc. Sold Aus dem Englischen iibersetzt und mit anJanuary 17, 1870. 174pp. 80. New York, merkungen begleitet von M. C. Sprengel. 1870. xx, 400 pp. 1 map. 83. Weimar, verlag des Barnstable, (AMassachusetts). The Cape Cod industrie-comptoirs, 1801. s. centennial celebration at Barnstable, Sept. Barry (Garrett). Poems, on several occa3, 1839, of the incorporation of that town, sions. 102 pp. 6 1. 160. Baltimore, Cole Sept. 3, 1639. Giving a full detail of the & I. Bonsal 4- J. Vance & co. 1807. preliminary proceedings of the committees, Barry (Lieut. Henry). The general attacked and the speeches and toasts at the dinner. by a subaltern; or, the strictures [of maj. 92 pp. 8~. Barnstable, S. B. Phinney, 1840. gen. Charles Lee] on the Friendly address Barnum (Phineas Taylor). Struggles and [of Myles Cooper] examined, and a refutatriumphs; or, forty years' recollections. 780 tion of its principles attempted. Addressed to pp. 32 pl. 1 portrait. 8~. Hartford, J. B. the people of America. [anon.] 11 pp. 80. Burr 4' co. 1869. Reprinted. New York, James Rivington, Barnum (Rev. Samuel W. editor). See [1775]. Smith (William) Comprehensive dictionary The same. The strictures on the of the bible. Friendly address examined, and a refutation

Page  28 *28 BARRY. BATEMAN. Barry (Lieut. Hlenry)-continued. Bartsch (Carl Friedrich). Die lateinischen of its principles attempted. 14 pp. 80. sequenzen des mittelalters in musikalischer [Boston], 1775. und rhythmischer beziehung. viii, 245 pp. Barry (Joseph). The annals of Harper's 80. Rostock, Adler's erben, 1868. s. ferry, from the establishment of the national Baruffaldi (Girolaino). Baccanali di Cluarmory in 1794 to the present time, 1869. ento Nettunio [etc.] 8 p. 1. 198 pp. 1 1. 160. With anecdotes of Harper's-ferrians, by Jo- Venezia, C. Buonarrigo, 1722. sephus, jr. [pseudon.] 64 pp. 8~. Hasephus, jr. [pseudon. 64 pp. 80. Ha- Basedow (Johann Bernhard). Ad bibliogerstown, (Md.) Dechert ~' co. 1869. gerstown, (Md.) Dechert & co. 1869. thecam elementarem liber methodicus, scripBarry (P.) The dockyards, shipyards, and Barry (P.) The dockyards, shipyards, and tus patribus et matribus familiarum et genarine of France. 2 p.. xi, 257 pp. 8. tiuin. Interprete Carolo Ehregott MangelsLondon, Simpkin, Marshall 8& co. 1864. London, Simpkin, Marshall co. 864. dorfio. 8 p. 1. 2-24 pp. 120. Dessavice, ex Bartema or Varthema (Luigi de). Itineodicina heybruchiana, 1774. rario de Ludovico de Varthema bolognese e Operis elementaris pars prima [-] ne lo Egypto, ne la Suria, ne la Arabia de- arta. Qum habet scienti quarta. Quae habet scientia~ omnis necesserta e felice, ne la Persia, ne la India, e ne la,thiopia. sariae penum recte dispositam ad instituenla Ethiopia. La fede, el viuere e costumi de a pueritia usque ad etate tutte le pfate pu~cie. dam juventutem a pueritia usque ad ~etatem tutte le pfate puicie. Nouamn6te impsso. 92icam, ad erdiendos parentes, magis1. 16~. Venetia, Zorsi di Rusconi 1517. academicam, ad erudiendos parentes, magis1. 160. Venetia, Zorsi di Rusconi, 1517. tros scholarum, et pedagoos, ad usum dtros scholarum, et paedagoogos, ad usum deBarth (Christian Gottlob). Setma, the Turkish girl F Gnique lectoris cuiusvis, qui, quam habet, girl. From the German. 120 pp.2 pI. 180. rerum scientiam cupiat perficere. 4 v. 8~ Philadelphia, presbyterian board of publica- Dessaci-e, 1774. tion, 1869. Dessavite, 1774. tion, 1869. [Ninety-six plates wanting]. Barthe'lemi. [pseudon.] See Nicole (Pierre). Basilius maganus. S. Basilij Cesarere CappaBartlett (David W.) The life of Joan of Arc, dociae archiepiscopi liturgia, grlece et latine the maid of Orleans. 223 pp. 1 pl. 120. Gentiano Herveto interprete, ex editione paAuburn, Miller, Orton 4' Mulligan, 1854. risiensi G. Morelij, ann. 1560, [etc.] fol. -- The life of lady Jane Grey. 298 pp. I Parisiis, 1624. portrait. 120. Auburn, Derby & Miller, 1853. [ri BIBLTOTHECA vetervm patrvm, v. 91]. Bartoli (Giuseppe). Osservazioni critiche ~ Hom6lies et lettres choisies. Traduisopra il [libro di Jacopo Antonio Rabi, in- tes par m. l'abb6 Auger. xxxx, 663 pp. titolato Spiegazione del] dittico quiriniano, 120. Paris, Crapart, 1788. devise in tre parti. lxiv, xii, 12 pp. 40. Baskerville (A). Dr. A. Baskerville's pracTorino, 1749. tisches iehrbuch der englischen sprache. Bartoli (Pietro Santi). Raccolta di gemme Ganzlich umgearbeitet und fur den gebrauch antiche figurate, illustrate da Michelangelo in Amerika eingerichtet von Gustav Fischer. Causeo de la Chausse. Ed. 2a. 2 v. 75 pp. viii, 318 pp. 12C. New York, E. Steiger, 100 pl; I p. 1. 98 pp. 100 pl. 80. Rornma, 1870. P. P. Montagnani-Mirabili, 1805. Bassedovius. See Basedow. Bartolinus (Erasmus). Principia matheseos Basterot (-comte de). [pseudon?] Traite vniversalis. Ed. 2a. Sp. 1. 420 pp. 21. 40. B16mentaire dujeu des echecs expose d'apr's Amsteleedami, Elzevir, 1659-61. une methode nouvelle pour en faciliter coNTENTs. l'6tude; pr6c6d6 de melanges historiques BEAUNE (Florimond de). De mquationum natura, con- aneodotiques et littraires. 1 p. 1. 372 pp. I p1. stitutione, limitibus. SCHOOTEN (Franciscus van.) Principia matheseos uni. 120. Paris, Allouard et Kaeppelin, [1852]. versalis, sev, introductio ad geometria methodvm Bastion (N. S.) To IMtvo-j7pOV. Babylon with Renati des Cartes. — Tractatus de concinnandis demonstrationibus in Jehovah's monarchy. Part iii. 170 pp. geometricis ex calculo algebraico. WITT (Johannes de). Elementa curvarum linearum. 8~. St. Louis, N. S. Bustion, 1866. Bartolocci (Giulio). Vitre celeberrimorum Batailles de la Chine reduites d'apres les granrabbinorum qui in sacrum codicem scripse- des planches que l'empereur Kien-long a fait runt commentarios: R R. Salomonis, Aben graver't Paris. [anon.] 1 p. 1. 23 pl. fol. Ezrre, Davidis Kimchi, Levi ben Gersom, Paris, Hocquart, [1783-88]. Abarbenelis. 57-144 pp. 180. Ultrojecti, Bateman (Horatio). Reconstruction illusJ. Appels, 1702. trated and explained, with biographies and [In RELANID (A.) Analecta rabbinica]. portraits of 250 distinguished national men,

Page  29 29 BATES. BEADLE. Bateman-continued. Baxter (R. Dudley). English parties and together with business references. 1st ed. 4 conservatism. iv pp. 1 1. 76 pp. 8C. Lonp.1. xiii pp. 1631. 2 pl. 12~. New York, If. don, R. J. Bus/h, 1870. Bateman, 1870. ~ National income. The united kingdoms. Bates(David). Poetical works. Edited by 1 p. 1. 00 pp. 1 tab. 8~. London, Macmnilhis son Stockton Bates. 276 pp. 16~. Phila- lan &8 co. 1868. delphia, Claxton, Remnsen 4- Hajfelfinger, 1870. Baxter (Thomas). An illustration of the Bates (Miss L.) Beginning. 287 pp. 4 pl. Bates (issL.) Beginning. Egyptian, Grecian, and Roman costume; in 16~. Philadelphia, J. P. Skelly Sr co. 1870. X 160. b Philaderp/ia, J. P..Ske/y 16. forty outlines, with descriptions. 16 pp. The builders. 336 pp. 3 pl. 16~. Phila- 41 p. 8. London. Mier 1810. delphia, J. P. Skelly & co. 1870. Two ways of doing it, 218 pp. 2. Bayard (A. m.d.) Influence de la vaccine Two ways of doing it. 218 pp. B pl. 160. Philadelp/ia, J. P. Ske/ly & co. 1870. sur la population; ou, de la gastro-ent6rite Bates (Lizzie). Stories from the moorland; varioleuse avant et depuis la vaccine. Preceor, tales of the covenanters. 236 pp. 3 pl. d6e des rapports de Roche et Bricheteau, des 160. Boston, Iarlren 8 Blakeslce, 1869. observations de Ch. Dupin, et des propositions de H. Carnot. iv, 100 pp. 8~. Paris, V. Bates (Samuel P.) History of Pennsylvania Masson, 1855. volunteers, 1861-65; prepared in compliance with an act of the legislature. v. 2-3. 80. Bayard (Ferdinand Marie). Voyage dans l'int6rieur des 1etats-Unis i Bath, WinchesHarrisburfr, state printer, 1869-70. Bath, (The) Brunswick, and Richmond ter, dans la vallde de Shenandoah, [etc. ] pendant 1'et6 de ]791. 2e 6d. xxv, 349 pp. 8~. [Maine] directory for 1871-72, [etc.] S. G. dant t de 791. e d xxv, 349 pp 8 Jones & co. [etc.] Boston, compilers and Paris, Batilliot fi res, 1798. publishers. [2d no.] 8~. Bath, J. O. Shaw, Bayle (Pierre). Dictionnaire historique et 1870. critique. Nouvelle 6d. Augmentee de notes Bather (Rev. Edward). Sermons, chiefly extraites de Chaufepie, Joly, La Monnoie, practical. 2d ed. 2 v. xvi, 508 pp; xii, 570 Leduchat, L. J. Leclerc, Prosper Marchand, pp. 80. London, J. Hatchard (4 son, 1829. etc. 16 v. 8~. Paris, Desoer, 1820. Bauer (Bruno). Kritik der evangelischen Bayley (Rev. J. R.) A brief sketch of the hisgeschichte der synoptiker. 2 v. xxiv, 416 pp; tory of the catholic church on the island of 2p. 1. 392 pp. 80. Leipzig, O. Wigand, 1841. New York. 156 pp. 160. New York, E. Baumgartner (Andreas). Grundriss der na- Dunigan 4 brothers, 1853. turlehre. 2 p. 1. 411 pp. 8~. Wien, k. k. Baynes (Richard). Select general catalogue schulbiicher-verlag, 1858. of books, old and new, in most languages Baur (Ferdinand Christian). Ueber den ur- and classes of literature, including the librasprung des episcopats in der christlichen ries of rev. mr. Holloway, mr. Trotter [etc.] kirche. Priifung der neuestens von dr. Rothe 2 p. 1. 2!6 pp. 120. London, 1832. aufgestellten ansicht. xii, 186 pp. 1 1. 80. [MISCELLANEOUS pamphlets, v. 427]. Tiibingen, L. F. Fues, 1838. Bazar (The) book of decorum. The care of Bavaria. Statistische nachweisungen fiber the person, manners, etiquette, and ceremodas immobiliar-brandversicherungswesen im nials. 278 pp. 160. New York, Harper 4 gebiete des konigreichs Bayern diesseits des brothers, 1870. Rheins. Bearbeitet von dr. Georg Mayr. Beach (Wooster, m. d.) The American practice xxiii. heft der beitrage zur statistik des k6nig- condensed; or, the family physician: being reichs Bayern. Herausgegeben vom k, sta- the scientific system of medicine; on vegetistischen bureau. 7, xxxii, 200 pp. fol. table principles, designed for all classes. [etc.] Miinchen, 1870. 873 pp. 80. Cincinnati, Moore, Wilstach & -- Zeitschrift des koniglich-bayerischen Moore, 1869. statistischen bureau. Redigirt von dessen Beadle's dime base-ball player: comprising vorstand dr. Georg Mayr. Zweiter jahrgang, the proceedings of the thirteenth annual April-Juni, 1870. No. 2. pp. 83-120. 40~. convention, together with the amended rules Miinchen, 1870. adopted, rules for the formation of clubs, in. Baxter (Richard). The poetical fragments of structions for players, and the base-ball Richard Baxter. 4th ed. 2 p. 1. vi, 182 pp. averages of 1869. Edited by Henry Chadwick. I portrait. 18~. London, W. Pickerinf, 1821. 99 pp. 18~. VNew York, Beadle & co. 1870.

Page  30 30 BEALE. BEECHER. Beale (Lionel S.) Protoplasm; or, life, Becht-continued. matter, and mind. With numerous coloured zurks, etc. 80 pp. 4~. New York, J. L. drawings, executed on wood, [etc.] 2d ed. Peters, 1870. revised and much enlarged. xi, 158 pp. 1 1. [PETERS' musical library, v. 8]. 8 pl. 12~. London, Churchill & sons, 1870. Beckel (J. C.) The church manual, an easy Beauchamp (Alphonse de). Catastrophe de and progressive method for acquiring a Murat; ou, r6cit de la derniere r6volution de knowledge of church music, for the organ, Naples, avec les pidces justificatives. xx, cabinet organ, or melodeon, containing 127 pp. 80. Versailles, J. A. Lebel, 1815. psalms, hymns, chants, anthems, and senr[MIrscELLANEOUS pamphlets. v. 337]. tences, arranged for congregational use, acBeauchamp (M.E.) The emigrant's quest; cording to the service of the p. e. church. or, " is it our own church? " 93 pp. 180. New 39 pp. 8~. PhiladelpAia, Lee 4 Walker, 186S. York, general protestant episcopal sunday- Beckwith (Arthur). Paris universal exposischool union and church book society, 1867. tion, 1867. Report on asphalt and bitumen Beauchamp (Philip). [pseudon]. See Ben- as applied to the construction of streets and tham (Jeremy). sidewalks in Paris; also to terraces, roofs, Beauclerk (LadyDianaDe Vere). A summer etc. and to various products in the exhibition and winter in Norway. xii, 148 pp. 4 pl. of 1867; with observations upon macada160. London, J. Murray, 1868. mized streets and roads. 31 pp. 4 pl. 80. Beaumont (William, m. d.) Experiments and Washington, government printing ofice, 1868. observations on the gastric juice, and the Beckwith (Leonard Forbes). Paris universal physiology of digestion. 280 pp. 8~. exposition, 1867. Report on beton-Coignet, P aottsburgh, F. P. Allen, 1833. its fabrication and uses; construction of sewBeaune (Florimond de). De oequationum ers, water pipes, tanks, foundations, walls, natura, constitutione, et limitibus. Opuscula arches, buildings, floors, terraces, marine esduo. Incepta a F. de Beaune, absoluta vero periments, etc. 21 pp. 2 pl. 80. Washingab E. Bartholino. pp. 49-152. 4~. Am- ton, governmentprinting office, [1869]. steltedami, Elzevir, 1659. Beckwith (Nelson Warren). Paris universal [In BARTOLINUS (Erasmus). Principia matheseos exposition, 1867. General survey of the exuniversalis]. Beauties (The) of American history. By the hibition; with a report on the character and author of evenings in Boston, etc. [anon.] condition of the United States sections. 252 pp. I pl. 12~. tHartford, C. M. Welles, [anon.] 324 pp. 1. pl. 8~. Iashington, 1850. government printina office, 1868. Beauties (The) of rechabism. By arechabite. Beda, venerabilis. Ecclesiastical history of [anon.] 104 pp. 32~. Boston, J. M. Usher, England. Also the Anglo-Saxon chronicle. 1846. With notes and a general index. Edited by Beauvais (Jean Baptiste Charles Marie de). J. A. Giles. xliv, 516 pp. 1 map. 12~. LonOracion ffinebre de Luis xv, el amado, rey don, H. G. Bohn, 1847. de Francia y de Navarra, pronunciada el [BOHN'S antiqarian library]. dia 27 de julio de 1774, y traducida del Bede (Cuthbert). [pseudon.] See Bradley Frances por L. Campoo y Otazu. Con un (Edward). discurso preliminarsobre la predicacion fran- Bedoya (D. F. G.) Historia del toreo, y de cesa. 1 p. 1. 330 pp. ll. 180. Madrid, B. las principales ganaderias de Espanfa. 1 p. 1. Romnaln, 1778. 380 pp. 21. 24 portraits. 80. Madrid, Ai. Sta. Beauvoir (t1douard Roger de Bully, dit de). Coloma & cn. 1850. Safia; or the magic of count Cagliostro. A Bee (The). [New London weekly]. June Venetian tale. From the French. By P. F. 21, 1797, to May 21, 1800. fol. New LonChristin and E. Lies. 83 pp. 8~. New don, (Conn.) Charles Holt, 1797-1800. York, Harper &8 brothers, 1845. Beecher (Catharine Esther) and Stowe [FRENCH novels, v. 4]. (Harriet Beecher). The American woman's Bebel (Heinrich). Facetiarum bebelianarum home; or, principles of domestic science; libri tres. See Frischlin (N.) being a guide to the formation and mainteBecht (Julius). Fairy fingers. A collection nance of economical, healthful, beautiful, and of easy piano pieces, embracing a variety of christian homes. 2 p. 1. 500 pp. 2 pl. 80. popular schottisches, polkas, waltzes, ma- New York, J. B. Ford 4' co. 1869.

Page  31 31 BEECHER. BELL. Beecher (Charles). Redeemer and redeemed; Beeton-continued. all investigation of the atonement and of eter- The book of home pets; showing how to nal judgment. xii, 357 pp. 120. Boston, rear and manage, in sickness and in health, Lee &' Slhepard, 1864. birds, poultry, pigeons, rabbits, guinea-pigs, Beecher (Edward, d. d.) The papal conspir- dogs, cats, squirrels, fancy mice, tortoises, acy exposed, and protestantism defended, in bees, silkworms, ponies, donkeys, goats, inthe light of reason, history, and scripture. 420 habitants of the aquarium, etc. Illustrated pp. 5 pl. 120. Boston, Stearns & co. 1855. by Harrison Weir. With a chapter on ferns. Beecher (Rev. Henry Ward). Lecture-room [anon.] xvi, 832pp. 120. London, S. O. talks; a series of familiar discourses on Beeton, [1862]. themes of general christian experience. Behind the scenes; a story of the stage. By Phonographically reported by T. J. Ellin- Verity Victor. [psesudon.] 284 pp. 16~. wood. vi, 378 pp. 1 portrait. 120. New Boston, New England news co. 1870. York, J. B. Ford & co. 1870. Behlen (Stephan). Der Spessart. Versuch reThe overturk e of angels. 55 pp. 120. einer topographie dieser waldgegend, [etc.] New York, J. B. Ford & co. 1870. 2 v. in 1. x, 274 pp. 1 1; 1 p. 1. 192 pp. J tab. Plymouth pulpit; [a weekly periodical, 12. Leipzi, F A.Bro containing] sermons in Plymouth church, Brooklyn. From verbatim reports by T.. Belany (James Cockburn). A treatise upon Brooklyn.lFrom verbatim reports by T. J. Ellinwood. March 27 to Sept. 18, 1869. 2d falconry. 2 parts. viipp.21.277,6pp. I p1. series. 80. Netw York, J.B. Ford & co. 1869. 80. Berwick-pon-Tweed, athor, 1841. - The same. Sept. 25, 1869, to March 19, Belding, Keith and co. A shilling's worth of 1870. 3d series. 8~. New York, J. B. Ford the United States of America; or, an epitome & co. 1869. of its finances, railroads, trade, laws, populaBeers (Frederick W.) Atlas of Bradford co. tion, etc. 118 pp. 11. 80. London and New Pennsylvania. 3 p. 1.40 col. aps, 4 p. fol. York, Cassell, Petter & Galpin, [ 1868]. New York, F. W. Beers, A. D. Ellis 4 G. G. Belgravia. A London [monthly] magazine. Soule, 1869. Conducted by M. E. Braddon. Nov. 1869, to Atlas-of Clinton co. New York. 6 p. 1. Feb. 1870. v. 10. 80. London, [Robson 8& 20 col. maps, 2 pl. fol. New York, F. W. sons, 1870]. Beers, A. D. Ellis & G. G. Soule, 1869. The same. March to Oct. 1870. SecAtlas of Chittenden co. Vermont. 2 p. 1. ond series, v. 1-2; [complete] series, v. 1121 col. maps, 4 pl. fol. VNew, York, F. IV. 12. 80. London, [Robson &, sons, 1870]. Beers, A. D. Ellis & G. G. Soule, 1869. Belgravia (The) annual. Edited by M. E. Atlas of Hampden co. Mass. from actual Braddon. 1870. 128 pp; 8 pl. 80. Lon. surveys, [etc.] 52 1. 40. New York, Beers, don, [Robson 4' sons, 1870]. Ellis 4c Soule, 1870. The same. 1871. 128 pp. 8 pl. 8~. Atlas of Stark co. Ohio, from actual sur- London, 1870. veys, [etc. ] 2 p. 1. 38 1. 40. New York, Belina-Swiontkowski (L.) Die transfusion F. W. Beers 4c co. 1870. des blutes in physiologischer und medicinAtlas of Windham co. Vermont. 6 p. 1. ischer beziehung. 2 p. 1. 156 pp. 21. 80. Hei31 col. maps, 4 pl. fol. New York, F. WI. delberg, 1869. Beers, A. D. Ellis 4' G. G. Soule, 1869. Bell (Charles). Facts relating to the early his-- Atlas of the city of Worcester, Worces- tory of Chester, N. H. from the settlement in ter county, Mass. from actual surveys, [etc. ] 1720, until the formation of the state consti331. 40. New York, F. W. Beers 4 co. 1870. tution in the year 1784. 8~. [Concord, Beethoven (Ludwig van). Collection com- (N. H.) 1863]. plete des symphonies pour orchestre. ldi- [In N:vw HAMIPSHIRE historical society. Collections, tion d6dide aux conservatoires de France et V. 7]. Bell (Luther V. n. d.) Dissertation [on the de Belgique. 9 v. in 10. 40. Paris, mime. question how far are the external means of re. Launer, [about 1850]? Beeton (S.O.) Beeton's guide book to the stock exploring the condition of the internal organs exchange and money market. With hints to to be considered useful and important in medinvestors, and the chances of speculators. 96 icalpractice]? 80. Boston, 836. [MASSACHUSETTS medical society. Library of pracpp. 160. London, Ward, Lock & Tyler, [1870]. tical medicine, v.7. pp. 9-80].

Page  32 32 BELL. BENEDICT. Bell (William, ph. d. ) Shakespeare's Puck, Bembo-continued. and his folkslore, illustrated from the super- Romam missi. 543 pp. 121. 160. Venetiis, stitions of all nations. 2 v. 2 p. 1.332 pp. G. Scott, 1552. s. pl; 1 p.. 344 pp. 1 p1, 120. London, au. Benedict (Henry H.) The coal dealer's thor, 1852. ready-reckoner. 166 1. 120. Nwo Haa;en, Bellak (James). A new method for the piano- Hoagson & Robinson, 1870. forte. [Gordon's enlarged ed.] 47 pp. 40. [CAXTON society]. New York, S. T. Gordon, 1869. Benedict xiv, pope. [Prospero Lambertini]. Bellamy (George Anne). An apology for the Epistola ad ministrum generalem ordinis life of George Anne Bellamy, late of Covent- minorum sancti Francisci de observantia, garden theatre. Written by herself. To which una culm decreto congregationis particularis is annexed her original letter to John Cal- coram sanctitate sua habitre die 5 Decemcraft, [etc]. 3d ed. 6 v. 120. London, bris, 1747, in causa ven. sor. Marire a Jesu author, 1785. de Agreda, prmesertim circa examen libri NIote.-Said to have been drawn up by Alexander nomine illius vulgati, cui titulus: Mystica Bickne:l. civitas Dei. 81. 40. Auguste Vindelicorum, Bellamy (Thomas Ludford, compiler). Lyric M. Veith, 1748. S. poetry of glees, madrigals, catches, rounds, [WjthBEAUMONT (Christophe de). De turbis Gallin canons, and duets. As performed in the no- modernis]. blemen and gentlemen's catch club, the glee Benedict (abbot of Peterborough). De vita et club, the melodists' club, the Adelphi glee miraculis s. Thomae cantuar. The life and club, and all vocal societies of the United miracles of saint Thomas [A Becket, archKingdom. 5 p. 1. 624 pp. 80. London, Bel- bishop] of Canterbury. Now first published lamny, 1840. from a Paris and Lambeth ms. By the Bellecour (Abbe Charles Maxime de)? The rev. dr. Giles. 2 p. 1.281 pp. 8~. London, academy of play; containing a full descrip- 1850. tion of, and the laws of play, now observed Benedict, (abbot at Aniene in Languedoc). in the several academies of Paris. 4 p. 1. 280 Codex regvlarum qvas sancti patres mopp. 120. London, F. Newbery, [about 1754]. nachis, et virginibus sanctimonialibus serBellegarrigue (A.) Les femmes d'Amdrique. uandas proescripsere. Lucas Holstenius in 96 pp. 180. Paris, Blanchard, 1833. tres partes digestum auctumque edidit. 4 Bellini (Vincenzo). La sonnambula; melo- v. in3. 40. Romae, V. Mascardus, 1661. dramma en due atti. La sonambula, CONTENTS. melodrama en dos actos. [anon. Italian and v. 1. Patrvm orientalivm regulne ad monachos. Spanish]. 61 pp. 160. Madrid, I Sancha, Antonii abbatis. Isaim abbatis. 1834. Patrvm Serapionis, Macarii, Paphnvtii et alterivs Macr'ii. [MISCELLANEOUS pamphlets. v. 348]. Patrum regula alia. The same. A semi-serious opera. Macarii, abbatis nitriensis. Pachomii, abbatis tabennensis. [Libretto, Italian and English]. 61 pp. 160. Eiusdem et Theodori epistol.e London, her majesty's theatre, 1847. Orsiesii doctrina monastica. Incerti regula orientalis. Norma. A tragic opera. [Libretto, Basilii episcopi caesareensis. Italian and English]. 72 pp. 160. London, v. 2. Benedicti abbatis casinensis. ItalianandEnglsh. pp.. London, Consensoria monachorvm incerti. her majesty's theatre, 1851. Pauli et Stephani abbatum. Caesarii arelatensis. Bellon, or Belon (Peter). The mock-duellist, Ferreoli vcetiensis. or, the French vallet. A comedy, [etc.] Colvinbani abbatis. MIonasterii tarnatensis. Written by P. B. gent. [anon.] 60pp. 40. Isidori hispalensis. Fructvosi bracarensis. London, WV. Crooke, 1675. Eivsdem regula commvnis. Bellows (Albert J. m. d.) The philosophy of Cvivsdam patris. Regvla magistri. eating. 6th ed. revised and enlarged. 426 pp. Grimlaici regvla solitariorvm. 12. New York, Hurd &8 Houghton,. 170. v. 3. Sanctorvm patrvm regvlae ad virgines. Augustini episc. hipponensis. Belsham (Rev. Thomas). The epistles of Caesarii arelatensis. Avreliani arelatensis. Paul, the apostle, translated, [etc.] 1822. Donati vesontiensis. [See BIBLE, English.] Cvivsdam patlris. Leanidri hispalensis. Bembo (Pietro). Epistolarvm Leonis decimi Aelfredi abbatis rievallensis. pontificis max. nomnine scriptarum libri v. 4. Appendix: Athanasii alexandrini liber de observationibus monachorum, et exhortatio sexdecim ad Pavlvm tertivm pont. max. ad sponsam Christi.

Page  33 33 BENEDICTUS. BERKLEY. Benedictus-con'tinued. Bentley's library of standard novels. v. 101, Basilii magni admonitio ad filium spiritualem. 107, 116. 160. London, R. Bentley, 1846-47. Evagrii monachi sententire ad monachos, et sententiae ad virgines. CONTENTS. Favsti lirinensis sermones iv ad monachos. Dog (The) fiend; or, Snarleyyow, by F. Marryat, v. Evcherii exhortatio ad monachos, curm ejus 107. sententiaadrmonachos, et admonitioadvirgines. Legends of the Rhine, by T. C. Grattan, v. 116. Cresarii epistolme duo ad Cresariam abbatissam, Marchioness (The) of Brinvilliers, by A. Smith, v. 101. curon ejus epistola hortatoria ad virginein Deo dedicatam. Benvenuto (-). I1 passaggiere, [ etc.] Novati sententia de humilitate et obedientia. Pavlini ad monachos de pcenitentia. Diuiso in due parti, [etc. or] The passenger, Eutropii abbatis epistola de districtione mo- [etc.] Iivided into two parts, containing nachorum. Sermones duo de decem virginibus. seauen exquisite dialogues in Italian and Bengel (Johann Albrecht). Defensio novi tes English, [etc.] 18 p. 1. 611 pp. 8 1. sm. tamenti greeci, Tubingve anno 1734 [a seipso] 40. London, J. Stepneth, 1612. edliti. 58 pp. 80. Luaduni Batavorum, C. Benzoni (Geronimo). De historie van de Wisholf, 1737. s. nieuwe weerelt, te weten, de beschrijvinghe --- Ordo temporvm a principio per periodos van West-Indien, [etc.] Wt het italiaens ceconomiae divinfe historicas atqve pro- overgheset in nederduyts, door Carel vander pheticas, ad finem vsqve ita dedvctvs vt tota Mauder Schilder. 10 p. 1. 404 pp. 18~. series et qvarvmvis partivmn analogia sem- iaerlerL, Paeschlir van Weshus, 1610. piternme virtvtis ac sapientime cvltoribvs ex pitern virtvtis ac sapienti cvltoribvs ox Berchtold (Leopold von). An essay to direct scriptvra v. et n. t. tanqvam vno revera and extend the inquiries of patriotic traveldoevmento proponatvr. Ed. 2~. Cvrante.docvmento proponatvr. Ed. 2a. 9Cvrante lers; with further observations on the means E. F. Hellwagio. x;, 378 pp. 19 1. 8~. E.F.HeliwaglSto.x 378pp. tr19rd 1. B.8s. of preserving the life, health, and property nStctgJardice, J. B. lezler, 177 0. S. of the unexperienced, in their journies by Benjamin (S. G. W.) The choice of Paris; a romance of the Trad. vpp. 11. 342 land and sea, [etc.] 2 v. 1 p. 1. xxviii, 526 a romance of the Troad. v pp. I 1. 342 pp. I pl; I p. 1. vi pp. I 11. ii, 283 pp. 12~. pp. 160. New York, Hurd. Houghton, London autor 1789. London, author, 1789. 1870. Tom Roper; a story of travel and ad- Berens (Archdeacon Edward). A memoir of venture. 243 pp. 9 pl. 16. Phliladelphia, the life of bishop Mant. 2 p. 1. 174 pp. 2pl. Daughalday 8' Becker, 1868. 120~. London, F. & J. Rivington, 1849. Bennett (James). The star of the west; be- Berg (Joseph F. d. d.) The open bible; or, the hand of God in the affairs of men. I1ing memoirs of the life of Risdon Darracott, minister of the gospel, at W'ellington, Somer- lustrating prophetically and historically the set, with extracts from his correspondence. great conflict between the gospel and its en 1st Amer. ed. 216 pp. 12~. Brookfield, emies. 430 pp. 5 pl. 8~. New York, J. W. (Mass.) E. and G. Merriam, 1829. Rlule c5 co. 1870. Bennett (T. H.) Chili and Peru in 1824. Bergens kathedralskole. Indbydelsesskrift [ano.] 5th ed. 80 pp. 8 Boston, 824 til den offentlige examen i Bergens kathe[anoni.] 5th ed. 80 pp. &~. Boston, 1824. dralskole, 1869. 94 pp. ] tab. 12~. BerBenoit (Fran9oise Albine Puzin de la Marti- dralskole, 1869. 94 pp. gren, Dahl's bogtrykkeri, 1869. s. nikre, madame). Les avantures du beau cor- Bergeret (L. F. E.) The preventive obstadonnier; ou, les amours d'Isidore, n6 marquis` ~, et delA, v du cle: or,conjugalonanism. The daugers and D " " ~ et de la vertueuse Agathe, veuve du D, * e dIavetuseAgthi, nconveniences to the individual, to the farnmarquis d'Olfonte, [etc.] 2 v. 174 pp; 158 iy, and to society, of fauds in the accompp. I p 160. La Franefor, Van ily, and to society, of frauds in the accomrpp. 1np. 1609. La laye ~ francfort, Van plishment of the generative functions. Duren, 17new edition of Aga et Isido9. re.Translated from the third French edition by Note. —A new edition of Agathe et Isidore. P. d Marmon,. d. 3 p. 1. 182 pp. 120. Benson (Egbert, 11. d.) Vindication of the New York, Turner Mignard, 1870. captors of major Andre. [anon.] 99 PP. Berjeau (J. Ph.) The homceopathic treat120. New York, Kirk & Mllercein, 1817. ment of syphilis, gonorrhoea, spermatorrhoea, Bentham (Jeremy). Analysis of the influ- and urinary diseases. Revised, with addience of natural religion on the temporal hap- tions by J. H. P. Frost, m. d. 256 pp. 120. piness of mankind. By Philip Beauchamp. Philadelphia, A. J. Tafel, 1870. [pseudon.] viii, 140 pp. 8~. London, R. Berkley(Cora). [pseudon.] TheBeauforts; Carlisle, 1822. a story of the Alleghanies. By Cora Berk5

Page  34 34 BERKLEY. BETTER. Berkley-continued. Bertel or Bertels (Jean). IHistoria lvxembvrley. [pseudon.] 170 pp. 18~. Philadelphia, gensis, seu commentarivs qvo dvcvmlvxemP. F. Cunningham, 1866. bvrgensivm ortvs, progressvs, ac res gestme Berlin (Koniglicheslandwirthschaftliches mu- continvata serie ab ipso primario initiatore, seum zu). Allgemeiner katalog, [etc.] Von vsqve ad proesentem archidvcemn Albertvm dr. L. Wittmack, [etc.] 1 p. 1. 128 pp. 2 pl. accurate describuntur, [etc.] 8 p. ]. 219 pp. 80. Berlin, Wiegandt &, Hempel, 1869. s. 9 1. sm. 40~. Colonice, C. Butgen, 1605. s. (Royal library in). Index librorum aq Bertha Allston; or, the good step-mother. 84 celebranda sacra smecularia reformationis ec- New York, American tract pp.2 pl. 18~. Newo York, American tract clesiasticme tertia, 1817-19, cum in Germania society, [ 1866 ]. tum extra Germaniam vulgatorum, quos bibli-ie Der zollw'Berthet (/lie). Der zollwachter. Eine erotheca regia berolinensis ad hunc usque diem nt...~~~~ zahlung nach dem Franzosischen frei bearbeicomparavit. [Auctore Friderico Wilken]. xii, 68 pp. 8~. Berolini 1821. s. tet von H. von Veltheim. ] p. 1. 181 pp. 8~ xii, 68 pp. 80. Berolini, 1821. S. St. Louis, (Mo.) F. Saler, 1861. Bernard (Mountague). A historical account, ( of the neutrality of Great Britain during the Berthoud (Samuel Henri). Chroniques et American civil war. xv, 511 pp. 80. Lon- traditions surnaturelles dela Flandre. 2 p. 1. don, Longmans, Green, Reader S& Dyer, 1870. 395 pp. 1 1. 12~. Paris, lWerdet, 1831. Bernard de Morlaix. The celestial country. Bertin (Rene Joseph Fran9ois Ilyacinthe). From the rhythm of St. Bernard. Trans- Traite des maladies du coenr et des gros vaislated by rev. J. M. Neale, d. d. 20 pp. 16C. seaux. Redige par J. Bouillaud. xlviij, 464 Boston, E. P. Dutton 8 co. 1868. pp. 6 pl. 80. Paris, J. B. Baillzere, 1824. Bsrnardinus, beatus. See Albizeschi (Ber- Bertoldo con Bertoldino e Cacasenno. In otnardino de'). tava rima, aggiuntavi una traduzione in linBernardo, trevisano. Traicte de la natvre de gua bolognese. Con alcune anotazioni nel l'cevfdesphilosophes. 64 pp. 160. Paris, 1659. fine. [polyon.] 5aed. 20 pl. 180. Berlays (Adolph). Compendious Germal Bologna, Lelio dalla Volpe, 1741. grammar, with a dictionary of prefixes and _Note. Not less than 20 authors contributed to prosuffixes, and with alterations, additions, and duce this work, along whom are tle two Zanlltti, Baruffaldi, Zalnpieri, and others. rhe engravings references to an introduction to the study of are by J. M. Crespi, known as lo Spagnuolo. the German language. 11 pp. 8~. Phila- Besant (Walter). Studies in early French podelphia, G. WI. Mentz and son, 1834. etry. vi, 319 pl. 120. London and Carn [With MENTZ (G. W.) New English-German die- bridge, Macmillan - co. 1868. tionary, etc.] Berquin (Arnaud). L'ami des enfants et des Besold (Christoph). Historima urbis et regni adolescents. Nouvelle dd. 2 v. 372 pp; hierosolimitani, regum item siculorum et ne384 pp. 80. Paris, Didier, 1851. apolitanorum, ad quos illius regni titulus perRecueil dramatique; ou, choix de venit, series acres gesttc, [etc.] 5 p. 1. 1294 petites pieces de theatre, prises de Berduin; pp. 20 1. 18~. Argentince, haered. L, Zttzavec une liste alphab6tique des idiotismes neri, 1636. s. qui s'y trouvent. Par A. N. Girault. 330 Bessie and her little brothers. A story for litpp. 18~. Philadelphia, H. Perkins, 1838. tle children. 123 pp. I pl. 180. Boston, Berquin-Duvallon (-). Vue'de la co- Massachusetts sabbath.-school society, 1866. lonie espagnole du Mississipi, ou des prov- Bethune (A. N. d. d.) Lectures upon historinces de Louisiane et Floride occident- ical portions of the old testament. 213 pp. ale, en l'annee 1802. Par un observateur 16~. New York, T. N. Stanford, 1857 resident surles lieux, [etc.] 2e 6d. 318 pp. Betta (Edoardo de). Malacologia terrestre e 51. 2 maps. 8%. Paris, Brochat &cie. ] 804. fluviatile dellavalle di Non, nelTirolo italiano. Berry (Mrs. Martha E.) The band of six; or, Parte i. Molluschi terrestri. I p. 1. 144 pp. a hundred dollars. 368 pp. 5 pl. 16~. I1 col. pl. 8~. Verona, a sypese dell' autore, New York, American tract society, 1869. 1852. s. - Carolina, the hotel keeper's daughter. Better advertising; a refutation of several 297 pp. 3pl. 16~. Boston, W[arren & Blakes- false standards, and a statement of some lee, 1869. principles and rules of economical and effecThe hard knot. 264 pp. 2 pl. 18~. tive newspaper advertising. [anon.] 44 pp. Boston, American tract society, 1867. 18~. New York, J. Sabin & sons, 1870.

Page  35 35 BEVAN. BhZE. Bevan (W. L.) Ancient geography. 8$. Beverley-continued. London, 1859. and brief view from the first to the last sab[IIn MANUAL (A) of geographical sciences, v. 2, pp. batism, [etc. ] I p.]. 202 pp. 1 table. 2 v. in 1. 40. [London], author, 1687. Beverland (Adriaari). Vox Allardi Uchtman- _ _ A scripture-line of time, drawn in brief ni, clamantis in deserto ad doctissimum from the lapsed creation, to the restitution of juvenem Hadrianum Beverlandum, jurisperi- all things, [etc.] 5 p. 1. 94, 190 pp. 1 1. tum. [pseudlon.] 62 pp. 11. 18. Mcdio- 40. [London], 1684. burgi, 7'. de la Maire, [about 1850]. [With his Scripture-line of time]. [Imperfect: pp. 15-16 wantingl. A sermon upon Revel. 11. II1, etc. sumBeverley (Robert). Histoire de la Virginie, mnoning the expectation of the witnesses contenant l'histoire de son etablissement, de rising; and of the great concurrent works son gouvernement d'a pr6sent, [etc.] Par daily shewing forth themselves and to be comD. S. natif et habitant du pays. Traduit de pleat by 1697, [etc.] I p. 1. 14 pp. 4~. i'Anglais. [anon.] 3 p.1. 443 pp. 71. 15 pl. London, J. Silusbury, 1692. 1 tab. 160. Amsterdam, C. Jordan, 1712. [W'ith his Scripture-line of time]. Beverley(Thomas). Anappealmosthumble, The universal hristian doctrine of the yet most earnestly by the coming of our day of judgment: applied to the doctrine of lord Jesus Christ, [etc.] Of the thou sa nd years' kingdom of Christ. years' state of the saints, [etc.] 1 p.i. 2, (Herein guided by mr. Baxter's reply), [etc.] 12 pp. 40~. London, J. Salusbury, 1691. p. 1. 6 pp.. 4 London, 1691. [ With his Scripture-line of time. With his Scripture-line of time].'he command of God to his people to Bevilacqua (Candido). Rendiconto statistico-clinico dei cholerosi curati nel lazzaretto come out of Babylon, Revel. 18.4, demonstrated to mean the coming out of the present esistente presso l'arcispedale di santo spirito papal;Rome, with a most earnest perswa- in Sassia dal 26 luglio a tutto il 23 decembre 1855. xvi, 167pp. 40. Romnia, G. Menisive to all to come out who are in it, [etc.] canti, 1856. S. 4 p. 1.40 pp. 4~. [London], 1688. [ pWith h4s Scripture-iine of time]. Bew (John). Ambulator; or, a pocket comAn exposition of the divine standard of panion in a tour round London, within the prayer, styl'd the Lord's prayer, [etc.] 4 p. circuit of twenty-five miles; describing 1. 68 pp. 40. London, IW. Marshal, and J. whatever is most remarkable for antiquity, Salusbury, 1693. grandeur, elegance, or rural beauty, [etc.] W[ ith his Scripture-line of time]. 6th ed. corrected and improved by R. Lobb. The kingdom of Jesus Christ entering 6 p. 1. 308 pp. 1 map. 160. London, Jane its succession at 1697. According to a cal- Bew, 1793. endar of time, drawn by the four monarchies, Bewick (Thomas) and Beilby (Ralph). A [etc.] 8 p. 1. 66 pp. 2 1. 40. [London], general history of quadrupeds. The figures 1689. engraved on wood by Thomas Bewick. 5th [With his Scripture-line of time]. ed. x, 525 pp. 80. Newcastle upon Tyne, - The pattern of the divine temple, sanc- T. Bewick 4 S. Hodgson, 1807. tuary, and the city of the New Jerusalem; Beyle (Henri). Memoires d'un touriste. Par measured according to Ezekiel's last and l'auteur de Rouge et noir. [anon.] 2 v. greatest vision, chap. 40 to the end, [etc.] 2 p.1. 370 pp; 2 p. 1. 304 pp. 18~. Bruxelles, 5 p.1.24 pp. 4~. [London], J. Salusbury, Societ6 belge de librairie, 1838. 1690. Beyschlag (Daniel Eberhardt). Beitrage zur [With his Scripture-line of time]. kunstgeschichte der reichsstadt Nordlingen. A scheme of prophecy now to be ful- 4 v. in 1. 16~. Nirdlingen, C. G. Beck, filled; beginning this present year, 1691; 1798. s. and so to be carried on to the succession of Beytrag zur rotwellischen grammatik; oder, the kingdom of Christ, 1697. Assuring the worterbuch von der zigeuner-sprache, nebst success of the king's present expedition, einem schreiben eines zigeuners an seine [etc.] 4 pp. 1 table. 40. [London, 1691]. frau, [etc. anon.] 39 pp. 16~. Frank[ With his Scripture-line of time]. furt & Leipzig, 1755. S. The first part of the scripture-line of Beze (Th6odore de). De haereticis a ciuili time, presenting its several joynts in a clear magistratu puniendis libellus, aduersus Mar

Page  36 36, BE ZE. BIBLE. Bbze-continued. Bible (English)-continued. tini Bellii farraginem, et nouorum academi- tion of all the books of the old and new tescorum sectam. 271 pp. 80. [Geneve], R. tament; with notes critical and explanatory. Stephanus, 1554. By Anthony Purver. 2 v. in 1. I p. 1. xxxviii, ~ Tractatio de repvdiis et divortiis; in 745 pp; I p. 1. viii, 334, 339 pp. fol. Lonqva pleraeqve de cavsis matrimonialibvs don, I['. Richardson 4' S. Clark, etc. 1764. (quas vocant) incidentes controuersie ex -- The same. Translated out of the origiverbo Dei deciduntur. Additur iuris citilis nal tongues. 551 1. 4~. Oxford, T. Wright Romanorum, et veterum his de rebus cano- 4 W. Gill, 1769. num examen, ad eiusdem verbi Dei, et oequi- The same. 594 1. 40. Cambridge, J. tatis normam. 376 pp. 81. 18~. Genemce, Archdeacon & J. Burges, 1796. Io. Crispinvs, 1569. The same. The illuminated bible, con_____- Tractatio de polygamia, in qva et Ochi- taining the old and new testaments; also, ni apostatm pro polygamia, et montanis- the apocrypha. 2 v. 1288 pp. 2 pl. fol. tarum et aliorum aduersus repetitas nuptias New York, Harpers, 1846. argumenta refutantur; addito veterum cano- - The same. Selections. Select lessons num et quarundam ciuilium legum ad nor- from the holy scriptures, adapted to responmamin verbi diuini examine. 334 pp. 18~. sive reading in sunday-schools. By Hiram Generac, lo. Crispinvs, 1571. Mattison, d. d. 216pp. 160. Philadelphia, [ With his Tractatio de repudiis et divortiis]. Perkinpine & Higgins, 1866. Bible (Polyglott, New testament). Novum tes- The same. The bible story told tameutvm, syriace, ebraice, groece, latine, ger- for children; from the time of Abraham to the manice, bohemice, italice, hispanice, gallice, time of Christ. By a teacher. [anon.] anglice, danice, polonice. Studio et labore Edited by E. Y.L. 100 pp. 180. Boston, Elime Hvtterj. 6 p. 1. 1431 pp. fol. Nori- Wlalker, Fuller 4S co. 1866. bergve, 1599. The same. Manual of bible seThe same. (Armenian). Bible, trans- lections and responsive exercises for public lated into Armenian in the fourth century. and private schools of all grades, [etc.] and 1 front. 2 p. 1. 1224 pp. 25 pl. 4~. Venice, family worship. By mrs. S. B. Perry. xi, Mechitarist Armenian congregation, 1860.. 259 pp. 16C. Boston, Lee 4 Shepard, 1871. The same. (Dutch). Den bibel, in- The same. Words of comfort houdende dat oude ende nieuwe testament. and consolation. I p. 1. 32 pp. 32~. Phila24 p. 1. 516, 31. sm. 40. [Emden], ghedruckt delphia, 1870. by Lenaert der kinderen, 1563. ~ The same. Genesis. Joseph, the He--- The same. (English). The byble, brew prince of Egypt. In bible language. that is to saye, all the holye scripture; in 81 pp. 9pl. 80~. Philadelphia, presbyterian whiche are contayned the olde and new tes- publication committee, L1859]? tament, truly and purely translated into ~ The same. Commentaries on the first Englishe, and now lately with great industry book of Moses, called Genesis. By John and diligence recognysed [by Thomas Ma- Calvin. Translated from the original Latin, thew, (i. e. John Rogers,) Miles Coverdale, and compared with the French ed. by rev. and William Tyndale]. b. 1. 5 parts. 2 v. in 1. J. King. 2 v. 584 pp; 523 pp. 80. Edin20 p. i. c, xcii 1; clv 1; cxc 1; cii 1; cxlviii 1. burgh, Calvin translation society, 1817-50. fol. London, T. Petyt, and N. Hyll, 1551. The same. Commentaries on the four -- The same. A concordace, that is to last books of Moses, arranged in the form of sale, a worke wherein by the ordre of the let- a harmony. By John Calvin. Translated ters of the ABC ye maie redely finde any from the original Latin, and compared with worde conteigned in the whole bible, so often the Fiench edition; with annotations, etc. as it is there expressed or mencioned. [By by rev. C. W. Bingham. 4 v. 80. EdinJhon Marbek]. b. 1. 5 p. 1. 4021. 1 pl. fol. burgh, Calvin translation society, 1852-55. London, R. Gra(fton, 1550. The same. Numbers. Annotations up-- The same. 5 p. 1. 642, 151 pp; 1 p. 1. on the fourth book of Moses, called Numbers: 202 pp. 4 pl. fol. Cambridge, 7. Buck and wherein by conference of the scriptures, by R. Daniel, 1638. comparing the Greek and Chaldee versions, -- The same. A new and literal transla- and testimonies of Hebrew writers, the laws

Page  37 37 BIBLE. BIBLE. Bible (English)-continued. Bible (English) — contin ued. and ordinances given of old unto Israel in for the easier understanding of it. By Henry this book are explained. By Henry Ains- Ainsworth. 46 1. sm. 40~. [London], 1642. worth. 1561. sm. 40. [London], 1619. Thesame. Isaiah. Commentaryonthe The sarne. Deuteronomy. Annotations book of the prophet Isaiah. By John Calvin. upon the fifth book of Moses called Devteron- Translated from the original Latin, by the omie, [etc.] By Henry Ainsworth. 146 1. rev. W. Pringle. 4 v. 80. Edinburgh, Calsm. 4~. [London], 1619. vin translation society, 1850-54. With the preceding]. - The same. Jeremiah. Commentaries on The same. Commentaries on the book the book of the prophet Jeremiah, and the of Joshua. By John Calvin. Translated Lamentations. By John Calvin. Translated from the original Latin, and collated with from the Latin, and edited by the rev. J.Owen. the French edition by H. Beveridge. Prof. 5v. 80. Edinburgh, Calvin translation soTholuck's dissertation, and opinions and tes- ciety, 1851-55. timonies of foreign and British divines as to The same. Ezekiel. Commentaries on the value and importance of Calvin's writings. the first twenty chapters of the book of the 500 pp. 8~. Edinburgh, Calvin translation prophet Ezekiel. By John Calvin. Now first society, 1854. translated from the original Latin, and colThe same. Psalms. Annotations up- lated with the French version, by T. Myers. on the book of Psalmes, wherein the Hebrew 2 v. 415 pp. 8~. Edinburgh, Calvin transwords and sentences are compared with, and lation society, 1849-50. explained by the ancient Greek and Chaldee - The same. Daniel. Remarks on the versions; but chiefly by conference with the book of Daniel, and on the revelations, [etc.] holy scriptures. By Henry Ainsworth. 2d [anon.] 1 p. 1.503 pp. 2 1. 8~. New York, ed. 1481. sm. 40. [London], 1617. Greenleaf, 1794. [ With Ainsworth's notes on Numbers, etc.] -- The same. Commentaries on the book The same. Commentary on the book of the prophet Daniel. By John Calvin. of Psalms. By John Calvin. Translated Now first translated from the original Latin, from the original Latin, and collaped with and collated with the French version, with the author's French version by the rev. James dissertations, new translations of the text, Anderson. 5 v. 80. Edinburgh, Calvin and copious indices. By T. Myers. 2 v. 479 translation society, 1845-49. pp. 1 portrait; 519 pp. 80. Edinburgh, CalThe same. The Psalter, pointed for vin translation society, 1852-53. singing, and set to music, according to the Thesame. Minor prophets. Commentause of Trinity parish, New York. iv, 449 pp. ries on the Twelve minor prophets. By John 16~. New York, Pott 4 Arnery, 1870. Calvin. Now first translated from the original Psalms, songs, prayers, proverbs, Latin by the rev. J. Owen. 5 v. 80. Edinprophecies. The fifth or senior year of the burgh. Calvin translation society, 1846-49. graduated sunday-school text-books. By CONTENTS. Charles E. Knox. 212 pp. 16~. New York, v. 1. Hosea. v. 3. Jonah, Micah, NaA. D. F. Randolph, 1868. v. 2. Joel, Amos, Oba- hum. diah. v. 4. Habakkuk. The same. Proverbs. The proverbs of v. 5. Zechariah, Malachi. Solomon illustrated by historical parallels, -— The same. New Testament. The new from drawings by John Gilbert, and prefaced testament of our lord and saviour Jesus by introductory remarks. xxii pp. 1 1. 88 pp. Christ; published in 1526. Being the first 20 pl. 80. London, J. Nisbet & co, 1858. translation from the Greek into English, by The same. Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and William Tyndale. Reprinted verbatim; with the Song of Solomon. with notes, critical, ex- a memoir of his life and writings, by George planatory, and practical, designed for both Offor, [etc.] 2 p. 1. 98 pp. ccxxi, 11. 1 porpastors and people. By Henry Cowles, d. d. trait. 120. London, S. Bagster, 1836. I p. 1. 363 pp. 120. New York, D. Appleton The same. The new testament; trans4 co. 1870. lated out of the original Greek. 254 pp. 120. The same. Song of Solomon. Solo- 7Vew York, Americanbiblesociety, 1818. mon's Song of songs in English metre; with - The same. The authorised English verannotations and references to other scriptures, sion; with an introduction, and various

Page  38 38 BIBLE. BIBLE. Bible (English )-continued. Bible (English)-continued. readings from the three most celebrated man- sabbath-schools, families, and ministers. By uscripts of the original Greek text. By Con- Nathaniel Marshman WVilliams. 332 pp. stantine Tischendorf. xvi, 414 pp. 11. 160. 120. Boston, Gouldl, Lincoln, 1870. Leipzig, B. Tauchnitz, 1869. -- The same. Notes on the gospel of The same. Translated from the origi- Matthew; explanatory and practical. By nal Greek. By doctors George Campbell, rev. George W. Clark. A popular commenJames Macknight, and Philip Doddridge. tary upon a critical basis, especially designed With prefaces, various emendations, and for pastors and sunday-schools. 420 pp. an appendix, by Alexander Campbell. 1st 12~. New York, Sheldon &d co. 1870. stereotyped ed. 452 pp; 85 pp. 80~. Cin- _- The same. Question-book to Whedon's cinnati, Franklin,a Rice, 1870. commentary on Matthew and Mark. 238 pp. The same. Gospels. The four gospels 180. New York, Carlton 4' Porter, 1866. combined; or, the life of our lord and The same. Acts. Notes, explanatory and saviour, Jesus Christ, as narrated by the four practical, on the acts of the apostles. By evangelists; being a chronological arrange- Albert Barnes. Revised ed. 418 pp. I map. 1ment, [etc.] xiv, 355 pp. 1 1. I map. 16~. 12'. Newn York, Harper & brothers, 1870. London, Simpkin, Marshall &- co. [etc.] 1850. - The same. Epistles of Paul. The The same. Notes, explanatory and epistles of Paul translated, with an exposipractical, on the gospels; designed for sun- tion, and notes, by the rev. Thomas Belsham. day-school teachers and bible-classes. By 4 v. 80. London, R. Hunter, 1822. Albert Barnes. 2 v. 456 pp. 11 pl. 2 maps; The same. A commentary. By Lu432 pp. 7 pl. 120. New York, Harper 4'a cius R. Paige. From the epistle to the Galabrothers, 1868. tians to the epistle of Jude. 405 pp. 120~. The same. A new harmony of the four Boston, universalist publishing house, 1870. gospels in English, according to the common Note.-v. 6, of Paige's commentary on the new tesversion. Arranged with explanatory notes, tament. sketch of prominent harmonies, and valuable - The same. Romans. Hexapla; a sixtables. By rev. George W. Clark. With an fold commentarie vpon the most diuine epistle introduction,by T. J. Conant, d. d. xxxvi, 24 of the holy apostle s. Pavl to the Romanes, to 365 pp. 12~. New York, S. WI. Green, 1870. [etc.] Wherein are handled the greatest The same. Selections. Lessons for points of christian religion, [etc.] Divided every sunday in the year. (Number one). into two bookes, [etc. By A. Willet]. 3 p. 1. Four gospels and acts. 112 pp. 18~. New 746pp. 111. fol [London], L. Greene, 1611. York, Carlton & Porter, 1865. The same. Commentary on ~ —- ~Thesame. (Number four). From Paul's epistle to the Romans. With an introElijah to Christ. 112 pp. 18~. New York, duction on the life, times, writings, and charCarlton &, Porter, 1865. acter of Paul. By Wm. S. Plumer, d. d. 646 The same. Sermons and ad- pp. 8o. New York, A. D. F. Randolph 4 co. dresses of our saviour. The fourth year 1870. of the graduated sunday-school text-books. - The same. Galatians. [1]. The By Charles E. Knox. 188 pp. 16~. New epistle of Paul to the Galatians. By Otto York, A. D. F. Randolph, 1866. Schmoller. Translated from the German, by The same. The last days of our C. C. Starbuck. Edited, with additions, by saviour. The life of our lord, from the supper M. B. Riddle, d. d. I p. 1. 161 pp. 8c. in Bethany to his ascension into heaven, in New York, Scribner, 1870. chronological order, and in the words of the The same. Ephesians. [2]. The evangelists. For passion week. Arranged epistle of Paul to the Ephesians. By by Charles D. Cooper, [etc. ] 05 pp. 16~. Karl Braune, d. d. Translated from the GerPhiladelphia, J. B. Lippincott & co. 1867. man, with additions, by M. B. Riddle, d. d. I ----— The same. Matthew. In the common p. 1. 235 pp. 80. New York, Scribner, 1870. version, conformed to Griesbach's standard [ With the preceding]. Greelik text. 1 p. 1. xxviii pp. 2 1. 80. Bos- The same. Philippians. [3]. The ton, N. Hale, 1827. epistle of Paul to the Philippians. By ------- The same. With notes; intended for Karl Braune, d. d. Translated from the Ger

Page  39 39 BIBLE. BIBLE. Bible (Enlish)-continued. Bible (Gernman)-continued. man, with additions, by Horatio B. Hackett, setzung d. Martin Luthers; nebst einem and. d. 76 pp. 8~. Netw York, Scribner,1870. hang des dritten und vierten buchs Esra, und [ lWith the preceding]. des dritten buchs der Maccabaer. 3e auflage. The same. Colossialns. [4]. The 2 v. in 1. p. 1.992 pp; 278 pp.l 1. 40. epistle of Paul to the Colossians. By Karl Germantown, [Pa.] C. Saur, 1776. Braune, d. d. Translated from the German, The same. Selections. Die biblische with additions, by M. B. Riddle, d. d. I p.. geschichte des alten und neuen testaments. 88 pp. 8G. New York, Scribner, 1870. Fiir die katholischen volksschulen der Verei[ Vith the precedingl. nigten Staaten Nordamerika's bearbeitet Von Note.-The last four titles belong to v. 7 of Lange's commentary on the whole bible. einem priester der di6zese Base]. [anon.] The same. Thessalonians. An expo- 235 pp. 2 pl. 120. Nwo York [C] Cincinsition vpon the two epistles of the apostle nati, Benziaer brothers, 1835. sainct Paul to the Thessalonians, by [Iohn] The same. Pentateuch. Commentar Iewel, late byshop of Sarisbvrie. 2 p. 1. 424 fiber den pentateuch von Johann Severin pp. 18~. London, R. Newberie, 158:3. Vater. Mit einleitungen zu den einzelnen The same. Revelation. Notes on the abschnitten, der eingeschalteten iibersctzung apocalypse; with an appendix, containing von dr. Alexander Geddes's merkwiirdigeren dissertations on some of the apocalyptic sym- critischen und exegetisehen anmerkungen, bols, with animadversions on the interpreta- und einer abhandlung iiber Moses und die tions of several among the most learned and verfasser des pentateuchs. 3 v. in 2. 8~. approved expositors of Britain and America. Halle, waisenhaus-buchhandlunrg, 1802-05. By David Steele, sr. 323 pp. 16~. Plhila- - The same. Psalms. Der psalter des delphia, Younng & Ferguson, 1870. kouigs und propheten Davids, verteutscht ---'The same. (French). La sainctebible, von d. Martin Luthern, [etc.] 219pp. 21 i. en francoys, translatee selon la pure et en- Lancaster, J. Bar, 1834. tiere traduction de sainct Hierome, conferee ~ The same. New testament. Die schriften et entierement reuisitee, selon les plus anciens des neuen testaments. Neu iibersetzt von et plus correctz exemplaires, [etc. par Jac- J. C. W. Augusti und W. M. L de Wette. ques Lefgvre d'IEtaples]. 2 v. in 1. 19 p.1. vi, 701 pp. 1 pl. 8~. Heidelberg, Mohr & Zimcccciv 1; 8 p. 1. xcix 1. fol. Anuers, Martin nler, 1814. Lempereur, 1530. ~ The same. Galatians and Ephesians. The same. Le nouveau testament en Vorlesungen iiber die briefe Pauli an die Francois, [par Pasquier Quesnel], avec des Galater und Epheser von Johann Friedrich reflexions morales sur chaque verset, pour von Flatt. Nach seinem tode herausgegeben en rendre la lecture plus utile, et la m6ditation von seinem neffen, C. F. Kling. 3 p. 1. 602 plus aisee. Nouvelle ed. [corrigee par l'au- pp. 8~. TiZbinlgen, L. T. Fues, 1828. teur]. 8 v. 160. Amnsterdam, J. Nicolai, - The same. (Greek). Psalms. Psal1727-28. terium groecum e codice nms. alexandrino, [Imperfect: wanting v. 3 and 8]. qui Londini in bibliotheca musei britannici The same. Paraphrase et exposition asservatur, typis ad similitudinem ipsius cosvr les epistres de Saint Pavl. Par Pierre de dicis scripturie fideliter descriptum. Cura et Lavnay. 2 v. 4 p. 1. 712 pp. 18 1; 4 p. 1. 696 labore Henrici Herveii Baber. xii pp. 30 1. pp. l 1. 4~. Charenton, L. Vendosme, 1650. 18 pp. fol. Londini, R. Taylor &,socii, 1812. The same. (Frech and English). Le ~ The same. Daniel. Daniel secundumn nouveau testament; c'est-h-dire, la nouvelle septuaginta ex tetraplis Origenis. Ex chisialliance de nostre seigneur J6sus Christ. ano codice Romm primum, deinde Gottinge, Imprim6 sur la derniere traduction. The nune denuo editus. Animadversiones et new testament of our lord and saviour prrefationem adiecit Carolus Segaar. xiv, Jesus Christ. With the former translation 115, 94 pp. 31. 8~. Trajectiad Rhenum, vidua diligently revised. 1 p. 1. 580 pp. 16~. I. L a Poolsuin, 1775. Amsterdam, de weduwe van S. Swart, 1700. The same. Newl testament. Novvm The same. (German). Biblia, das ist testamentvm groecvm cum vulgata interpredie ganze g6ttliche heilige schrift alten und tatione latina grreci contextus lineis inserta; neuen testaments, nach der deutschen tiber- quie cum a grecarum dictionurn proprietate

Page  40 40 BIBLE. BIBLE. Bible (Greek )-continued. Bible (Hebrew)-continued. discedit, in margine libri est collocata; atque quos ecclesia orthodoxa, HIebrfeorum canoalia B. A. Montani opera e verbo reddita, in nem secuta, inter apocryphos recenset; cum eius est substituta locum. 186 pp. fol. interlineari interpretatione latina ex bibliis Antverpite, ex officina C. Plantini, 1584. complutensibus petita. 5 v. in 1. 10 p. 1. [With BIBLE, Hebrew, 1584]. 882 pp. fol. Antverpiae, ex officina C. PlanThe same. H scatv dtarlrtcy. Novum tini, 1584. testamentum, una cum scholiis grmecis, e The same. Bibliahebraica accentuata; grZecis scriptoribus desumptis, [etc.] Opera sive, codicis hebrcei, accentuum radiis collusac studio Joannis Gregorii. 3p. 1. 344 pp. trati, ultra bis mille specimina, quibus vexafol. Oxonii, T. Bennet, 1703. tissimaloca, reliqua hermenevsi non neglecta, - The same. Novum testamentum graece, nodis solvuntur, proemissis iv dissertationibus [etc. ] Textum ad fidem testium criticorum in hanc rem, cum accentuationis utriusque recensuit, lectionum familias subjecit, e gr.e- tabula. etc.] Operaetcuris G.C.Dacbselii. cis codicibus manuscriptis fere omnibus, e Accedit pr.efatio S.Deylingli. 2v. 13p.. versionibus antiquis, sanctis patribus, etc. 992 pp. 1 pl; 656 pp. 20 1. 40. Lipsite, J. copias criticas addidit, atque conditionem S. Heinsius, 1729. horum testium historiamque textus fusius _The same. Psalms. Psalmiquindecim exposuit, dr. I. M. A. Scholz. 2 v. iii p. 1. hammaloth, philoloice et critice illustrati; clxxi, 495 pp; 4 p. 1. 469 pp. 1 1. 40. a Teodoro Adriano Clarisse. 4 p. 1. 156 pp. Lipsite, F. Fleischer, 1830-36. 8~. Lugduni Batavorum, H. T. Hazenlberg, The same. A critical Greek and 1819. English concordance of the new testament. The same. 5 p. 1. 164 pp. 80. Lugduni, Prepared by Charles F. Hudson; revised by Batavorum, H. W. Hazenberg, 1819. Ezra Abbot. xxii, 570 pp. 160. Boston, The same. (Italian). Neo testament. script. tract dep. 1870. Il nvovo testamento del signor nostro Jesv - The same. (Greek, Latin, and Ger- Christo. Tradotto da Giovanni Diodati. 1 man). Biblia sacra, groece, latine et ger- p.l.661 pp. 240. n.p. 1608. manice. Opera Davidis Wolderi. 4 v. fol. The same. (Latin). Biblia. [InterHamburgi, Jacobus Lucius, junior, 1596. pretationi vulgate latinw suam versionem Note.-In this triglott the Greek text is taken from addidit Robertus Stephanusa. 2 v I the Antwerppolyglott; the latin versions are those addidit Robertus Stephanus]. 2 v. 12 p. 1. of Jerome and Pagninus; the German is Luther's, 508 1; 292 1. sm. 40. Lvtetiae, ez officina R. of 1545. The same. (Greek and Romaic. ) H Stephani, 1545. Icaevy etaO7ia -roy svpeov /jteov Ileov Xp17rov ~ Thesame. Biblia. Interprete Sebastiano,.oo77 VTt) TCastalione. Una cum eivsdem annotationidtLyOTOrC, ev p avrZT'poaOn'O f rote Oetov'poroTvW'ov Sat 7I, aa,7tapaT20.2a 7ed eg ct0vo e c,'2W7 bus. Totum opus recognouit ipse, et adiecit &7aerov at rl 7a tcapa troai/C( dS C 8KtVOV Cvt Maov'71r ex Flauio Josepho historiae supplementuln ab roy KuXEIC720eVwodta ov IzatcaptTOOV Kvptov Esdroe temporibus usque ad Machaboeos, erv~'OV aev. 2~tOV V v. oiv 11tpa.pave; a31 1.a er7vwrcoev. 2 v. in 1. 12 p. 1. 452 1 3141. i itemque A Machaboeis usque ad Christvm. pag.2 l.unp. 4~. [Gene va], 1638. [etc]. 6 p.1. 872 pp.24 1. fol. Basilea, J. Thesame. (Greenlandish). Testamente Oporinus, 1556. a.G The same. [Biblia cum concordantiis nutak, eller det nye testamente, oversat i detum concordantis Gronlandske sprog, met forklaringer, paral- veteris nt novi testmenti et sacrorum caleler og udfirlige summarier, af Paul Egede. nonum; nec non et additionibus in mapgini12p.1. 1000 pp.41. 12~. Kiobenrhavn, trykt bus varietatis diversorum textuum; per Jopaa missionens bekostning, 1766. annem de Gradibus, etc.] xix, cccxvij, 24 1. The same. (Hebrewl). [Bibliahebraica]. fol. Lugduni, J. Sacon, 1318. 1022pp. 40. [Antwerpive,Plantinus, 1580- [Imperfect]. 82].' The same. Biblia sacra. Ad optima The same. Biblia hebraica. Eorundem quaeque veteris, vt vocant, tralationis exemlatina interpretatio Xantis Pagnini lvcensis. p laria summa diligentia pariquefidecastigata. Recenter Benedicti Arite Montani hispal. et [etc.] 6 p. 1.660 pp. 54 1. fol. Lvgdvni, I. quorundair. aliorum collato studio, ad hebrai- Torncesius, 1569. cam dictionem diligentissime expensa. Ac- - The same. Biblia sacra vvlgatee edicesserunt et huic editioni libri greece scripti, tionis Sixti v. pont. max. ivssv recognita

Page  41 BIBLE. BIBLIOTHECA. Bible (Latin)-continued. Bible communism, 1853. See Oneida assoatque edita, cvm expositionibvs priscorvmn ciation. patrvm, litteralibvs et mysticis ipsorum ver- Bible (The) in the public schools. Arguments bis fideliter prolatis. Adjecta sunt et scholia in the case of John D. Minor et als. versus (maioris lucis causa) potissimum iis locis, the board of education of the city of Cincinquibus hberetici abutuntur. Collectore et nati et als. Superior court of Cincinnati. scholiaste r. d. Francisco Harseo.'2 v. in 1. With the opinions and decision of the court. 6 p. 1. 844 pp; 462 pp. 11 1. 20, 63 pp. fol. 420 pp. 8~. Cincinnati, R. Clarke 4- co. 1870. Antverpiee, H. Verdussius, 1630. Bible (The) in the public schools. ProceedThe same. Psalms. M. Antonii Fla- ings and addresses at the mass meeting, minii In librvmpsalmorvm brevis explanatio Pike's music hall, Cincinnati, September 28, ad Alexandrum Farnesium. Adiectoe sunt 1869; with a sketch of the anti-bible moveeiusd6 authoris in psalmos aliquot paraphra- ment. 1 p. 1. 39 pp. 8~. Cincinnati, Gases carmine conscriptre. [etc.] 421 1. 180. zette print, 1869. Parisiis, l. Roigny, 1547. Biblical repertory. A journal of biblical literThe same. Georgii Buchanani para- ature and theological science, [etc.] v. 5-7. phrasis psalmnorum Davidis poetica, adnotato New series. v. 1-3. 8~. Princeton, (Y. J.) ubique diligenter carminum genere. [etc.] 1829-31. 339 pp. 16~. Lzegduni BJtavoi um, I. Elzevir, i The same. The biblical repertory and 1621. theological review. [New series]. v. 8. [Title page wanting], 80. Philadelphia, 1836. - The same. Matthew. Desiderii Eras- — The same. The biblical repertory and mi paraphrasis in euangeliui Mattbhei, nunc Princeton review for the years 1837-66. [n. s. primu nata et tedita. Epistola ad R. D. v. 9-38]. 83. Philadelphia, 1837-66. s. Mathmeum card. sedunensem. 201 1. 16~. Biblioteca de autores espafioles, desde laforBasilete, Io. Frob. 1522. macion del lenguage hasta nuestros dias. The same. John. Desiderii Erasmi v. 61. 8~. Madridl, M. Rivadeneyra, 1869. paraphrasis in euangelium secundem Ioan- CONTENTS. nem, ad illustrissimu principem Ferdinandvm Poetas liricos del siglo xviii. Coleccion formada 6 nunc primum excusa. 199 1. t160. Basilee, lustrada por el exemo. sr. d. Leopoldo Augusto de aslee, Cueto. v. 1. apvd Ioannem Frobenivnm, 1523. Bibliotheca anglo-poetica. See Griffiths [ With the preceding]. (A. F.) The same. (Polish). Selections. Bibliotheca fratrum polonorum, quos unitaDwakroc 52 biblicznych historyi dla szkot i rios vocant. 8 v. fol. Irenopoli 4 Eleutheroczeladzi zborow ewangielickich. Zrysami. n.poll, [Amstelodami], 1656. 1 p. 1.256 pp. sq. 16~. fV Lincu, F. Eyrych, CONTENTS. v. 1-2. Fausti Socini senensis opera omnia in duos The same. (Syriac). New testament. tomos distincta. v.:3-4. Joannis Crellii franci opera omnia exegetica. Novum domini nostri Jesu Christi testamen- v. 5. Jonae Slichtingii de Bukowiec cornmentaria postum syriace. Cum versione latina. Ex di- thuma. v. 6-7. Johannis Ludovici Wolzogenii [etc.] opera versis editionibus diligentissime recensitum. omnia, exegetica, didactica [etc.] Accesserunt in fine notationes variantis lec- v. 8. Samuelis Przipovii cogitationes sacereadilli tilm euangelii Matthinei et omnes epistolas apostolitionis, [etc.] collectse Martino Trostio 4 p. cas. 1.843pp. 40. Cothenis Anhaltinorum, 1621. Bibliotheca historico-naturalis, physico-cheNOTE.-This edition, presenting the Peschito ver- mica et irathematica; oder, systenatisch gesion, wants the 2d epistle of Peter, the 2d and 3d of John, that of Jude, and the Revelation. ordnete iibersicht der in Deutschland und The same. (Temneh or Timmanee). dem auslande auf dem gebiete der gesammten Selections. Ma-kane malt a Kaffa ka-somm, naturwissenschaften und der mathematik neu mah bek a mollo mah 52, eh lokko yeh rang, erschienenen biicher, herausgegeben von treka a Fet; or, two times fifty-two bible Ernst A. Zuchold und EI. Guthe. i und 4r stories, for the young. By the rev. C. G. -7r. jahrgang. 8~. Gittingen, VandenBarth. Translated into the Temneh lan- hoeck & Ruprecht, 1851-57. s. guage for the use of the Temneh mission in Bibliotheca literaria, being a collection of inWest Africa. vi, 254 pp. 160. Stuttgart, scriptions, medals, dissertations, etc. 10 nos. J. F. Steinkopf, 1854. s. in 1 v. 4~. London, JI. &8 J. Innys, 1722-24. 6

Page  42 42 BIBLIOTHECA. BIGELOW. Bibliotheca sacra and theologi al review. Bibliotheca vetervm, etc. —continued. [Quarterly]. 1844-1870. v. 1-27. 80. An- Proclus. Ad Armenios de fide epistola. v. 1. Psellus. Expositio canticicanticorum. v. 2. dover and New York, 1844-70. Sacra litvrgial, seu missa ap.,stolica s. Petri. v. 2. Bibliotheca vetervmn patrvm, sev scriptorvm Samona, (saint). Disceptatio de eucharistia cum Achined saraceno. v. 2. ecclesiasticorvm qoae varios graecorum auc- Sententice sanctorvm patrum de venerandarum iniaginum usu. v. 1. torum libros vtraque lingua editos complecti- Tatianus. Oratio ad Grecos. v. 1. tur. [Edente Frontone Ducaeo]. 2 v. 3 Thalassius. De charitate et continentia. v. 2. Theodorus Abucarus. Varia contra hmereticos opusp. 1, 1252, 52 pp. 34 1; 1200,14 pp. 2 1. fol. cula. v. 1. Parisiis, Sonnius et Drovcard, 1624. Theodorus rhaitensis. De incarnatione divina mediParisits, Sonnius et Droard, 164. ttatio. v.2. NVote.-These two volumes were intended as an ad- Theophilus. Contra christianoe religionis calumniajunct to the new edition of the Bibliotheca vetervm tores libri iii. v. 1. patrvm, [etc.] first published at Paris by Sonnius Theorianus. Disputatio cum catholico Armeniorum. in nine volumes, including the appendix, in 1575, v. 1. again in 1589, and in 1609 and 1624. Timotheus. Oratio de propheta Simeone Dei usceptore. v. 2. Titus bostrensis. Expositio in euangelium secunEneas gazaus. Theophrastus, sine de animorum duon Lucam. v. 2. iiniortalitate. v. 2. Zacharias. De mundi opificio, liber contra philosoAgapetus. Ad Justinianum capita admonitoria. v. 2. phos. v. J. Amphilochius. De occursu donmini, [etc.] oratio. v. 2. Andreas. In sanctie Mariae deiparae salutationem Bickersteth (Rev. Edward Henry). The sermo. v. 2. Antiochus. Pandectes scripturme diuine ad Eusta- rock of ages; or, scripture testimony to the chium. plSepositum. v. i. one eternal Godhead of the father, and of the Aristeeus. De legis dininte, [etc.l] ex hebraica lingua in latinam translatione. v. 2. son, and of the holy ghost. With an introAsttrius. Homilive quinque. v. 2. Athenagoras. Apologia pro christianis. v. 1,duction by the rt. rev. F. D. Hntingto, d. d. De mortuorum resurrectione. v. 1. 214 pp. 16~. New York, E. P. Dutton & Basilius magnus (saint). Liturgia. v. 2. C3esarius. D)e variis questionibus dialogi iv. v. 1. co. 1871. Chrysippus. De sancta Mlaria deiparahomniliat v. 2. Testerday to-day, and forever; a poem Constantinus harmenopulus. De opinionibus hbereticorum. v. 1. in twelve books. 3d ed. viii, 435 pp. 16~. Cyrillus. Oratio de occursu domini et Symeone. v. 2. Diolmysiusalexantdrinus. Epistola aduersus Paulum London, Rivinatons 189. samosatensem. v. 1.icknell's village -- Ad Basilldem epi-copvm epistola. v.1. Bicknell (A. J.) & co. Bicknells village Dorotheus. Expositioneset doctrinae diversae de vita builder. Elevations and plans for cottages, recte et pie instituenda. v. 1. Euthymius. Ismaelitarum confutatio ex eius pano. villas, suburban residences, [etc.] 2' 1. plia. v. 2. 55 p. 1. 40. Troy, (N. Y.) A. J. Bicknell Expositio cantici canticorum per paraphrasim collecta ex s. Gregorij Nysseni, s. Nill et s. Maximi com- & co. 1870. mentariis, v. 2. Germanus, patriarcha. Rerum ecclesiasticarum con- Biddle (Charles J.) The case of major Andre. tencoplatio. v. 2. aWith a review of the statement of it in lord --- Encomnium in sanctissimam deiparam. v. 2. ---- Oratio in sanctam natiuitatem dviparae virgi- Mahon's history of England. 80. [Philnis. v. 2. ----- In beatam sanctissimae deiparm virginis dormi- adelphia, 1858]. tionem oratio. v. 2. [Ia PENNSYLVANIA historical society. Memoirs. v.6 Gregent ius. Disputatio cum Herbanojudaeo. v. 2. pp. 317-429]. Gregorius, papa. Missa graece et latine. v. 2. Hermias. Philosophorumirrisio. v. 1. Biddle (John B. m. d.) Materia medica, for Hesychius. Sermo de temperantia et virtute. v. 1. th use of students. 4th ed. revised and en -- Honilia de sancta Maria deipara. v. 1. Hippolytus, martyr. Oratio de consummatione mun- larged. 385 pp. 8~. Philadelphia, Lindldi. v. 2. Ignatius. martyr). Epistolae. v. 1. say 8 Blakiston, 1871. James, the apostle. Sacra liturgia cum latina inter- Principles of a syster-n pretattone. v. 2. Bierbower (Austin). Joannes Chrysostomos. Liturgia, sive divini sacrifi- of philosophy, in accordance with which it cii ritus. V. 2. Joannes Moschus. Pratum spirituale. v. 2. is sought to reconcile the more difficult Leo, (pope). Epistola ad Flaviatum. v. 1. qoestions of metaphysics and religion with Leontius. De sectarum historia. v. 1. Maximus, confessor. De ecclesiastica mystagogia, themselves, and with the sciences and corn[etc.] v. 2. Nemesius. De natura hominis, liber vnus. v. 2. mon sense. 240 pp. 16~. New York, CarlNic,,laus Cabasila. Compendiosaexpositio sacrae li- ton + Lannhan 1870. turgiae. v. 2. Nicolaus methonensis. Ad eos qui heasitant. aiunt- Big (The) heel and woolly-headed melodist. que consecratum panem non esse corpus Christi. 188 pp. 320. New York, T. IV. Strong, v. 1. Nilus, (saint). Capita par enetica, [etc.] v. 2. [18451? Olyimpiodorus. In ecclesiastcn Salomnonis commentarij. v. 2. Bigelow (Jacob, m. d.) Brief expositions of Palladius. Historia lausiaca; id est, Lausum his- rational medicine; to which is prefixed The toria qua sanctorutn vitas comnplectitur. v. 2. Pantaleon. De lumninibus sanctis sermlo. v. 2. paradise of doctors, a fable. 1 p. 1. 69 pp. Philotheus. Laudatio trium pontificum orbis terre Boson, P doctorum. v. 2. 16~. Boston, Phillips, Sampson' co. 1858.

Page  43 43 BIGGS. BLACKBURN. Biggs (James). The history of don Francisco Birch (Johanna). Fifty-one original fables, de Miranda's attempt to effect a revolution with morals and ethical index, written by in South America, in a series of letters. Job Crithannah. [pseudon.] Embellished [Also], sketches of the life of Miranda, and with 85 designs by R. Cruikshank. Also a geographical notices of Caraccas. [anon.] 2d translation of Plutarch's Banquet of the ed. xi, 312 pp. 120. Boston, E. Oliver, 1810. seven sages. 2p. 1.251 pp. 80~. London, Bignami (Emilio). I canali nella citta di Hamilton, Adams S& co. 1833. Milano. Considerazioni e proposte. 2a ed. Birch (S. B. m. d.) Constipated bowels; the -v-ii, 116 pp. 1 map. 80. Mdano, Zanetti various causes, and the different means of Francesco, 1868. s. cure. 3d ed. viii, 192 pp. 120. London, Bilguer (Paul Rudolph von) and Lasa (- J. Churchill 4 sons, 1868. von der). Handbuch des schachspiels. Fort- Bird. (M. B.) The black man; or, Haytien gesetzt unl herausgegeben von v. d. Lasa. independence. Deduced fiom historical notes. 3e aufl. viii, 540 pp. 1 1. 8'. Berlin, Veit 1 p. 1. 461 pp. 1 portrait. 12C New York, &6 Con1p, 1 858. author, 1869. Bill (Ledyard). A winter in Florida; or, Bird (The) and the arrow, with The boy that observations on the soil, climate, and pro- did not like work, The first trial, and The did not like work, The first trial, and The ducts of our semi-tropical state; with best warfare. [anon.] 124 pp. 2 pl. 18~. sketches of the principal towns and cities in Philadelphlila, presbyterian publication con7eastern Florida. To which is added a brief mittee [1869]? historical summary; with hints to the tourist, invalid, and sportsman. 4th ed. 234 pp. Birkbeck (Miss A. M.) Rural and historical 3 pl. 1 map. 12~. New York, Wood 4 gleanings fromeasternEurope. 2ded. vii, Holbrook, 1870. 447 pp. 16~. London, Darton 4 co. 1854. Billings (Josh, pseudon.) See Shaw(H.W.) Biscoe (E. L.) Katherine's experience. Binney (William G.) Bibliography of North [anon.] 372pp 3pl. 16. Boston, Warren American conchology previous to the year g Blakeslee, 1869. 180. Letc.] Part ii. Foreign authors. Bishop (Levi). Teuchsa Grondie. A legenv, 306 pp. 8 ~. Wahigtnmthso darypoem. 446pp. 8~. Albany, author. 1870. v, 306 pp. &. [ashingto n, Smithsonian ins.itution, 1864. Bismarck-Schonhausen (Otto von). Die institution, ]864. [SMIUTHSONIAN miscellaneous collections. v. 91. reden des grafen von Bismarck-Sch6nhausen. and Bland (Thomas) Land and fresh Zweite sammlung. 260 pp. 80. Berlin, water shells of North America. Part i. Pul- F. Kortkampf, 1869. S. monata geophila. xii, 316 pp. 80. Wtash- Bizarre, for fireside and wayside. Conducted iilnton, Smithsonian institution, 1869. by J. M. Church. [A semi-monthly maga[SIITHSONIAN miscellaneous collections. v. 8]. zine]. April 1852, [to] Dec. 1855. 6 v. 8". Bion (Jean). Essais sur la providence et sur Philadelphia, Church 4 co. 1852-55. la possibilite physique de la r6surrection. Bjbrnson (Bj.rnstjerne). The railroad and Traduit de l'Anglois de dr. B. [anon.] 4 p. 1. the church-yard, etc. 2. Boston, 1870. 247 pp. 24~. La Haye, I. Vaillant, 1719. [LARSEN (Carl). The flying mail, etc. pp. 89-132]. Note.-Ce petit ouvrage n'est nullement traduit de 1'Anglais. Quirard.Black (Charles Ingham). Messias and antiBiot (,edouard Constant). Essai sur l'histoire messias; a prophetical exposition. To which de l'instruction publique en Chine, et de la are added two homilies on the body of Christ. corporation des lettr6s, depuis les anciens 238 pp. 120. Philadelphia, H. Hooker, 1858. temps jusqu'a nos jours. R6dig6 d'apres les Blackburn (Henry). Normandy picturesque. documents chinois. xii, 203 pp. 80. Paris, 4 p. 1.284 pp. 9 pl. 80. London, S. Low, B. Duprot, 1845. son, 8 Mllarston, 1869. Biot (Jean Baptiste). An elementary treatise Blackburn (Rev. William M.) The ancient on analytical geometry. Translated from schoolmaster, and the greatest school of old the French for the use of the cadets of the times. 180 pp.3 pl. 18~. Philadelphia, Virginia military institute, at Lexington, Va. presbyterian board of publication, 1866. and adapted to the present state of mathemat- The curious chapter, and how its prophical instruction in the colleges of the United ecies were fulfilled by the young king Josiah. States. Latest ed. carefully revised. 302 180 pp. 3pl. 180. Philadelphia, presbyterian pp. So. Philadelphia, C. Desilver, etc. 1870. board of publication, 1865.

Page  44 44 BL kCKWOOI). BLOSS. Blackwood's Edinburgh magazine. Jan. to Blake (William Phipps)-continued. Dec. 1870. v. 107-108. 80~. Edinburgh, Z. i Report upon the precious metals; being Blackwood 4 sons, 1870. statistical notices of the principal gold and Blainville (Henri Marie Ducrotay de). silver producing regions of the world, repreOst6ographie, ou description iconographique sented at the Paris universal exposition. vii, compar6e du squelette et du systbme dentaire 369 pp. 80. TWashinoton, government printdes cinq classes d'animnaux vertebress ina office, 1869. r6cents et fossiles, pour servir de base a la I [EXHIBITION, 1867, Paris]. zoologie et a la geologie. Text, 4 v. 4C. Blakiston (John). Twenty years in retireAtlas, 4 v. fol. Paris, A. Bertrand, 1839-61. ment. 2 v. viii pp. 1 1. 406 pp; vii, 403 pp. CO.NTENTS. 1 8~. London, A. J. Valpy, 1836. v. 1. A. Introduction. Primates. Blanco (P. L.) Respuesta pacifica de un EsSimia. B. Cebus. 31 pp. 9 pl. paliol d la carta sediciosa del Frances [mas c. Lemur. 48 pp. 11 pl. bien Henrique] Gregoire, que se dice obispo E. Aye-aye. 40 pp. F. Primates vivantsetfossiles. 68 pp. de Blois. 2 p. 1. 120 pp. 1 pl. 180. MadSecunedati. 0 rid, inprenta real, 1798. s. CT. Vespertilio. 104 pp. 15 pl. H. Talpa, Sorex, Erinaceus. 115 pp. 11 p. Bland (Thomas). Land and fresh-water shells v. 2. Secundates. I. G6n6ralit6s sur les carnassiers. 85 pp. of North America. See Binney (William J. Phoca. 51 pp. 10 pl. G.) and Bland. K. Ursus. 94 pp. 18 pL G.) an Bland. LM. bMustel. 12.3pp. 17 pl. Bland (T. A.) Farming as a profession; or, M. Mustela. 83 pp. 15 p1. N. Viverra. 100 pp. 13 pl. how Charles Loring made it pay. 87 pp. 0. Felis. 196 pp. I tab. 20 pi. P. Canis. 160 pp. 16 pl. 1'~. Boston, Lorino, 1870. Q. Hynena. 84 pp. 8 pl. v.3. Quaternatds. Blasco y Sanchez (Juan). Galateo christiR. Elephas. 367 pp. 18 pl. S. Dinotherim. 6Elepha 4 36pp. 3ano,. oral y sagrado. Compendio de T. IManatus. 140 pp. 11 pl. noticias historicas, avisos, y documentos U. Hyrax. 47 pp. 3 pl. V. Rhinoceros. 232 pp. 14 pl. morales, y spirituales para direccion de la X. Equus. 80 pp. 5 pl. vida christiana; [etc.] 3 p. 1. 176 pp. 16~. v. 4. Quaternatds. Maldent6s. Y. Pal<eotherium, 8 pi; Lophiodon, 3 pl; An- I Madrid, F. Nipho, 1769. S. thracotherium, 3 pi; Choeropotamus, 1 pl. 196 pp. Blatchley (C. C. d. d,) Some causes of popAA. Hippopotamus. 8 p1; SUS. 9P. 248 P ular poverty, derived from the enriching AA. Hippopotanms. 8 pit Sus. 9 pl. 248 pp. BB. Anoplotheriom. 153 pp. 9 pl. nature of interests, rents, duties, inheritances, CC. Camelos. 131 pp. 5 pl. DD. Bradypus. 64 pp. 6 pl. and church establishments, investigated in EE. Camelopardalis, 2 pi; Maclanchenia, 1 pi. their principles and consequences and agree(Roeageurs) Cavia, 4 pl; Hystrix, 3 pl; 7 Castor, 2pl; Sciurus, 2pl; Arctomy-, lpl; ment with scripture. 12~. [New York], 1817. Capromys, 1 pl; Myopotamus, 1 pl. (Edentes) [In PLEASURES (The) of contemplation. pp. 193-240]. Megatherium, 4 pl; Glyptodon. 2 pl; Mlyrmecophaga, 1 pi; Toxodon, I pl; Elasmotherium, Blenkinsop (Dr. A.) [pseudon. ] Memoirs of 1 pi; Macrotherium, 1 pl. (Pmydosauriens) dr. Blenkinsopwrittenbyhimself; inlding Crocodilus, etc. 7 p1. Ostdozoaires. Signification des os du crane, 1 pl. Explication, his campaigns, travels, and adventures; with 63 pp. b anecdotes of graphiology, and some of the Blair (Hugh). The beauties of Blair. Choice selections from is works. letters of his correspondents. Edited by the selections from his works. 160 pp. 1 pOr- I author of "Paddiana." 2 v. viii, 320 pp; trait. 240. New York, Leavitt & co. 1851. Blair (Robert), and Gray (Thomas). The iv, 363 pp. 8~. London, R. Bentley, 1852. grve. A poem. To which is add, an Blessington (countess of). See Gardiner grave. A poem. To which is added, an elegy, written in a country churchyard, by (Marruerite Power). mr. Gray. 32 pp. 16~. Philadelphia, H. Blomstedt(OskarAukustiFiithiof). Halotti'Taylor, 1791. besz6d ynna sen johdosta wertailevia tutBlakeway (Rev. John Brickdale). An attempt kimuksia unkarin, suomen ja lapin kielto ascertain the author of the letters pub- issa, [etc.] 2 p.1.214 pp. 8~. Helsinlished under the signature of Junius. 2 p.. issii, J. Kr. Frenckell, 1869. 72 pp. 80. Shrewsbury, TV. Eddowes, 1813. Bloss (C. A.) Ancient history, illustrated by Blake (William Phipps). Civil engineering colored maps, and a chronological chart, for and public works. 49 pp. 2 pl. ~8~ the use of families and schools. Revised by Washingtonl, gocerment printing office, 1870. John J. Anderson. 445 pp. 4 maps, 2 charts. [EXHIBITION, ltF7, Paris]. 12~. LNew York, Clark & Mnaynard, 1869.

Page  45 45 BLOUNT. BOLIN. Blount (Thomas). The academy of elo- Bodin (Jean). Demonomania de glistregoni, quence; containing a compleat English rhe- cio6 fvrori, et malie de' demoni, col mezo de torique, exemplified; common places and gli hvomini; diuisa in libri iiii. Tradotta dal formulas digested into an easie and methodi- Kr. Hercole Cato, [etc. ] 26 p. 1. 419 pp. 40~. cal way to speak and write fluently, accord- Vlenetia, Aldo, 1589. ing to the mode of the present times; with - Das heptaplomeres. Zur geschichte der letters both amorous and moral upon emer- cultur und literatur im jahrhundert der regent occasions. By I. B. 4th ed. 4 p. 1. 232 formation. Von dr. G. E. Guhrauer. Mit eipp. 180. London, P, Parker, 1670. nemr schreiben an den herausgeber von A. Blunt (Edmund BM.) The American coast Neander. lxxxviii, 278 pp. 8~. Berlin, G. pilot; containing the courses and distances Eichler, 1841. s. between the principal harbours, capes, and Boethius (Anicius Manlius Titus Severinus). heald-lands on the coast of North and South Boetij qritij sanguinis viri illustris de consolaAmerica; [etc.] Together with a tide table. tione philosophie volumina quinque: [etc. In 10th ed. 493 pp. 8~. New York, H. Hook- fine]. b. 1. 441. unp. fol. Impressum Liptztk, er, 1822. 1per Martinurn Lantzbergkl hcrbipolensem, 1512. [With CICERO (MI. T.) Epistole, etc. Ed. Vincenti Bluntschli (Johann Caspar) and Brater minntianij. Mediolanii, L. Vegius, 1512]. (Carl). Deutsches staats-w6rterbuch. (Her- The same. Chaucer's translation of ausgefgeben) in verbindung mit deutschen Boethius's "De consolatione philosophic." gelehrten. 10 v. 8~. Stuttgart 8 Leipzig, Edited from the additional manuscript 10,340 expedition des staats-wdrterbuchs, 1857-67. in the British museum. Collated with the Cambridge university library manuscript, Bliithen der gottseligkeit. Katholisches gebet- Cambridge university library manuscript, und Indachtsbuch, [etc. anon.] 39, 48 p i, 3, 21. by Richliard Morris. 2 p. 1. xxiii, 205 und andachtsbuch, [etc. anon.] 339, 48 p,. 32~. St. Louis, (Mo.) F. Saler, [aboict 1870]. pp. 8~. London, 1868. [EARLY English text society. Extra series, no. v]. Boardma (HenryAgustus, d.d.) Corres Boethius (Pseudo-Boethius). De duabus napoudence between bishop Doane and rev. H. turis t una persona Christi aduerss tyA. Boardman, on the alleged popish charac- chen et Nestorium. fol. Tigvri, 1571. ter of the " Oxford divinity." 100 pp. 120. [In SIrn R (Josias). Scriptaveterum latina etc.] Ph17 SIMLER (Josias). Scripta, veternm l'Atine etc. PhliladelphiLa, Hooker &8 Aglnezw, 1841. lote.-'lris theological treatise can scarcely be acBoccaco (Giovanni). Decaerone [sul tes- cepted as the work of the Roman senator. Bogan (Zachary). Archmologia attica, retc.] to del Mannelli. Per cura di Gaetano Poggiali, con la vita del Boccaccio scritta de Filip- Bogue (David). Discourses on the milleniutn po Villani]. 4 v. 120. Livorno, T. Masi, 1 p. 1. viii, 654 pp. 50. London, L Hamil 1789-90. ton, 1818. Boccage (Marie Anne Le Page du). See Du Bhme (Jacob). Theosophia revelata. Das Bocage. ist: alle gittliche schriften des gottseligen Boccalini (Trajano). [Pietra del paragone Jacob Bohmens, [etc.] Mit Johann Georg politico]. The new-found politicke. Disclos- Gichtels geistreichen marginalien oder suming the secret natvres and dispositions as well marischen einhalt vermehret, [etc.] 2 v. of priuate persons as of statesmen and cour- 4 p. 1. 1087 pp. 1 portrait; 925 pp. 60 1. I pl. tiers; [etc.] Together with many excellent fol. [n. p.] 1715. caueats and rules fit to be obserued by those Boise (James R.) First lessons in Greek; princes and states of christendome, both prot- adapted to Hadley's Greek grammar, and inestants and papists, which haue reason to tended as an introduction to Xenophon's Anadistrust the designes of the king of Spaine, as basis. xiv, 141 pp. 120. Chicago, S. C. by the speech of the duke of Hernia, vttered Grivgs 4 co. 1870. in the counsell of Spaine and hereto annexed Boletin oficial. Periodico del gobierno domimay appeare. Now translated into English nicano. RedactorJavierAngulo Guridi. Ano for the benefit of this kingdome. 6 p. 1. 242 1~ y 2~0. 22d Feb. 1868-14th May, 1870. pp. sin.4~. London, F. Williams, 16i6. Nos. 1-116. fol. Santo Domingo, 1868-1870. Bodenhamer (William). The physical explo- [Illperfect: wanting nos. 2, 5, 11, 32,99, 101, 106]. ration of the rectum: with an appendix on Bolin (Wilhelm). Undersokning af liran om the ligation of heinmorrhoidal tumors. vi, viljans frihet, med siirskildt afseende a Kants 54 pp. 80. NAew York, If. Iood & co. 1870. behandling af problemet. Akademisk af

Page  46 46 BOLIN. BOOKSELLER. Bolin (Wilhelm )-continued. Bonnefons (Amable)-continued. handling. 1 p. 1. 168 pp. 80. Helsingfors, part, 3e ed. 5 p. 1. 588 pp. 21. 70 pl; 2d part, J. C. Frenckell l son, 1868. s. 2e 6d. 614 pp. 1 1. 59 pl. 160. Paris, F. Bolles (James A. d. d.) Holy matrimony. 96 Lambert, 1657-58. pp. 160. New York, Hurd & Houghton, 1870. Bonner (T. D.) The mountain minstrel, conBologna. Illustrazione delle terme di Por- taining a collection of temperance songs, retta, e del suo territorio, publicata per de- hymns, and glees, suitable for all total abliberazione del consiglio provinciale di Bo- stinencesocieties. Original and selected. 128 logna. viii, 468 pp. 21. 18pl. 80. Bologna, pp. 240. Concord, (N.H.) G. S. Bonner, 1847. regia tipografia, 1867. s. Bonney (T. G.) The alpine regions of Switz - Bolton (M. P. W.) Examination of the prin- eriand and the neighbouring countries; a ciples of the Scoto-Oxonian philosophy. Re- pedestrian's notes on their physical features, vised ed. I p. 1. 32, 36 pp. 80. London, scenery, and natural history. xvi, 351 pp. 5 Chapman & Hall, 1861. pl. 8~. Cambridge, Deighton, Bell & co. 1868. ---- Remarks on certain replies attempted Bbnninghausen (C. von, m. d.) The homoeoby dr. Mansel. [anon.] 30 pp. 8G. Lqndon, pathic treatment of hooping-cough. TransChapman S Hall, 1869. lated, with additions, by Carroll Dunham, m. [ With his Examination of the principles of the Scoto- d. 2 p. 1. 199 pp. 120. New York, H. M. Oxonian philosophy]. Boltwood (Lucius Manlius). Genealogies of Smith 4 brother, 1870. Hadley families, embracing the early settlers Bonceil (- pseudon? ) Pantheon drolatique; of the towns of Hatfield, South Hadley, Am- ou, galerie pour rire, enrichie de portraits, herst and Granby. 80. Northampton, 1863. esquisses, silhouettes, etc. de tous les per[In JUDD (Sylvester). History of Hadley. pp. 443- sonages celebres sur le pav6 de Paris, etc. 636J. 286 pp. 5 pl. 320. Paris, 1839. Bombast von Hohenheim. See Paracelsus. Bonola (Rocco). La liga de la teologia Bonaparte (Cbarles Lucrien Jules Laurent, dafno de la iglesia prince of Canino). Catalogo metodico dei do Jesu Cristo.... Carta [etc.] en resde Jesu Cristo..... Carta [etc.] en respesi europei. 97 pp. 1 1. 4~. Napoli, p, uesta. la Confrontacion historica de los stamperi del Fibrenon, 1846. nuevos con los antiguos reglamentos acerca Bonaparte, les Bourbons, et la r6publique; Escrita en de la policia de la iglesia, [etc.] Escrita en et de la necessit6 de se rallier A Louis-Napoidioma italiano e impresa eni dicho idioma en Idon, pour le bonheur de la France et celui 1789. Madrid, 1798. Reimpresa. viii, 158 de l'Europe. Par m. E. G... d. [anon.], impre., pp. 1&5. Pueb!a, imprents del gobierno, 18-28. 158 pp. I 1. S~. Paris, Garnierfreres, 1852. Bonomo-Stetner (Andrea de). Sopra l'oriBonaventura [Giovanni di Fidanza], (Saint). gine delli antichi conti di Gorizia. 80 gine delli antichi conti di Gorizia. 8~. Tertia [et quarta] pars sententiarum cum disputatis sancti Bonaumture. b. 1.358 1. rieste, 1831. [In ROSSETTI (D. di). Archeografo triestino, etc. unp. fol. Lugduni, Jacob Sacon, 1510. v. 3]. [Ist and 2d part and first leaf of 3d part wanting]. Bonpland (Aim6). Reise in die Mequinoctial Bond (Thomas E. sen. m. d.) The economy gegenden des neuen continents. See Humof methodism, illustrated and defended in a boldt (Friedrich Heinrich Alexander von) series of papers. 391 pp. 8~0. New York, and Bonpland (Aim6). Lane 4' Scott, 1852. Book (The) of songs and recitations. For the Bonifacius viii. [Benedetto GaetaniJ, (pope). million. [anon.] lxiv, 510 pp. 1 1. 18~. Sextus liber decretalifi in c6cilio lugdunefi London, S. Johnson, 1848. diuisionibus, casibus l6gis, ac quibusdam Bock-buyer (The). A summary of American allis additionibus [opere Joannis Andreel and foreign literature. [Monthly]. Oct. 15, illustratus. 2 p.1. 201.6 1. unp. fol. Pa- 1869, to Sept. 15, 1870. v. 3. 80. New risiis, Udalricus Hering et Berchtoldus Ren- York, [C. Scribner g co 1870]. bolt, 1515. Books and authors; curious facts and charBonis (Josephus Iomobonus de). See Buon4 acteristic sketches. [anon.] 3 p. 1. 156 pp. (Giuseppe Omobono). 160. Edinburgh, If. P. Nimmo, [1869]. Bonnef3ns (Amable). Les saincts6vangiles Bookseller (The). A handbook of British et les epistres de tovte l'ann6e diuis6z en and foreign literature, [and] Bent's literary deux parties, avec des nimditations sur cha- advertiser. Jan. to Dec. 1870. [v. 13]. 8~. que evangile et sur chaque 6pistre, etc. 1st London, [E. Tucker], 1870.

Page  47 47 BOOKWORM. BOSTON. Bookworm (The). An illustrated literary and Boston (Public library of )-continued. bibliographical [monthly] review. Edited and trustees of the public library, 1866-1869. illustrated by J. Ph. Berjeau. Jan. 1859, to 4 v. 80. Boston, city printers, 1866-69. Dec. 1870, [v. 4-5]; new series [v.1-2]. 80~. The Plince library. A catalogue London, [Strangeways,5l Walden], 1868-70. of the collection of books and manuscripts Booth (Rev. John). Metrical epitaphs, ancient which formerly belonged to rev. Thomas and modern. xxiv, 215pp. sq. 160. London, Prince, and was by him bequeathed to the Bickers &8 Eton, 1868. old south church, and is now deposited in Boothby ( Mrs. F.) Marcelia; or, the treach- the public library of Boston. xviii, 160 pp. I erous fiiend. A tragi-comedy. [etc.] 48 1. portrait. 8~. Boston, A. M3udoe & son, 1870. 4~. London, [I. Cademan, 1670. Boston (The) almanac. For 1870. v. 35. 24~. Borda (Andres de). Practica de confessores Boston, G. Coolidue, 1870. de monjas, en que se explican los quatro Boston board of trade. Fourteenth, fifteenth, votos de obediencia, pobreza, castidad, y and sixteenth annual reports for the years clausura, por modo de dialogo. 12p. 1. 92 1. ending January, [etc.] 1868-1870. 3 v. 16G. M1xzico, F. R. Calderon, 1708. 80~. Boston, 1868-70. Bordelon (Abb6 Laurent). Livre A la mode; Boston business directory and metropolitan ou, diversit6z curieuses pour servir de directory of Boston and vicinity, [etc.] 80. r6cr6ation a l'esprit. [anon.] 8 p. 1. 456 pp. Boston, D. Dudley & co. 1870. 18~. Amsterdam, A. de Hoogenhuysen, 1699. Boston (The) chronicle. [Weekly]. Dec. 21, Bordone (Benedetto). Isolario, nel qual si 1767 to Dec. 26, 1768. [With index]. v. 1. ragiona di tutte l'isole del mondo, [etc. ] Con 402 pp. 2 1. 40. Mein & Fleming, 1767-68. la gionta del monte del oro nouamente Boston congregationalist and recorder. See ritrouato. 10 p. 1. lxxiv 1. fol. Vinezia, Congregationalist and recorder [Boston N. d'Aristotile, detto Zoppino, 1534. weekly]. B6rgen (Carl). See Copeland (Ralph) and Boston daily advertiser. 1832 —1843. v. 40Birgen. 61. 22 v. fol. Boston, 1832-43. Borja GarCdio Stockier. See Stockier. The same. 1865. v. 105-106. fol. Borough (Sir John). Notes of the treaty Boston, 1865. carried on at Ripon between king Charles i. Boston (The) directory, embracing the city and the covenanters of Scotland, 1640. record, a general directory of the citizens, Edited from the original ms. by John Bruce. and a business directory. No. 65, 1869. No. 1 p. 1. xli, 82 pp. sm. 4~. London, Camden 66, for 1870. 2 v. 8~. Boston, Sampson, society, 1869. Davenport &' co. 1869-70. ICAMIDEN society publications, no. 100]. Boston (The) evening post. [Weekly]. Borzacchini (Dr. M. Guelfi). The Tuscan Jan. 5, 1761 to Dec. 12, 1763. fol. Boston, master; or, a new and easy method of ac- T. 4d J. Fleet, 1761-63. quiring a perfect knowledge of the Italian Note. Jan.-March, 1763, intercalated with BOSTON language in a short time, [etc]. xvi, 320 pp. news-letter, 1763. Jan. 1762-Dec. 1763, bound language in a short twith BOSTON gazette and country journal, 1762-63. 16~. Bath, R. Cruttwell, 1791. ~ The same. The Boston evening post; Bossi (Luigi). Histoire de Christophe and the general advertiser. [Weekly]. Colomb; suivie de sa correspondence, Jan. 16, 1779, to Jan. 22, 1780; Oct. 20, d'6claircissemens et de piaces curieuses et ]781, to Oct. 11, 1783. 2 v. fol. Boston, inddites. Traduite de l'Italien par C. M. White &~ Adams, and E. E. Powars, 1779-81. Urano. 2e dd. xii, 371 pp. I portrait, 4 pl. Boston family lyceum. See Family lyceum. 8~. Paris, A. Boulland hi cie. 1825. Boston (The) gazette, and country journal. Boston. Documents of the city for the year [Weekly]. Jan. 4, 1762, to Dec. 27, 1773; 1869. 130 doc. in 3 v. 80. Boston, city Jan. 13 to Dec. 15, 1777; Jan. 1, 1781 to printers, 1870. Dec. 30, 1782; Jan. 5, 1784, to Sept. 1798. (Public library of the city of ). Class list 30 v. fol. Boston, Edes 8' Gill, and Benj. for poetry, the drama, rhetoric, elocution, col- Edes & son, 1762-98. lections, periodicals, and miscellaneous works. Boston gazette. Commercial and political. lsted. 1 p.l. 128pp. 80. [Boston], 1870. [Semi-weekly]. Jan. II to Dec. 20, 1802; -~- -- Fourteenth, fifteenth, sixteenth, Sept. 1, 1803, to Dec. 30, 1805. 3 v. fol. [and] seventeenth annual reports of the Boston, J. Russell Sr J. Cutler, 1802-05.

Page  48 48 BOSTON. BOUILLY. Boston lectures. 1870. Christianity and Botsford (mrs. Margaret). Viola; heiress of scepticism. 406 pp. 120. Boston, conLre- st. Valverde. An original romance. To gational sabbath school and publishing society, which is annexed a variety of original poeti1870. cal pieces. 2d ed. 198 pp. 1e0. PhilaBoston (The) mercantile agency reference delphia, R. Desilver, 1829. book for the city, comprising a general list of Botten-Hansen (Paul). La Norvege litt6the names in alphabetical order; also, the raire. Catalogue systeniatique et raisonr6 same, classified according to kind of business. de tous les ouvrages de quelque valeur imCorrected up to Nov. 1, 1870. 16~. Boston, prinmes en Norvege, ou compos6s par des E. Russell Y& co. [1870]. auteurs norv6giens an 19e siecle, accomBoston (The) news-letter and New England pagn6 de renvois, notes et explications litt6chronicle. [Weekly]. Jan. 21, 1762, to raires, ainsi que de notices biographiques sur March 24, 1763. 2 v. fol. Boston, J. les auteurs, etc. Pr6ced6 d'une introducDraper and R. & S. Draper, 166'2-63. tion historique. 1Edit6 par les soins de la [See MASSACHUSETTS gazette and Boston news- commission royal de Norvege'a l'exposition letters]. universelle de Paris en 1867. 1 p. 1. xii, Boston patriot. [Semi-weekly]. May 20, 272pp. 80. Christiania, J. C. Jundersen, 1809, to April 20, 1811. 2 v. fol. Boston, 1868. s. Everett & Munroe, and Isaac Munroe, 1809-11. Boturini Benaduci (Lorenzo). Catalogo del Boston (The) post-boy and advertiser. museo historico indiano, [etc.] 4 p. 1. 96 [Weekly]. Jan. 25, 1769, to March 28, pp. si. 4~ [Madrid, 1746]. 1763; June 2, 1766. fol. Boston, Green & [With his Idea de una nueva historia general de la Russell, 1762-66. America septentrional]. [Intercalated with BOSTON news-letter, 1762-63]. Boucharlat (Jean Louis). An elementary Boston prize poems, and other specimens of treatise on mechanics. Translated from the dramatic poetry. 130 pp. 120. Boston, French; with additions and emendations J. T. Buzckinoharn, 1824. designed to adapt it to the use of the cadets Boston (The) recorder. National exponent of the U. S. military academy. By Edward of puritan congregationalism. [Weekly]. H. Courtenay. 432 pp.9 p1. * 8 New March ] to May 17,1867. fol. Boston, York, J. l' J. Harper, 1833. 1867. t Bouchereau (L.) Statement of the sugar [ With CONGREGATIONALIST and recorder. (The Boston and rice crops, made in Louisiana, in 1869weekly), 1867-69]. 70, with an appendix. xii, 85 pp. 120~. Boston weekly American Apollo. See Ameri- -New Orleans, Young, Bright & co. 18370. can Apollo [Boston weekly]. Boucheron (P. P.) Trait6 anatomique, phyBoston weekly American herald. See Ameri- siologique et pathologique du systeme pileux, can herald [Boston weekly]. et en particulier des cheveux et de la barbe Boston weekly exchange advertiser. See Ex- 2 p. 1. 147 pp. 4 1. 8~. Paris, auteur, 1837. change advertiser [Boston weekly]. Bouchette (Joseph). The British dominions Boston weekly messenger. See Weekly in North America; or, a topographical and messenger [Boston]. I statistical description of the provinces of Boston weekly report of public sales and of Lower and Upper Canada, New Brunswick, arrivals. Jan. 31, 1824, to June 25, 1825. Nova Scotia, the islands of Newfoundland, fol. Boston, P. P. F. Dearand, 1824-25. Prince Edward, and Cape Breton. IncludBoswell (John). A method of study; or, ing considerations on land-granting and emian useful library. Containing short direc- gration, [etc.] 2 v. xxviii, 498 pp. 23 pl; tions and a catalogue of books for the study xii, 296 pp. 179 1. 8 pl. 40. London, H. of several valuable parts of learning. xiv, Colburn & R. Bentley, 1831. 398 pp. 1 1; xl, 422 pp. 8C. London, 1738-43. -- A topographical dictionary of the provBotero (Giovanni). Delle relationi vniver- ince of Lower Canada. xii, 179 1. 1 portrait. sali. Nella quale si tratta delle superstitioni 40. London, H. Colburn & R. Bentley, 1831. in che uiueuano gia le genti del mondo nu- Boudewijnse (J.) See Indisch genootouo; e delle difficolta, e mezi, co' quali si e i schap te's Gravenhage. quiui introdotta la religione christiana et Bouilly (Jean Nicolas). Contes populaires. vera. 4 parts in I v. 40. Venetia, G. Ange- xv,'294 pp. I 1. 1 pl; 1 p. 1. 340 pp. I pl. lieri, 1599. 180. Bruxelles, L. Hauman &8 cie. 1832.

Page  49 49 BOURBON-CONTI. BOYER. Bourbon-Conti (Armand, prince de). See Bowles (Rev. William Lisle)-continued. Conti. Teutates, the Mercurius of Cresar, in further Bourdon de Sigrais (Claude Guillaume). proof and corroboration of the origin and desHistoire des rats. 13:3 pp. 8~. Paris, 1787. ignation of the great temple at Abury, in [In CAYLUS (A. C. P. comte de). (Euvres badines Wiltshire. 149 pp. 8~. London, J. B. Nichcomplettes. v. ii]. Bourne (William Oland). History of the publicschool society of the city of New York, Boyd (Andrew). Boyd's business directory with portraits of the presidents of the society. of Essex, Hudson, and Union counties, N. J. xxxii, 768 pp.6 portraits. 8~. New York, [etc.] 1870. 8~. Albany, (N. Y.) 1870. W. Wfood & co. 1870. Boyd's railroad directory, and gazetteer Boursault (Edme). iE~uvres choisies de Bour- of cities and villages on the line of railroads sault.:d. stereotype. 2 v. in 1. 1 p.i1. d je between Albany,Troy, and Bennington, north sault. ]~d. stereotype. 2 v. in 1. I p. 1. xij, 204 pp. 1 1; 232 pp. 1. 18c. Paris, Didot, to Saratoga, Whitehall, Rutland, Burlington, 1811. and St. Albans, and east from Rutland to Boutauld (Michel). Consejos de la sabidvria; Bellows Falls, Keene, Fitchburg, Waltham, o, compendia de las maximas de Salomon, etc. and of Ticonderoga, Essex, Fort Henry, [etc.] Traducidas de Frances en Castella- Keeseville, and Plattsburg, on lake Chamno por d. M. Ribeyro. [anon.] 2 v. in 1. 1:3 plain. [No. 2]. 1870-71. 80. Albany, 1870. p. 1. 227 pp. 5 1; 4 p. 1. 182 pp. 11. 160. A memorial Lincoln bibliography; beBarcelona, R. Figvero, 1700. ing an account of books, eulogies, sermons, Bovet (Felix). Voyage en Terre-Sainte. 2 portraits, engravings, medals, etc. published p. 1. 474 pp. 2 maps. 80. Paris, Grassart, upon Abraham Lincoln, [etc.] comprising a 1861. collection in the possession of the compiler, Bowditch (Nathaniel Ingersoll). Nat the Andrew Boyd. ivpp.21.175pp.3pl. 80. navigator. A life of Nathaniel Bowditch. Albany, (N..) A. Boyd, 1870. For young persons. 192 pp. 1 pl. 160. See, also, Syracuse, (N.Y.) Boston, Lee &k Shepard, 1870. Boyd (Mrs. E. E.) Captain Charley and his.Bowdler (John, jr.) Select pieces in verse "little right hand." 131pp. 1 pl. 16~. and prose. 4th ed. 2 v. viii, 340 pp. 1 per- Boston, H. Hoyt, 1869. trait; 2 p. 1. 389 pp. 80. London, Cadell &8- Farmer Burt's seed. A true story. Davies, 1820. 216 pp. 3 pl. 18~. Philadelphia, J. P. Skelly Bowdoin college, (Brunswick, Me.) Cata- 4 co. 1870. logus senatus academici, et eorum qui mu- ~ Paul Loring; or, mounting the ladder. nera et officia gesserunt, quique alicujus gra- 276 pp. 3pl. 18~. Philadelphia, J. P. Skelly dus laurea donati sunt in collegio bowdoi- Th co. 1870. nensi, Brunsvici, in republica mainensi. 93 The three rules. Theiron rule, the rule pp. 1. 80. [Brunsvici], J. Griffin, 1870. of self, and the golden rule. 252 pp. 3pl. Bowen (Francis). American political econo- 16. Philadelphia, J. P. Skelly S co. 1870. my; including strictures on the management Boyd (William H. compiler). Directory of of the currency and the finances since 1861, Washington, [etc]. See Washington, D. C. with a chart showing the fluctuations in the Boyd's directory, 1870. price of gold. ix, 495 pp. 1 chart. 120. New List of post offices in the U. S. 1870. York, C. Scribner 4- co. 1870. See Van Vleck (W.) Bowen (James H.) Report upon buildings, Boyer (Baron Alexis). Traite des maladies building materials, and methods of building. chirurgicales, et des operations qui leur con96 pp. 8~. Washington, government print- viennent. 4edd. 11 v. 8s. Paris, I'auteur, ing office, 1869. 1831. [EXHIBITION, Paris, 1867.] Boyer (Franuois). Quatrieme g6missement Bowles (Samuel). Our new west. Records d'une vivement touch6e de la constituof travel between the Mississippi river and tion de n. s. p. le pape Clement xi. du 8. the Pacific ocean. [etc.] 524 pp. 1 map, 12 septembre, 1713, [etc]. Nouv. 6d. xxxvi, pl. 80. Hartford, (Ct.) Hartford publishina 226 pp. 180. Amsterdam, aux dbpens de la co. 1869. compagnie, 1753. s. Bowles ( Rev. TWilliamn Lisle). Hermes bri- [With LE SCENE DE MENILLES D'ETTEMARE (Jean Baptiste). Premier, second, [et troisigme g6. tannicus. A dissertation on the Celtic deity missementl 7

Page  50 50 BOYES. BRADBURY. Boyes (J. F.) Life and books, or records Brachelli-continued. of thought and reading. xii, 256 pp. 160. von Ost- und Nord-Europa. See Wappiius London, Bell 4 Daldy, 1859. (J. E.) Brachelli, etc. Boykin (Samuel). A memorial volume of the Bracht (Tieleman Janszoon van). Het bloedig hon. Howell Cobb, of Georgia. 280 pp. tooneel, of marteloers-spiegel der doops1 portrait. 8~. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippin- gesinde of weere loose christenen, [etc.] cott & co. 1870. Versamelt uyt verscheyde geloofweerdige Boyle (Augustus F.) The complete phono- chronijken, memorien, en getuygenissen. graphic class-book. See Andrews (S. P.) Den tweden druk. [Illustrated]. 2 v. in 1. and Boyle. 25 p. 1. 450 pp. 2 1; 6 p. 1. 840 pp. 4 1. fol. Boyle (Robert). Some considerations touch- Amsterdam, J. van der Deyster, [etc.] 1685. ing the usefulnesse of experimental natural Brackenridge (Henry M.) Views of Louisiphilosophy. Proposed in a familiar discourse ana; containing geographical, statistical, and to a friend, by way of invitation to the study historical notices of that vast and important of it. 2d ed. 2 v. in 1. 8 p. 1. 130, 416 pp; portion of America. 323 pp. 160. Baltimore, 22 p.1. 153 pp. sm. 40~. Oxford, H. Hall, Scheeffer f Maund, [1813]. 1664-71. The same. 323 pp. 160. Baltimore, Sch(effer S& Maund, 1817. Braam Houckgeest (Andr6 Everard van). Sch(Bd er ( Maund, 1817. Bradbury (William B.) Bradbury's fresh Voyage de l'ambassade de la compagnie des laurels for the sabbath-school. A new and Indes orientales hollandaises, vers l'empereur extensive collection of music and hymns. de la Chine, dans les anne'es 1794 et 1795. extensive collection of music and hymns. de la Chine, dans les annees 1794 et 1795. [etc.] 160 pp. obl. 16~. New York, I. B. Publi6 en Francais par m. L. E. Moreau de Saint-M6ry. 2 v. lxxx, 437pp. 1 map, 6 p; Bradbury, 1867. xii, 520, xiv pp. 1 map. 1 pl. 40~. Philadel- The cradbury trio; comprising the phia, L. E. Moreatu de Saint-Mery, 1798. New golden chain, New golden shower, and New golden censer, making together the Bracciolini. See Poggio-Bracciolini. largest and most useful sunday-school hymn Brachelli (Hugo Franz). Das osmanischeook in the world. 384 pp. obl. and tune book in the world. 384 pp. obl. reich. 8~. [Leipzig, 1858]. 16~. New York, Biglow & Main, [1870]. [In STEIN (C. G. D.) and HOiRSCHELMANN (F.) Handbuch der geographie, [etc]. v. 3. abth. 1. pp. - The clarion, a collection of hymns and 202-317]. tunes for sabbath-schools. 256 pp. obl. 16~. - Das furstenthum Montenegro. 8C. New York, Ir. B. Bradbury, 1867. [Leipzig, 1858]. The new golden censer: a musical [In STEIN (C. G. D.) and HORSCHELMANN (F.) offering to th Handbuch der geographie, [etc]. v. 3. abth. 1. pp.o sabbath-schools. 128pp. obl. 317-321]. 16~. New York, Biglow S Main, 1870. Das kinigreich Griechenland. 8~. The new golden chain of sabbath[Leipzig, 1858]. school melodies, [etc.] 128 pp. ] 1. obl. [In STEIN (C. G. D.) and HORSCHELMANN (F.) 160. New York, W. B. Bradbury, [1866]. Handbuch der geographie, [etc]. v. 3. abth. 1. pp. 32l-360]. -— The new golden shower; containing * — Die republik der ionischen inseln. 80. the gems of the "Golden shower," with [Leipzig, 1858]. about one-half additional (new) pieces. fIn STEIN (C. G. D.] and HORSCHELMANN (F.) Designed for sunday-schools, social, misHandbuch der geographie, [etc]. v. 3. abth. 1. pp., 360-373]. sionary, and temperance meetings. 128 pp. - Handbuch der geographie und statistik 1 1. obl. 16~. New York. W. B. Bradbury, des kaiserthums Oesterreich, nebst einer [1866]. einleitung: Der deutsche bund im allge- -- The Plymouth sabbath-school collection meinen. x,676 pp. 80. Leipzig, 1861. of hymns and tunes. 223 pp. obl. 160. [STEIN (C. G. D.) and HORSCHELIIANN (F.) Hand- New York, W. B. Bradbury, 1865. buch der geographie, [etc]. v. 4. abth. 1]. Songs of praise for sabbath schools, Haudbuch deor geographie nod statistik compiled by the presbyterian committee of des k6nigreichs Preussen und der deutschen publication, Richmond, Va. from Bradbury's mittel- und kleinstaaten. xviii, 1157, 62 pp. "new" golden trio, viz: the "new" golden I1. 8~. Leipzig, 1864. 11. 8~. Leipzigg, 1864. chain, "new" golden shower, and golden [STEIN (C. G. D.) and HORSCHELMANN (F.) Handbuch der geographic, [etc,] v. 4. abth. 2J. censer. 128 pp. obl. 16~. Richmond, pres-_ Handbuch der geographie und statistik byterian committee of publication, [1866].

Page  51 51 BRADBURY. BRATHWAIT. Bradbury (William B.)-continued. Brady (William, sailing master U. S. n.) The The same. Revised ed. By rev. E. T. kedge-anchor; or, young sailor's assistant, Baird,d.d. 126 pp.11. obl. 16~. Richmond, [etc.] 3d ed. 400 pp. 30 pl. 80. New York, presbyterian committee of publication, [1867 ]. author, 1848.The victory; a new collection of sacred Braght (Tieleman J. van). See Bracht (Tieland secular music, comprising a great vari- eman Janszoon van). ety of tunes, anthems, [etc. ] suitable for use Brainerd (M.) Life of Thomas Brainerd, d. d. in the choir, [etc.] New ed. containing ad- 455 pp. 1 portrait. 12~. Philadelphia, J. B. ditional anthems, chants, [etc.] Edited by Lippincott & co. 1870. Chester G. Allen and William F. Sherwin. Braintree (Massachusetts.) See Weymouth 416 pp. 1 portrait. obl. 8~. New York, Biglow (The), Quincy, and Braintree directory. &s Main, [1870]. Branagan (Thomas). Avenia; or, a tragical and Stearns (J. N.) Temperance poem on the oppression of the human spechimes; comprising a great variety of new cies; and infringement on the rights of man. music, glees, songs, and hymns, [etc]. 128 In five books. With notes, [etc.] Written pp. obl. 16~. New York,national temperance in imitation of Homer's Iliad. New ed. society and publication house, 1867. To which is added the constitution of the Bradbury (William F.) Key to Eaton's ele- stateof Pennsylvania. 324 pp. 1 pl. 18~. mentary algebra, giving solutions of the ex- Philadelphia, J. Cline, 1810. amples. 2p. 1. 251 pp. 120. Boston, Thomp- Branca (Gaetano). Bibliografia storica di son, Bigelozw, 8r Brown, 1870. ogni nazione intorno ai principali periodi e Braddon (Mary Elizabeth). John March- personaggi della storia universale. 1 p. 1. mont's legacy. 3d ed. 3 v. 12~. London, xxiii, 329 pp. 1 1. 80. Milano, G. SchieTinsley brothers, 1863. patti, 1862. S. Bradford (Alden). History of Massachusetts, Brand (John). Observations on the popular from 1790 to 1820. [v. 3]. 327 pp. 8~. Bos- antiquities of Great Britain; chiefly illustratton, author, 1829. ing the origin of our vulgar and provincial Bradford (Samuel F). The imposterdetected; customs, ceremonies, and superstitions. Aror, a review of some of the writings of " Peter ranged, revised, and greatly enlarged by Porcupine." By Timothy Tickletoby. [pseu- sir H. Ellis. A new ed. with additions, by don.] To which is annexed A refreshment J. O. Halliwell. 3 v. 120. London, H. G. for the memory of William Cobbett. 51 pp. Bohn, 1848-49. 80. [Philadelphia, T. Bradford, 1796]. [BOHN'S antiquarian library]. Bradley (Rev. Edward). Glencreggan; or, a Brandt (Johann Friedrich). Untersuchungen highland home in Cantire. By Cuthbert uber die gattung der klippschliefer, (hyrax Bede. [pseudon.] 2v. xxviii, 371 pp. 4 Herm.) besonders in anatomischer und verchromo-lithographs; xiv, 358 pp. 3 chromo- wandtschaftlicher beziehung, nebst bemerlithographs. 120. London, Lonaman, Green, kungen uber ihre verbreitung und lebensLong7msan, + Roberts, 1861. weise. vi, 127 pp. 3pl. 4~. St. Petersbourg, [Imperfect, wanting 1 chromo-lithograph in v. 1]. 1869. S. 1869. S. Nearer and dearer; a novelette. By [Mdmoires de l'acadbmie impdriale des sciences de Cuthbert Bede. [pseudon.] 225 pp. 27pl. St. Ptersbourg. v.14, no. 2. Extract]. 120. New York, Carleton, 1864. Brandy (The) drops; or, Charlie's pledge. Bradley (Mrs. Mary E.) The story of a sum- A temperance story. By aunt Julia. [pseumer; or, what do ye more than others? 121 don.] 103 pp. (incl. 1 pl.) 18~. New York, pp. 2 pl. 180. Boston, American tract soci- Carlton 4& Porter, 1858. s. ety, 1869. Brater (Carl). Deutsches staatsworterbuch. ------ A wrong confessed is half redressed. See Bluntschli (-Johann Caspar) and Brater 252 pp. 4 pl. 16~. Boston, Lee &$ Shepard, (Carl). 1871. Brathwait (Richard). Times treasury; or, [PROVERB series, v. 4]. academy for gentry. Laying downe excelBradshaw (William S.) Voyages to India, lent grounds, both divine and humane, in China, and America, with an account of the relation to sexes of both kindes, [etc.] ReSwan river settlement. 1 p. 1. 230 pp. 12~. vised, corrected, and inlarged, with a ladie's London, J. F. Hope, 1857. love lecture; and a supplement, entituled, the

Page  52 52 BRATHWAIT. BRETSCHNEIDER. Brathwait-continued. Bremen-continued. Turtle's trivmph: summing up all in an ex- der cultur- und kunstgeschichte Bremens quisite character of honour. 3 p. 1. 454 pp von J. G. Kohl. 5 p. 1. 161 pp. 1 1. 18 pl. 4~. 1 1. 52 pp. 4 1. fol. London, N. Brooke, Bremnen, C. E. Miiller, 1870. [etc.] 1652. - Bureau fiir bremische statistik. Jahr[A reprint of his "English gentleman"]. buch fiir die amtliche statistik des bremiBrauer (J. HI.) and Plath (J. H.) Hand- schen staats. i. jahrgang, ii. heft [and] ii. buch der geographie und statistik von Asien. jahrgang, i. heft. 40. Bremen, G. A. v. xii, 1124 pp. 80. Leipzig, 1864. Halein, 1868-69. s. [STEIN (C. G. D.) and HOiRSCHEI.MIANN (F.) Hand- (Laondwirthschafts-verein fir das brebuch der geographie, [etc.] v. 2. abth. 3]. Braune (Carl, d. d.) The epistles of Paul to misclc gebiet). Jahresbericht, 868. 74pp. the Ephesians, Philippians, [and] Colos- 7 tab. 1 map. 8~. Bremen, N. A. Ordesians. 3 v. in 1. 1870. SeeBible, (English). mall, 1869. S. Bravo de Lagunas y Castilla (Pedro Joseph). Brenius. See Breen. Voto consultivo, al senor Joseph Antonio Brennecke (W.) Einfiihrung in die neuere Manso de Velasco, virrey governador de los geometrie. Die berihrungs-aufgabe fur kreis reynos del Peri. Sobre si se han deoprefirir und kugel in sechsfacher geometrischer been la venta los trigos del distrito de Lima handlung. xiii, 112 pp.3 p. 8. erlin, a los que se conducen por mar de Chile, [etc. ] T. C. F. Enslin, 1860. s. 9 p. 1.247 pp. 31. sim. 40 Lima, 1755. - Einfilhrung in das studium der darstelBrecling (Friedrich). Aund w. Erster [und] lendengeometrie. vi, 80 Berzweiter theil der christlichen geheimen epis- liid, T. Cd. F. Enslin, 1869. s. tcln oder send-brieffen, so ehmals durch den Lehrbuch der stereometrie fuir den hoheausflusz des geistes im einwesigen leben, aus rn schulunterricht. 1 p. 1 8 pp. p einem eiferigen hertzen, in nieder-teutscher 8C. Berlin, T. C. F. Enslin, 1862. s. sprache unter dem verborgnen namen Hiel, ------ Trigonometrie. Fur das bediirfniss [pseudon.] an die liebhaber der wahrheit hoherer lehranstalten. viii, 108 pp. 8~. herausgegeben worden, [etc.] 2 v. in 1. 4 Berlin, T. C. F. Enslin, 1856. s. p. 1.384 pp. 2 1; 4 p.1.422 pp.7 1. 16. [n. Brentano (Lujo). On the history and dep.] 1687. velopment of gilds, and the origin of tradeBreed (Rev. William P.) The sunny moun- unions. xvi,135 pp. 8~. London, Triibtain and its peaks. 216 pp. 3 pl. 183. ner (S co. 1870. Philadelphia, presbyterian board of publica- Bretschneider (Carl Gottlieb). Handbuch tion, 1865. der dogmatik der evangelisch-lutherischen Breen (Daniel van). Breves in vetus et no- kirche; oder, versuch einer beurtheilenden vum testamentum annotationes. Adjectus darstellung der grundsatze, welche diese est tractatus de regno ecclesime glorioso per kirche in ihren symbolischen schriften uber Christum erigendo. Item de qualitate regni die christliche glaubenslehre ausgesprochen Christi, [etc.] nec non amica disputatio ad- hat. 3e auflage. xxii, 762 pp. 8. Leipversus Judmeos. Ac tandem brevissimus dia- zig, J. A. Bartl, 188. logus de veritate religionis christianoe, etc. Ueber die grundansichten der theologi4 p. 1. 744 pp. 40 1. fol. Amstelaedami, H. schen systeme in den dogmatischen lehrbiiDendrinus, 1664. chern der herren professoren Schleiermacher Brehm (Christian Ludwig). Monographie und Marheinecke, so wie fiber die des herren der papageien; oder, vollstindige naturge- dr. Iase. 71 pp. 8&. Leipzig, J. A. Barth, schichte aller bis jetzt bekannten papageien 1828. mit getreuen und ausgemalten abbildungen. [With the preceding]. Im vereine mit andern naturforschern heraus- Predigten an sonn- und festtagen gehalgegeben. heft. 1-14. 60 pp. 70 col. pl. fol. ten. 2e ausgabe. 2 v. iu 1. 1 p. 1. xvi, 248 Jena, A. Schmidt, 1842-55. pp; vi, 290 pp. 1 1. 80. Leipzig, J. A. Bremen. Denkmale der geschichte und kunst Barth, 1823. der freien hansestadt Bremen. Herausge- CONTENTS. geben von der abtheilung des kuinstler- v. 1. Ueber tod, unsterblichkeit und auferstehung. Ffir zweifelnde uud trauernde. vereins fiir bremische geschichte und alter- v. 2. Worte der heiligen schrift zunm unterricht und zur erbaunng erklitrt iu predigten an sonnthiimer. Zweite abtheilung. Episoden aus und festtagen.

Page  53 53 BRETT. BRITISH. Brett (Edwin). Notes on yachts. (First Brissot de Warville-continued. series). [etc.] 3 p. 1. 131 pp. 1 pl. 160. convention; on the influence of the anarchLondon, S. Low, son, &$ Marston, 1869. ists and the evils it has caused; and the Brewster (Sir David). More worlds than necessity of annihilating that influence in one: the creed of the philosopher, and the order to save the republic. From the French. hope of the christian. 9th thousand. Cor- 1 p. 1. 109 pp. 8~. New York, Childs -5 rected, [etc.] vii, 262 pp. 120. London, Swaine, 1794. J. C. Hotten, 1870. Bristol county (Massachusetts). The Bristol Brey (Ernst). Anleitung zum uebersetzen aus county directory and history for 1870. Comdem Deutschen in's Englische, oder erstes piled by D. Dudley & co. 80. Boston, deutsches lesebuch fiir schulen und zum D. Dudley Sf co. 1870. selbstunterricht. [etc. or] The first German Britaine (William de). Human prudence: reader with a key for pupils in common or the art by which a man and woman may schools, also for those pursuing the study be advanced to fortune, to permanent honor, without a teacher. [etc. German and and to real grandeur, [etc.] 1st American, English]. viii, 121 pp. l 1. 160. St. Louis, from the 8th London ed. With many cor(Mo.) F. Saler, 1866. rections, translations, and additions. By Bridgens (R.) Furniture, with candelabra Hermann Mann. 230pp. 12~. Dedham, and interior decoration. 2 p. 1. 60 pl. 40~. (Mass.) H. Mann, 1806. London, W. Pickering, 1838. Britannia triumphant: or, an account of the Bridges (W. C.) Tables for the calculation sea-fights and victories of the English naof interest on all sums from one to ten thou- tion, from the earliest times down to the sand dollars, for one to three hundred and conclusion of the late war, [etc.] To which sixty-six days, at six per cent. per annum, is prefixed a large introduction, containing calculated for 360 days; including time the history of navigation, from the earliest table, etc. 44 1. sq. 16~. Philadelphia, accounts; with the lives of the most celebra1871. ted admirals. By a society of naval gentleBriggs and eo. The business album for 1868. men. 276 pp. 6 portraits. 80. London, 148 pp. obl. 80. Boston, A. Mudge c son, R. James, 1777. 1868. British (The) almanac, and companion, for Brightman (Rev. Thomas). A revelation of the year 1870. 2 v. in 1. 160. London, the reuelation; that is, the revelation of St. J. Greenhill, 1870. John opened clearely, with a logicall reso!lu- British association for the advancement of tionl and exposition, wherein the sense is science. Report of the thirty-ninth meeting; cleared, out of the scripture. The euent also held at Exeter, Aug. 1869. 80. London, of thinges foretold is discussed out of the J. Murray, 1870. church-historyes. 8 p. 1. 922 pp. sm. 40~. British (The) compendium; or, rudiments of Amsterdam, 1615. honour. See Nichols (Francis). The British Brighton; or, the Steyne. A satirical novel. compendium. [anon.] 3 v. 8~. London, author, 1818. British (The) foreign and colonial trade-mark Brinton (Daniel G. n. d.) Eclectic series of directory. To which is added an internageographies. 1870. See Steinwehr (A. von) tional guide, and an appendix of general and Brinton. commercial information, with translations in- and Napheys (George H. m. d. ) Per- to French, German, [etc. ] Edited and transsonal beauty: how to cultivate and preserve lated by Otto Blumenthal, ph. d. 1 p. 1. it in accordance with the laws of health. xxviii, 202, lx, 475, 184, 142 pp. 40. London, 346 pp. 1 pl. 16~. Sprin,gfield, (Mass.) executorsfor the late proprietor, 1866. IV. J. Holland, 1870. British and foreign state papers. Vols. 47-54. Brisbane (A. 11.) Ralphton; or, the young 1856-1864. 8v. 8~. London, W. Ridgway, Carolinian of 1776. A romance on the philo- 1866-69. sophy of politics. xi, 12412 pp. 120. Charles. British museum. A guide to the printed ton, Burces & James, 1848. books exhibited to the public. 32 pp. L2~. Brissot de Warville (Jean Pierre). J. P. [London], 1870. Brissot, deputy of Eure and Loire, to his Catalogue of diurnal lepidoptera deconstituents on the situation of the national scribed by Fabricius, in the collection of the

Page  54 54 BRITISH. BROOKS. British museum —continued. Brockenbrough (W.H.) History of Virginia British museum. By Arthur Gardiner But- from its first settlement to 1754. With an ler. vi, 303 pp. 3 pl. 80. London, by order abstract of events from that period to the of the trustees, 1869. independence of Virginia. [anon. ] 8$. Catalogue of the specimens of dermap- Charlottesville, J. Martin, 1835. tera saltatoria in the collection of the British [ With MARTIN, (Joseph). Gazetteer of Virginia]. museum. By Francis Walker. Part 2-3. Brockett (L. P. m.d.) The great war of 2 p. 1. pp. 225 to 604. 80. London, trustees 1870 between France and Germany. Comnof the British museum, 1869-70. prising a history of its origin and causes, I Catalogue of the specimens of hemip- [etc.] 262 pp. 1 map, 5 pl. 8~. New York, tera heteroptera in the collection of the G. Watson, 1871. British museum. By Francis Walker. Part 3. Brocklesby (John, II. d.) Elements of astronpp. 419-599. 80. London, 1868. omy, for schools and academies. With exCatalogue of prints and drawings. Di- planatory notes, and questions for examivision 1. Political and personal satires. (No. I nations. A new ed. revised. 351 pp. 3 pl. tono. 1235.) v. 1. [From] a. d. 1320 to April 120. New York, Sheldon & co. 1870. 11,1869. viii, 752 pp. 80. [London], 1870. Brodie (Sir Benjamin Collins). Pathological A guide to the second vase room in the and surgical observations on the diseases of department of Greek and Roman antiquities. the joints. With alterations and additions. 43 pp. 16~. London, 1869. From the fourth London edition. 343 pp. Hand-list of genera and species of birds, 80. Boston, 1842. distinguishing those contained in the British [MASSACHUSETTS medical society. Library of pracmuseum. By George Robert Gray. Part ii. tical medicine, v. 12]. Conirostres, scansores, columbme, and gal- Bronikowski (Alexander). The court of linee. xv, 278 pp. 80. London, 1870. Sigismund Augustus; or, Poland in the sixSynopsis of the contents of the British teenth century. Done into English by a museum. 25th ed. 2 p. 1. 188 pp. 80. Lon- Polish refugee. 3 v. 8~. London, Longdon, G. Woodfall, 1827. man, Rees, Orme, Brown, Green & Longman, [MISCELLANEOUS pamphlets, v. 432]. 1834. British (The) review, and London critical jour- Bronson (Silas) library of the city of Waternal. March, 1811, to May, 1824. v. 1-22. bury, Conn. Catalogue. ix, 340 pp. 8~. 80. London, Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme a' Waterbury, press of the American printing co. Brown, 1811-24. 18,70. S. [v. 23 wanting to complete the publication]. Brooklyn, (N. Y.) The Brooklyn city and Brittan (Harriette G.) Kardoo, the Hindoo business directory for the year ending May girl. 2d ed. 183 pp. I pl. 16~. New York, 1st, 1871. 8~. Brooklyn, Lain & co. 1870. W. B. Dodge, 1869. Brooks (Edward). Methods of teaching menBrizard (Nicolas). Metamorphoses amoris. tal arithmetic and key to the normal mental Quibus adiectme sunt Elegime amatoriae. Om- arithmetic, [etc.] 1 p. 1. 83 pp. 18~. Philania ad imitationem Ouidij (quoad licuit) con- delphia, Sower, Barnes &' co. 1860. scripta et elaborate. 4 p. 1.56 1. 18~. Pa- Methods of teaching written arithmetic, risiis, M. Menier, 1556. and key to the normal written arithmetic. Brizeux (Julien Auguste Pelage). Memoires 171 pp. 12~. Philadelphia, Sower, Barnes [suppos6es] de madame de LaValliere. 4- Potts, 1864. [anon.] 2 v. 388 pp; 2 p. 1. 363 pp. 80. The normal primary arithmetic; an inParis, Mame 4, Delaunay-Vallee, 1829. troduction to a course in mental and written Broadus (John A. d. d.) A treatise on the arithmetic. 103 pp. 18~. Philadelphia, preparation and delivery of sermons. 514 pp. Sower, Barnes, & co. 1867. 120. Philadelphia, Smith, English, co. 1870. The normal elementary arithmetic; Brock (Rev. Isaac). Sermons on the apostles' embracing a course of easy and progressive creed; preached in the autumn of 1863, at exercises in elementary written arithmetic, the episcopal jews' chapel of the London so- [etc.] 159 pp. 12~. Philadelphia, Sower, ciety for promoting christianity amongst the Barnes Sk Potts, 1865. jews. 2 p. 1. 148 pp. 8~. London, IV. The normal mental arithmetic: a Macintosh, 1864. thorough and complete course, by analysis

Page  55 55 BROOKS. BROWNE. Brooks (Edward)-continued. Brown (George, d. d.) The lady preacher; or, and induction. Revised ed. 168 pp. 18~. the life and labors of mrs. Hannah Reeves, Philadelphia, Sower, Barnes c co. 1867. late the wife of rev. Winm. Reeves, d. d. of the Brooks (John A.)and Fitch (Rev. J. W.) A methodist church. 343 pp. 1 portrait. 120. debate on the beginning of Messiah's reign, Philadelphia, Daughaday & Becker, 1870. the abrogation of the Mosaic law, and first Brown (G. W.) The ladies' friend; containproclamation of the gospel; baptism, [etc.] ing all the lectures and exoteric ceremonials, the "disciples" or "christian" church the made use of in conferring the degrees of same instituted by Jesus Christ on pente- adoptive masonry, [etc.] 128 pp. 3 pl. cost; the doctrine and polity of the metho- 24G. Ann Arbor, (Mich.) A. W. Chase, 1866. dist church a feasible basis for the union of Brown (Helen E.) Abroad; or, Lilian's new allchristians, [etc.] 383 pp. 8~. Cincin- school. Sketches of travel in Europe. 389 nati, R. [F. Carroll &co. 1870. pp. 16 pl. 160. Boston, American tract Broom (W. W.) Great and grave questions society, 1870. for American politicians, with a topic for Brown (Henry). The sonnets of Shakespeare America's statesmen. By Eboracus. [pseu- solved, and the mystery of his friendship, don. ] 1 p. 1. 122 pp. 80. New York, C. S. love, and rivalry revealed. Illustrated by;Vestcott & co. 1865. numerous extracts from the poet's works, Broome counlty, (New York). Proceedings contemporary writers, and other authorities. of the board of supervisors, November, 1862. 242 pp. 80. London, J. R. Smith, 1870. E. D. Robinson, clerk. 120 pp. 8~. Bing- Brown (Henry J.. d.) A voice from the Brown (Henry J. m.d.) A voice from the harnpton, [V. S. Lawyer, 1863. Brother Angel. An Italian romance of the pious dead of the medical profession; or, memoirs of eminent physicians who have 16th century. From the French. [anon.]. 16th century. From the French. [anon.]ag s fallen asleep in Jesus; with a preliminary F68pp. 8. ew York, H. G. Daggersve, 1845. dissertation on the cross, as the key to all [FRENCH novels, v. 4]. Philadelphia, Brotherhead (William). Autographi-holo- knowledge. 320 pp. 120. Philadelphia, graphiani. [A visit to F. J. Dreer's collec- s kinpine, 185 tion of autographs]. 19 pp. fol. Phila- Brown (Paul). Twelve months inNew-Hardelphia, 1857. mony; presenting a faithful account of the Brougham (Miss -). Red as a rose is she. principal occurrences which have taken place A novel, by the author of " Cometh up as a there within that period; interspersed with flower." [anon.] 3 v. 160. London, R. remarks. 128 pp. 8~. Cincinnati, [V. Bentley, 1870. Hill Woodward, 1827. Broughton (Rev. Thomas). The mottoes of Brown (Samuel Gilman). The life of Rufus the Spectators, Tatlers, and Guardians. Choate. 2d ed. xvi, 468 pp. 1 portrait. 1 Translated into English. 2 p. 1. 191 pp. fac-simile. 12~. Boston, Little, Brown Sr co. 18~. London, R. Wellington, 1735. 1870. Broullion (Rev. Nicolas, s. j.) Missions de Brown (T. Allston). History of the AmeriChine. M6moire sur l'etat actuel de la mis- can stage. Containing biographical sketches sion du Kiang-Nan, 1842-1855. Suivi de of nearly every member of the profession lettres relatives A l'insnrection, 1851-1855. that has appeared on the American stage, 1 p.. 483 pp.2 1. 8~. Paris, Julien, Lanier from 1733 to 1870. [Illustrated with por8& cie. 1855. traits]. 421 pp. 1 portrait. 80. NTew York, Brouwer (Hendrik). De jure connvbiorvm Dick 8r Fitzgerald, [1870]. apud Batavos recepto, libri duo, [etc.] 10 Brown (William S.) Model lessons [in arithp. 1. 718 pp. 24 1. 40. Amstelodami, apud metic] for board or slate, for the use of priC. Commelinvm, 1665. mary teachers and parents. 22 pp. 11. 24~. Brown (B. F.) Homes in the west; and Danville, (N. Y.) Dancrille advertiser, 1870. how to obtain them, [etc.] 104 pp. 7 1. Browne (Matthew). Views and opinions. 1 12~. Pittsburgh, W. S. Haven S& co. 1870. p. 1. xviii, 294 pp. 16~. London, A. Strahan, Brown (David, d. d.) The restoration of the 1866. Jews; the history, principles, and bearings Browne (William). [His] whole works; of the question. xv, 237 pp. 160. Edin- now first collected and edited, with a memoir burgh, A. Strahan S co. 1861. of the poet, and notes, by W. Carew Haz

Page  56 BROWNING. BRYDSON. Browne (William)-continued. Bruson-continued. litt. 2 v. ix, 363 pp; vi, 378 pp. sm. 4~. dealer, grocer, dairyman, cheese-maker, London, Rozburghe library, 1869. farmer, druggist, manufacturer, etc. 2 p. 1. CONTENTS. 244, xvi pp. 8c. Chicago, (Ill.) l;estern news v. 1. Britannia's pastorals. Books I and 2. co. 1870. v. 2. Britannia's pastorals, corcluded. The shepheard's pipe. The inner temple masque. Mis- Brussels (Observatolre royal A Bruxelles). cellaneous poems. Annales mdteorologiques, publi6es, aux frais Browning (Charles). An appeal to the citide l'6tat, par le directeur A. Quetelet. Deuxzens of Maryland, [etc. ] firom the legitimate i~ me ann6e. 104 pp. 40. Bruxelles, M. descendants of the Baltimore family. 88 pp. Hayez, 1868. 8~. Baltimore, T. R. Lusby, 1821. Bruzelius (Nils Gustaf). Svenska fornlemBrowning (Henry B.) Words in season: a ningar, aftecknade och beskrifna. la h/iftet. manual of instruction, comfort and devotion, Skhne. 2 p. 1. 89 pp. 3 pl. 8~. Lund. Berfor family reading and private use. 250 pp. 16~. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott &8 co. 1870. Bryant (Rev. Alfred). The doctrine of deBrownson (Orestes Augustus, jr. ) Caroline-: crees, foreordination, predestination and a comic dramina, in two acts. [Also, Coi- election, as held by presbyterians, and olanus: an historical dramina]. 24 pp. 160. taught in their confession of faith, explained and illustrated. 141 pp. 16. Lansing, Dubuque, Palmer &C brothErs 1870. Bruce (-). Catalogue of works relating to (Mich.) W. S. George. t co. 1870. America. (Being on sale by J. W. Bouton, Bryant (William Cuilen). The song of the etc.) The whole to be sold by auction by sower. 48 pp. sm.4. New York, D. Leavitt, Strebeigh & co. April, 1868. Appleton & co. 1871. [anon.] iv, 140 pp. 8~. New York, Brad- translator. The Iliad. See Homerus. [anon.] iv, 140 pp. 80.New York, Bradstreet press, 1868. Brydges (Sir Samuel Egerton). Gnomica: [Note.-With prices obtained at the sale, in ms.] detached thoughts, sententious, axiomatic, Brucker (Jacob). Institvtiones historiit phi- moral and critical: but especially with referlosophicre vsvi academice ivventvtis adorna- ence to poetical faculties, and habits. I p. 1. tie. Ed. 2a. 10 p. 1. 884 ppi 8 1. 80. Lip- xxxi, 338 pp. 41. 80. Genevae, TV. Fick, 1824. site, B. C. Breitkopf, 1756. ["'73 copies only. "J Miscellanea historite philosophicre, lit- The hall of Hellingsley: a tale. 3 v. erarile, criticre. 8 p. 1. 608pp. 7 1. 12. 2. London, Long71, Hurst, Rees, Ome.Avgvstee Vindelicorvm, heeredes J. J. Lotter, & Browcn, 1821. 1748. -- Polyanthea librorum vetustiorum, italiVita Godofredi Guilelmi Leibnitii. pp. corum, gallicorum, hispanicorum, anglica43, 224. 8~. Tubingee, Berger, 1771. norum, et iatinorum. Pars i. [anon.] lvi, [In LEIBNITZ (Gottfried Wilhelm von). Tentainina 464 pp. 80. Geneva, typis G. Fick, 1822. theodicoeve, [etc.] v. 1]. [" 75 exemplaria sola."] Brunel (Henri). Avant le christianisme; ou, Res literarire: bibliographical and histoire des doctrines religieuses et philo- critical, for Oct. 1820. 3 p. 1.294 pp. 8~. sophiques de l'antiquite. 2 p. 1.415 pp. 80. Naples, C. Beranger, 1821. Paris, M. Duclouz, 1852. The same. For January 1821. viii, Bruns (Hermann Theodor). Canones aposto- 180 pp. 11. I1pl. 80. Rome, F. Bourlie, 1821. lorum et conciliorum smculorum iv, v, vi, vii. [ With the preceding]. 2 v. xii, 411 pp; viii, 320 pp. 80. Berolini, The same. For May 1821 to February, G. Reimer, 1839. 1822. 1 p. 1. xlvii, 544, xii pp. 8~. Geneva, Brunswick (The) (Maine) directory for 1871- W. Fick, 1822. 72. See Bath (The), Brunswick, and Rich- Brydone (Patrick). A tour through Sicily mond directory. and Malta. In aseries of letters to William Bruson (W. C.) Fresh eggs and yellow but- Beckford. New ed. 2 v. xvi, 373 pp. 1 map; ter. A treatise on eggs and butter, showing xi, 355 pp. 80. London, TV. Strahan and T'. methods of preserving eggs, butter, meats, Cadell, 1776. etc. With the process of deoxygenating and Brydsol (Thomas). A summary view of insulating eggs. And other new and heraldry in reference to the usages of valuable information useful to the produce chivalry and the general economy of the

Page  57 57 BRYDSON. BUNDERIUS. Brydson-cotinnued. Buller-continued. feudal system, with an appendix respecting the action of the contending principles. xv, such distinctions of rank as have place in 240 pp. 80. London, Partridge 4 Oakey, the British constitution. 1 p. 1. xvi, 319 pp. 1847. 80. London, Nicol, Egerton, Edwards, Bullinger (Rev. Henry). Fiftie godlie and Faulder, Hookham 4' Carpenter, 1795. learned sermons, divided into five decades, Buchanan (George). Baptistes, sive calvm- containing the chiefe and principall points nia, tragcedia. 18o. [London, 1582]. of christian religion, [etc.] Whereunto are [In his Paraphrasis psalmorum Davidis, etc. pp. 387- added certaine epistles of the same author concerning the apparell of ministers and other The history of Scotland [to 1572]. indifferent things, [et.] Translated out of Written in Latin, faithfully rendered into Latine into English, by H. I. 8 p. l. 1143 English. 4 p. 1. 8, 434, 286 pp. 18 1. 1 por- pp 17. portrait. sm. 40. London, R. Newtrait. fol. London, A. Churchil, 1690. berie, 1587. -- Jephthes, sive votvm, tragcedia. 18~. [ JeLphthes, sive votvm, tragedia. 18. Bullions (Alexander, d. d.) A true and faith[London, 1582]. ful history of the trial of rev. Alexander [71 his Paraphrasis, psalmorum Davidis, pp. 3o3-.8. r]. Bullions, d. d. before the associate presbytery Buchanan (Robert, editor). Ballad stories of of Cambridge, in May, 1829; and before the the affections. From the Scandinavian. associate synod of North America, in May, With illustrations by G. J. Pinwell, E. Dal- 1830; [etc.] By an observer. [anon.] 47 ziel, W. Small, T. Dalziel, A.B. Houghton, pp. 80. lNew York, W. Stodart, 1831. J. Lawson and J. D. Watson. Engraved by Bullions (Peter, d. d.) Bullions's grammatthe brothers Dalziel. xiv, 174 pp. 8~. ical series. Bullions's school grammar; with London, G. Routlledge & sons, [1870]. practical lessons and exercises in composition Biichner (Ludwig). Die stellung des men- and analysis. A revised ed. of the common schen in der natur, in vergangenheit, gegen- school grammar, and introductory to the wart und zukunft. Oder: Woher kom- practical grammar. xvi, 172 pp. 160. men wir? Wer sind wir? Wohin gehen New York, Sheldon 4 co. 1870. wir? [etc 2 v xii, 109, xlviii pp; xvi P Bulwer (Sir Edward George Earle Lytton). 110-221, 9xlix-cxiv pp. 120. Leipzig, T. See Lytton (Sir E. G. E. Bulwer, lord LytThomas, 1869-70. ton). Buckman (James). Science and practice in farm cultivation. vii,:58 pp. 10 pi. 80. Bulwer (Sir Henry Lytton Earle). The life London, R. Hardwicke, 1865. of lenry John Temple, viscount Palmerston, Bucknill (John Charles, m.d.) The mad folk with selections from his diaries and correof Shakespeare. Psychological essays. 2d spondence. v. 1-2. 377 pp; 380 pp. 120. ed.. xiii pp. I 1. 333 pp. 120. London * Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott 4' co. 1871. Cambridgye, Macmillan & co. 1867. Bump (Orlando F. editor). Internal revenue Buffier (Claude, s.j.) Grammaire franpoise laws, 1870. See United States. sur un plan nouveau. Nouvelle dd. revue. Bumstead (Freeman Josiah). The pathology xiv pp. 5 1. 540 pp. 3 1. 16~. Paris, P. and treatment of venereal diseases; includWitte, 1714. s. ing results of recent investigations upon the Buist (George). Index to books and papers subject. 3d ed. 704 pp. 8%. Philadelphia, on the physical geography, antiquities, and H. C. Lea, 1870. statistics of India. 103 pp. 80. Bombay, Bunbury (Selina). Russia after the war. Bolmbay education society press, 185'2. s. The narrative of a visit to that country in Bulkley (Rev. Edward). Sermon on psalm 1856. 2 v. 1 p. 1. 326 pp; 2 p. 1. 385 pp. I 11 6, 12. What shall I render unto the Lord for 120 London, Hurst 8S Blackett, 18.7. all his benefits towards me? [anon.] 28 Bunderen (Johannes van den). Detectio pp. 40 [an. p. about?675]. nvgarvm Lvtheri, [ex volumine Joannis [Imperfect, all from page 28 wanting. WVith WHEELER Coclei desumpta], cvm declaratione veritatis (Thomas). Narrative, etc.] catholicre, et confvtatione dogmatvm lvtheraBuller (Col. Frederick Thomas). Apollyon norvm. 8 p. 1. 107 1. 180. Louanij, ex and the reaction of the Slavonians, with a officina B. Grauij, 1551. review of the political state of Europe under Bunderius. See Bunderen (J. van den). 8

Page  58 58 BUNDY. BURCKHARD. Bundy (Richard, d.d.) Select sermons on Bunyan-continued. some of the most important points of the signed by Westall. 496pp. 4 pp. 80. New christian religion. [etc.] 6 p. 1. 392 pp. 8~. York, IF. Borradaile, 1822. London, L. Davis, 1750. The same. [Abridged and modified in Bungay (George W.) Temperance anecdotes. expression]. The christian pilgrim; conOriginal and selected. 288 pp. 12 pl. 16~. taining an account of the wonderful advenNew York, national temperance society and tures and miraculous escapes of a christian, publication house, 1870. in his travels from the land of destruction Bunsen (Christian Carl Josias, baron von, d.d ) to the New Jerusalem. 2d Am. ed. 216 pp. God in history, or the progress of man's faith 1 pl. 3.2~. Worcester, L Tlholmas, jr. 1807. in the moral order of the world. Translated ---- Select minor works. Containing, Water from the German by Susanna Winkworth. of life; Solomon's temple spiritualized; and With a preface by Arthur Penrhyn Stanley, Christ a complete saviour, [etc.] 330 pp. d. d. v. 3. 8~. London, Longmans, Green, 12~. Portsmouth, [F. & D. Treadwell, 1804. &co. 1870. Solomon's temple spiritualized; or, ------ Letters from Bunsen to Max Miiller, in gospel-light fetched out of the temple at Jeruthe years 1848 to 1859. 8~. [ London, 1870]. salem, to let us more easily into the glory of [IniMuLLER (Frederic Max). Chips from aGerman new-testament truths. 144 pp. 18~. Hartworkshop. v. 3]. ~~workshop. v. 3]. ~ford, J. BaCbcock, 1802. Bunyan(John). Heart's ease in heart-trouble.. -- The visions of John Bunyan, being his Or, a sovereign remedy against all trouble of The visions of John Bunyan, being his last remains: giving an account of the glories heart that Christ's disciples are subject to, under all kinds of afflictions in this life. of heaven,theterrorsofhell,andoftheworld retc.] 179 pp. 18~. Brattleborough, W. Fes- tocome. 94pp.11. 16. Norwich, T. Hubsenden, 1813. bard, 1795. The Jerusalem sinner saved; or, good Buonafede (Appiano). Histoire critique et news to the vilest of men;[etc.] shewing, that philosophique du suicide. Traduite de Jesus Christ would have mercy in the first'Italien, par m. G. Armellino et m. L. F. place offered to the biggest sinners. To which Guerin. 2 p. 1. is added, an answer to those grand objections Debucourt, 1841. that lie in the way of them that would be- Buonamici (Castruci). Memorias d los sucesos de Veletri del ano 1744. Escritas en lieve: for the comfort of those that fear they lengua latina, y puestas en castelana por have sinelGhost. 176 l ua latina, y puestas en castellana por have sinned against the Holy Ghost. 176 pp. sq. 16s. agherst, S. Preston, 1798. V. Noguera y Ramon. 10 p. 1. 174 pp. 16G. sq. 160. Amherst, S. Preston, 1798. The holy war. 38 pp. 18. [n. Valencia, B. Monfort, 1766. s. The holy war. 31723]48 pp.? 18Buoni (Giuseppe Omobono). De veterum [Imperfect, at beginning and end?. principum erga catholicam ecclesiam obse-Trhe pilgrim's progress. With original quio liber singularis. xxvii, 176 pp. 8~. notes by Thomas Scott. 386 pp. 4 pl. 16~. Bononie, typographia S. Thone Aquinatis, Boston, Manning f Loring, 1805. 1786. The same. In two parts. A new ed. Burchiello (Domenico, il barbiere, detto il,) divided into chapters. With the life of the and others. Sonetti del Burchiello, del Bellinauthdor. [Also] explanatory and practical cioni e d'altri poeti fiorentini alla burchielnotes. 434 pp. 2 1. 5 pl. 1 portrait. 8. lesca. [Edizione apparecchiata dal cau. New IYork, J. Tiebout, 1811. Anton. Maria Biscioni ]? 1 p. 1. xvi, 295 pp. Thesame. 311pp. 16~. Brattleborough, 1 portrait. 120. Londra, [Luccl], 1757. [Note.-The family name of Domenico and the rea. (Vt.) J. Holbrook, 1815. son of his soubriquet are much disputed]. The same. With original notes by Burckhard (Jacob). Eqvitis [etc. ] Vlrichi de Thomas Scott. 346 pp. 5 pl. 160. Hallowell, Hvtten ad B. Pirckheymer [etc. ] epistola, qva N. Cheever, 1817. et vitme svee rationem et temporvm in que t'e- The same. In two parts. A new ed. tas ipsivs incidit conditionem lvcvlenter dedivided into chapters. With the life of the scripsit. In lvcem denvo protvlit, et comauthor. [With] explanatory and practical mentarivm qvo illvstris hvivs eqvitis fata et notes by rev. messrs. Mason, Scott, and merita exponvntvr, svbiecit I. Bvrckhard. Burder. Also, a key to the allegory, with a 2 v. in 1. 11 p. 1. 240 pp. 81; 320 pp. 231. 1 critique on its beauties, and engravings de portrait. 18~. [olfenbvttel, G. Freitag, 1717.

Page  59 59 BURDELL. BURTON. Burdell (Harvey, m. d. and John). Observa- Burnand (F.C.) Happy thoughts. xvi, 303 pp. tions on the structure, physiology, anatomy 16~. London, Bradbury, Evans, 4 co. 1868 and diseases of the teeth; in two parts. 96 Burnet (Gilbert, bishop of Sarum). A collecpp. 80. New York, Gould & Newman, 1838. tion of papers relating to the present juncture Burgh (James). The dignity of human of affairs in England. [Ninth, tenth, elevnature; or a brief account of the certain and enth, and twelfth collection. anon.] 40~. established means for attaining the true end London, R. Janeway, 1689. of our existence. In four books. 2d Ameri- [MISCELLANEOUS pamphlets, v. 139]. can, from the 1st English ed. 413 pp. 8~. Burnet (Jacob). Notes on the early settleHartford, O. D. Cook, 1802. ment of the North-western territory. 501 pp. Burgos. Instituto provincial. Estracto de las 8~. Cincinnati, Derby, Bradley & co. 1847. conferencias de religion, habidas en el in- Burr (Enoch Fitch, d. d.) Pater mundi; or, stituto provincial de Burgos en el curso modern science testifying to the heavenly acad6mico de 1847 A 1848, siendo catedratico father. Being in substancelectures delivered de la asignatura el pro. d. A. G. de Torices. to senior classes in Amherst college. First 96, 12 pp. 8~. Burgos, J. A. Azpiazul, 1848. series. 2d ed. 3 p. 1. vi, 294 pp. 12~. Bos--— Estracto de las conferencias de filosoffa ton, Nichols 8& Noyes, 1870. moral [etc.] 64 pp. 4 i. 80. Burgos, J. A. Burrell(A. B.) Reminiscences of George La Azpiuzu, 1848. [W'ith the1preceding. Bar, the centenarian of Monroe county, Pa. [ Wth Burkthe prec(Edmund)g]. The beauties of Burke. who is still living in his 107th year! And inBurke (Edmund). The beauties of Burke. Choice selections from his works. 160 pp.'l cidents in the early settlement of the Pennsylvania side of the river valley, from Easton portrait. 24~. New York, Leavitt ~ co.185l. [With BLAIR (Hugh). Beauties]. to Bushkill. ll pp. 1 portrait. 80. PhilaBurke (Emily P.) Reminiscences of Georgia delphia, Clarton, Remsen & Hffelfingcr,870. viii, 252 pp. portrait. 12~. [n.p. J. M. Burroughs (Stephen). Memoirs. [By himFitch, 1850. self.] Containing many incidents in the life Burke (John) and BURKE (John Bernard). of this wonderful man, never before published. Stereotype ed. newly corrected and Encyclopredia of heraldry, or general armory reised. Stereotype ed. newly corrected and of England, Scotland, and Ireland, compris- rv. in 1. 36 pp. 1 ing a registry of all armorial bearings from Mn~~~~. ~Burrowe(J. F.) Peter Burrowe's primer; the earliest to the present time, [etc.] 3d ed. o.. e 8 p. 1. xxvi, 645 pp. 80. London, H. G. Boh, containing the rudiments of music, calcula1844. ted either for private tuition, or teaching in Burke (Sir John Bernard). A genealogical classes. New ed. with appendix containing and heraldic dictionary of the peerage and Czelny'slettersto a younglady. 96 pp. 16 baronetage of the British empire. 32d ed. New York, J. L. Peters, 1869. xlviii, 1316 pp. o 8~ London, Harrison,1870. Burton (John Hill). The history of Scotland, Burke's weekly for boys and girls. An illus- from Agricola's invasion to the revolution of trated journal of instruction and entertain- 688. 7 v. 8. dinburg,. Blak ment. T. A. Burke, editor. July 1869, to sons, 1867-70. June 1870.v.3. 40. Macon, (Ga.).J. T. Burton (Richard or Robert). The English Burke 18 c. 18370. v340 1an(aJ.V hero; or, SirFrancisDrake revived. Being Bur full account of the dangerous voyages, adBurn (Mlajor-gencralAndrew). Memoirs of the mirable adventures, notable discoveries, and life of the late major-general Andrew Burn, magnanimous atchievements of that valiant of the royal marines; collected from his jou cios eects from his and renowned commander, [etc.] 15th ed. 2 journals: with copious extracts from his p. 1. 180 pp. 1 pl. 180. London, C. Hitch, 1776. principal works on religious subjects. 2 v. The general history of earthquakes: be-. -- The general history of earthquakes: bexxiv, 287 pp. 1 portrait; 2 p. 1. 248, 55 pp. 12~. London, [F. II'inc~lester + son, 1815. ing an account of the most remarkable and 120. London, W. Winchester 4 son, 1815. Burnaby (Rev. Andrew). Travels through tremendous earthquakes that have happened in divers parts of the world, from the creation the middle settlements in North-America, in in divers parts of the world, from the creation the years 1759 and 1760. With observations to this time. [etc.]. B. [anon.] 177 upon the state of the colonies. 4 p. 1, 106 pp. pp. 24. London, A.Bettesort, 1734.. Note-Robert Burton is a pseudonym for Nathaniel 1 1. 40. London, T. Payne, 1775. Crouch.

Page  60 60 BURTON. CABASILAS. Burton (Capt. Richard Francis). Letters from Butler (George)-continued. the battle-fields of Paraguay. xix, 491 pp. society, during lent term. 1852. xvi, 231 2 pl. 1 map. 8~. London, Tinsley brothers, pp. 120. London, J. TV. Parker & son, 1870. 185.2. Vikram and the vampire; or, tales of Butler (James). Fortune's foot-ball; or, the Hindu devilry. Adapted by [him]. xxiv, adventures of Mercutio. Founded on mat319 pp. 16 pl. 12~. London, Longmans, ters of fact. 2v. in 1. 192pp; 191 pp. 160. Green, +4 co. 1870. Harrisburgh, (Penn.) J. Wyeth, 1797-98. Burton (William E.) A yankee among the Butler (Mann). A history of the commonwealth of Kentucky, from its exploration and mermaids, and other waggeries and vagaries. 192 pp. 8pl. 120. Philadelphia, Getz4Q Buck, settlement by the whites, to the close of the 1854. northwestern campaign, in 1813; [etc.] 2d Bury (Lady Charlotte). The divorced. 2 v. ed lxxii, 551. 4 p. 8. Cincinnati, in 1. 194 pp; 200 pp. 12~. Philadelphia, E. L. Carey - A. Hart, 1837. Butler (Noble). Butler's first school reader. -- Love. By the authoress of " Flirtation," 96 pp. 160. Louisville, (Ky.) J. P. Morton "The divorced," etc. [anon]. 2 v. in 1. 198 Co. 1869. pp; 206 pp. 120. Philadelphia, Carey, Lea s Butler's second school reader. 168 pp. Bleinchard, 1838. 16~. Louisville, (Ky.) J. P. Morton Sr co. The same. iv, 308 pp. 18~. London, 1870. Routledge, Wgarne, 8i' Routledge, 1860. Butler's third school reader. 240 pp. 160. Louisville, ( Ky.) J. P. Morton 81 co. Bush (Charles P. d. d.) Work for all, and 1. Louisville, (Ky.) J. P. Morton 1870. ways of working. 128 pp. 18~. Philaded*ways of working. 128 pp. 18. Philadel- Butler (Samuel, d. d. bishop of Hualifax). Gephia, presbyterian publication committee, 1868. ographia classica: or, the application of anographia classica: or, the application of anBush (William). Miscellaneous poems. 46 pp. n u16s. C(Wliamo) BaldMwinscell 1870. poems.tient geography to the classics. 2d American.'R C.ia (Louise Badw nde 1870a. ed. from 9th London ed. with questions on Bussy-Rabutin (Louise Frangoise de). La the maps, by John Frost. 262 pp. 8~. vie en abre6g de madame de Chantal, premiPhiladelphia, Carey 4' Lea, 1831. are mere et fondatrice de l'ordre de la visita- La, 1831. e atrie p t. Butterfield (John NV.) A digest of the detion de la sainlute Marie. 25Spp. I portrait. cisions in the office of the second comptrol18~. Brusselle, F. Foppens, 1698. Bussy-Rabutin (Roger, conte de) Histoire ler of the treasury. See United States. Bussy-Rabutin (Roger, comte de). Histoire ('Treasury departlnent). amoureuse des Gaules. [anon.] 1 p.1.244 pp. 18~. [Bruxelles, F. Foppens, 1698]? Butts (I. R.) The business man's assistant, Copie d'une lettre escrite a due de containing useful forms of legal instruments: Copie d'une lettre escrite au duc de Saint Aignan, du 12p novembre 1665. 21 [etc.]: together with many valuable tables, pp. 180. [Bruxelles, F. Foppens, 1698]? [etc. 120 pp. 12~. New York, tI. Long [ With the preceding]. 4- brother, 1850. Bustillo (Acisclo F. Vallin y). See Vallin y Byford (William H.) A treatise on the theory Bustillo. and practice of obstetrics. viii, 457 pp. 8~. Butler (Arthur Gardiner). Catalogue of New York, If. Wood & co. 1870. diurnal lepidoptera in the collection of the Byrn (Marcus Lafayette, m. d.) Knowledge in British museum. See British Museum. a nut-shell; or, repository of valuable inforButler (Charles). Reminiscences of Charles mation, a universal receipt book for the peoButler. With a letter to a lady on ancient ple. 3 p. 1. 134 pp. 101. 18~. New York, M. and modern music. From the 4th London ed. L. Byrn, 1870. viii, 351 pp. I pl. 12~. New York, Bliss 8i Byron (George Gordon Noel, 6thbaron Byroln). White, 1824. The bride of Abydos. A Turkish tale. 7'2 Butler (Frederick). A complete history of pp. 240. Philadelphia, 1M. Thomas, 1814. the United States of America, embracing the Cabanis (Pierre Jean Georges). Coup d'oeil whole period from the discovery of North sur les r6volutions et sur la reforme de la America, down to the year 1820. 3 v. 8~0. m6decine. xii, 438 pp. 12~. Paris, CrapeHartford, author, 182l. let, 1804. Butler (George). Principles of imitative art: Cabasilas, or Nicolaus Cabasilas. De difour lectures delivered before the Oxford art vino altaris sacrificio, seu liturgive expositio,

Page  61 61 CABASILAS. CALKINS. Cabasilas-continued. Cailleau-continued. groece et latine, Gentiano Herveto interprete. rado, traduit par Guilleragues], des lettres de fol. Parisiis, 1624. Babet et des reponses de son amant; des let[BIBLIOTHECA veterumn patrum, v. 2]. tres d'amnour d'une dame philosophe; de letCabinet (The). For 1865-67-68. Contain- tres de la presidente de Ferrand au baron de ing readingsin phonography. Conducted by Breteuil; et de celles d'Hdloise et d'Abeilard. James Butterworth. v. 3, 5, and 6. 16G. [anon.] 4 v. 160. Paris, L. Collin, 1808. London, F. Pitman, 1865-68. Cailly (Jacques de). Diverses petites po6sies Cabinet (Le) j6suitique, contenant plusieurs du chevalier d'Aceilly. See La Suze (H. de pieces trds curieuses des r. peres jesuites. C. de). Recueils de pidces galantes. Augment6 dans cette S20 6dition. 2 p. 1. 184 Caimi (Antonio). Delle arti del disegno e degli pp. 18~. Cologne, Jean Le Blanc, 1678. artisti, nelle provincie diLombardia, dal 1777 Cadena (Antonio Ossorio de la). La virtud al11862. Memoria dettatanell' occasione della en el estrado. Visitas juiciosas. Criticaespi- esposizione universale di Londra del 1862. ritual. 4 p. 1. 375 pp. 180. Madrid, A. Or- vi pp. 11. 232 pp. 80. Milano, L. di Giatega, 1766. corno Pirola, 1862. s. The same. 360 pp. 180. Madrid, M. Calatayud (Pedro de). Cathecismo practice, Escribano, 1781. y muy util, para la instruccion, y ensenianza Caduceo (El). Peri6dico del estado libre de facil de los fieles, [etc.] 3a imp. 8 p. 1. 382 la Puebla de Los Angeles, en que se transcri- pp. 160. Zaragoza, J. Fort, 1752. s. ben las actas de suhonorable congreso, y las Caldcleugh (W. G.) The Iliad. See, Hosuperiores 6rdenes del gobierno con las noti- merus. cias de mayor importancia. Tome 1-9. Calidasa. Payyov-/avua, 7 yevea2o),ta 7ro 1824-1826. 9 v. in 4. sm. 40~. Puebla, P. Payyov,,7erappaaOetaa eC lrov ipaXpavtrcov de la Rosa, 1824-26. 7rapa Ay7u7TptV rataevov. Nvv 7rptorov'E?CaeliusAurelianus. See Aurelianus (Calius). 7tVtTt eEKcoOewtca, Kalt /uIa rTpo;eYo/ueveov /cat Ceesar (Caius Julius). Ctesar's commentaries rapau7yp,1ceov aviOetcEta, daTirav, uev Kat on the Gallic war. [Latin text]. With a /s2erTv rFepytov K. TvwraX;ov, etrlTcrata tde Kat vocabulary and notes. By Wm. Bingham, dtopto(ete r. A;rorTOel60ov KOYtU7rTOv. 7', [etc.] 348pp. 12~. Philadelphia, E. H. 275 pp. 1 1. 8~. Ev AOJTvat, etcK T7 TvvroButler & co. 1870. ypaestafr. XaprobvXaKoS, 1850. S. ----- The same. [Latin text]. With exCalifornia. Appendix to journals of the senplanatory notes, a copious dictionary, and a ate and assembly of the eighteenth session map of Gaul. By Albert Harkness, ll. d. xv, G377pp. I map. 12l. Ner York, D. Ap- of the legislature, [etc.] 127 documents in xpvton cop. 18m0a. 10 NeYokD.A- 3 v. 8~. Sacramento, state printer, 1870. pleton 4ri Co. 1870. ____ —The journal of the senate [land] assemCaesarius. De variis qumestionibus dialogi iv, tibly during the eighteenth session of the legisquorum interpretatio latina primum in lucem lature, [etc.] 1869-70. 2 v.. Sacra prodiit Basileve anno 1571, opera J. Leunclauij, grmecus textus nunc primum erutus nento, state pinter, 1870. California immigrant union. All about Caliex mss. F. Olivarij. fol. Par-isiis, 1624. m O vr Par,. fornia, and the inducements to settle there. [In BIBLIOTHECA veterum patrum, v. 1]..Note.-These dialogues are not now supposed to be [anon.] 64, 16 pp. 8~. San Francisco, 1870. the work of Caesarius. Calkins (Alonzo, m. d.) Opium and the Cahier (Charles). Quelque six mille pro- opium-appetite; with notices of alchoholic verbes et aphorismes usuels empruntes A notre beverages, canabis indica, tobacco and coca, age et aux siecles derniers. xiii pp. I 1. 579 and tea and coffee, in their hygienic aspects pp. 11. 16-'. Paris, Julien, 1856. and pathologic relations. 390 pp. 120. Cailleau (Andr6 Charles). Lettres de ten- Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott & co. 1871. dresse et d'amour, contenant les lettres de Calkins (N. A.) Primary object lessons, for Julie'a Ovide, [par Charlotte Antoinette de training the senses and developing the faculBressey, marquise de Lezay-Marn6zia], et ties of children. A manual of elementary d'Ovide'i Julie, [par Andre Charles Cail- instruction for parents and children. 15th leaun], suivies des lettres galantes d'une cha- ed. rewritten and enlarged. 442 pp. I pl. noinesse portugaise; [par Marianne Alcofo- 120. New York, Harper S' brothers, 1870.

Page  62 62 CALLE. CAMPBELL. Calle (Juan Diez de la). Memorial, y notici- Camden society. Publications. 2 v. sm. as sacras y reales del imperio de las Indias 40. London, 1869. occidentales, al muy catolico, piadoso, y CONTENTS. poderoso senfior rey de las Espanas, y nuevo No. 100. Borough (Sir John). Notes on the treaty mundo, d. Felipe iv, [etc.] 12 p.1. 172 1. 8 carried on at Ripon between Charles I and the covenanters. 1640. pp. 5 1. sm. 40. [n.p.] 1646. No. 101. Francisco de Jesus (F.) El hecho de los Callender (James Thomson). The political tlatados del matrimonio pretendido por el principe de Gales, con la serenissima inprogress of Britain: or, an impartial history fante de Espalia Maria. Editedandtranslated by S. R. Gardiner. of abuses in the government of the British No. 102. Churchwarden's account of the town of empire, in Europe, Asia, and America. From Ludlow, in Shropshire, flom 1540 to the end of the reign of Elizabeth. Edited by the revolution in 1688, to the present tinle: T. Wright. the whole tending to prove the ruinous con- Camerarius or Kammermeister (Joachim). sequences of taxation, war, and conquest. Vita Philippi Melanchthonis. In qua conPart i. 3d ed. 120 pp. 8~. Philadelphia, spicere licet historiam primmn reformationis R. Folwell, 1795. ecclesioe, multasque alias res memorabiles [MISCELLANEOUS pamphlets, v. 294]. scituque dignissimas. 1 p. 1. 428 pp. 12 1. l Calvert (Frederic, lord Baltimore). Ccelestes portrait. 180. Hagee-Comitvm, A. Vlacq, et inferi. [Libri octo. anon.] 1 p. 1. 82 pp. 1655. 2 pI. 40. Venetiis, C. Palesi, 1771. The same. De vita Philippi MelanchGaudia poetica, latina, anglica, et gal- thonis narratio. Recensvit, notas, doevlica lingua composita. 1769. [anon.] 3 p..lica lingua composita. 1769. [anon.] 3 P menta, [etc.] addidit G. Theodor Strobelivs. 1. xcviii pp. 101.23 pl. 4~. Aungustee, litteris. xcviii pp. 10 1. 23 4 August, littris Prefatus est J. A. Noesselt. xxiv, 592 pp. spaithbants, 1770. ~~~spa~thanis, ]770. 1 portrait. 80. Halae, J. J. Gebauer, 1777. Calvin (Jean). Commentaries on Genesis,,, Pentateuch, Joshua, Psalms, Isaiah, Jere- Camilli (Camillo). I cinqve,canti, aggiunti miah and Lamentations, Ezekiel, Daniel, al Goffredo del signor Torqvato Tasso,di the twelve minor prophets, and harmony of nuouo da lui con somma diligenza reuisti, et corretti. Con aggiunta de gli argomenti a the evangelists. See Bible. Camac (Turner). Facts and arguments re- ciascun canto del signor Francesco Melchiori. specting the great utility of an extensive plan 240. Bassano, A. Remondini, [about 1700]. [ TFith TASSO (Torquato). Il Goffredo. Bassano, of inland navigation in America. [anon.] 1700]. 61 pp. 1 map. 80. Philadelphia, Williasm Camp (David N.) Key and questions to Duane, 1805. Camp's physical and political outline maps. [HAZARD pamphlets, v. 92.] 37 pp. sinm. 4c. Hartford, 0. D. Case & co. Cambray-Digny (conte di). Discorso sulla 1870. finanza italiana, pronunziato alla camera Campano (Giovanni Antonio). [Opera: dei deputati dal ministro delle finanze conte videiicet]. Tractatus v. Orationes xv. Episde Cambray-Digny nelle tornate del 20 tolarum ix. libri. Vita Pii. Historia Brachii. e del 21 aprile 1869. 95 pp. 8~. Firenze, Epigrammatum viii.libri. [etc.] 2981. unp. 1869. s. fol. Mediolani, 1495. Cambridge (Massachusetts). The soldiers' Note.-The true name of this celebrated author is unknown. Campano implies that his birthplace monument in Cambridge. Proceedings in was Campaniia. He was bishop of Teramo. His relation to the building and dedication of the life, by Michael Ferno, is in this volume. monument erected in the years 1869-70, by Campbell (Emma F. R.) Better than rubies; the city government of Cambridge, Mass. or, Mabel's treasure. 336 pp. 3 pl. 160. in honor of those of her soldiers and sailors Philadelphia, J. C. Garrigues 4. co. 1869. who died in defence of the union of the Campbell (John, i. d.) A concise history of states, in the war of the rebellion. 104 pp. I the Spanish America; containing a succinct pI. 80. Cambridge, J. [Wilson 4- soN, 1870. relation of the discovery and settlement of Cambridge (The) directory for 1868, [etc.] its several colonies, etc. With an appendix, Cambridge (The) directory for 1868, [etc.] Cambridge, (Mass) Ddley Greenough, [containing] an exact description of Para8~. Ccamrbridge, ( Mass. ) Dudley & Greenough, 1868. guay. Collected chiefly from Spanish writers. The same, for 1870. By Dean Dud- [[anon.] xii,330pp. 80. London, J. Stagg, ley & co. 8~. Cambridge, Sever, Francis 1741. [Note. —Published as "CA compleat history of Spanish 4. Co. 1870. America," in 1742].

Page  63 63 CAMPBELL. CANESTRINI. Campbell (John, bookseller in Philadelphia). Campe (J. H.)-continued. A theory of equality; or, the way to make UNZER (Johann Christian). Diatetik der schwanman honestly. gem. v. 3. every man act honestly. iv, 127 pp. 160. VILLAUaME (Peter). Ueber das verhalten bei den Philadelphia, J. B. Perry, 1848. ersten unarten der kinder. v. 2. - Ob und wiefern bei der erziehung die vollCampbell (John Wilson). A history of Vir- kommenheit des einzelnen menschen seiner brauchginia, from its discovery till the year 1781. barkeit aufzuopfern sey. v.3. g- Allgemeine theorie wie gute triebe und fertigWith biographical sketches. 310 pp. 120. keiten durch die erziehung erwekt, gestLrkt und gelenkt werden milssen. v. 4. Petersburg, (Va.) J. W. Campbell, 1813. — Abhandlung fiber die frage: wie kann rmans Campbell (L. J.) A concise school history erhalten, dass kinder gehorsam und manner dereinst nachgebend werden, ohne willenlos zu seyn. of the United States, based on Seavey's Oder wie kann man sie zur festigkeit des willens ohne eigensinn bilden. v. 5. Goodrich's history. 112 pp. 1 pl. 4 maps. 16~. - Von den trieben, weche man ersticken, oder Boston, Brewer 8' Tileston, 1870. doch wenigstens schwichen muss. v. 5. -- Uber die unzuchtsiiuden in derjugend. v. 7. The same. 218 pp. 1 1. 38 pp. 3 col. -- Von der bildung des korpers in riicksicht auf die maps. 16. Boston, Breu;er &8 lTileston, 1870. vollkommenheit und gltickseligkeit der menschen; oder, fiber die physische erziehung insonderheit. Campbell (Lizzie S.) A new method of in- v. 8. struction in practical penmanship. Adapted - Uer die ausserliche sittlichkeit der kinder. 10. to the use of schools. 65 pp. 2 pl. 18~. WINTERFELD (Mor. Ad. von). Ueber die heimlichen silnden derjugend. v. 6. Cincinnati, Stillman & Adams, 1869. Campe (Joachim Heinrich). Allgemeine revi- Campoamor (Ramon de). Ayes del amo.'224 sion des gesammten schul- und erziehungs- pp. 1 1. 120. Madrid, Boix, 1842. wesens, von einer gesellschaft praktischer Campoo y Otazu (Lucas). Discurso sobre la erzieher. 16 v. 120. Hamburg, C. E. predicacion francesa. 144 pp. 18~. Madrid, Bohn, 1785-92. B. Roman, 1778. CONTENTS. [ln BEAUVAIS (J. B. C. M. de). Oracion fun6bre de BAHRT (-). Ueberden zweck der erziehung. v. 1. Luis xv]. CAMPE (J. H.) Von den erfordernissen einer guten Canada (Dominion of) Correspondence reerziehung von seiten der eltern, vor und nach der geburt des kindes. v. 1. lating to the Fenian invasion, and the rebel- Ueber die friiheste bildung junger kindersee- lion of the so len. v. 2. lion of the southern states. 1 p. 1. 176 pp. - Von der nothigen sorge ffir die erhaltnng des 8C. Ottawa, parliament, 1869. gleichgewichts unter den menschlichen kraften. v. u. -- - - - - - Journals of the house of commons. -- Uber die grosze schadlichkeit einer allzufriihen ausbildung der kinder. v. 5. 1869 and 1870. Second and third session of - Uber das zweknmsesige und unzweckmiissige first parliament. v. 2-3. 8~. [Ottawa, in den belohnungen und strafen. v. 10. - Von der nothwnendigkeit iffentlicher schulen und 1869-70 ]. von ihrem verhaltnisse zu staat und kirche. v. 16. CROME (F. A.) Uber die erziehung durch haus- Journals of the senate. Second and LOCKE (John). Handbach der erziehung. UeberLOCKE (John). Haudbuch der erziehnng. Ueber- third session of the first parliament, 1869 and setzt von Rudolphi. v. 9. ]870. v. 2-3. 80. [Ottawa, 1869-70]. NBOrHIGE belehrung und warnung fiir junge madchen, zur allerfriihesten bewahrung ihrer unschuld, - Sessional papers. First session of the von einer erfahrnen jugendfreundin. [azon.] v. 6. OEST (J. F.) Versuch einerbeantwortung der pada- first parliament, 1867-8. v. 1. nos. I-9. gogischen frage: wie man kinder und junge leute Second session, 1869. v. 2. nos. 1-6. Third vor der unzucht uberhaupt, und der selbstschwiachung insonderheit verwahren, oder davon heilen session of first parliament, 1870. v. 3. nos. kbnne? v. 6. - Versuch einer belehrung fiir die mtinnliche und 2-6. 20 v. 80. [Ottawa,1868-70]. weibliche jugend fiber die laster der unkeuschheit Report of the minister of agriculture of tiherhanp nod tiher die selbstschachnng ins Report of the minister of agriculture of ilberhaupt und fiber die selbstschwiichung insonheit, nebst einem kurzen vortrage der erzeugungs- the province of Canada, for the year 1865. lehbre. v. 6. ROUSSEAU (Jean Jacques). Emil; oder, fiber die 8~. Ottawa, Hunter, Rose 9 co. 1866. erziehung. Aus dem franzbsischen von C. F. Cramer. v. 12-15. Report on agriculture, immigration and STUVE (Johann). Allgemeinste grundsatze der er- colonization. Printed by order of the legisziehung,hergeleitet aus einer richtigen kenntniss des menschen in riicksicht auf seine bestimmung, lative assembly. 150 pp. 8%. Quebec, G. etc. v. 1. etc. v. 1. T. Carey, 1868. - Allgemeine grundsatze der kirperlichen erziehung. v. 1. ----— Library of parliament. Catalogue of Ueber die nothwendigkeit, kinder zu anschauender und lebendiger erkenntniss zu verhelfen, und books. Printed by order of the legislative fiber die art wie man dies anzufangen habe. v. 10. TRAIP (Er. Chr.) Vom unterrichtiiberhaupt. Zweck assembly. 130 pp. 80. Qulebec, J. Lovell, und gegenstande desselben fiir verschiedene 1852. stainlde, [etc ] v. 8. -- Uber den unterricht in sprachen. v. 11. Canestrini (Giovanni). Intorno alla teoria U)EN (Conrad Friedrich). Diatetik der siiugenden. v. 3. della trasformazione delle specie,ed all'origine

Page  64 64 CANESTRINI. CARDANO. Canestrini (Giovanni)- continued. Capellini (Giovanni)-continued. dell'uomo. 67 pp. 80. Milano, F. Gareffi, America settentrionale nel 1863. xii, 279 pp. 1867. s. 1 map. 8~. Bologna, G. Vitali, 1867. s. [Estratto dall' Annuario filosofico del libero pensiero ~ and Heer (Oswald). Les phyllites cr6del 1867]. tac6es du Nebraska. Tirage h part des M6Origine dell' uomo. 118 pp. 1 1. 160. Milano, G. Brigola, 1S66. s. moires de la soci6t6 helv6tique des sciences naturelles. 1 p. 1. 22 pp. 4 pl. 4~. Zurich, Canovai (Stanislao). Viaggi di Amerigo Zarcher ls Furrer, 1866. s. Vespucci, con la vita, l'elogio e la dissertaCapes (J. M.) A sunday in London. iti, 291 zione giustificativa di questo celebre naviga- sunday in London. Iii, 291. pp. 12~. London, Longmans, Brown, Green tore. 2a ed. 4 v. 160. 1 portrait. Firenze, 1 r" Longrrans, 1850. A. Tofani, 1832. CA.ntauofani n diDomenico,, 1832. Caplin (J. m. d.) The electro-chemical bath, Cantalupo (Gennaro di Domenico, ii duca for the extraction of mercury, lead, and other di). Annona, ossia piano economico di pub- metallic, poisonous, and extraneous substanblica sussistenza. 202 pp. 8~. Milano, G. ces from the human body; [etc.] vi, 132 pp. G. Destefanis, 1605. 16~. London, W. Freeman, 1857. [SCRITTORI class. Ital. di economia politica, v. 40]. Capron (M. J.) Mrs Thome's guests; or, salt, Cantio (Cesare). Documenti relativi al domi- with savor and without. By Archie Fell. nio dei Visconti sopra Belluno e Feltre, dal [pseudon.] 400 pp. 2 pl. 160. Boston, 1388 al 1404. Estratto dal v. 13, serie 3, American tract society, 1869. degli Atti dell' istituto [veneto]. 268 pp. Captain John; or, loss is sometimes gain. 80. Venezia, 1869. s. [anon.] 354 pp. 2 pl. 16. Boston, H. Storia universale. 3 v. 8%. Torino, Hoyt, [1870]. G. Pomba, 1838-39. Caracci. See Carracci. The same. Schiarimenti e note alla Caraccioll (Louis Antoine de). El clamor de storia universale. v. 1. 900 pp. 8~. Torino, la verdad contra la seduccion, y enganos del G. Pomnba, 1839. mundo. Traducido de Frances en CastellaCapdevila (Ramon). Lecciones de los prin- no por d. F. M. Nipho. 7a imp. 8 p. 1. 328 pp. cipios de quimica que se deben esplicar,i los 160. Madrid,viuda de Escribano, 1788. s. alumnos del real colegio de medicina y ciru- Lettres r6crdatives et morales, sur les gia de S. Carlos. 190 pp. 1 1. 16~. Mad- mceurs du temps, A m. le comte de * *. rid, L. Amarita, 1831. s. Par l'auteur de la conversation avec soi-meme. Capefigue (Baptiste Honore Raymond). His- [anon.] 4 v. 160. Paris, Nyon, 1767-68. toire des grandes operations financieres, ban- La religion de l'honnete homme. 2 p. 1 ques, bourses, emprunts, compagnies indus 338 pp. 11. 160. Paris, Nyon, 1766. s. trielles, etc. 3 v. 8~0. Paris, Amyot,1855-58. El verdadero mentor; 6 education de la nobleza. Traducido de Frances en CastellaC,ONTENTS. no, por d. F. M. Nipho. 8 p. 1. 310 pp. 3 1. v. i. Les fermiers g6n6raux depuis le 18e sidcle jusqu'a leur mortsurl'6chafaud, le 15mai 1794. 1855. 18'. Madrid, Al. Escribano, 1783. s. v. 2. Banquiers, fournisseurs, acquereurs des biens [Imperfect: last leaves of Prologo, and pp. 1-2 nationaux. Emprunts, systdme financier de Pitt et wanting]. Castelreagh. 1856. v. 3. Emprunts, bourses, credit public, grands capi- - Verdaderos intereses de la patria. Por talistes de l'Europe, 1814-1852. 1858. el marques Caracciolo, traducidos de Frances The diplomatists of Europe. From the en Castellano por d. Francisco Mariano French. Edited by major-general Monteith. Nipho. 2a imp. 4 p. 1. 295 pp. 16~. Maviii, 372 pp. 160. London, G. IV. Nickis- drid, M. Escribano,1787. s. son, 1845. Note.-Some doubt may be entertained as to this last Capellini (Giovanni). Fossili infraliassici dei being the work of Caraccioli. dintorni del golfo della Spezia. 101 pp. 10 pl. Caracteres de la verdadera religion, presentafol. Bologna, Gamberini e Parmeggiani, dos a los jovenes de ambos sexos. Obra tra1866-7. s. ducida, corregida y aumentada por un eccleGiacimenti petroleiferi di Valacchia, e siastico. [anon.] Nueva ed. 184 pp. I 1. loro rapporti coi terreni terziari dell' Italia 180. Madrid, Hurtado, 1849. s. centrale. 40 pp. 1 tab. fol. Bologna, Gain- Cardano (Girolamo). Contradicentivm mediberini e Parmeggiani, 1868. s. corum libri duo, [etc. ] Addita preterea ejusRicordi di un viaggio scientifico nell' dem autoris de sarza parilia, de cina radice,

Page  65 65 CARDANO. CARPENTER. Cardano (Girolamo)-continued. Carlyle (Thomas)-continued. [etc.] Accesserunt prmterea Iacobi Peltarij an examination of his works. [1825]. viii, 320 pp. i 1. 3 pl. 1 portrait. 1869. contradictiones [medicme] ex Lacuna desump. v. 6-11. Critical and miscellaneous essays: collected tne, cum. ejusdem axiomatibus. 3 v. in. 180 and republished [first time, 1839; final, 1869]. 6v. 1869. 1; 11 p. 1. 315 1; 4 p. 1.40 1. 160. Parisiis, v. 12. On heroes, hero-worship, and the heroic in napud I. Macaum, 1565. history. [1840]. 3p. 1.303 pp. 1870. v. 13. Past and present. [1843]. vii. 387 pp. 1 porLa metoposcopie de Cardan. Comprise trait. 1870. v. 14-18. Oliver Cromwell's letters and speeches: en trelze libres et huit cens figures de la face with elucidations. [1846]. 5 v. 1870. humaine: A laquelle a est6 adjoust6 le traict6 v. 21-22. History of Friedrich II, of Prussia, called Frederick the great. In ten volumes. v. 1-2. 1870. des masques naturelles du corps, par Melam- The life of Friedrich Schiller. Cornpus, antien autheur grec. Le tout traduit prehending an examination of his works. en Frangois par C. M de Lavrendiere. 4 [anon.] viii, 352 pp. 1 portrait. 80. Lonp. i. viii, 226 pp. 1. 1. pl. 80. Paris, T. don, Taylor & Hessey, 1825. Jolly, 1658. Carmen funereum quo venerabili memorife Carew (Sir George). Calendar of the Carew d. d. d. Joannis Dominici de la Regnerra manuscripts, [etc.] 8". London, 1870. arcliiepiscopi limani ultimi honores et ex[In GREAT BRITAIN. Public record office].r, sacrantur, nonupantr hibiti offeruntur, sacrantur, noncupantur. Carew(Thomas). Poems. Now first collected [anon.] p.1. 38 pp. 1 pl. si. 40 [Lima, and edited with notes from the former editions, 1805]. and new notes and a memoir by W. Carew [With BER.UDEZ (J. M.) Famapostuma del d. J. D. Hazlitt. The text formed from a collation of G. de la Reguerra]. all the old printed copies and many early Carmichael (J. W.) The art of marine paintmss. v,'245pp. 1 portrait. sm.40. [Lon- ing in water colors. 3d ed. 50 pp. 11 pl. don], Roxburghe library, 1870. 16~. o London, Winsor ~4 Newton, 1860. Carey (Mathew). An adiress to William Carmina coeli; or, songs on heaven. 151 Tudor, author of Letters on the eastern states. pp. 1 pl. sq. 160. Boston, H. Hoyt, [1870]. Intended to prove the calumny and slander Carnac (Harry Rivett). See Rivett-Carof his remarks on the Olive Branch. 67 pp. nac. 160. Philadelphia, M. Carey &8 son, 1821. Carnicero (Jose Clemente). Breve discurso An appeal to common sense and com- ara probar lo fitil que es la lectura de la mon justice; or, irrefragable facts opposed to pastoral del sellor Valero, y de la historia de plausible theories: intended to prove the ex- su vida. liii pp. 40. Mdrid, E. Aguado, treme injustice, as well as the utter impolicy, 1 830. S. of the existing tariff. 2d ed. 112 pp. 8. [Ilt VALERO Y LOSA (Francisco). Carta pastoral]. Ph iladelpiai Cg areiff Lea,18. 112pp.. Compendio de la vida del senor Valero Philadelphia, Carey & Lea, 18'2'g. Carey' Pennsylvania evening herald. [y Losa, arzobispo de Toledo]. pp. ix-liii. arey's Pennsylvana a evening h erald. See 80. Madrid, Aguado, 1830. s. Pennsylvania evening herald and the AmerI fn VALERO Y LOSA (Francisco). Carta pastoral]. ican monitor. Carnot (Lazare Nicolas Marguerite). GeomeCarlen (Emilie Flygare). Gustavus Lindorm; tri dr stllu. Ubersett von H. C. Sutrie der stellung. Ubersetzt von H. C. Schutt, "lead us not into temptation." With aI or, "lead us not into temptation." With a macher. xvi, 366 pp.4 tab. 120~. Altona, preface to her American readers, by the au- J. F. Harnmerich, 1808. s. thor. From the Swedish by Elbert Perce. [Vol. 1 only]. 343 pp. 120. New York, C. Scribner, 1853. Carpenter (J.E.) A handbook of poetry; Carlin (John H. D.) A memoir of elder being a clear and easy guide, divested of Thomas L[orton] Garrett, of Paducah, technicalities, to the art of making English Kentucky. 291 pp. 12~. Philadelphia, verse. To which is added a new poetical Claxton, Remsen Sr Haffelfinger, 1870. anthology, and a concise dictionary of proper Carlyle (Thomas). Collected works. Libra- rhymes, with lists of double and single ry ed. In 30 volumes. v. 1-2'2. 80. Lon- rhymes, and terms used in poetry. viii, don, Chapman #a Hall, 1869-70. 292 pp. 16~. London, S. Low, son, & CONTENTS. Marston, 1868. v. 1. Sartor Resartus: the life and opinions of herr Carpenter (Kinsley). Names of the owners Teufelspp rockh. In three books. 1831. iii, 308 or occupants of buildings in the town of v. 2-4. The French revolution: a history. 1837. 3v. Providence, from 1749 to 1771. 25 pp. 8~. 1869. v. 5. of Friedrich Schiller: comprehending Providence, S. S. Rider, brother, 1870. 9

Page  66 66 CARPENTER. CASA Y PIEDRA. Carpenter (S. D.) Logic of history. Five Cartwright (Christopher). Certamen religiohundred political texts: being concentrated sum: or, a conference between the late king extracts of abolitionism; also, results of of England [Charles i], and the late marslavery agitation and emancipation; together quesse of Worcester [Henry Somerset], conwith sundry chapters on despotism, usurpa- cerning religion. Together with a vindications and frauds. 2d ed. 351 pp. 8~. tion of the protestant cause, from the preMaldison, ( Wis.) S. D. Carpenter, 1864. tences of the marquesse his last papers; [etc.] Carpzov (Johann Gottlob). Apparatvs his- 8 p. 1. 366, 84 pp. 1 pl. sin. 40~. London, IV. torico-criticvs antiqvitatvm sacri codicis et Lee, 1652. gentis hebrrem. Vberrimis annotationibvs Cartwright (John). American independence in Thomne Goodwini Mosen ct Aaronem. x the interest and glory of Great Britain; pp. 3 1. 164, 820 pp. 33 1. I portrait. 40~. arguments which prove that the colonies are Francofvrti C Lipsiae, Gleditsch, 1748. entitled to an entire independency on the The same. See Godwin (Thomas). British legislature, etc. [anon.] 125 pp. I Carracci (Annibale, Agostino, and Ludovico). 1. 8~. Philadelphia, Robert Bell, 1776. Engravings from their original designs in his [Note.-Ten letters to the legislature, first published majesty's collection. [etc.] 1 p.1. 5 pp. 14 Cartwright (mrs. Robert). Ambrose the pl. fol. London,1797. sculptor: an autobiography of artist life. 2 [In CHAMBlERLATNE (John). Original designs of the most celebrated masters of the [Italian] schools, v. xi, 295 pp; 1 p. 1. 280 pp. 80. London, Letc.] 1812. Smith, Elder 4 co. 1854. Carrara (Ubertino). Columbus, carmen epi- Carus (Julius Victor) and Gersticker (C. cum. 2 p.1. 330 pp. 13 1. 120. Auguttga, E. Adolph). Handbuch derzoologie. v. 1, [August03], M1. Wolff, 1730. j ler hi!fte; v. 2. 80. Leipzig, IV. Engelelann, Carreilo (Leonardo Garcia). Lisardo de 1863-68. Monswill [etc.] See Guillen (Juan) and, CONTENTS. Carerio (Leonardo Garcia). v. 1. 1 hilfte. Wirbelthiere, bearbeitet von J. VicCarrie and Susie; or, silent influence. [anon.] tor Carus. pp. ii, 1-432. Carrie and Susie; or, silent influence. [anon. ~v. 2. Arthropoden, bearbeitet von A. Gcrstoecker. 87 pp. 1 pl. 180. Boston, Massachusetts Raderthiere, wilrmer, echinodermen, ccelenteraten und protozoen, bearbeitet von J. Victor sabbath-school society, 1866. Carus. viii, 642 pp. Carrie's peaches; or, Forgive your enemies. Carvalho da Costa (Antonio). Compendio By the author of "Money." [anon.] 69 geographico distribuido em tres tratados; o pp. 2 pl. 18~. Philadelphia, presbyterian primeiro, da projecqam dasespheras em plano, publication committee, 1868. construcgam dos mappas et cartas, o segundo Cartas al pueblo. Enero 1827-octubre 1828. da hydrographia dos mares: o terceiro da 2 v. 4~. Oajaca, 1827-28. descrip~am geographica das termas, [etc.] 7 [A semi-weekly newspaper]. p. 1. 150 pp. sm. 4~. Lisboa, J. Galva5, Cartas pehuenches; 6, correspondencia de dos 1686. Indios [Melillanca y Guanalcoa] naturales Carvalho e Mello (Sebastifo Jos6, marques de i del Pire-Mapu, 6 sea la quarta thetrarquia en Pombal). La r6publique des j6suites; on, los Andes, el uno residente en Santiago, y Paraquay renvers6e, contenant une relation el otro en las cordilleras pehuenches. Nfim. authentique de la guerre que ces religieux ont 1-12. [anon.] sm. 4~. [Santiago, imprenta os6 soutenir contreles monarques d'Espagne del gobierno, about 1820]. et de Portugal en Am6rique, [etc. anonl.] Carter (Ann Augusta). "Stories for children," Traduit du Portugais, publi6 par ordre de la in prose and verse. 171 pp. I pl. 160. cour de Portugal. [Par Pierre Olivier PinBoston, T. H. Carter 4sons, 1867. ault]. 64 pp. 160. Amsterdam, 1758. Carter (Rev. Eccles John). Remarks on chris- Carver (Marmaduke). A discourse of the tian grave-stones, with working drawings. terrestrial paradise, aiming at a more proba39 pp. 20 pl. 80~. London, J. Masters, 1847. ble discovery of the true situation of that Carteromaco (Niccolb, pseudon.) See For- happy place of our first parents habitation. teguerri (Niccola). 15p. 1. 167 pp. l p. 16~. London, J. Flesher, Carthusians of Spain. Respuesta de los tres 1666. sefiores fiscales del consejo, en el expediente Casa y Piedra (Tomas Joseph de la). Testiconsultivo de las cartujas de Espafa. 2 p. 1. monios de gratitud A la feliz memoria del 181 pp. sm. 40. Madrid, P. Marin, 1779. s. senfior d. d. Juan Domingo Gonzalez de la

Page  67 67 CASA Y PIEDRA. CAVENDISH. Casa y Piedra-continued. Castro (Alfonso de). De iusta hrereticorum Rleguera, [etc.] 5 p. 1. lix pp, 11. sm. 40~. punitione libri tres, [etc.] 16 p. 1. 366 pp. Limla, 1805. 3 1. 16~. Antverpiee, in cdibus viduee et [ IWith BERMIUDEZ (Joseph Manuel). Fama postuma hIeredums loan. Stelsii, 1568. s. del sefor J. D. Gonzalez de la Reguera]. Catechism of the christian doctrine; arCasali, or I2bertino da Casale, o0 da Ilia. [arbor, vt cbrucifixi Chasti]. on Iitapr. ranged for the use of catholic schools, by a [Alrbor vitm crucifixi Christi]. Incipit pro- 4th ed. l s i..v q. priest of the diocese of Dubuque. 4th ed. logvs in librvmll qvi intitvlatvr arbor vite 11 revised. 126pp. 18~. Milwaukee, Hoffman erveifixe Jesv, et dicitvr opvs II Vbertini de broters 1870. Casali, [etc.] 2981. fol. Venetiis, A. de Bonettis de Papia, 1485. Cathecismo romano, traducido en castellano, y mexicano por Manuel P6rez. 14 p.l. 248 Case (Rev. Thomas). Mount Pisgah: or, a pp. smin. 4~. Mexico, F. de Rivera Calderon, prospect of heaven. Being an exposition on the fourth chapter of the first epistle of st. Paul to the Thessalonians, from the 13th Catholic (The) world. A monthly magazine verse to the end of the chapter. In three parts. of general literature and science. Oct. 1868 16 p. 1. 176, 165 pp. 19 1. sm. 40~. London, to Sept. 1870. v. 8-11. 8~. New York, T'. Milbourn, 1670. 1869-70. Case of the Seneca Indians in the state of Catlin (George). O-kee-pa: a religious coreNew York, illustrated by facts. Printed for mony; and other customs of the Mandans. the information of the society of friends, by 3 p.l. 52 pp. 80 Philadelphia, direction of the joint committee on Indian [printed at London,] J. B. Lippincolt _ co. affairs, of the four yearly meetings of friends 1867. of Genessee, New York, Philadelphia, and Cato (Dionysius). Cato variegatus; or, CaBaltimore. 256pp. 8~. Philadelphia, Mer- toes morall distichs. [In Latin]. Transrihew & Thoompson, 1840. lated and paraphras'd, with variations of Cassianus (Joannes). De incarnatione expressing, in English verse. By sr. Richard Christi, contra Nestorium hrereticum, ad Le- Baker. 3 p. 1. 102 pp. 1. sm. 4~. London, onem romance urbis episcopi, lib. vii. fol. Anne Griffin, 1636. Tigvri, 1571. Cats (Jacob). L'art du mariage, poeme latin, [InL SIMLER (Josias). Scriptaveterum latina, etc.] avec le commentaire de Lidius, traduits en Castafleda (Francisco Xavier de). Relacion frangais, avec le texte en regard. 121 pp. de los solemnes aparatos, [etc.] con que en 180. Paris, Barrois l'ain6, 1830. Toledo, se celebrb la colocacion de Christo Cattenburgh (Adrian van). Spicilegium sacramentado, hecha el dia nueve de junio theologire christianre Philippi a Limborch, 1732, A el nuevo magnifico transparente, que [etc.] variis dissertationibus historico-eccleen su prilnada iglesia hizo labrar don Diego siasticis, multisque ad praxin pietatis promode Astorga y Cespedes, [etc.] 22 p. i. 152 1. vendam pertinentibus refertum. 8 p. 1. I portrait. sm. 40~. Toledo, P. Marquhs, 1130 pp. 5 1. I portrait. fol. Amstelcdami, 1732. S. B. Lakeman, 1726. Castel (Louis Bertrand). Esprit, saillies et Caveirac (Jean Novi de). Nouvel appel a la singul arit6s du p. Castel. xxxvi, 339 pp. raison, des ecrits et libelles publi6s par la 16~. Amnsterdam, 1763. passion contre les jesuites de France. [anon. ] Castillo (Fr. Martino del). Ars biblica, sive 4 p.1.273 pp. 120. Bruxelles, [Paris], Vanherma memorialis sacra, in qua metrice s. derberghen, 1762. paginue libri, capita, eorumque medulla meI Cavendish (William, 1st duke of Nezwcastle). moorie facillim6 commendantur. Opus olim M6thode et invention nouvelle de dresser les AMexici in lucem editum, [etc.] 3 p. 1. 151 pp. chevaux. (Euvre auquel on apprend A 16 1. 16. Astigi, B. Daza, 1778. S - travailler les chevaux selon la nature et A3 Castle (Edward James). The law of com- parfaire la nature par la subtilit6 de l'art: merce in time of war, with particular refer- traduit de l'Anglois de l'auteur, par son comence to the respective rights and duties of mandement; et enrichy de plus de quarante belligerents and neutrals. x, 150 pp. 8~. belles figures en taille douce. 2e ed. 6 p. 1. London, TV. MazxwUell 4 son, 1870. 236 pp. 42 pl. fol. Londres, J. Brindley, Castrillon. See Enciso Castrillon. 1737.

Page  68 68 CAVERLY. CHAMISSO. Caverly (Robert B.) The eagle, Arlington, Centvria prima-continued. and other poems. v. 1. 166 pp.4 pl. 120. gemartert worden. [anon.] b.1. 1 p. 1. 22 Dover, (N. H.) F. 1V. B. printing establish- 1. 18~. Miinchen, N. Htenricus, 1605. ment, 1871. Cervantes de Saavedra (Miguel). El inCaxton society. Publications. 80. London, genioso cavallero don Quixote de La Mancha. Caxton society, 1850. Parte primera. 8 p. 1. 316 1. 40. Madrid, CONTENTS. J. de la Cuesta, 1605. BENEDICT, abbot of Peterborough. De vita et [Note.-The first edition of the first part: imperfect. miraculis S. Thoma Cantuar. The life and mira- The first edition of the second part was printed in cles of St. Thomas of Canterbury. 1850. 1615]. \NTALTER, abbot of Dervy. Epistola~. 1850. Chalmers (George). The author of Junius Caylus (Marthe Marguerite, marguise de). Les us (arthe Mge, marede ascertained: from direct proofs, and a conlettres rdciproques de madame de Maintenon catenation of circumstances; amounting to et de mad. de CaJylus sa niece. 16~. moral demonstration. A new ed. with a postAiaestricht, J. E. Dufour &j P. Roux, 1778. [In MAINTENN (Eranuoise dA.bigo, marquise de). script, evincing that Boyd wrote Junius, and Lettres, v. 6]. not Francis. vi, 148 pp. 80. London, T. Cayol (Jean Bruno). Clinique m6dicale, Egerton, 1819. suivie d'un traite des maladies cancereuses. Chaloner (G. B. editor). See Epitaphs. iii, 624 pp. 8~0. Paris, Bleynie, 1833. Chamberlaine (John). Original designs of Cazotte (Jacques). Le diable amoureux. the most celebrated masters of the Bolognese, 160. [Paris, E. Picard, 1867]. Roman, Florentine, and Venetian schools; [In CONTES fantastiques. pp. 5-96]. comprising some of the works of Leonardo Cebes. La tavola di Cebete filosofo tebano da Vinci, the Caracci, Claude Lorraine, vulgarizzata da Agostino Mascardi. See Raphael, Michel Angelo, the Poussins, and Mascardi (A.) Discorsi morali. others, in his majesty's [George iii] collecThe same. Le tableau, traduit par tion; engraved by Bartolozzi, P. W. TomBelin de Ballu. 1790. See Epictetus, tra- kins, Schiavonetti, Lewis, and other eminent duction frangaise, par Dacier, 1790. engravers. With biographical and historical Ceci (Carlo). Piccoli bronzi del real museo sketches of L. da Vinci and the Carracci. borbonico distinti per categorie in dieci 2p.1. 14pp. 73pl. fol. London, 1812. tavole. 2a ed. 1 p. 1. 5 1. 12 col. pl. obl. fol. Chambers (William). A history of Peebles. Napoli, Piscopo, L1858]. shire. xii pp. 10-557 pp. 1 map. 80. EdinCecil (Robert, earl of Salisbury). Responsio b uegh and London, IV. & R. Chlambers, 1864. ad libellum quendam famosum, catholicae ad.h. qod fmscahi - Sketches, light and descriptive. 217 admonitionis prmetextu in vulgus sparsum. [anon.] 20 1. sm. 40. Londini, Robertus pp. 160. London and Edinburgh, IF. 4- R. ~~~~Barker, 1606. ~Chambers, 1866. [With JAMES (T.) Bellum papale, etc.] Chambers (William and Robert). Chambers' Cellarius or Keller (Christopher). Rabbi- encyclopoedia: a dictionary of universal nismus, sive institutio grammatica, rabbino- knowledge for the people. Illustrated. In rum scriptis legendis et intelligendis accom- ten volumes. v. 1-4. A-Gon. 80. Philamodata, [etc.] 96 pp. 18. ULltrajecti, Ap- delpAia, J. B. Lippincott & co. 1870. pels, 1702. - Chambers' handy guide to Paris, [I1n RELAND (A.) Analecta rabbinica, etc.] being a concise description of the chief objects Cenni (Angelo). Sonetti del risoluto. [pseu- of interest in the city and its environs, and the don. Con La compagnia del Mantellaccio]. best mode of seeing them, [etc.] 185 pp. 3 80 pp. 120. Firenze, Giunti, 1658. [Ris- maps. 160. London and Edinburgh, IV. &- R. tampata]. Londra, [Lucca, e Pisa, 1757]. Chambers, 1866. [With BURCHIELLO (Domenico di Giovanni, anid Chamier (Frederick, capt. r.n.) The Spitot,hers]. fire. 2 v. in 1. 200 pp; 208 pp. 120. Centvria prima. Das erste hundert der geist- Philadelphia., Carey SF Hart, 1840. lichen- vnnd ordenspersonen, so auss der Chamisso [de Boncourt] (Ludwig Carl Ad - societet Iesv bisshero von den hayden, ma- laide, knowln as Adelbert von Cham:sso). chumetanern, ketzern, vnd andern verfol- Merveilleuse histoire de Pierre Schlemihl. gern, von wegen dess catholischen glaubens, [Traduit de l'Allemand par l'auteur luiwie auch vmb der liebe Gottes vnd dess mnme]. 160. [Paris, E. Picard, 1867]. nachsten hails willen, vmbgebracht vnd [In CONT~S fantastiques, pp. 122-206].

Page  69 69 CHAMPAGNE. CHARKE. Champagne (The) club. A chronicle and Chapelle (Claude Emanuel Lhuillier, dit). critic of military and fashionable events and Voyage en Provence. Sce La Suze (11. de things, and criminal record of literary and Coligny de). Recueil de pioces galantes, v. 5. other misdoings. By Ebenezer Lovemuch, Chapin (Edwin Hubbell). Hymns for chris[pseudon.] and capt. Marcius Mucklewrath. tian devotion. 1570. See Adams (J. G.) [pseudon. J Aided and abetted by a secret so- and Chapin. ciety of bored gentlemen. D)ec. 6, 1833, to Chaplin (Ada C.) Christ's cadets. 437 pp. March 7, 1834. 15 nos. in 1 vol. 156 PP 5 p. 160. Philadelphia, American baptist 410i IWfashington, 1834. pu5blication society, [1870]. Champollion-Figeac (Aim6). Notice histo- Chaplin (Jane Dunbar). Gems of the bog; rique et litt6raire sur Charles duc d'Orleans, a tale of the Irish peasantry. 399 pp. 3 pi. sur ses poesies,les manuscrits, qui nous les ont 160. Boston, American tract society, [1869]. conserv6es, et sur la premiere.6dition conc r6tesde, *et surlag rI~e Pd. vito com - __ Little happy-heart; or, love and labor. plete de ses ouvrages. I p. 1. lvipp. 80. 190pp. 3pl. 180. Boston, Warren 4' BlakesParis, Belin-Leprieur, 1842. s. Chandler (Albert B.) A new code, or cipher. Out of the wilderness. 330 pp. 120 Specially designed for important private corBoston, H. A. Younff & co. 1870. respondence by telegraph; applicable as well _ The two grand daughters. 194 pp. 3 pl. to correspondence by mail. 91 pp. 12~. rWashinreton n Pilp & Solomonsm. 99. 1 2 160. Boston, American tract society, 1870. Washington, Pthilp & Solomons, 1869. (Edward,,so - CvnrWee Meggie Forsythe and the muclkle Chandler (Edward, bishop of Coventry and wisdom. 361 pp.6 pl. 16~. Boston, AmnerLichfield). A defence of christianity, from icon tract society, [1870]. the prophecies of the old testament; whereChapman (George T. d. d.) Sermons upon in are considered all the objections againsts the ministry, worship, and doctrines of the this kind of proof, advanced in a late disthis kind of proof, advanced in a late dis- protestant episcopal church. 2ded. 324 pp. course on the grounds and reasons of the 12~. Burlington, (Vt) C. Goodrich, 1832. christian religion, [by Anthony Collins]. 2d ric ed. with a summary view of the whole argu- Ch apm an (J ohn G.) The American drawingbook: a manual for the amateur, and basis ment and an index of the texts explained. p..vipp. xvii,366pp.11. 12. Lon- of study for the professional artist: especially 4 p. 1. vi pp. 1 1. xvii, 366 pp. 11. 12~. Lonadapted to the use of public and private don, J. & J. Knapton, 1725. don, J J o, 15.schools, as well as home instruction. New Chandler (Thomas Bradbury, d. d.) The life schools, as well as h ome instruction. New ed. viii, 304 pp. 15pl. 4~. NYew York, A. of Samuel Johnson, d. d. the first president of King's college, in New York. 2 p. 1. 209 pp. 80. London, C. & J. Rivinton, 1824. Chapman (Rev. William). A selection from Channing (WVilliam Ellery). Extraits des ccu- his sermons, with annual hymns and other vres de Channing. 12~. Paris, 1861. poems. 160. London, 1851. HOLsAND (MrS. Robert). Channing, s vie et ses u- [In HOLDER (C. B.) Memoir of the rev. William vres. 2me partie.] Chants d'Inistoga; ou, 6chos du d6sert. Par R. Characters and anecdotes collected in the A. de H. citoyen de Ve6nzu6la. [anon. ] 1 p.l. reigns of William Rufus, Charles the second, 187 pp. 16~. Paris, Dauvin & Fontaine, and George the third, by the celebrated 1852. wandering Jew of Jerusalem. [anon.] 2 p. 1. Chanute(O.) and Morison (George). The 96 pp. 8~. London, J. Ridgway, 1791. Kansas city bridge, with an account of the Chardon (Abbe G.) Memoirs of a guardian regimen of the Missouri river, and a descrip- angel. Translated from the French. 320 pp. tion of methods used for founding in that river. I pl. 18~. Baltinmore, J. Murphy & co. 1871. 140 pp. 5 views, 12 pl. 40~. New York, D. Charity Hurlburt. By C. C. [anon.] 390 pp. Van Nostrand, 1870. 3 pl. 12~. Boston, H. Hoyt, [1870]. Chao Phya Thipakon, or Chao Phya Charke (Charlotte Cibber). The history of Praklang. The modern Buddhist; being Henry Dumont, and miss Charlotte Evelyn. the views of a Siamese minister of' state on his Consisting of variety of entertaining characown and other religions. Translated, with ters, etc. with some critical remarks on comic remarks, by Henry Alabaster. I p. 1. 91 pp. actors. v pp. 3 1. 257 pp. 160. London, 8~. London, Triibner 6' co. 1870. H. Slater, 1756.

Page  70 70 CHARLEMAGNE. CHAUCER. Charlemagne. An Anglo-Norman poem of Chase (Jackson H.)-continued. the twelfth century. [anon.] Now first pub- cers of a grand council. 94 pp. 18~. New lished, with an introduction and a glossarial York, masonic publishing co. 1870. index by Francisque Michel. cxv, 148 pp. Chase (Mrs. S. B.) Derry's lake. 211 pp. 1 tab. 16~. London, TV. Pickering, 1836. 160. Philadelphia, J. C. Garrigutes & co. Charles I, king of England. The works of 1870. king Charles the martyr: with a collection The good of the order: being a series of declarations, treaties, and other papers of practical articles relative to the working concerning the differences betwixt his said of good templar lodges. 103 pp. 18~. Philamajesty and his two houses of parliament. delphia, J. C. Garrigues & co. [1870]. With the history of his life; as also of his Chasles (Victor Euph'mion Philarbte). tryal and martyrdome. 2d ed. 4 p. 1. 720 pp. Olivier Cromwell, sa vie priv6e, ses discours 2 1. 3 pl. fol. London, R. Chiswell, 1687. publics, sa correspondance particuliere. Pr6Note.-The works of king Charles i were collected c6dds d'un examen historique des biographes by William Fulman, and published by Richard Perrinchief. et historiens d'Olivier Cromwell. 1 p. 1. cxx, Charles II, le chauve, king of France. Caroli 356 pp. 1 portrait. 160. Paris, Amyot, 1847. calvi et successorum aliquot Francine regum Chateaubriand (Franpois Auguste, vicotute capitula, in diversis synodis ac placitis de). R6flexions politiques sur quelques generalibus edita, J. Sirmondus in unum Fcrits du jour et sur les intCrMts de tous les collecta, notisque illustrata, edidit anno Franrais. Nouvelle 6d. 145pp. 1. 8. 1623. 4 p. 1. 203 pp. 11 1. fol. Parisiis, Paris, Le NorUnant, 1814. typographiia regia, 1696. [MISCELLANEOUS pamphlets, V. 339]. [Ip SIror (Jacques). Opera varia, 9. 3]. Voyages en Amerique et en Italie. 2 v. Charlestown (Massachusetts). Proceedings 5p.1.400 pp; 3 p. 1. 423 pp. 8. Paris et Londres, Colburn, 1828. of the town of Charlestown, in respectful,, Chatterton (Thomas). Poetical works, with testimony of the talents and virtues of the late George asington. 1 pp.. notices of his life, history of the Rowley CatelGesore Was.Ehridg 180 controversy, a selection of his letters. and Charlestown, S. Etheridge, 1800. notes critical and explanatory. 2 v. I p. 1. The Charlestown directory, 1870. By n Davlenr dcto, C iv, clxvii, 30'2 pp. 2 fac-similes; 1 p. 1. v pp. Sampson, Davenport & co. 8~. CharlesSampsotown, A. E. Cutter, 1870.Charle 321-728 pp. 1 pl. 1 fac-simile. 16~. Camtown, A. E. Cutter, 1870. Charlevoix (Pierre Franpois Xavier de). His- [ [ith autograph notes and insertions by H. T. tory and general description of New France. Buckle]. Translated, with notes, by J. G. Shea. v. 4. Chaucer (Geoffrey). A six-text print of 8~. New York, J. G. Shea, 1870. s. Canterbury tales in parallel columns from Charley and Eva Roberts' home in the west. the following manuscripts: 1. The Ellesmere. [anon.] 285 pp. 4 pl. 16~. Boston, Lee &F 2. The Hengwrt. 3. The Cambridge univerShepard, 1871. sity library. 4. The Corpus Christi coll. OxCharrin (Pierre J.) Confessions d'un homme ford. 5. The Petworth. 6. The Lansdu cour. See Dusaulchoy (P.) and Char- downe. Edited by Frederick J. Furnivall. rin. Part i. The prologue and knight's tale. Chase (Elizabeth). Miscellaneous selections 104 1. obl. 40~. London, N. Triibner 4' co. and original pieces, in prose and verse. Con- [1868]. sisting principally of pieces of moral instruc- The same. A temporary preface to the tion, descriptions of fine scenery, [etc.] six-text edition of Chaucer's Canterbury 228 pp. 12~. [n. p.] E. J. Coale, 1821. tales. [etc.] By F. J. Furnivall. Part i. Chase (Jackson H.) Cryptic masonry. 4 pl. [etc.] 8~. London, N. Triibner & co. 1868. 80. [New York], masonic publishing co. 1870. The same. The Cambridge ms. Cam[RITUAL of freemasonry.] bridge univ. library. Gg. 4, 27 of Canter__- The text book of cryptic masonry. A bury tales. Edited by Frederick J. Furnimanual of instructions in the degrees of vail. Part i, ii. 1 p. 1. 128,26 pp. 8~. Lonroyal master, select master, and super-ex- don, N. Triibner 4' co. 1868-69. cellent master. Together with the ceremonies [CHAUCERI society. 1st series, v. 4]. of installing the officers, constituting and ~ The same. The Corpus ms. (Corpus dedicating a council, and installing the offi- Christi coill. Oxford) of Canterbury tales.

Page  71 '71 CHAUCER. CHICAGO. Chaucer (Geoffrey)-continued. Chellis (Mary Dwinell)-continued. Edited by F. J. Furnivall. Part i, ii. I p. 1. - Mark Dunning's enemy. 363 pp. 4 pl. 154 pp. 8~. London, N. Triibner $& co. 160. Boston, H. A. Young d4 co. [1870]. 1868-69. [STANDARD (The) series of temperance tales, v. 3]. [CHAUCER society. 1st series, v. 5]. Chemical (The) news and journal of ------- The same. The Ellesmlere ms. of Can-, physical science (with which is incorporated terbury tales. Edited by F. J. Furnivall. Part i, ii. 2 p. 1. 128,26 pp. 80. London, N. tofprac~Triibner 4 co. 1868-69. tical chemistry in all its applications to pharTriibner 4 co. 1868-69. [CHAUCER society. 1st series, v. 2]. macy, arts, and manufactures. Editel by The same. The Hengwrt ms. (No. 154) William Crookes. 1859-1864, and 1869of Canterbury tales. Edited by F. J. Furni- 1870. v. 1-10 and 19-22. 40. London, vall. Part i, ii. 2 p. 1. 128,26 pp. 80. Lon- 1859-1870. don, N. Triibner 4- co. 1868-69. [Wanting Nos. 161, 217-231. Also v. 11-19]. [CHAUCER society. 1st series, v. 3]. The same. July, 1869, to Dec. The same. The Lansdowne ms. (No. 1870. Authorized American reprint. v. 5-6. 851) of Canterbury tales. Edited by F. J. 80. New York, WI. A. Townsend 4 Adatms, Furnivall. Part i, ii. I p. 1. 154 pp. 80. Lon- 1870. don, N. T'rribner &8 co. 18f68-69. Cheney (Ednah D.) Faithful to the light, [CHAUrCER society. 1st series, v. 7]. and other tales. 166 pp. 3 pl. 16. Boston, The same. The Petworth ms. of CanAmerican unitarian association, 1871. terbury tales. Edited by F. J. Furnivall. Part i, ii. 2 p. 1. 154 pp. 8~. London, ChN nu (Jacques stienne Adolphe). LesconTriibn er co. 1868-69. spirateurs. Les soci6tds secretes. La pr6[CHAUCER society. 1st series v. 6]. fecture de police sous Caussidibre. Les corps Chaucer society. Second series, ii. Essays francs. 2 p. 1. 194 pp. 18~. Bruxelles, Meon Chaucer, his words and works. Part i. line, Cans -cie. 1850. 1. Ebert's review of Sandras' &Etude sur Chesney (Francis Rawdon, lieut. col.) and Chaucer, consid6r6 comme imitateur des Reeve (Henry). The military resources of trouveres; translated by J. W. Van Rees Prussia and France, and recent changes in Hoets, and revised by the author. 2. A thir- the art of war. Reprinted from " The Edinteenth-century Latin treatise on the chilin- burgh review." xi, 258 pp. 120. London, dre-" For by my chilindre it is prime of Longmnans, Green 4, co. 1870. day," (Shipmannes tale)-edited, with a Chester (Greville John). Transatlantic translation, by mr. Edmund Brock. 2 p. 1. sketches in the West Indies, South America, 52 pp. 1 pl. 80. London, N. Triibner & co. Canada, and the United States. xvi, 405 pp. 1868. 120. London, Sinith, Elder &, co. 1869. Chauncy (Charles, d. d.) - The horrid nature Chester (Rev. John). Trial. See Albany and enormous guilt of murder. A sermon (Presbytery of). preached at the Thursday lecture in Boston, November 19th, 1754, the day of the execution Chester (Sarah). Sir Genevieve. 281 pp. of William Wieer, for the murder of William 160. New York, A. D. F. Randolph, 1869. Chism. 24 pp. 12~. Boston, T. Fleet, 1754. Cheyne(George, n.d.) TheEnglishmalady; Chauvenet (William, II. d.) A treatise on or, a treatise of nervous diseases of all kinds, elementary geometry. With appendices con- as spleen, vapours, lowness of spirits, hypotaining a collection of exercises for students chondriacal and hysterical disteipers, etc. and an introduction to modern geometry. xvi, 370 pp. 8C. London, G. Strahan, 368 pp. 80. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott 1733. & co. 1870. Chiapponi (Pietro). Studj sull' idroterapia; Cheever (George Barrell). The poets of o, dell' uso terapeutico dell' acqua fredda apAmerica, with occasional notes. 405 pp. 7 plicata alla superficie esterna del corpo portraits. 12~0. Hartford, S. Andrus & son, umano. 298 pp. 8~. Milano, societd per la 1854. pubblicazione degli annali universali delle Chellis (Mary Dwinell). Effie Wingate's scienze e dell' industria, 1857. s. work. 426 pp. 1 pl. 160. Boston, H. A. Chicago (City of). [Annual review of the Young & co. 1868. commerce, railroads and manufactures of

Page  72 72 CHICAGO,. CHOFFIN. Chicago (City of!)-continued. Child's (The) daily prayer book: [etc.] 283 Chicago. 1852-56]. 5 v. in 1. 8~. [Chi- pp. 37 pl. 32~. Baltimore, Kelly, Pict & co. cago, Daily democratic press, 1853-57]. 1869. [MISCELLANEOUS pamphlets, v. 361]. Child's(The) historyof Daniel. [anon.] 218 CONTENTS. pp. sq. 1UiO. New York, Americarn tract 1. Annual review of the business of Chicago, for the society, [1870]. year 1852. [1853.] 2. The railroads, history and commerce of Chicago. Child's (The).pictures. [anon.] 64 pp. 160~. 2d ed. 1854. pNewz York, Amaerican tract society, [1870]. 3. Commerce, railroads, and manufactures of Chicago. 1855. Chili. Anuario estadistico de la repuiblica de 4. Fourth annual review of the commerce, railroads, Chile correspondiente al ano de 1867. 40_ and manufactures of Chicago, for the year 18551856. Santiago de Chile, imprenta nacional, 186i. 5. Fifth annual review of the commerce, manufactures, and the public and private improvements of S. Chicago, for the year 1856: [etc.] 1857. Lei de presupuestos de los gastos jeneEdlwards' thirteenth annual directory rales de la administracion publica de Chile of the inhabitants, [etc.] of Chicago, em- para el aio de 1869. 156 pp. 8O. Santiago bracing a complete business directory for de Chile, iCprenta national, 1868. 1870. v. 13. 80~. Chicago, R. Edwards, - Departamento de guerra. Merioria quo 1870. el ministro de estado en el departamento de- The guests' business reference book, a guerra presenta al congreso nacional de 1868. directory of the first wholesale and retail 80. Santiago de Chile, irnprenta nacional, stores and leading places of business. 1870- 1868. s. 71. 160~. Chicago, P. L. Hanscom d4 co. - Departamento de hacienda. Memoria que [1870]. el ministro de estado en el departamento de ( Young men's association of the city of hacienda presenta al congreso nacional de Chicago). Catalogue of the library. 120 1868. 8~. Santiago de Chile, imprenta na pp. 8~. Chicago, Hays & Thompson, 1856. cional, 1868. s. Chicago (The) academy of sciences. Trans- Departarento del interior. Memoria que actions. v. i. 7 p. 1. 337, viii pp. 80. Chi- el ministro de estado en el departamento del cago, the academy, 1867-69. interior [F. Vargas Fontecilla], presenta al Chiefs (The) daughter; or, the settlers in Vir- congreso nacional de 1868. 26, 339 pp. 30 giznia. I[anon.] 1 p. 1. 126 pp. 1 i. ~160. tab. 80. Santiago de Chile, imprenta naLondon, J. Henry 8r J. Parker, [1859]. cional, 1868. Child (L. J.) An enquiry into the conduct' Dpartamento de justicia, cu/to, etc. of general Putnam, in relation to the Memoria que el ministro de estado en el debattle of Bunker, or Breed's hill: and re- partamento de justicia, culto e instruccion marks upon Mr. S. Swett's sketch of that piblica presents al congreso nacional do battle. [anon.] 58pp. 8~. Boston, Thomas 1868. 8*. Santiago de Chile,imprenta naG. Bangs, 1819. cional, 1868. s. [TWith PUTNAM (Daniel). Account of the battle of Bunker hill]. Mr) Departamento de marina. Memoria que Child (Lydia Maria). An appeal in favor of el ministro de estado en el departamento de that class of Americans called Africans. 3 marina presenta al congreso nacional de p. 1. 232 pp. 1 pl. 120. Boston, Allen. 1868. 80. Santiago de Chile, imprenta naTicknor, 1833. cional, 1868. s. Childe (Edgar Vernon). Letters to the Lon- - Departanlento de relaciones exteriores. don "Times," and New York "Courier and Memoria que el ministro de estado en el deInquirer." By a " States "-man. [anon.] partamento de relaciones exteriores presenta 259 pp. 120. Boston, Bazin &8 Chandler, al congreso nacional de 1868. 8~. Santiago 1857. de Chile, imprenta nacional, 1868. S. Children's (The) church. By Faith Latimer. Chlupp (Johann Moriz). Systematisches [pseludon.] 174 pp. 180. Philadelphia, handbuch der directen steuern im kaiserthume presbyterian board of publication, 1868. Oesterreich. 3e aufl. xvi, 247 pp. 8~. Children's (The) hour. A [monthly] maga- Prafo, C. Andre, 1862. zine for the little ones. Jan. 1867, to Dec. Choffin (David t1tienne). Amusemens philo1869. v. 1-6. sm. 40~. Philadelphia, 7'. S. logiques; ou, melange agr6able de diverses Arthur & son, 1867-69. pieces, concernant l'histoire des personnes

Page  73 73 CHOFFIN. CHURCH, Choffin (David 1 tienne)-continued. Chrysostomus-continued. c61lbres, les ev6nemens m6morables, les usa- Omnelie lxxxvii beati Johafiis Chrisosges et les monumens des anciens, la morale, tomi sup. eudgelio Johafiis Rome in. S. la mythologie, et l'histoire naturelle. 4Ce d. Eusebii monasterio scripte et diligenter cor3 v. 120. Halle, maison des orphelins, 1770. recte: Anno diii mccclxx. [etc. ] 278 1. unp. Choice dialogues between a godly minister fol. [Romue G. Lauer], 1470. and an honest countryman, concerning elec- Note.-In the prologue, the translation of these homilies into Latin is described as performed " Frdcisco tion and predestination. Detecting the false arietino et alio quodam ueteri. " By the former we principles of a certain man, who calls him- are to understand the famous lawyer Francesco Accolti, who published the version made long self a presbyter of the church of England. before by Giovanni Burgondio, or Borgondione. The rarity and value of this book are well By one who has been for almost twice thirty known to the learned in bibliography.-Dibdin. years a labourer in Christ's vineyard. [anon.] / Super Mattheum homelie 89 [a Georviii, 33 pp. 180. Boston, 1715? gio trapezuntino versa]. Super Joannem Christ, or the world! which? By cousin Flor- homelie 87 [translata a Joanne Burgundione, rie. [pscudon.] iv, 202 pp. 160. Balti- et in lucem missa a Francesco Aretino]. more, G. Lycett, 1870. De laudibus Pauli homelie 8. In ep'lam ad Christian (The) lawyer: being a portraiture of Titum homelie 6. Ad hebreos homelie 34 the life and character of William George [translate in latinum a Muciano scholastico]. Baker. [anon.] 320 pp. 120. New York, Ad Thimotheum homelie 10. Aduersus Carlton 4' Porter, 1859. vitutperatores vite monastice libri 3. Edidit Christian's (The) guide to heaven: or, a Ludovicus Hohenwang. 12 p. 1. unp. 152, manual of spiritual exercises for catholics. 88,125 fol. n. p. [1490(]? [anon.] vi, 112 pp. 1 pl. 24~. Baltimore, Church (Benjamin). The history of king Kelly, Piet & co. 1869. Philip's war; also of expeditions against Christie; or, where the tree fell. [anon.] the French and Indians in the eastern parts 243 pp. (incl. 4 pl.) 1SO. New York, Carl- of New England, 1689-1704. [With] an ton &j Porter, 1864. index, copious notes and corrections. Also Christine Thornton; or, who is my neighbor? an appendix. By S. G. Drake. 304 pp. An Easter story. By E. R. [anon.] 142 12~. Boston, Howe' INorton, 1825. pp. 1 pl. 16~. New York, E. P. Dutton - The same. The history of the great Inco. 1870. dian war of 1675 and 1676, commonly called Christmas (The) tapers, and other stories. Philip's war. Also, the old French and Indian By E. A. J. [anon.] 79 pp. 1 pl. 160. wars from 1689 to 1704. With numerous New Yorkc, E. P. Dutton 4' co. 1870. notes and an appendix. By S. G. Drake. Christmas (The) tree, and other stories for Revised ed. 360 pp. 12~. Hartford, S. Anyoungest readers. [etc. anon.] 2 p. 1. 188 drus 4' sotn, 1851. pp. 13 pl. sq. 120. Boston, J. L. Shorey, Church (Florence Marryat, mirs. Ross or 1871. Church). The girls of Feversham. 2 v. 2 Christoforo Negri. See Negri. p. 1. 314 pp; I p. 1. 312 pp. 16~. London, Christy's grandson. By the author of the R. Bentley, 1869. "Golden-ladder" series, [etc. anon.] 218 Church(Rev. Richard William). Saint Anpp. 3 pl. 16~. New York, R. Carter & bro- selm. xii, 303 pp. 1 pl. 12~. [Cambridge, thers, 1871. Eng.] Macmillan S& co. 1870. Chronicon saxonicum. The Anglo-Saxon Church (The) establishment in Ireland. The chronicle. 1UP. London, 1847. freeman'sjournal church commission. [anon.] [In BEDA venerabilis. Ecclesiastical history, Eng- xv, 406 pp. 120. Dublin, J. Duffy, 1868. land. Bohn's ed. pp. 301-516]. Church of England. Liturgia; seu liber preChrysippus. Chrysippi presbyteri hieroso- Church of England. Liturgia; seu liber precum communium, et administrationis sacralymitani de sancta Maria deipara homilia greece et latine, I. Pico interprete. fol. mentorum, aliorumque rituum atque ceremo Parisiis, 1624. niarum ecclesiet juxta usum ecclesie angliIain BitsoTHECA vetervm patrvm, v. 2] canoe: una cum psalterio seu psalmis DaChrysostomus (Joannes, saint). Liturgia, vidis. Itemque forma et modus faciendi, orseu diuni sacrificii ritus, [etc. ] cum latina in- dinandi et consecrandi episcopos, etc. 186 1. terpretatione G. Herueti. fol. Parisiis, 1624. 180. Londini, S. Mearne, 1681. [in BIBLIOTHECA veterum patrum, v. 2].. - The same. The book of common prayer 10

Page  74 74 CHURCH. CINCINNATI. Church of England-continued. Cicero (Marcus Tullius)-continued. noted. By John Merbecke, 1550. [Reprint [- Opera qu'edam]. De natura deorum ed.] 70 1. 4~. London, IV. Pickering, 1844. libri tres. De diuinatione libri duo. De legi-- -Order for the administration of the holy bus libri tres. Academicarul qurestionum communion and occasional offices according libri duo. De finibus bonorum et malorum to the use of the church of England. 100 1. libri quinque. De petitione consulatus, liber 40. London, W. Pickering, 1848. unus. De fato, liber unus. De universitate, ---- The two books of homilies appointed to liber unus. De somno Scipionis. 142 1. fol. be read in churches. [Edited, with a bib- Venetiis, impressum per Symonem papiensenm liographical introduction, by J. Griffiths]. dictum Biuilaqua, 1496. lxxviii, 630 pp. 80. Oxford, university press, Tullius de officiis cum commentariis 1859. Petri Marsi eiusque recognitione. Insunt Church (The) hymnal. A collection of hymns, prreterea paradoxa: de amicitia: de senecfrom the prayerbookhymnal, [etc.] 396pp. tute: cure interpretibus suis. 157 1. fol. 1S~. Philadelphia, R. McCauley, 1869. Venetiis, B. de Zanis de Portesio, 1498. Church of latter day saints, or Mormons. ~ The same. Tully's three books of offiAn appeal to the American people: being an ces, in English, with notes, explaining the account of the persecutions of the church of method and meaning of the author. By latter day saints; and of the barbarities in- Thomas Cockman, d. d. New ed. xi, 287 pp. flicted on them by the inhabitants of the state 160. Oxford, E. WYeatherstone, 1819. of Missouri. By authority of said church. - Cato major; or, a treatise on old age. 2d ed revised. 60 pp. 120. Cincinnati, With explanatory notes from the Roman Shepard 4" Stearns, 1840. history. By hon. James Logan. 4th ed. Churchill (Elizabeth K.) Overcoming. 304 x, 168 pp. 2 1. 160. Philadelphia, printed; pp. 1 pl. 16~. Boston, D. Lothrop,' co. Glasgow, reprinted, R. Urie, 1757. 1870. Cienfuegos (Nicosio Alvarez de). Las herChurchill (J. Franois, m. d.) Treatise on the manos generosos. Comedia moral en un immediate cause, and the specific treatment acto, en verso. Ilustrada con una noticia of pulmonary phthisis, and tubercular disea- biografica y con notas gramaticales en Aleses. Translated from the French by a phy- man. 59 pp. 120. Brensvico, 1839. sician. 112 pp. 8~. New York, J. WIincheser,185. 12 pp. Ne, [MELFORD (H. BM.) Spanische biihnenstiicke, v2]. ter, ]859. Cincinnati. Common schools of Cincinnati. Churchill (Sarah Jennings, duchess of 1IMarl- Part 1. Thirty-seventh annual report for the borough). Theo fSradues Part 1. Thirty-seventh annual report for the borough). The opinions of Sarah duchess- school year ending June 30, 1866. Part 2. dowager of Marlborough. Published from A A complete manual for the school year endoriginal mss. xx, 120 pp. 16~. [n.p.].. 1788. ing June:30, 1867. 184 pp. ~80. Cincinnati, Times printing establishment, 1866. Churchyard (Thomas). The worthiness of WVales, a poem. [etc.] xv, 128 pp 2. -or Wales, a poem. [etc.] xv, 128 pp. 120. for the commercial year ending August 31, London, T. Evans, 1776. 1868. 8~. Cincinnati, Gazette print, 1868. Churton (Edward). Gongora. An historical (Young men's mercantile library assoand critical essay on the times of Philip iii ation). Catalogue of books. xxiv, 468 pp. and iv of Spain. See Gongora (Luis de). 80. Cincinnati, association, 1869. Cicero (Marcus Tullius). Epistole Ciceronison & Jones'Cincinnati directory, cvm sex commentis. Joannis Baptistme Eg- for 1846. [etc.] First annual issue. xii, nat; interpretamenta; Ybertini crescentinatis 73-564 pp. 80. Cincinnati, Robinson & Jones, co:enta; Martini Philetici expositio; Primi 1846. libri ad lentulum per Georgium merulam arad pr i r a Williams' Cincinnati directory, city gumetum; Politiani annotationes nonnulle. Williams' Cincinnati directoy, it dditum est Quiritibus corolariunl Ascensii, guide, and business mirror; [etc.] Fourth tractatus de generibus. Edente Vincentio annual issue. 446 pp.. incinati minutiano. b. 1.11 p. 1. 2401. unp. fol. Me- C. S. Williams,[1853]. diolani, L. V6egius, 1512. The saume. Directory, [etc.] to June,,yote.-62 lines in each page of the commentary. 1870. 80~. Cincinnati, directory office, 1870.

Page  75 75 CINCINNATI. CLARKE. Cincinnati (The) commercial. [Daily]. Jan. Clark (G. W.) The carriage maker's and to Dec. 1870. 2 v. fol. Cincinnati, M. Hal- painter's "guide." A full and plain treatise stead US co. 1870. on the theory and practice of carriage paintCincinnati daily chronicle. July, 1869, to ing. [etc.] 48 pp. 160. Buffalo, (N. Y.) Dec. 1870. 3 v. fol. Cincinnati, Chronicle HIas & Kelley, 1870. company, 1869-70. Clark (James, m. d.) A treatise on the yellow Cincinnati (The) daily enquirer. Dec. I1, fever, as it appeared in the island of Domi1869, to Dec. 30, 1870. 2 v. fol. Cincin- nica, in the years 1793-4-5-6; to which are nati, Faran & McLean, 1870. added, observations on the bilious remittent Cincinnati (Society of the). Journal of the fever, on intermittents, dysentery, and some general meeting of the Cincinnati in.1784. other West India diseases; also, the chemical Edited by Winthrop Sargent. 8~. [Phila- analysis and medical properties of the hot delphia, 1858 ]. mineral waters in the same island. viii, 168 [Iit PENNSYIVANIA (Historical society of). Memoirs, pp. 80. London, J. Murray A, S. Highley, v. 6. pp. 57-117] 1797. Circular (The). [Brooklyn and Oneida, N.Y. Clark (Rev. James A.) Joyful voices: a new weekly]. Devoted to the sovereignty of eclectic hymn book. 152 pp. 32~. WI1eathJesus Christ. Edited by J. H. Noyes and "a erford, (Texas) "Wleatherford times" print, community." Nov.6, 1851, to Feb. 22, 1864. 1870. v. 1-12. fol. Brooklyn and Oneida, N. Y. Clark (L.) Payson, a model boy; or, recolOneida community, 1851-64]. lections of John Payson Williston Clark. The same. [Mount Tom, and Oneida By his father. A true story for boys. With community weekly]. March 21, 1864, to an address by Zachary Eddy, d. d. 188 pp. March 14, 1870. New series, v. 1-6. fol. 4 pl. 180. New York, Carlton & Porter, Oneida and fWallinlford communities, 1864-70. [1865]. City (The) of Brooklyn. [anon.] 163 pp. 10 Clark (R. S.) Little Prudy's flyaway series. pl. 160. New York, J. H. &f C. M. Goodsell, By Sophie May. [pseudon.] v. 1-2. 180. 1871. Boston, Lee $I Shepard, 1871. Claret de Fleurieu (Charles Pierre). See CONTENTS. v. 1. Little folks astray. Fleurieu (Charles Pierre Claret, comte de). v. 2. Prudy keeping house. Clarin patri6tico, 6 sea discurso politico-filo- Clark (Rufus Wheelwright, d. d.) The new sofico sobre los arboles de la iniquidad y equi- question books on the great truths of the dad; donde se trata de los males de la patria, bible. 3 v. 18~. Boston, author, 1866. [etc.] Por el ciudadano D.I.B.D.T.L. The question of the hour: the bible E. M. P. D. L. H. y E. D. N. D. C. D. U. and the school fund. 127 pp. 160. Bos[anon.] 156 pp. 2 1. 18~. Barcelona, L ton, Lee & Shepard, 1870. Oliveres, 1837. s. Clark (Stephen W.) The science of the EngClark (Alexander). Workday christianity: lish language. The normal grammar, anaor, the gospel in the trades. With an intro- lytic and synthetic. 334 pp. 2 pl. 12~. ductory note by William Cullen Bryant. New York, A. S. Barnes 45 co. 1870. 300 pp. 12~. Philadelphia, Claxton, Rem- Clarke (George Pemberton). Clarke's illussen & Haffelfinger, 1871. trated world. [Atlas]. 7 pl. 40. [New Clark (Emmons). History of the second cor- York], 1870. pany of the seventh regiment (national Clarke (James Freeman). Steps of belief; guard) N. Y. s. militia. v. 1, 429 pp. 8C. or, rational christianity maintained against Newn York, J. G. Gregory, 1864. atheism, free religion, and romanism. viii, Clark (George H.) UIndertow of a trade-wind 311 pp. 16O. Boston, American unitarian surf. [Poems]. 200 pp. 80. Hartford, association, 1870. C. G. Geer, 1860. Clarke (John). Parcemiologia anglo-latinain Clark (Rev. George WV.) A new harmony of usum scholarumn concinnata. Or, proverbs, the four gospels, in English. See Bible English, and Latine, methodically disposed (English). according to the commonplace heads in ErasNotes on the gospel of Matthew. 1870. mus, his adages, [etc. ] 8 p. 1. 329 pp. 31. 18c. See Bible (English).. London, F.Kyngston, for R. Mylbourne, 1639.

Page  76 76 CLARKE7 COBB. Clarke (Mary Bayard). Clytie and Zenobia; Cleaveland (P.) and Schott-continued. or, the lily and the palm. A poem. 65 pp. expense of the Smithsonian institution, by sq. 16~. NTew York, E. P. Dutton cS co. 1871. Charles A. Schott. v, 53 pp. 4~. IVashingClarke (R. B.) and Wasson (J. B.) Clarke ton, Smithsonian institution, 1870. and Wasson's new and improved tables of [In SM-ITHSONIAN contributions to knowledge, v. 16]. interest, computed at 8 per cent. and adapted Clemence d'Orville; or, from the palace to to all other rates. Showing at a glance, by the steppe; a novel of Russian high life. this arrangement, the interest from 1 to 370 [anon.] From the French. 80. Boston, days, on any sum from one dollar to ten Littell & Gay, 1870. thousand, inclusive; [etc.] 2d ed. 189 1. 40~. [LITTELL and Gay's Tales of the living age]. New Orleans, L. Graham 4- co. 1870. Clemens, romanus. Epistles concerning vir Clarke (William) Pompeii, its past and pres- ginity, translated by B. L. Pratten. 80. Edinent state. [anon.] 316 pp. 120. Boston, burgh, T. & T. Clark, 1869. Lilly, Wait, Colman 4 Holden, 1833. [rn ANTE-NICENE library, v. 14, pp. 367-395J. Clarke (William, m. d. of Boston). Observa- Cleveland (Charles Dexter, ll. d.) A comntions on the late and present conduct of the plete concordance to the poetical works of French, with regard to their encroachments John Milton. viii, 308 pp. 12~. London, S. upon the British colonies in North America. Low, son, & Marston, 1867. [With] observations concerning the increase Cliffton (William). Poems, chiefly occasional. of mankind, [etc.] 47, 15pp. 12~. Bos- [Also] introductory notices of the life, charton, S. Kneeland, 1755. acter and writings of the author. xviii, 120 Clarke (William H.) Clarke's reed organ pp. portrait. 18P. New York, J. W.Fenno, companion, a new collection of vocal and ]800. instrumental music, for reed organs, preceded Cline (A. J.) Henry Courtland; or, what a by a fresh and easy course of instruction. farmer can do. 398 pp. 120. Philadelphia, 136 pp. obl. 40. Boston, O. Ditson & co. 1870. J. B. Lippincott &' co. 1870. Clarke's short voluntaries for the organ, Clive (C.) Year after year. A tale. By the reed organ, or melodeon, designed chiefly as author of "Paul Ferroll," [etc.] vii, 365 opening voluntaries and responses for delicate pp. 12~. London, Saunders 4 Otley, 1858. and expressive stops. 64 pp. obl. 80. Bos- Clode (Charles AI.) The military forces of ton, 0. Ditson 4 co. 1870. the crown; their administration and governClasen (Alexis Theodor). De Galfredo ment. 2 v. xxxi, 596 pp; xxx, 1, 804 pp. Chaucero poeta, statuque ante eum poesis 8~. London, J. Murray, 1869. anglicme. Dissertatio academica, [etc.] I p. 1. Closet (The) companion; or manual of 87 pp. 8~. Helsingforsice, [1851]. prayer: consisting of topics and brief forms Claude (Jean). L'examen de soi-meme, pour of prayer, designed to assist christians in se bien pr6parer A la communion. 4 p. 1. their devotions. [anon. By J. W. Weir?] 244 pp. 180. Amsterdam, P. Mortier, 1730 With an introdnction, by Albert Barnes. Clay (Henry). The Clay code; or text-book 4th ed. 306 pp. 16~. New York; M. W. of eloquence. A collection of axioms, Dodd, 1854. apothegms, sentiments, and remarkable pas- Cluento Nettunio, pastor arcade. [pseudon.] sages on liberty, government, political mor- See Baruffaldi (Girolamo). ality and national honor: gathered from the Coach-makers' international journal, devoted public speeches of Henry Clay. By G. Van- exclusively to the interests of the trade. I. denhoff. 150 pp. 1 1. 160. New York, C. D. Ware, editor. Oct. 1868, to Sept. 1870. v. Shepard, 1844. 4-5. 4~. Philadelphia, I. D. [Ware, 1869Clayton Allyn; or, learning life's first lessons. 70. [anon.] 175 pp. 2 pl. 180. New York, Coates (George). Coates's herd book: conAmerican tract society, 1865. taining the pedigrees of improved short-horned Cleaveland (Parker) and Schott (Charles cattle. [Continued] by H. Strafford. v. 18. Anthony). Results of meteorological ob- 8~. London, S. 4 J. Brawn, 1869. servations made at Brunswick, Maine, be- Cobb (Cyrus and Darius). The veteran of the tween 1807 and 1859. By Parker Cleave- grand army. A novel. In eight parts. 384 land, 11. d. Reduced and discussed, at the pp. I pl. 120'. Boston, C. &- D. Cobb, 1870.

Page  77 77 COBBETT COFFIN. Cobbett (William). The democratic judge: Cock or Cocceius-continued. or the equal liberty of the press, as exhibited, Corinthios, ad Galatas, ad Ephesios, et ad Philippenses. explained, and exposed, in the prosecution of v. 6. Comnentarius in epistolas Panliad Colossenses, William Cobbett, for a pretended libel against utramqne ad Thessalonicenses, ntramque ad Timotheurn, ad Titum, ad Philemonem, ad Hebrmeos, in the king of Spain and his embassador, before catholicas Jacobi, Petri, Johannis, Judm, ac apocaThomas McKean, chief justice of the state *lypsin. v. 7. Aphorismi per universam theologiam breviores of Pennsylvania. By Peter Porcupine. et prolixiores. Summa doctrine de fcedere et testamento Dei. Summa theologiae ex scripturis repe[pseudon.] 102 pp. 80. Philadelphia, W. tita, explicatio catecheseos heidelbergensis; nec Cobbett, 1798. non Disputationes selectoe. v. 8. Orationes. Consilia. Epistolac. JudaicarumreA little plain english, addressed to the sponsionum et quaestionum consideratio. Examen apologiae equitis poloni. Aphorismi. Contra Sopeople of the United States on the treaty ne- cinianos et pontificios. gociated with his Britannic majesty, and on v. 9. Animadversiones in Bellarmini controversias. Disquisitio de ecclesiae et Babylone. De Antithe conduct of th, president relative thereto; christo. Demonstratio potentiae sanctae scripturae. in answer to " The letters of Franklin." Responsio ad probationem scriptnrariam Jac. Masenii. Admonitio de principio fidei. De sabbato. With a supplement, containing an account of Animadversiones in lxxxiii qluestiones de vetere testamento et lege Mosis. Moreh Nebochim. Exthe turbulent and factious proceedings of the plicatio titulorum Sanhedriu et Maccoth. Obseropposers of the treaty.'By Peter Porcupine. vationes ad Buxtorfii epitomen grammaticrc hebroeae. [pseudon.] 8, 111 pp. 8~. London, re- v. 10. Lexicon et commentarius sermonis hebraici et Frinted, F4, C. Ri aington, 1795. chaldaici Veteris testamenti, cum interpretatiorn printed, F, ~ C. Ririn~ton, 175.vocum germanica, belgica ac graca ex lxx interA prospect from the congress-gallery pretibus; et necessariis indicibus: accedunt observationes de distiuctiore significatione selectarum during the session begun December 7, 1795. vocum linguae hebraicae. By Peter Porcupine. [pseudon.] 68 pp. Cockburn (John). The unfortunate English80. Phliladelph~ica, T. Bradford, 1796. men; or, a faithful narrative of the disCobden (Paul, pseudon?) The Beckoning tresses and adventures of John Cockburn, series. v. 1-2. 160. Boston, Lee 8& Shep- and five other mariners, viz. Thomas Bunce, ard, 1871. John Holland, Richard Banister, John BalcONTENTS. main, and Thomas Robinson, who were taken v. 1. Who will win. v. 2. Going on a mission, by a Spanish guarda-costa, in the John and Cobden (Richard). Speeches on questions of Ann, captain Burt, and set on shore, naked -public policy. Edited by John Bright and and wounded, at Porto Cavallo: containing a James E. Thorold Rogers. 2 v. I p. 1. xxii, journey over land from the gulph of Hondu606 pp. I portrait; vii, 664 pp. 80. Lon- ras to the great South sea, [etc.] Also an don, Macmillan 4 co. 1870. account of the manners, customs, and beCoccejus (Joannes). See Cock. haviour of the several Indian nations, [etc. ] Cock or Cocceius (Johann). Opera anecdota, New ed. vi, 120 pp. 1 pl. 120. London, theologica etphilologica. 2 v. 662pp. 24 1; V. Cavell, 1794. 818 pp. fol. Amstelodami, apud Ianssonio- Cocker (B. F. d.d.) Christianity and Greek JIlaesbergios, [etc.] 1706. philosophy; or, the relation between spon--- Opera omnia theologica, exegfetica, taneous and reflective thought in Greece and didactica, polemica, philologica; [etc. ] Edi- the positive teaching of Christ and his apostio tertia. 10 v. in 9. fol. Amstelodami, tles. 531 pp. 8~. New York, Harper 4 apud Ianssonio- Waesbergios, 1701. brothers, 1870. CONTENTS. Coffin (A. I. m. d.) Botanic guide to health, v. 1. Commentarius in quinque priora capita Gene- and the natural pathology of disease. 21st seos, cum brevi continuatione ad caput undecimum. and t atural patology of d Alius in xix priora capita Geneseos, in ultimaverba ed. xxiv, 384 pp. 1 portrait. 160. London, Jacobi, Genes. xlix, in librum Exodi, in librum Levitici, in prophetiam Bileami, Numer. xxiii et xxiv, British mnedico-botanic establishment, 1852. in ultima Mosis, sive vi postrema capitaDeuterono- Coffin (Charles Carleton). The seat of emmii, nec non in canticum Deborae, Judic. v, in canticum Ann e, 1 Sam. ii. Quibus subjungitur Chron- pire. [Travels itq the northwestern states]. ologiajudicum et regunm Israelis.. v. 2. Commentarius in librum Jobi, commentaries in Vi, 232 pp. 1 map, 6 p. 16 Psalmos, et extrema verba Davidis, in Proverbia, Firlds, Osguood 4. co. 1870. Ecclesiasten, et in Canticum canticorum. v. 3. Commentarius in prophetas majores. Coffin (Janies 11. 11. d.) The orbit and phev. 4. Commentarius in prophetas minores, quatnor nollena of a meteoric fire-ball, seen July 20,. evangelia, et acta apostolorum. Nec non examen Ilapcpr, vetwv Fausti Socini, G eorgii Enjedini, Va- 1860. 2 p. 1. 50 pp. 2 pl. 40. WVashington, leatini Slalcii, Jone Schlichtingii in principium Sisithsonicn institution, 180. evangelii Johannis.thsonian iasti tution, 1870. v. 5. Commentarius in epistolas Pauli ad Romanos, ad [ln SMITHSONIAN contributions to knowledge, v. 16].

Page  78 78 COGHLAN. COLLIER. Coghlan (Margaret Moncrieffe). Memoirs of Coleridge (Sir John Taylor). A memoir of mrs. Coghlan, (daughter of the late major rev. John Keble. 3d ed, with corrections Moncrieffe), written by herself, and dedicated and additions. xx, 624 pp. 120. Oxford, to the British nation; being interspersed J. Parker 4- co. 1870. with anecdotes of the late American and Coleti(Giovanni Domenico). Dizionario stopresent French war; with remarks moral rico-geografico dell' America meridionale. 2 and political. 184 pp. 160. New York, J. v. in 1. 4 p.l. 196 pp. 1 map; 192 pp. 40~. Fellows, 1795. Venezia, Coleti, 1771. Coicy (madame de). Les femmes comme il Collection (A) of epitaphs and inscriptions convient de les voir; on, appergu de ce que ancient and modern; distinguished either les femmes ont 6t6, de ce qu'elles sont, et de for their wit, humour, and singularity; elece qu'elles pourroient etre. [anon.] 2 v. in gance of composition, morality of sentiment, 1. 144 pp; 113 pp. 180. Paris, Bacot, or celebrity of character. Carefully selected 1785. from preceding publications, including many Coke (Thomas, d. d.) Extracts of journals never beforeprinted. 2 p.l.iv, 416pp. 160. of [his] three visits to America. 120, 12 pp. London, Lackington, Allen & co. 1802. f160. London, 1790. Collection (A) of German and English [MISCELLANEOUS pamphlets, v. 409]. christmas carols, old and new. 1 p. 1. 34 pp. Extracts of the journals of [his] five 16. Boston,. Ditson 4 co. 1869. visits to America. 195 pp. 18~. London, Collection (A) of letters on freemasonry. In G. Paramore, 1793. chronological order. 103 pp. 8~. Boston, Colange (L.) Popular encyclopedia. See T. R. Marvin, 1849. Zell (T. E.) Collections relative to systematic relief of the Colburn's new monthly magazine. See New poor, at different periods, and in different monthly magazine. countries: with observations on charity, Colburn's united service magazine, and naval [etc. 1 p.1.220pp. 8~. Bath, I?. Cruttand military journal. Jan. to Dec. 1870. well, 1815. 2 v. 8~. London, Hurst 8F Blackett, [1870]. LMrSexLLASEO oS pamphlets, v. 416.] v. London, urst Blackett, [1870]. Collet (Pierre). L'ap6tre de la charit6. Vie Cole (William H.) The institute reader and de saint Vincent de Paul, d'apres sa vie par normal class-book, for the use of teachers' Collet. 160 pp. 1 pl. 8. Lille, L. Lfort, institutes and normal schools, and for self- 1858. s training in the art of reading. 360 pp. 12~. Collier (Charles). Remarks on the plague ot Cincinnati, Wilson, Hinkle' co. 1870. Cinccinnati, Wilson, Hkeco.i, 1870. Athens, explanatory of its pathology. See Coleccion de novelas escojidas, publicadas Thucydides. por el Eco hispano-americano. Tomo i. Collier (John Payne). Miscellaneous tracts. 512 pp. fol. Paris, C. Denn6 Schmitz, 1855. Temp. Eliz. and Jac. i. 5 v. sm. 40. [LonCONTENTS. don, J. P. Collier, 1867-8.] Estrigonio. Estr vampigon. CONTENTS. El vampiro. Un amor en la India. GREENE (Robert). Perimides the black-smith. [etc.] El bandido de Londres. [By WV. H. Ainsworth]? No. 1. Primera 6poca (1703). Jonatham Wild. Secunda -- A qvip for an vpstart courtier: [etc.] No. 3. 6poca (1713). Tercera 6poca (1724). Las eva- Guii.pIN (Edward). Skialetheia. [etc.] No. 4. siones de Jack Sheppard. HARVEY (Gabriel). Fovre letters, [etc]: especially El sultan Misnar 6 los encantdores. touching Robert Greene, [etc.] No. 5. La hospitalidad corsa. NASH (Thomas). Strange newes, [etc.] No. 2. Los misterios de Roma. 1-4a parte. Los isterios de Roma. 14a parte. -- Notes and etnendations to the text of Coleman. See, Colman. Shakespeare's plays, from early manuscript Coler (Jean). La v6rit6 de la r6surrection de corrections in a copy of the folio, 16, in J6sus Christ, defendue contre B. de Spinosa, the possession of J. Payne Collier, forming a et ses sectateurs. 3 p. 1. 80 pp. 180~. La supplemental volume to the orks of Shakesupplemental volume to the works of ShakeH acvye, d.. ohnson, 17Sd6. speare by the same editor. xxvi pp. 2 1. 512 La vie de B. de Spinosa, tir6e des 6crits pp. 8. London, IWlittaker & co. 1853. de ce fameux philosopher et du t6moignage [Ist ed. Containing passages suppressed in the secde plusieurs personnes dignes de foi, qui ond]. l'ont connl particulierement. 181 pp. 18~. Collier (Rev. Robert Laird). Every-day subLa Haye, T. Johnson, 1706. jects in sunday sermons. 232 pp. 16~. Bos[ With his La v6rit6 de la r6surrection]. ton, American unitarian associatioss,1870.

Page  79 79 COLLINS. COMBEFIS. Collins (Charles Allston). A new sentimental Colonne (Guido dalle)-continned. journey. vi, 127 pp. 1 pl. 120. London, of Guido de Colonna. Now first edited Chapman & Hall, 1859. from the unique ms. in the Hunterian Collins (Jennie). Nature's aristocracy; or, museum, university of Glasgow, by rev. battles and wounds in time of peace. A plea G. A. Panton and David Donaldson. Part 1. for the oppressed. Edited by Russell H. Con- vi, 288 pp. 8~. London, 1869. well. x, 322 pp. 16~. Boston, Lee 8& Shep- [EARLY English text society, no. 39]. ard, 1871. Colorado (Territory of). Council journal or Collins (Robert, m. d.) A practical treatise on the legislative assembly. Eighth session. midwifery, containing the result of sixteen Convened at Denver, Jan. 3d, 1870. 80. thousand six hundred and fifty-four births, Central city, D. C. Collier, 1870. occurring in the Dublinlying-in hospital, du- House journal of the legislative asring a period of seven years, commencing sembly. Eighth session. [etc.] 80~. CenNovember, 1826. 320 pp. 80. Boston, IV. tral city, D. C. Collier, 1870. D. Ticknor, 1841. Colston (John R. D.) Reports of forensic [MASSACHUSETTS medical society. Library of practical medicine, v. 11.] meetings, held during the year 1848 in conCollins (William Wilkie). Man and wife. nection with the system pursued at the 239 pp. 1 portrait. 80. News York, Harper academy, conducted by mr. Colston, Swan4F brothers, 1870. sea, designed to illustrate their importance - - The moonstone. A romance. 3 v. 120. and advantages as a branch of education. London, Tinsley brothers, 1868. xvi, 208 pp. 8'. Swansea, Ivey & Pearse, 1849. Colman (Rev. Benjamin). Moses a witness to Colt (James B.) The first and second part of a our lord and saviour Jesus Christ. A dis- work on government. 50 pp. 8~. Hartcourse had in the college hall at Cambridge, ford, Case, Lockwood & Brainard, 1870. March 27, 1722. Before the baptism of R. Part 3; 1p. 1. ~ Colt on government. Part 3; l p. 1 Judah Morris. [etc.] 3 p. 1. 27 pp. 16~. pp.51-71. 80. [Hartford, 1870]. Boston, D. Henchman, 1722. - - Some of the glories of our lord and sa- olton (Rev. Calvin). History and character viour Jesus Christ, exhibited in twenty sac- of American revivals of religion. 3d ed. ramental discourses, preached at Boston in vi, 294 pp. 120 London, F. Westley St New England. 7 p. 1. 304 pp. 1 portrait. 8~. A. H. Davis, 1832. London, S. Palmer, 1728. Columbian (The). [New York daily]. Colombia (Republic of). Direccion de hidro- March 1, 1810, to Oct. 29, 1813. 5 v. fol. grafia. Derrotero de las islas Antillas, de New York, Charles Holt, 1 810-13. las costas de Tierra firme, y de las del Seno Comarinus (Georgius C.) Disputatio theomegicano, corregido y aumentado y con un logica de bis-mortuis. 18O. [Gorichemi, apdndice sobre las corrientes del Ocdano 1666]. Atlgntico. [etc.] 578 pp. 8~. Bogota, 1826. [In VOET (Gisbert). Diatriba de ccelo beatorum, pp. Colombo (Cristoforo). Select letters, with ]67-194]. other original documents, relating to his four Combe (George). Testimonials on behalf of voyages to the new world. Translated and George Combe, as a candidate for the chair edited by R. H. Major. 2d ed. 4 p. 1. iv, 254 of logic in the university of Edinburgh. pp. 1 pl. 2 maps. 80. London, 1870. Xvi, 172 pp. 8t. Edinburph, J. Ander[HAKLUYT society publications, v. 43]. son,jr. 1836. Colomies (Paul). Observationes sacr-e. 6 p. 1. Combefis (Francois). Tov ev dytotC 7rarpwv 196 pp. 21. 18~. Amrstelodamsi, J. Scot, 1679. /zIs)ov Aul2,oXotov ttcovtov, MetodRov Iarapwv, Colonia (Dominique de). De arte rhetorica cKaL Avdpeov KpJrT79 -a EvpltoKcoeva. Ss. palibri quinque, lectissimis veterum auctorum trum Amphilochii iconiensis, Methodii paretatis aureme, perpetuisque exemplis illus- tarensis, et Andrere cretensis opera omnia, trati. Accessere Institutiones poeticre, auctore quve reperiri potuerunt. Nunc primvm magp. Josepho Juvencio. 3a ed. 439 pp. 160. nam partern tenebris ervta, latine reddita, Matriti, typis societatis [Iesu], 1854. s. ac recognita, notisque illustrata, opera et Colonne (Guido dalle). The " Gest hystoriale" studio r. p. f. Francisci Conmbefis. [Grmece of the destruction of Troy: an alliterative et latine]. 2 v. in 1. 9p. 1.474 pp. 8 1; 2 romance translated from "Hystoria troiana" p. 1. 390pp. 61. fol. Parisiis, S. Piget, 1644.

Page  80 80 COMFORT. CONDILLAC. Comfort (George F.) A German course; Compleat (A) collection, etc.-continued. adapted to use in colleges, high-schools, and 1688, to the coronation of king William and academies. viii, 494 pp. 120. New York, queen Mary, April 11, 1689. [Edited by GilHarper 8' brothers, 1870. bert Burnet]. 40~. London, R. Clavel, 1689. A German reader: to succeed the Ger- Complete (A) collection of the most remarkman course. [With vocabulary, etc.] xvi, able voyages, selected from the writers of 432 pp. 120. New York, Harper 4brothlers. all nations. [anon.] 8 v. 18~. Baltimore, 1871. G. 4J H. Keatinge, 1797. Comic (The) album: a book for everybody. Complete (The)ouse companion. [For 1.843 and 1844]. 2. 4~. London, Complete (The) counting-house companion. [For 1843 ando 1844]. 2 v. 40, London, [Philadelphia weekly]. Aug. 20, 1785, to W. S. Orr & co. 1843-44. Jan. 19, 1788. 4~. Philadelphia, M. Carey Comic (The) songster, a collection of new., 0. 4 co. and I[. Spotswood, 1785-88. humorous songs, set to music, and univer[Intercalated with Pennsylvania evening herald and sally sung. To which are added a few American monitor]. standard old comic songs. The whole being Complete (A) ready reckoner, in dollars and a sequel to the celebrated 100 comic songs. cents, to which are added forms of notes, 64 pp. 80. Boston, O. Ditson &S co. [18701. bills, receipts, and petitions; [etc.] 192 pp. Commercial advertiser. [New York daily]. 3.2. Philadelphia, Claxton, Remsen & HafOct. 2, 1797, to June 28, 1799; Feb. 9 to felfizger, 1870. Dec. 31, 1808; March 21 and May 31, 1811; Comstock (John Lee). A system of natural June 1, 1811, to Oct. 31, 1812; Oct. 1, 1818, philosophy; in which the principles of meto Dec 31, 1819; May 27, 1820, to Dec. 31, chanics, hydrostatics, hydraulics, pneumat1821; Dec. 29, 1828, to March 6, 1829. 12 v. ics, acoustics, optics, astronomy, electricity, fol. New York, (eo. F'. Hopkins [and others], and magnetism are familiarly explained. 1799-18;29. [etc.] 28th ed. 295 pp. 16~. New York, Commercial (The) and financial chronicle; Robinson, Pratt ~4 co. 1835. s. a weekly newspaper. Jan. to Dec. 1870. Concha (Jos6 de la). Memorias sobre el esv. 10-11. fol. New York, W. B. Dana 4' co. tado politico, gobierno y administracion de 1870. la isla de Cuba. ix, 36, 41 pp. 11. I1 map. Commercial register for 1870. Published by 80. Madrid, J. Truxillo, 1853. the mutual defensive commercial agency of Concina (Daniele). Instruccion de confesthe city of New York. Organized under the sores, y penitentes, desengafio universal, que laws of the state of New York, January, con todo claridad manifiesta el seguro camino 1870. [v. 1. Northwestern states]. 40~. del cielo. Traducido al Castellano por B. New York, 1870. D. Canel y Lastra. 6 p. 1. 332 pp. 21. 16~. Companion to the bible. Intended for bible Madrid, M. Escrivano, [1763]. s. classes, families, and young persons in ges- Conclin (George). Conclin's new river guide; eral. With maps, [etc. ] A new ed. 2 p. 1. or, a gazetteer of all the towns on the western 284 pp. 2 maps. 180. London, religious tract waters: [etc.] 128pp. 8. Cincinnati, H. society, [1844]? S. s' J. Applegate, 1819. Companion (The), and weekly miscellany. The same. 128 pp. S~. Cincinnati, By Edward Easy. [pseudon.] vol. 1. no. U. P. James, 1855. 1-52. 4~. Baltimore, Cole 4 Helwes, 1804. Concord, (New Hampshire). The Concord [Imperfect. Wanting title-page and last leaf]. directory, for 1870. Compiled by Dean DudCompendio della storia geografica, naturale, ley & co. 80. Concord, D. L. Guernsey 4e' e civile del regno del Chile. [anon.] 246 co. 1870. pp. 1 map, 10 pl. 8~. Boloana, nella stam- Concord pocket almanack, for the year 1810, peria di S. Tommaso d'Aquino, 1776. and register of New-Hampshire, from June [Note.-Attributed to Felipe Vidaurre, by Meusel, 1809 to June 1810. [etc.] 18. Concord, iii, 2, 42; Rich, i, 248: Eyzaguirre, iii, 322; Backer, iv, but mentioned by Molina as an anonymous G. Hough & D. Cooledge, 1809. work, distinct from that of Vidaurre]. See NEW-HAMIPSHIRE (The) register, etc. Compleat (A) collection of papers, in twelve Condillac (ietienne Bonnot de). Th6orie des parts: relating to the great revolutions in calculs; ouvrage extrait de celui de CondilEngland and Scotland, from the time of the lac, intitul6 Langue des calculs, par C. seven bishops petitioning k. James ii, June 8, Chelle. 3 v. in 1. 18~. Paris, 1833. s.

Page  81 81 CONFEDERATE. CONOLLY. Confederate states of America (so called). Congres international statistique. Septi6me Constitution of the provisional government. session du congres international de statis8th February, 1861. 15 pp. 80. Mont- tique. Projet du programme. I p.1. 18pp. gomery, Ala. Shorter 4- Reid, 1861. 80. [La Hays, 1869]. ~- -— Constitution. Adopted unanimously by Congres penitentiaire. D6bats du congres the congress of the Confederate states of penitentiaire de Bruxelles. Session de 1847. America, March 11, 1861. 22 pp. 80. Mont- S6ances des 20, 22 et 23 septemnbre. 2 p. 1. gornery, Ala. Shorter & Reid, 1861. 244 pp. 8~. Bruzelles, Deltombe, 1847. Report of evidence taken before a joint Congressional directory. See United special committee of both houses of the Con- States, congress. federate congress, to investigate the affairs of Connecticut (Colony of). The public records the navy department. P. Kean, reporter. from October, 1706, to October, 1716, with 472 pp. 80. Richmond, Va. G. P. Evans 4. the council journal from October, 1710, to co. 1862. February, 1717. Transcribed and edited, Rules of practice under the sequestra- in accordance with a resolution of the gention act for the district courts Confederate eral assembly. By Charles J. Hoadly, librastates, for the district of Alabama. Adopted rian of the state library. v, 612 pp. 8. Nov. 1861. 10 pp. 8~. Mobile, S. H. Goet- Hartford, Case, Lockwood 8, Brainard, 1870. zel 4' co. 1861. Their majesties colony of Connecticut in New England vindicated, fiom the abuses Confucius or Kon-fu-tse. Analects. Theand a of a pamphlet licensed and printed at Newgreat learning. The doctrine of the mean. York, 1694. Intituled: Some seasonable 163 pp. 8~. New York, urd~lt F~ougrhlton, 1637pp. NwYr, ild t, considerations for the good people of Con1870. 1870LEGGE (J.) Chinese classics, pt. 1]necticut. By an answer thereunto [anon. rfn LEOGE (J.) Chinese classics, pt. 1]. Signed by John Allen, secretary of the coloThe moral aphorisms and terseological ny]. 36 pp. 40. Boston, B.Green,1694. teachings of Confucius, [etc. J To which is [Imperfect, title and pp. 37-43 wanting]. added a correct likeness of the great phiioso- (State of). Journal of the senate [and] pher, and a short sketch of his life. By M. R. house of representatives. [etc.] May sesK. Wright. 62 pp. I portrait. 160. Battle sion, 1870. [etc.] 2 v. 8~. New Haven, creek, Mich. author, 1870. Stafford co. 1870. Congregacion (Real) nacional de el apostol Public documents of the legislature Santiago en Madrid, etc. Constituciones. [etc.] May session, 1870. [etc.] 21 doe 22 p. 1. 50 pp. 180. [Madrid, 1742]. uments in I v. 80. Hartford, 1870. Congregacion de los siervos de los pobres. Connecticut academy of arts and sciences. Constituciones y reglas de la minima con- Transactions. vol. ii, part 1. 2 p. 1. iv, 206 gregacion de los hermanos enfermeros pobres, pp. I 1. 7 pl. 8~. INew Haven, academy, 1870. dispuestas y ordenadas por el venerable Ber- Connecticut board of agriculture. Fourth nardino de Obregon, escritas de su mano annualreport of the secretary[etc.] 1869-70. [etc.] 3 p. 1. 114 pp. I 1. 16~. Madrid, 8~. Hartford, 1870. 1634. s. Connecticut (The) common-school journal. Congregatio fratrum augustinorum. Regula Published under the direction of the board of s. Augustini episcopi et constitutiones fratrum commissioners of common schools, from 1838 ordinis predicatorum. 136 pp. 28 1. 180. to 1842. Edited by Henry Barnard. 4 v. in 1. Gandavi, M. Gract, 1673. 40. Hartford, Case, Tiffany &' Burnham, 1842. Congregationalist (The) and recorder. Connecticut (The) courant; and the weekly [Boston weekly]. May 24, 1867, to Dec. advertiser. [Hartford]. Jan. 19, 1767, to 30, 1869. fol. Boston, m. L. Greene f- co. Sept. 2, 1783. 6 v. fol. Hartford, Green 41867-69. Watson, and Hudson 4- Goodwin, 1767-83. Congres des 6conomistes. Congrbs des 6con- Conolly (M. F.) Biographical dictionary of omistes r6uni A Bruxelles par les soins de eminent men of Fife, of past and present l'association belge pour la libert6 commer- times, natives of the county, or connected ciale. Session de 1847. S6ances des 16, 17 with it by property, residence, office, maret 18 septembre. 2 p.1.211 pp. 8~. Brux- riage, or otherwise. xi,492 pp. 8~ Edinelles, Deltombe, 1847. burgh, Inglis &8 Jack, 1866. 11

Page  82 82 CONSCIENCE. COOK. Conscience (Hendrik). Batavia. Ein ro- Conti (Armand de Bourbon, prince de). Letman. Deutsch von dr. Bulchele. 295 pp. tres du prince de Conti, ou l'accord du libre 18~. St. Louis, (Mo.) F. Saler, 1862. arbitre avec la grace de J6sus-Christ, enConsecrated talents: or, the life of mrs. seign an p.deChampsj6suite. Avecplusieurs Mary W. Mason. [anon.] With an intro- autres pieces sur la mnme matiere. 30 p. 1. duction by bishop Janes. [anon.] 285pp. 263pp. 240. Cologne, N. Schouten, 16S9..1 portrait. 120. New York, Carlton &8 Lana- - - The works of Armand de Bourbon, han, 1870. prince of Conti. With a short account of his Constable (Henry). Diana. Or, the excellent life. Collected and translated from the conceitful sonnets of H. C. Augmented with French. To which are added some other piediuers quatorzains of honorable and lerned ces, and a discourse of christian perfection, personages. Deuided into viij decads. by the archbishop of Cambray, [etc.] 23 [anon. ] 401. 16~. London, J. Roberts, 1584.ndol, (V. Bray,1711. Note.-Collier says (Bibliographical account of early Contrast (The). A story for boys. [anon.] English literature) of this edition, "1594, not 1584." 3-112 pp. 4 pl. 180. Philadelphia, American Constant de Rebecque (Henri Benjamin). sunday-school union, 1863. De la liberte des brochures, des pamphlets et Conversations of a mother with her daughdes journaux, consider6e sous le rapport de ter and some other persons; or, dialoues ter and some other persons; or, dialogues l'int6retdugouvernement. 48pp. 80. Paris, ~H. Nicolle~ 1814. * composed for madame Calnpan's establishH.MNICELLANeO, 1814. letsm v. 338] inent for young ladies, near Paris, and arrMISCELLANEOUS pamphlets, v. 338]. [sL ou,. 3ranged by madame D for the use of - - Observations sur le discours pronounc6 Englishyounadies. [Or], Conversazioni par le ministre de l'interieur en faveur du i, c di una madre con sua figlia, ed alcune altre projet de loi sur la liberte de la presse. 2e person; etc. aon. Englis a Italian 6d. 1 p. 1. 51 pp. 80. Paris, H. Nicolle, 1814. 3d ed. 235 pp. 1l. 1En. London, G. tl W. [MISCELLANEOUS pamphlets, v. 338]. B. Whittaker, 819. B. Whittaker, 1819. Questions sur la le6gislation actuelle de Converse (C. C.) and Schenck (W. E.) la presse en France, et sur la doctrine du Children'spraise. 175pp. obl. 16~. Phllluministare public, relativement B la saisie des minite public, relativement la saisie des delphia, presbyterian board of publication, 6crits, et'a la responsabilit6 des auteurs et im- 186 primeurs. 2e 6d. 1 p. l. 100 pp. 1 l: 8~. Paris, Delaunay, 1817. Conwell (Russell H.) Why and how. WVhy Constantin (Robert). Svpplementvmlingvme the Chinese emigrate, and the means they latin:e; sev, dictionarivm abstrusorum vo- adopt for the purpose of reaching America. cabulorum. 196 1. 40. [Colonice Allobro- VWith sketches of travel, amusing incidents, gum], E. Vignon, 15r)73. social customs, etc. 2 p. 1. 283pp. 8pl. 16~. Constantinus, armenopulus. Constantini har- Boston, Lee 8 menopuli de opinionibus haereticorum groece Conyngham (D. P.) Lives of the Irish saints; et latine. Leunclavio interprete. fol. Pari- from st. Patrick down to st. Laurence siis, 1624. O'Toole. [etc.] 576 pp. S pl. 12~. New [In BIBLIOTHECA vetervm scriptorvm, v. 1]. York, D. &S J. Sadlier 4. co. 1870. Constanzo (Salvador, editor). Elnuevo Jua- Cook (Ebenezer). The sot-weed factor: or, nito. See Parravicini (L. A. ) a voyage to Maryland. A satyr. In burConstitution (The) [Washington daily and lesque verse. London, D. Bragg, 1708. [Resemi-weekly]. Oct. 18, 1844, to Dec. 25, print]. vi, 26 pp. 1. 4~. New York, 18655. 1845. fol. Washington, Harris ~4 Heart, [SHEA'S Early southern tracts, no. 2]. 1844-45. Cook (James) and King (James). A voyage Note.-The Constitution published by Geo. W. Bow- to the Pacific ocean, for making discoveries man commencing April 13, 1859, succeeded the in the northern hemisphere. Performed un Washington Union, the publication of which ceased on April 12, 1859. der the direction of captains Cook, Clerke, Contes fantastiques. Le diable amoureux, and Gore. In the years 1776, 1777, 177(8, par Cazotte. Le d6mon mari6, par Machia- 1779, and 1780. 40. [London, J. Stratford, vel. Merveilleuse histoire de Pierre Schle- 1806]. mihl, par Adalbert de Chanmisso. 206 pp. 1 l. [n PELHAM (Cavendish). The world; or, the present state of the universe, v. I. pp. 145-344, 1 map, 16~. Paris, E. Picard, 1867. 14 pl.]

Page  83 83 COOKE. CORPUS. Cooke (John, actor). Greenes Ta quoque; or, Copeland (Thomas)-continued. the cittie gallant, as it hath beene divers cipient stages; with some remarks on the times acted by the queenes majesties ser- consequent palsy. x, 114 pp. 2 pl. 8~. vants. [E1dited by T. Hleywood]. 40 1. London, J. Callow, 1815. snm. 4~. London, M. Flesher, [1614]? Copley (Frederick S.) A set of alphabets of [Imlperfect, title-page wanting]. all the various hands of modern use. With Cooke (Jolln Esten). Hamlller and rapier. examples in each style. Also, the mechani307 pp. 12' ~. New York, Carleton, 1870. cal and analytical construction of letters, The heir of Gaymonlnt: a novel. 91 figures, and titles, [etc.] 3 p. 1.47 pp. obl. pp. $8. New York, Van Evrie, Horton & 8~. New York, G. E. Wood2wrd, 1870. co. 1870. Cordova (Admiral Antonio de.) Reise nach Cooley (Arnold J.) Cooley's cyclopaedia of der Magellansstrasse, nebst einem berichte practical receipts, processes, and collateral in- tiber die sitten und gebrituche der einwohner formation in the arts, manufactures, profes- und die naturerzeugnisse von Patagonien. sions, and trades, including medicine, phar- Nach einer englischen iibersetzung des spanimacy, and domestic economy. [etc.] 4thed. schen originals. I p. 1. iv, 142 pp. I map. revised and enlarged, by Arnold J. Cooley 120. [Weimar. landesindustrie comptoir, 1820. andJ. C. Brough. viii, 1393 pp. 8o. London, Corfield (W. H.) A digest of facts relating J. Churchill i& sons, 1864. to the treatment and utilization of sewage. Cooper (Charles D.) The last days of our xxiii, 282 pp. 8~. London, Macitillan 4- co. Saviour. 1867. See Bible (English). 1870. Cooper (Elizabeth). The muses library; or Corinna, (pseudon.) See Thomas (lMrs. a series of English poetry, from the Saxons, Elizabeth). to the reign of king Charles ii. [etc.] v. Cornelison (Rev. I.A.) Jennie McClintock. 1. xvi, 400 pp. 80. London, J. WIfilcox, 1737. A memoir. 171 pp. 3 pl. 180. Philadelphia, iNotc.-Oldys says that he communicated many presbyterian board of publication, 1865. things for insertion in this applauded book. Cooper (Rev. -). The history of South Amer- Cornell(S. S.) Cornell's physical geography: ica. Containing the discoveries of Colum- accompanied with nineteen pages of maps, ica. Containing the discoveries of Colurmbus, the conquest of Mexico and Peru, and a great variety of map questions, and one hundred and thirty diagrams and pictorial the other transactions of the Spaniards in the illustrations: and embracing a detailed denew world. 6 p. 1.168 pp. 6 pl. 240. Lon- n scription of the physical features of the don, E.Newby, 10. United States. 104 pp. 4~. New York, Cooper (Rev. William). The doctrine of predestination unto life, explained and vindicated: [etc.] 1 p. 1. 4, 140 pp. 16~. Bos- Cornell university (Ithaca, N. Y.) Register, 1869-70. 126 pp. 120. Ithaca, university ton, J. Edwards 8& H. Foster, 1740.ress 1870 Cooper (Rev. William M.) Flagellation and press, 1870. Cornhill (The) magazine. Jan. to Dec. 1870. the flagellants. A history of the rod in all v. 21-22. 8C. London, Smita, Elder c. co. v. 21-22~. 80. London, Smith, Elder S& co. countries from the earliest period to the pres- 1870. ent time. x, 544 pp.20 pl. 8~. London, nCut time, x, 544 pp.20 p1. 80. London, Corpus doctrinre; das ist, die summa, form J. C. Hotten, [1870]. Cope. (Edward rinkar).Syn, opsis7of0vnd fiirbilde der reinen christlichen lehre; Cope (Edward Drinkard). Synopsis of the darinn folgende schrifften begriffen. Die extinct batrachia and reptilia of North America. Part 1. 1 p.1. 104 pp. 11 pl. 40. Phila- drey hauptsymbola, apostolicum, nicaenum, dclphia, 1869. s vnd athanasianum. Die augspiirgische *. [Extract ro TrnsctonsoftheAmrian ho confession. Die daraufferfolgte apologia, [Extract from Transactions of the American philosophical society]. 1531. Die schmalcaldische artickel. Der Copeland (Ralph) and B6rgen (Carl). kleine vnd grosse catechismus Lutheri. Mittlere oerter der in den zonen -00 und 1~ Bericht von etlichen fiirnemen artikeln der der Bonner durchmusterung enthaltenen lere, etc. Das buchlein d. Vrbani Regij, sterne, etc. 4~. Giittingen, 1869. s. [etc.] Aus verordnung des hern Julij [GOTTINGEN (Kiinigliche sternwarte zu). ler theil]. hertzogen zu Braunschweig vnd Liineburg Copeland (Thomas). Observations on the [etc.] gedruckt. [anon.] 7 p. 1. 470 1. sylmptomls and treatment of the diseased fol. Heinrichstadt bey Wolfenbiittel, C. Horn, spine, more particularly relating to the in- 1576.

Page  84 84 CORRESPONDANCE. COURRIER. Correspondance math6matique et physique, Costumes frangais de 1200 h 1715. 100 col. publi66 par mm. Garnier et Qu6telet. 8 v. pl. sq. 240. London, Rodwell 4& Martin, 8~. Gand, H. Vandekerckhovefils, 1825-26. [about 1825]? --- The same. Publiee par A. Qutelet. Costumi veneziani del secolo xviii. Costumes v.3-l1. 80. Bruxelles, M. Hayez, 1827-39. v6nitiens du siecle xviii. [anon.] 1 p. 1.28 Correspondence [of rev. William Adam, pl. fol. Ienezia, G. Battaggia, 1837. Rammohun Roy, etc.] relative to the prosRammoun Roy, etc.] relative to the pros- Cotta (Bernhard von). A treatise on ore depects of christianity, and the means of promoting it i. pposites. Translated from the second German moting its reception in India. 1 p. 1. 138 pp. mtgtrI.. 1. ed. by Frederick Prime, jr. Revised by the 8~ Cambridge, Hilliard f Metcarlf, 1824. Cabridge, Hilliard Metc 1824. author. xv, 574, ii pp. 8~. ANew York, Corrigan (D. J. m. d.) Lectures on the nature D. Van Nostrand, 1870. and treatment of fever. xi, 104 pp. 12~. Dubllin, Fannin 8. co. 1853. Cottafavi (Gaetano). Raccoltadelle principali Corsin(Faustino). Delle pietre antiche. Ed. vedute di Roma e suoi contorni, disegnate dal. vero ed incise. 11.63 pl. obl. 4~. Roma, 3a. con notabile aggiunta al terzo libro, Letc.] 448 pp. 1 portrait. 80. Roma, G.1858. Puccinelli, 1845. Cotton (Charles). The compleat angler. Corsini (Bartolommeo) torrahione deso Part 2. Being instructions how to angle for Corsini (Bartolommeo). Il torracchione desoa trout or grayling in a clear stream. 3 p. 1. lato, con alcune spiegazioni de l'aggiunta del suo Anacreonte toscano. 2 v. p. 1 112 pp. 160. London, R. Marriott, 1676. [. WALTON (Izaak), etc. The universal angler,book 2]. xv, 383 pp. 1 portrait; 1 p.l. 375 pp. 18~. London, [Parigi, Prault], 1768. —- Scarronides: or, Virgile travestie. A Lonnon, [Parigi, M. Prault], 1768. Corte (La). Letters from Spain, 1863 to mock-poem. Being the first book of Virgils 1866. By a resident there. [anon.] xii, Aeneis in English, burlesque. [anon. ] 2 p. 1. 321 pp. 1 pl. 8~. London, Saunders, Otley 112 pp. 160~. London, H. Brome, 1664. [ With GOFF (Thomas). Three excellent tragoedies, d4 co. 1868. etc.] Corticelli (Salvadore). Regole ed osservazi- Cotton (Rev. John). The grounds and ends oni della lingua toscana, ridotte a metodo ed of the baptisma of the children of the faithin tre libri distribuite. Ed. prima milanese. fvll. Opened in a familiar discourse by way xvj, 296 pp. 160. Milano, G. Galeazzi, of a dialogue, or brotherly conference. 5 p. 1. 1809. 196 pp. sm. 40~. London, A. Crooke, 1647. Corwin (Rev. Edward Tanjore). Historical Cotton (Sir Robert). Cottoni posthuma: I)idiscourse on occasion of the centennial anvers choice pieces of that renowned antiquaniversary of the reformed Dutch church of ry, [etc.] By J. H. esq. [i. e. JamesHowMillstone, 1866. 113 pp. 1 map. 80. New e. 2 v in 4p.135pp 14 pp. 1 ell]. 2v. inl. 4p.. 3153pp; 142pp. 120. York, J. J. Reed, 1866.. London, C. Harper, 1679. Corwin's nest; or, stories of Bessie and Jamie. [anon.] v. 2-3. 16~. Boston, A. Cotton (Rowland). Cain's lamentations over F. Graves, 1869. Abel,in six books; [etc.] 3d ed. 239 pp. 1 pl. 16~. New York, Wayland &8 Davis, 1795. CONTENTS. v. 2. The hirthday party. 159 pp.2pl. Country (The) gentleman's magazine. v. 4. v. 3. Bessie and the squirrels. 158 pp. 2 pl. 80. London, Sirnpkin, Marshall &' co. 1870. Cosin (Richard, bishop of Durham). An apol- Ccuntry sights and sounds for little eyes and ogie for svndrie proceedings by jurisdiction ears. By the author of" Five gifts." [anon.] ecclesiasticall, of late times by some chal- 108 pp. 3pl. 18~. Philadelphia, presbyterian enged, and also diuersly by them impugned. board of publication, 1864. [etc. anon. ] 3 v. in 1. 12. London, Courier de Boston. Affiches, annonces, et deputies of C(. Barker, 1593. avis. no. 1-26. 208 pp. 40~. Boston, S. Cosson (Alfredo). Trozos selectos de litera- Hall, 1789. tura y m6todo de composicion literaria, saca [No more published]. dos de autores arjentinos y estranjeros. Courrier (Le) des 1Etats-Unis. Journal poliTomo i. Metodo de composicion literaria. tique et litt6raire. 9 novembre 1839, -25 f6vNarraciones y cuadros. Descripciones, car- rier 1842. v. 12-14 in 2 v. fol. Nlew York, acteres, retratos y paralelos. 528pp. 120. 1839-41. Nueva York, Hallet &S Breen, 1870. [Imperfect].

Page  85 85 COURT. CRAFTS. Court (The) journal and fashionable gazette. Cox (Francis Augustus)-continued. Jan. to Dec. 1870. fol. London, [ W. Ray- tions. viii, 130 pp. 1. 1 2~. London, J. ner,] 1870. J. Griffin 4' co. 185'2. Courtenay (Edward H.) An elementary trea-...The geography, topography, and natutise on mechanics. See Boucharlat (M.) ral history of Palestine. 120 pp. 1 pl. 12~. Courtilz de Sandras (Gatien de). The French London, J. J. Griffin 4' co. 185'2. spy: or, the memoirs of J. B. de La Fon- [ With his Manners and customs of the Israelites]. taine, containing many secret transactions re- Cox (Nicholas). The gentleman's recreation: lating both to England and France. From in four parts, viz, hunting, hawking, fowlthe French. 8 p.1. 372 pp.6 1. 120. Lon- ing, fishing. [etc.] Whereto is added, a don, R. Basset, 1700. perfect abstract of all the forest laws, [etc.] Courtin (Antoine de). Nouveau trait6 de la 5th ed. 4 p. 1. 138, 91,78,71,106, 101 pp. 4 civilit6 qui se pratique en France, parmi les 1.3 pl. 8~. London, N. Cox, 1706. honnetes gens. [anon.] 7e ed. 6 p. 1. 204 pp. Cox (Samuel Sullivan). Search for winter 18~. Bruxelles, G. Fricx, 1707. sunbeams in the Riviera, Corsica, Algiers Covarrubias (Francisco Diaz). Nuevos me- and Spain. xiv, 442 pp. 34 pl. 80. NVew todos astron6micos para determinar la hora, York, D. Appleton T&co. 1870. el azimut, la latitud y la longitud geograficas, Coxe (Daniel). A description of the English con entera independencia de medidas angu- province of Carolana. By the Spaniards call'd lares absolutas. xiii, 310 pp. 80. Mexico, Florida, and by the French La Louisiane. imprenta del gobierno, 1867. s. [etc.] 27 p. 1.122pp. 1 map. 80. London, Coward (William, m.d.) Licentia poetica 0. Fayne, [1722]. discuss'd, or, the true test of poetry. With- Coxe (William). Travels in Poland. 4~. out which it is impossible to judge of, or com- [London, J. Stratford, 1806]. pose, a correct English poem. To which are [InL PELHAM (Cavendish). The world; or, the presadded, critical observations on the principal, ent state of the universe. v. 2. pp. 467-475]. antient and modern poets. [etc.] A poem. Cozzens (Frederic Swartwout). The sayings 19 p. 1. 107 pp. 11. 120~. London, TV. Carter, of dr. Bushwhacker, and other learned men. 1709. With an autobiographic sketch, and several Cowdin (Elliot C.) Paris universal exposition, papers now first collected. xxvii, 265 pp. 1867. Report on silk and silk manufactures. 16~. New York, Hurd & Houghton, 1871. 51 pp. 8~. Washington, government printing Cracow. Materyaly do klimatografii Galicyi, office, 1868. zebrane przes sekcye meteorologicina koCowing and co. Catalogueof pumps, fireen- misyi fiziograficindj. Rok 1867. 208 pp. gines, hydraulic rams, and other machines I 1. 1 map. 80. Krak6w, c. k. uniwersytet and apparatus pertaining to hydraulics,manu- jagiellotsski, 1868. factured at their works, Seneca Falls. 1 The same. Rok 1868. 253 pp. l 1. 80~. p.l. 132 pp. I pl. 8~. New York, 1870. Krakow, c. k. uniwersytet jagielloiski, 1869. Cowles (Henry, d. d.) Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, ------ Rocinik ces. kr61, towarzystwa nalkoand the Song of Solomon, with notes. See wego krakowskiego. Poczet 3i. Tom xv. Bible (English). (Og6lnego zbioru t. 38). 5 p. 1. 399 pp. 80. Cowley (Charles). A handbook of business Krakodw, K. Mankowski, 1869. s. in Lowell, with a history of the city. 168 pp. Cracraft (Rev. J. W.) The old paths: the 80. Lowell, E. D. Green, 1856. essential and the important truths of the Cox (Edward T. state geologist). First annual gospel. viii 226 pp. 12~. Cincinnati, R. report of the geological survey of Indiana, Clarke 4 co. 1870. 18;69. See Ilndialna. Crafts (William A.) The southern rebellion; --- Palaeontological report of coal measure being a history of the United States from the mollusca. commencement of president Buchanan's ad[ With OWEN (D. D.) Report of the geological survey of Kentucky, v. 3]. ministration to the inauguration of gen. Cox (Francis Augustus, d. d.) The manners Ulysses S. Grant as president. 2 v. viii, 652 and customs of the Israelites, in relation to pp. 2 pl. 17 portraits; I p. 1. 744 pp. I pl. their religion, civil polity, domestic affairs, 24 portraits. 4~. Boston, S. Walker 4' co. distribution f time, and ordinary occupa- 1869.

Page  86 CRAIK. CRELL. Craik (David). The practical American mill- Crawford (Charles). An essay upon the wright and miller: comprising the elemen- propagation of the gospel. 60 pp. 16~. tary principles of mechanics, mechanism, and Philadelphia, J. Gales, 1799. motive power. [etc.] 432 pp. 6 pl. 8~. Creery (William R.) Catechism of the hisPhiladelphia, H. C. Baird, 1870. tory of the United States; with questions on Craik (Dinah Maria Muloch). The unkind the constitution of the United States and word and other stories. By the author of [that] of Maryland. [etc.] 195, 7 pp. 8 pl. "John Halifax, gentleman," etc. [anon.] 180. Baltimore, Kelly, Piet 4- co. 1869. 2 v. 2 p. 1. 329 pp; 1 p. 1. 299 pp. 12~. - The grammar-school spelling-book; conLondon, Hurst & Blackett, 1870. taining derivative words, with rules for their Craik (George Lillie). Sketches of the his- formation, a full list of homophonous words, tory of literature and learning in England, test words, [etc.] 224 pp. 1 1. I60. Balfrom the Norman conquest to the present day. timore, Kelly, Piet,& co. 1869. 6 v. in 3. 180. London, C. Knighlt & co.. The primary spelling book, with exer1844-45. cises in the elementary rules of arithmetic, Cramer (Daniel). Emblemes sacrez, c'est A for primary schools. 144 pp. 16C. Baltidire: recveil de cinqvante figures en taille more, Kelly, Piet & co. 1869. doulce, tirez de l'escriture saincte, traictans The Maryland series. The sixth reader. du doulx et amiable nomn et croix de Jesu See Newell (M. A.) and Creery (W. R.) Christ. C[Latin, German, French, Jnd Ital- Creigh (Alfred, II. d.) History of Washington ian]. 208 pp. 16~. Francfort, L. Jennis, county [Pennsylvania] from its first settle1622. ment to the present time, [etc.] 386, 121 Cramer (Johann Andreas). The life of pro- pp. 8~. [n. p. 1870]. fessor [Christian Fiirchtegott] Gellert; with Crell(Johann). Opera omnia exegetica; sive a course of moral lessons, delivered by him ejus in plerosque novi testamenti libros conin the university of Leipsick; taken from a e French translation of the original German, mentar. [etc.] 4 v. n 2. fol. Eleutheroby mrs. M. Douglas. 3 v. 80. Kelso, A. poli, [Amsterdam], L Philalethius, [Ewald Ballantyne,~ 180~5. ~Teeling? ] post 1656. Ballantyne, 1805. Cramer (J. W.) De utrechtsche faktie. Uit- CONTENTS. gegeven door de vereeniging "Regt voor v. 1. Vita Joannis Crellis franci. Johannis Stoinski epistola liminaris. allen." vi, 145 pp. 160. Amsterdam, C. L. Coinmentarius in quinque priora capita evanVan Langenhuysen, 1857. gelii Comminentarius in epistolamin Pauli ad Romanos. Crampton (Rev. Josiah). The lunar world: Paraphrasis in epistolam Pauli ad Romanos. Commentarius in priorem Pauli ad Corinthios its scenery, motions, etc. (considered with a epistolam. view to design). viii, 104 pp. 7 pl. sq. 160. Conmentarius in epistolam Pauli ad Galatas. Paraphrasis epistoloe Pauli ad Galatas. Dublin, G. Herbert, 1854. Commentarius in epistolam Pauli ad Ephesios. Crane (J. T. d. d.) Arts of intoxication. The Paraphrasis epistolhe Pauli ad Eiphesios. Comnnentarius in epistolain Pauli ad Philipaim and the results. 264 pp. 16~. New lenses. Paraphrasis epistolhe Pauli ad Philippenses. York, Carlton & Lanahan, 1870. Commentarius in epistolam Pauli ad ColosCranmer (Thomas, archbishop of Canterbury). senses. Paraplirasis epistole Pauli ad Colossenses. A confutation of unwritten verities, both by Commentarius in priorem Pauli epistolaml ad the holye scriptures and most auntient anu- Thessalonicenses. the holye scriptures and most auntlent an - Cominnentarius in posteriorem Pauli epistolain thours, and also probable arguments and ad Thessalonicenses. Declaratio sententine de causis mortis Christi. pithie reasons, with plaine aunsweres to all v. 2. Commentarius in priorem Pauli epistolam ad (or at the least) to the most part and strongest Timotheum. Comlnentarius in epistolam Pauli ad Titum. argumentes, Letc.] 1 p. 1. 79 pp. sm. 40~. Comnmentarius in epistolam Pauli ad PhileLondon, T. Purfoote, 1582. monem. Londoan, T. _Purfoote, 1582. Commentarius in epistolam ad Hebros. Crasso (Lorenzo). Elogii d'hvomini letterati. Paraphrasis in epistolam ad Heblreos. Commentarius in prioris epistolm Petri partem. 2 v. 8 p. 1. 404 pp. 2 1; 4 p. 1. 336 pp. 21. 40~. Explicationes in loca qunedaml difficiliora novi Venetia, Conlbi S& La Noii, 1666. testamenti, una cum responsione ad aliquot Venetia, Combi &' La Nodt, 1666. qu.Tstiones. Craven (Mme. Augustus n6e La Ferronnays). v. 3. Explicatio variorum locorum in evangeliis Matthbei, Marci, Lucae, et in magnam partem R6cit d'unesceur. Souvenirsdefamille. 21e evanigelii Johannis. 6d. 2 v. 2 p. 1. 451 pp; 2 p. 1. 433 pp. 160. Commentarius in magntm partemn Actornm apostolicorunl, et in plurima loca epistolarum Paris, Didier & cie. 1869. Pattli apostoli, nec non fragmenta in i. epist.

Page  87 87 CRELL. CRUISE. Crell (Johann)-continued. Crome (F. A.) Uber die erziehung durch ad Timotheum, que in priori volunmine desi- hanslehrer. 2. Ilamnbry, 1788. derabantur. Comnmentarius in ii. epistolam Pauli ad Timo- [In CAMIPE (Joachim Heinrich). Allgemeine revision, theurn. Nec non in alia loca epistolarnum apos- etc. v. 10]. tolicarum et apocalypsis Johannis apostoli. Cromwell (Oliver, lrcl protector of England). v. 4. Opera didactica et polemica. Cp Ad librum Hugonis Grotii, quem de satisfac- Oliver Cromwell's letters and speeches: with tione Christi adversus Fausturn Socinum senensem scripsit, responsio; accessernnt duo elucidations. By Thomas Carlyle. 5v. 5 v. epistol Grotii ad Crellium, [etc.] London Chapman & Hall, 1870 De uno Deo patre libri duo. In quibus multa etiam de filii I)ei et Spiritus sancti natura [CARLYLE (Thomas). Collected works, v. 14-18]. disseruntur. Liber de nDe ejuslue attributis. Cromwell (Oliver, esq.) Memoirs of the Ethica christiana, sen explicatio virtutum et protector, Oliver Cromwell, and of his sons, vitiornm, quorum in sacris literis fit mentio. Prncfixa est ejasdem Ethica aristotelica, [etc.] Richard and Henry. Illustrated by original Tractatus de Spriritu sancto, qui fidelibus datur. letters and other family papers. 2d ed. 2 v. The same. Opera omnia exegetica. xv, 486 pp. 1 portrait; vii, 640 pp. 1 portrait. 4 v. in 2. fol. Eleutheropoli, [Almstelodami], 8c. London, Lonaman, Hurst, Rees, Ormw e & 1656. Brown, 1821. [BIBLIOTHECA firatrum polonorum, v. 3-4]. Crookes (William). On the manufacture of Crookes (Williaml). On the manufacture of Crespigny (Mary Champion). Letters of adbeet-root sugar in England and Ireland. vice from a mother to her son. xii, 452 pp. [etc.] xvi,288,xiipp.1pl. 120. London, 8~. London, IV. Cadell & T. Davies, 1803. Longroans, Green (~- co. 1870. Crevecceur (J. Hector Saint John de). Reise Croquis d'architecture. Intime club. Pubin Ober-Pensylvanien und im staate Neu- lication mensualle. 1e[-]4e anode, no. 10. York, von einem adoptirten mitgliede der [Mai 1866-avril 1870]. 4 v. fol. Paris, On6ida-nation. Herausgegeben von dem ver-70. fasser der briefe eines amerikanischen land- Crosby (W. E.) and Ludlow (P. W.) First wirthes. [anon.] Aus dem franz.sischen Crosby (W. E.) and Ludlow (P. W.) First..wirtas. [anon.] Aus dam franz.sischan lessons in language and composition; deiibersetzt und mit anmerkungen begleitet signed to cultivate the art of expression. von Dieterich Tiedemann. xiv, 472 pp. 2 portraits. 8~. Berlin, Voss, 1802 x, 132 pp. 12~. Davenport (Iowoa), Griggs traits. 8~. Berlin, Voss, 1802. Crisis (The). v. 1, containing 28 nos. 1 p. Matson ( Day, 1870. 236 pp. 8~. New York, J. Anderson, 1776. Crosland (Camilla Toulmin). Lydia: a Crisis (The) and the remedy. By Publius. woman's book. 287 pp. 120. Boston, Tick[pseudon.] 27 pp. &8. Newt York, J. P. nor, Reed & Fields, 1852.!Wright, 1842. Cross (-, counsellor). An answer to an inCrispine and Crispianus. See Deloney vidious pamphlet, [by rev. William Smith, (Thomas). etc.] intituled, A brief state of the province Critteinden (S. XV.) An inductive and prac- of Pennsylvania. Wherein are exposed the tical treatise on book-keeping, by single and many false assertions of the authors of the double entry, containing complete sets of said pamphlet, with a view to render the books adapted to the various departments of quakers of Pennsylvania obnoxious to the business, including a variety of practical British government and ministry. [etc]. 80 labor-saving forms, a table of foreign coins, pp. 8~. London, S. Bladon, 1755. etc. Revised and enlarged by S. H. Crit- Crowther (Jonathan). A true and complete tenden. To which has been added a set on portraiture of methodism; or, the history of banking, by John Groesbeck. Counting- the Wesleyan methodists; including the house ed. 376 pp. 8~. Philadelphia, E. C. doctrines the methodists believe and teach, 4' J. Biddlle, 1870. fully and explicitly stated; with the whole Croff (Gilbert B.) Model suburban architect- plan of their discipline. [etc. With] do ure, embodying designs for dwellings of cuments respecting the extension of their moderate cost, varying from $1,400 to $5,000, religious privileges. xii, 408 pp. 12~. New [etc. ] 3 p. 1. 42 pl. 4~. New York, D. H. York, J. Eastburn, 1813. Clement, 1870. Cruel Jim; and other stories. By Knicker. Croffut (W. A.) A helping hand for town bocker, jr. [pseudon.] 256pp. 6pl. 16~. and country. See Draper (L. C.) and Philadelphia, Daughaday Sr Becker, [1869]. Croffut (W. A.) Cruise (Peter H.) See Red (The) book.

Page  88 CRUIJSIUS. CURIEJUSE. Crusius (Jacob Andreas). De nocte et noc- Culpeper (Nicholas, m. d.] The idea of practurnis officiis, tam sacris, quam profanis, tical physick, in twelve books, [etc.] ]0 p. lucubrationes - historico-philologico-juridicte, 1. 344 pp. sinm. fol. London, P. Cole, 1657. [etc.] 2 p. 1. 448 pp. 18~. Bremae, typis J. Pharmacopoeia londinensis; or, the Kdhleri, 1660. London dispensatory, further adorned by the IDisquisitio de nocte, ejusq divisione, studies and collections of the fellows now commodis et incommodis nocturnis, in capita living, of the said college. [etc.] 12 p. 1. aliquot divisa, ob varietatem rerum et histo- 305 pp. 191. 160. London, H. Sawbridgc, riarum non injucundam conscripta a J. A. C. 1i83. C. C. D. F. [anon.] 83 pp. 18O. Brenre, Cultivator (The) and country gentleman. impensis E. Bergert, 1652. Devoted to practice and science of agricul[ With the preceding]. ture and horticulture, [etc.] L. Tucker and Cruttenden (David H.) The second course: sons and J.J. Thomas, editors. Jan. to Dec. 1870. v. 35. fol. Albany, L. Tuckcr language. The philosophy of language; or, Dec. 1870. language as an exact science, subjectively C SO ns, 1870. and analytically arranged. Revised ed. 604 Culver (Re,. S.W.) Crowned and discrowned; pp. 12~. New York, J. M. Bradstreetson, st or, the rebel king and the prophet of Ramah. 1869. With an introduction, by G. W. Eaton, d. d. - The young pupil's arithmetic objective- 149 pp. 160. Boston, Gould,4 Lincoln, 1870. ly or synthetically arranged. 96pp. 160. Culverwell (Robert James). The guide to New York, J. M. Bradstreet &, son, 1868. health and long life. 318 pp. sq. 320. LonCruveilhier (Jean). Essaisur l'anatomiepa- don, Reynell 4 Weight, [1847]. S. thologique en g6n6ral, et sur les transforma- [TITLE page wanting]. Cumberland (George). Original tales. 2 v. tions et productions organiques en particulier. Original tales. 2 v. iv, 257 pp; 3 p. 1.227 pp. 120. London, 2 v. xxviij, 400 pp; 2 p. 1. 461 pp. 8C. Paris, 1, 257 pp; 3 p. 1227 pp. 12,MSiller & Pople, 1810. J. Cruveilhier, 1816. s. J. Cruveler, 1816. s' Cumberland (Richard). Calvary; or the Cubero (Antonio). Estela. Novela original.. A 113 pp. 18*. Mddiprtaddeath of Christ. A poem, in eight books. 1 13 pp. 180. 1Madrid, irmprentca de las Nopedades, 1859. addipeaelso New ed. 2 v. 2 p. 1. 171 pp. 5 pl; 2 p. 1. 169 [MISCELLANEOUS pamphlets, v. 345]. 9pp. 5 pl. 16~. London, Lackington, Allen &A m co. 1800. Cudworth (Ralph). Systema intellectuale co. 1800. Cumming (Rev. Hooper). Trial. See Albany hujus universi; seu de veris naturr rerumn originibus commentarii, quibus omnis eorum (Presbytery of ). philosophia, qui Deum esse negant, funditus Cunat (Ch.) Histoire du ailli de Sufren.?2 p. 1. vii, 415 pp. 4 1. 1 portrait. 5 tables. 2 evertitur. Aceadunt reliqua ejus opuscula. evertitur. Accedunts reliuahejus opuscula. maps. 80. Rennes, A. Marteville & Lefas, Joannes Laurentius Moslheiius oinnia ex 852 1852. Anglico latine vertit, recensuit, variisque ob- Cuninghame (William). Principles of the Cuninghame (William). Principles of the servationibus dissertationibusque illustravit constitution of governments. xvi, ]90 pp. et auxit. Ed. 2. [etc.] 3 p.1. lvi pp. 1 40. London, J. Ridgway, 1811. i. 968 pp; I p. 1. 922 pp. 35 1. sm. 40. Lug- Cuper (Gisbert). Lettres de critique, d'hisduni Batavorum, S. & J. Luchltnmans, 1773. dni Batavorm, S. J. Luchtans, 1773. toire, de litt6rature, etc. 6crites a divers Cueto (Leopoldo Augusto de). Poetas liricos savans de l'Europe. Publi6es sur les origidel siglo xviii. Coleccion formada 6 ilustra- naux par m. de B[eyer]. xxiv, 584 pp. 11 1. da, [etc ] v. 1, ccxxxvii, 1, 488 pp. 80. Mad- 12 pl. 12~. Amsterdam, H. Du Savzet, etc. rid, M. Rivadeneyra, 1869. 1742. [BIBLIOTECA de autores espaitoles, v. 61]. Supplement a l'histoire critique des Cuffe (William Ulick O'Connor, 4th earl of De- dogms t de cultes, etc. Ou dissertation. Onyawmnsloe oe. dogmes et des cultes, etc. Ou dissertation y par lettres sur quelques passages du livre de lord Desart. 2 v. in 1. 1 p. 1. 258 pp; I p. mons. Jurieu. 70 pp. 1 pl. 4. Amsterdam, 1.258 pp. 120. London, Tinsley brothers, F. L'Honore, 1705. [1869]. [With JURIEU (Pierre). Histoire critique des dogCullen (Edward, m. d.) The isthmus of Da- mes et des cultes, etc.] rien ship canal. 64, iv pp. 2 maps. 80. Curieuse anmerckungen fiber den staat von London, E. Wilson, 1852. Frankreich, welchen Ludewig der xiv fest [MISCELLANEOUS pamphlets, v. 325]. gegriindet, und nunmehro der regente durch

Page  89 89 CURIEUSE. DABOLL. Curieuse, etc.-continued. Curtis's pocket almanack, for the year die listigen rathschlage des mr. Laws zu 1805-1807: to which is added a register of allgemeiner bewunderung gliicklich verbes- New Hampshire; [etc.] 2 v. 180. Amherst, sert. [anon.] 11 p.1.136 pp. 16~. [Leip- S. Curtis, 1804-[1806]. zig], 1720. ~Thesame. 1808-1809. 180. Amherst, [With AUSFUHRLICHE beschreibung des landes S. Curtis, [1807-08]. Louisiana, etc.] Louisiana, etc.] [See NEW HAMPSHIRE (The) register, etc.] Curioni (Giulio). Sui prodotti, greggi, e lavo- Amy Garnett; Curtiss (Percy. pseudon.? ) Amy Garnett; rati delle industrie estrattive [d'Italia]. 80. or, the almshouse girl. 279 pp. 4 p1. 16~. Paris, 1869. S. Boston, A. F. Graves, 1870. [EXHIBITION at Paris, 1867]. Curwen (John C.) Hints on agricnltural Currier (Mrs. Sophronia). By the sea. 362 pp. 120. New York, E. P. Dutton 8& co. 1871. subjects, and on the best means of improving the condition of the labouring classes. 2d Curtis (George Henry). The musical monied. improved and enlarged. xxiv, 386 pp. 1 tor: a new vocal method for schools. 240 pp.. i pl. 4 tables. 8e. London, J. Johnson, obl. 8C. New York, W. A. Pond & co. 1870. 1809 Curtis (George Ticknor). Historia del origen, Cushing (Caleb). Outlines of the life nd formacion y adopcion de la constitucion de..Clb..... formaciton y adopion de Ta constitucion de public services, civil and military, of William los Estados Unidos. Traducida del testo Henry Harrison. 1 p.. 71 pp. 1t;. Bosingles por J. M. Cantilo. Con un pr61ogo ton, eks, Jordan co. 1840. por el doctor d. Dalmacio Velez Sarsfield. xxxi, 547 pp. 8~. Buenos Aires, imprenta Cutter (Calvin, m. d.) New analytic anatomy, del S'igolo, 1866. physiology and hygiene, human and corndel Sialo, 1866. n - Life ofDaniel Webster. v.2. vii,72Q parative. For colleges, academies and famipp.2 portraits. 8. Ne York, D. Apple- lies. [Illustrated]. 322 pp. 120. Philaton 8 co. r1870. delphia, J. B. Lippincott ~4 co. 1871. Curtis (J.) The union collection of hymns Cyprianus (Thascius Cmecilius). Writings, and sacred odes, additional to the psalms v. 2. Containing the remainder of the treaand hymns of dr. Watts: adapted to the use tises. Translated by R. E. Wallis. 8'. of the church and the social circle, the Edinburgh, T. 8& T. Clark, 1869. family and the closet. 150 1. 120. London, [ANTE-NICENE library, v. 13, pp. vi, 271]. family and the closet. 1501. 12~. London, fB. J. Holdsworth, 1827. Cyrillus, hierosolymitanus. Oratio de occursu Curtis (John Charles). The poetical reader, Domini, et Symeone, grmee et latine, L. for school and home use. 5th ed. viii, 152 pp. Sifano interprete. fol. Parsiis, 1624. 16~. London, Simpkin, Marshall & co. 1868. [In BIBLIOTHECA vetervm patrv, v.2]. Curtis (Thomas Day). Hints on cheese- Cysar (Wenzel Theodor). osterreichischen gebiihrengesetzes, vom 9. making, for the dairyman, the factoryman, maind the mnufcturer. factoryman, Februar und 2. August 1850. 396, 439 pp. and the manufacturer. 112 pp. 120. Utica, 80. Lemberg, Stauropigianische instituts8~. Lemberg, Stauropigianische institucts(N. Y.) Roberts, 1870. druckerei, 1855. Curtis (William). Flora londinensis: or druckerei, 1855 plates a deciptioF ofa s lnts a s Czerny (Charles). Letters to a young lady. plates and descriptions of such plants as 16. New York J. L. Peters, 869. grow wild in the environs of London: with [in BURROwES (J. F.) Primer: containing the ruditheir places of growth, and times of flower- ments of music. pp. 70-961]. ing; [etc.] To which are added, their sev- Dabney (Robert L. d. d.) Sacred rhetoric; eral uses in medicine, agriculture, rural or, a course of lectures on preaching. Dececonomy and other arts. 2 v. 11 p. 1. 225 livered in the Union theological seminary of 1. 225 col. pl; 2 p. 1. 206 pp. 206 col. pl. fol. the general assembly of the presbyterian London, author, 1777. church in the U. S. in Prince Edward, Va. Curtis's botanical magazine. Comprising the 361 pp. 120. Richmond, presbyterian complants of the royal gardens of Kew and of mittee of publication, 1870. other botanical establishments in Great Daboll (Nathan). Daboll's schoolmaster's Britain; with suitable descriptions; by assistant: being a plain, practical system of Joseph Dalton Hooker, m.d. 3d series. v. arithmetic: adapted to the United States. 25. [v. 95 of the whole work]. 8~. London, 6th Connecticut ed. 228 pp. 18~. NewL. Reece &8 co. 1869. London, E. P. Cady, [ 1799]? 12

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Page  96 96 DEVIL. DICKENS. Devil (The) upo4 crutches in England, or Dick Mason, or the boy who trusted in himnight-scenes in London. A satirical work self. By Nellie Grahame, [etc. pseudon]. written upon the plan of the celebrated Dia- 108 pp. 3 pl. 18~. Philadelplhia,presbyterian ble boiteux of m. Le Sage. In two parts. board of publication, [1864]. By a gentlemanof Oxford. [anon.] 6th ed. Dickens (Charles). Works. Excelsior ed. xvi, 170 pp. 180. London, F. Noble, [1760]! [etc.] 66 v. in 14. 160. New York. Hurd [Title-page imperfect.] Sr Houghton, 1870. De Ville (Jean Baptiste). Histoire des plantes CONTENTS. de l'Europe, et des plus usit6es qui viennent v. 1. Oliver Twist. d'Asie, d'Afrique, et d'Amerique, [etc.] Di- Great expectations. visde en deux tomes, et rangde suivant l'ordre Pictures from Italy,. du Pinax de Gaspard Bauhin. 2 v. 24 p. 1. American notes. v. 3. Old curiosity shop. 864 pp. 41 1. 160. Lyon, N. Deville, 1707. Sketches. Part i. Devincenzi (G.) Del museo industriale ita- v. 4. Barnaby Rudge. Sketches. Part ii. liano e del progetto di legge pel suo ordina- v. 5. Little Doriit. mento osservazioni. 26 pp. 8~. Torino, v. 7. artin Chuzzlewit. E. Dalmazzo, 1865. s. v. 8. Tale of two cities. Hard times. Dew (Thomas R.) Review of the debate in v. 9. Our mutual friend. the Virginia legislature of 1831 and 1832. v. 10. Nicholas Nickleby. ---- ~ —n —-- J - v. 11. Dombey and son. [On abolition of slavery]. 133 pp. 8~. v. 12. Pickwick papers. Richmond, TF. TV.'White, 1832. v. 13. Uncommercial traveller. Richmond, T. I. Whie, 183'2. Master Humphrey's clock. Dewey's church diary for 1871. [etc.] 320. v. 14. Bleak house. Rochester, N. Y. D. M. Dewey, 1870. The adventures of Oliver Twist. Also, Dexter (Rev. Samuel). Our fathers' God, the American notes for general circulation, and ]lope of posterity. Some serious thoughts on Pictures from Italy. Illustrated household the foundation, rise and growth of the settle- ed. 2 p. 1. 592 pp. 16 pl. 12G. Boston, ments in New England; with a view to the Fields, Osgood &8 co. 1870. edification of the present and the instruction Barnaby Rudge, and Hard times. Iland admonition of future generations. A lustrated household ed. 2 p. 1. iv, 564 pp. 16 discourse delivered at Dedham, on the day pl. 120. Boston, Fields, Osgood &8 co. 1870. of publick thanksgiving, Nov..23, 1738. Up-, Bleak house. Illustrated household on the conclusion of the first century, since a ed. xi, 516 pp. 16 pl. 120. Boston, Fields, church of Christ was gathered in that place. Osgood 4- co. 1870. f2 p. 1. 50 pp. 160. Boston, S. Knecland P ____ A child's dream of a star. [etc.] 15 T. Green, 1738. ~T. Green, 1738. ~pp. 11 pl. sq. 16~. Boston, Fields, Osfood Diario de Mexico. Tomo xii. Enero, febre- co. 1871. ro, marzo, abril, mayo y junio de 1810. 8 __,_,_The chimes. A goblin story of some p. i.730 pp. sm.4~. Mexico, M. J. de Zi6p. 1.730 pp. s. 40 Mexico, M. J. de bells that rang an old year out and a new Riga y Ontiveros, 1810. year in. 32 pp. 8~. [London, 1844]. Diatallevi (Alessandro). Soliloquios del al- [MIsy ELLAN. o U pamphlets, v. 287]. ma con Dios, en los quales, segun el orden d los versos, de misee, s expresn ------ Christmas books, and Sketches by Boz de los verss del miseee, se exesan los illustrative of every-day life and every-day afectos mismos de- David, y se acomodan people. Illustrated household ed. 2 p.l. al penitente christiano. Escritos en lenguna 571 pp. 16 pl. 12. Boston, Fields, Osgood toscana, y traducidos en Castellano por d. J. de Elexaga. 9 p.1.123 pp. 16~. Madrid,.de Elexaga. 1 p.. 123 pp.160Marid, Dombey and son. Illustrated household B. Romfn, 1777. S. ~ed. x, 524 pp. 16 pl. 120. Boston, Fields, Diaz (Mrs. A. M.) The William Henry let-. 1 Osgood &f co. 1870. ters. I p. 1. 257 pp. 1 pl. 16~. Boston, Fields, NeOc Oo co8_ Dr. Marigold's prescriptions. 120. New Osgood, co. 1870. York, 1869. Diaz (Miguel, s.j.) Espejo christiano del York,1869. [Dia (Miguels.j.) Espejo his Uncommercial traveller, etc. Globe ed. p. vltimo instante entre la vida, y la muerte. 386]. Traducido en Castellano de su original Portu- - The same. New christmas story. Dr. guds. 4 p. 1. 184 pp. 4 1. 160. Madrid, F. Marigold's prescriptions. 47 pp. 8~. New Fernandez, 1718. s. York, Harper & bros. 1866.

Page  97 97 DICKENS. DIETTERLIN. Dickens (Charles)-continued. Dickens (Charles )-continued. General index of characters and of their Somebody's luggage. 120. New York, appearances [in the novels of Dickens]. 12~. 1869. New York, 1869. x [In his Uncommercial traveller, etc. Globe ed. p. [In his Uncommercial traveller, etc. Globe ed. p. 247. 5091.' Speeches, literary and social. Now first The holly tree inn. 12~. New York, collected. With chapters on "Charles Dick1869. ens as a letter-writer, poet, and public reader." [In his Uncommercial traveller, etc. Globe ed. p. 372 pp. 1 portrait. 120. London, J. C. Hot206]. ten, 1870 The life and adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit. Illustrated household ed. xviii, A tale of two cities, and Great expecta496 pp. 16 pl. 120. Boston, Fields, Osgood tions. Illustrated household ed. 2 p. 1. 510 Sr co. 1870. pp. 16 pl. 12~. Boston, Fields, Osgood & co. The life and adventures of Nicholas 1870. Nickleby. Illustrated household ed. xiii, ~ The uncommercial traveller, and Addi499 pp. 16 pl. 12~. Boston, Fields, Osgood tional christmas stories. Illustrated house8 co. 1870. hold edition. 2 p. 1. 352 pp. 12 pl. 160~. Little Dorrit. Illustrated household ed. Boston, Fields, Osgood &, co. 1870. 2 p. 1.498 pp. 16 pl. 12~. Boston, Fields, Dickinson (Rev. Jonathan). The true scrip Osgood Hi co. 1870. ture-doctrine concerning some important Mrs. Lirriper's legacy. 12~. New York, points of christian faith, particularly eternal 1869. election, original sin, grace in conversion, [In his Uncommercial traveller, etc. Globe ed. p. justification by faith, and the saints perse347]. 4Mrs7. Lin~iper's lodgings. 12g New verance. Represented and apply'd in five Mrs. irriper's lodgings. 12~. Newo discourses. With a preface by mr. Foxcroft. York, 1869. 1 p. 1. xiv, 253 pp. 18~. Boston, D. Fowle, [In his Uncommercial traveller, etc. Globe ed. p. 1741. 309]. 1741. Mugby Junction. 120. New York, 1869. Dictionnaire de l'acad6mie des beaux-arts, [In his Uncommercial traveller, etc. Globe ed. p. contenant les mots qui appartiennent A l'en423]. The mystery of Edwin Drood. Globe seignement, B la pratique, At l'histoire des ed. ix, 346 pp. 1 pl. 16~. New York, Hurd beaux-arts, etc. v. 2. parts 3-4. v. 3. part 4 Houghton, 1871. 1. Bap-cat. 80. Paris, F. Didotfreres, The same. Household ed. ix, 346 pp. 1 fils et cie. 1869. pl. 16~. New York, Hurd 4 Houghton, 1871. Dictionnaire d' amour. Dans lequel on trouThe same, and some uncollected pieces. vera l'explication des termes les plus usit6s vi, 210 pp. 1 pl. 80. Boston, Fields, Osgood dans cettelangue. Par m. de * ". [anon.] & co. 1870. viij, 230 pp. 18~. Osnabrug, 1741. The old curiosity shop; and reprinted Dictionnaire des sciences m6dicales, par une pieces. Illustrated household ed. 2 p.1. 503 pp. soci6t6 de m6dicins et de chirurgiens: 16 pl. 120. Boston, Fields, Osgood 4, co. 1870. [polyon.] 60 v. 8~. Paris, C. L. F. PancOur mutual friend. Illustrated house- koucke 1812-22. s. hold ed. viii, 514 pp. 16 pl. 12~. Boston, Didier (Charles). Anselmo; the grand mas Didier (Charles). Anselmo; the grand mas Fields, Osgood 8& co. 1870. The, psgona hor of ter of the secret order. From the Italian ---- The personal history of David Copperfield. Illustrated household ed. 2 p.1.5[5 French], by H. Hastings Weld. 40 pp. field. Illustrated household ed. 2 p. 1.515 40~. New York, Brother Jonathan office, 1843. pp. 16 pl. 12~. Boston, Fields, Osgood f [FRENCH novels, v. 11. co. 1870. Dietterlin (Wendel). Architectvra. Von auszThe posthumous papers of the Pickwick club. Illustrated household ed. xviii, 479 theilung-symmetria vnd proportion der funff, seulen. Vnd aller darausz volgender kunstpp. 16 pl. I portrait. 12~. Boston, Fields, PPOsgood~~ +co. 1870.arbeit von fenstern, caminen, thiirgerichten, Osgood 4 co. 1870. E cortalen, bronnen vnd epitaphien. [etc.] Seven poor travellers. 120. New York, ppp 1869. 209 1. [200 pl. and 9 1. text]. fol. Liittich, [In hris Uncommercial traveller, etc. Globe ed. p. C. Claesen, 1862. 171]. [Reprint of the Nurnberg ed. of 1598]. 13q

Page  98 98 DIEU. DOANE. Dieu (Lodewick de). Tractatus de affectibus. Disney (John)-continued. 1 p.1. 12 pp. 18~. Amstelodami, 1735. ancient fictile vases, [etc.] formerly in the [In WIT (Jan de). De officio ministrorum Christi, possession of John Disney, [etc.] In three etc.] ]Dillon (John Talbot). Travels through Spain, parts. xv, 1-129 pp; xiii. 130-230 pp; xxiii, Dillon (John Talbot). Travels through Spain, 5231-281 pp. 127 pl. fol. London, Longman, by John Talbot Dillon, [etc.] illustrated 23-2 pp.. fol. London, Longma with notes and observations, from a tour Brown, Green & Longman, 1849. and. PDisraeli (Benjamin). Lothair. 2 p. 1.371pp through Spain and Portugal, in 1803. By 12~. New York, D. Appleton & co. 1870. Christian Augustus Fischer. 4~. [London,.Christian Augustus Fischer. 40 [London, Disraeli (Isaac). Literary miscellanies: inJ. Stratford, 1806]. n PELHAM, (Cavendish). The world: or, the pres- eluding a dissertation on anecdotes. New ed. tin PELHAM (Cavendish). The world: or, the present state of the universe. v. 2. pp. 306-344, 1 map]. viii, iv, 282 pp. ]6~. London, Murray & Dillon (Wentworth, earl of Roscommon). Po- Highley, 1801. etical works. With the life of the author, Disturnell (John). The emigrants' guide to [by Samuel Johnson]. 168 pp. 240. Ed- New Mexico, California, and Oregon; giving inburg, Martins, 1780. the different overland and sea routes. ComDingler (Johann Gottfried and Emil Maxi- piled from reliable authorities. With a map. milian, editors). See Polytechnisches 46 pp. 1 map. 180. New York, J. Disturnell, journal. 1820-57. 1849. Dingman (John H.) Directory of booksel- Ditton (Humphrey). A discourse concerning lers, stationers, newsdealers, and music deal- the resurrection of Jesus Christ. In three ers, and list of libraries in the United States parts. [etc.] Together with an appendix, and Canada. [2d ed.] Complete to No- concerning the impossible production of vember 1, 1870. 426 pp. 80. New York, thought from matter and motion: [etc.] J. H. Dingman, 1870. 5th ed. xvi, 432 pp. 8~. London, T. Cox, Dini (Francesco). Sulla vinificazione. Me- [etc.] 1740. moria presentata al r. istituto lombardo di Dix (J. Ross). Passages from the history of scienze e lettere pel concorso al premio a wasted life. By a middle-aged man. Cagnola del 1865. 2 p. 1. 44 pp. 80. Mi- Edited by the author of Pen and ink sketches. lano, tipografia bernardoni, 1865. S. [etc.] 2d ed. 2 p. 1. 248 pp. 3 pl. 12~. Diocles, carystius. Epistola aurea ad Antig- Boston, B. B. Mussey 4' co. 1853. onum Asime regem de morborum proosagiis, Dix (Morgan, d. d.) A manual of prayers and et eorumdem extemporaneis auxiliis, e Greeco a guide to the christian life, [etc.] 5th ed. latine reddita per AntoniumMizaldum. 240. 132 pp. 180. Philldelphia, R. M'Cauley, Roterodami, Leers, 1677. 1856. [ln REGIMEN sanitatis salernitanum. ed. 1657] Dixon (William Hepworth). IIer majesty's Dionysius, alexandrinus (Saint). Epistola tower. 6th ed. 2 v. x, 40pp. I pi; viii, 376 aduersus Paulum samosatensem episcopum pp. 8~. London, Hurst 4 Blackett, 1869-70. Antiochire, griace et latine, F. Turriano in- Spiritual wives. 2d ed. 476 pp. t%~. terprete, ex ed. romana vaticanm typogra- Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott 4' co. 1868. phioe anni 1608. fol. Parisiis, 1624. Doane (George Washington, d. d. bishop of [In BIBLIOTHECA vetervm scriptorvm, v. 1]. New Jersey). A brief examination of the -- Ad Basilidem episcopvm epistola, F. proofs by which the rev. mr. Boardman atTurriano interprete. fol. Parisiis, 1624. tempts to sustain his charge that "a large tin BIBLIOTHECA vetervmi scriptorvm, v. 1]. Dionysius, carthusianus. See, Leewis (Dio- and learned body of the clergy of the church Dionysius, arthusians.SeeLeewis de). (Dio. (of England) have returned to some of the Dirigo (The) series. 4 v. sq. 16~. Boston, worst errors of popery; " with a word or Dino. B. Fulleries, [18 4 v.sq.0160.. Bosto two, as to his attempt, without proof, to cast CONTENTS. 1. The loggers; or, six months in the forests of Maine. episcopal church in the United States. 188 2. Will's wonder book. pp. 80. Burlington.; J. L. Powell, 1841. 3. Mink Curtiss; or, life in the backwoods. 4. Famous dogs. The record of the proceedings of the Disney (John). The Fitzwilliam museum, court of bishops, assembled for the trial of Cambridge; being illustrations and descrip- the rt. rev. George Washington Doane, d. d. tions of the collection of ancient marbles, 11. d. bishop of New Jersey, upon a presentspecimens of ancient bronze, and various ment made by the rt. rev. William Meade,

Page  99 99 DOANE. DOCTRIN2E. Doane (George W.) —continued. Doctrince jesvitarvm, etc.-continued. d. d. bishop of Virginia, the rt. rev. Charles tris obtulit in cansa fidei: et ene Gvilielmi Whitakeri. Pettit McIlvaine, d. d. bishop of Ohio, and Responsionis ad decem illas rationes, quibus frethe rt. rev. George Burgess, d. d. bishop of tus Ednmundns Campianus certamen eccleshe anglican.o ministris obtulit in causa fidei, deMaine. 136 pp. 8o. New York, Stanford fensio contra confutationem Joannis Durnei scoti: authore eodem Gvilielmo Whitakero. S, Suwords, 1852. Pharisaismus vetus et nouus: sine de fermento Doane (W. II.) Songs of devotion: a collection phariseorum et jesuitarum; Laurentii Humphredi concio Oxoniae habita anno 1582. Of psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, with Characteresjesuitarum: id est notoe, ex prophemusic, for young men's christian associa- tarum, apostolorum, et apostolicorum virorum scriptis per centurias collectre, quibus nouae tions, church service, prayer and conference istius societatis facies et artes ad vinuum depictne representantur, meetings, religious conventions, and family v. 3. Apologetica epistola, seu prefatio D. Laurentii worship. Also, adapted for use in schools, Humfredi. Eiusdem, de praxi romanorum pontificum, et de colleges, and institutions of punishment and legationejesuitarum in Angliam admonitio. discipline. 288 pp. 160. New York Biolow Puritane-papismi, seu doctrinnejesuitice aliquot rationibus ab Edmundo Campiano compre& Main, 1870. hensae, et a Joanne Duremo defenste, confutatio [etc.] authore Lavrentio Hvmfredo. Songs of devotion for christian associa- Disputatio Ioannis Foxii, angli, contra jesuitas tions: a collection of psalms, hymns, and eorumn argumenta [etc]. Varie doctorum theologorum theses, aduersus spiritual songs, with music, [etc.] 288 pp. qunedam jesuitica dogmata. Characterum jesuiticorum, id est notarvm, qun 16~. New York, Bialgow 8& Main, 1870. facies et artes jesviticas, ad viuum depictas representant centurime secunda et tertia. Dobell (Horace, m. d.) On diet and regimen l mepresentant centurin secunda et tertia. v. 4. Jo. Serrani qvartvs anti-jesvita, sive pro verbo in sickness and health, and on the interde- scripto et vere catholica ecclesia, aduersus Ioannis Hayi jesuitn commenta et convicia pendence and prevention of diseases and the responsio prior. diminution of their fatality. 4th ed. vii, Gratianvs anti-jesvita; id est canonum ex scriptis veterum theologorum a Gratiano in ilud 151 pp. 8~. London, II. K. Lewis, 1870. volumen(quod decretum appellatur) collectorum,et doctrinae jesuitice ex variis istius nuDockham's United States cotton, woolen, pere sectae mateologorum scriptis excerptne, silk and linen manufacturers' report and collatio [etc.] Defensionis verme orthodoxne, veterisque in ecdirectory. 1870-71. [etc.] 40. Boston, C. clesia sententie de sacramento corporis et sanguinis domini nostri Jesu Christi veraque.1. Dockham & co. 1870. ejus in ccena sua proasentia contra transubstantiationis dogma libri tres autore Andrea Doctor's (The) apple, and other stories. Volano. [anon.] 11-6pp. 5 pl. 180. Philadelphia, Caractervm jesviticorvm centuria quarta. v. 5. Davidis Chytrnei responsio ad Antonij PossePerkitipine & Hisguins, l1870]. uini jesuitT et Mylonij cuiusdam crimina[GOLDEN grain library] tiones. Sex theses de sacra scriptura et ecclesia, [etc.] Doctrinee jesvitarvm proecipva capita, a doctis De justifications hominis coramm Deo, breuis et simplex demonstratio, ex scriptis sanctor. quibusdam theologis retexta, solidis rationi- [etc.] A. G. H. authore. bus testimoniisque confutat. [anon.] 2a Dispvtatio de lectione vetervm scriptorum ecclesiasticorum, contra jesuitas [etc.] authore ed. 6 v. 16. Rvpelle, apud T. Regivnm, Andrea Frank. Ad Jacobi Ledesime, monachi noun societatis, 1584-88. quaml, non sine blasphemia, societatemn Jesu CONTENTS. nominant, libellum: quo probare nititur, diuinas scripturas quanis passim lingua non esse v. 1. TheologinT jesvitarvm precipua capita, ex qua- legendas, et sacrificium missne, in ecclesia damn ipsorum censura,qum Colonine anno 1560 Christi [etc.] edita est,annotata per Martinum Kemnicium. Theologicte disputationis de ecclesia, in theses Assertio veteris ac veri christianismi, aduersus distribute, quas in academia mussipontana, inonum et fictum jesuitismum seu societatem anno 1580, publice defendit illust. princeps ac Jesu: authore P. Boqvino. dom. d. Carolus a Lotaringia cardinalis VadeFides Jesv et jesvitarvm, hoc est, Antitheton montanus: preside acmoderatore Luca Pinelseu collatio doctrine Jesu cum doctrina jesui- lo [etc.] tarLum papisticorum, ex sacris literis, patrum Theologicn disputationis de vera et falsa diffescriptis et jesuitarum farraginibus collecta, per rentia veteris et noue legis, contra fundamenDonatvm Gotvisvm. tum lutheranm doctrinme a Calvino etiam reAcademim nemavsensis breuis et modesta re- ceptum, in theses distribute, quas in acadesponsio, ad professorum turnonioruin asser- mia ingolstadiensi, anno 1580, publice defendit tiones. Christophorus Sella noribergensis [etc.] AcademinT nemavsensis expostulatio de jesui- v. 6. J. O. Serrani, qvarti anti-jesuitn, sive de vera tarurnm turnoniofum bis cocta, crambe. verie ecclesiae autoritate, aduersus Joannis Consensusjesvitarvm et christianorvm in doctri- Hayi monachi-jesuit.r commenta et conuicia, na religionis, vbi examinantur propositiones responsionis posterior pars. cofessionis augustinianre: quibus ceu catholi- Gratiani anti-jesuit.e pars altera: Id est cis pronunciatis, Hieronymus Torrensis [Tor- canonum ex veterum theologorum scriptis a res] jesuita summam jesuiticrw theologine com- Gratiano in illud volumen (quod decreturn applecti voluit. pellatur) congestorum, et doctrinse jesuiticne, Colloqvivm jesvitievn habitum a Paulo Flo- ex variis istius nuperm sectne matneologorum renio cum Christiano Francken, Vienn-e, 1578. scriptis excerpten, collatio, in qua prmecipue de v. 2. Edinundi Campiani jesuite rationes decem, qui- Christi pre sentia in eucharistina sacramento, bus fretus certalnen anglicane ecclesine minis- et de carnis Christi manducatione [etc.] agitur.

Page  100 100 DOD. DORA. Dod (Charles Roger). Dod's parliamentary Donkersley (Rev. R.) Budget of facts for companion. 38th year. Eighth parliament young readers. 2'21 pp. 5 pl. 18~. New of queen Victoria. 32~. London, Whitt- York, Carlton & Porter, 1867. aker S& co. 1870. Donneau de Vize (Jean) and ThiolliBre (J. Dodd (Rev. Henry Philip). The epigramma- C.) Diversit6s galantes et litt6raires. tists: a selection from theepigrammaticliter- [anon.] Nouvelle 6d. 2 v. in 1. 1 p. 1. ature of ancient, mediaeval, and modern times. 286 pp. 1 1; 1 p. 1. 282 pp. 1 1. 185. LonWith notes, observations, illustrations, and dres et Paris, 1778. an introduction. xl, 587 pp. 80. London, Donovan (Edward). The natural history of Bell & LDaldy, 1870. British birds; or, a selection of the most rare, Dodd (Rev. William). The beauties of Shake- beautiful, and interesting birds, which inspeare. See Shakespeare (William). habit this country: the descriptions from the Discourses on the miracles and parables Systema nature of Linneus; with general of our blessed lord and saviour Jesus Christ. observations, [etc. and embellished with 2d ed. 4 v. 80. London, J. Hatchard, (etc.) [244] figures, drawn, engraved, and coloured 1809. from the original specimens. 10 v. in 5. 80. London, author, etc. 1794-1818. Dodge (Mary Abigail). A battle of the books,,, recorded by an unknown writer, for the use - The natural history of British fishes; of authors and publishers. Edited and pub- including scientific and general descriptions nlished by GailbHamilton. [pseudon.] p2u.b of the most interesting species, and an exten288 pp. 16b. Cambridge, Riverside press, sive selection of [120] accurately finished 288 pp. 160. Cambridge, Riverside press, 1870. coloured plates. Taken entirely from original Dodge (Robert). Memorials of Columbus, drawings; [etc.] 5 v. in 3. 8~. London, read to the Maryland historical society, 3 author, etc. [1802]-1808. April, 1851. 28 pp. 8~. Baltimore, (Mary- - The natural history of British insects; land), historical society, 1851. explaining them in their several states, with the periods of their transformations, their Dolly; or, theunsafe guide. [anon.] 165pp.,3,l.80. Philadelphia, American sun food, ceconomy, etc. Together with the 3 pl. 18~. Philadelphia, American sundayp.l u hiladelhi, Am dy- history of such minute insects as require inschool union, 1865. vestigation by the microscope. The whole Donizetti (Gaetano). El elisir de amor. Me- r illustrated by 1576] coloured figures, designed lodramajocoso en dos actos. 7-63 pp. 16~. f Madrid, J. illetti 1851. and executed from living specimens. 16 v. MaIdELLANJO pillett, 11. 3in 8. 80. London, author, etc. [1792]-1813. [MISCELLANEOUS pamphlets, v. 347]. Don Pasquale: a comic opera. Trans- The natural his tory of British quadrulated and revised by F. Doca. [Libretto peds; consisting of [72] coloured figures, Italian and English.] Authorized ed. 71 accompanied with scientific and general pp. 16~. London, her majesty's theatre, descriptions, of all the species that are 1843. known to inhabit the British isles; [etc.] La favorita; a lyric drama. The libret- 3 v. in 2. 80. London, author, etc. 1820. to edited and translated by Manfredo Mag- - The natural history of British shells, gioni. [Italian and English.] 63 pp. 160. including figures and descriptions of all the London, F. Brettell, [1844]? species hitherto discovered in Great Britain, ----- Lucia di Lammermoor; a lyrical tra- [etc.] 5 v. in 3. 8c. London, author, etc. gedy. The libretto edited and translated by 1799-1803. Manfredo Maggioni. [Italian and English]. Dont wait; or, the story of Maggie. By the 51pp. 16~. London, F. Brettell,[1844]? author of "Ernest, a true story." [anon.] - Lucrezia Borgia: a lyric tragedy. [Li- 178 pp. 18~. New York, A. D. F. Ranbretto. Italian and English]. Authorized dolph, 1866. ed. 44pp. 16~. London, G. Stuart, [1844]? Dora, and other stories, for youngest readers. Roberto Devereux, tragedia lirica en [anon.] 2 p. 1. 188pp. 13pl. sq. 120. Bostres actos, [en italiana; poesia espafiola ton, J. L. Shorey, 1870. del sefior Salvador Cammarano]. 63 pp. [Volume 6 of the Nursery.] 160. Madrid, A. Mateis Mukoz, 1844. Dora's mistake. [anon.]'272 pp. 4 pl. 160. [MISCELLANEOUS pamphlets, v. 347]. New York, American tract society, 1870.

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Page  103 103 DRUDO. DUDEVANT. Drudo (Hilarius). [pseudon.] Equitis franci Ducoudray (Alexandre Jacques)-continued. et adolescentulke mulieris italem practica artis lustre voyageur, [l'empereur Joseph ii], amandi, insigni et jucvndissima historia os- pendant son s6jour A Paris. 2e 6d. 150 pp. tensa. [etc.] 450 pp. 1 1. 180. Amstelodami, 1 1. 1 portrtrait. 160. Paris, 1777. G. Trigffg, 1i652. Le comte et la comtesse du Nord; Duane (William J.) Letters addressed to the anecdote russe. [C616brant le voyage en people of Pennsylvania, respecting the in- France de Paul, grand duc de Russie, et de ternal improvement of the commonwealth son epouse]. 112 pp. 160. Paris, Belin, by means of roads and canals. 1 p. 1. 125 1782. pp. 8~. Philadelphia, Jane Aitken, 1811. 4 With the preceding]. Dublin university magazine. A [monthly] Ducpetiaux (Pdouard). De l'6tat de l'inliterary and political journal. Jan. to Dec. struction primaire et populaire en Belgique, 1870. v. 75-76. 80. Dublin, G. Herbert, compare avec celui de l'instruction en Alle1870. magne, en Prusse, en Suisse, en France, en Du Bocage (Marie Anne Lepage, madame). Hollande et aux 1tats-Unis. 2 v. xxiv, 292 Le paradis terrestre, poeme imite de Milton. pp; 368 pp. 180. Bruzelles, Meline, Cans Nouvelle 6d. avec le poinme qui a remport6 le 4' compagnie, 1838. prix de l'acad6mie de Rouen. [anon. ] 4 p. 1. Dudevant (Armandine Lucile Aurore Dupin, 107 pp. 1 pl. 80. Amnsterda, 1748. madame). Antonia. A novel. By George [MISCELLANEOUS pamphleatsv. 334]. Sand. [pseudon.] Translated from the Dubosque (-). The secretary of ladies: n. a French by Virginia Vaughan. 3 p.1.250 or, a new collection of letters and answers, pp. 16. Boston, Roerts broters, 870. composed by moderne ladies and gentle- pp. 16. Boston, Roberts brothers, 1870. women. Collected by mr. Du Bosque. Trans- Consuelo. A novel. By George Sand. lated out of French by J. H. 3 p. 1. 272 pp. [pseudon.] From the French by Fayette 180. London, W. Hope, 1638. Robinson. 527 pp. 120. Philadelphia, Dubourdieu (Jean Armand). Dissertation T. B. Peterson & brothers, 1870. historique et critique, sur le martyre de la The countess of Rudolstadt. A sequel legion th6b6'ene. Avec l'histoire du mar- to "Consuelo." By George Sand. [pscutyre de cette le6gion attribuee d st. Eucher; don.] Translated from the French by Fayenlatin et en franvois. 3p. 1. 292 pp. 160. ette Robinson. 329 pp. 120. Philadelphia, Amsterdam, E. Roger, 1705. T. B. Peterson 4- brothers, 1870. Du Buisson (Paul Ulric). Historischer abrisz Indiana; a novel. From the French der in Nord-Amerika vorgefallenen staats- of George Sand. [pseudon.] From the 4th veradnderung. Vom anfange des jahrs 1774, Brussels ed. 90 pp. 80. [New York, about bis den ersten jenner 1778. Von Ms'"einem 1843]. amerikaner. Aus dclem franz6sischen. [anon.] Jealousy; or, Teverino. A novel. By xii, 351 pp. 8~. Bern, Haller, 1779. George Sand. [pseudon. ] With a biograDucas. See Doukas. phy of George Sand; and translated from the Du Castre d'Auvigny (Jean). Sec Auvigny. French by Oliver S. Leland. 2 p. 1. 19-304 Du Chaillu (Paul). My Apingi kingdom: pp. 120. Philadelphia, T. B. Petersonl 4f with life in the great Sahara, and sketches brothers, [,l70]. of the chase of the ostrich, hyena, etc. 254 Mauprat. A novel. By George Sand. pp. 9 pl. 120. New York, Harper 4 brothers, [pseudon.] From the French by Virginia 1871. Vaughan. viii, 324 pp. 16". Boston, Ducoin (Auguste). Paul Didier. Histoire Roberts brothers, 1870. de la conspiration de 1816. 2 p. 1. 320 pp. Monsieur Sylvestre. A novel. By 80. Paris, Dentu, 1844. George Sand. [pseudon.] Translated from Ducos (Luis Fris). Historia de la nueva the French by Francis George Shaw. 1 p. Antigona. [Marie Therese Charlotte de 1. 327 pp. 160. Boston, Roberts brothers, Bourbon, duchesse d'Angoulemne.] 4 p. 1. 1870. 262 pp. 1 1. 16. Madrid, D. M. de Burgos, The private secretary. A romance. 1817. From the French of George Sand. [pseudon.] Ducoudray (Alexandre Jacques, chevalier). 31 pp. 40. Bosto?, Boston Notion, 1843. Anecdotes intdressantes et historiques de l'il- FRENCH novel v..

Page  104 104 DUDLEY. DU LOIRET. Dudley (Dean). Directories. Dugour (A. Jeudi). Histoire publique et seSee BOSTON business directory. crette de Henri iv, roi de France et de Na- BRISTOL COUNTY, (MaSS.) varre. 2p.1.452pp. 120. Paris, Garn(ry, - CONCORD, (N. H.) - DOVER, Great Falls, etc. (N. H.) - WEYMOUTH, QUINCY, and BRAINTREE, (Mass.) Dugrail de La Villette (Charles Bernard, Dudley, or Dudlay (Edmond). The tree of known as Charles Bernard). The lover common wealth. [etc.] Written by him and the husband; the woman of a certain while a prisoner in the tower, in the years age, etc. [anon.] Edited by mrs. Gore. 1509 and 1510, and under sentence of death 2 v. in 1. 207 pp; 199 pp. 120. Philafor high treason. Now first printed from a delphia, Lea 4 Blanchard, 1842. copy of his manuscript for the brotherhood of [A translation of " Gerfaut " and " Femme de quathe Rosy Cross. xix, 66 pp. 40~. Manches- rant as"]. ter, C. Siemms y co. 1859. Du Graty (Alfred M. ) La r6publique du PaDufey de L'Yonne (P. J. S.) M6morial raguay. 2e 6d. 407, 200 pp. 13 pl. 6 maps. 80. parisien; ou, Paris tel qu'il fut, tel qu'il est. Bruxelles, Leipzig, et Gand, librairie europ6viii, 312 pp. 16C. Paris, Dalibon, 1821. enne de C. Muquardt, 1865. Duffett (Thomas). New poems, songs, pro- Duhamel du Monceau (Henri Louis). logues and epilogues. Never before printed. A practical treatise of husbandry: wherein [etc.] 3 p. 1. 120 pp. 160. London, N. are contained, many useful and valuable exWoolfe, 1676. periments and observations in the new husDuffie (Rev. Cornelius Roosevelt). Sermons. bandry, collected during a series of years. To which is prefixed, a memoir of the author. Also the most approved practice of the best 2 v. xx, 404 pp; viii, 420 pp. 8~. New English farmers, in the old method of husYork, T. & J. Swords, 1829. bandry. xxiv, 492 pp.4 1. 40. London, J. Duffield (Samuel Willoughby). Warp and WItiston, 1759. woof. Abook of verse. 188 pp. 16. New Du Jarric (Pierre). Thesavrvs rervm inYork, A. D. F. Randolph & co. 1870. dicarvm. In quo christianue ac catholic-e Dufresny (Charles Rivi6re). Oeuvres. Nou- religionis, tam in India orientali quam alijs velle ld. 4 v. 160. Paris, Barrois ain6, 1779. regionibus Lusitanorum opera nuper detectis, CONTENTS. ortus, progressus, incrementa et maxime qua Le chevalier joueur, com6die. s. 1. Le clhevailieenr jotusur, comedie. app. soc. Iesv ibid. in dictme fidei plantatione La noce interrompue, comn6die. ac propagatione ad annum vsque MDCXI La malade sans maladie, com6die. L'esprit de contradiction, com6die. gesta atque exantlata sunt rece&stur. Adv. 2. Le double veuvage, com6die. dita sunt passim earunde regionum et eor Le faux honnete-homme, com6die. Le faux instinct, com6die. quee ad eas pertinet descriptiones, [etc.] Le jaloux honteux, com6die. Opus nunc primum a m. Matthia Martinez La joueuse, com6die. v. 3. La coquette de village, on le lot suppos6. e gallico in latinum sermonem translatum. La reconciliation normande, comndie. Le dtdit, comedie. 4 V. 16~. Colonice Agrippine, P. Henning, Le mariage fait et rompu, comedie. 1615. Le faux sincere, com6die. Porosies diverses. Dulaure (,Jacques Antoine). Des divinit6s L'impromptu de Villers-Coterets. Chansons. g6neratrices; on, du culte du phallus chez les Le puitdela v6riteux, [etc.] anciens et les modernes; [etc.] Par J. A. Parallele d'Homere et de Rabelais. D * * * [ * *. [anon.] 2 p. 1. xxiv, 428 pp. R6flexions sur la trag6die de Rhadamiste et Z6nobie de Crebillon. 8~. Paris, Dentu, 1805. Paral6le du bouclier d'Achille dans l'Iliade d'Homere, et dans celle de m. de la Motte. Dulcie's lonesome night. By the author of Iltponse an Mercurs de Tr.voux. "The Leighton children." [anon.] 65 pp. Nouvelies historiques. Amusemens serieux et comiques. pl. 180. Philadelphia, American sunday[anon.] 134 pp. 101. 18~. Amsterdam, H. school union, 1868. Desbordes, 1699. Du Loiret (L. F.) Histoire abr6g6e du Dufton (Henry). Narrative of a journey sacrilege chez les diff6rens peuples, et parthrough Abyssinia in 186'2-3. With an ap- ticllierement en France, avec des notes hispendix on "The Abyssinian captives ques- toriques sur les persecutions religieuses et tion." xiv, 337 pp. 3 maps. 12~. Lon- leurs victimes. 2 v. 2 p.l. xix, 228 pp; lvi, don, Chapman & Hall, 1867. 280 pp. 80. Paris, l'auteur, 1825.

Page  105 105 DUMARSAIS. DUNLOP. Dumarsais (C6sar Chesneau). Oeuvres. 7v. Dumas (Alexandre Davy)-continued. 80. Paris, Pougin, 1795-97. from the French. By C. H. Town. 124 pp. CONTENTS. 80. New York, Harper 4 brothers, 1845. v. 1. Avis des 6diteurs. [FRENCH novels, v. 4]. Eloge de Dumarscais. Vaninka. From the French. 4C. [New Exposition d'une m6thode raisonn6e pour apprendre la langue latine. York, 1843]. Le poieme seculaire d'Horace. Le po8me sdcniaire dHoracs. [In The New World, extra series, no. 81, pp. 13-24. Syntaxe.ENH novels, V.]. Remarques sur les articles lij et liij des m6moires de Tr* voux, etc. d t nMemorias de Jos6 Garabaldi. Tomo Lettre; M * * * * * *, autear de l'extrait insfr6 dans le journal des savans de Paris. [etc.] segundo. 285 pp. 160. Paris, Rosa y BouReflexions sur la m6thode de m. Lefebvre de ret, 1860. Saumur, et sur les notes de m. Gaullyer. Les v6ritables principes de la grammaire [etc.] [Imperfect, v. I wanting]. v. 2. Epitome de diis et heroibus poeticis, auctore Josepho Iuvencio mis en versions interline- Dumas (Alexandre fils). Le demi-monde. aires. Comedie en cinq actes, en prose. Nouv. 6d. v. 3. Des tropes, ou des diffdrens sens dans lesquels on peut prendreun mmemotdansune mdme 162 pp. 12~. Paris, M. Levy, 1859. langue. v. 4. Dissertation sur la pronunciation et sur l'or- Dumeril (Auguste). tIistoire naturelle des thographe de la laugue fran9oise, [etc.] poissons, ou Ichthyologie gen6rale. [etc.] Lettre a m. Durand, [etc.] Lettre d'une jeune demoiselle a l'auteur des v. 2. Ganoides, dipnes, lophobranches. vrais principes de la langue franoise. 2 p.1. 624 pp. atlas, pp. 9-12, pl. 15-26. 8~. Fragment sur les causes de la parole. Paris Roret 1870. Melanges de grammaire, de philosophie, etc. tires de l'encyclop6die, depuis la lettre A, jus Dumersan (Marion). Chansons nationales et qu'a la lettre C, compris le mot consonne. v. 5. Suite des melanges de grammaire, de philoso- republicaines de 1789 A 1848, avec des notiphie, etc. tirds de l'encyclopedie, [etc.] ces historiques. 470 pp. 320. Paris, GarLogique, ou rdflexions sur les principales operations de l'6sprit. nierfrercs, [about 1850]. v. 6. De la raison. Le philosophe. [par J. A. Naigeon]. Dumesnil (Mlle.) Rachel, ou mon coeur Essai surlesprdjug6s. [parlebaron d'Holbach]. est Dieu. 119 pp. 12. Limoges, Barbo v. 7. Analyse de la religion chr6tienne. estDieu. 119 pp. Exposition de la doctrine de l'6glise gallicane. freres, [about 1825]? s. Table g6nErale et raisonn6e des matieres contenues dans les sept volumes. Dummer (Rev. Jeremiah). A discourse on the Table des auteurs et des ouvrages cit~s. holiness of the sabbath-day. Being a serDes tropes, ou des diff6rens sens dans mon preached at Boston, October 29th, 1704. lesquels on pent prendre un meme mot dans 4 p. 1. 54 pp. 180. Boston, B. Green, 1704. une meme langue. 4 p. 1. 254 pp. 12~.. Dumout (Melanie). Coco, the monkey. A Lyons, Tournachon-Molin, 1804. story for children. After the French, by Lois Dumas (Alexandre Davy). Histoire de Louis Hamard. 127 pp.2 pl. 180. Philadelphia, xvi et de Marie-Antoinette. 3 v. 8e. Paris, Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfinger, 1871. Dufour 4' Mulat, 1853. Dumouriez (G neral Charles Frangois DuLe Sinai. See Dauzats (A.) and perrier). Campagnes du gen6ral Dumouriez Dumas (Alexandre). dans la Champagne et la Belgique, 6crites --- Amaury. Translated from the French. par lui-meme, pour faire suite'i sa vie priv6e By E. P. 106 pp. 8~. New York, Harper 8 et A ses m6moires. 2e partie. 166 pp. 16~. brothers, 1845. Hambourg, G. Hoffman, [about 1795] [FRENCH novels, v. 4]. Dun, Barlow & co. The mercantile agency The countess of Saint-Geran. Trans- reference book, (and key) containing ratings lated from the French. 13 pp. 40. [New of the merchants, manufacturers and traders York, 1843]. generally, throughout the United States and [In The New World, extra series, no. 81. pp. 1-13. Canada. January, 1870. v. 30. 40. New FRENCH novels, v. 1]. FI RENCH novels, v. 1]. York, Dun, Barlow 4c co. 1870. Madame de Chamblay. 132 pp. 6 pl. _ The same. January, 1870. 2d ed. v. 30. 80. Philadelphia, Turner brothers'j co. 1869. 40 New York, Dun, Barlow & co. 1870. [TURNER'S select novels, no. 1]. The same. July 1870. v. 31. 40. -- Nisida. From the French. 40. [New New York Dun, Barlow. 4 co. 1870[New. Y 4New York, Dun, Barlow ~ co. 1870. York, 18431. [In The New World, extra series, no. 81, pp. 24-32. Dunlop (John). The history of fiction: beFRENCH novels, v. 1] ing a critical account of the most celebrated The regent's daughter. Translated prose works of fiction, from the earliest 14

Page  106 106 DUNLOP. D USTERDIECK. Dunlop (John)-continued. Durand (Guillaume). Rationale divinorum ofGreek romances to the novels of the present ficiorum. 227 1. inp. fol. Vinc(ntie, Herday. From the 2d London ed. 2 v. 452 pp; mannus lichtensten coloniensis, 1478. 443 pp. 80. Philadelphia, Carey &8 Hart, Durand (Laurent). Cantiques de l'ame d61842. vote, divis6s en douze livres. [etc.] Nouv. Dunn (Henry). Popular education; or, the Ed. 384 pp. 160. Avignon, J. Chaillot, normal school manual: containing practical 1802. s. suggestions for daily and sunday school D'Urfey (Thomas). Wit and mirth: or pills teachers. In a series of letters. vii, 248 pp. to purge melancholy; being a collection of 160. London, sunday school union, 1837. the best merry ballads and songs, old and Dunn (Major R. I.) A condensed military new. [etc.] In five volumes. [With sixth pocket manual, for volunteer and militia supplementary volume]. 4th ed. To which officers, non-commissioned officers and pri- is added all mr. D'Urfey's songs. [etc.] 6 vates. Agreeable to the system laid down v. 160. London, IV. Pearson, 1719-20. for the United States army. 2d ed. revised - New opera's with comical stories, and and corrected. 88pp. 16~. Lexington,(Ky.) poems on several occasions, never before J. Cunningham, 1841. printed. Being the remaining pieces, written Dunn (Samuel). Anew atlas of the mundane by mr. D'Urfey. 6 p. 1. 382 pp. 80. Lonsystem; or, of geography and cosmography: don, MI. Chetwood, 1721. describing the heavens and the earth, [etc.] Dusaulchoy (P.) and Charrin (Pierre JoWith a general introduction to geography seph). Confessions d'un homme de cour, and cosmography; [etc.] 3d ed. 2 p. 1. contemporain de Louis xv; r6vflations his20pp. l tab. 49maps. fol. London, R. Sayer, toriques sur le xviiime si6cle. 5 v. 16~. [ 1786-89]. Paris, WIerdet, 1830. Dunning (Mrs. A. K.) Mr. Wallingford's Duschnitz (Marco). Theorie der tonerzeumistake. 246pp. 3 pl. 16~. Philadelphia, gung und der gesangskunst auf physioloprasbyterian publication committee, 1869. gischen und mathematischen grunds;itzen [Ohio seriesI. dargestellt. Eine gesangschule fiir die naturDupasquier (M. H.) 1tude sur le malaise gemMisse behandlung und kiinstliche entdes classes ouvri6res. 247 pp. 120. Neu- wickelung der menschlichen stimme. [Or,] chuatel, J. Attinger, 1869. Theory of the production of vocal sounds Dupin (Andre Marie Jean Jacqules). Dis- and the art of singing, based on physiologicours sur leluxe effr'ne des femmes. 120. cours surlerluxe efr18n66 des femmes. 12g. cal and mathematical principles. A school Paris, Garnierfreres, [1866]. Paris, Garnierfr~res, C18663. of singing for the natural treatment and [In MEUGY (J.) De l'extinction de h! prostitution]. of singing for the natural treatment and Duplessis (Pierre Alexandre Gratet). See artistical development of the human voice. Part 1-2. xi, 49, 35 pp. 40~. Philadelphia, Gratet-Duplessis. Duplessis (Paul, pseudon?) Le batteur d'es- J. Schuberth St co. 1870. trade. 320 pp. 80. New York, C. Lassalle, Du Sein (A. professeur d l'ecole naTale im1856. pfriale.) Histoire de la marine de tous les Du Port (Franpois). Francisci Porti medica peuples depuis les temps les plus recul6s decas, eivsdem avthoris in singvla librorum jusqu'a nos jours. [Illustrated]. v.. 3 p.l. capita commentarijs illustrata. [etc.] 4p.]. 556pp. 80. Paris,FirminDilotfreles,1863. 462 pp. 31. 40~ Lutetia Parisiorunz, M. Dussault (Jean Joseph). Annales littlraires; Mondiere, 1613. s. ou, choix chronologique des principaux artiDupuy (ElizaA.) Michael Rudolph. "The cles de litterature inser6s par m. Dussault, bravest of the brave." 481 pp. 12~. Phila- dans le Journal des d6bats, depuis 1800 delphia, T. B. Peterson S& brothers, []1870]. jusqu'S 1817 inclusivemenlt: recueillis et Why did he marry her? 392pp. 120. publies par l'auteur des m6moires histo-'Philadelphia, T. B. Peterson St brothers, riques sur Louis xvii. 4 v. [I. Eckard]. 80. [187C0]. Paris, Maradan 4 Lelormant, 1818. Duran (Jean Alexandre). Revdlation scien- Diisterdieck (Friedrich). Die drei johantifique. Dieu A J. A. Duran. Suivie d'un neischen briefe. Mit einrem vollstiandigen catechisme physique, metaphysique, thdolo- theologischen commentare. 2 v. cxii,:92 gique et moral. 344 pp. 8~. Bordeaux, pp; I p. 1.544 pp. 83. Gfttingen, Diedrich, Cruzel, 1846. 1852-1854.

Page  107 107u DUTCIHER. EBELL. Dutcher (Rev. J. C.) The prodigal son. 2 Early English text society publications. Extra p. 1. 125 pp. 18e. New York, E. B. Tripp series, v. 8.. co. 1870. Queene Elizabethes achademy. [By sir Humphrey Gilbert]. A book of precedence, The ordering of a Dutchess county (New York). Vail's di- funerail, etc. Varying versions of the Good wife, rectory for 1870-71. 80. Poughkeepsie, J. The wise man, etc. Maxims, Lydgate's order of fools, a poem on heraldry, Occleve on lord's men, P. A. Vail, 1869. etc. Edited by F. J. Furnivall. With essays on early Italian and German books of courtesy by W. Dutchess county (N. Y.) Societyfor the pro- M. Rossetti and E. Oswald. 3 p. 1. xxiv pp. 1 1. motion of agriculture. Transactions; with 12, 154 pp. 80. London, 1869. select essays on rural economy, chosen from I Extra series, v. 9. various authors. v. ii. 88 pp. 80. Pough- Thefraternitye of vacabondes by John Awdeley [etc.] from the edition of 1575 in the Bodleian library. A keepsic, 1P. Potter, 1809. caueat or warening for commen cursetors vulgarely called vagabones, by Thomas Harman, esquiere, Dutens (Jean Victoire). Travels in Upper from the 3rd edition of 1567, [etc.] A sermon in and Lower Hungary, Transylvania, Sclavo- praise of thieves and thievery by parson Haben or Hyberdyne, [etc.] Those parts of The groundnia, Croatia and Morlachia, in 1806. 4~. worke of conny-catching (ed. 1592) that differ from rLondon J. Stratford, 1806]. Harman's caueat. Edited by Edward Viles and F. J. Furnivall. 3 p.1. xxx, 112pp. 8~. Lotdon, 1869 [ItL PELHAMS (Cavendish). The world: or, the present state of the universe. v. 2. pp. 453-466]. Publications. 80. London, 1865-69. Du Tilliot (-). Mdmnoires pour servir al'his- CONTENTS. toire de la f6te des foux, qui se faisoit autre- BARnout (Rev. John). The Bruce; [etc.] With a preface, notee, [etc.] by W. W,. Skeat. 1870. [Exfois dans plusieurs 6glises. vi, 112 pp. 12 tra series, no 11]. pl. 40. Laslsanne cf Geneve, M. M. Bosquet, BOETHIUS. Chaucer's translation of Boethius's "De consolatione philosophize," [etc.] By Rt. Morris, 1741. 1868. [Extra series, no. 5]. BOORDE (Andrew). [WVorks.] 1870. [Extra series, Duveyrier (Honore Nicolas Marie). [La cour no. 10]. pldniere, heroi-tragi-com6die. Par l'abbe de COLONNE (Guido dalle). The "gest hystoriale" of the destruction of Troy: [etc.] Now first edited, Vermond, pseudon.] 112 pp. 12~. [Paris, by G. A. Panton and D. Donaldson. Part i. 1869. [no. 39]. 1785]~., ELLIS (Alexander J.) On early English pronuncia[Imperfect: title-page wanting]. ation, [etc.] Parts i-ii. [Extra series, no. 2 a, 7.] FURNIVALL (F. J.) A booke of precedence, The orDuyckinck (Evert A.) History of the world dering of a funerall, etc. [Extra series, no. 8.] from the earliest period to the present time. LANGLAND (William). The vision of William concerning Piers the plowman, [etc.] Part ii. [no. 38.] [etc.] v. 1-3. Parts 1-24. 8~. New York, LYNDESAY (Sir David). Works. Parts iii-iv. [nos. Jolsh~nson, Fry 4 Co. [ 1870]. 35, 37]. Johnson, Fry ~ C(o. [ 1870]. MERLIN, or the early history of king Arthur; [etc.] Dwight (Theodore W.) Report on the prisons Parts ii-iii. [nos. 21, 36]. Dwight (Theodore W.) Report on the prisons MORRIS (Richard). Old English homilies and homiand reformatories of the United States. See lectic treatises. [etc.] First series. Parts i-ii. [nos. 29, 34]. Wines (E. C.) and Dwight. ROMANCE (The) of cheuelere Assigne. Re-edited, Dye (J. S. ) Humanity: its fountain and [etc.] by H. H. Gibbs. [Extraseries, no. 61. stream. 91 pp. 12pl. 8%. New York, author, East India company (Dutch). See West 1870. India company (Dutch). Remonstrantie ende consideratien aengaende de vereeninghe Dykes (Oswald). English proverbs, with vande Oost ende West-Indische compagnien. moral reflections; (in imitation of sir Roger L'Estrange's sop). Familiarly accommo- Eastman (Julia A.) Short-comings and longdated to the humour and manners of the pres- goings; or, the boys and girls of lencairn. ent age. 2d ed. To which is added, The 269pp.4pl. 160 Boston, D. Lot1lrop, co. union-proverb, occasion'd by the late French expedition to Scotland; [etc.] 2 v. in 1. Eastwood (Frances). Geoffrey the lollard. I p. 1. xl, 280 pp. 16 1; 280-312 pp. 2 4 p. 342 pp.3pl. 160. New York, Dodd & Mend, 14 pp. 4 1. 8~. London, G. Sawbridge, 1709. [1870]. Earle (Rev. John, editor). Two of the Saxon Eaton (John Henry). See Some account of chronicles parallel. With supplementary general Jackson. extracts from the others. Edited with intro- Eaton (John S.) Guide to the Boston and duction, notes and a glossarial index. 2 p. 1. Maine railroad, the White Mountains, and lxxiv pp. 1 1. 457 pp. 1 1. 2 pl. 80. Oxford, all principal points in the New England Clarendon press, 1865. states. For 1870. 160. [Boston, 1870]. Earlie (Miss May Agnes). See Fleming Ebell (Adrian J. m. d.) Text book of natural ( Airs.) history. Part i. Extending to the struc

Page  108 108 EBELL. EDWARDS. Ebell (Adrian J.)-continued. Eclectic (The), etc.- continued. tural features of classes in the animal king- Jan. 1869 to Dec. 1870. New series, v. 9-12. dom. I p. 1.95 pp. 120. New York, Ebell [Complete series, v. 72-75]. S~. Newo York, & co. 1870. E. R. Pelton, 1869-70. Ebrard (Johann Heinrich August). Das Eclectic (The) medical journal, edited by evangelium Johannis und die neueste hypo- John M. Scudder, m. d. Jan. 1869 to Dec. these tiber seine entstehung. Ein beitrag 1870. v. 29-30. 8o. Cincinnati, J. M. zur kritik der evangelien. 217 pp. l 1. 80. Scudder, 1869-70. Ziirich, Meyer 8' Zeller, 1845. Economist (The), weekly commercial times, Ecclesiastical [An] memoir of Essex street bankers' gazette, and railway monitor: a religious society, Boston. A series of letters political, literary, and general newspaper. addressed to some gentlemen of this city. Jan. to Dec. 1870. v. 28 in 2 v. fol. Lon[anon.] 128 pp. 8~. Boston, committee of don,'. H. Meredith, 1870. the society, 1823. Eddy (Daniel Clarke, d. d.) Europa: or, Echeverria (Gonzalez, m. d. ) On epilepsy: scenes and society in England, France, Italy anatomo-pathological and clinical notes. and Switzerland. 11th ed. 504 pp. 12'. (With original plates and engravings). 386 Boston, Bradley, Dayton &S co. 1859. pp. 10 pl. 8~. New York, W. Wood 4- co. Eden (Lizzie Selina). My holiday in Aus1870. tria. 300 pp. 16~. London, Hurst & Blackett, Echevery (Bernardo Ibannez de). See Iba- 1869. niez de Echeveria (Bernardo). Edes (Peter). Orations delivered at the re Echo to " Happy voices;" hymns and tunes quest of the inhabitants of the town of Bos for the home circle and sabbath-schools. ton, to commemorate the evening of the fifth Chiefly original. 1 p. 1. 160 pp. obl. 160. of March, 1770: when a number of citizens New York, American tract society, 1869. were killed by a party of British troops, Echo (L') de Paris. The French echo: or, quartered among them, in a time of peace. dialogues to teach French conversation. 200 pp. 160. Boston, P. Edes, [1785]. With an adequate vocabulary. Edited for Edgar's struggle. A story of temptation. the use of American students, by James H. [anon.] 107 pp. 2 pl. 18. Richmond, C. Worman. 210 pp.l 1. 12~. New York, A. McCarthy 1870. S. Barnes & co. 1870. Edinburgh medical journal. Combining the Eck (Cornelius van). Epistola ad amicurm, Monthly journal of medicine and the Edinde proefatione, quam suis dissertationibus burgh medical and surgical journal. Janjuridico-theologicis nuper proefixit vir am- uary to Dec. 1870. v. 15in2 v. 80. Edinplissimvs d. Ulricus Huberus. Ubi de par- burgh, Oliver & Boyd, 1870. entibus Justiniani imp. aliisque disseritur. 45 pp. 18. Franquere, J. Gyselaar, 1688. Edinburgh (The) review, or critical journal. Jan. to Oct. 1870. v. 131-132. 80. London, [ With HUBER (Ulrich). De ftederibus et testamentis]. Vindicime juris academici, contra viri Longmans, 1870. amplissimi d. Ulrici Huberi enarrationem au- Edith's testament; or, poor, yet making many thenticte, etc. 129 pp. 16~. Franquere, J. rich. [anon.] 136 pp. 1 pl. 16~. Boston, Gyselaar, 1688. cong. sabbath-school - publishing society, 1870. [With HUBER(Ullich). Defoederibus et testamentis]. Edmunds (Flavell). Traces of history in the Eckardt (Dr. Julius). Modern Russia: com- names of places. With a vocabulary of the prising Russia under Alexander i. Russian roots out of which names of places in Engcommunism. The Greek orthodox church land and Wales are formed. xiv, 303 pp. and its sects. The Baltic provinces of Rus- 120. London, Longmans, Green & co. 1869. sia. viii, 388 pp. 8~. London, Smith, Elder Eidouard de Termont; ou, providence et $I co. 1870. repentir. Par mme. Louise de R * *. Eclectic (The): A monthly magazine of use- [anon.] 304 pp. 5 pl. 160. Tours, Mame ful knowledge. Jan. to Dec. 1870. v. 1-2. 4 cie. 1847. s. 8~. Cincinnati, J. M. Scudder, 1870. Edwards (Mrs. Annie). Susan Fielding. A Eclectic (The) magazine of foreign literature, novel. 279 pp. 4 pl. 80. New Iork, Shel science, and art. W. H. Bidwell, editor. don & co. [1870].

Page  109 109 EDWARDS. EGGLESTON. Edwards (Charles). Feathers from my own Edwards (Jonathan)-continued. wings. 3 p. 1. 200 pp. 160. New York, ality, and natural religion. In a letter to a TV. Stodart, 1832. minister of the church of Scotland. 17 pp. Edwards (Mrs. C. M.) Abel Bisby; or, lit- 80. Edinburgh, 1758. tie by little. 200 pp. 4 pl. 18'~. New York, [With The great christian doctrine of original sin]. Carlton &f Porter, [1867]. Edwards (Matilda Betham). Doctor Jacob. Edwards (C. R.) A story of Niagara. To 2 p. 1. 375 pp. sq. 180. Boston, Roberts which are appended reminiscences of a cus- brothers, 1869. tom house officer. 335 pp. 120. Buffalo, ~ Kitty. 143 pp. 80. New York, HarBreed, Lent 4 co. 1870. per & brothers, 1870. Edwards (Frederick, jun.) On letters pat- - Through Spain to the Sahara. viii, 317 ent for inventions.'2 p. 1. 92 pp. 80. Lon- pp. I pl. $0. London, Hurst 8&' Blackett, don, R. Hardwicke, 1865. 1858. Edwards (Isaac). An essay on brokers and A winter with the swallows, [in A1factors, or commission merchants. Including. viii286p.. 80 London, geria]. viii, 286 pp. 1 pl. 8~. London, Hurst a commentary on the factors' act. 207 pp. & Blackett, 1867. 16~. Albany, Weed, Parsons ~ co. 1870. 160. Albany, Weed, Parsons. 1870. Edwards (Ninian W.) History of Illinois, Edwards (John H.) and Hipple (Frank H.) from 1778 to 1833; and life and times of Legal correspondents throughout the United Ninian Edwards. By his son. 549 pp. I 1. States. Containing the name and post-office 8~. Springfield, Illinois state journal co. 1870. address, with testimonial to good standing Edwards (Richard) and Webb (J. Russell). and reputation, of a responsible member of Analvtical series. Analytical third reader. the bar or law firm in every important county in the United States. 121 pp. 80. Phila- 256 pp. 160. New York, Mason brothers, delphia, 1869. 1867. Edwards (Jonathan, d. d.) A careful and Edwards (Rev. Thomas). Antapologia: or, strict enquiry into ~the modern prevailing a full answer to the apologeticall narration of notions of that freedom of will, which is mr. Goodwin, mr. Nye, mr. Sympson, mr. supposed to be essential to moral agency, Burronghs, mr. Bridge, [etc.] Wherein is vertue and vice, reward and punishment, handled many of the controversies of these vertue and vice, reward and punishment, praise and blame. 1 p. 1. vi pp. 2 1. 294 pp.1. 307 pp. 40 London, 7 1. 8~. Boston, S. Kneeland, 1754. J. Belbmic, 1644. The great christian doctrine of original Egan (Pierce). Tom and Jerry; or, life in sin defended; evidences of its truth produced, London: an entirely new, whimsical, local, and arguments to the contrary answered. melo-dramatic, pantomimical, equestrian draContaining, in particular, a reply to the ob- ma, in three acts, [etc.] 40 pp. 1 pl. 80~. jections and arguings of dr. John Taylor, in London, J. Lulondes, 1822. his book, intitled, " The scripture doctrine of Egaia (Juan). Proyecto de una constitution original sin proposed to free and candid para el estado de Chile, en el ano de 1811 examination, etc." I p. 1. xviii, 386 pp. 3 1. [etc.] 2 p. 1. 130 pp. 10 1. sm. 4. San80. Boston, S. Kneeland, 1758. tiago de Chile, imprenta del gobierno, 1813. The distinguishing marks of a work of del gobierno, 1813. the spirit of God. Applied to that uncom- Egar (Rev. John H.) The threefold grace of mon operation that has lately appeared on the holy trinity. 304 pp. 120. Philadel the minds of many of the people of this phia, J. B. Lippincott &8 co. 1870. land: with a particular consideration of the Egede (Paul). Grammatica grSnlandica daextraordinary circumstances with which this nico-latina. 8 p. 1. 236 pp. 160. Havnie, work is attended. A discourse delivered at sumptibus orphanotrophii regii, 1760. New Haven, September 10th, 1741. Being Egger (<mile). Memoires de litt6rature ancithe day after the commencement. [etc.] enne. xxiii, 520 pp. 8~. Paris, A. DuWith a preface by the rev. mr. [W. ] Cooper, rand, 1862. s. of Boston. I p.l. xviii, 110pp. 160. Bos- Eggleston (Edward). The book of queer ton, S. Kneeland 4 T. Green; 1741. stories, and stories told on a cellar door. 132....- Remarks on the essays, [by Henry pp. 12c. Chicago, Adams, Blackmer 4Lyon Home, lord Kames, ] on the principles of mor- publishing co. 1871.

Page  110 110 EGGLESTON. ELLIS. Eggleston (Edward)-continued. Eisenschmid (Gottfried Benjamin). GeMr. Blake's walking stick: a christ- schichte der sonn- und festtage der christen. mas story for boys and girls. 60 pp. 12~. [etc.] in alphabetischer ordnung. 8 p 1. Chicago, Adams, Blackmer &8 Lyon publish- 280 pp. 1 1. 80. Leipzig, J. A. Barth, 1793. ing co. 1870. Eldridge (Abby). [pseudon.] Cast out. 351 Ehlert (Louis). Letters on music, to a lady. pp. 4 pl. 160. Philadelphia, presbyterian Translated by Fanny Raymond Ritter. 216 publication committee, 1870. pp. 160. Boston, O. Ditson & co. 1870. le6gances (Les) fran9oises, accommodies av Ehret(GeorgeDionysivs, and others). Plantie langage du tems. Par N. N. 3e 6d. [anon.] selectre qvarvm imagines ed exemplaria na- 94 pp. 1. 180. Bruxelles, J. Mommart, tvralia Londini, in hortis cvriosorvm nvtrita, 1645. manv artificiosa doctaqve pinxit Georgivs Wit LA SERRE (Jean Puget de). Le secr6taire f la mode]. Dionysivs Ehret, [etc.] occasione havd vvl- Elementos de historia universal par el uso gari pvblici vsvs ergo collegit et a tabvla de los escuelas suramericanas. [anon. Por prima ad septvagesimam secvndam nomini- Antonio H. Perez]? 431 pp. 80. Nueva bvs propriis notisqve illvstravit d. Christo- York, C. A. Alvord, 1861. phorvs Iacobvs Trew, [etc. ] hinc ad centesi- Elementos teol6gico-morales en forma de diamam vsqve addendo itidem nomina ac notas logo, segun la mente de la sagrada escritura, prodvxit d. Benedictvs Christianvs Vogel, concilios, santos padres y doctores, [etc. [etc.] in res incidit et vivis coloribvs reprre- anon.] 2aimp. viii, 117 pp. 180 Madrid sentavit primvm Ioannes Iacobus Haid, inde Verges.1834. S. Ioannes Elias Hiaid, filivs, [etc.] 3 p. 1. 56 pp. 11. 100 col. pl. 2 portraits. fol. [Lon- Ellen Parry; or, trials of the heart. By Olivia. dini,] 1r750-73. [pseudon.] 186 pp. 120. New York, D. Ehrlich (Carl). Geognostische wanderungen Appleton ( co. 1850. im gebiete der nordostlichen Alpen. Ein tEllery (Robert L. J.) Astronomical observaspecieller beitrag zur kenntniss Ober6ster- tions made at the Williamstown observatory, reich's. 2e ausg. viii, 144 pp. 2 1.5 pl. 8~. 1861-63. 1869. s. Linz, V. Fink, 1854.. [See WILLIAMSTOWN observatory]. Eighty-nine fugitive fables, in verse; moral, Elliott (Ezekiel B.) On the military statisprudential, and allegorical. Original and tics of the U. S. of America. 44 pp. 3 charts. selected. [etc. anon.] viii, 232 pp. 12~. 4~. Berlin, R. Y. Decker, 1863. London, J. Murray, 1792. Elliott (Mrs. Sarah A.) Mrs. Elliott's houseEilshem (Daniel Bernhard). Oestfriesz- wife. Containing practical receipts in cooklandisch klenodt, desz waren gelovens vnde ery. xv, 347 pp. 12~. New York, Hurd bestendigen trostes, darin die vornemeste s& Houghton, 1870. hOvet lehren der christlicken religion grundt- Ellis(Alexander J.) On early English prolick bewehret, velerley erdome 5verst wedderlick bewret, velerley erdome verst wedder- nuncation, with especial reference to Shaklecht werden. Welck werck thor verklatringe spere and Chaucer, containing an investigadess catechismi der graftschap Oestfriesstion of the correspondence of writing with landt, 1554, gerichtetis. [etc.] 14 p.1.1042 speech in England from the Anglosaxon pp.15 1. 4~. Embden, H. Kallenbach, 1612. Bestndg ver g, ng de, s z period to the present day, preceded by a -Bestindige verth/digung, des oestfriesznsh keoswrn glaube, s nd systematic notation of all spoken sounds by landischen kleynods wahren glaubens vnd means of the ordinary printing types. Inbestandigen trosts: welches, zu erklarung eluding a re-arrangement of prof. F. J. des oestfriesischen catechismi, anno 1612, des oestfriesisc, hild's memoirs on the language of Chaucer im druck ist ausgegeben. Wider die vermeinte euangelische prob Balthasaris dien- and Gower, and reprints of the rare tracts by meinte euangelische prob Balthasaris Men- o Salesbury on English, 1547, Welsh, 1567, zeri. [etc.] 16 p. 1. 486 pp. 4~. Embden, and by Barly on Frnch, 1521. Parts i-il. and by Barcley on French, 1521. Parts i-ii. H. Kallenbach, 1621. 18~. London, Ashe2r &- co. 1869. Einarsen (Halfdan). Historia literaria Islandire, autorum et scriptorum tum editortm CONTENTS. tuan ineditorum indicerm exhibens. Editio Part i. On the pronunciation of the xivth, xvith, xviith, and xviiith centuries. pp. viii, 1-416. nova. 12 p. 1. 251 pp. 10 1. 12~. Haynie, Part ii. On the pronunciation of the 13th and previous centuries of Anglosaxon, Icelandic, old et Lipsice, 1786. Norse, and Gothic, with chronological tables

Page  111 111 ELLIS. ENGLAND. Ellis (Alexander J.)-continued. Encephalology-continued. of the value of letters and expressions of phren perfected by the rationals. [anon.] sound in English writing. 2 p. 1. pp. 417 to 632. viii, 161 pp. I 1. 1 pl. 12~. London, J. Dun[Early English text society publications. Extra se- can, 1824. ries, v. 2a, vii]. ries, v. 2a,vii]. Enchiridion. Ey/etpttov'po/tataKo-47vtolKov. Ellis (Henry). Voyage de la baye de Hudson,. E Manuale latino-grsecum, ad usum collegii fait en 1746 et 1747, pour la decouverte du. no passage de nord-ouest. [etc. Traduit de genevensis. [anon.] 2 p.. 70 pp. Genevae, fratres de Tournes, 1715. l'Anglois, etc. Par Sellius]. 2 v. in 1.,, Enciso Castrillon (Felix). La posada, 6 el 2 p. 1. lvj, 182 pp. 1 map, 2 pl; 2 p. 1. 319 pp. 2 p. 1. lvj, 182 pp. map, 2 p; 2 p. 1. 319 calavera escarmentado: comedia en un acto 2 1. 4 pl. 160. Paris, Ballard fils, 1749. en verso. 63 pp. 18~. Madrid, N1unez, Ellis (Robert). On the safe abolition of pain 6 1815. s. in labour and surgical operations, by anoes- Encke (Johann Franz). Vorlesungen fiber thesia with mixed vapours. viii, 80 pp. 160. n R. H geschichte der astronomie im altherthun, London, R. Hardwicke, 1866. London~, R. H e, 1866mitgetheilt aus dem schriftlichen nachlasse, Elmhirst (Edward Pennell). Our life in m u n von C. Bruhns. 92 pp. 8~. [Leipzig, 1869]. Japan. 1869. See Jephson (Richard S. Mounteney) and Elmhirst. Encyclopedie du xixe siecle, [etc.] See Ely (Rev. Ezra Stiles). A history of eccle- Dictionnaire des sciences medicales. siastical proceedings relative to the 3d pres- Endemann (C. Friedrich). Beltrag zur mebyterian church in Phiia. the rev. Ezra chanik des kreislaufs im herzen. [Inaugural Stiles Ely, and several of the judicatories of dissertation]. 26pp. 11. p1. 80. Marthe church with which they are connected. burg, Elwertsche universittits-buchdruckerei, 170 pp. 160. Philadelphia, 1814. 1836. s. Emancipation in disguise; or, the true crisis Endert (Carlvan). Der gottesbeweis in der of the colonies. To which are added con- patristischen zeit. mit besonderer beriicksichsiderations upon measures proposed for their tigung Augustins. x, 202 pp. 8~. Freiburg temporary relief and observations upon colo- n im Breisgau, Herder, 1869. nial monopoly. Shewing, the different effects Enfer (L') ddtruit; on, examen raisonud du of its enforcement and relaxation, exposing dogme de l'6ternit6 des peines. [Suivi d'une the advantages derived by America from dissertation critique sur les tourments de Louisiana; etc. [anon.] 2 p. 1. iv, 220 pp. l'enfer, par Samuel Richardson]. Traduit 50~ London, J. Ridgway, 1807. de l'Anglois [par le baron d'Holbach. Emerald (The), an illustrated [weekly] literary' j o u I~rn.anon.] 4 p. 1. 160 pp. 16~. Londres, [Amerary journal. Aug. 7, 1869, to Aug. 6, 1870. v. 4-6. 4~. and fol. Nezo York, Engelbrets-Datter (Dorothe). Sjtelens sangEmerald publishing co. 1869-70. offer, indeholdende endel gudelige salmer tilEmerson (L. 0.) Merry chimes: a collection ligemed morgen- og aften-sukke til hver dag of songs, duets, trios, and sacred pieces, for i ugen, samt hendes andagtige taareoffer for juvenile classes, public schools, and semibodfaerdige syndere. 149 pp. 1 1. 16~. Bernaries, [etc.] 224 pp. obl. 160. Boston, Dit-. 1865. gen, F. Beyer, 1868. s. son 44 co. 1865. - a —nd Morey (J. IH.) The sabbath Engelmann (George, m. d.) Meteorological observations, [etc.] 1843-44. 8~. Washguest; a collection of anthems, sentences,s, [etc.] 1843-44. guest; ington, Blair 4 Rives, 1845. s. chants, and choruses. [etc.] 248 pp. obl. ingto, Blir Rives, 184 W, ith FRuIMONT (J. C.) Report of the expedition 80. Boston, O. Ditson 4' co. 1870. to the Rocky mountains [etc.] Emigrant (The), [and old countryman. New England (Royal agricultural society of). The York weekly]. A journal of the domestic journal. Second series, v. 6. 8C. London, news of England, Ireland, Scotland and J. Murray, 1870. Wales. Jan. 16, 1833, to April 18, 1838. fol. England's vanity: or the voice of God against New York, John S. Bartlett, 1833-38. the monstrous sin of pride in dress and apEmily's day-dreams, and what came of them. parel: wherein naked breasts and shoulders, [anon.] 191 pp. 4 pl. 18~. New York, [etc.] are condemned as notoriously unlawCarlton c Porter, [1865]. ful. [etc.] By acompassionate conformist. Encephalology; or, a very brief sketch of [anon.] I p. 1. 143 pp. 160. London, J. dr. Hirnschadel's ologies of the cranion and Dulnton, 1683.

Page  112 ENGLISH. ERSKINE. English (The) cutalogue of books for 1868 Episodes of fiction-continued. and 1869, e;.taining a complete list of all eminent artists engraved on wood by R. Pathe books published in Great Britain and terson. [anon.] xiv, 304pp. sm.40. NTew Ireland [etc.] also, of the principal books York, Virtue & Yorston, [1869]. published in the United States, with an in- Epitaphs, collected from holy writ, and our dex of subjects. - 2 v. 88 pp; 88 pp. 8. best authors on sacred subjects. By II. L. London, S. Low, son & Marston, 1869-70. S. and L. S. M. [anon.] Arranged and English (The) compendium: or, the rudi- editedbyG.B. Chaloner. vii,200pp. 160. ments of honour. See Nichols (Francis). London, Atchley &. co. [1868]. The British compendium. Epps (John, m. d.) The life of John Walker, Ennius (Quintus) and Naevius (Cnreus). m. d. [etc.] 2d ed. viii, 342 pp. 8~. Quinti Ennii annalium libb. xviii fragmenta. London, 1l7hittaker,'reac/er & co. [1840]? Post Pauli Merulke curas iterum recensita, Erasmus (Desiderius). De ratione studii auctiora, reconcinnata, et illustrata. Acce- tractatus. 180. Lugduni Batavorun, J. dunt Cn. Naevii librorum de bello punico Maire, 1642. fragmenta collecta, composita et illustrata [In RINGELBERG (Joachim Fortius). Deo ratione stuopera et studio E[rnst] S[pangenberg]. dii. pp. 213-276]. xivi pp. 11. 218 pp. 8~. Lipsice, sumtibus Erice (Juan Josef de). Controversia moral librarice hahniance, 1825. sobre el uso de los oratorios domesticos. En Ens (Gaspar). Indire Occidentalis historia: atencion a los breves pontificios, y bula de [etc.] Ex variis avtoribvs collecta. 4 p. la santa cruzada. 4 p. 1. 236 pp. 8~. Pam377 pp. 160. Colonioe, G. Lutzenkirchen, plona, A. Castilla, 1788. s. 1612. Erizzo (Sebastiano). Le sei giornate, [pubbliEnthoffer (Joseph). Manual of topography, cate da Gaetano Poggiali]. xxvij, 436 pp. and text-book of topographical drawing; 1 portrait. 120. Londra,[Livorno],R. Banckfor the use of officers of the army and navy, er, 1794. civil engineers, academies, colleges, and Ernest; or, no humbug. [anon.] 246 pp. schools of science. With an atlas. 108 pp. (incl.4pl.) 180. Nez York, Carlton &, Por8~0. New York, D. Appleton 4 co. 1870. ter, 1864. Topographical drawings methodically Ernesti (Johann August). Initia doctrinre Topographical drawings methodically arranged and engraved, for the use of officers solidioris. 1, 736, 206 pp. 6 tab. 160. Lipsite, C. Fritsch, 1796. of the army and navy, civil engineers, aca- C. Fritsch, 1796. demies, colleges and schools of science. * Ernesti (Johann Christian Gottlieb). Conmdemies, colleges and schools of science. l ptitle,241. obh. 4~. New York, D. Apple- mentatio de usu vitre communis ad interpreton itle, co. 3. tationem novi testamenti. 44 pp. 8~. Lugduni Batavorum, Honkoop, 1791. Ephraem, diaconus (Saint). Vita s. AbraEphraem, diaconus (Saint). Vita s. Abra- [In MUiNTINGHE (Hermann). Sylloge opusculorum hbe eremitre, interprete anonymo. fol. Ant- ad doctrinam sacram pertinentium, v. 1]. verpice, 1615. Ernst (Jacob). The philosophy of free[In ROSWEYDE (H6ribert). Vitm patrum]. masonry; or, an illustration of its speculative Vita Marire meretricis, neptis Abrahre features, based upon the "interrogatories" eremite, interprete anonymo. fol. Antver- and the " ancient charges" of the institupic, 1615. tion. 316 pp. 1 pl. 16~. Cincinnati, J. [In ROSWEYDE (HMribert). Vitro patrum]. Ernst & co. 1870. Epictetus and others. Manuel d'iIpictete, Ersch (Johann Samuel), Gruber (J. G.) and traduit du Grec [par Andr6 Dacier]; avec others, editors. Allgemeine encyclopidie der les commentaires de Simplicius, le nouveau wissenschaften und kunste. le section. manuel [tire d'Arrien], et le Tableau de C6- Herausgegeben von Hermann Brockhauns. bbs [traduit par Belin de Ballu]. Nouvelle v.87-89. Griechenland im mittelalter und 6d. plus soign6e, plus correcte et plus com- in neuzeit-Gregorius. 40~. Leipzig, F. A. plete que toutes les pr6cedentes. 1 p. 1. 569 Brockhaus, 1869. S. pp. 1 portrait. 80. Paris, J. F. Bastien, Erskine (Ralph). Gospel sonnets; or, spiri1790. tual songs. In six parts. [etc.] The 7th Episodes of fiction; or, choice stories from the ed. with large additions and great improvegreat novelists, with biographical introduc- ments. 270 pp. 16~. Boston, Rogers 4 tions. Numerous original illustrations by Fowle, 1743.

Page  113 113 ERSKINE. ETHIC. Erskine (Thomas, lord). Armata: a fragment. Esprit (Jacques). La faussetd des vertus hu4thed. [anon.] lp.l.210pp. 80. London, maines. 2v. 16p.l. 614pp; 2p.. 552pp. J. Murray, 1817. 16c. Paris, G. Desprez, 1678. The same. The second part of Armata. Essai de calliplastie; 6tudes sur les formes du [anozn.] 1 p. 1. viii, 209 pp. 8~. London, visage, et examen de divers moyens propres J. Murray, 1817. it les embellir. Par le dr. Cid. [pseudon?] - Speeches of lord Erskine, while at the 2p.1.244 pp. 11. 1-2. Paris, Moauet, 1846. bar. Edited by James Lambeth High. v.) on capacity and genius; to prove l-3. 8~. Chlicaao, Callaghan ~ Cockcroft, Essay (All) on capacity and genius; to prove 1-370. 8 Cicgo, Cllagan Cockroft that there is no original mental superiority 1870. between the most illiterate and the most Eschricht (Daniel F.) and Reinhardt (Jo- learned of mankind, [etc.] Also, an enquiry ban). Om nordhvalen (balaena mysticetus nordhvalen (balnto the nature of ghosts, and other appearL.) navnlig med hensyn til dens udbredning i ances supposed to be supernatural. [anon.] fortiden og nutiden og til dens ydre og- p. 537 pp. 11. 83. London,. Simpkin n aftrykt R. Marshall, [between 1816-34]. af det kongelige videnskabernes selskabs skrifter), [etc]. 158 pp. 11. 40~. atlas, l p. 1.Essay (An) on the pre-eminence of comic 6 pl. fol. Kjobenhavn, 1861.. genius: with observations on the several Escoiquiz (Juan de). Mdxico conquistada. characters Mrs. Jordan has appeared in. Poema heroyco. 3 v. 12~. adrid, irr- [anon. ] 1 p.1. 27 pp. 160~. London,'. prenta real, 1798. Becket, 1786. Escovar y Carbonera (Jose Lopez). La Essex county (New Jersey) directory. See filosofa en el Tajo, 6 la casita en la presa. Boyd (Andrew). [etc.] 176 pp. 180~. Madrid, Villalpando, Estienne (Henri). Apologie pour Hdrodote. 1830. S. On, trait6 de la conformite des merveilles Escuela de las sefioritas; 6, cartas de una anciennes avec les modernes. Nouvelle ed. madre christiana a su hija pensionaria en el faite sur la premiere: augmentee de tout convento de"'". Recopiladas y publicadas ce que les post6rieures ont de curieux, et de en Frances por el amigo de los nifios; y tra- remarques par m. Le Duchat. Avec une ducidas al Espafiol por C. M. de Palacio y table alphab6tique des mati6res. 2 v. 2p. 1. Viana. [etc. anon.]1 2 v. in 1. 1 p. 1. vi, 295 xlviij, 200 pp. 23 1. 1 pl; 3 p. 1. 434 pp. 1 pl. pp. 120. Madrid, J. I1barra, 1784. s. 160. La Haye, H. Scheurleer, 1735. Espeleta y Mallol (Gaspdr). Practica de Estienne (Robert). Causes amusantes et secretarios, que contiene una concisa expli- connues. [anon.] xij pp. 11. 420 pp. 4 pl. cacion de las calidades de este empleo, [etc.] 18~. Berlin, 1779. 2a imp. 16 p. 1. 300 pp. 2 i. 16~. Madrid, ~ Thesavrvs lingvme latinue, sev promptv1713. s. arivm dictionvm et loquendi formularum omEspig (Franz). Leitfaden zum unterrichte nium ad latini sermonis perfectam notitiam und zur ausbildung in den geschbiften der assequendam pertinentium: ex optimis aucsteueramter, mit besonderer riicksichtnahine toribvs concinnatum. [anon.] 4 v. in 2. fol. auf die angeordnete steuerinspectors-priifung. Lvgdvni, 1573. 2e aufl. 2 p. 1. 464 pp. 8C. Wien, C(. Gerold's Estwick (Samuel, ll. d.) A letter to the revsohn, 1857. erend Josiah Tucker, in answer to his HumEsping (Julius L.) Adrift and at anchor: a ble address and earnest appeal; with a postsailor's experience among sea dogs and land script, in which the war against America is sharks: with an account of his conver- shewn to be the effect of a fixed plan of adsion and labors as a missionary among ministration, founded in system. 125 pp. seamen. 257, 12 pp. 1 portrait. 16~. Bos- 80~. London, J. Alinoni, 1776. ton, author, 1870. Ethic epistles to the earl of Carnarvon, on the Espinosa (Pedro). Defensa de algunos pun- mind and its operations, as bearing generally tos de la doctrina cat6lica; o, sea contesta- on the events of the world, particularly on cion a las " Nuevas observaciones sobre el those of France. With an apology to the opusculo del sefior Espinosa contra el'Re- public. Written in the year 1793. [anon.] trato de la virgen."' [anon.] 206 pp. 18g. vi, 2-24 pp. l 1. 16~. London, 1. Cadell, Nueva York, E. Dunligan i hermano, 185'2. 1794. 15

Page  114 114 EUCHERIUS. EVERETT. Eucherius, lugdunensis. Passio agaunensium Evarts (Jeremiahh)-contintued. martyrum. La passion des martyrs d'Acaune. gencer, under the signature of William Penn. 160. Amsterdam, E. Roger, 1705. tpseudon.l 112 pp. 80. Boston, Perkins &' [nlk DUBOURDIEU (J. A.) Dissertation sur le mar- Marvin, 1829. tyre de la 16gion th6b6ene, pp. 241-291]. Eveleth (Samuel F.) School-house architectEunice Somers; or, talks about the angels. ure. Illustrated in seventeen desigfns, in va[anon..] 214 pp. 2 pl. 16~. Boston, cong. rious styles. With full descriptive drawings sabbath-sch^ool and publishing society, 1870. in plani, elevation, section and detail. 1 p. 1. Eusebius romanus, pseudon. See Le Prieur 51 pp. 67 p]. 40. New York, G. E. Wood (Philippe). i-ward, [ 1870]. Eustace (John Skey). Letters on the eman- Evelyn (John). Navigation and commerce, cipation and preservation of the United Prov- their original and progress. 3 p. 1. 120 pp. inces, to John De Witt, esqr. with lessons 51 8. London, B. Tooe, 1674. of humanity addressed to Nicholas van Sta-... B Evelyn Percival. By the author of Allan phorst: written from Basil, 1794. 112 pp. 120. Rotterdam ]797. Canmeron, Ilverton rectory, etc. [anon. ] 189 pp. 3pl. 16~. New York, American tract Euthymius, zigabenus. Moamethica, seuIs- society, 1865. maelitarum confutatio, ex eius Panoplia, maelitarum confutatio, x es Panoplia, Evening (The) index. [Washington daily]. grmce et latine J. I. Beurero interprete. fol. Washington, June 2 to July 1.5, 1842. foh Wa shington, [etc.] fol. Parisiis, 1624. [In BIBLIOTHECA vetervm patrvm, v. 2]. With INDEX (The Alexandria semi and tri-weekly). Evangelisch-lutherisches gesangbuch. HerEvening (The) post. [New York daily]. ausgegebenvonder evangelischlutheris che H Evening (The) post. [New York daily]. ausg~egeben vonder evangelisch lutherishen Jan. to Dec. 1870. 2 v. fol. New York, synode von Wisconsin u. a. staaten. xxiv, T. C. Bryant & co. 1870. 396 pp. I 1. 18~. Milwaukee, (Wisc.) G. Brunlder, 1870. Evening (The) post, and the general advertiser. See Boston evening post. Evans (Col. Albert S.) Our sister republic: a gala trip through tropical Mexico in 1869- Evening (The) star. [Washington daily]. Jan. 1869 to Dec. 1870. 4 v. fol. WIash70. Adventure and sight-seeing in the land ington, Evening star co. 1869-70. of the Aztecs, with picturesque descriptions n Evenin str co. 69-70. of the country and the people, and remini- Events in Paris, during the 26, 27, 28 and scences of the empire and its downfall. 518 29 of July, 1830, by several eye witnesses. pp. 7 pl. 1 portrait. 8c. Hartford, (Conn.) Continued until the oath of Louis Philip i, Columbian book co. 1870. and augmented by the charter, with the new Evans (Hugh Davey, 11. d. ) A treatise on the modifications, by several interesting articles, christian doctrine of marriage. With a bio- and the Marche parisienne, by mr. Casimir graphical sketch of the author, and an ap- Delavigne, with the music, and his latest pendix containing bishop Andrewes' "Dis- messenienne. Translated from the 4th Paris course against second marriage," etc. now ed. [anon.] 197pp. 160. Boston, Carter printed for the first time in this country. & Hendee, 183). lxviii, 385 pp. 160. Nl-ew York, Hurd,4 Ever new, and never old; or, twice told stories, Houghton, 1870. by the best authors. [anon.] 256 pp. 2 pl. Evans (James WV.) and Keith (A. Wendell). 16~. Boston, J. H. Allenl, 1870. Autobiography of Samuel S. Hildebrand. Everaerts or Everard (Joannes Secundus See Hildebrand (Samuel S.) Nicolaasz). See Everhardi (Jan Nikolaas). Evanson (Richard T. m. d.) and Maunsell Everest (C.) The music teacher. An origi(H. m.od.) A practical treatise on the managenal, theoretical, and practical course of ment and diseases of children. From the eleentary instruction in vocal usic. elementary instruction in vocal mmusic. fifth Dublin edition. 4:30 pp. 80. Boston, Abridged ed. 127 pp. 24c. Philadelphia, 1848. s. Lee c' IWalker, 1867. [MASSACHUSETTS medical society. Library of prac- Lee i Walker, I 67. tical medicine, v. 18]. Everett (Rev. Oliver). An eulogy on general Evarts (Jeremnliah). Essays on the present George Washington, pronounced at Dorchescrisis in the condition of the American In- ter, February 22, 1800. 22pp. 80. Charlesdians first published in the National Intelli- toswn, S. Etheridge, 1800.

Page  115 115 EVERETT. FABER. Everett (William). Double play; or, how Exhibition, etc.-continued. Joe Hardy chose his friends. 2 p. 1. 244 pp. anglaise, publi6 par le comit6 de correspon4 pl. 16~. Boston, Lee cf' Shepard, 1871. dance de la societ6 royale d'agriculture et de Everett ( Massachusetts ) directory. See commerce. cii, 52 pp. 2 maps, I tab. 8~. Greenough (W. A. jr.) Londres, E. Standford, 1867. Everhardi (Jan Nicoiaas). Baisers de Jean Exposition of the false medium and barriers Second, avee le texte latin, traduits en vers excluding men of genius from the public. francais, par mme. Cdleste Vien. 131 pp. [anon.] 2 p.l. ii, 330 pp. 120. London, E. 80. Paris, Delaunay, 1832. Wilson, 1833. Every day. By the author of "Katherine Exposition universelle de Paris, 1867. See Morris, " Striving and gaining," etc. [anon.] Exhibition. v, 282 pp. 120. Boston, Noyes, HIolmes & Exquemelin (Alexandre Olivier). Piratas de co. 1871. la America, y luz a la defensa de las costas Every Saturday. An illustrated weekly jour- de Indias Occidentales. [etc.] Por el zelo nal. Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 1870. New series, y cuydado de don Antonio Freyre, [etc.] v. 1. [Completeseries, v. 9]. fol. Boston, Traducido de la lengua Flamenca en EspaFields, Osgood & co. 1870. fiola, por el dor Alonso de Buena-Maison. Ewald (Alexander Charles). "Our constitu- 19 p. 1. xvi, 32S pp. 2 1. 1 map, 8 pl. si. 4. tion." An epitome of our chief laws and Colonia Agrippina, L. Struickman, 1681. system of government. With an introductory Eyster (Nellie, pseudon?) Tom Harding, and essay. viii, 336pp. 120. London, F. iarne his friends. 368 pp.2 pl. 160. PhiladelPC co. 1867. phia, D. Ashmead, 1870. Exact (An) and most impartial accompt of the [Sunny hours series no. 4]. indictment, arraignment, trial, and judgment Fabens (Joseph Warren). Resources of Santo (according to law) of twenty-nine regicides, Domingo, revised from a paper read before the murtherers of his late sacred majesty, of the American geographical and statistical most glorious memory [Charles i, king of society of New York. 30 pp. I map. 8c. England], with a summary of the dark and New lork, Major & Knapp engraving, mnfg. horrid decrees of those caballists. [ etc. &' lith. co. 1871. anon.] I p. 1. 262 pp. [126 1.] sm. 4~. Lon- Faber (Frederick William, d. d.) Bethlehem. don, A. Crook, 1660. Republished from advalce sheets, [etc.] [Imperfect at the end]. 443 pp. 1'2~. Baltimore, J. Murphy $4 co. Examination (The) of the president's mes- 1862. sage at the opening of congress, Dec. 7th, Faber (Rev. George Stanley). An answer to 180)1. ByLucius Crassus. [pseudon.] 127 the reply and strictures contained in imr. Bipp. 8~. Newa lourk, evening post, 1802. cheno's supplement to tile Signs of the times; Exchange (The)advertiser. [Bostonweekly]. to which are added observations on certain Jan. 27, 1785, to June'27, 1786. fol. Boston, parts of an anonymous pamnphlet, entitled, Peter Edes, 1785-86. Renmaiks onl a charge, delivered by the bishop [With AMERICAN herald (The Boston weekly) of Durham, in the year 1806. 106 pp.'8. Exhibition of works of industry of all na- Londol, F. C. d J. Iivinton, 1807. tions, at Paris, 1867. T[ T[ith his Supplement to the dissertation, etc.] See- ~The same. ~~~~~~~~~See- ~~[FABER'S tracts]. AUCHINCLOSS (W. S.) HOYT (John W.) BADEN. ITALY. ~ The conversion of the Jews to the faith BARNARD (F. A. P.) JOHNSTON (W. E.) of Christ, the true medium of the conversion BECKWVITH (A.) LESLIE (F'.) BE:cl\WITH (L. F.) MORSE (S. F. B.) of tile gentile world. [etc.] 52 pp. 80. BEcK\VITH (N. W.) MUDGE (E. R.) London, Seley, [etc.] 1822. BLAKE (W. P.) NORTON (C. B.) BOWEN (J. H.) RUCGGIES (S. B.) [FABER'S tracts]. COwO'DIN (E. C.) SM;ITH (J. L.) The difficulties of romanism in respect D'ALIGNY (H. F. Q.) STEVENS (P.) EVANS (T. V.) UNITED STATES. to evidence: or, the peculiarities of the Latin FREESpE (J. It.) WILDER (M. P.) and othHAZAID (G. S.) ers. church evinced to be untenable on the prinHEWVITT (A S.) ciples of legitimate historical testimony. 2d Exposition universelle de Paris, 1867. ed. ixvii, 560 pp. 8C. London, C. J. G. 4 Catalogue des produits expos6s par la Guyane F. Rivington, 1830.

Page  116 116 FABER. FARGO. Faber (Rev. George S.)-continued. Faehtz (E. F. M.)-continued. - A dissertation on the prophecy con- of the union soldiers, May 29 and 30, 1869. tained in Daniel ix. 24-27; generally de- 1064 pp. 1 portrait. 80. [Washington, headnominated the prophecy of the seventy quarters grand army of the republic, 1870. weeks. xxiv, 436 pp. 0~. London, F. C. Fairchild (James H.) Woman's right to the - J. Rivinigton, 1811. ballot. 67 pp. 160. Olierlin, (0.) G. H. The doctrine of regeneration in the case Fairchild, 1870. of infant-baptism, stated in reply to the dean Fairy folk series. v. 1-3. 160. Boston, Lorof Chichester's apology, addressed to the rev. iZgO, [1870] G. S. Faber. xvi, 75 pp. 8~. LondonNTETS. F. C. Faber. Rivingto,751pp. Loo v,. 1. Daffy Down Dilly and her friends. 1F. C.,4 J. Rivington, 1816. v. 2. The history of A. B. C. and other tales. [FABEIR'S tracts]. v. 3. The wonderful bag, and what was in it. Remarks on the pyramid of Cephrenes, Faith, the cripple; or, songs in the night. lately opened by mr. Belzoni. 24 pp. 80. [anon.] 243 pp. [incl. 4 pl.] 180. New London, F. C. h& J. Rivington, 1819. York, Carlton & Porter, 1864. [FABER'S tracts]. Falconer (William). Bloom and brier; or, as The revival of the French emperorship I saw it, long ago. A southern romance. anticipated from the necessity of prophecy. 416 pp. 120. Philadelphia, Claxton, Rem2d ed. 74 pp. 16~. London, 7'. Bosworth, sen &' Hafelfinger, 1870. 1853. Falconnet (Ernest). Les petits poemes grecs, Sermons on various subjects and occa. par Orph6e-Homere —H1siode-Pindaresions. 2 v. xii pp. 2 p. 1. 484 pp; 4 p. 1. 416 [etc. ] Traduit par Aluth, Bignan, Belin de pp. 8C. London, F. C. &, J. Rivington, Ballu, [etc. ] Publi6s sous la direction de 1816-20. m. Aim6-Martin. xxiii, 736 pp. 80. Paris, A supplement to the Dissertation on the A. Desrez, 1839. 1260 years: containing a full reply to the Faldermann (Franz). Bereicherung zur kaobjections and misrepresentations of the rev. fer-kunde des russischen reiches. [Extrait E. W. Whitaker; some remarks on certain du Bulletin de la societe imp6riale des natparts of the author's own dissertation; and uralistes de Moscou, v. 9]. pp. 351-398, 3 a view of the present posture of affairs as col. pl. 8~. [St. Petersburg, 1835]. connected with prophecy. 181 pp. 8o. Falkenstein (Carl Constantin). Geschiclite London, F. C. 4& J. Rivington, 1806 der geographischen entdeckungsreisen. 1-5es The testimony of primitive antiquity bandchen. 120. Dresden, P. G. Hilscher, against the peculiarities of the Latin church: 1828-'29. being a supplement to The difficulties of ro- Fallet (C.) The old masters. The princes manism; in reply to an answer to The diffi- of art: painters, sculptors, and engravers. culties of romanism, by the right rev. J. F. [anon.] Translated finom the French by M. Trevern, d. d. viii, 144 pp. 8~. Lon- mrs. S. R. Urbino. I p. 1. 340 pp. 3 pl. 12~. don, C. & J. Rivington, 1828. Boston, Lee f Shepard, 1870. [With his Difficulties of romanism]. Fall River (The) [Mass.] directory for 1870Fables for the little ones. 16 pp. 4 col. pl. 4o. 71: [etc.] By Sampson, Davenport & co. [New York, R. Shuggs S co. 1870]. 8~. Fall Ricer, R. Adams, 1870. Facts about Cuba. Published under the Fall River; an historical sketch of her indusauthority of the New York Cuban junta. try, progress and improvement, compiled [anon. ] 31 pp. 80. NAew York, Sun job. from authentic and official sources. [anon.] printing office, 1870. 144 pp. I pl. sq. 16~. Fall River, Mass. Facts: addressed to the landholders, stock- W. W. Armlstrong, 1870. holders, merchants, farmers, manufacturers, Familiar (A) conversational history of the tradesmen, proprietors of every description, evangelical churches of New York. 2.2 pp. and generally to all the subjects of Great 1 pl. 18O. New York, R. Carter, 18:38. Britain and Ireland. [anLon.] 3d ed. 117 Famous dogs. [anon.] 75pp. 6pl. sq. 160~. pp. 80. London, J. JohnLson, [about 1780]. Boston, H. B. Fuller, [1870]. [MISCELLANEOUS pamphlets, v. 208]. [DIRIGO series, no. 41. Faehtz (E. F. M.) The national memorial Fargo (J. F.) Songs of the temple. See Baday: a record of ceremonies over the graves ker (B. F.) and Fargo (J. F.)

Page  117 117 FARINDON. FEMALE. Farindon or Faringdon (Anthony). xlvii Fatherland (The) series- continued. sermons preached at the parish church of St. OERTEL (P. F. W.) Olaf Thorlaksen. An Iceland narrative. Mary Magdalene, Milk street, London. The ROSKOWSKA (Marie). Die halligen; or, in the midst second volume. 2d ed. 4 p. 1 pp. 547-1130 of the north sea. 181. fol. London, R. Marriot, 1672. Fauche Borel (Louis). M6moire contre [v. 1 and 3 wanting]. Charles Perlet, [concernant sa coop6ration t Farmer (The) and gardener; and live-stock l'execution de Charles SamuelVitel]. 2e ed. breeder and manager. Edited by J. J. Hitch- 188 pp. 8~. Paris, L. G. Michaud, 1816. cock. v. 1, nos. 1-37, and v. 6, nos. 1-4. [MISCELLANEOUS pamphlets, v. 335]. May 9, 1834, to Jan. 13, 1835; and May I to Fauvel Gouraud (J. B. G.) Les hommes May 22, 1839. 4~. Baltimore, 1834-39. d'6tat de la France constitutionnelle comINote.-This publication is the successor of the par6s aux hommes d'etat de la grande r6American farmer. Farnham (Thomas J.) Travels in the great publique des etats-Unis, ou la haute poliwestern prairies, the Anahuac and Rocky tiqe d jour des deux gouverneents.. praiies the AnahuacandRocky Documents officiels en forme de d6peches, Mountains, and in the Oregon territory. 2v.iciels en forme de d, xxiii, 297 pp; viii, 315 pp. [etc ] 26pp. 1 portrait. 40~. Paris, BlonXX111,297 pp; V111, 315 pp. 80. London, R. Bentley, 1843. deau, [1847]. Farol (El). Periodico semanario de la Puebla Favrolle (- de). See Guenard (Madame la de Los angeles en el imperio mejicano. nos. barronne de Mer6, n&e de Faverolle). 1-41. 2 p. 1. 372 pp. sm. 4~. Puebla, Mo- Fawcett (Henry). The economic position rena hermanos, 1821-22;. of the British labourer. ix,.256 pp. 16~. Farquharson (Martha). Amiy and her kit- Cambridge and London, Macmillan P co. ten. 64 pp. I pl. 32~. Philadelphia, pres- 1865. byterian publication conmmsittee, 1870. Featherman (Prof. A.) Reportof thebotany Betty Page and Tom Cross. 64 pp. 1 i. of Louisiana. 80. New Orleans, A. L. Lee, 32'. Phliladelphia, presbyterian publication 1870. committee, 1870. [With LOUrISANA state seminary of learning: anThe broken basket. 64 pp. 1 pl. 32~. nual report for 1869, pp. 111-122]. Philadeiphia, presbyterian publication coin- Federal gazette and Baltimore daily advermnittee, 1870. tiser. Jan. 2, 179v, to June 29, 1799; Jan. Jamie by the iake. 64 pp. 1 pl. 320. 1, 1S03, to Dec. 31, 1807; Jan. 2 to Dec. Philadelphia, presbyterian publication corn- 30, 1809. 19 v. fol. Baltimore, 1796-1809. mittee, i870. Federici (Camillo). I1 duca di Borgogna. Jane Hart: the wilful girl. A little i60 Londra, R. Zotti, 1822. story in little words. 64 pp. 1 pl. 32~. [ZOTTI (R.) Teatro italiano, v. 2]. Philadelphia, presbyterian publication cornm- Fe'licite (De la) de la vie a venir, et des 7nittee, 1870. nioyens pour y parvenir. Traduit de l'AnRufus the unready. 308pp.3 pl. 160. glois. [anon.] 2 1. 3 p.. 13'2 pp. 1 Philadelphia, presbyterian publication corn 1. 1 pl; 16 p. 1. 228 pp. 3 1. 160. Amstermittee, [18701. dam, G. Gallet, 1700. The white dress. 64 pp. I pl. 32~. Fellows (John). Hymns on believers bapPhiladelphia, presbyterian publication coin- tisin. 2 p. 1. 90 pp. 11. 18~. Biringhanm, mrittee, 1870. G. Keith, 1773. Farrar(Rev. FredericW.) Familiesofspeech: Six views of believers baptism. 4th four lectures delivered before the royal insti-'ed. 24 pp. 18~. London, G. Keith, 1777. tution of Great Britain in March, 1869. xiii, [LWith the preceding. Imperfect, wanting pp. 9-16]. 192 pp 1 pl. 2 maps. 8~. Lonamans, Green Felltham (Owen). Resolves. A duple cenT co. 1870. tury. 4thed. 4 p. 1.448pp. 11 1. 4~. LonFashio.rable (The) world displayed. See don, H. Seile, 1631. Owen ~tJohnl). Felsenbrunn. See Fontaine von FelsenFatherland (The) series. 16~. Philadelphia, brunn. Lutheran board of publication, 1870. Female frailty; or the history of miss CONTENTS. Wroughton. [anon.] 2 v. I p. 1. 239 pp; 1 HOFFMIAN (Franz). Geyer Walty; or, fidelity re- p. 1. 222 pp. 160. London, F. & J. Noble, warded. [etc.] - Under the earth. [etc.] 1772.

Page  118 118 FEMALE. FEYJOO. Female (The) minister; or, a son's revenge. Feuchtwanger (Dr. Lewis )-continued. [anon.] Translated by E. Lies and E. rectifying, and manufacturing of sugars, Plunkett. [anon.] 85 pp. 8c. NTew York, wines, spirits, and all known liquors, inHarper ~4 brothers, 1846. cluding cider and vinegar. Also, hundreds [FRENCH novels, v. 4]. of valuable directions in medicine, metalFenelon (Francois de Salignac de La Mothe). lurgy, pyrotechny, and the arts in general. Dialogues sur l'6loquence en general et sur 215 pp. 123. New York, author, 1858. celle de la chaire en particulier. Nouvelle A practical treatise on soluble or water ed. revue et annot6e par C. O. Delzons. 2 glass, silicates of soda and potash, for silicip. 1. 138 pp. 11. 16~. Paris, L. Hachette S& fying stones, mortar, concrete, and hydraulic cie. 1854. lime, [etc.] With hundreds of receipts for Fenn (Artemas I. m. d.) The medical and soap, cements, paints, and whitewashes, surgical companion. For the use of families, [etc.] 357 pp. I 1. 120. Nlew York, L. &S seamen, etc. Giving a brief description, in J. IT. Feuchltwanger, 1870. plain language, of the diseases of men, wo- Feuerlein (Jacob Wilhelm). Bibliotheca men, and children. With the most approved symbolica evangelica lvtherana. [etc.] Ex methods of treating them. xii, 384 pp. 4 pl. schedis possessoris insigniter avcta recensuit 1 portrait. 80. Boston, the author, 1870. et edidit I. B. Riederer. 2 v. in 1. 16 p. 1. Fenner (Cornelius George). Poems of many 400 pp; 272 pp. 12~. Norienbergee, [V. moods. iv, 87 pp. 16~. Bosto., Little & Schwartzkopf, 1768. s. Brown, 1846. Feuillet (Octave). Camors. A love story. Fenner (Rev. William). The sovles looking- From the French. 388 pp. 12~. Philaglasse, lively representing its estate before delphlia, T. B. Peterson 4- brothers, 1870. God: with a treatise of conscience; wherein Feuillet de Conches (Fl6ix Sdbastien, baron the definitions and distinctions thereof are de). Louisxvi, Marie-Antoinette et madame unfolded, and severall cases resolved. 10 p. 1. Elisabeth. Lettres et documents inedits. 323 pp. 1 portrait. 16~. Cambridge, R. Daniel, 4 v. 8S. Paris, H. Plon, 1864-66. 1640. Feval (Paul Henri Corentin). Les contes de Penyery (Gyula). Handbuch der ungrischen nos peres. Illustrds par Bertall. 2 p. 1. 284 poesie. See Tcldy (Ferencz) and Fenye'ry. pp. 2 1. 18 pl. 80. Paris, Chlendowski, etc. Fermin (Philippe). Tableau historique et 1i45. politique de l'dtat ancien et actuel de la Les plumes d'or; romans et nouvelles colonie de Surinam, et des causes de sa Par About, Aymard, Barbier, Houssaye, etc. decadence. xxiv, 392 pp. 1 1 6O. Maestricht, 2 p. 1. iv, 465 pp. 16~. Paris, E. Dentu, J. E. Dufour & Ph. Roux, 1778. 1865. Ferrand (Anne Belesani). Nouvelles lettres Fewsmith (William) and Singer (Edgar A.) d'amour, a m. le baron de Breteuil. 16~. An elementary grammar of the English lanParis, 1808. guage. Reviseded. 146pp. 12~. Phila[In CAILLEAU (A. C.) Lettres de tendresse, v. 3]. delphia, Sower, Barnes,S Potts, 1870. Ferrieres-Sauveboeuf (- conmte de). Md- A grammar of the English language. moires historiques, politiques et gdogra- Revised ed. 228 pp. 1_2. Philadelphia, phiques des voyages faits en Turquie, en Sower, Barnes 4' Potts, 1869. 1erse et en Arabie, depuis 1782, jusqu'en Feyjoo y Montenegro (Francisco Benito Ge1789; avec ses observations sur la religion, ronymo). Adiciones it las obras de Feyjoo. les mceurs, le caractere et le commerce de ces 2 p. 1. 242 pp. sin. 4. Madrid, B. Roman, trois nations; [etc.] 2 v. in 1. 1 p. l. xxiv, 1781. 298 pp; 2 p. 1. x, 304 pp. 8~. Paris, Buisson, [ IWith his Ilustracion apologetica]. 1790. - Cartas eruditas, y curiosas, en que por Festal and floral days in New England and la mayor parte se continua el designio de el old England. By Una Locke and Frances Theatro critico universal, impugnando, o reLee. [pseudon.] 126 pp. 3 pl. 180. New duoiendo a dudosas varias opiniones colmunes, York, Carlton 8& Lanahan, 1870. 5 v. sm. 40. Madrid, B. Roman, 1781. [HIGH-DAY series, v. 3]. Ilustracion apologetica al primero y Feuchtwanger (Dr. Lewis). Fermented segundo tomo del Theatro critico, donde se liquors: a treatise on brewing, distilling, notan mas de quatrocientosdescuidos al autor

Page  119 FEYJOO. FINTA. Feyjoo y Montenegro-continued. Figuier (Guillaume Louis) Les grandes indel anti-theatro. 8a impression. 16 p. 1. 207 ventions scientifiques et industrielles chez les pp. sm. 40. Madrid,.J. lbarra, 1761. anciens et les modernes. 2 p. 1. iv, 304 pp. Justa repulsa de iniquas accusaciones. 12~. Paris, L. Hachette &S cie. 1859. Carta en que manifestando las imposturas, - The ocean world: being a description que contra el Theatreo critico y su autor dio al of the sea and its living inhabitants. The publico el r. p. fr. Francisco Soto Marne, chapters on conchology revised and enlarged escribe a un amigo suyo el [autor]. 4 p. 1. by Charles O. Groom-Napier. xii, 615 pp. 182 pp. sin. 4. Madrid, B. Roman, 1 781. 28 pl. 8~. London, Cassell, Petter 4' GalW With his Ilu3tracion apologetica, etc.] pin, 1870. Theatro critico universal; o, discursos Primitive man. Revised translation. varios en todo genero de materias, para de- [eti.] xix,348pp. 3pl. 8~. London, Chap sengano de errores comunes. 4-10 impres- moneh & HRll, [1870]. siones. 9v. sm. 4~. Madrid, D. F. de Ar- I on. s- Reptiles and birds. A popular account rojo, 1758-61. of the various orders; with a description of Fichte (Johann Gottlieb). New exposition the habits and economy of the most interestof the science of knowledge. Translated ing. Edited by Parker Gillmore. xv, 648 ftrom the German, by A. E. Krogeer. iv pp. pp. 9 pl. 80. London, Cassell, Petter & Gal2 1. 182 pp. 8~. St. Louis, 1869. pin, [1870]. Fidanza (Paolo). Recueil de t6tes choisies The little minstrel: a colPillmore (A. D.) The little minstrel: a colde personnages illustres dans les lettres et dansusi, with lessos of ins ams xceetdsieseg lection of songs and music, with lessons of les armes, 6xactement dessin6es et gravdes instruction and mathematically arranged de la grandeur des originaux par Paul Fidanza peintre romain, daprs les peintures plan of notation. 127 pp. 240. Cincinnati, danza peintre remain, d'apres les peintures R. IY Carroll *-co. 1867. de Raphael d'Urbin et autres grands maitres, ol existantes au Vatican et dans plusieurs ga- ( The violet: abook of musicandhymns, leries ade n Roe. 2v.atin1. np.s1.90 plu ersp. g- withl lessons of instruction, designed for sunleries de Rome. 2v. inl. lp.l. 90pl; Ip. 1. 90 pl. fol. Rome, Bouchard & Gravnier, 1785. day-schools, social meetings, and home circle. Field (Edwin MB.) Correspondence on the 127 pp. obl. 16. Cincinnati, R. TW. Carpresent relations between Great Britain and roll S co. 1867. the United States, 1862. See Loring (Charles Finck (Otto). Philosophical view of holy G. ) writ and true christianity, in contradistinction Field (F. E.) The greenhouse as a winter from the views of the learned. 72 pp. 320. garden; a manual for the amateur. With a New York,.1. Dickson, 1868. list of suitable plants and their mode of cul- Fink (W. W.) Valley Forge. [A poem]. ture. With a preface by W. C. Bryant. 4 p. 1. 111 pp. 16~. Des Moines, Mills 4f 86 pp. 3 pl. 160. New l/ork, G. P. Putnam co. 1870. &8 co. 1869. Finska vetenskaps-societeten. Bidrag till Field (MArs. Frederick). " By and by" series. kannedom a1 Finlands. atur och folk. Elfte 3 v. 18~. New York, Leavitt & Allen broth- k e' l ar k f 3 v. 1870]. Ne Yor, Leitt Alle broth- hftet. 2 p. 1. 87 pp. 8~. Helsingtfors, Finska ecs, [1870]. litteratur-sdllskapets tryckeri, 1868. s. CONTENTS. "By and by;" or, Harry Leonard. 221 pp. 3 pl. - The same. Trettonde htiftet. Herda"I didn't hear." Or, Alice Leonard. 227 pp. 3 pl. nlinne fOr fordna Wiborgs och nuvarande "I forgot; " or, Will Leonard. 215 pp. 3 pl. Field (lKate). Pen plhotograplhs of Chil~arles nBorgA stift af Matthias Akiander. viii, 479 Dickens's readings. Taken from life. 38 pp. 8. Hclsinfors, Finska litteratnr-sills. pp. 80. Boston, Loring, 1868.; apets tryckeri, 1868. s. The same. New ed. 58 pp. 8~. Bos- - The same. Fjortonde liiftet. 2 p. 1. 534 ton, Loring, 1868. pp. 80. Helsingfors, Finsk-a littera tz'-sdllsFielding (T. I1.) Theknowledge and restora- kapets tryckeri, 1869. s. tion of old painlings: the modes of judging Ofversigt af f6rhandlingar. no. 9, 10, between copies and originals: and a brief life 11, 1866-69. 80.!clsingfors, J. Simnelius, of the principal masters in the different 1867-69. s. schools of painting. xv, 217 pp. 160. Lon- PFinta (La) Galatea, o sial'antiquario fanatico do,, Aclrrlaonn & co. 1847. [etc. Or,] La fingida Galatea, 6 sea el anti

Page  120 120 FINTA. FLEURIEU. Finta (La), etc.-continued Fiske (Stephen). English photographs. By quario fanitico. Drama jocoso en mfisica. an American. [anon.] xii, 292 pp. 8O. [anon. Italian and Spanish.] 139 pp. 160. London, Tinsley brothers, 1869. Madrid, Gonzalez, 1790. Fitch (Anna M.) Bound down; or, life and Firmin (Rev. Giles). The real christian; or, its possibilities. 338 pp. -16~. Philadelphia, a treatise of effectual calling. [etc.] xxxii J. B. Lippincott J' co. 1870. pp. 41. 328 pp. 16^. Boston, Rogers &8 Fowle,,to,~Fitch (Rev. J. W.) A debate on the be1742. ginning of messiah's reign, etc. See First (The) patch, and other tales. [anon.] Brooks (John A.) and Fitch (Rev. J. W.) 116 pp. 5 pl. 180. Philadelphia, Perkinpine Flaccus (Siculus) Liber de conditionibus t Higgins, 1870. GD Higagins, 1870. agrorum. 30 pp. 40~. Lutetice, Libertus, 1614. [GOLDEN grain library]. n [In RIGAULT (N.) Auctores finium regundorum]. First (The) reader for southern schools. 24 [Ia RIGAW LT (N.) tores finim regundorum]. 20Raih(NC)Citaavc Flagg (William J.) Hand-book of the sulphurpp. 12. Rlei, (N. C.) Christian adocat cure, as applicable to the vine disease in epnlishing Co. 1864. America, and diseases of apple and other Fischer (Christian August). A picture of fruit trees. 99pp. 120. New York, Harper Madrid: taken on the spot. Translated from Sr brothers, 1870. the German. vii, 306 pp. 12~. London, the German. vii, 306 pp. 120. London, Flaminio(Marc' Antonio). Explanationes et J. Mlawman, 1808. Fischer (riedrch).Drsomn, ambulis paraphrases in carmine conditte in librum Fischer (Friedrich). Der somnambulismus. psalmrum. See Bible (Latin). Psalms. 3 v. 12~. Basel, Schweighlauser, 1839. p Flatman (Thomas). Poems and songs. 4th Fisher (Edward). The marrow of modern died. 23p.1.280 pp. 12C. London, B. Tool, vinity: in two parts. [etc.] With notes by 1686. therev. Thomas Boston. 370 pp. 8~. PhilFlatt (Johann Friedrich von). Vorlesungen adelphia, presbyterian board of publication, iiber die briefe Pauli. See Bible (German). [about 1845]. Fl6chier (Esprit). Sermons de morale, Note.-First published in 1646. Fisher (George Park). Essays on the super- prschdz devant le roy, avec ses discours natural origin of christianity, with reference synodaux, etautres srmons. S 10 to the theories of Renan, Strauss, and the p..370 pp; 2p.. 36 pp.31. 18~ Lyon, Tiibingen school. New ed. xxxviii, 620 pp. Anisson S Posuel, 1713. 80. New York, C. Scribner 1870. Fleming (Rev. A.) Church polity: its spirit8e. New York, C. Scrlibner, co. 1370. Fisher (L. P.) Fisher's advertiser's guide, ual grounds and congregational superstructure. With an introduction by R. Anderson, containing a short description of those towns R., d.d. 189 pp. 160. Boston, conaregational and cities on the Pacific coastin which news- d., papers are published. 116, 44 pp. saq. l6n sabbath-school and publishing, society, 1869. papers are pub ished. 116, 44 pp. sq-s. lb~. San Francisco, L. P. Fisher, 1870. Fleming (Mrs. May Agnes, born Earlie). The Fisher (W'illiam). The travels of capts. gipsy queen's vow; or, the victim of fate. Lewis and Clarke, by order of the govern- 15 pp. 80. New York, 1869. [BEADIE & CO. The new 25 cent novels, no. 1]. ment of the U. S. in the years 1804-6, from, - Sybil Campbell; or, the queen of the St. Louis, by way of the Missouri and isle. 1 p.. Nell; or, the queen of the Columbia rivers, to the Pacific ocean: with isle. 127 pp. 8h. New York, 1861. delineation ofte an[BEADIE & CO. The new 25 cent novels, no. 3]. delineations of the manners, customs, reli- Fletcher (Joseph). The history of the re. gion, etc. of the Indians. 300 pp. 5 pl. 120. vival and progress of independency in EngPhiladelphia, H. Lester, 1809. land, since the period of the reformation; [Imperfect, map wanting]. with an introduction, [etc.] 4 v. 16~. The same. 326 pp. 2pl. 160~. BaltiLondon, J. Snow, 1847. more, A. il~ltenrberger, 1812. mnore, A. Miltenberger, 1812. _ Summary of the moral [and educa[pp. 290-300 imperfect]. The same. To which is added a com- tional] statistics of England and Wales. xi, The same. To which is added a com- 0 plete dictionary of the Indian tongue. 262 216 pp. 13 pl. I col. map. 80. [London, pp.2 pl. 160~. Baltimore, P. Mauro, 1813. 1849]. Fisher-boy (The); or, the son who made a Fleurieu (Charles Pierre Claret, comte de). glad father. By author of " Casket library." Voyage fait par ordre du roi en 1768 et 1769, [anon.] 107 pp. 2 pl. 180~. Boston, American A diffrlentes parties du monde, pour 6prouver tract society, 1865. en mier les horloges marines invent6es par

Page  121 FLEURIEU. 121 FONTAINE. Fleurieu (Charles C. P. )-continued. Flower (Willian Henry). An introduction to m. Ferdinand Berthoud. Par in. d'Eveux the osteology of the mammalia: being the de Fleurieu. 2 v. 2 p. 1. lxxix, 803 pp. 5 maps; substance of the course of lectures delivered 2 p. i. 622 pp. 6 tab. xl pp. 40. Paris, iam- at the royal college of surgeons of England primerie royale, 1773. in 1870. xi,:344 pp. 16~. London, MacDiscoveriesof the French in 1768 and millan & co. 1870. S. 1769 to the south-east of New Guinea, with I Introductory lecture to the course of the subsequent visits to the same lands by comparative anatomy, delivered at the royal English lnavigcators, who gave them new college of surgeons of England, Feb. 14, names. To which is prefixed an historical 1870. 43 pp. 80. London, J. Churchill abridgement of the voyages and discoveries 4 sons, 1870. of the Spaniards in the same seas. By Flower-piece (The): a collection of miscelm. i' *, formerly a captain in the French lany poems. By several hands. xii, 251 pp. navy. [anon.] Translated from the French. 16~. London, J. Walthoe, 1731. xxiv, 324 pp. 12 maps. 40~. London, J. Flowers of devotion, [etc. anon.] 356 pp. 1 Stockdale, 1791. pl. 32~. Baltimore, Kelly, Piet & co. 1869. Fliegende blatter. [1845-1869]. no. 1-1250. Fliigge (Christian Wilhelm). Geschichte des v. 1-50. 40. Miinchen, Braun S& Schneider, glaubens an unsterblichkeit, auferstehung, [1845-69]. gericht und vergeltung. 3 v. 8~. Leipzig, S. L. Crusius,!794-1800. Flint (Abel). A discourse, delivered at Hart- S. L. Crusius, 1794-1800. ford, Feb. 22, 1800, the day set apart by re- Fly (Elijah M.) The bible true; or, the cosmogony of Moses compared with the facts of commendation of congress, to pay a tribute. Containing the origin and correlascience. Containing the origin and correlaof respect to the memory of general George o tive position of the different races of men, Washlington, [etc.] 22 pp. 8~. Hartford, n, and a description of our earth as it was, as it Hudson & Goodwin, 1800. Hudson f4 Goodwin, 1800. is, and as it must be. 451 pp. 12~. PhilFlint (Austin, m. d.) A practical treatise on adelphia, Claxton, Renmsen &8 HtIafelfinger, the diagnosis, pathology, and treatment of 1871. diseases of the heart. 2d ed. enlarged. 530 Flying (The) Dutchman, by the author of pp. 1 pl. SO. Philadelphia, H. C. Lea, 1870. Gentleman Jack. SeeNeale (W. Johnson). Flint (Austin, jr. m. d.) Manual of chemical Focanus (Jacob). De ratione studiorum disexamination of the urine in disease; with sertatio. Ad Jodocum Lodensteinium. 128 brief directions for the examination of the pp. 18S. Durdrechti, H. ab Esch, 1639. most common varieties of urinary calculi. [W ith Voss (Gerard Johann). Tractatvs dvo, etc.] 76 pp. 1 table. 12~. New York, D. Apple- Foeppl (Charles A.) The American brass ton & co. 1870. band herald, with supplements for reed Flint (S). Hid treasure. By F. S. A. [anon.] bands. Edited by Charles Foeppl. Series 1. 416 pp. 2 pl. 160. Boston, cong. sabbath- 21 parts. obl. 160. New York, S. Schreiber, school and publishing society, 1870. 1870. Flores (Antonio). Cantos panegiricos a los Fonblanque (Albany,jr.) The man of forinvictos heroes, maestres de campo generales, tune. A story of the present day. iv, 409 abuelos, visabuelos, y padre delmuy insigne pp. 160. London, Routledge, Wlarne,4 doctor don Thomas Pizarro Cajal. [etc.] Routledge, 1865. 181. 40. Madrid, D. de Alfaro, 1668. Fonerden (Rev. William H. m. d.) TemperFlorio (Giovanni). Queen Anna's new world ance leaflets; or, borrowed pages from a of words; or, dictionarie of the Italian and clergyman's manuscripts. 107 pp. 120. English tongues. Whereunto are added cer- New York,. A utthor, 1870. tain necessarie rules and short observations Fontaine (Auguste). Catalogue de livres for the Italian tongue. 6 p. 1. 692 pp. fol. anciens et modernes rare et curieux de la London, E. Blunt & IV. Barret, 1611. librairie Auguste Fontaine. 2 p. 1. 228 pp. Flournois (Jacques). Extraits contenans tout 8~. Paris, A. Fontaine, 1870. ce qu'il y a d'important dans les registres Fontaine von Felsenbrunn (Carl). Praktipublics de Geneue, 1532-36. ccix pp. 8~- sche anleitung zur vollziehung der allerhdchGeneve, J. G. Fick, 1854. sten gebiihren-gesetze vom 9. Februar und 2. [In FROMMENT (A.) Actes de la cite de Geneve]. August 1850, und sammlung der zu diesen 16

Page  122 1Z'2 FONTAINE. FORSTER. Fontaine von Felsenbrunn-continued.: Forchhammer (Johann Georg). Hans Chrisgesetzen nachtrafglich erflossenen verordnun tian Orsted. Et mindeskrift, lIest i det gen und erlatuterungen. 4e auflage. xxiv, konoelige danske videnskabernes selskabs 520 pp. 80. Wien, C. Gerold's sohn, 1857. mode, den 7de november 1851. 34 pp. 80~. The same. Fortsetzungs- und supple- Kj6b'enhavn, B. Luno, 1852. mentband der praktischen anleitung, [etc.] Ford (Emanuel). The famous history of Monxiv, 406 pp. I 1. 80. Wien, k. k. hof- und telion, knight of the oracle, son to the true staaltsdruckerei, 1856. mirrour of princes, the most renowned PersiFonton (Fl1ix). La Russie dans l'Asie-Mi- cles, king of Assyria, shewing his strange neure; ou, campagnes du mar6chal Pask6- birth, unfortunate love, perilaus adventures vitch en 1828 et 1829; et tableau de Caucase, in arms: [etc. 7th ed?] 2 p. 1. 170 pp. sm. envisag6 sous le point de vue gdographique, 40. London, IV. Thackeray & E. Tracy, 1695. historique et politique. I p. 1. vi pp. 21. 568 Foreningen til Norske fortidsmindesmerkers pp. 8~. Paris, Leneveu, 1840. bevaring. Aarsberetning for 1868. 202 pp. The same. Atlas. 9 maps, 1 portrait. 11. 4 pl. 8~. Kristiania, C. C. Werner 4 fol. Paris, mdme. de Lacombe, 1840. komp. 1869. Foord (Emanuel). See Ford(Emanuel). Forester (Thomas). The Danube and the Foote (Edward B. m.d.) Medical common Black sea: memoir on their junction by a sense applied to the causes [etc. ] of chronic railway between Tchernavoda and a free port diseases; and plain home-talk about the sex- at Kustendjie: [etc.] v, 226 pp. 1 map, 1 ual organs; the natural relations of the pl. 80. London, E. Stanford, 1857. sexes; society, civilization, and marriage. Forgiveness; or, the story of Margaret Lisle. 3d ed. 912 pp. 1 portrait. 120..New York, [anon.] 212 pp.2pl. 16~. Philadelphia, Author, 1870. American sund,y-school union, [1870].:'[- The same. Social life in all its phases, Formacher (Friedrich von) and Dimitz (Auanalysed and illustrated, embracing Medical gust). IHandbuch des gebihren-gesetzes vom common sense, applied to causes, prevention, 9. Februar 1850. [etc. ] viij, 670 pp. 1 1. and cure of chronic diseases, private words 80. Laibach, 1. Kleinnmawr,4' F. Bambnerg, to men, [etc.] 912 pp. I portrait. 12~. New 1860 York, Wlells 4 co. 1870. Forner (Juan Pablo). Preservativo cdntra el Foote (William Henry, d. d.) The hugue- atheismo. I p. 1. xxxi, 159 pp. 8~. Sevilla, nots; or, reformed Fiench church. [etc.] F. de la Puerta, 1795. s. In three parts: i. The huguenot in France, [MISCELLANEOUS pamphlets, v. 351]. at home. ii. The huguenot dispersed in Forrest (Christopher). Captain Bob, the Europe. iii. The huguenot at home in mountain devil. 100 pp. 16o. New York, America. With an appendix. 1 p. 1. xx, PR. M. DelWitt, 18a7. 627 pp. 8. Richnmond, presbyterian commit- [DE WITT'S ten-cent romances, no. 9]. tee of publication, C[1870]. Jack Long; or, the shot in the eye. [etc.] tO1O pp. 16~. New York, h'. M. Forbes (James David). Inquiries about terrestrial temperature; to which is added an DeWitt, 1868. [DE WIIT'S ten-cent romnnces, Do, 20]. index to m. Dove's five memoirs on the temLeatherskin; or, the prairie guide. 100 perature of the globe. From the transactions, pp. 160. New York, R. M. JDeWitt, 1868. of the Royal society of Edinburgh. v. 22, [DE WITT'sten-cent romances, no. 1 p.l. pp. 75-100.2 pl. 40. Edinburgh, Neill Old Pike, the Indian trader. 100 pp. 4 co. 1859. 16. New York, R. M. De litt, 1868. On the climate of Edinburgh for fifty- [DE W'ITT'S ten-cent romances, no. 18]. six years, from 1795 to 1850, deduced prin- Forrest (Neil). Jack and Rosy. A true cipally from mr. Adie's observations: with story. 182 pp. 4 pl. sm. 4~. New York, A. an account of other and earlier registers. D. F. Randolph 4, co. 1870. Also, an account of a thermometrical regis- Forster (Johann Georg Adam). Erinnerunter kept at Dunfermline by rev. Henry Fer- gen aus dem jahr 1790, in historischen gus, from 1799 till 18:37, with the principal gemalden und bildnissen von D. Chodoresults. From the transactions of the Royal wiecki, D. Berger, C1. Kohl, J. F. Bolt und society of Edinburgh. v. 22. 1 p. 1. pp. 327- J. S. Ringck. 238 pp. 1 1. 18 pl. 120. Ber360. 4~. Edinburgh, 1860. lin, Voss, 1793.

Page  123 .12L FORSTER. 123 FOWLER. Forster (John). Walter Savage Landor. A Fourth (The) of July, etc.-continued. biography. 2 v. vii, 532 pp. l portrait; vi, Una Locke and Zaida Yorke. [pseudon.] 596 pp. 1 portrait. 80~. London, Chapman 4' 159 pp. 3 pl. 180. New York, Carlton & Hall, 1869. Lanahan, 1870. Forteguerri (NiccolS). Ricciardetto di Nic- [HIGH-DAYeries]. colo Carteromaco. [pseudo.] 2 v. xlvi, 420 Fowler (Abijah and Josiah). The federal inpp; 432 pp. 18. Parigi, F. Pitteri, 1755. structor; or, youth's assistant. Containing Fortescue (Sir John). The works of sir John the most concise and accurate rules for perFortescue, knight, [etc. ] Now first collected forming operations in arithmetic, [etc.] Reand arranged y Thomas (Fortescue) lord vised by M. Gibson. To which is annexed and arranged by Thomas (Fortescue) lord Clermont. xxvii, 556 pp. I1 p1. 40. Lon- an appendix, containing mensuration of surfaces, tables of foreign money, and bookdon, printed for private distribution, 1869. faces, tables of foreign money, and book[Sir John Fortescue and his descendants. v. 1. Life keeping. Revised ed. 192 pp. 160. Philand works]. adelphia, Moss & co. 1868. Fortescue (Thomas, lord Clermont). A his- Fowler (John). The truth of the bible fairly tory of the family of Fortescue in all its put to the test, by confronting the evidences branches. xii, 378 pp. 14 tab. 30 pl. 40~. of its own facts. 161 pp. 8~. Alexandria, London, printed for private distribution, 1859. author, 1797. [Sir John Fortescue and his descendants. v. 2. Fam- R ily history]. Fowler (Rev. Orin). History of Fall River, Fortnightly (The) review. [A. monthly]. [Mass.] with notices of Freetown and TiverEdited by John Morley. Jan. to Dec. 1870. ton, as published in 1841. Together with a New series, v. 7-8. [Complete series, v. sketch of the life of rev. Orin Fowler; an epi13-14]. 80. London, Chapmnan & Hall, 1870. tome of the Massachusetts and Rhode Island Fortune (Robert). Two visits to the tea boundary question; an account of the great fire of 1843; and ecclesiastical, manufacturcountries of China, and the British tea plan- fire of 1843; and ecclesiastical, manufacturing, and other statistics. 100 pp. 8o. Fall tations in the Himalaya; with a narrative of n River, Almy &r Milne, 1862. adventure, and a full description of the cul-ilne, 1862. ture of the tea plant, and the agriculture, Fowler (Orson S.) Anativeness: or,evils horticulture, and botany of China. 3d ed. and remedies of excessive and perverted sen2 v. xiv, 315 pp. 2 pl. 1 map; x, 298 pp. 3 pl. suality, including warning and advice to the 12~. London, J. JMurray, 18.53X. married and single. Being a supplement to Forwood (W. Stump, m. d.) An historical "Love and parentage." 72 pp. 12~. New l:'orwood (W. Stump, m.d.) An historicalls [1844] and descriptive narrative of the Mammoth York, Fowler & Wells, [1844]. Love and parentage, applied to the imcave of Kentucky. Including explanations provement of offspring, including important of the causes concerned in its formation, its directions and suggestions to lovers and the atmospheric conditions, its chemistry, geology, zoology, etc. With full scientific details married concerning the strongest ties and the most momentous relations of life. 40thl ed of the eyeless fishes. 225 pp. ]l pl. 120. of the eyeless fishes. 225 pp. I 12 144 pp. 12~. New York, Fowler 4' Wells, Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott & co. 1870. Foster (Andrew). The life and adventures of Sexual science; including manhood, Americus Vespucius. See Lester (Charles Americus Vespucius. See Lester (Charles w-omanhood, and their nutual interrelations; Edwtards) andl Foster. love, its laws, power, etc. as taught by phrenFoster (Rev. Elon). New cyclopedia of illus- nology. xxx, 930 pp. 1 portrait. 60. New trations adapted to christian teaching: en- York, national publishing co. 1870. bracing mythology, analogies, legends, an- Fowler (William Chauncey, 11. d.) The clergy ecdotes, [etc.] With an introduction by and common schools. Letter, republished Stephen H. Tyng, d. d. 704 pp. 8~. New from Barnard's American journal of edllucaYork, IF. C. Pal rer,jr. & co. 1870. tion. 224 pp. 80. Hartford, 1868. Pournet (J. editor). G6ologie lyonnaise. 2 Fowler (William Worthington). Ten years p. 1. 744 pp. 8~. Lyon, Barret, 1861. s. in Wall street; or, revelations of inside life FRANCE (Soci6te gdologique de). and experience on'cliance. 536 pp. 15 pl. Fourth (T'he) of July in New England and $0. Hartford, (Cone.) WIorthinLton, Dustin the fifth of November in old Englanid. By & co. 187T0.

Page  124 124 FOXE. FRANCKLIN. Foxe (John). The second volvme of the, Prance-continued. ecclesiasticall historic, containing the acts Ministkre del'interieur. Ville de Paris. and monuments of martyrs, with a generall Organisation municipal et d6partementale. discourse of these latter persecvtions [etc.] Legislation anterieure et lcdislation actuelle. from the time of king IHenry the 8. vnto 1 p. 1. 192 pp. 80. Paris, -impritnerie imqueene Elizabeth, [etc.] Newly recognised periale, 1870. and inlarged by the author. Wherevnto are MinisteYre de la marine et des colonies. annexed certaine additions, vnto the time of Session de 1864. Budget des depenses de king James now raigning. [6th ed.] b. 1. l'exercice 1865 du ministere de la marine et I p. 1. pp. 731-1952, 141. fol. London, coan- des colonies. 136 pp. 40~. Paris, impripany of stationers, 1610. merie imperiale, 1861. -- The same. The third volume; with Statistique des peches maritimes. 1866. diuers other things from the time of queen Extrait de la Revue maritime et coloniale. Maries entering vpon the crowne, vnto the 1 p. 1. 121 pp. 8~. Paris, 1868. time of our soueraigne lord king Charles, France (Societ6 geoloaique de). [Procs-vernow raigning. b. 1.1 p. 1. 1030 pp. 71. 106 pp. baux des sdances de la session extraordifol. London, R. Yolung, 1631. naire'i Lyon (Rhone). Du ler au Ile sepFrance. Observationson the justificativeme- tembre 1859. 2e ed.] G6ologie lyonnaise morial of the court of London. Paris, printed par m. J. Fournet. 2 p. 1. 744 pp. 8~. by the royal authority. [Reprint]. 129 pp. Lyon, Barret, 1861. s. 40. Philadelphia, F. Bailey, 1781. Francis (A. T.) Instructions for guides: Proceedings and discussions in the arranged for the use of the infantry of the French chamber of deputies, on the subject national guard. 88 pp. 240. New York, of the treaty between France and the United F. F. Taylor & Francis, 1870. States, which was signed at Paris, on the Francis (Rev. Convers). An historical sketch 4th of July, 1831; and the ratifications of of Watertown, in Massachusetts,from the which were exchanged at Washington, Feb first settlement of the town to the close of ruary 2, 1832. From the Paris moniteur. its second century. 151 pp. 80. Canz156 pp. 8~. Washington, F. P. Blair, 1834. bridge, E. TW. Metcalf & co. 1830. Ministere des affaires 6trangeres. Af- Francis (J. G.) Beach rambles in search of faires etrangeres. Documents diplomatiques. seaside pebbles and crystals. With some No. 13. Novembre 1869. 2 p. 1. 215 pp. 40~. observations on the origin of the diamond, and Paris, imprimerie imperiale, 1869. other precious stones. iv, 186 pp. 8 col. pl. Ministere des finances. Instruction du sq. 16~. London, G. Routledge 4 sons, 1866. 15 d6cembre 1853. Direction g6n6rale des Francis (-) and Haley (Thomas). Trotting douanes et des contributions indirectes. In- record for 1869. Containing a complete and struction gen6rale sur le service de surveil- reliable record of all the trotting events of lance des sncres A la fabrication, au raffin- the past season, compiled and arranged with age, dans les entrepots et a la circulation. great care. 2 p. 1. 142 pp. 120. New York, 174 pp. 8~0. [Paris, 1854]. 1870. Ministere de la guerre. Appendice au Franciscans. See Ordo fratrum minorum compte rendu sur le service du recrutement sancti Francisci assissiatis. de l'armee. Statistique medicale de l'arrme Francke (Sebastian). Warhafftige beschreipendant Plann&e 1867. 280 pp. 4~. Paris, bunge aller theil der welt, etc. 2 v. in 1. imprimerie impe'riale, 1869. 6 p. i. ccxlii, 7 1; 5 p. 1. 1110,60 1. fol Minlistere del'instruction publique Arch- Franckfurt, S. Feirabend, 1567. ives de la commission scientifique du Mex- = Weltbdich: spiegel uni bildtnisz des ique, publidcs sous les auspices du minis- gantzen erdbodens, in vier biicher, nenmlich tere de l'instruction publique. [Duruy]. in Asiam, Aphricam, Europarm, vnd AmeriTome premier. 1 p. 1.467 pp. 80. Paris, cam, gestellt vnd abteilt. [etc.] 6 p. 1. imprimerie irnepriale, 1865. s. ccxxxvij, 7 1. fol. Tiibiger, U. Morhart, -- Bulletin administratif du minis- 1534. tbre de l'instruction publique. v. 1. 1864. Francklin (~William.j Observations made on no. 1-47.'2 v. 8~. Paris, imlprimerie ira-i a tour froml Bengal to Persia, in the years p6riale, 1864. 1786-7. With a short account of the remains

Page  125 125 FRANCKLIN. FRENCH. Francklin (William)-continued.'Freligh (M. m. d.) Homceopathic materia of the celebrated palace of Persepolis. 40, medica: being a summary of the curative [London, J. Stratford, 1806]. action of the principal remedial agents em[In PELHAMI (Cavendish). The world: or, the pres- ployed in the honceopathic practice. [etc. ent state of the universe. v. 2. pp. 593-618]. Frankfurt am Main (Hlandelskaonlmer vot). Reprinted from his homceopathic practice of Jahresbericht fiir 1868. viii, 224 pp. 2 tab. medicine], pp.xxxi, 629-841. 80. Ne 80. Frankfurt am Main, 3Iahlau & Wald- York, C. T. Huribuat, 1870. schmidt, 1869. s. - The homeeopathic pocket companion; Fraser (Robert). Statistical survey of the or, a simplified abridgment of the " Homceocounty of Wexford, drawn up for the con- pathic practice of medicine." Designed exsideration, and by order of the Dublin society. pressly for the use of families and travellers. vi, 156 pp. 1 map. 80. Dublin, Graisberry 7th ed. 291 pp. 18~. New York, C. T. &S Campbell, 1807. Hurlburt, 1867. Fraser's magazine. [A monthly]. Edited by - The same. Homeopatia familiar. Comn. James Anthony Froude. Jan. to Dec. 1870. pendio simplificado de la " PrActica homeoNew series, v. 1-2. [Complete series, v. pdtica de la medicina." Adaptado al uso de 81-82]. 8~. Longmlans, Green &co. [1870]. i familias y viajeros. 319 pp. 180. N'cw Frederic II (king of Prussia). Origin of York, C. T. Hurlburt, 1869. the Bismarck policy; or, the Hohenzollern - Homceopathic practice of medicine: doctrine and maxims described and defined embracing the history, diagnosis and treatby Frederick the great: his opinions on ment of diseases in general, including those religion, justice, morals, politics, diplomacy, peculiar to females and the managemnent of statesmanship, the German people, etc. children. 12th ed. 864 pp. 80. Netw York, Written by himself expressly for the use of C. T. Hurlburt, 1870. his successor tothe throne. Carefully trans- Fremy (Arnould). Les femmes marides. vii, lated from an authentic copy of the original 364 pp. 1. 12'. Paris, E. Dentu, l162. ms. By M. C. L[adreyt]. 52 pp. 120. Bos- French (George Russell). Shakespeareana ton, Crosby & Darnrell, 1870. genealogica. Part i. Identification of the Free (The) enquirer. 4 v. 40. New lYork, dramatic personre in Shakespetare's historical 1829-3-2. plays: from k. John to k. Heury viii. Notes Note.-A continuation of the New Harmony gazette. on characters in Macbeth and Hamlet. Perv. 4. Edited by Frances Wright, Robert Dale sons and places belonging to Warwickshire, Owen and Amos Gilbert. Freedman's (The) third reader. [anon.] alluded to in several plays. Part ii. The 264 pp. 16~. Boston, Am. tract society, 1866. Shakespeare and Ardet families, and their Freema~soln's (T'he) quarterly review. 1834- connections: with tables of descent. xiv, 1853. v. 1-19. 8'-. London, 183:4-.53. 590 pp. 5. London, Ml'acmnillan 4 co. 1869. Freemen's -(The) chronicle; or, the American French (John Hl. II. d) French's mathematical series. Common school arithllmetic; comibinadvertiser. [Hartford weekly]. Sept. 1 to series. Common school arithmetic; co Oct. 20, 1783. fol. Hartford, B. Zebster, ing the elements of the science, with their 1783. practical applications to business. 336 pp. [WYitle CONNECTICUT Courant, 1783]. 120. NewZ York, Harper & brothers, 1870. Freese (Jacob R.) Report on school-houses, Elementary arithmetic, for the and te means of promoting poplar edca slate; in which methods and rules are based and the means of promoting popular education. 1:3 pp. 8~. Etirs/lingtan, gozvernmlent upon principles established by induction. 220 printing office, 1868. pp. 160. New York, Harper 4' brothers, 1t867. [EXHIBITION, Paris, 1867]. Tle salne. 2( pp. 16. Nezo Fregoso (Batista, doge of Genoa). Baptise York, Harper & brothers, 1870. - (Batita, o- eFirst lessons in numbers, in the.Fulgosi de dictis factisque memorabilibus natural order. [etc.] 20 pp. 1G6. New York, collectanea, a Camillo Gilinro latina facta. brothers, 1866 336 l. unp. fol. Meldiolani, J. lFerrarius,... 336 109. np. fol. Mediolani, J. Terrarius, Mental arithmetic; combining a 150Note9-This name is sometimes given as Campo complete system of rapid computations. with lote. —This name is sometimes given as Campofregoso. correct logic of' the solutions of problems, Freiheitskampf (Der) im spanischen Amle- and tle analyses ofprocesses. 180 pp. 160. rica. See Palacio (-). lNew lYork, Harper & brothers, 1870.

Page  126 126 FRENCH. FROST. French (Mrs. L. Virginia). Kernwood; or, Frith ( Rv.,John)-continued. after many days. A historical romance, His iudgement upon m. Tracyes will and testament. A letter written from the tower to Christes congregafounded on the events of the late war, from tion. the manuscript of a confederate spy. By A nirronr of glasse to knowe thy selfe. A treatise upon the sacrament of baptisme. L'inconnue. [pseudon.] 390 pp. 120. An antithesis between Christ and the pope. Louisile, (Ky.)for the authr, 1867. A booke of the sacrament of the body and bloud of Louisville, (Ky.)for the authrist. Freschi (Gherardo). Teoria del lavoro e del Articles for which he dyed. A table contayning the principall matters of all his concime, prime basi dell' agticoltura, spiegata workes. al popolo chimicamente e fisiologicamente. Fritzmann(Andreas). English-German gramConversazioni famigliari. xii, 195 pp. 8&. mar for the use of classical schools. [Or,] Usdine, 1867. -S. lEnglisch-deutsche grammatik fiir den ge[ASSOCAONE graria friulana]. branch h6herer schulen. xvi, 316 pp. 80. Freshman (C. d. d.) The Jews and the Is- lainz F. Kpferherg 1866. raelites: their religion, philosophy, tradi- raelites ter relio, p y, t Frobel (Julius). Die deutsche auswanderung tions, and literature, in connection with their und ihre culturhistorische bedeutung. 4 p. 1. past and present condition, and their future 103pp. 80. Leipzig, F. Wagner, 1858. prospects. xxvi, 456 pp. 8~. Toronto, A.ois. A relation of a voyage Froger (Francois). A relation of a voyage NDredge 8 co. 1870. made in the years 1695, 1696, 1697, on the Pre'zier (Amedee Franpois). Reis-beschrycoasts of Africa, streights of Magellan, Brasil, ring door de Zuid-zee, langs de kusten van ving door e Zud-ze, langs de kusten van Cayenna, and the Antilles, by a squadron of Chili, Peru en Brazil. Opgestelt op eene V3 n ~French men of war, tnder command of m. reistocht gedann in de jaren 1712, 1713, en de Gennes. 6 p. 1. 174 pp. I 1. 80. Lon1714. Nevens eene beschryvinge van de re- don, M. Gillyflower, [etc.] 1698. geringe der Yncas, koningen van Peru, en geringe der Yncas, koningen van Peru, en Fromment (Antoine). Les actes et gestes bun ryk, zo als bet was voor den komst der merveillevx de la cite de Geneve. Nouuelspanj aarden aldaar. Het tene uit het Fransch spanjaardenaldaar H neitetFrans lement conuertie h l'euangille; faictz du temps vertaalt, en het andere opgemaakt uit ververtaalt, en bet andere opgemaakt uit ver de.leur reformation, et comment ils l'ont rescheide schryveren door Isaak Verburg. 7 ceue. Redigez par escript en fourme de chrop..406pp.41.2'maps, 14pl. sm4~. Amp.1.406pp aps, 4. 4 Am- niques annales ou hystoyres commengant l'an sterdam, R. & G. W~etstein, 1718. sterdan, R. &~ G. Wetstein, 1718. 1532. Mis en lumiere par Gustave RevilliFriends (Society of). See Fry (John). od. xxxi,249, ccix pp 31. 38 pl. 80. GeFrignet (Ernest). La Californie. Histoire des progres de l'un des ZItats-Unis d'Am6-, J Frontier (The) series. v. 5. The young piorique, et des institutions qui font sa prosp6rite. neers of the northwes. By C. H. Pearson. 2e 6d. xxxvil 479 pp. I map. 80. Parts, neers of the northwest. By C. H. Pearson. 2e ed. xxxvi, 479 pp. 1 map. 8~. Paris, Sesid.ngxxei, 479r, pp67. 1a Pr, 160. Boston, Lee & Shepard, 1871. Schlesingoer freres, ]867. Schlesinger frFres, 1867. Frontinus (Sextus Julius). De agrorum quaFrischlin(Nicodemus),Bebel (Heinrich), and litate, et de colonils libellus, cum Aggeni others. Nicodemi Frischlini balingensis fa-, commentariis. 4~. Lutetire, J. Libertus, 1614. cetite selectiores: qvibvs ob argvmenti simi- [in RtAULT(N.) Auctores finium regndorum]. [In RIGAULT (N.) Auctores finium regundorum]. litudinem accesserunt, Henrici Bebelii, p. 1. Frost (Griffin). Camp and prison journal, facetiarum libri tres, sales item, sev facetime embracing scenes in camp, on the march, ex Poggij florentini oratoris libro selectme. and in prisons: [etc. during the rebellion]. Nec non Alphonsi regis Arragonurnm, et Adel- vi, 303 pp. 1'2. Qinc, (Ill.) 1867. phi facetime, vt et prognostica Iacobi Henrich- Frost (John, II. d. ) Illustrated historical mannt. 192 1. 180. Argentorati, T. Johi- sketches of the Indians: exhibiting their nus, 1603. manners and customs on the battlefield and Frith (Rev. John). The workes of the excel- in the wigwanm. With numerous anecdotes lent martyr of Christ, John Frith. I p. 1. andspeeches. 400 pp. 37 pl. 12. Hart172 pp. 2 1. 80. London,.1. Daye, 1572. ford, L. E. Hulnt, 1857. [Writh TYNDALL (Rev. William). Workes. ed. of 1572]. T (Rev. Wiliam). Workes. ed. of Frost (S. Annie). The art of dressing well. CONTErNTS. A complete guide to economy, style and proHis lyfe and martyrdome. priety of costume. 158 pp. 160. New York, His book of purgatory. An ariswere to Rastals dialogue. Dfick 8& Fitzgerald, 1870. An annswere to syr Thomlrs bslolpc. H-lumorous and exhibition dialogtes. Hys aunswere unto RFisher, bishop of Rochester. A bulwarke against Rastall. A collection of sprightly original dialogues,

Page  127 127 FROST. GALIBERT. Frost (S. Annie)-continued. Fuller (Lydia). Mistaken, or the seeming in prose and verse, intended to be spoken at and the real. 286 pp. 12~. Philadelphia, J. school exhibitions. 178 pp. 16~. New York, B. Lippincott &- co. 1870. Dick 4 Fitzgeralcd, 1870. Fulton (James Alexander). Peach culture. Froude (James Anthony). History of Eng- 190 pp. 12~. New York, O. Judd &8 co. 1870. land from the fall of Wolsey to the death of Fun for every day in the year, or food for al Elizabeth. v. 5-12. 12~. New'York, C. palates, a choice collection of the best jests Scribner 8& co. 1870. and witticisms. [anon. ] pp. 145-360. 16~. [Completing the work]. Bury St. Edmunds, L Dingle, [about 1810]. Fry (John). An alphabetical extract of all [With GENERAL-POST (The) bag]. the annual printed epistles which have been Furness (William Henry). Jesus. 223 pp. sent to the several quarterly meetings of the 12~. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott & co. people called quakers, in England and else- 1871. where, from their yearly-meeting held in where, fon their yearlymeeting ld in Furnivall (Frederick J.) A temporary preLondon, for the promotion of peace and love face to the six-text edition of Chaucer's Canin the society, and encouragement of piety y,~;nt~ ~ terbury tales part 1, attempting to show the and virtue, fiom the year 1682 to 1762 inclu- true order of the tales, and the days and sive, being eighty-one years. 2d ed. xiv, stages of the pilgrimage, etc. 4 pp. i. 141 1'27 pp. 80~. London, L. Hinde, 1766. pp. ti. London, 1868. Fugitive (The) slave law and its victims. Re- [CHAUCERl society, 2d series, v. 3]. vised and enlarged edition. [anon.] 168 Furttenbach (Joseph). Architectvra recreapp. 12~. New York, American anti-slavery tionis. Von allerhand nutzlich, vnd erfrewsociety, 1861. lichen civilischen gebawen. In vier vnter[ANTI-SLAVERY tracts, no. 151. schiedliche hauptstuck eingetheilt. [etc. ] The same, 1861. 13 p. 1. 120 pp. 36 pl. 1 portrait. fol. Augs[MISCELLANEOUS pamphlets, v. 445]. Fulgentius, afer. Libri tres ad ThrasimnunPFyfe (J. Hamilton). Mierchantenterprise; or, dumn Vandalorum regem. fol Tilgw'i, 1571. V, 157 the history of commerce from the earliest [In SI.MLER (Josias). Scripta veterum latina, etc.] times. 289 pp. 12~. London,'.: Nelson 8& Full (A) answer to the Letter from a bystander, 1864. etc. wherein his false calculations and misrepresentations of facts in the time of king Gabelg ( tev. J. H. L ) The accordance of Charles ii are refuted: [etc. ] By R - H —. rligio ith nature. xii,:5 pp. 8. Lon[anon. ] 1 p. 1. 214 pp. 8~. London, J.. Pickering, 1812. Robinson, 1742. Gaceta del gobierno de Mexico. Tom. 7, [or], [MISCELLANEOUS pamphlets, v. 232]. nos. 896-948. sin. 4". Mexico, J. M. de Be[Note. —Attributed to Thomas Carte]. navelste, 81i6. Full (A) and impartial account of the company Gage (Rev. William Leonard). Studies in of Mississippi, otherwise call'd the French lands. 2.7 pp.. pl. 120. Boston, East-India-Company, projected and settled American tract society, 1869. by Mr. Law. French and English. [anon.] Galaxy (The). An illustrated magazine of 80 pp. &8. London. R. Francklin, 1720. entertaining reading. [Monthly]. Jan. to [MISCELLANEOUS pamphlets, v. 253]. Dec. 1870. v. 9-10. 8~. New York, ShelFullarton (Colonel William). A statement, don 4 co. 1870. letters and documents, respecting the affairs Galiano (Dionisio Alcala). Relacion del viage of Trinidad: including a reply to colonel hecho por las goletas Sutil y Mexicana en el Picton's address to the council of that island. afto do 1792, para reconocer el estrecho do I p. 1. 201, 25-94 pp. 4~. London, B. Mc- Fuca; con una introduccion en que se da noMillan, 1801. ticia de las expediciones executadas anteri[With CUNINGHAME (William). Principles of gov- ormente por los Espafioles en busca del paso ernments]. del noroeste de la Am6rica. De orden del Fuller (J. J.) Uncle John's flower-gatherers. rey. [anon.] 8 p. 1. clxviii, 185 pp. s0. A companion for the woods and fields. atlas, 4~. Madrid, imprenta real, 1802. [anon. ] 1 p. 1.316 pp. 9 pl. 16~. New York, Galibert (L on). L'Algerie, ancienne et M. W. Dodd, [1869]. moderne depuis les premiers 6tablissements

Page  128 128 GALIBERT. GARTENLAUBE. Galibert (LUon)-continued. Gar9a6 Stockier. See Stockier (Francisco des Carthaginois jusqu'a la prise de la Smna- Borja Garga5). lah d'Abd-el-Kader. Vignettes par Raffet et Garces y Eguia (Joseph). Nueva te6rica y Rouargue frires. 1 p. 1. ii, 637 pp. 1 1. 37 pl. pr.ctica del beneficio de los metales de oro y 80. Paris, Furne & cie. 1844. plata por fundicion y amalgamacion. 4 p. 1. Galindo (G.) The Spanish word-book; or, 12, 168 pp. sm. 40. Mczico, M. de Zuiniga first step to the Spanish langua(re. On the y Ontiveros, 1892. plan of the French word-book. 78 pp. 18~. Garcia (Jos6 Gabriel). Compendio de la hisLondon, Dulau &8 co. 1824. toria de Santo Domingo, arreglada para el Gall (James). A practical enquiry into the uso de las escuelas de la republica Dominiphilosophy of education. 348 pp. 120. Ed- cana. v. i. 300, ix pp. I 11. 5~. Santo Doinburgh, J. Gall & son, 1840. mingo, Garcia hermnanos, 1867. Gallaeus. See Gall6. Gardeners' (The) chronicle and agricultural Gallais (Jean Pierre). Histoire du dix-huit gazette. Jan. to Dec. 1870. fol. London brumaire et de Buonaparte, suivie de pieces WT Richards, 1870. justificatives. 2e partie. I p. 1. 150 pp. 8~. Gardette (Charles D. m. d.) Pluck; or, steps Paris, L. G. Michaud, 1814. ParISEL.ANG.S 7michaud s, 181439]. in the lives of the Keene family; and other [MISCELLANEOUS pamphlets, v. 339]. [se,. 3]. stories. 271 pp. 5 pl. 16~. Philadelphia, Galle (Servais). Dissertationes de sibyllis, Daughaday c Becker, 1869. earurnmque oraculis, cumfiguris enels. 20p. 1.58pp.131.14 pl.portit. 4 AmstelJ- Gardiner (MIargaret Power, countess of Blessdami, apud H. & viduam T. Boom, 1688. dani, apud H. iuan T. Boom, 1688. igton). EIlla Stratford; or, the orphanchild. Galt (John). Stanley Buxton; or, the school- A thrillingnovel, founded on facts. 116 pp. fellows. [anon.] 2 v. 239 pp; 223 pp. 16~. 80. Philadelphia, T. B. Peterson, [1830]? Philadelphia, E. L. Carey ~4 A. Hart, 1833| [vith PIcKERING, (Ellen). Agnes Serle] Galton (Francis). Hereditary genius: an in- Gardner (Augustus K. m. d.) Conjugal sins quiry into its laws and consequences. viii, against the laws of life and health and their 390 pp. 80. London, Macmillan & co. 1869. effects upon the father, mother and child. Gambara (Lorenzo). Poemata omnia in vnum / 240 pp. 12%. New York, J. S. Redfield, 1870. collecta. 4 p. 1. 439 pp. I8O. Romae, r. P Garland (A) of love, wreathed of pleasant P. Diani, 1586. flowers, gathered in the field of English poONTEesy. [anon.] xv, 219 pp. 1 pl. 18~. LonDe rebus sacris libri tres. Idyllia sacra. Caprarola. doa,'Chap1man $& Hall, 1839. Venetioe. Poemata sacra. De navigatione Chris- Garnett(James I.) Lecturesonfemale edutophori Columnbi libri quatuor. Expositoruin libri quatuor. cation. Delivered to mrs. Garnett's pupils, at Gamgee (John) and Law (James). General Elm-wood, Essex co. Virginia. To which is and descriptive anatomy of the domestic an- added The gossip's manual. 3d ed. 389 pp. imais. [Part 1. General anatomy. Oste- 1. R ichmond,'T. Il. WIhite, 1825. ology]. 235 pp. I pl. 8~. Edinburgh, T. C. Garrett (Edward and Ruth). White as snow. Jack, 1861. 211 pp. 16~. New York, A. D. F. Randolph Gammer Gurton's garland. 8 1. 1 pl. sq. 160. & co. [1870]? London, J. Cundall, [about 1861]? Garrett (Phineas). One hundred choice selecGands (P.) The German literary companion, tions in poetry and prose, no. 2. (A comor a guide to German literature; being a panion volume to no. 1.) 180 pp. 12~. Philachoice collection of pieces in prose and verse, delphia, P. Garrett B& co. 1870. selected from the writings of the best authors -The same. One hundred choice se. viii, 677 pp. 120. Franlkforta. 3M. C. Jugel, lections. no. 3. (A continuation of nos. 1 1841. and 2). Containing new and standard selecGaray (Jos6 de). An account of the isthmus tions for recitation, declamation, parlor readof Tehuantepec in the republic of Mexico; ing, and for use in schools and academies. with proposals for establishing a communica-! 180 pp. 120. Philadelphia, P. Garrett 4' tion between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, co. 1871. based upon the surveys and reports of a Gartenlaube (Die). Illustrirtes familienblatt. scientific commission. 128 pp. 2 maps. 8C. 1 1853-1870. v. 1-18. 4~. Leipzig, E. Keif, London, J. D. Smith, 1846. 1853-70.

Page  129 129 GARTNER. GENE BRARD. Gartner (Carl). Violin school for the pupils Gay (Ebenezer, d. d.) The untimely death of a of his national conservatory of music. 1 p. 1. man of God lamented. Sermon preach'd at 28 pp. I pl. 4~. Philadelphia, G. Andre & the funeral of rev. John Hancock,of Braintree. co. [1870]. who died May 7, 1741. 2 1. 25 pp. 8c. BosGascoigne (George). Complete poems; now ton, S. Kneeland - 7'. Green, 1744. first collected and edited from the early print- Gazaignes (Jean Antoine), Annales de la soed copies and from manuscript, with a me- ciete des soi-disans jdsuites; ou recueil hismoir and notes by William Carew Hazlitt. torique-chronologique de tous les actes,dcrits, 2 v. xiiii, 508 pp; 3 p. 1. 360 pp. 4 pl. sm. denonciations, avis doctrinaux, [etc.] contre 4~. IRozbughe library, 1869-70. la doctrine, l'enseignemeut, les entreprises et CONTENTS. les forfaits des soi-disans j6suites, depuis 1552, v. 1. Flowers. 6poque de leur naissance en France, jusqu'en Dan Bartholmew of Bathe. Dulce bellum inexpertis. 1763. [anon.] 5 v. 4~. Paris, 1764-1771. Hearbes. Supposes: a comedie. Gazlay (Rev. Sayrs). Comments on select Welocasta, traedie. passages of the holy scriptures. 563 pp. Aduentures of master F. I. 12~. Cincinnati, Elm street printing co. 1870. Notes of instruction. v. 2. The glasse of gouernment. Gegenwirtiger zustand derer finantzen von The princelye pleasures at the court of Kenel woorth. Franckreich, worinnen die bissherigen unThe hermit's tale. ternehmungeudesherrnLaw [etc.] angefihrt The steel glass. The complaynt of Phylomene. und erlautert werden; als ein ander theil der The grief ofjoye. Poems from The noble art of venerie or hunting. beschreibung des lnississipischen handels, Poems attributed to George Gascoigne. und supplement zu der europaischen fama. Gataker (Thomas). Antithesis partim Guil. [anon.] 5 p. 1. 252 pp. I portrait. 18o. LeipAmesii, partim Gisb. Voetii de sorte thesi- zig, 1. F. Gleditsch, 1720. bus reposita. Ed. 2a. 150 pp. 11. 180. Lug- [ With AUSFUHRLICHE beschreibung des landes Louduni Batavorum, H. Verbiest, 1659. isiana, etc.] Gathered (A) blossom, and other stories. Geijer (Erik-Gustaf). Histoire de Subde [anon.] 216 pp. I pl. 18~. Philadelphia, depuis les premiers temps jusqu'a nos.jours. presbyterian board of publication, 1867. [1801]. Traduite par J. F. de Lundblad. Gaudry (Albert). Animaux fossiles et g6olo- 4 v. in 2. gie de l'Attique, d'apres les recherches faites en 1855-56, et en 1860, sous les auspices de Geissert (Johann). Eir ritterlich und adelich l'acad6miedes sciences. 474 pp. 1 1; Atlas, kunstbuch: darinnen von reiten, zeumen, 4 p. 1. 74 pl. 1 map. 4~. Paris, F. Savy, auch rosz artzney, item allerlei stangen, [etc. ] 1862-67. i aussfiihrlicher bericht begriffen, dergleichen Gault de Saint Germain (Pierre Marie). Vie zuvor niemahls ausgangen. 6 1. 102 pl. fol. de Nicolas Poussin, consid6r6 commne chef de Kobur, C. Bcertschen, 1615. l'6cole frangoise, suivie de notes inddites et I Gelasius. De duabus naturis in Christo, adauthentiques sur sa vie et ses ouvrages, des uersus Eutychen et NestoriumL. fol. Tigveri, mesures de la statue de l'Antinoiis, de la de- 15171. scription de ses principaux tableaux, et du I [rn SIMLER (Josias). Scripta veteruin latina, etc.] catalogue de ses ceuvres completes, [etc.] 80, Gellert (Christian fiirchtegott). Course of 76 pp. 36 pl. 8~0. Paris, P, Didot l'aine, 1806. muoral lectures, delivered by himn in the uniGaultier de Chatillon (Philippe). Mag. Phil- versity of Leipsick. 2 v. 8~. Kelso, A. Balippi Gualteri ab Insulis, dicti de Castellione, lantyne, 1805. liber qui dicitur Moralium dogma, de virtu- [DAviEs (Mrs. M.) The life of professor Gellert, v. tibus et vitiis oppositis moraliter et philoso- 2-3]. Gellius (Aulus). Noctivm atticarvin libri phice determinans. Recensuit Thor Sundby. Gellius (Aulus) N tiv atticav ib xix. 1301. fol. Basil ax, apud A. Carlxxxiij pp. 80. Havnie, L. Klein, 1869. [In SUN1)BY (Thor). Brunetto Latinos levnet og tandruene, suniptie L. Hornken, 1519. skrifter]. Genebrard (Gilbert). Emtoa?'w;y7 rabbinica ad Gawlikowski (-). Guide complet de la legenda et intelligenda Hebroelrumll t oriendance. Contenant le quadrille, ]a polka, lat talium sinle punltis scripta. 40( pp. I6o. polka-mazurka, [etc.] I p. 1. 114 pp. 2 1. 1 Ultrajecti, 7'. Appels, 1702. pl. 24C. Paris,'lride, 1838. [17 RE:TAN) (A.) Analerta rabbinica] 17

Page  130 130 GENERAL-POST. GESSEL. General-post (The) bag; or, news! foreign Germanus-continued. and domestic. To which is added La baga- Rerum ecclesiasticarum contemplatio telle. By Humphrey Hedgehog. [pseu- grmece et latine, G. Herueto interprete. fol. don. for John Agg]. 3d ed. xvi, 140 pp. Parisiis, 1624. 163. London, J. Johnston, 1815. [In BIBLIOTHECA vetervm patrvm, v. 2]. Genlis (Stephanie Felicit6 Ducrest de St. Au- Geronymo de la Cruz (Fr.) Defensa de los bin, comtesse de). Sacred dramas, written in estatvtos y noblezas espaniolas. Destierro French, translated by Thomas Holcroft. viii, de los abvsos, y rigores de los informantes. 136 pp. 120. Fredericksburg, L. A. Mullin, 8 p. 1.'299 pp. 14 1. fol, Zaragofa, P. Es1797. cuer, 1637. s. [Note.-A translation of v. 1 of her Thl6tre d'6duca- [ With ARAGON. Consvltationis resolvtio, etc.] Gersticker (Friedrich). Neue reisen dutch Gentlenman's (The) magazino. Doc. 1869, to die Vereinigten Staaten, Mexico, Ecuador, Nov. 1870. Entirely new [6th] series, v. 4-5. WestindienundVenezuela. 3v. 18. Jena, [Completeseries, v.228-229]. 8~. London, H. Costenoble, 1868. It'. H. Allen S co. 1870. Gerstaicker (Julius Victor). Handbuch der Gentlemen of the north. A satire. To which zoologie. Arthropoden. See Carus (Julius is prefixed two select scenes fiom the play of Victor) and Gerstacker. Northern politics, or borough management. Geschichte der englischen colonien, etc. See Sometime since announced, but never pub- History of the British dominions in North lished. [A poem. anon.] 84 pp. 160. America. Montrose, author, 1818. Geschichte (Eine) der thatsachen und umGeorgi (Carl August). Karl Heinrich Ferdi- stande die entfiihrung und vermuthete ermornand Schiitze auf Schweta. Ein bild seines dung des William Morgan betreffend. Und lebens nach seinen eigenen mitndlichen und auch von dem versuch der gemacht wurde, schriftlichen mittheilungen gezeichnet. 1 David C. Muller zu entfiihren, und seine p. 1. 157 pp. 8S. Leipzig, F. A. Brockhaus, druckerey zu verbrennen oder zu zerst6ren. 1861. Vorbereitet unter der direction der verschieGeorgia. The constitution of the state of denen committeen, welche von versammGeorgia, with full marginal notes and a co- lungen der burger der caunties Genesee, Livpious and analytical index thereto. By John ingston, Ontario, Monroe, und Niagara, in L. Conley. 88 pp. 8e. Atlanta, Nlew Era dem Staate Neu-York gehalten wurden. establishment, 1870. [(anon.] 80 pp. 16~. [n.p.] 1828. Geschichte und handlung der fianzosischen Georgia (University of). Catalogue of books pflanzstadte in Nordamerika, nebst einer zuin the library. Williams Rutherford,jr. libra- rian. 192 pp. 8~. Athens, (Ga.) college, verssgen nachrchtvon derenbevlkerung, ihren einwohnern [etc. 1 wie auch einer kur1858. S. zen einleitung in die jezige strittigkeiten der Gerard de Nerval. See L'abrunie de Nerval (G6rard). do Nenal. Se Labruie doerval Englander und Franzosen wegen Akadien. (Gdrard). Gerbier (Balthazar). The interpreter of theap. 160. StuBgart, academie for forrain langvages, and all noble J. B. Mezler, 1756. Gesner (Conrad). Bibliotheca institvta et sciences, and exercises. The first part. 190 pp. I tb.0 Lonon158collecta primvm a Conrado Gesnero, deinde pp. 1 tab. 4~. London, 1548. pp.1ab. Eondonc1548. i a in epitomen redacta et nouorum libroruf accesGermarius, patriarcha. Encomium in sancGe'rmanus..patrirca Encominm in san- sione locupletata, iam vero postremo recogtissimam deiparam greece et latine, Petro ti a d a nita, et in dnplurn post priores editiones Pantino interprete. fol. Parisiis, 164., aucta, per Iosiam Simlerum tigvrinvm. 5 p. 1. [In BIBLIOTHECA vetervm patrvm, v. 2]. In beatam sanctissimne deiparve virginis. fol. i, C. Froschoer, dormitionem oratio grmeceet latine, A. Schotto 1574. interprete. fol. Parisiis, 1624. Thrdsor des remedes secrets povr les [In BIBLIOTHECA vetervm patrvm, v. 2]. maladies des femmes. Pris du Latin, et fait Oratio in sanctam natiuitatem deiparre franois. [anon.] 7 p 1. 924 pp. 8 1. 160. virginis grmce etlatine, A. Schotto interprete. Paris, M. Sonnius, 1617. fol. Parisiis, 1624. Gessel (Tiemann). Synopsis locorum sacrm [in~ BIBLIOTHECA vetervm patrvm, v. 2]. scripture, patrum, et recentiorum quorun

Page  131 GESSEL. GIOVIO. Gessel (Tiemann)-continued. Gilliland (Thomas)-contiuued. dam theologorum quibus demonstratur quse- earliest period to the present time; including nam sint ad salutem creditu necessaria et a biographical and critical account of all the sufficientia. Collegit Simplicius Christiano- dramatic writers, from 1660; and also of the catholicus. [pseudon.] 19 p. 1. 198 pp. 18o. most distinguished performers from the days Amsteledami, 1650. of Shakspeare to 1807: and a history of the Gething (Richard). Calligraphotechnia, or, country theatres in England, Ireland, and the art of faire writing sett forth, and newly Scotland. 2 v. xii, 624 pp. 1 portrait; I p. 1. enlarged. 371. obl. 40. London, 1652. pp. 625-1048, 1 portrait. 16~. London, Getreue (Der) anbeter. Ein gebet. und erbau- C. Chapple, 1808. Dungsbuch ffur katholische christen. [anon.] Gilman (Arthur). First steps in English 352 pp. 32~0. Einsiedeln, etc. K. & N. lien- literature. 231 pp. 160. 1ew York, Hurd zigrer, 1869. 4 HozUlton, 1870. Getze (J. A.) School for the parlor-organ, Gilpin (Rev. William). The life of William melodeon, and harmoniumn: containing full Baker, and a sermon at his funeral. 16~. primary and rudimental exercises, progres- Philadelphia, 1817. sive lessons, studies, scales, favorite melo- [ill LIVES (The) of John Trueman and Richard Atkins, pp. 83-111]. dies, marches, etc. 144pp. obl. 40~. Phila- in delphia, Lee Walker, 19 Gindroz (Andr6). De l'instruction primaire Geyer (Eric Gustave). See Geijer (Erik dans le canton de Vaud. Expos6 de la loi Gustaf). eyer(EricGustave. eeGeijer(Erik sur les ecoles primaires. 127 pp. 80~. LauGustaf). sanne, M. Ducloux, 1l34. Geyler (Alfred). Report on mining, etc. nne,., See D'Aligny (H. F. Q. ) Gioberti (Vincenzo). 1 gesuita moderno. Edizione originale. 5 v. 8~. Losanna, S. BoGhillany (Friedrich Wilhelm). Europ/iische z chronik von 1492 bis ende April 1865. Mit.. r.besonder~er beiiiek derGionta (Stefano). II fioretto delle croniche di besondere br.csichti g de frie des Mantova, di nvovo ristampato, con l'agoionta vertrage. Ein handbuch faur freunde der di molte cose; doue si uede l'origine di essa politik und geschichte. [etc.] 3 v. 8~ politik und gescllichte. [etc.] 3 v. 80. citta, con la maggior parte delle cose nota Leipzig, O. Wigand, 1865-67. Ghislandi (Elis*o). Prima lezione do metodo bill occorse in lei, tanto di guerra come di Ghislandi (Eliseo). Prima lezione de metodo pace. 2 v. in 1. 120 pp. 18~. llMaentouca, F. per istruire i sordomuti. 18 pp. 8c. Milano, pace. 2 v. in 1. regia stamperia, [about 1868]. Osanna, 187. Giovanni fiorentino. I1 pecorone, nel quaGibbons (James). Miscellaneous and patriotic le si conte tinquanta novelle anticle, -s6p 1. id ipn le si contengono cinquanta novelle antiche, poems. 64 pp. 160% Philadelphia, printed poe e 64 16b, belle d'invenzione e di stile. [Edizione curaJbr private circullation, 1870. forpri atecirculation 10.) ta da Gaetano Poggiali. Con note di A. M. Gibson (Rev. Charles B.) Life among con-, Salvini]. 2 v. xxxii, 304 pp. I portrait; 307 victs. 2 v. x, 304 pp. I portrait; viii, 305 pp. 120. Loudra, [Livprno], r. Baicker, 120. Londown, Hurst & Blaxckcett, 186;3. pp. 12~. Londra, [Livorno], R. Banclker, 12~. London, Hurst & Blackett, 1863. 173 Gibson (S.) Haney's manual of sion, caribson (S.) Haney's manual of sin, ar- Giovanni Giuseppe di s. Teresa. Istoria riage, and decorative painting. 90 pp.. delle gverr del rego del Brasile acadvt delle gverre del regno del Brasile, accadvte New York, J. Haney,- co. [ 1870]. [HANEY'S trade mane4-couals]. [187 tra la corona di Portogallo, e la repvblica di [HANEY'S trade manuals]. Gilbert (John T.) Historic and municipal Olanda. 2 v. in 1. 6 p. 1. 23 pp. 81; 211 documents of Ireland. A. D. 1172-1320. See pp. 10 1. 21 pl. fol. Roma, eredi del CorbelGreat Britain. Public record oice. letti, 1698. Gilbert (WX. S.) The " Bab " ballads. Much Giovanni, t ilanese. See Regimen sanitatis salernitanum. sOIXund and little sense. 222pp. 1 pl. sm. 4~. soundaon, J. C. Htten, 1869. 40Giovio (Paolo). Dialogus de viris litteris ili lustribus. Cui addite sunt Vincii, MichaeGill (Mary Harvey). Hours with the young- us A eli.ini est, no. 2. The second year in infant school:, Raphacls urbinatis vit. 8. being a course of instruction about the Lord Venezia, Stella, 1796. [In TIRABOSCHT (G.) Storia della letteratura italiaour God. xix, 103 pp. 160. New York, A. D. na. v. 7, pt. iiii. pp. 1594-1645]. F. Randolph, 1866. A shorte treatise vpon the Turkes Gilliland (Thomas). The dramatic mirror; chronicles. Drawen oute of the Italyen containing the history of the stage from the tong in to Latyne, by Franciscus Niger bas

Page  132 1Z32 GIOVIO. GODKIN. Giovio (Paolo)-rcontinued. Gleason (Samuel Wight). The spirit home: sianates. And translated out of Latyne into a closet companion. Dedicated to mothers Englysh, by Peter Ashton. [etc. ] 8 p. 1. and their children, given by spirits from the cxl I. numbered, 4 1. unp. 18C. London, higher sphere. 241 pp. 120. Boston, 1852. E. Whitchurche, 1546. Glenn (Samuel F.) Gravities and gaieties. Girard (Just). Excursion d'un touriste au 2 p. 1. 116 pp. 16~. Washington, R. FarnMexique pendant l'ann6e 1854. 1 p. 1. 188 harn, 1839. pp. 1 pl. 80. Tours, Mamne 4' cie. 1859. Glimpse (A) of the great secret society. [The Girard (Paul E.) A complete French class Jesuits. anon.] 2d ed. xxix, 125 pp. 1 1. book. 3 v. in 1. 120. Philadelphia, Clazton, 8~. London, W. Macintosh, 1868. Reoeseen 8& Hlaffelfinger, 1871. Gloucester (The) and Rockport directory for CONTENTS. 1870-71; no. 2. By Sampson, Davenport & A complete treatise on French pronunciation. [etc.] CO. 80. Gloucester, Proctor brothers, 1870. viii, iv, 30 pp. 1871. " A progressive French reader. (Perrin's fables). Gmelin(Prof. Leopold). Hand-book of chemThoroughly revised and arranged to be used as a istry. Translated by Henry atts. 15v. French reader, translator, and book of composition istry. Translated by Henry Vatts. 15v. and conversation. With a general and particular 80. London, Cavendish society, 1848-60. index. [etc.] iv, 152 pp. 1S71. A new French grammar. Followed by grammatical CONTENTS. exercises and conversational lessons. iv, 125 pp. 1871. v. 1. Cohesion, adhesion, affinity, light, heat, and electricity. 1848. Girardin (Emile de). L'impot. Nouvelle ed. v. 2. Non-metallic elements. 1849. v. 3-6. Metals. 1849-52. 2 p. i. 436 pp. 1 tab. 80. Pqris, librairie v. 7-15. Organic chemistry. 9 v. nouvelle, 1853. v. 7. Generalities of organic chemistry. Organic compounds containing two atoms of carbon. Giraud (A.). Caf6s de Paris, proc6d6s uniques 1852. pour la preparation du cafd, glorias, grogs * v. 8. Organic compounds containing two and four patoms of carbon. 1853. l'Amdricaine, [etc.] 75 p. 2 1. 80. Paris, v. 9. Organic compounds containing four and six atoms of carbon. 1855. 18S53 v. 10. Organic compounds containing eight and ten atoms of carbon. 1856. Giraudeau (Fernand). Nos mieurs politiques. v. it. Oreaniu compounds containing ten and Lettres au r6dacteur du Constitutionnel. 418 twelve atoms of carbon. 1857. v. 12. Organic compounds containing fourteen pp. 1 1. 8~. Paris, E. Dentu, 1868. atoms of carbon. 1856, v. 13. Organic compounds containing sixteen and Girava (Hieronymo). La cosmographia, y eighteen atoms of carbon. 1859 geographia particularmente de las Indias y v. 14. Organic compounds containing twenty and twenty-two atoms of carbon. 1860. tierra nueva. 4 p. 1. 272 pp. 51. 4 4. Vene- v. 15. Organic compounds containing twenty-four tia, I. Zileti, y su cosipaltero, 1570. atoms of carbon. 1862. Giry de Saint-Cyr. See Saint-Cyr. Goddard (Samuel A.) The American rebellion. Giulio (Giovanni Domenico). Le veglie di s. Letters on the Antericau rebellion. 1860 to Agfostino vescovo di Bona, e le notti di s. 1865, etc. xvi, 583 pp. 8~. London, SinlyMaria Maddalena penitente. [anon.] 340 kin, Mashlall & co. 187(. pp. 1 8. Napoli, 1830. Goddard (William Giles). Political and misGladden (Washington). From the hub to cellaneous writings. Edited by his son, the H1udson: with sketches of nature, histo- Francis W. Goddard. 2 v. xxxiii, 568 pp. ry and industry in northwestern Massachu- I portrait; vii, 535 pp. 8~. Procidcnce, S. setts. 149 pp. 16~. Boston, New England S. Rider 4- brother, 1870. news co. 1869. Godde de Liancourt (Caliste Auguste) and Glanz (Peter). Die einkomlnensteuer in Oes- i Manning (James A.) Pius the tninth; or, terreich. Eine sammlung der verordnungen the first year of his pontificate. 2 v. 1 p. 1. und erlasse iiber das einkommensteuergesetz. 312 pp. I portrait; I p. 1. 422 pp. 120. Lon viii, 251 pp. 80. Tfien, IW. Brauneiiller, 1,59. donl, 1'. Caitlecy N1ewby, 1847-48. Glasscock (Lemutel). The life and travels of Godey's lady's book and mnagazire. Jan. Lemluel Glasscock. 27 pp. 80. [Maysville, 1860, to June, 1863; Jan. 1864, to June, 1865. (Ky.) 1841]? I v. 60-66, 68-70. 80. Philadelphia, L. A. Gleason (Mrs. R. B. m. d.) Talks to my pa- Godey, 1860-65. tients; hints on getting well and keeping Godkill (James). Ireland and her churches. well. 228 pp. 1 pi. 12~. New York, Wood xxxv, 623 pp. 8~. London, Chapman 4. 4J Holbrook, 1870. Hall, 1867.

Page  133 GODKIN. GOMEZ. Godkin (James)-continued. Goethe (Johann W.)-continued. The land-war in Ireland. A history for 485 pp. 120. London, Longman, Green, the times. xii, 436 pp. 8~. London, Mac- Long7nman, Roberts 4, Green, 1864. millan 4 co. 1870. - Hermann and Dorothea. Translated Godwin or Godwyn (Rev. Morgan). The by Ellen Frothinghbam. 2 p. 1. 165 pp. 5 pl. negro's and Indian's advocate, suing for their 120. Boston, Roberts brothers, 1870. admission into the church: or a persuasive Goffe (Thomas). Three excellent tragedies. to the instructing and baptizing of the negro's Viz. The raging Turk, or, Bajazet the secand Indians in our plantations. Shewing, ond. The courageous'I'urk, or, Amurath that as the compliance therewith can preju- the first, and the tragoedie of Orestes. 2d dice no man's just interests; so the wilful ed. I p. 1.263 pp. 160. London, G. Bedell neglecting and opposing of it, is no less than g& T. Collins, 1656. a manifest apostacy from the christian faith. Gold and tinsel. A novel. By the author of To which is added, a brief account of religion "The ups and downs of an old maid's life." in Virginia. 7 p. 1. 174 pp. I 1'2. London, [anon.] 3 v. 160. London, Tinsley brothers, 16?0. 1870. A supplement to the negro's and Indian's Golden grain library. 6 v. 18~. Philadeladvocate: or, some further considerations phia, Perkinpine & Higgins, [1870]. and proposals for the effectual and speedy CONTENTS. carrying on of the negro's christianity in our Doctor apple. Pigeon's bronze boots. First patch. Snowed in. plantations (notwithstanding the late pre- Nate's gold ring. Two tough knots. tended impossibilities) without any preju- Golden sands from the ocean of divine wisdice to their owners. By M. G. a presbyter dom. By the author of "Emma Allen." of the church of England. [anon.] 12 pp. [anon.] 164 pp. 1 pl. 180. Philadelphia, sm. 40. London, J. D. 1681. Presbyterian board of publication, 1865. Godwin or Godwyn (Rev. Thomas). Ap- Golden (The) wreath for the month of May, paratvs historico-criticvs antiqvitatvm sacri composed of daily considerations on the codicis et gentis hebramme, vberrimis annota- triple crown of our blessed lady's joys, sor tionibvs in Thomrne Goodwini Mosen et rows, and glories. With hymns set to music Aaronem.l xpp. 31. 820 pp. 331. 40. Fran- for May devotions. [anon.] 128 pp. 180. Notre Dame, (Ind.) "Ave Maria" press, 1866. Romnane historie anthologia recognita Goldman (Jacob). The voice of truth, or, In the comforts of life and their reverses. et aucta. An English exposition of the Ro- th e c omforts of li and their everses. mnan antiquities: wherein many Roman and Translated into English by rev. S. Good English offices are parallel'd, and divers ob- Man. 1 p..I pp. 1]2. Philadelphia, scare phrases explain'd. 3 p. 1. 270 pp. 10. Kin & Baird, 1870. smi. 4~. London, R. Clhiswoell, 1689. Goldsborough (W. W.) The Maryland line Moses and Aaron: civil and ecclesiasti- in the confederate states army. 357 pp. 9 porcal rights [rites], used by the ancient He- traits. 120. Baltimore, Kelly, Piet e, co. 1869. brews; [etc.] 12th ed. 4 p.1.270 pp. 5. Goldschmidt (M.) The flying mail. Transsmin. 40. Lonon, R. Scot, [etc.] 1685. lated by C. Larsen. 4'2 pp. 16~. Boston [ W/ith his Roman antiquities]. and Catmbridge, Lever, Francis 4, co. Goethe (Johann Wolfgang von). Faust. Goldsmith (Lewis). El tizon de Francia. Trag6die, traduite en Francais par m. A. Stap- 0, cr6nica escandalosa de la rasa imperial fer, orn6e d'un portrait de l'auteur, et de dix- de Buonaparte y de su corte, mariscales y sept dessins composes d'apres les principales estado militar. Obra publicada en Londres, sce8es de l'ouvrage et ex6cut6s sur pierre traducida y extractada para el uso y major par m. E. Delacroix. 1 p. 1. iv, 148 pp. 1 inteligencia del pueblo espafiol por d. G. G. A. portrait, 17 pl. fol. Paris, C. Motte, 1828. no. i-ii. xi pp. 1 1. 84 pp; I 1. 112 pp. 18c. The same. Faust. A tragedy. The Sevilla, A. Lopez, 1813. first part, translated, in the original metres, Gomez Pedraza (Manuel). Manifiesto que by Bayard Taylor. xviii, 405 pp. 8~. Bos- Manuel Gomez Pedraza, ciudadano de Mejico, ton, Fields, Osgood Sr co. 1871. dedica a sus compatriotas; o sea, una reThe same. Faustus: the second part. sefind de sn vida publica. 129 pp. 1. 16~. From the German, by John Anster. lxxxvii, Nueva-Orleans, B. Levy. 1831.

Page  134 134 GONCOURT. GOODWIN. Goncourt (Edmond Louis Antoine de) and Goodwin (Thomas)-continued. Jules (Alfred Huot de). Itistoire de la -- A childe of light walking in darknesse: soci6td frangaise pendant le directoire. 2e Ed. or a treatise shewing the causes, by whichvii, 441 pp. 1 1. 80. Paris, E. Dentu, 1855. the cases, wherein-the ends, for which-God Gondrecourt (Henri Ange Alfred de). Les leaves his children to distresse of conscience. prdtendants de Catherine. 5 v. in 2. 160. Together with directions how to walke, so as Bruxelles, Meline, Cans & cie. 1853. to come forth of such a condition. With Gongora y Argote (Luis de). An istori- other observations upon Esay 50, 10 and 11 Gongora y Argote (Luis de). An historical and critical essay on the times of Philip verses. 6 p. 1. 166 p sm. 40. [n. p. about 1650]. iii and iv of Spain. With translations by works]. [GOOD WIX'S works]. Edward Churton. 2 v. xix, 299 pp. 1 por. Christ set forth in his death, resurrectrait; xii, 302 pp. 16~. London, J. Murray, trait; xii, 302 pp. 160. London, J. Murray, tion, ascension, sitting at God's right hand, 1862. intercession as the cause of justification, Gonzalez del Campillo (Manuel Ignacio). objctjustifying faith, [etc.] Toether with Manifiesto, con otros documentos para desena treatise discovering the affectionate tenderganfo de los incautos. 4 p.l. 166 pp. sin. 4*~ MexicoaArizpe, 812. nesse of Christ's heart now in heaven, unto 4~. Mexico, Arizpe, 1819., sinners on earth. 9 p. 1. 202 pp. sm. 40. Good cheer. (Being the extra number of Good words). Christmas, 1869 and 1870. 66 [GooDWIN'S works]. [GOODWIN'S works]. pp. 1 pl; 52 pp. 1 p1. 8~. London, Strahan ____ Christ the universall peace-maker: or, & co. [1869-70]. the reconciliation of all the people of God, [ With GooD WORDS for 1869 and 1870]. notwithstanding all their differences, [and] Goode (William). The divine rule of faith d enmities. 1 p.1.58 pp. sm.4~. London, R. and practice; or, a defence of the catholic doctrine that holy scripture has been, since DawlInan, 1651. the times of the apostles, the sole divine [G EncouraN emsents to faith. Drawn from rule of faith and practice to the church, severall engagements, both of God's [and] against the dangerous errors of the authors Christ's heart, to receive [and] pardon sinof the Tracts for the times, and The romnan- ners. I p.1.'29 pp. sm. 4C. London, R. cists; as, particularly, that the rule of faith is Dawlnlman, 1650.' nade up of scripture and tradition toge- [GOODnwIS'S works]. ther;" etc. In which also the doctrines of f The heart of Christ in heaven, towards the apostolical succession, the eucharistic sinners on earth. Or, a treatise demonstratsacrifice, etc. are fully discussed.'2 v. ing the gracious disposition and tender affecxxxviii, 494 pp; viii, 604 pp. 8~. P/iltdel- tion of Christ in his humane nature now in phia, H. Hooker, 1842. glory, unto his memlbers under all sorts of Good-fellow's (The) calendar, and alnianack infirmities, either of sin or misery. 4 p. 1. of perpetual jocularity; containing a choice 140 pp. sn. 40 London, R. Dowlinan, 1642. collection of laughable narratives, facetious [GooDnVIN'S works]. anecdotes, singular facts, and mirth-yieldig The returne of prayers. A treatise, details. [anon.] p. 1. 344 pp. 12~. Lon- wherein this case (how to discerne God's andon, Sherwood, Gilbert & Piper, 1826. swers to our prayers) is briefly resolved. Goodrich (Frank B.) World-famous women. With other observations upon psalm 85, 8. A portrait gallery of female loveliness, concerning Gods speaking peace, etc. 8 p. 1. achievement and influence; from Semiramis 100 pp. 40. London, R. Dawlman, 1651. to Eugenie. [etc.] 424 pp. 19 pl. 80. Cin- [GOODwIN's works]. cinnati, W. H. Moore - co. 1871. A state of glory for spirits of just men Good words. [A monthly religious magazine], upon dissolution, demonstrated. [etc.] 5 p.1. Edited by Norman Macleod, d.d. Jan. to Dec. 71 pp. sm. 40. London, B. Dawlman, 1657. 1870. v. 11. 80. London, Strahan & co. 1870. [GOODWIN'S works]. Goodwin (Thomas). Aggravation of sinne: The tryall of a christians growth in and sinning against knowledge, mercie, umortification, or purging out corruption. [etc.] 2 p. 1.92 pp. sm. 40. London, R Vivification, or bringing forth more fruit. Daw0/man, 1650. A treatise handling this case, how to discerne [GOODwIN'S works]. our growth in grace: [etc.] Together with

Page  135 135 GOODWIN. GOUDAR1. Goodwin (Thomas)-continued. Gore (Mrs. Catherine F. G.)-continued. some observations upon the parable of the - Pin money. A novel. [anon.] 2 v. vine, John 15, 1, 2 verses. 2 p. 1. 110 pp. 31. in 1. 208 pp; 200pp. 12. Plhiladlphia, sm. 4'. London, R. Dawmlnan, 1650. E. L. Carey,4 A. Hart, 1834. [GOODWIN'S works]. - Preferment; or, my uncle the earl. The vanitie of thoughts discovered: 2 v. in 1. 195 pp; 180 pp. 120. New York, with their danger and cvre. 3 p. 1. 33 pp. Harper & brothers, 1840. 40. London, R. Dawlman, 1650. Gorham (A. T.) Pilgrim praises: a collec[GoDWrIN'S works]. tion of hymns and tunes for sunday-school Goppelsrceder (Friedrich). Ueber petroleum and social meetings. [etc.] 112 pp. obl. 160~. und dessen producte; nebst einem anhange Boston, advent christian publication society, iiber feuerl6schmittel. [etc.] 4 p. 1.72 pp. 1867. 80. Basel, H. Amberger, 1869. Gosse (Philip Henry). The birds of Jamaica. Gordon (John). Memoirs, [during] thirteen By P. H. Gosse; assisted by Richard Hill, years in the Scots college at Paris, amongst esq. of Spanish-town. x, 447 pp. 12G. the secular clergy. Wherein the absurdities London, J. Van Voorst, 1847. and delusions of popery are laid open, [etc.] Illustrations of the birds of Jamaica. 12,132 pp. 2 pl. 16~. London, J. Oswald, 2p. 1. 52 col. pl. 80. London, J. Van Voorst, 1733. 1819. [ With MAR'TIN (Isaac). Tryal and sufferings]. Gosson (Stephen) Playes confuted in flue Gordon (William, d. d.) The separation of actions, prouing that they are not to be the Jewish tribes, after the death of Solomon, suffred in a christian common weale. Lonaccounted for, and applied to the present day, don, T. Gosson, [1581 ]. sm. 40. [London, etc. in a sermon preached before the general reprinted], 1869. court, on Friday, July 4th, 1777. 37 pp. 80. [RoXBUnGHe library publications. English drama and stage, 1543-1664, edited by W. C. Hazlitt. pp. Boston, J. Gill, 1777. 157-218]. Gordon (Rev. William R.) The church of Gothaischer genealogischer hofkalender God and her sacraments. 208 pp. 160. New nebst diplomatisch-statistischem jahrbuch auf York, board of publication of the reforrmed das jahr 1870. xii pp. 16 1. 1066 pp. 1 1. 5 church in America, 1870. portraits. 320. Gotha, J. Perthes, 1870. Gore (Mrs. Catherine Frances Grace). The Gbthe. See Goethe. abbey, and other tales. 2 v. in 1. 204 pp; Gottfried (Johann Ludwig). [pseuldon.] for 204 pp. 12~. Philadelphia, Lea & Blanchard, Johan Philipp Abelin. See Avity 1840. (Pierre d'). The dowager; or, the new school for Gbttingen. Royal observatory. Astronomische scandal. 2 v. in 1. 203 pp; ~204 pp. 120. mittheilungen von der konigl. sternwarte zu Philadelphia, Lea S& Blanchard, 1841. G6ttingen. Herausgegeben von der kdnigrTheheirofSelwood. [anon.] 2v. inl. lichen gesellschaft der wissenschaften. 1er 216 pp; 205 pp. ]2~. Philadelphia, E. L. theil. [Oder], Mittlere oerter der in den Carey &, -A. Hart, 18.38. zonen -00 und -1~ der Bonner durchmusThe lover and the husband; the woman terung enthaltenen sterne bis zu 9m0 gr6sse, of a certain age, etc. See Dugrail de La Vil- beobachtet und auf 1875.0 reducirt von Ralph lette (Charles Bernard). Copeland und Carl B6rgen. xxv, 147 pp. The man of fortune, and other tales. 4D. Gdttingen, A. Rente, 1869. s. 2 v. in 1. 206 pp; 204 pp. 12'. Philadelphia, Gottlieb und Wilhelm, oder: unterhaltungen Lea & Blanchard, 1842. zweier protestanten iiber dr. Martin Luthers Mary Raymond, and other tales. 2 v. lehren zu gunsten der katholischen religion. in 1. 3 p.1.207 pp; 207 pp. 12~. Phila- [anon.] viii, 128pp. 12~. St. Louis, (Mo) delphia, Lea & Blanchard, 1838. F. Saler, 1858. The miseries of marriage; or, the fair Gottschalk (Louis Moreau). Life and letof May fair. [anon.] Containing, The ters. 1870. See Hensel (Octavia). separate maintenance, The divorcee, The Goudar (Sarah). Remarques sur les Anecflirt of ten seasons, etc. 2v. in 1. 224 pp; dotes de madame Dubarri. Traduites de 2:3S pp. 120. Pi.laddlphia, E. L. Carey i' l'Anglais. [pseudon.] 140 pp. 16~. LonA. Hart, 1834. dres, 1777.

Page  136 136 GOUDELIN. (GRACE. Goudelin or Goudouli (Pierre). Las obros Gould (James L.) and Sheville (John). de Pierre Goudelin, augmentados de forgo Guide to the royal arch chapter. 272 pp. 2 pessos, e le dicciounari sur la lengo moun- pl. 180. New Yori, 1870. dino [par Jan Pech]. Quatriemo 6 darriero [MASONIC publishing co. Ritual of freemasonry]. impressiu. [etc. ] 27 p. 1. 364 pp. 42 1..1 pl. Gould (John). The birds of Australia. Sup160. Amsterdam, D. Pain, 1700. plement. part v. 19 1. 16 pl. fol. London, [In RECuEIL des poates gascons, v. 1]. author, 1869. Gouge (Henry A.) New system of ventila- Gould (Sabine Baring). See Baring-Gould tion, which has been thoroughly tested under (Sabine). the patronage of many distinguished persons, Goulding (Rev. F. R ) The Woodruff stories. 3d ed. 2 p. 1. 176 pp. 80. New York, D. Van Nacoochee; or, boy-life from home. 217 pp. Nostrand, 1870. 4 pl. 16~. Philadelphia, Claxton, Remsen Gouge (William). The whole armovr of God. 8s Haffelfinger, 1871. Or, a christians spirituall furniture, to keepe Sal-o-quah; or, boy-life among him safe from all the assaults of Satan. [etc.] the Cherokees. 265 pp. 4 pl. 16C. Phila2 v. in 1. 11 p. 1. 302 pp. 5 1; 6 p. 1. 386 pp. delphia, Clazton, Remsen - Haffelfinger, 1870. 7 1. fol. London, J. Beale, 1627. Goulds (The) manufacturing co. Catalogue Gough (Benjamin). Lyra sabbatica. Hymns of suction and force pumps, hydraulic rams, and poems for sundays and holy days. xvi, Burrall's patent iron corn-shellers, gas-pumps 176 pp. 160. London, Houlston & Wright, or blowers, [etc.] manufactured by the 1865. Goulds manufacturing company, Seneca Gough (John B.) Autobiography and person- Falls, N. Y. 122 pp. 1 1. 80. Buffalo, Sage, al recollections, with twenty-six years' expe- son 4- co. lith. printing & nlfg. co. 1870. rience as a public speaker. 552 pp. 8 pl. I por- Gounod (F6lix Charles). " Messe solennelle." trait. 8~. Springfield, (Mass.) Bill, Nichols (St. Cecilia). Edited, and the piano-forte _4 co. 1869. accompaniment arranged by Joseph Barnby. Gould (Augustus Addison, m d.) Report on 72 pp. 8~. Boston, 0. Ditson,4 co. 1870. the invertebrata of Massachusetts, published Gouraud (Fauvel). See Fauvel-Gouraud agreeably to an order of the legislature. 2d (J. B. G.) ed comprising the mollusca. Edited by W. Gouraud (Julie, pseudon.) See Aulnay G. Binney. I p.1. vii, 524 pp. 12 1. 12 pl. (Louise d). nos. xvi-xxvii. 80. Boston, lWright Sr PotGoverness (The) and her pupil, and other ter, state printers, 1870. stories. [anon. ] 216 pp. 3 pl. 180. Phila[Extra edition, containing notice of dr. Gould]. delphia, presbyterian board of publication, Gould (Benjamin Apthorp,jr.) Reply to the 1867. " statement of the trustees" of the Dudley ob- Gozlan (Leon). Balzac chez lui. Souvenirs servatory. vii, 366 pp. 8~. Albany, Charles des Jardies. 2 p. l. iii, 302 pp. 120. Paris, Van Benthuysen, 1859. 3M. Lecy frieres, 1862. Reduction of the observations of fixed Gozzi (Gasparo). Lettere diverse. 2a ed stars, made by Joseph Lepaute d'Agelet, at 2 v. in 1. 166 pp; 5 p. 1. 160 pp. 12~. VieParis, in 1783-85; with a catalogue of the nezia, G. B. Pasquali, 1755-56. corresponding mean places, referred to the Grace (William). The army surgeon's manequinox of 1800.0. 261 pp. 4~. lashinaequinox of 1800.0. v261 pp. 4ofc Washing- ual; for the use of medical officers, cadets, ton, government printing office, 1866. t, g p, Ie. ~ chaplains, and hospital stewards, containing [In NATIONAL academy of sciences. Memoirs, v. 1]. a nt the regulations of the medical department, all The transatlantic longitude, as deter- general orders from the war department, and mined by the coast survey expedition of 1866. circulars from the surgeon-general's office. A report to the superintendent of the IJ. S. Front Jan. 1st, 1861J, to April 1st, 1865. 2d coast survey. vii, 102 pp. 4~. Washing- ed. 225 pp. 12~. New York, Baicliere ton, Smithsonian institution, 1870. brothers, 1865. [It SMITrHSONIAN contributions to kiowledge, v. is]. Grace Irving's friends. [etc. anon. ] 243 Gould (Florence). Lute Falconer. 36i2 pp. pp. 2 pl. G16. Boston, congr. sabbath-school 4 pl. 163. Boston, D. Lotlrop 8r co. 1871. 4- publishing society, 1869.

Page  137 137 GRACE. GR ATT'AN. Grace Tilden; or, seven years of service for / Granchi(Ranerio de'). Pantheologia; [seu, Christ. By Alpha. [pseudon.] 319 pp. I sunlma casuum conscientire alphabetico orpl. 160. Boston, cong. sabbath-school & dine digesta. anon]. v. 2. 370 1. unp. publishing society, 1869. fol. [1477] Graebe. See Grabe. NTote.-It is on the authority of Muratori that this author is identified wvith thle obscure poet of TusGraham (Rev. John). A history of Ireland~ cay. Each page has 2 columns of 69) lines each, in Gothic type, with no pagination, signatures, or from the relief of Londonderry, in 1689, to catchwords. the surrender of Limerick in 1691. vii, 375 Grandfather's pocket-book. By cousin Virpp. 1 portrait. 12~. Dublin, W. Curry, jun. ginia. [pseudon. ] 212 pp. 3 pl. 16G. Boston, 4- co. 1839. Nichols & Noyes, 1870. Graham (Mary). Gertrude Terry. 389 pp. [Kettle club series]. 4 pl. 16~. Philadelphia, presbyterian pub- Grand-Pierre (- Dralse de). Relation de lication committee, 1870. divers voyages faits dans l'Afrique, dans Grahame (Edith, pseudon?) Terrenia. 120 l'Am6rique, et aux Indes Occidentales. La pp. 18~. Philadelphia, presbyterian board description du royaume de Juda Benin, of publication, 1866. d'Afrique], et quelques particularitez touGrahame (Nellie, pse'd.on?) Amy Rivers; or, chant la vie du roy regnant. La relation d'une isle nouvellemnent habitde clans le dSthe girl who did not know howr to live. 142 dne isle nouvellement habit pp. 1 pl. 18~. Plilaidelph^ia pres ~yterian troit de Malacca en Asie, et l'histoire de deux pp. 1f p.18 hi, pprinces de Golconde. 5 p. 1. 352 pp. 2 1. boord of pub!ication, 1865. The evil tongue. 213 pp. 3 pl. 18~. 160. Paris, C. Jombert, 1718. Philadelphia, presbyterian board of publication, Grant (Daniel). Home politics, or the growth 1865. of trade considered in its relation to labour, Mairy Raymond; or, the girl whowanted pauperism, and emigration. 2 p. 1. 185 pp. to be a christian. 72 pp. 2 pl. 16~. Phila- 80. London, Longmans, Green, Reader 8 delphia, presbyterian board of publication, Dger, 137). [1865]. jGrant(James). Thegirlhe married. A novel. Mat Warner; or, the boy who wanted 3 v. 1I0. London, Tinsley brothers, 1869. his ow-n way. 108 pp.'2 pl. 16~. Phila- _ Memoirs of sir George Lincoln, bart. delphia, presbyterian board of publication, of Ulster. x, 484 pp. 1 portrait. 8S. Lon[!1867]. don, Tinsley brothlers, 1S70. Minna Croswell, or the girl who was Grant (Rev. Johnson). Sermons. xxiv, 417 afraid of being laughed at. 142 pp. 3 pl. zn ~pp. 8~. London, author, 1851. 18~. Philadelphia, presbyterian board of pulblication, 1865. Gr.ser (A. H.) I)ie domainen-geschosse in Only a child. 72 pp. 2 pl. 16. lPhila- der provinz Sachsen und ihre stellung zu deam 6ffentlichen stelerleinklommen. Eine delphlia, p~re1yterian ~board of publication, vorfrage auf das neue grundsteuergesetz. [18671. n Only a penny. 136 pp. (incl. 2 p.) 66 pp. 8. LEishben, G. Reichardt, 1,60. 16c. New York, Carlton & Porter, [1866]. Die steuer-natur des geschosses; oder, - Only this once. 72 pp. 2 pl. 160. urkundlicher beweis, das die unter dem naPhiladelphia, presbyterian board of publication, men des geschosses in Thtirilngen und tander[1866]. whirts nocTh vorkommende abgabe, atif grund Grailich (Prof. Joseph). Krystallographiseh- des allerh6chsten gesetzes vorn 2. Mirz 1830 optische tlntersuchungen. [etc.] 2 p... viii, unnteltlich in wegfall kommen musz. 236 pp. 80. Wiien und Olmiiz, E. H'lzel, [etc.] viij, 320 pp. I 1. o0. Eisleben, G. 1858. Reichardt, 185:3. Graley (Rev. Alfred A.) Happy hours. See Gratet-Duplessis (Pierre Alexandre). La Kingsbury (Hloward) and Graley. fleur des proverbes franqais annot6s. 2 p. 1. Granada (Juan de). Parabolae evangelicoe 632 pp.:32~. Paris, Passard, 1853. qvotqvot ab ecclesia proponuntur, moralibus Grattan (Thomas Colley). Legends of the discursibus explicatre. [etc.] 8 p. 1. 404 pp. Rhine and of the Low Countries. ix, 431 pp. 22 1. 40~. Ccesaraugustae, L. ~4 D. Robles 1 pl. 16~. London, R. Bentley, 1849. fratres, 1585. s. [BE.NTLEY'S standard novels, v. 116]. 18

Page  138 138 GRAIJ. GREAT. Grau y Monfalcon (Juan). Ivstificacion de Graziani (Girolamo). I1 conquisto di Granata. la conservacion, y comercio de las islas filipi- 2 v. 4 p. ]. 328 pp; 4 p. 1. 360 pp. 180~. nas. 3 p. 1.26 1. 40. [Madrid, 1640]. Venezia, A. Zatta 4figli, 1789. Grauert (William). First German reader Grazzini (Antonfrancesco, detto ii Lasca). with notes. 2 p.1. 116 pp. 16~. New York, La prima e la seconda cenla. Alle quali si E. Steiger, 1871. 1 aggiunge una novella che ci resta della terza Lehrgang der englischen sprache. Er- cena. [Edizione di Gaetano Poggiali; con ster [und] zweiter theil. 2 v. 3p. 1. llIpp; lavita di Grazzini scrittada A. AM. Biscioni]. iv, 118pp. 120. New York, E. Steiger, 1868. 2 V xv,334pp; 255 pp 12. Londra, Turner-schulbttcher. iii. Drittes dent- [Livorno], R. Blncker, 1793. sches lesebuch. Herausgegeben durch den Great Britain. Board of trade. Annual vorort des nordamerikanischen turner-bun- trade statement of the trade and navigation of the des, unter begutachtung einer commission des, unter bhegutactung einer commission united kingdom with foreign countries and von schulmannern. 2 p. 1.'236 pp. 12~. n British possessions in 1869. 4~. London, h. Neuw York, E. Steiyer, 1868. re. stationery offce, 1870. --- Schlegel and Grauert's course of the German language. See Schlegel (Charles -- Civil service commission. Fourteenth A.) and Grauert. report of her majesty's civil service commisGrauvogl (-von, m. d.) Text book of homceo- sioners, together with appendices. 80. Lonpathy. Translated by Geo. E. Shipman, n. d. don, G. E. Eyre & W. Spotteswoode, 1869. [etc.]'2 parts in 1 v. 341 pp; 438 pp. - Colonial office. Rules and regulations I tab. 1 portrait. 8~. Chicago, C. S. Halsey, of her majesty's colonial service. ix, 173 pp. 1870. 120. London, IV. Clowes & sons, 1843. Gravenhaagse ('s) courant. Jan.-Dec. 1776. - Council of education. Report of the fol.'s Gravenhaag, P.Gosse, jr. *' zoon, 1776. committee of council on education; with GCraves (Rev. Amasa). The great contest; or, appendix. 18f9-70. 8~. London, h. m. Christ's victory. A poem, in which the fall stationeiy ofice, 1870. of man, his redemption and glorification are --- --- Science and art department of the clearly and scripturally set forth. Together committee of council on education. The first with The poetical Iamp. 3;.35 pp. 1' 2. proofs of thim universal catalogue of books on Chlicago, author, 1870. art, compiled for the use of the national art Graves (Richard Hastings, d.d.) The ar1gu- G r library and the schools of art in the united merits for predestination and necessity con- kingdom. iv. in 2. xi, 288 pp. sn. 40 trasted with the established principles of London, Chapman4 $ Hull, 1870. s. philosophical inquiry. [etc. ] xi pp. 2 1. xv, __ I-lulia department. Ganges canal. 24a8pp. 8~. Londoun, I/HamLiltun,Adcams o.o. [" Short account of the Ganges canal." In 1829. English. Hindi, and Oordo'o]. 3 v. in 1, Gray(Alice). Nettie's mission. [etc.] 1 p. 1 with map, and pl. 4. [Calcutta, 185.2]. s. 141pp. 2pl. 180. New York, R. Carter 4 Naval department. The navy list, corbrothers, 1866. rected from the 20th December, 1869, to the Gray (Amy). The lily of the valley; or,'Oth eptember, 1820. 4v. 160. London Margie and I: and other poems. 114 PP J Murray 18(i9-70 12g. Bultiotore, Kelly 4' Piet, a1868. __ - Parliament. [Parliamentary reports and Gray (F. A.) Official topographical atlasof papers], session of 1867-6. 74 v. in 91. 8t. Massachusetts, 1871. See Walling (H. F.) [London, 1868] and Gray. [v. 18 and v. 28, parts 16-17, wanting]. Gray (George Robert). Hand-list of genera The same. Session of 1868-69. and species of birds, distinguishing those 65 v. fol. [London, 186S-69]. contained in the British museum. See [v. 35, 42, and 53 wantingl. British museum. Hansard's parliamentary deGray (XW. H.) A history of Oregon, 1792- i bates, third series; commencing with the 1849, drawn from personal olbservation and accession of William iv —33 Victorioe, 1870. authentic information. 624 pp. 1 pl. 80. v. 199-202. Comprising the period from the Portland, author, [printed at INew York], I 8th day of February, 1870, to the 8th day of 1870. August, 1870. 8~. London, C. Buck, 1870.

Page  139 139 GREAT. 19GREAT. Great Britain-continued. I Great Britain-continued. -- --- The report of the general officers, zabeth, 1598-1601. Preserved in the state appointed to enquire into the causes of the paper department of her majesty's public failure of the late expedition to the coasts of record office. Edited by Mary Anne EvFrance. [The Rochefort expedition. Also] I erett Green. 8~. London, Longrmtans, (Green a copy of his majesty's warrant for the said' &co 1839. inquiry. With an appendix, containing the The same. Reign of Charles i, papers referred to in the said report. 116 pp 1637-1638. Edited by J. Bruce. 8o. Lon80. London, A. Millar, 1758. don, Longmans, Green c4 co. 1869. [MISCELLANEOUS pamphlets. v. 63]. The same. Foreign series, of --- --- Report [1st-3d] of the lords' the reign of Elizabeth, 1563. Edited by committee of secrecy [to inquire into the Joseph Stephenson. x, 697 pp. 8~. Lo'iaffairs of the bank of England]. 3 parts don, Longmans, Green &- co. 1869. in 1 v. fol. [London, 1797]. The same. 1564-5. xvi, 605 - -- Report from the committee on pp. 8o. London, Longosans 4, co. 1870. the circulating paper, the specie, and the Calendar of the Carew manucurrent coin of Ireland, and also, on the ex- scripts, preserved in the archiepiscopal librachange between that part of the united ry at Lambeth. 1589-1600 [and] 1601-1603. kingdom and Great Britain; etc. Ordered Edited by J. S. Brewer and William Bullen. to be printed, 13th June, 1804. 3 parts in 1 v. 2 v. 8$. London, Lon mnas, Green 4, co. 1870. fol. [London, 1804]. - Calendar of state papers and R- eport, together with minutes of manuscripts, rAlating to English affairs, exevidence, and accounts, from the select com- isting in the archives and collections of Venmittee on the high price of gold bullion. ice, and other libraries of northern Italy. v. Ordered, by the house of commons, to be iii. 1520-1526. Edited by R. Brown 8~. printed, 8 June, 1810. 232 pp. fol. [Lon- London, Longmans, Green & Co. 1869. don, 1810]. [Calendar of state papers]. Syl[ WYith GREAT BRITAIN. Reports from the secret comn- labus (in English) of the documents relating mittee on the expediency of the bank resumingoms, contained in cash payments, 1819]. to England and other kingdoms, contained in cash payments, 18191. Reports lst-2d. [With min- the collection known as "Rymer's foedera." utes of evidence] from the secret committee By Thomas Duffus Hardy. v. 1. 1966-1377. on the expediency of the bank resuming 80. London, Loneomans, Green 4c co. 1860. cash payments. Ordered, by the house of - Rolls ofice. Annales monastici. v. 4. commons, to be printed, 5 April and 6 May, Annalesmonasterii de Oseneia. [1016-1347]. 1819. 4, 355 pp. fol. [London, 1819]. Chronicon vulgo dictum chronicon Thomme - - Reports respecting the bank of Wykes. [1066-1289]. Annales prioratus England resuming cash payments: viz. the deWigornia. [1-1377]. Edited by Heury first and second reports by the lords' com- Richards Luard. 8'3. London, Longroals, mnittees, [etc.] Communicated by the lords, Green, Reader 4f Dyer, 1869. 12th May, 1819. 2 p. 1. 431, 31 pp. fol Chronica monasterii s. Albani. [London, 1819]. Annales monasterii s. Albani, a Johanne - Report of the parliamentary Amundesham, mionacho, ut videtur, conselect committee on aboriginal tribes, scripti, [a. d. 1421-1440]. Quibus pr.-figi(British settlements). Reprinted, with comn- tur chronicon rerum gestarum in nmonasterio ments, by the "aborigines protection socie- s. Albani, [a. d. 1422-1431], a quodain aucty." xii, 140 pp. 80. London, the society, tore ignoto compilatumn. Edited by Henry 1837. Thomas Riley. v. 1. lvi, 1, 45d pp. 60. Report from the select committee London, Lolgnimans, 1870. on scientific instruction; together with the Chronica magistri Rogeri de Hoproceedings of the committee, minutes of evi- uedene. Edited by W. Stubbs. v. 3. Londence, and appendix. Ordered to be printed, edont, 1870. 15 July, 1-68. xxxii, 481 pp. Index. iv,- Chronica monasterii de Melsa, a 81 pp. fol. [London, 186']. fiundatione usque, ad annuml 1396, auctore Public record office. Calendar of state Thola te d Burton, abbate. Accedit contipapers, domestic series, of the reign of Eli- nuati') ad annurm 14hlef a menacho quodam

Page  140 140 G! E AT. GREENE. Great Britain-continued. Great Britain and the United States. Das Oreipsius domus. Edited by Edward A. Bond. 1 gon-gebiet. 1846. See United States and v. SO. London, Longma'ns, 0Green, Reader Great Britain. 4 Dyer, 1868'. Great (rhs) organ in the Boston music hall. Chronica monasterii s. Albani. Being a brief history of the enterprise from Gesta abbaturm monasterii sancti Albani, a its commencement, with a description of the Thoma Waisingbam, regnante Ricardo se- instrument; together with the inaugural ode, cundo, ejusdem ecclesire pr'ecentore, com- some account of the opening ceremonies on pilata. Edited by Henry Thomas Riley. the evening of November 2, 1863; to which 1349-1411. v. 3. 8~. London, Longnoans, is appended a short account of the principal G(reen & co. 1869. organs in England and on the continent of Europe. [anon.] 102 pp. I pl. 16. BosDe gestis pontiffcure anglorum, n ** &. ton, Tickno:'p Fields, 1866. artctore Willelmo malmesburiensi. Edited ton, Tickno iels, 18. by N. E. S. A. Hamiitorn. 8~. Londoien Great trans-continental tourists' guide. [etc. ] Lon..nans, 1870.. 208 pp. 16 pl. 1 map. sq. 160. New York, Lo3~tna~ I' S~...G. A. Crifutt & co. 1870. Historic and municipal documents of Ireland, A. aD. 1172-120. Fromro Greeley (Horace). Love, marriage, etc. See the archives of the city of Dublin, etc. Ed- Andrews (S. P.) and Greeley. Gited by J. T. Gilbert. lxxxvii, 560 Green (Jerome B. ) The world's progress, Londorn, Longmans, (Green & co. 1870. and other poems. vi, 112 pp. 12. TlWor---- --- Matthaei parisiensis, monachi cester, anther, 1856. sancti Albani, historia Anglorum; sive, ut Green (Joseph Henry). Spirittalphilosophy: vulgo dicitur, historia minor. Item, ejusdemi founded on the teachings of the late Samuel abbreviatio chronicoruml Anglive. Edited by Taylor Coleridge. Edited, with a memoir of sir Frederick hadden. v. 3. 1.246-53. is. the author's life, by John Simon. 2 v. lix, London, Longmans, Green 8, co. 1869. 295 pp; vii, 421 pp. 1 portrait. 80. LonRe- Iteigtrar general's office. Thirty-first don, Macmnillan & co. 1865. annual report of the registrar-general of Green (N. W.) Mormonism: its rise, probirths, deaths, and marriages in England. gress, and present condition. Embracing [Abstracts of 1868.] 80. London, h. m. sta- the narrative of mrs. Mary Ettie V. Smith, tionery office, 1870. of her residence and experience of fifteen - Treasury departme.nt. General register years with the Mormons; containing a frll office. Fac similes of national manuscripts and authentic account of their social condiof Scotland, selected under the direction of tion, their religious doctrines, and political sir William Gibson-Craig, bart. lord clerk government. 472 pp. 1 pl. 120. Hartford, register of Scotland, and photozincographed Belknap S Bliss, 1870. by col. sir Henry James, director of the ord- Green (Seth). Trout culture. Published by nance survey. Part 2. fol. Edinburgh, h. Seth Green and A. S. Collins, Caledonia, N. im. general register house, 1870. Y. 90 pp. 1 1. I portrait. 80. Rochester, Ledger of Andrew Halyburton, (N. Y.) Curtis, Morey 4' co. 1870. --- --- Ledger of Andrew Halyburton, c t edger therew Sotch, Green and Russell's Boston post-boy and adconservator of the privileges of the Scotch vertiser. See Boston post-boy and advertiser. nation in the Netherlands, 1492-1503, tonation in the Netherlands, 14921503, to Greene (Robert). Perimedes the blacke-smith. gether with the book of customs and valu- A golden mthode, to vse the in i A golden methode, how to vse the minde in ation of merchandises in Scotland 1612. l ation of merchandises in Sotlnd, pleasant and profitable exercise: [ete. anon.] [Edited by C. Innes]. cxii, 404 pp. 13 pl. London, E. White, 1588. [Reprinted. 71 8~. EdinburAh, general register house, 186i7. pp. smi.C. Loldon, 867]? - Inland revenue office. Das eng- [COLIJER (John Payne). Miscellaneous tracts. Temlp.Eliz.& Jac.i. no. 1]. lische einkommensteuer-gesetz vom 22. Juni Tep. Eiz. & Ja. no ]. a w *..A qvip for an vpstart courtier: or a 1842 aus dem original-texte iibersetzt, und A qvip for an vpstart courtier a quaint dispute between Veluet-breeches and mint einer sammlung der selit dem jahre 1848S Cloth-breeches [etc. anon.] London, in den deutschen bundesstaaten erschienenen J.Cholfe e92. [Reprinted]. pp. sm. einkommensteuer- gesetze, herausgegeben von fr. A. v. L. [anon.] 2 p. 1. xv, 219 pp. [CoL 167 [COLLIER (John Payne). Miscellaneous tracts. 43. Miinchen, G. Franz, 1853. Temp. Eliz. & Jac. i. no. 3].

Page  141 141 GREENE. GREY. Greene (Samuel D.) The broken seal; or, Gregorius, papa. S. Gregorii papm missa personal reminiscences of the Morgan abduc- grmce et latine, [etc.] fol. Parisiis, 1624. tion and murder. 304 pp. 12~. Boston, au- [In BIBLIOTHECA vetervm patrvm, v. 2]. thor, 1870. Gregory (James J. H.) Cabbages: how to grow them. A practical treatise on cabbage Greene (Prof. Samuel S.) Object teaching; culture, giving flll details on every point, its general principles, and the Oswego sys tem. 270 pp. 8'. LHartffrd, 1866]? including keeping and marketing the crop. [Extract from the American journal of education] 1 p. 1.72 pp. 120. Salem (Mass.) observer prit, 1870. Greene (William Batchelder). The theory of p 1 70. Gregory (Rev. John). The works of the the calculus. 90 pp. 2pl. 8~. Boston, Lee reverend mr. John Gregorie. In two parts:, Shepard, 1870. the first containing notes and observations Greenhow (Robert). Memoir, historical and upon several passages in scripture; the political, of the northwest coast of North second his posthuma, being divers learned America, and the adjacent territories; [etc.] tracts upon various subjects. 4th ed. 7 p. 1. 228 pp. I map. 80. Washinaton, corrected. 2 v. in 1. 12 p. 1. 175 pp; 12 p. 1. Blair 4c Rives, 1840. 329 pp. 4~. London, M. Clark, 1683-84. Greenleaf (Benjamin). New elementary arith- CONTENTS. noetic: an easy, comprehensive course, em-; v. 1. Notes and observations upon some passages of bracing mental and written exercises, for. 2. ipture. 1684. v. 2. Posthuina; with a short account of the author's beginners. 196 pp. 16~. Boston, RI. S. life and death by John Gurgany. A discourse of the lxx interpreters; the place Dcavis & co. 1865. and manner of their interpretation. A discourse declaring what time the Nicene Greenough (W. A.) Greenough's descriptive | creed began to be sung in the church. gazetteer and commercial directory of the | A sermon upon the resurrection, from 1 Cor. xv. 20. cities and towns on the line of the Eastern, Katvav sEvrcpoo, or, A disproof of bim, [Caiand Portland, Saco and Portsmouth railroads, nail, in Luke iii, ver. 36. Episcopus puerornin in die innocentium. from Boston to Portland, [etc.] no. 1. 80. De mris et epochis: shewing the several accounts of time among all nations from the Boston, WR. A. Greenoulgh, 1870. creation to the present age.. jr.) Greenough' diec The Assyrian monarchy, being a description Greenough (W. A. jr.) Greenough's direc- X Greenough (W.of its rise and fall. tory of the inhabitants, [etc.] in the towns { The description and use of the terrestrial of Malden, Medford, Melrose, and Everett, [Mass.] for 1870-71. 8~. Boston,.l A. Greig (Alexander M.) Fate of the Blenden Greenough,jr. 1870. Hall, East Indiaman, bound to Bombay: with an account of her wreck, and the sufGreenwood (James). The seven curses of ferings and privations endured by the surLondon. viii, 461 pp. 1 portrait. 16~. LonLondon. viii, 461 pp. portrait. 6 Ln- vivors for six mlonths, on the desolate islands don, Rivers St co. [1869]. of Inaccessible and Tristan d'Acunha, [etc.] Greey (Edward). The queen's sailors. A I p. 1. 209 pp. 1 pl. 1I, New Fork, W. H. nautical novel. 3 v. 160. New York, E. Colyer, 1847. Greey & co. 1870. Greswell (Rev. William Parr). Memoirs of Greg (William Rathbone). Literary and Angelus Politianus, Joannes Picus of Miransocial judgments. 2 p. 1.499 pp. 8~. Lon- dula, Actius Sincerus Sannazarius, Petrus don, N. Triibner &8 co. 1868. Benlbus, Hieronymus Fracastorius, Marcus Political problems for our age and coun- Antonius Flaminius, and the Amalthei: try. 3 p. 1. 340 pp. 8~. London, Triibner translations fronl their poetical works: and & co. 1870. notes and observations concerning other Gregentius. Disputatio cum Herbano judmeo, literary characters of the fifteenth and sixgreece et latine, Nicolao Gulonio interprete, teenth centuries. 2d ed. xiv, 524, vi pp. ex ed. parisiensi, F. Morelli, 1586. fol. 8~. London, Cadell &e Davies, 1805. Parisiis, 1624. Grey (Robert, d. d. bishop of Csipetoswn). Dio[In BIBLIOTHECA vetervm scriptorvin, v. 1]. cese of Capetown. Part i-ii. A journal of Gregoire (Comte Henri). Histoire des con- the bishop's visitation tour through the Cape fesseurs des empereurs, des rois, et d'autres colony, in 1848, [and] in 1850, with ani princes. vii, 434 pp. 120. Paris, Bau- account of his visit to the island of St. Hedouin freres, 1824. lena, in 1849. 2 v. in 1. 4 p. i. 113 pp. 1 map;

Page  142 142 GREY. GROVE. Grey (Robert)-continued. Grigsby (Hugh Blair)-continued. 2 p. 1. 2'27 pp. 1 map. 160. London, society street baptist church, before the bar of Norfor the propagation of the gospel, 1849-52. folk, Virginia, and the citizens generally, on [Church in the colonies, nos. 22, 27]. the 29th day of June, 1860. 124 pp. 8~. Grey (Theresa, or Mrs. William). Journal of Norfolk, J. D. Ghiselin,jr. 1860. avisit to Egypt, Constantinople, the Crimea, Grimm (Carl Ludwig Willibald). De joanGreece, etc. in the suite of the prince and nee christologire indole pauline comparata princess of Wales. vii, 203 pp. 80. London, commentatio. xii, 172 pp. 80. Lipsic, Smith, Elder & co. 1869. lelhnbioldiana libraria, 1833. Griesbach (Iohann Iacob). Opuscula acade- Grimston (Edward). A continuation of the mica. Edidit J. P. Gabler. 2 v. xxviii, history of France [by J. de Serres]. 336 418 pp. I 1; xcviii, 486 pp. 8~. lenee, F. pp. fol. London, G. Eld & M. Flesher, 1624. Frommann, 1824-25. [In SERRES (Jean de). General history of France]. Griffin (Gerald). The christian physiologist. Imperiall historie continued. See Mexia Tales illustrative of the five senses: their (Pedro). mechanism, uses, and government; with Grindon (Leo. H.) Life: its nature, variemoral and explanatory introductions. [etc.] ties, and phenomena. 1st. Am. ed. 578 pp. Edited by the author of "The collegians." 120. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott & co. xxvi, 376 pp. 120. London, E. Bull, 1830. 1867. Griffin (G. W.) Studies in literature. 3 p. 1. Groneman. See Reuver Groneman. 158 pp. 120. Baltimore, H. C. Turnbull, jr. Gronovius or Gronov (Johann Friedrich). 1870. Observatorum in scriptoribvs ecclesiasticis, Griffith (Richard). Posthumous works of [etc.] monobiblos. 14p.1.292pp. 141. 180~. Laurence Sterne. The koran: or the life, Daventrice, J. Columbius, 1651. character, and sentiments of Tria juncta in Gross (Samuel D. m. d.) A discourse on the uno. [pseudon.] 2 p. 1. pp. 235-417. 120. life, character, and services of Daniel Drake, [ Gainsborough, J. Mozley, 1795.] m. d. Delivered, by request, before the fac[Note.-A portion of the 6th vol. of an 8 vol. ed. of ulty and medical students of the university Sterne's works, published at Gainsborough, 1795]. Griffith (Thomas). The apostles' creed: con- of Louisville, anuary 27, 53. 92 pp. 8~. Louisville journal, 1853. s. sidered in relation to the wants of the religious sense and certain errors of the present Grosvenor (..) Does protection protect? day. xiv, 469 pp. 8. LAn examination of the effect of different day. xiv, 469 pp. 8~. London, Hcitchard d8 son, 1849p. forms of tariff upon American industry. 365 and the baptismal v pp. 12 pl. 80. New York, D. Appleton & co. Confirmation. and the baptismal vow:; for catechumens, communicants, parents, andgo). Le droit d la gurre et d'Grotius (Hugo). Le droit de la guerre et de sponsors; with practical helps for catechu- la paix. Nouvelle traducion prcde d'un mens. 4th ed. x, 172 pp. 160. London, T. essai biographique et bistorique sr Grotius essai biographique et historique sur Grotius Hatchard, etc. 1850. Hatchard, etc. 1850. et son temps. Accomnpagune d'un choix de Griffiths (A. F). Bibliotheca anglo-poetica;ronovius, Barbyracetc. Co n, notes de Gronovius, Barbeyrac, etc. Comor, a descriptive catalogue of a rare and richar des notes nouvelles mi p1d6tee par des notes nouvelles raises au concollection of early English poetry: in the pos- t p i rant des progrds du. droit public moderne, et session of Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme andune table analytique des mati suivie d'une table analytique des matieres, Brown. Illustrated by occasional extracts par P. Pradier-Foddrd. 3 v. 120. Paris, and remarks, critical and biographical. Guillnmin & cie. 1867. [anon.] viii, 481 pp. 1 pl. 8~ London, T. [anon.] viii, 481 pp. p. Lodon,. Groundeworke (The) of conny-catching; Davison, 1815. the manner of their pedlers-French, and the Griffiths (T.) The modern fencer: with the means to understand the same, with the cunmost recent means of attack and defence ning slights of the counterfeit cranke. [etc. when engaged with an adversary, and figures 1592. [Reprinted]. 8~. London, 18 showing the various positions of the body. [Early English text society. Extra series, ix. Edit. 91 pp. 160. London, F. IWarne & co. 1868. ed by Edward Viles and F. J. Furnivall]. Grigsby (Hugh Blair, 11. d ) Discourse on Grove (Rev. Henry). Sermons and tracts: the life and character of tle hon. Littleton being the posthumous works of the [asuthor]. Waller Tazewell, delivered in the Freemason 4 v. 8~. London,.1. Ifilsoi, 1741.

Page  143 143 GROVE. GUIDE. Grove (Rev. Henry)-continued. Guernsey (Clara F. )-continued. Sermons. Being two additional vol- silver cup," Letc. anon.] 474 pp. 5 pl. 160. umles of the posthumous works of the [an- Philadelphia, American sunday-school union, thor]. 2 v. 80. London, M. Fenner. 1742. [1870]. Grund (Franz Joseph). Aufruf an die deut- Guernsey (Egbert). History of the United schen *wlhler. General Harrison's leben und States of America, designed for schools. wirken.:30 pp. 3 pl. 80. Philadelphia, C. [etc.] Revised ed. 589 pp. 1 pl. 12~. PhilaF. Stollmeyer, 1840. delphia, Moss & co. 1869. Gruner (Carl). Das buch derkindheitfiirdie Guernsey (Lucy Ellen). The school-girls' deutsch-amerikanisch e jugend. Zum hausdusc-eiaic juend. Zm treasury; or, stories for thoughtful girls. und schulgebrauch. vii, 248 pp. 160. St. 1 p. 1. 213 pp. 6 pI. 180. New York, protes-!.ouis, (Mo.) F. S'aler, 1864, Louis,'(o.) F. Soler, 1864, tant episcopal society for the promotion of Gruter (Jan). Inscriptiones antiqve totivs evangelical knoweledge, 1870. orbis romani, in absolvtissimvm corpvs re- Winified: or, "after many days." dactre: nvnc cvris secvndis ejusdem Grvteri 335 pp. 3 pI. 160. New York, protestant et notis Marqvardi Gvdii emendatre et tabvlisfor the promotion of evanepiscopal society for the promotion of evanaeneis a Boissardo confectis illvstratm; gelicalknowledge, 1869. denvo cvra Joannis Georgii Grrevii recen- Guerre (La) s6raphique; on, histoire des perils site. 4 v. in'2. fol. Amstelaedami, F. lm. v., qu' a couru la barbe des capucins par les vioHalma, 1707. Hrynaema, 1707rine Johan Jacb). onv-. lentes attaques des cordeliers. On y a joint eGrylntus or Grime (Johann Jacob). Monv- une dissertation sur l'inscription du grand menta s. patrvm orthodoxographa; hoc est, portail de l'kglise des cordeliers de Rheims: theologire sacrosanctre ac syncerioris fidei Deo-homini et b. Francisco, utrique crucidoctores, nvmero circiterlxxxv, [etc. Greek fixo. [anon.] viii, 316pp. 160. LaHaye fixo. [anon.] viii,316pp. 160. LaHaye, and Latin.] 2 v. 47p. 1. 2064 pp. 1 1. fol. Basilew, ez ogficila Ihe'ricpetrina, 1569. Guerreiro (Bartholomeu, s. j.) Gloriosa Gual (Pedro). La vida de Jesus aut6ntica coroa d'esirados religiosos da companhia coroa d'esforgados religiosos da companhia la parte. xvi, 143 pp. 8~. Boston, W1/hite de Jesu, mortos polla fe catholica nas con-. co. 1867. quistas dos reynos da coroa de Portugal. 8 ualterus (Philippus). Se Gaultier dep. 1.736 pp. 7 1. 40. Lisbna, A. Alvarez, Chatillon (Philippe). 1642. Guarini (Giovanni Battista). II pastor fido, Guest (Richard). A compendious history of tragicomedia pastorale. 5 p. 1. 2906 pp.. 7 l. the cotton-manufacture; with a disproval of l6~. l/enezia, L. Palvini, 1769. 16G. Venezia,.L. Fermi, 1769. the claim of sir Richard Arkwright to the - The same. The faitht'ull shepherd. A invention of its ingenious machinery. 1 p. 1. pastorall written in Italian. And now newly 70, 3 pp. 12 pl. 40. laanchesler, J. Pratt, translated out of the originall [by sir Rich- 1823. ard Fanshawe]. 5 p.. 223 pp. 1 portrait. Guestfalus [Westphal]? (Xaver). Hans Mar40. London, R. Raworth, 1647. tin Eberstein. Culturgeschichtliche novelle. Gue'nard (Madame, baronne de Mkrk ne'e deo 48 pp. 160. St. Louis, (Mo.) F. Saler, 1866. Faverolle). La duchesse de Kingston [Eliza- [Ini NEUER novellen-schatz, v. 1]. beth Chudleigh], o m6inoires d'une Anglaise Gueullette (Thomas Simon). Peruvian tales celebre morte A Paris en 1789, redigks par m. related in one thousand and one hours, by de Favrolle. [pseudon.] 4 v. in 2. 1 8CJ one of the select virgins of Cusco, to the Paris, Lerouge, 1813. ynkaof Peru; [etc. anon.] Translated from Guericke (Heinrich Ernst Ferdinand, d. d.) the French by S. Humphreys, and continued A manual of church history. Translated from by J. Kelly. 2 p. 1. 571 pp. 1 pl. 180. Lonthe German by William G. T. Shedd. Me- don, J. Ilkler, 1817. diveval church history, 590-1073. vii, 160 Guide (A) to all the watering and sea-bathing pp. 80. Andover, W. F. Draper, 1870. places; with a description of the lakes; a Guernsey (Clara F.) The imerman and the sketch of a tour in Wales, and itineraries. figure-head. Achristmas story. 117pp. 5 pl. [etc. anin.] New ed. iv, 52d pp. 1 tab. 160. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott co. 1871. 36pl.2l maps. 160. London, R. Phillips, Scrub Hollow sunday-school, and how 1il0. it was started. By the author of "The [Inperfect, wanting 1 map and 18 plates].

Page  144 144 GUILBERT. GUYOT, Guilbert de Pixer6court (Ren6 Charles). Gurnprecht (T. E.) Delitsch (Otto) and Biblioth6que de m. G. de Pixer6court, avec Meinicke (C. E.) Handbuch der geogrades notes littdraires et bibliographiques de phie und statistik von Africa und Australien. ses deux excellens amis Charles Nodier et I viii, 612 pp. 80. Leipzig, 1866. Paul Lacroix. 2 p. 1. 4 pp. 2 1. vii, 414, 4 pp. [STEITN C. G. D.) and HORSCHEL5IANN (F.) Hand80o. Paris, 1838. buch der geographie, [etc.] v. 2. abth. 1-2]. * * * 1 Gunn (John C.) and Jordan (Johnson H.) Guild (Rev. E. E.) The universalist's book Gunn (Joh-n C. and Jordan (Johnson e.) of reference. Containing all the principaler faily pysician; or oebook of health: an approved household facts and arguments, and scripture texts, h I guide for avoiding disease and prolonging pro and con, on the great controversy be- gide for avoiding disease and prolonging tween limitarians and universalists. 5th ed. life, etc.] 1190 pp. portrait, 11 p 8. Cincinnati, TV. H. Mloore & co. 1871. revised and enlarged. 381 pp. 120. Boston, Cincinnati, New England universalist publishing house, - Home guide in treating the diseases of [1853]. domestic animals. 41 pp. 80. [Cincinnati, Guillemain de Saint-Victor (Louis). Recueil W. 1. lVoore 4 co. 1871] precieux de la ma9onnerie adonhirainite. [Withe preceding]. [e partie]. Par un chevalier de tous les Giinst (F.) The martyrs of the Spanish inordresmaonniqnes. [anon. 152. 1 quisition. Translated by 1H. C. KloppenPlhiladelphlie, [Paris], I'hilarethe, 1786. burg. 79 pp. 80. San Francisco, 1870. s. [Wanting plate, and vol. 1 and 3]. Giinther (Albert). The fishes of the Nile. The same. 166 pp. 2 1. 1 pl. 240. 80. [London, 1869]. Phiiladelphie, [Paris], Plilarethle, 1787. r[I/L PETHERICK (John and B. H.) Travels in CenPhiladel-hie [P~ri], P 787tral Africa, etc. v. 2, pp. 194-268, pl. 1-3]. [Vol. 1 and 3 wanting]. Gurlitt (Johannes Gottfried). Geschichte der Guillen (Juan) and Carreflo (Leonarldo Garcia). Lisardo de Monswill; 6, los efectos iten. 2 pp. 80 J. A. Ileissuter, 182'2. del vicio; novela original. 3 p. 1. 138 pp. I 1.'delvicio; novela original. 3p* *1. 138 p.l [Note.-This book is also attributed to Ludwig Timo16G. Madrid, P. X. de Haro, 1831. S. theirs von Spittler]. Guillon (Marie Nicolas Silvestre). Histoire Gutierrez de Rubalcava (Joseph). Tratado gdnedrale de la philosophie ancienne et meo- lhistorico, politico, y legal de el commercio derne, jnsqu'a nos; on, supp,moent' de las Indias Occidentales pertenecientes a ibliotheue chotste des pe*res gr yes et reyes catolicos. Primera parte. [etc.] 32 p. 1. la bibliotheque clhoisle des peres grecs et latins. 3v. 160. Paris, Depelafol, 183 351 pp. s.1 Cadiz, inuprenta real de la Guilpin (Edward). Skialetheia. Or, ashad- Guyet de Fernex (-, metnbre de l'univerow of truth in certaine epigranms and sat-. site). Beaut6s des prosateurs francais; ou, yres. [annon. ] London, N. Ling, 159S. yres. [anon.] London, N. Liig, 1598. *leqons et modeles de litterature enr prose, ex[Reprinted]. 56 pp. smn. 4. London, traits des anteurs modernles. Pr6c6d6s d'un C1867]. coup d'ceil sur chaque genre. xvi, 5:S1 pp. [Co6LLTER (J. P.) Miscellaneous tracts, temp. Eliz.aqe genre. xvi, 53 & Jac. 1. no. 4]. 1 portrait. 16~. Paris, Didier, 1843. Guizot (elizabeth Charlotte Pauline de Guyon (Jeanne Marlie Mothe). Letters of Mlleulan). Conseils de morale; ou, essais nmadame Guyon: being selections of her relisur l'homme, les mceurs, les caract6res, le gious thouIghts and experiences, translated monde, les femmes, l'6ducation, etc. Pr6- and re-arranged from her private correspondceddes d'une notice sur sa vie et ses ouvrages, ence; including her correspondence with et publi6espar M. Guizot. 2 v. I p. 1. lxij, Ft6nelon, abridged. By mrs. P. L. Upham. 368 pp. I portrait; 2 p. 1. 419 pp. 80. Paris, 216 pp. 16~. New York, 1F. C. Palmner, jr. Pichon & Didier, 1828. 1870. Guizot (Fran3ois Pierre Guillaume). Demo- Guyot (Arnold). Guyot's geographical series. cracy in France. 82 pp. 120. XNew Yvork, The earth and its inhabitants. Intermediate D. Appleton, 1849. geography. [By Mary Howe Smith]. 95 pp. Great christians of France. Saint Louis 14 maps. 40~. New York, C. Scribner 4 co. and Calvin. vi, 362 pp. I 1. 3pl. 160. [Lon- 1869. don], Ma cmillan & co. [1869]. 9 The samle. 118 pp. 16 col. maps. 4~. W- ashington. I p. 1. xxi, 148 pp. 160. Vew York, C. Scribner&s co 1870. Mladrid, Espinosa y ca. 1846., The same. Elementary geography, tbr

Page  145 1415 GUYOT HAKLIJYT. Guyot (Arnold) —continued. Haefkens (J.)-continued. primary classes. [By Mary Howe Smith]. tiek oogpunt beschouwd. xvj, 488 pp. 1 96 pp. sin. 40. New York, C. Scribner 4 map, 4 pl. 80. Dordrecht, 4' VFan co. 186(8. Braam, 1832. - A treatise on physical geography. Haerstedius. See Himsted. [In. JOHNSON'S (A. J.) new illustrated family atlas, 1870]. Haestens (Henrik Lodevik van). ApocalypGuzman (Jose, Maria). Breve y sencilla sis insignium aiiquot hlelesiarcharvm, qva narracion del viage que hizo [el autor] a visiones et insomnia ipsis per somnia patevisitar los santos lugares de Jerusalen. 4a factme blasphemias puta inauditss, ac deliraed. 1 p. l. iv, 36 pp.2 1. 180. Meico, Alba- menta enthysiastica revelantur, vnaque opera diana, 1837. vitre ac mortes coelo latino donantur: superGynecocracy; with an essay on fornication, additqo septendecim eortm, qui insigni supra adultery, and incest. By the author of "Ru- reliquos temeritate ac vepudeida audacia mours of treason," [etc. anon.] xvi, 656 pp. emiere visi, icons reis express. Inter80. London, J. J. Stockdale, 1821. peteH.S.F.D.M.D. [aeon.] 631. 180. Lugduni Batavoruim, H. ab Haestens, 1608. Haagensen (A.) Psalmer og sange. See, Hagen (John Cole). Foot-prints of truth: Petersen (O. P.) and Haagensen. or, voice of humanity. With illustrations Haas (J. C.) Geographie von America und by F. A. Chapmnan, J. Cranch and Win. insbesondere von den Vereinigten Staaten. Walcutt. ] p. l. 144 pp. 8 p1. 80. Ne. 69 pp. 1NO. Philadelphia 4" Leipziog, Schdfer 69 pp. 1 826. Philadelphia 4- Leipzig, Schafer York, Cornish, Lainport & co. 1853. 4" Koradi, 1867. Haggebher (Philaleethees. pseudon.) See Haas (James D.) Gleanings from Germany: Hooght (Everardus van der). or, select specimens of German romance and Hahn (Michael). Die directen steuern Oeshistory: comprising the productions of the terreichs. Vollst/ndiges alphabetisches nachmost esteemed authors of that country, [etc.] schlagebuch der neuesten und noch in alnFrom the German. vi, 399 pp. 12~. Lon- wendung stehenden altern steuergesetze. vi, don, J. S. Hodson, 1839. 408 pp. 80. Wien, Tendler & cie. 1852. Habersham (S. E. m. d.) Health and profit: Der praktische rathgeber in steueras found in the hilly pine region of Georgia und gebiihrenangelegenheiten. 688 pp. 80. and South Carolina. Together with an Pest/h, G. Heckenast, 1854. account of its horticultural, agricultural, Hahn-Hahn (Ida Marie Luise Gustava, couenand manufacturing resources, and the topo- tess). Adventures and travels in Turkey, graphy, geology, botany, and climatology of Egypt, the Holy land, etc. 2d ed. 3 v. 12~. the region. 147 pp. 12~. Augusta, (Ga.) London, H. Colburn, [1845]. Augusta press, book and job office 1869. s. -- Eudoxia: a picture of the fifth century. Hickel (Ernst Ieinrich). Zur entwickelungs- From the German. 287 pp. 12. Baltigeschichte der siphonophoren. Beobach- more, Kelly, Piet' cr. 1869. tungen iuber die entwickelungsgeschichte der Hailmann (William). Deutsches literarisches genera physophora, crystallodes, athoryhia, lesebuch fur die hohern klassen deutsch[etc.] Gekronte preisschrift. 2 p. 1. 120 pp. amerikanischer schulenl, und fair amerika14 pl. 40. Utrecht, 1869. nische hochschulen zur ausbildung in der [Provinciaal utrechtsch genootschap van kunsten en deutschen sprache, und einftihrung in (ie wetensechappen. Natuurkundige verhandelingen, deutsche literatur. Mit zahlreichen deutn. r. v. 1, 6de stuk]. n]. r. v. 1, 6de stuk]. I:- Z: deutschen unl englishlen not lh. 278 pp. ]1~. Hacklinder (Friedrich Wilhelm). Enchant- schen und engliscben noten. 278 pp. 120. ing and enchanted. From the German, by Louisville, (Ky.) H. Ktbfel, 1870. by mrs. A. L. Wister. 226 pp. 5 pl. G~6. Hainaut (Conseil provincial du). Session 1811. Rappsort de la deputation permianenete. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott c4 co. 1871. Hadermann (Jeannette R.) Forgiven at 37 pp. 8*. Mons, Nonjot, 1841. last. 333 pp. 120. Philadelphia, J. B. Lip- Hakluyt society. Publications. v. 43. 80. pincott 4' co. 1870. London, printed for the society, 1870. Haeckel. See Hackel. CONTENTS. Haefkens (J.) Centraal Amerika, nit eeni COLUMBUJS (C.) Select letters, with other originlal documents relating to his four voyages to th!e yew geschiedkundig, aardrijkskundig en statis- world. E;dit:ed by It. Hl. Major. 187;i. 19

Page  146 146 HALE. HALL. Hale (Edward Everett). Ten times one is ten: Hall (Benjamin Franklin)-continued. the possible reformation. A story in nineI an appendix containing the constitutions of chapters. By col. Frederic Ingham. [pseu- those slates. 477 pp. 8~. Buffalo, G. H. don.] 148 pp. 16C. Boston, Roberts broth- Derby &8 co. 1849 ers, 1871. Hall (Prof. James, of Albany, N. Y.) PalieonHale (Mrs. Sarah Josepha). The genius of tology of New York. See New York. oblivion; and other original poems. By a Geological survey. lady of New-Hampshire. [aCnoi.] 147 pp. Hall (John Bishop). The little book open. 160. Concord, J. B. Moore, 1823. Part 1. John. The roar of the approaching _Love; or wromlan'L destiny. A poem lion! or the seven thunders, a. d. 1813, a. d. Love; or woman's destiny. A poem 1843. 96,60 pp. 16~. [Cincinnati, 1869]. in two parts: with other poenms. 112pp. sq. 16~. Philadelphia, D. Ashmead, 1870. The same. [2d ed. with supplement]. 96, 60, 48 pp. 3 pl. sq. 16~. [Cincinnati, Woman's record; or, sketches of dis- 96, 60, 48 pp. 3 p. sq. 16. Cincinnati, author, 1869]. tinguished women, from the creation to a. d. Meorial of Lewis and.' Aranedi r. Hall (John Tayler). Memorial of Lewis and 1868. Arranged in four eras. With selecSusan Benedict. 55 pp. 2 portraits. 8~. tions from authoresses of each era. 3d ed. [New York], printed for the fanmily, 1870. revised. xlviii, 918 pp. I portrait. 8~. New York, Harper brothers, 1870. Hall (Joseph, d. d. bishop of Norwich). York, Harper ~ lbrothers, 1870. Halevy (Ludovic). Barbe-blee [Blue beard], LWorks]. 2 p. 1. 817 pp. fol. London, 1627. Halery (Ludovic). Barbe-bleue [ Blue beard], COSTENTS. and Les brigands. See Meilhac (Henri) CONTNTS. aMeditations and vowes. 3 centuries. 68 pp. ncd Halevy. Heaven upon earth. One booke. 68-99 pp.. he art of divine meditation. 99-130 pp. Haley (Thomas). Trotting record for 1869. Holy observations. 131-150 pp. Revised and corrected. Containing a coInI- Somne few of David's psalmes mletaphrased. 151-160 pp. plete and reliable record of all the trotting Chlaracters of vertves and vices. 161-200 pp. Salornons divine arts. pp. 20t to 226. events of the past season. 144 pp. 120. Salomons politicks, or common-wealth. pp. 227 to New York, Torrey brothers, 1870. 235. Salomons ceconomicks, or government of the familie. [See, also, FRANCIS (-) and HALEY (Thomas). pp. 237 to 243. Halfern (Albert von). Scenen aus den kam- An open and plaine paraphrase vpon the Song of SOllgs which is Salomons. pp. 245 to 267. pfen der Indianer Florida's gegen die weiszen; Epistles, in six decades. pp. 269 to 402. Pharisaisine and christianitie. pp. 403 to 418. oder, der letzte der Seminolen. Nebst rick- The passion sermon. pp. 419 to 4:38. blick auf die zustainde der Vereinigten Staa- The imprese of God. pp. 439 to 457. A farewell sermon. pp. 457 to 468. ten. 2e ausgabe. 311 pp. 16~. Dresden, An holy panegyrick n our dead soueraigne lord, king &j Leipzig, Arnold'sche buchhandlung, 1848. A semonpreachedbefhismaes. p. 469 to 486. Asermon preached before hiis majesty. pp. 487 to 495 Halfway. By Magnet Starr. [pseudon.] The great impostor. pp. 497 to 509.. Phiadeplaresy- The best bargaine. pp. 511 to 520. 281 pp. 3 pl0. 1 Piladelphia, presby- A sermon preached at the reconcilement of the hapterian pulblication comnmittee, 187X0. rpily restored chapell of the earl of Exceter. pp. 521 to 532. Half-yearly compendium of medical science: The trve peace-maker. pp. 533 to 544. Noah's dove. pp. 545 to 563. a synopsis of the American and foreign A common apologie of thle church of England against literature of medicine, surgery and the col- tle Brownists. pp. 565 to 631. A seriovs disswasive froml poperie. pp. 633 to 644. lateral sciences, for six months. Edited by No peace with Rotme. pp. 645 to 684. S. W. Butler, ni. d. and D. G. Brinton, Im. d. Quo vadis? a cuensure of trauell. pp. 683 to 708.' The righteouts Ilamimol. pp. 709 to 728. Part iii, January, 1869. 8o. Philadelphia, The honovr of tle 1-maried clergie maintained. pp. 729 to 790. dr. S. IL'. Butler, 1869. Rotolinagensis anonymvs, an liceat sacerdotibus inire Hall (Captain Basil). Voyage to the East- nmatimnonia pp. 811 to 817. ern seas, in the year 1816. Including anl Hall (Joseph, photographer). Gems from account of captain Maxwell's attack on the Greenwood. Photographed by Joseph Hall, batteries at Canton; and notes of an inter- Brooklyn. Part 1. 6 p. 1. 12 1. 112 photoview with Bonaparte at St. Helena, in Au- graphs. obl. fol. New York, Caldwcell & co. gust, 1817. 331 pp. 18~. New York, G. 1868. &s C. Carvill, 1827. Hall (Capt. J. W.) Marine disasters on the Hall (Benijamin Franklin). The early history western lakes, during the navigation of 1869, of the north western states, embracilig New with the loss of life and property; vessels York, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Iowa bought and sold; new vessels and their tonand Wisconsin, with their land laws, etc. and, nage; also, those which have passed out of

Page  147 147 HALL H AMHNILTON. Hall (Capt. J. W.)-continued. Hambleton (John). A brief history of the existence; with the names of vessels laid up soul: being a course of six sermons preached at various lake ports. 120 pp. 16~. Detroit, during lent, 18:33. 2d ed. vii, 194 pp. 1 1. (Mlich.) W. E. Tunis, 1870. 120. London, Hatchard 4' son, 1833. Hall (William White, m. d.) Bronchitis, and Hamer (Petrus). Volstrekte weder-legginge kindred diseases. 400 pp. 1'2. New York, van de heeren Orchard, De Daillon, en BekHurd & Houghton, 1870. ker, over de werkinge der geesten uitwaerts, Coughs and colds; or, the prevention, en met name der duivelen. By occasie, en cause and cure of various affections of the tegen dr. Bekkers Betooverde weereld, en throat; with cases illustrating the remark- kort berict tot vertoog dat d heerenVoeable efficacy of out-door activity and horse- tins, Scot, Van Dale, etc. door hem vergeefs back exercise, in permanently arresting the worden aen-getrokken; mitsdien sy hem in progress of diseases of the chest. [anon.] de grond van te zaek tegen zijn. De voor362 pp. 12~. Newl York, HurfiHourd tHong, reden geeft eenige aen-merkingen over twee 1871. brieven van d. E. Walten; d'eerste aen een regent van Amsteldam, meest over de artijThe guide-board to health, peace and the road to happy old age. kelen van satisfactie by Bekker, [etc.] en competence; or, the road to happy old age. 752 pp. e portrait. 8,. Springfield (Mass.) d'andere aen den grave von Portland, [etc. ] 752 pp. 1 portrait. 8o. Springfield, (Moss.) D. E. Fis co. [1870].. 32 p. 1. 579 pp. 4~. Dordrecht, C. WilleD. E. Fisk & co. [1870]. gaarts, 1693. Health by good living. vi, 277 pp. [MISCELLANEOUS pamphlets, v. 50?]. 120. New York, Hurd & Houghlton, 1870. Hamersly (Lewis R.) The records of living Hallam (Robert A. d. d.) Moses: a course of officers. of the United States navy and marine lectures delivered in the chapel of st. James' corps; with a history of naval operations church, New London. x, 295 pp. 160. during the rebellion of 1861-5, and a list of New York, E. P. Dutton & co. 1869. the ships and officers participating in the Hallock (Mrs. M. A.) Beasts and birds of great battles, compiled from official sources. America, Europe, Asia and Africa. 64,62 350 pp. 80. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott pp.l 11.9 pl. sq. 12~. New York, American 4' co. 1870. tract society, 1870. Hamilton (Edward). The life of Paul Jones. The child's history of the fall of Jeru- 304 pp. 12~. Aberdeen, G. Clark & son, 1848. salem. 192 pp. sq. 16~. New York, Ameri- Hamilton (Gail). See Dodge (Margaret Abican tract society, 1869. gail). Hallowed songs. Appendix to Hallowed Hamilton (Hans Claude). A grammar of the songs revised. 132 pp. sq. 16~. New York, Greek language, designed to place before the P. Phillips, [1870]. student, with perspicuity of arrangement Halpin (Rev. Nicholas John). The dramatic and fulness of exemplification, the etymounities of Shakespeare: in a letter addressed logical structure of the language, in accordto the editor of Blackwood's Edinburgh mag- ance with the principles and philological reazine. 57 pp. 16~. Dublin, Hodges &. searches of eminent scholars, up to the presSmith, 1849. ent time, as Hemsterhuys, Valckenaer, MatHalstead (William H.) Little pieces; verse thira, Thiersch, Kiihner, and Jelf. iv, 164 and prose. By Quilp, jr. [pseudon.] 63 pp. 1.20. London, J. W'eale, 1854. pp. 8~. Norfolk, ( Va. ) office of the "Nor- Hamilton (Herbert). Psychologic attraction, folk Virginian," 1868. fascination, or the science of the soul. As Halyburton (Rev. Thomas). Works; con- applied to the purposes of life, with full intaining, The great concern of salvation, structions to exert the influence upon the huTreatise on natural and revealed religion, man mind, as well as the brute creation; Communion sermons, and Memloirs. With being the substance of two lectures delivered an essay on his life and writings, by the rev. in St. James hall, London. [etc.] Useful Robert Burns, d. d. xxviii, 817 pp. 1 portrait. and interesting miscellany. [etc.] 1st ed. 8~. London, T. Tegg &f son, 1835. 400 pp. 240. Philadelphia,'r. T. Evans & Hambaugh's golden crown receipt book, and co. 1869. budget of useful information. 35 pp. 80. Hamilton (.James, m, d.) Observations on the LMt. Sterling, (Ills.) J. S. Hambaugh, [1870]? utility and administration of purgative medi

Page  148 q1?8 HAMILTON. HARDING. Hamilton (James, m. d.)-continued. Haney's journal of romance. nos 1-2. 40~. cines in several diseases. From the 5th Ed- [New York, J. C. Haney & co. 1866]. inburgh ed. xx, 122, 168 pp. 8C. Philal- [No more published]. delphia, J. fTWebster, 1818. CONTENTS. Hamilton (Kate W.) Greycliffe, and Vashti No. 1. Carmie, the creole spy. 32 pp. Lethby's heritage. 352 pp.4pl. 16. Phila- No. 2. Driftwood. 31 pp. de!phia, presbyterian board of publication, Haney's useful hand books. The causes, pre1870. vention and cure of debility, including con-'Hamilton (R. Leonidas, m. d.) The discov- sumption, dyspepsia, nervous disorders, etc. eries and unlparalleled experience of R. L. / giving sure and simple methods of self-treatHamilton, with regard to the nature and ment, by means within reach of all at no treatment of diseases of the liver, lungs, expense. Showing how tobuildupvigorous blood, and other chronic diseases; contain- constitutions and overcome tendencies to ing, also, a biographical sketch of his life, disease. [etc.] 158 pp. 12~. New York, [etc. ] with his common-sense theory of dis- J. Haney L4 co. [1870]. eases and the evidence ofhis wonderful cures. Hanley (Sylvanus). Caliphs and sultans, 112 pp. 1 portrait. 18~. New York, [1870]. [etc.] 1868. See Arabian nights. CaHamilton (Sir William). Outlines of sir liphs and sultans, [etc.] William Hamilton's philosophy, 1870. See Hannover (K. polytcchnische schule zu). Murray (Rer. J. Clark). Katalog der werkzeug-sammlun(r an der Hamilton (William T. d. d.) The pentateuch kiniglichen politechnischen schule zu Hanand its assailants: a refutation of the ob- nover. Von dr. Karl Karmarsch. xi,202pp. jections of modern scepticism to the penta- 20 pl. 8~. Hannover, G. Jdnecke, 1870. teuch. xxxv, 380 pp. 8~. Edinburgh, T. Hansard's parliamentary debates. See Great & T. Clark, 1852. Britain. (Parliament.) Hammond (Rev. Edward Payson). Gath- Happyevenings. [anon.] 180~. ered lambs. 172 pp. I pl. 16~. Cincinnati, New York, board of publication of the iewestern tract & book society, 1870. formed Dutch church., [ 1867]. Hamsted or Hsemstedius (Adrian Comre- Happy light. [anon.] 364 pp. 4 pl. 160. lius). Historien der martelaren die om't ge- Philadelphia, presbyterian publication conmtuygenisse der euangelischer waerheydt haer mittee, 1870. bloedt gestort hebben, van de tijden Christi Happy voices. New hymns and tunes, with onses salighmaeckers af tot den jare sesthien many popular and sterling old ones, ftr the hondert vijf-en-vijftigh toe. [etc.] In de- home circle and sabbath-schools. [anon.] sen letsten druck op een nieuw neerstelick I p. 1. 244 pp. 3 1. obl. 16~. New York, oversien, verhetert, en veelsins vermleerdert; American tract society, 1865. en elck op sijn behoorlick jaer en tijdt met Harbaugh (Henry, d. d.) EIarbaugh's harfe. grooter vlijt en neerstigheyt tusschen ge- Gedichte in pennsylvanisch-deutscher mundvoeght, door J. G. O. [Joannem Gysium pred art. Herausgegeben von B. Bausman. tot streef-kerck]. Met meer dan hondert Illustrated. 117 pp. 8O. Philadelphia, revijftigh kopere platen verciert, [etc. anon.] formled church publication board, 1870. 12 p. 1. 484 pp. 51. fol. A~msterdam, A. von Harcourt (C. L. S. de Clioiseul-Praslin d', 1ne tolfgang, 1658. d'Haussonville). Madame la duclhesse d'OrHanaford (Phebe Ann). Thelife and writings leans, H61ne de Meckiembourg-Schwerin. of Charles Dickens: a woman's memorial [anon ] 5e6d. 2 p.l. 239pp. 16~. Paris, volume. 401 pp. 1 portrait. 12~. Boston, M1. Lecy frires, 1859. B. B. Russell, 1871. Harcourt (William George Granville Vernon). Hanbury (Rev. Barnard). Journal of a visit Additional letters on some questions of interto some parts of Ethiopia, 1822. See Wad- national law. [Belligerent rights of maridington (George) and Hanbury. time capture; The doctrine of continuous Hand-book (The) of swindling. By the late voyages]. By Historicus. [pseudon.] xvi, captain Barabbas Whitefeather. [pseudon.] 44 pp. 8~. London, iMacmillan & co. 1863. Edited by John Jackdaw. [pseudon.] viii, Harding (W. M.) Trans-atlantic sketches, 87 pp. 4 pl.180. London, Chapman c4 Hlall, by "Porte Plume." [pseudon.] 87 pp. 8~. 1839. New York, G. F. Nesbitt Sr co. 1870.

Page  149 149 HARDINGE. HARRIS. Hardinge (Benjamin). First elements of vital Harland (John)-continued. power: how they were originally generated, Lancashire lyrics: nodern'songs and and why those original elements are still in- ballads of the county palatine. xiv, 320 pp. dispensable to the production and reproduc- 160. London, Whittaker S& co. 1866. tion of vitality in the human economly. 85 pp. Harland (Marion). [psetdon. ] See Terhune 8~. New York, 1870. (M. V. H. ) Hardouin (Jean) Conciliorum collectio re- Harman (Thomas). A caueat or warening, for gia maxima, ad p. Philippi Labbei et p. Ga- coin men corsetors vvlgarely called vagabrielis Cossartii e societate Jesu, labores. bones. Augmented and inlarged by the first Hand modica accessione facta, et emendati- author here of, 1567. [Reprinted]. 8~. Lon. onibus plurimis additis, [etc ] Tomis duo- dOn, 1869. deci. ta conciliorm et episto decre EARLY English text society. Extra series, ix. Edited by Edward Viles and F. J. Furnivall. tales, ac constitutiones summnorum pontificum. pp 17-91]. Ab anno 3-1 ad annum 1714. 11 v. in 12. Harney (George E.) Stables, outbuildings, fol. Farisiis, typoaraphia regin, 1715. and fences. Illustrated with a series of 120 [Vol. 12 not published]. original designs and plans, with descriptive Joannis Harduini, e societate Jesu, op- matter. 55 1. 62 pl. 40~. New York, G. E. opera varia, [cura d'Olivet in lucem emissa]. Wboodward, 1870. [etc ] 3 p. 1. 693 pp. fol. Amstelodami, Harpel (Oscar H.) Typograph, or book of Du. Sauzet, 1733. specimens. Containing useful information, Hardwicke's annual biography. See Wal- suggestions and a collection of examples of ford (Edward). letterpress job printing, arranged for the asHardwicke's science gossip: a monthly medi- sistance of master printers, amateurs, apprenum of interchange and gossip for students tices, and others. 252 pp. 8 1. 23 pl 8~. and lovers of nature, Jan. to Dec. 1870. v. Cincinnati, author, 1870. 6. 8~9. London, R. Hardwicke, 1870. Harpers' bazar. A repository of fashion, pleasHardy (Mrs. Duffus). Paul Wynter's sacri- ure, and instruction. Jan. 1 to Dec. 24, 1870. fice. 3v. 12~. London, Hurst & Blackett v. 3. fol. New York, Harper & brothers,1870. 1869. Harpers' hand-book for travelers in Europe Harewood (Harry, pseudon?) A dictionary and the east. By W. Pembroke Fetridge. of sports; or, companion to the field, the for- 9th year. 129. Naew York, Harper & brothest, and the riverside. Containing explana- ers, 1870. tions of every term applicable to racing, Harpers' new monthly magazine. Dec. 1869 shooting,hunting, fishing, hawking, archery, to Nov. 1870. v. 40-41. 8~. Nlew York, Haretc. With essays upon all national amuse- per & brothers, 1870. ments. vi, 365 pp. 12c. London, T. Teggr An index to Harpers' new monthly mag-,f- son, 1835. azine, volumes 1 to 40: from June, 18F50, Hargrove (Ely). Anecdotes of archery, to May, 1870. 433 pp. 8. lNew York, from the earliest ages to the year 1791, by Harper 8, brothers, 187O. the late E. Hargrove. The whole carefully Harpers' weekly. A journal of civilization. revised, brought down to the present time, Jan. 1 to Dec. 24, 1870. v. 14. fol. New [etc.] by Alfred E. Hargrove. I p. 1. 316 pp. York, Harper' Ibrothers, 1870. 6 pl. 8~. York, Hargrove's library, 1845. Harriot ('l'homas). Wunderbarlicher doch Hariot (Thomas). See Harriot (Thmas). warhafftiger bericht von der landschafft VirHarkness (Albert). Elements of Latin gram- ginia inn der newen elt, welche newlich mar, for schools. xii, 156 pp. 120. New im jahr Christi 15S5 von den Engelendern York, LD. Applteton 8$ co. 186i9. erfunden ist, erstlichen in engelendischer Key to the author's practical introduc- sprach beschrieben, durch Thomam Hariot, tion to Latin composition. 43 pp. 1'20. iew vnd hernach in Teutsch gebracht, dutrch York, t. Applettsn cp cos. 4:pp1869. 120Christophorvm P. sm. 4. [Leipzig,] 1597. York, D. Appleton & co. 1869. [In DRESSE:R (Matthaus). Historien vnd bericht, etc. Harland (John). Ballads and songs of Lan- pp. 171-297. cashire. Chiefly older than the 19th century. Harris (Charles H.) History of the Venango Collected, compiled, and edited with notes. oil regions: [etc.] and other places of note xvi, 281 pp. 12~. London, Whtlittaker F' co. in the oil regions. v, 108 pp. 2 pl. 120.'i1c65. tuscille, Pa. morning herald office, 1866.

Page  150 150 HARRIS. HARVEY. Harris (George). The economy and policy of Hart (Alfred A. )-continued. a christian education. Adapted as a monitor maps of each of the railroads. [etc.] 34 and directory for all professors of christian- pp. 5 1. 12 col. pl. 2 phot. 3 maps. obl. 16C. ity: especially governors and directors of [Chicago], 1870. children and youth, [etc]. 282 pp. 120. Hart (Gerald). In the rapids. A romance. Baltimoore, author, 1823. 319 pp. 12~. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott Harris (Joseph). On the pig. Breeding, rear- f co. 1871. ing,imanagement, and improvement. 2530 pp. Hart (John S. Il.d.) First lessons in composi120. New York, 0. Judd 4- co. 1870. tion. 144 pp. 12~. Philadelphia, Eldredo e & brother, 1871. Harris (N. S.) Journal of a tour in the " In- redgeA manual o f composition and rhetoric: A manual of composition and rhetoric: dian territory," performed by order of the a text-book lor sclools and colleges. 380 pp. domestic committee of the board of missions 2O. Philadelphia, Eldredge brother, 1871. of the protestant episcopal church, in the Removing mountains: life lessons from spring of 1844, by their secretary and general the gospels. 306 pp. 160. Neo York, R. agent. [anon.] 2 p. 1. 3 maps, 74 pp. 8'. Carter. brothers, 1870. Nets York, Dana, jr. 1844. New York, Dana, jr. 1844. The sunday-school idea: an exposition Harris (William W.) The battle of Groton of the principles which underlie the sundayHeights: a collection of narratives, official school cause, setting forth its objects, organireports, records, etc. of the storming of fort zations, methods and capabilities. 414 pp. Griswold, and the burning of New London 160. Philadelphia, J. C. Garrigaues S& co. 1870. by British troops, under the command of Harte (Francis Bret). The luck of Roaring brig. gen. Benedict Arnold, on the sixth camp, and other sketches. iv pp. 21. 239 pp. of September, 1781. With an introduction 160. Boston, Fields, Osgood & co. 1870. and notes. I p. 1. x, 123 pp. 80. New Lon- ~ Poems. 152 pp. 12~. Boston, Fields, don, 1870. Osgood & co. 1871. Harrison (A. W.) Harrison's flavoring ex- Hartford. Geer's Hartford city directory; tracts. 18 varieties. 8 1. 160. Philadel- for 1870-71: [etc.] ino. 33. 120. Hartford, phia, A. TV. Harrison, 1870. E. Geer, 1870. Harrison (Jennie, pseudon?) Autumn leaves. Hartford weekly intelligencer [and adverti40 pp. pl. 16. New York, A. D. F. Ran- ser]. See Connecticut courant, and Hartdolphl, 1865. ford weekly intelligencer. Elmer's morning-glory. 38 pp, I pl. Hartshorne (Henry, m. d.) Cholera: facts 160. Newo Y~ork, A. D. F. Ranldolplh, 1863. and conclusions as to its nature, prevention, Little buds. 38 pp. 1 p1. 16g. N lew and treatment. 79 pp. 16~. Philadelphia, Little buds. 38 pp. I pl. 160. New J. York, A. D F. Randolph, 186. J. B. Lip5oincoat 8- co. 1860. -Uncle Jerry's blossom. 41 pp. 1p 16. Hartt (Charles Frederic). Thayer expedition. Ne n Yorrky, A. D. F. Randolph, 1865. Scientific results of a journey in Brazil. By NwThe wYay.side flower. 37 pp. I p1. 16. Lullis Agassiz and his travelling companions. New York, A. D. F. Rlawdolph, 1865. Geology and physical geography of Brazil. - A wYhite rose. 40 pp.F 1 p. 160. New xxiii, 620 pp. 8 pl. 3 maps. 0O. Boston, York, A. D. F. Randolph, 1865. Filds Osgood $ co. 1870. Harrison (Walter). Pickett's men: a frag rvard college (Cambridgre, Mass.) A dement of war history. [etc.] 202 pp. I pl. scriptive catalogue of the Warren anatomical 1 portrait. 120. New I'ork, D. Van Nos- museum. By J.B. S. Jackson, m.d. xii, trend, 1870. 759 pp. 1 pl. 80. Boston, A. Williams & co. Hart (Alfred A.) The traveler's own book. 1870. A souvenir of overland travel, via the great Harvey (Gabriel). Fovre letters, and certaine and attractive route, Chicago, Burlington & sonnets: especially touching Robert Greene, Quincy r. r. to Burlington; Union Pacific and other parties by him abused: but incirailroad, to Ogden; Central Pacific railroad, dentl of diucrs excellent persons, and some to Sacramento; Burlington & Missouri river matters of note. [etc. anon.] London, J. r. r. to Omaha; Utah central railroad, to Salt Wolfe, 1592. [Reprinted]. 81 pp. sm. 40 Lake City; Western Pacific railroad, to San [CLLIE (John Payne). Miscellaneous tracts. [COLLIER (John Payne). Containing coiscellaneoumplete tracts. & a. i, no. 5 Francisco. Containing complete traveler's Temp. Eliz. & Iac. i, no. 5].

Page  151 151 HASKELL. HAZARD. Haskell (William O. & son). Illustrated cata- Hayden (A. S.) Christian hymn and tune loguoe of the Boston school furniture manu- book. For use in churches, and for social factory. 101 pp. 1 pl. 80. Boston, S. Thorn. and family devotions. 272 pp. 80. Chicago, ton, 1870. Root &8 Cady, [1870]. Hastings (Mrs. Horace L.) Pebbles from the Hayden (Ferdinand Vanderveer). Prelimipath of a pilgrim. [Reprinted from The nary field report of the United States geochristian]. 37 1. 160. Boston, scriptural logical survey of Colorado and New Mexico, tract repository, 1870. conducted under the authority of hon. J. D. Cox, secretary of the interior. 155 pp. S8. Hastings (Thomas). The British archer; or, Cox, secretary of the interior. TYashinaton, oovernment printing ofice, 1869. tracts on archery. 2 p.. 128 pp. I 1. 5 pl. g i 40~ London,. Ackermann, 1831. Sun pictures of Rocky mountain scen40. London, R. Ackermann, 1831. ery, with a description of the geographical Hausmann (Johann Friedrich Ludwig). Salz- and geological features and some account of brurnner skizzen. [etc.] vi, 69 pp. 18~. Breu, c], 6. 1. the resources of the great west, containing Breslau, J. Ma+ix &' cornp. 1855. thirty photographic views along the line of Haussonville (Joseph Othenin Bernard deo the Pacific railroad, from Omaha to SacraCldron, cornte d'). L'dglise romaine et le mento. viii, 150 pp. 30 photographs. 40. premierempire, 1800-1814. Avec notes, cor- Netw York, J. Bien, 1870. respondances diplomatiques et pieces justifi- Hayden (William B.) On the dangers of catives entierement in6dites. 2e ed. 5 v. modern spiritualism. 4th ed. revised. 138 80. Paris, M. Le~&y, 1869-70. pp. 1.20. New York, new church tract society, Havana. Observatorio fisico-meteorico de la 1870. Habana. Anuario publicado por d. Andres Hayden (Winslow L.) New and improved Poey. Afno primero. 1862. Tomeo 1. Ba- method for the guitar. [etc.] 120 pp. 40~. rometria. I p. 1.71. fol. Habana, viuda de Boston, O. Ditson & co. 1870. Barcina ~4 comp. 1869. s. i Haydn and other poems. By the author of Haviland (John de). Le Mexique sous la "Lifebelo.' [annlz.] 2p.1.161pp 160 maison de Habsbourg. 34 pp. fol. Vienne, New York, Hurd 4- Houghton, 1870. C. Gerold Jils, 1863. Hayes (Albert H. m. d.) A medical treatise on nervous affections. The result of an exHawker (Robert, d.d.) Zion's pilgrim. Ist Hawker (Robert, d. d.) ZLonn's 20 p.lgrim. 1st tensive experience in the treatment of nerAmerican, from 7th London ed. 200 PPI vous disorders. 137 pp. 1 portrait 12g 240. New York, [Williams & IWhiting, 1810. r, W, 1. Boston, Peabody nedical institute, (lb70). Hawks (Francis Lister). The English lan- Hayes (John L.) Paris universal exhibition. guage. Elementary instruction. no. 1. 1 1867. Report upon wool and manufactures 75 pp. 16G. New York, Pott & Amery, 1867. of wool. See Mudge'(E. R.) and Hayes. Hawthorne (Nathaniel). Passages from [his] Hays (Mary). Memoirs of Emma Courtney. Englishnote-books. 2v. viii, 4 0pp; I p. 1. 2 v. in l. 1293pp; I p.1. 159 pp. 16~. Newc 393 pp. 160. Boston, Fields, Osgood & co. York, H. M. Griffith, 1802. 1870. Memoirs of queens, illustrious and celeHaxall (Robert W. rn. d.) Dissertation [on brated. viii,479pp. 80. London, I. 4 J. the question How far are the external means A llmnn, 1821. of exploring the condition of the internal Hays (Vill S.) Golden leaves. (Part first organs to be considered useful and important L[and] part second). A collection of beautiin medical p-actice]? 80. [Boston, 183i]. S. ful songs and choruses, with pianoforte [MASSACHUSL:TTS medical society. Library of prac- accomnpaniments. 2 v. 80 pp; 80 pp. 40. tical medicine, v. 7, pp. 81-188]. New York, J. L. Peters, 1870. Hay any worke for Cooper; being a reply to [PETERS' musical library, v. 2-3]. the "Admonition to the people of England." Hays' journal of the medical sciences. See By Martin Mar-prelate. [pseudon.] Re- American journal of the medical sciences. printed fiom the black letter edition [of Haywood (Eliza). See Heywood. 1589]. With an introduction and notes. 84 Hazard (George S.) Paris exposition, 1867. pp. 8~. London, J. Petheram, 1845. The quality and characteristics of the cereals [PURITAN discipline tracts]. exhibited. Note.-This tract was in answer to Thomas Cooper, [Inr RUGGLES (S. B.) and HAZARD. Report on cexbishop of Winchester. eals, pp. 15-26].

Page  152 HAZARD. IlEINECCIUS. Hazard (Samuel). Cuba with pen and pencil. Hedge (Frederic Henry, d. d.) Prose writers 584 pp. 19 pl. 80. Hartford, (Conn.) Hurt- of Germany. New ed. revised and enlarged. ford publishing co. 1871. 581 pp. 7 pl. 80~. Philadelphia, Porter 4 Headley (Joel Tyler). Sacred heroes and Coates, [1870]. martyrs. Biographical sketches of illustrious Heer (Oswald). Les phyllites crktac6es du men of the bible; with historical scenes and Nebraska, 1866. See Capellini (G.) and incidents, illustrating their heroic deeds, Heer. eventful careers, and sublime faith, which Heeren (Arnold Hermann Ludwig) and Ukert have no parallel in human history. [etc. ] 6~23 (Friedrich August). Geschichte der europtipp. 8 pl. 8~0. New York, E. B. Treat y- co. 1870. schen staaten. Geschichte yon Spanien. Heart-rending (The) and horrible crimes of See Lembke (Friedrich Wilhelm) and Emeline Parker, who was tried, condemned, Scha.fer (Heinrich). and sentenced to be hung at Cambridge, Versuch einer entwickelung der folgen Maryland, and in which she confesses to have der kreuzziige fr Europa. xiv, 440 pp. 1G. been guilty of the committal of ten horrible Gdttigen, J. F. RJwer, 1808. murders, and accessary to several others: Hefele (Carl Joseph von). Causa Honorii full and authentic particulars are given, with papm.'8 pp. 80. Neapoli, 1870. her final confession. [anon.] 30 pp.. 1 1. Le cardinal Ximns et l'lise d'Est8. Richmond, ( Va.) J. Merone, 1853. pagne a la fin du xve, et au commencement Hearth and home. rA weekly journal] for du xvie siecle; pour servir h l'histoire critique the farm, garden, and fireside. Dec. 25, de l'inquisition. Traduit sur la seconde 6di1869, to Dec. 31, 1870. v. 2. fol. NVewa tion, [etc.] par A. Sisson et A. Crampon. York, 0. Judd B& co. 1870. viii, 458 pp. I portrait. 8o. Lyon, J. B. Heath (Christopher). Practical anatomy: a Paagaud cie. 1850. manual of dissections. First American firom ~ The same. The life of cardinal Ximenes. the second English ed. Edited with addi- Translated from the German by the rev. tions, by William W. Kean, m. d. 572 pp. canon [John] Dalton. lvi, 581 pp. 80. 12C. Philadelphia, H. C. Lea, 1870. London, catholic publishing 4 booksellingf co. Heath (Laban). Heath's greatly improved 1860. and enlarged infallible government counter- Heger (Thomas). A tour through a part of feit detector, at sight. [etc.] Banking house the Netherlands, France, and Switzerland, ed.'2 p.1. 43pp. 16pl. sinm. 4~. Boston, in the year 1817: containing a variety of inL. Heaith 4-' co. [1870.] cidents, with the author's reflections, serious The United States counterfeit detector, and lively. xi, 250 pp. 11. pl. 8~. Lon. and teachers' guide. The only correct meth- don, LoIngran, Hurst, Rees, Orme & Browne, (d of detecting counterfeit, spurious, and 1820. altered bank notes, etc. Applicable to all Heine (Friedrich). Sechs aufsditze fiber manubanks in the United States and Canadas, rerische gegensti-nde. 120 pp. 12~. Rowith genuine designs. Household ed. 32 stock, K. C. Stiller, 5814, [1814]. pp.6 pl. 16~. Boston, L. Heath, [1871]. Heine (Henri). Po6emes et 16(endes. Atta The same. [etc.] 3d ed. revised and Troll; L'intermezzo; La mer du nlord; corrected. 44 pp. 19 pl. 16~. Boston, L. Nocturnes; Feuilles volautes; Germania; Heath 4 co. 1870. Romancero; Le livre de Lazare. ix, 386 pp. Heaton (Charles William). The threshold of 160. Paris, M. Lecy frihes, 1855. chemistry: an experimental introduction to Heine (Wilhelm). Wanderbilder aus Centralthe science. xi, 196 pp. 120. London, Amerika. Skizzen eines deutschen malers. Chapman & Hall, 1861. Mit einem vorwort von Friedrich Gerstacker. Hecquet (Madame -). The history of a 2e auflage. xvi, 264 pp. 180. Leipzig, 0. savage girl [mademoiselle Le Blanc], caught Purfiirst, [ 1853]. wild in the woods of Champagne. Newly Heineccius or Heinecke (Johann Gottlieb). translated from the French [Histoire d'une Catalogvs bibliothecre selectioris, optimis jeune fille sauvage] of madam H t. fere ex omnni scientiarvmn genere scriptoribvs [anon.] 1 p.1. ii, 116 pp. 12~. London, R. instrvctfe, et seevndvmi ordinem materiarvm L)cDviadson, [about 1755]? digest. [etc.] 20, 288, pp.50 1. 12~. [Attributed also to La Condanice]. I-alcrl Maldeb. J. C. G'rrnert, 1743.

Page  153 1oo HEINSIUS. HENSEL. Heinsius (Johannes Wilhelm). Allgemeines I Henderson (M. P.) Henderson's test words biicher-lexicon; oder, vollsttndiges alphabo- in English orthography, with full definitions; tisches verzeichnisz aller von 1700 bis zu also, a list of modern geographical names, ende 1867 erschienenen bitcher, welche in with their pronunciation, for the use of Deutschland und in den durch sprache und grammar schools and academies. 106 pp. literatur damit verwandten lhindern gedruckt 180. 1New York, Clark 4' Maynard. 1t70. worden sind. [etc.] Vierzehnter band, Henderson (W. A.) How to cook, caive and welcher die von 1862 bis ende 1867 erschie- eat; or, wholesome food, and how to prepare nenen blicher und die berichtigungen frtiherer it for the table. [etc.] To which is added erscheinungen enthhlt. Bearbeitet und he- a chapter on the art of carving. 360, 61, xii rausgegeben von Karl Robert Heumann. pp. 3 pl. 12~. New York, Leavitt 4 Allen le-15elieferung. A —Seidel. 4~. Leipzig, bros. [1870]. F. A. Brockhaus, 1869-70. Hendryx (W. B.) Analytic and synthetic Helen's lesson. The story of Helen WTailace. bible lessons; arranged with reference to the By E. C. T. [anon.] 216 pp. 2 pl. 180. general divisions and periods, in which subPhliladelphiai, presbyterian publication commnit- jects of like character are collated and classitee, 1870. fied. New testamenLt. vol. 1. 107 p)p. 16~. Indianapolis, (Ind.) A. Aaron 4- co. 1870. H tcipia philosophi aniquissimm et recentis- Hennell (Charles C.) Christian theism, by cipia philosophime antiquissim:e et recentisthe author of "An inquiry concerning the orsimme de Deo, Christo et creatura; id est, s igin of christianity." [anon.] 2 p. l.86 pp. spiritu et materia in genere. [etc.] Opus- LondonT.Allan 1845. 80. London, T. Allman, 1845. culum posthumuml e lingua anglicana latini-Inqniry etc. 8 on, 1 [O [ith his Inquiry, etc. 8o. Lonldon, 1845]. tate donatum, cum annotationibus. [etc. The same. 3d [people's] ed. 120. anon.] 2 p1. 144 pp. 180. Amstelodamni, London, Triibner & co. 1870. 1690. [With his Inquiry, etc. 12~. London, 1870. pp. Philosophia vulgaris refutata. Iuxta ex- 395-464]. emplar parisinum. [anon.] 5 P. 1. 340 pp. An inquiry concerning the origin of 18~. [n. p.] 16(90. christianity. 2d ed. xvi, 506 pp. 80. Lon[ With the preceding]. don, T. Allm an, 1845. De revolutione animarum humanarum; The same. 3d [people's] ed. xvi, quanta sit istius doctrinm cum veritate chris-'394 pp. 12o. London, Triibner 4 co. 1870. tianme religionis conformitas, problematum Hennell (Sara S.) Present religion: as a centurim due, [etc. ] latinitate donate. [an- faith owning fellowship with thought. Part on.] 144 pp. 18~. Londini, 1684. 1. x, 557 pp. 12~. London, Triibner & [ With his Principia philosophiae antiquissimnn]. co. 1865. Helps (Arthur). The life of Columbus, the Henricus a sancto Ignatio. Tuba magna discoverer of America. xvi, 262 pp. 12~. mirnum clangens sonum ad Clementemr xi, London, Bell 4 Daldy, 1869. imperatorem, ieges, [etc.] de necessitate Hemingway (J.) Panorama of the beauties, longe mnaxima reformandi societatem Jesu. curiosities, and antiquities of North Wales, Per Liberiunm Candidunm. [psetndon.] p. l. exhibited in its mountains, valleys, water- 536 pp. 16]. Argentine, 1712. falls, lakes, cities and towns, castles, ruins, Henry viii, king of England, or Fisher (John, etc. intended as a pocket companion to the bp. of Rochester), Assertio septem sacramentourist and traveller. 4th ed. viii, 333 pp. torum aduersus. Martinumn Lutherurn. 75 1. 3 pl. 1 map. 160. London, R. Groombridge, sin. 4~. Antuerpiwe, M. Hillenius, 1522. [etc.] 1845. Henry (Al ) Prcis de l'llistoire de la po6sie, Henderson (J. A.) Short sermons by meth- avec des jugements critiques stiur les plus c6odist preachers of Louisville, Kentucky, and lebres pontes. I p. 1. iii, 53; pp. So. Paris, Tennessee conferences. 144 pp. 16~. Lou- Lecqire, 1857. isrille, (Ky.) J. P. Morton 4-co. 1870. Henry (Guy V.) Military record of' civilian Henderson (Julia Putnam). Annie Balfour appointments in the United States armly. v. and her friends; or; influence, and how to 1. 527 pp. 8O. New York, Carleton, 1870. use it. By Theta. [pseudon.] 302 pp. 4 Hensel (Octavia). Life and letters of Louis pl. 16G. Richmond, presbyterian committee Moreau Gottschalk. 213 pp. 16C. Boston, of publication, 1870. 0 I. Ditsoon 4 co. 1'70. 2{}

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Page  155 155 HESSE. HILDEBRAND. Hesse (Johann G. W. )-continued. Heywood (Mrs. Eliza Fowler)-continued. icme nec temula nec patrona. 8~. Lugduni v. 4. i. The rash resolve: or, the untimely discovery. A novel. ii. The masqueraders: or, fatal cnuri Batavorum, Honkoop, 1791. osity; being a secret history of a late amour. iii. [In MUNTINGHE (Hermann). Syllogeopusculorumn Lasselia: or, the self-abandon'd. A novel. iv. ad doctrinam sacram pertinentiume, v. 1. pp. 45- The force of nature: or, the lucky disappoint164]. ment. A novel. Hester's happy sunmlier. By T. W. O. [anon.] Hibbert (Mary?) and Buist (Robert). The 282 pp. 4 pl. 160. Boston, D. Lothtop &S American flower garden directory, containco. 1871. ing practical directions for the culture of Heston (Rev. Newton). The anniversary plants in the hot-house, garden-house, flower speaker; or, young folks on the sunday-school garden, and rooms or parlours, for every month platform. [etc.] 2d series. 215 pp. 18~. in the year. With a description of the plants Philadelphia, Perkinpine & Higgins, 1865. most desirable in each, [etc.] 376 pp. 1 pl. Hesychius, hierosolymitanus. Ad Theodulum 8~. Philadelphia, A. WIaldie, 1832. sermo de temperantia et virtute, grrece et la- Hickeringill (Edmund). Jamaica viewed: tine, I. Pico interprete. fol. Parisiis, 1624. with all the ports, harbours, and their sever[Ix BIBLIOTHECA veterum patrum, v. 1]. al soundings, towns, and settlements thereHomilia de sancta Maria deipara, I. Pi- unto belonging. [etc. ] 3d ed. 5 p. 1. 44 pp. 1 co interprete. fol. Parisiis, 1624. map. sm. 4~ London, B. Bragg, 1705. [in BIBLIOTHECA vetervm patrvm, v. 2]. Hickory (The) series. [alon.] 3 v. 18~. Hetty's tongue and other stories. [anon.] 216 p. 18. Philadelphia, presbyterian Phi!adelphia, Am. sunday school union, 1870. pp. lpl. 18~. Philadelphia, presbyterian 216pp.2pl. Drifting boat (The). 216 pp.2 pl. board of publication, 1867. Out in the storm. 184 pp. 2 pl. Hetzel (J.) Voyage oh il vous plaira, 1843. Snarly or Sharly. 136 pp. 1. pl. See Johannot (Tony), Musset (Alfred de), Hiel (pseudon ) See Brecling (Friedrich). and Hetzel. Hieronymus (Eusebius, Saint). Epistolae [cxxxviiij, editio secunda]. 2211. fol. [ArHewitt (Abram S.) Paris universal exposigentorati, I. Aentelln, 1469]~ tion, 1867. The production of iron and steel.Note.-This date is assigned on the authority of in its economic and social relations. v, 183 Dibdin. Every page has two columns, each of 50 pp. 1 pl. 8).0 TWlashingtotn, rorern ment print- lines. The type is gothic and rude. ing office, 1869. Vitae sancti Pavli primi eremitre; S. HiAThe same. [Author'sed.] 87pp. ~ larionis mnonachi; S. Malchi, captiui inonNew York, G. A. Whitehomne, 870. achi; B.Fabiol; S. Pave rotnane vidue; Hewitt(John H.) Miscellaneous poems. 235 S. Marcell vidure. fol. Atcerpia 1615. pp. l2~. Baltimore, N. Hickmnan, 1838. [n ROSVE (Hribel). it patrum 0. B e, N., 18. Higginson (Stephen). The writings of Laco, Heywood's (Abel) series of penny guide books. A guide to London, its public build- as published in the Massachuasetts centinel, 1789. with the addition of no. vii, which was ings, etc. 7With an alphabetical list of the omitted. [pseudlon.] 39pp. 16~. Boston, most attractive places to the stranger. 18 pp. 1 map. 160. Manchester, A. Heywood 1789. son, 1870. [Miscellaneous pamphlets, v. 343]. ~son, 187r~0. ~Highdays and holydays in Old England and Heywood (B. A.) A vacation tour at the an- and New England. By Una Locke, Zaida Yorke, tipodes, through Victoria, Tasmania, New and Francis Lee. psedons. v. 18, n,, and Francis Lee. [pseudons.] 4 v. 18~. South Wales, Queensland, and New Zealand, New York, Carlton & Porter 1870. in 1861-1862. viii, 251 pp. 7 pl. 2 maps. 80. C E CONTENTS. London, Longman, Green, Longmnan, Roberts Festal and floral days in New England and Old Eng& Green, 1863. land. By Una Locke and Francis Lee. 126 pp. 3 pl. Heywood (Airs. Eliza Fowler). Secret his- The fourth of July in New England, and the fifth of November in Old England. By Una Locke and tories, novels, and poems. 4th ed. 4 v. 16~. Zaida Yorke. 159 pp. 3 pl. London, R. Wra-re, etc. 1742. Joy days on both sides of the water. By Una Locke Londo~n, R. I~ are, etc. 174~2. and Zaida Yorke. 147 pp. 3 pl. CONTENTS. Red-letter days in Old England and New England. v. 1. Love in excess: or, the fatal inquiry. By Una Locke and Zaida Yorke. 142 pp. 3 pl. v. 2. i. TheBritish-recluse: or, secret history of Cleo- Hildebrand (Samuel S.) Autobioraphy of mire, supposed dead. A novel. ii. The injur'd o husband: or, mistaken resentment. A novel. iii. Samuel S. Hildebrand, the renowned MisPoems'on several occasions. v. 3. i. Idalia: or, the unfortunate mistress. A souri "bushwhacker;" [etc.] being his novel. ii. The surprise: or, constancy rewarded. complete confession, recently made to the iii. The fatal secret: or, constancy in distress. iv. Fantomina: or, love in a maze. writers, and carefully compiled by James

Page  156 HILDEBRAND. HISTORICAL. Hildebrand (Samuel S.) —continued. Hilton (John)-continued W. Evans and A. Wendell Keith, m. d. To nostic value of pain. A course of lectures at gether with all the facts connected with his the royal college of surgeons of England, in early history. 312 pp. 8 pl. 12~. Jeffer- the years 1860, 1861 and 1862. xii, 499 pp. son city (Mo.) Slate times printing house, 1870. 8~. London, Bell & Daldy, 1863. Hildebrandt (C.) Winter in Spitzbergen. A Himnllisches palmgirtlein, oder mesz-btichtale of the northland. From the German, by lin, enthaltend: morgen-. abend- und meszE. G. Smith. 300 pp. 7 pl. 16. Newo York, andachlt, vesper-, beicht- und communionDodd 4- Mead, 1871. gebete. [etc. anon.] 51 pp. 1 pl. 320. St. Louis, (Mo ) F. Saler, [about 1870]. Hildersam (Rev. Arthur). cviii lectures upon. the fourth of John. [etc. ] 3d ed. 12 p. 1. lde (e. Wlliam). Tle vey singular 1 life of John Bruen of Cheshire. [etc.] Origi444pp. fol. London, M. Bell, 1647. nally published in 1641. [American edition Hillreth (Samuel Prescott). Original con- y A. M. Bruen]. 116 pp. 1 portrait. 12. tributions to the American pioneer. 2 p. 1. New York, E. O. Jenkins, 1857. 144 pp. 80. Cincinnati, J. S. TWlilliams, Hinrichs (Johann Conrad). Verzeiclinisz der 1844. and 184. chott bticher, landkarten, etc. welche vom Januar - ad Schott (ChaRe- bis Juni 1869 neu erschienen, oder neu aufsults of meteorological observations, made at gelegt worden sind. lx, 324 pp. 120. LeipMarietta, Ohio, between 1826 and 1859, in- zig, 1870. elusive, by S. P. Hildreth, m. d. To which ____ The same. Juli his December, 1869. are added results of observations taken at lxxiv pp 1 1 388 pp. 12 Leipzig, 1870 Marietta, by mr. Joseph Wood, between Hippeau (C'cile or Cdlestin?) Linstruction 1817 and 1823. Reduced and discussed, at publique aux Etats-lnis. 1coles publiqres, the expense of the Smithsonian institution, colldges, universitds, 6coles sp6ciales. Rapby Charles A. Schsott. v, 46 pp. 4~0 TIashA- /port adress6 au ministre de l'instruction pubeington, Smithsonian institution, 1870. lique. 4 p. 1. xvi, 447 pp. 80. Paris, Didier [InS SMITHSONIAN contributions to knowledge, v. 16]. 87 4 cie. 1870. Hilgard (Eugene W.) Preliminary report of Hipple ('rank H.) Legal correspondents a geological reconnoisance of Louisiana. 8-. throughout the United States. See Edwards 1869. See Louisiana. Geological survey. (John I1.) and Hipple (Frauk H.) Hill(Rowland). Post office reform; its import- Hippolytus, ostiensis. Oratio de consumance and practicability. vii, 104 pp. ~. lmatione mundi, ac de antichristo et secundo London, C. Knight & co. 1837. adventu Jesu Christi, gr'ece et latine, I. Pico Hill (S. S.) Travels in Egypt and Syria. xvi, intepete. [etc ] fol. Parisiis, 1624. 455 pp. 80. London, Lonminans, Grten [In nIELIOTHECA vetervn patrvm, v.2]. 455 pp. 8~. Londont.-It has been denied that this is the work of co. 1 66. Hippolytus. Histoire de Henry it, dernier due de MontHillard (George Stillman). Hillaid's secondeny ii, de moreecy, [etc.] Pax C. D. [anlm 11 p. 1. reader, in pronouncing orthography. Byetc.]. Edwin Leigh. 168 pp. 12~. Boston, 4 pp. 3 1. li. PBoris, J. GCligulrd, 1699. Brewer 4 M Tileston, 186E. Historia de Bonaparte, prinmer c6nsul, desde su nacihniento hatsta la paz de Luneville. Hillern (Wilhelmine von). Only a girl: or a [etc. anon.] Traducida del Frances por d. physician for the soul. A romance from the P. Velasco. x, 262 pp. 21. ],~. Mdlaa, German by mrs. A. L. Wister. 54 pp. 12~0. F M A il 18 F. M. de A auilar 1804. Philadelphia,. B. Lippincott,] co. 1870. hiladelphia, B Lippincott 4- co. 70. Historia de Portugal, composta em Inglez por Hilpert (Johann). Disquisitio de proeada- a soci litte huma sociedade de litteratos, trasladada mlitis, anonymo Exercitationis et Systematis m as addi em vulgar com as addigSes dla versao frlanceza, theologici auctori [Isaaco'a la Peyrere] op- e notas do traductor portuguez, Antonio de posita. 5 p. 1.250 pp. 18~. Amsttlredaimi,. *P~ Y~' Z~L~oraes Silva. [anon.] Novatmente emlendaJ. Janssniusjun. 1]656. da. 4 v. 16~. Lisboa, atademia real das [With LA PEYR;RE (I. de). Prwadamite. Sive exercitatio, etc.] sciencias de Lisboa, 1802. Hilton (John). On the influence of mechani- Historical (A) description of Westminster ab cal and physiological rest in the treatment of bey; its monuments and curiosities. [anon.] accidents and surgical diseases, and the diag- iv, 116 pp. 160. London, the vergers, 1851.

Page  157 157 HISTORICAL. HOEFER. Historical (The) magazine, and notes and History (The) of the voyages of Christopher queries, concerning the antiquities, history Columbus, in order to discover America and and biography of America. July to Dec. the West Indies. [anon.] 201 pp. 16~. 1869. Second series, v. 6. [Complete series, London, R. Crowder, etc. 1772. v. 16]. 8~. Morrisania, (N. Y.) If. B. Hitchcock (Charles 11.) First annual report Dawson, 1869. upon the geology and mnineralogy of the Historicus (pseudon). See Harcourt (W. G. state of New Hanipshire. 80. Manchester, J. B. Clarke, 1669. Hitchcock (Enos, d. d.) A discourse, on the Historie (he) of fier vsh: how he came dignity and excellence of the human charto a house of religion to seeke seruice, and actdr; illustrated in the life of general being entertained by the priour, was first George Washinton, in commemoration of made vnder cooke. Beino, full of pleasant made vnder cooke. Being full of pleasant the afflictive event of his death. Delivered mirth and deligfflt for young people. Immirth and n delihtfryongpople Im- February 22, 1800, in the benevolent conprinted at London by Edw. All-de, dwelling gregtionl church in Providence. 35, gregational church in Providence. 35 pp. neere Christ-church. 1620. [anon.] 1 p. 1. 37 pp. sm. 4~. London, reprinted for R. ithcck's new monthly maazine. Coice Hitchcock's new monthly magazine. Choice Triphook, 1810. [TripS PELE (George). Merrie conceited jests]. music, art notes, and select reading for the family circle. Oct. 1869, to Sept. 1870. v. 1. Note.-There seems little doubt that the story of friar family circle. Oct. 1869, to Sept. 1870. v. 1. Rush was originally German. It bears internal 40 New York, B. If. Hitchcock, [1870]. evidence of having been composed about the time Hobby ( Rev. William). Self-examination in its of the reformation, but was very possibly founded on more ancient traditions. J. P. Collier. necessity and advantages urged and applied, Historiettes, or, tales of continental life. By in sundry sermons, delivered at Reading. 1 the author of " The English in Italy." p.l. vi, iv, 192 pp. 160. Boston, S. Kneeland [anon.] 3 v. 8~. London, Saunders &8 Otley, &8 S. Green, 1746. 1827. Hobhouse (Benjamin). A reply to the rev. History (The) of A B C, and other tales. By F. Randolph's letter to the rev. dr. Priestley; "The fairy egg." [anon. or, an examination of rev. F. Randolph's the authors of "The fairy egg." [anon.] the authors of "Scriptural revision of socinian argument." 185 pp. 4 pl. 180. Boston, Loring, [170p.1. 0. Trobridge, T. Cadell, [FAIRY-folk series, v. 21., History (The) of the British dominions in [ISCELNEOUS pamphlets, v. 57]. [M[IScELLANEOUs pamphlets, v. 57]. North America. Geschichte der englischen Hock (Carl von). Die 6ffentlichen abgaben kolonien in Nordamerika, von dec ersten und schulden. xi, 3S0 pp. 8~0. Stuttgart, J. entdeckung dieser lander durch Sebastian G. Cotta, 1863. Cabot, bis auf den frieden 1763. Aus dem Hodgdon(Rev. Norris C.) A denominational Englischen. [Von Anton Ernst Klausing. offering: from the literature of universalism. anon.] 2 v. 8 p. 1. 452 pp; 4 p. 1. 424 pp. In twelve parts. 432 pp. 120. Boston, uni41. 1 map. 16~. Leipzig, C. Fritsch, 1775-76. versalist publishing house, 1871. History (The) of En1gland. By Thomas Hodge (Rer. D. Munson). The highest law. Thumb, esq. [pseudon.] I p. l. i, 302 pp. Author's ed. 146 pp. 12~. New Haven, H. i 1. 160. London, IV]. Cooper, 1749. H. Peck, 1870. History (A) of the Indian wars with the first Hodges (William). Travels in India, during settlers of the United States, to the com- the years 1780, 1781, 1782, and 1783. 40. mencement of the late war; together with London, J. Stratford, 1805]. append, not bi [,l PELHAMI (Cavendish). The world: or, the presan appendix, not before added to this his- ent state of the universe, v. 1, pp. 740-764, 1 pl.] tory, containing interesting accounts of the Hodgson (Francis, d. d.) The calvinistic docbattles fought by gen. Andrew Jackson. trine of predestination examined and refuted. [anon.] 196 ppic. in 9 pl. 12. Rochester, 131 pp. 16C. Philadelphia, Higgins &- Per(N. Y.) E. Scranton, 1828. kinspine, 1855. History (The) of Maryland, to which are Hoefer (Edmund). The old countess. A added brief biographies of distinguished novel. From the German. By the transstatesmen, philanthropists, theologians, etc. lator of "' Over yonder," " Magdalena," etc. [anon.] 164 pp. 160. Philadelphia, E. H. 205 pp. 120. Philadelphia, J. B. LippinButler - co. 1866. cott - co. 1870.

Page  158 158 HOET. HOLBROOK. Hoet (Gerard) and Terwesten (Pieter). Hoffmann (Franz)-continued. Catalogus, of naamlyst van schilderyen, met The iron age of Germany. From the derzelver pryzen. [Med] catalogus van een German, by Rebecca H. Schively. With a gedielte van't kabinet schilderyen van den historic sketch of the time, by C. P. Krauth, prince van Orange. 3 v. 80~. S'Graven- d. d. 236 pp. 4 pl. 160. Philadelphia, hage, P. G. van Baalen, 1752-1770. Lutheran board of publication, 1870. Hoeven (W. Van der). De belachchelyke [FATHERLAND series]. lotery,blyspel. 3 p. 1. 104 pp. 16~. Am- Maternal love. From the German, by sterdamn, J. Lescailje &4 D. Rank, 1719. rev. H. J. H. Lemceke. 200 pp. 2 pl. 160. [DRAMATIC pamphlets, v. 1]. Philadelphia, Lutheran board of publication, Hoey (Mrs. Cashel). A house of cards. A 1870. novel. 3 v. 16~. London, Tinsley brothers, [FATHERLAND series]. 1868. ~ Prince Wolfgang. A historical narraHifer. See Hoefer. tive. From the German, by J. F. Smith. Hoffman (Christian). Longevity: being an With a historic sketch. 316 pp. 4 pl. 160. account of various persons, who have lived Philadelphia, Lutheran board of publication, to an extraordinary age, with curious par. 1871. ticulars respecting their lives. 120 pp. 120. [FATHERLAND series]. New York, J. S. Mott, 1798. - Ren6. From the German, by J. F. Hoffmann (Franz). Lehrbuch der fisik. Zum Smith. 176 pp. 160. Philadelphia, Lutheran gebrauche der gewerblichen wiederholungs- board of publication, 1870. und fortbildungsschulen. xii, 548 pp. 8~0. [FATHERLAND series]. WMien, k. k. schulbacher-verlag, 1867. The story of father Miller. [etc.] Hoffmann (Franz, the novelist). The adven- Translated by L. H. Steiner. 176 pp. 2 pl. tures of Leo Rembrandt. From the German. 160. Philadelphia, reformed church publicaBy L. H. Steiner. 241 pp. 4 pl. 16~. Phila- tion board, 1869. delphia, riformed church publication board, 1869., The story of the old schoolmaster. Anton, the fisherman. From the Ger- [etc.] Translated by L. H. Steiner. 231 pp. Anton, thefisher3 pl. 16~. Philadelphia, reformed church man, by M. A. Manderson. 172 pp. 2 pl. 160. Philadelphia, Lutheran board of publication, 1870. The treasure of the Inca. From tile [FATHERLAND series]. German, by J. F. Smith. 169 pp. 2 pl. 16~. --- Buried in the snow. From the German, Philadelphia, Lutheran board of publication, byM. A. Manderson. 161 pp. 2pl 160. Phil. 1870. adelphia, Lutheran board of publication, 1870. [FATHERLAND series]. [FATHERLAND series]. Under the earth. From the German, Dominic. From the German, by R. H. by R. H. Schively. 134 pp. I pl. 160. Schively. 246 pp. 4 pl. 16~. Philadel- Philadelphia, Lutheran board of publication, phia, Lutheran board of publication, 1870. 1870. [FATHERLAND series]. [FATHERLAND series]. Fritz; or filial obedience. From the Hohenheim (Philipp Aurelius Theophrastus German, by M. A. Manderson. 125 pp. 1 pl- Bombast von). See Paracelsus. 16.-. Philadelphia, Lutheran board of pub- Holbeach (Henry). Henry Iolbeach, stulication, 1870. dent in life and philosophy. A narrative and [FATHERLAND series]. a discussion. 2 v. viii, 390 pp; viii, 368 pp. - Geyer Witlty; or, fidelity rewarded. 8 London A. Stralan, [865. From the German,by M. A. Mauderson. 196 pp. 6 pl. 16~. Philadelphia, Lutheran board Holbrook (Joseph P.) Quartet and chorus of publication, 1870. choir. Companion to Songs for the sanctu[FATHERLAND series]. ary. 224 pp. 40~. New York, A. S. Barnes The Greek slave. From the German, &C co. 1871. by rev. J. C. Brodfuhrer. 239 pp. 2 pl. 16C. Holbrook (Josiah). Self-instructor. The Philadelphia, Lutheran board of publication, child's first drawing book, and object teach1870. ing primer, for home and school. 24 pp. [FATHERLAND series]. sq. 160. Chicago, A. tI. Andrews 4 co. 1870.

Page  159 159 HOLCOMBE. HOLMES. Holcombe (Rev. Henry). A sermon occa- Holmes (Elizabeth Emra)-continued. sioned by the death of lieutenant-general To which is prefixed, a memoir of the author, George Washington, late president of the by her sister. xliv, 374 pp. 120. New United States of America; [etc. ] 16 pp. 1 1. York, Stanford 4 Swords, 1851. sm.44. [Savannah],Seymour F WFoolhoptes, Holmes (Francis S.) Phosphate rocks of 1800. South Carolina and the "Great Carolina Holcombe (William H. m.d.) The other marl bed." A popular and scientific view life. 275 pp. 120. Philadelphia, J. B. of their origin, geological position and age; Lippincott & co. 1871. also their chemical character and agriculturHolder (C. B.) Memoir of the rev. William al value; together with a history of their disChapman, for forty years minister of Green- covery and development. 87 pp. 5 col. pl. wich road chapel, including a selection from 8~. Charleston, S. C. Holmes' book-house, his sermons, with annual hymns and other 1870. poems. xi, 292 pp. 160. London, W[ard Holmes (GeorgeF.11. d.) A school history of +4 co. 1851. the United States of America, from the earHole (Matthew, d. d.) Practical discourses liest discoveries to the year 1870. With maps, liest discoveries to the year 1870. With maps, on the liturgy of the church of England. and an appendix containing the constitution and an appendix containing the constitution Edited by the Rev. John Allen Giles. 4 v. of the United States and the declaration of of the United States and the declaration of 80. London, IW. Pickerina, 1837-38. London,.. Pickering, 1837-38. independence. 366 pp. 4 maps. 12c. New Holiday (The), and other stories, for young- York, university publishing co. 1871. est readers. iv, 188 pp.7 pl. sq. 120. Bos- U ton, J1. L. Shorey, 187( University series. Holmes' second read[NURSERY, V. 4]. er. 120 pp. 160. New York, university pubHoliness through faith. Light on the way of isling co. 1870. holiness. By R. P. S. [anon.] Revised ed. Holmes' third reader. 192 pp. 156 pp. 160. New York, A. D. F. Randolph 160. New York, university publishing co. & co. 1870. 1870. Holland (D.) Aus koniglichem gebliit. Eine - Holmes' fourth reader. 276 pp. irische geschichte. 124 pp. 160. St. Louis, 1'20. New York, university publishing co(Mo.) F. Saler, 1867. 1870. [NEUER novellen-schatz, v. 3]. - Holmes' fifth reader; containing LNEUER novellen-schatz, v. 3i. Lt Holland (Mrs. Robert). Channing, sa vie et fresh selections in prose and verse from standses ceuvres, avec une nouvelle pr6face de ard writers, with biographical notes, and an m. Charles de R~enusat. 2e ed. [anon.] introductory treatise on the principles of enun2 p. 1. xxxvi, 439 pp. 12~. Paris, Didier g ciation and elocution. 408 pp. 1.0. New co. 1861. York, university publishing co. [1870]. Hollandsche historische courant, 177,5, 1776. The southern pictorial second reader. 2 v. fol. Delft, J. L. van Essen, etc. 1775- For schools and families. 120 pp. 160. wNew 76. York, Richardson & co. 1866. Holme (John Stanford, d.d. compiler). Light Southern university series. Holmes' at evening time: a book of support and com- pictorial primer, for home or school. 36 pp. fort for the aged. 352 pp. 80. New York, 180. New York, Richardson 4- co. 1867. Hoarper ( brothers, 1871. Holmes (Joseph T.) Quincy in 1857. Or, Holmes (Edward). A ramble among the facts and figures exhibiting its advantages, musicians of Germany, giving some account resources, manufactures and commerce. 69 of the operas of Munich, Dresden, Berlin, pp. 160. Quincy, (Ill.) Herald book and job etc. With remarks upon the church music, printina establishnent, 1857. singers, performers, and composers; and a Holmes (Oliver Wendell, mn. d.) Dissertation sample of the pleasures and inconveniences [on the question How far are the external that await the lover of art on a similar exmeans of exploring the condition of the incursion. By a musical professor. [anon.] ternal organs to be considered useful and xiv, 286 pp. 120. London, Hunt 4- Clarke, 1828. important in medical practice]? 80. [Boston, 1828. Holmes (Elizabeth Emra). Scenes in our [Holmes (ElizIASSCHUSETTS medical society. Library of practiparish. By a "country parson's" daughter. cal medicine, v. 7, pp. 189-288].

Page  160 160 HOLT. HOOPER. Holt (Nicolas). Apophoreta sacra; sive disser- Hood (Rev. George)-continued. tationum theologicarum varii argumenti fas- deaths, and other facts of his own and reciculus. 4 p. 1. 272 pp. 4 1. 12~. Lugaduni lated families. Arranged in convenient Batavorum, J. Severinus, 1732. blank forms for general family use. 106 pp. [With KROMAYER (Johann Abraham). Specimen 40~. Chester, (Pa. ) author, 1870. fontium scr ipturae, etc.] fontim crip, etc.] Hooghe, or Hooge (Romain de). Les Indes Holyoke (Massachusetts). Local and busi- orientales et occidentales, et autres lieux; ness directory for 1869. [etc.] 80. Holy- repr6sent6s en tres-belles figures, [etc.] 1 p. 1. oke, C. H. Lyman, 1869. 6 maps, 41 pl. obl. fol. Lcide, P. van der Aa, Home and home thoughts. [anon.] 252 pp. [about 1700]. I pl. 18~. Philadelphia, presbyterian board Note.-These plates were probably cut as part of the illustrations to Van der Aa's great collection of of publication, 1865. voyages. Homerus. The Iliad of Homer. Translated Hooght (Everard van der). Een brief van into English blank verse by William Cullen Haggebher Philaleethees [pseudon.] aan zyBryant. 2v. xx, 398 pp; viii, 426 pp. 4~. nen vriend N. N. Over den persoon en het Boston, Fields, Osgood & co. 1870. book van d. Balthasar Bekker. In opzicht The same. Translated into English van de oudheyd, ende het gewichte zyner verse. By W. G. Caldcleugh. 444 pp. 12~. dwaling, [etc.] 235 pp. 4~. Amsterdam, Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott & co. 1870. 187 0. Borstius, 1691. Homme (L') gris; ou, petite chronique. r With his Zeedig ondersoek, etc.] [anon.] 2 v. in 1. 431 pp; 375 pp. 80. Korte aanmerkingen over de laatste Paris, L'IHuillier, 1817. schriften van Balthasar Bekker. In de wvelke Honert (Jan van den). Oratio inauguralis, de ordentelijk wederlegt worden syne VierBohemorum et Moravorum ecclesia, habita voudige beantwoording, van vooren tot in auditorio majori, v. Kal. Febr. ao. 1739. achteren; doch zijne andere schriften alleen Adcedit ejus dissertatio historico-theologica, nmaar in het nodigste. Met een klaare verqua veterum Waldensium, Bohemorum, et tooning van Bekkers ontrouw; [etc.] in Moravorum, de re fidei, sententia, [etc.] pa- zijne citatien van professor Voetius. [etc.] trum opinionibus confertur. [etc.] 104 pp. 96 pp. 40~. Amnsterdam, G. Borstius, 1693. I 1. 40. Lugduni Batavorum, S. Luchtmans, [ With his Zeedig ondersoek, etc.] 1739. Zeedig ondersoek van bet book, doer Honigberger (Johann Martin). Thirty-five den autheur, Balthasar Bekker genaamt de years in the east. Adventures, discoveries, Betoverde weereld. In het welke dat tweede experiments, and historical sketches, relating I boek, van vooren tot achteren, door alle de to the Punjab and Cashmere; in connection capittelen en paragraaphen, ordentelijk werd with medicine, botany, pharmacy, etc. To- wederlegt. Met des autheurs antwoort op gether with an original materia medica; de brieven van B. Bekker. 2 v. in 1. 4 p. 1. and a medical vocabulary, in four European 230 pp. 162 pp. 40~. Amsterdam, D. Boeteand five eastern languages. 2 v. in 1. 1 p. 1. man, 1692. xxx, 206 pp. 1 portrait. 16 1. 1 map; xvi, Hooker (Thomas). The poor doubting 448 pp. 80. London, H. Bailliere, 1852. christian diawn to Christ. Wherein the Honour bright; or, the faithful daughter. main hindrances, which keep men from [anon.] 144 pp. 3 pl. 180. Philadelphia, coming to Christ, are discovered. With presbyterian board of publication, 1869. special helps to recover God's favour. With Hood (Edwin Paxton). Dream land and an abstract of the author's life. 1 p. 1.14, ghost land: visits and wanderings there in 1 144 pp.'24. Boston, D. Henchman, 1743. the nineteenth century. 232 pp. 16~. Lon- Hooker (Sir William Jackson). Filices exodon, Partri(dge Osakey, 1852. ticre; or, coloured figures and descriptions The world of anecdote: an accumula- of exotic ferns, chiefly of such as are cultition of facts, incidents, and illustrations, vated in the royal gardens of Kew. The historical and biographical, from books and drawings executed by mr. Fitch. 3 p. I. 101 1. times recent and remote. xx, 700 pp. 1 2. 100 col. pl. 40~. London, L. RIeece, 1859. London, Hodder c4 StouIghton, 1870. Hooper, Hoper, or HIouper (Iohn). An ouerHood (11ev. George). Family record. Con- sight, and deliberacion upon the holy protaining the births, baptisms, marriages, phete Ionas' made, and uttered before the

Page  161 161 HOOPER. HOSMER. Hooper (John)-continued. Horn (M.) Zigeuner-ellen. Geschichte vom kynges maiestie, and his moost honorable Kattegat. 160. St. Louis, F. Saler, 1866. councell, by Jhon Hoper in lent last past. [In NEUETt novellen-schatz, v. 1. pp. 119-146], Comprehended in seue sermons. b. 1. 1. Horn (W. 0. van, pseudon.) See Oertel clxxxiii, 11. ]8%. London, Ihon Daye, 1550. (T. F. Wilhelm). Horner (G. R. B.) Observations on the isthHooper (Robert). A new medical dictionary; mus of Panama, and on the hospitals of containing an explanation of the terms in Havana. [From The American journal of [medicine, and collateral sciences], with the the medical sciences,n.s.v.37]. pp. 359formulas of the principal pharmacopoeias, and valuable practical articles on the treatment [MISCELANEOUS pamphlets, 325]. [MISCELLANEOUS pamphlets, v. 325]. of disease. On the basis of Hooper and Horner (Susan). The Tuscan poet Giuseppe Grant. [etc.] ByD. PereiraGardner,m.d. Giusti, and his times. xiv, 374 pp. 120~. 686 pp. 80. New York, Harper &' brothers, London, Macmillan & co. 1864. 1851. Horological (The) journal: the special organ Hoornbeek (Johannes). Heyliging van of the British horological institute. 1859-1869. Godts naam, ende dag. Ofte, straffen tegen v. 1-11. 80. London, Kent & co. 1859-69. vloeken en sweeren. Ende van de onder- Horticulturist (The) and [monthly] journal houdige van des heeren dag. Alwaar met an of rural art and rural taste. Devoted to geantwoord word op het boeck van Primerose, horticulture, landscape gardening, [etc. ] van den sabbat, ende andere, over die ma- Edited by Henry T. Williams. Jan. 1869. terie. Is oock by-gevoegt, concept van to Dec. 1870. v. 24-25. 8~. New York, redress over't stuck van leeninge, omtrent H. T. Williams, [1869-70]. den armen. 2e- druck. 4 p.1.494 pp.81.66 Horton (Mrs. M. B.) The divine law of pp. 180. Leyden, J. Wagens, 1659. birth, "Every wise woman buildeth her [With PRIMEROSE (David). Een tractaet van den house;" "All her household are clothed with sabbath, etc.] Hoperb(John), See. Hooper (John).scarlet." 63 pp. 160. Boston, T. H. CarHoper (John). See Hooper (John). ter sons 186 Hopkins (F. V. m. d.) First annual report of,. the Louisia. V. st glicnal survey Hosack (John). Mary queen of Scots and her the Louisiana state geological survey, 1869. 8. e Orles, A. L. Lee, 1870. accusers, embracing a narrative of events from the death of James v, in 1542, until the [ With LOUISIANA state seminary of learning: annual report for 1869, pp. 77-109]. death of the regent Murray in 1570. 18 p. 1. Horace Vernon; or, fashionable life. [anon.] 579pp. 2 facsimiles of mss. 80. Edinburgh 112 pp; 207 pp. 120. Philadelphia, Lea & and London, W. Blackwood & sons, 1869. Blanchard, 1839. 1Hosmer (Mrs. Margaret). The child captives. A true tale of life among the Indians of the Horca canonicze secundum chorum ecclesie o beate Marie virginis erffordensis. b. 1.2331. west. 230 pp. 3 pI. 18~. Philadelphia, fol. Nurmbrg C Horesbyterian board of publication, [1870]. unp. fol. Nurmberge, C. Hoclhfeder, 1497. [Note.-Two columns on a page, each of 50 lines]. Rich and poor: the story of Blanche H-oratius FlaccuEs (Quintus). Odes alnd Carrington's experience. 284 pp. 3 pl. 16~. Ph iladelphia, presbyteriaz publication cornepodes: a metrical translation into English, resbyterian publication co mittee, 1869. with introduction and commentaries by lord [OHIO series]. Lytton. With Latin text. xliii, 485 pp. 120. -_ Three times lost; or, Patty Norris. Edinburgh, If. Blackwood 5- sons, 1869. 233 pp. 3 pl. 18~. Philadelphia, J. P. SkelSatires and epistles, with notes and ex- y 8 c. 1870. cursus, by Thomas Keightley. viii, 332 pp. ~ A year in sunday-school. From the 12~. London, Whittaker & co. 1848. journal of an old teacher. By the author of Horn (Henry J.) Strange visitors: a series "The Chinese boy," etc. [anon.] 247 pp. of original papers, embracing philosophy, 3 pl. 1 8. Philadelphia, American sundayscience, government, [etc.] By the spirits school union, [1869]. of Irving, Willis, Thackeray, [etc.] and You-sing: the Chinaman in California. others now dwelling in the spirit world. A true story of the Sacramento flood. By Dictated through a clairvoyant while in a the author of " The Chinese boy." [anon.] state of trance. 250 pp. 120. New York, 150 pp. 3pl. 180. Philadelphia, presbyterian Carleton, 1869. publication society, 1868. 21

Page  162 162 HOSPINIAN. HOWELL. Hospinian or Wirth (Rudolph). Historia Howard (Marion)-continued. jesvitica; hoc est, de origine, regvlis, con- Two terms at Olney. 211 pp. 3 pl. stitvtionibvs, privilegiis, incrementis, pro- 180. Philadelphia, presbyterian board of pubgressu et propagatione ordinis jesvitarvm. lication, 1865. Idem de eorvm dolis, fravdibvs, impostvris, Howard (T. E.) Excelsior; or, essays on falsa quoque, seditiosa, et sanguinolenta doc- politeness, education, and the means of attrina. 16 p. 1. 418 pp. fol. Tigvri, I. R. taining success in life. Part i. For young JWVolphivs, 1670. gentlemen, by T. E. Howard. Part ii. For Hospital days Printed for private use. youngladies, by alady, (R. V. R.) [anon.] [anon.] 182 pp. 3 1. S Nezw York, D. 290pp. 12~. Baltimore, Kelly & Piet, 1868. Van Nostrand, 1870. Howard (William, m.d.) Narrative of a Houckgeest (Andre Everard van Braam). HoHckgeest. (Andre Everard van Braam). journey to the summit of Mont Blanc, made See Braam Houckgeest. in July, 1819. 2 p. 1. 49 pp. 12~. BaltiHoudin (Michael Gabriel). Et sicut illud more, F. Lucas,jr. 1821. statutum est hominibus, ut semel moriantur, postea vero judicium. A funeral oration, on Howe (Andrew Jackson, m.d.) A practical the death of George Washington: delivered o and systematic treatise on fractures and disthe death of George Washington:. Cincinnati, C. F. in the city hall of Albany, on the 22d of February, 1800. 11 pp. 1 portrait. sm. 40~ Wilstach & co. 1870. Albany, Barber - Southwick, [1800]. Howe (Prof. D. P.) Howe's science of lanHouper (Ihon). See Hooper (John). guage; or seven-hour system of grammar. Hours at home: a popular monthly of in- 49 pp. 120~. Manchester, (N. H.) C. F. Liv struction and recreation. Edited by J. M. ingston, 1870. Sherwood. Nov. 1869, to Oct. 1870. v. 10-11. Howe (Elias). Pianist's matinee: a collec80. New York, C. Scribner & co. 1869-70. tion of music for the piano-forte, consisting [Note. —Merged in SCRIBNER'S monthly, from No- of opera melodies, sonatas of Beethoven, vember, 1870]. songs without words, [etc.] 224 pp. 4~. How, or Howe (Rev. ThomasY.) Letters ad- Boston, E. Howe, 1868. dressed to the rev. Samuel Miller, d. d. in re-, Memoirs of Howe (M. A. DeWolfe, d.d.) Memoir s of ply to his letters concerning the constitution the life and services of the r. rev. Alonzo and order of the christian ministry. 124 pp. Potter, d. d. bishop of the protestant episco8. Utica, Seward 4 Williams, 1808. pal church in the diocese of Pennsylvania. How gamblers win; or, the secrets of advan- 427 pp.2portraits. 8S. Philadelphia,J.B. tage playing exposed. By a retired profes- Lippincott S co. 1871. sional. 112 pp 18~. Newt York, Dick 8 Howe (Rev. Samuel B. d. d.) Spruce street Fitzgerald, 1868. lectures-The use of the means of grace. How it pays: or the best investment for busi- Being the third in a series of lectures now ness men. [A plea for life insurance. anon.] delivering by different clergymen in the sixth 32 pp. 16~. New York, J. H. 4 C. M. Good- presbyterian church, Philadelphia. 1 p. 1. sell, 1871. 69-104pp. 80. Philadelphia, Russell4- MarHow Nellie found the fairies. A grandmother's tien, 1832. story. 120 pp. 160~. Philadelphia, J. B. Howe (S. L.) and (Edward P.) The philoLippincott & co. 1871. taxian grlammar, being a concise and lucid Howard(A. P.) Carols forchristmas,easter, guide to a knowledge of the English lanand other festivals. [WYith music]. 42 pp. guage, 121 pp. 12~. Chicago, J. B. Alden 8~. Boston, E. P. Dutton Sr co. 1867. co. 1870. Howard (Clarence J.) Howard's book of Howell (James). Londinopolis; an historidrawing room theatricals. [etc.] 178 pp. call discourse or perlustration of the city of 16'0. New York, Dick & Fitzgerald, 1870. London, the imperial chamber, and chief Howard (James). The English mounsieur. emporium of Great Britain: whereunto is A comedy. [etc.] 2 p. 1. 64 pp. 40. Lon- added another of the city of Westminster, don, J. Magnas, 1674. with the courts of justice, antiquities, and Howard (Marion). Oriel; or, Isabel Alison's new buildings thereunto belonging. 5 p. 1. school-life. 340 pp. 4 pl. 16~. Philadelphia, 407 pp. 4 1. 8 pl. I map. sm. fol. London, presb.yterian publication committee, 1870. J. Streater, 1657.

Page  163 163 HOWELL. HUDSON. Howell (James)-continued. Howgil (Francis)-continued. - Lvstra Lvdovici, or the life of the late flock of Christ Jesus in England and elsewhere, [etc.I victorious king of France, Lewis the xiii. Oaths no gospel-ordinance, but prohibited by Christ. (And of his cardinall de Richelieu). Divided [etc.] To all the well-beloved flock of Christ, whom he hath into seven lvstres. 6 p. 1. 188 pp. 4 1. fol. gathered into his fold. [etc. ] London, H. Moseley 1646. Howitt (William). Pantika: or, traditions of Howells (W.) Cambrian superstitions, cornm- the most ancient times. 2 v. l p. 1. x, 343 pp; prising ghosts, omens, witchcraft, traditions, 2p. 1. 394 pp. 12~. London, Whittaker,F co. etc. To which are added a concise view of 1835. the manners and customs of the principality, Hoyt (John W. ) Paris universal exposition, and some fugitive pieces. 194 pp. 7 1. 160~. 1867. Report on education. 398 pp. 8c. London, Longman, 1831. Washington, government printing ofice, 1870. Howells (William D.) Suburban sketches. Huart (Louis). The comic wandering jew. 234 pp. 120. New York, Hurd S& Houghton, See Philipon (Charles) and Huart. 1871. Hubbard (John). The American reader: conHowgil (Francis). The dawnings of the gos- taining a selection of narration, harangues, pel-day, and its light and glory discovered. addresses, orations, dialogues; odes, [etc.] 16 p.1.736 pp. 31. fol. London, E. Hooks, 5th ed. 215 pp. 16. Walpole, (N. H.) I. 1676. Thomas &- co. 1811. CONTENTS. CONTENTS. The rudiments of geography: a concise Trials, sufferings, testament and death of Francis Howgil. A wo against the magistrates, priests and description of the various kingdoms, states, people of Kendall. empires, countries, and islands in the world: The word of the Lord which Francis Howgil was moved to declare and write to Oliver Cromwell. [With] an enlarged chronological table of An answer to a paper, called, a petition of one Thomas Ellyson, late shepherd of Easington [etc.] the most mportant events. 6th ed. 219 pp. The fiery darts of the devil quenched; or, something 180. Barnard, (Vt.) J. Dix, 1814. in answer to a book, called, a second beacon fired. A warning to all the rulers in these English nations, Hubbell (Mrs. Martha Stone). The shady and a warning to all the world. The first general epistle written to the camp of the side; or, life in a country parsonage; by a Lord in England. pastor's wife. [anon. ] 348pp. 16~. BosThe inheritance of Jacob discovered, after his return out of Egypt. ton, J. P. Jewett 4- co. 1854. An epistle to the church of Christ, being my brethren, Huddesford (George). The poems of George who are made partakers of the riches of the love of God. [etc.] Huddesford. Now first collected. IncludA lamentation for the scattered tribes. [etc.] The measuring rod of the Lord stretched forth over ing Salmagundi, Topsy-turvy, Bubble and all nations,-fetc. ] squeak, and Crambe repetita. 2 v. in 1. Some of the mysteries of God's kingdom declared, p. 1. 176 pp. 120. Lon[etc.] viii, 145 pp. 1 1; ] p.. 176 pp. 12~. LonAn epistle to friends in London. don J. [Fright 801. Mystery, Babylon the mother of harlots discovered. The invisible things of God brought to light, [etc.] The Wiccamical chaplet, a selection of The popish inquisition newly erected in New-England, [etc. ] original poetry; comprising smaller poems, The mouth of the pit stopped, and the smoak that serious and comic; classical trifles; sonnets; has arisen out of it scattered by the breath of truth. The heart of New-England hardened through wick- inscriptions and epitaphs; songs and ballads; edness. mock-heroics, epigrams, fragments etc. xvi, An information and also advice to the army on both parts, [etc. ] 225 pp. 12~. London, Leigh, Sotheby 4 son, One warning more unto England, before she give 1804 up the ghost, [etc. ] One of antichrist's voluntiers defeated, [etc. ] Hudibrastic (The) brewer: or, a preposterous The deceiver of the nations discovered, and his cru- elty made manifest. union betwean malt and meter. A satyr upon Some openings of the womb of the morning. [Edward Ward] the supposed author of The The glory of the true church discovered, [etc. ] The rock of ages exalted above Rome's imagined republican procession, or the tumultuous cavrock, on which her church is builded. A general epistle to the seed of God. alcade. [anon.] 36 pp. 80. London, J. A visitation of love, peace and good-will from the Morphew, 1714. spirit of the Lord, [etc.] An epistle to all the beloved prisoners and fellow- Hudson (Charles Frederic.) A critical Greek sufferers in Newgate. The great case of tythes and forced maintenance and English concordance of the new testaonce more revived. ment. See Bible (Greek). A general epistle to all who have believed in the light of the lord Jesus, [etc.] Hudson (Francis). Hudson's private theatThe true rule, judge and gaide of the true church of ricals for home performance. 179 pp. 180. God discovered and borne testimony unto, [etc. I A general epistle to the dispersed and persecuted New York, Dick $& Fitzgerald, [1870].

Page  164 164 HUDSON. HUNT. Hudson (Henry Norman). Plays of Shake- Hull (Asa). The casket of sunday-school speare, with introduction and notes. See melodies, no. 2. 142 pp. 1. obl. 24~. PhilaShakespeare (William). delphia, A. Hull, 1869. Hudson (N. Y.) balance. See Balance (The) The same, complete. Compiled from and Columbianrepository. [Hudson(N.Y.) "Caskets" nos. 1 and 2, with several addiweekly]. tional pieces. 288 pp. obl.24~. PhiladelHudson county (New Jersey) directory. Se h7tia, A. Hull, 1869. Boyd (Andrew). - The pilgrim's harp: a choice collection Huet (Alfred). Report on mining, etc. See of sacred music, adapted to all occasions of D'Aligny (H. F. Q. ) etc. social and family worship, and a convenient hand-book for church choirs. 224 pp. 16~. Huet (Pierre Daniel). Tractatus de situ pa- Philadelphia A. Hull 1869. radisi terrestris nunc primum latine factus. Accedit ejusdem commentarius de naviga- Hiilswitt (Ignaz). Tagebuch einer reise tionibus Salomonis. 194 pp. 111. 1 map. nach den Vereinigten Staaten und der Nord120. Amsteleedami, H. Boom, Tic. 1698. westkiiste von Amerika. iv,380 pp. 16~. Hughes (John). Ilorm britannicre; or, studies Minster, Coppenrath, 1828. in ancient British history: containing various Humboldt (Friedrich Heinrich Alexander disquisitions on the national and religious von) and Bonpland (Aim6). Reise in die antiquities of Great Britain. xx, 400 pp. aequinoctial-gegenden des neuen continents 80. London, author, 1819. bearbeitet von G.A. Wimmer. 4 v. 16~. Hughes (Thomas). Alfred the great. vi, TWien, C. Gerold, 1830. [BIBLIOTHEK naturhistorischer reisen fuir die reifere 334pp. 1 pl. 1 map. 120. London, Macmillan jugend, v. 1-41. 4' co. 1870. Hume (Sophia). An exhortation to the inhabiHugo (Victor Marie). Chatiments. 2 p. l. tants of the province of South Carolina, to iii, 388 pp. 2 1. 320. Geneve 8; New York, bring their deeds to the light of Christ, in [about 1860]. their own consciences. By S. H. [anon.] The destroyer of the second republic; In which is inserted, some account of the being Napoleon the little. Translated by a author's experience in the important business clergyman of the protestant episcopal church, of religion. 158 pp. 160. Philadelphia, from the 16th French ed. 308 pp. 120. [Y. Bradford, 1747. New York, Sheldon & co. 1870. -N T he hun chback of Notre Dame. WithHumieres (L. Jos. P. d'). Recueil de proasethunchbc h f aNdr wt. oithe verbes francais, latins, espagnols, italiens, a sketch of the life and writings of the amricains allemands, hollandais, juifs, americains, author; by Frederick Shoberl. 2 v. xii, 243 author; by2 Frederick Shoberl. 2hv. xii, 4:3 russes, turcs, etc. A l'usage des ecoles pubpp; 2p.1. 192pp. 12~. Phliladelphia, Carey, 1.,, liques et des maisons d'6ducation. Par le Lea &C Blanchard, 1834. cen d'H * I * *. [anon. ] 1 p. 1.72 pp. 8e. Huish (Robert). The history of the private cen d'H *. [anon.] 1 p..72 pp. 8. (Robert). ThhstrParis, bureau de correspondance des villes et and political life of the late Henry Hunt, esq. m. p. for Preston, his times and cotemporaries;nes, 1801. exhibiting the rise and progress of those great Hundertj.hrige (Der) calender, auf das political events which led to the passing of gegenwartige jahrhundert nach Christi gethe reform act: embracing' also the history of burt, von 1800 bis 1899; [etc. anon.] Erste the momentous crisis, by which the tory gov- verbesserte amerikanishe aufl. 105 pp. 16~. ernment of the country has been abolished. Harrisburg, J. Heilman, 1849. 2 v. 1 p. 1. 460 pp. 3 pl; 1 p. 1. iv, 498 pp. 3 Hungarian (The) controversy: an exposure pl. 8~0. London, J. Saunders, 1836. of the falsifications and perversions of the Memoirs of her late majesty Caroline, slanderers of Hungary. [anon. By R. Carqueen of Great Britain: embracing every ter?] 48 pp. 80. Boston, Redding' co. circumstance illustrative of the most memo- 1852. rable scenes of her eventful life, from infancy Hunt (Ezra M. m. d.) Bible notes for daily to the period of her decease, [etc.] 2 v. readers. A comment on holy scriptures. 1 p.l. viii, 696 pp. 4 portraits, 1 pl; 1 p.1. viii, [Without text]. 2 v. 576 pp. 2 maps; vi, 866 pp. 1 1. 4 portraits, 5 pl. 8~. London, 794 pp. I map. 8~. New York, C. ScribT. Kelly, 1821. ner 4' co. 1870.

Page  165 165 HUNT. I HAVE. Hunt (Freeman). Hunt's merchant's maga- Hutchins (Rev. C. L.)-continued. zine. See Merchant's magazine. - The same. Compiled from "Additional Hunt (Mrs. Helen Maria Fiske). Verses. hymns," "Hymns ancient and modern," ByH.H. [anon.] 100pp. 18~. Boston, and "Hymns for church and home," as auFields, Osgood &, co. 1870. thorized by the house of bishops. 264 pp. Hunt (John Henry Leigh). A day by the 160. Buffalo, Breed, Lent - co. 1870. fire; and other papers, hitherto uncollected. Hutchinson (Rev. Aaron). A well tempered 368 pp. 16G. Boston, Roberts brothers, 1870. self-love a rule of conduct towards others. Hunter (William). An Anglo-Saxon gram- A sermon preached at Windsor, July 2, 1777, mar, and derivatives; with proofs of the before the representatives of the towns and Celtic dialects' being of eastern origin; and counties of Charlotte, Cumberland, and Glouan analysis of the style of Chaucer, Douglas, cester, for the forming the state of Vermont. and Spenser. 2 p.1. 84, vi pp. 1 1. 80. Lon- Dresden, J. Padock & A. Spooner, 1777. don, Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, Green [Reprinted]. 80. [Montpelier, 1870]. 4- Longman, 1832. [In VERMIONT historical society collections, v. 1, Huntington (Faye, pseudon?) Kitty Farn- pp. 67-1011. ham's letters; or, beginning a new life. 198 Hutchison (Joseph C.) A treatise on phypp. 3 pl. 18~. Philadelphia, J. P. Skely & siology and hygiene for educational institutions and general readers. I p. 1.'270 pp. c2 pl. 12~. New York, Clark &, Maynlard, Huntington (Frederic Dan, d. d.) Our Lord's New York, Clark Maynard, parables. Lessons for the instruction of 1870. children in the christian life. vi, 160 pp. Huxley (Thomas Henry). On the educational advantages of the natural sciences. 16~. Boston, E. P. Dutton 4- co. 1868. Huntington (Rev. William Reed). The 32 pp. 8~. London, J. Van Voorst, 1854. s. n * a R An introduction to the classification of church-idea; an essay towards unity. 235 animals. 4 p. 1. 147 pp. 80. London, pp. 18~. New York, E. P. Dutton & co... Churchill & sons, 1869..L Churchill &, sons, 1869. Huntt (Henry, m.d.) A visit to the Red Lay sermons, addresses and reviews. X (Henry,.. A xi, 378 pp. 12~. New York, D. Appleton sulphur spring of Virginia, during the sum- c 1870 mer of 1837: with observations on the waters. o.... On the physical basis of life. 2d ed. With an introduction, containing notices of 36 pp. 12. New Haen, C. C. Cl d co. routes, etc. By an annual visiter. 40 pp. 6870 1 pl. 8~. Boston, Dutton 4 W4entworth, [UNIVERSITY series, no. 1 [UNIvERSITY series, no. 1]. 1839. Hyacinthe (Father). See Loyson (Charles). Hurault (Jacques). Politicke, moral, and Hyett (W. H. f. r. s.) Flowers of the south, martial discourses. Written in French, and from the hortus siccus of an old collector. xvi, translated into English by Arthur Golding. 129 pp. 40. London, B. M. Pickering, 1869. 8 p.1.495 pp. sm. 40. London, A. Islip, Hyginus, gromaticus. De limitibus consti1595. tuendis. 40~. Lutetite, J. Libertus, 1614. Hutchings (Mrs. E. C. ) The cinnamon isle [In RIGAULT (N.) Auctores finium regundoruml. boy. 169 pp. 1 pl. 160. New York, Ameri- Hymns for our prayer meeting. With approcan tract society, 1866. priate tunes. [anon.] 152 pp. 320. San Hutchings (James M. ) Scenes of wonder and Francisco, A. L. Bancroft 8& co. 1870. curiosity in California. A tourist's guide to I can; " or, Charlie's motto. By the author the Yo-Semite valley. 292 pp. 6 pl. 1 map. of "I'll try." [anon.] 197 pp. 4 pI. 160. 80. New York, A. Roman &8 co. 1870. New York, Leavitt & Allen brothers, 1870. Hutchings (Rev. Samuel). Pearls of wisdom. [CAN and can't series, no. 3]. A text of scripture, with an appropriate selec- "I can't; " or, Nellie and Lucy. By the anution, from various authors, for every day in thor of "I can." [anon.] 216 pp. 4 pl. 18~. the year. 192 pp. 240. New York, Ameri- New York, Leavitt, Allen brothers, 1870. can tract society, 1869. [CAN and can't series, no. 1J. Hutchins (Rev. C. L. ) A church hymnal, I have, and oh had I; or, lessons in contentcompiled from the prayer book hymnal, with ment. [anon.] 144 pp. 3 pl. 18~. Philamusic. 3 p.1.240pp. 120. Buffalo, Breed, delphia, presbyterian board of publication, Lent & co. 1870. 1869.

Page  166 166 IBANEZ. INDICATEUR. Ibafiez de Echeverria (Bernardo). Histoire Illustrated (The) annual register of rural du Paraguay sous les j6suites, et de la roy- affairs, and cultivator almanac, for 1856, 1862, aut6 qu'ils y ont exercee pendant un siecle 1863, 1864, and 1870. 5 v. 12~. Albany, L. et demi; ouvrage qui renferme des d6tails Tucker & son, 1856-70. tres-int6ressans, et qui peat servir de suite A Illustrated (The) catholic family almanac for L'histoire philosophique et politique des the United States, for the year of our lord 6tablissemens et du commerce des Europ6ens 1871. 102pp. 120. New York, catholic pubdans les deux Indes: [par l'abb6 Raynal. lication society, [1870]. anon.] 3 v. 12~ Amsterdam et Leipzir, a, Illustrated (The) London news. [Weekly]. Arkstee &, Merkus, 1780. Jan. to June, 1870. v. 56. fol. London, G. Idle words. By E. R. [anon.] 264 pp. 160. C. Leighton, 1869. Philadelphia, Claxton, Remsen 5, Haffelfinger, Illustrirter kalender fiir 1870. Jahrbuch der 1870. ereignisse, bestrebungen und fortschritte im Ignatius, martyr (Saint). Epistole groece et volkerleben und im gebiete der wissenschaflatinae xv, Hieronymo Vairlenio Syluio in- ten, kiinste und gewerbe. xxv jahrgang. terprete. Ex editione antuerpiana 1572, et 8~. Leipzig, J. J. Weber, 1870. parisiensi Morelij 1558. fol. Parisiis, [Son- Imitateurs (Les) de Charles neuf; ou, les nius ~4 Drovard], 1624. conspirateurs foudroy6s. Drame en cinq [In BIBLIOTHECA vetervm patrvm, etc. v. 1]. actes et en prose. Par le r6dacteur des VeIgnaz Loyola (Saint). Exercitia spiritvalia pres siciliennes et du Massacre de la S. Bars. p. Ignatii Loyolae. 153 pp. 2 1. 16~. th6lemi. [anon.] 128pp.4pl. 8~. Paris, Antverpite, J. Mevrsivs, 1638. 1790. The same. Exercitia spiritualia, cum Imitatione (De) Christi Thomme a Kempis, sensu eorumdem explanato, ab Ignatio Di- libri 4. Ad optimarum editionum fidem ac ertins. Editio qvinta, ab auctore recognita, curate editi. xi, 243 pp. 240. Lipsice, C. et aucta. Additur appendici primre ordo Tauchnitius, 1840. etiam pro exercitiis menstruis. Accessit et Inconnue (L'). [pseudon.] SeeFrench(Mrs. appendix secunda, de modo tradendi exercitia L. Virginia). variis. 12 p. 1. 412 pp. 12 1. 94 pp. 9 1. 16. Independent (The). [A religious weekly. Antverpite, H. Thievilier, 1696. New York]. Theodore Tilton, editor. Jan. Directorivm in exercitia spiritvalia to Dec. 1870. v. 22. fol. New York, H. C. s. p. n. Ignatii. 128 pp. 111. 160. Antverpice, Bo2cen, 1870. J. Mevrsivs, 1638. Index (The). (Alexandria semi and tri-week[ With his Exercitia spiritvalia. ed. 1638]. ly). J. E. Dow, editor. Aug. 21,'1841, to "I'll try; or, sensible daisy." By the author Aug. 12, 1S42. fol. Alexandria and Washof "I can." [anon.] 224 pp. 4 pl. 180. ingtonl, J. M. Johnson, 1841-42. New York, Leavitt 4c Allen, 1870. [Imperfect]. [CAN and can't series, no. 2]. Indiana (State of). First annual report of the Illinois (State of). Journal of the senate and geological survey of Indiana made during the house of representatives of the twenty-sixth year 1869. By E. T. Cox, state geologist, asgeneral assembly. 1869. 5 v. 80. Spring,- sisted by prof. Frank H. Bradley, dr. Rufus field, (Ill.) journal printing office, 1869. Hammond, and dr. G. M. Levette. 2 v. Text, The new constitution, adopted in con- 240 pp. 1 1. 1 pl; atlas, 4 col. maps, etc. 8o. vention, May 13, 1870. [etc.] Withacom- Indianapolis, A. H. Conner, 1869. plete analytical index. By Henry W. Wells. - Eleventh annual report of the Indiana 62 pp. 8~. Chicago, E. B. Myers & co. 1871. state board of agriculture, and the report of Reports made to the general assembly prof. E. T. Cox, state geologist. 80. Indiof Illinois at its twenty-sixth session. 30 anapolis, A. H. Conner, state printer, 1869. parts in 3 v. 80. Springfield, journal print- Indicateur belge; on, guide commercial et ing office, 1869. industrial, de l'habitant et de l'6tranger dans Illinois state agricultural society. Transac- Bruxelles et la Belgique, pour lan 1840, contions, with reports from county agricultural tenant plus de 60,000 adresses, ou rensocieties, and kindred associations. v. 7. seignements administratifs commerciaux, 1867-68. 8~. Springfield, journalprinting etc. lxxxii, 492 pp. 1 1. 80. Bruxelles, Bauoffice, 1870. chard-Riuche,. 1840.

Page  167 167 INDISCH. IRELAND. Indisch genootschap te s'Gravenhage. Cat- Interior causes of the war: the nation demonalogus der bibliotheek. Op nieuw bewerkt ised and its president a spirit-rapper. By a door J. Boudewijnse. 6 pp. 1 1. 180 pp. citizen of Ohio. [anon.] 115pp. 80. New 80. s'Gravenhage, M. Nijhoff, 1869. York, M. Doolady, 1863. Infant (The) voyagers and other stories. Internal (The) revenue record and customs [anon.] 216 pp. 3 pl. 180. Philadelphia, journal. A weekly register of official inforpresbyterian board of publication, 1867. mation on internal revenue and customs. Infernal conference: or, dialogues of devils. Jan.ltoDec. 31,1870. v.11-12. 40. New Bythelistener. [anon.] 288pp. 160. Bal- York, W. C. 4' F. P. Church, [1870]. timore, WYarner & Hanna, 1804. International commercial convention. ProInfluence. By F. J.P. [anon.] 372 pp. 4 ceedings, in the city of Portland, Me. Aupl. 160. Philadelphia, presbyterian publi- gust 4th and 5th, 1868. Reported by J. M. cation committee, 1870. W. Yerrinton. 160 pp. 80. Portland, B. Ingelow (Jean). The monitions of the un- Thurston 4 co. 1868. seen, and poems of love and childhood. Au- [With PORTLAND and Rutland railroad co. thor's ed. vi, 172 pp. 11 pl. 160. Boston, International (The) horticultural exhibition, thobers ed.thevi, 18721p. 1ps, and botanical congress, held in London, from Roberts brothers, 1871. May 22nd to May 31st, 1866. Report of proMopsathefairy. 3p.1.248pp.8pl. 16. ceedings. 428 pp. 13 pl. 80. London, London, Longmans, Green St co. 1869. Truscott, son,' Simmons, [1866]. Ingham (Col. Frederic). [pseudon.] See Hale International statistical congress. See Con(Edward Everett). gres international statistique. Inglis (Henry David). The new Gil Blas; International (The) telegraph treaty. Paris, or, Pedro of Pefiaflor. New ed. 2 v. in 1. April 18, 1865. From the French by George viii, 319 pp; v, 254 pp. 80. London, Long- Sauer. 28 pp. 80. London, E. [Wilson, 1868. man, Rees, Orme, Brown, Green &f Longman, Intime club. See Croquis d'architecture. 1833. Investor's (The) monthly manual, in connecIngraham (Joseph Holt). Black Ralph; or, tion with The economist, a newspaper for urlgate. A tale of storm investors in British and foreign stocks, [etc.] the helmsman of Hurlgate. A tale of storm 0 and danger. 100 pp. 18~. New York, R. Jan. 14 to Dec. 30, 1865. v. 1. fol. LonM. Dewitt, 1868. don, [D. Aird, 1865]. Inmn (The same. Jan. 1869, to Dec. 1870. Inman (Thomas, m.d.) Ancient pagan and v.5-6. fol. London. modern christian symbolism exposed and [v. i wants nos. 1, 2, 3, 4 (Jan. 14. 1865); v. v wants explained. xv, 68 pp. 16 pl. 8~. London, nos. 3 and 11, for March and Nov. 1869]. author, 1869. Invitador (El). No. 1-119. Ano i-ii. 2 v. Insurance (The) monitor. [A monthly jour- fol. Puebla, Moreno herimanos, 1826-27. nal] devoted to the interests of insurance; [A tri-weekly newspaper]. fire, marine, life, casualty and otherwise. Iowa. Proceedings of the legislature, session C. C. Hine, editor. Jan. 1868, to Dec.]870. Jan.-April, 1870. See Des Moines bullev. 16-18. 40. New York, [C. C. Hine, 1868 tin. fol. 1870. -70]. Irasule and other stories. [anon.] 216 pp. Insurance (The) times. A [monthly] jour- 3 pl. 180. Philadelphia, presbyterian board nal solely devoted to life, fire and marine in- of publication, 1868. surance. Stephen English, editor. Jan. Ireland (Samuel). An investigation of mr. Malone's claim to the character of scholar, or 6S. English, [1868-70.]v. 1-3. 40*NewYork, critic, being an examination of his Inquiry S. Engish, [1868-70]. Intercourse (The) of nations: being a collec- t the authenticity of the Shakespeare tion of short, correct and easy rules for re- manuscripts, etc. vi, 153 pp. 1 1. 8. Lou ducing thirteen different coins and currencies don, R. Faulder, [1799]. Ireland (William Henry). Henry the second, into each other, with a concise method of calan historical drama, supposed to be written by culating federal money. To which is prethe author of Vortigern [Shakespeare]. 78 fixed, a complete system of vulgar and deci- the author of Vortigern [Shakespeare]. 78 mal fractions, etc. [anon.] 126 pp. 80. pp. 1 facsimile. 88. London, J. Barker, 1799. [ With IRELAND (Samuel). An investigation of mr. New York, G. Forman, 1795. Malone's claim, etc.]

Page  168 168 IRELAND. JACKSON. Ireland (William Henry)-continued. Istoria, etc.-continued. Scribbleomania; or, the printer's devil's gine delle parte bianca, et nera, che di Pispolichronicon. A sublime poem. Edited toia si sparse per tutta Toscana, et Lombarby Anser Pen-drag-on, esq. viii, 341 pp. dia; et de' molti, e fieri accidenti, che no 80. London, Sherwood, Neely & Jones, 1815. seguirono. Scritta per autore, che ne medeVortigern, an historical tragedy, in simi tempi visse. [etc. Prefazione di Vinfive acts; [etc. Attributed to Shakespeare. cenzio Borghini]. Nuouamente stampata. anon.] 2 v. in l. 1 p.. xii, 75 pp; 1 p. 1. [anon.] 12 p. 1. 218 pp. 1 1. sm. fol. Fi iv, 78 pp. 8~. London, J. Barker, etc. renze, Giunti, 1578. [1799]. Italy. Regno d'Italia. Relazione del ministro [With IRELAND (Samuel). An investigation of mr. di agricoltura, industria e commercio (Pepoli) Malone's claim, etc.] CONTENTS. sopra g'i instituti tecnici, le scuole di arti e v. 1. Vortigern, [etc.] 1799. mestieri, le scuole di nautica, le scuole delle v. 2. Henry the second, [etc.] 1799. miniere,.e le scuole agrarie. Presentata, Irhoven (Willem van). De palingenesia 1862. 4 p. 1. 616 pp. 40~. Torino, eredi Botta, veterum, seu metempsychosi sic dicta pytha- 1862. s. gorica libri iii. [etc. ] 16 p. 1. 514 pp. 14 1. Relazioni del giurati italiani sulla sim. 40 Amstelodami, H. Vieroot, 1733. esposizione universale [parigiana] del 1867. Irish (The) people. A weekly journal, of [Fascicolo 1, 2, 3]. v. 1. 8~. Firenze, G. news, politics and literature. Peter McCor- Pellas 1868-69. s. ry, editor. March 30, 1867, to Dec. 17, 1870. Statistica del regno. Morti violente. v. 3, no. 63, to v. 9, no. 257. fol. New York, A o 1866. xxix, 48 pp. Morti violente. Anno 1866. xxix, 48 pp. fol. Firenze, M. J. O'Leary & co. 1867-70. Tofani, 1868. s. Irving (C.) Irving's catechism of Grecian, antiquities; [etc.] 6th ed. revised and im- Sui prodotti, greggi, e lavorati delle inproved. By M. J. Kerney. 109 pp. 1 pl. dustrie estrattive. Relazione di Giulio Curi240. Baltimore, Kelly 4- Piet, 1868. oni. 2 p. 1.151 pp. 41. 8~. Firenze, G. PelIrving's catechism of Roman antiqui- les, 1869. s. ties, [etc.] New ed. revised and enlarged. Ivo (St.) or St. Ives. Ivonis episcopi By M. J. Kerney. 118 pp. 1 1. 1 pl. 240. carnotensis epistolae, collatione mvltorvm Baltimore, Kelly f Piet, 1868. manuscriptorum codicum restitutm, auctm Irving (Rev. Edward). Babylon and infideli- et emendatoe. In illas observationum liber. ty foredoomed of God: a discourse on the Eivsdem Ivonis Chronicon de regibus Franprophecies of Daniel and the apocalypse, corum. Ed. 2a. [Per F. Juret]. 27 p. 1. which relate to these latter times, and until 824 pp. 6 1. 16~. Parisiis, ex officina nivelthe second advent. 2 v. xxiv, 314 pp; 444 liana, S. Cramoisy, 1610. pp. 12~. Glasgow, Chalmers 8& Collins, Jacke Drums entertainment: or the comedic 1826. of Pasquill and Katherine. As it hath bene Isaac Phelps; the widow's son. Or, the sundry times plaide by the children of Powrugged way made smooth. By M. M. B. les. [anon.] 34 1. [interleaved]. 160~. [anon.] 281 pp. 3 pl. 160. Boston, H. London, R. Olice, l(01. Hoyt, [ 1870]. Jackson (Andrew, 7th presidenlt of the U. S.) isaacs (George). Maria. 2a ed. 2 p. 1.264, Annual messages, veto messages, proclamaiv pp. 8~. Bogota, M. Rivas, 1869. Isert (Paul Erdmann). Reis na Guinea en. 7 pp. 80. Baltimore, E. J. I. w. 1.. Coale,~ co. 1835. de caribische eilanden in Columbien. Uit het Hoogduitsch. 1 p. 1. viii, 418 pp. 1. 2 Jackson (Edward P.) An astronomical geopl. 80. Dordrecht, De Leeuuw 8 Krap, 1790. graphy; with a supplement containing a Isola (Agostino). Pieces selected from the brief outline of astronomy; accompanied Italian poets, and translated into English by the "Improved Campbell tellurion," to verse by some gentlemen of the university. which the illustrative part is adapted. 312 [Italian and English]. xi, 115 pp. 160. pp. 120~. Hartford, Case, Lockwood 8 BrainCambridge, J. Archdeacon, 1778. ard, 1870. Istoria [pistolese] delle cose avvenvte in Tos- Jackson (James, m. d.) Another letter to a cana, dall' anno 1300 al 1348, e dell' ori- young physician [on the utility of medicine]:

Page  169 1u69 JACKSON. JAMESON. Jackson (James, m. d. )-continued. Jahrbuch fiur den berg- und hiitten-mann au f to which are appended some other medical das jahr 1870. 1 p. 1. 173 1. 80. Freiberg, papers. xii, 179 pp. S8. Boston, Ticknor kdnigl. berg-akadeimie, [1870].' Fields, 1861. s. Jahrbuch flir volkwirthlschaft und statistik. [MASSACHUSETTS medical society. Library of prac- Herausgegeben von Otto Hibner. 1r-5 tical medicine, v. 221]. jahrgang. 5 v. 8~. Leipzig, 1853-57. S. Jackson (John). A journey from India, to- Jahrgacg. ( v. s Leipig, 1853-57. E e. r Jamaica (The) physical journal. Edited by wards England, in the year 1797; by an, James Paul, m. d. and William Arnold, m. d. overland route, through countries hitherto Kingston, Jamaica, edit-'2 p. 1. 392 pp. 8~ Kingston Jamaica editunknown to Europeans, particularly through Curdistan, Diarbekr, Armenia, and Natolia ors, 1834. CinAstan, Dandrbek, A ria, Wan aoia, Jamain (A.) Manuel de pathologie et de cliin Asia, and Romelia, Bulgaria, Wallachia, inAsia, an oine Bulri 0 WaLa, nique chirurgicales. 2 v. 2 p. 1. iv, 600 pp; Transylvania, etc. in Europe. 4~. [London,.Strtfor, 1861 p. 1. 706 pp. 10o. Paris, G. Baillitere, 1859. don, J. Stratford,`1806]. Jamblichus. Life of Pythagoras, or Pytha[In PELHAM (Cavendish). The world: or, thepres-., ent state of the universe, v. 2, pp. 619-648]. goric life. Accompanied by fragments of the Jackson (John Barnard Swett, m. d. ) A deo ethical writings of certain Pythagoreans in scriptive catalogue of the Warren anatomical the Doric dialect; and a collection of Pythamuseum. 1870. goric sentences from Stobmeus and others, [See HARVARD college]. which were omitted by Gale in his Opuscula Jacobi (F'riedrich Heinrich). Ueber die lehre mythologica, and have not been noticed by des Spinoza in briefen an den herrn Moses any editor. From the Greek. By Thomas Mendelssohn. Neue ausg. liij, 440 pp. 2 por- Taylor. xx, 353 pp. 80. London, 11. J. traits. 80. Breslau, G. Liwe, 1789. Valpy, 1818. Jacobus, diaconus edessenus. Vita s. Pela- James, the apostle (pseudo-James). Sancti gime, interprete Eustachio, vel Eustochio. Jacobi apostoli sacra liturgia. cum latina infol. Antwerpice, 1615. terpretatione Morelii. [etc.] fol. Parisiis, [In ROSWEYDE (H6ribert). Vita patrum]. Sonnius et Drovad, 1624. Jacomy-Regnier (-). Code moral du ma- [It BIBLIOTHECA veterum patrum, v. 2]. riage; on, les secrets de la fdlicit6 conjugale. James (George Payne Rainsford). Russell. 2 p.1. 526 pp. 80. Paris, Debecourt, 1839. A tale of the reign of Charles ii. 156 pp. Jacquemart (Albert). Les merveilles de la 8&. New York, Harper & bros. 1847. c6ramique; ou, l'art de fa9onner et decorer James (Henry). Love, marriagre, etc. See Anles vases en terre cuite, faience, gras et por- drews (S. P.) and James. celaihe, depuis les temps antiques jusqu'A nos James (Thomas, first Bodleian librarian). jours. 2e 6d. 3 v. 120. Paris, L. Hachette Bellvm papale; sive concordia discors Sixti.- cie. 1868. qvinti, et Clementis octavi, circa [Bibliorum] Jacques (D. H. ) Jacques' new manual of hieronynlianam editionem. [etc.] 39 1. sin. the gardeni farm and barn-yard, embracing 40. Londini, G. Bishop, 1606. practical horticulture, agriculture, and cattle, James (Captain Thomas). The dangerous voyhorse and sheep husbandry. With instruc- age of capt. Thomas James, in his intended tions to cultivate vegetables, fruit, flowers, discovery of a north-west passage into the and all the field crops, execute the details of South sea. To which is added a map for farm work, and breed and rear the various sailing in those seas: also divers tables. species of domestic animals. New and re- With an appendix, concerning the longitude, vised ed. 3 v. in 1. 120. New York, G. E. by master Gellibrand. 2d ed. 5 p. 1. 142 pp. Woodward, 1870. 1 map. 80. London, O. Payne, 1740. CONTENTS. James Meetwell; or, incidents, errors and v. 1. The garden: a manual of practical horticul- experiences in the life of a Scottish merture: [etc.] 166 pp. v. 2. The farm: a manual of practical agriculture: chant. [anon. ] 2 v. viii, 367 pp; iv, 345 [etc.]'156 pp. v. 3. The barn-yard: [etc.] 168 pp. pp. 120. Edinbu rgh, T. P. Ninmmo, 1866. Jacques (Jacques). Le favt-movrir, et les Jameson (Anna Murphy). Lives of celeexcvses invtiles qv'on apporte A cette n6ces- brated female sovereigns and illustrious wosit6. Letout envers burlesques. [Nouv. im- men. Edited by Mary E. Hewitt. 336 pp. pression]. 2 v. in 1. 166 pp; 255 pp. 2 1. 4 pl. 120. Philadelphia, Porter &- Coates, 180. Roien, A. Ferrand, 1661. 1870. 99

Page  170 170 JAN. JESUITS. Jan (Jacob'. Ms. catoptricum. 15 1. 40~. Jefferson (Rev. John)-continued. Francofurti ad Mcenum, J. Fritsch, 1676. " The way of righteousness:" or ex[In MISCELLANEA curiosa medico-physica, etc.] pository lectures on the ten commandments. Jandebeur (S.J.) Die gesetze des k6nig- 3 p. 1. 199 pp. 180. London, T. Ward 8 co. reichs Bayern vom 31. Mai 1856 fiber die 1835. besteuerung des besonderen einkommens und Jeffrey (Rosa Vertner). Daisy Dare, and der kapital-renten mit einleitungen, sach- baby Power: poems. 57 pp. 7 pl. 1 pordienlichen erlauterungen und uebersichten trait. sq. 12~. Philadelphia, Claxton, Remxvi, 175 pp. 1 tab. 80. Miinchen, J. A. sen &r Haffelfinger, 1871. Finsterlin, 1856. Jemail-ed-din Abu'l-faraj Griguriyus. See Das gewerbsteuer-gesetz fiur das konig- Abi'l-faraj Griguriyus. reich Bayernvom 1. July 1856, mit den voll- Jenkin (Mrs. C.) Within an ace. 2 p. 1. zugsinstruction, einleitungen, sachdienli- 321 pp. 160. London, Smith, Elder 4' co. chen erklarungen und uebersichten. 2 p. l. 1869. 208 pp. 8~. Miinchen, J. A. Finsterlin, 1856. IXith *ile *, * ing]Jenkins (WVarren). The Ohio gazetteer, and traveller's guide; containing a description Janer (Florencio). Manuel de las efem6rides of the several towns, townships, and couny anualidades mas notables desde la creacion bas~ ui5 pties, together with an appendix, or general hasta nuestros dias. xiv, 503 pp. 18%. PaastRa ntros da, 57. 1register. Revised edition: with a second ris, Rosa, Bouret 8& cie. 1857. appendix, containing the census of the state Jaquelot (Isaac). Dissertations sur l'exis- for 1840. xxiv, 51-578 pp. 1 map. 12. tence de Dieu; oui l'on demontre cette vdrit6 Columbus, L N. NWhiting, 1841. par l'histoire universelle de la premiere antiJennings (Hargrave). The rosicrucians, quite du monde: par la refvtation dv sytheir rites and mysteries; with chapters on st~me d'iepicnre et do Spinosa: par los carac- the ancient fire and serpent-worshippers, and teires de divinit6 qui se remarquent dans la explanations of the mystic symbols reprereligion des juifs, et dans l'6tablissement du sented in the monuments and talismans of the christianisme. On y trouvera aussi des primeval philosophers. xv, 339 pp. I pl. preuves convaincantes de la revelation des 120. London, J. C. Hotten, 1870. livres sacrez. 21 p. 1. 705 pp. 40~. La Haye, E. Foulque, 167. Jephson (Richard Mounteney) and Elmhilrst (Edward Pennell). Our life in Japan. xviii, Jarrige (Pierre). Jesuita in ferali pegmate ob 428 pp. 21 pl. S0. London, Chapman 4 nefanda crimina in provincia Guienna per- Hall, 1869. petrata; a galico latinitate donatus, cum ju- Jermyn (Louisa Enlily). Poetry for youth, dicio generali de hoc ordine. 10 p. 1. 264 pp. original and selected. xviii, 276 pp. 11. 18~. Lnugduni BatavoCrum, 1665. 12~. London, W. J. Cleaver, 1851. Jarvis (Samuel Farmar, d. d.) A discourse Jervis (Lieut. col. Henry Jervis White). Ireon the religion of the Indian tribes of North land under British rule. viii, 336 pp. 1 America. Delivered before the New-York chart. 80. London, Chapman 4- Hall, 1868. historical society, December 20, 1819. 111 Jessica's first prayer, and Jessica's mother, pp. 80. New York, C. Wiley $f co. 1820. [anon.] 180 pp. 4 pl. 18c. Philadelphia, Jay (W. M. L.) Shiloh; or, without and presbyterian board of publication, 1869. within. 488 pp. 12~. New York, E. P. Jesuite(Le)secularis6. [ParlRoxeliasUmeau. Dutton & co. 1870. pseudon.] 234 pp. 18~. Cologne, J. VileJeaffreson (John Cordy). A book about the bard, 1683. clergy. 2d ed. 2 v. viii, 360 pp; vi, 344 Jesuits, or Societas Jesu. Breve compenpp. 8~. London, Hnrst 4 Blackett, 1870. divm privilegiorvm et gratiarvm societatis Jeanie's new thoughts, and other stories. Jesv. 62 pp. 1 1. 32~. Rome, collegio [anon.] 105 pp. 2 p.2 pl. 18. Philadelphia, eiusdem societatis, 1606. American sunday-school union, 1867. [With Ordinationes. Rom(e, 1617]. Jefferson (Rev. John). The official glory of -- Constitutiones et declarationes examithe son of God; or, a treatise on the uni- nis generalis societatis Jesv. 48 pp. sq. 18~. versal headship of Christ. 278 pp. 12~. Romte, V.Heelianus, 1570. London, Zestly &8 Davis, 1833. Constitvtiones societatis Jesv. Culm

Page  171 171 JESUITS. JOHNSON. Jesuits-continued. Joannes de Mediolano. Schola salernitana. earumn declarationibus. 310 pp 35 1. 160. See Regimen sanitatis salernitanmn. Romce, collegio romano eiusdern societatis, Joannes Moschus. Pratumn spirituale, in quo 1615. antiquorum monachorum redolet vitre splen(With Ordinationes. Romna, 16171. dor, greece et latine, Ambrosio camaldulensi Ordinationes prfepositorvm generalivm, interprete. [etc.] fol. Parisiis, 1624. communes toti societati; auctoritate septimme [In BIBLIOTHECA vetervm patrvm, v. 2]. congregationis generalis contractte. 187 pp. Joannes de sancto Saba. Vitme ss. Barlaam 5 1. 160. Romte, collegio romano eiusdem et Josaphat, interprete Jacobo Billio. fol. societatis, 1617. Antverpie, 1615. Jesus in Bethany. By the author of Allan [In ROSWEYDE (Heribert). Vito patruml]. Cameron. [etc. anon.] 83 pp. 2 pl. 18. NVote.-This saintly romance was long attributed to Joannes damascenus. New York, American tract society, 1864. Joannes, secundls. See Everhardi (Jan Jesus y Jodar, or Xodar (Francisco de). El Nikolas). hecho de los tratados del matrimonio pre- Joceline (Elizabeth). The mother'slegacie to tendido por el principe de Gales con la sere- her vnborne child. From the edition of 1625. nissima infante de Espanfa, Maria, tomado Edited, with an introduction, by mrs. S. J. desde sus principios para maior demostracion Hale. 161 pp. sq. 160. Pliladelphia, D. de la verdad, y ajustado con los papeles Ashmead, 1871. originales desde consta. Narrative of the Joe Nichols; or, difficulties overcome. By Spanish marriage treaty, edited and transla- Alfred Oldfellow. [pseudon.] 225pp.2pl. ted by Samuel Rawson Gardiner. x, 350 pp. 160. New York, Leavitt 8 Allen brothers, sin. 4~. London, Camden society, 1869. 1870. [CAMDEN society publications, no. 101]. Jewel (John, bishop of Salisbury). Workes. Johannot (Tony), Musset (Alfred de), and Jewel (John, rtishop of Salisbury). Workes. Stahl (P. J.) [pseudon. for J. Hetzel]. VoyNewly sent forth with some amendment of diuers quotations: and a brief discourse of ageoi ivousplara. p.. 4 his life. 16 p. 1. 62 pp. 13 1. 652 pp. 20 1. 472 Paris, J. Hetzel, 1843. John Bull. [London weekly]. Jan. 2,1869, pp. 4 1.291 pp. fol. London, J. Norton, pp. 1.291 pp. fol. London, J. Norton, to Dec. 31,1870. v. 49-50. fol. London, J. 1611. CONTENTS. H. Batty, 1869-70. A sermon made in Latine in Oxenford, in the raigne John Whopper, the newsboy. [anon.] 128 pp. of king Edward the sixt, and translated into English by R. V. sq. 16~. Boston, Roberts brothers, 1871. Letters betweene the bishop of Sarum and d. Cole. Johnson (Alexander B.) A guide to the Sermon at Paule's crosse, 1 Cor. 11, 23. A defence of the apology of the church of England, right understanding of our American union; [including the apologie and Harding's confutation]. A replie unto mr. Harding's answer. [In 27 articles]. or, political, economical and literary miscelA view of a seditious bull sent into England by laleies. 407 pp. 120. New York, Dcrby Pius v. A treatise of the holie scriptures. Jackson, 1857. An exposition upon the two epistles to the Thessa- Johnson's (A. J.) new illustrated family atlas lonians. Certaine sermons preached before the queen at Paul's of the world, with a treatise on physical cross. Atreatise of the sacraments. geography, by A. Guyot. With descriptions Certainesermons preached before the geographical, statistical and historical. Also queenes maiestie, and at Paules crosse. including a dictionary of religious denominaWhereunto is added a short treatise of the tions, sects, parties, and associations, comsacraments, gathered out of other his ser- piled by R. D. Hitchcock, d. d. 126 pp. 1 pl. mons, made vpon that matter in his cathe- 62 maps, 11 charts. fol. lNew York, A. J. drall church at Salisburie. 185 1. 16~. Lon- Johnson, 1870. don, C. Barker, 1583. Johnson (Artemas N.) The Allegany acadeAn exposition vpon the two epistles of my of music school song book: [etc. ] 224 pp. the apostle saint Paul to the Thessalonians. obl. 120. Friendship, (N. Y.).J. Barter 8& co. See BIBLE (English). 1867. Jewsbury (Geraldine Endsor). Right or - The same. 384 pp. obl. 80. Friendwrong. 2 v. 2 p.l. 320 pp; 1 p. 1. 312 pp.. ship, (N. Y.) J. Baxter 4 co. 1868. 12g. London, Hurst 4- Blackett, 1859. The true choir. A collection of music for Joannes Cassianus. See Cassianus (Joan- choirs, singing schools, [etc.] Containing, nes). also, Johnson's method for teaching the art

Page  172 JOHNSON. JONES. Johnson (A. N.)-continued. Johnstone (Rev. James) —continued. of reading music, and Johnson's method for topography by Ptolemy, Richard of Cirenforming and training chorus choirs, and sing- cester, the geographer of Ravenna, and Aninrg associations. 384 pp. obl. 80. Cin- drew bishop of Cathness: together with cinnati, J. Church &- co. 1870. accurate catalogues of the Pictish and ScotJohnson (Edwin F.) Report of the engineer- tish kings. 2 p. 1. 152 pp. 4~. Copenhagen, in-chief of the Northern Pacific railroad co. A. F. Stein, 1786. to the board of directors. See Northern Jolimont (T. de). Recueil d'objets d'art et Pacific railroad co. de curiosites dessinds d'aprbs nature par T. Johnson (Rev. John B.) Eulogy on general de Jolimont et J. Gagniet. Grav6 i le'au George VWa~shington. A sermon, delivered forte et publie par Caroline Naudet. 11. 20 February 22d, 1800, in the North Dutch pl. fol. Paris, C. Nalcdet, 1837. church, Albany, before the legislature of the Jolivet (J. L.) Secret du gouvernement state of New Yorkr, at their request. I p. 1. j6suitique; ou, abrdge des constitutions de la -22 pp. 12~. Albany, L. Andrews, 1800. socint. de Jesus. Lettres i m. le due de 1. Johnson (John Edgar). The monks before [anon.] 240pp. 12. [n. p.] 1701. Christ: their spirit and their history. xv, Jonas Clare, a struggle for life. By the au144 pp. 1 chart. 160~. Boston, A. Williams thor of "Purpose," " The climbers," etc. 4- co. 1870. [anon.] 204 pp. 4 pl. 16~. N'ew York, Johnson (Maria L.) Lucy's fair; and other Americn tract society, 1870. tales. 127 pp. 3pl. 180. Boston, Americn Jones (Rev. A. D. ) The elements of the Hetract socielty, 1870. brew language. 163 pp. 8~. Andover, IV. Johnson (Mrs. M.O.) Elms homestead. 130 F. Draper, 1870. pp.2 pl. 160. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippin- Jones (Charles C. jr.) Historical sketch of cott S& co. 1871. the Chatham artillery during the confederate Johnson (Samuel W.) How crops feed. A struggle for independence. 240 pp. 3 maps. treatise on the atmosphere and the soil, as 80. Albany, J. Munsell, 1867. relating to the nutrition of agricultural Jones (Clementina). The shades of sorrow plants. 375 pp. 120. New York, 0. Judd dispelled by the sunshine of love. A story 4- co. 1870. illustrating christian benevolence, gratitude, Johnson (Susannah). A narrative of the cap- and early piety. 160 pp. sq. 160. Troy, tivity of mrs. Johnson, containing an account (N. Y. ) Daily times printing house, 1869. of her sufferings, during four years, with the Jones (Rev. Darius E.) Songs for the new Indians and French. 2d ed. corrected and life; designed for public, social and private enlarged. 144 pp. 160. Windsor, (Vt.) A. christian uses. iv, 268 pp. 80. Chicago, Spooner, 1807. Root &' Cady, [1869]. Johnson (Virginia W.) Travels of an Ameri- Jones (Rev: D. a.m.) A discourse upon the can owl. A satire. 179 pp. 13 pl. 120. great fire of London, in the year 1666. [etc.] Philadelphia, Claxton, Remsen &- Haffelfinger, 24 pp. 8. Boston, T. Bronfield, [1704] 1871. Z Jones (E. D.) Aids to sunday school workJohnston (Alexander). Some account of the ers. 206 pp. 1 portrait. 16'. Philadelphia, society of the Cincinnati. 15-55 pp. American baptist publication society, [ 1870]. [PENNSYLVANIA historical society's memoirs, v. 6]. Jones (Henry Bence, m. d.) The life and letJohnston (W. E. m. d.) Report on the prepa- ters of Faraday. 2 v. 6 pp. 21.427 pp. I porration of food. 19 pp. 8e. Washington, trait; 4 p. 1. 499 pp. 2 pl. 80. London, government printing office, 1868. Longmans, Green &' co. 1870. [EXHIBITION, Paris, 1867]. Jones (James Athearn). Sagen der nordJohnstone (Rev. James). Antiquitates celto- amerikanischen Indianer [iibersetzt]. x, 346 normannicee; containing the chronicle of Man pp. 11. 1 pl. 16~. Altenburg, J. Helbig, 1837. and the isles, abridged by Camden, and now Jones (John B.) Wild western scenes; or, first published, complete, from the original the white spirit of the wilderness. Being a ms. in the British museum; with an English narrative of adventures, embracing the same translation, and notes. To which are added characters portrayed in the original " Wild Extracts from the annals of Ulster, and sir western scenes." [New series]. iv, 123 pp. J. Ware's antiquities of Ireland, British 12~. RichLmond, IT1. A. Malsby, 1863.

Page  173 173 JONES. JOURNAL. Jones (Rev. Joseph). The book of the heart; Jordan (Sylvester)-continued. or, plain meditations on various religious sub- benevens de verderfelijke aard van het jesuijects, doctrinal, spiritual, and practical, in the tisme, uit het eigen wetboek der orde geform of self application. xviii, 391 pp. 160. schetst vrij naar het hoogduitsch bewerkt. Oxford, D. A. Talboys, 1835. [door J. P. de Keyser]. xvi, 388 pp. 8~. Jones (Joseph H. d. d.) Hadassah and the Amsteidam, gebroeders Diedericls, 1840. courtof kingAhasuerus. 108pp. 1 pl. 18. Jorio (Andrea de). La mimica degli antichi Philadelphia, presbyterian board of publica- investigata nel gestire napoletano. 1 p. 1. tion, [ 18651. xxxvi, 380 pp. 21.20 pl. 80. Niapoli, Fibreno, Jones (Judson). The alphabet of orthoepy 1832. and its application to monosyllables. 96 pp. Joss (Paul Maria Leopold.) Ilepadeyt/ara 16G. St. Paul, The press printing co. 1870.'p/yai'KlJ 7trolptrt?fy. Specimens of Romaic Jones (J. W.) and Morris (T. B.) Hanes lyric poetry: with a translation into English. y gwrthryfel mawr yn y Talaethan Vnedig; To which is-prefixed a concise treatise on yn nghyd a byr grybwyllion ain y prif music. xvi, 144pp. 80. London, R. Glynn, ddigwyddiadau o ddarganfyddiad America 1826. hyd adferiad heddwch, yn 1865; at yr hyn Jourdan (Athanase Jean L6ger). Pharmacoyr ychwanegir bywyd ae arlywyddiaeth p6e universelle; ou, conspectus des pharmaAbraham Lincoln, gyd ag amryw ddarluniau cop6es [de trente-trois villes]; des dispenprydferth. 631 pp. 5 portraits. 85. Utica, saires [de quatre villes], des pharmacop6es (N. Y.) J. M. Jones, 1866. militaire de Danemark, de France, de Prusse Jones (Rowland). The circles of Gomer; or, et de Wurzbourg; des formulaires et pharan essay towards an investigation and intro- macop6es [de vingt-huit auteurs, etc.] Ouduction of the English, as an universal lan- vrage contenant les caractbres essentiels et guage; with an English grammar, some la synonymie de toutes les substances cit6es illustrations of the subjects of the author's dans ces recueils, et pr6c6d6 de tableaux pr6late essays, and other interesting discover- sentant la concordance des divers poids m&ies. 1 p. 1. 203, 47 pp. 8~. London, S. dicinaux de l'Europe, entre eux et avec le sysCrowder, etc. 1771. tame decimal. 2e 6d. 2 v. xii, 804 pp; 2 Jones (Sarah L.) Life in the south; from the p. 1. 647 pp. 8~. Paris, J. B. Bailliere, 1840. commencement of the war. By a blockaded Jourdier (Auguste). La pisciculture et la British subject. Being a social history of production des sangsues. Avec une intirothose who took part in the battles, from a duction par m. Coste. 2 p. 1. 208 pp. 120. personal acquaintance with them in their own 1856. homes. 1860-62. [anon]. 2 v. xvi, 427 Journal (The) of anatomy and physiology. pp; viii, 404 pp. 12~. London, Chapman Conducted by G. M. Humphrey, m. d. [etc.] 8- Hall, 1863. v. 3. [Second series, v. 2]. 8o. London, Jones (Rev. William). The catholic doctrine Macmillan & co. 1869. of a trinity proved by above a hundred short Journal (The) of applied chemistry. [A and clear arguments, expressed in the terms monthly journal] devoted to chemistry as of the holy scripture, compared after a man- applied to the arts, manufactures, metallurgy ner entirely new. To which is added, a letter and agriculture. Jan. to Dec. 1870. v. 5. to the common people in answer to some 4~. New York, Dexter Sr co. 1870. popular arguments against the trinity. 184 Journal (The) of education for Ontario. [A pp. 160. Philadelphia, G. D. McCuenn, monthly]. Edited by J. G. Hodgins. Jan. 1838. to Dec. 1870. v. 23. 4~. Toronto, Hunter, Jordan (Cornelia J. M.) Richmond: her Rose & co. 1870. glory and her graves. A poem. In two Journal (The) of an exile. [anon.] 2d ed. parts. xxxix pp. 80. Richmond, (Va.) 2 v. I p. 1. 330 pp; 2 p. 1. 328 pp. 80. LonRichmond medical iournal print, 1867. don, Saunders ~4 Otlcy, 1825. Jordan (Johnson H.) Gunn's newer family Journal (A) fiom Grand Cairo to mount Sinai, physician, 1871. See Gunn (John C.) and and back again. Translated by Robert ClayJordan (Johnson H.) ton, bishop of Clogher, from a manuscript, Jordan (Sylvester). De jesuitenorde, haar written by the prefetto of Egypt, inll company oorsprong, inrigting, bedoelingen en leer, with some missionaries de propaganda fidt at

Page  174 174 JOURNAL. JUSTE. Journal, etc.-continued. Jubb (Samuel). The history of the shoddyGrand Cairo. To which are added, remarks on trade: its rise, progress, and present position. the origin of hieroglyphics and the mytholo- vi, 138 pp. 16~. London, Houlston c5 WTright, gy of the ancient heathens. [anon.] 2d ed. 1860. 168 pp. 2 pl. 80. London, ff. Bowyer, 1753. Jubinal (Achille) and others. La armeria Journal fiir ornithologie, ein centralorgan fiir real; ou collection des principales pieces de die gesammte ornithologie. Herausgegeben la galerie d'armes anciennes de Madrid. Desvon dr. Jean Cabanis, 1853-1867. v. 1-15. sins de mr. Gaspard Sensi, texte de nr. 8~. Cassel, T. Fischer, 1853-67. s. AchilleJubinal. Frontispices, lettres orn6es, The same. Deutsches centralorgan culs de lampe, par mr. Victor Sansonetti, fuir die gesammte ornithologie. In ver- gravures sur bois par mr. Faxardo, sur pierre, bindung mit der deutschen ornithologischen sur cuivre, sur acier par les meilleurs artistes gesellschaft zu Berlin, herausgegeben von de Paris. 2e ed. 2 v. in 1. 2 p. 1. 36 pp. dr. Jean Cabanis. xvii-xviii jahrgang: 41 pl; 1 p. 1. 44 pp. 1 1. 41 pl. fol. Paris, 1868-1869. Neue (zweite)folge, v. 1-2. 8~. Challamel S cie. [1837]. Cassel, 7. Fischer, 1868-69. s. _- and Sansonetti (Victor). Les anJournal of social science: containing the ciennes tapisseries histori6es; ou, collection transactions of the American [social science] des monumens les plus remarquables de ce association. No. 2. 1870. 5 p. 1. 302 pp. 80~. genre, qui nous soient rests du moyen-age, New York, Leypoldt s Holt, 1870. a partir du xie siecle au xive inclusivement. Journal (The) of speculative philosophy. Texte par Achille Jubinal, gravures par les [Qnarterly]. Edited by W4 n. T. Harris. meilleurs artistes, d'apres les dessins de VicJan. to Oct.c 1870 v. 4. 80. St. Louis, B. tor Sansonetti. 2 v. in 1. 2 p. 1. 45 pp. 60 pl; P. Studley 8of co. 1870. 1 pl. 36 pp. 61 pl. fol. Paris, editeur de la Journal of the telegraph. A semi-monthly galerie d'armes de Madrid, 1838. record of the progress of the telegraph, and Judd (Orange). Alumni records. 1833-69. of electric science. Dec. 1, 1869, to Nov. 15, See Wesleyan university. 1870. v.3. 4~. New York,J. D. Reid,[1870]. Judd (Sylvester). History of Hadley, inJournal (The) of travel and natural history. cluding the early history of Hatfield, South Edited by Andrew Murray, 1868-69. v. 1. Hadley, Amherst and Granby, Massachusetts. 80. London, WFilliamns & Norgate, [1870].'With family genealogies, by Lucius M. BoltJourney (A) of the emperor of China into wood. 63 pp. 8~. Northampton, Metcalf East-Tartary, in the year 1682, and into 4- co. 1863. West-Tartary, in 1685. [anon.] I16. Lon- Juicio hist6rico-can6nico-politico de la autoridon, J. Laurence, 1686. dad de las naciones en los bienes ecclesidsti[ln RELACAO verdadeira, [etc.] A relation of the CoS; o, disertacion sobre la pertenencia de invasion and conquest of Florida. pp. 201-272]. Jovius (Paulus). See Giovio (Paolo). su dominio segun el espiritu invariable de la Joy days on both sides of the water. By Una igiesia y los principios inconcusos del derecho Locke and Zaida Yorke. [pseudon?] 147 pfiblico. [anon.] 1 p.1.75 pp. 18~. Burpp. 3 pl. 180. New York, Carlton 4- Lana- deos, P. Beaume, 1819. han, 1870. Julien (Stanislas Aignan). Contes et apolo[t[IGH day series]. gues indiens inconnus jusqu'i ce jour. SutiJoynes (Edward S). Education after the war. vis de fables et de po6sies chinoises. Traduc. A letter addressed to a member of the south- tion de m. Stanislas Julien. 2 v. xx, 240 pp; ern educational convention, Columbia, S. C. viii, 216 pp. 160. Paris, L. Hachette et cie. 28th April, 1863. Published in the Southern 1860. literary messenger, and re-printed for the use Jung-Stilling (Johann Heinrich). Die gesof the convention. 16 pp. 8~. Richmond, chichte Florentius v. Fahlendorn. 3 v. in 1. Macfarlane & Ferguson, 1863. 16~. Reading, J. Schneider & co. 1797. Juan y Santacilia (Jorge) and Ulloa (Anto- Juste (Theodore). Memoirs of Leopold i, king nio de). Historischbe reisbeschryvinhgan ge- of the Belgians. From unpublished docu heel Zuid-America; gedaan op bevel des ko- ments. Authorized translation, by Robert nings van Spanje. 2 v. 4 p. 1. xxiv, 428 pp. Black. 2 v. 294 pp. I portrait; 399 pp. 5 maps, 8 pl; viij, iv, 406 pp. I. 1.9 maps, 4 1 portrait. 80. London, S. Low, son & Marpl. 40.'Goes, J. Huysman, 1771-72. ston, 1868.

Page  175 175 JUSTINIANUS. KEITH. Justinianus, emperor of Rome. Edictum de Katholischer katechismus oder lehrbegriff, fide aduersus hicareses, ex manuscripto codice nebst einem kurzen abrisse der religionsemendatum. fol. Tigvri, 1571. geschichte von anbeginn der welt bis auf [In SIMILER (Josias). Scripta veterum latina, etc.] unsere zeit. no. 1. [anon.] StereotypJustinus. Ex Pompeii Trogi libris historicis ausgabe. 218 pp. 16~. New York und Cincinxliv excerpta. 103 1. unp. fol. Ueneciis, nati, F. Pustet, 1867. Philippuzs Condam, 1479. Katholisches gesang- und gebetbuch fuir die rNote.-Each page has 36 lines]. provinz St. Louis. Herausgegeben von einem The same. History of the world from katholischen lehrer. 2e auflage. [anon.] 277 the Assyrian monarchy down to the time of pp. 120. St. Louis, (Mo.) F. Saler, 1867. Augustus Cmesar; being an abridgment ofhes lesebuh f die d Katholisches lesebuch futr die deutschen Trogus Pompeius's Philippic history, with schulen. Neue auflage, vermehrt mit einer criticalremarks upon Justin. Made English kleinen naturgeschichte oder naturbetrachby mr. T. Brown. 2d ed. revised. Tith ny c.riou mna. Ad. a tung. [anon.] 140 pp.l 1. 160. St. Louis, many curious emendations. And a new translation of Bongarsius's contents of the (Mo) F. Saler, 1867. Philippic history of Trogus Pompeius, by O. Katholisches missiosbhlichlein. Oder: einl)ykes. I p.1. xxiv, 408 pp. 18~. London, leitung zu einem christlichen lebenswandel. J. illatthews, 1713. Herausgegebeln von der versamlmlung des Kalendarius cum vero motu solis et duplici allerheiligsten erlosers. Erste amerikanischlle modo inueniendi verum mnotum lune, vulgari, steeotyp-ausgabe nach der dreilnddreisact. per literas, et astronomico perspicacissimi szigsten original-auflage. Mit einem anhange astronomi magistri Joannis de Monteregio. vesper andachten enthaltend. [anon.] 496 Nec non vere coniunctiones solis et lune pp. 1 pl. 160. St. Louis, (Mlo.) F. Saler, eclipsesq. eorundem. Postq. omnia subnec- 1869. titur coputus ecclesiasticus chyrometralis. Kavanagh (Julia). Nathalie. A tale. 1 b. 1. 131. 1 pl. sm. 4 [n. p. about 1600]? p. 1488 pp. 1 p1. 160. London, Hurst & See C:alidasa. Blackett, [1865]. Kansas (State of). House and senate jour- Keary (A.) The nations around [Palestinel. nal. Proceedings of the legislative assembly. viii, 331 pp. 12~. [London], Macmillan 8S Tenth annual session, 1870. 2 v. 80. To- co. 1870. peka, (Kansas), public printer, 1870. Keeler (Ralph). Vagabond adventures. 274 Kant(Immanuel). Principes m6taphysiques pp. 160. Boston, Fields, Osgood j'co. 1870. de la morale, traduits de l'Allemand par C. Keene (Mrs. Sarah F.) The artist's children; J. Cissot. 2 p. 1. v, 212 pp. 80. Paris, or, a year here and there. 256 pp.'2 pl. 16~. Levrault, 1830. Boston, cong. sabbath-school 4, publishing soKapp (Friedrich). Immigration, and the com- ciety, [1869]. mnissioners of emigration of the state of New Keetels (Prof. Jean Gustave). Oral method York. 2 p. 1. 241 pp. 6 pl. 1 portrait. 80. with French. In three parts. Part 3d. 192 New York, the Nation press, 1870. pp. 120. New York, Sheldon & co. 1870. Kardec (Allan). [pseudon.] Instruction pra- Keim (1)e Benneville Randolph). San Dotique sur les manifestations spirites, contenant mingo. Pen pictures and leaves of travel, 1'expos6 complet des conditions n6cessaires romance and history, from the portfolio of a pour communiquer avec les esprits, et les correspondent in the American tropics. 336 moyens de developper la facult6 mediatrice pp. 12~. Philadelphia, Claxton, Remsen & chez les m6diums. 4 p. 1. 146 pp. 1 1. 120. Haffelfinger, 1870. Paris, an bureau de la Revue spirite, 1858. ~ Sheridan's troopers on the borders: a Karr (Jean Baptiste Alphonse). Midi A qua- winter campaign on the plains. 308 pp. 7 pl. torze heures. 2 p. 1. 92 pp. 18". Paris, E. I portrait. 12~. Philadelphia, Claxton, Didier, 1853. Remsen &8 Haffelfinger, 1870. Kacaravdpa'Evvdo/uavrts. [Autore] (fra gli Ar- Keith (A. Wendell). Autobiography of Sanmcadi) Aurisco Geresteo. [pseudon. etc.] uel S. Hildebrand. See Hildebrand (S. S.) 3 p. 1. 109 pp. 120. London, T. Hurst, 1800. Keith (George). The fundamental truths of Katai (Gdbor). See Kirailyi magyar term6s- christianity briefly hinted at by way of queszettLdomtuyi tirsulat. tion and answer. To which is added a treat

Page  176 176 KEITH, KETTLE. Keith (George)-continued. Kendall (Mrs. E. D.)-continued. ise of prayer in the same method. 3 p. 1. 128 tares. 480 pp. 4 pl. 160. Boston, D. Lothrop pp. 180. London, 1688. & co. 1871. - More divisions amongst the quakers: as - Master and pupil; or, school life at the appears by the following books of their own old Baldwin. A story for older boys and writing, viz. 1. The christian faith of New girls. By E. D. K. [anon.] 351 pp. 4 pl. England quakers condem'd by a meeting of 160. Boston, D. Lothrop & co. 1869. Pensilvanian quakers. 2. The false judg- Kendrick (AsahelC.) Our poetical favorites. ment of a yearly meeting of quakers in A selection from the best minor poems of the Maryland, condemn'd by George Keith, English language. xvi, 449 pp. 120. New Thomas Budd, etc. all quakers. To which is York, Sheldon & co. 1871. added, A discovery of this mystery of iniadded, A discovery of this mystery of Kennan (George). Tent life in Siberia, and quity. 22 pp. sm.40~. [ London], R. Bald- adventures among the Koraks and other tribes zwin, 1693. in Kamtchatka and northern Asia. ix, 425 The true copy of a paper given in to pp. 1 map. 120. New York, G. P. Putnam the yearly meeting of the people called qua- 8& sons, 1870. kers, at their meeting-place in Grace-church- Kennedy (John Pendleton). (The) red book. street, London, 15 day of the 3d month, 1695. See Cruise (Peter H.) and Kennedy. 32 pp. 40. London, R. Lewis, 1695. 32po, B, 1Kennedy (William S.) Messianic prophecy, Keller (George). A trip across the plains, and and the life of Christ. 6 p.. 484 pp. 16 life in California; embracing a description of New York, A. S. Barnes - Burr, 1860. the overland route; its natural curiosities; et (Basil). The lives and characters of the gold mines of California; its climate, the gold mines of California; its climate, the ancient Grecian poets. With their heads [etc.] 58pp. 160. Massillon, (0.) White's ress, 1 8 curiously engraven on copper.-plates. 2d ed. 2, v. inl. 4p..186 pp. 2 pl; 1 p. 1.82 pp. Kelley (Daniel G.) What I saw and suffered 80. London, B. Motte & C. Bathurst, 1735 in rebel prisons. With an introduction by Ason Gr. Chester. 86 pp. 12r. Buctalo, Kent's shopkeeper's & tradesman's assistant: MAnson G. Chester. 186 pp. 120. Bujfalo for 1811. [etc.] 79th ed. 145, 24 pp. 120. Matthews & Warren, 1866. Kellogg (Rev. Elijah). Arthur Brown, the London, H. K. Causton, [1811]. [ With LONDON (Kent's) directory, for 1811]. young captain.'288 pp.4pl. 16~. Boston, Lee and Shepard, 1871. Kepler (Johann). Opera omnia. Edidit dr. [The pleasant cove series, v. 1]. Ch. Frisch. Volumen viii. 1. (Bericht von Elm island stories. nos. 5-6. 160. den finsternissen der jahre 16'20, 1621). 562 Boston, Lee 4- Shepard, 1870-71. pp. 80. Francofurti a. M. Heyder 4- ZimCONTENTS. mer, 1870. s. No. 5. The young ship-builders of Elm island. 304 Kerl (Simon). A shorter course in English pp. 3 pl. grammar. 240pp. 160. New York, Ivison, No. 6. The hard-scrabble of Elm island. 320 pp. 4 pl.. N Y Blaukemanl, Taylor - co. 1870. Kelly (Caroline E.) The home vineyard: Kerney (M. J.) The first class book of hissketches of mission work. 193 pp. 2 pl. 160. tory, designed for pupils commencing the tory, designed for pupils commiencing the Philadelphia, J. C. Garrifues &F co. 1866. Philadelphia, J. C. Garrigues co. 1866. study of history; with questions, adapted to Kelly (T. W.) Menana; a romance of the Kelly (T. W.) Menana; a romance of the the use of academies and schools. 22d rered Indians, in ten cantos, with notes; to vised ed. Enlarged by the addition of leswhich are added, The death robe, and two sons in ancient history. 334 pp. 1. 180. other poems of the American woods. 3 p. 1. Baltimore J. Murphy 4 co. 1868. 198 pp. 8~. London, author, 1861. 198 p.a, 1Kessler (Rev. Julius). An introduction to the Kelty (Mary Ann). The solace of a solitaire: language and literature of Madagascar. a record of facts and feelings. I p. 1. 347 pp... 6~ ~ With hints to travellers and a new map. 90 120. London, Triibner & co. 1869. pp. 1 map. 129. London, IV. Hunt 4 co. 1870. Kendall (Mrs. E. D.) Ben Farrar's experience Kettle club series. 2 v. 16~. Boston, Nichof the sunny-side of the cross. [anon.] 316 pp. 2 pl. 160. Boston, cong. sabbath-school Noyes, 1869. &' publishing society, 1870. CONTENTS. Grandfather's pocket-book. 212 pp. 3 pl. The judge's sons. A story of wheat and Kettle's (The) birthday party. 193 pp. 4 pl.

Page  177 177 KETTLE. KIRALYT. Kettle's (The) birthday party. By cousin King (Mrs. Maria M. )-continued. Virginia. [pseudon.] 193 pp. 4 pl. 16o. ~ The spiritual philosophy versus diaboBoston, Nichols 4' Noyes, 1869. lism: in two lectures. 40 pp. 80. Boston, LKettle club series]. W. White 4' co. 1871. Kettlewell (Rev. John). The measures of -- What is spiritualism? And shall spiritchristian obedience. Or, a discourse shew- ualists have a creed? In two lectures. 40 ing what obedience is indispensably neces- pp. 80. Boston, It. [White & co. 1871. sary to a regenerate state, and what defects King (Mary B. Allen). Looking backward; are consistent with it; for the promotion of or, memories ofthe past. viii,455pp. 12. piety, and the peace of troubled consciences. New York, A. D. F. Randolph & co. 1870. 2d ed. 16 p.1.716pp. sm.4. London, B. d hted. 16 p84. 1.716 pp. s. 4. London, B. Kingsbury (Howard) and Graley (Rev. Alfred A.) Happy hours: a collection of songs Keverberg (- le baron de, ovine). Ursula, for schools, academies, and the home circle. princesse britanni que, d'apres la lgende et 188 pp. 2 1. 240. New York, Taintor brothers, les peintures d'Hemling; par un ami des let- 1868. tres et des arts. [anon.] xiv, 228 pp. Kingsley (Calvin, d. d.) Round the world: Kingsley (Calvin, dd Round the world: 1 portrait. 8~. Gand, J. N. Houdin, 1818. portrait. 80. Gand, J.., a series of letters. 2 v. 344 pp. 1 portrait; Key (The) of heaven: a manual of devout 325 pp. 16~. Cincinnati, Hitchcock & Walprayers for daily use. New ed. 1 p. 1. vi, den, 1870. 112 pp. I pl. 240. Baltimore, Kelly, Piet Kingsley (Rev. Charles). Phaethon; or, loose Sr co. 1870. thoughts for loose thinkers. From the second Key (The) of heaven: or, a manual of prayer. London edition. 91 pp. 120. Philadelphia, [anon.] 683 pp. 1 pl. 180. New York, P. H. Hooker, 1854..J. Kenedy, 1870. Kingsley (Henry). Mademoiselle Mathilde. Kidd (Rev. Richard Bentley Porson). Testi- A novel. 3 v. 120. London, Bradbrlzy, monies and authorities, divine and human, Evans &, co. 1868. in confirmation of the thirty-nine articles of Silcote of Silcotes. 3 v. 120. London, the church of England: compiled and ar- Macmillan S& co. 1867. ranged for the use of students. xvi, 320 pp. - Stretton. A novel. 3 v. 12~. Lon8~. Cambridge, Deightons, 1848. don, Tinsley brothers, 1869. Kidd (Robert). A rhetorical reader, for class Tales of old travel re-narrated. 3 p. 1. drill and private instruction in elocution. 368 pp. 8 pl. 12~. London, Macmillan & 384 pp. 12~. Cincinnati, Wilson, Hinkle & co. 1869. co. [1870]. Kingston (William H. G.) Lusitanian Kiddle (Henry). A short course in astronomy sketches of the pen and pencil. 2 v. xi, and the use of the globes. 190 pp. 16G. 352 pp. 1 pl; viii, 364 pp. 1 pl. 120. LonNew York, Icison, Blakeman, Taylor & co. don, J. F. Parker, 1845. 1871. Kinkel (Charles). Golden chimes. A colKing (Edward). An essay on the English King (Edward). An ssay on te Englis lection of brilliant piano pieces. 80 pp. 40~. constitution and government. viii, 184 pp. 1 New York, J. L. Peters [1870]. MISCELLAnEoUS, pB. phlet, v. 103]. [PETERS' musical library, v. 14]. [MISCELLANEOUS pamphlets, v. 403]. King (G. A.) Allen's object drawing. See Kinlock (Francis). Eulogy on George WashAllen (Jerome) and King. ington. 19 pp. 12~. Georgetown, J. Bard, King (James). A voyage to the Pacific ocean. 1800. See Cook (James) and King. Kinsley (Charles). Self-instructor on lumber King (John, m. d.) The American dispensa- surveying, for the use of lumber manufactory. 8th ed. 1439 pp. 8~. Cincinnati, turers, surveyors, and teachers. 80 pp. 12~. filstach, Baldwin S& co. 1870. Calais, (Me.) author, 1870. King (Mrs. Maria M.) Social evils: their Kip (William Ingraham, d.d.) The double causes and cure. Being a brief discussion witness of the church. 19thed. 271 pp. 12~. of the social status, with reference to meth- Philadelphia, B. McCaulcy, 1869. ods of reform. 55 pp. 8~. Boston, W. Kirdlyi magyar termeszettudomll nyi tirsulat. lt ite & co. 1870. Tortdnete alapittatAsdgt61 fogva miig. A 23

Page  178 178 KIRALYI. iKO)NIGSFELD. Kirilyi, etc.-continued. Knight (Helen Cornelia). Jane Taylor. 224 tdrsulat 1868-dik 6vi Februfr l.sej6n tartott pp. 1 pl. 16G. New York, American tract hlszondt 6vi jubileuma alkalmdra. Irta society, [1868]. KAtai Gabor. 2 p. 1. 248 pp. 1 tab. 8~. Knighton (William). Tropical sketches; or, Pesten, Bucs&inszky (Alajos), 1868. reminiscences of an Indian journalist. 2 v. Kirkpatrick (Mrs. Jane). The light of x, 323 pp; iv, 349 pp. 12~. London, Hurst other days: Sketches of the past, and other &8 Blackett, 1855. selections. 89 pp. 80. NAew Brunswick, Knox (Alice W. and Charles E.) The infant (N. J.) J. Terhune, 1856. sunday school. With an appendix by rev. Kladderadatsch. [Humoristisch-satirisches J. H. Vincent. 166 pp. 160. New York, wochenblatt, herausgegeben von C. Dohm]. Carlton & Lanahan, [1870]. 1848-1870. v. 1-23. 40~. Berlin, 1848-70. Knox (Charles E. ) Psalms, songs, prayers, Klaproth (Julius Heinrich). Tripartitum, prophecies. See Bible (English). seu de analogia linguarum, [etc.] 1820-23. Sermons and addresses of our saviour. See Merian (Andreas Adolph de) and Klap- See Bible (English). roth. Knox (Thomas W.) Overland through Kleine (fl.) Les richesses de la France. Asia. Pictures of Siberian, Chinese, and 1Stude complbte sur la situation agricole, Tartar life. 608 pp. 16 pl. 1 map. 80. Hartindustrielle et commerciale de la France et ford, (Conn.) American publishing co. 1870. de ses colonies. x, 552 pp. 120. Paris, Kobelt (Georg Ludwig). De l'appareil du Ducrocq, [about 1869]. sens genital des deux sexes dans l'espbce Kling (-) and Horwitz or Horvitz (A. 8.) humaine et dans quelques mammifdres, au Chess studies; or, endings of games. Also, point de vue anatomique et physiologique. by the same authors, the Defeat of the Muzio Traduit de l'allemand par H. Kaula. viij, gambit. Edited by Henry C. Mott. 5 p. 1. 127 pp. 5 pl. 8~. Paris, Lab6, 1851. 244 pp. 120. London, C. J. Skeet, 1851. Koch (Johann Friedrich Wilhelm). Codex Klopstock (FriedrichGottlob). Odes. From der schachspielkunst, nach den musterspie-1747 to 1780. Translated from the German len und regeln der gr6szten meister, in einer by William Nind. xxiii, 310 pp. 160. fur die erleichterungdes selbstunterrichts beLondon, W. Pickering, 1848. quemen bezeichnungsart und anordnung. 2e Knapp (Georg Christian). Beschreibung des ausgabe. 2 v. in 1. viii, 390 pp; iv, 412 pp. hallischen waisenhauses, etc. See Schulze 8~. Magdeburg, TV. Heinrichshofen, 1813-14. (Johann), Knapp (G. C.) and Niemeyer Kohl (Johann Georg). Episoden aus der cul(August Hermann). tur- und kunstgeschichte Bremens. 5 p. 1. Commentatioinlocum 2 Petr. 1, 19-21. 161 pp. 1. 18 pl. 40. Bremen, C. E. Miilqui est de indole et usu vaticiniorum ad mes- ler, 1870. siam pertinentium. 80. Lugaduni Batavo- [BREMEN. Denkmale der geschichte und kunst der Lugd* n i Batave- freien hausestadt Brenien. Zweite abtheilung. rumn;, Honkoop, 1791. Kollonitz (Paula, grafin). Eine reise nach [In MIUNTINI HE (Hermann). Sylloge opusculorum Meco im jare 184. auflge. p. addoctrinamsacram pertinentium. v. 2. pp. 149- Mexico im jahre 1864. 2e aufage. 6 p.1. 173]. 247 pp. 12~. WIien, C. Gerold, 1867. ~ —- -Prolusio deChristo ad dextram Dei se- Konewka (Paul). Black Peter. Scissor dente. 8o. Lugduni Batavorurn, Honkoop, pictures, with rhymes from the German. 20 1791. pp. 8~. lew Yorkc, Hurd Sr Houghton, 1870. [in MUNTINGHE (Hermann). Sylloge opusculorum Kongelige selskab for Norges vel. Beretning ad doctrinam sacram pertinentium, v. 1, pp. 217252]. om det kongelige selskab for Norges vel, dets Knapp (J. C. ) Punke, Knofel, and others. tilstand og virksomhed i aaret 1868. 102 pp. Zweites deutsches systematisches lesebuch. 1 1. 80. Christiania, selskab, 1869. S. Mit stoff zu sprach-. anschauungs- und denk- K6nigsfeld (G. A.) Lateinische hymnen und iibungen. Fur die mittelklassen der deutsch- gesiinge aus dem mittelalter, deutsch, unter amerikanischen schulen. 203pp. 120. Lou- beibehaltung der versmasze. Mitbeigedruckisville, (Ky. ) H. KnUfel, 1866. ternm lateinischen urtexte. Nebst einleitung Knigge (Adolph Franz Friedrich Ludwig und anmerkungen; unter beiffigung brieflivon). Ueber jesuiten, freymaurer und cher bemerkungen und iibersetzungen von deutscherosencreutzer. [anon.] 1'29pp. 12~. A. W. Schlegel. xlvi, 276 pp. 160. Bonn, Leipzig, [Franlkfurt], J. A. Maier, 1781. E. Weber, 1847.

Page  179 179 KOOPS. LA COSTE. Koops (Mathias). Historical account of the Kreickemeyer (A.) Tabellen zur berechsubstances which have been used to describe nung der reinertrhge (steuercapitale) der events, and to convey ideas, from the earliest grundstiicke im herzogthum Oldenburg. 87 date, to the invention of paper. Printed on 1. 40. Oldenburg, Schulz, 1862. the first useful paper manufactured solely Krepp (Frederick Charles). The sewage fromstraw [andfrom wood. anon.] 91 pp. question: [etc.] Also a descripion of cap80. London, T. Burton, 1800. tain Liernur's system for daily removal of Korfmacher (W. H.) Rechenbuch fufr ele- feecal solids, fluids, and gases by pneumatic mentarschulen. Nach der methode von A. force. xvi, 208 pp. 4~. London, LongRichter und J. Grinings. Fur deutsche mans, Green & co. 1867. schulen in den Vereinigten Staaten Nordame- Kummer (- von). Grundziige der heeresrika's. Erster theil. Fiir die- unterklasse. organisation in Osterreich-Ungarn, Russ4e auflage. 82pp. 120. St. Louis, (Mo.) F. land, Italien,Frankreich und Deutschland. Saler, 1869. vi, 212 pp. 8~. Berlin, E. S. Mittler &j sohn, The same. Zweiter theil. FUr die 1870. mittelklasse. 5e auflage. iv, 186 pp. 1 1. Kurze anleitung zum schonschreiben, nebst 120. St. Louis, (Mo.) F. Saler, 1869. einer dazu gehorigen kupfertafel und 25 vorThe same. Dritter theil. Fur die schriftsblattern. Zum gebrauche der volksoberklasse. 2e auflage. 332, iii, pp. 12. schulen im kaiserthum Osterreich. [anon.] St. Louis, (Mo. ) F. Saler, 1870. 1 p. 1. 8 pp. 26 pl. obl. 40 Wien, k. k. schulbiicher-verschleiss, 1864. Kort historisch verhaal van den eersten anleg, Kut (rs. M. Jennie). Wabahsee, the lotgevallen en voortgang der particuliere cowhite swan; a legend of the sleeping dew: lonie Berbice gelegen in het landschap Guia- white swan; a legend of the sleeping dew: and other poems. 60 pp. 16. Grand na in Zuid-America; in bet bijzonder behan- Rnpids, (Mich.) Dygert, Hart p co. 1870. delende bet onderwerp der privaate eigen- (.Labat (Jean Baptiste). Nouveau voyage aux domme der societeit van participanten in die isles de l'Amerique. Contenant l'histoire colonie, en wel allerbijzonderst de zooge- de..amd a l. Met *en onaturelle de ces pays, l'origine, les mceurs, naamdeakkergelden. Meteene openlegging la religion et le gouvernement des habitans van bet singulier en contrasteerend gedraget anciens et modernes: [etc. anon.] 5 v. van den heere Abraham Jacob van Imbyze 16~. La Haye, P. Husson, [etc.] 1724. van Batenburg, ale civil gouveurneur der co-. one 1 lonie. Door en colonist in Augustus 1805. Labbe (Philippe). Conciliorum collectio. 12 louie. Door en colonist in Augustus 1805. v. fol. 1715. See Hardouin (Jean). [anon.] xvi, 319 pp. 8c. Amsterdam, C. Sepp.Jansz. 1807. Labberton (Robert H.) Outlines of history; Kortholt (Christian). Disputatio de philoso- with original tables, chronological, geneaphia Leibnitii christianse religioni baud per- logicalandliterary. 238pp. obl. 80 Pilaniciosa. I p. 1. xxxvi pp. 80. Tubing delphia, Clazton, Remsen & Haffelfinger, 1870. TubingeP,,,, Berger, 1771. Labrunie de Nerval (G6rard). La Boh6me [In LEIBNITZ (Gottfried Wilhelm von). Tentamina galante. 2 p. 1. vii, 314 pp. 11. 120. Paris, theodicaene, [etc.] v. 1]. M. L6vy, 1855. Kramer (William, m. d.) Nature and treat- - Petits chateaux de Boheme. Prose et ment of diseases of the ear. 2d ed. of the po6sie. 96 pp. 18~. Paris, E. Didier, author's treatise on chronic deafness, much 1853. improved and enlarged. Translated from La Condamine (Charles Marie). Relation the German, with the latest improvements of abr6g6e d'un voyage fait dans l'interieur de the author since the last London ed. by l'Am6rique m6ridionale, depuis la cbte de la James Risdon Bennett, m. d. viii, 204 pp. mer du Sud, jusqu'aux cotes du Br6sil et de 80. Philadelphia, A. Waldie, 1838. la Guyane, en descendant la rivibre des [DUNGLISON'S American medical library]. Amazones. Nouvelle 6d. augmentde de la Krause (Johann Christian Heinrich). De relation, etc. 2 p. 1. 379 pp. 1 map, 1 pl. usu vocabulorum bcowg et 6c-orta in nov. test. 80. Maestricht, J. E. Dufour,- P. Roux, commentarius. 80. Lugduni Batavorum, 1778. Honkoop, 1791. La Coste (Franioise de). R6novation de la [JI MUNTINGHE (Hermann). Sylloge opusculorum femme. 1 p. 1. 384 pp. 1. 120. Paris, ad doctrinam sacram pertinentium, v. 1, pp. 165216]. librairie internationalc, 1869.

Page  180 180 LA CROIX. LANDER. La Croix (Jacques Vincent de). See Dela- I Lamarteliere (Jean H. F.)-continued. croix. 22 juin 1815, 6poque de la seconde abdication Lacroix (Paul) M6moires [suppos6es] de de Buonaparte. 3e 6d. 118 pp. 8~. Paris, Gabrielle d'Estr6es. [anon.] 4 v. 8~. J. G. Dentu, 1815. Paris, Maime 4- Delaunay Vallde, 1829. [MISCELLANEOUS pamphlets, v. 3361. Lactantius (Lucius-Ccelius-Firmianus). Di- Lamartine (Alphonse Marie Louis Prat de). vinae institutiones adversus getes. [Ed. 4- Histoire de la rdvolution franqaise, 1793. Al. veneta]. 2221. unp. fol. Venetiis, irnpen- Dercourt, 6diteur. 1 p. 1. 104 pp. 40. Itashdio Iohiis de Colonia: Iohisqe IMdthen de ington, A. Dercourt, 1869. Gheetzem, 1478. Memoirs of my youth. 1 p 1. 11-110 pp. Jfotc.-37 lines on a full page; wanting 3 leaves of the 8~. New York, Harper & brothers, 1849. table, at the beginning. Appended to the above [MISCELLANEOUS pamphlets, v. 453]. are eight leaves, to which are prefixed the words "Nephythomon Lactantii Firmiani incipit, Nam si Poetical meditations. Translated into justicia, est ueri dei cultus,'' etc. English verse by the rev. Henry Christmas. Ladies' (The) repository, and gatherings of the xvi, 268 pp. 160. London, J. WI. Parker, 1839. west: a monthly periodical devoted to litera- Lamb (Martha J.) Aunt Mattie's library. By ture and religion. Edited by the rev. L. L. the author of the play school series. 4 v. Haulline [v. 1-3], rev. E. Thomson [v. 180. Boston, Gould & Lincoln, 1870. 4-5], rev. B. F. Tefft [v. 6-11], rev. W. C. CONTENTS. Larrabee [v. 12], rev. D. W. Clark [v. 13-23, Drifting goodward. 224 pp. 4 pl. Fun and profit. 208 pp. 4 pl. and] rev. I. W. Wiley [v. 24-25]. Jan. Merry christmas. 192 pp. 4 pl. 1841, to Dec. 1865. v. 1-25. 8~. Cincin- Sabbath schools. 191pp.4 pl. nati, Methodist book concern, 1841-65. Lambert (Aylmer Bourke). A description of Ladreyt (C.) Origin of the Bismlarck policy, the genus pinus, with directions relative to 1870. See Frederic ii, king of Prussia. the cultivation, and remarks on the uses of Lady's (The) almanac, for the year 1871. 320. the several species: also description of many Boston, G. Coolidae, [1870]. other new species of the family of coniferao. Lady's (The) friend. [A monthly magazine]. 2 v. viii pp. 1 pl. 75 pp. 44 col. pl. 1 portrait; Edited by mrs. Henry Peterson. Jan. to 1 p. 1. 107 pp. (77-183), 2 1. 33 col. pl. 8~. Dec. 1870. v. 7. 80. Philadelphia, Dea- London, messrs. Weddell, 1832. con & Peterson, [1870]. La Mennais (Franqois Robert de). Las palaLady's (The) poetical magazine; or, beauties bras de un creyente en 1833. Tralucidas al of British poetry. 4 v. 80. London, Har- espallol en 1834. 100 pp. 180. Mejico, J. rison & co. 1781-82. Ojeda, 1835. La Fare (Charles Auguste, marquis de). Po6- Lamont (E. H.) Wild life among the Pacific sies. 1 p.1. 192 pp. lpl. 18. Geneve, 1777. islanders. xii, 359 pp. 7 pl. 80~. London, Lafargue (eltienne de). Histoire geogra- Hurst kS Blackett, 1867. phique de la Nouvelle Icosse, contenant le Lamothe-Langon (1<tienne-L6on, baron de). detail de sa situation, de son 6tendue, etc. La dame de comptoir; ou, une princesse in164 pp. 160. Londres, 1749. cognito. 4 pts. in 2v. 80. Paris, Schwartz Lafitau (Joseph Francois). Historia dos des- Galot, 1845. cobrimentos, e conquistas dos Portuguezes, Lancaster (Joseph). The Lancasterian sysno novo mundo. [anon.] 4 v. 18C. Lisboa, tem of education, with improvements. xv, A. Gomes, 1-786-87. 34 pp. 8~. Baltimore, author, 1821. La Fontaine (Jean Baptiste de). [pseudon.] La Lcaster county (Iennsylvania). DirecSee Courtilz de Sandras (Gatien de). tory of Lancaster county: [etc.] 1869-70. Lagunas y Castilla. See Bravo de Lagu- 8~. Lancaster, (Pa.) Blancs 8 Pearsol, 1869 nas. Lancet (The). A journal of British and forLalor (John). England among the nations. eign medicine, physiology, surgery, chemis2 p. 1. 124 pp. 120. London, Chapman try, criticism, literature, and news. 1869, v. Hall, 1864. 2; and 1870, v. 1. Edited by J. G. Wakley, Lamarteliere (Jean IIenri Ferdinand). Con- m. d. 40 London, office of " The lancet," spiration de Buonaparte contre Louis xviii, 1869. roi de France et de Navarre; ou, relation Lander (S.) Our own primary arithmetic. succincte de ce qui s'est pass6 depuis la capi 95 pp. 160. Greensboro, (N. C.) Sterling, tulation de Paris, du 30 mars 1814, jusqu'au Campbell & Albright, 1863.

Page  181 181 LANDIS. LA SERRE. Landis (Charles K.) Vineland. Statement Laou-Seng-Urh; or, "An heir in his old presented to the jury of the Paris exposition, age." A Chinese drama. [anon. Trans1867. 1 p. 1. 49 pp. 80. Philadelphia, E. lated, with a brief view of the Chinese drama, C. Markley 4' sons, [1870]. etc. By John Francis Davis]. I p.l. iii, Landmann (I.) The field engineer's vade- xlix pp. 1 1. 115 pp. 16~. London, J. Murinecum. 1 p. 1. 123 pp. 21. 1 pl. 8~. Lon- ray, 1817. don, W[. & C. Spilsbury, 1802. La Perouse (Jean Franvois Galaup de). Land owner (The). A [monthly] journal of Voyage round the world during the years real estate. July to Dec. 1869. v. 1. 40~. 1785, 1786, 1787, and 1788. 40. [London, Chicago, J. M. Wing, 1869. J. Stratford, 1806]. Lang (Carl Heinrich von). Les amours du [In7 PELHAM (Cavendish). The world: or the presrv'rend pe're Jacques Marell, do la com- ouent state of the universe. v.2. pp. 1-68. 6pl.] rev6rend pere Jacques Iarell, de la compagnie de J6sus; extraits des documents La Peyrere (Isaacde). Prmadamitrm. Sive trouves dans les archives de la susdite com- exercitatio super versibus duodecimo, decimopagnie Munich. TraduitduLatin, d'apris tertio, et decimoquarto capitis quinti episl'edition de 1815. [Latin and French]. 53 tolme d. Pauli ad Romanos, qvibvs indvpp. 16~. Paris, Delaunay, 1837. cvntvr primi homines ante Adamumn conditi. [With CATS (Iacob), L'art du mariage]. [anon.] 70 pp. 180. [n. p.] 1655. Lange (C. H. R.) Lehrbuch der englischen - Systema theologicvm, ex proeadamitasprache fiiur deutsche schulen in America. rvm hypothesi. [anon.] 318 pp.3 1.1 map, xiv, 283 pp. 80. Fort Wayne, (Ind.) Sie- 18~. [n.p.] 1655. mon, bro. ~8 co. 1870. [ With his Praeadamite. Sive exercitatio, etc.] Langille (J. H.) Secrets revealed. 230 pp. 4 pl. Larimer (Sarah L.) The capture and escape; 16~. New York, American tract society, 1870. or, life among the Sioux. 252 pp. 12~. Snail-shell harbor. 266 pp. 3 pl. 16~. Philadelphia, Claxton, Reinsen 4' Haffelfinger, Boston, H. Hoyt, [1870]. 1870. Langland (Robert). The vision of William Larmont (Martin). Paris, London and New concerning Piers the plowman, together with York medical adviser, marriage guide. and Vita de dowel, dobet et dobest, secundum wit physicianforall. 81sted. 460pp.(incl.31 etresonn. (About 1362-1380). Edited from pl.) 160. [Nlew York, 1870]. numerous manuscripts, with prefaces, notes, La Roche - Guilhem (Mademoisellec- de). and a glossary, by the rev. Walter W. Skeat. Histoire des favorites, contenant ce qui s'est In four parts-part 2, The " Crowley" text; passe de plus remarquable sous plusieurs or text B. 4 p. 1. lvi, 3 pp. 2 1. 426 pp. 1 1. regnes. Nouvelle Ed. 2 v. in 1. 7p. 1. 306 80. London, A. Triibner & co. 1869. pp. 7 portraits; 3 p. 1. 282 pp. 4 portraits. 180~. [EARLY English text society, no. 38]. Amsterdam, P. Marret, 1703. Lanigan (John A.) Leisure hours; a selec- Larsen (Carl, translator). See Goldschmidt tion of short poems and miscellaneous scraps. (M.) The flying mail, etc. [2d ed.] 108 pp. 1 pl. sq. 16~. [Buffalo], Lasa (- von der). Handbuch des schachauthor, [1870]. spiels. See Bilguer (Paul Rudolph von). Lankester (E. Ray). On comparative lon- La Salle (Antoine de). La salade nouucllegevity in man and the lower animals. xi, mlt imprimee, laquelle fait mension do tous les 136 pp. 120. London, Macmillan A- co. 1870. pays du monde et du pays de la Sybille auec Lanman. (Charles). The red book of Michi- la figure pour aller au mont de la belle Sibille, gan; a civil, military and biographical his- et aussi la figure de la mer et de la terre et tory. 2 p. 1. xiv, 549 pp. 8~. Detroit, E. B. plusieurs belles remonstrances. b. 1. 4 p. 1. Smith & co. 1871. 641. 40. [Paris, 1521]. Lanoye (Ferdinand Tugnot de). Ramses le Lasca (I1). See Grazzini (Antonio Frangrand; ou, l'egypte, il y a 3300 ans. 2 p. 1. cesco). 320 pp. 15 pl. 1 map. 160. Paris, L. Hachette La Serre (Jean Puget de). Les merveilles de et cie. 1866. l'amovr divin. 4 p. 1. 324 pp. 2 pl. 40. BrvsThe sublime in nature; compiled from selles, F. Vivien, 1633. the descriptions of travellers and celebrated / Le secretaire 3 la mode; ou, methode writers. With large additions. 344, 37 pp. facile d'escrire selon le temps diverses lettres 160. New York, C. Scribner S& co. 1870. de compliment, amoureuses, et morales.

Page  182 182 LA SERRE. LEAVITT. La Serre (Jean Puget de)-continued. Law (James). General and descriptive anaAugment6 des elegances fran9oises accom- tomy of the domestic animals. See Gamgee modees au langage du temps. 236 pp. 2 1. (John) and Law. 18~. Bruxelles, J. Mommart, 1650. Law (Rev. Robert). Memorialls; or, the meLa Suze (Henriette de Coligny, comtesse de) morable things that fell out within this island and Pelisson Fontanier (Paul). Recueil of Brittain from 1638 to 1684. Edited from de pieces galantes, en prose et en vers. Nou- the ms. by Charles Kirkpatrick Sharpe. cxv, velle 6d. a laquelle on a joint le Voyage de 277 pp. 1 pl. 4~. Edinburgh, A. Constable Bachaumont et La Chapelle, les Po6sies du 4 co. 1818. cher D'Aceilly oun de Cailly, Les visionnaires, Law and lawyers: curious facts and characcom6die de Jean Desmarets. 5 v. in 3. 16~. teristic sketches. [anon.] 3p.1.4,154pp. Trevoux, par la coinpagnie, 1741. 16~. Edinburgh, W. P. Nimmo, [1868]. Latin grammar. Arranged for the use of the Law (The) of love. For little boys and girls. college of St. Francis Xavier. [anon. By [anon.] 122 pp. 2 pl. 180. Philadelphia, rev. Joseph Loyzance]? 286 pp. 12~. New presbyterian publishing committee, L1865]. York, catholic publication society, 1870. Lawrence (George Alfred). Brakespeare; Latrobe (Charles Joseph). The pedestrian: or, the fortunes of a free lance. By the aun. a summer's ramble in the Tyrol, and some of thor of Guy Livingstone. [anon.] 2d ed. 3 the adjacent provinces, mdcccxxx. 2 p. 1. v. 16~. London, Tinsley brothers, 1868. 349 pp. 1 map. 8~. London, R. B. Seeley & Lawrence (James B.) China and Japan, and W. Burnside, 1832. a voyage thither: an account of a cruise in Latta (Rev. James). A discourse on psalmody; the waters of the East Indies, China, and Jain which it is clearly shown that it is the pan. 444 pp. I portrait. 8 pl. 120. Hartford, duty of christians to take the principle sub- Case, Lockwood 4. Brainard, 1870. jects and occasions of their psalms, hymns, Lawrence (Lavinia J.) Euthanasia and other and spiritual songs, from the gospel of Christ. poems. 153 pp. 120.- Philadelphia, Turner 4th ed. 108 pp. 8~. Philadelphia, IV. W. * co. [1870]. Woodward, 1801. Lay (The) preacher. See Dennie (Joseph). Launay (Pierre de). Paraphrase et exposition Lazzari (Antonio) and Piazza (Giuseppe). sur les epistres de saint Paul. See Bible La r. basilica di S. Marco, esposta in sei ta(French). vole. Disegnate ed eseguite all' acquatinta Laurence Bronson's victory. By the author da Antonio Lazzari. Compendiosamente of the "Golden ladder" series. [anon.] 191 descritta nelle due lingue, italiana e francese, pp. 3 pl. 16~. Newl York, R. Carter 4. da Giuseppe Piazza. 1 p.1. 12pp. 6pl. 40~. brothers, 1871. Venezia, D. Pongra, 1833. Laval (Antoine J. s.j.) Voyage de la Louisi- Lea (Henry Carey). Studies in church hisane, fait par ordre du roy en l'ann6e mil sept tory. The rise of the temporal power. Bencent vingt: dans lequel sont trait6es diverses efit of clergy. Excommunication. 515 pp. matieres de physique, astronomie, g6ographie 120. Philadelphia, H. C. Lea, 1869. at marine. L'on y a joint les observations Lea (Isaac, ll.d.) A synopsis of the family sur la refraction, faites a Marseille, avec des unionidre. 4th ed. very greatly enlarged and reflexions sur ces observations; divers voy- improved. xxx, 23-184pp. 40. Philadelages faits pour la correction de la carte de la phia, H. C. Lea, 1870. c6te de Provence; et des reflexions sur Leakin (Rev. George A.) The periodic law. quelques points du sisteme de m. Newton. 108 pp. 18%. New York, Pott &- Amery, 2 v. in 1. xxiv, 304, 96 pp. 4 1. 26 maps and 1868. pl. 5 tab; 192 pp. 41. 40~. Paris, J. Mariette, Leandro; or, the sign of the cross. A cath1728. olictale. [anon.] 318pp. 12~. Philadelphia, Lavicomterie de Saint-Samson (Louis). Les P. F. Cunninghanm, 1870. crimes des papeas, depuis S. Pierre jusqu'A [" MMESSENGER" series]. Pie vi. 3 p. 1. xl, 568 pp. 12~. Paris, 1792. Leavitt(Joshua). The Monroe doctrine. 50 Lavinia and Lily; or, life at a boarding-school. pp. 8~. New York, S. Tousey, 1863. [4non.] 204 pp.2 pl. 18~. Philadelphia, Leavitt's farmer's almanac, for 1871. 12C. Amlerican sunday-school union, [1870]. Concord, (N. H. ) E. C. Eastman,f co. [ 1870].

Page  183 183 LEBENDE. LELAND. Lebende bilder aus dem modernen Paris. Legends of terror, and tales of the wonderful [anon.] 112 pp. 16~. St. Louis, (Mo.) F. and the wild. Being a complete collection Saler, 1865. of legendary tales, national romances, and Le Brun (Charles). Vida de Fernando 7, rey traditional relies, of every country, [etc.] de Espafia; 6, coleccion de anecdotas de su [anon.] New series. 480 pp. 80~. Lonnacimiento y de su carrera privada y politica, don, G. Creed, [ 1840]? publicadas en Castellano. 341 pp. 1 1. 1 p. Legge (James, d. d.) The Chinese classics: a 80. Filadelfia, 1826. translation. 163,219 pp. 8~. New York, Lechevalier (Jean Baptiste). Voyage de la Hurd & Hougaton, 1870. Troade, fait dans les ann6es 1785 et 1786; CON. CONTENTS. 3e 6d. revue, corrigd6e et considdrahlement Part 1. Confucius. Analects. The great learning. augment6e. 3 v. 8~. Paris, Dentu, 1802. The doctrine of the mean. Le Courayer (Pierre Fran9ois). Relation Part2. Mencius. Works. historique et apolog6tique de [ses] sentimens Legoyt (Alfred). La France et l'6tranger. et de sa conduite. Avec les preuves justifi- etudes de statistique compar6e. 2e dd. 2 v. catives des faits avancez dans l'ouvrage. xv, 668pp; xii, 608 pp. 8~. Paris, veuve 2 v. in 1. 33 pp. 1 1. 441 pp; 6 p. 1. 346 pp. Berer-Levrault et fils, 1865-70. 11. 160. Amsterdam, 1729. Le Hardy (Esther). The home nurse and Le Dran (Henri Fran9ois). Parall6le des manual for the sick-room. viii, 231 pp. 16~. diffrentes mani&res de tirer la pierre hors de London, R. Hardwicke, 1865. la v6ssie. 1 p. 1. 196 pp. 2 1. 5 pl. 120~. Lehmann (C. G.) Physiological chemistry. Paris, C. Osmont, 1730. v. 1. Translated from the second edition by Lee (Frances) and Locke (Una) [pseudons?] George E. Day, m. d. xii, 455 pp. 8~. LonEggs that were never peacocks; or, fables don, Cavendish society, 1851. s. and facts designed to teach child-wisdom. Lehmann (Emil). Die deutsche auswan136 pp. (incl. 7 pl.) 180. New York, Carl- derung. 103 pp. 8~. Berlin, G. Reimer, ton & Lanahan, 1869. 1861. Lee (Holme, pseudon.) See Parr (Harriet). Leidy (Joseph, m d The extinct Lee (Nathaniel). Gloriana; or, the court of Augustus malian fauna of Dakota and Nebraska. InAugustus Cresar. 3 p. 1. 66 pp. I 1. 4~. London, J. Ma~gnes & R. Bentley, 1676. cluding an account of some allied forms from Lee (Sophia). The recess; or, a tale of other other localities, together with a synopsis of the mammalian remains of North America. times. 2d ed. 3 v. 160. London, 1'. Cadell, 1786. Preceded with an introduction on the geology Lees (W. Nassau, 11. d.) The drain of silver of the tertiary formations of Dakota and Neto the east, and the currency of India. xii, braska. By F. V. ayden,. d. [Author's 196 pp. 12~. London, Wf. H. Allen &8 co. 1864. copy]. 472 pp. 30 pl. 1 map. 40. Philadelphia, 1869. s. Leewis (Denis de). D. Dionysii carthvsiani delThe sia, 1869.. enarrationes pim ac erudite in iiii prophetas [PHILADELPHIA (Academy of natural sciences of). maiores, Esaiam, Hieremiam, Ezechielemn, Journal, 2d series, v. 7]. Danielem. 8 p. 1. ccccxxxv, I 1. fol. Colo- Leigh (Rev. James Edward Austen). A meklie, P. Quentell, 1534. moir of Jane Austen. vii, 236 pp. 4 pl. 1 facHomiliarvm in epistolas et euangelia simile. 80. London, R. Bentley, 1870. sermonumque de sanctis, pars altera de Leipzig(Physiologische anstalt zu). Arbeiten sanctis. 8 p. 1. ccclxxxiij 1. fol. Coloniae, aus der physiologischen anstalt zu Leipzig. P. Quentel, 1533. 3r jahrgang: 1868. Mitgetheilt durch C. LeFeron (Jean.) Catalogue des [noms, sur- Ludwig. 80. Leipzig, 1869. s. noms, faicts et vies des] tres illustres dvcz Leland (Charles Godfrey). Hans Breitmann et connestables, chanceliers, grandsmaistres, in church. With other new ballads. 3d admiraulx, mareschaulx, et prevostz de series of the Breitmann ballads. 154 pp. 120~. France, depvis le roy Clotaire, ivsques'a tres Philadelphia, T. B. Peterson & brothers, 1870. puissant, tres magnanime et tres victorieux Hans Breitmann as an uhlan. With roy de France, Henry deuxieme, [avec leur other new ballads. Fourth series of the tiltres, la figure et blason de leurs armoiries]. Breitmann ballads. 45 pp. 80. Philadel134 1. 40~. Paris, Vascosan, 1555. phia, 7:. B. Peterson 4- brothers, 1871.

Page  184 184 LELAND. LE PRIEUR. Leland (Oliver S.) Biographical sketch of Lenfant (Jacques)-continued. George Sand. 120. Philadelphia, 1870. diversespieces importantes. 2 v. 1 p.l. xxix [In DUDFVANT (A. L. A. Dupin, madame). Jealousy; pp. 3 1. 301 pp. I portrait; I p. 1. vi, 336 pp. or, Teverino. ed. 1870. pp. 19-41]. 160. Amsterdam P. Humbert, 1720 Lelouterel Frangois Philippe). The field manual of evolutions of the line, arranged in a tab- Lennox (Lord William Pitt). Merrie Engular form, for the use of officers of the U. S. in- land: its sports and pastimes. vi, 361 pp. fantry: being a sequel to the authorized U. 80. London, 1. C. Newby, 1857. S. infantry tactics. From the French by Leo, magnues, pope. Epistola ad Flauianum capt. Henry Copp6e. 144 pp. 240. Phila- adversus auctorem vanm opinionis Eutydelphia, J. B. Lippincott - co. 1862. chem, eique consentientes, grmece et latine, Le Maout (Emmanuel) and Decaisne (Jo- Luenclavio interprete. fol. Parisiis, 1624. seph). Trait6 g6n6ral de botanique descrip- L[I BIBLIOTHECA vetervm patrvm, v. 1]. tive et analytique. Premibre partie: abrege6 Epistolme dume, ad Flauianum una, ald'organographie, d'anatomie et de physio- tera ad Leonem Augustum contra Eutychem logie. Deuxibme partie: iconographie, de- et Nestorium. fol. Tigvri, 1571. scription et histoire des familles. Ouvrage [Irh SIMrLER (Iosias). Scripta veterumlatina, etc.] contenant 5500 figures dessinees par mm. Leonard (Daniel). Massachusettensis: or a L. Steinheil et A. Riocreux. x, 746 pp. 40~. series of letters, containing a faithful state of Paris, F. Didotfrkres, fils et cie. 1868. facts which laid the foundation of the present Lembke (Friedrich Wilhelm) and Schafer troubles in the Massachusetts-bay. By a Heinrich). Geschichte von Spanien. 3 v. person of honor upon the spot. [anon.] 118 80. Hamburg c Gotha, F. & F. A. Perthes, pp. 12~. London, reprinted, J. Mathews, 1831-61. 1776. [HEEREN (Armand Hermann Ludwig) and UKERT The same. 2d ed. viii (6), 118 pp. 80. (Friedrich August). Geschichte der europiiischen staaten]. London, J. Mathezs, 1776. CONTENTS. Leonard (L. W.) and Smith (Samuel Abbot). v. 1. Die zeiten von der volistindigen eroberung Genealogy of the family of William Smith of durch die Rimer, bis gegen die mitte des neunten jahrhunderts. (Von F. W. Lembke). Peterborough, N. H. 24 pp. 8~. Keene, H. Hamburg, 1831. v. 2. Von den ersten jahrzehnten des neuntenjnhr- Kimball, 1852. hunderts bis zum anfang des zw1lften. (Von Leonhart (Rudolph). Dolores: a tale of H. Schifer). Hamburg, 1844. v. 3. Geschichte des siidostlichen Spaniens, insbeson- Maine and Italy. 432 pp. 12~. Pittsburgh, dere seiner inneren zustinde im mittelalter. (Von H. Schafer). Gotha, 1861. E. Luft, 1870. Lemery (Louis). Trait6 des aliments; oif l'on Leonowens (Anna Harriette). The English trouve par ordre, et separement la diff6rence governess at the Siamese court: being recolet le choix qu'on doit faire de chacun d'eux lections of six years in the royal palace at en particulier. 27 p. 1. 542 pp. 11. 12~. Paris, Bangkok. 1 p. 1.321 pp. 17 pl. 12. Boston, J. B. Cussonl et P. Witte, 1702. Fields, Osgood f co. 1870. Le Mire (Aubert). Politime ecclesiasticse, siue Leontius, byzantinus. Scholm ex ore Theo statvs religionis christianme per Evropam, dori abbatis exceptr de sectarum historia, Asiam, Africam, et orbem novvm, libri iv, A. grmce et latina, Luenclavio interprete. fol. Mirmeo auctore. 14 p. 1. 348 pp. 22 1. 18. Parisiis, 1624. Lvgdvni, A. Pillehotte, 1620. [In BIBLIOTHECA vetervm patrvm, v. 1]. Lemmata novo-antiqva pancarpia, ex natura, Leontius, cyprius. Vita s. Joannis eleemohistoria, moribus in gratiam studiosme iuuen- synarij, patriarchme alexandrini. fol. Anttutis tetrastichis illigata. [etc. anon.] 6 p. verpiee, 1615. 1. 352 pp. 18~. Ipris Flandrorvm, apud F. [In ROswEYDE (HWribert). Vitn patrum]. Bellettvm, 1614. Lepainteur (C.) Report on mining, etc. See Lemon (Mark). Fairy tales. viii pp. 2 1. 189 D'Aligny (H. F. Q.) etc. pp. 6 pl. sq. 160. London, Bradbury, Evans Le Prieur (Philippe). Animadversiones in li& co. 1868. brvm prmeadamitarvm [I. La Peyrere]. In Lenfant (Jacques). Poggiana; ou, la vie, le quibus confutatur nuperusscriptor, et, pricaractbre, les sentences, et les bons mots de mum omnium hominum fuisse Adamum, dePogge florentin. Avec son histoire de la fenditur. Authore Eusebio Romano. [pseur6publique de Florence, et un supl6ment de don. ] 10 p. 1. 123 pp. 240. [Parisiis], 1656.

Page  185 18I LERDO DE TEGADA. L'ESTRANGE. Lerdo de Tegada (Miguel). Comercio este- Lesley (Joseph Peter)-continued. rior de Mexico, desde la conquista hasta American ore, and a manufactured article, in hoy. 63 pp. 111 1. 40~. M`zico, R. Rafael, commerce and in history. xiii-xxxiv, 772 1853. s. pp. 3 maps. 80. New York, J. Wiley, 1866. Le Ridant (Pierre). Examen de deux ques- Leslie (Frank). Paris universal exposition, tions importantes sur le mariage. Comment 1867. Report on the fine arts. 43 pp. 8~. la puissance civil peut-elle d6clarer des ma- [Washington, government printing office, 1868. riages nuls, sans entreprendre sur les droits - The same. [Author's ed.] 43pp. 31 de la puissance eccl6siastique? Quelle est pl. 40. Washington, government printing en cons6quence, l'6tendue du pouvoir des ffice868. souverains sur les empechemens dirimans le [EXHIITION, 1867]. mariage? [anon.] xxiv, 588 pp. 4~. manage? anon.] xxiv,588pp.1740,53. Leslie's (Frank) chimney corner. [A weekly newspaper]. Nov. 27, 1869, to Nov. 19, Le Roux de Lincy (Adrien Jean Victor). 1870. v. 10-11. fol. New York, F. Leslie, Le livre des proverbes francais; precede de 1869-70. recherches historiques sur les proverbes fran- ~ Illustrated newspaper. [Weekly]. Sept. cais et leur emploi dans la litt6rature du 18,1869, to Sept. 10, 1870. v. 29-30. fol. moyen age et de la renaissance. 2e 6d. 2 v. New York, F. Leslie, 1869-70. 2p. 1. cxv, 409 pp; 2 p. 1. 619 pp. 16~. Paris, The same. Illustrirte zeitung. 30 A. Delahays, 1859. Juli 1870 bis 21 Januar 1871. v.27. fol. Lersch (Laurenz). Die sprachphilosophie der New York, F. Leslie, 1870-7!. alten. 3 v. 80. Bonn, H. B. Konig, 1838-41. 1 Lady's magazine and gazette of fashion. Le Sage (Alain Ren6). Les avantures de [Monthly]. Jan. to Dec. 1870. v. 26-27. monsieur Robert chevalier dit de Beauchene, sin. fol. New York, F. Leslie, [1870]. capitaine de flibustiers dans la Nouvelle Pleasant hours, [a monthly magazine], France. R6dig6es par m. Le Sage. 4 p. 1. devoted to light and entertaining literature. 199 pp. 3 p. 1; 4 p.1. 187 pp. 3 pl. 180. Am- Feb. 1870, to Jan. 1871. v. 8-9. 80. New sterdam, la compagnie, 1733. York, F. Leslie, 1870. Le Sage (-). Les folies dv sieur Le Sage, do Leslie (Mrs. Madeline, pseudon.) See Baker Montpellier. 196 pp. 16~. Amsterdam, D. (Mrs. H. N. Woods). Pain, 1700. Lespinasse (L. N.) Trait6 du lavis des plans, [In RECUEIL des poites gascons, v. 3]. appliqu6 principalement aux reconnaissances Lescarbot (Marc). Noua Francia. Grdnd- militaires, ou l'on enseigne A rendre avec liche history von erfiindung der grossen land- toute l'exactitude possible, un terrain quelschaft Noun Francia, oder New Franckreich conque. 160 pp.10 pl. 8 Paris, Magiel, genannt, auch von sitten und beschaffenheit 1801. derselben wilden v6lcker. Ausz eiuem zu Lesseps(Jean Baptiste Barth6lemy, baron do). Parisz gedruckten franz6sischen buch sum- Travels in Kamtschatka, during the years marischer weisz ins Teutsch gebracht. 1787 and 1788. 4~. [London, J. Stratford, [anon.] 4 p.1.86 1. 40. Augspurg, C. 1806]. Da,1613. [In PELHAM (Cavendish). The world: or, the presDabertzhofer, 1613. ent state of the universe. v. 2. pp. 146-194]. [A very brief summary of the " Histoire de la Nou- Lesson (Ren6 Primevere). Nouveau tableau velle France," compiled apparently by Dabertzhofer]. du rggne animal. Mammifgres. 3p. 1. 204 Le Scene des Menilles d'Ettemare (Jean pp. 8~. Paris, A. Bertrand, 1842. s. Baptiste). Premier, second, [et] troisieme [Imperfect, wanting pp. 131-1.38]. g6missement d'une tame vivement touch6e de Lester (Charles Edwards) and Foster (Anla destruction du saint monastere de Port- drew). The life and voyages of Americus Royal-des-champs. [anon.] 3 v. in 1. 160. Vespucius; with illustrations concerning [Amsterdam]? 1739. s. the navigator, and the discovery of the new [No. 1, 3e Ed. 1739; no. 2, n. d; no. 3, 4e ed. 1734J. world. 431 pp. 1 portrait. 8~. New York, Lesley (Joseph Peter). The iron manufac- Baker &8 Scribner, 1846. turer's guide to the furnaces, forges and L'Estrange (Rev. Alfred Guy Kiugham). The rolling mills of the United States, with dis- life of Mary Russell Mitford. See Mitford cussions of iron as a chemical element, an (Mary R.) 24

Page  186 186 LETTE. LIBANIUS. Lette (Adolf) and R1nne (Ludwig von). Levstik (France). Vodnikove pesni. Izdala Die landes-kultur-gesetzgebung des preus- in zalozila Matica slovenska. 2 p. 1. 146 pp. sischen staates. 2 v. in 3. 8~. Berlin, Veit I 1. 8~. J. Blaznik, v Lsubljani, 1869. s. 4 co. 1853-54. s. Lewin (Rev. Raphael D'C.) The American[RONNE (L.) Die verfassung und verwaltung des Jewish ritual: as instituted in temple Israel, preussischen staates. 7r theil, 3e abtheilung]. Brooklyn. xvii, 273 pp. 3 Brooklyn. xvii, 273 pp. 31. 12~. Xewa Yort, Letter of abb6 Salemankis [pseudor.] to a L. H. Frank & co 1870 friend in Ireland. 3 p. 1. 156 pp. 12~. Philadelpdia, J. W. e G. Onsell, 1510. Lewis (Rev. A. H.) The sabbath and the sunday. Part 1. Argument. Part 2. History. Letters to a protestant friend by a catholic 268pp. 16. Alfred Centre, (N. Y.) Ameripriest. [anon.]'With a preface by the rt.rev. can sabbath tract society, 1870. can sabbath tract society, 1870. Thomas A. Becker, d. d. 209pp. 120. Philadelphia, P. F. Cunningham, 1870. Lewis (Dio, m. d.) Talks about people's stomachs. 320 pp. 12~. Boston, Fields, Letters (The) of Valens, (which originally Osgood & co 1870. appeared in the London evening post), with corrections, explanatory notes, and a preface, Lewis (James, a. d.) Index to vol. i to xi of by the author. [anon.] xv, 160pp. 80. Observations on the genus unio, etc. by Isaac London, J. Almon, 1777. Lea. 4~. Phliladelphlia, 1867. s. Lettres edifiantes et curieuses. The travels Lewis (Rev. John). A complete history of the of several learned missioners of the society several translations of the holy bible and new of Iesus, into divers parts of the Archipelago, testament into English, both in ms. and print. India, China, and America. Translated from With a list of various editions of th e bible and the French original publish'd at Paris in the parts thereof, in English, from 1526 to the year 1713. 8 p. 1. 336 pp. 61. 80. London, present time. 3d ed. pp. 380-415. 21. 1 pl. R. Gosling, 1714. 8~0. London, W. Baynes, 1818. Lettres d'un protestant hollandais, A. l'auteur Note.-Contains only the list of editions. du M6moire sur la situation des catholiques Lewis (Matthew Gregory). Adelmorn, the outlaw; a romantic drama, in three acts. 2d dans les Pays-Bas [ mpp. 1. de 101 pp. 8Caer0. Loanon.]don, 100 pp. 160. La Haye, H. C. Susan, 1849. ed. 1 p. 1. x pp. 11. 101 pp. Letts, son & co. The British tariff of cus-. Be k toms' duties, in alphabetical arrangement. Alfonso, king of Castile. A tedy, in [With extracts from the acts 16 and 17 Vic. five acts. 2d ed. xvi, 122 pp. 8~. London, cap. 107, and 17 and 18 Vic. cap. 29]. 30th ed. J. Bell, 1802. 66 pp. 320. London, Letts, son 4 co. 1867. [With his Adelmorn, etc.J ibe -, Ambrosio; or, the monk. A romance. Leuckart (Rudolph). Untersuchungen fiber 3v.in2. 23pp. 1 col. p; 28 pp. 18. trichina spiralis. Zugleich ein beitrag zur New York J. 1 Classman 1830. kenntniss der wurmkrankheiten. Zweite, a. The castle spectre, a drama. 10th ed. stark vermehrte und umgearbeitete auflage., 1 v, 120 pp. 1.2 p. 40 Leipzi, C. F. Win viii, 103pp. 80. London, J. Bell, 1803. v, l'20 pp. 1 1.2 pl. 4~. Leipzig, C. F. Win- [[Yith his Adelmorn, etc.J ter'sche verlagshandlung, 1866. [jith his Adelmorn, etc.] ter'sche rlagshndlung, 166. Venoni, or, the novice of St. Marks: a Lever (Charles). Sir Brook Fossbrooke. A drama, in three acts. vii, 103pp. 80. Lonnovel. 202 pp. 8~. New York, Harper & don, Longman, Hurst, Rees 4' Orme, 1809. brothers, 1866. [ With his Adelmorn, etc.] That boy of Norcott's. viii, 274 pp. 5 Lewis (William Henry d. d.) Sermons for the pl. 8~. London, Smith, Elder 4' co. 1869. christian year. 5th ed. revised and enlarged. Le Verrier (Urbain Jean Joseph). Examen Published for the author. 3 v. 12~. Hartde la discussion soulev6e au sein de l'a- ford, Church press co. 1870. cad6mie des sciences au sujet de la d6cou- Leydse courant. Jan.-Dec. 1776. fol. Leyverte de l'attraction universelle. [Extrait des den, wed. A. de Klopper, 1776. Comptes rendus des s6ances de l'acad6mie Lezay-Marnezia (Charlotte Antoinette de des sciences]. I p. 1. 92 pp. 40. Paris, Bressey de). Letters de Julie a Ovide. 1869. S. [ITn CAILLEAU (A. C.) Lettres de tendresse, etc. v. 1]. Levington (Rev. John). Power with God and Libanius. Libanii sophistsa epistolae. Qvas with men. 333 pp. 160. Philadelphia, nvnc primvm maximam partem e variis codilethodist book room, 1868. cibvs, many exaratis, edidit, latine convertit

Page  187 187 LIBANIUS. LILLY. Libanius-continued. Lieber (Francis)-continued. et notis illustravit Joannes Christophorus A popular essay on subjects of penal Wolfius. [Gr. et lat.] 9 p. 1. 865 pp. fol. law, and on uninterrupted solitary confinenAmstelavdami, apud Janssonio- Waesbergios, ment at labor, as contradistinguished to soli1738. tary confinement at night and joint labor by Libbey (H. W.) The Indian hygieina. A day; in a letter to John Bacon. 94 pp. 8~. complete guide to invalids, [etc.] Third Philadelphia, 1838. number. 96 pp. 19 pl. 120. Cleveland, Fragmentos de ciencia politica sobre [1865]. nacionalismo e internacionalismo. TraduLibicki (Emanuel). Handbuch der in der i5s- cido del Ingles y precedido de una breve terreichischen monarchie bestehenden taxge- noticia acerca del autor. 24 pp. 8~. New setze. Nebst der instruction fiber die cassa- York, M. M. Zarzamendi, 1870. mdssige behandlung des waisen-, curanden- Life of the empress Josephine, wife of Naund depositenvermdgens. 2 p. 1. 236 pp. 8~. IunddepositenBermigens. 1286p. 1.236pp. 8. poleon i. [anon.] 377 pp. 1 portrait. 120~. alien, TV Brauntailler, 1860. Philadelphia, Porter 4' Coates, 1870. Library (A) of poetry and song, being choice s i o b o [ W Life (The) of Marie-Eustelle Harpain, the selections from the best poets. [anon.] With an introduction by William Cullen Bryant. seamstress of SaintcPallais, called "The xxxii,789pp.6pl.1portrait. 8. NewYork, angelof theeucharist." [anon.] xxii,388 J. B. Ford p8 co. 1871. pp 16~. London, Burns, Oates $& co. 1868. LTHOMPSON (E. H.) Library of religious biography, Lichte (Der im) der wahrheit strahlende v. 2]. rosenkreuzer. Von Phcebron. [pseudon.] Life of George Washington, late president of 348 pp. 120. Leipzig, C. G. Hilscher, 1782. the United States of America; and comLidell (John A. m. d.) On the wounds of mander-in-chief of their armies, during the blood-vessels, traumatic hemorrhage, trauma- revolutionary war. [anon.] 107 pp. 180. tic aneurism, and traumatic gangrene. On Bridgeport, L. Lockwood, 1815. the secondary traumatic lesions of bone: Life and confession of Thomas D. Carr, who namely, osteo-myelitis, periostitis, ostitis, osteo-porosis, caries, and necrosis. On pyre- hung at St. Clairsvlle, Ohio, March 24, mia. Edited by prof. Frank Hastings 1870. [anon.] 46 pp. 80. St. ClairsHamilton. xl, 586 pp. l0 pl. 8~. New York, ille, J. H. Heaton S co. 1870. 1870. Lifting the veil. [anon.] 200 pp. 16~. Xew [UNITED STATES sanitary commission. Surgical York, C. Scribner & co. 1870. memoirs of the war of the rebellion, v. 1]. Light at eventide. A compilation of choice Lidgate or Lydgate (John). The life and religious hymns and poems. By the editor death of Hector. One and the first of the of "Chimes for childhood," "Echoes from most puissant, valiant, and renowned mon- home," etc. [anon.] 240 pp. 160. Boston, arches of the world, called the Nyne worthies. Lee Sr Shepard, [1870]. Dedicated to Henrie the fift, king of Eng- Light-house (The) children, and other stories. land. [A poem]. 5 p. 1.318 pp. fol. Lon- Written and selected by E. A. A. [anon.] don, T. Purfoot, 1614. 64 pp. 320. Boston, H. L. Hastings, 1869. Note.-Lydgate quotes Guydo of Columpna [Guido de Columna, or dalle Colonne] as his author, and Lighton (Rev. William Beebey). Narrative Hazlitt enters this title under Colonna, though that of the life and sufferings of rev. William B. author had drawn from Dares Phrygius. The modernized form here given is due to some anony- Lighton; written by himself. New and remous writer, perhaps T. Heywood. vised ed. 258 pp. 10 pi. 16. Boston, S. N. Lidyat (Thomas). See Lydiat (Thomas). Dickinson, 1843. Lieber (Francis). A constitution and plan of Lilburne (John). Regall tyrannie discovered: education for Girard college for orphans, with or, a discourse, shewing that all lawfull an introductory report, laid before the board (approbational) instituted power by God of trustees. 227 pp. 80. Philadelphia, amongst men, is by common agreement, and Carey, Lea Blanchard, 1834. mutual consent. [anon.] 4 p. 1. 108 pp. - Notes on fallacies peculiar to American sinm. 40. London, 1647. protectionists, or chiefly resorted to in Ameri- Lilly, Lylie, Lylly, or Lyly (John). [Euca. 39 pp. 8~. New York, American free phues]. Theanatomy of wyt. Very pleastrade league, 1869. ant for all gentlemen to reade, and most

Page  188 188 LILLY. LITERARY. Lilly-continued. Linton (E. Lynn). Ourselves. A series of necessary to remember. [6th ed]? 801. (a-u). essays on women. 2d ed. vi, 283 pp. 160~. 40. London, W. Leake, 1606. London 4' New York, G. Routledge & sons, [Imperfect, title-page (a 1) wanting]. 1870. ------ Eulphues and his England. Containing Linton (G. W.) Sparkling gems, a new colhis voyage and aduentures, mixed with sun- and tunes for sunday M^~~~~, ~lection of hymns and tunes for sunday dry pretie discourses of honest loue, the schools, prayer-meetings, and the social cirschools, prayer-meetings, and the social cirdiscription of the countrey, the court, and the cle. 150 pp. ohl. 160. Cincinnati, R. W. manners of that isle. 114 1. (a-if 2). 40. Carroll& o. [1871 London, [1] 597]? [With the preceding. Imperfect, title-page (a 1) ~ The vocalist, a collection of 313 tunes, wanting]. anthems and chants, old and new. Also, Lilly (William) Christian astrology modestly fourteen chapters on music and two on versitreated of in three books. The first con- fication and chanting. 237 pp. obl. 80. taining the use of an ephemeris. The second Cincinnati, R. iF. Carroll 8S co. [1807]. by a most methodicall way, instructeth the Linz (Austria). Museum francisco-carolinunL. student how to judge or resolve all manner Urkunden-buch des landes oh der Enns. of questions contingent unto man. The Herausgegeben vom verwaltungsausschuss third, containes an exact method, whereby to des museums francisco-carolinum zu Linz. judge upon nativities. 23 p. 1. pp. 25-832, 5er band. 2 p.l. 18 pp. 83. 10 1. sm. 40~. London, J. Partridge & H. Blden 1647. hof- und staatsdruckerei, 1868. Blunden, 1647. Linacre (Thomas). De emendata strvctvra Lippi (Lorenzo). Il malmantile racquistato. latini sermonis libri sex. 32 p. 1.427 pp. Con la vita [del autore], scritta da Filippo 160. Parisiis, C. Wecheins, 1541. Baldinucci. 1 p. 1. 324 pp. 1 portrait. 18~. 16~. Parisits, C. Wechelus, 1541. Rudimenta grammatices, ex anglico ser- Parigi, M. Prault, 1768. mone in latinum uersa, interprete Georgio Lippincott's magazine of literature, science Buchanano scoto. 127 pp. 16~. Parisiis, and education. [Monthly]. Jan. to Dec. C. Wechelus, 1546. 1870. v. 5-6. 8~. Philadelphia, J. B. Lip[ With the preceding]. pincott 8r co. 1870. Lincoln (Heman, d. d.) The quiet hour. A Lippincott's short stories for spare moments. book of prayers for every day in the week Rougegorge and other short stories. By Harand for special occasions. 64 pp. 240. riet Prescott Spofford, Alice Cary, [and Boston, D. Lothrop & co. 1871. others]. Forming the third series of " Short [QUIET HOUR series]. stories for spare moments," reprinted from Linden (Jan Antonzoon van der). Medvlla Lippincott's magazine. 148 pp. 1 pl. 8~. medicinre. 2 v. in 1. 8 p. 1. 350 pp; 380 pp. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott & co. 1870. 18~. Franekera, U. Balck, 1642.'80..'aneke, U. 1642. Liskenne (Franvois Charles). R6sume6 de Lindsay or Lyndesay (Sir David). Works. iskenne (FraOis Charles). Rsum de Parts iii-iv. sa. London, 1865-69. W l'histoire des j6suites. I p. 1. iii, 376 pp. 80. Parts iii-iv. 80. London, 1865-69. [EARLY English text society, nos. 35, 37]. CONTENTS. Literary (The) gazette: or, journal of critiHistorie of one nobil and wailyeand sqvyer, Williame cism, science, and the arts, being a collecMeldrum, vmqvhyle laird of Cleische and Bynnis. tion of original and selected essays. vol. 1, With the testament of the said Williame Meldrum, squyer, [etc.] 1594. Part iii. no. 1-52. 830 pp. 1 1. 4~. Philadelphia, Ane satyre of the thrie estaits, in commendation of 1822. vertew and vitvperation of vyce. tetc.] Part iv. Lingva: or, the combat of the tongue, and Literary (The) journal; or, universal review the flue senses for superiority, a pleasant of literature, domestic and foreign. For the comcdie. [anon.] 401. si.4 London, year 1805. v. 5. 2 p. 1. 1336 col. 4~. Loncomtedie. [anon. ] 40 1. sm. 40. London, S. Waterhouse, 1607. don, C.' R. Baldwin, 1805. t famous comedy has been confidently at- [Imperfect, col. 112-226, 448-562, and 896-1010 Note. —This famous comedy has been confidently at- wanting]. tributed to Anthony Brower; but Baker's Biographia dramatica, and Hazlitt's recent Handbook Literary selections for the students of the deny that it is his. normal college for young ladies, of the city Link (Henry Frederick). Travels in Portugal. of New York. Printed by authority of the of New York. Printed by authority of the 4~ [London, J. Stratford, 1806]. board of education. 566 pp. 1 pl. 120. New [In PELHAM (Cavendish). The world: or, the present state of the universe. v. 2. pp. 345-400]. York, Harper 4 brothers, 1870.

Page  189 189 LITTELL. LOCKYER. Littell & Gay. Tales of the living age. Lives (The) of John Trueman, and Richard Clemence d'Orville; or, from the palace to the Atkins; to which is added a short account of steppe. A novel of Russian high life. [anon.] Atkin's sister. [anon.] Also the life of Clelia. From family papers. [By A. Mels]. William Baker, and a sermon at his funeral. Translated for and first published in America [By William Gilpin]. 1 p. 1. 111 pp. 16~. in Littell's Living age. 112 pp. 8~. Boston, Philadelphia., J. IWebster, 1817. Littell & Gay, [1870]. Living (The) way. [A monthly magazine], Little (George). Life on the ocean; or, devoted to the advancement of christian twenty years at sea; being the personal ad- charity and truth. S. D. Simonds, editor. ventures of the author. 395 pp. 1 pl. 120. Jan. to Dec. 1870. v. i. 8~. San Francisco, Baltimore, Armstrong 4. Berry, 1843. R. P. Spi-er S& co. 1870. Little (James L. m. d.) A paper on median Lloyd (John Augustus). An account of lithotomy. Extracted from the transactions levellings across the isthmus of Panama. of the American medical association. 20 pp. From the Philosophical transactions, [v. 80. Philadelphia, 1870. 120], pp. 59-68, vi, 1 p. 1. 40. London, 1830. A report on the use of plaster of Paris [MISCELLANEOUS pamphlets, v. 325]. in surgery. Extracted from the transactions Notes respecting the isthmus of Panama. of the American medical association. 12 pp. [From the Journal of the royal geographical 8~. Philadelphia, 1867. society, v. 1], pp. 69-102. 8~. [London, Little (The) beggar-boy; or, Thou shalt not 1831]. covet. [anon.] 3-151 pp. 3pl. 180. Phila- [MISCELLANEOUS pamphlets, v. 325]. Locke (John). Essay on interest and value delphia, American sunday-school union, 1865. Little (The) corporal. An original Lmonthly] of money. 120. London, A. Murray & son, 1870. magazine for boys and girls. Edited by 17. [MCCULLOCH (J. R.) The principles of political ecoAlfred L. Sewell and Emily H. Miller. July, nomy. pp. 220-360. 120. Ed. 1870]. 1867, to June, 1870. v. 5-10 in 2 v. 40. 1 Handbuch der erziehung. Aus dem Chicago, A. L. Sewell ~4 co. 1867-70. Englischen iibersetzt von Rudolphi. 12~. - The same. July to Dec. 1870. v. 11. Hamburg, 1785. 8~. Chicago, Sewell 4 Miller, 1870. ran CAMPE (Joachim Heinrich). Allgemeine reviLittle (The) crown of Jesus; [etc.] 362 pp. sion, etc. v. 9]. 1 pl. 32~0. Baltimore, Kelly,Piet 4 co. 1869. Locke (Una, pseudon?) The crooked tree. Little Eppie and other tales. [etc. anon.] 151 pp. (inc. 4 p.) 180. New York, Carlton 216 pp. 3 pl. 180. Philadelphia, presby- 4 Porter, [1865]. *terin board of publication, 1865. Una's papa, and other stories. 133 pp. terian board o publicaton, 1865.& Porter, Little Humpy, and other stories. [anon.] 116 2 p1. 180. New York, Carlton, Porter, pp. 5 pl. 18~. Philadelphia, Perkinpine a 1867. Higgrins, 1870. -- and Lee (Frances). Stories of the [SNOwDROP library]. woods. 194 pp. (incl. 4 pl.) 18c. New York, Little Jackie; or, the rose tree. By Rena Carlton 4 Porter, 1866. Ray. [pseudon.] 106 pp.2 pl. 180~. Phila- and Yorke (Zaida, pscudon?) See delphia, J. P. Skelly 8S co. 1870. High days and holidays in Old England and Little red riding hood and the wicked wolf. New England. [anon.] With original colored pictures, by Lockett (Col. Samuel H.) Report of topoAlfred Fredericks. 61.4 col. pl. 80. Boston, graphical survey of part of Louisiana, made Fields, Osgood S, co. 1871. July and August, 1869. 80. New Orleans, Little Rosie's travels. 6 v. 320. New York, A.L. Lee, 1870. Sheldon ~8 co. 1869. [ With LOUISIANA state seminary of learning: annual ~~~~~Sheldon & co. 1869. ~report for 1869, pp. 49-76]. CONTENTS. Lockyer (J. Norman). Elements of astroNo. l. On the journey. 61 pp. 5 pl. 2. A walk and a drive. 63 pp. 5 pl. nomy: accompanied with numerous illustra3. The ducks and the pigs. 61 pp. 5 pl. tions, a colored representation of the solar, 4. The wounded bird. 62 pp. 5 pl. 5. A sad adventure. 55 pp. 5 pl. stellar, and nebular spectra, and celestial 6. The doctor's visit. 58 pp. 5 pl. charts of the northern and the southern hemi[VIOLET stories]. LVIOLET StorieSI. charts of the northern and the southern hemiLittle (The) street sweeper. [anon.] 132 pp. sphere. American ed. 312pp. 1 col. map, 1 2 pl. S1~. Philadelphia, presbyterian board map. 1'2~. Newl York, D. Appleton 4. co. of publication, 1868. 1870.

Page  190 190 LOGAN. LOOK. Logan (Olive). Before the footlights and London (The) gazette. [A semi-weekly jourbehind the scenes: a book about " the show nal] published by authority. Oct. 1, 1867, to business " in all its branches: [etc.] 612 pp. Dec. 31, 1870. 15 v. sm. fol. London, 14 pl. 10 portraits. 80. Philadelphia, Par- 1867-70. melee & co. 1870. London geological society. The quarterly Logau (Friedrich von). Sinngedichte. Her- journal. v. 25, 1869. Part 1. Proceedings ausgegeben von Gustav Eitner. liv, 278 pp. of the geological society. 8~. London, 11. 120. Leipzig, Brockhaus, 1870. Longmans, Green, Reader & Dyer, 1869. Loggers (The); or, six months in the forests London illustrated news. See Illustrated of Maine. [anon.] sq. 16~. Boston, H. B. (The)Londonnews. Fuller, [1870]. [DIRIGO series, no. 1]. London. (Royal college of physicians). The Fables de Lokman, surnomm6 le nomenclature of diseases, drawn up by a joint sage, en arabe et en frangais, avec la pro- committee appointed by the royal college of nonciation figur6e, ainsi quo la traduction en physicians of London. xxiv, 327 pp. 80~. frangais, mot ta mot et interlin(aire, le tout London, W. J. 4 S. Golbourn, 1869. s. suivi d'une analyse grammaticale, de notes London (Royal geographical society of). et d'une traduction frangaise au net; par Journal. v. 39, 1869. 8~. London, J. Murmm. L6on et H. H61ot. 2 p. 1. iij, 102 pp. ray, [1870]. 80. Paris, 7'. Barrois, 1847. Proceedings. v. 14, session 1869-70, [MISCELLANEOUS pamphlets, v. 506]. nos. 1 to 5. Edited by the assistant secreLombardi (Antonio). Elogio del cavaliere tary. 80. London, 1870. Girolamo Tiraboschi. vi-xxxvii pp. 8~. London (Royal society of). Philosophical Venezia, 2A. F. S'tella, 1796. transactions, for the year 1869. v. 159. 40. [TIRABOSCHI (G1.) Storia della letteratura italiana, v. 9]. London, Taylor c Francis, 1870. London (Anthropological society of). Me- London statistical society. Journal. (Foundmoirs read before the society, 1867-68-69. ed 1834). For 1869. v.32. 80. London, v. 3. 80. London, society, 1870. E. Stanford, 1869. Publications. 5 v. 80. London, s Londontimes. See Times (London daily). ciety, 1864-65. London (The), Edinburgh, and Dublin philoCONTENTS. sophical magazine and journal of science. BROCA (Paul). On the phenomena of hybridity in the genushomo. EditedbyC. CarterBlake. 1864. Conducted by sir Robert Kane, Augustus BirUMENBACH (Johann Friedrich). The anthropo- Matthiessen, and William Francis. Janulogical treatises of Blumenbach, [etc.] and the inaugural dissertation of John Hunter, m. d. on the ary-Dec. 1870. 4th series, v. 39-40. 8'. varieties of man. Translated by Thomas Bendyshe. London, Taylor 4 Francis, 1870. 1865. POUCHET (Georges). The plurality of the human Londonderry (Charles William Vane Stewrace. Translated by Hugh J. C. Beavan. VOGT (Carl). LectureB on man; [etc.] Edited by art, 3d marquess of). See Stewart. James Hunt. Long (George). An inquiry concerning reWAITZ (Theodor). Introduction to anthropology. Edited by J. Frederick Collingwood. 1865. ligion. xii, 346 pp. 8~. London, LongLondon (The) catalogue of periodicals, news- man, Brown, Green g4 Longaans, 1855. papers and transactions of various societies: Longfellow (Henry Wadsworth). The poets also a list of metropolitan printing societies and poetry of Europe. With introductions and clubs for 1870. 29th annual ed. 8~. and biographical notices. A new ed. revised London, Longmans, Green, Reader 4' Dyer, and enlarged. xxvii, 916 pp. 1 pl. 1 portrait. 1870. 80. Philadelphia, Porter 4' Coates, 1]871. London (Corporation of). Analytical indexes Look (Henry M.) Masonic trials. A treatto volumes ii and viii of the series of records ise upon the law and practice of masonic known as the Remembrancia. Preserved trials in the lodge, chapter and commandery, among the archives of the city of London. with forms and precedents. Containing also A. D. 1580-1664. xi pp. 2 1. 172 pp. 80. the constitutions and edicts of the general London, Pardon Sr son, 1870. s. grand bodies; the ancient landmarks; anLondon. [Kent's London directory? For cient constitutions, charges and regulations, 1811]. 120. London, H. K. Causton, 1811. and an appendix of general forms. 336 pp. [Imperfect, title-page wanting]. V2~. New York, nmasonic publishing co. 1871.

Page  191 191 LOOK. LOUS. Look before you leap; or, a few hints to such Los Valles (Baron de)-continued. artizans, mechanics, labourers, farmers, and being a chapter in the history of Charles the husbandmen, as are desirous of emigrating fifth. xxviii, 384 pp. 1 portrait. 8~. Lonto America, being a genuine collection of don, R. Bentley, 1835. letters from persons who have emigrated: Loth (Moritz). Our prospects; a tale of real containing remarks, notes of the present life. 377 pp. 80. Cincinnati, R. Clarke &' state, situation, population, prospects and ad- co. 1870. vantages of America, the reception, success, Louis (Pierre Charles Alexandre). Anatomi[etc.] of many who have emigrated, par- cal, pathological and therapeutic researches ticularly to the federal city of Washington. upon the disease known under the name of [anon.] 144 pp. 8~. London, W. Row and [anon.] 1G44 pp. 8. London, W. Row and gastro-enterite, putrid, adynamic, ataxic, or others, 1796. typhoid fever, etc. compared with the most Loomis (George B.) First steps in music: a common acute diseases. Translated from the course of instruction prepared for the primary original French, by Henry I. Bowditch, m. d. grades of public schools. 2 v. 40 pp; 48 pp. 2. xxiii,395 pp; xi,462 pp. 8~. Boston, sq. 16~. New York, Ivison, Blakeman, Tay- I R. Butts, 1836. Loro co. 1870. Anatomical, pathological and therapeuLoos (Rev. Isaac K.) The life of Cain. 170 tic researches on the yellow fever of Gibralpp.2pl8. 180. Philadelphia,S.R. Fisher tar of 1828. [etc.] Translated from the co. [1869]. manuscript by G. C. Shattuck, jr. m. d. Lopez (Odoardo) and Pigafetta (Filippo). xxiii, 374 pp. 8~. Boston, C. C. Little,J. Relatione del reame di Congo et delle circon- Brown, 1839. s. vicine contrade. Tratta dalli scritti et ra- Library of prac[MASSACHUSETTS medical society. Library of pracgionamenti di Odoardo Lopez portoghese: tical medicine, v. 10]. per Filippo Pigafetta. 4 p. 1. 82 pp. 1. 1 Louisiana. Catalogue of the Louisiana state map, 8 pl. 40~. Roma, B. Grassi, [1591]. library, 1869. [etc.] 80~. New Orleans, re[1 map wanting]. publican office, 1869. Lord (John, 11. d.) Ancient history; or, the Official journal of the proceedings of old states and empires. For colleges and the convention of the state. [Jan. 23-March schools. 645 pp. 1 tab. 1 map. 12~..New 26, 1861, English and French]. 111, 330 York, C. Scribner 8- co. 1870. pp. 8~. New Orleans, J. O. Nixon, 1861. Lorette. The history of Louise, daughter of Official journal of the proceedings of a Canadian nun, exhibiting the interior of the convention for framing a constitution female convents. [anon.] 2d ed. 208 pp. 1 for the state. 316 pp. 80. New Orleans, J. pl. 18~. New York, C. Small, 1834. B. Roudanez &' co. 1867-68. Loring (Charles Greeley). Correspondence on - Geological survey. Preliminary report the present relations between Great Britain of a geological reconnoissance of Louisiana. and the United States of America. [With By Eug. W. Hilgard. 15 pp. 8~. New EdwinM.Field]. 2p.1.153 pp. 8~. Bos- Orleans, 1869. ton, Little, Brown & co. 1862. Louisiana state seminary of learning and Lossing (Benson John). The home of Wash- military academy. Annual report of the ington; or Mount Vernon and its associa- board of supervisors for the year ending Dec. tions, historical, biographical, and pictorial. 31, 1869. 122 pp. 80. New Orleans, A. 446pp. 2pl.1 portrait. 8~. Hartford, (Conn.) L. Lee, state printer, 1870. A. S. Hale 4' co. 1870. Louisiana and Mississippi business directory, Lives of the signers of the declaration 1870-71. With their state governments, post of American independence. The declaration offices, telegraph stations, brief sketches of historically considered; and a sketch of the the principal states and territories, and a large leading events connected with the adoption list of farmers and planters in Louisiana and of the articles of confederation, and of the Mississippi. 8~. New Orleans, A. Boyd, federal constitution. 383 pp. 160. Phila- 1870. delphia, Evans, Stoddart &c co. 1870. Lous (M. C. Theodor). De ti bud udviklet i Los Valles (L. Xavier Auguet de Saint Syl- foredrag i St. Marix kirke i Bergen. Andet vain, baron de). The career of don Carlos, oplag. 1 p. 1. 242 pp. 1. 80. Bergen, C. since the death of Ferdinand the seventh: Floor, 1865. S.

Page  192 192 LOVE. LUIS DE GRANADA. Love (Charles). A poem on the death of gen. Lubbock (Sir John)-continued. George Washington. In two books. 60 pp. ners and customs of modern savages. 2d 160. Alexandria,(Va.) 1800. ed. xxvii, 619 pp. 5 pl. 8~. London, Love me formy love. By the author of "Flirts Williams 4 Norgate, 1869. and flirts." [anon.] 2 v. iv, 300 pp; iv, Lucas (Daniel Bedinger). The wreath of 323 pp. 160. London, R. Bentley, 1869. eglantine and other poems: edited and in Lovesy (Captain -). Rocks and shoals. part composed by D. B. Lucas. 169 pp. 2 v. in 1. I p. 1. 294 pp; 1 p. 1. 296 pp. 120. Baltimore, Kelly 4 Piet, 1869. 16~. London, C. Westerton, 1859. Luchet (Auguste). Les moeurs d'aujourd'hui. Loving Jesus early. A true life. [anon.] Le tabac, Le jeu, Le canot, le pourboire, la 164 pp. 1 pi. 180. Philadelphia, presbyterian blague, la pose, le chantage, le loyer, la boupublication committee, 1868. tique, l'exil. xix, 213 pp. 1 1. 16~. Paris, Coulon-Pineau, 1854. Lowell (Mrs. Anna C.) Posies for children. A book of verse. 192 pp. 160. Boston, Lucretius Carus (Titus). Of the nature of Roberts brothers, 1871. things, in six books. Illustrated with proper Lowell (James Russell). Among my books. and useful notes. [Latin text, with a trans3 p. 1. 380 pp. 12~. Boston, Fields, Osgood lation in prose]. 2v. xxii, 287 pp. 31.4 pl; 4& co. 1870. 1 p. 1. 331 pp. 2 1. 3 pl. 8~. London, D. Lowell (Massachusetts). City documents for Brown, 1743. the year 1869-70. 19 documents in 1 v. 80. I The same. Six books de natura rerum, Lowell, (Mass.) Stone 4. Huse, 1870. s. done into English verse, with notes. [By Lowell (The) directory, 1870. By Sampson, Thomas Creech]. 10 p. 1. 222, 46 pp. I 1. Davenport & co. 8~. Lowell, J. Merrill * 160. Oxford, L. Lichfield for A. Stephens, son, 1870. 1682. Lowenstern, (Isidor). Les 1tats-Unis et la Lucy and her friends; or, all is not gold that Havane. Souvenirs d'un voyageur. xij, 372 glitters. [anon.] 132pp.2pl. 18~. Philadelpp. 80. Paris, A. Bertrand, 1842. phia, American sunday-school union, [1865]. Lowth (G. T.) Around the Kremlin; or Ludden (W.) The thorough base school, pictures of life in Moscow. viii, 346 pp. 1 pl. an easy and progressive course for acquiring 80. London, Hurst 4. Blackett, 186S. a practical knowledge of rudimental harLowther (Georges). Brief observations on mony. 111 pp. obl. 80. Chicago, Root the present state of the Waldenses, and upon Cady, 1868. their actual sufferings, made in the summer Ludlow (Fitz-Hugh). The heart of the conof 1820. 52 pp. 8~. London, J. Booth, Ludlow (Fitz-Hugh). The heart of the conof 1820. 52 pp. 80. London, J. Booth, tinent: a record of travel across the plains 18'21. and in Oregon. With an examination of the [With FABER'S tracts]. Loyola. See Ignaz Loyola (Sint). Mormon principle. vi, 568 pp. 8 pl. 8~. Loyson (Charles, known as ptre Hyacinthe). New York, Hurd 4. Hoieghton, 1870. The family and the church. Advent confer- Ludlow (Town of). Churchwarden's accounts ences of Notre-Dame, Paris, 1866-7, 1868-9. of the town of Ludlow, in Shropshire, from By the rev. father Hyacinthe. Edited by 1540 to the end of the reign of queen ElizaLeonard Woolsey Bacon. With an introduc- beth. Edited, from the original manuscript, tion by John Bigelow. 343 pp. 16~. New by Thomas Wright. 184 pp. sm. 40. LonYork, G. P. Putnam 4. co. 1870. don, Camden society, 1869. Luard (Henry). Annales monastici. v. 4. [CAMDEN society publications, no. 102]. Annales monasterii de Oseneia [a. d. 1016- Luis de Granada. Collectanea moralis philo1347]. Chronicon vulgo dictum chronicon sophi. [anon?] 3 v. in 1. 28, viii, 662 ThomveWykes. [a.d. 1066-1289]. Annales pp. 40. Matriti, 1775. s. prioratus de Wigornia. [a. d. 1-1377]. 80. [Imperfect, title-page wanting]. London, Longmans, Green, Reader & Dyer, CONTENTS. t. 1. Selectissimae sententine ex omnibus Senece 1869. operibus, pp. 1-320. [In GREAT BRITAIN. Chronicles and memorials of t. 2. Selectissime sententiae ex omnibus opusculis Great Britain and Ireland during the middle ages]. moralibus Plutarchi excerptae, pp. 321-507. Lubbock (Sir John). Pre-historic times, as t. 3. Selectissima apophtliegmata ad rectam vit:t institutionem conducentia, ex clarissimis auctoribus illustrated by ancient remains, and the man- collecta, [etc.] pp. 508-654.

Page  193 193 LUKENS. MACARTNEY. Lukens (Henry Clay). Lean' Nora: a super- Lyon (Sidney S.)-continled. natural, though sub-pathetic ballad. Agood in various countries. Compiled by Stuart long way (almost ninety-seven years) after Gwynn. 36 pp. 21.2 maps. 80. New York, the German of Gottfried August Burger. By Bogert, Kidder & V Nezsen, 1867. Heinrich Yale Snekul. [aEtagram.] 84 pp. Lyons (Joseph A.) Silver jubilee of the uni40. Philadelphia, P. E. Abets, 1870. versity of Notre Dame, June 23rd, 1869. Lullaby! Heart-songs for baby and mama. 2d ed. 344 pp. I pl. 3 portraits. sm. 40~. Chi[anon. Dedication subscribed G. S. W.] cago, E. B. Myers,4 co. 1869. s. I p.l. 106 pp. sq. 16~. New York, A. D. F. Lyons (Robert D. m. d.) A handbook of Randolph 4' co. [ 1870]. hospital practice; or, an introduction to the Lunds observatorium. Planet- och komet- practical study of medicine at the bedside. observationer, 1869. See Mbller(Axel). 185 pp. 25 1. 12~. New York, S. S. 4 Lushington (Mlrs. Charles). Narrative of a W. Wood, 1861. journey from Calcutta to Europe, by way of - A treatise on fever; or, selections from Egypt, in the years 18~7 and 1828. 2d ed. Egypt, in the years 1827 and 1828. 2d d. a course of lectures on fever. Being part of xii, 280 pp. 8~. London, J. Murray, 1829. xii, 280 pp. 80. London, J. Murray, 1829. a course of theory and practice of medicine. Lutheran church in the United States. Book 4 p. 1. 17-36) pp. 8~. Philadelphia, Blanof worship, published by the general synod. chard &, Lea, 1861. 611 pp. 16~. Philadelphia, Lutheran board of publication, 1871. Lyser (Johannr). Discursus politicus de poly-- [Lutheran hymn-book]. viii, 328 pp. gamin AuctoreTheophilo Alethreo. [pseu18~. [Cincinnati? b boot 1850]. 328pp. don.] 96 pp. 180. Friburgi, H. Cunrath, 18~. [Cincinnati? about 1850]. 1674. [Imperfect, title-page wanting]. Lyceum (The) guide: a collection of songs, Lytton (Sir Edward George Earle Bulwer, hymns, and chants; lessons, readings, and lord Lytton). Eugene Aram. A tale. Lirecitations; marches and calisthenics. [etc.] brary ed. 2 v. xxx, 286 pp; 337 pp. 120. Together with programmes and exercises for Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott 8& co. 1862. special occasions. By J. M. Peebles, J... Miscellaneous prose works. 3 v. 8O. Barrett, and Emma Tuttle. The musical de- London, R. Bentley, 1868. partment by James G. Clark. 1 p. 1. 192 pp. ~ Night and morning. A novel. Library 120. Boston, Adanms &8 co. 187). ed. 2 v. 392 pp; 370pp. 120. PhiladelLydgate (John). See Lidgate (John). phia, J. B. Lippincott Sr co. 1862. Lydiat (Thomas). Recensio et expiicatio ar- ~ Pelham; or, adventures of a gentleman. gvmentorum prodvetorum libello [Josephi Library ed. 2 v. 365 pp; 3:38 pp. 120. Scaligeri] Emendationis temporum compen- Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott & co. 1864. dio factre, cum additamento plurimfim, qui- Lytton (Robert). Chronicles and characters. bus confirmatur paradoxa (ut vulgo habetur) [Poems]. 2 v. x, 350 pp. 1 portrait; vii sententia de annis natiuitatis, baptismatus et pp. I 1. 355 pp. 120~. London, Chapman &cruciatus, adeoque vniuersi in terris minis- Hall, 1868. terij d. Iesu Christi. 7 p. 1. 327, 55 pp. 18~. Mably (Gabriel Bonnot de). Phocion's con[Hage comitis], E. Le Preuz, 1653. versations: or, the relation between morality Lyford and Boyce. The art of lettering, and and politics. Translated from a Greek mannusign painter's manual. 2p. 1. 42 pp. obl. 40~. script of Nicocles; [pseudon.] With notes Boston, J. B. Batchelder, 1870. by William Macbean. 3 p. 1. civ, 304 pp. So. Lyles (James H.) Official railway manual of London, Dodsley, 1769. the railroads of North America, for 1870-71. McAllister (T. H.) Illustrated price list of 8~0. New York, Russell's American steanm microscopes and microscopic apparatus, printing-house, [1870]. [etc.] 2d ed. 28 pp. 12~. [New York], Lyly, Lylly, or Lylie. See Lilly (John). 1870. Lyndesay, See Lindsay. McArthur (Henry G.) This and that; or, Lyon (Sidney S.) Hyko silver mining com- thoughts on different subjects. 288 pp. 120. pany, located in the Pah-Ranagat lake silver Chicago, Church & Goodman, 1868. mining district, state of Nevada, with addi- Macartney (George, earl). An account of tional facts, maps, and sections. Also statis- the earl of Macartney's embassy from the tics in reference to the production of silver king of Great Britain to the emperor of 25

Page  194 194 MACARTNEY. 1McELROY. Macartney (George, earl)-continued. i McClure (Robert, m. d.)-continued. China. [1792-94]. 40. [London, J. Strat- horses; with directions for the care of carford, 1806]. riages, harness, etc. 184 pp. 2pl. J60. [/-i PE:LHAM (Cavendish). The world: or. the pres- Philadelphia, Porter & Coates, 1870. ent state of the universe. v. 1. pp. 557-639, 1 map]. McConaughy (Mrs. J. E.) Clarence; or, McCabe (James, jr.) Great fortunes, and self-will and principle. 174 pp. 3 pl. 160~. how they were made; or the struggles and Philadelphia, Perkinpine & Higgins, 1866. triumphs of our self-made men. 633 pp. 14 McConkey (Harriet E. Bishop). Dakota pl. 8 portraits. 120. Cincinnati, E. Hanna- war whoop; or, Indian massacres and war in ford,& co. 1871. Minnesota. vii, 13-304 pp. 6 portraits. 160. McCabe (James D. jr.) The guerrillas: an St. Paul, D. D. Merrill, 1863. original domestic drama, in three acts. 44 (James, 1. d.) The laws of dispp. 120. Richmond, IVest & Johnson, 1863. cursive thought: being a text-book of formal Paris by sunlight and gas-light. A logic. xix, 212 pp. 120. New York, R. work descriptive of the mysteries and mise- Carter & brothers, 1870. ries, the virtues, the vices, the splendors, and The method of the divine government, the crimes of the city of Paris. 803 pp. (incl. m d physical and moral. 2ded. xii, 536 pp. 8;. 73pl). 8~. Philadelphia, national publishing ~~~~~~co. 1870. ~Edinburgh, Sutherland 83 Knox, 1850. co. 1870. McCall (Rev. S.) Culture and the gospel; McCoy (Isaac). Remarks on the practicability of Indian reform, embracing their color, a plea for the sufficiency of the gospel to ility of Indian reform, embracing their clonization; with an appendix. 9d ed. 72 meet the wants of an enlightened age. 3 onization; with an appendix. 2d ed. 72 p. 1. 123 pp. 160. New York, A. D. F. Ran- pp. 80. New York, Gray 4 Bunc, 1893. dolph 4 co. 1871. McCrea (Lieut. col. Robert Barlow). Lost McCarthy (Justin). George Sand. Reprint- amid the fogs: sketches of life in Newfounded from "The galaxy" for May, 1870. 24 land, England's ancient colony. xv, 299 pp. 160. [Boston, Roberts brothers, 1870]. pp. 1 pl. 120. London, Sampson Low, son, [ With I)UDEVANT (A. L. A. D.) Antonia]. 4 Marston, 1869. M'Clintock (John) and Strong (James). M'Culloch (John Ramsay). The principles Cyclopoedia of biblical, theological, and ec- of political economy: with sketch of the rise clesiastical literature. Prepared by rev. and progress of the science. [With] Essay John McClintock, d. d. and James Strong. on interest and value of money. By John v. 3. Letters E-G. 8~. New York, Har- Locke. 360 pp. 12~0. London, A. Murray per g& brothers, 1870. 4- son, 1870. Macclintock (Samuel, d. d.) An oration, McCulloh (James H. jun. in. d.) Researches commemorative of the late illustrious gene- on America; being an attempt to settle somie ral Washington; pronounced at Greenland, points, relative to the aborigines of America. February 22d, 1800; according to a recom- [21 ed. ] 220 pp. 8~. Baltimore, J. Robmendation of the conoress of the United inson, 1817. States. 16 pp. 80. Portsmouth, (New M'Donald (Flora). Autobiography of Flora Hampshire), C. Peirce, 1800. McDonald, being the home life of a heroine. McClung (J. W.) Minnesota as it is in 1870. Edited by her grand-daughter. 2 v. 2 p. 1. Its general resources and attractions for im- 223 pp. I portrait; 2 p. 1. 170 pp. 1 1. 12~. migrants, invalids, [etc.] with special de- Edinburgh, IV. P. Nirnmo, 1870. scriptions of all its counties and towns. 299 McDonald (Jonathan S. ) Vital philosophy. pp. 4 pl. I map. 16~. St. Paul, author, 1870. A survey of substance, and an exposition of McClure (Robert, m. d.) Diseases of the natural religion. 384 pp. 120. PhiladelAmerican horse, and cattle and sheep. phia, J. B. Lippincott 4- co. 1870. Their treatment, with a list and full descrip- Mace (Fayette). Familiar dialogues on shaktion of the medicines employed. 413 pp. erism; in which the principles of the united 120. Philadelphia, J. E. Potter - co. 1870. society are illustrated and defended. 120 pp. The gentleman's stable guide: contain- 80. Portland, C. Day & co. 1837. ing a familiar description of the American McElroy's (A.) Philadelphia directory. 1837, stable; the most approved method of feed- to 1867. lst-30th edition. See Philadelphia ing, grooming, and general management of directory, 1837-67.

Page  195 195 McGILCHRIST. MACKEY McGilchrist (John). The life and career of Mackellar (Thomas)-continued. Henry, lord Brougham. With extracts from ments of a printing office. With several usehis speeches, and notices of his contempora- ful tables, schemes for imposing forms in ries. viii, 247 pp. 160. London, Cassell, every variety, hints to authors, publishers, Petter &, Galpin, 1868. etc. 336 pp. 1 pl. 120. Philadelphia, Mac[CASSELL'S representative biographies]. kellar, Smiths 4 Jordan, 1870. Macgowan (John). The life of Joseph, the Mackenzie (Mrs. Adelheid Shelton). harson of Israel. In eight books. New ed. ried against reason. 97 pp. 80. Boston, 4, xvi, 259 pp. 16G. Richmond, W. Prit- Loring, 1869. chlard, 1800. Mackenzie (Colin). Mackenzie's five thouMachiavelli (Niccolo). Le d6mon mari6. sand receipts, in all the useful and domestic [Traduit de l'Italien par Tanneguy Lefeb- arts: constituting a complete practical libravre]. 16~. [Paris, E. Picard, 1867]. ry relative to [technological employments, [In CONTES fantastirques, pp. 97-121]. - I etc. ] A new American, from the latest LonMcIlvaine (Charles Pettit, d. d) The work don edition. [etc.] By an American phyof preaching Christ. 72 pp. 16~. Boston, sician. 456 pp. 80. Philadelphia, J. Kay, gospel book and tract depository, 1871. jun. 1831. McIlvaine (J. H. ) Elocution: the sources Mackenzie (Henry). See Mirror (The). and elements of its power. A text-book for Mackenzie (Robert). The United States of schools and colleges, and a book for every America: a history. 1 p. 1.278 pp. 160~. public speaker and student of the English London, T. Nelson 8 sons, 1870. language. 3 p. 1.406pp. 160. New York, Mackenzie (Robert Shelton, 1l.d.) Life of C. Scribner 4' co. 1870. Charles Dickens. With personal recollecMcIntosh (Maria J.) Violet; or, the cross tions and anecdotes; letters by "Boz," never and the crown. 448pp. 120. Boston, J. P. before published; and uncollected papers in Jewett &s co. 1856. prose and verse. 479 pp. 1 portrait. 120~. Mackall (Louis, m. d.) American science; Philadelphia, T. B. Peterson 4. brothers, 1870. or, a reformation suggested in the physical Mackenzie (William Bell). La vie dans le sciences. A new ed. xvii, 215 pp. 120. mariage, ses devoirs, ses 6preuves et ses joies. Washington, H. Polkinhorn ~4 co. 1870. Traduit librement de l'Anglais. 162 pp. Mackarness (Mrs. Matilda Planch6). A 18~. Toulouse, socit6 des livres religieuz, guardian angel. By the author of " A trap to 1857. catch a sunbeam." [anon. ] 2 v. 1 p. 1. Mackey (Albert G. m. d.) The ahiman rezon; 262 pp; I p. 1. 215 pp. 160. London, Hurst or, book of constitutions of the grand lodge 4s Blackett, 1864. of ancient free masons of South Carolina. Mackay (Charles). The gouty philosopher; With a system of monitorial instruction, or, the opinions, whims, and eccentricities of adapted to the work as practiced in that John Wagstaffe, esq. of Wilbye Grange. viii, jurisdiction. 3d ed. 324 pp. 10 1.20 pl. 8~. 335 pp. 12~. London, Saunders, Otley' co. New York, Clark 4 Maynard, 1871. 1862. Cryptic masonry. A manual of the Mackay (Robert W. Stuart). The stranger's council; or, monitorial instructions in the deguide to the cities and principal towns of grees of royal and select master. With an Canada, with a glance at the most remark- additional section on the super-excellent able cataracts, falls, rivers, watering places, master's degree. 155 pp. 12~. New York, mineral springs, etc. and a geographical and Clark 4. Maynard, 1867. statistical sketch of the province, brought A manual of the lodge; or, monitorial down to 1854. 168 pp. 2 maps. 160. Mont. instructions in the degrees of entered apprenreal, C. Bryson, 1854. tice, fellow craft, and master mason, arranged McKeever (Harriet B.) The old chateau. in accordance with the American system of 416 pp. 5 pl. 160. Philadelphia, presbyte- lectures: to which are added the ceremonies rian publication committee, 1870. of the order of past master, relating to inMackellar (Thomas). The American printer: stallations, dedications, consecrations, laying a manual of typography: containing com- of corner stones, etc. A new ed. 254 pp. plete instructions for beginners, as well as 20 pl. 12%. Nlew York, Clark 4f Maynard, practical directions for managing all depart- 1870.

Page  196 196 MACKEY. MADRID. Mackey (Albert G. m. d.) —continued. Macmillan's magazine. [Monthly]. Nov. Mackey's masonic ritualist; or, moni- 1869 to Oct. 1870. v. 21-22. 80. London, torial instructions in the degrees from entered Macmillan 4' co. 1870. apprentice to select master. 611 pp. 320. McNemar(Richard). The KIentucky revival; New York, Clark 8' Maynard, 1869. or, a short history of the late extraordinary The symbolism of freemasonry: illus- out-pouring of the spirit of God, in the westtrating and explaining its science and philoso- ern states of America, with a brief account phy, its legends, myths and symbols. 1 p. 1. of the entrance and progress of what the 364 pp. 120. New York, Clark ~4 Maynard, world call shakerism, among the subjects of 1869. the late revival in Ohio and Kentucky. 119 Mackintosh (Alexander). The Driffield an- pp. 16~. Cincinnati, printed; Albany, re gler, in two parts. To which are added, printed, E. 4- E. Hosford, 1808. instructions for shooting: with rules for the Macoy (Robert). The masonic manual. A breeding, breaking, and management of pocket companion for the initiated: containpointers and spaniels; and the choice of guns ing the rules of freemasonry, embraced in for game and wild fowl. With a description the degrees of the lodge, chapter and enof the forest of Blair. Also, a short treatise campment; [etc.] Together with forms of on coursing, and the training of greyhounds. masonic documents, notes, songs, dates, etc. xii, 346 pp. 1 pl. 120. Gainsborough, author, Revised ed. 300, vi pp. 5 pl. 320. New [about 1820]? York, Clark & Maynard, 1867. McLain (Mary Webster). Bearing our bur- McPherson (Edward, 1. d.) A hand-book of dens. By the author of "Broken idols." politics for 1870. 6, 383-634 pp. 8~. Wash [anon.] 304 pp. 1 pl. 160. Boston, Cong. ington, Philp & Solomons, 1870. sabbath school and publishing society, 1869. [Consisting of his Political manual for 1869 and 18701. Maclaren (Charles). Select writings, politi- ~ A political manual for 1870, including a cal, scientific, topographical, and miscellane- classified summary of the important execu ous. With a memoir and photograph. Ed- tive, legislative, judicial, and general facts ited by Robert Cox and James Nicol. 2 v. of the period, from July 15, 1869, to July 15, xii, 456 pp. 1 portrait; viii, 464 pp. 11. 1 pho- 1870. 80. Washington, Philp & Solorlons, tograph. 12~. Edinburgh, Edmonston & 1870. Douglas, 1869. Macpherson (R.) A dissertation on the pre Maclean (John, d. d.) An examination of the servative from drowning; and swimmer's essays Bacchus [by R. B. Grindrod] and assistant. A new invention, simple, commoAnti-Bacchus [by Benjamin Parsons]. Pub- dious, and of small expence: adapted to lished originally in the Princeton review. principles established by experiments, and 140 pp. 11. 80. Princeton, J. Bogart, 1841. proved by trials. With an useful account of Macleod (Allan). Laekington's confessions, losses of lives by water. viii, 131 pp. 1 pl. rendered into narrative. To which are added 8~. Londol, J. Murray, 1783. Observations on the bad consequences of edu- Macrobius (Ambrosius Aurelius Theodosius). cating daughters at boarding-schools. 2 p. 1. In somnivm Scipionis libri dvo: et septem 150pp. 120. London, B. Crosby & co. 1804. eivsdem libri satvrnalorvm. 6 p.1. xlvi 1. Macleod (Norman, d. d.) A highland parish. fol. Colonie, apud E. Ceruicornum, 1521. 318 pp. 6 pl. 16~. Ne~w YorkT, R. Catrter & [With GELLIUS (Aulus). Noctivm atticarvm libri xix 318pp. 6 pl. 160. Newo York, R. Carter & ed. Basile9, 1519]. brothers, 1866. Madge, Kate and Dick; or, ripening lives. Wee Davie. From the 27th London By Agnes Dudleigh, [pseudon.] 238 pp. 3 ed. 52 pp. 12~. Richmond, presbyterian pl. 160. Philadelphia, presbyterian publicommittee of publication, 1864. cation society, 1869. Macleod (William, m.d.) Theory of the [OHIO series]. treatment of disease adopted at Ben Rhyd- Madison (James). An examination of the ding. 3 p. 1.90 pp. 160. London, J. Church- British doctrine which subjects to capture a hill & sons, 1868. neutral trade, not open in time of peace. MacMicking (Robert). Recollections of [anon.] 204 pp. 8~. [Washington, 1806]? Manilla and the Philippines, during 1848, Madrid (Real academia de s. Fernando). 1849, and 1850. iv, 320 pp. 120. London, Abertura solemne de la real academia de las R. Bentley, 1852. tres bellas artes, pintura, escultura, y archi

Page  197 MADRID. MAINTENON. Madrid-con tinued. Magner (Dennis) —continued. tectura, con el nombre de s. Fernando, fun- fore published. 9th ed. Revised and en dada por el rey, celebrose el 13 de junio larged. 156pp. 120. Bufalo, [Warren, Johnde 1752. 2 p. 1. 36 pp. 40. Madrid, A. son 4' co. 1870. Marin, 1752. s. Magruder (William B.) An answer to mr. Distribucion de los premios concedidos John Bannatyne's defence of the conduct of por el rey, hecha 22 de diciembre de 1754. messrs. Findlay, Bannatyne, and company, 2 p. 1. 100 pp. 40. Madrid, G. Ramirez, of the city of London, in their commercial 1755. s. transactions with William B. Magruder of [With the preceding]. the city of Baltimore. [With] the defence Distribucion de los premios concedidos of mr. Bannatyne. 114 pp. 80. Baltimore, por el rey, 28 de agosto, 1760. 90 pp. 40. Yundt &' Brown, 1802. Madrid, G. Ramirez, 1760. s. Mahan (Rev. M.) The exercise of faith, in [With the preceding]. its relation to authority and private judgM-idsen (A. P.) Antiquites pr6historiques du ment. 183 pp. 180. Philadelphia, H. Hooker, Danemark, dessindes et gravies. L'hge de 1851. la pierre. 19 pp. 45 pl. 40. Copenhaglue, Maimonides, or Moses Maimuni. De A. F. Host, 1869. idololatria liber, cum interpretatione latina, Maffitt (John Newland). Report of the trial et notis DionysiiVossii. 87 pp. fol. Anmsof mr. John N. Maffit, before a council of terdami, 1668. ministers, of the methodist episcopal church, [ With Voss (G. J.) De theologia gentiliJ. convened in Boston, December 26, 1822. 31 Ex rabbi Mosis maiemonidce opere qvod pp. 80~. Boston, True 4' Greene, 1823. Manvs fortis inscribitvr, tractatvs tres. i. Magasin encyclop6dique; on, journal des De ieiunio. ii. Desolemnitate expiationum. sciences, des lettres et des arts; r6dig6 par iii. De solemnitate paschatis. Ex Hebrmeo A. L. Millin. Anndes 1811-1815. 30v. 80. latine conuersi a Lvdovico de Compiegne. Paris, J. B. Sajou, 1811-15. 299 pp. 180. Parisiis, P. Le Monnier, 1667. Magee college, (Londonderry). Catalogue Maine (The) business directory, for 1871. 8~. of the library. vii, 132 pp. 8~. Dublin, A. Boston, (Mass.) Brigos 4 co. 1871. Thoom, 187@. S-. Maine (The) farmer's almanac, for 1871. no. Maggie and Bessie; or, lame Jemmy's chair. 53. 120. Hallowell, (Me.) Masters, Smith [anon.] 182 pp. 4 pl. 180. Philadelphia, 4, co. 1870. American sunday-school union, 1866. Maintenon (Franqoise d'Aubign6, marquise Magill (Edward H.) A French grammar: de). Lettres de madame de Maintenon. [Representing, in a concise and systematic form, cueillies par Laurent Angliviel de La Beauthe essential principles of the French lan- melle]. Nouvelle 6d. 9 v. 160. Macstricht, guage: [etc.] Also a French, English, J. E. Dufour & P. Rozx, 1778. and Latin vocabulary. llth ed. 1 p.1.443 CONTENTS. pp. 120. New York, 1'Voolworth, Ainsworth v. 1. Des lettres a differentes personnes, celles d in. & co. 1871. d'Aubign6, et celles h m. et 9 me. de Villette. v. 2. Les lettres. m. l'abb6 Gobelin, celles a 1a com- French prose and poetry: being an ad- tesse de St. Geran, des lettres. diff6rentes pervanced French reader; containing selections sonnes, et celles a me. de Briron. v. 3. Les lettres a me. de la Viefville, celles aux dames from the principal classical French poets and de St. Louis, et des lettres de direction a me. de Maintenon. prose writers during the past two hundred v. 4. Les lettres de me. de Maintenon au cardinal de years. Also a treatise upon French ver- Noailles, avec quelques r(ponses, etc. v. 5. Les lettres. m. le duc de Noailles, et quelquessification, and notes upon the selections, unes a diverses personnes. v. 6. Les lettres rdciproquEs de madame de Maintenon explanatory and critical. xii, 448 pp. 120. et de mad. de Caylus sa ni6ce. New York, WToolworth, Ainsworth 4 co. 1870. v. 7. Les lettres de mad. la duchesse de Ventadour, de mad. la marquise de Dangeau, de mad. la Magner (Dennis). The new system of edu- princesse des Ursins, des princes, et de mr. le cating horses, including instructions on feed- duo et mad. la duchesse du Maine. v. 8. Les lettres de divers seigneurs, celles des minising, watering, etc. Also, how shoeing tres et des magistrats, celles de m. le mar6chal.ho with simple practica.. * * *l treat- de Villeroy, celles de m. de Valincour, celles de should be done; with simple practical treat- diverses dames, et celles du clerg6. nent for diseases. Illustrated. Including v. 9. Des lettres de piete et de direction a elle adressoes par m. Godet Desmarais, ev6que de Chara large number of valuable recipes not be- tres.

Page  198 198 MAISTRE. MANESCA. Maistre (Joseph Marie de). El principio re- Malescot (1ttienne de). De nuptijs liber pagenerador de toda sociedad. Traducido del radoxicus, noua et recenti methodo composiFrances por un Mejicano amante sincero de tus: [etc.] 8 p.1. 112 pp. 18~. Basilece, su nacion. 160 pp. 180. Mejico, Arevalo, T. Guarinus, 1572. 1835. [ With BhZE (Th6odore de). Tractatio de repudiis et Maistre (Xavier de). A journey round my divortiis]. room; from the French. xi, 107 Pp. 80. Malle-Bosse (La), nouvelle nuit de StraparLondon, J. Thomas, 1840. x,0p. ole. [anon.] 28 pp. 16~. Paris, 1748. London, J. Thomas, 1840. [In TRAVENOL (Louis) and MANNORY (Louis). Vol I MISCELLANEOUS pamphlets, v. 335]. tariana]. Maitland(James, 8th earl ofLauderdale). Let- Malone (Edmond). An inquiry into the ters to the peers of Scotland. 2 p. 1. 318 pp. authenticity of certain miscellaneous papers, 8~. Lonldon, G. G. 4 J. Robinson, 1794. and legal instruments [Ireland's forgeries], [MISCELLANEOUS pamphlets, v. 237]. published Dec. 24, mdccxcv, and attributed Making honey; or, Francis Stuart. By F. to Shakspeare, queen Elizabeth, and Henry, S. A. [anon.] 250 pp. 2 pl. 16~. Bos- earl of Southampton, illustrated by fac-simiton, H. A. Young 4' co. 1869. les of the genuine hand-writing of ShakMalakozoologische blitter. Als fortse- speare, never before exhibited; and other tzung der zeitschrift fiir malakozoologie, authentic documents: in a letter addressed herausgegeben von dr. Karl Theodor Menke to the right hon. James [Caulfield], earl of und dr. Louis Pfeiffer. 1854-1868. 8S. v. Charlemont. vi, 424 pp. 3 pl. 80. London, 1-14. Cassel, T. Fischer, 1854-68. T. Cadell,jr. & VW. Davies, 1796. Malan (Rev. Salamon Cesar). An outline of Maltby (Edward,d.d.) Sermons. 2 v. xxi, the early Jewish church, from a christian point 549 pp; xv, 579 pp. 8~. London, T. Cadell of view. In two books. Book i. The pa- s& [V. Davies, 1819-22. triarchs. Book ii. The church in the wilderness. xi, 93pp. 8. LondonSaundersMalter (A.) Handbuch der gebiihren-gesetze ness. xii 493 pp. London, Saunders, vom 9. Februar, 2. August und 6. September Otley 4' co. 1867. 1820, etc. viij, 452 pp. 8~. Wien, F. Manz, Malchion (Presbyter of the church of Antioch). 1858 Fragments. 8~. Edinburgh, T. 4' T. Clark. 1869. Man (The) with two shadows. By Erniest [In ANTE-NICENE library, v. 14, pp. 401 to 410]. Hoven.' [pseudon.] 203 pp. 3 pl. 16~. Malcolm (James Peller). Lives of the topog- Philadelphia, presbyterian publication commitraphers and antiquarians who have written tee, 1869. concerning the antiquities of England; with [OHIO series]. their portraits, and a complete and detailed Manby (George William). Reis naar Groenaccount of their works, so far as they relate land, in het jaar 1821. Gevolgd naar de to this kingdom. 2 p. 1. 60 1. 26 portraits. hoogduitsche vertaling van dr. C. F. Michae4~. London, H. Gibbs, 1824. lis. 2 p. 1. 188 pp. 1 map, 2 pl. 8~0. AnMalcom (Henry). The extent and efficacy of sterdamn, Ten Brink,' De Vries, 1825. the atonement. 5thed. 120pp. 160. Phila- Manchester (England). Seventeenth annual delphia, J. B. Lippincott 4 co. 1870. report to the council of the city, on the workMalcom (Howard, d. d.) An index to the ing of the public free libraries. 1868-69. principal works in every department of reli- 8~. Manchester, Tubbs 4& Brook, 1869. gious literature. Embracing nearly seventy Manchester public free libraries. Indexthousand citations, alphabetically arranged catalogue of the chief lending library, at under two thousand heads. 2d ed. with ad- Campfield. vii, 131 pp. 8~. Manchester, denda. 3-488, 6 pp. 80. Philadelphia, J. Tubbs & Brook, 1870. B. Lippincott & co. 1870. Manchester statistical society. Transactions. Malden (Massachusetts) directory. 1870. See Session 1861-62. [Four memoirs]. 2 p.1. Greenough (W. A. jr.) 107 pp.2 1. 80. Manchester, Cave 8 Sever, Malebranche (Nicolas). A treatise of mor- 1862. ality. In two parts. Written in French. Manesca (L.) The serial and oral method of And translated into English by James Ship- teaching languages; adapted to the French. ton. 6 p. 1. 126 pp; 114 pp. 80. London, New ed. carefully revised. xxviii, 535 pp. J. Knapton, 1699. 12~. Philadelphia, C. Desilver, 1870.

Page  199 199 MANN. MARCOU. Mann (Horace). Lecture on education. 62 Manufacturer (The) and builder. A practipp. 120. Boston, Marsh, Capen, Lyon 4' cal [monthly] journal of industrial prorWcbb, 1840. gress. Jan. 18G69, to Dec. 1870. v. 1-2. 40~. Reply to the "IRemarks " of thirty-one New York, Western & co. 1869-70. Boston schoolmasters on the seventh annual Many teachers, but one lesson. A book for report of the secretary of the Massachusetts sunday schools and families. By the writer board of education. 176 pp. 8C. Boston, of "Earlylessons about the savior." [anon.] [F. B. Fowle &, N. Capen, 1844. 249 pp. 160. Boston, If. V. Spencer, 1867. Manna: night and morning. Selected and Manzotti (Teofilo, s.j.) Della vita e della arranged byLulu. [pseudon.] 72 pp. 240. morte di Paolo Piazzesi, giovane romano. New York, journeymen printers' co-operative Memoria. 74 pp.l 1. 16~. Roma, Marini association, 1870. & MAorini, 1846. Mannering (May). [pseudon.] See Nowell Marbeck (John). Book of common prayer, (H. P. H.) noted. See Church of England. Manning (James A.) Pius the ninth. 1847- Concordance. See Bible (English). 48. See Godde de Liancourt (Caliste Marcenay de Ghuy (Antoine de). (Euvre Auguste) and Manning. de mr. de Marcenay de Ghuy, 6cuyer, peintre, Manning (Mary Anne). A noble purpose et graveur, [etc.] Cet ceuvre consiste en nobly won: an old, old story. 3d ed. 2 p. 1. diff6rens morceaux d'histoire, portraits, pai268 pp. 120. London, Hall 4, co. 1870. sages, bataflles, etc. d'apres lePoussin, VanMannory (Louis). Voltairiana; ou 6loges dick, Rembrandt, Le Brun, et autres maitres. amphigouriques, etc. 3 p. 1. 39 pl. fol. Paris, l'auteur, [1764]. [Inr TRAVENOL (L.) and MANNORY. Voltairiana]. [Reprinted, with additions]. Manson (George J.) The joker's dictionary: March (Daniel, d.d.) Our Father's house; being a collection of the most excellent witti- or, the unwritten word. 560 pp. 12 pl. 80. cisms, brilliant jests and amusing jokes in Philadelphia, Zeigler, McCurdy & co. 1870. the English language. Arranged alphabeti- March (Francis A.) A comparative gramcally according to subject. 317 pp. 320~. mar of the Anglo-Saxon language; in which New York, G. J. Manson, 1870. its forms are illustrated by those of the SanMantilla(Luis F.) Serie de libros de lectura. skrit, Greek, Latin, Gothic, old Saxon, old Libro de lectura no. 2. 336 pp. 12~. Nueva Friesic, old Norse, and old High-German. York, Ivison, Phinney, Blakeman y ca. 1865. xii, 253 pp. 80~. New York, Harper & brothManual (The) of the blessed trinity: a com- ers, 1870. plete guide to catholic devotion, compiled Introduction to Anglo-Saxon. An An from the most approved sources, and adapted glo-Saxon reader, with philological notes, a to all states and conditions of life. [etc. brief grammar, and a vocabulary. viii, 166 anon.] 900 pp. 37 pl. 180. New York, P. pp. 80. New York, Harper 4 brothers, 1870. J. Kenedy, 1870. Marchand (tgtienne). Voyage round the Manuale della prima gioventil; compren- world. See Fleurieu (Charles Pierre Claret, dente i doveri generali di una persona bene comte de). educata, massime morali, compendj di gram- Marckes (Prof. Theodore von, pseudon?) The matica italiana, di cronologia, di storia Franco-German war. A full and graphic hisnaturale, [etc. anon.] 130 pp. 19 1.6 pl. I tory of the great war between Prussia and map. 120. Como, figli di C. Ostenelli, 1831. France, together with numerous thrilling and Manuel (Eugene). The authentic history of interesting anecdotes, sketches of the lives of captain Castagnette, nephew of the "man the celebrated statesmen and generals on both with the wooden head." From the French of sides, [etc. ] i p.. 19-79 pp. 1 map. 80. Manuel. Illustrated with forty-three pictures Philadelphia, Barclay $& co. [1870]. by Gustave Dor6. 68 pp. 40~. London, S. Marco Polo. See Polo (Marco). O. Beeton, [1866]. Marcou (Jules). R6sum6 explicatif d'une Manuel des sorciers; ou, cours de recr6ations carte g6ologique des ltats-Unis et des prophysiques, math6matiques, tours de cartes et vinces anglaises de l'Am6rique du nord, gibecire; suivi des petits jeux de soci6t6, avec un profil g6ologique allant de la vall6e et de leur penitences. [anon.] 5e ed. 294 du Mississippi aux c6tes du Pacifique, et une pp. 1 pl. 16~. Paris, Fe.rra jeune, 1820. planche de fossiles Extrait duI Bulletin de

Page  200 MARCOTT. 2IMARTIALIS. Marcou (Jules)-continued. Marlborough (Sarah, duchess of ). la socie6t geologique de France, 2e s6rie, t. See CHURCHILL (Sarah Jennings, duchess of Marlborough). 12. 124 pp. 8~. Paris, Martinet, 1855. borough). Esquisse d'une classification des chaines Mrmol (Jose). Amalia. 2 v. in 1. 2 p. 1. de montagnes d'une partie de l'Am6rique du 314pp.2 p.1.306pp 12.. Leipzig F. A. nord. Extrait des Annales des mines, t. 7, Brockhaus, 1862. 211 pp. 2 pl. 80. Paris, V. Dalmont, 1855. Marot (Louis). See Daulier des Landes [ With his R6sum6 explicatif]. (Andr6) and Marot. Marcus, eremita. Opera qume extant omrnia, Marsh (Herbert, d.d.) A course of lectures, I. Pico interprete ex ed. parisiensi G. Mo- containing a description and systematic arrelij, 1563. fol. Parisiis, Sonnius, 1624. rangement of the several branches of divin[irn BIBLIOTHECA veterum patrum, v. 1]. ity; accompanied with an account, both of Note.-The first of these tracts, De lege spirituali, is now ascribed to Macarius. tie principal authors, and of the progress Margarita philosophica. See Reisch (Gre- which has been made at different periods in gor). theological learning. Part i, 112 pp. 8~. Margery's city home. By Alice Gray. [pseu- Cambridge, W. Hilliard, 1812. don.] 139 pp. 3 pl. 18~. New York, R. ~ The same. Part iii. On the interpreCarter f brothers, 1867. tation of the bible. 110 pp. 80. Boston, Marianisches rosengartlein. Ein katholi- Cummings 4- Hilliard, 1815. sches gebetbuch. [anon.'] 38-2 pp. 320' Marshall (Leonard). A collection of senEinsiedeln, etc. K. 8& N. Benziger, 1869. Einsieden, e N B e, tences designed for the opening and closing Marineo (Luca). Svmario de la clarissima of public worship. 48 pp. obl. 80. Boston, vida, y heroycos hechos de los catolicos reyes author, 1868. don Fernado, y doneia Ysabel, de immortal memoria. Sacado de la obra grande delas Marshall (Mary). The rise and progress of cosas memorables de Espana. 4 p. 1. 171 1 the serpent from the garden of Eden, to the 180. Madrid, viuda de A. Gomez, 1587. present day: with a disclosure of shakerism, Marini (Giovanni Ambrogio). The despera- exhibiting a general view of their real characdoes; an heroick history. Translated from ter and conduct from the first appearance the Italian. In four books. 284 pp. 12. of Ann Lee. Also, the life and sufferings of London, T'. Astley, [etc.] 1733. the author, who was Mary M. Dyer, but Marion Berkley: a story for girls. By Laura now is Mary Marshall. 268 pp. 1 portrait. Caxton. [pseudon.] 255 pp. 4 pl. 120. Bos-. Concord, (N. H.) author, 1847. ton, Loring, 1870. Martens (Georg Friedrich von). Grundrisz Marion and Jessie: or, children's influence. einer diplomatischen geschichte der europiiiBy the author of "Agnes Morton." [etc. schen staatshindel und friedensscblisse, seit anon.] 210 pp. 4 pl. 160. Cincinnati, dem ende des 15ten jahrhunderts bis zum Hitchcock &8 Walden, 1870. frieden zu Amiens. Zum gebrauch acadeMarivaux (Pierre Carlet de Chamblain de). mischer vorlesungen. xvi, 398 pp. 1 1. 120~. Pharsamond: or, the new knight-errant. In Berlin, A. Mylius, 1807. which is introduced the story of the fair Marti (Benedetto). A short history of Valenanchoret, with that of Tarmiana and her un- tinus Gentilis the tritheist, tryed, condemned, fortunate daughter. Written originally in and put to death by the protestant reformed the French. Translated by mr. Lockman. city and church of Bern in Switzerland, for 2 v. 5 p. 1. 335 pp; 282 pp. 160. London, asserting the three divine persons of the C. Davis, 1750. trinity to be [three distinct, eternal spirits, Markham (M. Roland). Heaven unveiled: etc. ] Translated from the Latin. 8 p. 1. 134 embracing the reunion and recognition of pp. 11. 160. London, E. Whitlock, 1696. friends, their employment and sources of Martialis (Marcus Valerius). Epigrams of happiness in the christian's future home. Martial, englished. [By Charles Cotton?] With testimony of the bible, and the views With some other pieces, ancient and modern. and convictions of nearly forty eminent 8 p. 1. 316 pp. 80. London, H. Bonwicke, divines, poets, and philosophers of ancient 1695. and modern times. 96 pp. 120. Syracuse, The same. Select epigrams of Martial. (N. Y.) IV. A. Burnham, 1870. Translated and imitated by William Hay,

Page  201 201 MARTIALIS. MARYLAND. Martialis (Marcus Valerius)-continued. Martinet (Jan Florenz). Kerkelyke geesq. with an appendix of some by Cowley, schiedenis der Waldenzen, in de valeyen and other hands. vi pp. 1 1. 119 pp. 8 1. 1 van Piemont, tot op deezen tyd. 2e druk. portrait. 80. London, R. & J. Dodsley, 1755. 11 p. 1. 352 pp. 80. Amsteldam, wed. LoveMartin (Clara Barnes). The little Nortons, ringh 4' Allart, 1775. a summer's life. 284 pp. 3 pl. 160. Port- Martinez (Miguel). El pontificado y el rey land, (Me.) Loring, Short' Harmon, 1870. de Roma; o, defensa de la autoridad civil de Martin (Frederick). Handbook of contem- los soberanos pontifices. 2a ed. 158 pp. porary biography. 2 p. 1.287 pp. 16~. Lon- 18~. Mezico, V.-Segura, 1860. don, Macmillan & co. 1870. Martire d'Anghiera (Pietro) or Martyr Martin (Isaac). [His] tryal and sufferings, Anglerius (Peter). Extraict ov recveil des [in] the inquisition in Spain, for the sake of isles nouuellemet trouuees en la grand mer the protestant religion. 2d ed. 6 p. 1. 111 pp. oceane ou temps du roy Despaigne Fernad et 6 p]. 16~. London, J. Osborn, [[1725]? Elizabeth sa femme, faict premierement en Martin (J. H.) Smith and Pocahontas. A latin par Pierre Martyr de Millan, et depuis poem. 135 pp. 120. Richmond, West ~- translate en languaige fran9oys. Item trois Johnson, 1862. narrations: dent la premiere est de Cuba, Martin (J. L. elder in the sect of Campbellites). [etc.] La seconde, qui est de la mer oceThe voice of the seven thunders: or, lec- ane. La tierce, qui est de la prince de Tetures on the apocalypse. 330 pp. 120. Cin- nustitan. 8 p. 1. 207 l1. 12c'. Paris, S. de cinnati, H. S. Bosworth, 1870. Colines, 153'2. Martin (Philipp Leopold). Die praxis der Martyn (Mrs. S. T. ) The crescent and the naturgeschichte. [etc.] v. 1-2. 80. Wei- cross. A story of the siege of Malta. By mar, B. F. Voigt, 1869-70. the author of "The times of Knox and r CONTENTS. queen Mary Stuart. [anon.] 283 pp. 16~. Ir theil. Taxidermie. Dritte auflage von C. L. Brehm, "Die kunst, vogel als balge zu bereiten, New York, American tract society, [1869]. etc." in ganzlicher umarbeitung von P. L. Martin. Martyr (Peter). See Martire d'Anghiera. 1869. 2r theil. Dermoplastik und museologie. Unter mit- Marvellous (The) and entertaining repository. wirkung von Bauer, G. Jdger, dr. Steudel und See Entertaining (The) and marvellous re P. Meyerheim und F. Specht, von P. L. Martin. 1870. pository. Martindale (Joseph C. ) Martindale's series Marx (Adrien). Indiscr6tions parisiennes. of spellers. The common-school speller: 2e 6d. 2p. 1. 347 pp. 120. Paris, A. Faure, (second book of the series). Designed as an 1866. introduction to the author's complete speller. Mary Clifton, a tale of the late war. By the 96 pp. 160. Philadelphia, E. H. Butler 4 author of Ethel Somers. [anon.] 73 pp. 12~. co. 1868. Augusta, [Ga.] 1865. ~- The same. The complete speller, for Maryland (State of). Journal of theproceedschools and academies; arranged to facilitate ings of the house of delegates. In extra the study of the orthography and pronuncia. session. 8~. Frederick, E. S. Riley, 1861. tion of the English language. 158 pp. 160. Journal of proceedings of the senate, Philadelphia, E. H. Butler B& co. 1868. in extra session, April, 1861. 8~. Frede Martine (Arthur). Martine's droll dialogues rick, B. H. Richardson, 1861. and laughable recitations. 182 pp. 160. - Message and documents. In extra sesNew York, Dick &8 Fitzgerald, [ 1870]. sion, 1861. 80. Frederick, E. S. Riley, 1861. Martine (Ren6). M6moire sur le calendrier Maryland academy of science and literature. musulman et sur le calendrier h6braique. Transactions. v. i. 190 pp. 2 diag. 1 map. Ire partie. 2 p. 1. 169pp. (incl. tables). 8~0. 8~. Baltimore, academy, 1837. s. Paris, 11Mallet-Bachelier, 1857. s Maryland (The) journal, and Baltimore adThe same. Suppl6ment de 1860. 1 p. 1. vertiser. 1786-1788. v. 13-15. 3v. in 2. 13 pp. 80. Angers, Lemeslefreres, 1860. fol. Baltimore, 1786-88. [ With the preceding]. r[Imperfect]. Martineau (Harriet). Endowed schools of Maryland. The state gazette, and mer-Ireland. Reprinted from " The daily news." chant's and farmer's directory for Maryland 2 p. 1. 78pp.. 8~. London, Smith, Elder S and District of Columbia. [1871]. 80~. co. 1859. I Baltimore, Sadler, Drysdale 4& Purnell, 1871. 26

Page  202 202 MASCARDI. MASSNCHUSETTS. Mascardi (Agostino). Dell' arte historica Massachusetts (Colony of )-continued. trattati ci:que. 4 p. 1. 741 pp. 201. 18~. at Cambridge in October, November, and Venctia, Baba, 1655. December, 1774. Also extracts front the - Discorsi morali sih la tauola di Cebete minutes of the proceedings of the congress tebano. In questa nostra impressione cor- held at Cambridge, February, 1775. Pubretti, e migliorati. 18 p. 1. 542 pp. 161. 18~. lished by their order. 14 pp. 80. Boston, Venetia, Baba, 1660. Edes 4' Gill, 1775. Prose vvlgari, [etc.] divise indve parti. (State of). Legislative documents Aggiuntoui li Saggi accademici, e di pit in printed by order of the senate and house of questa vltima stampa, l'oratione per l'elettion representatives. 1866-1870. 18 v. 8~. in r6 de' Romani di Feldinando d'Austria,non Boston, state printers, 1866-70. pin stampata.'2 v. in 1. 10 p. 1.552 pp; 14 p. Reports of public officers and institup. 1.'264 pp. 18~. Venetia, Baba, 1660. p.O1. p 10 VeIA, Ba, 1tions for 1869. 39 does. in 4 v. 8~. Boston, CONTENTS OF SAGGI ACCADEMICI. state rinters, 1870. Discorsi di Girolamo Aleandro. Virgilio Malvezzi, Galeotto de gli Oddi, Sforza Pallavicino, Giuliano Report of the board of state charities, Fabrici, Giulio Rospigliosi, Agatic di Somma, Francesco Paoli, Girolamo Rocco, AlfonsoP andolA, for the year ending Sept. 30, 1869. Sixth Matteo Peregrino, Marcello Giovanneti, Francesco report. 8C. Boston, 1870. Buoninsegni, Agnolo Sardi. Mascher (H. A.) Die gewerbesteuer-gesetz- - Report to the legislature, relating to the gebung Preussens in ihrer neuesten gestalt. registry and return of births, marriages, and 3 p. 1. 214 pp. 1. 8~. Potsdaml, E. Dring,, deaths, in the commonwealth, for the year 1863. 1868.`27th report. 8~. Boston, 1870. Die grundsteuer-regelung in Preussen, i Report of the select committee of the auf grund der gesetze vomr 21. Mai 1861. house of representatives, [John Brazer Davis, Dargestellt nach geographie, geschichte, sta- chairman,] on so much of the governor's tistik und recht. viii, 269 pp. 8c. Pots- speech, at the June session, 1830, as relates dam, E. Ddrino,, 1862. to legalizing the study of anatomy. 118 pp. Mason (Francis, d. d.) The story of a work- 80. Boston, Dutton 4' I1entworth, 1831. ing man's life: with sketches of travel in [MISCELLANEOUS pamphlets, v. 294]. Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. With Report of the bank commissioners, Dean introduction by William R. Williams, d. d. cember 31st, 1864. 80. Boston, Wlright 4' xxviii, 462 pp. 4 pl. 120. New York, Oak- Potter, 1865. ley, Mason 4' co. 1870. Report on the subject of a license law, Mason (John Mitchell, d. d.) Writings. Con- by a joint special committee of thelegislature, sisting of sermons, essays, and miscellanies, with a stenographic report of the testimony including essays already published in the taken before said committee, 1867. 898 pp. " Christian magazine." Selected and ar- 8~. Boston, WFright 4' Potter, 1867. ranged by rev. Ebenezer Mason. 4 v. 8~. raged by rev. Ebeezer Maso. 4 v. --- Returns of the railroad corporations in New York, editor, 1832. Massachusetts, 1868: with abstracts. 80~. CONTENTS. Boston, 1869. v. 1-2. Sermons. v. 3. On religious controversy. Essays on episco- ~ The general statutes of the commonpacy. Considerations on lots. Contrast betweeng to the public schools, with the deaths of Hume and Finley. wealth relating to the public schools, with v. 4. The church of God. Letters on frequent com. the alterations and amendments to 1868. munion. 80. Boston, state printers, 1868. Mason (Thomas Monck). The work and the Boston, state printers, 1868. Massachusetts (The) gazette, and Boston world; or, the dealings and doctrines of God, Massachusetts (The) gazette, and Boston in relation to the state and salvation of man, news-letter. [Weekly]. June 4, 1766, to May, 19, 1768. 2 v. fol. Boston, Richard Draper, summarily reviewed, reconciled, and recom- mended in accordance with the dictates of 1768. [See BOSTON news letter and New England chronhunian wisdom. 6 p.l. xxxv, 414 pp. 12~. icle]. London, TWertheim, MacIntosh 8' Hunt, 1862. Massachusetts historical society. Catalogue Masonic (The) trowel. 1866-1867. v. 5-6. of the private library of Thomas Dowse. 40. Springfield, (Ill.) 1866-67. See Dowse (Thomas). Massachusetts (Colony of). Extracts from Massachusetts medical society. Library of the records of the provincial congress held practical medicine. Published by order of

Page  203 203 MASSACHUSETTS. MATHER. Massachusetts medical society-continued. Mather (Cotton, d. d.) The comfortable the Massachusetts medical society for the use chambers; opened and visited, upon the deof its fellows. 10v. 0~. Boston, 1831-61. s. parture of mr. Peter Thatcher, the pastor of CONTENTS. Milton, [etc.] 28 pp. 8$. [Reprinted]. v. 1. Smith (Southwood). A treatise on fever. 1831. Boston, T. Fleet, 1796. Tweedie (Alexander). Clinical illustrations of fever, (etc.) 1831. Corderius americanus. Anessayupon v. 2. Pearson (John). Principles of surgery. 1832. the good education of children. In a funeAbernethy (John). Surgical observations on the constitutional origin and treatment of lo- ral sermon upon mr. Ezekiel Cheever, Aucal diseases, and on aneurisms. 1832. v. 7. Boylston prize dissertations [on direct explora- gust, 1708. [anon.] tion] for 1836, by Oliver W. Holmes, m.d. Boston J. Allen. 1708. Robert W. Haxall, m. d. and Luther V. [ Bell, m. d. 1836. [Imperfect: wanting title and pp. 29-34]. v. 10. Louis (P. Ch. A.) Anatomical, pathological, - Free-grace maintained and improved; and therapeutic researches on the yellow fever of Gibraltar, of 1828. 1839. or, the general offer of the gospel, managed v. 11. Collins (Robert). A practical treatise on with considerations of the reat things done midwifery, [etc.] 1841. with considerations of the great things done v. 12. Brodie (Sir Benjamin). Pathological and sur- by special grace. [Two discourses. anon.] gical observations on the diseases of the joints. 1842. 1 p. 1. 70 pp. 16~. Boston, B. Green, 1706. v. 13. Ashwell (Samuel). A practical treatise on the - The minister. A sermon, offer'd nto diseases peculiar to wonen. 1843. v. 18. Evanson (R. T.) and Maunsell (H.) A practi- the anniversary convention of ministers, from cal treatise on the management and diseases of children. 1848. several parts of New-England, met at Boston, v. 23. Read (William). Placenta prmvia; its history 31 d. iii m. 1722. By one of their number. and treatment. 1861. v. 24. Jackson (James). Another letter to a young 1 p. 1. 45 pp. 16~. Boston, 1722. physician, [on the utility of medicine]. 1861. [MISCELLANEOUS pamphlets, v. 366]. Publications. v. 1; v. 2,nos. 1-2; v. 3, Mather (Increase, d. d.) A discourse conno. 1. 80. Boston, J. Wilson & son, [and] D. cerning the grace of courage. Delivered in Clapp r& son, 1856-69. a sermon preached at Boston June 5th, 1710. CONTENTS. 2 p. 1. 44 pp. 12~. Boston, S. Phillips, 1710. v. 1. Lyman (George H. ) The history and statis- ~ A discourse concerning the maintenance tics of ovariotomy, and the circumstances under which the operation may be regarded due to those that preach the gospel. 2 p. 1. as safe and expedient. 1 p. 1. pp. 1-146. 3pp. 160. Ldn 170 9 Hooker (Worthington). Rational therapeutics; or the comparative value of different cura- A disquisition concerning ecclesiastical tive means. and the principles of their application. pp. 149-218. councils. Proving that not only pastors, but Slade (Daniel Denison). "To what affec- brethren delegated by the churches, have tions of the lungs does bronchitis give origin 1" A prize essay. pp. 219-293. equally a right to a decisive vote in such Ware (John). On hemoptysis as asymptom. assemblies. xx, 47 pp. 180. Boston, N. pp. 295-325. v. 2. Report of a committee of the Massachusetts Boone, 1716. medical society on spotted fever or cerebrospinal meningitis in the state of Massachusetts, Elijah's mantle. A faithful testimony, May, 1866. pp. iv, 150, 6 tables. Clay, 1866. pp. iv, 150, fi tables. to New-England; containing, i. The great Toner (J. M.) History of inoculation in Massachusetts. pp. 151-204. end and interest of New-England, by JonaCalkins (M.) Cases of trichina spiralis in than Mitchel. ii. 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Boone, 1729. Matappika (Het) landbouwkundig genoot- I Some remarks on a late sermon preached schap: De eensgezindheid in de devisie, te at Boston, by George Keith, shewing that Suriname. Verzameling van uitgezochte his pretended good rules in divinity are not verhandelingen, betreffende den landbouw in built on the foundation of the apostles and de kolonie Suriname. 4 p. 1. 128 pp. 8~. prophets. 36 pp. 16~. Boston, N. Boone, Amsteldam, Gartman 4 Uylenbroek, 1804. 1702.

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