Catalogue of books added to the Library of Congress.
Library of Congress. Catalog, 1868.

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Page  3 LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS EMPLOYED. anoni. Anonymous. pl. Plates. b. 1. Black letter. p. 1. Preliminary leaves. ed. Edition. pp. Pages. fol. Folio. 40, Quarto 80. Octavo, IZ~. pseudon. Pseudouymous. Duodecimo, etc. sm. Small. i. Leaves. sq. Square. n. p. No place of publication. tab. Tables. obl. Oblong. unp. Unpaged. The books are described as folio, quarto, octavo, duodeciimo, etc., according to the apparent size of the volume, and not according to the printer's designations derived from the fold of the sheets. In the alphabetical arrangement, the prefix Me, M', or Mac, is treated uniformly as a component part of the word, as if spelled Afac. Thus, McLeod or M'Leod precedes.Maclure. In like manner, the prefixes New, La, Dt, etc., are treated as component parts of the words to which they belong. Thus, New England follows Newell instead of preceding it, as it would do if the prefix New were treated as a separate word. It is one of the aims of the present catalogue to furnish with the titles a sufficiently fill collation of each work. Thus it is made a part of the description to give the number of pages in the case of all works not exceeding two volumes, together with the number of maps and plates, if any, and the name of the publisher. The information thus conveyed will, it is believed, be found of practical value to readers, as conveying at a glance some idea of the extent of each work, while the addition of publishers' names is useful as supplying a guide to the identification of editions., In the case of books printed without date, the actual or approximate date is uniformly supplied, in brackets. Brackets in any part of a title indicate that the words included in them are not found in the title, but are inserted. The letter s, affixed to any title, denotes that the work belongs to the library of the Smithsonian Institution, now deposited with the Library of Congress.

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Page  5 CATALOGUE OF A DDITION S. Aanteekeningen, betrekkelyk de kolonie Abbott (Rev. Jacob). Hoaryhead, and the Suriname. [anon.] 3p. 1. 131pp. 2 maps. vrallies below; or, truth through fiction. 80. Arnhem, C. A. Thieme, 1826. 308pp. 1pl. 16~. Boston, Crocker & BrewsAbadie (Paul). The fireman, and other po- ter, 1838. ems. 131pp. 180. New York, G. F. Bunce, TheRollo books. Rollo's experiments. 1852. New ed. 180 pp. 4 pl. 160. New York, Abailard (Pierre) and Heloise. Letters of Sheldon &8 co. 1867. Abelard and Heloise; with a particular ac- Rollo's correspondence. New ed. count of their lives, amours, and misfor- 189 pp. 4 pl. 160. New York, Sheldon 8' co. tunes. [With] poems, by Pope, Madan, 1867. Cawthorne, Birch, Seymour, etc. vii, 232 pp. Abbott (Rev. John Sebastian Cabot). History 12~. London, Sherwood, Neely S' Jones, 1815. of Joseph Bonaparte, king of Naples and of Abauzit (Firmin). (Euvres diverses. Conte- Italy [Spain]. 391 pp. 9 pl. 160. New nants ses dcrits d'histoire, de critique et de York, Harper &' brothers, 1869. th6ologie. 2 v. in 1. 1 p. 1. xxx, 350 pp. I 1; Lives of the presidents of the United 2 p. 1. 182 pp. 11. 80~. Londres, (Hollande), States of America, from Washington to the 1773. present time. 520 pp. 8pl. 80. Boston, B. Abbadie (Jacques). Le triomphe de lapro- B. Russell, 1869. vidence et de la religion; ou, l'ouverture des The romance of Spanish history. 462 sept sceaux par le fils de Dieu, [etc.] 4 v. pp. 8 pl. 1 map. 120~. New York, Harper 16~. Avmsterdam, M. C. Le Gene, 1723. &' brothers, 1869. Abbatt (Richard). The elements of plane Abbott (Rev. Lyman). Jesus of Nazareth: and spherical trigonometry, [etc.] 2d ed. hislifeandteachings; founded on the four xvi, 191 pp. 4 pl. 160. London, J. Richard- gospels, and illustrated by reference to the son, 1836. - manners, customs, religious beliefs, and poAbbott (Rev. Benjamin). Experience and litical institutions of his times. 522 pp. 1 gospel labors of the rev. Benjamin Abbott. map. 13 pl. 80. New York, Harper & [by himself]; to which is annexed a narra- brothers, 1869. tive of his life and death. By John Ffirth. 284 pp. 18~. New York, T. Mason G. Abbott (Rosa). See Parker (Rosa Abbott). Lane, 1836. Abelard (Pierre). See Abailard. Abbott (Charles Conrad). Catalogue of ver- About (Edmond). Les mariages de province. tebrate animals of New Jersey. 80. New- La fille du chanoine; Mainfroi; L'album du ark, 1868. S. regiment fitienne. 3 p. 1. 430 pp. 80. Paris, [In NEw JERSEY. Geology of New Jersey. (Ap-. Hachette cie. 1868. pendixE). pp. 751-830]. Abbott (Gorham D. 11. d.) Mexico and the Abraham Lincoln, foully assassinated April United States; their mutual relations and 14, 1865. A poem with an illustration, from common interests. xvi, 391 pp. 2 portraits. the London Punch, for May 6, 1865. [anon. ] 1 map. 8~. New York, G. P. Puetnamn & With an introduction by A. Boyd. 13 1. son, 1869. 1 pl. 4~. Albany, J. Muinsell, 1868.

Page  6 ACCADEMIA DELLA CRUSCA. ADELUNG. Accademia della crusca. Vocabolario degli Adams-continued. accademici della crusca. 5a impressione. v. 1- trines, worship, ministry, and discipline of 2. [A-B]. 40~. Firenze, M. Cellini e cib. the people called quakers are plainly declared. 1866-67. S. By W. Penn; R. Barclay; J. Pike. 3 v. ----- The same. 5a impressione. Glossario. in 1. 8. Wilmington, J. Adams, 1783. [A-B]. 4~. Firenze, M. Celliniecia. 1867. Adams (John, 2d presidentof the United States). Acad6mie royale des sciences. See Institut The political history of the Italian republics. de France. 2 v. 1 p. 1. 451 pp; 1 p. 1. 528 pp. 18 1. 80~ Acufia (Hernando de). E1 cavallero deter- London, C. Dilly, 1787. minado. See La Marche (Olivier de). [NOTE.-This work is simply volumes 2 and 3 of the author's "Defence of the constitutions of governAdair (Janmes PMakittrick, m d. ) A philo-ment of the United States of America," with a sophical and medical sketch of the natural factitious title by a modern bookseller]. history of the human body and mind. To Adams (John Quincy, 6th president of the Uniwhich is subjoined an essay on the difficulties ted States). Lettres sur la Sil6sie, 6crites en of attaining medical knowledge. xxiii, 318 1800 et 1801, durant le cours d'un voyage pp., 80. Bath, R. Cruttwel1, 1787. fait dans cette province. Traduit de l'AnAdamowicz (Alexander). Praktische pol- glais, par J. Dupuy. 4 p. 1. 421 pp. 8o. nische grammatik ffir Teutsche, [etc.] 1 p. 1. Paris, Dentu, 1807. iv, 200 pp. 120. Berlin, Oehmnigke der Adams (William T.) Down the Rhine; or, jflngere, 1794. s. young America in Germany. By Oliver OpAdams (C. d. d.) Life of Samuel Johnson, tic. [pseudon.] 341 pp. 4 pl. 16. Boston,. 11. d. 345pp. 7 pl. 16n. New York, Carl- Lee' Shepard, 1870. ton &' Lanahan, [1869]. - Lightning express; or, the rival acadeAdams (Charles Baker). Catalogue of land mies. By OliverOptic. [pseudon.] 312 pp. shells which inhabit Jamaica. 4 pp. 8~. 8 pl. 160. Boston, Lee &f Shepard, 1870. Amherst, (Mass.) 1849. S. [The lake shore series, no. 2]. [With his Contributions to conchology]. - On time; or, the young captain of the - Contributions to conchology: con- Ucaygasteamer. By Oliver Optic. [pseudon.] ducted by C. B. Adams. v. 1. October, 282 pp. 6 pl. 18~. Boston, Lee &S Shepard, 1849-November, 1852. iv, 258 pp. 80. 1870. New York, H. Baillietre, [1849-52]. S. [The lake shore series, no. 3]. Monograph of stoastoma, a new genus Switch off; or, the war of the students. of new operculated land shells. 16 pp. 8~. By Oliver Optic. [pseudon.] 288 pp. 7 pl. Amherst, (Mass.) 1849. S 16~. Boston, Lee Sf Shepard, 1870. [ With his Contributions to conchology]. [The lake shore series, no. 4]. Monograph of vitrinella, a new genus of Through by daylight; or, the young turbinidme. 10 pp. 8. Aomherst, (Mass.) engineer of thelake shore railroad. By Oli1850. s. ver Optic. [pseudon.] 300 pp. 8 pl. 160. [With his Contributions to conchology]. Boston, Lee 8" Shepad, 1870. Synopsis conchyliorum jamaicensium, [The lake shore series, no. 1]. etc. (Extracted from the Proceedings of the Addison (Joseph). Criticism on Milton's Paradise lost. From'"The spectator,"31 DeBoston society of natural history). Speci- cember 1711-3May 1712. Carefully edited erum novarum conchyliorum, in Jamaica cber, 1711-3 May, 1712. Carefully edited repertorurm synopsis. 17 pp. $0 [Boston, by Edward Arber. 152 pp. 160. London, A. epertorumn synopsis. 17 pp. 8~. [Boston, ~~~~1845]. S.~ ~ -Murray,' son, 1868. [ARBEar'S English reprints, no. 8]. [With his Contributions to conchology]. With mhis (Contributions to coichology]. AAddy (William). Stenographia; or, the art of Adams (Charles Francis, jr.) A chapter of short-writing compleated in a far more comErie. iv,152pp. 16. Boston,Fields,Os- prehensive method than any yet extant. 17 1. good St co. 1869. 1 portrait. 12~. London, W. Marshall, Adams (F. Colburn). The YVon Toodleburgs; [1685]? or, the history of avery distinguished family. Adelon (Nicolas Philibert). Physiologie de 290 pp. 6 pl. 12~. Philadelphia, Claxton, l'homme. 2c 6d. revue, corrig6e et augmentee. Remsen 58, Haffel~finger, 1868. 4 v. 80. Paris, Compnerejeune, 1829. Adams (James, publisher). Three treatises, Adelung (Johann Christoph). Grammatischin which the fundamental principles, doc- kritisches wbrterbuch der hochdeutschen

Page  7 ADELUNG. AINES. Adelung-continued. Agathynian club publications. 80~. New mundart, mit bestaindiger vergleichung der York, 1868. iibrigen mundarten, besonders aber die ober- CONTENTS. deutsehen. Mit D. W. Soltau's beytriigen, VERGILIO (P.) De rerum inventoribus, v. 2. revidirt und berichtiget von Franz Xaver Agnew (J. L.) Historical record of the city Schnberger. 4 v. 4~. Wien, B. P'. Bauer, of Savannah. SeeLee (F. D.)and Agnew. 1811. s. A/gronomische zeitung. Organ ftir die interessen der gesammten landwirthschaft. Adhemar (comtesse de, pseudon.) See Lsamothe-lar(gon (de. Ls deudon.) SeeLa- Redigirt von dr. Wilhelm Hamm, [etc.] v, ~mothe-Langon (~ L. de). 12-15. 40. Leipzigg, P. Reclazn,jr. 1857-60. Advanced Latin exercises, with selections for [v. 4- ~ wantiPg]. S. reading. [anon.] American ed. Revised, trehading. [anon.] American ed. P Revised, Ahn (Friedrich). Ahn's new, practical, and with additions. 162 pp. 120. Philadelphia, Blanchard & Lea, 1854. s. easy method of learning the German lan[SCHMITZ and ZuMPT's classical series]. guage. With pronunciation, by J. C. OehlAdventures of an attorney in search of prac- schlager. Revised ed. First course, practitice; or, a delineation of professional life. cal part. iv, 172 pp. 80. New York, E, [anon.] 2d ed. xlii, 450 pp. 120. London, Steiger, 1869. Saundfers &, Otley, 1840. -, Ahn's praktischer lehrgang zur schnelAeneas, gazees. Deimmortalitate anima, et len und leichten erlernung der englischen mortalitate universi, ex recensione et cum sprache. Herausgegeben von H. Ginal. animadversionibus Casparis Barthii. [Grwce Beide curse in einem bande. 204 pp. 12 et latine]. 160 pp. 1 1. 4~. Lipsiae, C. Piladelphia, H. Gial, 1867. Gerlach 16F S. Beckenstein, 1655. Ahrens (Wilhelm). Betrachtungen fiber die Aeschyluas. See Robortello (F.) Scholia biblische geschichte. Von der schpfung hbis in Aeschyli tragoedibas, etc. zum einzug der Israeliten in Kanaan, [etc. iEtna insurance company..AEtna guide to fire 256 pp. 18~. Cincinati, SworLstedt 5 insurance for the representatives of the Eitna Power, 1850. s. insurance co. Hartford, Conn. Branch, Cin- Aiamie tipadjimo8in masinaigan ka ojitogocinnati. viii, 529 pp. 8 n. Cincinnati, CR. banen kaiat ka niina8isi mekate8ikonaie8igocinnati. viii, 529 pp. 8% Cincinnati, R. Clarke 5, co. [1867]. banen kanactageng 8ak8i ena8indibanen. [Algonquin prayer-book]. 335 pp. I l Affection's gift: a christmas, new year, and [Algonquin prayer-book]. 338 pp. I 1. 18~. 0 ki mag8ahikickoton John Lovell, birthday present, for 1854. 120. Philadely E.H ulr4c.15moniatng: ate mekate8ikonaie8ikamikon, phia, E. H. Butler 8& co. 1854. s. Kuaactageng, 1859. African association. Proceedings of the asso- Aikin (John, m. d.) Aikin's calendar of naciation for promoting the discovery of the in- ture. 120. London, 1854. terior parts of Africa. 2 v. viii, 565 pp; v, [In HOWITT (M.) Pictorial calendar of the seasons]. 424 pp. 3 maps. 8~. London, W. Bulmer -- A description of the country from thirty 5' co. 1810. to forty miles round Manchester, [etc.] 12 [NOTE.-Incorporated with the Royal geographical p. 1. 624 pp. 73 pl. and maps. 40. London, J. Stockdale, 1795. s. African (The) repository. January, 1868, Aimard (Gustave). The pirates of the praito December, 1869. v. 44-45. 80. Wlash- ries; or, the bandit at bay. 100 pp. 120. ington, American colonization society, 1868-69. New York, Americannews co. [1869]. Agassiz (Louis John Rudolph). Nouvelles ___ The trail hunter; or, Red cedar, the 6tudes et exp6riences sur les glaciers actuels, prairie outlaw. 100 pp. 120. New lork, leur structure, leur progression et leur action Beadle & co. [1869]. physique sur le sol. 2 p. 1. xxxi, 598 pp Aime (Georges). Observations sur le mag 1 1. 2 tab. 80. Atlas, 3 maps. 9 pl. fol. netisme terrestre. 4. Paris, 1846. Paris, V. Masson, 1847. [FRANCE. Exploration scientifique de l'Alg6rie, etc. Ueber die gattungen unter den nord- Phyique gnerale, v. 2]. amerikanischen najaden. (Extract from Aines (William). Medvlla ss. theologim, ex Archiv fuii naturgeschichte). 41-52 pp. 80. sacris literis, earumque interpretibus, ex[Berlin, 1852]. s. tracta, et methodice disposita. 5 p.l. 198 [With CONRAD (T. A.) A synopsis of the naiades pp.J.Jasonius 1North America]. 1627.

Page  8 AINSLIE. ALFIERI. Ainslie (H.) A pilgrimage to the land of Alder (Joshua) and Hancock (Albany). Burns; containing anecdotes of the bard, Notice of a collection of nudibranchiate mloland of the characters he immortalized, with lusca made in India, by Walter Elliot, esq. numerous pieces of poetry, original and col- [etc. Extract from transactions of the lected. [anon.] 2 p. 1. 271 pp. 3 pl. 120. Zoologicalsociety]. 113-147 pp. 6 (28-33) Deptford, author, 1822. col. pl 40. [London, 1863]. s. Albany (City of). Albany street directory and Aldrich (Thomas Bailey). The ballad of city guide, containing a list of public build- babie Bell, and other poems. I p. 1. 117 pp. ings, post office, arrival and departure of 120. New York, Rudd 8r Carleton, 1859. mails, money order office, churches, banks, I The story of a bad boy. 261 pp. 2 p1. newspapers, fire alarm stations, arrival and 160. Boston, Fields, Osgood & co. 1869. departure of trains, calendar for 1869, etc. Aldridge (William). Natural short-hand. Compiled and published by Joseph C. Wal- See Holdsworth (W.) and Aldridge (W.) lace. 64pp. 18~. Albany, J. C. Wallace, Alemany(D. Lorenzo de). Coleccion de Aa. 1869. franceses, compuesta para la mas cabal inAlbion (The). A journal of news, politics, struccion de la juventud. 2n' ed. vii, 328 pp. and general literature, Jan. 1833, to Dec. 160. Madrid, A. de Sojo, 1844. 1838. [Second] series, v. 1-6. [Complete Alembert (Alfred d'). Flanerie parisienne series, v. 11-16]. fol. Nezo York, 1833-38. aux:Etats-Unis. 2 p. 1. 278 pp. 1 1. 16G. _ The same. Jan. 1839, to Dec. 1841. Paris, librairie theatrale, 1856. [Third] seiies, v. 1-3. [Complete series, v. Aletophilus (Christianus, pseudon.) See Ig17-19]. fol. New York, 1839-41. natio (Henricus a S.) - The same. Jan. 1.842, to Dec. 186. Alexander, aphrodisiensis. Problematum libri [Fourth] series, v. 1-15. [Complete series, dvo. 160. Valenticv, 1554. v. 20-34]. fol. New York, 1842-56. [GAZA (T.) Problematum Aristotelis, etc.] The same. Jan. 1857, to Dec. 1862. Alexander (Caleb). The young ladies' and v. 16-21. [Complete series, v.35-40.] fol. gentlemen's spelling book: on a new and New York, TV. Young, 1857-62. improved plan, containing a criterion of Alcott (Amos Bronson). Tablets. 208 pp. rightly spelling and pronouncing the English 160. Boston, Roberts brothers, 1868. language: interspersed with easy lessons in Alcott (Louisa M.) Hospital sketches, and reading, entertaining fables, and collections camp and fire-side stories. 2 p. 1. 379 pp. of moral sentences. Intended for the use of 3 pl. 160. Boston, Roberts brothers, 1869. common schools. 144pp. 16G. Worcester, Little women; or, Meg, Jo, Beth, and I. Thomas, 1799. Amy. Part second. 359 pp. 4 pl. 160. Alexander (James Waddell, d. d.) Forty Boston, Roberts brothers, 1869. years' familiar letters. Constituting, with _ _Moods. 2d ed. 297 pp. 120. Bos- the notes, a memoir of his life. Edited by ton, Loring, 1865. the surviving correspondent, John Hall, d. d. Alcott (William A.) The physiology of 2 v. viii, 412 pp. 1 potrait; 379 pp. 1 pormarriage. Containing information to the trait. 80. New York, C. Scribner, 1860. married, and those about to be married. By Alexander (Patrick Proctor). Mill and Cara physician of many years' experience lyle. An examination of J. S. Mill's doctrine [Also, 3C0ourthip ap dmarriage. anon,. 260, of causation in relation to moral fieedom. iv, 308pp. 1 portrait. 12g. Boston, W6. H. With an occasional discourse on Sauerteig, Piper 8F co. 1868. by Smelfungus, [in imitdtion of Carlyle]. The young husband; or, duties of man iv, 180 pp. 12 EdinDurgih, W. P. Nimmo, in the marriage relation. 20th stereotype ed. 1866. 388 pp. 2 pl. 160. Boston, C. D. Strong, 1851. Le tragedi. Ediione Alfieri (Vittorio). Le tragedie. Edizione The young wife; or, duties of woman The young wife or, duties of woman senza errori, con tavole in rame. v. 1-4. 80. ill the marriage relation. 17th stereotype ed. Italie, [abo nt 1820]. 376 pp. 2 pl. 160. Boston, Strong & Brodhead, 1849. CONTENTS. v. 1. Filippo. Polinice. Amtigone. Virginia. v. 2. Agamemnone. Oreste. Rosmunda. Ottavia. 13th ed. 356 pp. 2 pl. 160. Boston, C. H. v. 3. Maria Stuarda. La congiura de' Pazzi. Don Garzia. Saul. Peirce, 1847. v..4. Agide. Sofonisba. Brutoprimo. Mirra.

Page  9 ALGER. ALTUM. Alger (Horatio, jr.) Luck and pluck series. Allgemeines repertorium der neuesten in- und 160. Boston, Loring, [1869]. ausl/indischen literatur. Herausegegben von 1. Luck and pluck; or, John Oakley's inheritance. einer gesellschaft gelehrten. [C. D. Beck, 34:3 pp. 8 pl. und R. H. L. Pl1itz]. 1819-26. 32 v. in Ragged Dick series. 4 v. 16~. Boston, C)i b:8,-9 16. 8~. Leipziff, C. Cnobloclh, 1819-26. Lorinfg, 1868-69. LAlmanach de la bourse pour 1869. 146 annde, 1. Ragged Dick: or, street life in New York with the bootblacks. 296 pp. 4 pl. contenant la revue financiere et un dtat comn2. Fame and fortune; or, the progress of Richard aratif des derniers cours connus du Ier sepHunter. 279 pp. 4 pI. 3. Mark, the match boy; or, Richard Hunter's ward. tenlbre 1867 an 3l aoft 1868, les valeurs It 276 pp. 4 pl. 4. Rough and ready; or, life among the New York lots, tons les ddtails sur les chemins de fer, nlewsboys. 300 pp. 4 pl. fonds publics, actions industrielles, etc. 108 Alibert (Jean Louis, baron). Dissertationsur pp. 10 1. 160~. Paris, B. Bdchet, 1869. les filvres pernicieuses, ou ataxiques inter- Almanach et directoriuna franais des:1tatsmittentes, etc. 2e 6d. xxviii, 291 pp. 4 pl. Inis, pour lannue 1869, a l'usage des popu18~. Paris, Richard, Caille 5w Ravier, 1801. lations fagqaises de l'Amtrique du Nord. Prdcis thdoriqueetpratiqule surles mala- 22eannie. 121 pp. 12g. Nec IYork, J.D. dies de la peau. 2 v. 4 p. 1. xvi, 437 pp; L. Zender, 01868]. 2 p. 1. 387 pp. 80~. Paris, Caille & h'avie, Almanaclh impirial, prdsenti' leursmajestes. 1818. (170e-1716 annde), 1868-69. 2 v. 8~. All the year round. A weekly journal. Con- Paris, t fis 8 Palris, veuvle Berver-Levurault ct fils, 1868-69. ducted by Charles Dickens. With which is Almanaque peruano, y guia de forasteros, incorporated, Household words. v. 20. June 1812-14. For Francisco Romero. 3 v. 180. 13, to Nov. 28, 1868. 80. Londoa3, at the Limo t, isnpreretade los ni huos hoerJfnos, 1812qoice, 1868. 14. The same. December, 1868, to June, Alieida (Candido Mendes de). See Mendes 1869. Newseries. v. 1. 8~. London, 1869. de Almeida (C.) Alleghany college. Catalogus bibliothecme Alleghany college. Catalogus bibliotlicr Alineida (Theodoro de). Piadoso devocionario collegil alleghaniensis. 130 pp. 80. lIeadn A * en honor del sagrado corazon de Jesus. Traville, T. Atlkinson &C soc. 18'23. s. n viL le, Atkinson e- \ soc. a 183 sducido al idioma mexicano por P. J. GamAllen (George N.) The social and sabbath bino. 4 p. 1. 120 pp. 18. Orizava, F bino. 4. 1.:120 pp. 18~. Osizava, F school hymn-book. 5th ed. 251 pp. 24~. date 139 Oberlin, J. M. Fitch, 1854. Allen (Harrison m. d.) Outlines of com- Tesorodo proteccionen i santisimadvirparative anatomy and medical zoology. 190 gen; 6, estimulos de amor y devocion a la pp. 8~. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott m& co. adre de Dios, nuestra senfora, escritos en por1 869. tugues. Traducidas al Castellano p. d. F. V. Allen (Richard L.) New American farm book. G. 2p. 1. x,237 pp. 160. Madrid, mprenRevised and enlarged by Lewis F. Allen. ta real, 1797. 526pp. 12". Nez ok, O.rk0 Judd co. 1869. Alphabet (The) of reason: being an essay Allen (William, d. d. president of Bowdoin towards constructing a plan to facilitate the college). A decade of addresses, delivered art of swift writing, commonly called shortfrom 1820-29, to the senior classes at Bow- hand; upon rational principles. [anon.] 16 doin college; [with] an inaugural address, pp. 2 pl. 160. London, I Becket, 1763. [and] a Dudleian lecture, delivered May 12, Alsop (Richard). The charms of fancy: a 1830, at Harvard university. 272 pp. 16~. poem, in four cantos, with notes. Edited Portlcand, S. Colman, 1830. with a biographical sketch of the author, by Allertron (R.G.) Brook trout fishing. An Theodore Dwight. 214pp. 12~. Nlew York, account of a trip of the Oquossoc angling D. Appleton & co. 1856. association to northern Maine, in June, 1869. Alton Shte de Ligneres (Edmond comnte d'). 59 pp. 1 col. pl. 120. New York, Perris Mes m6moi ires, (1826-1848). 2 v. 3p. 1. 8& Browne, 1869. 337 pp; 2 p. 1. 390 pp. 1 1. 8o. Paris, lib?'aiAllerton homes. A story for boys. By the rie internationale, 1869. author of "The silversmith of Jerusalem." Altum (Bernard). Der vogel und sein leben [anon.] 239 pp. 3 pl. 16~. Philadelphia, geschildert. 2e aufl. xv, 240 pp. 8c. MiunJ. P. Skelly 8& co. 1869. ster, WF. Niemann, 1868. s.

Page  10 10 ALVARES. AMERICAN. Alvares (Francisco). Die reisz zu desz American baptist publication society. The christlichen kinigs in hohen Ethiopien, den almanac and baptist register, [etc. ] for 1843wir priester Johann nennen darinnen alle [and] 1845. 2v. 80. Philadelphia,[1842seine konigreich, hoffltger, etc. beschrieben 44]. S. werden. [Aus demn Portugiesischen iiber- The same. The baptist almanac and setzt]. 1. 23-143. fol. Franckfurt am Mlayn, annual register for 1850. 8~. Philadelphia, S. Feyrabendt, 1581. [1849]. S. [GENERAL Chronica, (pt. 1)M. The same. The baptist almanac for Alvarez de Toledo (Gabriel). Historia de la 1851-53 and 1855. 4v. 8~. Philadelphia, iglesia, y del mundo, que contiene los su- [1850-54], S. cessos desde su creacion hasta el diluvio. American (The) biblical repository. Con10 p. 1. 382 pp. 5 1. fol. Madrid, J. ducted by J. M. Sherwood. January to OcRodriguez y Escobar, 1713. s. tober, 1850. Third series, v. 6. [Complete Amat (Josef). Sermon en las exequias de la series, v. 30]. 8~. New 1York, proprietor, venerable da Josefa Maria Roca de la Serna, 1850. y Mascarell, muger del generoso d. Lorenzo [NTE. —No more published. United in January, 1861, with the Bibliotheca sacra]. Torres y Carr6z, [etc.] 10 p. 1. 211 pp.,American (The) bond detector; and comrn1 p]. ]2~. Yalencia, J. E. Dolz, 173:7. s. plete history of the United States governAmerica; or, an exact description of the West ment securities; issued under the sanction Indies; more especially of those under the of the United States treasury department. dominion of the Icing of Spain. By N. N. 200pp. 22, 8 pl. obl. 40~. Washington, Amergent. [anoLn.] 2 1. 7 p. 1. 484 pp. ican bond and currency detector company, 1869. 1 1. 18~. London, E. Dod, 1655. American dental association. Transactions. America (La). Crdaica hispano-armericana, Fifth and sixth annual meetings held in Chi1857-1861, dirigida por d. Eduardo Asque- cago and Boston, 1865 and 1866. 3 p. 1. rino, [etc.] 5v. in 4. fol. Madrid, 1857-61. 511 pp. 80. Boston, A. Mudge son, 1868. American (The) agriculturist. For the farm, American eclectic medical review. Editors, garden, and household. January, 1868, to R. S. Newton, a. d. and P. A. Morrow, m. December, 1869. v. 27-28. 40. New York, d. July, 1868, to June, 1869. v.4. 8~. 0. Judd & co. [ 1868]. iYew York, Trow & Smith, 1868-69. American (The) agricultural annual, 1869, American educational monthly. See New and 1870. A farmer's year book, [etc.] Illus- York teacher andl Ameican educational trated. 2 v. 120, New York, O. Judd & monthly. co. [1869-70]. American gold quotations, 1862-66, and America~n (The) annual cyclopmedia and members of the New York gold exchange, register of important events of the years New York stock exchange, open board bro1867 and 1868. v. 7-8. 80. NITezw Yoirk, D. kers, and petroleum board brokers. 191. 32~. Appleton &81 co. 1868-69. New York, J. C. Mersereau, 1866. American antiquarian society. Archebmologia opathic observer; a monthly americana. Transactions and:collections. journal devoted to the interests of homcov. 3-4. 8~. Cambridge, by the society, 1850-60. pathic physicians. January to December, pathic physicians. January to December, CONTENTS. 1869. v. 6. 8~. Detroit, E. A. Lodge, 1869. v. 3. Reeords of the company of the Massachusetts bay, to the embarkation of Winthrop, [etc.] for American horticultural annual, 1869. IllusNew Egllgand. trated. 152 pp. 12~. New York, O. Judd The diaries of John Hull, with a memoir of the author. & co 1868 Memoirs of hon. Thomas Lindall Winthrop, [by G Folsom]: and hon. John Davis, [by T. Kinnicutt]. American (The) journal of the medical sciv. 4. Original documents from the State paper office, London, and the British museum. Edited by E. ences. Edited by Isaac Hays, m. d. JanuE. Hale.. ary to April, 1841; January to April, 1844; "A discourse of Virginia." By E. M. Wingfield. Edited by Charles Deane. July to October, 1860; January to April, New England's rarities discovered. By J. Josselyn. Jly2 January to Octob er, Jna9. New seNarrative of a voyage to Spitzbergen in the year 1862; January to October, 1869. New se1613. [anon?. Attributed to R. Fotherby]. ries v. 1 7 40 43. and 57-58. PhilaLel Life of sir Ralph Lane. By E. E. Hale. Notice of Samuel Jennison. By S. Salisbury. phia, Lea - Blanchard,1841-69.

Page  11 l1 AMERICAN. AMI. AJmerican journal of numismatics, and bul- American shipmasters' association —cont'd. letin of the American numismatic and arch- veys made and compiled under the direction mological society, May, 1866, to April, 1868. of the American shipmasters' association. v. 1-2 in 1 vol. 80. New York, Am. nu- 199 1o 40. New York, R. C. Root & co. mis. and archweol. soc. [C1866-681. 1869. American (The) journal of science and arts. American social science association. DocuConducted by B. Silliman, J. D. Dana, [and ments published by the association. Part 1. others]. January to November, 1869. 2d Constitution, address, and list of members, series, v. 47-48. [Complete series, v. 97-98]. with the questions proposed for discussion, 80.,New Haven, ecdito~rs, [1869]. to which are added minutes of the transactions of the association. July, 1866. 64 pp, American literary gazette and publishers' cir80. Boston, association, 1866. cular. November 1868, to Oct. 1869. v. 312-:13. 8~. Philadelphia, G. TV. Childss The same. Part 2. Address, at the fifth [1869]. general meeting, New York, November 19, 1867, by Samuel Eliot, corresponding secnabrica (The) magnzin, and rretary, to which are added lists of papers, useful literature. Devoted to science, litermembers, etc. December, 1867. 65-92 ppe ature, and the arts, [etc.] Edited by John S. Wood, m. d. and Barnabas Wood, [etc.] Jounal. No. 1 Apil, 186 8. Bos ---— ~Journal. No. 1. April, 1869. 80. Bosv. 1. [From July to December, 1841]. ton, 1869. 190pp. 10pl. 80. Albany, B. [lood, 1841.. American (The) spectator; or, matrimonial American medical association. Transactions. preceptor. A collection (with additions and v. 3-4, and 15-19. 1850-51, 1864-68. 8~. variations) of essays, epistles, precepts, and Philadelphia, for the association, 1850-68. examples, relating to the married state, from American (The) naturalist, a popular illus- the most celebrated writers, ancient and modtrated [monthly] magazine of natural his- ern. Adapted to the state of society in the tory. Edited by A. S. Packard, jr. [and American republic. 286 pp. I pl. 16~. Bosothers]. March, 1867, to February, 1869. ton, D. West, 1797. v. 1-2. 80. Salem, Essex institute and Pea- American (The) year-book and national regbody academy of science, 1868-69. ister for 1869. Astronomical, historical, poAmerican pharmaceutical association. Pro. litical, financial, commercial. Edited by ceedings. v. 1-16. 80. Philadelphia, 1851- David N. Camp. v. 1. 824 pp. 80. Hart69. ford, 0. D. Case & co. 1869. American (The) preacher; or, a collection of Americanische (Die) goldgrube; das ist: sermons from some of the most eminent die kunst des landmanns, seine zeitlichen preachers, now living, in the United States, guiter fiinfzig- bis hundertfSltig zu vermehren, of different denominations in the christian [etc.] Ein lehrreiches lese- und rechenbuch, church. Never before published. [Edited fiir alle wahre patrioten, [etc. anon.] viii, by David Austin]. 3 v. 120. Elizabeth- 192 pp. 12~. Libanon, (Penn.) H. Sage, town, (N. J.) S. Kollock, 1791. 1810. The same. v. 4. 80. New Haven, A. Amerikanisches magazin-Oder authentiMorse, 1793. sche beitrige zur erdbeschreibung, staatsAmerican (The) presbyterian and theologi- kunde und geschichte von Amerika, besoncal review. Editors: H. B. Smith and J. ders derVereinigten Staaten. Herausgegeben M. Sherwood. January to October, 1863. von professor Hegewisch in Kiel, und profesNew series, v. 1. 8~O New York, JO M. sor Ebeling in Hamburg. v. 1. 4 parts in 2 Sherwood, 1863. v. 3 p. 1. 190, 166 pp; 2 p. 1. 200 pp. 2 1. American railroad journal. Steam naviga- 184 pp. 8~. IHamburg, C. E. Bohln, 1795. tion, commerce, finance, engineering, bank- Amerique (L') delivrde; esquisse d'un ing, mining, manufactures. January, 1864, po6me sur l'independance de l'Anm6rique. to December, 1869. v. 37-42,. (2d quarto Par L. C. D. L. G. [anon.] 2 v. xxiv, 726 series, v. 20-25). 40. New York, J. H. pp. 8~. Amsterdam, J. A. Crajenschot, 1783. Schultz, 1864-69. Am I a child of God? [anon. ] 92 pp. ] pl. American shipmasters' association. Record 18~. Philadelphia, American s. s. union., of American and foreign shipping, from sur- [1869].

Page  12 J2 AMICABLE. ANGELL. Amicable Quixote. Historia de Bruce y Andala-continued. Emilia, 6 el Quixote de la amistad. Obra Adjecta est disputatio theologica de libero hoinglesa. [anon.] Traducida al Frances por el minis peccatoris arbitrio. 4 p. 1. 253 pp. I 1. p. Chanin, y extractada libremente al cas- 160. Franequerae, A. Heinsius, 1713. tellano por d. F. E. y C. 2 v. 6 p. 1. 190 pp; Andersen (Hans Christian). The two baron2 p. 1. 216 pp. 160. MAadrid, Repullis, esses. A romance. v, 261 pp. 120. New 1808. S. York, H'urd & Houlghton, 1869, Amoreux (F61ix d'). See Saint-F'lix ALnderson (Charles Frederick). Anderson's (Jules de). American villa architecture. Ist no. 6 1. Arorlt (Eusebio). Censura sobre el arte de 15 pl. obl. fol. New York, G. P. Putnam & pensar, 6 logica admirable de Antonio Ar- co. 1853. naldo, escrita enLatin,y traducidaenEspafiol, [No more published]. por Miguel Joseph Fernandez, [etc. ] 10 p. i. Anderson (John J.) An introductory school 171 pp. 80. Madrid, A.l M etdoze del Vltle, history of the United States, arranged on the 1759. s. catechetical plan; to which are added, the [ With ARNAULD (A.) Arte de pensar, 17591. declaration of independence, and the consti_Amory (Thomas C.) The military services tution of the United States, with questions and public life of mlajor-general John Sulli- and explanations. 153, 38 pp. 2 maps. 160. van, of the American revolutionary army. New York, Clark & Maynard, 1867. 2 p. 1. 320 pp. 1 portrait. 80. Boston, Anderson (Rufus, d. d.) Foreign missions; Iiggin & Lunt, 1868. their relations and claims. 1 p. 1. xiv, 373 Armpere (Jean Jacques). L'histoire romaine pp. 12~. New York, C. Scribner & co. 1869. it Rome. 2 v. 2 p. 1. lxiii, 495 pp. I 1. 1 map; Anderson (Rev. William). Kings of society; 2 p. 1. 577 pp. 1 1. 1 map. 80. Paris, M. or, leaders of social, intellectual, and religLfvyfir'es, 1862, ious progress. xi, 304 pp. 12~. London, Littdrature, voyages et po6sies. Nou- book society, [1866]. velle 6d. 2 v. 3 p. 1. 336 pp; 2 p. 1. 504 Andrejkovicz (-). and Dunk (-). Genpp. 16~. Paris, Didier, 1853. eral instructions for the use of aniline colors. ALmunategui (Miguel Luis and Gregorio). 0~. Philadelphia, 1869. La reconquista espafiola. Apuntes para la [Iz LOVE, (T.) The art f dyeing]. historia de Chile, 1814-1817. ix, 210 pp. Andres y Alcalde (Joaquin). Manual esta1 1. 8~. Santiago, inmprenta chilena, 1851. s. distico, historico-politico, geneal6gico y asAmyraut or Arnyrault (Moise). De jure tronomico; 6 vista estadistica del mundo y naturo, quod connubia dirigit, disquisitiones compendio general de noticias. 16 p. 1. 327 sex. Ex Gallicaverse' B. IT. Reynoldo, ex pp. 160. Madrid, Moreno, 1831. bibliotheca G. von Mastricht, qui notas Andrew Douglas. [A tale. alon.] 232pp. aliaque ejusdem argumenti addidit. 2 p. 1. 1 pl. 18~. Nlew York, nat. temperance publ. 384 pp. 1 1. 160, Stadce, H. Brumnrer, house, 1868. 1712. Anecdotes of eminent persons, comprising Anastasius, bibliothecarius. IHistoria de vitis also many remains of literature and biograromanorum pontificvmn a Petro apostolo phy, with some original letters of disvsqve ad Nicolavm i. Deinde vita Hadriani tinguished characters. 2 v. xi, 404 pp; vii, ii. et Stephani vi. auctore Gvilielmo biblio- 404 pp. 80. London, S. Bagster, 1813. thecario. Accessere varie lectiones, [etc.] Anecdotes du temps de Louis xvi. [anon.] 8 p. 1. 352 pp. 6 1. 4~. MIogvntice, I. Al- 2 p. 1. 218 pp. 160. Paris, L. Hachette & binnus, 1602. cie. 1854. Ancillon (Friedrich). Zur vermittlung der Angelin (Nils Peter). Paleontologia scandiextreme in den meinungen. 2 v. xiv, 427 navica. pars Ia. Crustacea formationis pp; iv, 384 pp. 8~. Berlin, DutLCr;er & transitionis. 1 p. 1. x, 92, 42 pp. 40. Lipsic, Hurmblot, 1831. T. O. WIeigel, 1854. CONTENTS. liAngell (John). Stenography; or, short-hand v. 1. Geschichte und politik. v. 1. Philosophie uld poesi improved: being the most compendious, Andala or Ruirds van Andlahuizen (-) lineal, and easy method hitherto extant, [etc. ] Vindiciae veritatis, quam ecclesime reformatsr I p. 1. xxii, xxix pp. 21 pl. 120. London, profitentur de dependentia actionum iA Deo. A. M3iller, [about 1780].

Page  13 13 ANGLERIUS. ANNUAL, Anglerius (Petrus). See Martire d'An- Annales des voyages, de la geographie, de ghiera (Pietro). i'histoire et de l'arch6ologie, [etc.] dirigde An~g~s y Zanduey (Antonio Jose). Sub- par V. A. Malte-Brun. Annde 1867 [et] 1868. 8 v. 8~. Paris, Challamet ain6, sidii et excusati gratie apostolicre, duo- 1868. 8 decim observationibus illustrate. 8 p. 1. 128, cxxiii pp. sm. 40. liatriti, F. del Hierro, Annals(The) and magazine of naturalhistory, [1727]. s. including zoology, botany, and geology. Ang~strb1m1 (Ainders Jons). gSpectre normal Conducted by C. C. Babington, J. E. Gray, du soleil. Atlans contenant les ongeurs W. S. Dallas, and W. Francis. 4th series. v. 2-3. 80. London, Taylor and Francis, d'onde des raies Frauenhofdriennes donndes 1868-69. en Tuo- de millimbtre. 1 p.l. 6 pl. fol. Upsal, 1868. s. Annet (Peter). Short-hand perfected, containing plain and easy examples, and instrueAnguiano (Matheo de). Epitome historial, tios forlearling it. 3 p.1. 1) pp 1 pl. y conqvista espiritval del imperio abysino, 80. London G. n oodfall, 1768.I en Etiopia la alta, o sobre Egypto, a cvyo emperador svelen lIamar preste,Juan, los de Annexation to the United States: is it deEuropa. 16 p. 1. 204 pp. 6 1. 80. ltiedrid, sirable? and is it possible? By " one of the A. G. E. de P-eyes, 1706. S. people." [anon.] 64 pp. 8~. Halifax, Vida, y virtudes de el capuchino espa- (N. S.) J. Bowes o son 1868. nol fr. Francisco de Pamplona, [etc.] Lla- Annie's gold cross, and its mysterious motto. mado en el siolo don Tiburcio de Redin, By the author of "Nellie Grey." [anon.] [etc.] 16 p. 1. 35f6 pp. 12 1. sinl. 40 a~d- f267 pp. 4 pl. 16G. Philadelphia, presbyterian?rid, impreintMa real, 1704. pe2blication committee, [1869]. Angus (Joseph, d. d.) The bible handbook: Annuaire de l'administration franpaise; par an introduction to the study of the sacred Maurice Block, faisant suite au Dictionnaire scriptures. 2d revised ed. With revisions, de ladministration franaise. le annee. notes, and an index of scripture texts, by 1868. 2 v. in 1. viii, 387 pp; 174 pp. 120. neo.F.tS.Hoyt. 781 pp. l co1. map. ]2~. Paris, V. Berger-Levrault etfils, 1868. rev. F. S. Hoyt. 781 pp. 1 col. map. 120. Philadelphia, J. S. Claxton, [1868]. Annuaire des deux mondes. HIistoire gdndrale des divers etats. v. 14. 1866-67. 8o Annales des ponts et chaussees. 4e serie..1867-1868. 7 v. 8~. Paris, Dunod, 1867- Pas, buea de Reve des deu mondes, 1868. 1868. Annuaire de l'dconomie politique et de la statistique; par mm. Guillaumin, Joseph MWmoires, 1867-68. v. 13-16. Garnier, Mce. Block, etc. 1e-2e, 4e-17e, 25eLois, d6crets, arret6s, et autres actes, 1867-68. v. 7-8. Personnel, 1868. 26e annee. 1844-45, 1846-60, 1868-69. 17 v. Annales de la propagation de la foi. See As- 18o. Paris, Guillaumin, 1844-69. sociation de la propagation de la foi. Annuaire encyclopedique. Politique. EgconoAnnalesregumMauritanie a conditoldrisida- mie sociale. Statistique. Administration. rum. imperio acd annum. fuge 726, ab Abu-l Sciences. Litterature. Beaux-arts. AgriculHasan Ali ben Abd Allah ibn Abi Zer' Fe- ture. Commerce. Industrie. Publie par les sano, vel ut alii malunt, Abu Muhamnmed directeurs de l'Encyclopddie du 19e siecle, Salih ibn Abd el Halium granatensi conscrip- 1868. 80. Paris, au bureau de l'encyclopedie du tos, ad librorumn manuscriptorumfidem edidit, 19e siecle, 1869. scripturme varietatemn notavit, latine vertit Annuaire de l'instruction publique pour observationibusque illustravit Carolus Joan- l'annde 1868, [et] 1869, publid par J. Delanes Tornberg. 2v. in 1. 12 p. 1. 281 pp; 5 lain. 2v. 160. Paris, J. Delalain & fils, p. 1. xiv, 446 pp. 40. Upsalie, litteris acade- 1868-69. micis, 1843-46. s. Annuaire militaire. See France. CONTENTS. Annual (The) register, and Virginian reposiv. 1. Textus arabile-Ls. tory for the year 1800. 1 p. 1. xii, 204 pp. 180~ v. 2. Versio latina, scripture varietas et observationes. Petersbu1rg, Ross &, Douglass, [1801].

Page  14 ANNUAL. APRtS. Annual (The) register; a review of public Aoust (L'abbe-). Analyseinfinit6simale des events at home and abroad, for the year 1868. courbes trac6es sur une surface quelconque. New series. 80. London, Rivington, 1869. xl, 314 pp. I 1. 8~. Paris, Gauthier-Villars, Annual of scientific discovery: or, year-book 1869. s. of facts in science and art for 1869, exhibiting Apgar (E. A. and A. C.) Geographical drawthe most important discoveries and improve- ing-book. A new and improved system of ments in mechanics, useful arts, [and science, map-drawing, designed to be used as a priduring 1868.] Edited by Samuel Kneeland, mary geography bybeginners. 40 pp. obl. nm. d. 12. Boston, Golld & Lincoln, 1869. 4~. Philadelplia, Cowpertlwait & co. 1869. Alnsdale hall; or, "standby your colors," by Aphentoula (Tbedores). IaOo2oyeco. e6aC. J. G. [anon.] 224 pp. 3 pl. 180. Boston, American tract society, [1868]., 7 O t 7v.-7c 80. Er rro~ri9 ~b T0 otwTvv ovvve. etaa. v 2-3. 8~. Ev Anspach (C. A.) Geschichte und beschrei-. AOrvats, I. Ayyeio7rovaog, 1854-55. s. bung von Newfoundland und der kiiste, w A, 7 [v. I wanting]. Labrador. x, 277 pp. 2 maps. 8~. WTeimar,'Apparatus brevis ad theologiatm, et jus ca1822. nonicum; complectens indicem historicoAnsted (D. T.) The application of geology historicoto the arts and manufactures. Being six lec- chronologicum conciliorum, paparum, antipaparurn, patrum et scriptorum ecclesiasticotures on practical geology, delivered before patrum et scriptorum ecc rum, necnon hereticorum, et compendiosam the society of arts, as a part of the Catoron hereticorum, t compendiosa series of lectures for 1865. iv pp. 2 1. 300 juris utriusque proenotionem. [anon.] 4 p. 1. 255 pp. 180. Venetiis, Remondini, pp. 16~. London, R. Hardwicke, 1865. Answer to considerations on certain political [ with1 CoZZA (L.) Dubia selecta, 1750]. transactions of the province of South Carolina. [anon.] 2 p. 1. 140 pp. 180~. London, J. Appleton (D.) & co. Appleton's illustrated Almon, 1774. almlanac for 1869 and 1870. 2 v. 8~. New Antas (Miguel d'). Les faux don S6bastien; York, D. Appleton & co. 1868-69. 6tude sur l'histoire de Portugal. 2 p. 1. v. Appleton'sjournal of literature, science, 476 pp. 11. 8~. Paris, A. Durand, 1866. and art, April 3 to Aug. 14, 1869. v. 1. 80 Ante-nicene christian library. Translations New York, D. Appleton c co. 1869. of the writings of the fathers, down to A. D..- Appleton's juvenile annual for 1869. 325. Edited by Alexander Roberts, d. d. A christmas and new year's gift for young and James Donaldson, 11. d. v. 1-12. 8~. people. 382 pp. 8 pl. 12~. New York, Edinburgh, T. & T. Clark, 1869. D. Appleton S co. 1869. CONTENTS. AND CONER. EpisTENTS, v.9. Appleton (John L.) Bestandtheile der engALEXANDER. Epistles, v. 9. ANTERUS. Epistle, v. 9. lischen aussprache, mit genauer beschreiATHENeus, urbanS. Writings, v. 9. bung der englischen laute und zahlreichen ATHENAGORAS. Writings, v. 2. BARNABAS. Epistle, v. 1. erltiuternden iibungen. Eine anweisung CAITIS. Fragments, v. 9. CALLISTUS. Epistles, v. 9. zu der aneignung einer richtigen und deutCLEMSENS, alexaedrizess. Wpritings, v. 4 and2.'lichen aussprache des englischen. Elements CLEMIENS, somnsuzss. Epistles, v. 1. CLEMENTINE recognitions, v. 3. of English pronunciation, [etc.] 30 pp. 8~. CYPRIANUS (T. C.) Writings, v. 8. EPISTLE to Diognetus, v. 1. New York, 1869. F~ABIANUS. Egpistles, v. 9. HERMAS. The pastor, v. 1. Appleton's improved practical method HEIRPTS. The pastor, v. i. HIPPOLYTUS. Writings, v. 6 and 9. for Germans to learn English in the IGNATIUS. Epistles, [with his Martyrdom], v. 1. IREN cUS. Writings, v. 6 and 9. shortest time. Verbesserte praktische ausJULINUS, aicarlrs. Writings, v. 9. sprache-methode, die englische sprache in JUSTINUS, martyr. Writings, v. 2. ORIGENES. Writings, v. 10. kiirzester zeit lesen, schreiben und sprechen PAPJIAS. Fragments, v. 1. lernen. 144 pp. 120. New York, B. TeesPoLycAur. Epistles, [with his Martyrdom], v. 1. Z len. 144 pp. 1. New ork, B. esPONTIrANUS. Epistles, v. 9. terseansn S co. 1869. T'ATIANUS. Writings, v. 3. TERTULLIANUS (Q. S. F.) Writings, v. 11. Apres de Mannevillette (Jean Baptiste Nicolas - Five books against Marcion, v. 7. THEOPHILUS, anstiochenums. Writings, v. 3. Denis d'). Instructions sur la navigation des UPBHANUSi. I Epistle, v. 9. Indes orientales et de la Chine, pour servir au. ZEPHYRINUS. Epistles, v. 9. Anthropological (EThe) review. 1863-63,. Neptune oriental. 2 p. 1. lviii, 574 pp. 7 1. 1-7. 80. Logidol, (163-r9. 1 xvi, xx, 52 pp. 4~. Paris, Dezauche, 1775. 1-7. 8~. London, 1863-tQ9.

Page  15 15 ARAM. ARLINCOURT. Aram (Eugene). The trial and life of Eugene Argens (Jean Baptiste de Boyer, marquis d'). Aram; several of his letters and poems; and Lettres juives; ou, correspondance philosohis plans and specimens of an Anglo-Celtic phique, historique et critique, entre un juif lexicon; with copious notes and illustrations, voyageur en diff6rens 6tats de l'Europe, et and an engraved fac-simile of the hand- ses correspondans en divers endroits. [anon.] writing of this very ingenious but ill-fated Nouv. dd. 8 v. 180. La Haye, P. Paupie, scholar. iv, 124 pp. 1 pl. 1. 80. Rich- 1764. mondl, l. Bell, 1832. Argentine republic. Rejistro estadistico de la Arand (Diego Barros). Historia jeneral de la republica arjentina. Bajo la direccion de independencia de Chile. v. 1. 2 p. 1. iii, 325 Damian Hudson. v. 2. 481pp. fol. Buenos pp. 80. Santiago, inmprenta chilena, 1854. s. Aires,.. A. Bernheim, 1867. Arber (Edward). English reprints. 11 v. Argosy (The). Edited by mrs. Henry Wood. 160. London, A. Murray & sons, 1868. January to December, 1869. v. 7-8. 80. cONTENTS. [London, J. Ogden & co. 1869]. ADDISoN (J.) Criticism on Milton's " Paradise lost," 1711-12. No. 8. Argiielles (Agustin de). Exdmen hist.rico AscHAuu (R.) Toxophilus, 1545. No. 7. GOSSON (S.) The schoole of abuse, 1579. A short apologie for the schoole of abuse, 1579. No. 3. c6rtes generales y estraordinarias desde que LATIMER (H.) Sermon on the ploughers, 1549. No. 2. Seven sermons before Edward vi, 1549. No. 13. se instalaron en la isla de Leon, el 24 de LYLY (J.) Euphues. The anatomy of wit, 1579. setiembre de 1810, hasta que cerraron en CaEuphues and his England, 1580. No. 9. MILTON (J.) Areopagitica, 1644. No. 1. diz sus sesiones en 1813. 2 v. 1 p. 1. viii, MORE (T.) Utopia, 1516. No. 14. PUTTENIIAMI (G.) The arte of English poesie, 1589. 479 pp; viii, 459 pp. 80. L6ndres, C. Wood No. 15. & hijo, 1835. SELDEN (J.) Table-talk, 1689. No. 6. SIDNEY (P.) An apologie for poetrie, 1595. No. 4. Argiielles (Jose Reguero). See Reguero ArWVEBBE (E.) His tranailes, 1590. No. 5. Archaeological institute of Great Britain and llmpbell, due f). See CapIreland. See Royal archmological institute bell (G. D. ) of Great Bitain anbell eln(G. D.) of Great Britain and Ireland. Aristophanes. HI2ovTro, [comedia]. 1 p. 1. Archaeological (The) journal. Published 152 pp. 80. Cantobricio, 1820 under the direction of the central committee [r Vith PORSON (R.) Notr in Aristophanem, etc.| of the British archbological association for Aristoteles. Fragmenta; collegit, disposuit, the encouragement and prosecution of re- illustravit iEmilius Heitz. xvi, 357 pp. 80. searches into the arts and monuments of the Paris, Didot, 1869. early and middle ages. v. 1. 80. London, [DInoT. Bibliothdqne greeque, v. 55]. 1845. s. r Problematum sectiones due de qvadraThe same. Published under the direc- ginta. 160. Falentiae, 1554. tion of the central committee of the (royal) [GAZA (T.) Problematum Aristotelis, etc.] archbeological institute of Great Britain andl - Synopsis of the virtues and vices. Ireland. v. 2-24. 80. London, 1846-67. s. Translated by'W. Bridgman. 80. London, Archives gdn6rales de m6dicine; journal pub- 1804. li6 par une societe de mdcecins, 1823-41. 5'7 [Ie BRIDG3IAN (W.) Translations from the Greek, v. 80. Paris, Becleht, 1823-41. pp. 1-23J. [NOTE.-Complete to v. 12, 3d series]. Arizona (Territory of). Journals of the first Archivio storico italiano. Set. 3a. v. 7-8. legislative assembly. Session begun on the parte 1 e 2. 1868. 80. Firenze, G. P. 26th day of September, and ended 1 Oth day of Vieusseux, 1868. November, 1864, at Prescott. 250, xviii pp. Arenstein (Joseph, editor). Osterreichisher 80~. Prescott, Arizona miner, 1865. bericht tiber die internationale ausstellung in Arjentina (Rep i'blica). See Argentine reLondon, 1862. Im auftrage des k. k. minis- public. teriums fiir handel und volkswirthschaft Arkansas (State of). Constitution as adopted herausgegeben. li, 740 pp. 1. 80. ItWien, by the convention, February 11, 1868. k. k. iof- und staatsdruckerei, 1863. s. 28 pp. 8~. Little Rock, Republican printing Aretaeus, carppadoz. [Scripta] qure supersunt. office, 1868. Recensuit et illustravit Franciscus Zacharias Arlincourt (Vicomte Victor d'). The reneErmerius. [Grece et latine]. lxvi, 503 pp. gade. Translated from the French. 2 v. in 1. 40. Trajecti ad RhAenum, Kersink, 1847. s. 352 pp. 12~. Philadelphia, Carey & Lea, 1822.

Page  16 16 ARLINCOURT. ARTHUR. Arlincourt-continued. Arnobius-continued. -- The solitary; or, the mysterious man of omnium commentariis. Ed. nov. 4 v. in 1. the mountain. Translated from the French. 4C. Lngdltni Batavorum, J. Maire, 1651. by an American lady. 2 v. in 1. 252 pp. CONTENTS. 1 pl. 120. INew York, H. Durell, 1822. Dispvtationvm adversus gentes libri vii. 255 pp. Theodori Canteri notn ad Arnobium quibus emenArmbruster (J. M1. C.) Catalog einer aus- dationum ratio redditur. 32 pp. Godescalci Stewechii in librum septimum Arnobii wahlwerthvolier bticher, [etc.] See K6hler adversus gentes electa. pp. 33-116. (C. F.) and Armbruster. Gebhardi Elmenhorstii observationes ad Arnobium, et in eundem collectanea variarum lectionum. Armree (L') fiannaise, sa mission et son his- 191 pp 421. Desiderii Heraldi animadversiones et castigationes, toire, (496-1852). Par le Cte de C""0. ad Arnobiilibros. 284 pp. 91. [anon.] viii, 246 pp. 1 1. 80. Paris, Le- Ariold (John L. n. d.) Lectures on the doyen, 1852. structure and laws of the human body. 165 Arminius or Harmanson (Jacob). Opera pp. 12~. Cincinnati, H.M. Rulison, 1856. theologica.:12pl. 788 pp. 4~. Francofurti, Arnold (L. M.) The history of the origin of all G. F. Anglus, 1631. things, [etc. Purporting to be "by Jesus Arnauld (Antoine). Artede pensar; 6, logica Christ, delivered through L. M. Arnold"]. admirable, [etc.] escrita en Frances, y t4ra- 3v. in 1. 8~. [New York], 185'2. ducida en Espanol, por Miguel Joseph Fer- - - The same. Delivered by the Lord Jesus nandez, [etc.] Con la censura del p. doct. Christ, of Nazareth, formerly, [etc.] WritEusebio Ameort, [etc.] 2 v. in 1. 16 p. 1. ten down by the medium. 2d series. 212 pp. 460 pp; 10 p.1. 171 pp. 80. Madrid, A. 80. [INew York], 1853. s. Muoi4z del Valle, 1759. S, Arnold (Matthew). Schools and universities Arnault (Antoine Vincent). (Euvres. 8 v. on the continent. xxviii, 311 pp. 8~. Lon8~. Paris, Bossange pire, 1824-27. don, MAacrmillan & co. 1868. COhNTENTS. Arntzen (Johann). Dissertationes bineu: quarum prior agit de colore et tinctura comarum; v. Pp W ifre deMdicatoire, etc. posterior de civitate romana apostoli Pauli. Marius'& Minturnes. Luclree; ou, Rome libre. 7 p. 1. 234 pp. 16G. Trajecti ad Rlkenum, Quintius Cincinnatus. Oscar, fils d' Ossian. G. Kroon, 1725. Scipion, consul. Arrington (Alfred W.) Poems. With a sketch Fragments de Zknobie. v. 2. Blanche et M~ontcassin, ou les Vnuitiens. of his character, and a memoir. xxii pp. 1 1. Don Pddre; on, le roi et le laboureur. 226 pp. 120. Chicago, E. B. Myers, 1869. Germanicus. Les gens a deux visages; on, le retour de Trajan. Art (L') de mediter sur la chaise perc. See v. 3. Guillaunme de Nassau. Grand (The) mystery, etc. La ranQon de Du Guesclin; on, les moeurs du xive Art journal. 1868. New series, v. 7. [Comsidele. Phrosine et Ml1idore. plete series, v. 30]. 40~. London, Virtue 8& Horatius Cocles. Le couronnement de Junon. Damon et Pithias. Art (L') pour tous. Encyclop6die de l'art Po6sies lyriques. Romances, chansons, vaudevilles et couplets. industriel et d6coratif.:imile Reiber et C. Suppl6ment aux pi6ces fugitives et aux po6sies di Sauvageot, directeurs. 1861-189. 8 v. fol. verses. v. 4. Fables. Paris, A. Morel & cie. 1861-69. Poesies molles. Promenade s MIontreuil. Art (The) of writing short-hand made easy; Pieces diverses. by which this useful art may be speedily Inscriptions, 6pigrsammes.. 5.Inscriptions, 6pigrammes. attained. [By A. C. anon.] 15 pp. 3 pl. D6bats judiciaires. 18~. Shesfield, J. Cronse, [1798]. Instruction publique. Correspoudance politique. Arthur (Timothy Shay). All's for the best Correspondance littlraire. series. 3 v. 180. Philadelphia, J. B. LipSur quelques contemporains. v. 6-8. Critiques philosophiques et litt6raires. v. 1-3. pincott S- co. 1869. CONTENTS. Arnim (Bettine von, borne Brentano). Gtin- All's for the best. 219 pp. 1 pl. derode. [Letters]. xii, 106 pp. 12~. Bos- Heroes of the household. 192 pp. 1 pl. The seen and the unseen. 205 pp. 1 pi. too, E. P. Peabody, 1842. ___ Friends and neighbours; or, two ways Arnobius, senior. Adversus gentes libri vii. of living in the world. 300 pp. 6 pl. 16~. Cum recensione viri celeberrimi, et integris Philadelphia, T. Bliss & co. [1869].

Page  17 17 ARTHUR. ATHENAEUS. Arthur-continued. Asiatic society of Bengal. Descriptive cataThe mother's rule; or, the right way logue of the fossil remains of vertebrata and the wrong way. 300 pp. 6 pl. 16~. from the Sewalik hills, the Nerbudda, Perim Philadelphia, T. Bliss i& co. [1869]. islands, etc. in the museum of the Asiatic Our homes; their cares and duties, joys society of Bengal. By Hugh Falconer, asand sorrows. 300 pp. 6 pl. 160. Phil- sisted by HI. Walker. 1 p. 1. 261 pp. 80~. adepl2hia, T. Bliss & co. [ 1869]. Calcutta, 1859. Rainy day at home. 205 pp. 6 pl. 18~ Asopios (K.) Aoyof K. Autcrrov E-rt 7Vr Boston, D. Lothrop &S co. 1870. devrepea av7-ov rpvraveta~c, r- ice Ue7rrTpc/ptov The true path; and how to walk therein. 1856, eci veov vvv peara euicovoypaowv elt(trJo/e300 pp. 6 pl. 160. Philadelphia, T. Bliss vog. [An eulogy of Alexander the great]. & co. [1869]. vc, 336 pp. 2 pl. 80~. AOyvt, II. A. lac/The wedding guest: a fiiend of the eaLaptoC, 1858. s. bride and bridegroom. 300 pp. 6 pl. 160. Aspects of humanity, brokenly mirrored in Philadelphia, T. Bliss & co. [1869]. the everswelling current of human speech. Words of cheer for the tempted, the toil- [alon.] 55 pp. 120. Philadelphia, J. B. ing, and the sorrowing. 300 pp. 6 pl, 160. Lippincott cf co. 1869. Philadelphia, 7'. Bliss & co. [1869]. Assier (Adolphe d'). Le Br6sil contempoArthur (Rev. William). Addresses delivered rain. Races.-Mleurs.-Institutions.-Payin New York, [etc.] With a biographical sage.-Colonisation. 320 pp. 8~. Paris, sketch of the author. Also, the address of Durand & Laurel, 1867. rev. dr. Adams, at the Broadway tabernacle, Association of medical superintendents of [etc.] Edited by W. V. Strickland. 188 pp. American institutions for the insane. Report I portrait. 120. New York, Carlton & Phil- of the proceedings at their twenty-second lips, 1856. s. annual meeting, held at Boston, June, 1868. Ascham (Roger). Toxophilus, 1545. Care- Published by direction of the association. fully edited by Edward Arber. 2 p. 1. 163 207 pp. 80. Harrisburgh, T. F. Scheffer, pp. 16~. L[ondon, A. Murray & sons, 1868. 1868. [ARBEn's English reprints, no. 7]. Association de la propagation de la foi. AnAsh (Edward, mn. d.) The speculator. [anon.] nales de la propagation de la foi. Recueil I p. 1. 266 pp. 160. Dublin, IF. Corbet, 1791. p6riodique des lettres des eveques et des misAshcroft (John). Ashcroft's railway di- sionaires des missions des deux mondes, et de rectory, for 1869. Containing a list of the tous les documents relatifs aux missions et, officers and directors of the railroads in the l'ceuvre de la propagation de la foi. CollecUnited States and the'Canadas, with their tion faisant suite anx Lettres edifiantes. 35 v. financial condition and amount of rolling 8~. Lyon, dditeur des annales, 1823-63. stock. 2 p. 1. 352 pp. 8~. New York, Astie (J. F.) HIistoire de la republique des [1869]. EiAtats-Unis depuis l'6tablissement des preAsher ( G. M. 11. d. ) A bibliographical and midres colonies jusqu'a l'6lection du prdsihistorical essay on the Dutch books and dent Lincoln, (1620-1860). Pr6cedde d'une pamphlets relating to New Netheriand, and pr6face par m. Ed. Laboulaye. 2 v. 2 p. 1. to the Dutch West India company, and to xv, 478 pp; 2 p. 1. 589 pp. 8~. Paris, its possesions in Brazil, Angola, etc. As Grassart, 1865. also on the maps, charts, etc. of New Neth- Astronomie populaire; ou, esquisse g6nerale erland, with fac-similes of the map of New du systeme du monde, servant de cornmenNetherland, by N. I. Visscher. and of the taire a l'atlas de l'astronomie en tableaux three existing views of New Amsterdam. transparents de douze planches. 2e 6d. 70 Compiled from the Dutch libraries, [etc.] pp. 12~. Atlas, 12 col. pl. 4~. Bruxelles, lii, 234, 22, 23 pp. 2 1. 1 map. sin. 4~. Kiessling c cie. 1858. s. Amnsterdam, F. Muller, 1854-67. Athenaeus. Athenaei dipnosophistarum, sive Ashmlead. (Rev. Williamn). Sermons. With coenm sapienturn libri xv, Natale de Coma memoir of his life. 2 p. 1. 438 pp. 8~. itibus veneto nune primi e grleca in latinam Philadelphia, Towvar Hogan, 1830. lingua uertente, [etc.] Ed. posterior. 26 p. 1. Ashton (S.) The whole art of tachygraphy. 1122 pp.1 1. 18e. Basilcae, Henricus-Petrus, See Graves (R.) and Ashton. 1556. 3

Page  18 18 ATHEN2EUM. AUSTRIA. Athenaeum (The); journal of literature, sci- Auerbach-continued. ence, and the fine arts. July, 1867, to De o The same. Villa Eden; the country cember, 1869. 5 v. 4~. London, J. Francis, house on the Rhine. Translated by Charles 1867-69. C. Shackford. 3 parts in 4. 1 p. 1. 549 pp. Athenagoras. Writings. 8~. Edinburgh, I pl. 8~. Boston, Roberts brothers, 1869. 1868. Augier (:Imile). Po6sies completes. Nouv. [Ante-nicene library, v. 2. pp. 373 to 465]. ed. 2 p. 1. 250 pp. 160. Paris, M. L6vy Atkinson (C. F.) Cotton culture, etc. See freres, 1857. Loring (F. W.) and Atkinson. Augustus; or, the ambitious student. [anon.] Atkinson (Rev. John). The garden of sor- viii, 356 pp. 8~. London, Baldwin, Cradock rows;, or, the ministry of tears. 203 pp. 160. & Joy, 1820. New York, Carlton &, Lanahan, [1868]. Aunet (L6onie d'). See Biard (L. d'Aunet, Atlantic (The) almanac, 1870. 72 pp. 40. madame). Boston, qffice of the Atlantic monthly, 1869. Auntie's secret. [anon.] 177 pp. 1 pl. 16. Boston, Mass. sabbath school society, [1868]. atlantic (The) monthly. A magazine of literature, science, art, and politics. January Auricular confssion in the protestant episco' to December, 1869. v. 23-24. 8a. Boston, pal church; considered in a series of letters adFieleds, Osood 8 co. 1869. dressed to a friend in North Carolina. By a Fields, Osgood co.89protestant episcopalian. [anon.] 132 pp. Aubrey (John, f. r. s. ) Miscellanies upon 12p. eTew a orkp G.oP.aPutnam 1850. various subjects. New ed. To which is pre- 1, fixed some account of his life. 1 p. 1. x pp. Austin (Rev. John Mather). A voice to the 2 1. 292 pp. 2 1. 1 pl. 12'. London, W. married; being a compendium of social, Otridge, 1774. moral, and religious duties, addressed to hus[NOTE.-"A collection of hermetic philosophy"]. bands and wives. 1 p. 1. 402 pp. 160~. Auchincloss (William S. c.e.) The prac- New York, Kitgins & Kellogg, 1856. tical application of the slide valve and link A voice to youth, addressed to young motion to stationary, portable, locomotive, men and young ladies. Revised stereotype and marine engines, with new and simple ed. iv, 391 pp. 180. Nc York, J. Bolles, methods for proportioning the parts. 170 pp. 1 18 pl. 80. New York, D. Vanl Nostrand, Austin (Sarah). Fragments from German 1869. prose writers. Translated by Sarah Austin. 1A8udoenus. See Owen (John, of Caeanar- With biographical sketches of the authors. onshire). Sxii; 353 pp. 12~0. lNew York, D. Appleton yonshire). Audubon (Mrs. Lucy Bakewell). The life of & co. 1841. John James Audubon, the naturalist. Edited Austria. Amtlicher bericht fiber die allerby his widow. Wvith an introduction by Jas. hochst anbefohlene special-enquete in Wien, Grant Wilson. 443 pp. I portrait. 12~0. bezglich der einheimischen webe- und NAew York, G. P. Putnam 8 son, 1869. eisenwaaren-fabrikation. 1 p. 1. 184 pp. Auerbach (Berthold). Edelweiss. A story. 80. Wien, L. Sommer, 1859. s. Translated by Ellen Frothingharm. 2 p. 1. CONTENTS. 345 pp. 160. Boston, Roberts brothers, 1869. A. Die erhebungen des vorbereitenden enqu6te[HANOY-volume series, no. 4]. comit6 in Wien. German tales. With an introduction B. Die hierauf gestiizten verhandlungen nnd an' trage der nied. bsterr. handels- und gewerbekamby Charles C. Shackford. xv, 352 pp. 160. mer. Boston, Roberts brothers, 1869. K. k. handels-ministerium. Zoll-tarif [HANDY-volume series, no. 7]. fiir den waaren-verkehr in Oesterreich mit On the heights. A novel. Translated den vertrags-staaten. Zusamnmengestellt, by Fanny E. Bunnett. 8th ed. 2 p.1. 544 [etc.] von Franz Mayer. 4 p. 1. 72 pp. pp. 120. Boston, Roberts brothers, 1869. 80. TlZien, C. Gerold's sohn, 1868. The villa on the Rhine. Author's ed. -- K. k. hof-mineralien-kabinet in W/ien. with a portrait of the author, and a biographi- Katalog der bibliothek des k. k. hof-minecal sketch by Bayard Taylor. 4 parts in 2 v. ralien-kabinetes in Wien. Zusammengevi, 990 pp. 1 portrait. 160. New York, Ley- stellt von Paul Partsch. xii, 232 pp. 1 1. 40~ poldt 8, Holt, 1869. Wien, k. k. hof- und staats-druckerei, 1851. s.

Page  19 19 AUSTRIA. BACKUS. Austria-continued. Autran (J.) Laboureurs et soldats. 2 p.1. The same. 2e vermehrte und 220 pp. 11. 120. Paris, M. LUvyfrires, 1854. umgeanderte auflage neu geordnet, [etc.] La vie rurale, tableaux et recits. 2 p. 1. Yon dr. Albrecht Schrauf. xi, 340 pp. 8~. 313pp. 12~. Paris, M. LCvyfrires, 1856. Wifen, C. Gerold's soha, 1864. s. Avezac (Marie Armand Pascal d'). A letter K. k. hof- und staats-druckerei. Ge- on the voyages of John and Sebastian Cabot. schichte der k.k. hof- und staats-druckerei in 8o. Portland, 1869. VWTien, von einem typographen dieser an- [MAINE historical society, v. 1. In WILLIS (W.) Docstalt. In zwei theilen: i. CGeschichte. iiD umentary history of the state of Maine]. Beschreibung. [Mit anhang]. Uebersicht Avot (Mad. M. d'). Lettres surl'Angleterre; der von der wiener k. k. hof- und staats- ou, deux anndes a Londres. 2e ed. viii, druckerei in London ausgestellten gegen- 297 pp. 80. Paris, C. Painparre, 1821. stinude aller graphischen kunstzweige. 53, Ayguals de Izco (Wenceslao, editor). El 40, 16 pp. 11. 8 pl. 8~. 1"ien, k.k. hof- und panteon universal: diccionario hist6rico de staats-druckerei, 1851. s. vidas interesantes, aventuras amorosas, suThe same. [In German, English, cesos trdgicos, escenas romAnticas, lances Italian, and French parallel columns]. 383 jocosos, [etc.] de todos los paises, desde el pp. 31. 8 pl. (Arbeitsriume). 11. 29 pl. Mas- principio del mundo hasta nuestros dias. 4 chinen und werkzeuge. 1 1. 58 pl. 80. v. 80. Madrid, Ayguals de Izco, 1853-1854. Wien, Ik. k. hof- and staatsdrnckerei, 1851. s. Azoila, histoire qui n'est point morale. [Par -- Verlag der k. k. hof-und staats- D. R. S. anon.] xii, 290 pp. 1 1. 160. druckerei inWien. 2p. 1. 145 pp. 8~. Wien, Paris, H. C. de Hansy, 1768. 1864.. Azuni (Dominico Alberto). Reisen durch -. k. statistische central-commission ardinien Sardinien. 160. Hambutrg, 1804. und k. k. direction fUr administrative statistik. rIt MAGAZIN der neuesten und besten ausldndischen Ausweise iiber den ausw/rtigen handel Oes- - reisebeschreibungen. v. 3-4]. terreich's im sonnen-jahre, 1866. xxviii jahr- Baiirnhielm (Miss E. W,) Archibald Hamilgang. fol. Wiien, k. k. hof- und staats-druck- ton. 250 pp. 3 pl. 160. Boston, D. Loerei, 1867. s. throp & co. 1869. --- Mittheilungen aus dem gebiete Bache (Alexander Dallas). Report of the der statistik. Jahrg. 1, undcl 3-14. 80. TWien, secretary of the treasury on the construction k. k. hof- und staatsdzuckerei, 1852-68. s. and distribution of weights and measures. Verhandlungen der k. k. statis- [Communicating a report by Bache]. 218 pp. tischen central-commission, 1863-1867..5 v. 5 pl. 80. Washington, A. O. P. Nicholson, 8~. Ifien, 1864-68. 1857. S. [AUSTRIA. MIittheilungen ans dem gebiete der sta- Bache (Anna). Legends of fairy land. 172 tistik, jahr. 10 (3); 11 (4); 12 (3); 13 (3); 14 (2)]p. p 2 pl 160. Philadelplia, Claxton, RemAustria and Turkey. Actes de n6gociations setn & Haffeinger, 1869. pourla paix conclue du congrs.pres de Bel- Bache (Richard Meade). The young wrecker grade, entre la cour de Vienne et la porte of the Florida reef; or, the trials and advenottomane, le 18 septembre 1739, [etc.] 84pp. tures of FredRansom. 5th ed. 381pp. 4 16~. Vienne, 1788. pl. 160. Philadelphia, Claxton, Remsen 8r [ Wiith HISTOIRE de la guerre de Hongrie, 1716-18]. Haffelfinger, 1870. Authentic (An) life of John C. Colt, now im- Back (The) court; or, every day work. By the prisoned for killing Samuel Adams, in New; author of" The Chinaman in California,' etc. York, September 17, 1841. 3d ed. [anon.] [anon.] 223pp. 3pl. 18~. Philadelphia, 70 pp. 80.~o Boston, S. N. Dickinson, 1842. Presbyterian publication society, [1869]. Authentic papers relative to the expedition Backgammon: its history and practice, by against the Charibbs, and the sale of lands the author of "Whist," with illustrations, in the island of St. Vincent. [anon.] 83 designed by K. Meadows. [anon.] 79 pp. pp. 40.London, J. Alnon, 1773. 16~. London, D. Bogue, 1844. Autograph leaves of our country's authors. Backus (1Rev. Charles). Five discourses on the [Edited by John P. Kennedy and Alexander truth and inspiration of the bible. ParticuBliss]. xi, 200 pp. 1 p1. 40. Baltimore, larly designed for the benefit of youth. 173 pp. Cushings & Bailey, 1864. 16~. Hartford, Hudson 4- Goodwin, 1797.

Page  20 20 BACKUS. BALBI. Backus-continued. Bagster (Samuel, jr. editor). Spiritual honey The scripture doctrine of regeneration from natural hives, [etc.] See Purchas considered, in six discourses. 180 pp. 160. (Rev. S.) ilartford, Hudson & Goodwin, 1800. Bailey (Samuel W. compiler). Homage of emiBacon (Francis, viscount St. Albans, lord high nent persons to the book. 160. New York, chancellor of Enloland.) Works. Collected 1869. and edited by J. Spedding, R. L. Ellis, and Baillet (Adrien). Auteurs deguisez sous des D.D. Heath. v. 10-ll. The letters and the noms 6trangers; [etc.] xxvi, 11. 615 pp. life. By J. Spedding. v. 3-4. 80. Lon- 18~. Paris, A. Dezallier, 1690. S. don, Lonamans & co. 1868. Baily (William L.) Our own birds; a familiar Bacon (Leonard, d.5d.) Address. 8~. [Ak- natural history of the birds of the United Bacol (L~eonard, d. d.) Address. 8 L[Ak857States. Revised and edited by Edward D. [In TALLMADGF township. Proceedings in cem- Cope. 265 pp. 10 pl. 160. Philadelphia, memoration of the 50th anniversary. pp. 41-64]. J. B. Lippincott & co. 1869. Bacon (Roger). Opera quredam hactenus - Trees, plants and flowers; where and inedita. Edited by J. S. Brewer. v. 1. e, 573 how they grow. A familiar history of the pp. 4 pl. 8~. London, Longmans, 1859. vegetable kingdom. By the author of " Our cONTENPTS. own birds." 140 pp. I pl. 160. Philadeli. Opus tertium. phia, J. B. Lipplincott & co. 1870. ii. Opusemiuus. pBain (Alexander). Moral science; a comiii. Compendium philosophise.. [GREAT BRITAIN and Ireland. Chronicles and memo- pendium ofethics. 337pp. 12g. New York, rials of the middle ages]. D. Appleton &8 co. 1869. Bacon (William Thompson). Poems. x, 275 Baird (Robert). Kerkelijke geschiedenis, kerpp. 12~. Camlbridge, G. Nichols, 1848. kelijke statistick en godsdienstig leven der Baden. Quellensanmmlung der badischen Vereenigde Staaten van Noord-Amerika. landesgesehichte. Im auftrage der regierung Naar de hogduitsche uitgave van dr. R. herausgegeben von F. J. Mone. v. 2-3. 40. Brandes, bewerkt door A. W. Van den Worm. KarXlsrhe, C. Macklot, 1854-63. S. Met eene voorrede van N. C. Kist. 2e deel naar het Engelsch door E. B. Swalue. 2 v. llinisterinto des innern. BeitratDe zur - xvi, 402 pp. 1 1; x pp. 1 1. 400 pp. 1 map. 80. statistik der innern verwaltung des grossher-,, zogthums Baden. 1e heft-22e heft. Carls- Schonhove, S.. Van Nooten, 846-49. tuhe, C. F. Miillersche hof-bechhandlune - Bajon (-, medecin). Memoires pour servir t 185,-66 C. F. Midershe of-uchandun l'histoire de Cayenne, et de la Guiane fran[Hefte 3, 5,:10, 13, 14, and 15 wanting]. eoise, dans lesquels on fait connoitre la nature e — 3- 5 14Jahres-berichte dwer groshetrzog- du climat, les maladies, l'histoire naturelle lich badischean landes-commisstire fiber die.du pays, et la culture des terres. 2 v. 6p. 1. zutsttinde und ergebnisse der innern verwa~it- xvi, 463 pp. 3 pl; 7 p. 1. 416 pp. 4 pl. 8~. ung fuir das jahr 1865, 1866, [und] 1867. 3 Paris, Grange, etc. 1778. v. 40 and 8s. Karlsruale, C. 1 lacklot, 1866- Baker (Benjamin Franklin) and Hodges (D. 68. s4 F.) Jubilant voices: a collection of new hymn tunes, chants, sentences, motets, and anthems. tBadugley (Jonathan). English gramr mar, Composed and arranaged for theuseofchristian t"_aught in plain, iamiliar conversations by tauncle Jonathan. faiiadonversations, by churches of all denominations, [etc. ] 384 pp. uncle Jonathan. [pseudon.] 274 pp. 120o. ica, (N. Y.) author 1867. obl. 8~. Boston, Lee & Shepard, 1870. Baker (Thomas). Reflections upon learning, A primary English grammar, inter- wherein is shewn the insufficiency thereof, spersed with object teaching, inductive and in its several particulars. In order to evince synthetic, and reducing theory to practice: the usefulness and necessity of revelation. containing, also, analytic exercises. 192 pp. 2d ed. corrected. By a gentleman. [anon.] 18~. Utica, Roberts, 1869. 8 p. 1. 240 pp. 8~. London, A. Bosvile, Baglivi (Geo'-gio). De praxi medica ad pris- 1700. cam observandi rationem revocanda, libri Balbi (Adriano).'reypaota, euIreMelaa ewv duo. Accedunt dissertationes novie. 8 p. 1. 7yauZirt, ep/7?veevOeeta 6e dia XpaGv trv EZ407 pp. 16~. Lugduni, Anisson & J. Pos- Xvrjv vwo K. M. Kovua, [CI r. X..] 4 v. 80. uel, 1699. Ev Btevvw, A. M-rEVKco, 1838-39. S.

Page  21 BALCH. BANNISTER. Balch (William S.) Lectures on language, as Balzac (Honore de). Bailthazar; or, science particularly connected with English gram- and love. Translated by William Robson. mar. Designed for the use of teachers and viii, 170 pp. 16~. London, Routledge, advanced learners. 252 pp. 12~. Provi- IFarne & Routledge, 1859. dence, B. Cranston & co. 1838. Bamberger (Louis). M. de Bismarck. 2 p. 1. Baldwin (Cyrus). A manual of etymology 236 pp. I 1. 16~. Paris, M. Ldvy fr'res, and syntax, adapting Crosby's syntax of 1868. general grammar to the analysis of the Eng- Bampton lectures. 1868. See Moberly (G.) lish language. 120 pp. 120. Trenton, (N. Banau (Jean Baptiste). Histoire naturelle de J.) J. Vannote, 1867. la peau, et de ses rapports avec la sant6 et la Baldwin(George C. d. d.) Representative men beaut6 du corps. xxviii, 448 pp. I pl. 80. of the new testament. 338 pp. 120. New Paris, 1802. York, Blakeman & Mason, 1860. Bancroft (Edward). Beschryving van GuiBaldwin (John D.) Pro-historic nations; or, ana, en een bericht van de rivieren en inquiries concerning some of the great peo- plantagien Berbice, Esseguibo en Demerary. ples and civilizations of antiquity, and their In brieven. Uit het Engelsh, [etc.] xiv, probable relation to a still older civilization 327 pp. 80. A msteldam, G. Roos, 1794. of the Ethiopians or Cushites of Arabia. Bancroft (George). History of the United 414 pp. 120. New York, Harper & States, from the discovery of the American brothers, 1869. continent. 3d ed. v. 1-2. [To 1688]. 80. Balfe (Michael William) and Maccioni(S. Boston, Little & Brown, 1838. M.) Falstaff. A grand opera, the poetry - In memoriam of Abraham Lincoln. by S.M. Maccioni. 1 p. 1. 275 pp. 40. Oration, in the hall of the house of repreLondon, Cramer, Addison & Beale, [1838]. sentatives, Feb. 12, 1866. 8~. Wlashington, Ballantyne (Robert Michael). Fighting the R. Sutton, 1866. flames: a tale of the fire brigade. 1 p. 1. [REPORTER (The). v. 2, pp. 131-141]. vi, 420 pp. 5 pl. 12~. Philadelphia, J. B. - Poems. 1 p. 1. 77 pp. 12~. CamLippincott & co. 1868. bridge, Hilliard & Metcalf, 1823. Silver lake; or, lost in the snow. vii, Bancroft's guide for travelers by railway, 110 pp. 8 pl. sm. 40~. Philadelphia, J. B. stage, and steam navigation in the Pacific Lippincott & co. 1868. states. No. 1, July, 1869. 1 p. 1. 144 pp. Balling (Dr. F. A.) Kissingen, ses eaux sm.40. Son Francisco, H. H. Bancroft minerales et ses bains. 2me dd. revue et co. [1869]. augment6e. 2 p.1. 267 pp. 1 map. 1 pI. 120. -- Hand-book almanac for the Pacific Frankfort s. M. C. Jugel, 1858. states. See Hand-book almanac. Ballou (Adin), An exposition of views re- Banim(John). Crohoore of the bill-hook, and specting the principal facts, causes, and p- the fletches. By the O'Hara family. [pseuculialities involved in spirit manifestations: don.] 318 pp. 160. London, Simns & together with interesting phenomenal state. Mcintyre, 1848. ments and communications. 256 pp. 16~. The croppy. A tale. 2 v. 202 pp Boston, B. MIarsh, 1852. 194 pp. 12~. Philadelphia, E. L. Carey & 3allou (Hosea, 2d). Collection of psalms and A. Hart, 1839. hymns for the use of universalist societies and Bankers' (The) magazine, journal of the families. 9th ed. 636 pp. I 1. 240. Boston money market, and commercial digest. JanB. B. Mussey, 1844. unary to December, 1869. v. 29. 80. London Ballou (Hosea) and Turner (Edward). The Groombridge & sons, 1869. universalist hymn-book: a new collection of Bankers' (The) magazine, and statistical reg1 psalms and hymns, for the use of universa- ister. Edited by I. Smith Homans. July, list societies. 4th ed. 396 pp. 160. Bos- 1850, to June, 1851. v. 5. 80. Boston, ton, Munroe &8 Francis, 1828. W. Crosby c H. P. Nichols, 1851. Baltimore (City of). Boyd's business di- The same. July, 1868, to June, 1869. rectory of Baltimore city, 1869. 80. Bal- 3d series, v. 3. Complete series, v. 23. 80. timore, Sherwood & co. 1869. New York, I. S. Hornans, 1868-69. Baltimore business directory. See Bannister (Henry Martyn). Geology of Cook C:leary (W. P.) C O. county. See Illinois (Geological survey of).

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Page  23 BARROWS. BAXTER. Barrows (William). The general; or, twelve Basnage de Beauval (Jacques). Histolre nights in the hunters' camp. A narrative des Juifs, depuis J6sus-Christ jusqu'h pr6of real life. iv, 268 pp. 4 pl 0. Boston, sent. Pour servir de continuation a l'hisLee S' Shepard, 1869. toire de Joseph. 15 v. 16~. La Haye, H. Barth (Caspar, editor). See i2neas, gazeeus Scheurleer, 1716. and Zacharias, scholasticus. Bassini (Carlo). New method for soprano and mezzo-soprano being a thorough course Barth (Dr. Christopher G.) The child of the and mezzo-soprano, being a thorough course... of singing' and cultivation of the voice. rock. A tale for youth. Translated from the o German. 192 pp. 3 pl. 180. Philadelphia, 160 pp. 40 Boston, G. presbyterian board of publication, [1869]. boahei rd pubcn Bastiat (Frde6ric). Essays on political econBarth (Heinrich). Reise und etdeckungen omy. Translated firom the Paris ed. of 1863. in Nord- und Central-Africa in den jahren xvi, 398 pp. 160. Chicago, western nes1 1849 bis 1855. Tagebuch seiner im auftrag c. 1869. der brittischen. regierung unternommenen CONTENTS. reise. 4 v. 8~. J. Perthes, Gotla, 1857. Part i. Sophisms of protection-first series. Part ii. Sophisms of protection-second series. Bartholdy (Jacob Salomo). Voyage en Grece, Part iii. Spoliation and law. Zn ---- - -- Part iv. Capital and interest. fait dans les annees 1803 et 1804. Traduit Part iv. Capital and interest. Bates (Edward). Opinion of attorney gende l'Allemand, par A. du C@*f. 2 v. 2 p 1. \ s v d'Allemand, par A. d C. 2 v. 2p. eral Bates on citizenship. 27 pp. 8~. Washxii, 272 pp. 4 pl; 2 p. 1; 296 pp. i1 pl. I map. inton, overnent printing ce, 1863. 2 1. music. 80. Paris, Dentu, 1807., gvrmn t Bates (Miss L.) Netherclift; the story of a Bartholomew (William N.) Bartholomew's merchant, told by himself. 279 pp. 3 pl. new series. Drawing book, no. 1. 14 1. 160. Boston, American tract society, [1868]. 12 pl. obl. 16C. Boston, C. G. Cooke, 1868. Bates (Samuel P.) History of Pennsylvania - - Teacher's guide; companion to Bar- volunteers, 1861-65; prepared in compliance tholomew's drawing book, no. 1. 46 pp. 120. with acts of the legislature. v. 1. viii, 1327 Boston, C. G. Cooke, 1868. pp. 5 maps. 2 col. pl. 80. Harrisburg, B. Bartholow (Roberts, m. d.) Manual of by- Singerly, state printer, 1869. podermic medication. 150 pp. 4 pl. 12~. Battersey (Rev. Charles). The gift of the Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott & co. 1869. father; or, thoughts for the many. 122 pp. ~ —--- The principles and practice of disin- 18~. New York, N. Tibbals, 1867. fection. 111 pp. 12~0. Cincinnati, R. TV. Baude (Henri). Sensuit le traictie nouuelleCarroll &S co. 1867. ment faict n6me le debat de Ina dame et de Bartol (Rev. Cyrus Augustus). Pictures of lescuier. 8 1. sm. 40~. Paris, Jehan TrepEurope, framed in ideas. 2 p. 1. 407 pp. erel, 1493. 120. Boston, Crosby, Nichlols & co. 1855. [Imperfect: title page and 3 leaves wanting]. Bartoli (Daniele). El hombre de letras, es- Baudouin(-). Anecdoteshistoriques dutemps crito en italiano, y traducido por diversos de la restauration. Snivies de recherches autores en latin, fiances, ingles y portugues sur l'origine de la presse, son d6veloppement, y ahora nuevamente en castellano, por d. etc. 2. iv,168pp. Gaspar Sanz. 4 p.. 292 pp. 120. Madrid, mm Didot, 18Je B. Cane, 1786. Bausset (Louis Frannois Joseph de). M6Baruchso, (Arnold). Beetroot sugar; re- moires anecdotiques sur l'int6rieur du palais Baruchson (Arnold). Beetroot sugar; reet sUr quelques 6venemens de l'empire, demarks upon the advantages derivable from qu puis 1805 jusqu'au le mai 1814, pour servir its growth and manufacture in the United is1 a kingdom. 1 p.1. vii, 109 pp. 8 T n l'histoire de Napolon. 2 v. in 1. 1 p. 1. kingdom. p. 1. v, 298 pp. 1 pl; 2 p. 1. 250 pp. 122 fac-simile E. ~Wilson, 1868. autographs. 80. Bruxelles, H. Tarlier, 1827. Bascom (John). The principles of psychol- Baxter (Andrew). Matho: or, the cosmotheogy. xii, 345 pp. 12~. New York, G. P. ogy. xii, 345 pp. 120. New York, G. P oria puerilis, a dialogue. In which the first Putnamn &C son, 1869..Putna & son, 1869. principles'of philosophy and astronomy are Basilins, mag'nus (St.) Exhortation to bapBasilius, agnus (St.) Exhortation to ap- accommodated to the capacity of young pertism. [Translated by F. P. Kenrick]. 120. sons, [etc.] Translated, and enlarged by the author. 2d ed. 2 v. 8 p. 1. 400 pp; 3 p. 1. [In IENRIcK (F.P.) A treatise on baptism, etc. pp. 225-241]. 362 pp. 151. 80. London, A. Millar, 1745.

Page  24 24 BAXTER. BECKET. Baxter (Rev. Richard). The Grotian religion Beaumont-continued. discovered, at the invitation of mr. Thomas [etc.] iii. The names of their chief towns, Pierce in his vindication. With a preface, [etc.] iv. Their revenues, power and strength. vindicating the synod of Dort from the cal- v. Their respective styles, [etc.] vi. And an umnies of the new Tilenus. And the puri- account of the commonwealths, relating to tanes; and sequestrations, etc. from the the same heads. [anon.] 4th ed. 5p.1. 164 centures of mr. Pierce. 28 p.1. 119 pp. 18~. pp. 31. 35 pp.15 a portraits. 18~. London, B. London, N. Simmons, 1658. Motte, 1704. Baxter (R. Dudley). The taxation of the Beausobre (Isaac de) and Lenfait (Jacques) United Kingdom. ix, 180 pp. 8~. London, New version of Matthew, with a commentary. Macmillaln c5 co. 1869. See Bible, (English). BaByley (Peter. jr.) Poelms. 231 pp. 160. Beauty (The) of the heart; or, the story of Philadelphia, T. & G. Palomer, 1804. Bazin (- l'abbe). [pseudon.] See Voltaire FBazin (- [pseudon. ] See Voltaire Philadelphia, American sunday school union, (F. M. A. de). 1857. S. Beames (Thomas). The rookeries of London; past, present, and prospective. xiii, 264 pp. Beauau (Henri de). Relation iovrnalipre dv 2 p1. 8". London, T. Bosworth, 1850. voyage dv Levant. 4p. 1. 181pp. 4~. Bean (Rev. James). The christian Ilinistar's Nancy,J. Gnich, 1615. affectionate advice to a new married couple. Beauvilliers (Antoine). L'art du cuisinier. 108 pp. 18~. Boston, 1832. 2 v. in 1. xii, 388 pp; 2 p. 1. 376 pp. 9 pl. Beard (George M. m. d.) Our home physi- 80. Paris, Pilet, 1814. cian; a new and popular guide to the art of Beaux-arts (Les). Illustration des arts et de preserving health and treating disease; with la litt6rature. 3 v. 40~. Paris, 1. Curmer, plain advice for all the medical and surgical [1844]. emergencies of the family. 1066 pp. 12 pl. Becan or Van Gorp (Jan).. Opera hactenus 8~. New Yorlt, E. B. Treat & co. 1869. in lucem non edita: nempe, Hermathena, Beauchamp (Alphonse de). Vie politique, Hieroglyphica, Vertvmnvs,Gallica, ]'rancica, militaire et priv6e du gn6real Moreau, depuis Hispanica. 6 v. in 1. fol. Antwerpiee, C. sa naissance jusqu't sa mort; avec des Plantinus, 1580. pieces justificatives, et ses discours au tri- Becan (Martin). Analogia veteris ac novi bunal; suivie de son eloge funebre prononce testamenti. In qua primum status veteris; A Saint-P6tersbourg, et d'une notice histo-;einde consensus, proportio et conspiratio ricque sur Pich~egru. 1 p.l1. iv, 459 pp. illius cum novo explicatur. xxiv, 492 pp. 1 portrait. 8~. Paris, F. Le Prieutr, 1814. 160. Matriti, typogrophia regia, 1788. Beaufort-d'ecautpoul (Josephine de Cou- - Compendium manuale controversiarum tances, cowmtesse). itundes convenables aux cde fide et religione, cum excerpto animadverdemoiselles,'a l'usage des 6coles et des pen- sionum moguntinensium Anti-Becano opposions. Nouv. ed. 2 v. 1 p. 1. ii, 455 pp; sitarum. Accedit in hac prima veneta ediI p.1. 543 pp. 1 1. 12~. Paris, Bossange, 1822. tione Dissertatio de socinianismo. xx, 410 pp. Beaumont (Christophe de, archbishop of 160. Venetiis, typographia baleoniana, 1745. Paris). De turbis Gallim modernis sacerBeccatini (Francesco). Vida y hechos de dotium inter et parlamentum regium, sive in- Becat (Francesco). Vida y echos d structio pastoralis, "cum brevi apostolico Ernesto Gedeon, varon de Laudon, feld-maBenedicti xiv, et variis allis documentis de los exercit ecusatione sacrlmentorunm in articulo mortis regio-cesarios [austriacos]. Traducida del erga eos, qui buliaim unigenitus non accep- Italiano al Espanol. [anon.] 271 pp. 180. tant. Ex idiomate gallico-in latinum trans- Madrid, J. de Urruta, 1790. tulit-celebris in Germania theologicus. 3 Beck (Thomas). Poetic amusement, consistp. 1.154 pp. 40~. Augustce Vzndelicorum, J. ing of a sample of sonnets, epistolatory poF. Gaunm, 1757. ems, moral tales, and miscellaneous pieces. Beaumont (John, jr.) The present state of xii, 204 pp. 12~. London, 14MaxSwell & [Filthe universe, or an account of: i. The rise, son, 1809. births, names, [etc.] of all the present chief Becket (St. Thomas a). See Thomas a princes of the world. ii. Their coats of arms, Becket (St.)

Page  25 25 BELCKWITH. B2ELGIUM. Beckwvith (Arthur). Paris universal exposi- Beers ('. WT.) -continued. tion, 1867. Report on asphalt and bitumen, ~ Atlas of Delaware county, New York, as applied to the construction of streets and from actual surveys, [etc.] 3 pp. 35 1. col. sidewalks in Paris; also to terraces, roofs, maps. I pl. fol. tez Yor k, Beers, Ellis & etc. With observations upon macadamized Soucle, 1859. streets and roads. 31 pp. 4 pl. 80. Wash- I Atlas of New Haven county, Connecington, governinent printignf q/ice, 1868. ticut, from actual surveys. 4 pp. 55 1. col. [ With BECK\VITH (L. F.) Report on beton-coignet] maps. 4 p1. fol. New York, Beers, Ellis Beckwith (Leonard F.) Paris universal ex- Soule, 1868. position, 1867. Report on beton-coignet, its Atlas of Otsego county, New York, fabrication and uses; construction of sewers, friom actual surveys. 4 pp. 39 1. col. maps. 3 water-pipes, tanks, foundations,walls, arches, pl. fol. New York, Beers, Ellis & Soule, buildings, floors, terraces, marine experi- 1868. ments, etc. 21 pp. 2 pl. 80. WRasthis gton, Atlas of Rutland co. Vermont, from governmentprinting office, 1868. actual surveys. 4 pp. 33 1. col.;naps. 4 pI. Beeckwith(N.M.) Paris universal exposition, fol. Nezw Yolrk, Beers, Ellis S'oule,!869. 1867. General survey of the exhibition; Atlas of Tioga county, New Yorlk, from with a report on the character and condition actual surveys. 3 pp. 9 1. col. maps. 4 p1. of the United States section. [anon.] 324 pp. 40. New York, Beers, Ellis 4& Soule, 1869. 1 1. 1 pl. 8~0. Washington, government Atlas of Windsor county, Vermont, printing oqfce, 1868. from actual surveys. 4 pp. 39 1. col. maps. 5 Bedell (Gregory Townsend, d. d.) Sermons. pl. 40, New York, Beers, Ellis & Soale, With a biographical sketch of the author, by 1869. Stephen H. Tyng. 2 v. 6, ccli, 308 pp. BS2, eers (W. G.) Lacrosse. The national game of 1 portrait; 2 p. 1. 502 pp. 80. Philadelphia, Canardcsu. xvi, 256 pp. 2 photographic pl. 16~. TV, Sttevel, 1835. New York, Townsend & Adamsa, 1869. Bedortha (N. m. d.) Practical medication: or, the invalid's guide; with directions for Beeson (John). Aplea for the Indians; with the [hydrithic] treatment of disease. 281 pp. features of the late in O on 120. Albany, (N. Y.) Munsell 4i Rowland, 144 pp. 120. lTev Yaosk, J. Beeson, 1857. 1860. Before the throne; or, daily devotions for a Beecher (Rev. Henry Ward). Plymouth pul- child. [anon.] 123 pp. 240. New York, pit; the sermons of Henry Ward Beecher, in iM. WL. Dodd, 1869. Plymouth church, Brooklyn. From. verba- Beise (Theodor). Ailgemeines schriftstellertim reports by T. J. Ellinwood. September, und geiehrten-lexikon derprovinzen Liviand, 1868, to March, 1869. 1st series. [v. 1]..Esthland und Kurland. Nachtritge und fort80. New Yorlk, J. B. Ford 4- co. 1869. setzungen. See kRecke (J. F. von) and NaRevival hymn.s. xvi, 368 pp. 320. piersky (C. E.) BPoston, Phillips, Sampson & co. 1858. Beitzke (Heinrich). Geschichte der deutscbBeers (Daniel G.) and co. Atlas of Allegany en freiheitskriege in den jahren 181.3 und county, New York, from actual surveys and 1814. 2 v. xv, 719 pp; viii, 742 pp. 80. official records. 4 pp. 95 1. col. maps. fol. Berlin, Duncker c HINumlblot, 1854. New York, D. G. Bees & co. 1869. Belfast, (Maine). Directory for 1868. Atlas of Cattaraugus county, New See Rocklanid, etc. directory. York, from actual surveys and official rec- Belgiumn. Ministere des finances. Statistique ords. 4 pp. 941. col. maps. fol. 2Newv York, de la Belgique. Tableau g'ndral du comD. G. Beers & co. 1869. merce avee les pays 6trangers, pendant Beers (Frederick W. director). Atlas of Ben- l'annue 1858, publi6 par le ministre des nington co. Vermont, from actual surveys. finances. fol. Bruxelles, Hayez, 1859. 5 pp. 251. col. maps. 4 pl. fol. New York, Tarifgdendral des douanes de BelBeers, Ellis & Soule, 1865. gique, approuv6 par arrkt6 royal du 30 mars Atlas of Chemung co. New York, fiom 1866, deont les dispositions seront appliqudes, t actual surveys, [etc.] 4 pp. 25 1. col. maps. l'exclusion de toutes autres, an ler juin 4 pl. fol. New York, Beers, Ellis' Soule, 1866, [etc.] 12, 47 pp. 80. Brucelltes, H. 1868. Tarlier,.1866. 4

Page  26 26 BELGIUM. BELOE. Belgium —continued. Belknap-continued. Ministere de l'int'rieur. Bulletin de la The same. A new ed. with additional commission centrale de statistique. v. 7. 40~. hymns. 2 parts in 1 v. 231 pp. 4 1; 276 Bruxelles, Hayez, 1857. pp. 180. Boston, I Wells, 1820. - Documents statistiques publi6s Bell (Benjamin, surgeon). A treatise on gonpar le d6partment de l'int6rieur, avec le con- orrhcea virulenta, and lues venerea. With cours de la commission centrale de statistique. notes, adapted to the present state of prac40. BrTuxclles, T. Lesigne, 1857. tice in those diseases. [New Am. ed.] 2 v. Rapport triennal sur la situation in 1. 244 pp; 332 pp.6 1.5 pl. 80. Albany, de l'instruction primaire en Belgique, par m. E. F. Backus, 1814. Alp Vandenpeereboom, ministre doe l'int6- 3Bell (Currer, Ellis, and Acton, pseudon.) See ieuar. 6e periode triennale, 1858-60. fol. Bronte (Charlotte, Elizabeth, and Anne). Bruzelles, E. Devoye, imprisuel r du roi, 1863. Bruxes, E.,, 8 Bell (Rev. J.D.) Aman. 462 pp. 120. Phila-.... Rappo rt triennar l sur l'tat de d elphia, J. Challen 6 son, 1860. l'enseignement moyen en Belgique, par m.,, le ministre de l'interieur. 20 [et] 3e p6riodes Bellecour ( —) The academy of play; contriennaux, 1855-60. 2 v. fol. B-nxzeles, taining a. full description of, and the laws of E. Devroye, etc. 1860-62. play, now observed in the several academies Situation. de l'enseignement su- of Paris. 4 p. 1. 280 pp. 120 London, F. pdrieur donn6 aux frais de l'6tat. Rapport Newbery, [about 1754]. triennal Ipar m. le ministre de l'intdrieur, Bellegarde (Gabriel du Pac de). HIistoire 1853-61. 3 v. fol. Bruxelles, E. Devroye, abbregee de l'6glise mdtropolitaine d'Utrecht, etc. 1858-64. pIincipalement depuis la rdvolution arrivde ---- Miniistere de la justice. Sixidme rap- dans les vii provinces-unies des Pays-Bas port de la commission permanente d'inspec- sous Phillippe ii jusqu'i prdsent. [anon.] tion des 6tablissements d'alidnes. 1859. 80. xxviii, 629pp. 160. Utrecht, Van der Weyde, Bruxelles, Hayez, 1861. 1745. s. -- Ministre des travau2 publics. Chemin Bellerive (- chevalier de). Histoire des derde fer. Compte-rendu des operations de l'ex- nieres campagnes do monseigneur le duc de ercice 1.849, 1855, 1858, 1859. Par 1m. le Vendosme, [etc.] 9 p. 1. 478 pp. 3 1. 1 por' ministre des travaux publics. 4 v. fol. trait. 120. Paris, P. HMet, 1714. s. Bruzelles, E. Devroye, impnrimeur duz roi, 1 850-6o0. Belloni (Girolamo, mrarchese di). Disertacion sobre la naturaleza, y utilidades del comercio; Belgravia. A London [monthly] magazine. Conducted by M. E. Braddon. Nov. 1868, to escrita en Italiano; traducida al Frances, y de este al Castellano pot J. Labrada. 166 pp. Oct. 1869. v.7-9. 80. London, 1868-69. 18o. Santiaguo, L Aguayo, 1788. s. Belinaye (Henry). The sources of health and disease in communities; or, elementary views Bellows (Albert J. m. dl.) How not to be of "hygiene," illustrating its importance to sick. A sequel to "Philosophy of eating." legislators, heads of families, etc. viii, 160 1366pp. 120. New Yoark, Hd 8 Houghlton, pp. 16~. Boston, Allen & Ticknor, 1833. 1868. Belknap (Daniel). The village compilation Bellows (Henry Whitney, d. d.) The old of sacred musick. 2d ed. 1.52 pp. obl. 80. world in its new face. Impressions of Europn Boston, J. rT. Buckingham, 1806. in 1867-68. v.2. 528 pp. 120. New York, Belknap (Jeremy). Sacred poetry. Consist- 1larper c4 brothers, 1869. ing of psalms and hymns adapted to christian Belly (F61lix). A travers l'Am6rique centrale. devotion, in public and private. Selected LeNicaraguaetle canalinterocanique. 2v. from the best authors, with variations and 4 p. 1. 430 pp. 1 map; 2 p. 1. 480 pp. 1 map. additions. 2d ed. with improvements. 2 p 8~. Paris, libr!airie de la Suzisse romantcd, parts in 1 v. 232 pp. 4 1; 252 pp. 240. 1867 Boston, Thomas $& Andrews, 1797. [Imperfect: pp. 253-262, wanting]. Beloe (Rev. William). The sexagenarian; or, ______ The same. 4th ed. 2 parts in 1 v. 231 the recollections of a literary life. [anon.] pp. 4 1; 262 pp. 180. Boston, Thonmas &. 2 v. in 1. viii, 436 pp; I p. 1. 386 pp. 80. Andrews, 1804. London F. C. & J. Rivington, 1817.

Page  27 2'7 BELOT. BERLIN. Belot (Carlos, m. d.) Observaciones sobre Bennet (Roelof Gabriel) and Wijk (J. van), los males que se esperimentan en esta isla de Verhandeling over de nederlandsche ontdekCuba desde la infancia, y consejos dados'a kingen in Amerika, Australie, de Indi6n en las madres y al bello sexo. 2 v. xxxii, 308 de Poollanden, en de'namen, welke weleer pp. 1; 247 pp. 1 1. 12~. Nuevea York, aan dezelve door nederlanders zijn gegeven. Lanuza iMendiea & cia. 1828. Uitgegeven door het provinciaal utrechtsche.Belouino (Paul). Histoirm d'un coup d'etat, genootschap. 1 p. 1. 215 pp. 10 1. 80. (d6cembre 1851) d'aprds les documents au- Utrecht, J. Althleer, 1827. thentiques, les pieces officielles et les ron- Bennett (Emerson). Rosalie Du Pont-; or, seignements intimes. Pr6c6dee d'une intro- treason in the camp; a sequel to the Female duction et suivie d'une conclusion sur les spy. 109 pp. 80. Cincinnati, L. Stratton, causes et les consdquences de cette r6volution, [1851 ] par m. Am~dJe de Cesena. 492;aP. 8~ Bennett (John). Short-hand explained; beParis, L- Brunet & Cie. 1852. s L, runt cie. 185, ing a practical exposition of the art of steBelshani (William). Examination of An ap- nography, on principles combining swiftness peal from the new to the old whigs; to which with accuracy. 2d ed. revised and improved. is prefi:ed an introduction, containing re- vii, 137, xciii pp. 11. 13 pl. 12~. London, marks on mr, Burkaes letter to a member of Longnman, Rees, Onns, Brown & Green, 1828. the national assembly. 102 pp. 8~. London, C. Dilly, 1792. Bentley (Richard). Richardi Bentleii et docn C..y 1torum virorum epistolae partim mutum. Ac Beni o' Bellncio (Francesco). Qvinqve morum pistol, partim mutu. Actyres societatis Jesu in India. Carmen hee- cediticha siiadIoan3 mTayloiut lroicU1n. Libris sex. 4 p. 1. 215 pp. sm. 4~0 epistola singularis. I p. 1. 330 pp. 2 portraits. F enretiis, IMuschliusi, 1591. 40. London, Bulmer, 1807..Benci (Spinello). Storia della citth di Mon- Bentley (Rev. William). A collection of tepvlciano di Spinello del cap"0 Marcello psalms and hymns for public wership. Benci. 3 p.. 143 pp. 5 1. 1 portrait. 40. [anon.] 86 1. 16~. Salem, Dabney 4 CushFiorevnza, MIassi & Landi, 1641. ing, [1789]. Benedict, (abbot of Peterborough). Vita sancti Benyowski. See Benjowski. Thomro cantuariensis archiepiscopi et mar- Benzoni (Girolamlo). Een getrouw en aantyris. 80. Loedini, W'hittaker & soc. 1846. merkelijk verhaal van de opperhoofden der [Io GILES (J. A.) Vita s. Thomre, v. 2, pp. 54-721. Spanjaarden onderlinge oneenigheden doenBeliedict (Erastus C.) The hymn of Hilde- maals in America, etc. 87 pp. sn.40 Rotbert, and other medioval hymns; with trans- terdam, B. Bos, 1704 lations by Erastus C. Benedict. xiii, 143 pp. it Gedenk wst e oyg [ Witl, Gedenkwaardige west indise voyagien]. 120. New Yiork, A. D. F. Randolph & co. 1869 Beraud (F. F. A. ez-commnissaire de police, Benjowski (lMoricz Agoston, graf von). Memoirs and travels. Paris). Les filles publiques de Paris, et la Menmoirs and travels. Consisting of his nmilZnr ~ police qui les r6git. P1r~S6d6es d'une notice itary operations in Poland; his exile into' oro iP n ehistorique sur la prostitution chez les divers Kamschatka; his escape and voyage through the northern Pacific ocean, touching at Japan peuples de la terre, par M. A[lbert de] and Formosa, to Canton, in China; with an M[ontdmon t]. 2 v. in 1. vi, 4, cviii, 261 and Formosa,' Canton., inCiawithn pp; 327 pp. 8~. Paris, Desforges &cie. 1839. account of the French settlement he was apParis, D 1839, pointed to form upon the island of Madagas- Berkeley (Rev. George). A proposal for the car. Translated from [his] original manun- better supplying of churches in our foreign script by William Nicolson. 2 v. 12 pp. plantations, and: for converting the savage 1 1. xxxiii, 422 pp. 9 pl. 2 maps; 2 p. I. 399 Americans to christianity, by a college to be pp. 11 pl. 40. London, G. G. Jo 5. Rob. erected in the Summer islands, otherwise iason, 1790. s. called the isles of Bermuda. 24 pp. 12~. Bennet (J. Hlenry, 2. d.) Winter and spring London, H. Toodfall, 1725. on the shores of the Mediterra~nean; or, the Berlin (Stenographisclher verein in). AnleiRiviera, Mentone, Italy, Corsica, Sicily, Al- tung zur dentschen stenographie oder kurxgeria, Spain, and Biarritz, as winter climates. schrift nach demn stolze'schen system. 7e 4th ed. xvi, 621 pp. 9 pl. 5 maps. 120. auflage. 4 p. 1. 34, 34 ppP. 160 Berlin, Londonul, J Churchill ~cE sons, 1870. | E. S. Mittler & solin, 1853,

Page  28 BERLIN. BEUKMA. ~Berlin-continued. Berry (Mrs. Martha E.) - Fanny Lightman's - The same. 12e auflage. 28, 28 pp. choice. 343 pp. 5 pl. 180. Neic York, 16~. Berlin, E. S. llittler & soh/n, 1860. American tract society, [1868]. Statistische nachrichten iiber die ver. - Lottie Lane; or, "By theifr fIuits s-lall breitung der stolze'schen stenographie. viii, ye know them." 440 pp. Gpl. 160. New 104 pp. 16~. Beolin, E. S. Mittler & soi7n, 1865. fork, A mverican tract society, [1869]. Bermudez (Joseph Manuel). Fama postuma Berryer (Pierre Antoine). Lepons et mod'les del seiior doctor d. Juan Domingo Gonzalez d'6loquence judiciaire. Ed. illustrde. 2 p. 1. de la Reguera, arzobispo de Los Reyes. Por xxiii, 672 pp. 8~. Paris, J. L. Henrjy B el autor de la oracion funebre. I p. 1. ckviii, cie, 1838. 38 pp. 1 postrait. 12c. Lima, imprenta Bertie and his friends; or, pilgrim life on the real de los hLee/fanos, 1805. battery. [anon.] 275 pp. 3 pl 180. — ~ —- Oracion funebre del seilor d. Juan Do- Philadelphia, J. P. Skelly & co. 1869. mlingo Gonzalez de la Reguera, arzobispo Bertin (Rend Joseph FranCgois Hyacinthe). de Lima, en las solenlles exequias celebradas Trait6 de la maladie vdndrienne chez les enel xvii de mayo de 1805. 12 p. 1. 62 pp. faus nouveau-nes, les femmes enceintes et 1 pl. sin. 40. Lima, injprenta real de los les nourrices, avec une introduction qui renhueifanos, 1805. ferme des details historiques et administratifs [With -the preceding]. sur l'dtablissement destine aux enfans inBernadotte (Jean Baptiste Jules). fectds, [etc.] lxxv, 218 pp. 2 tab. 8%'. Paris., See Chiarles John xiv. (king of Swcedeen). Gbo, 1810, Bernal (Ralph). Catalogue of the collection Bertin (Theodore Pierre). Systgme univelrsel of works of art fornmed by the late R. Bernal. et complet de stdnographie; ou, maniare 504 pp. 120. London, 1857. abrge'e cld'crire, applicable ~ tousles idioles. [IL BOHN (H. G.) A guide to the knowledge of ob- i jects of vertu]. Invent6 par Samuel Taylor, et adapte6 la Bernard (John). Oratio pia, religiosa, et langue fiannoise. 3e dd. 3p.i. 117 pp. solatii plena, de vera animi tranqviltitate. 8 13 pl. 8o. Paris, P. Didot, 1796. p. 1. 119 1. 40~. Lontdii, G. Seresius, 1568. Bertuch (Friedrich Justin). Bilderbuch zum Bernard (Joseph). Yoyage pour la redemp- nutzen und vergniigen der jugend, enthaltion des captifs. See La Faye (J. B. de). tend gegenstade aus cem reiche dec natur, Bernard (Rev. Richard). The isle of man; der kiinste und wissenschaften; [or,] porteor, the legal proceedings in man-shire against fenille instructif et amusant pout la jeunsinne. [An] allegory. 13th ed. 262 pp. esse. [German and French]. 6 v. in 2. 3 2 1. 18~0 London, E. Blackmnore, 1658. p. 1. 3001. 300 col. pl. 40. Ifien, A. Pichler, [Imperfect: pp. 3-22 and. leaves at the end wanting]. 1805. Bernheim (Johann HI ) Das abendmal des [Imperfect. Wanting 5 1. and 10 pI.] herrn; oder, betrachtungen ilber dasselbe. Bethue (Joh Eliot Drik ter) Life Bethuie (Johln Eliot l)rinkw ater). Lif e ot Zuim gebrauch Mfr christlen aller benennun- Galileo Galilei: with illustrations of the adger. 228 pp. 1'2~. El~zabethtowna, W. 1M1. gen. 228 pp. 120. Elizabethtoen, pW. M. vancement of experimental philosophy. Baxter, 1834. [anon.] 308 pp. 12~. Boston, IV. Hyde & Bernstein (A.) Popular books on natural co. 332. science. For practical use in every house- [ScHoLARs cabinetlibraryl. hold, for leaders of all classes. ix, 166 pp. 12~. l\Te-la l~orA; C. Sc~midt 1869. Betisey Jane WIard, (better-half to Artemus), 120. _New Yoirk, C. Schmidt, 1869. Beroa or Boron (Diego do). Litterhu annv bhur book of goaks, with a hull akkownt of the coartship and maridge to a4said Artemus, and mister Ward's cfitting-up with the MorJesv. Ex hispanico autographo latine reddite and mister ard's.ting-up with the Mora F. de Hamal. 4 p. 1. 347 pp. 160. In- mon fare seeks. Wath piktus drewed by snclis, T'. Le Clercq, 1642. mrs. B. 3ane Ward. [pscudon.] 312 pp. Borredo (Bernardo Pereira de). See Perei- 12 pl. 12~. New York,.J. O'Kane, [1866]. ra de Berredo. Beukmsa (K. jr.) Brieven bevorens landBerry (Grove). Ritualism; an enquiry chiefly bouwor op de borderij Castor, en het kerspel suspended upon one of its phases now almost Zuurdijk, gemeente Leens, doch verhuisd obsolete in Britain. xi, 282 pp. 80. London, naar de Vereenigde Staaten van NoordLongmanrs & co. 1868. Amerika, in den jare 1835, aan des zelfs

Page  29 29 B1EUKMA. BIBLE. Beukma-continued. Bible (English)-continued. aehtergelaten familie in de provincie Gro- corrected. 3 v. 8~. Glasgow, R. Hattchinningen. 3 v. in 1. 8~, Amsterdami, J. C. son & co. 1815. Van Kesteren, 1835-38. The same. In the common verBeule (Charles Ernest). Histoire de I'art sion. With amendments of the language, by grec avant P6ricles. 2 p. 1. 494 pp. 80~. Noah Webster, 1l.d. xvi, 907 pp. 8~. lNew Paris, Didier & cie. 1868. I-aven, Durrie & Peck, 1833. Beulloch (M.) See Bullock((W.) 1 The same. Arranged in para. Beyer (DMoritz). Het boelk der landverhuizers; graphs and parallelisms, with philological of gids en raadsman bij de verhuizing naar and explanatory annotations, by T. WV. Coit, Noord-Amerika, den overtogt, de aankomst d. d. 2 v. in 1. xxv, 963 pp; I p. l. 230 pp. en de vestiging aldaar; [etc.] viii, 120 pp. 16. Cambridgre, llanson & Grant, 1834. 1 pl. 80. Amsterdam, Hlooaamner & co. Commentaries. 1846. Biard (-, nadamne). Un maiage en province. A survey of the bible; or, an PorLdonaiedAunllet [psesdonsl.] 2e d.t 251 analytical account of the holy scriptures: pp. 16~. Paris, L. Hachette &cie. 1858. containing the divisions of every bool and Bible. (Anglo-Saxon). Cmdmon's metrical chapter; thereby shewing the frame and conparaphrase of parts of the holy scriptures, in texture of the whole. By way of supplement Anglo-Saxon; with an English translation, to the annotations on the bible. By Samuel notes. and a verbal index, by 1enjamin Clark. viii, 467, 367 pp. 40. London, J. Thorpe. xxxv, 341 pp. 80~. London, society Robinson, 1693. of antiquaries, 1832. A commentary upon the first - -- (English). The holy bible, conteining book of Moses, called Genesis. By Symon the olde testament and the newe: of that [Patrick], lord bishop of Ely. 6 p. 1. 650 translation authorized to be read in churches. PP. 4O. London, R. Chiscell, 1695. 578 1. fol. Londo1n, C. Barker, 1584. A liberal version of the psalms - The sanme. Ne wly translated, into modern language, according to the liturgy [etc.] WVith annotations upon all the hard translation; with copious notes and illustraplaces, [etc.] 4 p. 1. 710, 248 pp. 5 msaps. tions. ByW. R. Wake. 2 v. xxvii pp. 1 1 fol. London, [Anmsterdam, S. Swart], 1679. 264 pp; 206 pp. 80. Bath, R. Cruttwell, 1793. - - The same. Translated out of the The same. Notes, critical, exoriginal tongues, and with the former transla- planatory, and practical, on the book of tions diligently compared and revised. fol. Psalms. By Albert Barnes, d. d. v. 2-3. Camnbridge, J. Baskerville, 1763. 12~. iNew York, Harper & brothers, 1869. __ —_ —- - The same. 408 1. 16. Phila- - A commentary on the holy delphia, AM. Carey, 1808. scriptures: critical, doctrinal, and homileti--- -- The same. [With] the apocry- cal, with special reference to ministers and nha. Embellished with engravings, by students. By John Peter Lange, d. d. Charles Heath, from designs by Richard Translated from the German, and edited, Westall. 3 v. 80. London, White, Coch- with additions, by Peter Schaff, d. d. v. 10, ranec & C). 1815. of the old testament: containing Proverbs, -- - lThe same. A revised translation Ecclesiastes, and the Song of Solomon. By and interpretation of the sacred scriptures, Otto Zekiler, d. d. 8c. iNew York, C. after the eastern manner, from concurrent au- Scribner (- co. 1870. thorities of the critics, interpreters, and corn- Isaiah, with notes, critical, exmentators, copies and versions; shewing that planatory, and practical. By Henry Cowles, the inspired writings contain the seeds of the d. d. xxi, 552 pp. 120. NTe, Y1orlz, D. Apvaluable sciences; also, the most ancient pleton & co. 1869. histories and greatest antiquities; with an - Jeremiah, and his lamentations; appendix, supplying the history of four hun- with notes, critical, explanatory, and pracdred years, between the old and new testa- tical. By 1Henry Cowles, d. d. 431 pp. 12c. ments, and the true, scriptural, rational doe- Newz York, D. Appleton & co. 1869. trine of the trinity; also, the lives and deaths Notes, critical, illustrative, and of the apostles. By J. M. lRay. A new ed. plractica, on the book of Daniel, with an

Page  30 30 BIBLE. BIBLE. Bible (English )-continued. Bible (Enzglish )-continued. introductory dissertation. By Albert Barnes, pel according to Luke. By Alfred Nevin, d. d. 494 pp. 120. Neao York, Leavitt & d. d. 3 p. 1. 725 pp. 2 pl. 1 map, 80. PhilaAllen, 1853. delplia, [I. Flignt, 1868. The same. A commentary on the book A commentary on the original of Daniel. By Moses Stuart. viii, 496 pp. texts of the acts of the apostles. By Horatio 8~. Boston, Crocker & Brewster, 1850. B. Hackett. A new ed. 480 pp. 8~. Boston, An attempt towards an im1- Gould & Lincoln, 1858. S. proved version, a metrical arrangement, and Epistles of St. Paul. 8~. NeL an explanation of the twelve minor prophets. Y1or;, 1858. Enlarged,with additional notes, and a compar- [In CONYBEARE (W. J.) and HowsoN (J. S.) Life ison of the chief renderings of dr. Horsley, on etc. of St. Paul]. Hosea, and dr. Blayney, on Zechariah. xli, - A commentary on the holy scrip362 pp. 5 1. 8~0. London, R. Baynes, 1819. tures, [etc.] By J. P. Lange, etc. New testaNew testament. N~ew testament. I ment, v. 5. The epistle of Paul to the Romans. By J. P. Lange, d. d. and rev. F. R. Fay. From the German, by J. F. Hurst, d. d. Jesus Christ, according to the ancient Latin with additions, by P. Scha d. d. with additions, by P. Schaff, d. d. and the edition. With remarks upon the literal mean- rev. mr. Riddle. 80. New York, C. Scribing in difficult places. From the French of ner & co. 1869. father Simon. By William Webster. I v. -~ --— An exposition of the firs[ epistle in 2. 3p. 1. 1044pp. 4~. Londo., J. Perm- in2 p 14, J17e to the Corinthians. By Charles Hodge, d. d. on, 170. xxi, 373 pp. 12~. New York, R. Carter & The same. Translated out of brothers, 1860 the Latin vulgate, [etc. ] and first publishedes on the fi O Lectures on the first and second by the English college of Rhemes, 1582. cby the dnglish collegt of heChelees, 1ti5n2. epistles of Peter. [With the epistles]. By Corrected according to the Clementine ediJohn Lillie,. d. With an introduction by tion of the scriptures; with annotations. Philip Schaff, d. d. xi, 536 pp. 8. New As approved by the rt. rev. John Dubois, York, C. Scribner co. 1869. eatholic bishop of New York. 344 pp. 12. The history of our Lord and ---- - r1 he history of our Lord and Utica, (N. If) IW. Wtiliams, 1833. Thc same1W. Trllianslaed, out3of. saviour Jesus Christ, arranged according to --- - -----— he same. Tr anslated out of order of time, and narrated in the words of the original Greek; and with the former the original Greek; and with the former the four gospels, [etc.] By John Watkins, translations diligently compared and revised. 11. d. p. 1. vii, 332 pp. 4pl 8. London, 303 pp. 320. Atugusta, confederate states' Boydell & co. 1810. bible societ-y, 1862. The closing scenes of the life of Comimenztaries. Christ; being a harmonized combination of A commentary, with notes, on the four gospel histories of the last year of our the four evangelists and the acts of the an introductory essay by W. D. Wilson, d. apostles; with a new translation of St. saviour's life. By D. D. Buck, d. cd. With Paul's first epistle to the Corinthians, with a d. 293 pp. 120. Philadelphia, J. B. Lipparaphrase and notes. To which are added pincott & co. 1869. other theological pieces. By Zachary Pearce, - - Improved question-book on1 the d. d. late lord bishop of Rochester; [with] life of Christ. [ainono,] With the text. 134 some account of his lordship's life and char- pp. 240. Philadelphia, American union, acter. Written by himself. Published by John 1868. Derby. 2 v. 3. pl. xiv, 599 pp. lportrait; i The last passover. An account p. 1. 481 pp. 1 1. 4~. London, E. Cox, 1777. of the closing incidents in the life upon earth New version of the gospel ac- of our lord Jesus Christ. A verbal harmony cording to Matthew, with a commentary of the four gospel narratives. Arranged by [and] an introduction to the reading of the J. R. Whitney. 172 pp. 180. Philadelh holy scriptures. By Isaac de Beausobre phia, Claxton, Renmsen & Haffelfinger, 1869. and Jacques Lenfant. xv, 407 pp. 80. (Ethiopic and Latin). Psalterium London, VWhittaker, 1819. Davidis, rethiopice et latine, cum variis lecPopular commentary on the gos- tionibus et notis illustratum. Accedunt

Page  31 31 BIBLE. BIBLE. Bible-continued. Bible-continued. oethiopice tantaum hymni et orationes alliqvot (Grebo). Baibli ah histoil. 123 pp. vet. et novi testamenti, item Cantievin canti- 8 pl. 240. Cape Palinas, 11. Africa, A. B. corvm, cum variis lectionibus et notis. Cvra C. F.'mission, 1840. S Iobi Lvdolfi. 4 p. 1. 428 pp. 40. Francofilrti (Greek). H icatvc a &07/C?. Novum tesad lMcenltn2, J. D. Zmnner, 1701. tamentunm. Editio nova, denuo recusa; e (French 4and Latin). Josud, Les juges, [etc.] Studio et labore Stephani Curcellfei. et Ruth. Traduits en Fran9ois; avec une 6 p.1. 564 pp. 16G. Amstelodaszi, ex typoexplication tiree des saints peres, et des au- graphia blaviana, 1685. teurs eccldsiastiques. Par le sieur [Isaac Thesame. Novvm testamentum Louis] Le Maistre de Sacy. Dernibre 6d. grcvmn, ita adornatvm vt textvs probatarum 2 v. in 1. x pp. 1 1. 314 pp. 4 1; vii, 364 pp. editionvn medvllam, miargo variantivm lec6 1. 160. Bruxelles, E. IH. Fricx, 1699. tionvim, in svas classes distribvtarvin [copiam, ----- ---- Isaie trcadiuit on1 FranCgois-; azvec etc.] exhibeat, inserviente Ja. Alberto Benune explication tirde des saints peres, et des gelio. 5 p. 1. 834pp.l 1. 40 Tbingae Jo. auteurs ecclesiastiques. Par le sicur [Isaac G. (Cotta, 1734. Louis] Le Maistre de Sacy. Dernibre ed. The same. Novum testamentum xxiiij pp. 2 1. 564 pp. 91. IGO, Bruxelles, lectiones etiam ecclesiasticas ex usu ecclesim E. I1. lPr ice, 17d00. glr'cac designavit, ac synasaria evangeliarii (German). Des 16nigs rind prophetes et praxapostoli addidit, et criticis interpositis (Germanz). Des liongas nlnd propheten animad versionibus edidit Christianus FrideriDavids psalmen, durch Ambrosiumn Lobwas-.cus de hiathmi. 3 v. $o. izittenmbergee, ser, sammt andern geistlichen liedern, von d. etc. G A. Gat etc. 1803- i807 e Martin Luther und andern gottsgelehrten.,..- ---- The sanme. Novalto testamentlrl mninnern gestellt, und von Samuele Mares- The same. Nov ad fidema codicis vaticani. Ediderunt A. challo, baselischem mrusico und organisten a allo, baselische sco nd organisten Kuenen et C. G. Cobet. 2 p. 1. cxxvii, 686 pp. zu vier stimmen gebracht, [etc.] 570 pp. 3 1. 18~. Basel, E... R. TI'hurneysen, 1743.. i Das neue testament unserls berrm - Synopsis evangeliorurm Matthbei, und heilandes Jesu Christi, von d. Martin Marci, et Luce, caum parallelis Joannis Luther, in das teutschle ibersetzt. Nach dem pericopis. Ex recensione Griesbachii cam 45jthlrigen wittenbergischen druck tiberse- selecta lectionarn varietate. Concinnaverunt hen; im-it deutlicher anweisalng alles sonn- et breves argumentorum notationes adcljeceund fest-tages-episteln, [etc. 4 p. 1. 764 pp. runt Guil. Mart. Leber, De WTette, et Frid. 41. 160. -NTiirnberg, J. A. Eedter, 1783:. Liteke. siv, 306 pp. 40. Berolini, G. Reimnet-, 1818.. The same. Naichl der deutschen iibersetzung von dr. Martin Luther, [etc.] (Greek7 and Enalish). H 1cactr ciacOpcj. 100 auflage. 517 pp. 12 pl 160. HIarris- The new testafment. Consisting of the Greek burra, (Pa.) G. S. Peters, 1834. text of Scholz, with the readings, textual and - -- The same. 536 pp. 1 1. 120. original, of Griesbach; and the variations of Lancaster, J. Bis's sihane, 1864. the editions of Stephens, 1550; Beza, 1598; and the Elzevir, 1633. With the English (Germnan and Dutch). Biblia pentapln; das,(Gerlian and Dutchd). Biblia pe~ntapla de; authorized version, and its marginal renderdas ist, die biicher der heiligen schrift des ings. 3 p. 1. 624 pp. sn. 40. London, S. alten und neuen testaments, nach fiinffacher Bagster & sons, [about 1840]. deutscher verdolmetschung. 4 v. 40. W1an-, desbeck bei Hamburo, H. H. Holle, 1710-1712. in Greek and English, [etc.] By Abner CONTENTS. IKneeland, [etc.] 360 pp; 9, 447 pp. 120. i. Der rmisch-cat.holischen, dureh Caspar Ulenberg. Philtaelephia, W Fry, 1823. ii. Der evangelisch-lutherischen, durch Martin Lu-entary on the ther. A critical commentary on the iii. Der evangelisch-reformlirten, durch Johann Pis- Epistle to the Hebrews. By Francis S. Sampcator. iv. Der jiidischen im alten testament, des Joseph son, d. d. Edited from the manuscript notes Athiae. und der neuen, im neuen testament, dutch Johann Henrich Reitzen. of the author, by Robert L. Dabney, d.d. v. Der hollindischen, auf verordnung der herren xv, 475 pp. 80. Tew York, R, Carter general-staateu. Alle mit ihiren eigenen vorreden, [etc.] brothlers, 1860.

Page  32 8)2 BIBLE. BIBLIOTHECA. Bible-continued. Bible-continued. ----- (Greek and Latin). Novi testainenti lugares. Por D.J. G. D. P. [anon.] 222 libri historici, grece et latine, perpetuo com- pp. 51.16~. Madrid, A. Ulloa, 1789. s. mentario ex antiquitate, historiis, philologia, (Spanish). El nuevo testamento, traillustrati. Adornante Balduino Wakero. 10 ducido al Castellano por Cipriano de Valera p.l 1. 1304 pp. 13 1. 4~. Amzsteltedami, J. en 1602, y revisado en 1831. Imprimido Ravestein, 1662. para la sociedad de la biblia de Glasgow. 1 -- (Hazcaian). La palapala hemolele a p.1.247 pp. 120. Glasgow, tV. G. Blackie Iehova ko kakou akua. O ke kanuohla kahiko 4' co. 1849. s. i unuhiia wai ka olelo Hebera. [Old testa- (Tanmul). Het nieuw testament, ofte ment]. 2 v. 2 p.1. 924 pp; 887 pp. 120. alle de boecken des nieunwen verbonds van Oahul, ]a nar misiontari i pai, 1838. s. onsen heer Jesus Christus, [etc.] Mit de [v. 1 wanting]. grieksche taal in de tamulsche spraak overKe kanuoha hou a ko kakou Lakuh gezet. 8 p. 1. 305 l1. 4c. Colomnbo, P. Brua ola'i a Iesu Kristo; oia ka olelo heniolele waart, 1759. no ke ola, a na lunaolelo i kakau ai. [New Evangelium Nicodemi; testament]. 520 pp. 12%. Honolulz,,a ZnaA odor, hilstorischer bericht von dem leben Jesu ~niszionari men pal, 18370 s.'misionar iae pi, 1837... Christi, welches Nicodemus, ein rabbi und ~ —— ~ (Italani). La sacno-santa biblia in (alia). La sacro-santa biblia in oberster der Juden, beschrieben, [etc.] lingua italiana. Volume arrichito d'arden- iesem sind eygfigt: Vil s ne st e Diesem sind beygefiigt: Viel sch6ne sticike tissimi sospirii a Dio, da Mattia d'Erberg und geschichten, mwelche die erangelisten 2 p. 1. 808, 208 pp. 2 pl. fol. Norisborgo, nicht beschrieben haben. [Enthaltend das 31. d'EiE-bcr, t711. dIl. d Erb iry,> 1711, testament der zw6lf patriarchen]. Aus P. (Latin). Biblia sacra vulgatm editionisi Anhang,. s. w. geommn, etc. I Regelii Anhang, u. s. w. genommen, [etc.] Sixti qvinti pont. max. ivssv recognita at- 219 pp. 16G. Lancaste?, (Pa.) J. Bdr, que edita. 1 v. in 2. 1052, 39 pp. 12. 184. Antuerpice, ex qoicina plantiniana, lppud Ioalznnensl tlmatnzln, 1599'9. iBiblical (The) repository and classical review. Psalterivrm davidicvmi para- See American biblical repository. phrasibvs illvstratvm. Seruata vbique ad Biblioteca (La) americana, o misceldnea de verbum d. HIieronymi translatione. Rlayne- literatura, artes i ciencias. Por una sociedad rio snoygoudano autore, Petroque de Besse de Americanos. Tomeo 1. viii, 472 pp. 1 1. dloctore parisiensi correctore. Adiectumn est 4 pl. 8~. Londrles, G. 2Marchant, 1823. magni Athanasii opusculum in psalmos. 1 Biblioteca de autores espafioles, desde la forp. 1. 671 pp. 4 1. 16~. Parisiis, I. Petit-Pas, macion del lenguaje hasta nuestros dias. v. 1617. s. 60. 80. Madrid, iL. -Ricadeneyra, 1868. Expositio super toto psalteri CONTENTS. [auctore] Iohanne Turrecremata, cardinale. iIVADENnRLA (Padre Pedro de). Obras escogidas. 199 1. fol. l~lvguntic, P. ScBhoauyr de Gor ss- Biblioteca devota. Nuevo auo cristiano. [Imperfect: 1 wat476. I[anon.] 1 p. 1. 180 pp. 2 1. 6. Madrid [Imperfect: wvanting 1. 1 antd 81]. - _- Ioannis Lorini avenionensis Croissot, 1848. S. societatis Iesv, commentarii in ecclesiasten. Bibliotlheca historico-naturalis, physicoAccessit expositio eivsdem in psalmum 1xvii. rnchemica et matheinatica; oder, systematisch In Germanriaa nvnc primvm in Iveem typis geordnete iibersicht der in Deutschland und nmandati. 4 p. 1. 538 pp. 161. 40. MIoguntiac, dem auslande auf dem gebiete der gesammten selenptibuls Io. Crithij, 1607. s. naturwissenschaften und der.mathematik -- - P-Fratris Dominici Soto segobien- new ersehienenen bilcher, herausgegeben von sis in epistolam Pauli ad Romanos commen- Ernst A. Zuchold, und H. Guthe. 8'-18r. tarii. 6 p. 1. 413 pp. fol. Antverpic, J. jahrgang. 1 v. 8~. Gottingen, fandenhoeck St:eisius, 1550. & Rulprccht, 1858-63. s. (Lsz —(Latin and Spanish). Traduccion literal Bibliotheca (The) sacra. Edited by E. A. en una muy breve parafrasis del libro de Park and S. H. Taylor, 1864 and 1869. v. 21 Judith, con notas de Duhamel, Vitre, Calmet, and 26. 80. Andover, Lz. F. Draper, 1864y otras, para na major inteligencia de algunos 69.

Page  33 33 BIC KERSTETH. BLACKBURN. Bickersteth (Rev. Edward). Christian Binghamton, (New York). Boyd's Bingpsalmody; a collection of above 900 psalms, hamton directory, 1869-70. Containing, hymns, and spiritual songs; selected and also, the names of business firms in Camparranged for public, social, family, and pri- ville, Chenango Forks, Deposit, Great Bend, vate worship. Enlarged ed. Seventieth Harpersville, Kirkwood, Lisle, Osborn Holthousand. xxii, 781 pp. 240. London, Dean low, Owego, Susquehanna, Whitney's Point, & co. 1842. and Union, etc. Andrew Boyd, compiler and Bickmore (Albert Smith). Travels in the publisher. 192 pp. 8C. Albany, C. VFa East-Indian archipelago. 553 pp. 32 pl. 2 Benthulysen & sons, 1869. maps. 80. New York, D. Appleton & co. Binkerd (A. D. m. d.) The mammoth cave 1869. and its denizens; a complete descriptive Bigsby (John J.) Thesaurus siluricus. The guide. I p. 1. 95 pp. 80. Cincinnati, R. flora and fauna of the Silurian period. With Clarke & co. 1869. addenda (from recent acquisitions). lv, Binney (William G.) Notes on American land 214pp. 1 map. 40. London,.J. Van Voorst, shells. Nos. 2, 4, 5, and 6. (From the pro1868. s. ceedings of the Academy of natural sciences). Bill (Ledyard). A winter in Florida; or, ob- 43 pp. 8~. [Philadelphia, 1857-60]. s. servations on the soil, climate, and products Llllerfect: wanting no. 1, pp.1-2, no. 3, pp. 15-181. of our semi-tropical state; with sketches of Birckbek (Simon). The protestant's evithe principal towns and cities in eastern dence, taken out of good records; showing Florida. To which is added a brief historical that for fifteene hundred yeares next after summary: together with hints to the tourist, Christ, divers worthy guides of God's chprch, invalid, and sportsman. 222 pp. 4 pl. I map. have in sundclry weightie poynts of religion, 120. New York, [Food & Holbrook, 1869. taught as the church of England now doth; Billerica, (Massachusetts). Celebration of the distribvted into severall centuries, and opened. 19 p. 1. 207 pp. 1 1. 4~. London, R. Miltwo hundredth anniversary of the incorporation of Billerica, Mass. May 29th, 1855; in- bourne, 1635. ludin the proeedins of the committee, Birmingham free libraries. Catalogue of the reference department. By J. D. Mullins. address, poem, and other exercises of the occa- 1eference depatment. By J. D. Mull 1869. viii, 379 pp. 80. Birmingham, Hatll sion. With an appendix. 152 pp. 80~. Lowell, & English, 1869. s. SBishop (Sir Henry Rowley). Songs, duetts, Bilson (Thomas, bishop of TYinchester). The and trios. See -. ndel (G. F.) effect of certaine sermons touching the full Biaschop (Simon). See Episcopius (S.) redemption of mankind by the death and Bitter (The) dose, and other stories. [anon.] bloud of Christ Jesvs. 6 p. 1. 420 pp. em. 216pp. 3 pl. 180. Philadelphia, presbyte4~0 London, F. Bnrree, 599ri. ian board ofppublication, [1868]. Bingham (Caleb). The young lady's acci- Bjdrnson (Bj6rnstjerne). The fisher-maiden: dence; or a short and easy introduction to a Norwegian tale. From the author's GerEnglish grammar. 8th ed. [etc.] 60 pp. man ed. by M. E. Niles. vi, 217 pp. 160. 240. Boston, I. Thomas &, E. T. Andrews, New York, Leypoldt 4 Holt, 1869. 1794. The happy boy. A tale of Norwegian Bingham (Peregrine). A system of short- peasant life. From the Norwegian, by H. R. hand on the principle of the association of G. 120 pp. 1 portrait. 120. Boston, Sever, ideas. 16 pp. 5 pl. 80~. London, J. But- Francis & co. 1870, terworth &- son, 1821.. Blackbird (The); consisting of a complete Bingham (William). A grammar of the Eng- collection of the most admired modern songs. lish language, for the use of schools and 140 pp. 21. 18~. New York, C. Brown, 1820. academies. With copious parsing exercises. Blackburn (William M. d. d.) Admiral 207 pp. 120. Philadelphia, E. H. Butler & Coligny and the rise of the huguenots. 2 co. 1868. v. 384 pp. Imap; 394 pp. 12~. PhiladelA Latin reader adapted to Bingham's phia, presbyterianz board of pablication, 1869. Latin grammar, with notes and a vocabulary. -- Geneva's shield: a story of the Swiss 231 pp. 120. Philadelphia, E. H. Butler & reformation. 325 pp. 2 pl. 120. NTew York, ca. 1869. 1. W Dorld, 1868

Page  34 34 BLACKBURN. BLISS. Blackburnl-continued. Blanc-continued. ------ St. Patrick, and the early church of temporaine. 2e 6dc. 2p. 1. 168pp. 160. Paris, Ireland. 240 pp. 160. Philadelphia, pres- bureau central, 1849. byterian board of publication, [1869]. [ TWrith GALLOIS (N.) Vie politique de Ledru-Rollin. Blackie (John Stuart). Homeric dissertations. La rdpublique une et indivisible. 107 80 Edinburgh, Edmonston Douglas, 1866.. 16pp. 16~. Paris, A. Naud, 1851, [HOMERUS. Homer and the Iliad, v. 1]. [With GALLOIS (N.) Vie politique de Ledru-Rollinl. Blanchard (W. J.) A complete system of Blackwell (Antoinette Brown). Studies in Blanchard.(W.pJ.) A complete system of general science xiv, 356 p 120. short-hand. 1 p. l. 16 pp. 2 pl. obl. 120. Longeneral science. xiv, 356 pp. 12~. New don author 1779 York, G. P. Putnam & son, 1869.,, York, * P.Put o, 1 —--— The same. [2d ed?] The complete Blackwood's Edinburgh magazine. July, instructor of short-hand. 2 p. 1. viii pp. 1.1. 1867, to Dec. 1869. v. 102-106. 8~0 Edin- 47 13 p 4 Lod at, [1786] 47 pp. 13 pl. 40. London, author, [1786]. burgh, UF. Blaclkwood S sons,:1867-69. Blanchet (Frangois). Apologues et contes Blair (Hugh, d. d.) Lectures on rhetoric and orientaux, etc. 1 p. 1. lvj, 285 pp. I 1. 1 belles-letters. 4 p. 1.454 pp.6 1. 40. Phila- portrait. 80. Paris, Debure, 1784. delphia, R. Aitken, 1784. Blanco (P. L.) Respuesta pacifica de un esBlake (William Phipps). Paris universal ex- panol A la carta seditiosa del Frances Greposition, 1867. Report upon the precious goire, que se dice obispo de Blois. 2 p. 1. metals: being statistical notices of the prin- 120 pp. 1 pl. 180. ladrid, P. Pereyra, cipal gold and silver producing regions of 1798. the world, represented at the Paris universal Bland (Thomas). Papers on North American exposition. vii, 369 pp. 8~. lWashington, helicide, and on the geographical distribugovernment printing office, 1869. tion of West India land shells. Also notice Blakley (Robert). Lives of the primitive of land and fresh water shells from the Rocky fathers: being a faithful history of the acts Mountains. By T. Bland and dr. J. G. and sufferings of those eminent men who Cooper. Reprinted from the annals of the lived in the early ages of the christian lyceum of natural history, N. Y 2 p. 1. 125 church; with copious lists of their writings. pp. 2 pl. vi, 9-35 pp. 1 tab. 9 pp 80. New To which are prefixed an account of various York, [1858-] 62. S systems of heathenism: also a view of the Remarks on classifications of South rise and progress of hristianity. I. 302 American helicles by European authors, and uise and progress of christianity. 1 p.1. 302 pp.12plo 80, London, J. Edwcards, 184t2. especially by H. and A. Adams and Albers. pp'Old faces in new masks. vi pp. 1 Reprinted from the annals of the lyceum of Old faces in new masks. vi pp. 1 1. n'. Kent co 1859. atural history, N. Y. 24 pp 8. New 391 pp. 12g. London,. Ket & co. 1859. Blanc (Charles). Le tresor de la curiosit6, [ With his Papers on North American heliciduel. tir6 des catalogu-es de vente de tableaux, Blaney (James van Zandt). Chemical anadessins, estampes, livres, marbres, bronzes, lyses. 40~. Chicago, 1868. s. ivoires, terres cuites, vitraux, mtdailles, [In ILLTNOIS (Geological survey of). Appendix, v. 3, pp. 573-574]. armnes, porcelaines, meubles, emaux, laques, Blas de Santa Maria, (Fr.) octrina de et antres objets d'art. Avec diverses notes novicios y nuevos profesos en esta provinucia ot notices historiques et biographiques. Et d S. Gregori d religiosos descalzos d 1 de S. Gregorio, de religiosos descalzos de la pr6d deunet lettre, l'a[p teur s.ur T ib a on- observancia de nuestro padre s. Francisco riosite et les curieux, [pair A. Th~lbaudeau]. en estas islas Filipinas, [etc.] 208 pp. 8~. 2 v. 2 p. 1. cxxxiii pp. l p. 1. iv, 480 pp; 2 M) adrid, E. Aguado, 1856. s. 1p8. 636 pp. 1. 8~. Paris, J. Renouard, Blaze de Bury (Ange Henri). l]crivains et poktes de l'Allemagne. 2 p.1. 426 pp. 120. Blanc (Honore). Okygraphie; on, l'art de Paris, Ill. Levyfreres, 1851. fixer par 6crit, tous les sons de la parole Blindpits. A story of Scottish life. [anon.] avec autant de facilit6, de promptitude et de 516 pp. 120. New York, G. P. Putranm tclart6 que la bouche les exprime. 1 p. 1. lx, son, 1869. 67 pp. 2 1. 15 pl. 8~. Paris, Bidault, 1801. Bliss (W. W. m. d.) Woman, and her thirty Blanc (Jean Joseph Louis). Appel aux hon- years' pilgrimage. 415 pp. 120 New ldtes gens. Quelques pages d'histoire con- York, American news co. 1869.

Page  35 35 BLOCH. BODENHIAMER. B3loch (Moritz). Ausfiihrliche grammatik Blume (Carl Ludwig)-corttinued. der ungarischen sprache fair deutsche. 5 p. 1. v. 4. 2p. 1. 75 pp. 9 pl. 22 col'd. pl 1. Locorum imagines ad illustranda vegetabilia. 334 pp. 80. Pesth, K. Geibel, 1842. 2. Figurta e familia Gnetacearum. 3. " Cycadearum. Block (Maurice, editor). See Annuaire de 4. Cardiopteridearum. l'administration frantaise, and Annuaire de 5. 6CPangiearlcm. 6. " Hippocrateacearum. l'6conomie politique. 7. l " Apocynearum. 8. " " Asclepiadearum. Blodget (Lorin). Practical defects of the 9. C " Scrophularinearum. existing forms of political action. 80. Phila- 1 Bignoniaearnm. delphia, Collins, 1868. Blunt (George W. Compiler). Pilot laws, har[Inb PHILADELPHIA (Union league of). Essays one regulations of the port politicalorganization, pp. 89-106b. hoy and quarantine regulations of the port political organization, pp. 89-106]. of New York. See Iqeew York. Bloede (Victor G.) The reducer's manual, and gold and silver worker's guide; being a BliUtschli (Jean Gaspard). Le droit intercomplete practical ]Hand-book on the saving national codifii. Traduit de l'Allemand par and reduction of every class of photographic M. C. Lardy et pr6cedd cd'une preface par wastes, and gold and silver residues. Com- ]douard Laboulaye. xvi, 480 pp. 8n0 prising all the wet and dry processes of re- Paris, Gszillaumin S cie. 1870. duction at present known, with many import- Blyth (The) monthly gleaner, for June, 1819. ant originaldesigns, formulas, and additions. pp.143-219. 80 [Blyth, 18191. 2d ed. 167 pp. 120. New York, J. H. r ith NORTHUMIBERLAND and New Castle monthly Ladd, 1869. magazine]. Lgadd, 1869. Boardman (Henry A. d. d.) The general Blondel (Franvois). The comparison of Pin- assemibly of 1866. [Animadversions on the dar and Horace. [Written in French, etc.] action of the general assembly of the presbyEnglished by sir Edward Sherburn. 3 p. 1. terian church]. 124 pp. 80. Philadelphia, 92 pp. 80. London, T. Bennet, 1696, J. B. Lippincott & co. 1867. 3Blood (Benjamin). Optimism the lesson of Boardman (fMrs. M. M.) The sister's triages. A compendium of democratic theology, umph. Sequel to Haps and mishaps of the designed to illustrate necessities whereby all Brown family. 326pp. 4 pl. 16". Phila things are as they are, and to reconcile the delphia, Perkinpine & Hig'gins, 1866. discontents of men with the perfect love and Boardman (We. E.) He that overcometh; or, power of ever-present God. 132 pp. 120. a conquering gospel. xvi, 303 pp. 120. Boston, B. Marsh, 1860. Boston, H. Hoyt, [1869]. Blunme (Carl Ludwig). Rumphia; sive, com- Bock (C. W.) ErklArung des bales der mnentationes botanicae imprinis de plantis beruhmtesten und merkwirdigsten Ilteren Indim orientalis, tumn penitus incognitis turm und neneren sprachen Europa's, Asien's, qum in libris Rhedii, Rumphii, Roxburghii, Afrika's, Amerika's und der Sidsee-inseln. Wallichii aliorumque recensentur. 4 v. fol. viii pp. 11. 172, 24 pp. 1 pl. 80. Berlin, Lug duni Batavorum, [Bruxellis, H. Rerny] H. Sauvage, 1853. 1835-48. Bode (Johann Elert). Allgemeine betrachCONTENTS. tungen fiber das weltgebiude. 3e ausg. v. 1. 4 p.1. 204 pp. 14 pl. 57 col'd. pl. 2 p. 1. v, 224 pp. 2 pl. 160. Berlin, Kecht, 1. Locorum imagines ad illustranda vegetabilia. [1808]. S. 2. Figurx- e familia Melastomacearum. 3. " " Lalrinearum. Bodecher (Nicolaus). Sociniano-remlonstrant. 4. Artocarpearum. 5. Atocarpearum, ismvs. Hoc est, evidens demonstratio, 5. Strychnearum. 7). 6 Aroidearum. qua remonstrantes cum socinianis, sive 7.' Pandanearum. " Passiflorearum. reipsa, sive verbis, sive etianm methodo, in 9. " Myristicearum. pluribus confessionis sum partibus consen10. O" " rchidearum. v.2. 2p.l. 176pp. 15p1. 52col'd.p1h tire ostenditur. 4 p. 1. 174 pp. 11. 40. Lug1. Locorum imagines ad illustranda vegetabilia duni Batavorun, J. Marcus, 1624. 2. Figur.- e familia LIoganicarum. 3. " " Pa11marum. Bodenhamer (William, m. d.) Practical v. 3. 2 p.1. ii, 224pp. 12 p. 22 col'd, pl. observations on the zetiology, pathology, 1. Locorum imagines ad illustranda vegetabili diagnosis, and treatment of anal 2. Figouri e familia Palmarum. diagnosis and treatment of anal fissure. 3. " apindearem. xiv, 199 pp. 80. Nev York, [W. Wood co. 4'. C' "' Coniferarum..Iomn aeearem. 1868.

Page  36 36 BOELEN. BONAPARTE. Boelen (Jacobus). Reize naar de oost- en Boieldieu (Marie Jacques Amand). De l'inwestkust van Zuid-Amerika en, van daar, fluence de la chaire, du th6atre et du barreau, naar de Sandwicbs- en Philippijnsche eilan- dans'la societd civile, [etc.] 4 p. 1. viii, den, China enz. gedaan, in de jaren 1826-29. 167 pp. 80. Paris, Demonville, 1804. 3 v. 80. Amsterdlram, Ten Brink 8' De Yries, Boira (Rafael). E1 libro de los cuento; scolec1835-36. cion completa de andcdotas, cuentos, gracias, Boelte. See Bilte. [etc.] 2~ ed. 3 v. in 1. 160. Madrid, M. Bogatzky (Carl Heinrich von). Gtildnes Arcas y Sanchez, 1862. schats-kkstlein der kinder Gottes, deren Boissy (Louis Michelde). Dissertations critischatz im himmel ist; bestehend in auser- ques pour servir d'eclaircissement l'histoire lesenen spriichen der hell. schrift, [etc.] des Juifs, avant et depuis J6sus-Christ, et 16eauflage. [anon.] 41p.1. 3661. obl. 320. de supplement i l'histoire de M. Basnage. Halle, lWaisenhlaus,'1743. 2 v. 1 p. 1. xii, 332 pp. 1 1; 2 p. 1. 362 pp. B6hlmae (Jacob). Theosophische wereken, 31. 160. Pais, Lagrange, 1785. [etc.] 8 v. 160. Amsterdam, 1682. Boissy d'Anglas (Fran9ois Antoine, comte de). Essai sur la vie, les 6crits et les opinions de CONTENTS. m. de Malesherbes, adress6d a mes enfans. v. 1. Vorbericht wegen der fignr, [etc.] 2 v. 3 p. 1. 417 pp; 2 p. 1. 344 pp. 8~. Paris, Auftrag an den leser. 2Griindlich und wahrhaffter bericht von dem leben des Treuttel &8 Wliirtz, 1819. Jacob Bi3Shmens. v. 2. Morgenrdte im aufgang, das ist; die wlurtzel Boker (George Henry). Knigsmark; the leoder mutter der philosophit., astrologim unod the- gend of the hounds, and other poems. 244 pp. ologie, [etc.] v. 3. Bedencken iiber Essaie Stiefels biichlein: vom ] 6~. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott & co. dreyerley zustand des menschen, und dessen new 1869. gebuhrt. Apologia, betreffend die vollkonmmenheit des men- Bolgeni (Giovanni Vincenzio). El obispado. schen; das ist, eine griindliche autwort auff Es- Disertacion sobre la potestad de gobernar la sai, Stiefels, und Ezechiel. Meths auslegung tiber vier texte der h. schrifft. iglesia, en que se demostra la divina instituErste apologia wider Balthasar Tilken. Zweite apologia wider Balthasar Tilken. cion de su gerarquia. Y lo presenta al pubApologia, oder schutz-rlde. Zu gebihrilicher ableh-dominico. nung des schrecklichen pasquills und schinlh- lic p.m. fr. Nicolas d Castro, dminic. karten, wider das biichlein. 1. Von wahrer 2a ed. 336 pp. sm. 4~. Coruia, J. Chacon, busse. 2. Von wahrer gelassenheit. Welchen pasquil der herr Gregorius Richter, [etc.] darwi- 1814. der aussgesprenget hat. Bilte (Amely). Madame de Stadl: an hisv. 4. Hohe und tieffe griinde von dem dreyfachen leben des manschen, [etc.] torical novel. Translated fiom the German, v. 5. Mysterium magnum, oder erkldrung fiber das by Theodore Johnson. iv, 487 pp. 120. erste buch Mosis, [etc.] v. 6. Theosophische sendbriefe, [etc.] New lork G. P. Putnam & son, 1869. v. 7. De signatura rerum, das ist: von der gebuhrt e rk. utam& s,16 und bezeichnung aller wesen, [etc.] Bolton (Rev. Robert, puritan). A discourse v. 8. Zwei register iiber alle Bohm's schrifften, davon of true happiness. 1 p. 1. 215 pp. 3. sm. das erste alle orter der heil. schrift, so vom autore angezogenund erlaiutert siod, anzeiget, das zweite 40. L London, 1611]? in sich die hanbt-sache selbst, nach alphabetischer [With his Instructions for a right comforting, [etc.] ordnung, begreifft. Imperfect: title-page wanting]. Bohn (Henry G.) A guide to the knowledge _ _ Instrvctions for a right comforting af. of pottery, porcelain, and other objects of flicted consciences, with speciall antidotes vertu. Comprising an illustrated catalogue against some grievous temptations. 13 p. 1. of the Bernal collection of works of art, with 560 pp. sm. 40. London, 7. Weaver, 1631. the prices at which they were sold by auc- Boltwood (Henry L.) English grammar, tion, and the names of the present possessors. and how to teach it; designed as a text-book To which are added an introductory essay on for common schools, and for the primary, inpottery and porcelain, and an engraved list termediate, and gramnmar departments of of marks and monograms. xxxviii, 504 pp. graded schools. 211 pp. 160. Chicago, G. 39 pl. 12~. London, H. G. Bohn, 1857. & C. W. Sherwood, 1869. A pictorial hand-book of modern geog- Bona (Giovanni). De sacrificio missue, tracraphy, on a popular plan, compiled from the tatus asceticus [etc.] 216 pp. 180. Vebest authorities, English and foreign, and netiis, P. Savioni, 1774. s. completed to the present tinme. 2d ed. I p. 1. Bonaparte (Lucien, prince de Canino). Charx pp. 1. 529 pp. 51 maps. 120. London, letmagne; or, the church delivered. An epic H. G. Bohn, 1862. poem, in 24 books. Translated by S. Butler,

Page  37 37 BONAPARTE. BOSTON' Bonaparte (Lucien)-continued. Bookworm (The). An illustrated literary d. d. and Francis Hodgson. 2 v. xxxi, 388 and bibliographical review. January, 1867, pp; 1 p. 1. 419 pp. 40~. London, Longman to December, 1869. v. 1-4. 80 London, & co. 1815. 1866-69. Bonaventura (Giovanni de Fidanza, saint). Bordeaux. (Chambre de commerce). R6vision De sex alis seraphim. 16~..- atriti, 1773. s. du livre ii du commerce. Examen des projets [In NINo (J.) Aphorismi superiorum etiam et infe- des sous-commissions du gouvernement par riortum]. la commission de la chambre de commerce de Bond (Thomas E. sen. m. d.) The economy Bordeaux, [etc.] 2 p. 1. 209 pp. fol. Borof methodism illustrated and defended; in a deaux, A. Lefraise, 1867. s. series of papers. x pp. 2 1. 391 pp. 8~. New York, Lane 8 Scott, 1852. Borger (Ella Anna). Disputatio de mysticismo. New,~~~~~,.148 pp. 4~. Farlene, instituti teyleriani theaoBonn (Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms univer- logici.oderatores, 1819. sitt). Berichti uber dasttinfzigjathrige jubi- Borgm an (C.) Bezoek in de Ver8e1igde liBum der rheinischen Friedich-Wilhelmsenigde umders rhei. ni.e Friedrich-WheBonnlMs Staten von Noord-Amerika, in het jaar 1850. universitrit. 2 p. 1. 145 pp. 8~. Bonn, M1. 3 p. 1. 227 pp. 1 1. 80. Groeningen, A. L. Cohen & sohn, 1868. Scholtens, 1854 Bonnet (Victor).:~tudes d'6conomie poli- Boroa. See Beroa (Diago). tique et financidre. iv, 229 pp. 1 1. 80. Boseham (Herbert de, secretary to Thomas d Paris, Guillasumin & cie. 1868. Becket). Opera que extant omnia, nunc Bonney (Rev. Henry Kay). Historic notices primumrn edidit J. A. Giles. 2 v. xii, 373 pp; in reference to Fotheringhay. viii, 127 pp. 3 vii, 336 pp. 8~. Londini, Whittaker et soc. pl. 8~. Oundle, T. Bell, 1821. 1846. Bonnotti (Michel Angelo). E!ementa math- [PATRES ecclesina anglicane, v. 42-43]. eseos ad usum studiosme juventutis. viij, 224 CONTENTS. pp. 13 plates. sin. 4~. Venetiis, sumptibus v. 1. Vita s. Thomoa [t Becket]. heredis Nicolai Pezzana, 1772. Hov. 2. milia. Bontius (Jacob). Indiaensche genees-konst. Causa exilii etmartyriibeati Thoma [d Becket,. Epistolc. 18~. Amsterdam, 1694. Glossa in psalterium. [In HOORN (J. ten). Oost- en West-indische wa. Bossuet (Jacques Benigne). Instrucciones, y randel. Bon ton (Le); journal de modes. Monthly re- meditaciones sobre el perdon de los pecados port of Paris fashions. January, 1868, to para el tiempo de los jubileos, y sobre las Decermber, 1869. v. 17-18, 4~ New York, indulgencias, sacadas principalmente del S. T. Taylor, 1868-69. concilio de Trento. Escritas en Frances. Book (The) of Mormon. Translated by Jo- Traducidas por J. Moles. 3= ed. 8 p.1. 192 seph Smith. 4th American and 2d stereotype pp. 16c. Madrid, J. Blanques, 1794. s. ed. Carefully revised by the translator. 572 Boston (City of). Directory, embracing the pp. 1. 18~. Nauvoo, J. Smith, 1842. city record, a general directory of the citiBook (The) of psalms in metre; from the ori- zens, and a business directory, for the year ginal, compared with many versions, in dif- commencing July 1, 1863. 80. Boston, ferent languages. viii, 363 pp. 16~. London, Adams, Sampson & co. 1863. J. Johnson, 1754. Documents of the city of Boston for the Book (The) of rubies; a collection of the most year 1868. 157 [156] dec. in 3 v. 80. Bosnotable love-poems in the English language. tonl, A. Mudge & son, city printers, 1869. 384 pp. 80. New York, C. Scribner &8 co. ---— Report of a committee of citizens op1866. posed to a further increase of duties on imBook buyer (The); a summary of American portations. 196 pp. 80~. Boston, N. Hale, and foreign literature, October, 1867, to Sep- 1827. tember, 1869. v. 1-2. 80, Niew York, [C. Boston (The) almanac, for the year 1869. Scribner & co. 1868-69]. v. 34. 240. Boston, G. Coolidge, 1868. Bookseller (The); a handbook of British Boston board of trade. 10th, 12th, 14th, and and foreign literature, [andl Bent's literary 15th annual reports, for 1864, 1866, 1868 and advertiser, January, 1867,to December, 1869. 1869. 4 v. 80. Boston, T. R. Marvin, 1864[v. 10-12]. 8S. London, E. Tucker, 1867-69. 69.

Page  38 38 BOSTON'. BOWDITCH. Boston [The] collection of sacred and devo- Boudon (Henri Marie). Dios solo, 6 congretional hymns: intended to accommodate gacion para los intereses de dios solo: escrito christians on special and stated occasions. en lengua francesa; y en la espaiola por S. [Baptist]. 324 pp. 180. Boston, Mailnning Izquierdo. 4 p. 1. 136 pp. 183. Madrid, irn& Lorling, 1808. prenta real, 1788. s. Boston weekly magazine; or, ladies' and gen- Boudot (Jean). Dictionarium universale latlemen's miscellany. v. 2. No. 7-50. 80~. tino-gallicum, ex omnibus latinitatis auctoriBoston, Gilbe-rt & Deane, 1803. bus collectum, [etc.] 17a ed. 2p. 1. xvi, [Wit ih PHILADELPHTA repository, v. 51. 902 pp. 1 1. 8~. Rothomagii, R. Lallemont, 1774. s. Bosvirorth (Newton). The accidents of huBouilly (Jean Nicolas). Mes r6capitulations. man life; with hints for their prevention, or Premiere 6poqe, 1774-1790; deuxi6me the removal of their consequences. xii, 216 160. London Lackinat 6poque, 1791-1812. 2 v. xii, 289 pp. 1 1. pp. 6 p ~.,, Alen portrait; 2 p. 1. 288 pp. 1 1. 16~. BruxQ cv?. 1813. elles, socie't belge de librairie, 1837. Botero (Giovanni). I prencipi [cristiani], Bouquet (Martin, and others). See Recueil con le aggionte alla ragion di stato nuoua_ des historiens des Gaules et de la France. mente postein lce. 148, 8 1. 16. T'lrinzo, Bourne (William). A booko called the treasG. 1D. ~Tarino, 1600. ure for traueilers, deuidecld into fiue bookes or Botley (Samuel). Maximum in minimo; or, partes, contaynyng very necessary matters, mr. Jeremiah Rich's Pen's dexterity com- for all sortes of trauailers, eyther by sea or pleted, [etc.] 31 1. 160. London, N. by lande. 133 1. 1 pl. sm. 40. London, Sackett, [Cabout 1760]. T. lWoodcocke, 1578. Botts (John Minor). The great rebellion: Boussingault (Jean Baptiste Joseph Dieuits secret history, rise, progress, and disas- donne) and Roulin (Franvois Ddsir6e). Viatrous failure. The political life of the author jes cientificos a los Andes ecuatoriales; 6, vindicated. xxviii, 402 pp. 1 portrait. 12~. coleccion de memorias sobre fisica, quimica6 New York, Harper & brothers, 1866. historia natural de la Nueva Granada, Ecuador, y Venezuela. Traducidas por J. Acosta, Boucher (WV. M.) The science of money; (being the solution of the much vexed and y precedidas de algunas nociones de geologia, (being the solution of the much vexed and ihnportant currency problem), and " co-ope- 2 p. 1. xvi, 322 pp. 8 Paris, libreria castellana, 1849. ration," (some thoughts and quotations on its history, philosophy, practice, results, etc.) Boutauld (Michel). The counsels of wisdom; together furnishing the solution of the " la- or, a collection of such maxims of Solomon, bor question," (or, the way to settle the war as are most necessary for the prudent conduct between the laborers and capitalists upon the oflife. With proper reFections upon them. principles of sciernce). 123 pp. 83C, Chi- Written originally in French, by m. Fouquet. cago, 1867. Done into English by a gent EJ. Leake]. 2 Bo~ucicault (Dion). Foul play. See ~R~eade parts in 1 v. xx, 402 pp. 40. Oxford, (Charles) and Boucicault (Dion). theatre, 1736. [NOTE.-At first att;ibuted to Fouquet, but now Boudard de L'Herault (Andre). M6moires, generally admitted to be the work of Boutauld]. lettres, et pieces authentiques touchant la Bowden (Rev. John Edward). The life and vie et la mort de Louis Antoine Henri de letters of Frederick William Faber, d.d. priest Bourbon-Conde, due d'Enghien. 2 p. 1. 295 of the oratory of st. Philip Neri. With an inpp. l portrait. I fac-simile. 8~. Paris, Au- troduction by an American clergyman. 487 disn, 1823. pp. 1 portrait. 12~. Baltimore,.1. M1urphy Boudier de Villemert or Villermet (Pierre & co. 1869. Joseph). L'ami des femmes. [anon.] 182 Bowditch (Nathaniel, 11. d.) The newAmerpp. 11. 160. Paris, 1766. ican practical navigator; being an epitBoudin (Amude'e). Histoire de Louis-Phi- ome of navigation; containing all the tables lippe, roi des Franpais.. 2 v. 2 p. 1. 462 pp. necessary to be used with the nautical alma10 pl; 430 pp. 10 pl. 8~. Paris, bureazt de nac in determining the latitude; and the publication, 1847. longitude by lunar observations; and keeping

Page  39 39 BOWDITCH. EBRACHET. Bowditch (Nathaniel)-continued. Boyd (Joseph B.) Boyd's hand-book of Cina complete reckoning at sea, [etc.] 590 pp. cinnati. Being a complete guide to the city; I 1. 8~. Newburyport, Mass. E. M. Blunt, its public buildings illustrated; its railroad, for V R.. W7ilder, 1802. steamboat, stage, and omnibus lines; its The same. 8, xx, 289, 460 pp. 1 map. hotels; its public resorts; its churches; its 14 pl. 8~. W1ashino ton, government print, parks; briefly, Cincinnati as it is, and the 1868. way to find it. Spring, 1869. 130 pp. 25 pl. The same. Useful tables, from the 18~. Cincinnati, J. B. Boyd, 1869. "Practical navigator." A new edition, with Boyd (Mrs. Mary D. R.) Barby's shuttle, additional tables. 92 1. 8~0..ashington, and what it wrought. 169 pp. 2 pl. 180~. government print, 1868. Philadelphia, J. P. Skelly & co. 1869. Bowler (Rev. George). Chapel and church Stepping-stones over the brook. 262 pp. architecture, with designs for parsonages. 3 pl. 18c. Philadelphia, J. P. Skelly & co. 1 p. 1. 15 pp. 17 1. 41 pl. folio. Boston, J. P. 1869. Jewett & co. 1856. Boyer (Lieut. -). A journal of Wayne's camBowles(Samuel). The Pacific railroad-open. paign. Being an authentic daily record of How to go: what to see. Guide for travel the most important occurrences during the to and through western America.!22 pp. campaign of major general Anthony Wayne 16~. Boston, Fields, Osgood & co. 1869. against the northwestern Indians, commencThe Switzerland of America. A sum- ing the 28th July and ending on the 2d Nomer vacation in the parks and mountains of vember, 1794; including an acconnt of the Colorado. 166 pp. 160. Sprinfield, (M-ass.) S.BColorado. 166 pp91. Spring~field, (Mass.) great battle of August 20. 23 pp. 40~. Cincinnati, J. F. Uhlhorn, 1866. Boyce (W7illiuam). Cathedral music; being a [With JAcoB (John J.) Life of captain Cresap]. collection in score of the most valuable and useful compositions for that service, by the Boyle (Frederick). A ride across a continent:, a personal narrative of wanderings through several English masters, of the last two hunNicaragua and Costa Rica. 2 v. xxviii, dred years. The whole selected and care- 299 pp. 1 p; vii, 297 pp 1 pI. 120. Lonfully revised. 2d ed. 3 v. fol. London, don, P. Bentley, 1868. J. Ashley, 1788. Boyd (Andrew, compiler). Boyd's business Boyle (Roger, earl of Orrery). Parthenissa, directory of cities and villages between Bos- that most fam'd romance. The six volumes ton and Albany, on the line of the Boston compleat. 2 p. 1. 808 pp. fol. London, H. and Albany railway, 1869-70. With an ap- Herringman, 1676. pendix. 8~. Albany, (N. Y.) C. Van Ben- Boys (Thomas Shotter). Original views of thuysen & sons, 1869. London as it is, [etc.] With historical and ------ Boyd's business directory of over one descriptive notices of the views, by Charles hundred cities and villages in New York Oilier. 2 p. 1. 261. 26 pl. fol. London, T. state, together with post offices, postmasters' Boys, 1842. names, money.order post offices, and tele- Boys at Sandover; or, life in a public institugraph and express stations throughout the tion. [anon.] 264 pp. 2 pl. 160. Bosstate, [etc.] 1869-70. 884 pp. 80. Albany, ton, congregational s. s. and publ. soc. [1868]. (N. Y.) C. H. Van Benthuysen 8& sons, 1869. Brace (Charles Loring). The new west: or, Boyd (Andrew and W. Harry). Boyd's di- California in 1867-68. 373 pp. 120. New rectory of Elizabeth, Rahway, and Plain- York, G. P. Putnam & son, 1869. field, with a business directory of Union Braclhet (J. L. m. d.) Recherches sur la county, 1868-69. 348 pp. 12~. Elizabeth, nature et le siege de l'hyst6rie et de l'hypoA. & W. H. Boyd, 1868. chondrie, et sur l'analogie et les diffdrences de Boyd (Mrs. E. E.) Jack Bryson. 211 pp. 3 ces deux maladies. 178 pp. 80. Paris, pl. 180. Philadelphia, J. P. Skelly & co. 1869. Gabon, 1832. Lily's looking glasses. 102 pp. 2 pl. [rEDICAL pamphlets, v. 4]. 18~. Philadelphia, J. P. Skelly & co. 1869. Trait6 complet de l'hypochondrie; ou1Mary Morne and her friend. 197 pp. vrage couronne par l'acad6mie royale de 2 pl. 18~. Philadelphia, J. P. Skelly & co. m6decine. xx, 739 pp. 1 tab. 8~. Paris, 1868. J. B. Bailli&re, 1844.

Page  40 BRACKENBURY. BRADLEY. Brackenbury (Capt. Charles Booth). Euro- Bradley (Mrs. M. E.) and Neily (Kate J.) pean armaments in 1867. Based upon letters The proverb series. v. 1-3. 16~. Boston, reprinted, by permission, from "The times." Lee & Shepard, 1869. viii, 143 pp. 120. London, Chapman & CONTENTS. Hall, 1867. v. 1. Birds of a feather. By mrs. Bradley. 233 pp. 3 pl. Brackenlridge (Henry M.) Recollections of v. 2. Fine feathers do not make fine birds. By Kate persons and places in the west. 2d ed. en- J. Neily. 1 p.. 174 pp. 3 p1. v. 3. Handsome is that handsome does. By mrs. larged. 331 pp. 120. Philadelphia, J. B. Bradley. 1 p. 1. 323 pp. 3 pl. Lippincott Q& co. 1868. Bradley (W. J.) After years. A sequel to --- ReisenachSiidanerika. Unternommen Culm rock. By Glance Gaylord. [pseudon.] auf befehl der amerikanischen regierung in 324 pp. 3 pl. 120. Boston, H. Hoyt, 1867. den jahren 1817 und 1818 auf der fregatte Congress. Ausdem Englischen. 2v. iv, Bright nook; or, aunt Maggie's corner. Congress. Aus dem Englischen. 2 v. iv, 384 pp; 1 p. 1. 452 pp. 80. Leipzig, G. By Glance Gaylord. [psezedon.] 138 pp. 2 pl. 18~. New York, Carlton c Porter, 1866. L G5schen, 1821..-.- Culm rock, the story of a year. What Bradbury (William B.) Bradbury's fresh laurels for the sabbath schools. A new and it brought and what it taught. By Glance Gaylord. [ pseudon.] 439 pp. 4 pl. 16~. extensive collection of music and hymns. Gaylord. don.] 432 pp. 4 p. 16 160 pp. obl. 16~. Newv York, Biglow Boston, H. Hoyt, [1867]. Ml6ain, [1867]. ----- Donald Deane and his cross. By Glance Bright jewels for the sunday school. Gaylord. [pseudon.] 390 pp. 3 pl. 160. A new collection of sunday school songs. Boston, Mass. s. s. soc. [1867]. rev. R. Lowry, editor, [etc.] 160 pp. obl. 160. 1 Gay cottage. By Glance Gaylord. New York, Biglow & Main, [1869]. [pseudon.] 144 pp. 1 pl. 180. Boston, AmeriThe new golden trio; or, Bradbury's can tract society, 1866. golden series of Sabbath school melodies, Gilbert's last summer at Rainford, and comprising the''New golden chain," "New what it taught. By Glance Gaylord. [pseugolden shower," and " Golden censer." 126 don.] 328 pp. 4 pl. l6~. Boston, Graves pp. 3 1. obl. 160. New York, W. B. Brad- & Yozung, 1868. busry, 1866. [RAINFORD series, no. 2]. The singing bird; or, progressive music Gilbert Starr and his lessons. By Glance reader, [etc.] 176pp. obl.8~. New York, Gaylord. [pseudon.] 383 pp. 4 pl. 16~. Newnsant & ivison, 1852. S. Boston, A. F. Graves, 1868. __ —- _ The victory: a new collection of sacred [RAINFORD series, no. 1]. and secular music. 400 pp. 1 portrait. obl. - Jack Arcombe. The story of a waif. 80. New York, Biglow 8& Main, [1869]. By Glance Gaylord. [pseudon.] 306 pp. Bradbury (William F.) Eaton's elementary 4 pl. 16~. Boston,A. F. Graves, 1868. algebra, designed for the use of high schools [RAINFORD series, no. 4]. and academies. 252 pp. 120. Boston, - Mr. Pendleton's cup. A story for boys. Taggard 6 Thlompson, 1868. By Glance Gaylord. [pseudori.] 248 pp. [EATON's mathematical series]. 3 pl. 16~. Boston, H. A. You-ng & co. The same. Key to Eaton's elementary [1868]. algebra, giving answers to the examples. Patience Hathaway. Her friends and 28 pp. 120. Boston, Taggazrd & Thsompson, her enemies, and how she returned them good 1869. for evil. By Glance Gaylord. Lpseudon.] Bradford (Rev. John). Writings. Contain- 370 pp. 4 pl. 16~. Boston, H. A. Young & ing letters, treatises, remains. Edited by co. [1868]. A. Townsend. xlviii, 432 pp. 8~. Cam- Will Rood's friendship. By Glance bridge, university press, 1853. Gaylord. [pseudon.] 254 pp. 4 pl. 16~. [PARKIER society plublications]. Boston, Graves & Young, 1867. Bradford (Oliver K.) Guilty or not guilty; [RAINFORD series, no. 3]. or, an appeal to the people. 89 pp. 1 por- -- Willie's conquest. By Glance Gaytrait. 8~. Boston, J. E. Farwell &, co. lord. [pseudon.] 74 pp. 1 pl. 24~. New York, 1869. Carlton t Porter, 1866.

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Page  42 42 BRETON. BRISBIN. Breton (Nicholas). The court and country; Breynat (Jules). Los socialistes depuis fdvor, a briefe discourse dialogue-wise set downe rier. 3e 6d. 304 pp. 1 1. 16~. Paris, Garbetweene a courtier and a country-man. nier, 1850. Contayning the manner and condition of Briana (P. Cesar). Le livre de poche du their liues, [etc.] Also, necessary notes voyageur en France, [etc.] xxxii, 192 pp. for a covrtier. 40. London, G. Eld for. 1 map. 32~. Paris, Lavigne, [1833]. WIright, 1618. Reprinted, London, Roxburghe Bridger (N.) Stenographic and cry[p]tolibrary, 1868. linbrary, 1868. C) edetase..18 graphic; or, the arts of short-hand and secret[In HAZLITT (W. C.) Inedited tracts, etc. pp. 168211. ROXBURGHE library]. writing, [etc. anon. ] 6 p. 1. 66 pp. 24 pl. 18~. Bretos or Vretos (Andreas Papadopoulos). London, author, 1659. Neoe1a-vtlVcg 0t2ZoXoya, Jo70t tcaTraOLOyO Trv Bridgman (William). Translations from the aeo rrroraeog TrC /3vSavrstv5 avro/cparoptag Greek, viz. Aristotle's synopsis of the virtues teXpL eylcaOtdpvaecr rny ev E2cadt& fiaatectag and vices. The similitudes of Demophilus. rvir&Oevr7)v ftfSlt3)v 7rap' E2,Lopvov elt 7wV The golden sentences of Democrates. And oytXtov/evyv, j etC riTv apXatav Eb2.2vtt/cv the Pythagoric symbols, with the explanay27ioaav,,ue fItf3Ztoypapcatc lcae KpLrICuSa tions of Jamblichus. [With] thePythagoric UyetdoGaet9, 7rept r7Ov a:tov Zoyov avYypa/u- sentences of Demophilus, by T. Taylor. aCTnv. 2 v. X0', pp. l1, 272pp; tC', 364 pp. xvi, 135 pp. 12~. London, W. Bridgrman, 2 1. 80. Ev AOiyvait, rvwotg F. Kapaytvy 1804. icat K, Bata, 1854-57. S. Brief (A) and impartial history of the life and Bretschneider (Carl Gottlieb). Die grund- actions of Andrew Jackson, president of the lage des evangelischen pietismus; oder, die United States. By a free man. [anon.] lehren von Adams fall, der erbstinde, und 216 pp. 160. Boston, Stimpson & Clapp, dem opfer Christi, [etc.] xii, 426 pp. 11. 1831. 80. Leipzig, F. C. WT. Vogel, 1833. Briefe in die heimath, geschrieben zwischen Heinrich und Antonio, oder die pro- October 1829und May 1830, wuihrend ciner selyten der r6mischen und der evangelischen reise ilber Frankreich, England, und die kirche. 2e auflage. xii, 308 pp. 80. Go- Vereinigten Staaten von Nordamerica nach thza, J. Per~thes, 1827. Mexico. [anon.] x, 201 pp. 8c. StuttDie religiose glaubenslehre nach der gart, und Tiibingen, J. G. Cotta, 1835. vernunft und der offenbarung fiir denkende [REisEN und landesbeschreibungen, 6e auflage]. leser dargestellt. 2e aufl. viii, 406 pp. 80. Brieven over het bestuur der colonien EsseHalle, Schwetschke e l sohtn, 1843. quebo en Demerary. Gewisseld tusschen de Systematische entwickelung aller in den heeren Aristodemus en Sincerus. Nevens dogmatik vorkommenden begriffe nach den bylagen, tot deeze briefvisseling, en eene symbolischen sbchriften der evangelisch-lu- voorreden van den nederlandschen uitgeever. therischen kirche, [etc.] Nebst der litera- [anon.] 12v. 8,. Amsterdam, If. Holtrop, tur, [etc.] iiber alle theile der dogmatik. 3e 1785-88. auflage. xvi, 870 pp. 1 1. 80. Leipzig, Bright (fMrs. A. M.) The three Bernices; or, J. A. BartA, 1825. Ansermo of the crag. 380 pp. 120. PhilaBrewster (Anne M. H.) Compensation; or, delphia, Clatton, Remsen & Ha eI/nger, 1869. always a future. 2d ed. 322 pp. 120. Bright (John). Speeches on questions of pubPhiladelphia, J. B. Lippincott 4. co. 1870. lic policy. Edited by James E. Thorold Brewster (Rev. John) Meditations for the Rogers. 2 v. xix, 535 pp. 1 portrait; vii, aged; adapted to the progress of human 567 pp. 80. London, Macmillan 4 co. 1868. life. 3d ed. viii, 435 pp. SO. London, F. Brion (G.) Illustrations to "Les miserables," C. 4 J., Rivington, 1814. of Victor Hugo. Scenes and characters pho> Meditations for penitents, and for those tographed by A. A. Turner, after the original engaged in the important duty of self-exam- designs of G. Brion. 8 pp. 26 pl. 40. ination. xxviii, 366 pp. 80~. London, F. New York, Carlton, 1863. C. 4. J. Rivington, 1813. Brisbin (Gen. James S.) The lives of Ulysses The meditations of a recluse; chiefly S. Grant and Schuyler Colfax. 437 pp 2 an religious subjects. 4th ed, viii, 387 pp. portraits. 160. Cincinnati, C. F. Vent S& co. SO. London, F. C. 4. J. Rivington, 1816. 1869.

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Page  45 45 BROWN. BRUNNICH. Brown (W. Leroy). No'tes on artillery: from I Browning (Elizabeth B.)-continued. Robins, Hutton, Chesney, Mordecai, Dahl- i Napoleon iii in Italy. And other poems. gren, Jacob, Greener, Gibbon, and Benton. 72 pp. 16~. New York, -C S. Fr-ancis & 76 pp. 8~. Richmond, [West & Johnson, co. 1860. 1862. Browning (Robert). The ring and the book. Brown (Mir. -, son of Rev. Samuel Brozwn). 4 v. 160~. London, Smith, Elder:& co. 1868The captives of -Abb's valley; a legend of: 69. frontier life. By a son of Mary Moore, Bruce (George)son& co An abridged speci. [married to Samuel Brown]. 169 pp. 1 pl. men of printing types, made at Bruce's New 160. Philadelphia, pr-esbyterian board of pub- York type-foundry. 166 pp. 40. New York, lication, [1854]? s. G. Bruce, son & co. 1869. Browne (Charles Farrar). Artemus Ward Bruce (Peter Henry). Memoiits. Containing his book. [pseudon.] 224 pp. 13 pl. 16~. an account of his travels in Germany, RusNAew York, Carleton, 1865. sia, Tartary, Turkey, and the West Indies, - Artemus Ward's panorama. (As exhlib- etc. as also several very interesting private ited at the Egyptian hall, London). [psel- anecdotes of the czar, Peter i, of Russia. 6 don.] Edited by his executors, T. W. Rob- p. 1. 446 pp. 40~. London, author's widow, ertson and E. P. Hingston. 213 pp. 34 pl. 1782. 160. New York, G. IW. Carleton, 1869. Briigger (Ch. Gr.) Die thermen von Bormio Browne (D. J.) The etymological encyclo- [etc.] See Meyer-Ahrens (-). and Bruigpiedia of technical words and phrases used in ger,(Chr. Gr.) the arts and sciences, and of many words in Brun (Charles). R6cit des 6dvnements de d6common use, with popular quotations from cembre. Oui on non. Appel it la nation. foreign languages, and their translations. Vote universel du 21 decembre 1851. 105 258 pp. 180. Boston, FF. Hyde & co. 1832. pp. 1 1. 160. Pariis, Lcdoyen, 1851. Browne (Dunn, pseudon.) See Fiske (San- I With GALLOIs (N.) Vie politique de Ledra-Rollin]. uel). Brunck (Richard Franz Philipp). Anthologia. Browne (John Ross). Adventures in the See Selection (A) of Greek epigrams. Apache country; a tour through Arizona Brunet (Gustave, editor). See Dinaux (Arand Sonora, with notes on the silver regions thur). Les societ6s badines, [etc.] of Nevada. 535 pp. 12~. Nlew ctYork, Har-. Brunet (Jacques Charles). Recherchesbiblioper:8 brothers, 1869. graphiques et critiques sur les editions origicResodurces of the Pacific slope. A sta-l nales des cinq livres du roman satirique de tistical and descriptive summary of the mines Rabelais, et sur les diffdrences de texte qui se and minerals, climate,:topography, agricul- font remalquer, particulialement dans le preture, commerce, manufactures, and miscella- mier livre du Pantagruel et dans la Garganneous productions of the states anl territories. tua; on y a joint une revue critique des'diwest of the Rocky WMountains. ~With a: tions collectives du mndme roman, et, de plus, sketch of ~the settlement; and exploration of le texte original des grandes et inestimables lower:California. 678,:200 pp. 80. New chroniques de Gargantua, compl6t6 pour la York, D. Appleton &Q co. 1869. premiere fois dl'aprs l'6dition de 1533, pour Browne (Junius Henri). The:great metrop-, servir de supplement'a toutes les 6ditions des olis; a mirror of New York. A complete ceuvres de Rabelais. 2 p. 1. 144, 58 pp.:8. history of metropolitan life and society, with Paris, L. Potier, 1852. sketches of plominent places, persons, and Brunet (Pierre, de Nantes). Voyagea l'isle de things in the city, as they'actually exist. France, dans l'Inde, et en Angleterre; suivi 700 pp. 16pl. 8~. Hartford, Almer-ican pub- de m6moires sur les Indiens, sur les vents des lishing co. 1869. mers de l'Inde, et d'une notice sur la vie du Browning (Elizabeth Barrett). Casa Guidi gdeneral Benoit Deboigne, commandant l'arwindows. A poem. viii, 140 pp. 16. m6e maratte sons Scindia. I p. 1. iv, 390 pp. London, Chapman & Hall, 1851. 80. Paris, P. Mongie aen 6, 1825. Lady Geraldine's courtship. 1 p. 1. Briinnich (Martin Thrane). Icithyologia iv, 74 pp. 12 p.:80. New York, C. Scrib- massiliensis, sistens piscium descriptiones, ner- & co. 1870. eorvmqve -apud incolas nomina. Accedunt

Page  46 46 BRUNNICIH. BUELL. Briinnich (Martin)-continued. Buccellati (Federico, m. d.) Studj teorici Spolia maris adriatici. 8 p. 1. 110 pp. 8~. e pratici sulle orine. [Extract]. 128 pp. Hafnice, et Lipsie, apud Rothii viduasm et 8~. Milano, annali universali di medicina, Proft, 1768. 1860. s. [IYith his Ornithologia borealis]. Bucer or Kuhhorn (Martin). Judgment con- Ornithologia borealis, sistens collec- cerning divorce; written to Edward vi. in tionem avium ex omnibus, imperio danico his 2nd book of the kingdom of Christ, and subjectis, provinciis insulisqve borealibus now English'd [by J. Milton]. fol. [LonIIafnive factam, cum descriptionibus nova- don]? 1697. rum, nominibus incolarumn, locis natalium et [In MILTON (J.) Works. [London]? 1697. pp. icone. 3 p. 1. 80 pp. 1 pl. 80. Hafnii, J. 145-169]. Kll 1764. Buchanan (Rev. Claudius, II. d.) The star C.unnow (ErnstKaln).lUlrich, 1764.utte in the east; a sermon preached in the parish Brulnnow (Ernst von)b Ulrich von Hutten, church of St. James, Bristol, on Sunlday, der streiter fr deutsche freiheit. Historisches Feb. 26, 1809. To which is added an apgemalde aus Lden zeiten der reformation. 3 pendix, containing the interesting report of v. 18~. Leipzig, B. G. Ieu6bner, 1842. the rev. dr. Kerr to the governor of Madrass, Brunson (Rev. Alfred) andd Pitman (Rev. on the state of the ancient christians in CoCharles). The sweet singer of Israel: a chin and Travancore, and an account of the collection of hymns and spiritual songs, discoveries made by rev. dr. Buchanan of usually sung at camp, prayer, and social 200,000 christians in the sequestered region meetings, and in revivals of religion. Se- of Hindostan. 160. Philadelphia, 1815. lected and compiled, at the request of the [I 5~ WOODWARD (W. W.) A pious selection, pp. publishers, by the rev. Alfred Brunson, and 297 to 355]. the rev. Charles Pitman. New ed. much en- Bucher (Anton von). Die jesuiten in Balern larged. 320 pp. 320. Philadelphia, J. vor und nach ihrer ufhebung. 3 v. 120. HIlaqnste6ad, 1840. Miinchen, E. A. Fleischmann, 1819. Biichler (Johann Ulrich). Land- und seeBruyas (Jacques). Radices verborum iroreisen eines St. Gallischen kantonsbtirgers qumorum; [or], radical words of the Mohawk nach Nordamerika und Westindien, iiber language, with their derivatives. 2 p. 1. 123 Amsterdam nach Baltimore, Pitzburg, [etc.] pp. 40. New York, Cramoisy p1ress, 1862. s. und wieder zurtick nach Amsterdam, in den [SHEA'S library of American linguistics, v. 10]. jahren 1816, 1817 und 1818, [etc.] 228 pp. Bryan (R. T.) Departmental monthly and daily 1(60. St. Gallen, Zollikofer &' Zithlin, 1819. pay tables. Showing the gross and net pay Buchon (Jean Alexandre C.) Choix de moon all salaries from $60 to $25, 000, per annum, ralistes fran( ais, avec notices biographiques. with the amount taxable and income tax on ii, 783pp. 8~. Paris, A. Desrea, 1836. all over $1,000 per annum, as paid by the Paris, A. Dsrz, 1836. executive departments of the United States, CHARRON (Pierre). De la sagesse. under the laws of the thirty-ninth congress. PASCAL (Blaise). Pens6es. LA ROCHEFOUCAULD. Sentences et maximes. 41 1. 4C~. lFashington, goverenment printzing LA BRUYkRE. Des caract6res de ce siecle. office, 1867. VAuvENARGUES. UEavres. Bryant (William Cullen). The embargo; Buck (D. D. d. d.) The closing scenes of or, sketches of the times. A satire. 2d ed. the life of Christ [etc. Sec Bible (E'nglish)enlarged. [With] the Spanish revolution, Buds and blossoms of piety, with some fruit and other poems. 36 pp. 120. Boston, of the spirit of love; and directions to the author, 1809., divine wisdom. Being a collection of papers written by B. A. [anon.] 4th ed. 4 p.I. Letters from the eamst. 256 pp. 160. 128 pp. 160. London, T. S. Raylton, 1743. New York, G. P. Puctnam n & s07o 1869. Ne* York,. P. pta 120 son, r Buechler (Johann Ulrich). See Biichler (J. - Poems. 44 pp. 12~. Cambridge, U.) Hilliard & Metcalf, 1821. Buell (Jonathan S.) The cider-maker's manBrydges (Sir Samuel Egerton, bart). Atavie ual; a practical hand-book, which embodies regim: consisting of sixty copies only, com- treatises on the apple, construction of cider piled for private use. 2 p. 1. 118 pp. 3 1. mills, cider presses, etc. 174, vii pp. 12~. 4 pl. 80. Florence, J. Marenigh, 1820. Bithalo, Haas 8& Kelley, 1869.

Page  47 47 BUFFALO. BURGESS. Buffalo (City of). A directory for the city of Bullock (Cynthia). A bunch of pansies. Buffalo, containing the names and residences [Poems]. 143 pp. 16~. Nrew York, J. A. of the heads of families and householders in Gray, 1852. said city on 1st of July, 1832. To which is Bullock (William). Mexiko in 1823; of beadded a sketch of the village, from 1801 to schrijving eener reis door Nieuw-Spanje 1832. 122 pp. 16~. Buffalo, L. P. Crary, van m. Beulloch, voorafgegaan door eene in1832. leiding van sir John Byerley, [etc.] Uit het Buffier (Claude). G6ographie universelle, Engelsch. 2 p. 1. 280 pp. 1 pl. 8~. Delft, exposee dans les diffdrentes m6todes qui weduwe J. Allart, 1825. peuvent abr6ger l'dtude et faciliter l'usage Bulwer-Lytton (Sir Edward George Earle de cette science. Avec le secours des vers Lytton, baron Lytton). The last of the barartificiels. 3e d 2 v in. xiv, 274 pp. ons. xvi, 464 pp. I pl. 120. London, 14 maps; 120pp. 4 maps. 160. Paris, P. Routledge, 1859. F. Giftart, 17.22. Bumstead (John). On the wing. A book Histoire chronologique dudernier sicle. for sportsmen. 274 pp. 4 pl. 160. Bos[anon.] 5 p.1. cccxxix, 70 pp. 291. 80. ton, Fields, Osgood & co. 1869. Paris, P. F. Giftart, 1724. Bungener (Rev. Felix). Three days in the Buffin (-). Dictionnaire des families q-ui ont life of a father. From the French. 93 pp. fait modifier leurs noms par l'addition de la 18~. New York, A. D. F. Randolph, 1867. partihule ou autrement en vertu, d'ordon- Bunyan (John). Den heyligen oorlog. Uyt nances ou des d6crets depuis 1803 jusqu'A't Engels vertaalt. 12 p. 1. 518 pp. 6 pl. 1867. 4e 6d. 131 pp. 80. Paris, Bache- 18~. Amsterdam, J. Morterre, 1767. lin-Deftorenne, 1869. The pilgrim's progress fronm this world Buffuml (Edward Gould). Sights and sensa- to that which is to come. With original tions in France, Germany, and Switzerland; notes, by Thomas Scott. 360 pp. 6 pl. 1 or, experiences of an American journalist in portrait. 160. Hartford, S. Andrus, 1830. Europe. 310 pp. 120. New York, Harper - The same. With notes and alifeof the & brothers, 1869. author, by the rev. T. Scott. 1 p. 1. 384 pp. Builder (The); an illustrated weekly, for the 18~. Middletown, W. H. Niles, 1833. architect, engineer, archeologist, constructor, - The same. In words of one syllable, sanitary reformer, and art lover. Conducted by mrs. Edward Ashley Walker. 335 pp. by Geo. Godwin, 1868. v. 26. sin. fol. Lonl 9 pl. sm. 40. New York, Geo. A. Leavitt, don, [ Wyman & sons, printers, 1868]. [1869]. Buonamici (Pietro Giuseppe Maria, afterwards Bulfilch (Stephen Greenleaf, d. d.) Poems. ici (Pietro Giuaeppe Marid, teras 108 pp. 180. Charleston, J. S. Burges, 1834. Castrucco) De rebus ad Velitras gestis tanno mdccxliv] commentarius. 4 p. 1. 97 Studies in the evidences of christianity. vi pp. 1 1. 274 pp. 12~. Boston, TVV. V pp. 8~. Luduni, Batavorum, (Luc14), Spencer, 1869. Spencerr1869. Experiments toetrminetheBureau (The); or, repositoryof literature, poliBull (Marcus). Experiments to determine the tics, and intelligence. By S. C. Carpente. comparative value of the principal varieties v. 1. March 28, 1812, to Dec. 30, 1812. 40. of fuel used in the United States, and also in Philadelphia, editor, 1812. Philadelphia, editor, 1812. Europe; and on the ordinary apparatus used Burgess (Alexander, d. d.) Memoir of the life for their combustion. x, 104 pp. 1 pl. 80. of the rt. rev. George Burgess, d. d. first bishop Philadelphia, J. Dobson, 1827. of Maine. 419 pp. 1 portrait. 80. PhilaBull (Thomas, m. d.) The maternal manage- delphia, Claxton, Bemsen & Haffelfinger, ment of children, in health and disease. 1869. From the 3d London ed. 406 pp. 12~. Burgess (Rev. George). The book ofpsalms; Philadelphia, Lindsay 8& Blakiston, 1849. translated into English verse. 276 pp. 120~. Bullions (Peter). The principles of English NAew York, F. J. Huntingdon & co. 1840. grammar; a new ed. xii, 225 pp. 12~0. Burgess (Thomas). An essay on the study of New York, Pratt, TVoodford & co. 1851. s. antiquities. 2d ed. corrected and enlarged. See, also, Jacobs (C. F. W.) Latin 1 p. 1. v, 142pp. 80. Oxford, D. Prince, etc. reader. 1782.

Page  48 48 BURGON. BUTLER. Burgon (Rev. John William). England and Burton (Alfred). The adventures of Johnny Rome: three letters to a pervert. 283 pp. Newcomeinthenavy; a poeminfour can160. Boston, E. P. Dutton & co. 1869. tos. With plates by Rowlandson, from the Burke (Sir John Bernard). A genealogical author's designs. 259 pp. 15 col. p. 80~. and heraldic dictionary of the peerage and London, T. Simnpkin & RI. Mlarshall, 1818. baronetage of the British empire. 31st ed. Burton (Capt. Richard Francis). The highxlviii, 1316 pp. 8~. London, Harrison, lands of the Brazil. 2 v. 1 p. 1. xii, 443 pp. 1869. 1 pl.; 1 p. 1. viii, 478 pp. 1 pl. 1 map. 80. London Tinsley brothers 1869. Burke's weekly for boys and girls. An illus- London, Tinsley brothers, 1869. Burton (Robert). Melancholy anatomized; trated journal of instruction and entertainment. T. A. Burke, editor. July,:1868, to showing its causes, consequences, and cure. June, 1869. 2. 4 aco, (ith anecdotic illustrations drawn from anJune, 1869. v. 2. 4..31aeon, (Ga.) J. IlV. Burke &- Co. 1869. cient and modern sources, and principally founded on the larger work entitled, Burton's Burnaby (Rev. Andrew). Voyages dansles col- t of melancholy. anon. ix pp.. anatomy of melancholy. [anon.] ix pp. 1 1. onies du milieu de l'Amerique Septentrionale, 292pp. I pl. 16~. London, W. Tegg, 1865. faits en 1759 et 1760. Avec des observations Burton (Warren). Cheering views of man sur l'6tat des colonies. Traduit d'apres la and providence drawn from a consideration seconde edition, par M. Willd, l p. 1. 181 of the origin, uses, and remedies of evil. xii, pp. 1 1. 16~. Lausanne, societe typo- 264 pp. 16~. Boston, Carter, liendee & co. graphique, 1778. 1832. Burnet (Gilbert, bishopof Salisbury). History -- White slavery; a new emancipation of his own time. v. 2. fol. Dublin, A. cause presented to the people of the United Rhames, 1734. s. States. By the author of " The district school [v. 1 wanting]. as it was." [anon.] 199 pp. 18~. [W7or__- __ The memoirs of the lives and actions cester, 1I. D. Phillips, 1839. of James and William, dukes of Hamilton Burtt (Andrew). A practical grammar of the and Castleherald. In which an account is English language, synthetic and analytic. given of the civil wars of Scotland. With 320 pp. 120. Pittsburgh, A. H. Enl1lish & letters, instructions, and other papers written co. 1869. by king Charles the i. Never before pub- Bury (Richard de). Histoire de Saint Louis, lished. 10p.1. 440pp. 61. 2 portraits. fol. roi de France, avec un abreg6 de l'histoire London, J. Groverfor R. Royston, 1677. des croisades. 2 v. xii pp. 1 1. 456 pp. 1 Burnham (Rev. Richard). Hymns particularly p; 2 p. 1. 451 pp. 1 1. 160. Paris, veuve designed for the use of the congregation Desaint, 1775. meeting together in Grafton street, Soho. I Butshiell (Horace). Moral uses of dark p. 1. 6,406, xiv pp. 18~. London, J. 11Whit- things. 360pp. 160 ork, C. Scriing, 1803. ner co. 1869. Burns (Robert). Poetical works; with his Women's suffrage; the reform against nature. 184 pp. 12o. ~Tew York, C. Scriblife. Ornamented with engravings on wood ner& co. 1869. by mr. Bewick. 2 v. 266 pp. I portrait; Bushnell (William H.) hite wolf. A story v8 pis 270 pp. 5 p1 16~. Alnvick, WY. of the Santa Fe trail. 100 pp. 160. Boston, Elliott, Thomes 8& Talbot, [1868]. Burrows (Montagu). Constitutional progress. Bustillo (Lorenzo de Santayana). See SanSeven lectures delivered before the university tayana y Bustillo. of Oxford. viii, 2955 pp. 120. London, J. Butler (Mrs. Caroline H.) The ice king and Murray, 1869. the sweet south wind. 176 pp. I pl. 160. Burt (Nathaniel C. d. d.) The land and its Boston, Phillips, Sampson & co. 1852. story; or, the sacred historical geography of Butler (Charles). The silver bell, a new Palestine. 381 pp. 11 maps. 40~. Newv York, singing book for schools, academies, select D. Appleton & co. 1869. classes, and the social circle, arranged with Burt (W. H. mn. d.) Characteristic materia piano-forte accompaniment; also, a complete medica. 460 pp. 12~. Philadelphia, A. J. course of elementary instruction. 256 pp. Tafel 1-869 obl. 120. Newo York, S. T. Gordon, 1869.

Page  49 49 BUTLER. CALATAYUD. Butler (Frederick). The farmer's manual; Byington (Cyrus). Holisso anumpa tosholi. a plain practical treatise on the art of hus- An English and Choctaw definer; for the bandry, designed to promote an acquaintance Choctaw academies and schools. 1st ed. with the modern improvements in agriculture, 258 pp. 18~. New York, S. IV. Benedict, with remarks on gardening, and a treatise on 1852. the management of bees. 1 p. 1. 224 pp. 16~. Byneeus (Antonius). De natali Jesu Christi Weathersfield, [Conn. ] author, 1821. libri duo. Accedit dissertatio de Jesu Christi Butler (Rev. John). AytarpoX~oytar; or, as- circumcisione. 16 p. 1. 582 pp. 24 1. 34 pp. trology a sacred science. Shewing the excel- 31. 1 portrait. 40. Amsteledami, G. Borslency and great benefit thereof, where it is tins, 1689. rightly understood, and religiously observed. Byrn (M. Lafayette, m. d.) The mystery of 23 p. 1. 91 pp. 120. London,u 1680. medicine explained; a family physician, and household companion; prepared for the use Ac-sporioyrne; or, the mnost sacred agnd of families, plantations, ships, travelers, etc. divine science of astrology vindicated, against 473 pp. 4 col. pl. 8~0 New York, M. S. Byrn, dr. More's calumnies, in his Explanation of 1869. the grand mystery of godliness. 3 p. 1. 128 Byron painted by his compeers; or, all about pp. 80. London, 1680. lord Byron, from his marriage to his death, as [ With the preceding]. uWtler (Josephine E. editor). goman's given in the various newspapers of his day, Bwour, etcr See pnVoman's wo~rk. Womn's shewing wherein tile American novelist gives work, etc. See Woman's work. a truthful account, and wherein she draws on!Butterfield (Consul;V.) History of Seneca her own morbid imagination. [anon.] 112 county [Ohio]; containing a narrative of pp. 160. London, S. Palmer, 1869. events since its first settlement to the present Cabanellas (Miguel Josef). Ciencia de la time; a history of the Indians that resided vida; 6, discurso physiol6gico sobre la docwithin its limits; geographical descriptions, trina browniana, [etc.] 8 p 1. civ pp. 1 pl. early customs, biographical sketches, etc. 8~. Cartcagena, M. Mu:iiz, 1802. s. With a brief history of the state, from the Cabanis (Pierre Jean Georges). Du degr6 de discovery of the Mississippi river to 1817, certitude de la. m6decine. 3e 6d. precede de [and] an appendix containing tabular views, l'eloge de m. Cabanis par le chevalier Richeetc. 252 pp. 12~0 Sandusky, D. Campbell rand. xvi, 158 pp. 80. Paris, Caille & &, sons, 1848. IRavie?, 1819. Butterfield (Daniel, U. S. a.) Camp and [MEDICAL pamphlets, v. 41. outpost duty for infantry. With standing Cadena (Antonio Osorio de la). La virtud en orders, extracts from the revised regulations el estrado. Visitas juiciosas. Critica espiforthearmy, [etc.] 4pp.p 1 80. New ritu1. 4 p.. 375 pp. 16 adrid, B. Iork, Harper m brothers, 1863. Ulloa, 1768. Cadwalader (Gen. John). A reply to gen. Buxtorf (Johann). Lexicon hehbraicum et Joseph Reed's remarks, on a late publication chaldaicum. Accessit lexicon breve rabbiniin the Independent gazetteer, with some obco-philosophicum. Cum indice vocunm lati. o- p sohiu. C nrdices l servations on his address to the people of Pennsylvania. 54 pp. 80. Philadelphia, cum versione belgica. 8 p. 1. 976 pp. 70 1 T. Bradford, 1783. 16~. Amstdlodani, J. Janson, 1654. 16 Amstelodai, J. Jns 164. Cesar (Caius Julius). De bello gallico comJBuzeta (Manuel) and Bravo, (Felipe). Dic- lmentarii vii. Cumn scholiis Franc. Hotocionario geogrAfico, estadistico, hist6rico, de mani, Ful. Vrsini romani, [et] Aklod Manutii. las islas Filipinas. 2 v. 6 p. 1. vii, 567 pp. 7 p. 1.213, 173 pp. 10 1. fol. Lugdouni, B. 3 1. 7 tab. 2 portraits; 476 pp. I 1. 18 pp. l Vincentius, 1574. 1 1. 14 tab. 8~. Madrid, J. C. de la Peiia, Calatayud (Pedro de). Doctrinas practicas, 1850-51. que suele explicar en sus mnissiones el padre, Byfield (Nathanael). An account of the late dispuestas para desenredar, y dirigir las conrevolution in New England. London, 1689. ciencias, [etc.] 2 v. fol. Valencia, and 1 p.1. 26 pp. I 1. 4~. New York, J. Sabin, Valladolid, 1737-45. S. 1865. The same. v. 3. Opusculos y doceSABIN'S reprints, no. 1]. trinas practicas, que para el gobierno inte-.7

Page  50 50 CALATAYUD. CAMPBELL. Calatayud (Pedro de)-continued. Calvert (George Henry). Comedies. 125 pp. rior, [etc.] da a luz el padre. sm. fol. Lo- ]120. Boston, Phillips, Sam.pso & co. 1856. groito, F. Delgado, 1754. s. Calvin (Jean). Opera omnnia. Ed. novisJuizio de los sacerdotes, doctrina prac- sima. 9 v. fol. Amstelodami, J. J. Schiptica, y anatomia de sus conciencias, [etc.] per, 1667-71. 18 p. 1. 292 pp. sm. 40. Valencia, Jo Es- CONTI:ENTS. tevan Dolz, 1736. v. 1. Commentariain Pentateuchum,et librum losun. v. 2. Homiliae in Samnelem, et conedones in Jobum. Calderon de la Barca (Pedro). Mysteries v. 3. Comnmentaria in Psalmos, et Isaianl. of Corpus Christi. From the Spanish. By v. 4. Prxelectiones in Jeremiam, et Ezechielem. v. 5. Prulectiones in Danielem, et prophetas minores. Denis Florence MacCarthy. viii, 352 pp. v. 6. Commentaria in enangelia, et acta apostolorum. sm40. Dubln. Dufy, 1867. v. 7. Commentaria in epistolas Pauli et canonicas. Sm.D ublin, J.Dff, 1867. v. 8. Opuscula varia theologica. CONTENTS. v. 9. Institutiones religionis christiana., quibus sub junguntur epistolm et responsa ad diversos. An introduction to the Autos sacramentales, [etc.] From the German of F. Lorinser. Cambridge chronicle, (weekly). Dec. 27, An essay on the Autos sacramentales. From the 1849, to June 24, 1854. fol. Cambridge, Spanish of E. G. Pedroso. Autos sacramentales. Belshazzar's feast. The di- (Miass.) J. Ford, 1849-54. vine Philothea. Appendix. Scene from E1 Veneno y la triaca. Cambridge (The) directory and almanac for Caldwell (G. C.) Agricultural qualitative 1850. By John Ford. lvi, 92 pp. 1 map. and quantitative chemical analysis. After 180. Cambridge, (Mass.) Clroncle office, E. Woiff, Fresenius, Krocker, and others. 1850. 307 pp. 120. New York, 0. Judd Jd co. Cambridge platform. A platform of church discipline: agreed upon in the synod at [18691. kn Cambridge in New England, 1648. 16~. Caledoniad (The). A collection of poems, Cambrige in ew glnd 1648. 160 Boston, J. Boyles, 1772o written chiefly by Scottish authors. 2 v. 1 p.1.J. ii, 170 pp. 3 l; I p. 1. 236 pp. 21. 16~. Lon- [I Ws () orks, pp. 11-231. Cambro-Briton (The). September, 1819 to don, W. Hay, 1775. 1821. 3 v. 8~. London, Mills I Rhynd, Calendario democritico para 1862, que regala 1820-21 la empresa de la discusion A sus suscritores. Camden society publications. 2 v. sm. 40 [anon.] 113 pp. 1 1. 160. Madrid, J. A. London, 1868. Garcia, 18620 S. CONTENTS. Calhoun county, (3licligan). Business di- DINGLEY (Thomas). History from marble. [Edited] rectory for 1869-70, containing complete by J. G. Nichols. 2 v. [No. 94 and 97J. alphabetical and classified lists of all profes- Camerarius (Joachinm). See Kammermeissions, trades, [etc. ]; together with a history ter (Joachim). of the county, giving a detailed historical Camlan (Goronva, pseudon.) See Williams and descriptive sketch of each township, (Rev. Rowland). city, and village. 426 pp. 1 map. 80. Camp (David N.) Geography, embracing the Battle creek, Michigan, E. G. Ruzst, 1869. key to Mitchell's series of outline maps. California medical gazette. July, 1868, to 200 pp. 40~. Hartford, 0. D. Case & co. Aug. 1869. v. 1. 4~. San Francisco, A. 1857. s. Roman A8 co. [1869]., editor See American year-boo, Callibres (Franvois de). Tratado dela ciencia 1869. del mundo, y de las noticias utiles para la Camp (H. editor). The freemen's glee-book: conducta de la vida. Compuesto en Frances. a collection of songs, odes, glees, and balTraducido en Espaniol. 8 p. 1. 269 pp. 160. lads, with music, [etc.] Published under XMac1drd, B. Romnn, 1778. the auspices of the Central Fremont and DayCallimachus. Hymnes de Callimaque. Non- ton glee club of the city of New York. 108 velle ed. avec une version frangaise et des pp. 180. New York, Miller, Orton & Mulnotes. Par J. F. G. de Lg Porte du Theil. ligan, 1856. 2 v. in 1. 1 p.1. 104 pp; 142 pp. 24~. Paris, Campaign (The Washington weekly). June Gail, [17905]. 12 to Oct. 30, 1852. nos. 1-21 in 1 v. sin. Calliope: a collection of poems, legendary fol. Waslhington, R. A1mstrong, 1832. and pathetic. By various authors. 1 p. l. Campbell (Alexander, editor). Psalms, 308 pp. 1 pl. 240. Baltimore, E. J. Coale, hymnsi and spiritual songs, original and se1814. lected. Compiled by A. Campbell, W. Scott,

Page  51 O1 CAMPBELL. CAPMANY, Campbell (Alexander)-continued. Camp-meeting (The) hymn book: containB. W. Stone, and J. T. Johnson, elders of the ing the most approved hymns and spiritual christian church. With numerous and vari- songs used by the methodist connexion in ous additions and emendations. Adapted to the United States. 6th ed. 125 pp. 320. personal, family, and church worship. By Ithaca, Macck, Andrews & WoodruG, 1836. Alexander Campbell. 2d ed. 511 pp. 320~. Campo (Manuel del). Coleccion de opusculos, Bethlany, (^Va.) A. Campbell, L860. sobre materias interesantes en las circunCampbell (George Douglas, 8th duke of Ar- stancias del dia. 4 parts in 1. 16g. Madgyll). Primeval man. An examination of rid, Villaamil, 1835, some recent speculations. ix pp. 11. 200 pp. Campos (Ramon). Desigualdad personal en I pl. 120. London, Straharn' co. 1869. la sociedad civil. 270 pp. 1. 16~. BarceCampbell (John, lI. d.) Beknopte histori lona, A1. Sauri, 1838. en tegenwoordi(re staat van bet spaansche Canada (Dominion of). Sessional papers, v. ryk in Amerika: benevens een byzonderver- 1-3,5-7. First session of the first parliahaal van den koophandel uit Oud-Spanje, ment. Session1867-8. 1-3[and]8-38. 6v. suet de galjcweneu flota enz; en van den 8(3. Ottawa, Hunter, Rose & co. 1866-67. verboden handel der Franschen, Engelsehen, ~ Journals of the senate of Canada, being lHollanderen, Denen en Portugezen, in West- the first session of the first parliament, 1867Icndie. Verzameld mit spaansche schryvers 68. v.1. 80. [Ottawa, 1868]. en. in't engelsch beschreven. 4 p.l6 1. 8o., en in't engelsch besehreven. ~4 p. 1, 328 pp. -Journals of the house of commons of 8~. Asetsterdam, Janz't Lam?, 1745. the dominion of Canada, 1867-68. v. 1. 8~, Campbell (John, bar'on Campbell, lord high [Ottawa, 1868]o. chancellor). Lives of lord Lyndhurst and Canadian(The) portfolio. Conducted by J, lord Brougbham, lord chancellors and keepers A. Roebuck, esq. [etc.] This work will conof the great seal of England. 1 p. 1. xvi, tain a faithful exposition on the causes that 5961 pp 80. London,~.1. 1M1rray, 1869. have produced the civil war in Canada, [etc. Campbell (J. F.) A short American tramp Nos. 1-3 in 1 v. 8~. London, C. Fox, 1838, in the fall of 1864, by the editor of "Life in Cancelada (Juan Lopez). Conducta del exNormandy." [anoz.] vii, 427 pp. I pl. 1 celentisimo sefior don Jose Iturrigary, durante map. 80. Edinburgh, Edmonston 8& Doug- su gobierno en Nueva-Espaia. Secontesta a las, 1865. la vindication quo public6 don Facundo LiCampbell (John P.) The southern business zarza, Cuaderno, tercero y segundo en la directory and general commercial advertiser, materia. 2 p. 1. 135 pp. 8~. Cadiz, im[etc.] v. 1, 404, 172 pp. 80. Charleston, prenta del estado-mayor-general, 1812. 1Wtalker &8 James, 1854. s. Canfield (Russel). A candid review of Ten Campbell (Sir Neil). Napoleon at Fontain- letters, containing reasons for not embracing blean and Elba, being a journal of occur- the doctrine of universal salvation, by rev. rences in 1814-1815, with notes of conversa- Joel Hawes. To which are added thirteen tions. With a mermoir of the life and ser- friendly letters to a candidate for the ministry. vices of that officer. By his nephew Archi- 260pp. 1. 120. Hartford,- a tltor, 1827. bald Neil Campbell Maclachlan. xii, 398 pp. Cannon (Charles James). The practical spellI portrait. 8~0 London, J. Murray, 1869. ing book. 168 pp. 160. New York, E. DuniCampbell (Thomas). Gertrude of Wyoming. gan & brother, 1852. S.. 12~. Albany, 1864. Cantemir (Demetrius). The history of the [STONE (W.L.) The poetry and history of Wyo- growth and decay of the Othman empire. ming]. From the year 1300 to 1703. Written origiCampi (Pietro Mlaria). Dell' historia ecclesi- nally in Latin. Translated into English by astica di Piacenza. Con l'historia antichis- rev. N. Tindal, With the heads of the Turkish sima, ne mai pit uscita in luce, della fonda- emperors. 2 parts in 1 v. 1 p. 1. xvi, 460 pp. tione della citta stessa, di Tito Omusio, apol- 22 portraits. 1 map. fol. London, J. J. 4 P. ogia della vita di Gregorio x. et discorso his- Knapton, 1734-35. torico circa la patria e nascit' di Cristoforo Capmany- y de Montpalau (Antonio de). Colombo. 3 v. fol. Piacczza, G. Bazachi, Teatro historico-critico de la eloquencia espa1651-620. iola. 5 v. 8~. M1adrid, A. de Sancha, 1786-94.

Page  52 52 CAPODISTRIAS. CARILL Capodistrias or Capo d'Istria (Joannes). Cardelli (P,) and Lionnet-C3lnmandot (J.) Ewrro2atl, ypa4etlaa aTro 1827 /lepq- 1831, Nouveau manuel complet du confiseur et du avUzi2eyelat /zep Icat icaraaax0etoeLt bpo)Ttlt chocolatier. Nouvelle 6d. 397 pp. 5pl. 18~. Trov aed2~cLv avrov, eoOetlrao d6e crapa E. A. Paris, Roret, 1863. Berav. MerTaOpaoectaLe etc rov raZbltov 7rapa [MANUELS noret]. MtXaay rF. ltva. 4 v. 80. A0yveatv, 7TVrOig Career of the champions; a history of Tom K. rHaaX2V 1841. Sayers and John C. Heenan, and their Capron (S.M. compiler). School lyrics; a achievements in the ring. Collated from collection of sacred hymns for devotional 1ell's life in London, Boxiana, [etc.] With exercises in schools. 164 pp. 320. NeO w a full report of the great fight for the chamYJorlk, HI~arper & brot/hers, 1868,C pionship of the two hemispheres, between Sayers and Heenan, April, 1860. And the C;aptain Waltham; a tale of southern India. les of the prize ring. [anon. 105 pp. rules of the prize ring. [anonl.] 105 pps [anzon. Edited by J. W. D.] 280 pp. 6 pl. 2 col. portraits. 80. N7w York, F. A. Brady, 160. Philadelphia, presbyterian publication [1860]. conmmittee, 1869. Careme (Marie Antonin). Le ptissier royal Carabelli (Georg, edler von Lunkaszprie). parisien; ou, traitd dl6mentaire et pratique Anatomic des mundes. xvi, 244 pp. 8~. de la pitisserie ancienne et moderne, de l'enIVien, Braumiiller & Seidel, 1842. tremets de sucre, [etc.] suivi d'une revue [Imperfect; 34 plates wanting]. critique des grands bals de 1810 et 1811. 2 Caracas (Real compafia guipuzcoana de). No- v. 4 p. 1. 482 pp. 32 pl; 2 p. 1. 448 pp. 38 pl. ticias historiales practicas de los sucessos, y 80. Paris, J. G. Dentu, 181,. adelantamientos de esta compalfia, desde su Carew (Thomas). Poetical works. 2'23 pp. fundacion afo de 1728, hasta el de 1764, por 18~. London, H. G. Clarke & co. 1845. todos los ramos, que comprehende su nego- Carey (Henry Charles, ll.d.) Manual of social ciation. 183 pp. 80. [Caracas,] 1765. s. science; being a condensation of the "PrinCaraccioli (Louis Antoine, marquis de). Car- ciples of social science" of H. C. Carey, by acteres; 6, sefiales de la amistad. Traducidos Kate McKean. 548 pp. 1 pl. 120. Philade Frances en Castellano. Por d. Francisco delphia, H. C. Baird, 1864. Mariano Nipho. 4nimp. 4 p.l. 262 pp. 180. Carli (Dionigio). I1 moro trasportato nell' Madrid, Ai. Escribano, 1787. s. inclita cittth di Venetia; overo, curioso rac- La conversacion consigo mismo. Tr cnto de costumi, riti e religione de popoli Lcvsocngis Ta dell' Africa, America, Asia, e Europa. 7 p. 1. ducida de Frances en Castellano por d. F. M. dell' Africa, Aerica, Asia, e Euopa. 7 p. Nipho. xxiv, 388 pp. 2 1. 160. Madrid, 402pp.91. 40 Bassano,A.Renondini,1687. M. Escribano, 1782. s. The same. Der nach Venedig ihberbrachte mohr; oder, curiose und warhaffte - Ultima despedida de la mariscala a sus erzehlung uncl beschriebung aller curiosittten hijos; compuesta en Frances, y traducida und dnckrdigiten, weche ihm in und denckwfirdiykeiten, welche [ihni] in en Castellano por d.Francisco Mariano Nipho. en Castelanon por d 390.ranciso M Mariano Nipho. seiner etlich-jthrigen mission in Africa, Amer2gimpresion. 8p. 1. 390 pp. 16~ Madrid, M. impsion. 1.790 pp. 10. M i, ica, Asia, und Europa aufgestossen, [etc.] M. Escr ibano, 1780. s. Erstlich in welscher sprach beschrieben, an-----.El universo enigllatico, compuesto en jetzo aber in die hoch-teutsche sprache fiberFranc6s por el marques Caracciolo, y tra- setzt. 7 p. 1. 342 pp. 5 1. 1 p. 40~. Augspurg, ducido en Castellano, por F.M. Nipho. 2a L. Kroniger, 1692. imp. xvi, 236 pp. 6 1. 160. Madrid, 31. Carli or Carli-Rubbi (Giovanni Rinaldo, scribano, 1779. S.. conte). Delle lettere americane. 3 v. 12~. Verdaderos intereses de la patria. Tra- Cosmopoli e Cremona, 1780-83. ducidas de Frances en Castellano por d. F. - The same. Briefe fiber Amerika. Mit M. Nipho. 4 p. 1. 295 pp. 180. Madrid, dem dritten theile tibersetzt, von C. G. HenLN. Escribano, 1785. s. nig. 3 v. 160. Gera, C. F. Bekmann, 1785. —.- La vie dle madame de Maintenon, insti- - - Elementos de moral para instruction de tutrice de la royale maison de Saiit-Cyr. la noble juventud. Escritos en Italiano, y [anon.] 2e Ed. xvi, 316 pp; 2 p. 1. 306 pp. traducidos por el capitan don Juan MunarI 1. 160. Paris, Bizisson, 1788. riz. 4 p. 1. 257 pp. 18~. Valladolid, viuda [Portrait wanting].,- h/ijos de Santander, 1792.

Page  53 53 CARNICEROo CASSANY. Carnicero (Jose Clemente). E1l liberalismo Carson (Joseph)-continued. convencido por sus mismos escritos; 6, ex- sketches of the lives of deceased professors. amen critico de la constitucion de la monar- xii-17, 227 pp. 80. Philadelphia, Lindquia espailola publicada en Cadiz, y de la obra say & Blakiston, 1869. de Francisco Marina, "Teoria de las cortes," Carstairs (J.) Practical system of shorty de otras que sostienen las mismas ideas hand; a selection of the practice of the art, acerca de la soberania de la nacion. 2 v. in 1. divested of all theoretical and extraneous 4 p.. l120 pp; 168 pp. 8S Madrid, E. matter, intended to lead the young beginner Agucado, 1830. s. to an immediate acquaintance with the useCaro y Cejudo (Geronimo Martin). Expli- fuil and necessary information requisite for cacion del libro iv y quinto del arte nuevo its rapid attainment; containing easy rules de grammnatica, [etc.] Con nuevas addi- and exercises. p.l.80pp. 80. London, ciones, [etc.] 12 p.1. 404 pp. 18~. Sevilla, E. Tilson, 1829. imprenta de los lRecientes, 1757. S. Cartera (La) cubana. Director Vicente AnCaroline Westerley; or, the young traveller tonio de Castro. Julio, 1838-octubre, 1840. from Ohio. Containing the letters of a v. 1-5. 80. Hobaka, D. Patiio, etc. 1838young lady of seventeen, written to her sis- 40. ter. [anon.] 233 pp. 18~. New York, J. Carver (Jonathan). Travels in Wisconsin. & J. fHarper, 1833. From the 3d London ed. 376 pp. I portrait. [BoYs' and girls' library, v. 16]. 2 maps. 4 pl. 80. Nez York, Harper' Carove (Friedrich Wilhelm). Der messian- brothers, 1838. ismus, die neuen templer [etc.] in Frank- [A reprint of "Travels through the interior parts of neich nebst einer ubersicht des gegenwdr- North America, in the years 1766, 1767, and 1768. reichicht cles ge~enwur-By J. Carver." 3d ed. and with the original title tigen zustandes der philosophie in Italien. I reproduced at p. vii]. p. 1. xvi, 368 pp. I 1. 80. Leipzig, J. C. Cary (R. Milton). Skirmisher's drill and bayHinrichs, 1834. onet exercise, (as now used in the French Der Saint-Simonismus und die neuere army), with suggestions for the soldier in fianzbsische philosophie. 3 p. i. 232 pp. I 1. actual conflict. Compiled and translated 8~. Leipzig, J. C. Hinrichs, 1831. [from the French] for the use of the volun[ With the preceding]. teers of the state of Virginia and the south. Carre de Montgeron (Louis Basil). See 48pp. 29 pl. 160. Richmond, (Va.) W(st Montgeron (Louis Basil Carr6 de). & Johnston, 1861. Carriere (Moriz). Aesthetik. Die idee des Caryl (Rev. Joseph). Seed-thoughts; or, sesch onen undc ihre verwirklichung clurch lections firom Caryl's exposition of Job. natur, geist und iunast. 2 v. xiv, 531 pp; With an introduction by J. E. Rockwell, d. d. xiii, 634 pp. 8~. Leipzig, F. A. Broclhaus, 180 pp. 16~. Philadelphia, presbyterian 1859. board of publication, [1869]. Carrillo (Martin). Historia o elogios de las Casa (Giovanni della). Opere. Edizione mugeres insignes de que trata la sagrada es- veneta novissima. Con giunte di opere dello critura en el viejo testamento: entretexida stesso autore, e di scritture sovra le medesime. con los sucesos mas memorables de los pa- [Pubblicate per G. B. Casotti e A. F. Segheztriarcas, profetas, reyes, y varones illustres de zi]. 5 v. 40. Venezia, A. Pasinello, 1728. sus tiempos. 4 p. 1. 448 pp. 1 i. smo 40. CONTENTS. Madrid, J. Doblado, 1783. v. 1. Rime, e annotazioni varie sovra le stesse. Carrion (Jos*). Manual del jugador de la v. 2. Spozizioni di Sertorlo Quattromani sopra tutte arro Jos. anal el ug e la le rime, e quelle di m. Aurelio Severino, e di Greloteria primitiva. 192 pp.p 12. laclrid, gorio Caloprese sopra i xxi. primi sonneti. v. 3. Prose volgari si stampate, che inedite; ed. alll1. Gonzalez, 1858. s. cune accresiute di annotazioni da autore anonimo. Carruthers (Robert). The life of Alexander [Lettere. Galateo, ovvero de'costumi-Orazioni]. v. 4. Cose latine: [Carmina. Vita Petri Bembi et Pope. Including extracts from his corres- GasparisContareni. De officiisinterpotentiores et tenuiores amicos. Epistoke, etc.] pondence..2d ed. revised and considerably v. 5. La vita e'1 testamento, e alecune cose inedite enlarged. xiv, 490 pp. 7 pl. 12~. London, dell' autore, con varie lettere, aunnotazioni, e ragionamenti intorno alla suddetta vita, e intorno H. G. Bohn, 1857. all' opere del medesimo. Carson (Joseph, ms. d.) A history of the med- Cassany (Francisco). Arithmetica deseada. ical department of the university of Pennsyl- Breves, y claros methodos para instruirse por vania, from its foundation, in 1765. With si mismo con rmediana aplicacion el que lo

Page  54 54 CASSANY. CAUSSIN. Cassany (Francisco)-continued. Catafago (Joseph)-continued. necessite, en las classes de contaduria, co- which the Arabic words are represented in mercio, y admininistraciones. 4 p. 1. 168 pp. the oriental character, as well as their correct 160. Madrid, A. Mnunoz del Valle, 1763. s. pronunciation and accentuation shewn in Castelar (Emilio). La civilizacion en los English letters. xii pp. I le 1060 pp. 120, cinco primeros siglos del christianismo. London, B. Quaritch, 1858o Leciones prontunciadas en el ateneo de Mad- Catalogue (A) of pedigrees hitherto uninrid. 2 p. 1.474 pp. 1 1. 8~. 3Madrid, l. G. dexed. [anon.] iv, 70 pp. 80. London, Marin, 1858. Wyman & sons, 1867. Castelli (Pietro). Optimus medicus. 40. Catechism (A) of scripture history, compiled Haloe, 1726. by the Sisters of mercy. Revised by M. T. I ith CONRING (H.) Introductio in universem artem Kerney. 1st Am. fiom last Lond. ed,. 343 pp. imnedicam]. 180. Baltimore, J. Murphy & co. 1854, s. Castlenmon (Harry, pseudon?) Frank on a Catholic's vade-mecum: a select manual of gunboat. I p. 1. 256 pp. 160. Cincinnati, prayers for daily use. 240. Baltimore, 1865. R. IY. Carroll & co. 1869. LGUNBOAT series, no. 121. Catineau-Laroche (Pierre Marie S6bastien). Nouveau dictionnaire de poche de la langue ----- Frank on the lower Mississippi. 236 pp. 2p 16 Cincin Row Wr Carrollippi. 236 ppQ frangaise, avec la prononciation, compos6 2 pl. 16U. Cincinnrati, Ra. [1 Carroll & co. 1869. 1sur le systdme orthographique de Voltaire. 8[G6uN9BOAT series, no. 61. 4e 6d. 5 p. 1. xlviii, 515 pp. 160. Paris, [GUNBOAT series, no. 6]. Frank on the prairie. 246 pp. 1 pl. efere, 1812. 16~G Cincilznati, I. WY CaxXrroll j co. 169. eCatlin (Geolrge). Notes of eight years' travels [GUNBOAT series, no. 41. and residence in Europe, with his North ---- Frank before Vicksburg. 1 p. 1. 256 pp. American Indian collection, With anecdotes 160. Cincinnati, R. W. Carroll & co. 1869. and incidents of the travels and adventures [GUNBOAiT series, no. 5]. of three different parties of American Indians Frank in the woods. I p. 1. 256 pp. 2 pl. whom he introduced to the courts of Eng160. Cincinnati, R. WV. Carroll & co. 1869. land, France, and Belgium. 2d ed. 2 v. [GUNBOAT series, no. 31. xvi, 296 pp. 8 pl; xii, 336 pp. 15 pl. 8%.. —- - Frank, the young naturalist. I p. 1. London, author, 1848, 253 pp 2 pl 16O. Cincinn ati, R. W. Carroll 253 pp. 2 p. 160. Cincinnati, R. T. Carroll Catoyra (Ignacio). Opusculo o compendiosa & co. 1869. obra, que demuestra la venida, y predica[GUNBOAT series, no. 1]. BTom; or, the boy of badt cion evangelica de nuestro santissimo paTom Newcombe; or. by o tron tutelar de las Espafias, Santiago el habits. 346 pp. 3 pl. 160. Cincinnati, R. ton tutelar do las Espaias, Santiago i t. tCarroll 8- co. 1869. mayor en nuestro hispanico emispherio. [ROLLING stone series, c no. 1. 24 p. 1. 238 pp. 160. Mladrid, imprenta del Castro (Francisco de). Reformacion chris- reyno, 1741. s. Catullus (Caius Valerius) Tibullus (A1tiana, asi del pecador, como del virtuoso. 7 p.1. 484 pp. 40. Xadrid Ruiz 1804 biuns) acnd Propertius (Sextus Aurelius).. 1M, 1. [Carmina]. 3 parts in lv, 320. Londlini, Castro (Ioam de). Roteiro em que se cont6m a G. Pickelrini, 1824. viagem que fizeram os Portuguezes no anno de 1541, partindo da nobre cidade de Goa CONTENTS. atee Soez, que he no fim, e stremidade do [v.11.. V. Catlli earCmna. 61pp. [v. 21. A. Tibulli carmina. 46pp. Mar Roxo, corn o sitio, e pintura de todo o [v. 3]. S. A. Propertiielegiarum libri iv. 93 pp. Syno arabico. Tirado a luz pela primeira Caussin (Nicolas). De symbolica JEgyptiovez do manuscripto original, e acrescentado rvnz sapientia; in qva symbola, renigmata, comn o Itinerarium Maris Rubri, pelo doutor emblemata, parabole historicre, apologi, Antonio Nunes de Carvalho. 1 p. 1. liv, ix, hieroglyphica, ex Horo-Apolline, Clemente 333 pp. 1 p1. 2 portraits. 80. Paris, Bau. alexandrino, S. Epiphanio, Symposio pokta, dry, 1833. cum notis et observationibus, [etc.] 8 p. 1. Catafago (Joseph, of Aleppo). An English 150 pp. 5 1. 16G. Colonice Agrippina, J. and Arabic dictionary, in two parts, Arabic Kinclhivs, 1654. s. and English, and English and Arabic, in [With his Polihystor symbolicus, 1654].

Page  55 55 CAVALLER. C]RUTTI. Cavalier (Juan Bautista). Origfen y espiritiu Cecille-continued. de la politica, y de la legislacion universal de en 1841-43, par m. CUcille, et en 1843-44, los imperlos. 150 pp. 31. 8~. radrid, F. par m. Roy. MWt6orologie et magn6tisme, Diaz, 1846. par A. Delamarche et I. Dupr6. 4 v. 8~. Caveau (Le) moderne; ou, le rocher de Can- Paris, A. Bertrand, 1847-50. s. cale, pour 1815 [et] 1816. (9e et IOe an- Cedar creek; from the shanty to the settlen6es de la collection). 1 p. 1. 282 pp. 1 pl; ment. Atale of Canadian life. [anon.] 296 2 p. 1. 284 pp. 1 pl. 180. Paris, A. Eynery, pp. 6pl. smn.4. London, Leisure hour office, 1815-16. s. [1868]? Cavendish (Margaret Lucas, duchess of Cellarius or Keller (Christopher). RabbiNewcastle). De vita et rebus gestis nobilis- nismus; sive, institutio grammatica, [etc.] simi illustrissimique principis Guilielmi ducis rabbinorum scriptis legendis et intelligendis Novo-Castrensis, commentarii ex Anglico in accommodata. 96 pp. 18~0. Ultrojecti, ApLatinum conversi. 8 p. 1. 235 pp. fol. pels, 1702. Londini, T. M. 1668. [In RELAND (A.) Analecta rabbinica, etc.] Cavero y Salazar (Jos6). Elogio del don Cenni storici e teoretici sulle comete e parJoaquin de Pezuela y Sanchez. 1 p. 1. 68 ticolarimente su quelle dell' anno 1832, ripp. 120. Lima, 1816. dotti alla commune intelligenza. [anon.] vii, [LIMA (Real universidad de San Marcos de). 127 pp. 2 pl. 80. Milano, G. Pirola, 1832. Coleccion]. Cennick (John). Sacred hymns for the use Caxton's chronicle. See Cronycles of iEngCaxtonde.'s chronicle. See Cronycles of g of religious societies. Generally composed in dialogues. 3 parts. 52, 96, 240 pp. 4 1. Caylus (Anne Claude Philippe de Tubiere, de Grimoard, de Pestels, de Levi, comte de). Censor (The); an entirely original work, de(Euwes badines complettes. Avec figures. voted to literature, poetry, and the drama. [Sept. 6, 1828, to April 4, 1829]. 1 p. 1. ii, 250 CONTENTS. pp.' 1. 80. London, J. Clements, 1829. v. 1-2. Histoire du chevalier Tiran le blanc. Cerda y Rico (Francisco). I. De rhetoribus v. 3-4. Le Caloandre fid6le. v. 5. Soirees dun bois de Boulogne. antiquis, cumn gricis, tum latinis. II. De Rev eil de ces emmessieusrs. hispanis purioris latinitatis cultoribus. III. v. 6. Suite du Reeueil de ces messieurs. Histoires nouvelles et m6miioires ramass6s. De iis, qui hispane tersius et elegantius sunt Les manteaux. Recueil. Premiere partie. lo li. 270 trt, 1781 v. 7. Lees manteaux. Deuxiime partie.. s. Contes orientaux et f6eries. [ With Voss (Gerard Johann). Rhetorices contractns, Nouveaux contes orientaux. etc.] v. 8. Contes orientaux. Seconde partie. F6eries nouvelles. Ceriol (Fadrique Furi6). El consejo y conCinq contes de f6es. Cadichon; ou, tout vient A point qui peut at sejeros del principc. 18. Mladrid, 1779. tendre. [In NnARBIONA (Eugenio). Doctrina politica civill. Jeannettee; ou, l'indiscrdtion. Cerri (Urbano). Staat van de roomsch cathov. 10. Histoire de m. Guillaume. Aventure des bals de bois. lyke religie, door de geheele werreld. Uyt Les fetes roulantes, et les regrets des petites rues. een echt italiaansch handschrift in't engelsch MeBoires de l'acaidmie des colporteurs. overgezet. Behelzendee en bericht van den Les 6trennes de la Saint-Jean. Les 6cossenses; on, les ceufs de paques. staat godsdienst onder de protestanten, ens. v. 11. Receuil de ces dames. Par F. A. Chevrier. Door Richrd Steele, uyt bet engelsch verEssai historique sur le lanternes. Par J. F. Dreux du Radier. taald door A. G. L. R. G. 125, 340 pp. 160. Les chats. Par F. A. P. de Moncrif. HIistoire des rats. Par C. J. Bourdon de Si- Aunsterdam, N. Ten Hoorn, 1715. grais. Certaine plain and easie demonstrations of v. 12. M6m-oires de l'acad6mie de sciences [etc.] de Troyes. Par P. J. Grosley. divers easie wayes and meanes for the imMednoires historiques et gahlas de l'Acaddmie deores hidames et de ces mess ieur s. ] proving of any manner of barren land, [etc. de ces! dames et de ces messieurs anon.] By J. Sha. [Jeremy Shakerlcy]? Cazotte (Jacques). La patte du chat, conte anon.] By J. Sha. [Jeremy ShLakeley]? zinzimois. [anon.] 126pp. 16~, Tilloo 22 pp. sm.4~. London, T. LeGy, 1657. 7z 7 *is., [ann.1741. [ [With PLATTES (G.) A discovery of infinite treasurebalaa, [Paris], 1741. ed. 16391. Cecil, [pseudon.] See Tongue (C.) Ce'rutti (Joseph Antoine Joachim). Apologie Cecille (Jean Baptiste ThomasM6dee). Cam- generale de l'institut et de la doctrine des pagne dans les mers de l'Inde et de la Chine, j6sftites. 2e 6d. 2 v. 2 p. 1. 272 pp; 1 p. 1. Abord dle la frogate l'Erigone, command6e 274 pp. 12~. Lausanne, F. Grasset, 176:3.

Page  56 CESARI. CHAPEL. Cesari (Antonio). La vita di Gesh Cristo, e Chambers (William and Robert)-continued. la sua religione. 5 v. 80. Vferona, l'erede Elements of natural philosophy. In Merle, 1817. three parts, [etc.] Edited by D. M. Reese. Cese1na (A~m@de de). Introduction et con- 12~. New York, A. S. Barnes & co. 1849. s. clusion [h l'histoire d'un coup d'etat, par P. Chambray (Georges, marqZuis de). Histoire Belouino] sur les causes et les consequences de l'expclition de Russie. 3 v. Atlas, 80. de cette revolution. 8~. Paris, L. Bruanet ~ Paris, Pillet aine, 1839. cie, 1852. cie, 1852. Chamier (Captain Frederic). Ben Brace, the [In BELOUINO (Paul). Histoire d'un coup d'etat]. last of Nelson's Agamemnons. 2 v. 216 pp; Ceva (Theobaldo, editor) Scelta di sonetti 204 pp. 12~. Philadelphia, Carey, Lea & con varie critiche osservazioni, ed una dis- Blanchard, 1836., -- The life of a sailor. By a captain in sertazione intorno al sonetto in generale. A The life of a sailor. By uso delle regie scuole. xviii, 352 pp. 180 the navy. [anon.] 2 v. xii, 238 pp; 236 pp. T'orino, G. F. Mairesse, 1735. S 12. Pildelpi, Ky Biddle, 1833. o, G. F. M 1735 —s 1- SThe unfortunate man. 2 v. 209 pp; Cevallos (Pedro de). Observaciones sobre la. 216 pp. 12~. New York, Harper & brlothobra del sellor Juan Escoiquiz, titulada Idea sencilla de las razones que motivaron el ers, 1835. Chandler (Edward, bislhop of Duhrharn). A viag'e del rey Fernando septimo B Bayona. viage del ry Fernando ptimo Bayna. defence of christianity, from the prophecies I p.1. 100 pp. 16~. Madrid, llbrra, 1814... 00 pp. 60. Madrid barra, 1814. of the old testament, wherein are considered Politica peculiar de Buonaparte en all the objections against this kind of proof, quanto a 1lt religion catolica; [etc.'l 112 pp. advanced in a late Discourse on the grounds 1. 18%. Madrid, Repullds, 1812. s. adri, R, 1812and reasons of the christian religion. [By Ceylon government gazette. Supplement, Anthony Collins]. 2d ed. with a summary [semiweekly]. Jan. 4, 1834, to April 29, []. Jn., 1, t. A eril, view of the whole argument, and an index of 1837. 4 v. fol. Colom1bo, P. M. Elders, 1834-37. 4v. fol.ColoboP.MElders, the texts explained. 4 p. 1. xxv, 366 pp. 1 1. 1 34-37. 12~. London, J. c5' J. Knapton, 1725. Challen (Howard). The uniformn trade list Challen (Howard). The uniform trade list A vindication of the Defence of christiancircular. For the benefit of publishers, ity, from the prophecies of the old testament. booksellers, news-dealers, and stationers, and In answer to the Scheme of literal prophecy In answer to the Scheme of literal prophecy every branch of trade connected with these considered. [By AnthonyCollins]. With a interests. v. 1. and v. 2. nos. 1-13. 323 pp;, letter from rev. mr. Masson, concerning the 670 pp. 8~. Phliladelphia, H. Chall.n, 6706pp. 80. PhiadlphaH. h, religion of Macrobius, [etc. ] 2 v. 6 p. 1. xvi, 328 pp; 1 p. 1. pp. 329 to 514. 54 pp. 120. Challoner (Richard, d. d.) Think well on't Lond London, J. c5- J. Knapton, 1728. or, reflections on the great truths of the chris- Chandler (Samuel, d. d.) A critical history tian religion. For every day in the month. of the life of David; in which the principal 30th ed. corrected. 141 pp. 11. ~24~. Dubevents are ranged in order of time; the chief lin, l. Jones, 1795. lin, TV. Jones, 1795. objections of mr. Bayle, and others, against Chalmlers(George). The life of Daniel De Chalmers(George). ThelfeoDanilDo the character of this prince, and the scrip Foe. [2d ed.] 86 pp. 80. London., J. ture account of him, and the occurrences of < tStockdale, 1790. Ahis reign, are examined and refuted; and the [Imperfect: title page and portrait wanting]. psalms which refer to The same. 8 ~. pstzlms which refer to him explained. 2 v. London, J. Stockldale, xiv, 330 pp; -vi, 488 pp. 8~ London, S. 1790. Chandler, 1766. [I IDE FOE (D.) The life of Robinson Crusoe, 1790. Candler, 766. (v. 2). pp. 367-456, 1 portrait opposite title page]. Chandler (William) and others. A brief apolChambers (William and Robert). Chambers' ogy in behalf of the people in derision called atlas to accompany Chambers' encyclopm- quakers. Written for the information of our dia: a series of 39 colored maps, and a map sober and well-inclined neighbours in and of the annual revolution of the earth round about the town of Warminster in the county the sun. 3p.1. 40 maps. 8~. Philadelphia, of WTilts. 104 pp. 180. Philadelphia, A. J. B. Lippincott & co. 1869. Bradford, 1719. Chambers's journal of popular li'era- Chapel (The) hymn book. 5th ed. With ture, science and arts. 1868. 80. Edinbslrgh, additional hymns. 288 pp. 24~. Boston, IV. & R. Chambers, 1868. S. G. Sismpkins, 1845.

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Page  58 58 CHELLIS. CHILDREN. Chellis (Mary D.)-continued. Chevalier (Michel). Cours d'dconomie poMolly's bible. 404 pp. 4 pl. 160. litique fait au coll6ge de France. 2e ed. Boston, H. A. Young' co. [1869]. refondue et consid6rablement augmentee. 3 Out of the fire. 420 pp. 3 pl. 120. v. 80. Paris, Capelle, 1855-56. NVew York, national temperance, society and. CONTENTS. pubzlication hlozse, 1869.v.v1. R6union de tous les discours d'ouverture. Leqons. Chelnedolle (Charles de). Le g6nie de v. 2. Leoons. v. 3. La monnaie, l'homme poeme. 4e ed. xii, 240 pp. 16~. hmm,, Lettres sur 1'Am6rique du Nord. 2 v. Pacris, C. Gossein, 18326e. 2 p. 1. 484 pp. 1 map; 2 p. 1. 531 pp. 180. Cheney ( Mrs. E.D.) Patience: a series of Bruxelles, sociftr belge de librairie, 1837. thirty games with cards. 96 pp. 4 pl. smn. - Rapports du jury international, [etc.] 40. Boston, Lee &? Shepard, 1870. See Exhibition, 1867. (Paris). Cheney (O. Augusta). The sunday school Chevrier (Frangois Antoine). Le colporteur, speaker: comprising pieces suitable for sun- histoire morale et critique. 1 p. 1. 224 pp. day school concerts and festivals. 181 pp. 16~. Londres, J. Nourse, [1753]. 120. Boston, Loring, [1869]. Recueil de ces dames. 112 pp. 80, Chenu (A.) Los conspiradores. Las socie- Paris, 1787. dades secretas. La prefectsra do policia [In CAYLUS (A. C. P. conmte de). Euvres badines dades secreta~s. La prefectura de policia complettes, v. 11]. bajo Caussidiere. Los cuerpos francos. 142 Cheyne (John, mn. d.) Essays on partial depp. 1 1. 120. Madrid, De Gracia, 1850. s. rangement of the mind in supposed connecCherokee advocate, (weekly). W. P. Ross, tion with religion. With a portrait, and au[and others], editors. Sept. 26, 1844, to tobiographical sketch of the author. 2 p. 1. Sept. 28, 1853. 3 v. fol. Tahlequah, 272 pp. i pl. 120. Dublin, [V. Curry, jr. ( Cherokee nation), J. B. Bird, 1844-53. & co. 1843. Chester (Sarah E.) Nine Saturdays. 165 pp. Chicago board of trade. Annual statements of 1 pl. 180. New York, A. D. F. Randolph & the trade and commerce of Chicago, 1858 to co. 1869. 1869. 11 v. in 2. 80. Chicago, 1859-69.. —. Roly and Poly at aunt Merciful Grata- Chicago after dark; "a flea in the ear " of cap's. 268 pp. 3 pl. sq. 160. New York, strangers visiting Chicago, and a word of A. D. F. Randolph 4& co. 1869. advice to persons going out after dark. Roly and Poly in the nursery. 255 pp. [anon.] 95 pp. 12~. Chicago, A. C. An4 pl. sq. 16~. New York, A. D. F. Ran- derson, 1868. dolph & co, 1868. Chicago (The) path-finder. Established for Roly and Poly at Pinkville. 260 pp. the promotion and extension of trade in the 4 pl. sq. 16. New York, A. D. F. Ran- city of Chicago, [etc.] 1 p. 1. 257 pp. 26 1. dolph & co. 1869. 12~. Chicago, IW. H B. Smythle &8 co. 1869. Chesterfield burlesqued; or, school for Chicago (The) record: a journal, devcted to modern manners. Embellished with ten cari- the church, to literature, and to the arts. catures, engraved by Woodward, from origi- April, 1861, to March, 1862. v. 5. 4C. Chinal drawings by Rowlandson. [anon.] 3d cago, J. G. IWilson, [1862]. ed. viii, 104 pp. 10 pl. 8~. London, T. T'eag, Child (Asaph B. n. d.) Better views of living; 1811. or, life according to the doctrine, " Whatever Chevalier (H. 1gmile). Adventures by sea is,is right." 157 pp. 120. Boston, Adams and land of the count De Ganay; or, the 8& co. 1869. devotion and fidelity of woman. An episode Child (Lydia Maria). Fact and fiction: a colin the colonization of Canada. Translated lection of stories. 282 pp. 12~. New York, from the French. v pp. 2 1. 312 pp. 120. C. S. Francis & co. 1847. New York, J. Bradburn, 1863. Child's (A) life of Luther. [anon.] 123 pp. Chevalier (Jean Damien). Lettres A m. De 180. New York, American tract society, 1868. Jean, docteur-r6gent en l'universit6 de Paris, Children's (The) friend. A monthly magasur les maladies de St. Domingue; sur les zine, devoted to the best interests of the plantes de la meme ile; sur les remora et young. Esther K, Smedley, editor. Jan. les halcyons. 2 p. 1. 224 pp. 1 1. 16~. 1868, to Dec. 1869. v. 3-4. 8~0. est ChesParis, Durand, 1752. ter, (Pa.) 1868-69,

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Page  60 C [IRI STISON. CINCIiVNNATI, Christison (John). A complete grammar of Church of England-continued. the French language; with exercises and The same. 143 I. 185. London, 1M. dialogues, for the use of schools and private Baskett, 1766. students. 1st C. S. A. from 15th Edinburgh - The same. 132 pp. 180. Oxford, Clared. Revised byF. W. Rosier. 143 pp. 180. endon press, 1780. Richmnond, G. Dunn & co. 1863. ---- The same. With notes upon the episChristliches gemtiths-gesprfich von dem tles, gospels, and psalms. By a member of geistlichen und seligmachenden glauben, und the established church. xxvi, 482 pp. 8~o erkenntniss der wahrheit, so zu der gottse- London, Otridge,4: son, 1813. ligkeit fithret in der hoffnung des ewigen ------ The same. Pictorial edition. xl, 711 pp. lebens, [etc. anon.] 256 pp. 180. Lan- 80. London, Wliard k Lock. [n. d.] caster~ (Pa. ) J. Br, 1836. caster, (Pa.) J. Blir, 1836. Cicero (Marcus Tullius). The republic of Christmas (The) stocking. By " Cousin Vir-.n Cicero, translated firom the Latin; and acginia." [psendon]. 1155 ppO3 p. 160. Nlewa companied with a critical and historical York, ltilcox & Rockwsuell, 1869. introduction. By G. W. Featherstonhaugh. Christmas (The) tribute and new-year's gift; 7, 148 pp. 1 pI. 120 New York, G. C. a souvenir for 1851. [lst year]. 120. PhiCal-Vill, 18~9. delpitia, E. H, Butler co. 1851. S. _ _- Select orations. With explanatory Christopherson o0r Lyschander (Claus). notes, by George Stuart. 334 pp. 160. PhilDend gr6nlandske chronica hvorudi kortelig beskrives, hvorledes landet i fordom t f et. [etc.] ed mange d Tully's two essays, Of old age, and Of fid er farst fimder. [etc.] Med mange de inodske kongers og alle, G~rcnlancs bisper friendship, with his stoical paradoxes, and norske kongers og alle Grinlands bisper c klare og ordentlige fortegnelse, [etc.] Med Scipio's dream. Render'd into English by S. Paiker. 2d ed. 5 p. 1. 213 pp. 16~. Lonkonnings Christian den fierdes trende lyksalige tog, [etc.] Alle Danske og Nord- don, J. Wilford, 1720. bagger til -re og Aminde prentet undi Ki- - The same. Extracts fiom, and obserrbetnhavn af Benedicktt Laurentz, 1608. 4 Yvations on, Cicero's dialogues, De senectute, p. 1. 144 pp. 160 Ki6benhavn, Hans, 1826. and De amicitia, and a translation of his [With CLAUSSEN (Peder). Norriges og omliggende Somnium Scipionis, with notes, etc. By oers beskrivelse, etc.] William Danby. iv, 129 pp. 8~. London, Chronicles of four little Christmas stockings. J. G & F. Rivington, 1832. ~[anon.] 136 pp. 3 ple. 1.) Phliladelphcia, [Wzith YOUNcG (E.) Extracts from Young's Night Presbyterian publication committee, [ 1869]. thoughts]. Chronicles. See Cronycles. Cincinnati (City of). The Cincinnati direcChronik (Eine); oder, geschichtbii.chlein von tory for 1825, containing the names of its der sogenannten mennonisten gemeinde. citizens, their occupation, places of residence, Zum dienst und lehre fiir alle liebhaber der and places of nativity, [etc.] By Harry wahrheit, [etc.] DIurch J. St. [anon.] 2e Hall. 137 pp. 1 1. I pl. 1 map. 12~0. Cinauflage. 439 pp. 16~. Lancaster, J. Bar cinnati, S. J. Browne, 1825. & sdhne, 1859. _ Williams' Cincinnati directory, city Chubbuck afiterwards Judson (Emily). Al- guide and business mirror; or, Cincinnati derbrook; a collection of Fanny Forester's in 1855. 288 pp. 1 map. 1 pl. 8~. Cinvillage sketches, poems, etc. [pseudon.] cinnati, C. S. TT'illiams, 185. 11th ed. Revised with additions. 2 v. inThe same: embracing a full alpha-. ---- The same: embracing a full alpha285 pp; 285 pp. 12~. Boston, Ticknorsv,285 pp; 285 pp. 120=. Boston, Ticknor betical record of the names of the inhabiChurchFields, 1856. ri 1 r r tants of Cincinnati, a business directory, Church of England. The ook of common municipal record, city maps, etc. June, 1869. prayer. 80 pp. ~ol. London, assigns of. prayer. 80 pp. fol. London, assins of Nineteenth annual issue. 8~. Cincinnati, T. Newcomb 9 H. Hills, 1679. [ With BIBLE (English). Amsterdam ed. 1679]. directory ofice, [1869]. The same. Reformed upon unitarian Cincinnati chamber of commerce and merprinciples; together with the psalms of Da- chants' exchange. Twenty-first and twenvid. 120. Newcastle, 1709. ty-second annual report for the fiscal years _____ The same. With the psalter or psalms 1868 and 1869. 2 v. 80. Cincinnati, Gaof David. 18~. Cambridge, J. Bentham, 1753. zette printingt establishment, 1869.

Page  61 61 CINCINNATI. CLARKE. Cincinnati (The) commercial. (Daily). Clark (Rev. John A.) A walk about Zion. July, 1868, to December, 1869. 3 v. fol. 351 pp. 160. Philadelphia, TW. Marshall & Cincinnati, M. Halstead & co. 1868-69. co. 1835. Cincinnati (Deutscher lehrerverein). Lese- Clark (M. L.) Rainy day stories. A rainy buch; oder, der anschauungs- und sprachun- day at school. By Mada. [pseudon.] 194 terricht ffir amerikanische volksschulen. pp. 4 pl. 18~. Boston, D. Lothrop & co. 201 pp. 120. Cincinnati, J. Eggers & 1868. WTfildce, 1868. Clark (Orton S.) The one hundred and sixCircular (A) letter from the general republi- teenth regiment of New York state voltncan committee of the city and county of New teers: being a complete history of its organYork, to their republican fellow-citizens ization-and nearly three years' active service throughout the state, in vindication of the in the great rebellion. [Vith] memorial measures of the general government, [etc.] sketches, and a muster roll of the regiment, xxi, 105 pp. 80. New York, F. l'White & co. [etc.] 348 Pp. I portlait. 120. Bufalo, 18690. Ilr~Matthews & Wllarren, 1868. Cist (Lewis J.) Trifles in verse; a collection. poems. 184 pp o. 1 Clark (Spencer M.) Report on the first diviof fugitive poems. 184 pp. 1 portrait. 12 sion national cuency ueau. See ited sion national currency bureau. See, United Cincinnati, Robinson k Jones, 1845. States. ('Treasuruy dlepar-tment). Cisterne de Courtiras (N. vicomtesse de St. States. Treasry department). fClark (Stephen Watkins). First lessons in Mars). Mademoiselle fiftymillions; or, the English grammar. 156 pp. 1 pl. 12~. Nezw adventures of Hortense Mancini. By the Yor A. S. Bar..857 s. countess Dash. [pseudon.] Translatedl by. -A The science of the English language. A Adelaide de V. Chaudron. 163 pp. 8~. practical grammar: in which words, phrases, Ngewtork, D. Appleton A co. 1869. and sentences are classified according to Claggett (William). A looking-glass for their offices; and their various relations to elder Clarke and elder WJightman, and the b""""et one another illustratecl by a comparative church under their care. Wherein is fairly ste of ie rain system of diagramns. 40th ed. revised. 309 represented the very image of their transac-. pp. N~. ew York, A. S. Barnes & Burr, tions. 26, 228pp. 16~. Newport, (R. I.) 1865. J. Rhodes, 1721. Clark (Thomas M. d. d.) Primary truths of re[Imperfect: all after p. 228 wanting]. Claparede (Jean Louis Rene Antoine. New Y, D. Aple Edouard). Anatomie und entwicklungsge- ton & CO. 1869. schichte der neritina fluviatilis. [Extract Clarke (Rv. Adam, Il.d.) Discourses on friom hiiller's Anrchivfiir fanatomie, 1857. pp. various subjects relative to the being and at10O9-248, ple 4-8]. 80. Berlin, 1857. s. tributes of God, and his works in creation, providence and grace. 304 pp. 8~. New Clark (Rev. B. F.) Mirthfulness and its ex- providence and grace. 302pp. York, McElrath & Bangs 1829. citers; or, rational laughter and its promoters., r, 348 pp. 120. Boston, Lee & Shepard, 1870. Clarke (Alexander Ross). Determination of Clark (Colonel George Rogers.) Sketch of the positions of Feaghmain and Ieaverfordhis campaign in the Illinois, in 1778-79. mwest, longitude stations on the great EuroWith an introduction by hon. Henry Pirtle, pean arc of parallel. Being an appendix to of Louisville, and an appendix containing the account of the principal triangulation of the public and private instructions to col. Great Britain and Ireland. 62 pp. 4 pl. 4~. London, 18;7. Clark, and major Bowman's journal of the London, 1867. [GREAT BRITAIN. War department: ordnance surtaking of post St. Vincents. vi pp. 1 1. 119 vey]. pp. 1 portrait. 80. Cincinnati, R. Clarke Standards of length of England, France, co. 1869. etc. Also, Triangulation. See Great Brit[OHIO valley historical series, v. 3]. ain. ( W[ar departmrent). Clark (John). Hymns on various subjects, Clarke (Dorus, d. d.) The oneness of the and occasions. 4 p. 1. 186 pp. 8~. Trow- christian church. 105 pp. 12~. Boston, bridge, T. Long, 1799. Lee 4- Shepard, 1869. Poems on several occasions, both moral Clarke (Rev. Henry). A history of the saband entertaining. 188 pp. 80. Trowbridge, batarians, or, seven-day baptists, in AmerT. Long-, 1799. ica. Containing their rise and progress to

Page  62 62 CLARKE. CLEAVELAND Clarke (Rev. Henry)-continued. Clausel (Bertrand, comte, mnarclal de). Exthe year 1811, with their leaders' names, and plications. 189 pp. 1 1. 3 maps. 80. Paris, their distinguishing tenets, etc. 196 pp. 2 1. A. Dupont, 1837. s. 16G. Utica, Seward & [lilliacms, 1811. Claussen (Peder). Norriges og omliggende Clarke (Hewson). The saunterer, a periodi- oers sandfterdige beskrivelse, indholdendis cal paper. 2d ed. with additions, and a hvis vmrd er at vide, baade onl landets og sketch of the author's life. 2 v. 2 p. 1. xxi, indbyggernis leylighed og vilkor. 1 p. 1. 174 237 pp; 2 p.1. 190 pp. 6 1. 160. London, pp. 5 1. 160. Kib'benhavn, Hans, 1727. J. 4- E. Hodson, 1806. Clavigero (Francisco Xavier). Storia antica Clarke (James Freeman). Eleven weeks in del Messico cavata da' migliori storici spagEurope; and what may be seen in that time. nuoli, e da' manoscritti, e dalle pitture xv, 328 pp. 120. Boston, Ticknor, Reed &? antiche degl' indiani, [etc.] e dissertazioni Fields, 1852. sulla terra, sugli animali, e sugli abitatori del Clarke (Mrs. Mary Cowden). The complete Messico. 4 v. 40. Cesena, G. Biasini, 1780. concordance to Shakspere: being a verbal Storia della California. 2 v. in 1..276 index to all the passages in the dramatic pp. 1 1; 212 pp. 1 1. 1 map. 80. V(nezia, works of the poet. 4 p. 1. 860 pp. 80. Lon- M. Fenzo, 1789. don, C. Knight, 1847. s. Clavius orSchlosser (Christopher). Opervm Clarke (R. S.) Dotty Dimple stories. By mathematicorvm libri v. 5 v. in 4. fol. Sophie May. [pseudon.] Nos. 1-6. 180. 1Mogunti(e, A. Hierat, 1611. Boston, Lee & Shepard, 1869, CONTENTS. CONTENTS. v. 1. Commentaria in Evclidis elementa Comien1. Dotty Dimple at her grandmother's. 171 pp. taria in Theodosii Tripolite sphmericorvm libros tres. 2. Dotty Dimple at home. 171 pp. v. 2. Geometria practica. Epitome arithmetic prac3. Dotty Dimple out west. 171 pp. ticre. Algebra. Commentaria in spheram Ioannis 4. Dotty Dimple at school. t 66 pp. de Sacrobosco. 5. Dotty Dimple at play. 184 pp. v. 3. Astrolabium tribvs libris explicatvm. 6. Dotty Dimple's flyaway. 200 pp. v. 4. Gnomonices libri octo. PFabrica et vsus inClarke (lev. Samuel, minister of St. Bennet's strvmenti ad horologiorvm descriptionem peropport. Benns tun. Horologiorvlm nova descriptio. CompenFinkl.) A new description of the world; or, divm brevissimvm describeudorvm horologiorvm horizontalium ac declinantium. a compendious treatise of the empires, king- v. 5. Rtomani calendarii a Gregorio xiii. restituti exdonts, [etc..] WPith an acco~unt of the ]na- plicatio S. Clementis viii. jussa edita. Novi calen>dons, [ete.] With an account of the na- darii romani apologia adversus Michaelemn Maestlitures of the people, in their habits, customs, num gceppingensem in tubingensi academia mathematicurn. Appendix ad novii calendarii romani etc. Also of the rarities, wonders, and ctwit- apologiam, in qua J. Scaliger [etc.] seorsim siniguli osities, etc. 3 p. 1. 218 pp. 1 1.1 pl. 18. coofutaltur. Accessit refutatio cyclometrih ejusdem Scaligeri. Lozndon, H. Rhocdes, 1712. Claybaugh (Rev. Joseph). Relations of bapClarke (Rev. Samuel, of Camnzridge, son of the tized youth to the church. 120. Cincinnati, preceding). A sermon of communion with 1855.s. God. pp. 369 to 396. 40. London, J. Rob- The sacramental ate[In RITCHIE (Rev. A.) The sacramental cateinson, 1693. chism. 1855]. [With BIBLE. (English). A survey of the bible]. Claytol (Capt. John William). The sunny ----— A survey of the bible. See Bible. south. An autumn in Spain and Majorca (English). xii, 332 pp. I pl. 8~. London, Hurst &' Clarke (Thomas Curtis). An account of the Blackett, 1869. iron railway bridge across the Mississippi Cleary (William P.) and co. Business di river at Quincy, Illinois. 70 pp. 1 1. I map. rectory of the cities of New York, Philadel21 pl. 40. Nesw York, D. Vasn Nostrand, 1869. phia, Boston, and Baltimore; and a business Clarke (William H.) New method for reed register of the principal manufacturers in the organs, a comprehensive system of instrue- eastern states. 1869. 40. New York, WV. tion, and an improvement on all other meth- P. Cleary & co. 1869. ods for the simplicity and progressive char- Cleaveland or Clieveland (John). J. acteor of its studies, exercises, scales, volun- Cleaveland revived: poems, orations, epistaries, and recreative pieces. 100 pp. obl. tles, and other of his genuine incomparable 4~. Boston, 0. Ditson 4 co. [1869.] pieces. With some other exquisite remains The same. [Newr ed?] 160 pp. obl. of the most eminent wits of both the uni40. Boston, 0. Ditson, 1869. versities that were his contemporaries. This Claudius(Martin,pseuldone.) SeePetzel(Rosa). 3d ed. besides other additions, is enriched

Page  63 63 CLEAVELAND. CLUVER. Cleaveland (John)-continued. Clemente (Claudio). Tablas chronologicas, with the author's Midsulnmer-moon; or, en qve so contienen los sveessos eclesiasticos Lunacy-rampant. Now at last publisht from y seculares de EspaLna, Africa, Indias orienhis original copies, by some of his intrusted tales y occidentales, desde sit principio, fiiends. 8 p. 1. 182 pp. 240. London, A. hasta el afio 1642. Ilustradas, y ahladidas Brook, 1662. desde el algo 1642, hasta el presente de 1689, Cleaveland (Rev. John). Infant baptism con las noticias clue se hallan entre estas, por " from heaven," and immersion as the only V. I, Migvel. 8 p. 1. 275 pp. sin. 40. Vamode of baptism and a term of christian lencia, I de Bordazar, 1689. communion " of men;" or, a short disserta- Clemmll (Wilhelm). De compositis groecis tion on baptism, in two parts, [etc. With] qure a verbis incipiunt. x, 173 pp. 8~. a short postscript containing a few observa- Gisste, Keller, 1867. s. tions on mr. Foster's divine right of imnmer- Cler (General). Reminiscences of an officer sion. 113, 13 pp. 16~. Salemn, S. Hall, of zouaves. Translated from the French. 1784. viii, 317 pp. 16~. New York, D. Appleton Clef(La) des songes; ou, l'art cabalistique d'in- & co. 1860. terpreter les songes, visions, apparitions, etc. Cleveland (Rev. Horace A.) Golden sheaves par Ebbark. [pseudon.] viii, 104 pp. 16~. gathered from the fields of ancient and Paris, Bernzardin-Bechet, 1867. modern literature. A miscellany of choice Clemens (Samuel L.) The innocents abroad; reading. vi, 583 pp. 8 pl. 8~0. Philadelor, the new pilglrim's progress; being some plhia, Zeigler, iMcCurdy & co. [1869]. account of the steamship Quaker City's Cleveland, past and present; its representapleasure excursion to Europe and the Holy tive men; comprising biographical sketches Land; with descriptions of countries, na- of pioneer settlers and prominent citizens, tions, incidents, and adventures as they ap- with a history of the city, [etc.] 3 p. 1. 500 peared to the author. By iark Twain. pp. 3 pl. 81 portraits. 80. Cleveland, IM. [pseudon.] 651 pp. 16 pl. 80. Hartford, Joblin, 1869. (Conn.) American publishing co. 1869. Cloppenburg (Johann). Syntagma selectaClemens, alexandrinus (Titus Flavius). Writ- rum1 exercitationum theologicarum. 8 p.l. ings. Translated by rev. William Wilson. 738 pp. 18~. Franekere, H. & J. Deuringius, 2 v. 470 pp; viii, 542 pp. 80. Edinburgh, T. 1645. T'. Clarck, 1868-63). - Theologica opera omnia, nunc demum [ANTE-NICENE library, v. 4 and 12]. conjunctim edita, [etc.] et Didactica. 2 v. CONTENTS. 8 p. 1. 1134 pp. 21 1; 2 p. 1. 1008 pp. 20 1. 40~ Exhortation to the heathen; the instructor; the mis- 4~. Amnstelodanti, G. Borstius, 1684. cellanies, or, stromnata. Stromata, continued. CONTENTS. See, also, Caussin (N.) De symbolica v. 1. Exegetica et didactica. A11g~yptiorum saplienta. vscc~v. 2. Elenchtica, cure tractatu novo de sabbatho christiano. Clemens, romansus. Recognitions. Transla- Clough (Arthur Hugh). Poems and prose ted by ThomasSmith. 80. Edinbuzgh, 1868. renmains; with a selection from his letters [ANTE-NICENE libramy, v. 3, pp. 135 to 485]. and a memoir. Edited by his wife. 2 v. ~ T-he two epistles to the Corinthicans. A 3 p. 1. 426 pp. 1 portrait; viii, 502 pp. 120~ revised text, with introduction and notes. London, iacnillan & co. 1869. By J. B. Lightfoot, d. d. 2 p. 1. 220 pp..8 _ The hothie of Toper-ne-foosich. A London, Maczillan & co. 18s9. London, millan o. 1869. long vacation pastoral. 205 pp. 160. CanmThe same. 80~. Edinbulrgh, 1868. bridge, (iass.) J. Bartlett, 1849. [ANTE-NICENE library, v. 1, pp. 7-63]. Clemens xiv. [Giovanni Vincenzo Antonio Clubs (The) of London; with anecdotes of Ganganelli]. Breve sobre la reduccion de their members, sketches of character, and asilos en todos los dominios de Espaiia y de conversations. [anon.] 2 v. 1 p. 1. 352 pp; las Indias, cometida i los ordinarios eclesiis- 1 p. 1. 331 pp. 8~. London, H. Colburn 41 R. ticos, expedido a instancia de s. il. [Carlos Bentley, 1832. iv]. 160. [Madrid], 1773. Cluver (Philipp). Mundus chartaceus; sive, [Extract from Mercurio historico y politico. Marzo, geographia totius mnundi acuratissima cluve1773. s. riana; das ist: ausffihrliche und grtindliche

Page  64 64 CLUVER. COELHO. Cluver (Philipp)-continued. Cochelet (Anastase). Calvini infernvs adbeschreibung des gantzen erd-kreises, [etc.] versus Ioannem Polyandrvm ministrum calRichtig und in reiner teutscher sprach fiber- uinistam. 20 p. 1. 192 pp. 31. 16k1. Antsetzet, imit klarten gezieret. Wobey auch verpie, Joannes Mloretus, 1608. hinzugethan, die griindliche beschreibung der Cochinat (Victor). Lacenaire, ses crimes, son erd-kugel nach ihrer beschaffenheit. 6 p. 1. proces et sa imort, suivis de ses poesies et 622 pp. 19 1. 120 pp. 3 1. 25 maps. 8 pl. 180. chansons. 2e ed. xii, 336 pp. I portrait. Niirnberg, L. Loschge, 1683. 16~. Paris, J. Laisne, 1864. Clymer (George, surgeon U. S. n.) The prin- Cochrane (Charles Stuart). Reise in Columciples of naval staff rank; and its history in bia in den jahren 1823 und 1824. Vom Enthe United States navy, for over half a cen- glischen. (Aus dem Ethnographischenarchiv tury. By a surgeon in the U. S. navy. abgedruckt). I p. 1. 264 pp. 80. lena, [anon.] 240pp. 8~. [ Wiashington]? 1869. Bran, 1825. Coale (Joseph). Some account of the life, Cockburn (Sir Alexander). Nationality; service, and suffering of an early servant and or, the law relating to subjects and aliens, minister of Christ, Joseph Coale, collected considered with a view to fiuture legislation. out of his own writings: who, after near six 1 p. i. 217 pp. 8~. London, 1V. Ridgway, years imprisonment in Reading goal, died, 1869. prisoner for his christian testimony. 6 p. 1. Cocq or Cock (Gisbert). Hobbesianismi ana363 pp. 180. London, T. Sowle, 1706. tome; qua innumeris assertionibus ex tractaCoates (ReV. Charles). The history and an- tibus de homine, cive, Leviathan, juxta setiquities of Reading. xvi, 467 pp. 16 1. 8 pl. riem locorum theologioe christianre philosophi 40. London, author-, 1802. illius' religione christiana apostasia demonCoates (Reynell, mn. d.) Reminiscences of a stratur et refutatur. 12 p. 1. 632 pp. 6 1. voyage to India. 12~. Philadelphia, 1833. 16~. Trajecti ad Rhenum, F. Halmra, 1680. [In, GODMIAN (J.) Rambles of a naturalist, pp. 127- Codorniu (Antonio). El buen soldado de 15111.. Dios y del rey armado de un catecismo, y Cobb (Lyman). Noew North Amnerican reader; s platicas que contienn sus principales or, fifth reading book, [etc.] 432 pp. 12. ses platas, que contienen sus pincipales New Yor, J. C. Rier, 1852. obligaciones. 4p. l.202pp.31. 16~. MadNew York, J. C. Biker, 1852. S. Cobbett (William). The works of Peter Por- rid, Marn, 1797. --— ~ Desagravio de los autores, y fkcultades, cupine. [psezudon.] 4th ed. Revised, altered, Desagravio d los autores, y facultades, and corrected by the author. 0 Phil que offende el Barbadifio en su obra: Verand corrected by the author. 8~. Phildadero methodo de estudiar, etc. Segun!a adeiphia, T.Bradford,179traduccion castellana, del todo conforme CONTENTS. al original Portugues. 15 p. 1. 236 pp. 1 1. Observations on the emigration of dr. Joseph Priestly. sm. 40. Barcclona, M. A. Marti, 1764. s. 88 pp. A bone to gnaw for the democrats. vi, 66 pp. - Indice de la philosophia moral, chrisA bone to gnaw for the democrats. part ii. vi, 66 o-politica, dirigido a lo noble de aipA. tiano-politica, dirigido a los nobles de naciA little plain English, on the treaty with his Britannic miento y espiritu, [etc.] 2a impression. 11 majesty. 8, 111 pp. A new year's gift to the democrats. 71 pp. p. 1. 443 pp. 2 1. sin. 40. Gerona. A. Oliva, Cobbin (Ingram, editor). The French preach- 1753. er; or, sermons translated from the most Coe (Richard). Poems. 200 pp. 160. Philaeminent French divines, catholic and protest- delphia, Smith, English & co. 1862. ant; with biographical notices of the authors, Coe (Spencer W.) Madison square church and a concise account of other distinguished collection of sacred quartettes, for the service orators of the French pulpit, [with] an his- of the presbyterian church. 136 pp. obl. 8~. torical view of the reformed church of France. ANews York, Pond &, co. 1867. lii, 570 pp. 8~. London, J. Black, 1816. Coelho (Gaspar). Sumarium und kurtzer beCobbler's (The) daughter; or, a summer va- richt von den newerfundnen japponischen cation. [anon.] 411 pp. 1 pl. 160. Boston, inselnund konigreichen. Gezogen auss einern Massachusetts sabbath school society, [1868]. sendtbrieff am obersten uund general der sociCobden (Richard). England and Russia; etat Jesu, 1582. [Mit einer] Kurtze relation being a fifth edition of England, France. weleher massen vier priester und ein bruder Russia, and Turkey, revised. xxiii, 197 pp. der societat Jesu, sampt etlich andern welt8~0. London, Ridgway, 1835. lichen personen, in orientalischen India, umb

Page  65 65 COELHO. COLE. Coelho (Gaspar)-continued. Colbert (E.)-continued. dess christlichen glaubens wegen, umbge- col. maps. 40~. Chicago, G. & C. Il. Sherbracht, und grauwlich gemartert worden im wood, 1869. jahr 1583. Aus einem schreiben Alexandri Colburn (Dana P.) Arithmetic and its appli Valignani gezogen. 322 pp. 18~. Frey- cations. xii, 366 pp. 12~. Philadelphia, 1burg, A. Gemperlin, 1586. IH. Cowperthlwait & co. 1855. 5. [In CYSAT (R.) Bericht von den japponischen inseln]. The common-school arithmetic. 276 pp. Coen (Cornelis Jansz.) Journaal oph et schip 12~. Philadelphia, H. Cowperthwait & co. Castricum. See Vries (Maarten Gerritsz.) 1858. s. Coffin (Charles Carleton). Our new way - The decimal system of numbers. 210 round the world. xviii, 522 pp. 1 pl. 5 maps. pp. 12~. Boston, B. B. Mussey &' co. 8~. Boston, Fields, Osgood & co. 1869. 1852. a. Coggeshall (William T.) Lincoln memorial. Colbturn (Warren). Ka hope no ka helunaau; The journeys of Abraham Lincoln: from oia na i e Hanaiai ma a papapoha Springfield to Washington, 1861, as president 116 pp. 8w. Oahu, na na misionari i 116 pp. 8~. Oahu, na na izisionari i pai, elect, and from Washington to Springfield, 83P 1835. s. 1865, as president martyred; comprising an account of public ceremonies on the entire Colburn (Zerah) and Maw (William I.) route, and full details of both journeys. The water-works of London, together with 327 pp. 1 portrait. 120. Columbus (O.) a series of articles on various other waterOhio state journal, 1865. works. iv, 165 pp. 21 pl. 80~. London, E. Cohen (E. A.) & co's. directory of [congress]. & F. N. Spon, 1867. 160. Washington, 1834. Colburn's New monthly magazine. See New See United States, Congressional directory. monthly magazine. Cohen (Jean). Notice historique sur l'arian- Colburn's United service magazine and naval isme, depuis la mort de St. Athanase jusqu'o and militaryjournal; January to December, nos jours. 8~. Paris, 1840o 1869. 3 v. 8~. London, Hurst & Blackett, [I, MXiHLER (J. A.) Athanase le grand. v. 3, pp. 271- [1869]. 4201. Cohen (J. Solis, m. d.) The use of the Ia- Colby (Charles). Hand-book of Illinois, acryngoscope in diseases of the throat, [etc. companying Morse's new map of the state. ryngoseope in diseases of the throat, [etc.] See MPackenzie (Morrell, m. d.) 36 pp. 1 col. map. 180..iVew York, R., Blanchard, 1855. oke (Roge). A detection of the court and Blanchard, 1855. Coke (Roger). A detection of the court and Colden (Cadwallader D.) A vindication of state of England during the reigns of Ic. the steamboat right granted by the state of James i. Charles i. Charles ii. and James ii. New York [to Livingston and Fulton] in As also the interregnum. Consisting of pri- answer to the letter of mr. [W. A.] Doer. vate memoirs, etc; with observations and 78 pp. 8. Albay ester Skiner reflections. 4th ed. Continued to the death 1818. of queen Anne. 3 v. 8~. London, J.Broth- - The same. 96 pp. 8o New York, erton 5& IV. Meadows, 1719.. A. Mercein, 1819. [.4 A. Mercein, 1819. Colardeau (Charles Pierre). Astarb6, tra- Cole (Alfred W.) Legends in verse; humorgedie. iv, 80 pp. 160. Paris, Bordelet, ous, serious, sarcastic, sentimental, and su1758. pernatural. xi, 335 pp. 6 pl. 160. London, [ With CIHAPLAIN (F. ]D.) M1langes de litterature]. J. Blackwood, 1855. Colas de La Noue (1douard). Du pri6t i Cole (Frederick Wing). Poems: with a l'int6riet en GrBce, t Rome, en Judce, dans sketch of his life and character; by rev. S. le droit canonique, le droit barbare et les W. Fisher. xxx pp. 1 1. 128 pp. sin. 40~ couttimes feodales. d'apr6s les ordonnances Albany, Van Benthuysen & co. 1845. des rois de France, le code Napolon, [etc.] Cole (Henry). A hand-book for the architee1 p. 1. 277 pp. 1 1. 8Q. Paris, A. Parent, ture, sculptures, tombs, and decorations of 1867. Westminster abbey: with fifty-six embellishColbert (E.) Astronomy without a telescope; ments on wood, engraved by ladies; and four being a guide-book to the visible heavens, etchings by David Cox, jun. By Felix Sumwith all necessary maps and illustrations. merly. [pseudon.] xiv, 148 pp.5 pl. 160 Designed for the use of schools. 104 pp. 14 London, G. Bell, 1852. 9

Page  66 66 COLECCION. COLLYER. Coleccion de algunos cuentos morales. 2 Coleti (Giandomenico). Dizionario storicop. ]. 228 pp. 18~. Barcelona, J. F. Piferrer, geografico dell' America nmeridionale. 2 v. in [about 1830]. 1. viii, 196 pp. 1 1; 192 pp. 1 map. 40~ CONTENTS. Fenezia, Coleti, 1771. El heredero desgraciado. Por el senor Ymbert. Colins (-). Qu'est-ce que la science sociale? Azema; [o, infanticidio. Por J. B. A. Ymbert]. La educacion pedantesca. Por el seiior Ymbert. 2 v. 432 pp; 2 p. 1. 507 pp. 8C. Paris, Quien yerra y se enmienda, a Dios se encomienda. Colins, 1853. Por el sesor Ymbert. El convito. Por el sehor Ymbert. Collados (Diego). Dictionarivm; sive, theLa consulta. Por el senor Ymbert. Constanza; 6, el arrepentimiento virtuoso. [anon.] savrjlingvm japonice compendivm. 355 pp. Anselmo y Rosaida. [anon.] 40. Roma,, sacsr. congr. de prop.fide, 1632. Coleccionde anecdotas; 6, sean rasgos carac- Collection (A) of poems, on religious and teristicos de la vida y viajes de Joseph ii. moral subjects. Extracted from the most emperador de Romanos. Sacados de las re- celebrated authors. 2 p. 1. 124 pp. 160 laciones mas veridicas, y de varios papeles Elizabethtowon, S. Kollock, 1797. pfiblicos. [anon.] 6 p.1.443 pp. 1 portrait. Collection (A) of psalms and hymns, from 160. Mcladricd, B. Carno, 1790. various authors; for the use of serious and Coleman (James). Coleman's general index devout christians of every denomination. to printed pedigrees. vii, 156 pp. 8~. Lon- New ed. with additions. xxii, 269 pp. 160~ don, J. Coleman, 1866. York, tWalker o) Pennington, 1780. Colenso (John William, bishop of Natal). Collection (A) of scarce and valuable treatNatal sermons. Second series of discourses ises upon metals, mines, and minerals, [etc.] preachedin the cathedral church of St. Peter's, 2d ed. 8 p. 1. 319 pp. 1 pl. 160. London, Moritzburg. 2 p. 1. 349 pp. 80. London, J. Hodges, 1740. N. Triibner &8 co. 1868. CONTENTS. Coler (Johann Christoph). La vie de Benoit BARtBA TOSCANO (A. A.) A treatise of metals, mines, etc. de Spinoza. 160, Paris, 1842. PLATTES (G.) Disecovery of all sorts of mines, from [I71 SPINOZA (B. de). (Eavres, 1842-43. Ire s6r. pp. gold to coal. 1-501. HOUGHTON (T.) Rara avis in terris; or, the comColeridge (Hartley). Poe-ms. With a memoir pleat miner. of his life by his brother [Derwent Coleridge]. Collectionneurs (Les) de l'ancienne Rome. 2d ed. 2v. ccxxxii, 168pp. 1 portrait; xii, Notes d'un amateur. [anon.] 2 p. 1. vii, 367 pp. 16~. London, E. Moxon, 1851. 128 pp. 1 1. 120. Paris, A. Aubry, 1867. Coleridge (Henry Nelson). Zes ma~ancden in Collet (Pierre). Trait6 des devoirs des gens de West Indien, in 1825. Yrij vertaald uit dn monde, et surtout des chefs de famille. hot engelsch door JoG. S5 [anon.] 1x,349 xxxiv pp. 1 1. 440 pp. 1 1. 160. Paris, J. pp. 80. Dordrecht, Blusse &, Van Braanm, Debure, etc. 1763. 1826, Collier (Rev. William). A new selection Coleridge (Samuel Taylor). A dissertation of hymns; designed for the use of conferon the science of method; or, the laws and ece meetings, private circles, and congregations, as a supplement to dr. Watts' psalms regulative principles of education, [1818]. g 8th ed. 75 pp. 2 1. 120. London, C. Gr- and hymns. 452 pp. 11. music. 180. Boston, fin co. [185'39]? S. T. Armstrong, 1812. Collin d'Harleville (Jean Frannois). TheaColeridge (Mrs. Sara Henry). Phantasmion: tre,etpo6sies fugitives. 4v. 8~. Paris prince of Palmland. [anon.] 2 v. 197 pp; Dc-menil-Lesue gtr, 1805. 204 pp. 120. New York, S. Colman, 1839. Collin de Plancy (Jacques August Simon), libary of romance,. 1-. Godefroid de Bouillon; chroniques etl6gendes Coles (Elisha). A dictionary, English-Latin, du temps des deux premieres croisades 1095and Latin-English, containing all things 1180. [Illustrated]. 2 p.1. iv, 479 pp. 8. necessary for the translating of either lan- Brucelles, societe des beaux-arts, 1842. guage into the other. 2 1. 8~. Lon- Collyer (William Bengo, d. d.) Hymns, don, J. Richardson, 1677. partly collected, and partly original, designed The newest, plainest, and the shortest as a supplement to dr. Watts' psalms and short-hand, [etc.] 1 p. 1.27 pp. 1 portrait. hymns. viii pp. 10 1. 956 pp. 6 1. 120. Lon14 pl. 160. London, P. Parker, 1674. don, Longman 4 co. 1812.

Page  67 64 COLMAN. COMINGColman (Henry). First report on the agri- Columbian (The)-continued. culture of Massachusetts. County of Essex. [etc. Edited by Joseph Hawkins]. vol. 1. 139 pp.2 pl. 8~. Boston, 1838. for 1800. 452 pp. 2 pl. 80. Boston, J, [MllASSACHUSETTS. Agricultural survey]. Hawkins, 1800. Colmeiro (Manuel). Derecho constitucional Columbian (The) telescope and literary comrnde las repfiblicas hispano-americanas. xvi, piler; being a miscellaneous repository of 387 pp. 1L 160. Madrid, A. Callcja, 1847. literary productions. June 16, 1819, to May Colombo, or Colon (Cristoforo). IDe insulis 20, 1820. iv, 204 pp. 40. Alexandria, (D, in mari indico nuper inuentis, epistola quam C.) S. H. Davis, 1819-20. Aliander de Cosco ab hispano ideomate in Colyer (Vincent). Report of the services latinum conuertit. fol. Basileem, 1494. rendered by the freed people to the United [ With VERARDI (C.) In laudem Ferdinandi]. States army, in North Carolina, in the spring -- L Lettereautografe [una, a Raffaele Saxis, of 1862, after the battle of Newbern. 63 pp. con testo originale spagnuolo]. Nuovamente 21 pl. 80. New York,'V. Colyer, 1864. stampate [con un discorso di Cesare Correnti. Comelin (Frangois). Voyage pour la redempPubblicati dla G. Daelli]. xvi, 142 pp. 11. tion des captifs, etc. See La Faye (J. B. de.) 160, Milano, G. Daelli conzp. 1863. Comelnius (Ian Amos). See Komensky. Colorado: its resources, parks, and prospects Comet (The); or, the earth, in her varied as a new field for emigration; with an ac- phases, past, present, and future, as deduced count of the Trenchara and Costilla estates, from the highest and most reliable authorities. in the San Luis park. Privately printed. In three parts, [et.] By Non quis? Sed [anon.] 2 v. in 1, 1 p. 1. 55 pp; 3 p. 1l 133, quid? A cometite [pseudon.] 547 pp. I map. 16 pp. 3 maps. 40. Londoqn, Ranken 4 co. i pl. 120. New York, E. J. Hale & son, 1869. 18&69. Comic (The) theatre. Being a free translaColt (John C.) The science of double entry tion of all the best French comedies. By book-keeping, simplified, arranged, and Samuel Foote and others. 5 v. 120~ Lonmethodized. Also, a key, explaining the dose, D. Leach, 1762. manner of journalizing, and the nature of CONTENTS. the business transaction of the day-book eonv. 1. The young hypocrite; or, the country poet. tries. With practical forms for keeping (La fausse Agnus). [By P. N. Destouches]. books. 3d ed. 209 pp. 80. Cincinnati, The spendthrift. (Le dissipateur). [By P. N. Destouches]. N.. G. Burgess 4- co, 1838. The triple marriage. (Le triple mariage). [By P. N. Destouches]. Colton (Rev. Charles Caleb). Modern an- v. 2. The imaginary obstacle. (L'obstacle imprdvu)...nt n p[. By P. N. Destouches]. tiquity, and other poems. xxiii, 176 pp. The sisters. (L'enfant gatE). [By P. N. Destouches], 180. London, B. B. King, 1835. The libertine: or, the hidden treasure. (Le trdsor cachg). [By P. N. Destouches]. Colton (Joseph H.) Traveler and tourist's v. 3. The legacy; or, the fortune-hunter. (Le legs.) [By P. C. de C. de Marivaux]. guide-book through the western states and The generous artifice; or, the reformed rake. [By territories. 109 pp. 1 col. map. 180. New P. C. de C. de Marivaux]. The whimsical lovers; or, the double infidelity. (La York, J. H. Colton $4 co. 1856. S. double inconstance). [By P. C. de C. de Marivaux]. v. 4. The blunderer. (L'dtourdi; ou, les contretems). Columbia college, (New York city.) Cata- [By J. B. P. Moliere]. logue of the governors, trustees, and officers, The amorous quarrel. (Le ddpit amoureux). [By J. B. P. Molidre]. and of alumni and other graduates, [etc. ] from The conceited ladies. (Les prdcieuses ridicules). [By J. B. P. Molidre]. 1754 to 1864. 112 pp. 8~. Newz York, D. The fBorced marriage. (Le mariage force). [By J. Van Nostrand, 1865. B. P. Molidre]. v. 5. The man hater. (Le misanthrope). [By J. B. Catalogue of the officers and students P. Molidre]. The faggot-binder; or, the mock-doctor. (Le mgdeof Columbia college for the year 1867-1868; cin malgr6 lui). [By J. B. P. Molidre]. being the 114th since its foundation. 127 pp. The gentleman eit. (Le ourgeois gentilhomme). By being J. B. P. Moliare]. 8~. New York, D. Van Nostrand, 1868. Coming (The) of Christ in his kingdom, and The charter of the [King's] college of the "gates wide open" to the future earth and New York, in America. 13 pp. fol. New heaven. Adventism, millennarianism, and Yorl7, Parker & WeVyman, 1754. a gross materialism exposed and refuted, Columbian (The) phenix and Boston review. [etc.] By a congregationalist minister. Containing useful information on literature, [anon.] 29p. 1. 340 pp. 1 1. 1 pl. 120. Neo religion, morality, politics, and philosophy; - Fork, N. Tibbals &'co. [1869].

Page  68 68 COMMERCIAL. CONGREGATIO, Commercial (The) and financial chronicle; Conceiga5 (Apolinario da). Primazia serafica a weekly newspaper. Jan. to Dec. 1869. na regiam da America, novo descobrimento v. 8-9. fol. New York, MI. B. Dana &S co. de santos o veneraveis religiosos da ordemn 1869. serafica, que ennobrecem o novo mundo corn Commercial tales and sketches. [anon..] SmS virtudes, e accoens. 18p.. 366 pp. 1 1 288 pp. 6 pl. sm. 4~. London, Leisure sin. 4~. Lisboa occidental, A. de Sousa da hour office, [1868]. Sylva, 1733. ommie (Phiippe de). Seections. See Conceits and caprices. (Bluettes et bouCommines (Philippe de). Selections. See Historical illustrations of Quentin Dur- tardes). 1 p.l. 96 pp. sq. 240. New York, ward, 182:3. HeHurd Houghton, 1869., Cone (Andrew) and Johns (Walter R.) PeCompanion (The) to the bible: intended forrief history of the Pennsylvania trolia: a brief history of the Pennsylvania bible classes, families, sunday schools, and its development, growth, petroleum reglon, its development, growth, seminaries of learning in general. Revised resources, etc. from 1859 to 1869. Edited by from an English copy, with questions, by R. New H. Curming. Part 2d. Referring principally Walter R. Johns. 65 pp. 12. 120 York D. Appleton o. 1870. to the new testament. [anon.] 154,25 npp. o. Conen de Pr6pean (Louis Marie Felix). ]8~. New York, protestant episcopal s. s. nion [1834]. St6nographie exacte; on, l'art d'6crire aussi vite que l'on parle, [etc.] 2e 6d. xxviii, 171 Companion (A) for the Sunday school pp. l 1. 12 pl. 80. Paris, autenr, 1815. teacher. By a teacher. [S. P. G. anon.] 319 Confederate states of America, Csopp. 320. Philadelphia, Claxton, Remsen, called]. Army regulations, adopted for the laffzelfinger, 1869. use of the army of the confederate states, in Compendio de la vida y acciones militares de accordance with late acts of congress. Ernesto Gedeon baron de Laudon, feldmaris- [WTith] an act for the establishment and orcai de las armas imperiales. Agregase una ganization of the army of the confederate breve explicacion geografica de las plazas states of America. Also, articles of war, for y parages en que execut6 sus principales the government of the army. 1 p. 1. 198 pp. hazanias. [anon.] 4 p. 1. 151 pp. 1 portrait. 1 1. 80. New Orleans, Bloomfield & Steele, 16~. Mladrid, B. Cano, 1790. 1861. [WVith CoLEccroN de anecdotas; 6, sean rasgos - The same. Regulations for the army caracteristicos de la vida y viages de Joseph ii]. of the confederate states, 1862. xxiv, 420 pp. Compleat (A) history of magic, sorcery, and witchcraft.[ano.]2p 38. Richmond, (Va.) J. W. Randolph, 1862.. Regulations for the government of the London, E. Curll, 1716.? O ordnance department. xvi, 122 pp. 120 Complete historical, chronological, and geo- Ri ichmond, West $. Johnson, 1862. graphical American atlas, being a guide to Confession (A) of faith, owned and consented the history of North and South America and unto by the elders and messengers of the the West Indies, according to the plan of Le churches, assembled at Boston, in New EngSage's atlas. [anon.] 3d ed. corrected and land,May 12, 1680. 160. Boston, J. Boyles, improved. 53 maps. fol. Philadelphia, 177. 1827. [In WisE (J.) Works, pp. 233-271]. Complete (The) history of Thamas Kouli Confessions of a poet. [anon.] 2 v. 240 pp; Kan, (at present called Schah Nadir), sove- 287 pp. 120. Philadelphia, Carey, Lea & reignof Persia. In two parts, [etc.] Writ- Blanchard, 1835. ten in French, and rendered into English, Confidences (Les) d'un canape. [anon.] 64 with improvements. Continued down to pp. 160. Paris, 1863. the last battle between the Persians and Congdon (Charles T.) Tribune essays. Turks. [With] appendix, by the translator, Leading articles contributed to the New York and index, [etc. anon.] 2d ed. 3 p. 1. 140 tribune from 1857 to 1863. With an intropp. 8 1. 1 map. 1 portrait. 160. London, J. duction, by H1orace Greeley. xxiv, 406 pp. Brindley, 1746. 120. New York, J. S. Redfield, 1869. Comstock (John Lee). Elements of chemn Congregatio pauperum miatris Dei scholarum istry, [etc.] 16th ed. 422 pp. 5 1. 12~. piarum. Constitutiones religionis clericorum New York, Pratt, Woodford & co. s. regulariumrn pauperum. raatris Dei scholarum

Page  69 69 CONGRE -GATIO. CONTINENTAL. Congregatio-continued. Connecticut-continued. piarum. Turnm decreta capitulorurm genera- for christian use and worship; prepared and lium ad unum quodque constitutionrum caput set forth by the general association of Conspectantia, [etc.] 4 p. 1. 301 pp. 18~. necticut. 720 pp. 32~. Nez Haven, Dur3Matriti, A. Marin, 1761. S. rie & Peck, 1859. Congregational (The) union of England and Connell (Miss Sarah G.) Eleanor's lessons. Wales. The new congregational hymn 232 pp. 3 pl. ]6~. Philadelphia, J. R. book. Psalms and hymns for divine wor- Skelly & co. 1868. ship. viii, 782 pp. 16~. London, Jackson, Conrad (Timothy Abbott). Synopsis of the lWalford & tIodder, [1868]? invertebrate fossils of the cretaceous formaCongres artistique [international]. Compte tion of New Jersey. 8o. Newarkl 1868. rendu des travaux du congres artistique [In NEw JERSEY. Geology of New Jersey, (append'Anvers, par m1. Eugene Gressin Dumoulin, dix A), PP. 721-732]. secr6taire genrla~l du congres. xvi, 368pp. Conservative (The); a quarterly publica8:. Anavers, H. Kaornilcker, 1862. s. tion, April 1, 1860. Reuben Vose, editor and iColngressiolnal globe. See Ulnited States. proprietor. 160 pp. 320. [New York], 1860. Conkling (MargaretC.) Memoirs of themother Colliderant (Victor). Au Tesas. 2e Ed. and wife of Washington. 179 pp. 1 portrait. contenant IO. rapport a mes amis; 20. bases 160. Auburn, Derby, Miller &8 co. 1850. et statuts de la societ6 de colonisation euConnecticut (State of). Catalogue of volun- lop6o-am6ricaine, an Texas; 30. les bases teer organizations (infantry, cavalry, andl d'un premier etablissement soci6taire. 2 p. 1. artillery), in the service of the United States, 326 pp. 4 tables. 1 map. 120. Bzuxelles, 1861-1865, with additional enlistments, cas- societe de colonisation, 1855. ualties, etc. and brief summaries, showing Constant de Rebecque (Henri Benjamin). the operations and service of the several regi- Adolphe; an anecdote found among the ments and batteries. Prepared from records papers of an unknown person. 238 pp. 160. in the adjutant general's office. 936 pp. 1 1. Philadelphia, M. Carey t' son, 1817. 80. Hartfo rd, Brotwn & Gross, 1869. Constant (Louis Constant Wairy, plus connie Journal of the senate, May session, 1868. sous le nom de). Memoires de Constant, 80. New Haven, T. J. Staffordc 1868. premier valet de chambre de l'empereur, sur la vie priv6e de Napoleon, sa famille et sa...- Journal of the house of representatives,, May session 1868. New Haven cour. 6v. 8~. Paris, Ladvocat, 1830. [NOTE.-This work was begun by J. B. de RoqueStafford, 1868. fort, continued by the brothers MI6iot, and conPublic documents of the legislature, May cluded by Villemarest]. session, 1868. Printed by order of the as- Constantia, (pseudon.) See Murray(Mrs.J.) sembly. 80. Hartford, 1868. Constitution (Die) der Vereinigten Staaten The same. 1869. 8~. Hartford, 1869. von America, mit ihren verbesserungen, und die der republik von Pennsylvanien. Nebst Third annual report of the secretary of de erlrrung dev nabhfsngigkeit der the Connecticut board of agriculture, 1868- Ver erklitung der unabiangigceit de69. 80. Hartford, Case, Lockwood & Brainard, 1869. dresse von general George Washington. A report on the geological survey of Con- 156 pp. 160 Reading, (Penn.) C. MV'ilnecticut. By Charles Upham Shepard, m. d. liams, [about 1823]. 1883pp. 8~. New Haven, B. L. Hamlen, 1837. Contes fantastiques. Par m. Verd. [pseudon. Connecticut (The) common school journal. juillet, 1834; juin, 1835]. v. 1-2. 2 p. 1. 240 Published under the direction of the board pp; 2 p.1. 240 pp. 8$. Paris, 1835. of commissioners of common schools. 4 v. ntr (Le), recueb l de contes et nouvelles, 4~. and 80, par mm. bibliophile Jacob, mc. d'Abrantds a ldartford, Case, Tiffany & co. 18'38-42. Phe. Chasles, etc. [polyon.] 2 p.l1. 253 pp. 1 1. 16~. Paris, Dumont, 1833. Connecticut (The) evangelical magazine Continental (The) journal, July, 1804, to June, 1807. v. 5-7. 8~ Contineneltal (The) journal, and weekly adJulyf 1804, to June, 1807. v. 5 -7. 8. vertiser, [Boston]. Jan. 28 to Dec. 30, 1779; Hartford, 1804-07. [Nothing later published]. Jan. 4, 1781, to Dec. 15, 1786. 5 v. fol. Connecticut. General association of congre- Boston, John Gill, and J. D. Grift/h, 1779-86. l c t NOTE.-Jan. 1781 —Dec. 1782, intercalated with BOsgational churches. Psalms and hymns, TON gazette and country journal, 1781-82.

Page  70 70 CONTOGONOS. COOMBS. Contogonos (Constantinos). Eyyetpldov Cooke (Gen.George, m.d. Professional excfpaltpeI apXato/0oytac. 2 p. 1. 6', 363 pp. 1 perience in various climates: a complete pl. 8~. Ev AOgvvait, eIe CTov Tvrroypaoetov practical treatise on genital maladies; with Man7yoavvnC, [etc.] 1844. s. pathological observations on the philosophy - EteC2?yatGrtp aropta, [etc.] v. 1, 7IV, of reproduction, spermatorrhcea, [etc.] with 627 pp. 80. ev A0Ovatc, v-wrotg N. HIovO- the more successful management of diseases wrov2ov, 1866. s. of women and children, as adopted at the 4Xo0oytocyq act I aputtCKn tAC pta eerw aoro present day. 2d ed. xviii, 312 pp. 1 portrait. r c' I /e(P Tpt r1 / eICCTovraeT77?ptdoC alceaacav- 80. Albany, (N. Y.) author, 1852. Tr(v a0y70v T1) eIlcrLtae 7areap7ov, Kat rTov CVy- Cooke (John E. m. d.) Answer to the Review ypayaueTrv avrTov. 2 v. ny', 716 pp; (', 718 of an essay on the invalidity of presbyterian pp. 80. Ev AtOyvatS,. K. BaU7ror, 1851- ordination, published in the Biblical repertory 53. 5~ and theological review, of Princeton, New Contradictions; or, high life at Edgerton. Jersey. 136 pp. 80. Lexington, (Ky.) ReBy A. K. D. [anon.] 352 pp. 4 pl. 160. porter qffice, 1.830. Boston, D. Lothrop & co. 1869. Cooke (M. C.) A fern-book for everybody. Conversations-lexikon. Allgemeine deut- Containing all the British ferns. With the sche real-encyklopiidie fiir die gebildeten foreign species suitable for a fernery. 2 p. 1. sttinde. 11e aufl. v. 15. Venenbis Zwolle. 124 pp. 12 col. pl. 16~. London, F. Warne Nachtrag und universal-register. 80~. Leip- co. 1868. s. zig, F. A. Brockhaus, 1868. _ _ One thousand objects for the microConverted (The) Indian: a poem, [with] an scope. 2 p. 1. 123 pp. 12 pl. 160. London, ode, on the incarnation. By Clio. [pseudon.] F. Warne 8& co. 1869. s. 20 pp. 40. Shrewsbury, author, 1774. Cooke (Rev. Parsons). Modern universalism Conybeare (Rev. William John) and How- exposed: in an examination of the writings son (Rev.John Saul). The life and epistles of rev. Walter Balfour. 248 pp. 120. Lowell, of st. Paul. 6th ed. 2 v. xxii, 459 pp. 9 A. Rand, 1834. maps, 1ipl; 556 pp. 8 maps. 5 pl. 80. New Cooke (Dr. William). A commentary of York, C. Scribner, 1858. medical and moral life; or, mind and the Cook (Eliza). Poetical works. New ed. con- emotions, considered in relation to health, taining her recent productions. xviii, 392 disease, and religion. 327 pp. 120. Philapp. 6 pl. 120. Philadelphia, J. Locken, 1853. delphia, C. J. Price & co. 1853. Cook (Eugene B.) Henry (W. R.) and Gil- Cooke (William Fothergill). The electric berg (C. A.) American chess-nuts: a col- telegraph: was it invented by professor lection of problems, by composers of the Wheatstone? 2 parts in 1 v. x, 282 pp; iv, western world. x, 627 pp. 8%. New York, 268 pp. 80. London, WV. H. Smith 4& son, A. INT King, 1868. 1856-57. Cook (George). An illustration of the gen- CONTENTS. eral evidence establishing the reality of Part i, containing pamphlets of 1854-56. Part 2, containing arbitration papers and drawings. Christ's resurrection. xvi, 323 pp. 8~. London, Longman, Hurst, Rees 4+ Orme, Cooley (Leroy C.) A text-book of chemistry. 1808. A modern and systematic explanation of the elementary principles of the science. 232 pp. Cook (George H.) Report upon the geological elementary principles of the science. 1869. survey of New Jersey, 1863-65. 13, 24, 12 pp. 80. Trenton, state government, 1864-66. Coombs (Frederick). The dawn of the mil[NEw JERS1EY. G-eological survey]. lenium! Splendid discovery! A beautiful Cook (Ichabod). A brief examination of some plan to give every man (and woman also) a of the most prevalent false doctrines and cere- nice house and lot, and a nice little wife or monials of the christian sects, compared with a husband for all, with nearly one hundred apostolic doctrines. With a short account of pictorial illustrations of passages in the life of the signs and evidences of his call to the work the author, [etc.] 1 p. 1. 4 pp. 26 1. 29-143 of a christian reformation. 172 pp. 12~. pp. 27 1. with 110 woodcuts. 80. New York, Providence, Knowles, LVose, 1847. author, [1869].

Page  71 771 COOPER. CORREA. Cooper (James Fenimore). Geschichte der Cordier (Alphonse). Martyrs et bourreaux nordanmerikanischen seemacht und ihrer de 1793. 3 v. 16~. Paris, L. Vives, 1860. kriegsthaten. Aus dem Englischen iibersetzt Cordus (Henricus Urbanus known as Eurivon H. Kiinzel. 4 v. 160. Frankfiurt am cius). Bucolicum lvdricvm. 2' ed. 40 1. Main, J. D. Sauerlander, 1840. sinl. 40. Lipsiw, V. Schuman, 1518. Cooper (Rev. William). Divine teachings to Coria (Domingo de). See Soria.,s. be sought that we may be led into divine Cornaro (Luigi). Consejos, y medios faciles truth. A sermon preach'd February 27th, para vivir mucho tiempo con perfect 2pp 16 Bso, J. para vivir mucho tiempo con perfecta salud: 1731-32. 1 p. 1. 26 pp. 16e. Boston, J. Cet.] 1 p. 1. 106 pp. 160, Maclrid, J. Edzwcarcds, 1732. Ibarra, 1782. Cooper (Rev. W. H.) Incidents of shipwreck; [W ith LEYS (Leonard) and CORNARO (Luigi). La or, the loss of the San Francisco. 108 pp. sobriedad y sus ventajas]. 180. Philadelphia, W. P. Hazard, 1855. Corne (Hyacinthe Marie Augustin). LecarCope (Edward Duffield). Description of a dinal Mazarin. (1642-61). 2 p. 1. 122 pp. new genus and species of reptiles, [Amphi- I 1. 160. Paris, L. Hachette & cie. 1853. bamus grandiceps], from thecoal measures. I -Le cardinal Richelieu. [16'23-42]. 2 p. 1. 8~. Chicago, 1866. S 1 116pp. 1. 160. Paris, L. Hac/hette & cie. 1853. [ILLINOIS (Geological survey of). v. 1, section 1. Supplement to the descriptions of vertebrates]. Corneille (Pierre). (Euvres completes. SuiCopp6e (Henry). World pictures in capitals. vies des oeuvres choisies de Th. Corneille, See Potter (E. T.) and Coppee. avec les notes de tous les commentateurs. Coquerel (Athanase, junior). Des beaux-arts v. 1. 704 pp. 1 portrait. 8%. Paris, Didot en Italie an point de vue religieux. Lettres freires, 1843. ecrites de Rome, Naples, Pise, etc. et suivies -- Les Horaces, trag6die en cinq actes et d'un appendice sur l'iconographie de l'immac- en vers. 48 pp. 80. Paris, Fages, 1811. ulee conception. 2 p. 1. iv, 295 pp. 160. [MARKOE pamphlets, v. 10]. Paris, J. Cherbuliez, 1857. The same. Horace. A tragedy. 80. Coquerel (Athanase Charles Laurent). Chris- London, H. Herringman, 1678. tianity: its perfect adaptation to the mental, [In PHILIPS IK.) Poems. Appendix, pp. 67 to 1241. moral, and spiritual nature of man. Trans- - L'imitation de Jesus Christ. Traduite lated by the rev. D. Davison, m. a. With a et paraphrasee en vers frangois. ecd. nouvelle. preface, written expressly for the English 11 p. 1. 546 pp. 3 1. 5 pl. 16~. Paris, C. Osedition, by the author. xlviii, 484 pp. 12~. mont, 1715. s. London, Longman, Brown, Green and Long- Pompey, a tragedy. 4 p. 1. 65 pp. 80~. mans, 1847. London, H. Herringmnan, 1678. Corachan (Juan Bautista). Arithmetica [PHILIPS (Mrs. K.) Poems. Appendix]. demonstrada theorico-practica paralo mathe- Corner (Julia). The history of China and matico y mercantil, [etc.] 2 p.l1. 494 pp. India, pictorial and descriptive. xvii, 402 8 1. 80. Barcelona, J. Piferrer, 1719. s. pp.31 pl. 8 London, H. ashburn, 1847. [Last leaf wanting]. Cornhill (The) magazine. Jan. to Dec. 1869. Coral and steel: a most compendious method v. 19-20. 80% London, Smith, Elder' co. of preserving and restoring health. Or, a ra- 1869. tional discourse grounded upon experience; Cornhill (The) monthly and literary recorder. practically shewing how most diseases may July 15 to Nov. 15, 1868. Nos. 1-5 of v. i. be both prevented and cured, either solely or 172 pp. 80. Boston, D. Lothrop rc N. P. chiefly by two common medicaments, viz: Kemp, 1868 red coral and steel. By R. B. m. d. [Canu.] [an more published]. 9 p.1. 116 pp. 1 1. 240. London, S. Miller, Corpancho (Manuel Nicolas). Ensayos po[abont 1700]? eticos, [majgallanes, etc.] precedidos de Corazza (Cajetano). De arte bene amandi; varios juicios escritos en Europa y Am6rica. sive, de diligendo Deo libri tres [metrici]. lp. 1. 278 pp. 1 portrait. 80. Paris, liaulde 148pp. 160. Romce, A. de Rubeis, 1724. 4c Renoze, 1854. Corbesier (Antoine J.) Principles of squad Correa (Gaspar). The three voyages of Vasinstruction for the broadsword. 47 pp. 10 pl. co da Gama, and his vice-royalty. From 160. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott & co. 1869. the Lendas da India. Accompanied by orig

Page  72 72 CORREA. COUDRETTE. Correa (Gaspar)-continued. Costanzo (Salvatore). Discorso sulle vicende inal documents. Translated from the Por- politiche della Sicilia dal 1800 al 1840. 2 v. tuguese, with notes and an introduction by in 1. 130 pp. 21; 40 pp. 16~. La Paz, J. the hon. Henry E. J. Stanley. 5 p. 1. lxxx, Ayenuso Orbinio c4 ca. 1845. s. 430 pp. 1 1. xxxvi pp. 1 portrait. 2 pl. 1 map. Costa Rica. Informe del secretario de estado 80. London, Hakluyt society, 1869. en los departmentos de hacienda, guerra, [HnAlILUYT society publications, v. 41]. marina, y caminos, presentado a las camaras Correspondance de l'arm6e franqaise en legislativas de 1865. sm.fol. Sn Jose IIgypte, interceptee par l'escadre de Nelson; i.mprenta nacional, [1866]? s. publiee' Londres; avec une introduction et des notes de la chancellerie anglaise, traduites Coster (G. van Lennep). See Lennep Coster. en Frangais; suivies d'observations, par E. T. Simon. 2 p.l. lxxii, 277 pp. 8~. Paris, Cotelier (Jean Baptiste). Ecclesie grmecme Garnery, 1799. monuments. [Gryeceet latine]. 2 v. 8 p. Correspondenzblatt fir sammler von in- 1. 826 pp. 7 1; 4 p. 1. 689 pp. 15 1. 40~. Lutesecten, insbesondere von schmetterlingen. icte Parisiorum, F. Muauet, 1677-81. [Verantwortlicher redacteur, dr. Herrich- Cotta (Bernhard von). Geognostische skizze Schiffer]. i [und] ii jahrgang. I v. 190 von Thiiringen. 8~. Dresden, 1843. s. pp. 8~. Regensburg, G. J. Manz, 1860-61. s. s. [In GEINITZ (H. B.) Gia von Sachsen]. Corry (John). Domestic distresses, exempli- - and others. Briefe iiber Alexander von fled in five pathetic original tales: Francis Humboldt's Kosmos. Ein commentar zu Goodwin; Vale of Cluyd; Edmund and diesemn werke far gebildete laien. HerausAmelia; Arthur and Mary; and Henry gegeben von B. v. Cotta, [th. 1, 3,5]; J. Thompson. 5 v. in 1. 12~. London, W. Schaller, [th. 2]; W. C. Wittwer, [40 th. le Nicholson, 1806. abth: supp. th.] und H. Girard, [4e th. 2e Corset (The) and the crinoline. A book of abth.] 5 theile in 7 abth. 6 v. 8~. Leipmodes and costumes, from remote periods to zig, T. 0. WIeigel, 1848-60. the present time. By W. B. L[ord? anon.] Cottage piety exemplified. By the author of 227 pp. 45 pl. sn. 40~. London, Iard, Lock "Union to Christ," "Love to God," etc. ~4 Tyler, [1865]? [anon.] 316 pp. 160. Philadelphia, J. B. Corsili (L.) El album del diablo; 6, las Lippincott 4 co. 1869. revelaciones. 246 pp. 80. Madrid, Uzal 4' Cottin (Marie Josephine Risteau, otheruise Aguirre, 1844. Sophie Ristaud). Elizabeth; or, the exiles Cortes (Hernando). The fifth letter of Hernan of Siberia. [From the French]. v, 112pp. Cortes to the emperor, Charles v. containing I pl. 16~. London, Groombridge 4' sons, an account of his expedition to Honduras. [1865]? Translated from the original Spanish by Cottle (Joseph). Alfred; an epic poem, in don Pascual de Gayangos. 3 p. 1. xvi, 156 twenty-four books. 1st American from the pp. 80. London, Hakluyt society, 1868. last English ed. 2 v. in 1. 189 pp; 155 pp. [HAKLUYT society publications, v. 40]. 240. Newiburyport, W. B. Allen & co. 1814. Cortes y Larraiz (Pedro, archbishop of Gua- Cotton (Charles). The complete angler. See tenmala). Instruccion pastoral sobre el me- Walton (Isaac) and Cotton. todo practico de administrar con fruto el sto. Cotton (Rev. John). A treatise of the covesacramento de la penitencia. Manddlndola nant of grace, as it is dispensed to the elect observar a todos los confesores de su di6ce- seed, effectually unto salvation. Being the sis. La reimprime el dr. frey Joseph Mata- substance of divers sermons preached upon ni6ros. 203 pp. sm.4~. Valencia, B. Mon- Acts 7-8, [etc.] The 2d ed. corrected by fort, 1784. the author. 12 p. 1.250 pp. I 1. 18~. Lon Costa e Saf (Manoel Jose Maria da). Breves don, J. Cottrel, 1659. annotao6es 4i memoria que o exm~. sr. vis- Coudrette (Christophe). Histoire gendrale conde de S. Leopoldo escreveu corn o titulo de la naissance et des progres de la comquaes sao os limites naturaes, pacteados e pagnie de J6sus, et l'analyse de ses constitunecessarios do imperio do Brazil 2 p.. pp. tions et privileges, [par L. A. Lepaige]. 159-244. 80. Rio de,Janeiro, instituto his- nouvelle 6d. [anon.] 6v. 160. Amsterdam, torico-geographico brazileiro, 1839. 1761.

Page  73 73 COUGHLAN. COYER. Coughlan (Rev. —.) A select collection of Cowan (John, n. d.) The science of a new life. psalms and hymns, extracted from several 405 pp. 3pl. 80. New York, Cowan 4 co. 1869. authors, and published for the use of the Cowdin (Elliot C.) Paris universal exposicongregation of Holywell chapel. 5th ed. tion, 1867. Report on silk and silk manuwith an appendix enlarged. 12 p. 1. 336 pp. factures. 51 pp. 80. Wlashington, govern24~. London, [F. Gilbert, 1779. ment printing office, 1868. Council of Trent. See Roman catholic Cowles (Henry, d. d.) Isaiah, with noteschurch. Jeremiah, and his lamentations. See Bible Country gentleman's (The) magazine. v. 1-2. (English). July, 1868, to June, 1869. 80~. London, Cowper (William). Posthumous writings, S. Mar-shacll co. 1868. - etc. See Hayley (William). Country towns, and the place they fill in mod- Cox (Edward V. ) The arts of writing, readern civilization. By the author of "Three ing, and speaking. 3'29 pp. 120. New months' rest at Pan." [anon.] 195 pp. 16~. York, G. [V. Carleton, 1869. London, Bell 4 Daldy, 185S. Cox (James, editor). A catechism of certain Courcelles (Jean Baptiste Pierre Jullien de). moral, social, and civil duties; adapted to Histoire gdndalogique et h6raldique des pairs existing circumstances. By the Wesleyan de France, des grands dignitaires de la coun- missionaries of Antigua. 13 pp. 80. [Demronne, des principales families nobles du erary, 1837]? royaume et des maisons princieres do l'Eu- [With MANSIE (Alexander). The apprenticed labonuer's manual]. rope, pr6cedde de la genealogie de la maison Cox (Melville B.) Remains, with a memoir. de France. 12 v. 4~. Paris, J. de Cour- 240 pp. I portrait, 1 plo 160. Boston, Light celles, etc. 1822. & Horton, 1835. Courrier (Le) des Etats-Unis, journal po- Cox (Samuel Hanson, d. d.) Quakerism not litique et litt6raire. 1 mars 1828, jusqu'a christianity; or, reasons for renouncing the 23 janvier 1830, et 4 mars 1841, jusqu'd 16 doctrine of friends. In three parts. 1 p. 1. janvier 1849. 12 v. fol. New York, 1828-49. 686 pp. 8~. New York, J. Leavitt, 1833. The same. Appendix, 9 mars jusqu'au Cox (Sanford C.) Recollections of the early 28 nov. 1848. fol. [New Yorrk, 1848]. settlement of the Wabash valley. 160 pp. Court (The) journal and fashionable gazette. S~. Loefayette, Courier steam book and job January, 1866, to December, 1869. 4 v. fol. printing house, 1860. London, [ [I. Rayner], 1866-69. Coxe (Tench). A view of the United States Courtenay (Rev. Reginald) The future states, of America, in a series of papers, written their evidences and nature considered, on between 1787 and 1794. xv, 439 pp. 80. principles physical, moral, and scriptural. Dublin, P. Wogan and others, 1795. With the design of showing the gospel reve- Coxe (Rev. William). Nouvelles d16couvertes lation. viii, 438 pp. 80. London, W. Pick- des Russes entre l'Asie et l'Am6rique. Avec ering, 1843. l'histoire de la conquete de la Sibd6rie et du Courtney (Mrs. E. L.) Twice tried; or, the commerce des Russes et des Chinois. Traduit three influences. 148 pp. 4 pl. 16C. Phil- de l'Anglois. xxiv, 320 pp. 80. Neuchatel, adelphia, Clazton, Remsen, ]:Haffelfnger, sociedt typographique, 1781. 1870. The same. Die entdeckun gen der RusCourtney (W. S.) The farmners' and me- sen zwischen Asien und America, nebst der chanics' manual. With many valuable ta- geschichte der eroberung Siberiens und des bles for -machinists, manufacturers, mer- handels der Russen und Chineser. Aus dem chants, lders, eginees, tc. Revised Englischen. xi pp. 2 1.410 pp. 4 1. 3 maps. chants, builders, engineers, etp. e I. Frankfurt und Leipzig,, J. G. and enlarged by George E. Waring, jr. 506 1 i. 80. F3ankfurt und Lepzig, J. G. pp. 4 pl. 80. New York, E. B. Treat iser, 783. co. N1869. YCoyer (Gabriel Fran9ois). La nobleza comerCouto (,Jose Ferrer de). See, Ferrer de Couto. ciante. Traduccion del Frances, hecha para tCoutdre (Thomas). Mithode et enretiens la utilidad de la Real sociedad econ6mica de d'atelier. 3 p.1. 387 pp. 120. Paris, 1867. losamigos del pais de Mallorca, con un dis. Covington, (Kentucky). (Williams') direc- curso preliminar, y varias notas. Por J. M. tory fol 1869. 8~. Cincinnati, 1869. de Spinosa y Cantabrana. 1 p. 1. lxxxv, 216 tory for 1869. pp81l. Cincinnati, did 1869J. barr, 1781 [ With CINCINNATI (Williams') directory for 1869]. pp. 1 pl. 16~. M a drid, J. Iharra, 1781.

Page  74 74 COZENS. CROFFUT. Cozens (Dr. -). Fables; addressed to the Crescent (The) and the cross. A story of ladies. 134 pp. 18O. Philadelphia, If. Spotts- Malta. By the author of "The times of wood, 1788. Knox and queen Mary Stuart." [anon.] Cozy-house(The) tales. ByI.T.H. [anon.] 283 pp. 160. New York, American tract 163 pp. 3 pl. 180. Boston, American tract society, [1869]. society, [1868]. Cre'tineau-Joly (Jacques). Histoire des Cozza (Lorenzo). Dubia selecta emergentia g6neraux et chefs vendeens. 2 p. 1. 446 pp. circa sollicitationem in confessione sacra- 80. Paris, H. L. Delloye, 1838. mentali, juxta apostolicas constitutiones, ex E Histoire de Louis Philippe d'Orl6ans et probatis auctoribus digesta, atque discusa. de l'orleanisme. 2 v. 3 p. 1.535 pp; 2 p. 1. 262 pp. 3 1. 180. Lovanii, F. Storti, 1750. 524 pp. 80. Paris, Lagnyfreres, 1862-63. Crabbe (Rev. George). The life of the rev. Creuzer (Georg Friedrich). Symbolik und George Crabbe, 11. d. by his son. xi, 311pp. mythologie. Mit einem heft abbildungen 12~. Cambridge, and Boston, J. Mnzroe & co. zum ganzen werk auf sechzig tafeln, und 1834. mit holzschnitten. 6 v. 80. Leipzig, und Crafts (J. M.) A short course in qualitative Darmstadt, Heyer & Leske, 1819. analysis, with the new notation. viii, 133 pp. [Atlas wanting]. 5 tables. 120. New York, J. Wiley &son, 1869. Cravecceur (J. Hector Saint John de). LetCraik (Dinah Maria Muloch). Christian's mis- ters from an American farmer, describing take. [anon.] 260 pp. 120. New York, provincial situations, manners, and customs. Harper & brothers, 1866. 240 pp. 16G. Philadelphia, M. Carey, 1793. _____ A hero. Philip's book. viii, 173pp. 4 Crevenna (Pietro Antonio). Catalogue raipl. 18~. London, G. Routledge &, co. 1858. sonn6 de [sa] collection de livres. 6 v. 40. John Halifax, gentleman. A novel. Amsterdam, 1776. [anon. ] 485 pp. I pl. 120. New York, CONTENTS. Carleton, 1866. v. 1. Th6ologie. v. 2. Jurisprudence, philosophie, histoire naturelle, A life for a life. New and revised ed. et arts. iv, 370 pp. 1 pl. 120. London, Hurst v. 3-4. Belles-lettres. iv, v. 5. Histoire. Blackett, [1869]? v. 6. Additions et tables. - Romantic tales. A new ed. By the Criolla (La) y los jesuitas. Novela hist6rica author of "John Halifax, gentleman," etc. agri-dulce, joco-seria, 6 como si digeramos es[anon.] 4 p. 1. 406 pp. 160. London, Smith, crita entre risa y l1anto, original del Tio fidel. Elder 4 co. 1866. 2 v. in 1. [anon.] 210 pp; 272 pp. 18". Crane (J. T. d. d.) Popular amusements. Madrid, sociedad literaria, 1845. With an introduction, by bishop E. S. Janes. Crittenden (Rev. Samuel W.) Sacraments 209 pp. 160. Cincinnati, Hitchcock 4' Wal- of the church. 174 pp. 160. Philadelphia, den, 1869. presbyterian publication committee, [1869]. Cravath (I. M.) Manual of the grand army of Crittenden (S. W.) An inductive and practhe republic, containing its principles and tical treatise on book-keeping by single and objects, together with memorial day in the double entry, [etc.] 248 pp. 80. Philadepartment of Michigan, May, 1869, list of delphia, E. C. &8 J. Biddle, 1849. s. officers, etc. viii, 143 pp. 120. Lansing, Key to the treatise on single entry book(Mich.) W. S. George ~4 co. 1869. keeping. 23 pp. 120. Philadelphia, E. C. Craven (Madame Augustus). Anne S6verin. 8& J. Biddle, 1854. s. 2 p.1.411 pp. 120. New York, G.P. Put- Croese (Gerard). Historia quakeriana; sive, nfan' so0n, 1869. de vulgo dictis quakeris, ab ortu illorum Cree (Robert). Lectures on the evidences of usque ad recens natumr schisma, libri iii, christianity, with an introductory lecture on [etc.] 8 p. 1. 582 pp. I 1. 160. Amsteloreligion in general, and one on the authen- dami, viduea T. Boom, 1695. ticityof the Jewishscriptures; delivered in the ~ The same. ed. 2a. 8 p. 1. 580 pp. 9 1. unitarian chapel, Preston, Lancashire. x pp. 16o. Amstelodami, 1696. 1 1. 402pp. 120. London, Sherwood 4'co. 1827. Croffat (W. A.) and Morris (John M.) The Crell (Johann). De Deo'et ejus attributis. 6 military and civil history of Connecticut p.1. 352 pp. sm. 40. Racoviwe, S. Sternze, 1630. during the war of 1861-65. Comprising a [In VOLKEL (Johann). De vera religionei v. 1]. detailed account of the various regiments and

Page  75 75 CROFFUT. CRUTTENDEN. Croffut-continued. Cross (Jeremy L.)-continued. batteries. 3d ed. revised. 2 p, 1. 891 pp. 60 por-...The true masonic chart; or, hieroglyphic traits on 14 pls. 80. New York, L. Bill, 1869. monitor. With songs, etc. Also, a history Croiset (Jean). Meditaciones sobre las mas of free-masonry, by a brother. 8th ed. 342 importantes verdades del evangelio, escritas pp. 48 pl. 12~. New York, etc. author, 1848. s. en Frances, [etc.] por el padre Juan Crois- Cross (Jonathan). Illustrations of the shorter set, de la extinguida compania de Jesus; y catechism, for children and youth. 2 v. 288 traducidas al Castellano, por d. Fernando pp; 308 pp. 180. Philadelphia, presbyteriai Machado. 10 p. 1. 207 pp. 160~ Madrid, board of publication, 1864. A. Ulloa, 1791. s. Croswell (Harry, d. d.) A manual of family Croly (Rev. George, 1l. d.) Historical sketches prayer; adapted to the various seasons of speeches, and characters. xiii pp. 1 1. 356 the ecclesiastical year: with prayers and pp. 80. London, R. B. Seeley & V.m Burn- thanksgivings for special occasions. 2d ed. side, 1842. revised and corrected. 248 pp. 120. New Popery and the popish question; being Haven, S. Babcock, 1845, an exposition of the political and doctrinal Crotch (William). Palestine, a sacred oraopinions of messrs.. O'Connell, Keogh, D1rom- torio, the voice parts in score, the instrumengole, Gandolphy, etc. 2 p.l. 147 pp. 8~. tal adapted for the piano forte, the words by London, G. B. Whittaker, 1825, rev. Reginald Heber. 2 p. 1. 177 pp. 4% Cronise (Titus Fey). The natural wealth London, Birchalls & Chappells, [1810]? of California; comprising early history, ge- IWit;. MOZART (J. C.W. A.) Requiem]. ography, topography, and scenery; clirriate, Crowley (Robert). An apologie, or defence, agriculture and commercial products; geol- of those Englishe writers and preachers ogy, zoology, and botany, [etc.] together which Cerberus, the three-headed dog of hell, with a detailed description of each county, chargeth wyth false doctrine, vnder the [etc.] xvi, 696 pp. 8G. San Francisco, H. name of predestination. 3 p.1. 104 1. 8%. H. Bancroft 4c co. 1868, London, H. Binneman, 1566. Cronycles (The) of Englonde, with the dedes Cruden (Rev. Alexander). Concordance to of popes and emperors, and also the descrip- the holy scriptures. Edited by John Eadie, cyon of Englonde. 1. 29-161. sm. fol. [LoK- d d. lkd.. Wholly revised, and printed for don, Wynkyn de Worde, 1528]. Hitchcock's complete analysis of the holy [By Pynson, Grafton, and Fox, called Caxton's bible. pp.751 to 1092. 80. [New York, A. J. chronicle. Imperfect: title page, and 1. 1-29, 33-:34, 48,158, 162-163,and all the'"descripeyon of Eng- Johnson, 1869 ]. londe," wanting].. Cruikshank (James, 11. d.) Analysis, parsCrookes (William) and Rbhrig (Ernst). A- practical treatise on metallurgy. See l ing, and composition; with direct references practical treatise, on metallurgy. See Kerl to the grammars of dr. Bullion's series. Also CBrosby (Howard). Abiblemanual, intended adapted to any correct grammar of the English language. viii, 202 pp. 160. Ne w to furnish a general view of the holy scrip- e tures, as introductory to their studyo 109 York, Sheldon & co. 1870. 2 maps. 180o. Newt Yt o t ke untversity 1 Crum (Walter). An experimental inquiry into the nrumber and properties of the primary pueblisihin~g~ co. 1869. colours, and the source of colour in the prism. Crosby (Thomas). The history of the Eng47 pp. 3 pl. 8%. Glasgow, Atkinson & co. 1830. lish baptists, from the reformation to the be- terinokigGog i.4v Crusius (Martin). Tvrcogrrecime libri octeo. ginning of the reign of king George i. 4 v. 12~.ginning of the reign of 1738 George 4 v. Quibvs Graecorvm statvs svb imperio turcico, 120. London, editor, 1738. Cross (Jeremy L.) The templar's chart; or, in politia, [etc.] luculenter describitur. 21p. 1, hieroglyphic monitor; containing all the 557 pp I p. fol. Basilee, L. Ostenins, [1584]. emblems and hieroglyphics explained in the no, 1. Table-book and mental systematic orders of knights of the red cross, knights templars, and knights of Malta. 2d ed. 222ic, forbeginners. 62 pp. 160. New pp.22 pl. 120. New York, author, 1845. s. ork, iggis Kllogg, 1854. s. __ The same. The supplement to the -- The subjective or analytic arithmetic, templars' chart. 67, 48 pp. 120. New Yoak, in which the science is applied to the art. [aluthor]~, 1852.. 2d course. 378 pp. 12o. New Yo'rk, J. lAl. 7 WFit.e his Templar's chart, 3d ed. 18521. Bradstreet 4 son, 1868.

Page  76 76 CRUTTENDEN. CYPRIANJUSJ Cruttendlen (D. H.)-continued. Curtis (Mrs. D. S.) The spirit of seventyThe theoretical and practical systematic six; or, the coming woman, a prophetic arithmetic, [etc.] 316pp. 160. New York, d rama, followed by A change of base, and D. H. Cruttenden, 1853. s. Doctor Mondschein. [anon.] 141 pp. 1'2. Cuba. Estado militar de la isla de Cuba. Boston, Little, Braln Go. 1868. 155pp. 18~. Hlabana, inprenta del gobierno, Curtis (George Ticknor). Life of Daniel 1849. Webster. v. 1. xvi, 589 pp. 1 portrait. 80. [With CUBA. Gula de forasteros en Cuba, 1849]. New York, D. Appleton & co. 1870. Guia de forasteros en la siempre fielisla Curtis (Moses A. d. d.) Botany; containing de Cuba, 1830, 1833-35, 1842, 1845-49, a catalogue of the indigenous and naturalized 1864. 11 v. 18~ and 16~. Iabana, [1829- plants of the state [of North Carolina]. 80. 63]. s. Raleigh, 1867. - Informe fiscal sobre fomento de la L[In NORTH CArOLINA, (Geological, etc. survey) part 3]. poblacioln blanca en Ia isla cde Cuba,;y Curtis's botanical magazine, [etc.] By J. Do emancipacion progressiva de la esclava, Hooker. 3d series. v. 24, (or v. 94 of the [etc.] Presentado a la superintendencia whole work), 80. London, L. heeve 4 co. general delegada de real hacienda, en diciem- 1868 bre de 1814. Por el fiscal doelIa misma [el Curtius (Ernst). The history of Greece. Transsepor Queipo]. 1 p.. xpp. 1 1. 195, 328 lated by A. W. Ward. 2 v. 4 p. 1. 479 pp; pp. 11. sm. fol. Macrlid, J. Martinl Alegria, 2 p. 1. 604 pp. 8~. London, R. Bentley, 1868. ~ 1845. Cutter (Calvin). First book on anatomy, Cudena (Pedro). Beschreibung des portu- physiology, and hygiene. I80pp. I pl. 120, giesischen Amerika. Ein spanisches manu- Boston, B. B. Mussey cS co. 1850. S. script in der wolfenbiittelschen bibliothek, Cutter (James M.) Tower (Stephen A. and bherausgegeben vorm hofrat~h Lessing. Mit Levi L.) & co. [Catalogue of] stationery, anLmerkungen undl zusaitzen begleitet v. C. papers, envelopes, and blank books. 176 pp. Leiste. 160 pp. 12g. Braunschweig, vaysen- 180. New York, 1867. hanls, 1780. Cutter (Orlando P.) Our battery; or, the Cultivator (The) and country gentleman. journal of company B, 1st 0. v. a. 152 pp. Devoted to the practice and science of agri- 160~. Cleveland, (O.) Nevens, 1864. culture and horticulture, etc. July, 1868, to Cutts (Mary Pepperrell Sparbawk). The life Dec. 1869. v. 32-34. 4~. Albany, L. Tucker and times of hon. William Jarvis, [etc.] xii, & son, 1868-69. 451 pp. 1 portrait. 120. New York, Hurd Cumberland (Richard, lld.) Calvary; or, ~ Hoaughton, 1869. the death of Christ. A poemin eight books. Cuvier (George Leopold Chretien Frederic 2d Am. ed. 248 pp. 16~. Boston, Manning cf Dagobert, baron) and Valenciennes Lorintg, 1796. (Achille). Histoire naturelle des poissans. Cunninigham (Allan). Lord Roldan. A 22 v. in 24. 8Q. Atlas. fol. Paris, Fo G. romance. 2 v. in 1. 238 pp; 221 pp. 12~. Lfvrault, 1828-49. s. lNJew York, Harper & brothers, 1836. [No more published]. _ Some account of the life andc works of Cuyler (Rev. Theodore L.) The empty crib; sir Wealter Scott, 106 pp. 18.a Boston, a memorial of little Georgie; with words of Stimpson & Clopp, 18320 consolation for bereaved parents. 158 pp. Cunninghan (Rev, JohnWilliam). S1ermons. 1. 2 portraits. 240. New York, R. Carter 366 pp. 8o New York,. B. Gilley, 1823. & brothers, 1869 Cyprianus (Thascius Ca cilius, bishop of CarCuriosities (The) of Paris, in nine letters, thage). Writings. Translated by rev. [etc.] By A. R. [anon.] xxiv, 169 pp. Robert Ernest Wallis. v.. Containing the 8~ London, r. Owoen, [about 1756]. 80. London, W. Owen, [abont 1756]. epistles and some of the treatises. xxxi, 468. Currie (Rev. Duncan D.) A catechism of pp. 80. Edinburgh, T. &e T. Clark, 1868. baptism. Enlarged ed. 131 pp. 12~. New [ANTE-NICENE library, v. 8]. York, S. [1. Green, 1869. CONTENTS. Currie (William). A treatise on the lawful- Epistles: on the dress of virgins; on the lapsed; on ness of defensive war. In two parts. xviii, the unity of the church; on the Lord's prayer; address to Demetrianus; on the vanity of idols; 1.02 pp. 12~. Philadelphia, B. Franklin, 1748. on the mortality

Page  77 77 CYSAT. DAMPIER. Cysat (Rennward, compiler and translator). Dalberg (Charles Th6odore Antoine Marie, Warhafftiger bericht, von den newerfundnen baron de). De l'influence des beaux arts sur iapponischen inseln vnd k6nigreichen, auch la f6licite publique. [anon.] 106 pp. 80~. von anderen zuvor vnbekandten indiani- Ratisbonne, llontag & TVeiss, 1806. schenlanden [etc.] Auss dem Italienischen in [With BOYELDIEU (5I. J. A.) De l'influence de la das Deutsch gebracht. 8 p. 1. 108 pp. 91. 393 chaire, etc.] pp. 11. 18~. Freybarg, A. Gemperlin, 1586. Dall (Mrs. Caroline Healey). The college, the Czerny (Charles). Complete theoretical and market, and the court; or, woman's relanpractical pianoforte school, from the first tion to education, labor, and law. [2d ed.] rudiments of playing to the highest and most 1 p. 1. xxxv, 512 pp. 80. Boston, Lee & refined state of cultivation, with the requisite Shepard, 1868. examples. Translated by J. A. Hamilton. - - Egypt's place in history. A presenta3 v. fol. London, R. Cocks c' Co. [1839]? tion [of the substance of Bunsen's work]. xv, The same. The art of playing the an- 108 pp. 80. Boston, Lee & Shepard, 1868. cient and modern pianoforte works; being a Historical pictures retouched; a volsupplement to the Royal pianoforte school. ume of miscellanies. In 2 parts. Part i: 3 p. 1. 186 pp. fol. London, R. Cocks & co. Studies, [on women]. Part ii: Fancies. [1839]? xiii, 403 pp. 160. Boston, [Walker, [Wise &' The same. Supplement to Royal piano- co. 1860. forte school. Sixty-four brilliant and useful - Patty Gray's journey. From Boston exercises. 2 p.1. 116 pp. fol. London, R. to Baltimore. xliv, 201 pp. 16'. Boston, Cocks & co. [1839]? Lee & Shepard, 1869. Czdrnig (Carl, fJeiher? von). Betrieb der Sunshine; a new name for a popular osterreichischen staats-eisenbahnen 1853; lecture on health. 64 pp. 160. Boston, 1854; 1855-56 [und] 1857-58. 4 v. 8. ise co. 1864. l1alker7, Wise c5 co. 1864. IFien, 1854-58. S. [AuSTRIA. Mittheilug1en aus dem gebiete der sta- Dallas (George Mifflin). A series of letters tistik. Jahrg. 3 (8); 4 (6); 6 (4); 7 (3)]. from London, written during the years 1856Dahlmann (Friedrich Christoph). The life of 60. Edited by his daughter Julia. 2 v. in Herodotus drawn out from his book. Trans- 1. 284 pp; 225 pp. 8~. Philadelphia, J. lated [from the German] by G. V. Cox. xi, B. Lpincott 4' co. 1869. 173 pp. 80. London, J. W. Parker, 1845. Dalrymple (Clarence). Present state of nayDaily American organ [Washington], Nov. igation between England and the East In13, 1854, to Nov. 14, 1856. 4 v. fol. Wl~ash13, 1854, to Nov. 14, 1856. 4 v. fol. W'ash- dies, with instructions to passengers, and ington, 1854-1856. inu, 1854' -1856. ~proposed steam communication by the way Daily federal republican [Georgetown, D. C.] of the Red sea. 18c. New York, 1836. May 31, 1814, to July 16, 1815. fol. Georae[-In MURRAY (H.) Historical and descriptive actown, D. C. 1814-15. count of British India. v. 3, pp. 326-370]. Daily hymns; or, hymns for every day in Dalton (William). Travels in the United lent. [Selected]. 18~. Boston, 1s67. lent. [Selected]. 180. Boston, 1867. States of America, and part of upper Canada. Daily national whig [Washington], April 7; 3 p.1. 256 pp. 120. Appleby, W. Dalton, April 30, 1847, to Jan. 8, 1848; Jan. 1, to 1821. June 20, 1849. 2 v. fol. WIashington, C. IV. Fenton, 1847-49. Daly (Cdsar). Motifs historiques d'architecDaily (The) national intelligencer [Washing- ture et de sculpture d'ornement, pour la com ton], July 1, 1868, to June 24, 1869. 2 v. position et la decoration extdrieure des edifol. Julashinto, Sno868, Coyle 24, co. 1868-69. fices publics et privds. Choix des fragments [Discontinued after the last-named date]. empruntes a des monuments frangais du Daily times (The) [Washington], Feb. 2 to commencement de la renaissance a la fin March 23, 1846. fol. Washington, J. E. de Louis xvi. 2 v. 2 p. 1. 112 pl; 2 p. 1. 44 Dow, 1846. pp. 85 pl. fol. Paris, A. Morel, 1869. Dakota dowanssi kin. Hymns in the Dakota Dampier (William). Reystogten rondom de or Sioux language. Composed by mr. J. waereldt; een naauwkeurige beschryving Renville and sons, and the missionaries of van verscheyde nieuwe ontdekte ze6n, kusthe a. b. c. f. m. 71 pp. 180. Boston, ten enlanden, zoin Amerika, Asia als Africa. American board of foreign missions, 1842. Uyt het Engelsch door W. Sewel. 3 v. in

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Page  79 79 DAVENPORT. DAWES. Davenport (Bishop). History of the United Davis (Andrew Jackson)-continued. States, for the use of schools. New ed. 144 of lectures on the bible, nature, religion, pp. 180. Philadelphia. Marshall & co. 1837. skepticism, and the supernatural. 293 pp. The same. New ed. Revised by An- 120. Boston, Wil. WVhite 4 co. 1869. derson. 296 pp. 160. Philadelphia, U. Hunt Tale of a physician; or, the seeds and 4 son, [1867]. fruits of crime. In three parts. Complete Davenport (Rev. John). The knowledge of in I v. 323 pp. 120. Boston, [F. WKhite Christ indispensably required of all men that CO. 1869. would be saved; or, proofs from scripture Davis (Caroline E. K.) Baby's christmas. that Jesus is the Christ. 3 p. 1. 87 pp. 40. 143 pp. 9 pl. sm. 40. Boston, H. Hoyt, 1869. London, L. Chapman, 1653.. A christmas story. 158 pp. 4 pl. 160. Davenport (The) brothers, the world re- Boston, H. Hoyt, 1868..____.Little Maidie. 3v. 160. Boston, H. nowned spiritual mediums: their biography and adventures in Europe and America. [anon.] 426 pp. 10 pl. 120. Boston,,I. Davis (Franklin Carsley). Great western White ct& co. [1869]. business guide; or, the Pittsburgh, Ft. DWayne and Chicago railway, and its conDEavidson (James Wood). The living writers nections. 284 pp. 1 map. 180. Philadelof the south. xxii, 635 pp. 120. New York, phia, F. C. Davis &co. 1861. Carleton, 1869, phia, F. C. Davis t-co. 1861. Carleton, 1869. D:}avidson (Lucretia Maria). Amir IKhaln, E~Davis (Henry, d. d.) A narrative of the emDavidson-LucretiaMaria). mi Khan barassment and decline of Hamilton college. and other poems, [etc.] with a biographical a i. * *vn X 151 pp. 8~. [Clinton, New York]? sketch, by Samuel F. B. Morse. xxix pp. [Clinton, New ork] 1 1. 174 pp. 120. New York, G. 4 C. H. 1833. Carvill, 18-29. Davis (L. D.) Life in the itinerancy, in its Poetical remains; with a biography by relations to the circuit and station, and to [Catharine M.] Sedgwickl. 248 pp. 16. the minister's home and family. [anon.] Philadelphia, Lea 4c Blanchard, 1843. 335 pp. 120. New York, and Auburn, Miller, Orton c MuLllioan, 1856. s. Davies (Charles). Elements of differential, Nort Davis ( Rev. R. of Rothwell, Northamptonshire). and integral calculus. Improved ed. 283 pp. Hymns composed on several subjects, and 8~. Philadelphia, A. S. Balrnes' co. 1843. s. 8' co. 1843.., on divers occasions: in five parts, with al University arithmetic, embracing the table to each part. h ed. corrected, with table to each part. 7th ed. corrected, with a science of numbers, and general rules for their*application. 454 pp. *2~. * e w Y o r k, recommendatory preface, by John Gill, d. d., Some of the hymns composed by other hands. A. S. Barnes 4 co. 1866. The same. Ke to Davies' university co. 166. viii, 184 pp. 180. London, J. [Ward, 1748. The same. Key to Davies' university arithmetic, [etc.] 22 pp. 12~. New York, Davis (3Irs. Rebecca Harding). Dallas GalA. S. Barthm nes [etc.] c pp.120o. 185o6. braith. 242 pp. 8~. Philadelphia, J. B A. S. Barnes ~- co. 1856. S. Davies (Richard, of Cloddiechion, Wales). An Lippincott, co. 1868. account of the convincement, exercises, ser- Davis (Richard Bingham). Poems. With a vices, and travels of that ancient servant of sketch of his life. xxvii pp. 2 l. 184 pp. 120. the lord Richard Davies: with some relation New York, T. 4 J, Swords, 180o. of ancient friends, and the spreading of truth Davis (Stephen). Notes of a tour in America, in North Wales, etc. 2d ed. [lst American in 1832and1833. 150 pp. 180. Edinbufrh, llaugh & Sunes, 1833. ed.] 10 p. 1. 223 pp. 160. Philadelphia, J ah & Sunes, 1833. Chaltin, 1752. Davis (V. W. H.) Sketch of the life and Davies (Thomas). The preparation and character of John Lacey, a brigadier general in the revolutionary army. 118, 6 pp. 8G. mounting of microscopic objects. iv, 156 pp. 160. London, R. Hardwicke, [1868]? [Philadelphic]? 1868. Davila (Thomas). Vida, y passion de la santa The Spanish conquest of New Mexico. martyr Eudocia, samlaritana, sacada de sus an- xiv, 438 pp. 1 portrait. map. 80. Doylestiquissimasactas. 16p. 1.18pp. 11. 2"imp. town, (Pa.) 1869. 60. Madrid, P. J. Alonsoy Padilla, 173. Dawes (Richard). Mr. R. Dawes to the rev. 16~. Madrid, P. J. Almsoy Padilla, 1735. s. dr. [J.] Taylor. 4~. London, 1807. Davis (Andrew Jackson). The approaching... [InBENTLEY (R.) R. Bentleii et doctorumn virorum crisis: being a review of dr. Bushnell's course epistolm. (Appendix), pp. 319-330],.

Page  80 DAWES. DEMOCRATES. Dawes (lMrs. S. E.) Hattie May; or, watys of Deghuee (Joseph). Leitfaden flir den geodoing good. 206pp. 4 pl. 18c. New lYork, graphischen unterricht [etc.] vii, 181 pp. American tract society, [1868]. 120. Neuw Yorlk, Steiger, 1869. Lindenwood; or, Bertha's resolve. 446 Dehon (Theodore). Cause and cure. By pp. 5 pl. 160. New York, American tract Japheth. [pseudon.] 27 pp. 120. Charlessociety, [1868]. ton, (S. C.) 1868. Day (Henry N.) An introduction to the study of Dekker (Edward Douwes). Max Havelaar; English literature; comprising representative or, the coffee auctions of the Dutch trading masterpieces in poetry and prose, [ etc. ] xii, 539 ra,,, ~company. By Multatuli. [pseudon.] Transpp. 120. New Yourk, C. Scriber 4- co. 1869. late'd from the original manuscript by baron Day-dreams by a butterfly. In nine parts. Alphonse Nahuis. x pp. 1 1.411 pp. 2 maps. [anon.] 156 pp. 120. Kingston, C. TV. s. Edlinbugh, Edmonston 4 Dop2las, 1868. J. M. Creigamtonr, 1854.. Delalain (J.) See Annuaire le l'instruction Deacon (William Frederick). Warreniana; publique po lsannes1868-69. with notes, critical and explanatory, by the editor of a quarterly review. [non.] 162 pp. Delany (Patrick, d. d.) An historical account 120. Boston, Wells & Lilly, 1824. of the life and reign of David, king of Israel: Dean (Amos, II. d.) The history of civilization. interspersed with various conjectures, digresIn seven volumes. v. 2-7. 80. Albany, J. sions, and disquisitions. In which (among Munsell, 1869. other things) mr. Bayle's criticisms upon the Dean (Philotus). The intermediate arithmetic, conduct and character of that prince are fully considered. [anon.] 2 v. 120. London, containing all the matter usually presented in a practical arithmetic, so simplified as to adapt J. Osborn, 1740. it to beginners. 334 pp. 120. Pittsburgh, De la Rame (Louise). See Ramrn (L. de la). A. H. English 4f co. [1865]. Delavan (Edward C.) Temperance essays Deale (Charles). Memoir of George Liver- and selections from different authors. 4th ed. more. 60 pp. 80. Cambridge, J. Wilson 312 pp. 120. New York, national temperance 4- son, 1869. publication house, 1866. D6bat de la dame et de lescuier. See Baude (H.) Deligianne (Theodoros P.) and ZenopouDebby's friends; a sequel to "Carrie and los(G. K.) E2Anvpc p voyo~eut, 1833-60. Susie." [anon.] 139 pp. I pl. 160. Bos- See Greece. ton, conf regationalpublishiilno society, [1869]. ra o i L Demaistre (Comte J.) Essai sur le principe Debierne-Rey (Lisbeth). Le bon pasteur; oun, rater des constittions politiqes gnerateur des constitutions politiques et des l'6vangile mis en action. 210 pp. 2 pl. 16~. autres institutions humaines. 1 p. 1. xvj, 91 lIoucn, Miegtarcl 4 cie. 1857. pp. 8~. Lyon, J. B. 1claaaud & cie. 18052. DeBow s review. devoted to the restoration of pp. 8t. Lyon, J. B. ea d r ci 1O2. [ With SAGRA (Ramon de la). Le mal et le reande]. the southern states and the development of De Mille (James). The "B. O. W. (." A the wealth and resources of the country, t, book for boys. 322 pp. 4 pl. 160. Boston, [etc.] R. G. Barnwell, E. Q. Bell. W. LM. Lee cf Shepard, 1870. Burwell, editors. July, 1867, to Dec. By the author of the,, — - Cord and creese. By the author of the After the war [3d] series, v. 4-6. [Complete Dodge club." 199 pp. 1 pl. 80. lelw series, v. 36-38]. 8~. Nashville, and New Or- Yor, Harper brothers, 1869. leans, 1867-69. Deems (Charles F.) and Cary (Phmebe). The Dodge club; or, Italy in 1859. 1 Hymns for all christians. vi, 265 pp. 18~. p. 1. 133 pp. 8u. New York, Harper & brothNew York, Hurd c4. Houghton, 1869. ers, 1869. Defauconpret (Aug. Jean Baptiste). Quinze Demmfn (Auguste). Guide de l'amateur de jours h Londres, h la fin de 1815. Par M. fitiences et porcelaines, poteries, terre cuites, [anon.] 214pp. 80. Paris, A. Eymery, 1816. peinture sur lave et 6maux. Nouv. 6d. 2 p. 1. De Foe (Daniel). Aventures de Robinson 576 pp. 1'f~. Paris, veteue.J. Renouard, 1863. Crusoe, illustr6es par Gavarni. 1 p. 1. 428 pp. Democrates, pythagroreus. Golden sentences. 5 pl. 12G. Paris, Morizot, 1862. Translated by W. Bridgman. 8~. London, The same. (Abridged). 120. St. ['. Biclrgzlan, 1804. Louis, 1867. [lin BR13IDGrAN (W.) Translations from the Greek, (GnILBERT (M.) Second French reader]. pp. 43-62].

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Page  82 82 DES CARTES. DEVRIENT. Des Cartes (Rene). Lettres, oil sont traittees Detroit-continued. les plus belles questions de la morale, phy- works, and of the titles of anonymous works. siqve, medicine et des mathematiques. 15 p. Also the rules concerning its use. vii, 149 1. 664 pp. 4~'. Paris, H. Le Gras, 1657. pp. 80. Detroit, Advertiser and Tribune, Descente (La) de Tabarin avx enfers, avec 1868. S. les operations qu'il y fit de son medicament Deutsche evangelisch-lutberische ministerium pour la bruslure, durant ce caresme dernier, in Peunsylvanien. Erbaulichelieder-samm[etc. anon.] 18 pp. 120. Paris, 1621. Re- lung zum gottesdienstlichen gebrauch in print, A. F. Didkt, [18;30]. den vereinigten evangelisch lutherischen gemeinen in Pennsylvanien, und den benachDesciseaux (-). Recueil de charades et Dei. o cars e barten staaten, [etc.] 2e auflage. [Mit] d'enigmes, [etc.] 256 pp. 32~. Paris, Delanges [etc] 256p0,, anhang enthaltend den kleinen catechismus lanue, [about 185Q0]. S. Lutheri, etc. 7 p. 1. 602 pp. 4 1.80 pp. 160. Description exacte de tout ce qui s'est pass6r 1795. dans les guerres entre le roy d'Angletbrre, le [Title page imperfect]. roy de France, les estats des provinces unies Deutsche (Die) theologie, ein edles b-ichlein du Pays-bas et l'evesque de Munster. Com- vo reten verstande: was Adam und vom rechten verstande: was Adam und menwant de l'an l1664, et finissant avec la eant de an 664, et finissant aec a Christus sey; und wie Adam in uns sterben, conclusion de paix faite i Bredh en l'an 1667. Christs aber in uns leben so; mit d. Lu Christus aber in uns leben soll; mit d. LuAvec une introduction prdliminaire, contether's und Arnd's vorreden. [anon.) le nant l'exile et la restitution du present roy americanische ausgabe. xvi, xvi, 159 pp. d'Angleterre, etc. [anon.] 242 pp. 1. 40~ 160. Lancaster (Pa.) H. W. Villee 1829. Amsterldam, J. Beniamin, 165f8. Amsterdam, J. Benjamin, 1668. Deus-semper. The norm +- the germ X the Description (A) of Kentucky in North Amer-By the author of conditions = the fruit. By the author of ica: [with] miscellaneous observations reSemper Deus. [anon. George W. Thompspecting the United States. [anon.] 122 son]? 435 pp. 12 Philadelphia, Cla pp. 1. 80. [London]? 1792. [NOTE. —Said to have been written by mr. Toildmin. t, Rich]. De Valcourt (Robefit). The illustrated book Description (A) of the New York central of manners: a manual of good behavior and park. [anon.] x, 206 pp. 5pl. 40. New polite accomplishments. 490 pp. 16~. CinYork, F. J. Huntingaton S& co. 1869. cinnati, R. IW. Carroll 4 co. 1866. Descubrimiento (Un) del siglo; 6, sea elpais De Vere (Aubrey). The Waldenses; or, the de las luces. Por A. R. G. [anon.] 160 pp. fall of Rora; a lyrical sketch. With other 160. Cadiz, 1847. poems. xii, 311 pp. 16~. Oxford, J. H. Des Essarts (Nicolas Lemoyne, known as). Parker, 1842. Procesfameux; extraitsdel'essaisurl'histoire De Vere (Maximilian Schele). The great gendrale des tribunaux des peuples tant an- empress. A portrait. 397 pp. 120. Phila ciens que modernes, [etc.] 9 v. 160~. Paris, delphia, J. B. Lippincott I co. 1870. I'auteur, 1786-88. Wonders of the deep. A companion Desmahis (Joseph Franpois ]Jdouard de Cor- to Stray leaves from the book of nature. semblen). CEuvres diverses. 2 p. 1. 217 pp. 351 pp. 1V. NAew York, G. P. Putnam 16~. Genve, [Paris], 1762. 4c son, 1869. Desmarets (Charles). Temoignages histo- De Verteuil (L. A. A.) Trinidad: its geogriques; ou, quinze ans de haute police sous raphy, natural resources, administration, Napoleon. xxxiv, 360 pp. 8~. Paris, A. present condition, and prospects. xii, 508 Levavasseur, 1833. pp. 8~. London, Ward 4c Lock, 1858. s. Desmarets (Jean). Clovis; ov, la France Devocionario de Maria santissima, en que se chrestienne. Poemehdroiqve. 17p. 1. 464 pp. pide a esta gran sehora su amparo para la 2pl. 40~. Paris, A. Courbe, 1657. ora de la muerte, [etc. anon.] 141 pp. Desprades (Joseph Grellet). Essai sur l'hon- 160. Madrid, G. Fuentenebro 4' ca. 1807. neur. 192 pp. 2 1. 160. Paris, Le Normant, Devrient (Edward). My recollections of Fe 1805. lix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, and his letters to Detroit (City of). Catalogue of the public me. Translated fiom the German, by Nalibrary, containing an alphabetical list of the talia Macfarren. vii, 307 pp. 1 pl. 120. Lonnames of authors, with the titles of their don, R. Bentley, 1869.

Page  83 DE WETTE. DICKERMAN. De Wette (Ludwig). Reis in de Vereenig- Diaz de Baeza (Juan). Elementos de filode Staaten en Canada in 1837. Uit het Hoog- sifla moral, y fundamentos de relig'ion. 2 v. duitsch. 2 v. xii, 281 pp. 1 pl; viii, 296 pp. in 1. ix, 167, 122 pp. 180. Madrid, Razola, I pl. 8. Zalt-Bommel, J. Noman at& zoon, 1837. 1839. Diaz Calvillo (Juan Bautista). Sermon en Dewey (Orville, d. d.) Discourses and dis- el aniversario de gracias a Maria santisicussions in explanation and defence of uni- ma de los remedios, celebrado en esta santa tarianism. 307 pp. 120. Boston, J. Dowe, iglesia catedral, el dia 30- de octubre de 1811, 1840. por la victoria del Monte de las cruces. 269 -Discourses on human life. 300 pp. 120. pp. 8~. Mexico, Arizpe, 1811. \rewo l'ork, D. Felt 35 co. 1t41. Dibdin (Charles). A collection of songs, se---- Discourses on various subjects. 299 lected from [his] works, [with] the newest ipp. 12 u New York, D. Felt s co. 1835. 2 and most favorite American patriotic songs. Moral views of commerce, society and 328, x pp. 120 Philadelphia, P. Rice, politics, in twelve discourses. 300 pp. 120. 1799. New York, D. Felt & co. 1838. --- The same. Songs; with a memoir. De Witt (Madame C.) See Witt (Madame Collected and arranged by T. Dibdin. With sketches by G. Cruikshank. 3ded. xxxii, 328 pp. 12 pl. 160. London, H. G. Bohn, 1852. Dexter (Charles). Versions and verses. vii, Dickens (Charles). A christmas carol in 156 pp. 160. Cnambridge, Sever $ Francis, prose: being a ghost story of christmas. 111 18;65. pp. 20pl. 80. Boston, Ticknor & Fields, 1869. Dexter (Elias). Theory of existence: Part Dialogues from Dickens, for school and 1. Devoted to the enunciation of the laws home amusement. Arranged by W. Eliot which determine the motions that result from Fette. 260pp. 160. Boston, Lee A- Shepardd, the collision of ponderable bodies. 1 p.1. 1870. 155 pp. 6 pl. 8~. New York, E. Dexter, _- Master Humphrey's clock. New christ1869. mas stories. General index of characters Diable (Le) i Paris. Paris et les parisiens. and their appearances. Familiar sayings MOCurs et coutumes, caractbres et portraits from Dickens's works. (Riverside ed.) 604 des habitants de Paris; tableau complet de pp. 10 pl. sm 40. New York, Hard Houghleur vie privee, publique, politique, artis- ton, 1869. tique, litt6lraire, industrielle, etc. [polyon.] The same. (Household ed.) 604 pp. 1 pr6c6de d'une histoire de Paris par Th6o- pl. 120. New York, Hurd 4 Houghton, 1869. phile Lavall6e, [etc.] xxxii, 380 pp. 96 pl. - The uncommercial traveller. (River.. 8. Paris, J. Hetzel, 1845. side ed.) 420 pp. 1 p. l. 120. New York, Dial (The): a monthly magazine for literature, Hurd & Houghton, 1869. philosophy, and religion. M. D. Conway, - The uncommercial traveller. Master editor. v. 1. 778 pp. 80. Cincinnati, 1860. Humphrey's clock. New christmas stories,etc. Dialogues in the shades, between general (Globe ed.) 2 v. in 1. 420 pp; 604 pp. 2 pl. Wolfe, general Montgomery, David Hume, 16~. New York, Hurd f Houghton, 1869. George Grenville, and Charles Townshend, Dickerman (Charles W.) How to make the [relative to the revolution. anon.] 120 pp. farm pay; or, the farmer's book of practical 160. London, G. KIearsley, 1777. information on agriculture, domestic econoDiario catolico de ejercicios piadosos. [anol.] my, and family medicine. Assisted by C. 1 p. 1. 184 pp 160~. Madrid, D. P. F. 4 C. L. Flint, and others. 750 pp. 59 pl. 80. 1858. Philadelphia, Zeigler, McCurdy 4" co.[ 1869]. Dias (Antonio Gongalves). Diccionario da - The same. Wie die farm profitabel lingua Tupy, chamada lingua geral dos indi- wird, oder des farmer's buch. Enthaltend: genas do Brazil. I p. 1. viii, 191 pp. 16~. practische belehrung fiber agricultur, h/usLipsid, F. A. Brockhaus, 1858. liche okonomie und familien-heilkunde. UnDiaz (Anna M.) The entertaining story of ter mitwirkung von C. L. Flint und andere. king Brond6, his lily and his rosebud. [I1- Aus dem Englischen iibersetzt von C. Th. lustrated]. 144 pp. 1 pl. 16~. Boston, Eben. 752pp. 59pl. 80. Philadelphia, ZeigTickenor & Fields, 1869. letr, MVCurdy 4" co. 1869.

Page  84 8 4 DICKSON. DION. Dickson (Walter B.) Poultry; their breed- Dinouart (Joseph Antoine Toussaint). Arte ing, rearing, diseases, and general manage~- de callar principalmente en materia de reliment. New ed. revised and improved. xii, - gion; escrito en franc6s por el sefior Di306 pp. 2 pl. 16~. London, I[. Smith, 1847. nouart, y traducido al Castellano por don E. Didot (Firmin).. [Bibliothsque grecque, avec de Villasefior y Acufia. I p. 1. viii, 168 pp. traduction latine en regard]. v. 51-55. 8~. 160. Madrid, 1831. Parisiis, Didot, 1846-69. [NOTE.-Cet ouvrage [6d. franuaise] est compose, quant t sa dernitre moitie, de passages tires de CONTENTS. diffdrents auteurs; l'6diteur a fait entrer dans v. 51. Oratores attici. la premidre presque tout l'ouvrage anonyme du v. 52. Isocrates, orationes et epistolhe, v. i. p. du Rosel. A. et A. de Backer, vi, 570]. v. 53. Epigrammatum anthologia palatina. Dinter (Gustav Friedrich). Smimmtliche v. 54. Theophrastus, eresius, opera. v. 55. Aristoteles, fragmenta. schriften, 3e abtheilang. Pidagogische Dilke (Charles Wentworth). Greater Britain. werke. Durchgesehen und geordnet von dr. A record of travel in English-speaking coun- J. C. B. Wilhelm. 9 v. 12~g. Neustadt a. d. tries, during 1866-67. 2 v. in 1. x pp. 1 I. Orla, J. K. G. Wag-ner, 1840-1845. 340 pp; 348 pp. 8 pl. 1 map. 12~o Philadel- CONTENTS. phia, J. B. Lippincott 4 co. 1869. v. 1. Die vorzfiglichsten regeln der pidagogik, mefiphsina, J. B. Lippincott &~ co. 18G9. thodik, und schulneisterklugheit, nebst belehDillingham (Rev. Francis). A qvartron of rungsblattern. v. 2. Malwina. Ein buch fiir gebildete maitter. reasons, composed by doctor Hill, vnquar- v. 3. Voralbeiten far lehrer in biirger- und landtered, and provued a quartron of follies. schulen. p.r, 1.n04 pp.vued asiuartron offollies. v. 4. Rechnungs-aufgaben nach der in Neustadt er3 p. 1. 204 pp. sCn. 4~ Cambridge, (Eng.) schienenen anweisung. Zur rechnung geordnet, 1845. J. Legat, 1603. eat, 603. 5. Die schulconferenzen des kirchspiels Ulmenhain, Dilworth (W. H.) The history of the con- [etc.] v. 6-9. Kleine reden an kiUnftige volksschullehrer, quest of Mexico, by the celebrated Hernan [etc.] Cortes. Containing a faithful and entertain- Dinter's leben, von ihm selbst beschrieing detail of all his amazing victories in that ben; ein lesebuch fiir &Itern und erzieher, vast empire, its laws, customs, religion, etc. fiir pfarrer, schul-inspectoren und schullehrer. 164 pp. 240. Philadelphia, H1. Sweitzer, 1801. 2e auflage. x, 352 pp. 80. Neustadt a. d. Dimitry (Charles). The house in Balfour Orla, J. KI. G. Wagner, 1830. street. A novel. 377 pp. 120. New York, Diodorus, siczulus. History. Containing all G. S. Wilcox, 1868. that is most memorable and of greatest anDimmick (Rev. Luther F.) A disconrse on the tiquity in the first ages of the world until the moral influence of railroads. 125 pp. 240. war of Troy. Done into English by Henry Boston, Tappan &' Dennet, 1841. Cogan. 5 p. 1.271 pp. fol. London, J. MaDinaux (Arthur). Les soci6t6s badines, cock, 1653. bachiques, litt6raires et chantantes, leur Diogenes, laertius. The lives, opinions, and histoire et leurs travaux. Revu et class6 par remarkable sayings of the most famous anGustave Brunet. 2 v. vi, 459 pp. I portrait; cient philosophers, made English, [from the 2 p. 1.410 pp. 80. Paris, Bachelin-Defto- Greek], by several hands. v. 1. 7 p. 1. 589 pp. renne, 1867. 120. London, E. Brewster, 1688. Dingley (Thomas). History from marble. The same. 2 v. 14 p. 1. 598 pp. 1 por[Epitaphs], compiled in the reign of Charles trait; 2 p. 1. 460 pp. ii. Printed in photolithography, by V. Brooks, Dion, Chrysostomus. Select essays, transfrom the original. With an introduction and lated into English from the Greek; with descriptive table of contents, by J. G. Nichols. notes, critical and illustrative. By G. Wake2 v. 196 pp; cccccxvii lith. facsimiles. sm. field. viii, 256 pp. 80. London, R. Phillips, 40. [London], 1867-68. 1800. [CAMDEN society publications, no. 94 and 97]. Dion Cassius. De Dione nicaeo excerptae et in Dingman (John H.) Directory of booksellers, epitomes formam redactse vitm Pompeii magni stationers, newsdealers, and music dealers, et Cresarum vsque ad Alexandrum Main the United States and Canada, complete mnae filium, per Joannem Xiphilinum. to September 1, 1868, 168 pp. 80. New [Graece et latine]. Gulielmo albiensi inYork, John H. Dingaman, 1868. terprete. 160. Genevro, H. Stephanus, 1568.........- The same. Complete to Sept. 1, 1869. [In VARII historix roman.e scriptores, v. 2]. 1x, 317 pp. 8~. Nezw York, J. H. Dingman, — The history of Dion Cassius, abridg'd 1869. by Xiphilin. Containing the most remark

Page  85 DION. DODD. Dion Cassius-continued. Divozione (La) i ss. cuorli di Gesfi e di able passages under the Roman emperors, Maria. [anon.] 12, 216 pp. 240. Palermo, friom Pompey the Great to Alexander Severus. Franchelli, 1741. s. Done from the Greek, by mr. Manning. 2 v. Dix (John Ross). Pen pictures of popular 12 p. 1. 407 pp; 4 p. 1. 375 pp. 120. London, English preachers, with limnings of listeners A. & J. Churchill, 1704. in church and chapel. New and enlarged Diroks (Henry). Inventors and inventions, ed. 350 pp. 1 portrait. 160. Lonzdon, Parin three parts: i. the philosophy of inven- tridge & Oakey, 1852. tion; ii. the rights and wrongs of inventors; - Transatlantic tracings; or, sketches of iii. early inventors' inventories of secret in- persons and scenes in America. [anon.] ventions. xii, 263 pp. portrait. 120. Lon- 337 pp. 160. London, Il. Tweedie, 1853. don, E. & F. N. Spon, 1867. Dix (William Giles). The deck of the CresDiscvrso ivridico politico. En la cavsa qve cent city; a picture of American life. 3 p. 1. pende entre el sefior fiscal del consejo real 120 pp. 16~. New York, G. P. Putnam c Co. de Castilla, i el sefior don Melchor Centellas 1853. de Borja, sobre el socorro de Rosas. [anon.] Dixon (B. Homer). Surnames. [With sup72 1. 4~. [n. p. about 1645]. plement]. xxxi, 94 pp. 80. Boston, for priDisraeli (Benjamin). Ixion in heaven. The vate distribution, 1857-58. s. infernal marriage. Popanilla. Count Alar- Dobell (John). A new selection of seven cos. New ed. 303 pp. 160. London, D. hundred evangelical hymns, for private, Bryce, 1853. family, and public worship, many original, Disraeli (Isaac). Curiosities of literature. from more than two hundred of the best Consisting of anecdotes, characters, and ob- authors in England, Scotland, Ireland, and servations, literary, critical, and historical. America, arranged in alphabetical order; in[anon.] 216 pp. 240. Philadelphia, [F. tended as a supplement to dr. Watts' psalms Gibbons, 1793. and hymns. [New Am. ed.] 296 1. 160~ - ~Romances. 3 parts in 1 v. 16~. New Morristown, (N. J.) P. A. Johnson, 1815. York, D. Longworth, 1803. The same. 3d ed. 360 1. 18~. MorrisCONTENTS. town, (N. J.) P. A. Johnson, 1822. [Part 1]. A poetical essay onromance andromancers. Dochart (Gerardus Beeman). Elements of Mejnonn and Leil, thelArmabi anPetrarchand Docharty (Gerardus Beckman). Elements of MIejnoun and Leila, the Arabian Petrarch and Laura. v, 186 pp. plai:e and solid geometry, with the elements [Part2]. Loveand humility, a Roman romance. 30pp. f plane and sherical trigonoetry. viii, 189 [Part3]. The lovers; or, the birth of the pleasingndspheical trigonoetry. viii,189 arts, 54 pp. pp. 12~0. New York, Harpers, 1857. s. Dissenters and schismatics expos'd in an his- Docteur (Le) Gelaon; ou, les ridiculit6s antorical view of the tenets of the following ciennes et modernes. Avec plusieurs poesies sectaries, viz: presbyterians, and baptists, de mm. de Voltaire et de Grelcourt, qui brownists, independents, quakers, millena- n'ontjamais pau ailleurs. [anon.] 180 pp. ries, family of love, socinians, muggleto- 16. Londres, Innys - Tonson, 1738. nians, sabbatarians, philadelphians, arians, Dr. Kendall's children and their cousin. arminians, antinomians, etc. [anon.] I p. l. [anon.] 276 pp. 3 pl. 160. Philadelphia, 102 pp. 120. London, J. Baker, 1715.ican s. s American s. s. union, [1869]. Di~versitez (Les) historiques. Nonvelles.. Documens pour servir A l'histoire de la cap[anon.] 204 pp. 160. Paris, P. Billaine, 1621. t [WYaith NOVVELLES (Les) fran9oises. Paris, 1623. e a NOTE.-Title page wanting]. lene; ou, recueil de faits curieux sur la vie Divine (The) human in the incarnate and qu'il y menait, sur sa maladie et sur sa mort. written word; and some thoughts on the [anon.] xii, 403pp. 5 pl. 80. Paris, Pillet atonement older than the creeds. By a aine, 1822. member of the New York bar. [anon.] vii, Dod's parliamentary companion. 37th year. 201 pp. 120. New York, A. D. F. Randolph 320. London, Whittaker & co. 1869. g4 Co. 1869. Dodd (George). Dictionary of manufactures, Divine (The) purpose: displayed in the works mining, machinery, and the industrial arts. of providence and grace; in a series of iv, 446pp. 12~. New York, Virtue Yorston, twenty letters addressed to an enquiring [1869]. friend. [anon.] 2d ed. 138 pp. 120. Rich- ~ The workingman's companion. The mend, ( VC.) Pollard 4 Converse, 1827. results of machinery, namely cheap produc

Page  86 DODD. DORSEY. Dodd (George)-continued. Donaldson (Peter)-continted. tion and increased employment, exhibited: ments and death; draWn from authentic mabeing an address to the working men of the terials of Scottish history. 132 pp. 1 pl. United kingdom. 3d ed. 216 pp. 18~. Lon- 180. Hartford, Andrus 4 Judd, 1833. don, C. Knight, 1831. Donker Curtius (J. H.) Essai de gramDoddridge (Philip). Anfang und fortgang maire japonaise, enrichi d'6claircissements et wahrer gottseligkeit, in der menschlichen d'additions nombreuses par J. Hoffmann, (puseele. Nach der vierten ausgabe, aus dem bli6 en 1857, a Leyde). Traduit du HollanEnglischen iibersetzt. le amner. anufl. 4 p.. dais avec de nouvelles notes par L. Pages. 393 pp. 3 1. 16~. Harrisburg, J. S. TfWiest xv, 281 pp. i 1. 80. Paris, B. Duprat, 1861. ling, 1823, Donkersley (Rev. R.) Facts about wives and Dodge (Alice A.) Pleasant grove. 208pp. 3 mothers. For wives and mothers. Being pl. 180. Boston, American tract society, 1866. a selection of anecdotes having a bearing Dodge (Ebenezer, d. d.) The evidences of upon the two most important relations suschristianity, with an introduction on the ex- tained by woman. 307 pp. I pl. 160. New istence of God and the immortality of the soul. York, Carlton - Lanahan, 1869. 244 pp. 12~. Boston, Gould 4-Lincoln, 1869. Donn6 (Alphonse). Cours doe microscopie Dodge (Mary Abigail). A new atmosphere. compl6mentaire des 6tudes medicales, anatoBy GailHamilton. [pseudon,] 1 p.1. 310 pp. mie microscopique et physiologie des fluides 120. Boston, Ticknor 4 Fields, 1865. de l'dconomie. 2 p. 1. ii, 550 pp. 1 1. s80 Dodge (Robert). Diary, sketches, and re- Paris, J. B. Baillitere, 1844. views, during an European tour, in the year Doppelmayr (Johann Gabriel). Historische 1847. 1 p. 1. 304 pp. 80. New York, 1850. nachricht von den ntirnbergischen matheDoehner. See Dohner. maticis und kiinstlern, welche fast von dreyen Doellinger. See Dllinger. seculis her, durch ihre schriften und kunstDIoherty (Mrs. Hugh). Ronaldsha: a ro- bemiihungen die mathematic und mehreste mance. 1st American from the 2d London ed. kiinste in Niirnberg befordert, [etc. ] 14 p. 1. 248 pp. 16~. Boston, Hastings, Etheridge 314 pp. 91. 15 pl. fol. Niilnberg, P. C. & Bliss, 1809. 1Monath, 1730. Dohm (Christian Conrad Wilhelm von). Dorat (Claude Joseph). Lepot-pourri, 6pitre Denkwiirdigkeiten meiner zeit; oder, bei- t qui on voudra; suivi d'une autre 6pitre, trdige zur geschichte vom lezten viertel des par l'auteur de Zl6ie au bain. [anon.] 53 achtzehnten und vom anfang des neunzehn- pp. 80. Geneve, (Paris, S. Jorry), 1764. ten jahrhunderts, 1778 bis 1806. 5 v. 8~. Dore (Gustave, illustrator). See L'Epine Lemgo, Meyer, Hannover 4- Helwing, 1814-19. (Ernest). La l6gende de Croquemitaine. D6hner (Theodor). Yindiciarum plutarch- See Raspe (Rudolph Erich). The advenearum liber. 2 p. 1. 118 pp. 80. Zwiccariwe, tures of baron Munchausen. See TennyJ. Doehner, 1864. s. son (Alfred). Vivien, Guinevere. Dllinger (Johann Joseph Ignaz von). D6ring (Johann Michael Heinrich). Die geKirche und kirchen, papstthum und kirchen- lehrten theologen Deutschlands im achtzehnstaat. Historisch-politische betrachtungen. ten und neunzehnten jahrhundert. Nach xliv pp.] 1. 684 pp. 80. Miinchen, J. G. ihrem leben und wirken dargestellt. 4 v. 8~. Cotta, 1861. Neustadt a. d. Orla, J. K. G. Tagner, 1831-35. Dolliver (Clara G.) The candy elephant, and I Die deutschen kanzelredner des achtother stories for children. 236 pp. 4 pl. sm. zehnten und neunzehnten jahrhunderts. 40. New York, A. Roman 4' co. 1870. Nach ihrem leben und wirken dargestellt. No baby in the house, and other stories, 4 p. 1. 590 pp. 80. Neustadt a. d. Orla, J. for children. 240 pp. 1 pl. 40. New York, K. G. Wagner, 1830. A. Roman & co. 1868. Dorner (Isaac August). EntwicklungsgeDomenech (Emanuel). La verit6 sur le livre schichte der lehre von der person Christi in des sanvages. 54 pp. 10 pl. 8~. Paris, E. den ersten vier jahrhunderten, xxx, 1130 Dentu, 1861. pp. 8~. Stuttgart, S. G. Liesching, 1845. Donaldson (Peter). The life of sir William Dorsey (Anna H.) Nora Brady's vow, and Wallace, [etc.] ConRaining his parentage, Mona, the vestal. 324 pp. 120. Philadeladventures, heroic achievements, imprison- phia, J. B. Lippincott &' co. 1869.

Page  87 87 DORSEY. ])REXEL. Dorsey (S. A.) Lucia Dare. A novel. By Downing (Frances). Pluto; being the sad Filia. [pseudon.] 138 pp. 80. New York, story and lamentable fate of the fair Minthe. M. Doolady, 1867. [anon.] 35 pp. 8~. Raleigh, iichols, GorDorsten (Theodor). Botanicon; continens man & Neathery, 1867. herbarum, aliorvrnqve simplicivm, quorum Downing (Jack, pseudon.) See Smith(Seba). usus in medicinis est, descriptiones, et icones Doy (John). The narrative of John Doy, of ad uiunum effigiatas: [etc.] 10 p.1. 612 pp. Lawrence, Kansas. 132 pp. 120. New fol. Fr'ankoforti, C. Egenolph, 1540. York, author, 1860. Dracup (Rev. Johnl). Hymns and spiritual Dorvo-Soulastre (-). Voyage par terre de Saint-Domingo, [etc.] au Cap-Pran ~ais, songs. vi, 70 pp. 160. Bolton, B. Jackson, Saint-Domingo, [etc.] au Catp-Frangais, 17, 7. 1787. [etc.] Suivi d'un rapport sur l'Ntat actuel des mines de la colonie espagnole; traduit Drake (Charles D.) Union and anti-slavery speeches delivered during the rebellion. 431 de don Juan Nieto, min6ralogiste de s.m. catholique; et termin6 par une relation, sous pp. 120. Cincinnati, Applegt co. 1864. Drake (Samuel Gardner). Indian captivities; le titre de mon retour en France. 2 p. 1. 407 pp. 1 1. 1 pl. 8~. Paris, Chaumerot, or, life in the wigwam: being true narra1809. tives of captives who have been carried away by the Indians, from the frontier settlements Dous r Yas6ls (Ramon Lazaro de). Pine- Ploy of the U. S. from the earliest period to the stresivs vindicatvs adversvs Henricvm Flor- present tie. 360 pp. 3 p. 12. A n ezivm. 10 p. 1. 214 pp. 80. Barcinone, F. Dersby t 3 Miller, 1850. Luriae 8 Bucrgacda, 177. -_- -The same. [With appendix, and inDouai (Bibliothbque de). Catalogue descrip- dex]. 368 pp. 2 I. 3 pl. 12O. Auburn, Derby tifet raisonne des manuscrits de la biblio- & Miller, 1850. thlque de Douai, par H. R. Duthilloeul, bib- Drayton (Michael). Nymphidia: the court liothdcaire. Suivi d'une notice sur les man- offairy. 3 p.1. 14, 44pp. 80, Kent,Johnuscrits de cette bibliotheque, relatifs t la son 4 [Varwick, 1814. d1gislation et a la jurisprudence, par m. Tail- Dreux du Radier (Jean Fran~ois). Essai liar. 2 v. in 1. xxxix, 547 pp; iii-viii,5- historique sur les lanternes. 70 pp. 80 135 pp. 80. Douai, C. Carpentier, 1848. s. Paris, 1789. Dowling (Frank L.) Fights for the champi- [In CAYLUS (A. C. P. Comte de). CEuvres badcines onship of England; or, accounts of all the complettes, v. 1]]. prize battles for the championship, from the Drew (Jacob Halls). Thelife, character, and days of Figg and PBroughton [1740] to the literary labours of Samuel Drew, a. m. By present time; including also the recent con- his eldest son. 363 p 120. New York tests between Tom Sayers, Benjamin, and Harper 4 brothers, 1835. Brettle. [With] the new rules of the ring. Drexel (Jeremias). Aloe amari sed salubris Compiled by the editor of "Bell's life in succi-ieivnivm. 9 p. 1. 336 pp. 1 1. 180~. London." 128 pp. 80. New York, R. M. Antverpice, vidua J. Cnobbari, 1643. De litt, [1859]. - Considerations upon eternity. Made Dowling (John, d. d.) Conference hymns. English from the Latin, by S. Dunster, a. m. A new collection of hymns, designed espe- 8 p. 1.231 pp. 9 pl. 8~. London, J. Rawlins, cially for use in conference and prayer meet- 1710. ings, and family worship. 13th ed. 304, - Daniel prophetarvm princeps descriptvs 16 pp. 320. New York, E. H. Fletcher, 1853. et morali doctrina illustratvs. 7 p. 1. 319 pp. Downing (Andrew Jackson). The fruit and 180. Antveerpic, vidua J. Cnobbari, 1644. fruit-trees of America; or, the culture, propa- David regivs psaltes descriptvs et morali gation, and management, in the garden and doctrina illvstratvs. 12p. 1. 380 pp. 1 1. 18g. orchard, of fruit-trees generally; with de- Antverpice, vidua J. Cnobbari, 1643. scriptions of all the finest varieties of fruit, Gazophylacivm Christi eleemosyna. 8 native and foreign, cultivated in this coun- p. 1. 402 pp. I 1. 180. A4ntverpie, vidua try. Second revision and correction, with J. Cnobbari, 1641. large additions, by Charles Downing. xxiv, - Infernvs, damnatorumn career et rogus 1098 pp. 80. New York, J. Wiley &. son, reternitatis. Pars ii'. 8 p.1. 316 pp. I 1. 1869. 180. Colonice Agrippince, B. Gualteri, 1632.

Page  88 DREXEL. DUER. Drexel (Jeremias)-continued. Du Chaillu (Paul B. ) Lost in the jungle. NarNicetas, seu trivmphata incontinentia. rated for young people. 260 pp. 8 pl. 12~; 7 p. 1. 284 pp. 1 1. 2 pl. 180 Coloniae Agrip- New York, Harper & brothers, 1870. pince, C. ab Egmond, 1631. Duche' (Rev. Jacob).:Caspipina's letters;. - Noe architectvs -arce, in dilunuio containing observations on a variety of subnauarchus, descriptus et morali doctrina illus- jects: literary, moral, and religious. Writtratus. 6 p. 1. 242 pp. 2 1. I portrait. 180. ten by a gentleman who resided some time Antverpice, vidua J. Cnobbari, 1644. in Philadelphia. [anon. With] the life and ~ — ~Palaestra christiana. 7 p. 1. 342 pp. 11. character of Wm. Penn. [By Edmund 18~. Antveepiea, vidza J. Cnobbari, 1643. Rack]. 2 v. in 1. x, 188 pp. 3 1; 236 pp. Rhetorica ccelestis, seu attente precandi 160. Bath, R. Cruttwell, 1777. scientia. 1 p. 1. 422 pp. 18. Antverpie, Duchesne (Jean Baptistp Philipoteun).:idua J. Cnobbari, 1641. vidua J. Cnobbari, 1641. Abbrege de l'histoire d'Espagne. xvi, 416pp. Tobias, morali doctrina illustratus. 2 1. 160. Paris, Chaubert, 1641 S. 8 p. 1. 460 pp. 11. 18~. Antverpige, vidua J. Cno1bbari,.1642. Ducoin (Auguste). 1Etudes revolutionnaires. -- Trismegistvs christianvs; seu, triplex Philippe d'Orl 0ans-.galit6. Monographie. cvltvs conscientie, crelitvm, corporis. 11 Ouvrage contenant des documens in6dits sur p. 1. 402 pp. Ii1. 1 p1. 180. Colonzie Agrip- Philippe d'Orl6ans. 2 p. 1, 336 pp. 1 facpine, C. ab Egmond, 1631. simile. 80. Paris, G. A. Dentu, 1845. Drouin de Bercy (-). Histoire civile et Ducos (Luis Fris). Compendio hist6rico del commerciale de la Jamaique; suivie du ta- origen de ]a revolution francesa, 6 tramas bleau general des possessions anglaises et de los filosofos modernos para conseguirla, fran aises dans les deux mondes. 2 p. 1. 144 [etc.] 4 p. 1. 231 pp. 160. Madrid, Alvarez, pp. I tab. 8~. Paris, Rosa, 1818. 1814. Drown (William). Compendium of agricul- Demonstracion evangdlica dirigida a ture; or, the farmer's guide in the most essen- los incr6dulos, sofistas y novadores modtial parts of husbandry and gardening. Com- ernos. 418 pp. 160. Madrid, D. J. Palacios, piled from the best American and European 1832. S. publications, and the unwritten opinions of Ducoudray-Holstein (Gen. H. L. V.) Boliexperienced cultivators.'288pp. 120. Provi- var's denkwiirdigkeiten, [etc. Aus dem dence, Field &8 Maxey, 1824. Franzdsischen], deutsch bearbeitet von C. Droysen (Johann Gustav) and Samwer N. Roding. 2 v. xii, 324 pp; 196 pp. I 1. (Carl). La revolution danoise de 1848. 160. Hamburg, Hoffmann ~c Campe, 1830. Traduit de l'Allemand d'aprds l'Histoire di- Ducray-Dumenil (Frdderic Guillaume). plomatique de la politique danoise. 123 pp. Alexo;, la casita en los bosques. anu8~. Paris, Didot. 1850. s. 80. Paris,.Didot,1850. S' scrito encontrado junto. las orillas del rio Drusius or Driesch (Jan van den). De parTsera; publicado en Frances y traducido ticulis chaldaicis, syriacis, thalmudicis, et por don J. y don T. M. L. 4 v. 180. Madrabbinicis, liber singularis, cum indice con- rid Cano, 1798. mentariorum rabbinicorum. 56 pp. 180. Ultrajecti, Appels, 1702. Du Cygne (Martin). M. T. Ciceronis ora[In RELAND (A.) Analecta rabbinica, etc.] tionum analysis rhetorica perpetua, [etc.] Dublin university magazine; a [monthly] 6 p.1. 400 pp.21 1. 160. Parisiis, J. Bouliterary and political journal; January to dot, 1704. s. December, 1869. v. 73-74. 80. Dublin, Dudevant (Armandine Lucile Aurore Dupin, G. Herbert, 1869. madame). Pourquoi les femmes a l'acaddDubois d'Amiens (Frederic). Trait6 des mie? Par George Sand. [pseudon.] 16 pp. 6tudes mddicales; on, de la maniere d'dtu- 8s. Paris, M. Levyfreres, 1863. s. dier et d'enseigner la m6decine. 2 p.]. xxii, Simon. Par George Sand. [pseudon.] 460 pp. 160. Bruzelles, socie't encyclogra- 290 pp. 18~. Bruxelles, L. Hrauman & cie. phique des sciences me'dicales, 1838. 1836. Du Cange (Charles du Fresne, sieur). Les Duer (William A. Il.d.) Reminiscences of an familles d'outre-mer. 1 p. 1. iv, 998 pp. 40 old New Yorker 102 pp. 40. New York, M. Paris, imprimerie im.pdriale, 1869. L. Andrews, 1867. [FRANCEi Ministere de l'instruction publique].

Page  89 89 DUFAY. DUNCAN. Dufay (Jean Gaspar). Sermones para la oc- Dumas (Mathieu). Trait{ de la dcfence et de tava del santissimo sacramento. Traduci- la conservation des colonies. viii, 120 pp. dos de la lengua Francesa a la Espalola. 80. Londres, et Bruxelles, 1777. Por L. Bordonava y Montestruque. 6 p. 1. Dumast (Auguste Prosper Fran9ois Guerrier 239 pp. 80. Madrid, J. Rico, 1758. s. de). Promenades d'automne dans les champs Dufey (P. J. S.) Abr6ege de l'histoire des r6vo- de la v6rit(; ou, examen de quelques opinions lutions de l'Am6rique meridionale, depuis les regues. vii, 126pp. 8~. Paris, B. Du2prat, premieres dicouvertes par les Europdens, j us- 1862. s. qu'a nos jours, [ etc. ] 2 v. 2 p. 1. iv, 382 pp; Du May (Louis). L'advocat condamn6, et les 2 p. 1. 375 pp. 180. Paris, Emlerfr2res, 1827. parties mises hors de procez par arrest du Duffield (John T. editor). The Princeton Parnasse;laFranceetl'Allemlagnegalement pulpit. Edited by John T. Duffield. 326 pp. defendues, par la solide refutation du trait6, 8~. New York, C. Scribner, 1852. que le sieur Aubery a fait, des pretentions du Dufraisse (Marc). Histoire du droit de guerre roy s'tr l'empire, [etc.] Par L. D. M. C. S. et de paix de 1789 it 1815. 2e ed. 1 p. l. 399 D. S. E. D. M. [anon.] 255 pp. 24o. [Paris], pp. 120. Paris, A. Le Chevalier, 1868. 1669. Dufur (A. J.) Statistics of the state of Ore- Dumbar (Gerhard). De oude en nieuwe gon; containing a description of its agricul- constitutie der Vereenigde Staten van Ameritural development, and natural and indus- ka, uit de beste schriften in haare gronden trial resources. Together with the physical, ontvouwd. 3 v. 8e. Am4sterdam, J. A. geographical, geological, and mineral statis. Crajenschot, 1793-96. tics of the state. 128 pp. 80. Salem, (Ore- Dumeril (Auguste). Histoire naturelle des gon), UWillamettefawrmer office, 1869. poissons; ou, ichthyologie g6n6rale. v. 1. Duganne (Augustine J. H.) A history of iglasmobranches. Plagiostomes et holoc6governments; showing the progress of civil phales ou chimeres. 2 p. 1. 720 pp. 80. Atlas, society and the structure of ancient and 8 pp. 14 col. pl. 8~. Paris, Roret, 1865. modern states. 1 p. 1. 393 pp. 120. New Dumont (Melanie). Velvet coat, the cat. York, R. M. De [Vitt, 1861. A story for children. After the French by Dugrivel (A.) Des bords de la Saone & la Lois Hamard. 125 pp.2 pl. 160. Philabale de San Salvador; ou, promenade senti- delphia, Remsen & Haffelfinger, 1870. mentale en France et au Br6sil. 2 p. 1. 324 Dumont d'Urville (Jules S6bastien C6sar). pp. 8~. Paris, Ledoyen, 1843. Malerische reise um die welt. Eine geord. Duguet (Jacques Joseph). Tratado de los nete zusammenstellung des wissenswerescrupulos. De sus causas, de sus especies, thesten von den entdeckungsreisen eines de sus peligrosas consequencias, de sus reme- Magellan, Tasman, Dampier, etc. verfasst dios generales y particulares. Es'crito en von einer gesellschaft reisender und gelehrter Frances por el autor del libro intitulado: In- unter der leitung des herrn Dumont d'Urstruccion de una seiiora chlistiana para vivir ville. [Aus dem Franzosischen] von dr. A. en el mundo santamente. Y traducido al Diezmann. 2 v. xii, 338 pp. 4 maps. 74 pl; EspanRol. [anon.] llp. 1. 248pp. 18~. Ma- iv. 300 pp. I map. 69 pl. 40~. Leipzig, drid, Blas Romin, 1777. s. Baumgd1rtner, 1835, Du Hamel (Rev. J. Pleasonton). Protestant Dun (R. G.) & co. The mercantile agency gems of the prayer book. 102 pp. 16o. reference book, [and key]; containing ratPhiladelphia, Claxton, Remsen & Haffel- ings of the merchants, manufacturers, and finger, 1869. traders generally, throughout the United Duhamnel (Joseph Robert Alexandre). Con- States and Canada. January, 1869. 2d ed. futazione degli errori su' mistej dell' incar- 4~. New York, Dun, Barlow & co. 1869. nazione e della trinith che s'incontrano nella -- The same. July, 1869. 40~. New York, seconda.parte dell' istoria del popolo di Dio Dun, Barlow 4' co. 1869. [d'Isaac G. Berruyer. anon.] xxiv, 632 pp. Duncan (Alexander). The examiner; or, 160. Roma, fratelli, Pagliarini, 175S. s. teacher's aid. Designed to assist pupils in Dumas (Alexander). Love and liberty. A reviewing their studies; also teachers, normal thrilling narrative of the French revolution schools and teachers' institutes in class and of 1792. 372 pp. 120. Philadelphia, T. B. drill exercises. Revised ed. 163 pp. 120. Peterson 4 brother, [ 1869 ]. Cincinnati, Sargent, Wilson 4 Hinkle, 1865. 12

Page  90 90 DUNCAN. DU ROZOIR. Duncan (Andrew, m. d. editor). See Medi- Dunoyer (Anne Marguerite Petit, madame). cal commentaries. Lettres historiques et galantes de deux Duncan (Rev. John M.) Remarks on the dames de condition, dont l'une etoit a Paris, rise, use, and unlawfiulness of creeds and et l'autre en province. Oik l'on voit tout ce confessions of faith, in the church of God. qui s'est passe de plus particulier, depuis le In two parts. 287 pip. 8~. 1Baltimolre, Cush- commencement du siecle jusques a present; ing 4o- Jezwett, ] 825. ela relation du congreis d'Utrecht; celle de la Duncan (Malcom C.) Duncan's masonic nmort du roi; les harangues des seigneurs et ritual and monitor; or, guide to the three officiers du parlement, [etc.] 6 v. 18~. symbolic degrees of the ancient York rite, Cologne, P. Marteau, 1718. and to the degrees of mark master, past mas- Dunton (John). The life and errors of John ter, most excellent master, and the royal Dunton, late citizen of London. Written arch. 2d ed. t281 pp. 160. 1New Yorki, L. 0by himself in solitude. With an idea of a FZitxgerald, 1866. new life; wherein is shewn how he'd think, Dulncaln (Willianm). The elements of logic. speak, and act, might he live over his days In four books, [etc. ] 239 pp. 160. New ork, again: intermixed with the new discoveries E. Duyckinck, 1802. the author has made in his travels abroad, E. Duyckinck, 1809. and in his private conversation at home, [etc.] 9p. 1. 515pp. 160. London, S. Malsitze, schlosser, und residenzen der ritterthus, 1705. schaftlichen grundbesitzer in der preus. Duplessis (Paul). El batidor de las selvas. sischen monarchie, nebst den koniglichen Novela escrita en Frances. Traducida al esfamilien- haus- fideicommiss- und schatullpafiol por J. R.N. 4 v. 16~. Mejico, J. R. giitern, in naturgetreuen, kunstlerisch ausge- Navarro, 18J57. fiihrten, farbigen darstellungen, nebst be- Dupont de l'Ain (-). Vltudes m6dicales gleitendem. text. 10 v. obl. fol. Berlin, A. sur les quatre ages de la vie; ou, guide saniDuncker, 1857-68. s. taire pour l'enfance, l'adolescence, la virilitd [v. 8 wantingJ]. et ia vieillesse. 2 p. 1. x, 215 pp. 8~. Paris, Dunclker (Ludwig). Des heiligen Irenaius l'aizteu, 1830. christologie im zusammenhange mit dessen [MIEDICAL pamphlets, v. 4]. theologischen aind anthropologischen grund- Dupont de Nemours (Pierre Samuel). Du lehren. viii, 2692 pp. 8~. GOttingen, Vanden- commerce et de la compagnie des Indes. 2e hock 4' Ruprecht, 1843. 6d. 288 pp. 8~. Paris, Delalain, 1769. Duncombe (Charles). Duncombe's free Duppa (Richard). Elements of the science banking: an essay on banking, currency, of botany as established by Linnmus, [etc. finance, exchanges, and political economy. anon. Dedication subscribed R. D.] 3d ed. 11p. 1. 356pp. 16~. Cleveland, (0.) Sanford [With numerous colored plates]. 3 v. 160. 4'co. 1841. London, J. Murray, 1812. Dunlap's Pennsylvania packet. See Penn- Duran (Nicolao). See Mastrilli or Duran sylvania packet, and general advertiser. (Nicolao). ulap t, and C oenmerican y ad - Durand (Silas H.) The trial of Job. 269 pp. Dunlap and Claypoole's American daily advertiser. See Pennsylvania packet and 160. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott, 1870. v ertiser. See Pennsylvania packet and general advertiser. Durant (John). A cluster of grapes taken out of the basket of the woman of Canaan; Dunlavy (John). The manifesto: or, a unlavy (John). Th manifesto: or, a or, counsel and comfort for beleeving soules declaration of the doctrine and practice of comming to Christ and meeting with disthe church. of Christ. Reprinted. viii, 486 couragemnents; being the summe of certain pp. 8~. Newv Yorsk E. O. Jenlkins, 1847D. pp. 80. Ne York,. 0. enkins, 184 sermons preached upon Matthew xv. [etc.] Dunlevy (A. H.) History of the Miami bap- 7 p. 1. 206 pp. 160. London, HI. Mortlocke, tist association; from its organization in 1666. 1797 to a division in that body on missions, Du Rosel (-). Arte de callar, [etc.] See etc. in the year 1836. With short sketches Dinouart (J. A. T.) of deceased pastors of this first association Du Rozoir tCharles). Le dauphin, fils de in Ohio. 1 p. 1. 193 pp. 1 pl. 16~. Cincin- Louis xv. et pere de Louis xvi. et de Louis nati, G. S. Blanchard 4 co. 1869. xvii; onu. vie privee des Bourbons, depuis le

Page  91 91 DU ROZOIR. EATON. Du Rozoir (Charles)-continued. Duveyrier (Charles). Histoire des premiers mariage de Louis xv. en 1725, jusqu't electeurs de Paris en 1789, extraite de leur l'ouverture des 6tats-gednraux en 1789, [etc.] proces-verbal, r6dige par Duveyrier, et pr6666 pp. 1 portrait. 16~. Paris, A. Eymery, cddde d'une introduction historique, d'apres 1815. les 6venements, arretds, discours, pamphlets, Diirre (Ernst Friedrich). Ueber die consti- caricatures, etc. et d'un essai sur le corps tution des roheisens und den werth seiner 61ectoral selon la charte. 2 p. 1. civ, 456 pp. physikalischen eigenschaften, zur begriin- 8~. Paris, A. Andre', 1828. dung eines allgemeinen constitutions- gesetzes Dwight (Benjamin W.) The higher christian fitr dasselbe. Inaugural-dissertation zur education. xvii, 347 pp. 120. New York, erlangung der philosophischen doctorwiirde A. S. Barnes & Burr, 1859. an der universitlit Gdttingen. x, 186 pp. 8~. Dwight (Sereno Edwards). The life of presLeipzig, A. Th. Engelhardt, 1868. s. ident Edwards. 766 pp. 1 portrait. 80. Durrie (Daniel S.) Bibliographia genealogica New York, G. cP C. & H. Carvill, 1830. americana: an alphabetical index to American Dwight (Timothy). The conquest of Cagenealogies and pedigrees contained in state, naan; a poem, in eleven books. vii, 363 pp. county, and town histories, printed genealo- 16~. London, J. Johnson, 1788. gies, and kindred works. xii, S26 pp. 80. Al- Dyer (Rev. -, of Plymouth, England). A bany, (N. Y.) J. Munsell, 1869. collection of psalms and hymns for social Durrieu (Xavier). The present state of Mo- worship, extracted friom various authors. 1 rocco: a chapter of Mussulman civilization. p. 1. x, 242, 31, ii pp. 160. London, 1767. xv, 93 pp. 16~. London, Longman, Brown, Eagles (,John). The journal of Llewellin Green & Longmans, 1854. Penrose, a seaman. [pseudon.] 4 v. 80. Duryea (Joseph T. d. d.) A series of lessons London, 1815. from the old and new testaments. No. 1. Eagles(Rev. John). Thessketcher. x, 398pp. Genesis. The origin of the world, man, sin, 80~. Edinburgh, WI. Blackwood cf sons, 1856, redemption, and the church. 8 pp. 160. Eagles (Thomas). Mountain melodies. viii, Newn Yorlk, Sunday-school teacher's agency, 236 pp. 80. London, [Whittaker& co. 1835. 1868. lEarle (Rev. A. B.) Bringing in sheaves. 384 Dussauce (H.) A general treatise on the pp. lportrait. 12~. Boston, J. H. Earle, 1869. manufacture of soap, theoretical and practi- Early English text society. Publications. cal. With an appendix, containing extracts 8~. London, Triibner, 1869. fromr the reports of the international jury on CONTENTS. soaps, as exhibited in the Paris universal ex- Extra series. No. 4. The lay of Havelock the Dane; position, 1867, numerous tables, etc. 807pp. East India (The) sketch-book: comprising 8~. Philadelphia, H. C. Baird, 1869. an account of the present state of society in Du Vair (Guillaume, lst president of the parlia- Calcutta, Bombay, etc. [anon.] 250 pp. ment of Provence). The morall philosophy of 120. INew York, T. Foster, 1836. the stoicks. Written originally in French by Eastlake (Charles Locke). Hints on housemonsieur Du Vair. Englished by C. Cot- hold taste in furniture, upholstery, and other ton. 3 p. l. 118pp. 1 p]. 180. London, H, details. I p. 1. xiv, 269 pp. 33 pl. 80. Mortlockc, 1664. London, Longmans, Green cf co. 1868. Duval (Alexandre Vincent Pineux). Eauv- Eaton (James H.) Eaton's mathematical res completes. (Trag6die et com6die). 9 v. algebra. See Bradbury (W. F.) 8~. Paris, J. N. Barba, 1822. Eaton (John Mathews). A treatise on the art Duvergier de HYauranne (Prosper). Histoire of breeding and managing the almond tumdu gouvernement parlementaire en France, bler. 50, viii pp. 8~. London, author, 1851. 1814-1848. v. 9. 80. Paris, M. Le'yfre'res, [With the following]. 1869. (editor). A treatise on the art of breedDuverine (A. pseudon.) See Hochene. ing and managing tame, domesticated, and Duvernet (Abbe' Thdophile Imarigeon). His- fancy pigeons. Compiled from the best autoire de la Sorbonne; dans laquelle on voit thors, [etc.] 88 pp. I col. pl. 8~. London, l'influence de la th6ologie sur l'ordre social. author [Eaton], 1852. 2 v. xi, 348 pp; 2 p. 1. 385 pp. 80. Paris, [NoTE-A reprint of the Colulsbanium; or, the pigeon house; by John Moore, with preface and Buisson, 1790. notes].

Page  92 92 EATON. EDERSHEIM. Eaton (Rev. J. W.) Penuel; or, face to face Echeverz (Francisco Migubl de). Ave with God. See McLean (Rev. A.) and Maria. Llave del paraiso; la buena confesEaton. sion, con todas sus circunstancias; y un Ebeling (Christoph Daniel). Erdbeschrei- copioso interrogatorio assi para la confession bung und geschichte von Amerika. Die general, como para la particular. 8 p. 1. 234 Vereinigten Staaten von Nordamerika. 7 v. pp. 160. Panmplone, F. Picart, 1726. 160. Hamburg, Hoffmann cf Campe, 1816. Eckartshausen (Carl von) and Witschel CONTENTS. (Johann Heinrich Wilhelm). Gott ist die v. 1. Einleitung von Neu England iiberhaupt. reinste liabe; oder morgen und abendopfer, New Hampshire. Massachusetts. in gebeten, betrachtungen und gesdingen. v. 2. Rhode Island. Connecticut. Ein gemeinschaftliches gebet-buch, besteNew York. hend in ausziigen aus Witschels und Eckartsv. 3. New York. New Jersey. hansen gebet.biichern. [anon.] 300 pp. v. 4. Pennsylvania. 120. Reading, C. M'1,Villiams 5' co. 1822. v. 5. Delaware. 6MaPyland. Eclectic review. January, 1805, to Decemv. 6. Pennsylvania. v. 7. Virginia. ber, 1809. v. 1-5. 80. London, Lonamnans, Eberle (Mrs. Eliza). The pilgrim's progress, [etc.] 1805-09. in verse; embracing the history of Christian Economist (The), weekly commercial times, from his departure from the city of destruc- bankers' gazette, and railway monitor; a tion, to his entrance into the celestial city. 306 political, literary, and general newspaper. pp. 180. Berlin, (N. Y.) J. J. Elberle, 1854. January-December, 1869. 2 v. fol. LonEbers (John). Seven years of the King's the- don, T. H. Meredith, 1869. atre. 245 pp. 12~. Philadelphia, Carey_ eatr. 245 pp. 120. Philadelphia, Carey, Ecueil (L') des amans; ou, les amours de don Lea ( Carey, 1828. Pedro Gonsalve de Mendosse, et de dona Eby (Benjamin). Kurzgefasste kirchen- Juana do Cisnoros. Nouvelle espagnolle geschichte und glaubenslehre der taufge- historie chevalier B historique et galante. Par le chevalier B". sinnten christen, oder mennoniten. 238 pp. [an.] 2 parts in 1 v. 428 pp. 2 pi. 18g. 1 1. 180~. Lancaster, (Pa.) J. Biir, 1853. Ecce celum; or, parish astronomy. In six B lectures. By a Connecticut pastor. [anon.] Edda. DieEdda, die altere und jiingere, nebst 7th ed. 198 pp. 12~. Boston, N\ichols $ den mythischen erzthlllungen der Skalda,. Noyes, 1870. iibersetzt und mit erliuterungen begleitet Echtermeyer (Ernst Theodor), Hensohel von Karl Simrock. 2e verm. aufl. viii, 490 pp. (Ludwig), and Siemrock (Carl Joseph). 80. Stuttgart, J. G. Cotta, 1851. Quellen des Shakspeare innovellen, mdirchen Eddy (T. M. d. d.) The patriotism of Illiund sagan. 3 v. 160. Berlin, Fincke, 1831. nois. A record of the civil and military his[Iseperfect, pp. 263-4 of v. 1 wanting]. tory of the state in the war for the union; Eclectic (The) magazine of foreign literature, with a history of the campaigns in which science, and art. W. H. Bidwell, editor; Illinois soldiers have been conspicuous; January to December, 1869. New series, sketches of distinguished officers; the roll of v. 9-10. 80. Nezv York, E. R. Pelton, 1869. the illustrious dead; movements of the saniEclectic (The) medical journal. Edited by tary and christian commissions. 2 v. 608pp. J. M. Scudder, m. d. January to December, 10 portraits. 1 pl; 704 pp. 10 portraits. 80. 1869. v.29. 8~. Cincintnati, J. l. Scudder, Chicago, Clarke & co. 1865-66. 1869.:Edelman (George W.) The bullion dealer's Ecclesiological, (late Cambridge-Camden) so- guide. 2ded 37 pp. 8. New York, G. ciety. A hand-book of English ecclesiology. F. Nesbit, 1868. v, 266, cxviii pp. 1 1. 24 pp. 2 pl. 180. Londun, J. Masters, 1847. rec- Rules for converting sterling into curEchard (Lawrence). The history of England. rency; from par to 12 per cent, [etc.] 40 pp. From the first entrance of Julius C-esar and 120. Philadelphia, H. L. Lipman, 1849. s. the Romans, to the conclusion of the reign of iEdersheim (Rev. Alfred). History of the king James ii. and establishment of king jewish nation after the destruction of JeruWilliam and queen Mary. 3 v. fol. Lon- salem under Titus. xi, 580pp. 1 map. 12~ don, J. Tonson, 1707-17. Edinbulrgh, T. Constable & co. 1856.

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Page  94 94 EGEDE. ELSIE. Egede (Hans). Ausfiihrliche und wahrhafte Ellicott (Thomas). Conspiracy as developed nachricht vom anfange und fortgange der in the report to the creditors of the bank of gr6ultindischen mission, wobey die beschaf- Maryland, by Thomas Ellicott, trustee of said fenheit des landes sowohl, als auch die ge- bank. xiv, 150 pp. 8o. Philadelphia, 1839. brdiuche und lebens-arten der einwohner be- Ellington (George, pseudon.) The women schrieben werden. 8 p. 1. 288 pp. 40. Ham- of New York; or, the under-world of the burg2, C. tV. Brandt, 1740. great city. Illustrating the life of women of Egleston (Thomas, jr.) Metallurgical tables fashion, actresses, etc. 650 pp. 23 pl. 80~. used at the school of mines, Columbia col- New York, the New York book company, 1869. lege, New York. 6, vii, 77 pp. 3 tables. 8~. Elliot (Daniel Giraud). The birds of North New York, 1868. America. Parts 12-15. fol. New York, Eldridge (Abby). Love's labour; or, the author, 1868-69. seed and its blossom. 228 pp. 2 pl. 180. Elliott (Ebenezer). The poetical works of Philadelphia, presbyterian board of publica- the corn-law rhymer. 2d ed. 179 pp. 1 portion, [1869]. trait. 8~. Edinburgh, If. Tait, 1840. ___'The same. Poems, with an introducElies y Rubert (Antonio). Discurso sobre. lion by Rufus W. Griswold. 288 pp. l pl. el origen, antiguedad y progresos de los 32 Philadelphia, J. Loekeno, 1844. positos o graneros publicos de los pueblos. lliott (Lucern, pseudon?) Camaille, and Yran al fin dos cartas criticas del dr. don other poems. 76 pp. 16~. Jacksonville, (Ill.) Jayme Pasqual, sobre la inscripcion ore- Sentinel book and jo6 printing olce, 1867. Sentinel book and job printing qffce, 1867. tana, publicadra por la Gazeta de Madrid deEllis (Eastus.. d.) Hocopatic faiy 15. de Julio de 1785. Y otra sobre el mismo guide, and information for the people. 144 pp. asunta de don Joseph Vega y de Sentmanat. 180 Detroit, (Lick.) Cauthor, 1868]. 4 p. 1. cxil, xl pp. 4~. Ce;rvera, imprenta Ellis (Rev. George Edward). Memoir of Jadle la real y pontiffca universidad, 1787. s. Ela Grge pte a, 1 red Sparks, ll. d. 102 pp. I portrait. 1 photoEliot (George, pseudon.) See Evans (Ma- graph. 40~. Cambridge, J. IFilson 4 son,1869. rian). Ellis (Sir Henry). Account of Cmdmon's meEliot (Jared). Essays upon field-husbandry tricalparaphrase of scripture history; an illuin New England. 3 p. 1. 166 pp. 80. Bos- minated manuscript of the tenth century, ton, Edes & Gill, 1760. preserved in the Bodleian library at Oxford. Eliot (William Greenleaf, d. d.) The disci- 40. [London, 1832]. pline of sorrow. 106 pp. 180. Boston, [Extract from'Archaeologia," v. 24, pp. 329-340, American unitarian association, 1855, p 1-53] o huy G. a Ellis (Dr. John B.) The sights and secrets Discourses on the unity of G0od aBnd of the national capital; a work descriptive other subjects. 168 ptp. 128. Boston, of Washington city in all its various phases. American unitarian association, 1854. 512 pp. 18 pl. 80. New York, U. S. pubElla Dalton. [anon.] 180 pp. 3 pl. 18~. lishing co. 1869. Philadelphia, presbyterian publication commit- Ellsworth (H. W.) Single and double entry tee, [1869]. book-keeping and business manual for Elleanor's [i. e. E. Eldridge] second book. schools, academies, business colleges, or pri[anon.] 127 pp. 1 pl. 180. Providence, vate instruction. 132 pp. obl. 8~. New B. T. Albro, 1847. York, H. 11W. Ellsworth, 1869, Ellet (Mrs. Elizabeth Fries Lummis). The Elsener (Honorius). Marianum. Gebet-und characters of Schiller. 2 p. 1. 296 pp. 120~. erbauungsbuch zur verehrung der allerBoston, Otis, Broaders & co. 1839. seligsten jungfrau und gottesmutter Maria. and Mack (mrs. R. E.) The court 574 pp. 180, Einsiedeln, K. +5 N. Benziger, circles of the republic; or, the beauties and 1869. celebrities of the nation; illustrating life and El-Shidiac. See Paris El-Shidiac. societyunder eighteen presidents; describing Elsie, the blind flower-girl; a story of the the social features of the successive admin- sheltering arms. By the author of "Franz, istrations from Washington to Grant, [etc.] the little street-singer." [anon.] 128 pp. 1 p. 1. 586 pp. 15 pl. 80. Hartford, (Conn.) 1 pl. 18~. New York, gen. prot. episc. s. s. Hartford publishing co. 1869. union and church book society, 1868.

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Page  96 96 ENGINEERING. ERCKMANN. Engineering facts and figures for 1868. An E]pigrams and literary follies. [anon.] 127 annual register of progress in mechanical en- pp. az~.Edinbnrgh, W. P. Nimmo, [1869]. gineering and construction. With notes from Epiphaai~ts (St.) ee Caussin (N.) D the Paris and Havre exhibitions. viii, 398 symbolic-e i2Egyptiorum sapientia, 1654. pp. 16~. London, A. Fullarton& co. 1869. Episcopius or Bisschop (Simon). BodeEng~lefielcl (Sir Henry Charles). A walk chervs ineptiens; hoc est, evidens demonthrough Southampton. 1 p.l. 100 pp. 6pl. stratio, qua ostenditur N. Bodecherum, ut 4~. Southaumpton, T. Bcaker, 1801. plus quam servili adsentatione efficacem conEnglish churchwomen of the seventeenth cenry. 2d. [anon.] xix, 371,pp. 160 tra-remonstrantium gratiam demereatur, inepte admodum et nugatorie confessionem reDerby, H. Mozley c sons, 1846. monstrantium socinismi arcessere nuper esse English (The) courtier, and the cuitrey gentleaggressum. [anon.] 44 pp. sm.4~. [Lugman: a pleasaunt and learned disputation, duni Batavorvm, J. Marcus]? 1624. betweene them both. Wherein is discoursed, [ui B. a., [ aithB1O)ECHER (N.) Sociniano-remonstrantismus]. vvhat order of lyfe, best beseemeth a gentle- EdinEpistle to Diognetus. [anon.] 8~. Edinman. [anon.] 40~. London, R. Jones, 1586. burah, 1868 Reprinted, London, Roxbu?-,ohe library, 1868. Reprinted, London, Roxbu.rgn e libraTy, 1 868. i [ANTE-NICENE christian library, v. 1. pp. 301-316]. [ROXU1RGHE library. In HIAZLTTT (W. C.) Inedited tracts: etc. pp 1-93, 1868]. Epistolme indice. De stvpendis et preclaris,English prose, being extracts from the works rebus, quas diuina bonitas in India, et variis of English prose writers, with notes of their insulis per societatem nominis Jesv operari lives. [anon.] xvi, 504 pp. 8~. LondEon, dignata est, in tan copiosa gentium ad fidem J. Moore, 1844. conuersione. [In lucem miss' per Jo. Rut. Englishman's [An] sketch-book; or, letters Berg.] 12 p. 1. 496 pp. 18~. Lovanii, R. fiom New York. [anon.] I p. 1. 195 pp. Velvpius, 1566. 120. New York, G. cf C. Carvill, 1828. Epitaphs and epigrams; curious, quaint, Eniner (Dom Anrel, pseudon.) See La Solle and amusing. From various sources. 4 (Henri Franqois de). p. i. 120 pp. 160. London, S. Palmfer, Ennis (Jacob). The origin of the stars, and the [ 1869]. causes of their motions and their light. 394 Eran due or sono tre, 6 sea gli esposti. Eran pp. 12~. New York, D. Appleton & co. 1867. dos y ahora son tres, 6 los exp6sitos; 6pera Ennodius (Magnus Felix). Opera. J. Sir- bufa en dos actos. [Italiano y castellano, mondus in ordinem digesta, emendavit, ac anon.] 2 p. 1. 99 pp. 16~. Madrid, 1. Sancha, notis illustravit col. 1360-1915 anno 1611. 1836. 81. fol. Parisiis, typographia regia, 1696. EEraniste (Eusebio, pseudon.). Lettere apologe[In SIRnIOND (Jacques). Opera varia, v. 1]. tiche; ovvero difesa della dottrina dell' angeliEntertaining (The) and marvellous repos- co dottore della chiesa s. Tommaso d' Aquino itory: containing biography, manners, and contro le calunnie de' suoi accusatori sulla customs, tales, adventures, essays, poetry, materia del tirannicidio. Si aggiunge la difesa etc. [anon.] 3 v. 160. Boston, Baker1 del r. p. Daniello Concina sulla stesso argoAlexander, 1827. mento contro l'autore delle lettere ad un Entretiens sur les pr6rogatives des deux sex- conte. 10 p. 1. 279 pp. 160. Venezia, Rees, ou l'on montre que l'ame n'est pas moins monslint, 1763. s. parfaite dans la femme que dans l'homme. Erbauliches gebet-buch und unterhaltungen [anon.] 132 pp. 160. La Haye, 1753. mit Gott, zur beforderung der hiiuslichen [VYith BOUDIER DE VILLEMERT. L'Ami des femn- gottesverehrung, ftir christen von allen beiesl]. nennungen, [etc.] Mit fleiss gesammelt aus:Ephene'meides universelles ou, tableau reph ies univeseles; on, tableau r- den besten alten und neuen gebttt-biichern ligieux, politique, litt6raire, scientifique et von Starke, Zollikofer, Schmolke, Tittmann, anecdotique, presentant, pour chaque jour de Bauer und anderen. 2 v. in 1. xiv 202 pp; l'annde, un extrait des Aunales de toutes les'ann, netatdsAnlsd t 1 p. 1.396 pp. 16~. Allentown, H. Ebner nations et de tous les sikcles, depuis les co. 822 temps historiques jusqu'au ler janvier, 1828. * Erckmann (:mile) and Chatrian (Alexan[polyon. ]; mises en ordre et publiees par m. [polyon. mises en rdre et publies par. dre). The conscript: a story of the French war tEdouard Monnais. 13 v. 8~. Paris, Corby, 8d.uard Monnais. 13 v. 50. Paris, Corby, of 1813. Translated from the [French]. 330 1828-33.

Page  97 ERCKMANN. ESCRITOR, Erckmann (Emile)-continued. Ernsthafte (Die) christenpflicht; enthaltend pp. 8 pl. 12~. New York, C. Scribner 4- co. schdne geistreiche gebhiter, womit fromme 1869. christen-herzen zu allen zeiten und in allen ~ Waterloo; a sequel to the conscript of n6then sich tr6sten k6nnen. [anon.] 214 1813. Translated from the French of Erck- pp. I 1. 160. Lancaster, [Pa.] J. Biir, 1852. mann-Chatrian. 368 pp. 6 pl. 12~. New Ersch (Johann Samuel). La France litdraire: York, Scribner & co. 1869. contenant les auteurs franqais de 1771 it 1796. Erdmann (Axel, director of the geological sur- [or], Das gelehrte Frankreich; oder lexicon vey of Siweden). Expos6 des formations qua- der franz6sischen schriftsteller von 1771 bis ternaires dela Subde. xii, 117 pp. 80. Atlas, 1796. 3 v. 8~. Hambourg, B. G. Hoffmann, 4 p. 1.4 col. maps. 40. Stockholm, 1868. s. 1797-98. [SWEDEN. Lever g6ologique de la Sundej. ~ The same. Suppl6ment, [and] 2c supErfurth (Ch. B.) Flora von Weimar, mit pl6ment. Contenant les nouveauex articles beriicksichtigung der culturpflanzen, [etc.] jusqu'en 1800 [-] 1805; [or], Nachtrag xvi, 320 pp. 16~. Wteimar, H. Bli4lane, 1867. s. [etc.] Zweiter nachtrag 2 v. 80. HamErichsen (John Eric, m. d.) The science and bourg, B. G. Hoqfzmann, 1802-06. art of surgery, [etc.] Edited by John H. Erskine (Rev. Ralph). Christ the people's Brinton. 3 p. 1. 19-908 pp. 80. Philadel- covenant. A sermon preached immediately phia, Blanchard c Lea, 1854. s. before the celebration of the Lord's supper, The same. Being a treatise on surgical at Dunfermline, 19th Aug. 1722, [etc.] 112 injuries, diseases, and operations. From the pp. 160. Edinburgh, J. Nisbet, 1759, 5th London ed. With additions by John Gospel sonnets: or, spiritual songs. Ashhunst, jr. m. d. 1228 pp. 8~. Philadel- In six parts, [etc.] 24th ed. 1 p. 1. 370 pp. phia, H. C. Lea, 1869. 160. Edinburgh, S. Doig, 1793. Erickson (D. S ) Carl Bartlett'; or, what can [Imperfect: wanting pp. 1 to 16 and all after 3701. I do? 317 pp. 3 pl. 16~. Boston, H. A. The same. 2d Amer. ed. 360 pp. 16~. Young 8' co. 1869. Worcester, 1. 7'homas, jr. 1798. Good measure. A story for boys. 377 Escalona y Aguero (Gaspar de). Gazophipp.5 pl. 16~. Boston, H. A. Youlzg, 1869. lacium regium perubicumrn; in quo omnes The station-master's daughter and her materie spectantes ad administrationer junifriends. 333 pp. 2 pl. 16~. Boston, congre- um regalium regni peruani discutiantur et gational s. s. and pub. society, [1868]. pertractantur. Parte 2. Gazofila6io real de Erman (Adolf Georg). Reise um die erde durch el reyno del Peru. [Hispanice]. 6 p. 1. 268, Nord-Asien und die beiden oceane in den 349 pp. fol. Matriti, B. Roman, 1775. jahren 1828 —30 ausgefiihrt. Ite abtheil. histo- Eschricht (D. F.) and Reinhardt (Johan rischer bericht. 3 v. 8~. Berlin, G. Reimer, 3is3her he4icht. 3 v. 8~. Berlin, 0. Reimer, T.) On the Greenland right-whale, (balana mysticetus, Linn.) with especial reference to [Wanting, atlas, fol.] [Wanting, a fCONTENTl]. its geographical distribution and migrations CONTENTS. in times past and present, and to its external v. 1. Reise von Berlin bis zum eis meere, 1828. xxiii, 747 pp. and internal characteristics. Translated v2. Reise von Tobolsk bis zum ochozker meere, from the [Danish]. 40. London, 1866. 1829. vii, 443 pp. v. 3. Die ochozker kiiste, das ochozler meer und [RAY society publications. In FLOWER (VT. Ff.) Redie reisen auf IKamtschatka, 1829. vii, 581 pp. cent memoirs on the cetacea, pp. xi-xii, 1-150, 6 pl.] The same. 2te abtheil. Physikalische On the species of the genus orca inhabbeobachtungen. 2 v. 8~. Berlin, G. Reinmer, iting the northern seas. Translated from the 18;35-41. [Danish]. 4~. London, 1866. CONTENTS. [RAY society publications. It FLO'IVER (W'. H.) v. 1. Ortsbestimmungen und declinations-beobach- Recent memoirs on the cetacea, pp. 151-188]. tungen auf dem festen lande. x, 420 pp. v. 2. Inclinationen und intensitkten. Declinations- Escritor (El) sin titulo. Discurso primero, beobachtungen auf der see. Periodische declinations- dirigido al autor de las Noticias de modo, veranderungen. xiii, 598 pp. The same. Naturhisto5ischer atlas. (Ver- sobre las que nos ha dado a luz en los dias zeichniss von t hiereln und pilanzen, welche 3,10 y 17, de mayo Traducido del Espailol auf einer reise umrn die erde gesammelt wur- al Castellano por el licenciado don Juan den). vi, 64 pp. 17 pl. fol. Berlin, G. Reisner, Christoval Romea y Tapia. [pseudon?] 359 1835. pp. 160. Madrid, B. Cano, 1790. 13

Page  98 98 ESDAILE. ETTER. Esdaile (James, m. d.) Mesmerism in India, lEssen or Essenins (Andreas). Compendium and its practical application in surgery and theologim dogmaticum, [etc.] Ed. 2". Admedicine. 259 pp. 120. Hartford, S. An- jecta est Johannis tIoornbeckii methodus drus & son, 1847. concionandi. 4 p. 1. 976 pp. 21. 70 pp. 1.1. 16~. Espejo y Cisneros (Bartolom6 de). Tractatvs Trajecti ad Rhenum, F. Halnra, 1685. de vsvra personata in contractv trino, etc. Essex (The) gazette. [Salem, Mass. weekly]. 21 p. 1.606 pp. smin. 4. Malace, typ. vidue Aug. 2, 1768, to July 16, 1771; July 28, M. Lopez Hidalgo, 1698. 1772, to December 28, 1773; Nov. 30, and Espinosa (Juan). La herencia espatola de Dec. 14, 1775. 4 v. fol. Salem, and Canslos Americanos. Seis cartas criticas a Isabel bridge, S. 8-E. Hale, 1768-75. segunda. Segnidas deotros escritos deinteres Estell & co. The Glasgow commercial list. pfiblico. 350 pp. 11. 180. Lima, El Correo, 1869-70, first and second years. fol. Lon1852. don, 1869. Espinosa (Manuel de). Sermones del ss. sac- The Liverpool commercial list. 1869ramento del altar, en la solemne octava que 70, fourth and fifth years. fol. London, le consagra todos los afios la devocion t-e la 1869. real casa de seiloras de Sigena, [etc. ] A que The London commercial list. 1869-70, se aiaden otros del mismo sagrado objeto, eleventh and twelfth years. fol. London, con el deseo de aumentar su devocion y 1869. culto, [etc.] 4 p. 1. 252 pp. 8~. Madrid, Manchester commercial list. 1869-70, R. Ruiz, 1792. third and fourth years. fol. London, 1869. ZEspinosa y Malo (Felix de Lucio). Adver- IEstevan (Francisco). Cathedra de liberalitencias politicas, y morales, escritas en co- dad, que el confessor lee, y el penitente eye, municada carta al sefior Juan de Matos Fra- materia a todos estados conveniente, [etc.] goso. 28 pp. 16~. Madrid, P. J. Alonsoy 8 p. 1. 288 ppA 4I. sin. 40. ladrid, J. G. InPadilla, 1722. fancon, 1710. El pincel, sus glorias descrividas. 29- Estienne (Charles). Dictionaritum latino136 pp. 16~. Madrid. P. J. Alonso y Pa- gr ycvm. In quo singulm dictiones ac locudilla, 1722. tiones latinae, grcis vocibus ac sententiis [With the precedingl. prremisse, magmnU vtriusque lingurm cOmerEspy (James. Pollard). Second report on cium indicit. Hujus aut& plurima pars ex meteorology, to the secretary of the navy, Budmi vigiliarti reliquiis excerpta est. [and] third report on meteorology, with di- [anon.] 1071 pp. 4C. Lutetice, C. Stephrections for mariners, etc. 65 pp. 101 maps. anus, 1554. I1 tables. obl. fol. [ Washington, public prin - Thesavrvs M. Tvllii Ciceronis; sive, ter, 1851]. s. concordantia ciceroniana. 3 p. 1. 1591 ppo CONTENTS. 80. Parisiis, C. Stephanus, 1556. Second report, p. 2. Third report, p. 16; Rules for the mariner, p. 53. Estienne (Henri). De latinitate falso sus- — The same. Fourth meteorological roe pecta, expostulatio Henrici Stephani. Eivsport. 240 pp. 58 maps. 12 tables. 40. Wash- dem de Plavti latinitate dissertatio, et ad lecingto n, A. O. PNicholson, 1857o. s tionemr illius progymlnasma. 8 p. 1. 400 pp. 160. [ Genevce]? H. Stephanus, 1576. IEsqc-uaemeling (John). See E'xquenmelin,Etat present de la Pensilvanie, ot l'on trouve (Alexandre Olivier). le ddtail de ce qul s'y est pass6 depuis la d6Essay (An) on transcendentalism. [anon.] faite du gdned'al Braddock jusqu't la prise 104 pp. 16~o Boston, Crocker 4. Ruggles, d'Oswego, avec une carte particulidre de cette 1859. colonie. [anon.] 128 pp. 1 map. 180, Essay on a universal language. [anon.] 1 p. 1. [Paris]? 1756. 31, 88, 260pp. 120. [Bar-le-Duc, L. Guerin, Etrangers (Los) a Paris. [polyon.] xxxv, et cie. 1869]? 525pp.ll.30pl. 80. Paris, C. Wiare, [about Essays, descriptive and moral, on scenes in 1840]. Italy, Switzerland, and France. By an Etter (Joseph). Pochet directory. 16C. American. [anon.] 3 p. 1. xi, 265 pp. 12~. [Washington, 1841. See United States. Edinburgh, A. Constable c' co. 1823, Congressional directory.

Page  99 99 EUGENIUS. EVERETT. Eugenius, episcopus toletanus. Opuscula. IEvans (Frederick White). Autobiography of Quibus inserti sunt Dracontii libelli duo ab a shaker, and revelation of the apocalypse. Enugenio eodem olim recogniti. Adjecta With an appendix. 162 pp. 8~. Mlt. Lebaitem aliorum aliquot veterum scriptorum non, (Col. co. N. Y.) author, 1869. varia. Edita a J. Sirmondo anno 1619. 1 Brief and useful moral instructions for p. 1. col. 877-913. fol. Parisiis, typograplha the young. By a friend of youth and chilregaia, 1696. s. dren. [anon.l 39 pp. 180. fWorcester, C. [In& SIRMOND (Jacques). Opera varia, v. 2], H Jamilton. 1858.:Eulenspiegel. Noctvme speculum, omnes res Evans (John, editor). The Prrnassian garmemorabiles, variasque et adlmirabiles, Tyli land; or, beauties of moclern poetry: consaxonici machinationes complectens, plane ting of upwards of 200 sisting of upwrards of 200 pieces, selected nouo more nunc priXmum ex idiomate ger. from the works of the most distinguished manico latintitate donatunm. Adiectis insuper poets of the present age. Withintroductory elegantissimis iconibus veras omnium histo- lines to each article. Designed for the use of riari species ad vinumn adumbralntibus, sante- schools and the admirers of poetry in genehae nunquam visis aut editis. Avthore. 288 180. Phadelpia, ral. I 1258.pp. 18<. Ph'ladelphia 3M. 2Egidio Periandro [Gilles Overman? ] 3 p. 1 Carey, h1814e 210 1. 180. Francofvrti ad Mehnum, 1567. E NOTE.-Thomas Murner is said to have written this Evans (Marian). The Spanish gypsy. By book, or, as others contend, translated it into Latin. George Eliot. [pseudon.] 3d ed. 3 p. 1 Eusebius Pamliphilus. Opuscula xiv, pri- 382 pp. 160. Edinburgh, W. Blackwood & mum in lucem edita studio et opera J. Sir- sons, 1868. nmondi. 207 col. 21. fol. Parisiis, tyPo- Evans (Dr. Thomas W.) Paris universal exgraphlia regia, 1696. position, 1867, Reports on instruments and:[CI SIRhION-D (Jacques). Opera varia, v. 1]. [i SnphienNDe (JAlexis). Opera vari, the. ro apparatus of medicine, surgery, and hygiene; usof the Don (Alexis). Demetris, the ero Surgical dentistry and the materials which it of the Don. An epick poem. 256 pp. 120. employs; anatomical preparations; anbuemploys; anatomical preparations; ambuBoston, allunroe 4c Francis, 1818. uthynis, zigabenus. Victoriaset tri~mphus lance tents and carriages, and military Buthymius, zigabenus. Victoria et triumphus, 7 sanitary institutions in Europe. 70 pp. 8% de impia et multiplici execrabilium Massa- sanitay institutions n Europe 70 pp. 8 lianorum secte, qui et Phundaitm, et Bogo- Washington, government printing qffce, 1868, mnili, necnon Euchitv, Enthusiast-e, Enera- Evening express, [Washington daily]. June tio, et Marcionitre appellantur. [Grm ce et 10, 1867, to Sept. 20, 1869. -4 v. fol. Washlatinel. 40. Trajecti ad Rhenumn, Hal- ington, 0. Therne & co. and J. D. & A. P.. nsa 4 FVan de [Water, 1696, Hoover, 1867-68. ITOLLIUS (J.) Insignia itinerariiitalici, pp. 106-126]. tEvening (The) fire-side, [etc.] 2 v. 3 p. 1. E1_vangelisches liederbiichlein fir sonntag- 416 pp; 3 p. 1.416 pp. 40. Philadelphia, J. schulen. 239 pp. 180. Cleveland, (O.) Rakcestraw 4 co. 1805-06. evangelischegemnseilschoft, [1869]. Evening post (The) [New York daily]. Jan. Evans (Augusta J.) Macaria. 469 pp. 120. to Dec. 1869.' v. fol. N eso IYork, 1869. New York, Carleton, 1868. Everard (John, d. d.) Gospel treasures; or,...- Vashti; or, until death us do part. A the holiest of all unvailing; discovering novel. 473 pp. 120. New York, Car'leton, yet more the riches of grace and glory to the 1869o vesels of mercy, [etc.] In several sermons, Evans (Rev. Evan or Ieuan prydydd hir). preached at Kensington and elsewhere. ReSome specimens of the poetry of the ancient printed. 2 pts. in I v. x, 280 pp. xi, 268. 40, Welsh bards. Translated into English, with Germantown, (Pa.) C. Seweer, 1757. explanatory notes on the historical passages, Everest (C.) The music teacher. [etc. ] 223 and, a short account of men and places men- pp. 11. obl. 120. Philadelphia, Lee 4- Walker, tioned by the bards, [etc.] Reprinted from [1866]. Dodsley's edition of 1764. 211 pp. 8~, Everett (Alexander Hill). Amerika, oder Llanidloes, (Montgomery), J. Pryse, [about allgemeiner ueberblick der politischen lage 1862]. der verschiedenen staaten des westlichen Evans (E. P.) A progressive German gram- festlandes, nebst vermuthungen iiber deren mar. With notes and a complete vocabulary. kiinftiges schicksal. Uibersetzt und mit aniv, 237 pp. 120, Boston, S. R. Urbino, 1870.,merkungen versehen. 2 v. viii, 270 pp; 3

Page  100 EVERETT. EXHIBITION. Everett (Alexander Hill) —continued. Exeter hall. A theological romance, [anon,l p. 1. 207 pp, I 1. 8~. Hamburg, Hoffmann 186 pp. 80. New York, American newls co. & Campe, 18'28. 1869. The same. Cartas de un Ainericano Exhibition of 1851, (London). Reports. 2 v. sobre las ventajas de los gobiernos republi- 40. [ms.] canos federativos. [anon.] 3 p.l. ii, 212 CONTENTS. pp. 80. Londres, Mll. Calero, 1826. S. v. 1. Chemical and pharmaceutical products; subEverett (Charles Carroll). The science of staces used for food; manures. v. 2. Mining and mineral products; ceramics; furthought; a system of logic. xii, 423 pp. niture; furs. 12~. Boston, W. V/. Spencer, 1869. Exhibitionof 1853, (New Yorlk). Association Everett (James). The village blacksmith; for the exhibition of the industry of all naor, piety and usefulness exemplified, in a tions. Official rewards of juries. v, 98 pp. memoir of the life of Samuel Hick. From 8~. New or7ck, association, 1853. S. the 7th London ed. 352 pp. 180. _New Exhibition of 1862, (London). Esposizione Yor7k, G. Lane & P. P. Sandford, 1844. internazionale del 1862. Regno d'Italia. Every Saturday: a journal of choice reading Catalogo descrittivo pubblicato per cura del selected from foreign current literature. Jan. r. comitato italiano. 1. Mineralogia e metalto Dec. 1869. v. 7-8. 83. Boston, Fields, lurgia. (Minerie e saline). xxiii, 116 pp. Osgood & co. 1869. 16~. Torino, Dalmlazzo, 1862. s. E8Waild (Alexandcer Charles). The last cen- - The same. 1. Mineralogia e geologia. tury of universal history: a reference book, (Prodotti litoidei). 86 pp. 160. Fircnze, containing an annotated table of chronology, Barbera, 1862. s. lists of Contemporary sovereigns, a dictionm - Official catalogue of the fine art deary of battles and sieges, and biographical partment. (Corrected). 6 p.1. 280 pp. 8~. notes of eminent individuals. From 1.767 to London, her mnajesty's commnissioners, 1862. s. 1867. vi, 621 pp. 16~. London, F. I7arne Official catalogue of the industrial de&. co. 1868. partment. 3d ed. xvi, 432 pp. 8~. LonEwald (Georg Heinrich August von). The don, her majesty's conmmissioners, 1862. s. history of Israel. Translated from the Ger- Special catalogue of the zollverein deman. Edited, with a preface and appendix, partment. Edited by authority of the comby Russell Martineau. 2d ed. Revised and missioners of the zollverein governments, continued to the commencement of the together with advertisements, recommendamonarchy. 2 v. 83. London, Longmnans, tions and illustrations. viii, 184, lxxx pp. Green 8& co. 1869. 1 col. pl. 80. Berlin, R. Decker, 1862. s. [NoTE. —Only a portion of the German work]. Exhibition of 1867, (Paris). Exposition uniEwald (H. F.) The story of Waldemar verselle de 1867. Catalogue des produnits Krone's youth. Translated from the Dan- des colonies franqaises, prdcdd6 d'une notice ish. 381 pp. 120. Philadelphia, J. B. Lip- statistique. 2p. 1. cxlvii pp. 1 tab; I p. 1. 155 pincott &' co. 1868. pp. 80~. Paris, Challamel aind, 1867. s. Ewell (James, m. d.) The medical compa- The same. Official catalogue of the nion; or, family physician: treating of the products of the United States of America, diseases of the United States; the manage- exhibited at Paris, 1867, with statistical ment and disease of women and children. notices. Catalogue in English. Catalogue Adispensatory, etc. 692 pp. 1 pl. 8~. Phila- frangais. Deutscher catalog. 3d ed. 2 p 1. delphia, J. A. Geer, 1848. s. 160 pp. 160. Paris, A. Chaix et cie. 1867. Ewer ( Rev. Ferdinand C.) Sermons on the fail- -- The same. Rapports du jury internaure of protestantism, and on catholicity. 168 tional, publies sous la direction de m. Michel pp. 12~. New York, D. Appleton 1i co. 1869. Chevalier. 13 v. 80. Paris, P. Dupont, Two eventful nights; or, the falli- 1868. bility of "spiritualism" exposed. 106 pp. -- The same. Die erzeugnisse des pflau12~. Newu York, H. Dayton, 1856. zen- und thierreichs und das riistzeug des Exequiac de mr. Pitt, canuciller del echiquier, landwirths, mit ausnahme der maschinen [etc.] y primero miinistro de Inglaterra, por und gerdithe auf der welt-ausstellung zu un Espafiol amaunte de su patria. [anon.] Paris, 1867. Bericht, erstattet dem ksnig150 pp. 18~. Mladrid, T. Alban, 1806. lich preussischen ministeriumn fiir die land

Page  101 101 EXHIBITION. FAIN. Exhibition of 1867 —continued. Exquemelin (Alexandre Olivier)-continued. wirthshaftlichen angelegenheiten. Von ver- --'The same. [2e 6d.] 2 v. 12 schiedenen verfassern. xvi, 376 pp. 17 1. p. 1. 248 pp. 8 1. 2 maps. 3 pl; 3 p. 1. 286 pp. 11 pl. 4~. Berlin, TWieandt & Henmpel, 8 l. 1 map. 1 pl. 16 l. Paris, J. Le Feblre, 1868. S. 1688. Exito, (El) etc. de la muerte correspondiente The same. 2 v. in 1. 160. Paris, f la vida de los tres supuestos heroes del siglo J. LeFebvre, 1688. xviii, Voltaire, D'Alembert y Diderot, demo- - The same. Piratas de la America, y luz strado con la simple, y verdadera narracion a la defensa de las costas de Indies O)ccidende su muerte. Anadido un exhorto del obispo tales [etc.] Traducido del Flamenco en Esde Amiens, sobre la coleccion de las obras de paniol, por el doctor [Alonso] de Buena-MaiVoltaire, y tuna descripcion de Ferney. Tra- son. [anon.] 3n ed. xxiv, 228 pp. 2 1. ducido del idioma firancs al Italiano, y de sin. 40. _1Madrid, R. Rtiz, 1793. este al Castellano por Joseph Domenichini. - See, also, Histoire des avanturiers flixix, 291 pp. 16~. Madrid, J. Doblado, 1799. bustiers; and History of the bucaniers. Exposition universelle de 1867'a Paris. See Extracts in prose and verse, by a lady of Ma-:Exhibition. ryland, with a collection of original poetry, Exqueml elin (Alexandre Olivier). De ameri- never before published, by citizens of Marycaensche zee-roovers. Beheisende een per- land. [anon.] 2 v. 364 pp. 4 1; 359 pp. 6 1. tinente en waerachtige beschrijving van alle 120. Annapolis, F. Green, 1808. de voornaemste roveryen, en onmnenschelijcke BEyzaguirre (Jos6 Ignacio Victor). Los intewreedheden, die de engelse en franse rovers, reses cat6licos en Am6rica. 2 v. 2 p. 1. vii, tegens de Spanjaerden in America, gepleeght 524 pp; 2 p. 1. 475 pp. 8~0. Paris, G. Herhebben. 4 p. 1. 186 pp. 2 maps. 10 pl. sm. manos, 1859. 40. Amsterdam, J. ten Hoorn, 1678. Ezour-Vedamr. See Veda. ------ The same. The history of the bucaniers. Faber (Rev. Frederick William). Tracts on the Made English from the Dutch copy: written church and her offices. 12 pamp. in 1 v. 120. by J. Esquemeling. 12 p.1. 192 pp. 160. London, J. G. F. F. J. Rivinlyton, 1840. London, 7'. Malthus, 1684. Fabian y Fuero (Francisco). Coleccion de The same. Bucaniers of America. providencias diocesanas. 2 v. 2 p. 1. xx, Written originally in Dutch by John Esque- 610 pp; vi, 591 pp. fol. Valencia, B. Monrmeling; and thence translated into Spanish. fort, 1792-93. Now faithfully rendred into English. 3 parts Pacetie cantabrigienses; consisting of anecin 1 v. 6 p. 1. 390 pp. 3 1.1 map. 5 pl. 40~. dotes, smart sayings, satirics, retorts, etc. by London, TW. Crooke, 1684. or relating to celebrated cantabs. Dedicated --- Tb''he same. 2d ed. corrected, and to the students of Lincoln's inn, by Socius. inlarged with two additional relations, viz: [psentdon.] 3d ed. considerably enlarged. the one of captain Cook, and the other of viii, 286 pp. 1 portrait. 16o. London, C. Macaptain Sharp. 2 v. in 1. 6 p. 1. 211 pp. 6 1. son, 1836. 1 map. 8p1;8 p. 1. 212 pp. 9 1. 2 maps. 40. Pacundus, episcopuls hermianensis. Pro deLondon, IV. Croo7ce, 1684-85. fensione trium capitulorum concilii calcheThe same. Bucaniers of Amer- donensis libri xii, ad Justinianurn imperaica. v. 2. Containing the dangerous voyage torem. J. Sirmondi cura et studio primuml and bold attempts of captain Bartholomew editi, notisque illustrati, anno 1629. col. 393Sharp, and others. From the originaljournal 877. fol. Parisiis, typographia regia, 1696. of the said voyage. Written by Basil Ring- [In SIRMIOND (Jacques). Opera varia, v. 2]. rose. 8 p. 1. 212 pp. 9 1. 1 map. 40~. London, Facy (William). The complement of stenogTV. Crooke, 1684-85. raphy. Or, the power of the pen displayed, [Imperfect: 1 map wanting]. in a new art of charactery, [etc.] 4 p. 1. 70 The same. Histoire des avanturiers qui pp. 160. London, 1672. se sont signalez dans les Indes. Par A. O. Fadette, (pseudon.) See Rodney (Minnie Oexmelin. [Traduit de 1'Anglais par M. de Reeves). Frontignieres]. 2 v. 15 p.l. 342 pp. 12 1. 2 Fain (Agathon Jean Franois, baron). Memaps. 3 pl; 3 p. 1. 384 pp. 11. 1. map. 1 pl. moires des contemporains, pour servir. l'his16~. Paris, J. Le Febvre, 1686. toire de France, et principalement it celle de

Page  102 102 FAIN. FANNER. Fain (Baron)-continued. Falconer (William) —continued. la r6publique et de I'empire. 2e livr. Manu- [etc.] 2 p. 1. 134 pp. 2 1.5 pp. 8~. Paris, scrit de 1814. 3e dd. xvi pp. 1 1.455 pp. 1 Knapenfils, 1788. map. I facsimile, 80~ Paris, Bossang e, iFalk (C. A.) Beicht- und communionbuch. 1825. Ein unterrichts- und gebetbuch fur cathoManuscrit de 1813, contenant le prdcis lische christen. 382, 64 pp. 24~. Einsiedeln, des dvdnemens de cette annde, pour servir h etc. C. & N. Benziger, 1869. l'histoire de l'empereur Napoleon. 2e dd.:palkelnskjold (Seneca Otto). Authentic elue 2 v.. 2 p. 1. vi pp. 1 1. 489 pp. 1 map; 2 p 1 cidation of the history of counts Struensee ii pp. 1 1.571 ppo 1 map. 8~. tParis, Delauii pp. 1. 571 pp. map. 8. Pais, Delau and Brandt, and of the revolution in Dennay, 1825. nay, 1825.bairn (Ptrck d d) hetyolgyof mark in the year 1772. Printed privately, Fairbairn (Patrick, d. d.) The typology of but not published, by a person principally inscripture: viewed in connection with the en- terested. [Edited by Charles, landgrafe von tire scheme of the divine dispensations. From Hesse-Cassel. anon.] From the German, the 3d Edinburgh ed. 2v. 398 pp; 452pp. by B. H. Latrobe. ix, 301 pp. 120. Lon0~. Philadelphia, W. S. & A. Martien, 1859. don, J. Stockdale, 1789. Fairfield (Sumner Lincoln). The last night of Falkenstein (Clristian Carl). Geschichte der Pompeii; a poem: and Lays and legends geographischen entdeckungsreisen. 5 v. in 1. 309 pp. 80. New York, Elliott & Palmer, 160~ Dresden, P. G. Hilscher, 1828. 1832. Fallet (C.) Les princes de l'art: architectes, -- - Lays of Melpormene. 122 pp. 120. sculpteurs, peintres, et graveurs. I p. 1. 324 Portland, Todld 4Smith, 1824. pp. 12~. Boston, S. R. Urbino, 1870. Pair Harvard: a story of American college life. Fall-River (Mass.) The Fall-River directory, [anon.] vi, 309 pp. 12~0. New York, G. [etc.] for 1859. By Adams, Sampson & co. P. Putnam 4' son, 1869. 18~. Fall-River, R. Adams, 1859. Fairholt (Frederick W.) The home of Shak- Fama fraternitatis. Oder, entdeckung der spere illustrated and described. 64 pp. 14 pl. bruderschafft des 16blichen ordens dess ro12~. New York, Williams brothers, 1848. sen creutzes. Beneben der confession. Oder, Fairplair (John). Elements of geometry: bekanutnuss derselben fraternitet an alle containing the first six books of Euclid, with gelehrte und hSupter in Europa geschrien a supplement on the quadrature of the circle, ben, [etc.] Sampt den sendtschreiben Inland the geometry of solids: to which are added iani de Campis, vnd Georgii Moltheri relaelements of plane and spherical trigonometry. tion, von einer diss ordens gewissen person. Deane's stereotype ed. 318 pp. 8c. Phila- [anon.] 82 pp. 18~. Franlkfurt am Mayn, delphia, J. B. Lippincott & co. 1863. J. Bringer 4- J. Berner, 1617. s. Faire (Ernest). La vaiabilit des Familiar (A) epistle to Robert J. Walker, Faivre (Ernest). La varieabilitd des espbces et ses limites, xv, 182 pp. 1 1. 8. Pespeces from an old acquaintance. To which is preG. Bailliere, 1868. fixed a biographical sketch. [anon.] Tenth thousand, xiii, 57 pp. 80. London, SaunFalconer (Hugh, In. d.) and Walker (Hen- ders, Otley 4- co. 1863. ry, m. d.) Descriptive catalogue of the fos- Family (The lyceum) [Boston weekly]. Desil remains of vertebrata, etc. See, Asiatic signed for instruction and entertainment, society of Bengal. and adapted to families, schools, and lycePalconer (John). Cryptomenysis patefacta: ums. Conducted by Josiah Holbrook. Juor, the art of secret information disclosed ly 28, 1832, to Aug. 10, 1833. v.. fol. without a key. Containing plain and de- Boston, G. IV. Light 4- co. 1833. monstrative rules, for decyphering all man- Fanily (The) treasure. A religious and litner of secret writing. With exact methods, erary monthly. Edited by V. T. Findley, for resolving secret intimations by signs or d.d. Jan.1867, to Dec.1869. v. 4-6. 80. gestures, or in speech, [etc.] 12 p. 1. 180 pp. Cincinnati, R, Clarke 4 co. and Western tract 160. London, D. Brown, 1685. 4- book society, 1867-69. Falconer (William). De l'inflnence des pas- Fanner (C. M.) The fairy of the stream, and sions sur les maladies du corps humain. other poemls. 167pp. 120. Richmond, (Va.) Traduit de l'Anglois par m. de la Montagne, Harrold &' Murray, 1847v

Page  103 103 FANTIN-DESODOARDS. FAVIER. Pantin-Desodoards (Antoine etienne Nico- Farquharson (Martha) —continued. las). Histoire philosophique de la r6volu -- Grandma Foster's sunbeam. 72 pp. 2 tion de France, depuis la premiere assemblee pl. 18~. Philadelphia, presbyterian publiL des notables jusqu'h la paix de Presbourg. cation committee, 1868. 5e 6d. 10 v. 80. Paris, Maine, 1807. Little Dick Positive. 72 pp. 2 pl. 180. Faraday (Michael). A course of six lectures Philadelphia, presbyterian publication cornon the various forces of matter, and their re- mittee, 1868. lations to each other. Edited by William The little helper. 72 pp. 2 pl. 180. Crookes. vii, 179 pp. 160. London, R. Philadelphia, presbyterian publication comGriffin & co. 1860. s. mittee, 1868. Parigola y Dominguez (Antonio). La Lu- Little Patience. 72 pp. 2 pl. 180. ----- Little Patience. 72 pp 2 pl. 18 FalrigPola y donhia, rges (Ateiono ). ica Lut c ciana en cinco periodos. Novela escrita en Philadelphia, presbyterian publication converso castellano. 7 p.1. 176 pp. 180. ad- mittee, 186S rid, F. Martinez Dhivila, 1819. S. Loitering Linus. 71 pp, 2 pl. 180. Paris El-Shidiac. A practical grammar of Philadelphia, presbyterian publication comthe Arabic language. With interlineal read- mittee, 1868. ing lessons, dialogues, and vocabulary. 4 p. 1. Maud's two homles. 72 pp. 2 pl. 18~ e 148pp. 18~. London, B. Quaritct, 185G. Phliladelphia, prlesbyterian publication comParley (Robert). Lychnocavsia; sive, mor- mittee, 1868. alia facvm ernmblemata. Lights morall em- - Milly; or, the little girl who tried to blems. 67 1. 58 pl. 18~. Lonrdon, M. Sparke, help others and to do them good. 72 pp. 2 1638. pl. 18~. Philadelphia, presbyterian publiFarmer (Henry T. n1. d.) Imagination; the cation committee, 1868. maniac's dream, and other poems. 163 pp. Stupid Sally, the poor-house girl. 72 120. New York, Kirlz & Mlercein, 1819. pp. 2 pl. 18~. Philadelphia, presbyterian Farmers' (The) cabinet; devoted to agricul- publicaltton committee, 1868. ture, horticulture, and rural economy. 3 v. - A week in Lilly's life. 180 pp. 3 pl. July 1, 1836, [to] July, 1839. 80. Phila- 18~. Philadelphia, pres7ytrian boardl of delphia, Moore & Waterhouse, etc. 1836-39. plblication, 1865, Parmer's (The) magazine. 3d series. v. 34. Parr (Jonathan). Plain letters on important JulytoDecember, 1868. 8~. London, Rofer- subjects. xxii, 230 pp. 180. Boston, L. son & Tu'ford, 1868. C. Bowles, 1831. Farmer's niuseum, or literary gazette. [Wal- Plarr (Richard). A new and practical method pole weekly]. Oct. 6, 1801, to Dec. 31, of stenography, or short-hand writing. 75 pp. 1803. Walpole, (N. II.) D. Newhall, and 16~. London, f. Wright, 1819.'Thlomas S'- Thomas, 1801-03. Thoas5 a, 1.FPars Pausselandry (-, vicomztesse de, pseuFarmer's (The) weekly museum; New HIamp- don.) See lamothe-Langon (1stienne shire and Vermont journal. April 4, 1797, to July 27, 1798. fol. Walpole, N. H. Da- on baron de). vid C~arlise, jlr. 1797-98. Parthing (John). Short-writing shortened; [With BOSTON gazette and republican'journal, 1797- or, the art of short-writing reduced to a 98]. method more speedy, plain, exact, and easie Farming by inches; or, "'with brains, sir." than hath been heretofore published, [etc.] [anon.] 123 pp. 120. Boston, Loring, 3 pl. 38 pp. 18%. London, T. linderhill, 1654. [1869]. Pasquelle (Jean Louis). Esprit de la converParquharson (Martha). Anna Hand, the sation franpaise; being a copious manual or meddlesome girl. 82 pp.2 pl. 180. Phila- class-book of French conversation. 275 pp. delphia, presbyterian publication committee, 120. New York, Ivison 4" Phinney, 1857. s, 1868. Fauconpret (Auguste Jean Baptiste doe). See Casella; or, the children of the valleys. Defauconpret. 389 pp. 120. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott Favier (-, l'abb6). Catalogue des livres de 4, co. 1869. la bibliothcbque de feu mons. l'abbe Favier. Eva Merton; or, the blue morocco pretre a Lille, dont la vente commencera shoes. 216 pp. 2 pl. 18~. Philadelphia, le jeudi, 19 septembre 1765. xxiv, 522 pp. presbyterian board of publication, 1866. 80. Lille, F. J. Jacquez, 1765.

Page  104 104 FAVIER. FERRERIA. Favier (l'abbe')-continued. Felton (Henry, d. d.) A dissertation on readCatalogue des estampes et tableaux du ing the classics, and forming a just style. cabinet de feu mons. l'abbe Favier. 2 p. 1. Written in the year 1709. 5th ed. xxvi pp. II - 144 pp. 80. Lille, Jacquez, 1765. 240 pp. 160. London, R. Baldwin, 1753. [With the preceding]. FPnelon (Fran9ois de Salignac de La Mothe). FPavine (Andrew). See Pavyn (Andre). El espiritu del Telemlaco; o, maximas y reFavre (Antoine). Les quatrains. See Pibrac flexiones politicas y morales del celebre (Guy du Faur) etc. poema intitulado Las aventuras del TelemaFavyn (Andr6). The theater of honour and co; sacadas fielmente, dispuestas por 6rden knight-hood; or a compendious chronicle alfabetico de materias [etc.] por Agustin and historie of the whole christian world. Garcia de Arrieta. 4 p. 1. xxxii, 234 pp. 16~. Containing the original of all monarchies, Madrid, B. Cano, 1796. kingdoms, and estates, with their emperours, - Tratado de la educacion de las hijas. kings, princes, and gouernours; their begin- Traducido en Espanol por R. Asensio. 3 p. 1. nings, continuance, and successions to this 203 pp. 18'. Madrid, viuda E. Sanchez, present time, [etc. ] Written in French, by 1769. Andrew Favine, [etc.] 2 v. in 1. 9 p. 1. FPermin (Philippe). Histoire naturelle de la 572 pp. 12 pl; 538 pp. fol. London, W. Hollande 6quinoxiale; on, description des laggard, 1623. animaux, plantes, fruits, et autres curiosit6s, Pay (Theodore S.) Great outline of geography qui se trouvent dans la colonie de Surinam; for high schools and families. Text-book to avec leur noms diff6rents, tant frain9ois, que accompany the universal atlas. viii, 238 pp. latins, hollandois, indiens et negre-anglois. 12~. New York, G. P. Putnam &' son, 1867. xii, 240 pp. I 1. I pl. 80. Amsterdam, Ml. Norman Leslie; a New York story. Mauerus, 1765. [New ed.] 3 p. 1. 391 pp. 120. New York, Reise durch Surinam. Aus dem FranG. P. Pltnam &' son, 1869. zisischen tibersetzt. 2 v. in 1. 4 p. 1. 246 pp; Febronius (Justinus, pseudon.) See HEont- 336 pp. 25 1.l1 map. 2 pl. 80. Potsdam, U. heim (Johann Nicolaus von). C. Horvath, 1782. Fecia (Agostino). Ajutarello a parlare famil- Fernandez (Felix M.) Gramdtica elemental iarmente italiano. 2" ed. 114 pp. 16G. latina, formada con arreglo al programa dcela Biella, L Fecia, 1843. direccion general de instruction publica. Pederal (The) gazette and the Philadelphia 1 p. 1. xxv, 182 pp. 160. Madrid, 1M. Rievening post. [Tri-weekly and daily]. cadeneira, 1848. S. March 8, 1788, to March 31, 1790. 3 v. Ferrari (Girolamo). Fortunati a Brixia ele 40. Philadelphia, Andrew Brown, 1788-90. menta mathematica, in quatuor tomos diPederalist (The); a collection of essays, gesta. 4 v. in 1. 4~. Brixie, J. M. Rizwritten in favour of the new constitution, as zardi, 1756. agreed upon by the federal convention, Sep- Ferrer (Francisco de Paula). El patriotismo tember 17, 1787. [By Alexander Hamilton, castigado en el afo de 1820; 6 sea, causa forJames Madison. and John Jay]. 2 v. in 1. mada al ciudadano d. Francisco de Paula vi, 227 pp; vi, 384 pp. 16~. Nesw York, Ferrer. [anon.] 126 pp. 16~. Matdrid, J. & A. MIcLean, 1788. imprenta especial de las cortes, 1821. The same. 2v. vi, 227 pp; vi, 384 pp. Ferrer de Couto (Jos6). Enough of war. 16~. New York, J. Tiebout, 1799. The question of slavery conclusively and Fehr (Dr. Adolph). Ueber die amyloide de- satisfactorily solved, as regards humanity at generation insbesondere der nieren. [Inau- large and the permanent interests of present gural dissertation]. 8, 164 pp. 8o. Bern, owners. 312 pp. 80. Newl York, S. Hallet, RIieder & Siminen, 1866. s. 1864. Felbinger (Jeremias). Christliches hand- Ferreria (Mateo Fernandez de Ia). Nuevo btichlein. 2 p.l. 128 pp. 16~. Lancaster, tratado de reduccion de monedas, efectivas, (Pa.) I. Bdlr, 1822. 6 imaginarias, de estos reynos de Espaai,'a Fellowes (Robert). A brief treatise on death, reales de vellon, [etc.] 192, 24 pp. 18~. philosophically, morally, and practically Madrid, l2l. Escribano, 1785. s. considered. 4 p.l. 134 pp. 1 1. 160. Lon- - - The same. 192 pp. 18~. Madrid, d(on, J. Mawlman, 1805. Ruiz, 1803. s.

Page  105 FERRIZ1 FIELD. Perriz (Francisco). Commentarius in bullam Pewsmnith (William)-continued. Benedicti pap. xiv: De pcenitente a confes- pp. 120. Philadelphia, Sower, Barnes 8& sario complice suo in peccato turpi et inho- Potts, 1866. nesto contra sextum decalogi prreceptum non An elementary grammar of the English absolvendo; et [in] posteriorem ejusdem language. 146 pp. 12~. Philadelphia, pontificis declarationem pro mortis articulo, Sower, Barnes &8 Potts, 1867. [etc. ] 15 p. 1. 135 pp. sm, 40. Vablentfte, Feydeau (Ernest). Du luxe des femmes, des S. T. Lucas, 1756. S. mceurs, de la litterature et de la vertu. 3 p. 1. Ferussac (Andr6 IEtienne Just Paschal Joseph 237 pp. 1 1. 12~. Paris, M Levy frires, Frangois d'Audebard, baron de). Mono- 1866. graphie des especes vivantes et fossiles du Feyerabend (Sigismund). Historia rervm genre melanopside, (melanopsis), et observa- in oriente gestarvm ab exordio mundi et orbe tions g6ologiques a leur sujet. 33 pp. 2 pl. condito ad nostra hec vsqve tempora. Una 4~. Paris, 1823. s. culn narratione compendiosa de rebus tvrcicis [Extract from M6moires de la soci6et d'histoire natu- et persicis; deque othomanici imperii initio relic de Paris]. et progressu in eam magnitudinem que hodie Pescourt (-). Histoire de la double conspi- omibus gentibus longi lateue metuenda omnibus gentibus longe lateque metuenda, ration de 1800, contre le gouvernement conest. [Ex Zonara i Niceta acominato, Nisulaire, et de la deportation, qui eut lieu dans sulaire, eto la duio, qdul outlieudans cephoro gregora, et Laonico chalcocondyla la deuxidme ann6e du consulat; contenant concinnata]. Interpretibus Hieronymo WToldes d6tails authentiques et curieux sur la fio et Conrado Clausero. 4 p 1. 297, 44 1. machine infirnale et sur les ddport6s, avec f ra, fol. Franctfurti ad Mrenum, S. Feyerabend, une carte g6ographique des iles Sdchelles et 1687. deux plans. 2 p. 1. xii, 330 pp. I map. 80~. Pai, ll i, 1P1Feyjo (Benito Geronimo). Justa repulsa Pa~is, GuilZlaumre' cie 1819. de iniquas accusaciones. Carta, en que Fesquet(A. A.) Coal tar colors [aniline, etc.] las impost, Pialh 89manifestando las imposturas, que contra el 38. Philadelphlia~ 1869. 30,Piladli, 1. theatre critico, y su autor, die al publico el [lI O'NEILL (C.) A dictionary of dyeing and calico printing. 1869, pp. 9-38]. r.p. fr. Francisco Soto Marne escrive a un Colors derived from coal tar, [etc. ] 8~. amigo suyo d. B. G. Feyjob. 18 p. 1. 115 pp. Philadelphia, 1869. 80. Madrid, A. Perez, 1749. s. [17n NAPIER (J.) A new system of chllemistry applied Ffirth (John). A narrative of the life and to dyeing. 1869, pp. 373-392]. death of the rev. Benjamin Abbott. 180. Fetridge (W. Pembroke). Handbook for Nrew Yorkl., 1836. travelers in Europe. See HCarpers' Hand- [,In ABBOTT (Rev. B.) Experience and gospel la. book. bors, pp. 257-284]. Feuillasse (Alexandre Gaspard de). See Per- Fialin (Jean Victor Albert). See Persigny. rault de Jotemps (A. G. de Feuillasse, vi- Fichte (Johann Gottlieb). The science of comte de). rights. Translated from the German, by A. Feuill6e or E'euillet (Louis). Journal des E. Krceger. 505 pp. 120, Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott & co. 1869. observations physiques, math6matiques et Pick (Rev. Herman). Lif and deeds of dr. botaniques, faites par l'ordre dui roy sur les Martin Luther. Translatedl from the Ger' c6tes orientales de l'Amerique meridionale, et man, by prof. M. Loy. viii, 181 pp. 160~ dans les Indes occidentales. depuis l'ann6e Columbuts, (O.)J.1. A. Schulze, 1869. 1707, jusques en 1712. 2 v. 8 p.1. 504 pp. 1 ap. 15 pl707,F; 4 p..pp.50-76758pl 40, 3Field (F. E.) The green-house as a winter garden; a manual for the amateur. With a 9Paris, P. Giffart, 171. list of suitable plants and their mode of culFeval (Paul Henri Corentin). Le fils du diable tore. With a preface by W C. Bryat, 86 4 v. in 2. 12~0. Paris, 3. Le'vyfrires, 1848. pp. 4 p1. 12~. New York, G. P. Pleticam 4 Few (A) hymns and some spiritual songs. son, 1869. Selected for the little flock. 2 p. 1. xii, 270 Field (J. C. and J.) Paraffine; its origin, pp. 24~. [Londozn], Groombridge sons, manufacture, and application. Together 1856. with a brief sketch of the various materials:ewsmith (William) and Singer (Edgar A.) employed for the purposes of illumination. A grammar of the English language. 228 31 pp. 160. London, 1862. s. 14

Page  106 1u06 FIELD. FISHER, Field (Thomas W.) The battle of Long Fillmore (A. D.) —continued. Island, with connected preceding events, sic, adapted to congregational worship; emand the subsequent American retreat. Intro- bracing also a course of elementary instructductory narrative, with authentic documents. ion in music. 400 pp. obl. 80. Cincinix, 549, xiii pp. 1 pl. 2 maps. 80. Brook- nati, R. [Vz Carroll S co. [1867]. lyn, by the society, 1869. The same. Cincinnati, R. W. [LONG ISLAND historical society. Memoirs, v. 2]. Carroll S& co. 1869. Field (William), An historical and descrip- Filmer (Sir Robert). Qurestio quodlibetica; tive account of the town and castle of War- or, a discourse, whether it may bee lawfull wick, and the neighboring spa of Leaming- to take use for money. 20 p. 1. 150 pp. 180, ton; to which are added short notices of the London, H. Moseley, 1653. towns, villages, etc. within the circuit of ten:Finney (Rev. Charles G.) The character, miles. [anon. ] 2 p. 1. 444, 24 pp. 2 1. 5 pl. claims, and practical workings, of freema1 map. 80. Warwick, H. Sharpe, 1815. sonry. 272 pp. 16G. Cincinnati, western Fielding (Henry). An enquiry into the tract and book society, [1869]. causes of the increase of robbers, etc. With Lectures on revivals of religion. A resome proposals for remedying this growing vised ed, 445 pp. 120. Oberlin, (O.) E. evil. 2d ed. xxxii, 203 pp. 16%, London, J. Goodrich, [1868]. A. Millar, 1751. Finney (S. J.) The Bible; is it of divine ~igueiredo (Manuel de). Hydrographia,, origin, authority, and influence? 3d ed. exame de pilotos, No qual se contem as 115 pp. 120. Boston, B. Marsh, 1866. regras que todo piloto deve guardar em suas nauega96es. Coin os roteiros de Portugal Fireside (The) companion. See New York para o Brazil, Rio da Prata, Guin6, Sam fireside companion. ThomB, Angolla, et Indias de Portugal, et First and last; a poem, intended to illustrate Castella. 12 p. 1. 128 1. 40.. Lisboa, V. the ways of God to man. 267 pp. 160, Alvary, 1614. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott - co. 1864. Figuier (Guillaume Louis). La vie et les Fischer (Christian August). Bijdraagen tot mccurs des animaux. Zoophytes et mol- eene meer naauwkeurige kennis der spaanlusques. xi, 500 pp. I 1 pl. 80. Paris, L. schebezittingeninAmerika. UithetSpaansch Hachette et cie. 1866. in het Hoogduitsch overgezet, en met eenige Fillmore (Augustus D.) Harp of Zion; abook aanmerkingen voorzien. (Uit het Hoogof church music. Containing also a concise duitsch). vi, 220 pp. l 1. 80. Leyden, D. course of instruction for schools and private' Du Morties & zoon, 1804. learners on a mathematically constructed Fischer (Friedrich Ernst Ludwig), and Meyplan of notation. 336 pp. obl. 83. Cm- er (Carl Anton). Enumeratio plantarum cinnacti, R. [Z. Carroll & co. [ 1867]. novarum a clarissimo Schrenk lectarum. 2 v. and Fillmore (C. L.) The little min- in 1. vii, 113 pp. 2pl; iii, 77 pp. 80. Petropstrel; a collection of songs and music, with oli, typis G. Fischeri, 1841-42.. lessons of instruction and mathematically Fi gh (illiam). The macrocosm and:Fishbough (William). The macrocosm and arranged plan of notation. 128 pp. obl. 160. microcosm; or, the universe without and Cincinnati, nR. W. Carroll 4f co. [1867]. the universe within: being an unfolding of - -- The polyphonic; or, juvenile the plan of creation, [etc.] Part 1. The choralist. Designed for schools and youth macrocosm. 259 pp. 120. New York, FowEgenerally; also adapted to use in religious ler f'ells, 1852. meetings and in the home circle. In three parts. 128 pp. obl. 16~. Cincinnati, R. Fisher (George J. m. d.) Diploteratology. pIV Carroll 2 GOp. [o1863]0. CiinnatiR. An essay on compound human monsters, comW. Carroll & co. [ 1863]. The violet; a book of music prising the history, literature, classification., description, and embryology of double and and hynns, with lessons of instruction, designed for Sunday schools, social meetings, triple formation; including parasitic mon signed for Sunday schools, social meetings, sters, foetus in foetu, and superlnumerary deand home circle. 128 pp. obl. 160. Cincin-tu and supernumerary denati, R. IF. Carroll c co~. [1867]. (velopment. 3 parts in 1 v. 1 p. 1. [164 pp. ---- eand Skene (Robert). Christian psal[Extracts from the Transactions of the medical socitery; a collection of new and old sacred mu- ety of the state of New York].

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Page  108 ~08 FLINT. 1FORRESTER. Flint (Timothy). Lectures upon natural his- Fontaine (Dr. A. de)-continued. tory, geology, chemistry, the application of ture and reason, and the confidential doctor steam, and interesting discoveries in the arts. at home. 3 parts in i v. 507 pp. 80. Boston, 408 pp. 12~. Boston, Lilly, Wait, Colman author, 1845. *- Holden, 1833. A practical key to the confidential docPlores (Antonio). Cr6nica del viage de sus tor at hone, in accordance with the bool of majestades y altezas reales [Isabel ii. y su ma- prudential revelations, and the golden bible rido] a las islas Baleares, Cataluilo y Aragon, of nature. 53 pp. 8. Boston, [a tlor], en 1860, [etc.] 2'ed. 2v.inl. 190 pp; 1845. 190 pp. 160. Madrid, idnprenta de La cor- r With his Book of prudential revelationsl. respondencia de Espaf~a, 186.. Fontana (Felice). Trattato del veleno della vipera de' veleni americani, di quello del Florian (Jean Pierre Claris de). Belton; 6, el lesposo in(Jel. Cartres iClesas. Traducion 6e lauro-regio e di altri veleni vegetabili. Vi si esposo infiel. Cartas inglesas. Traducion agglungono alcune osservazioni sopra la libre del Francds al Espanol. 153 pp. 1 1. n struttura primitiva del corpo animale, varie 16~. Barcelona, J. MBayol' ca. 1828. s. Gonzalve do Condone; o,. Grenade re- sperienze su la riproduzione de' nervi; e la descrizione d'un nuovo canale dell' occhio. conquise. Pr6c6d6 du precis historique sur es Maures. Nouv. d. Agmente de notes 2 v. in 1. 179 pp; 248 pp. 12C. Napoli, es Nuova societd litteraria e tipografica, 1787. historiques et gdographiques, par m. Gros. I p.1. ii, 456 pp. 1 pl. 160~. Londres, Cx, Fontpertuis (A-. Front de). See Front de fils 4 Baylis, 1808. Fontpertuis. El tejedor y el visir. Cueinto oriental. Footsteps in the light. [anon.] 168 pp. 2 Traducion libre del Franc6s al Castellano. pl. 18~. Philadelphia, presbyterian board of 72 pp. 160. Barcelona, J. Mayol 4' ca. 1828. s. publication, [1868]. [ With his Belton]. Forbes (Edward). Natural history departFlorida (State of). Journal of the proceedings ment of the crystal palace. Zoology and of the constitutional convention, begun Jan. botany. 120. London, 1854. 20th, 1868. 134pp. 80. Tallahassee, E. M. Forbes (Hugh). Manual of the patriotic Cheney, 1868. volunteer, on active service, in regular and Florida herald, and southern democrat. irregular war. v. 1. 18~. New York, Wi4 (Weekly). May 5, 1838; to June 24, 1845. H. Tinson, 1854. s. 3 v. fol. St. Ausgustine, J. M. Gould, 1838-45. [v. 2 wanting]. [Impelfect]. Forbes (John, of Corse). Opera omnia. inter Florida (The) republican. (Jacksonville qum plurima posthuma, reliqua ab ipso auweekly). March 6, 1851, to April 1, 18.57. toreinterpolata, emendataatque aucta, [edenfol. Jacksonville, 1851-57. tibus Gurtlero et Gardnero, etc.] 2 v. 15 p. 1. Flossy Lee. By Faith Wynne. [psetudon.] 294 pp. 5 1. 619 pp; 16 p. 1. 736 pp. 25 1. fol. 209 pp. 2 pl. 18~. Philadelphia, J. P. Skelly Amstel(edami, H. lWetstenius, etc. 1702-03. 4- co. 1869. IPorbonnais (Frangois V6ron de). Consid6raFloyd (A.) The art of writing short-hand tions sur les finances d'Espagne. [anon ] 1 made easy, being a concise and complete sys- p. 1. 173 pp. 180. Dresde, 1753. tenm of characters, [etc.] 33 pp. 80. TYar- Forester (Fanny, pseudon). See Chubbuck rington, M. & J. Leicester, 1818. (Emily). Plower (William Henry). On the value of Formula of prescriptions, and various instructhe characters of the base of the cranium in tions, for the service and guidance of those the classification of the order carnivora, [etc.] 35 pp. 8. Londo, 1869. S. who apply to the enemy of human diseases, [etc.] 35 pp. 8~. Londons, 1869. s. loyer (Sir John). A treatise of the asthma, [with] a vindication concerning the dietical Ployer (Sir John). A treatise of the asthma, abstinence, [etc.] By Sylvan, enemy to [etc.] 3d ed. corrected. 1 p. 1. xxx, 208 pp. human diseases. [pselon.] 138pp. 8t 8~. London, R. WFilki, 1726. ovidece H. Mann, 1813 Folrlowingl the leader. C[anon.] f247 pp. 2 p1. [Written by a quack, generally known as the "Rain180~. Boston, American tract society, 1867. water doctor"]. Fontaine (Dr. A. de). The bookl of pruden- Forrester (Francis, pseudon.) See Wise tial revelations; or, the golden bible of na- (Daniel).

Page  109 109 ]FORSTER. FOURCAULT. Forster (Georg). Abhandlungiiber die nord- of development in population and material west kiiste von America und den dortigen wealth. xvi, 443 pp. 2 maps. 80. Chicago, pelzhandel. See Meares (Capt. John). S. C. Griggs & co. 1869. Reisen nach der nord-westkiiste von Ameri- PFoster (Nathan Lanesford). The last of his ka. family, and other poems, occasional and.- See Forster (Johann Reinhold and miscellaneous. 3ded. with additions.'228 pp. George). 1 pl. 16~. Philadelphia, G. [F. Gorton, 1847. Forster (John). The statesmen of the com- Poster (R. S. d.d.) Christian purity; or, the monwealth of England. With a treatise on heritage of faith. Revised, enlarged, and the popular progress in English }history. adapted to later phases of the subject. With Edited by J O0. Choules. xlii, 647 pp. 5 pl. an introduction, by bishop Janes. 364 pp. 80. New York, Harper & brothers, 1847. 120. New York, Carlton & Lanahan, 1869. Walter Savage Landor. A biography. Foster (-). Foster's first principles of In eight books. 3 p. 1. 693 pp. I1pl. 1 portrait. chemistry, [etc.] 135 pp. 12~. New York, 120. Boston, Fields, Osood & co. 1869. Harer & -brothers, 1855. s. Forster (Johann Georg Adam). Voyage phi- Fothergill (Samuel). The necessity and dilosophique et pittoresque, sur les nives cdu vine excellency of a life of purity and holiRhin, h Li6ge, dans la Flandre, le Brabant, ness, set forth with pathetic energy. 1st Sala Hollande, l'Angleterre, la France, etc. fait lem ed. 112 pp. 180. Salenz, (Mass.) T. C. en 1790. Traduit de l'Allemand, [etc.] par Cashing, 1792. C. Pougens. 2e 6d. 2 v. xvi, 408 pp; I p. 1. o d:Foucher d'Obsolnvrille (-). Essais philoso446 pp. 8~. Paris, F. Buisson, 1800. pImperfect: wanting FB pi.] phiques sur les mceurs de divers animaux [Imperfect: wannting 10 p o.1 Porster (Johann Reinhold), and gForster dtrangers, avec des observations relatives (Georg). Beschreibungen der gattungen aux principes et usages de plusieurs peuples. von -pflanzen auf einer reise nach den inseln Ou extraits des voyages de M'v en Asie. der Siid-See, gesammelt wihrend denl jahren [anon. ] 4 p. 1. 430 pp. 1 p. 80~. Paris, Cou1772 hbis 1775. Aus demLateinischen iiber- tunie, 1783. setzt, und von 75 bis auf 17 kupferplatten Fougasses (Thomas). The generall historie eingeschritnkt, durch J. S. Kerner. 11 p. 1. of the magnificent state of Venice. From 160 pp. 8 1. 18 pl. 8~. Stuttgart, C. G. the first fovndation thereof vntill this present. Mdntler, 1779. S. Englished by W. Shvte. 2 v. in 1. 3 p. 1 Forstlner (Christoph). Epistolre, negotium 579 pp; 500 pp. 21 1. fol. London, G. Eld pacis Osnabrugo monasteriensis concer- & TV. Stansby, 1612. nentes. Accessit anonymi epistola de comi-:Fouqueau de Pussy (Madame J. J.) Le tiis electoralibus Ratisbone habitis; ut et epis- grand-pkre et ses quatre petits-fils. Livre de tola sive judiciumr de moderno imperil statu. lecture, [etc.] Ist American ed. with notes, I p. 1. 209 pp. 240~. Montpelgardi, 1670. by Francis S. Williams. xii, 420 pp. 120. Fort(G.) We four villagers. A tale of do- Boston, Hicklling, Snow & Brown, 1854. s. mestic life in Pennsylvania. 339 pp. 120. Fouquet or Foucquet (Nicolas, marquis Philadelphia, J. S. McCalla, 1861. de Belle-Isle) The counsel of wisdoms. See Fortnightly (The) review. Edited by John Boutauld (Michel). Morley. Jan. to Dec. 1869. New series, v.:Fourbe (La) ddcouverte et le trompeur trompe. 5-6. [Complete series, v. 11-12]. 80. Romance par m. l'abbe de B. pr6cepteur des London, Chapman - Hall, 1869. enfans de m. le ducde V. [anon.] 143 pp. Fortunato da Brescia. See Ferrari (Giro- 18~. Phileutherie, F. Eutrapele, 1706. lamo), Fourcault (Alexandre). Causes g6nelrales Foster (John). Biographical, literary, and des maladies chroniques, specialement de la philosophical essays: contributed to the phthisie pulmonaire, et moyens de pr6venir le "Eclectic review." 419 pp. 120. New York, d6veloppement de ces affections; avec l'exD. Appleton & co. 1844. pos6 succinct des recherches expdrimentales Foster (John W. Il.d.) The Mississippi valley: sur les fonctions de la peau, qui ont obtenu its physical geography, including sketches of un prix Montyon a l'Institut do France, the topography, botany, climate, geology, dans sa s6ance publique de 1840. viii, 480 and mineral resources; and of the progress pp. 80. Paris, B. Dusillion, 1844.

Page  110 110 FOURNELb FRANCE. rournel (V.) Curiosit6s th6atrales anciennes France-continued. et modernes franvaises et BtrangBres. 2 p. 1. Expos6 de la situation de l'emviii, 404 pp. 160. Paris, A. Delahays, 1859. pire pr6sent6 au s6nat et au corps l6gislatif, Fowler (A. and J.) The southern school janvier 1863. fol. Paris, imprimerie imarithmetic; or, youth's assistant. Contain- p6riale, 1863. ing the most concise and accurate rules for The same. Janvier 1869. x, performing operations in arithmetic, [etc.] 339 pp. smin. fol. Paris, imprimerie imp6Revised by M. Gibson. 184 pp. 160. Rich- riale, 1869. mond, Wtest &8 Johnson, 1864. Statistique do la France. 20 Pownes (George). A manual of elementary serie. v. 10-15, and 17. 4o. Strasbozurg, chemistry, theoretical and practical. From imprimerie administrative de veuve Bergerthe 10th revised and corrected English edi- Levrault, 1861-69. s. tion. Edited by Robert Bridges, m.d. 857 CONTENTS. pp. 80. Philadelphia, H. C. Lea, 1.869. v. 10. Mouvemnent de la population pendant les ann6es 1855, 1856, et 1857. 1861. Foxcroft (Francis, pseudon? ) " Transcript" v. 11. Mouvement de la population pendant les anpieces. 92 pp. 18~. North Adams,(Mass.) n6es 1858, 1.859 et 1860. 1863. v. 12. Prix et salaires d diverses 6poques. 1863. J. T. Robinson & co. 1866. v. 13. Population. 1864. Foxton (E. pseudon.) See Palfrey (Sarah). Yv. 14. Statistique des asiles d'ali6n6s pour les ann6ex 1854 A 1860. 1865. Fracanzano da Montalboddo (Antonio). v. 15. Statistique de l'assistance publique. 1866. v. 17. R6sultats g6n6raux du d6nombrement de 1866. See Montalboddo. 1869. Pranga (Ernesto Ferreira). Chrestomathia Ministre des finances. Budget de l'ex da lingua brazilica. xviii, 230 pp. 160~. ercice 1870. Projet de loi pour la fixation Eeipzig, F. ~A. Brockhaus, 1859. Leipzig, F. A. Brockhaus, 1859. des recettes et des d6penses ordinaires de France. Bail des fermes royales-unies, fait A l'execice 1870. Expos6 des motifs; projet m. Pierre Carlier, le 19 aoust 1726, pour six de loi et d6veloppements a l'appui; budget anes. p. 1. 440 pp. 21. [s.] 40 Paris, des recettes; budget des d6penses des d6imprimerie royale, 1728. Bail des fermes royales-uni8s, fait a m. partements minist6riels. 4~. Paris, impriBail des fermes royales-unies, fait a m. Jacques Forceville, pour six ann6es, le 16 septembre 1738. 15 p. 1. 340 pp. 40. Paris, --- The same. Projet de loi pour imprimnerie royale, 1739. la fixation du budget extraordinaire de l'ex-. Journal des 6tats g6n6raux de France, ercice 1870. Session de 1869. ix, 125 pp. tenus a Tours en 1484, sous le rhgne de 40. Paris,imprimerie imperiale, 1869. Charles viii. Du Latin, par Adhelen Ber- Direction ge6nrale des douanes. nier. xix, 745 pp. 40~. Paris, imprimerie Tableau des droits d'entr6e et de sortie. 194 royale, 1835. pp. sm. fol. Paris, imprimerie imperiale, --— ~Rapport sur les troubles de Saint-Do- 1869. mingue. Par J. P. Garran, deput6. Imprim6 Ministlre de la guerre. Annuaire milipar ordre de la convention nationale. 4 v. taire de l'empire frangais pour l'ann6e 1868. 8~. Paris, inmprimerie nationale, 1797-99. Publie sur les documents communiqu6s par:-____ Ministdre des affaires etrangeres. Af- le ministre de la guerre. lxxj, 1169,2 pp. faires 6tranghres. Documents diplomatiques. 12~0. Paris, J. Dumaine, 1868. [Livre jaune], no. x-xii. 1867-69. 3 v. fol. Reglement provisoire pour le Palris, imprimerie imnperiale, 1867-69. service des troupes en campagne, 1809. 1 Correspondencia autentica de la p. 1.236 pp. 2 pl. 160. Paris, Anselin 4corte de Roma con la Francia. See Papal Pochard, 1821. s. states. - -- (ComitW de l'artillerie). Aide_______.Ministere de lVagricultulre, du commerce nm6moire, t l'usage des officiers d'artillerie. et des travaux publics. Chemins de fer de 2e ed. (1844). 2e tirage. xl, 743 pp. 99 pl. l'Europe. Recettes comparatives des ann6es 8~. Strasbourg, Berger-Levrault, 1851. s. 1861 et 1862. 1 p. 1. 55 pp. 40. Paris, im- Ministere de l'instruction publique et des primerie imperiale, 1864. cultes. Collection de documents in6dits sur Chemins de fer frangais. Situa- l'histoire de France. ire s6rie. Histoire tion au 31 d6c. 1863. 40. Paris, imprimerie pdlitique. 40. Paris, imprimerie impbriale, imperiale, 1864. 1863-69.

Page  111 111 FRANCE. FREDAIR. France-continued. Franclieu (- marquis de). Les libres-6chanCONTENTS, gistes ne sont pas des 6conomistes. 2 p. 1. Du CANGE (C. du Fresne, sieur). Les families d'ou tre-mer, 1869. 394pp. 1l. 8~. Paris, E. Dentu, 1868. ]RICHELIEU (A. J. du Plessis, duc de). Lettres, in- Francolini (Baldassarre). Tirocinium theostructions diplomatiques, et papiers d'etat. v. 5-6. 1863-67. logicum, quo traditur compendiaria notitia GRENOBLE. Cartulaires de l'6glise cath6drale do Grenoble, dits cartulaires de Saint-Hugues, pub- theologie scripturalis, [etc.] 6 p. 1. 208 pp. lies par J. Marion. 1869. 4 1. 18~. Venetiis, J. B. Recurti, 1755. s. -~-~- Statistique de l'instruction pri- _ The same. 212 pp. 18~. Venetiis, H. maire pour l'ann6e 1861. 40~. Paris, im- Dorigoni, 1772. primerie imzp6riale, 1864. Erank Harvey in Paris, and how he spent his Ministere de l'inte'rieur. Analyse des Sundays. By the author of "Money," [etc. vceux des conseils gendraux de d6partement, anon.] 197 pp. 1 pl. 180. Philadelphia, sur divers objets d'administration et d'utilit6 presbyterian publication society, [18693. publique, [etc. ] Session de 1840. 80.:Franklin (Benjamin). Life. Written by Paris, P. Dupont 4f cie, 1841. himself. 132 pp. 160. Salem, Cushing &. Ministre de la marine et des colonies. Carlton, 1796. Notice sur la transportation a ia Guyane The same. Leven. Door hemzelven franqaise et'a 1a Nouvelle-Caledonie, [etc.] beschreven. Benevens deszelfs zede-, staat-, i p. 1. 95 pp. 2 maps. 8~. Paris, imprimerie letterkundige en geestige schriften. Uit het impdriale, 1867. s. Engelsch. 2 v. in 1. 6 p. 1.258 pp; 1 1. 4 po. Francis (Samuel W. m. d.) Inside out; a 432 pp. 8~. Groningen, TW. Zuidema, 1798curious'book. By a singular man. [anon.] 1800. 4 p. 1. 364 pp. 160. New York, Miller, The same. Der weg zum gliick, oder Mathews & Clasback, 1862. leben und meynungen des dr. Benjamin *.~ Report of prof. Valentine Mott's surgi- Franklin. Von ihm selbst geschrieben. 128 cal cliniques in the university of New York, pp 180. Reading, (Pa.) H. B. Sage, 1820. session 1859-t60. xii, 209 pp. 3 pl. 16G. lFrankliniana; ou, recueil d'anecdotes, bon New York, S. S. 8 W. [Wood, 1860. mots, [etc.] de Benjamin Franklin. Par un Francisci [Finx] (Erasmus). Guineischer Am6ricain. [anon.] 108 pp. 180. Paris, und amerikanischer blumen-pusch; welcher Tiger, [about 1820]. einen ergetzlichen geruch mancherley merck- Frasans (Hippolyte de) and Langlois (Jean licher eigenschafften, wunderlicher thiere, Thomas). Memoiro pour le chef de brigade vogel, fische; u. a. m. imgleichen allerkl6nige Magliore P6lage et pour les habitants de la in Peru und Mexico geschichten und denck- Guadaloupe, chargds par cette colonie, de wiirdigen verrichtungen von sich streuet. l'adlninistration provisoire, apres le depart Nebenst beigedrucktem anhang der hiebeij du capitaine-g6n6ral Lacrosse. 2 v. 2 p. 1. zugleich neuauffgelegten Michael Hemmer- 326, xl pp; vii, 358 pp. 1 1 80. Paris, Desam's sel. guineisch- und west-indianischen senne, etc. 1802-03. reisebeschreibung. 3 p.1.400pp. 4 1.110pp. Fraser (Rev. James). Report on the common 131. 23 p1. 160e Niirnberg, P. Fiirst, 1669. school system of the United States and CanFrancisco de Jesus Maria. Arco de paz, y ada. See Great Britain. Schools inquiry torre de fortaleza. Vida, martyrio, y mil- commissions. agros de santa Barbara, virgen y martyr, Fraser's [monthly] magazine for town and [etc.] 14 p.l. 198 pp. 2 1. 160. Barce- country. Jan. to Dec. 1869. v. 79-80. 80. Iona, A. Ferrer, 1722. London, Lonzgmans, [1869]. Fralncke (August Hermann). Einleitunngzur FPravega (Antonio Angel de). Kalendario salesung der heil. schrift, insonderheit des neuen cro-poetico lirico: vidas de santos en verso. testaments, [etc.] 7e ed. 10 p.1.148 pp. 372 pp. 21. 160. Burgos, J. de Navas, 18~. Halle, waysenhaus, 1729. [about 1820]. *~ -- IKurzer auszug aus der einleitung zur Fray (J. B.) Essai sur l'origine des corps or-. lesung der h. schrift, in frage und antwort, ganisds et inorganis6s, et sur quelques ph6fiir diejanigen welche die jugend und einfalti- nomenes de physiologie animale et v6dgtale. gen zur lesung der h. schrift anfiihren sollen. vi, 317 pp. 8~. Paris, ve Courcier, 1817. 48pp. 18~. Halle, waysenhaus, 1729. Fredair (Anna). Minor place. 281 pp. 120. [ IWith the preceding]. New York, E. J. Hale & sons, 1869.

Page  112 FREELAND. FREZIER. Freeland (Humphrey William). Lectures French (D'Arcy A.) Parsing made easy; an and miscellanies. xi, 229 pp. 8~0. London, English grammar, [etc.] 168 pp. 16~. Longman &S co. 1857. Baltimore, B. Edes, 1831. s. Freeman (Edward Augustus). The history of French (Jacob). The psalmodist's companthe Norman conquest of England, its causes ion, in four parts, [etc.] 100 pp. obl. 80. and its results. v. 3. The reign of Harold Worcester, (Mass.) I. Thomas, 1793. and the interregnum. 80~. Oxford, Claren- French (John H. II. d.) Common school dconpress, 1869. arithmetic; combining the elements of the Freeman (Henry C.) Geology of La Salle sc'ience, with their practical application to Freem~nan (Henry C.) @Geology of La Salle county. 8~. -Chiccago, 1868. business. 336 pp. 120. New York, Harper [ILLINOIS (Geological survey of). v. 3, part 1, chap. brothers, 1869. 141. Freneau (Philip). Poems. 3ded. 2 v. iv, Freeman's (The) journal; or, the North 9280 pp. 1 pl; 302, xii pp. 1 pl. 160. PhilaAmerican intelligencer. [Philadelphia delphia, Lydia R. Bailey, 1809. weekly]. A1ril 25, 1781, to Dec. 27, 1786; Frere (1Adouard). Manuel du bibliographe norJan. 2, 1788, to May 2, 1792. fol. Philae mand; ou, dictionnaire bibliographique et hisdelphia, 1781-92. torique, [etc.] 2 v. 3 p. 1. 492 pp; 3 p. 1. xiii, Freeman's journal and Philadelphia mercan- 632 pp. 80. Rouen, A. Le Brument, 1858-60. tile advertiser. See Philadelphia mercan- Freudenthal (A. O.) Om svenska ortnamn tile advertiser. (Daily). i egentliga Finland, retc.] 22 pp. 8S. HelFreemason's (The) companion: a ritual of singfors, Finska litteratursellskapets tryckeri, the entered apprentice, fellow craft, and mas- 1868. s. ter mason's degrees, the past master's degree, [In FINSKA veteuskaps societeten. Bidrag till kannedom af Finlands natur och folk. 11 hiftet], with the several forms and ceremonies per- Om Alands ortnamn. pp. 23-58. 8. taining thereto. Also, the ceremonies for in- Helsingfors, 1868. S. stalling the officers of grand lodges. Ar- [With the preceding]. ranged from the craftsman and templar's Frey (Heinrich) and Leuckart (Rudolph). text-book. 192 pp. 16g. Cincinnacti, J. Lehrbuch der anatomie der wirbellosen Ernst & CO. 1869. thiere. 80. Leipzig, 1847. Freese (Jacob R. m. d.) Tho old world. Pal- [WAGNER (R.) Lehrbuch der zootomie, v. 21. estine, Syria, and Asia Minor. Travel, inci- Frey (Joseph Samuel Christian Fredericl). dents, description and history. 458 pp. 11pl. The converted jew; or, memoirs of [his] 12C. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott & O. life, who was bon a jew, but is no a min1869. ister of the gospel. To which is added, an Free-trader (The). [New York monthly]. address to christians in behalf of the descendJune, 1868, to May, 1869. v. 2. sm. fol. ants of Abraham. Armstrong's 3d ed. 162 New York, J. Savell, 1868-69. pp. 180. Boston, T. Armnstrong, 1816. NOTE.-Vol. I is known as " The League. " Freyreiss (Georg Wilhelm). Beitriige zur Free-will baptists. The psalmody: a collec- naherelr enntniss des kaiserthums Brazilien, tion of hymns for public and social worship. nebst einer schilderung der colonie Leopol. Compiled by order of the free-will baptist dina, [etc.] Erster teil. xii, 170 pp. 1 1. 80. general conference. 701 pp. 16~. Dover, Frankfurt asn M1aim,'J. D. Sanerlander, 1824. (N. H.)free-will baptist printing establishment, Frezier (Amidee Frangois). Relation du [18531. voyage de la mer du sud aux chtes du Chili, Fremantle (Lieut.-col. Arthur James). Three du P1rou, et du Brersil, fait pendant les an. months in the southern states: April-June, nes 1712, 1713, et 714. 2 1. xx,600 1863. 158 pp. 12~. AIlobile, S. H. Goetzel, pp. 1S maps. 21 pl. 160. Amsterdam, P. 18t64. Huambert, 1717. French (Benjamin Franklin). Historical The same. Reis-beschryving door de collections of Louisiana and Florida, includ- Zuid-zee, langs de kusten van Chili, Peru, ing translations of original manuscripts re- en Brazil, opgestelt op eene reistocht gedaan lating to their discovery and settlement, in dejahren 1712, 1713, en 1714, [etc.] Nevwith numerous historical and biographical ens eene beschryvinge van de regeringe der notes. New series. 2 p. 1. 2 pp. 1. 36 pp. Yncas, [etc. ] Het eena nit het Fransch ver80. Nezw York, J. Sabin 4f~ sons, 1869. taalt, en het andere opgemaakt uit verseheide

Page  113 113 F'R ZIER. FROUDE. Prezier (Amedde Francois)-continued. PFr6hliche (Der) botschafter, und vertheidiger schryveren, door I. Yerburg, [etc.] 7 p. 1. der allgemeinen oder universal-erlosung, 406 pp. 18 maps. 15 pl. smin. 4. Amster- 1829-30. 2 v. in 1. 192 pp; 192 pp. 8~. dam, R. c G. Wetstein, 1718. Lacaster, G. Grosch g J. Myers, 1829-30. The same. Reise nach der Siid-see, Frolics (The) of Puck. [anon.] 2 v. 232 und denen ktisten von Chili, Peru, und pp; 211 pp. 120. New York, Harper 4Br~asilien. Aus dem Franzdsischen itber- brothers, 1834. setzet, [etc.] Zum andermal herausgegeben, Fromberg (Emanuel Otto). An essay on the und mit einem anhang aus der in den jahren art of painting on glass. From the German. 1740 bis 1744 von George Anson, nach der 2 p.1. 116 pp. 160. London, J. 7eoale, 1851. Siid-see, oder sneistens um die ganze welt, Fromnond or Froidlmont (Libert). Meteorogethanenen reise vermehret. 3 p. 1. 640 pp. logicorvm libri sex. 6 p. 1. 420 pp. 9 1. 4~. 6 pl. 5 maps. 160. Hamburg, T. von Wier. Antverpie, ex officina plantiniana, 1627. ing's erben, 1745. Vesta, sive ant-aristarchi vindex, adFricius (Valentinus). Indianischer religion- uersus Iac. Lansbergium Philippi F. mcdistandt der gantzen newen welt, beider Indien culm middelburgensem. In quo decretum s. gegen auff vnd nidergang der sonnen: congregationis S. R. E. cardinalium anno schleinigister form auss grandtlichen histo- mdcxvi, et alterum anno mdcxxxiii aduersus rien, sonderbar dess hochwirdigen vatters copernicanos terrme motores editurn, iterum Francisci Gonzagen barfiisserisch6 ordens- defenditur. 12 p.l. 174 pp. 1. 40~. Antcroniken, vnd Didaci Vallades, geistlicher verpi(e, B. Moret, 1634. rhetoric zusammen gezogen,vnd aussmlatein Front de Fontpertuis (A.) Les Frangais en in hochteutsch verwendet. 16 p. 1. 200 pp. Amriqe. Le Canada. 2p. 1. xi, 264 pp 16~0. In~g~olstatdt, UW;. Eder~, 1588. 16~. Paris, J. Albanel, 1867. Priedmann (S.) Niederlcindisch Ost- und Friedmann (S.) Niederndsh Ost- nd Frost (John, ll.d.) The pictorial history of Westindien. Ihre neueste gestaltung in the United States, from the discovery by the geographischer, statistischer, und culturhis-.orischer hins, mNorthmen in the tenth century to the present torischer hinsicht, mit besonderer darstellung derX~ kmd- ~time. With engravings by W. Croomle. d'er klmartischen uLnd sanitattischen verhait4 v. in 2. 8~. Philadelphia, B. Talk7er, nisse. ] p. l. viii, 274 pp. 1 pl. 8~. Niin- 1844 chen, G. Franz, 1860. Friend (The), an independent monthly. Jan Flrost (Sarah Annie). The book of tableaux to Dec. 1868. v.3. 80. fNewz Yowrk, Friend and shadow pantomimes, with complete stage association, 1868. instructions. 180 pp. 160. New York, Dick Friend (Julia M.) The Chester family; or, o Fitzgerald, [1869]. the curse of the drunkard's appetite. 224 pp. Laws and by-laws of American society. I portrait. 160. Boston, W. Wh/ite & co. 1869 A condensed but thorough treatise on etiFriendly. (The) crook to guide young lambs. quette and its usages in America, containing [anon.] 38 pp. 9 p1. 4t 0 PhiyladgelpAia, plain and reliable directions for deportment in American s. s. union, 1865. every situation in life, [etc.] 175 pp. 160. Fries (Elias). Systema mycologicum, sistens New Yrk, Dick Fitzgeald, 1869. fungorum ordines, genera et species, huc Frothinghamn (Rev. Ephraim L. and A. L.) usque cognitas, quas ad normam methodi Philosophy as absolute science, founded in naturalis determinavit, disposuit atque de- the universal laws of being, and including onscripsit. 4 v. 12~. Lundee, 1821-30. tology, theology, and psychology made one, Frdbel (Julius), and Heer (Oswald). Mit- as spirit, soul, and body. v. 1. xxxiv, theilungen aus dem gebiete der theoretischen 453 pp. 80. Boston, Walker, Wise & co. erdkunde. 2 p.1.277 pp. 8~. Ziurich, D. 1864. Filssli e cie. 1834. s.:Froude (James Anthony). History of EnFrobisher (Martin). Les trois navigations gland from the fall of Wolsey to the death of pour chercher un passage A la Chine et au Elizabeth. v. 1-4 [Henry viii]. 120. New Japon par la mer glaciale, 1576-78. Tra- York, C. Scribner & co. 1870. duites de l'Anglois. 160. Amsterdam, J. F. - The same. Reign of Elizabeth. v. 5-6. Bernard, 1720. [v. 11-12 of the whole work]. 80. London, [RECUEIL d'arrests de la compagnie d'occident]. Longmans, Green 4- co. 1870.

Page  114 114 FRUIT-GATHERING. GCAGE e F:ruit-gathering; or, one summer's work and Funck (Heinrich). Eine restitution oder erreward. A story for children. [anon.] 134 klirung einiger hauptpuncte des gesetzes, wie pp. 2 pl. 180. Philadelphia, American sun- es durch Christum erfiillet ist [etc. ] 2C ameriday school union, 1868. kanische ausgabe. 7 p.1. 486 pp. 8. LanPry (Benjamin St. James). The life of Robert caster, (Pa.) J. Bar's sbuhne, 1862. R. Roberts, one of the bishops of the method- Fundament (Ein) und klare anweisung von ist episcopal church. 126 pp. 180. New der seligmachenden lehre unsers herrn Jesu York, Carlton & Phillips, 1856. s. Christi, [etc.] Aus der niederlPAndischen Fry (Caroline). The gospel of the old testa- sprache in die hochdeutsche gebracht, [etc.] ment. See Mather (Samuel). durch M. S. [etc. anon.] 5 p. 1. 698 pp. 2 1. F~ulgentius. See Manfredi (F.) 120. Lancaster, (Pa.) J. Bair, 1835. Fuller (Rev. Andrew). An apology for the late Funnell (William).' A voyage round the christian missions to India. 3 v. in 1. 80. world. Containing an account of captain London, Burditt, etc. 1808. Dampier's expedition into the South Seas, in the ship St. George, 1703-04. With the auCONTENTS. thor's voyage firom Amapalla, on the west Part first. Comprising an address to the chairman of the East India company, in answer to Mr. Swin- coast of Mexico, to East India. 12 p1. 300 ing; and strictures on the preface of a pamphlet, bypl. 80. on major Scott Waring; with an appendix, [etc.] London, J. Knaped. 93, xxvi pp. ton, 1707. Part second. Containing strictures on major Scott Waring's letter to therev. mr. Owen; and ona " vin- Furi6 Ceriol (Fadrique). See Ceriol. dication of the Hindoos," "by a Bengal officer." 130 Furman (Gabriel). Notes, geographical and PP. Part third. Containing strictures on major Scott historical, relating to the town of Brooklyn, Waring's third pamphlet; on a letter to the president in Kings county, on Long Island. With of the board of control; and on the propriety of confining missionary undertakings to the established notes, and a memoir of the author. Brookchurch, in answer to dr. Barrow; with an appendix, [etc.] xii, 86 pp. 11. lyn, A. Spooner, 1814. [With a prefatory Fuller (Thomas, d. d.) Ang~lorum speculum; biography of the author]. xxxiv, 116 pp. 2 1. xxxix pp. 4~. Brooklyn, reprinted for the or, the worthies of England, in church and xxxix pp. 40 Brookly, epined for the state. Alphabetically digested into the sev- FAAcst clucb, 1865. eral shires and counties therein contained; AuT club publications]. Gabelentz (Hans Cohrt yon der). Beitritge wherein are illustrated the lives and characzur sprachenkunde. 3 parts in 1 v. 8. ters of the most eminent persons since the conquest to this present age. Also, an account ig, F. A. Boc s, 1852 CONTENTS. of the commodities and trade of each respect- les heft. Grammati der Dajak sprche. 4 pp. ive county, and the most flourishing cities 2es heft. Grammatik der Dakota sprache. 64 pp, and towns therein. 3 1. 974 pp. 1 1. 120. 3es heft. Grammatik der Iirriri sprache. Aus dern and towns therein. 3 p. l. 974 pp. o10 1. o12% Portugiesischen des P. Mamiani. 62 pp. London, J. Wright, 1684. Gabled (The) house; or, self-sacrifice. By the [NOTE.-An abridgment of the Worthies of En- author of "The climbers." [anon.] 214 pp gland, with a continuation. The preface is signed G. S. LoNDEs]. 120. 12~. Piladelphlia, Claxton, Remsen & HaffelThe cause and cure of a wounded con- finger, 1869. science. yiii, 126 pp. 160. London, Long- Gacon (Franp ois). Le pokte sans fard; ou, disman, Hurst, Rees & Orme, 1810. cours satiriques en vers. 220 pp. 3 1. 1 pl. Good thoughts in bad times, good 160. Cologne, C. Egmont, 1697. thoughts in worse times, mixt contemplations Gad (Marius). Udtog af kongeriget Danin better times. To which is added the Cause marks statistik. ite heft. 208 pp 80~. and cure of a wounded conscience. x, 358 Kjdbenhavn, G. E. C. Gad, 1867. s. pp. London, W. Pickering, 1841. Gage (Mrs. Frances Dana). Gertie's sacriThe history of the worthies of England. fice; or, glimpses at two lives. 189 pp. 1 New ed, with explanatory notes and copious pl, 16~0. Nev York, national temperance indexes, by P. A. Nuttall, 11.d. 3 v. 80. society and publication house, 1869. London, 1840. Gage (Thomas). Neue merckwiirdige reiseThe holy state, and the profane state. beschreibung nach Neu Spanien, was ihm [Lives ofeminent persons]. Anew ed. With daselbst seltsames begegnet [etc.] Ingleinotes, by James Nichols. xiv pp. 1. 463 pp. chen eine vollkommene beschreibung aller:3 pl. 80. London, T. Tegg, 1841. lander und provinzen, welche die Spanier in

Page  115 Gage (Thomas)-continued. Gambier (Rev. James Edward)j-continued. gantz America besitzen, zum beschluss noch pendix on debating for victory, and not for ein kurtzer unterricht von der poconchischen truth. 2d ed. enlarged., 6 p. 1. xi, 203 pp. oder pocomanischen sprache. Aus dem 160. London, Rivington, 1808. Franzdsischen. 3 p. 1. 471 pp. 1 pl. 40. Games of skill, and conjuring. [anon.] Leitpzig, J. H. Kloss, 1693. New ed. 2 p. 1. 128 pp. 1 pl. 160. London, Gage (Rev. William Leonard). A modern G. Rontledge & sons, 1865. historical atlas, for the use of colleges, Gamgee (John) and Law (Jaumes). General schools, and general readers. 4 pp. 12 maps. chools, and general readers. 4 pp. 12 map. and descriptive anatomy of the domestic ani80. New York, D. Appleton &F co. 1869. mals. v le part 20 8~. Edinburgh, T. C. Gagneur (Wladimir). Socialisme pratique. Jack, 1862. vii, 75, 16 pp. 8o. Paris, librairie socittaire, CONTENTS., ~85011 Part 2. Articulations and muscular system. viii, 237Gailland (Rev. Maurice, compiler). Pote- 466 pp. 1 1. 2 pl. 1862. watemi nemimiseniiikin ipi nemdnigamowi- Gamut (A); or, scale of music. To which nin. 550 pp. 36 pl. 180. Cincinnatinag, is added blank lines for favorite music. wewikaneitidjik Benziger, 1868. [anon.] 32 pp. 8 1. obl. 120. Hartford, Gairdlner (William Tennant). Homceopathy. O. D. Cooke, 1814. 80. Edimburgh, 1857. Gandarias (Perfecto). Viages del j6ven tin EDINBURGH eSSayS. pp. 95-131. 1857]. Florentino: novela moral y divertida. 160 Galart de Montjoie. See Montjoie. pp. 180. Madrid C. Piiiuela 1830. s. Galaxy (The). An illustrated magazine of,, entertaining reading. January to December, Garau(Francisco). Elsabio instruido de la 1869. e v 7-8. 8~. New. York, Sloeldon e naturaleza, en quarenta maximas, politicas co. 1869. y morales, [etc.] 10 p. 1. 460 pp. 6 1. 80. Galiberti (Casimiro). Dellaimmacolatacon- Barcelona, J. Pablo, 1711. cezione di Maria. [etc. ] 5 p. 1. 162 pp. 3. 1 Garcia (Santiago Vicente). Lecciones preportrait. sm. 40 Madrid, Gabr. Ramirez, liminares para el estudio de las ciencias. I 1741. S. p. 1. 126 pp. 160 Madrid, E. G. Varquer, Galindo (Gregorio, bishop of Lerida). Viva 1855. Jes. Las ubicas del missal romao re- Garcilaso (Joseph Antonio). Tablas historioformado, que sexta vez salen a luz. 333 pp. graphicas, Ty ronologicas sacroprophanas 180. Zafagoza, F. vzaoreno [17a39]. de los papas, cismas, persecusiones, heregalli ZrC.aieattennt). Porose,e ca[rmi. Libri siarcas, ordenes religiosas, y militares: do seGalli (C. lieutenant. Prose, e carmi. Libri los emperadores, y reyes, especialmente de sei. 2da ed. del libro primo. xii, 276 pp. 1 pl. 8 Lonra, presso latore, 1832. la Europa. Desde el nacimiento de JesuChristo, basta el afio presente. 8 p. l. 280 Gallois (Napoleon). Vie politique de Ledru- Christo, hasta el a presente. 8 p. 1. 280 Rollin. 2e ed. 107 pp. 16~. Paris, D- pp. 16~. MIadrid J. de Sierra, 1742. tertre, 1850. 1Garcilaso de la Vega. (The inca). First talorti 18Antonio). ~~Moires de A. Galotti, part of the royal commentaries of the yncas. G alotti (A ntonio). damnm tlOiS fois a mort, Translated and edited, with notes, and introofficier napolitain, condamn6 trois fois' mort, duction, by Clements R. Markham. v. 1. duction, by Clements I. Markham. v. 1. 6crits par lui-meme, traduits par S. Vecchia- (Containing books 1 2 3 and 4). 3 p. 1 elli, [de l'Ita~lien] lix, 240 pp. 8. Paris, (Containing books 1, 2, 3, and 4). 3 p. 1. relli, [de l'Italien]. lix, 240 pp. 8~. Paris, xvi, 359 pp. So, London, [Haklsyt society], Mouctsbrdier, 1831o 2 xvi, 359 pp. 8~ London, [Haklzuytsociety], ]Iloutardier, 1831. W With JOVELLANOS (G. AI. de). M6moires politiques]. Gamba (Bartolommeo). Serie de' testi di lin- Garden (Alexander). Anecdotesof the Amerigua usati a stampa nel vocabolario degli acca- can revolution, illustrative of the talents and demici della crusca, con aggiunte di altre virtues of the heroes of the revolution, who edizioni da acereditati scrittori motto pregiate, acted the most conspicuous parts therein. [ 1st [etc.] xxxi, 226 pp. 1 l. 8~. Bassano, dalla and 2d series. Edited by T. W. Field]. 3 tipografia remondiniasna, 1805. v. fol. Reprinted, B2ooklyn, (N. Y.) 1865. [NOTE.-Portrait of lord Cornwallis inserted in v. 1; Gambier (Rev. James Edlward). An intro- and of lord Rawdon in v. 2]. duction to the study of moral evidence; or, Gardener's (The) chronicle and agricultural of that species of reasoning which relates to gazette, 1868 and 1869. 2 v. fol. London,[Jo matters of fact and practice. With an ap- Mathews], 1868-69o

Page  116 116 GARDINER. GAUDENTIO, Gardiner (John). Speech delivered in the Gaskell (Elizabeth Cleghorn)-continued. [Massachusetts] house of representatives, on j North and south. Illustrated ed. 2 Thursday, the 26th of Jan. 1792, on the p. 1. 432 pp. 12~. London, Smith, Elder & subject of repealing the law against theatri- co. 1867. cal exibitions within this commonwealth. Sylvia's lovers. Illustrated ed. viii, 500 [With A dissertation on the ancient poetry pp. 120. London, Smith, Elder &' co. 1867. of the Romans, etc.] 160 pp. ] pl. 80. Gaspar da mladre de Deus, benedictine Boston, author, 1792. monk. Memorias para a historia da capitania Gardiner (Richard). An account of the ex- de S. Vicente, hoje chamada de S. Paulo, do pedition to the West Indies, against Marti- estado do Brazil, publicadas de ordem da nico, Guadelupe, etc. subject to the French Academia R. das sciencias. 3 p.1. 244 pp. king, 1759. 75 pp. 2 maps. 40. London, 80. Lisboa, 1797. Z. Stuart, 1759. Gasquet (Hyacinthe de). L'usure d6masGardiner (Mrs. William). Brief memoir of qu6e; ou, exposition et rdfutation des erHarriet [M. Gardiner], with some of her es- reurs opposees a la doctrine catholique sur says in prose and verse. By her mother. l'interet du pret'a jour et de commerce, artiiv, 129 pp. 1 portrait. 180. Oberlin, J. M. ficieusement enseignees dans quelques Fitch, 1855. s. ouvrages modernes, [etc.] 3 p. 1. 478 pp. 1 Gardner (Mrs. H. C.) Fault-finding, and 1. 160. Avignon, libraires associes, 1766. s. Madeline Hascall's letters. 249 pp. 160. Gassendi (Pierre). MIetaphysica disquisitio Cincinnati, Hitchcock & W11alden, 1869. anti-cartesiana. Seu dubitatiocnes et instan-....- The power of kindness. 247 pp. 4 p1. tim adversus Renati Cartesi meditationes et 18~. New York, Carlton & Porter, 1865. responsa. Ed. 3n. 4 p.1. 470 pp. 8 1. 16~. Rosamond Dayton. 234 pp. 160. Bos- Ultrajecti, G. Van de Water, 1691. ton, Lee & Shepard, 1869. Gastine (Civiquede, pseudon.) See Toulotte Gardner (W. W.) Church communion, as (E. L. J.) practiced by the baptists, explained and de- Gates (Theophilus R.) Life and writings. fended. 294 pp. 120. Cincinnzati, G. S. 2d ed. 514 pp. 80. Philadelphia, author, Blanchard & co. 1869. 1818. Gargallo y Oliveros (Joaquin). Instruccion CONTTS. ia-is trials, experience, exercises of mind, and first para todos los feles; 6, explicacion de los travels. sacrificios antiguos, y de la santa misa, de Truth advocated,' or, explanations on parts of the revelations, [etc.] sus misterios, ritos, y oraciones, [etc.] 6 p. 1. A sincere inquiry concerning the good, acceptable, 228 pp. 18~. Murcia, viuda de Teruel, aud perfect will of God. Observations on the signes of the times, [etc.] 1787. S. Remarks on the goodnesss and severity of God. GView of the last dispensation of signs that will be in GiarilanL (Emnma). Miscellaneous poems. pp. the world. 277-399. 120. Lorndon, Rivington, 1842. The dream. A history of two Jews. [ iith OVIDIUS NASO (Publius). Epistles, in Eng- An account of the people of the catacombs. lish verse]. Concluding remarks in application to the whole. Garran-Coulon (Jean Philippe). Rapport Gaitscwhenberger (Stephan). Geschichte der sur les troubles de Saint-Domingue. See englischen literatur mit besonderer beriickfrance. sichtigung der politischen sitten-geschichte Garth (Sir Samuel). h works of s Englands. 3 v. 8~. Prag, Kober & Mark-R Samuel Garth, knight. 1 p. 1. 214 pp. 160. ~rraf, 1859-62. Dublin, T. Ewing, 1769. Gascoigne or Gascoygne (George). The Gattel (Claude-Marie). Nuevo diccionario Gascoigne or Gascoygne (George). The princely pleasures at Kenlilwvorth castle. A portatil, espafiol y frances. 8, xxxix, 550 pp. brief rehersal, or rather a true copy of as, ssane, [etc.] 1798. Gatty (Margaret). Parables fiom nature, much as was presented before her majesty at as was presented efor her majesy at ith notes on the natural history, and illusKenilworth, [etc. 1576]. 120. Warwick and Leami ton,' 1825. trations, by C. W. Cope, [etc.] viii, 196 [MERRIDEn (J.) lKenilworth festivities, part 2]. pp. 16 p. 12~. Lonon, Bell Daly, 1861. AlfrThe poor incumbent; a tale. By mrs. Gaskell (Elizabeth Clefhorn). Mary Bar- The poo incumhent; a tale. By mrs. ton: a tale of Manchester life. 3d ed. 2 AlfredGatty. 3p.1.80pp. 180. London, v. viii, 317 pp; 1 p. 1. 312 pp. 8~0. Lon- Bell Q Daldy, 1858. don, Chapmnan & Hall, 1849. Gaudentio di Lucca. See MPemoires.

Page  117 11l GAUILLIER 1GEMS. Gaullier (E. H.) La Suisse historique et Gaza (Theodorus). Problematvm Aristotelis pittoresque, comprenant l'histoire, la g6ogra- sectiones dvre de qvadraginta. Problematvin phie et la statistique de ce pays, [etc.] Pre- Alexandri Aphrodisiei libri dvo, Theodoro mibre partie: la Suisse historique. 3 p. 1. Gaza interprete. Ad hec, eruditissima prob436 pp. 25 pl. 8~. Genece, C. Gruaz, 1855. lemata Plutarchi. 192 1. 160. Falentie, Gaultier (Aloisius Vdouard Camille). G6o- I. ley, 1554. graphie de l'abbe Gaultier. EntiBrement re. Gazette (The) of the United States. A nafondue et consid6rablement augmentde par tional [semi-weekly] paper, published at de Blignidres, Demoyencourt, Ducros (de the seat of government, [New York and PhilSiet) et Le Clerc aine, ses 61lves. 21-e d. 1 adelphia]. April 15, 1789, to May 30, 1792. p. 1. xii, 364 pp. 160. Paris, ven.ce J. Re- v. 1-3. fol. New York and Philadelphia, noiuard, 1862. Jo/hn Fenno, 1789-92. A method of making abridgments; or, -- The same. Gazette of the United easy and certain rules for analysing authors. States, and daily evening advertiser. [PhilPart i. xii, 96 pp. 1 table. 1 portrait. 40. adelphia]. Dec. 3, 1794, to Sept. 30, 1796' London, rI. & C. Spilsbzury, 1800. July 5, 1797, to Dec. 19, 1799. 2 v. fol. [No more published]. [Printed in New York till Oct. 13, 1790, and Gaumne (Jean Joseph). Cattchisme des mbres; at Philadelphia from Nov. 3, 1790. Philao01, petit abre6gl du catechisme de perseverance delphia, John Fenno, 1794-99. t l'usage des enfants de six a dix ans. Nouv. [Feb. 26 to Dec. 19, 1799, intercalated with PORCU6d. 223 pp. 160. Paris, Gaz'me freres & PINErS gazette, 1797-99]. J. Dluprey, 1862. s. Gedlenkwaardige (De) West-indise voyaGavin (Antonio). Frauds of papal ecclesi- gien, gedaan door Christoffel Columbus, astics. By George D. Emerline [Gabriel Americus Vesputius, en Lodewijk Hennepin. d'Emiliane, pseludon.] To which are added Mitsgaders een verhaal van de opperhoofden illustrative notes, from letters by Gilbert der Spanjaarden in America, [etc.] In't Burnet, and Gavin's Master key to popery. Italiaans beschrevem door Hieronymus Ben156 pp. I 1. 80. NArew Lork, 1835. zo. 87 pp. 5 1. 4 pl. si. 40. Rotterdamn, The same. Ruses et fourberies des B. Bos, 1704. pretres et des moines. Nouv. ed. revue, cor- Gee (Joshua). The trade and navigation of uig6e, et augmentee d'une introduction his- Great Britain considered. 5th ed. 12 1. 180 pp. torique, de notes et de commentaires, par un 18~. Glasgow, R. &. A. Foulis, 1750. catholique du 19e siecle. Par Gabriel d'Emi- Gegenbaur (Carl) Kll11iker (Albert) and liane. [pseudon. Traduit a l'Anglois par Midiller (Heinrich). Bericht fiber einige im M. F. Janiqon]. 2 p. 1. 364 pp. 120. Leip- herbste 1852 angestellte vergleichend-anatozig, L. Michelsen, 1845. mische untersuchungen. ["Aus der zeitGawtress (William). A practical introduc- schrift f. wissensch. zoologie"]. 1 p. 1.299tion to the science of short-hand, upon the 370 pp. 8~. Leipzig, 1853. s. general principles of the late ingenious dr. Geheiligte (Der) tag des christen. Ein gebetByrom. vi pp. 1 1.94,13 pp. 80. Leeds, buch fur katholiken. [anon.] 432 pp. 320. W. Gawtress & co. 1819. Einsiedeln, K. & N. Benziger, 1869. Gaychies (J.) Maximas para el ministerio Gellert (Christian'iirchtegott). La riqueza del pulpito. Escrita en lengua francesa. Tra- y la gloria. El amigo de los hombres. ducidas en Espafiol por un eclesiistico del 16c. Madrid, Aznar, 1787. obispado de Lugo. 1 p. 1. xiv, 335 pp. 16~. [ With Uz (J. P.) Arte de ser feliz, etc.] Madrid, J. Ibarra, 1775. Gelli (Giovanni Battista). The circe. ConGaylord (Glance, pseudon.) See Bradley sisting of ten dialogues between Ulysses and (W. J.) several men transformed into beasts. SatyrGayman (Isaac). The key to the bottomless ically representing the various passions of pit; or, a daguerrean likeness of the beast mankind, and the many infelicities of human with seven heads and ten horns, with his foot life. Done out of Italian, by Tho. Brown. prints, and the number of his name. [1st 4 p. 1.295 pp. 120. London, J. Nutt, 1702. book]. I p.1. 135 pp. 8~. Lancaster, (Pa.) Gems from the works of travellers; illustra[anuthor,] 1852. s. tive of various passages in holy scripture. [No more published]. Published under the direction of the society

Page  118 118 GEMS. GEOGRAPHICAL. Gems-continued. General chronicen-continued. for promoting christian knowledge. viii, hat. [Historiarum adversus paganos libri vii], von H. Boner verteutscht. 320 pp. 12~. New York, D. Appleton & co. 0 pp. New, D Appleton o. The same. General chronica. 3 parts 1841. { 1~~~~~841.~~ rin 1 v. fol. Franckfu't am Mayn, S. FeyraGems of prayer. A miniature prayer-book,. f S e with the approbation of the most rev. John Memorial on the Genet (Edmond Charles). Memorial on the McCloskey, d. d. archbishop of New York. M pCloskey, d. d. archbishop of New P York. upward forces of fluids, and their applica246 pp. 1 pl. 32~. New York, P. J. Kennedy, 2469pp. I 30NwYrk. e, bility to several arts, sciences, and public G1na8d(Fralois) L'6cole de ihomme; o69. n, improvements; for which a patent has been G'nard (EranJois) L'ecoledel'homme; ou, granted by the government of the United parallele des portraits du sigcle et des tabStates to the author. 112 pp. 1 tab. 5 pl. 8~. leaux de l'ecriture sainte, [etc.] Nouvelle Albany, Packartd &k Van Benthluysen, 1825. 6d. 2v. 2p.l.xxiv, 24pp; 2p.lo559pp. d 2 v 2 p1. xxiv, 224 pp; 2 p.. 259 Genlis (Stephanie F6licite Ducrest de Saint16~. Londres, 1759. 160. Londres, 1759. Aubin, cointesse de). A selection from the Genealogisch-historische nachrichten von annals of virtue, containlingf the most imporden allerneuesten begebenheiten, welche sich c n tant and interesting anecdotes from the hisan den europfischen hfen zutragen, [etc.] als tories of Spain, Portugal, China, Japan, and eine fortsetzung des genealog. histor. archi- ri an America;.with some account of the manners, varii. [anon.] Der 1 C-] 133 theil. 125v. customs, arts, and sciences of France. From 16~o Leipzig, J. 8. Heinsius, 1739-51. Lepzi,.. enie, 735. the French, by E. M. James. 4 p. 1. 255 pp. [Imperfect; wanting v. 7 (part 73-84)]. 4 1. 8~. Bath, S. Hazard 1794. Genealogische (Der) archivarius auf das. Hazard, 1794. Gennaro (Giuseppe Aurelio di). Carmina. jahr 1734 [-] 1738. [anon.] Parts ix-xix ar 1. 73.. i Editio novissima, emendatior, [etc.] 1 p. 1. andxxxi-l. 4v. in3. 16~. Leipzig, J.. 217pp. 8. Neapoli,.Terres, 797. 2)17 pp. 80. Neapoli, D: Terres, 1797. Heinsius, 1731-49..Heinsius,~~ 1731_4. _ Delle viziose maniere del difender le [Imperfect: v. 1 (part i-viii) and v. 4 (part xx-xxx) wanting]. cause nel foro, trattato, con una prefazione, Ge'n6brard (Gilbert). Chronographive libri in cui si tratta dell' origine, e de' progressi qvatvor. E d. Arnaldi Pontaci vasatensis dell' avvocazicne, distesa da Giannantonio episcopi chronographia aucti. 55 p. 1. 453 pp. Sergio. ed. 2a. xlii, 162 pp. 8~. Napoli, 11. 160. Coloniw Agrippinm, 1. Gymnicus, D. Terres, 1767. s. 1581. s. Genovesi (Antonio). Elementorum artis loGeneral advertiser [Philadelphia daily]. gico-critiaem libri v. Ed. nov. xvi, 352 pp. Nov. 8, 1791. to Dec. 31, 1794. 4 v. fol. 120. Bassano, Remrondini, 1744. Philadelphia, Benj. Franklin Bache, 1791-94. Gentle (The) life. Essays in aid of the for[From Nov. 8, 1794, called Aurora general adver- mation of character. [anon.] viii, 312 pp. tiser]. 120. London, S. Low S& son, 1865. General chronicen, das ist; wahrhaffte eigent- 12. London, S. Low sons 1865. liche und kurtze beschreibung, vieler nam- The sam 120. London, S.Low & son, 1866. haffter, und zum theil bisz daher vnbekannter.,, landtschafften, erstlich des priester Johanns, Gentleman's (The) magazine. December, konigs in Morenlandt, [etc.] zum andern 1868, to November, 1869. Entirely new ein gemeine beschreihung des gantzen erdbo- [6th] series, v. 2-3. [Complete series, v. ems, [etc.] Zumn dritten ein beschreibung 226-227]. 80. London, Bradbury, Evans der neuw erfundenen inseln Americe und 4 co. 1869. Genlty (L'abb~ L.) L'influence de la ddcouMagellane. 3 parts in 1 v. fol. Franckfizrt cam lVayn, S. Feyrabendt, 1576. verte de l'Amerique sur le bonheur du genre humain. x, 352 pp. 1 pl. 1 map. 120. Paris, CONTENTS. C Nyon l'ain6 & Jils, 1788. [pt. 1]. CORSALI (Andrea). Ein schreiben an den fiursten Julianum den anderen, ausgegangen zu Geoffroy (Julien Louis). Cours de litt6raCochin, in Indien im 1515jahre. ture dramatique; oun, receuil par ordre de ALVAREZ (Francisco). Beschreibung der reisz inilletons d, pcd Ethiopien. matieres des feuilletons de Geoffroy, prlcd6 [pt. 2 ]. COSMIOGRAPHIA, das ist: beschreibung des d'une notice historique sUr sa vie. 5 v. 8. gautzen erdbodems, nemlich, Europe, Asie, Affrice, Americe, und Magellane, jetzt die neuwe Paris, P. Blanchard, 1819. welt genennt. pt. 3]. ORosIus (Paulus) Beschreibung der gantzen Geographical history of Nova Scotia. Hiswelt, was darinn von alien nationen, schlachten torische und geographisehe beschreibung von und hungersnot [etc.] von anfang der welt, bisz auf erbauwung der stadt Rom sich zugetragen Neu-Schottland, [etc.] sitten und gewohn

Page  119 GEOGRAPHICAL. GHIRARDINI. Geographical history, etc.-continued. Gerstacker (Friedrich)-continued. heiten der Indianer und den merkwiirdigsten gezelschap duitsche landverhuizers naar en begebenheiten so sich zwischen Frankreich in Noord-Amerika. Naar het Hoogduitsch. und England, u. s w. [anon. Aus dem Eng- 2 p. 1. 352 pp. 1 pl. 1 map. 80. Amsterdam, lischen]. 2p. 1. 216 pp. 1 map. 16~. Franck- H. Frijlink, 1847. furt and Leipzig, H. L. Bronner, 1750. Gertlh van Wijk (Jan Abraam). Specimen Geological society of Pennsylvania. See historico-theologicum, exhibens historiam ecPennsylvania (Geological society of). clesim ultrajectinm romano-catholicm, male Georgetown (D. C.) daily federal republican. jansenisticro dictre, [etc.] 4 p. 1. 183, 4 pp See Daily federal republican. 8~. Trajecti ad Rhensum, L. E. Bosch, 1859. Georgi (CarlAugust). Religi6selieder. xiv, Gervinos (Georg Gottfried).'Iaropla rV 207 pp. 12~. Leipzig, Breitkopf 8 Hdrtel, e7ravaarracw tcat avayevv'vsoje6) rV'E2la2dog. 1847. S. MeraopaoEOeOa aOro rov rprorvTorov Vwo IwavGeorgiahistoricalsociety. Collections. v. 3, pt. vov.H. Ilepavay2ov. 2 v.;7', 534 pp; 596 pp. 1. 8~. New York, Bartlett & Welford, 1848. 80. A~0vscLu, X. N. PeZiadev2Lob, 1864-65. s. Ge'rando (A. de). De l'esprit public en HIon- Getrouw verhaal van de opkomst, lotgevallen grie depuis la Yrvolution frangaise. 2 p. 1. iv, en tegenwoordigen toestand der zo genaamde 505 pp. 80. Paris, inmprimeurs unis, 1848. methodisten in Engeland; waar achter geo G6rard (Louis Philippe). Le comte de VYal- voegt is een koort verhaal van eenige ongemont; on, les 6garements de la raison. 6 v. wone godsdienstige beroeringen, onder de 16~. Paris, Dufour & cie. 1826. inwoonders van verscheide dorpen in de AlGerbert (Martin). De legitima ecclesiastica blasserwaard. [anon.] xii pp. I 1. 324 pp. potestate circa sacra et profana. 6p. 1. 808 160. Workeum, D. Balk, 1752. pp. 5 1. Typis Monaster. S. Blassii in Silva Gevers d'Endegeest (-). Du dessdchement nigra. [Frankfirt amMayn, Weschs.] 1761. du lac de Harlem. 2 v. 3p. 1 115, 9 pp; Gerhard (Edouard). Griechische und etrus- 3 p. 1. 113, 24 pp. 2 1. 8~. La Haye, Van kische trinkschalen des koniglichen muse- Cleef, 1849-54. ums zu Berlin. vi, 34 pp. 19 col. pl. fol. rAtlas wanting]. Berlin, A. W. Schade, 1840. s. Ghent ( University of). Catalogue des collecGerhard (Friedrich). Deutsch-amerikanischer tions d'anatomie comparee, y compris les arbeiter-kalender fiir 1870. Sechsterjahrgang. ossements fossiles; de l'universit6 de Gand. 124 pp. 21. 120. Netw York, F. Gerhard, 1870. [ParCh. Poelman]. 4 p. 1. 120 pp. 4 pl. 80. - Deutsch-amerikanischer farmer-kalen- Gand, E. Vanderhaagen, 1868. s. der fiir 1870. Vierter jahrgang. 123 pp. Ghika (Helena, princess Koltzoff-Massalsky). 7 1. 12~. New York, F. Gerhard, 1870. Switzerland the pioneer of the reformation; - Deutsch-amerikanischer haus-kalender or, la Suisse allemande. From the French, fiir 1870. Fiinfter jahrgang. 68 pp. 2 1. and comprising the chapter suppressed by 120. New York, F. Gerhard, 1870. order of the imperial government in the Pa----- Illustrirter familien-kalender, zehnter risian edition of the work, by H. G. 2 v. jahrgang. 19p. 1. 128 pp. 9 1. 120. NeAw xxx, 458 pp. 1 portrait; 3 p. 1. 441 pp. 1 facYork, F. Gerhard, 1870. simile. 80. London, A. Fsullarton i' co. 1858. Illustrirter gartenlaube-kalender fiir Ghillany (Friedrich Wilhelm). Manuel dip1870. Fiinfter jahrgang. 144 pp. 120. lomatique. Recueil des traites de paix euroNew York, F. Gerhard, 1870. peens les plus importants, des actes de conKalender ffir lustige leute ftir 1870. 124 gries et autres documents relatifs it la polipp. 2 1. 120~ New York,'. Gerhard, 1870. tique internationale, depuis le trait6 de WestGerrald (Joseph). A convention the only phalie jusqu't ces derniers temps. Augmeans of saving us from ruin. In a letter mente de traductions franuaises et dune inaddressed to the people of England. 3d ed. troduction g6in6rale par J. H. Schurtzer. 2 v. 127 pp. 80. London, D. I. Eaton, 1794. xvi, 344 pp; 547 pp. 2 1. 80. Nordlingue, Gerstsicker (Friedrich). Howa bride waswon; C. H. Beck, 1856. or, a chase across the pampas. Translated Ghirardini (Alessandro). Studj sulla lingua [from the German] by F. Jordan. 274 pp. 8 urmana, sopra alcune antiche inscrizioni, e pl. 80. New York, D. Appleton & co. 1869. sulla ortografiaitaliana. 3 parts in 1 v. 8~. -------- Lotgevallen en ontmoetingen van een Milano, societd cooperativa, 1869. s.

Page  120 GIBBON. GILMORE. Gibbon (Edward, jr.) An essay on the study Gifford (H.)-continued. of literature. Written originally in the ments in every branch of science: inclnding French. Now first translated into English. medicine, chemistry, mechanics, dyeing, 4 p. 1. 163 pp. 16~. London, J. Becket, 1764. painting, etc. With directions for making Gibbons (Henry, m. d.) Tobacco and its British wines, [etc.] 156 pp. I 1. 240~. effects. A prize essay, showing that the use London, 1845. of tobacco is a physical, mental, moral and [ Yih WESLEY (J.) Primitive physic]. social evil. 48 pp. 160. New York, Carl. Gilabert (Vicente). Escrutinio physicoton & Lanahan, 1868. medico-anatomico, que satisface a la apoloGibbons (Thomas). A new system of short- gia del doctor Lloret: prueba, que del band: whereby words can be written in all occeano de la sangre sale la materia de la nuhand: whereby words can be written in all their vowels and consonants, as with the coan- trition, etc, 12 p. 1. 424 pp. 4 1. 80. Iadmon hand, but in one-fourth or fifth part of rid, G. Rozo, 1729. S. Gilbert (William). LucreziaBorgia, duchess the time, [etc.] 12 pp..2 1..24 pl. (on -l1 1.) 80. London, Sixmpkin 8' Marshalbll, 1825. of Ferrara. A biography. Illustrated by rare andunpublished documents. 2 v. viii, Gibbs (George). Alphabetical vocabularies of 343 pp 1 portrait; viii, 359 pp. 12. Loathe Clallam and Lummi. Published underett, 1869. the auspices of the Smithsonian institution. Giles (Chauncey). The gte of pearl. 17 Giles (Chauncey). The gate of pearl. 176 40 pp. 4~ eo Ne York, Cranmoisy press, pp.2 pl. sm. 16~. New York, J. R. Put] 863. s. [SHEA'S Library of Amlerican linguistics, v. 11]. noe, 1869. AlphabeticalvocabulayoftheChinook Giles (John Allen, 11. d. editor). Vita s. Thoerce cantuariensis archiepiscopi et marlanguage. Published under the auspices oftuaiensis achiepiscopi et the Smithsonianu instihtution. 23 pp. 4o tyris, ab auctoribus contemporaneis videlicet Willelmo cantuariensi, Elia de Evesham, NeE YJork, Cramoisypress, 1863. s. Henrico ae Rogerio de Croylandia, anonymo [SHEA's Libralry of American linguistics, v. 91. Henrico a ogeio de Croylania, anonymo ----- A dictionary of the Chinook jargon, or parisiensi, Benedicto petriburgensi, Lnonymo trade language of Oregon. 44 pp. 40 lambethiensi, aliisqce scripta. Et nunc New York, Cramtoisy press, 1863. s. primum e codicibus omnibus mstis edita. [SHEA'S Library of American linguistics, v. 12]. v. 2. xx, 329 pp. 80. Londini, WIittaker et Gibbs (Philip). An essay towards a farther soc. 1846. improvement of short hand. 1 p. 1.56 pp. [PATRES ecclesia anglicane. v. 1. wanting]. 80. [lLondon, J. Bettenham], 1736. Gillespie (iMajor Alexander). Gleanings and [With his Historical account of swift writing]. remarks: collected during manymonths of An historical account of compendious residence at Buenos Ayres, and within the and swift writing. 4 p. 1. 60 pp. 1 1. 80. upper country; with a prefatory account of London, J. Bettenhdanm, 1736. the expedition from England, until the surGibert (Camille Melchior). Traite pratique render of the cape of Good Hope, under the des maladies sp6ciales de la peau, enrichi d'ob- joint command of sir D. Baird and sir Home servations et de notes nombreuses, puiss6es Popham. 1 p. 1. ii, 340 pp. 1 1. map. 80. dans les mneilleurs auteurs et dansles cliniques Leeds, author, 1818. de l'h6pital Saint-Louis. 2e 6d. vi, 483 pp. Gillette (A. D.) Hymns for social meetings. 8O. Paris, G. Baillieie, 1840. 96 1. 320. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott Gibson (Robert). The theory and practice of 5' co. 1843. surveying; containing all the instructions Gillies (John, editor). The psalms of requisite for the skilful practice of this art, David, with notes devotional and practical, [etc.] Newly arranged, [etc.] by James referring to the new testament. 442 pp. Ryan. 248,73,91 pp. 15 pl. 80. Hartford, 16o. Albany, G. Lindsay, 1816. A. S. Barnes & co. 1838. s. Gilmlan (Mrs. Maria). My ten-rod farm; or, Gibstone (Henry). L'esclavage aux 1tats- how I became a florist. 119 pp..120. BosUnis. Dean le quarteron. 3 p.1. 340 pp. ton, Loring, 1869. 160. Paois, E,. Denztu, 1863. Gilmore (-). Gun, rod, and saddle. PerGifford (H. chemist). The general receipt sonal experiences. By Ubique. [pseudon.] book; or, oracle of knowledge: containing 275 pp. I pl. 160. New York, U. A. Townseveral hundred useful receipts and experi- send &8 Adams, 1869.

Page  121 1z21i GILMOUR. 1GMELIN. Gilmour (Rev. Richard). Biblehistory; con- Gladstone (Williamn Ewart)-continued. taining the most remarkable events of the I Juventus mundi. The gods and men old and new testament, prepared for the use of the heroic age. xxviii, 541 pp. 1 pl. 120. of catholic schools in the United States. vi, London, Macmillan &8 co. 1869. 336 pp. 2 pl. 160. Cincinnati, Benziger Glance (A) at New York; embracing the city brothers, [1869]. government, theatres, [etc. anon.] vi, 264 Gimbernat (Carlos de). Manual del soldado pp. 16~. New York, A. Greene, 1837. espaniol en Alemania. 212 pp. 18~. Mu- Glas (John) and others. Christian songs. 7th nich, F. Hiibschniann, 1807. s. ed. 129 pp. 1 1. 160. Providence, (R L) B. Ginard (Jules). Opvs morale in dvas partes Wtheeler, 1787. divisvm.'2 p.1.751pp.281. 160. Palmee, Glascock (William N.) Sailors and saints; G. Guasp, 1652. s. or, matrimonial manceuvres. By the authors Gindre de Mancy (-). Dictionnaire porI of the "Naval sketch book." [anon.] 218 tatif et complet des communes de la France, pp; 214 pp. 120. New York, J. & J. Harde i'Alg6rie, et des autres colonies frangaises. per, 1829. Prec6d6 de tableaux synoptiques, [etc.] 4 Glasgow university (The) calendar, for the p.l. 732 ppo 180. Paris, Garnier freres, year 1867-68. 163 pp. 120. Glasgow, J. 1864. Maclehose, 1867. s. Gior~dan (Franiois). Description et colonisa- The same. Calendar for the year tion de l'isthme de Tehuantepec, prdc6d6es 1869-70. 1 p. 1. 200 pp. 120. Glasgow, d'une notice historique. 2 p. 1. 144 pp. 2 1. 1 J. Mlaclehose, 1869. tab. I map. 8~. Paris, Le Doyen, 1838, Glauber (Johann Rudolf). Operis mineralis Giovanni Giuseppe di S. Teresa. See pars prima, seconda, [et] tertia. 3 v. in 1. Noronha Freire (Joao de). 16~. Amsterodami, J. Janssonius, 1751-52. Giovio (Paolo). Elogia virorum bellica vir- s. CONTENTS. tuteillustrium, septem libris iam olim ab au- CONTENTS. [v. 1.] Separatio auri n silicibus, arenas argilla, aliisthore comprehensa, ad virum expressis im- que fossilibus per salis spiritum, qua3 alias eliquari *aginibus exornata. 4 np.I.9pp. 1. fol. r equeunt. Item, panaceasive medicina vniversalis aginibus exornata.4 p.o 1. 39 2 pp. 7 lo fol. antimonialis, ejusque usus, [etc.] 67 pp. 1751. Basileae, P. Perna, 1575. [v. 2.1 De ortu et origine omniurm ietallorum et mineralium, quo scilicet pacto illa per ast.ra produElogia virorum literis illustrium, quot- cantur ex aqua et terra, corpus sibi suscipiant et quot vel nostra vel avorum melmoria vixere, multiplici forma formentur, [etc.] 47 pp. 1752. [v. 3.] Commentarii in libellum Paracelsi ceelum phiad viuum expressis imaginibus exornata. losophorum sive liber vexationum dictum, in -quo 6 p. 1. 232 pp. 2 1. fol. Basilee, P. Perna, metallorum transmutationes in genere docentur, 1577. Gleich (Dr. Lorenz). Nur im wasser ist heil. [WithYl the preceding]. Beitraige zur begriindung der wasser-heilGirard (Heinrich). Briefe iiber Humboldt's lehre in einer sammlung von aufsitzen. Kosmos. See Cotta (B. von, etc.) Herausgegeben von B. Vanoni. xi, 196 pp. Girard (Jules Augustin). Le sentiment re- 120. Augsburg, C. A. Fahrmbacher, 1847. s. ligieux en GrBce, d'Homere a Eschyle; etudi6 Gleisberg (Dr. P.) Kritische darlegung der dans son developpement moral et dans son urgeschichte des menschen nach Carl Vogt. caractere dramatique. 2 p. 1. 553 pp. 1 1. 80. Oeffentlicher vortrag gehalten in der sitzung Paris, L. Hachette & cie. 1869. der freunde der zoologie und botanik in Girard (l'abbd'). See Gerard (Louis Phi- Dresden. 2 p. 1. 48 pp. 80. Dresden, lippe). Wleiske, 1868..S Girault, de Sailt Fargeau (Auguste). Dic- Gley (Gerard). Voyage en Allemagne et en tionnaire de la g6ographie physique et po- Pologine, [etc.] 2 v. in 1. 2 p.1. 197 pp; 2 litique de la France, [etc.] r6dige sur des p.1.238 pp. 80. Paris, Gid fils, 1816. documens authentiques, d'apres un nouveau Glimpses of pleasant homes. A few tales for plan. xii, 846 pp. 1 1. 80. Paris, d la li- youth. By a member of the order of mercy, brairie due comnme'ce, 18326 S. authoress of the life of Catharine McAulay, [Attributed to Eus6be Girault by Qunrard, but the etc. 3 p. 1. 236 pp. 4 p. 1. 12~. New York, author's preface is subscribed only " A. Girault."cation society, 1869. catholic publication society, 1869. Gladstone (William Ewart). A chapter of Gmelin (Johann Friedrich) Allgemeine geautobiography. 63 pp. 80. London, J. schichte der pflanzengifte. pe auflage, xii, Murr~ay, 1868. 852 pp. 8~. Niirnberg, Raspe, 1803. 16

Page  122 122 GOADBY. GOMEZ. Goadby (Robert). An apology for the life God's furnace. By one tried in the fire, of mr. Bampfylde Moore Carew, commonly [With introduction by J. H. McIlvain. called the king of the beggars, being an im- anon.] 1 p. 1. iv, 165 pp. 160. New York, partial account of his life, from his leaving A. D.'. Randolph & co. 1869. Tiverton school to the present time. [etc. Godwin (Williau). Deloraine. [A novel]. anon. ] 6th ed. xxviii, iv, 350 pp. 1 portrait. 2 v. 210 pp; 204 pp. 50 Philadelphia, 120. London, R. Goadby, [about 1780]. Carey, Lea & Blanchlad, 1833. Gobineau (Arthur, comte de). Typhaine's ~ Essay on sepulchres; or, a proposal abbey; a tale of the twelfth century. Trans- for erecting some memorial of the illustrious lated by Charles D. Meigs, m. d. 438 pp. dead in all ages on the spot where their re120. Philadelphia, Claxton, Remsen & Haf- mains have been interred. xii, 116 pp. I pl. felfinger, 1869.:16~. London, TW. Miller, 1809. Gobright (Louis A.) Recollection of men Gloffridus. Epistolm, opuscula, sermones. and things at Washington, during the third J. Sirmondus primurn in lucem ermit, ac of a century. 420 pp. 120. Philade~lphia, notis epistolas illustravit, anno 1610. 1p. 1. Clattoan, Rtemsen - Haiael~finger, 18f69. col, 615-1005. fol. Parisiis, typographia Gock (Carl). Die vertheidigung der freyen 1696 regm, 1696. kirche von Nord-America, [etc.] 120 pp. [in (Jcues). Opera va, v. 3 [1L SIRBIOND (Jacques). Opera varla, v. 3]. 16~. Reading, (Pa.) C. Gock, 1&22. Goguette (La) ancienne et moderne.'Choix Godart d'Aucour (Claude). Le berceau de la de chansons nationales, guerrieres, cachiFrance. [anon.] 3 partsin l v. 16~. La ques, philosophiques, joyeuses et populaires. H~ye, I. BeaRegad, 1744. [polyon.] 3p. 1. 540pp. I pl. 32~. Paris, Goddard (Abbott). A selection of hymns Garnie[ f-y-es 851. and spiritual songs. 224 pp. 320. Cin- G cinnati, Morgan &- Sanzxay, 1835. Going and son: a novel. By "'Monk." Goddard (Frederick B.) Where to emigrate, [psea don.l 167pp. 8.. New1zork, Ale?and why; describes the climate, soil, pro- cn news co. 1869. ductions, minerals, and general resources, Gold (The) lkey. A dramatic story. Transamount of public lands, the quality and price lated from the French. [anon.] 112 pp. of farm lands in nearly all sections of the 16~. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott c& co. United States; and contains a description of 1869. the Pacific railroad, the homestead and other Golden songs and ballads for the children. land laws, rates of wages throughout the Selected by the author of " Annie's golden country, etc. xvi, 591 pp. 4 pl. 19 maps. 8~. cross." 251 pp. 180. Philadelphia, presIVew York, F. B. Goddard, 1869. byterian publication committee, 1869. --- The same. *Where to emigrate and Goldele (Der) fertige rechner in dollars und why. Homes and fortunes in the boundless cents mit grobem druck [etc. anon.] 168 west and the sunny south; their climate, pp. 180. St. Louis, C. Witter, 1868. scenery, etc. xvi, 591 pp. 16 pl. 19 maps. Goldsmith (Alban, m d) Diseases of the Goldsmith (Alban, m. d.) Diseases of the 80. Philadelphia, the people's publishing genito-uinay ogans. 96 pp. 6 p. " genito-urinaly organs. 96 pp. 6 pl. 8% company, 1869. ~~company, 1869. ~New York, Wiley & Halstecd, 1857. Godet (Ch. HI.) Suppldment. la flore du, Jura suisse et fpranais. viii, 220 pp. 8o' Goldsmith (Oliver). Miscellaneous works. Nerat, cet aseur1 With a brief nmemoir of the author. 1 p. 1. NeWichatel, chez l'auteur, 1869. Godinez (Miguel). Practica de la theologia xii, 308 pp. 12o. London, A. Moqat, 1841, Zn'Iuropla rll5'EstiadoC, Cet.a Nvv EXrp~ mystica. Sacala a luz Juan Salazar y Bolea.'E2uc, [etc.] Nvv wpu16 p.1. 380 pp. ( 1. 160. Pamplona, M. r[v0e ipa(;pae0t~ a [etc.] v7o Aq/qjnrptov A2eXavGregora de Zabala, 1690. S. 6ptdov, [etc.] v. 1. xxxxvi, 439 pp. 1 map. Gregoria de Zabala, 1690. s. The same. 5 p. 1. 464 pp. 3 1. 16~. 8. Ev BevvY, TV71OC pa32Leotc, 1806 s. Madrid, J. Dobllado, 1780. Gomez (A. Enriquez). La culpa del primer Godman (John D. m. d.) Rambles of a natu- peregrino, y el passagero. 12 p.l. 176 pp. ralist. To which are added reminiscences 80. Madrid, J. Garcia Infanzon, 1735. of a voyage to India. By Reynell Coates, Gomez de Leon (Francisco Leal). Catem. d. 151 pp. 120. Philadelphia, T. T. Ask, cismo de platicas doctrinales, y morales, 1833. sobre las quatro partes de la doctrina chris

Page  123 1z23 GOMEZ. GOSTLING. Gomlez de Leon-continued, Gordon (Miss Helen)-continued. tiana, para alivio de los nuevos predicatores, protestant episcopal church. Primary series. parrocos, i sus thenientes, [etc.] 12 p.1. vi, 152 pp. 160. Boston, E, P. Dutton c5co. 487 pp. 160. Madrid, M. Martin, 1779. 1869. Goncourt (Edmond and.Jules). Histoire de The same. Advanced series. vi, 124 pp Marie-Antoinette. 2 p.1.429pp. 80. Pa?'is, 160. Boston, E. P. Dutton & co. 1869. Filrmisn Didot fIer~es, etc. 1858. Gordon (Thomas). Principles of naval ar chiGonon (Ennemond). Memoire sur1 le systeme tecture. With proposals for improving the tdl6graphique nouveau, universel et per- form of ships. To which are added some pdtuel, pour le jour et pour la nuit. 2 p. 1. observations on the structure of carriages 102 pp.1 pl. 40. Paris, Siro6, 1844. for the purposes of inland commerce, agriGonzalez (Pedro Lopez). Floresta gram- culture, etc. 1 p. 1. viii, 207 pp. 5 p1. 12. matical, dispuesta en varias selectas, [etc.] London, T. Evans, 1784. 24 p. 1. 248 pp. 160. Madrid, 1754. Gorham (Elsie, pseuedon?) The Hildreth Gonzalez de la Cruz (Josef Joaquin). Com- stories: rainy days in the nursery. 2 p. l pendium in quo definitiones, divisiones, axio- 166 pp. 3 pl. 180. Boston, W. V. Spencer, mata juris, aliruque perquam utiles notitie 1869. continentur, [etc.] 151 pp. 16~. satriti, Goss (Warren Lee). The soldier's story of P. Aznar, 1808. his captivity at Andersonville, Belle Isle, and Gonzalez de Mendoza (Juan). Ilistoria other rebel prisons. 1 p. 1. 357 pp. I portrait. de las cosas mas notables, ritos y costfibres 16 pl. 2 maps. 8~. Boston, Lee & Shepard, del gran reyno de la China: sabidas assi por 1869. los libros de los mismos Chinas, como por Gosse (Henry). Poetical translations. [With relation de religiosos [etc.] Con vn itine- the original texts]. 1 p. 1. 146 ppO 8~ Lonrario del nuevo mundo. 12 p. 1. 245 pp. 121. don, A. J. Valpy, 1822. 180. Madrid, P. Mlladrigal, 1586. CONTENTS. The same. Histoire dv grand royavme Jerusalem delivered, canto xvi. [By T. Tassoel. pp. 1-66. de la Chine. Mise en Franqois avec des The story of Ceyx and Alcyon6, from Ovid. [Book additions en marge, par Lve de la Porte. xi]. pp. 67-106. The Henriad, canto ix. [By F. M. Arotiet de Vol12 p. 1. 348 1. 16~. Paris, J. Perier, 1588. taire]. Goodrich (Charles Rush). The world of sci- Gosselman (Carl August). Reise in Columence, art, and industry. See Silliman (B. bien, in den jahren 1825 und 1826. Aus jr.) and Goodrich. dem Schwedischen iibersetzt von A. G. F. Goodwin (Rev. Ezra Shaw). Sermons. With Freese. 2 v. 1 p. 1. 230 pp. 1 map; 1 p. 1. a memoir. 268 pp. 16~. Boston, B. H. 312 pp. 1 1. I pl. 12~, Stralsund, Ldgfler, Greene, 1834.' 1829-31. Goodwin (Rev. John). Os ossorianvm; or, - The same. Reis naar Columbia, in de a bone for a, bishop to pick; being a vindica- jaren 1825 en 1826. 2 v. viii, 254 pp. 1 map; tion of [his] treatise called Anti-ecavalierisme vi, 344 pp. 1 pl, 8~. Haarlem, de toed. A. from the exceptions of G. Williams, bishop Loosjes, 1832. of Ossory. [anon.] 64 pp. sm. 40~. Lon- Gossip (The); or, scraps of manuscripts and don, Henry Overton, 1643. facetire, laconica et lyrica; being the gleanGood words. [A monthly religious maga- ings of the leisure hours of a gentleman. zinc]. Edited by N. Macleod, d.d. Jan- [anon.] xiv, 213 pp. 12~. Brighlton, C. nary to December, 1869. v. 10. 80. Lon- Verrall 4f co. 1849. don, Stralhan & co. 1869. Gosson (Stephen). The schoole of abuse; Gordon (C.) That good old time; or, our conteining a pleasaunt invectiue against pofresh and salt tutors. By Vieux Moustache. ets,pipers, plaiers, iesters, and such like cater[pseudon.] 16'. Boston, 1866. pillers of a commonwelth; and a short Two lives in one. By Vieux Moustache. apologic of the Schoole of abuse, 1579. 80 pp. [pseudon.] v, 246 pp. 1 pl. 16~. New 16~. London, A. Murray & sons, 1868. York, Hurd & Houghton,, 1870. [ARBER's English reprints, no. 3]. Gordon (Miss Helen). "'The way, the truth, Gostling (Rev. William). A walk in and and the life." Questions on the life of our about the city of Canterbury, with many Savior, for the use of Sunday schools in the observations not to be found in any descrip

Page  124 124 GOSTLING. GRAFFIGNY. Gostling (Rev. William)-continuedo Goulding (Rev. F. R.) Frank Gordon; or, tion hitherto published. A new ed. with when I was a little boy. 179 pp. 1 pl. 18~o considerable additions. With appendix: the Philadelphia, J. S. Claxton, [1869]. tour of East Kent. xxiv, 366 pp. 81.2 maps. Marooner's island; or, dr. Gordon in I portrait. 32 pl 80. Canterbury, If. Black- search of his children. 493 pp. 6 pl. 160~. ley, 1825. Philadelphia, Claxton, Remse%, & HafIfelGothaischer genealogischer hofkalender, finger, 1869. nebst diplomatisch-statistischem jahrbuche Gourand (Dr. -, pdre). 1ntudes sur la fivre auf das jahr 1869. 106r jahrgang. 240. intermittente pernicieuse dans les contrdes Gotha, J. Prtfhes, [1863]. s. m6ridionales. 319,2 pp. 120~ Avignon, L. ______The same. Annuaire diplomatique et Aubanel, 1842e statistique pour l'ann6e 1869. 240. Got ha,rles). Instruccion de a juvenJ. Perthes, [1868]. tud en la piedad christiana. Sacada de la sagrada escritura, y de los santos padres. Gotthelf (Jeremiah). Wealth and welfare. e 2 4p.. 316 pp 4 p. 276 pp. 12 L Compuesta en idioma francds. Traducida en d an Ne York6, A4. S. 186. L Castellano por d. Juan Antonio Turbique. 6 don and New York, A. Strahan, 1866. p.1. 356 pp. 80. Barcelona, S. &4 0. Marti, GCoudas (Anastasios N.) Biot 7rapaitlylo, 1795. s r6ov Eert i-71 avayevvwjae&o Tryg'Ekad6o~ dta- Gozalvo (Mareellin). Vita del padre Em7rpeavrov avdpov. ToLoC a'. KZypor. ty', manuele Padial della compagnia di Gesih, 448 pp. 8~. Ev AOyvatc, ec rov rvTroypaQ- scritta in lingua spagnola e tradotta nel italetov K. Avrovtadov, 1869. iana dal padre Francisco doe Castro. xxiij, Gough (John). A treatise of arithmetic in 448 pp. 16~. Parma, eredi di P. Monti, theory and practice. Adapted to the com- 1728. merce of Great Britain and Ireland. [With] Graaff (Nicolaus de). Reysen na de vier geadditions and amendments; fitting the work deeltens des werelds, als Asia, Africa, America for the improvement of the American youth. en Europa, [etc.] Als ook een mette dog By Benjamin Workman, a. m. 370 pp. 160. korte beschrijving van China, [etc.] Hier Philadelphia, J. McCulloch, 1788. agter is by gevmgt I)D'oostindise spiegel, Goulard (Thomas). El cirujano instruido. [etc.] 2e drucl. 2 v. in 1. 5 p. 1.222 pp. Modlo facil, y barato de curar casi todas las 4 1.6 p1; 3 p.1.84 pp. 40. Hoorn, F. Rijp, enfermedades externas con el uso de una sola 1704. medicina diferentemente modificacla. Es- Grace Harland; or, Christ's path to happiness. cribilo en Francds mr, Goulard, y lo traduce [anon.] 264 pp. 3 pl. 180. Philadelphia, J. I. Caballo de Castro. 13 p. 1. 172 pp.6L presbyterian board of pllication, [1869]. 8~. CMadrid, eM. Martin, 1774. 2. 6 Gracey (Rev. Samuel L.) Anniversary gems; Gould (Benijamin Apthorp). Investigations consing of addresses, recitations, converin the military and anthropological statistics sations, and scripture illustrations, for the of American soldiers. xiv, 655 pp. 8~. Sunday-school concert, or anniversary. 215 New York, 1869. s. pp. 18~. Pliladelphia, Perkinpine & Hig[UNITED STATES sanitary commission. Sanitary me- gins, 1870. moirs]. Gracian (Baltazar). The hero. Fromn the Gould (John E.) The modern harp, [etc.] Spanish. With remarks, moral, political, See White (E. L.) and Gould. and historical, of the learned father J. de Songs of gladness for the Sabbath Courbeville. By a gentleman of Oxford. 2 school. Also a choice selection of prayer- p.l. ixpp. 11.219pp.'40. London, T. Cox, meeting and choir tunes. 176 pp. obl. 160. 1726. Philadelphia, J. E. Gould, [1869]. L'homme universel, traduit de l'EspagGould (Marcus T. C.) The analytic guide nol. [Par J. de Courbeville]. 12 p.1. 312 and authentic key to the art of short-hand pp. 120. La Haye, Gosse SF De Hondt, 1724. writing, [etc.] 3d ed. 35 pp. 12 pl. 18~. Graffigny (Frangoise d'Issembourg d'HapponNew Haven, T. G. fWoodward, 1824. court, madame de). Lettere d'una peruviana, Gould (William Reid). Gould's lawyers' [Trad. del Francese], dal signor G. L. Deodiary, for the year 1868. 137 pp. 73 1. 160. dati. Nuova ed..242 pp. 16~. Parigi, New York, IF. R. Gould, [1868]. Duchesne, [1799].

Page  125 125 GRAHAM. GREAT BRITAIN. Graham (Andrew J.) Correspondent's list of Grauert-continued. word-signs and contractions of standard schichte. 177 pp. 120. New York, E. phonography. 16 pp. 320. New York, A. Steiger, 1867. J. Graham, 1869. Graves (Robert) and Ashton (S.) The whole Graham (James D.) Report on the subject of art of tachygraphy; or, short-hand writing the boundary line between the United States made plain and easy. 2 p. 1. 72 pp. 6 pl. and Mexico. 250 pp. 1 map. 80. Wash- 18~. York, C. Etlherington, 1775. ington, 1853. s. Gravina (Domenico). Pro sacra fidei cathoGraham (Rev. W.) Stenography, or an easy lice et apostolicve deposito fideliter a roman. system of short-hand writing. 20 pp. 1 1. 2 pont. cvstodito apologeticus. Adversus novapi. 120. Edinburgh, J. Bell, 1787. torvm calvmnias, et presertim nonissimi M. Grahame (James). The birds of Scotland, Antonii de Dominis, etc. Revisus et illvswith other poems. vii pp. 11. 214 pp. 160. tratvs per A. R. P. F. Thomam de Sarria. 13 Boston, D. W'est, 1807. p. 1. 218 pp. 40. Coloniwe Agrippince, H. Grammatical (A) sketch of the Heve lan- Kraft, 1635. s. guage, translated from an unpublished Span- - Pro sacrosancto ordinis sacramento ish manuscript. By Buckingham Smith. vindiciae orthodoxye, adversus hbresiologias [anon.] 26 pp. 80. New York, Cramoisy Marci Antonii de Dominis. Revis. et illvspress, 1861. s. trat. per A. R. P. F. Thomam de Sarria. [SHEA'S library of American linguistics, v. 3]. 8p.1.204pp.1. 4. Coloni Agripi, Granada (Luis de). See Luis de Granada.. 1. H. Kra?~ft, 1638. s. Grandfather's Nell; or, what happened at [WiTth the preceding]. the toll-gate. By the author of "Squire Gray (Alonzo). Elements of scientific and Downing's heirs." [etc. anon.] 363 pp. practical agriculture; or, the application of 4 pi. 160. New York, R. Carter & bros. 1869. biology, geology, and chemistry to agriculGrandma Merritt's stories. 230 pp. 3 p1. 16C. ture and horticulture, [etc.] 368 pp. 20. Philadelphia, American sunday-school union, Andover, Allen, Morrill & Wardwell, 1842. [1868]. Gray (Asa). Field, forest, and garden botany; Grandmaster (The); or, adventures of Qui- a simple introduction to the common plants HIi? in Hindostan. A Hudibrastic poem by of the United States east of the Mississippi, Quiz. [pseudon.] Illustrated by Rowlandson; both wild and cultivated. 386 pp. 8o. x, 252 pp. 28 col. pl. 80. London, T. Tegg, New York, ivison, Phinney, Blakeman & co. 1816. 1868. Grand (The) mystery, etc. L'art de m6diter Gray (George Robert). Hand-list of genera sur la chaise percde, par l'auteur de Gulliver and species of birds, distinguishing those l'ain6. [pseudon.] Avec un projet pour contained in the British museum. Part 1, batir et entretenir des latrines publiques Accipitres, fissirostres, tenuirostres, and dans la ville et fauxborgs de Paris, sous la dentirostres. xx, 404 pp. 80. London, 1860. direction d'une compagnie, dans laquelle on Gray (Thomas, jr. m. d.) The vestal; or, a pourra s'interesser en prenant des actions. tale of Pompeii. xii, 220pp. 120. Boston, 1 p. 1.54 pp. 160. Dublin, de l'irnmprimerie Gra Boe, 1830. Gray &'~Bowen, 1830. du docteur Swift, 1743. [NOTE-2d ed. of L grnd mystre. Traduit de Great Britain. Council on education. Science [i~OTE. —2d ed. of Le grand myst~re. Traduxit de l'Anglais par Desfontaines]. and art department of the committee of coun"Grandpapa's Charlie;" or, the young sol- cil on education. Catalogue of the special dier. By Gano. [pseudon.] 152 pp. 1 portrait. exhibition of works of art of the medieval, 180. Boston, American tract society, [ 1868]. renaissance, and more recent periods, on loan Grangier (Jean). Examen th6ologique sur at the South Kensington museum, June, la soci6tW du prdt A rcnte. Dialogue entre 1862. Parts i, ii, and iii. Edited by J. C. Bail et Pontas. 3e 6d. 168, 48 pp. 160. Robinson. xii, 399 pp. 80. London, staParis, S. Le Rouge, 1747. tionery ofice, 1862. s. Grasty (Rev. John S.) Faith's battles and Department of justice. Fac-similes of victories; or, thoughts for troublous times. national manuscripts, from William the con285 pp. 160. New York, A. D. F. Ran- queror to queen Anne, selected under the dolph &4 co. 1869. direction of the master of the rolls, and phoGrauert (Wilhelm). Leitfaden der weltge- tozincographed by command of queen Vie

Page  126 126 GREAT BRITAIN. GREAT BRITAIN Great Britain —continued. Great Britain-continued. toria, by colonel sir Henry Jatmes. With rico iv. a. d. 1259-96; 1307-24; 1392-1406. Edited by H. T. Riley. 8~. London, 1866. translations and notes, [by William Basevi COCKAYNE (Oswald). Leechdomns, worteunning, and Sanders]. 4 v. fol] Southampton, or'd- starcraft of early England; being documents illustrating the history of science in this country before nance survey office, 1865-68. the Norman conquest. v. 1,-3. 80. London, 1864-66. Naval depa1rtment The navy list. De- GIRALDUS, cambrensis (Silvester Gerald de Barri, comnmonzly called). Opera. v. 6. Itinerarivm Kamcomber, 1856; December, 1868; March, bri, et descriptio IKambrhi. Edited by J. F. Dimnock. 8~. London, 1868. June, and September, 1869. 5 v. 160~. Lon- LIBER monasterii de Hyda; comprising a chronicle of dosn, J. Ms-rray, 1869. affairs of England, from the settlement of the Saxons to the reign of king Cnut; and a chartulary of -- ----- Parliamentary papers. Hansard's par- the abbey of Hyde, in Hampshire. A. d. 455-1023. Edited by E. Edwards. 8~. London, 1866. liamentary debates. 3d series. 26th of June IRELAND. Ancient laws of Ireland. Introduction to to 31st of July, 1868; 1oth of December, Senchus mor, etc. or, law of distress, as contained in the Harleian manuscripts. v. 1. 80. Dublin, 1868, to 11th of August, 1869. v. 193-198. 1865. 70 London, C. Buck, 1)868. NECKAI (Alexander). De naturis rerum libri duo. 8o. London, C. Buck, 1868. With the poem of the same author De laudibus diR- eport of the royal commission- vina sapientte. Edited by Thomas Wright. 80. Londdon, 1863. ers for inquiring into the laws of naturaliza- OxFORD (Usliversity of). Munimenta academica; or, tion anid allegiance; with an appendix, con- documentsillustrative of academical life and studies at Oxford. By rev. Henry Anstey. 2 v. 80. Lontaining an account of British and foreign dons, 1868. lavws, alnd of the diplomatic correspondence PECOCK (Reginald). Repressor of overmuch blaming la w sP~ and of the clergy. Edited by Churchill Babingtou. 2 which has passed on this subject; reports v. 8'. London, 1860. WAVRIN (Jean de, seigneur dze Forestel). Recueil friom foreign states, and other papers. xv, des croniques et anchiennes istories de la Grant Bre156 pp. 8'. London, G. E. Eyre -, wF. taigne, a present nomme Engleterre. Edited by William Hardy. 1399-1422. [v. 4-5]. 80. Londoen, Spottiswoode, 1869. 1868.,-. — Report on the common school - Record comnmission. Public records. system of the United States and Canada. A description of the contents, objects, and By rev. James Fraser, assistant commis- uses of the various works printed by ausioner. 435, v pp. 14 pl. 30~. London, thority of the record commission; for the Eyre & Spottiswoode, 1866. advancement of historical and antiquarian [PARLIAMENTARY papers, 1867, v. 26]. knowledge. [By sir Nicholas Harris NicoPublic record oqce. Calendar of state las]. v, 35pp 8~. London, Baldwin $ papers, domestic series, of the reign of Eliza- Cradock, 1831. beth, 1595-97, Edited by Mary Anne Ev.- Secretary of state for India. The people erett Green. xxv, 687 pp. 80. London, of India. A series of photographic illustraLongmans, Green, Reader & Dyer, 1869. tions, with descriptive letterpress of the races - Calendar of treasury papers, and tribes of Hindustan. Edited by J. Forbes 1556-1696. Prepared by Joseph Reding- Watson and John William Kaye. 226 pl. 4 ton. lvi, 667 pp. 80. Lonedon, Longmans, v. 4~. London, IV. H. Allen 4 co. 1.868-69 Green, Reader, Dyer, 1868. --- Treasury. The British tariff of cus--- --- Supplenient to v. i. and v. ii. of toms' duties, in alphabetical arrangement,etc. Letters, despatches, and state papers relating as adopted at the custom-house, with blank to the negociations between England and leaves for memoranda. 30th ed. corrected Spain, preserved in the archives at Simancas and revised. 66 pp. 32~. London, Letts, and elsewhere. i. Queen Katharine. ii. son 4 co. 1867. Intended marriage of king Henry viii. with -- Tl'ar department. A list of the officers queen Juana. Edited by G. A. Bergen- of the army, and marines; with an index: roth. lxxx, 467 pp. London, Longmans 8& co. a list of the officers on half pay; and a sue1868. cession of colonels, 1785 to 1798. 14 v. 8~. Reruml britannicarum medii mvi London, 1785-98. scriptores; or, chronicles and memorials of Ordnance trigonometrical surGreat Britain and Ireland during the middle vey of Great Britain and Ireland. Account ages. 14 v. 80. London, 1860-66. of the observations and calculations, of the CONTENTS. principal triangulation, and of the figure, CHRONICA monasterii S. Albani. Johannis de Trolke- dimensions, and mean specific gravity of the lowe, et Blaneforde, necnon quorundam earth as derived therefrom, etc. Drawn anonymorum chronica et annales, regnantibus Henrico iii, Edwardo i, Edwardo ii, Ricardo ii, et Hen- Up by capt. A. R. Clarke, under the direc

Page  127 127 GREAT BRITAIN. GREENWOOD. Great Britain-continued. Green (Richard W.) A key to Green's new tion of It. col. H. James, etc. 2 p. 1. xvii, arithmetic. [Also,] an essay on the method 782 pp. I 1. 1 pI; atlas, 1 p. 1. 29 pl. 40. Lon- of teaching. 125 pp. 180. Philadelphia, don, printers to the queen, 1858. s. H. Perkins, 1841. ------ Comparisons of the standards Greenbank's periodical library. v. 3. 80. of length of England, France, Belgium, Philadelphia, T. K. Greenbank, 1833. Prussia, Russia, India, Australia, made at [MARKOE pamphlets, v. 7]. the ordnance survey office, Southampton, by Greene (Daniel). Conference hymns, selected capt. A. R. Clarke, under the direction of from various authors: etc. 54 pp.. 32~. Provicol. sir H. James, etc. viii, 287 pp. 10 pl. dence, (R. I.) Miller & Huttchins, 1822. 40. London, stationery qoice, 1866. s. The same. 2d ed. 40 pp. 18c. ProviGreatBritain (Royal archeologicalinstititte of). dence, (RI. I.) Hutchins & Cory, 1828. See Royal archreological institute. Greene (Joseph 11. jr.) Athaliah; a novel. "Great (The) Lingard" songster, etc. 378 pp. 120. New York, Carleton, 1869. [anon.] 1 p.1. 64-pp. 160. New York,.R. Greenhow (Robert). The history of Oregon M. De 1W1itt, 1869. and California, and the other territories of the Great trans-continental railroad guide, con- northwest coast of North America. [With taining a full and authentic description of answers to Falconer's strictures]. 2d ed. over five hundred cities, towns, villages, sta- 1, xviii, 492 pp. I map. 80. Boston, Little tions, government forts, etc. from the Atlan- -' Brown, 1845. tic to the Pacific ocean. 244 pp. 16 pl. 16~. Greenleaf (Benjamin). Key to the new pracChicago, G. A. Crofutt & co. 1869. tical arithmetic; with answers to exercises Grece (Charles F.) Facts and observations in the new elementary arithmetic. Prepared respecting Canada, and the United States of for the mathemlnatical series of Benjamin America: affording a comparative view of Greenleaf, a. in. By a practical teacher. the inducements to emigration presented in [anon.] 148 pp. 120. Boston, R. S. Davis those countries. [Also,] an appendix of & co. [1867]. practical instructions to emigrant settlers in Greenleaf (Charles R. in. d.) A manual for the British colonies. xv, 172 pp. 8~. Lon- the medical officers of the United States don, J. Harding, 1819. army. 199 pp. 120. Philadelphia, J. B. Greece. No/tog poc'. Ilepe re7ovtalcov dac- Lippincott & co. 1864. /ouoytov. 31 pp. 4~.'Ev AOsvatC, 1867. Greenleaf (Simon). A brief inquiry into the -Io2creto)ypa0puca t irioppoptot P e ept'EPXa- origin and principles of free masonry. 1 p. 1. 6oc, v7ro A. MavcoXa, etc.?', 211 pp. 8~. Ev 117 pp. 80. Portland, A. Shirley, 18.20. AOsivaCg, e/l -ov EtllitOV rrVoypacetov, 1867. s. Greenwell (Dora). Poems. By the author Greeley (Horace). Essays designed to eluci- of" The patience of hope." [anon.] viii, date the science of political economy, while 315 pp. 16~. Edinburgh, A. Strahan & co. serving to explain and defend the policy of 1861. protection to home industry, as a systemn of Greenwich (Royal observatory at). Results national cooperation for the elevation of labor. of the magnetical and meteorological obser384 pp. 16G. Boston, Fields, Osgood 5w co. vations, made 1866. 6 p. 1. lxi, ccciii pp. 1 1870. pl. 4~. Greenwich, 1866. s. Green (Calvin) and Wells (Seth Y.) A Report of the astronomer royal to the summary view of the millenial church; or, board of visitors of the Royal observatory, united society of believers, commonly called Greenwich, read at the annual visitation, 1869. shakers. Comprising the rise, progress, and 24 pp. 40. Greenwich, 1869. practical order of the society, with the prin- Greenwood (Francis William Pitt, d. d.) A ciples of their faith and testimony. [anon. ] collection of psalms and hymns for christian 2d ed. revised and improved. viii, 384 pp. worship. 37th ed. xxvi pp. 201. 160. Bos8~. Albany, C. Van Benthuysen, 1848. ton, C. J. Hendee, 1844, Green (Charles John). Brachygraphy; or, Memoir of the rev. Samuel Cooper a most approved and complete system of Thacher. 8~. Boston, 1824. short-hand, as practiced by W. B. Gurney, LIn THACHERI (S. C.) Sermons, pp. xi-lxx]. esq. Methodised and arranged. 1.35 pp. 10 pl. Greenwood (James). The hatchet throwers. 80. London, S. Sneet, 1824. With 36 illustrations, drawn on wood, by

Page  128 128 GREENWOOD. GRISWOLD. Greenwood (James)-continued. Griffet (Henri)-continued. Ernest Griset, etc. 164 pp. 4~. London, J. gate, et sur les nouveaux systemes du plre Camden, 1866. Hardouin et de l'abb6 de Villefroy. 2 v. CONTENTS. xxviii, 384 pp; 1 p. 1. 324 pp. 16. Lifge, The astonishing adventures of three ancient mariners. J. F. Bassompierre, 1770. Brass, brothers, of Bristol; their travels and perils. The crocodile-witch. Griffin (Gerald). The collegians. [anon.] ------ The purgatory of Peter the cruel. With 2 v.208 pp; 184 pp. 12. New York, J. 36 illustrations, on wood, by Ernest Griset. J. Harper, 1829. 164 pp. 40. London, G. outledge sons, - The rivals. Tracy's ambition. By the 18368. author of "The collegians." 2 v.203 pp; Wild sports of the world; a book of 185 pp. 80. New York, J. 5 J. Harper, 1830. natural history and adventure. I p. 1. 474 Griffin (John). A child's memorial; or, new pp.. 80. New York, Harper & b.rothers, token for children; exhibiting the early piety 1870. and happy death of miss Dinah Doudney, of Gregg (Josiah). Karawanenziige durch die Portsea, delivered to a congregation of chilwestlichen prairieen, und wanderungen in dren, in Orange street chapel, on new year's Nord-Mejico. Nach dem tagebuche des day, 1805. [Also, ] an account of miss Sarah amerikaner J. Gregg bearbeitet von M. B. Barrow, who was burnt to death April the 4th, Lindau. jr theil. x, 208 pp. 1 pl. 1 map. 80. 1805. 4thAm.ed. Wth otherlives,addi Dr1esden 8 Leipzig, Arnold, 184t5. tions, and corrections. 79 pp. 240~. Utica,?Gregorius, nazianzenus (Saint). Carmina N. Y. Seward &dr Williams, 1810. cygnea inedita. [Graece et latine]. 40. Griffin (Richard, editor). Specimens of the Trojecti ad Rhenum, per Halmarn & Fan de novelists and romancers, with critical and WFater, 1696. 1 biographical notices of the authors. 1st [In TOLLIUS (J.) Insignia itinerarii italici. pp. 1-105]. American from 2d Edinburgh ed. 2 v. 216 pp; - Pan6gyrique de St. Athanase. 80. 215 pp. 120. New York, J. Langdon, 1831. Paris, 1840. Griffith (Ralph T. H.) Scenes from the Ra[In MiHLER (J. A.) Athanase le grand. v. 1, pp. v- mayan, etc. See Valmiki. lxvii]. l~~~~xvii]g. Grimaldi (Giuseppe Ceva). Sullariforma de' Gregory (John). The works of J. Gregorie. Gregory.Jo The worksofJ. Grpesi e delle misure ne' reali dominii di qua In two parts; the first containing notes and dal faro considerazioni. Ed. 2~ con note observations upon several passages in scripdell' editore, e una lettera del prof. Flauti. ture; the second, his posthuma, being divers deli' editore, una lettera 1837el p auti. learned tracts upon various subjects. 4th ed. 12 p. 1. 175 pp; 12 p. 1. 329 pp. 40~. London, Grimke (Angelina E.) Letters to Catharine M. Clarnk, 1784. E. Beecher,jin reply to an essay on slavery G,renoble. Cartulaires de'6giscathdrae and abolitionism, revised by the author. 130 Grenoble. Cartulaires de l'6glise cathedrale de Grenoble, dits cartulaires de Saint-Hugues pp. 120. Boston, J. Knapp, 1838. publi6s par in. Jules Marion. xci, 556 pp. Grimaha (William). An etymological dic21. 2 pl. 40 Paris, imprimerie i'epriale, tionary of the English language, etc. 3d 1869. ed. 280 pp. 120. Philadelphia, Grigg, El[FRANCE. Collection de documents in6dits. ire liot S co. 1848. S. s6rie, Histoirepolitique]. History of England, from the first inGretser (Jacob). Libri qvinqve apologetici vasion by Julius Coesar to 1820. With an pro vita Ignatii Loioloe, edita a Petro Riba- index. 3d ed. 4 p. 1. 292 pp. 160. Philadeneira; contra calvmnias cvivsdam Chris- delphia, Lydia R. Bailey, 1823. tiani Simonis Lithi miseni caluinistre. 10 The same. To the accession of Victoria. p.1. 542 pp. 160. Ingolstadii, ex typographia 330 pp. 16~. Philadelphia, Grigg, Elliot 8 A. Sartorii, 1699. co. 1847. Grey (Mrs. -). The trials of life. [anon.] -- Questions adapted to Grimshaw's his2 v. 255 pp; 202 pp. 12~. New York, W. B. tory of England. 84 pp. 16O. PhiladelGilley, 1829. phia, Lydia R. Bailey, 1823. Griffet (Henri). L'insuffisance dela religion Griswold (Jerellliah). Handbook of adjustnaturelle, prouvee par les verites contenues ment of loss or damage by fire, for the use of dans les livres de l'6criture sainte avec des fire underwriters. 105 pp. sin. 40. New dissertations sur la version des 70, sur la vul- York, Insutrance monitor office, 1868.

Page  129 GRISWOLD. GIARDAMINO. Griswold (Rufus Wilmot). The poets and Grotius-continued. poetry of America. 16th ed. 622 pp. 10 Defensio fidei catholicce de satisfactione Christi, P'itlan, ad'versis Favstvm Socinvm senensem. portraits. 80. Philadelphia, Parry & AMc- Disqvisitio de dogmnatibvs pelagianis. Milln, 1855. s. Animadversiones in animadversiones Andre.e Mi~~~~ll ~an, 185~.. - Riveti. Groesbeck (John). Key to the Crittenden Votvm pro pace ecclesiastica. votvm pacis facti, discvssio. adeiphlia, Eldredge & brother, 1870. De svmrnmo sacerdotio dissertatio historica ac politica. De dogmatis, ritibvs, et gubernaGrollier de,Servieres (Nicolas, comte). Re- tione ecclesi.e christiansc. De dogmatis coIstsqvp reliptico'e noxia sunt a-iit dicuntur. cueil d'ouvrages curieux de mathematique et qvas reipvblice noxia sunt ant dicuntur. Index rervm et verborvm. de mecanique; on, description du cabinet de Apologeticvs eorvm qvi Hollandi tc monsieur Grollier de Servieres, [etc.] 13 p. l. 100 pp. 51. 85 p. 40. Lyon, D. Forey, 1719. Vestfrisi qve etvicinis quibnsam nationG m w. ar oftranspare ibus ex legibus praefuerunt ante mutationem Groom (Edward). The art of transparent painting on glass. Comprising the method qum evenit anne cincxviii. Cum refutatione eorum quce adversus ipsum, [Grotium], of painting, and an account of the imple- tione eorus cta adversus ipsu,Grotium. ments and materials employed in producing tque alios acta ac iudicata unt. p 534 pp. 160. Parisiis, N. Buon, 1622. subjects for dissolving views, magic lanterns, N. Bon,. etc. 55 pp. 5 pl. 16~. London, lWindsor. Grou (Jean Nicolas). Caracteres de la verda,Newtton, 1855p.5. dera devocion. Traducida al Castellano por Grosley (Pierre Jean). Memoires del'acad6 uneclesifstico. 6 p.1. 263pp. 16~. Madrid, mie des sciences, inscriptions, beiles-lettres, R. Ruiz, 1796. s. etc. nouvellement etablie A Troyes en Cham- Groves (Anthony N. missionary). Journal pagne. 173 pp, 8~. Paris, 1787. of a residence at Bagdad, during the years [in CAYLUS (A. C. P. comte de). CEuvres badines 1830-31. xv, 306 pp. 12~. London, J. Nisbet, complettes, v. 121. 1832, Gross (Samuel D1). m. m..) A manual of miliGruber (Eberhard Ludwig). Grundfortary surgery; or, hints on the emergencies schende fragren, welche denen neuen t/uof field, camp, and hospital practice. 96 pp. witgensteini fern im witgensteinischen insonderheit zu _2~. Richllond, J. W. Randolph, 1862. G Richmorg, J). Hist dof, 1. F beantworten, vorgelegt waren. Nebst beyGrote (George). History of Greece. From gefiigten kurzen und einfiltigen antworten the 2d London ed. 12 v. 120. New York, auf dieselben, etc. von einem aufrichtigen and Boston, Harper & brothers, etc. 1851-67. mitglied der gemeinde zu Witgenstein, etc. Grotius or de Groot (Hugo). Opera omnia 40 pp. 160. Lancaster, J. Bdr, 1822. theologica. 4 v. fol. Basilece, apud E.' [With FELBINGER (J) Christliches handbiichlein]. J. R. Thl' nisios, 1732. Grund (Francis P.) Die Americaner in ihren CONTENTS. moralischen, politischen und gesellschaftliv. 1. Vita Hugonis Grotii. chenverhbltnissen. [Aus dem Englischen] Annotationes ad vetus testamentvm. in's Deutsche iibersetzt von verfasser. 4 v. 2. Annotationes in qvatvor evangelia et acta apostolorvm. p. 1. 444 pp. 8~. Stuttoard, und Tiibingen, J. v. 3. Annotationes in epistolas apostolicas et apoca- Cotta, 1837. lypsin. G. Cotta, 1837. D. 4. Opvsevla diversa, chiz. Grunow (J. & W.) &' co. Illustrated scien De velritate religionis christianm, lib. i-6o Ordinvin Hollandia ac Westfridiie pietas. tific and descriptive catalogue of achromatic Philosophorvm sententie de fato, et de eo quod in sostra cot potestate de G raceo ere microscopes manufactured by [them]. viii, in nostra est potestate de Grmco versae. Commentatio ad loca quaedam novi testamenti 104 pp. 80. New Haven, T. J. Stafford, qvx de Antichristo agunt, aut agere putantur. 1857. S. Dissertatio de coena administratione vbi pas- Gruter (Jan). Chronicon chronicorvm eccletores non svnt. Item, an. senmper commvnicandvm per symbola. siastico-politicvm, ex hvivs svperiorisqve Via a.d pacem ecclesiasticam. Georgii Cassandri de articvlis religionis inter etatis scliiptoribvs concinnatvm, [etc.] catholicos et protestantes controversis ad collectore Johanne Gualterio belga. [pseuimperatores Ferdinandvm i, et Maximilianvm ii. ejus successorern consvltatio. don.] 2 v. 8 p. 1. 741 pp; 7 p. 1. 652 pp. Bona fides Sibbrandi Lvbberti.coforti in offina abriana, 1614. Decretvin illvstrivm ac potentvm ordinvm Hol-ana, 161 landia et Westfrisia pro pace ecclesiarvm Gaulterius (Johannes). See Gruter (Jan). [etc.] Oratio vernacule habita in senatu anmstelre- Guardamino (Diego do). Prontuario y claves damensi noise cal. niaji, mdcxvi. de las correspondencias, que entre si tienen De imperio svommarvn potestatvm circa sacra conlmentarivs posthivvs. las monedas, medidas de granos, de palmos, 17

Page  130 GUARDAMINO. GUIDOTTI. Guardamino (Diego de) —continued. Guernsey. Almanach journalier, a l'usage de y peso sutil de Castilla, con las de varios I'ile de Guernesey, et des iles voisines. Pour reynos, y provincias de la Europa, [etc.] l'annee 1841, etc. 180. Guernesey, N. Man8p. 1. 120 pp. 16~. Madrid, A. Marin, 1757. ger, 1840. Guardiola y Rueda (Manuel). Novenario Guerra (La): giornale d'arte, scienza, storia doloroso de Maria santisima senora nuestra. e technologia militare, etc. Si pubblica, Sermones para la novena de sus dolores. etc. da Giuseppe Novi. v. 1, fasc. 1-8. 176 Sacados de la obra que escribio Manuel pp. 40. Atlas. 8 pl. fol. Napoli, G. Dura, Guardiola y Rueda, por el d. Benito Fran- 1860-61. s. cisco de Castro y Barbeyto. 2~ ed. xvi, 392 [No more published]. pp. lG6. Madrid, Cano, 1804. Guggenbiihl (J. m.d.) Die heilung und verGuardiolay Saez (Lorenzo). Elcorregidor hiitung des cretinismus und ihre neuesten perfecto, y juez exactamente dotado de las fortschritte. Mittheilungen an die schweize calidades necesarias y convenientes para el rische naturforschende gesellschaft. 3p. 1. 121 buen gobierno econ6mico y politico de los pp. lP 40 Bern, Huber - c. 853. s. pueblos, [etc.] 2 p. 1. xxiv pp. 1 I. 277pp. Guibert (Jacques Antoine Hippolyte). Reisen sm. 40. Madrid, A. Lopez, 1785. durch Deutschland. 160. Hamburg, 1S05. Guay (Claude le). See Le Guay. [MAGAZIN de neesten und besten auslandiscllen reisebesehreibungen, v. 7]. Guays (J. F. E. Le Bois des). See Le Bois des Guicciardini (Francesco). La historia d'Italia Guays (J. F. E.) nuouamente ristampata, con annotatione de Guelen (Auguste de). Kort verhael van den Remigio fiorentino. 24p.1.4711. 40. Vestaet van Fernanbvc. Uit het Frangois int netia, N. Beuilaqua, 1563. Nederduytsch vertaclt. 15 1. sm. 40. Am- The same. La historia dItalia. Rissterdam, 1640. contrata con tutti gli altri historice, et autori, Giiell y Rente6 (Jos6). Leyendas ameri- che dell' istesse cose habbiano scritto, per canas. 1 p. 1. 283 pp. 1 portrait. 120. Madrid, Thomaso Porcacchi da Castiglione arretino, imprenta de las novedades i ilustracion, 1856. [etc.] 2 v. in 1. 44 p.1. 4881; 112, 81. sin. Traditions am6ricaines. 2 p. 1. 295 pp. 40. Venetia, E. Baba, 1640. 1 1o 120. Paris, M. Livyfrer'es, 1861. 1 Two discourses of master Frances GuicGuer (Jean-Antoine). Mceurs et usages des ciardini, which are wanting in the thirdeand Turcs, leur religion, leur gouvernement civil, fourth bookes of his historie, in all the Italmilitaire et politique, avec un abr6g6 de ian, Latin, and French coppies heretofore iml'histoire ottomane. 2 v. 2 p. 1. xxiv, 453 pp. printed, [etc.] 67 pp. smin. 40. London, ff. 8 1. 12 pl; 2 p. 1. viii, 637 pp. 1 1. 16 pl. Ponsonbie, 1595. 40. Paris, Coustelier, 1746. [With the preceding]. Guericke (Heinrich Ernst Ferdinand). Hand- Guiccioli (- Gamba, countess). Lord Byron, buch der kirchengeschichte. 6e auflage. 3 v. jug6 par les trnmoins de sa vie. My recollec80. Leipzig, Gebauer, 1846. tions of lord Byron; and those of eye-witCONTENTS. nesses of his life. [From the French by H. v. 1. Aeltere kirchengeschichte. E. H. Jerningham]. 670 pp. 1 pl. So. v. 2. Mittlere kirchengeschichte. v. 3. Neuere kirchengeschichte. New York, Harper & brothers, 1869. Guerin-Meneville (F1elix iOdouard). Rap- Guide (The), or counsellor of human life; port sur les travaux entrepris pour introduire containing miscellaneous pieces, on a variety le ver a soie de l'aylanthe en France et en of useful and entertaining subjects, etc. Alogerie. 2p.1. 100 pp. 1portrait. 80. Paris, [anotn.] sted. 191 pp. 31. 160~. Springimpnrinerie impe'iale, 1860. s. field, (Mass.) E. Gray, 1794. Guernsey (Egbert). Pcimary history of the Guidi (Jean Baptiste Marie). Lettres conteUnited States of America. 206 pp. 16~. nant le journal d'un voyage fait A Rome on lYew York, D. Burgess & co. 1854. s. 1773. [anon ] 2 v. xii, 295 pp; 2p. 1. 276 Guernsey (Orrin) and Willard (Josiah F.) pp. 160. Gcnve, 1783. History of Rock county, [Wisconsin], and Guidotti (Orazio and Paolo). Difesa de' dritti transactions of the Rock county agricultu- della nazione spagnola sulla real casa e chiesa ral society and mechanics' institute. xii, di S. Giacomo degli Spagnola. Nella real 350 pp. 3 pl. 1 portrait. 80. Zanesville, Wis. camera di s. Chiara. cxvi pp. 40. [N2aby the society, 1856. poli], 1761. s.

Page  131 31o GU'ILLON. HADLEY. Guillon de Montl6on (L'abbe Aim6). Les Gurney (Priscilla). Hymns, selected from martyrs de la foi pendant la revolution fran- various authors, for the use of young per9aise; ou, martyrologie des pontifes, pr6tres, sons. 3d American from the 9th London ed. religieux, religieuses, laics de l'un et l'autre xvi, 276 pp. 320. Philadelphia, H. Longsexe, qui perirent alors pour la foi. 4 v. 80. streth, [about 1840j] Paris, G. Matliot, 1821. Gurney (Thomas). Brachygraphy; or, an Guillore (Frangois). Retiro de damas, con easy and compendious system of short-hand, los exercicios que deben practicarse en 61; adapted to the various arts, sciences, and sacado sumariamente del que compus6, en professions; improved after more than 40 idioma frances por el padre d. Alfonso Fernan- years' practice and experience, by T. Gurney, do de Irisarri. 4 p. 1. 166 pp. 180. Madrid, and brought still nearer to perfection [etc.] F. Ibarra, 1783. by Joseph Gurney. 9th ed, 2 p. 1. iii, xv, Guiol. See Guyon. pp. 27 1. portrait, 14 pl. on 8 1 118~. Lonr don, J. & M. Gurney, 1778. Guizot (Frangois Pierre Guillaume). Democ- don, J. & le Gurney, 1778. racy in France. 61 pp. 120. New York, Guyon (Claude Marie). Histoire des amal D. Applezton & co. 1849. s, nzones anciennes et modernes. 2 p. 1. lxlviij, A lo cS.210pp. 160 Buzelles, J.Lonard, 1741. s. Essay on the character and influence of,, Washington in the revolution of the United Guyon (Jeanne Marie Bouvieres de La Mothe, States of America. Translated from the "adame). Die heilige liebe Gottes und die French. xvi, 188 pp. 160. Boston, J. Mu - unheilige naturliebe nach ihren unterschieoe S to. 1840, denen wirkungen, in xliv anmuthigen sinnbildern und erbaulichen versen vorgestellet. Giunmere (John). An elementary treatise on Aus dem FanzSBsischen treulich verdeutastronomy, etc. To which are added solar, schet (etc.) 360 pp. 12 plr 12. Lancasschet, (etc.) 360 pp. 12 pl. 120. Lancaslunar, and astronomical tables. 3d ed. 359, 112 pp.8 pl. 80. Plhiladelplhia, Kimber & Sharpless, 1842. s. Haage and Schmidt, (gardeners). Haupt-ver - The same. 4thed. Revised by E. Otis zeichniss iber samen und pflanzen. 72,54 Kendall. 363, 114 pp.8 pl. 80. Philaddl- pp. 80. Erfurt, 1865. S, phia, E. C. & J. Biddle, 1851L so Habermann (Johann). Christliches gebet~ A treatise on surveying, containing the biichlein, enthaltend morgen and abendsegen theory and practice: to which is prefixed a auf alle tage in der woche, [etc. ] wie auch perspicuous system of plane trigonometry, doct. Neuman's Kern aller gebete, [etc.] 14th ed. [Also]. mathematical tables; differ-:128 pp. 240. Lancaster, (Pa.) J. Bir, 1838. ence of latitude and departure; logarithms Hackett (Horatio B.) Commentary on the from 1 to 10,000; etc. Stereotype ed. 2 v. Acts of the apostles. See Bible (English). in 1. 266 pp. 11 pl; 152 pp. 80. Philadel. Hadcock (John W.) Science, illustrated and phia, Kimber & Sharpless, 1839. s. applied; a poem, in two parts. To which Gunning (- Mrs. general). Memoirs of Mary, are added miscellaneous poems, original and a novel. 3d ed. 5 v. 16~. London, J. Bell, selected. 186 pp. 120, Utica, Beardsley & 1794. Lyon, 1851, Gurney (Joseph John). Un hiver aux Antil- Haddon (Walter, 1t. d.) and Fox (John). les, en 1839-40; ou, lettres surles r6sultats de Contra Hieron. Osorium, eius'q; odiosas ini'abolition de lPesclavage dans les colonies sectationes pro euangelicoe veritatis necesanglaises des Indes occidentales, adress6es t saria defensione, responsio apologetica. 7 Henri Clay, du Kentucky, et traduites de p. 1. 415 1. sm. 4C. Londini, L Day, 1577. l'Anglais sur la 3 6dclition, par J. J. Pacaud. Hadfield (William). Brazil and the river xi, 358 pp. 80. Paris, Firmin Didotfreres, Plate in 1868; showing the progress of those 1842. countries since his for'mer visit in 1853. 271 ~- The same. Eeen winter in de West- pp. 4 pl. 8~. London, Bates, Hendy & co. Indi6n, beschreven in gemeenzame brieven 1869. aan Henry Clay van Kentucky. Naar den Hadley (James). Elements of the Greek vierden druk, nit het Engelsch vertaald door language: taken from the Greek grammar of C. J. Zweerts. 1 p. 1. vi pp. 1 1.248 pp. 8o. J. Hadley, [etc.] vi, 246 pp. 120. New Amsterdamr, M. H. Binger, 1843. York, D. Appleton 4 co. 1869.

Page  132 132 HAEFKENS. HALL. Haefkens. See HI-Ifkens. Hale (Rev. Edward Everett). The Ingham Haeften(Benedictvan). RegJaviacrvcis. xvi, papers; somle memorials of the life of capt. 404 pp. 13 1. 80. Antverpict, H. & C. Ver- Frederic Ingham? sometime pastor of the dussen, 1712. S. first Sandemanian church in Naguadavick, Haerlems schuyt-praetjen, op't redres van de and mnajor general by brevet in the patriotic West-Indische compagnie. [anon.] 12 1. service in Italy. xx, 266 pp. 12C. Boston, sin. 40. [ Harlem]? 1649. Fields, Osgood &' co. 1869. Hifkens (J.) Reise naar Guatemala. 2 v. -- Sybaris and other homes. xiv pp. 1 1. in 1. 1 pol. 120 pp. 2 pl; 2 p.l, 113 pp. 8~. 206 pp. 120. Boston, Fields, Osgood &' co. Gravenhage, V. K. K. landenzaker, 1827. 1869. Hagedoma (Friedrich von). Oden und lieder Hagedorn (Friedrich von). Oden und lieder Hale (Enoch, mn. d.) History and description in fiinf biichern. xlii pp. 1 1. 276 pp. 12~. of an epidemic fever, commonly called spotted Halmburl, J. C. Boln, 1747. S. Ha Abed, J. C. Boin, 1747. s fever, which prevailed at Gardiner, Maine, in Hagenbach (Carl Rudolf, d. d.) History of the spring of 1814 xvi,246 pp. sthe church in the eighteenth and nineteenth ton, Wells & Lilly, 1818. centuries. From the last German ed. with additions, by rev. John F. Hurst, d. d. 2 v. Hale (Helen L.) Herbert; or, religion in xii, 504 pp; vi, 487 pp. 80, New York, C. little things. 30 pp. 1 pl. 24~. New York, Scribner & co. 1869. Carlton 4' Lanahan, 1869. A text-book of the history of doctrines. The orphan's aim; or, faithful in the The Edinburgh translation of C. W. Buch, least. 46 pp. 1 pl. 240. New York, Carlton revised, with large additions from the 4th &' Lanahan, 1869. German ed. and other sources. By Henry B. The little straw-braiders; or, don't get Smith, d. d. v. 1. 478 pp. 80. New York, tired. 47 pp. 1 pl. 18~. New York, CarlSheldon & co. 1861. ton'& Lanahan, 1869. Hagner (Charles V.) Early history of the falls Hale (M. P.) Summer at Walnut ridge. 259 of Schuylkill, Manayunk, Schuylkill and pp. 4 pl. 18~. New York, Carlton & LanaLehigh navigation companies, Fairmount han, 1869]. water-works, etc. 102pp. 2pl. 8~. Philawaterworks, etc. 102 pp. 2 l. 8. Pil- Hales (Stephen, d. d.) A description of ventidelphia, Claxton, Remsen cj Hafficfiger, 1869. l, ators, whereby great quantities of fresh air Hague (Rev.William). An historical discourse,, may with ease be conveyed into miines, goals, delivered at the celebration of the second cen- ho spitals work-hoses, in ex tennial anniversary of the first baptist church, change for their noxious air. An account in P1rovidence, November 7, 1839. 192 pp. also, of their great usefulness in many other 12~. Providence, B. Cranston & co. 1839. respects, as in preserving all sorts of grain Hahnemnann (Samuel Christian Friedrich). dry, sweet, [etc.] xx, 346 pp. 2 1. 5 pl. 80. First essay on the homoeopathic principle. 8o. London, 1849. ~~~~~London, IF7. Innys, etc. 1743. London, 1849. [In BRITISH homceopathic association. Truths, etc. Healford (Sir Henry, in. d.) Essays and orapp. 89-186]. tions read and delivered at the royal college Haines (William A.) Catalogue of the ter- of physicians; to which is added an account restrial shells in the collection of W. A.~ of the opening of the tomb of king Charles i. Haines. 119 pp. 80. NIew York, New York 192 pp.2 pl. 80. London, J. Murray, 1831. printing co. 1868. S.Hall (Basil). Voyage dans les 1Etats-Unis de 2takluyt society. Publications. v. 40-4'2. Hakluyt society. Publications. v. 40-42. l'Am6rique du Nord, et dans le Haut et le 80. London, 1868-69. Bas-Canada, [etc.] 2 v. 2 p. 1. xii, 331 pp. CONTENTS. CORREA (G.) The three voyages of Vasco da Gama, map; 2 p.1.351 pp 80 Paris, A. Berand his vice royalty. 1869. v. 41. trand, 1834. COaRTES'H.) The fifth letter to the emperor Charles v. 1868. v. 40. Hall (Daniel Weston). Arctic rovings; or, GARCILASSO DE LA VEGA. First part of the royal commentaries of the yncas. 1869. v. 42. the adventures of a New Bedford boy on sea Haldane (Robert). Address to the public, and land. 171 pp. 160. Boston, A. Tompconcerning political opinions and plans lately kins, 1861. adopted to promote religion in Scotland. 141, Hall (Edward Brooks, d. d.) Hymns for social 38 pp. 8C. Edinbuzrgh, J. Ritchlie, 1800. worship and private devotion. viii, 148 pp. [HAZARD pamphlets, v. 79]. 320. Providence, B. Cranlston & co. 1837.

Page  133 133 HALL. HALLOCIK. Hall (E. Hepple). The summer tourist's Hallager (Morten)-continued. pocket guide to American watering places. hav fundne oer, [etc.] uddragne af ovenWith map and tables of distances. 5 p. 1. meldte s6efareres dagb6ger og af Muillers, xxx, 156 pp. 11 l1. map. 160. New York, Stellers, de l'Isle's, Pallas's beretninger og Cathcart i' Hall, 1869. skrifter, [etc. xiv pp. I 1. 350 pp. 160. HEall (Francis). Travels in Canada and the Kihbenhavn, M. Hallager, 1784. United States, in 1816 and 1817. 2d ed. xii, Halleck (Fitz-Greene). Poetical writings, 421 pp. I map. 8~. London, Longmans, with extracts from those of Joseph Rodman etc. 1819. Drake. Edited by James Grant Wilson. Hall (Henry). The history of Auburn, [New 1 p. 1. 389 pp. 1 portrait. 120. New York, York]. xvi, 580 pp. 120. Auburn, Dennis D. Appleton & co. 1869. brothers 4' co. 1869. - Alnwick castle, with other poems. Hall (Rev. John). Minor characters of the [anon. 64 pp. 80. 8 New York, G. & C. Carbible. 105 pp. 18G. Philadelphia, presby- vill, 1827. terian board of publication, 1847. s. [MARKOE pamphlets, v. 1]. Hall (Joseph, bishop of Exeter). Satires. With ------ The same. 104 pp. 11. 1 pl. 120. New the illustrations of the late rev. Thomas War- York, Harper & brothers, 1845, ton. And additional notes by Samuel Weller Halley (Robert, d. d.) Lancashire; its puriSinger. civ, 182pp. 1 portrait. 16~. Chis- tanism and nonconformity. 2 v. xi pp. 1 1. iwick, C. Whittingham, 1824. 492 pp. 5 pl. I col. map; viii, 525 pp. 2 por Hall (Newman). From Liverpool to St. Louis. traits. 1 pl. 80. Manchester, Tubbs c4 Brook, xxv, 294 pp. 160. London, G. Routledge 4' 1869. s. SOnSs, 1870. Halliwell (James Orchard, editor). Early Hall (Rev. Robert). On terms of communion; English miscellanies, in prose and verse, with a particular view to the case of the bap- selected from an inedited manuscript of the tists and p-edobaptists. From the third Eng- fiteenthcentury. viii, 96 pp. 8. Lon-el, lish ed. 115 pp. 8~. Boston, [Wells S& Lilly, 1855. 1816. [WARTON Club publications, no. 2]. ---- Polemical and other miscellanies, con- The Norfolk anthology. A collection of sisting of articles originally inserted in the poems, ballads, and rare tracts relating to London eclectic review. And an apology the county of Norfolk. 40~. Brixton Hill, for the fieedom of the press. From the 7th [London], printedforprivcite circulation osly, London ed. 264 pp. 120. Boston, J. Loring, 1852. s. 18'27. - The poetry of witchcraft, illustrated by Hall (Samuel R.) Hall's alphabet of geology; copies of the plays on the Lancashire or, first lessons in geology and mineralogy. witches, by Heywood and Shadwell. 239 pp. With suggestions on the relation of roclks to 40. Brixton Hill, printedfor private circulasoil. 196 pp. 2 pl. 16~. Boston, Gould & tion only, 1853. s. Lincoln, 1868. incohin, 1.868. Hallock (Dr. F.) Help in trouble; or light Hall-EStevenisoln (John). See Stevelnsonm. in darkness. [A medical treatise on private Hall (Rev. W. J.) Psalms and hymns. xi, 120. Boston,thepropridiseases]. 52 pp. 120. Boston,thepropri86 pp. 831. 320. London, Rivington, [1848]? etor, 1868. [Imperfect: title page wanting]. Hall (William WV. m. d.) Soldier health. 5th The secret medical counseilor; or, an ed. 160 pp. 180. New YI'ork, 1863. essay on the physiology, functions, and disHallager (Morten). Udforlige og troevfmerdige eases of the organs of generation. 142 pp..19 pl. 1~2~. Bostonz, thle proprietor, 1869. efterretninger om de fra Rusland af langs med kysterne af Jishavet til soes giorte opda- Hallock (Mrs. M. A.) The child's history of gelser; lilligemed de i russiske tieneste vve- king Solomon. 128 pp. 1 pl. sm. 40 New rende danske sbe-officerers,commandeur-capi- York, A merican tract society, [1869]. tain Vitus Berings og capitain Morten Spang- Hallock (Rcv. William Allen). Memoir of Harbergs s6e-reiser, foretagne i aarene 1728, 1729, lan Page; or, the power of prayer and per1738, 1741 til 1743, paa det ostlige ocean fra sonal effort for the souls of individuals. Kamtschatka af til Japon og Amerika; samt I p. 1. 230 pp. 1 portrait. 180. New York, en beskrivelse over de siden den tid i dette American tract society, [1835].

Page  134 IHALLOCK. 134 HANCOCK. -allock (William H.) Life of Gerard Hal- Hamilton (William)-continued. lock. Illustrated in biography, professional creation of the world, to the commencement writings, correspondence, controversies, etc. of the nineteenth century. 2 v. x, 419 pp; 287 pp. 120. New York, Oakley, 1Mason 4 2 p. 1. 308 pp. 80. London, H. Colburn & co. 1869. R. Bentley, 1831. 1Hallworth (T.) Scripture history; with ad- Hamilton (W. G.) Useful information for ditions from the books of the Maccabees and railway men. Compiled for the Ramapo Josephus, on a plan by which the recollec- wheel and foundry co. 2d ed. revised and tion of events is facilitated, and that of dates enlarged. 576 pp. 2 maps. obl. 241. lew rendered easy. 3d ed. enlarged and much York, D. Van Nostrand, 1869. improved. 220 pp. 160. Boston, Strong & Hammer (Rev. Bonaventura). Der seraph Chittendenz, 1830. von Assisi. Ein lebensbild des heiligen Ralpine (Charles Grahame). Poetical works. ordensstifters Franziskus, [etc.] 3 p. 1. 211 Consisting of odes, poems, sonnets, epics and pp. 16. Cincinnati, (o.) Benziger & lyrical effusions not heretofore collected. brothers, 1867. With biographical sketch and notes. Edited eammer-durgstall (Joseph von). Die geisby Robert B. Roosevelt. 352 pp. 1 portrait. der Moslimen. (Aus dem iii bande 80. New York7, Harper &, brothers, 1869. der Denkschriften der philosophisch-histoHaamburg. Tabellarische uebersichten des rischen classe der Ik. akademie der wissen hamburgischen handels im jahre 185.6, [und] schaftenbesonders abgedruckt). 41 pp. I col. 1860, 1861, 1862, 1868. Zusammengestellt pl. fol. Wien, 1852. s. von dem handelsstatistischen bureau. 5 v. -. Gemaldesaal der lebensbeschreibungen 40'. Hamburg, A. F. M1. Kiimnpel, 1869. grosser moslimische herrscher der ersten Hamburg (Commerz-bibliothek in). Katalog. siebenjahrhundertederhidschret. 3v. 120. xvi pp. 1304 col. on 3261. lxviii pp. 8~. Hone- Leipzig, und Darnmstadt, C. W. Leske, 1837. bunrg, 1864. so oPHammond (Rev. Edward Payson). The betHamilton (Alexander). Sec Federalist ter life, and how to find it. For young men (The). and young women, who have not realized Hamilton (Anthony, count). Mmrnoires du by happy experience, the peace and joy there comte de Grammont. 2 v. 197 pp; 2:33 pp. is even in this world, in believing in Jesus. 1 1. 160. Paris, Le Don 8& Tendrt, 1815. 126 pp. 5 pl. 160. Boston, H. Hoyt, [1869]. Hamilton (James Alexander). Reminiscen- Hammond (William A. m. d.) Sleep and its ces; or, men and events, at home and abroad, derangemLents. 318 pp. 18I. Philadelphia, during three quarters of a century. ix, 647 J. B. Lippinscott & co. 1869. pp. 8~. New York, C. Scribner 8' co. 1869. Hanaford (Mrs. PhoebeAnn). FrankNelson; Hamilton (John, 2d baron Belhaven and Sten- or, the runaway boy. 296 pp. 2 pl. 160, ton). Speeches in the parliament at Edin- Boston, W. H. Hill, jr. & co. 1869. burgh, November, 1706, on the union [of Hancock (Albany). Notice of a collection the two kingdoms of Scotland and England]. of nudibranchiate mollusca made in India 28 pp. 120. [London], J. Bettenham 8, T. by Walter Elliot, esq. See Alder (J.) and Bickerton, 1719. Hancock. Hamilton (Cowlonel Thomas). Les hommes - On the organization of the brachiopoda. et les mneurs aux etats-Unis d'Am~eique. (Extracted from the Philosophical transacTraduit de l'Anglais sur la 3e ed. parle comte tions). 791-869 pp. 15 (52-66) pl. 40. [LonD.L. C. 2 v. in l. xv,311 pp; 2 p.1.380 don, 1857]. pp. 8. Paris, HI. Fouanier, 1834. On the structure and homologies of the 3Hamiltoln (William). A new edition of the renal organ in nudibranchiate mollusca. life and hrf3lick actions of the reno+wn'd sir (Extracted from the Linnean society's transWillianl Wallace, [etc.] To which is an- actions, v. 24). 511-530 pp. 6 (54-59) pI. 4~. London, 1864. s. nexed, the life and martial atchievements of --- ^nd E]mbleton (Dennis). On the that valiant hero, Robert Bruce, [etc.] by John rvey. 2partsinv xxx394pp.1 anatomy of doris. [Extracted from the PhiJohn Hervey. 2 parts in 1 v. xxx, 394 pp.- 1 portrait. 12". Dundee, H. Galdbaitl, 1770. losophical transactions]. 207-252 pp. 8 (11Hamilton (William, m.b.) The history of 18) pI. 40. London, 1852. s. WI.With HANCOCK (A.) On the renal organ in nudimedicine, surgery, and anatomy. from the branchiate molluscal.

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Page  136 136 HARDWICKE. HARRIS. Hardwicke's science-gossip: a monthly me- Harper's handbook for travellers in Europe dium of interchange and gossip for students and the east. Being a guide through Great and lovers of nature. Jan. to Dec. 1869. Britain and Ireland, France, Belgium, Holv. 5. 8~. London, R. Hardwicke, 1869. land, Germany, Italy, Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Hare (t.) Standish: a story of our day. Greece, Switzerland, Tyrol, Spain, Russia, [anon.] 1st ed. 8~. Boston, 1865. Denmark, and Sweden. By W. Pembroke ~Harenberg (Johann Christophi). Otia 9gans- Fetridge. With a railroad map, corrected up to 1868. Seventh year. 661 pp.52 1. 12~. dershelllensia sacra, exponendis sacris litteris to 1868. Seventh year. 661 pp. 52 1. 12. et historire ecclesiasticme dicata, complexa New York, Harper brothers, 1869, xiii observationes, [etc.] Accedit de felice Harper's new monthly magazine. December, in terris brunswico-wolferbuttelanis cceno- 1868, to November, 1869. v. 38-39. 80~. biorum reformatione, oratio scholastica. 10 New York, Harper & brothers, 1869. p. 1. 324 pp. 8~. Trajecti ad Rhenurn, J. Htarper's weekly. A journal of civilization. Breedelet, 1760. January, 1857, to December, 1862. v. 1-6. Harff (Arnold von). Die pilgerfahrt von fol. New York, Harper & brothers, 1857-62. C61n durch Italien, Syrien, Aegypten, Ara- The same. January, 1865, to Decembien, Nubien, Paldstina, die Tiirkei, Frank- her, 1869. v. 9-1.3. fol. New York, Hlarreich und Spanien, wie er sie in den jahren per & brothers, 1865-69. 1496 bis 1499 vollendet. Nach den alitesten Harpocration.'Aproifparluvoc leiucKv rTO)V handschriften herausgegeben von E. von dlca pijropwv. Harpocrationis dictionarivm, Groote. li pp. 2 1. 280 pp. 80. Cldn, J. M. in decem rhetores Phil. Jacobvs Mavssacvs Hebe-rle, 1860. suppleuit et emendauit. Addit-e sunt notre, Harkness (Albert). An introductory Latin et dissertatio critica, in qua de auctore, et de book, intended as an elementary drill-book, hoc scribendi genere diligenter disputatur. on the inflections and principles of the lan- 14 p. 1. 398, 286 pp, 3 1. 40~. Parisiis, G. guage, and as an introduction to the author's Morelli, 1614. grammar, reader, and Latin composition. ix, Harrach-Bruck (Ferdinand Bonaventure, 162 pp. 120. New York, D. Appleton 4- co. comte d'). M6moires et negociations secrettes 1868. A la cour de Madrid, depuis la paix de Riss~ —-- A practical introduction to Latin compo- wick; contenant ce qui c'est passe le plus sition. For schools and colleges. xi, 306 secret et le plus remarquable pendant le derpp. 612g. Ne2w Yovlrkc, D. A~rppleton ~8 co. nier regne du Charles ii. depuis l'ann6e 1695, 1869. jusques au premier traite du partage. [PubHarland (Marion, pseudon.) See Terhune lies] par m. De la Torre. 2 v. 16 p.1.291 (M. V. H.) pp; 1 p. 1. 382 pp. 2 1. 18~ La Haye, P. Harleman (Carl). Reise durch einige schwed- Husson, 1720. s. ische provinzen. 144 pp. I map. 160. Leipische provizen. 144 pp. map. 16. Lei arring (Paul). Dolores; a historical novel zig, G. Kiesewetter, 1750. zig, G. Kieseweteter, 1750. of South America. With episodes on poli[ W'ith Geographical history of Nova Scotia]. s i p o Harleville (Jean Francois Collin d'). See tics, religion, socialism, psychology, magneCollin d' Hasrleville. tism, and sphereology. By Harro. [pseudon.] 2d stereotype ed. 356 pp. 8~. New Harper (Robert Goodloe). Speech to the do d stereotype ed. 356 pp. 8 citizens of Baltimore on the expediency of York, athor, 1847. promoting a connexion between the Ohio, at Harris (Chapin A.) The principles and pracPittsburgh, and the waters of the Chesapeake, tice of dental surgery. 4th ed. 803 pp. 8~. at Baltimore, through the district of Colum- Philadelphia, Lindsay c' Blakiston, 1850. s. bia. With his reply to some of the objec- The same. 5th ed. 811 pp. 80. Philations of Mr. Winchester. 78 pp. I map. 8~. delphia, Lindsay & Blakiston, 1853. s. Baltinmore, E. T. Coale, 1824. s. The same. 6th ed. 828 pp. 80. Phil[With SCHRIVER (J.) Account, etc.] adelphia, Lindsay Sr Blakiston, 1855. s. Harper's bazar. A repository of fashion, plea- Harris (George). The theory of the arts; or, sure, and instruction. January 2 to Decem- art in relation to nature, civilization, and ber 25, 1869. v. 2. fol. New York, Harper man. 2 v. xvi, 328 pp; vii, 306 pp. 8c. 45 brothers, 1869. London, Triibner & co. 1869.

Page  137 137 HARRIS. HARVARD. Harris (Williaim Tell). Bemerkungen auf lHartlib (Samuel)-continued. einer reise durch diedVereinigten Staaten 0on - Samuel Itartlib, his legacie; or an Nord-Amerika, in den jahren 1817, 1818; und enlargement of the discourse of husbandry 1819, in einer reihe von briefen an frounde used in Brabant and Flaunders; herieein in England. Aus dem Englischean ibersetzt are bequeathed to the commonwealth of Engvon dr. C. Fl. Leidenfrost. viii, 236 pp. 8. land ore otlandish and domestick experi Wtei~tar, landles~ industrie-co p7toir?, 182 ments and secrets in reference to univer-.Harrison (Joseph, jro) The iron-worker and sal husbandry. 4 p. 1. 131 pp. sm. 40. Lonking Solomon. With a memoir and an ap- don, H. Hills, 1651. pendix, [etc.] Printed for private circula- [SWritten bv Robert Child at Hartlib's request]. tion. 2d ed. revised. 157 pp. 1 portrait. 1 Hartshorne (Henry, In.d.) A conspectus of ~photoglraph. 4"0 PhAiladelphia, J,. B. Lip- the medical sciences, comprising manuals of pincott, 1869.. pincolt, 186'9. anatomy, physiology, chemistry, materia Harrisse (Henry). Notes on Columbus. mldica, practice of medicine, surgery, and [anon.] vii, 227 pp. 13 photographs. sin. fol. obstetrics. r01 the use of students. IllusNewo York, privately printed [at Cambridge], trated. 1002pp. 12I. PFliladelphia, U. C. 15866. Lea, 1869. Harro. [pseztdon.] See Harring (Paul).book of human anatomy and ~ A hanm-book of htnan anatomy and tHart (J.) Hymns, etc. composed on various physiology. For the se of students. With subjects. 3d ed. with a large supplement. illustrations. 312 pp. 12~. Philadelphia, I p. 1. 216 pp. 180. London, lVorcester,. C. Le, 1869. (Mass.) L Thomas, 1782. fImperfect: wanting all after p. 216]. Hartung (H. auctioneer). Verzeichniss der Harte (Rev. Walter). Essays on husbandry. zweiten (nachgela.ssenen) abtheilung der Essay i. SheNing that agriculture is the bibliothek des dr. C. F. Schwaegrichen, der basis and support of all flourishing commu- naturwissenschaftlichen doubletten der uninities. Essay ii. An account of some exper- versititts-bibliothek zu Leipzig, sowie der iments tending to improve the cultivation of von hh. K. L. Krutzsch, dr. G. R. Schmidt, lucerne by transplantation. 2d ed. corrected nachgelassenen bibliotheken, welche 21 Sept. and enlarged. xxviii, 213, 232 pp. 5 pl. 120. 1853 versteigert werden. 1 p. 1. 276 pp. 120~ London, IF. Frederick, 1770. Leipzig, H. Hartunog, 1853. s. Hartford, (Conn.) Geer'sHartford city direc- Hiartwig (George, in. d.) The polar world; a tory, for 1869-70. Containing every kind of popular description of man anci nature in the desirable information for citizens and stran- arctic and antarctic regions of the globe. gers, together with a classified business di- With additional chapters. 486 pp. I pl. 80. rectory, and a newly engraved map of the New York, Halper & brothers, 1869. city. (No. 32). 525pp. 1 map. 12~. HartElartwig (J.) Die anlage von lustgebieten fo0rd, E. *Geer, 1869 und blumengiirten, [etc.] xii, 130 pp. 1 1. Hartford county agricultural society. Trans- 6 col. p. 4 imar. Voit, 18G1. S. actions for 1843 and 1844. 110 pp. 8c. tfod,- Der kiichengarten; oder, anlage und ein Hartford, -E. Geer, 1845. Hartford (The) gazette, and the universal ichtung les Iliichengartens, und kultur de advertiser, [semi-weekly]. July 17, 1794, zuin kiichengebrauche dieenden gewdchse, to March 19, 1795. fol. Hartford (Conn.) oder gemuse und gewulzknruter. xii,273 BBeach & Jones, 1794-95. pp. 5 pl. 8~. Weimar, B. F. Voigt, 1863. s. Hartknoch (Christoph). Selectta disserta- Harvard college, (Camnbridlge, Mass.) A tiones historicm xix de variis rebus prussicis. catalogue of the officers and students of 456 pp. 22 1. 40. Francofurti, MI. Haller- Harvard university for 1866-7. First term. vord, 1679. 107 pp. 160. Camlbridge, Sever & Francis, [ With PETER vON DUISBURG. Chronicon prussicre, 1866. etc.] Hartlib (Samuel). A discours of husbandrie Catalogus senatus academici collegii used in Brabnt a Flanders, [etc.arvardiani, et eorum qui muneribus et offi27 pp. 1. B sm. 4~0. Londola, F.. ] Cs, 6.4. ciis proefuerunt, quique honoribus academicis [I t'ith PLATTES (G.) A discovery of infinite treasure.elch, Bi ed. 1639]. low & co. 1869. 18

Page  138 13. HARVEY. HAVEN, Harvey (Ellwood, m. d. ) Essay on the Ameri- Hathaway (T. )-continued. can trotting horse. 12~. Philadelphia, 1869. subjects: pleasures of literature, leisure, [In, WA.SH (J. H.) The horse in the stable and the education, reading, study, [etc.] xx, 243 field. pp. 467-5231. pp. 120. Bishop's Stortford, 1. M. IaUllinaer, Harvey (Gideon, m. d.) The third edition of the Vanities of philosophy and physicek; enlarg'd to more than double the number of Hatton (Joseph). Chistophe Kenik: hs life and adventures. 408 pp. 12O. New sheets, [etc.] 14 pol. 381 pp. 8. London, ork G. P.Ptna & so 1869 A0York, G. P.Putnam & son, 1869. A. Roper, 1702. arvey (James, d.) Prsagium medi- auff (Wilhelm). Simlltliche werke, mit des diehters leben Yon Gustav Schwab. 5 v. cum; or, the prognostick signs of acute dchtes leben von Gustav Schwab1 diseases; [etc.] The 2d ed. With a preface by dr. W. Coclkburn. xxxix, 216 pp. 80. CONTENTS. London, G. Strahan, 1720. v. 1. Hauffs leben. Gedichte zn Hauff's andenken. Harvey (John). The life of Robert Bruce. Gedichte. a heroic poem. In 3 books. 120. Dundee, Novellen. v. 2. Die letzten ritter von Marienburg. II. Galbraith, 1770. Mittheilungen ans den memoiren des Satan. [Ill HAMILTON (W.) A new edition of the life, etc. v. 3. Lichtenstein, romantisehe sage. of William Wallace, pp. 265-3941. v. 4. Der mannim mond. Controverspredigt fiber H. Clauren und denr Harvey (Thomas W.) An elementary gram- Mann im mond. mar of the English language, for the use of Phantas ben i bremer rs. thskeller. schools. 160 pp. 160. Cincinnati, Wilson, v. 5. MArchen. Die karavane. Hinkle & co. [ 1869]. Der scheik von Alessanclria ind seine sklaven, Harwin (William). Illustrated with explana- Das wirthshaus im Spessarl. tory plates, for the use of schools and the Ylaug (Balthasar). Die liederdiclhter des wirpublic in general, a new, easy, and expetenbergischen lancdgesang~buch s, nebst ihren ditious system of short-hand, on an improvedgbus nebst ibren kurzen lebensumstiinden, nud einem anhang methodical plan, designed from a small circle, semi-circle, right line, and point, [etc.] 20 von aien liederausgaben p.1. iederdichter pp. i portrait. 4 pl. 18~. Norwich, Cham- in Wt irteberg. ptler, 1780 pante i TF/ltron, 1800. le Hasan Ali ben Abdallah ibn Abi Zer' (Abul-1). Iaaussen (Charles Lenmercher de Longpr6, See Annales lregum Mauritanirn. baron cl'). Voyage d'un exild de Londres t Hase (Carl August). A history of the christian Naples et en Sicile, en passant par la Holchurch. Translated from the 7th German landelaconfddrationgermaniql le Tyrol ed. by C. E. Blumenthal and rev. C. P.Wing. et l'Italie. 2 v. 2 p. 1. 447 pp; 2 p. 1. 422 pp. xxxvii, 720 pp. 8~. New York, D. Apple- 8~. Pais, Allardin, 1835. ton & co. 1864. Hautpoul(Josephine, comtesse d'). See BeauHaskins (Rev. George Foxcroft). rTravels in fort-d'IHautpoul. England, France, Italy, and Ireland. 292 Haven (fMrs. Alice Bradley). Home stories. pp. 120. Boston, P. Donahoe, 1856. 372 pp. 120. New York, D. Appleton fHassler (Ferdinand Rudolph). Logarithmic co. 1869. and trigonometric tables; to seven places of Haven (Rev. E. 0.) Rhetoric: a text-book decimals. 10 pp. 157 1. 160. New York, designed for the use of' schools and colleges, C. & G, Carvill, 1830, and for private study. 381 pp. 120. New Principal documents relating to the sur- York, Harper & brothers, 1869. vey of the coast of the U. S. See United Haven (Rev. Gilbert). National sermons. States. Sermons, speeches, and letters on slavery Hastings (H. L.) Good stories for little read- and its war: from the passage of the fugiers. 3 p, l. 184 pp. 1 pl, 180. Boston, H. tive slave bill to the election of president L. Hastings, 1865. Grant. xxiv, 656 pp. 120. Boston, Lee & HEathaway (Harriet N.) The children's chip- Shepard, 1869. basklet. 102 pp. 3pl, 18~. Boston, Ameri — Haven (Joseph, d. d.) Mental philosophy: can tract society, [1868]. including the intellect, sensibilities, and will. Hathaway (T.) Essays on the following 590 pp. 8~. Boston, Gould & Lincoln, 1857. s.

Page  139 139 HAVEN HAZLETT. Haven (Joseph)-continued. Hayden (Rev. William B.) Light on the last Studies of philosophy and theology. things. 193pp. 123. New York, New Je502 pp. 120. Andover, [I. -. Draper, 1869. rusalem publishing house, 1869. Hivvernick (Heinrich Andreas Christoph, ( On the phenomena of modern spiritd. d.) An historico-critical introduction to ualism. 137 pp. 120. Bostonl, O. Clapp, 1855. the pentateuch. Translated [from the Ger- Haydn (Joseph). Dictionary ofdates,relaman] by Alexander Thomson. 2 p. I. 450 pp. ting to all ages and nations. For universal 8~0 Edinbutrgzh, ~T. & T. CIlark, 1850. reference. Edited by Benjamin Vincent, Hawes (Stephen). Synchronology of the and revised for American readers. 541 pp. principal events in sacred and profane his- 8.o New York, Harper & brothers, 1869. tory, from the creation of man, to the present Hayes (Isaac I. m. d.) An arctic boat jourtime. 320 pp. 1 chart. 8.0 Boston, S. Hawes, ney in the autumn of 1854. xvii, 375 pp. 1869. 2 maps. 12~. Boston, Browle, Taggard 4' H.awker (Robert, d. d.) Zion's pilgrim. 1st Chase 1860 Am. ed. from 4th London ed. [With] select pieces by different authors. i04hpp.:12. LHayes (John L.) Paris universal exposition, hiecesby Dierent authors. 204pp.20 1867. Report upon wool and manufactures Boston, D. Oliver, 1808. of wool. See Mudge (E. R.) and Hayes H.awkhils (Benjamin). A sketch of the (hn L.) Creek country, in 1798 and 1799. With an introduction and historic sketch of the Creek Hayley (William). The life and posthum'ous confedera~cy. By W. B. Hodgson. 1 p. 1. writings of William Cowper, esq. with an 88 ppo nee Ace.B i'rk, Ba-tlett & [Fe7Jord, introductory letter to the right honorable earl 1848 pp. 30, New York, Bartlett & Welford, Cowper. A new and enlarged ed. 4 v. 8~. 1848. Chichester, J. Johnson, 1806. [GEORGrA historical society. Collections, v. 3, part hester, J. Joh 1]. I-Haynes (Gideon). Pictures from prison life. Hawkins (F. W.) The life of Edmund An historical sketch of the Massachusetts Kean. From published and original sources. state prison. With narratives and incidents, 2 v. xxiii, 420 pp; xiii, 430 pp. 83. Lon- and suggestions on discipline. 290 pp. 2 p1. 1don, Tinsley brothers, 1869. 120. Boston, Lee & Shepard, 1869. Hawthorne (Nathaniel). Transformation; or, Haywarde (Sir John). The first part of the the romance of Monte Beni. Illustrated ed. life and raigne of king Henrie the iiii Ex. xi, 400 pp. 4 pl. 12~0. London, Smith, Elder tending to the end of the first yeare of his 8& co. 1865, raigne. 4 p. 1. 150 pp. sm. 40. London, J. [NOTE.-A London reprint of " The marble faun."] IYolfe, 1599. Hawthornle (irs. Sophia). Notes in England and Italy. 1 p. 1. 549 Np t20, i New- Hazard (Erskine). Thoughts on currency Yaork, Gd. P. PI tnamy. I son, 1869lop. 120and finance. 8pp. 8~. Philaddphia, 1863. ay (David Ramnsay). The natural princi. Hazard (Joseph). Poems on various subjectsples and analogy of the harmony of form. 187 pp 180. Brookldy, (n..) author, 181 1 p. 1.50 pp. 19 pl. 40~. London, IfL Black- Hazard (Rowland Gibson). Two letters on anoold 8 sons:184.2. - causation and freedom in willing, addressed ay (Jobn). De rebvs iaponicis, indicis, et to John Stuart Mill. With an appendix, on pervanis epistolle recentiores. 968 p~p.o 24 1, the existence of matter, and our notions of 160. Antverpi s, M. Nuetius, 16058. infinite space. 300 pp. 12~. Boston, Lee &8 Hay (John H. Drummond). Morocco and the Shepard, 1869, Moors. Western Barbary: its wild tribes Hazart (Cornelius). Kerckelyke historic and savage animals. New ed. vi, 177 pp. van de gheheele wereldt namelijek van de 16~. London, J. Murray, 1861. voorgaende en tegenwoordige eeuwe. 2 v. Hayden (Ferdinand Vanderveer, m. d.) Geo- 8 p. 1. 484 pp. 18 1. 41 pl; 13 p. 1. 406 pp. 121. logical report of the exploration of the Yel- fol. Antwerpen, M. Cnobbaert, 1667-68. lowstone and Missouri rivers, 1859-60. Hazelton (Mabel, pseudon.) See Rand [With a] report on the cretaceous and ter- (C.He) tiary plants, by J. S. Newberry. ix, 172 pp. Hazlett (Helen). Glennair; or, life in ScotI map. 80. Washington, government?pint, land. 332 pp. 12~. Philadelphia, Claxton, in1g office, 1869. Remsen & Haffelfnger, 1869.

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Page  142 142 HENSCHEL. HERRERAo Henschel (Ludwig). See Echtermeyer Ie'ricart de Thury —cbntinued. (Theodor), Henschel (Ludwig), and Sim- de tons les peuples de l'ancien et du nouveau rock (Carl). - continent. xxxvj, 382 pp. 8 pl. 1 tab. 8~. Renshaw (J. P. K. d. d.) A selection of Paris, Bossange c- Masson, 1815. hymns for the use of social and religious Hermann (Johann Gottfried Jakob). Elemeetings, and for private devotions. 7th ed. menta doctrinm lnetrica_ xxiv 816pp. 8~. 320 pp. 320. Baltimore, Armstronlg Lipsice, G. Fleischler, 1814. s. Plashett, 1833, Hermas. The pastor. 8~. EdWinbtragh, 1868. Hepburn (J. C. m. d. ) A Japanese and Eng- [ANTE-NICENE christiau library, v. 1. pp. 319 to 435]. lish dictionary; with an English and Japa HEermes, Trismegistus. [pseuzdon.] Mercurii nese index. xii, 558,132 pp. 80. 8~ ondon, Trismegisti Pimandras vtraqve lingva restiTriibner &8 co. 1867. tvtvs, d. Francisci Flussatis Candallse [Fr. Heppe (C. J.) Gestnge fiir sonntag-schulen de Foix de Candalle] industria, [etc.] 681. [etc.] 112pp, obl. 16~. New Yorlk, Ameri- 40~. Blrdigalce, S. Millangius, 1574. kanische traktat-gesellschaft, [1868.] HIermit (The) abroad. By the author of the Herald (The) [New York semi-weekly]. A Hermit in London, and Hermit in the country. gazette for the country, June 4, 1794, to [anon.] 4 v. 18~. London, H. Colburn &8 June 4, [1796]. fol. New YZork, Geo. Bitnce co. 1823. & co. and Hopkins, Wfebb 8s co. 1794-96. Hermoso (Fernando). La moderna filosofia -- The same. June 7, to Sept. 27, 1797. desmascarada, 6 sea paralelo entre el estado fol. Newo York, Hopklins & co. 1797. monarquico del gobierno intruso de Napoleon 179 7].TtECTA1R0, Tlie Ner YLolk semi-veekly, de la regencia, que era elective, y el actual Herald (The) of freedom, and the federal ad- de Fernando septimo, que es hereditario, s6vertiser. [Boston semi-weekly]. Nov. 13, lido y durable. xiv, 128 pp. 80. Madrid, 1788, to May 5, 1789. fol. Boston, E. Flee- F. M. Ddvila, [about 1815]. s. man and L. Andrews, 1788-89. Herne (Samuel). Domus carthusiana; or, Herbert (Daniel). Hymns and poems, doc- an account of the foundation of the chartertrinal and experimental, on a variety of sub- house near Smithfield, in London. Both jects, designed for those who know the plague before and since the reformation. With the of their own heart, and are fully persuaded life and death of Thomas Sutton, the founder that salvation is entirely of grace. v. 1. thereof. 23 p. 1.287 pp. 3 pl. 8~. London, xxiii, 372 pp. 240. London, Simpkin & R. Marriott H&. Brome, 1677. Marshall, 1819. Herodianus.'Hpbelavov turwptSv /tsZta 7. [No more published]. Herodiani histor. lib. viii. Cum Angeli PoHerbert (Henry John George, 3d earl of litiani interpretatione, et huius partim supCarnarvon, baron.Porchester). The Moor. plemento, partim examine Henrici Stephani [A poem]. By lord Porchester. xciv, 363 vtroque margini adscripto, [etc.] 4 p.1. 182 pp. 80 London, C. Knight, 1825. pp. 160. Geneve, H. Stephannus, 1581. Herbert (Sarah A. F.) Trust; or, a peep at EIH6roine (L') du Texas; ou, voyage de maEaton parsonage. 190 pp. I pl. 180. New dame ": aux htats-Unis et au Mexique. York, A. D. F. Randolph, 1866. Par mr. G —n F-n. [anon.] 118 pp. 1 pl. HIerbert (William). Syr Reginalde; or, the 80. Paris, Plancher, 1819. black tower. See Brayley (E. W.) and Herr (Johannes). Erliuterungs-spiegel; oder, Herbert. eine griindliche erkldl rung von der bergpreHerchenbach (Wilhelm). Das christliche digt unsers herrn Jesu Christi, [etc. ] 394 pp. festjahr. Ein biichleinfiir gute kinder. Mit 180~. Lancaster, (Pa.) J. Bdr & s6hne, 1854. gedichten von p. Gall Morel. 176pp. 160. Herranz y Quiros (Diego Narcisso). ComEinsiedeln, etc. C. s N. Benziger, 1869. pendio de la aritm6tica universal, para el uso Hergenrdther (Ph.) Die antiochenische de las escuelas de primeras letras, [etc.] xvi, schule, und ihre bedeutung auf exegetischem 224 pp. 16~. Madrid, Fatentenebro, 1821. s. gebieteo iv, 73 pp. 8c. /iirzbuxg, Stahel, Herrera (Christoval Perez de). Proverbios 1866. morales, y consejos christianos, muy proveHIericart de Thury (Louis 1tienne Fran.ois). chosos para concierto, y espejo de vida, [etc. ] Description des catacombes de Paris, prdc6- 12 p. 1. 360 pp. 4 1. sin. 40. Madrid, F. del dee d'un precis historique sur les catacombes Hierro, [1618].

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Page  144 144 HEYWOOD, HIMENE. Heywood (Thomas)-continued. Higueras (Juan Josef Alcov6r). Vida del antiquity. 2. Their ancient dignity. 3. The v. padre fr. Juan de Alcovdr, y epitome de trueuseof their quality. 311. 120. London, las de sus quatro compafieros del orden de N. Okes, 1612. predicatores, martires todos en Focheu, en England's Elizabeth; her life and la China. 3 p. 1.217 pp. 1 pl. 580. Madrid, trovbles, during her minoritie, from the era- Aznar, 1804. s. dle to the crowne. Historically laid open Hilburl (Valentine). Der kincer-freund. Ein and interwoven with such eminent passages hbilfsbuch zur erlernung der englischen of state as happened under the reigne of sprache. 96 pp. 180. - Hellertoucn,'. R. Henry the eight, Edward the sixt, queen Weber, 1857. S. Mary. 9 p.1.234 pp.2 pl. 24i. London, Hildeburn (Mary J.) The Craythorns of.J. Beale, 1631. Stony Hollow. 268 pp. 4 pl. 160. Phila~- and Broome (Richard). ThelateLan- delphia, presbyterian plublication committee, cashire witches. A well-received comedy, 1869. lately acted at the Globe, [etc.] 40. Lon- Hildreth (Emily E.) Lessons from dailylife. don, B. Fisher, 1634. [Reprinted, 1853]. 120 pp. 120. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippilcott [Itn IIALLIWELL (J. O.) The poetry of witchcraft, L Co. 1869. pp. 145-2393. Hibbard (Rev. J. R.) The gloria. Psalms Hill (Rev. Benjamin M.) Hymns of Zion; and hymns, with chants and tunes, for the being a selection of hymns for social worship, new church. 1 p. 1.20'2 pp. 16. Clicaigo, compiled chiefly for the use of baptist 1~69. - churches. 256 pp. 320. New ElHaven, DurHickeringill (Rev. Edmund). Miscellaneous t ie & Peck, 18'29. tracts, essays, satyrs, etc. in prose and verse. Hill (George). Titania's banquet. Pictures 14 parts. sin. 40, London, S. Briscoe and of woman, and other poems. 3d ed. 175 pp. B. Bragge, 1707. 120. New Yorkc, D. Appleton & co. 1870. CONTENTS. Hill (Georgiana). HI-ow to cook potatoes, apA description of Jamaica, [etc.] ples, eggs, and fish. Four hundred different The trial of the spiritual courts, shewing their kna- ways. Adapted for American housekeepers, very, [etc.] A general history of priestcraft, [etc.] by an American lady. 178 pp. 160. New A statyr lpon poverty. York, Dick &' Fitzgerald, 1869. A satyr against fame. All appendix by way of vindication of the General Hill (Theophilus H.) Poems. vi, 155 pp. history of priestcraft, [etc.]. New York, Hard Hoghton, 1869. The survey of the earth, [etc.] 12~. Net i orl~, Hltrd & loughton, 1869. IReceipts to cure the evils of this wicked world. Hill (Rev. Thomas). Integral education. An T'he art of contentment; a poem. A satyr on love. inaugural address delivered at Antioch colA fazewell to love. lege, September 8, 1859. 31 pp. 80. Boston, - A defence against the fears of death. The parliament tacks, [etc.] Little, Broswn & co. 1859. S. Essays on several subjects, in two parts.'Thomas Wentwort. Arm illiard (Rev. Timothy). Paradise promised ~H~iggilnsosn (Thomas Wentworth),. Arlmly life by a dying saviour to the penitent thief on in a black regiment. iv, 296 pp. 160. Bos. the cross. A sermon delivered at Cambridge, t2on, Fields, Osgood & co. 1870, 18th November, imnmediately preceding the - Malbone; an old porlt romance. iv, 244 execution of Alexander White, Richard Barpp. 120. Boston, Fields, Osgood & co. 1869. rick, andJohn Sullivan. Withan appenix, Hjigkh-g~ermaan ('The) doctor. ~W~it~h many ad- exhibiting some account of their conversation ditions and alterations. [Also], a large ex- and behaviour in prison, etc. 32pp. 120. planatory index. L[anon.] 2 v. 1 p. 1.296 Boston, E. Russell, 1785. pp.24 1; 1 p. 1 304 pp. 14 1. 160. London, Hillman (Joseph). The revivalist; a collec1720. tion of choice revival hymns and tunes, Highlanders (The); a tale. By the author original and selected. Rev. L. Hartsough, of the Hermit in London, Hermit abroad, etc. musical editor. (Revised and enlarged ed.) [anon.] 2 v. 233 pp; 208 pp. 120. INew 264 pp. 16. Tiroy, (N. Y.) J. Hillman, Yo'rk, E. Dieyckinck, 1824. 1869. Highmore (Nathanael). Exercitationes dum, irimene (Na) Hawaii, me na leomele; oia ka quarum prior de passione hysterica; altera 1la o na hapa O ke kumu leomele. 240. de affectione hypochondriaca. 5 p. 1. 184 pp. Oahu, na no rmisionari i ppi, 1834., 18~. Oxon, A. Lichl/ield, 1660. [DIuKumu leomele (O ke), P1p. 57-360].

Page  145 145 HINE. HISTORIAo Hi-ne (L. A.) Progress-pamphlets. Part 1. Histoire amoureuse de la cour d'Angleterre; no. i-vii. Earth and man. 1 p. 1. 224 pp. par l'auteur des Mdmoires d'Oliver Crom8~. Cincinnati, L. A. Hine, [1853]? s. well. [anon.] 2 v. in 1. 312 pp; 246pp. CONTENTS. 16~. Paris, Delaunay, 1820. Chap. 1. The laborer. Histoire des avanturiers flibustiers qui se Chap. 2. The landlord. Chap. 3. The tenant. sont signalez dans les Indes. Par Alexandre Chap. 4. The employer. Olivier Oexmelin. Nouv. 6d. corrig6e et Chap. 5. The enploy6. Chap. 6i. Land freedom, augment6e. 4 v. 16~. Tr6vozux, par la Chap. 7. Supplementary matters. comnpgnie, 1714. H-inman (Royal Ralph). A catalogue of the CONTENTS, names of the first puritan settlers of the v. 1-2. EXQUEMELIN (A. O.) Histoire des avantucolony of Connecticut, from 1635 to 1665. riers fiibustiers. v. 3. RAVENEAU DE LUSSAN. Journal du voyage Collected from state and town records, 336 pp. fait a la mer du sud. 1 portrait. 8~. JIartfolrd, E. Gleason, [ 1846- v.4. JOHNSON (C.) Histoire des pirates anglois. 48]. ~ The same. 4 v. 160. Trdvoux, par Wtranting, no. 1, pp. 1-321. la compagnie, 1775. Hinrichs (Gustavus). First and second an- See, also, Exquemelin (A. 0.) and nual report on the geology of Iowa. See History of the bucaniers. Iowa-. Histoire de la guerre de Hongrie, pendant les Hinrichs (Johann Conrad). Verzeichniss der canmpagnes de 1716-1718, [etc. anon.] 2 p. 1. bicher, landkarten, etc. welche [von 1862 278 pp. 1 1. 1 m1ap. 84 pp. 160. Vienne, bis zum jahre 1868] neu erschienen sind. 7 v. Grfliffe Ie jeune, 1788. 16~. Leipzig, J. C. Hinrichs, 1862-69 [ Title page and map damaged]. Hinsdale (Grace Webster). Coming to the Histoire litt6raire de la France, ouvrage comking. A bookl of daily devotion for children. mence par des religieux benedictins de la 114 pp. 24~. New York, Anson D. F. 11 lpp. 25.N Y, A. F. congregation de Saint-Maur, et continu6 par Randzolphl, 1865. des membres de l'acadfmie des inscriptions Hinton (John Howard). The harmony of et belles-lettres. v. 25. Quatorzidme siecle. religious truth and human reason asserted in lxxii, 666 pp. 4~. Paris, F. Didot, frZres, a series of essays. 304 pp. 120. New York, fils & cie. 1869. J. Leavitt, 1833. J. Leavitt, 1833. Histoire miraculeuse et admirable, de la comH3ippolytus, (bishop of Romee, or of Portus, or tesse de Hornoc, flamande, estrangl6e par le Ostia). The refutation of allheresies; trans- diable dans la ville d'Anvers, pour n'avoir lated by rev. J. H. MacMahon. With fiag- trouvd son rabat bien godronn6, le quinziments from his Commentaries onvarious books esnme avril 1616(. [anon.] Lyon, 1616. of' scripture and writings of the third cen- 12~. Gaud, 1856. tury; translated by rev. S. D. F. Salmond. NOTE.-R6impression tir6e El 150 exemplaires. 3 v in 2. v, 508 pp; iv, 208, 297 pp. 8~ 3 v. in 2. v, 508 pp; iv, 208, 297 pp. 8 Histoire de Nicolas i. roy du Paraguai, et Edinburah, L & 71'. Clark, 1868-69. E,,. empereur de Mamelus. [anon. ] 88 pp. 160o [ANTE-NICENE library, v. 6 and 9]. Saint Paul, 1756. Hippolytus redivivus; id est remediumn contemnendisexum muliebrem. Autoro..E. Histoire des papes, crimes, meurtres, [etc.] D. V. M. W. A. S. [anon.] 96 pp. 18~. depuis saint Pierre jusqu'a Grdgoire xvi. D[n.p.] 1644M. W. A. S. [anon. 96 pp.. Histoire des saints, des martyrs, [etc.] Hirsch (.Dr. Theodor, editor). See 1Srip- Crimes des rois, des reines, et des empereurs. r[anon.] 10 v. 8~. [Paris], administration totes rerum prussicarlum. de li6brairie, 1843-44. His jewels; or, a story of New England in war time. Founded on facts. 281 pp. 1 pl. Historia de la administracion del lord North, 160. Boston, congregational sabbath school primer ministro de Inglaterra, y de la guerra and publishiing society, 1868. de ]a Anllerica septentrional hasta la paz. Hislop (Alexander). The proverbs of Scot- [acnon.] Obra escrita en Ingles, traducida al land; with explanatory and illustrative Frances, y de este al Castellano, con notas notes, and a glossary. New ed. 367 pp. del traductor. Por d. P. P. de A. 7 p. 1. 120. Edinbourgh, A. Hislop 4- co. 1868. 402 pp. 16~. Madrid, imprenta real, 1806. s. 19

Page  146 146 HISTORICAL. HISTORY. Historical (An) account of comprehension History, etc.-continued. and toleration, [etc.] By the author of the -- The same. 5th ed. [6th]. 2 v. 2 p. 1. Dutch way of toleration. [anon.] 2 parts 318 pp; 1 p.1. 360 pp. 6 1. 16~. London, 7'. in l v. 4 p. l.72 pp; 1 p.1. 84 pp. 40~. Lon- Evans, 1774. don, J. Chantry, 1705. T The same. xxiii, 660 pp. 24~. LonHistorical illustrations of Quentin Durward, don, J. JTalcker, 1810. selected from the memoirs of Philip de Co. _ _ See, also, Exquemelin (A. 0.) and mines, and other authors. [anon.] viii, 166 Histoire des avanturiers flibustiers. pp. 3 portraits. 120. London, C. Knight, History (The) of capt. Thomas Parismas; 1823. containing a particular account of the cruel Historical (The) magazine, and notes and treatment of the wife of Mr. James Negotio. queries concerning the antiquities, history, [anon.] 35pp. 18~. [n.p.] 1805. and biography of America. January, 1868, History (The) of the Davenport family; in to June, 1869. 2d series.'v. 3-5. 40, Jor- which is displayed a striking contrast berisania, (1N. Y.) H. B. Dawvson, 1868-69. tween haughty indolence and healthy activHistoricus. [pseudon.] See Vernon-Harity, ill the characters of the young Davencourt (W. G. G.) ports and their cousins, Sophia and AmeHistories (The) of some of the penitents in li Easy. Interspersed with moral reflecthe Magdalen-house, as supposed to related tions BH. 144 pp. n 7.. tions. ByH. S. [anon.] 9v. inl. 144pp. by themselaves. [6anoln. ] 2 v. in 1. XXIV, 12 pl. 240. Boston, Spotsiwood & Etheridge, 252 pp; I p. 1.'66 pp. 16~. London, J. Ri- 98 ington, 1760. [Imperfect, pp. 49-73, of v. 1, supplied in ms.] istor of the destruction of Jerusalemt, and the desolation of Palestine, withI an account Histo-isch-geographische beschreibung der in rieg von denng ndern eroberten of the Jewish nation firom the days of Abradiesem krieg von den Englindern eroberten dee.. ^. 1 1 ham to its final dispersion. [anon.] 494 pp fianz6sischen antillischen inseln, besonders 3 pl. 8~. Cincinnati, Mloore, IWilstach &von Guadaloupe und Martinique [etc. anor. ] 4 p p ~. 264 pp 80. Stnttgart, J. B. Iezle,, 1 1762. History (The) of Jean-Paul Choppart; or, Historische und geographische beschreibung the surprising adventures of a runaway. von Neu-Schottland. See Geographical [From the French. Illustrated. anon.] xvi, history of Nova Scotia. 174 pp. 160. London, Lamnbert $ co. [1856a o History (The) of the bucaniers of America, History (The) of jewels, and of the principal from their first original down to this time; riches of the east and west. Taken from the written in several languages, and now col- relations of divers of the most famous travellected into one volume. The whole newly lers of our age. [anon.] 8 p. 1. 128 pp. translated into English. 80. London, T. 24~. London, H. Kemp, 1671. Newvborough, 1699. History of the last session of congress, which COrNTENTS. commenced on the 7th of December, 1801, EXQnUEnIErIN (A. O.) Bucaniers of America. 2 p. 1. Taken from the National Intelligencer. 180 pp. 1 map. p1. 19 pp. 8. shiton, S. RINcGROSE (B.) The dangerous voyage of capt. B. [anon.] 196 pp. 89. Washington, S.H. Sharp. 180 pp. 6 1. 6 maps. Snithl 1802. RAVENEAU DE LUSSAN (-). Journal of a voyage into the South Sea, 1684-89. With the voyage of the History (The) of Maryland, to which are sieur de Montauban. 2 p. 1. 204 pp. Lou7don, 1698. _ The same. 3d ed. 80. London, T. added brief biographies of distinguished Newboroeghls, 1704. statesmen, philanthropists, theologians, etc. NOTE'.-The paging is the same as in the 1st ed. Prepared for the schools of Maryland. ------ The same. 4th ed. 2 v. 2 p.1. 354 pp. [anon.] 164 pp. 16. Philadelphia, E. H. 2 maps. 7 pl; I p. 1. 406 pp. 111. 160. Lon- Butler co. 1866. don, D. Midwvinter and others, 1741. Histolry (The) and philosophy of earthquakes, The same. [Abbreviated]. 132 pp. from the remotest to the present times: col 18~. Glasgowe, J. Knox, 1762. lectel froml the best writers on the subject..-... - The same. 5th ed. 2 v. 2 p. 1. 318 pp; With a particular account of the plhlenomena 1 p. 1. 360 pp. 6 1. 160. London, T. Evans, of the great one of November 1st, 1755, in 1771. various parts of the globe. By a member of

Page  147 147 HISTORY. HODGE. History, etc.-continued. Hittell (John S.)-continued. the royal academy of Berlin. [anon.] 2 p. 1. development of the state. 5th ed. with an 351 pp. 80. London, J. Nourse, 1757. appendix on Oregon, Nevada, and WashingCONTENTS. ton territory. xxiv, 504 pp. 120. San Franli. A methodical account of earthquakes, by Joh. cisco, A. Roman & co. 1869. Christ. Sturmius. T rsors of Valljo: o ii. Of the nature of earthquakes, by MIartin Lister, The resources of Vallejo: containing m. d. a statement of the great natural advantages iii. Discourses concerning earthquakes, by Robert Hooke, m. d. of the place, showing that it is the most coniv. Earthquakes caused by some accidental obstruc- venient seaport, the safest harbor the natfion of a continual subterranean heat, by John Woodward, in. d. ural railway centre, and the best manufacv. A physico-chymical explanation of subterraneous taring site, with a prospect of becoming the fires, earthquakes, etc. by M. Leumery. vi. Of the volcanos and earthquakes in Peru, by m. commercial and financial metropolis of CalBouguer. vii. The natural history of volcanos and earthquakes, ifornia. [anon.] 1 p. ]. 72 pp, 2 maps. 80. by m. Buffon. viii. A slummary of the causes of the alterations which have happened to the face of the earth, by 1869. nir. John Ray. ix. Some considerations on the causes of earthquakes, HIjelt (Otto E. A.) Ged/chtnissrede auf Alexby the rev. Stephen Hales, d. d. x. The philosophy of earthquakes, by the rev. Wil- ander von Nordmann, gehalten am jahresliam Stukeley, mi. d. und festtage der finnischen gesellschaft der Phlenomena of the great earthquake of November 1, 1755, in various parts of the globe. Added by t7he wissensehaften. Aus dem Schwedischen ediitos. uiibersetzt. 61 pp. 80. HI-elsinflfors, FinHistory (The) and philosophy of marriage; nische litteraturgesellschlaft, 1868. s, or, polygamy and monogamy compared. Naturhistoriens studium i Finland anBy a christian philanthropist. [anon.] 256 By a christian philanthropist. [anon.] 256 der sjuttonde och adertonde seldet. i. Tiden pp. 160. Boston, Jnames Camp~bell, 1869. f6re Linn6. Bidrag til kitnnedom af Finlands History of a threepenny bit. [anon.] 216 natur och folk, ut natur och folk, ntgifna af finska vetenskapso pp. 5 pl. 18~. ANezo Y7ork, national temper-. pp. 5 p1. 1. New Yor, national tceme societeten. Tolfte haftet. 3 p. 1. 198 pp. ance societ! and publication house, 1869. se. societyl eal pnblicctios /sosese, 1869. Helsingfors, Finska litteratur-slillskapets Hitch.cock (Edward, d. d.) Dyspepsy fore- tryckeri, 1868. S. stalled and resisted; or, lectures on diet, regimen, and employment; delivered to the Hoadly (Benjamin, bishop of Bangor). An students of Amherst college, 1830. 2d ed enquiry into the reasons of the conduct of students of Amherst college, 1830. 2d ed. Great Britain. 103 pp. 12u. Boston, B. corrected and enlarged by the addition of an address before the mechanical association i Eliot, Andover theological institution, Sept. 21, Hobbes (Thomas). Leviathan; or, the mat1830, and notes. 452 pp. 120. Amherst, ter, forme, and power of a commonwealth, J. S. & C. Adams, 1831. ecclesiasticall and civill. 3 p. 1. 394 1. 1 tab. Hitchcock (Roswell Dwight, d. d.) Hitch- fol. London, A. Ckooke, 1651. cock's new and complete analysis of the holy HIloblyn (Robert). Bibliotheca hoblyniana; bible; or, the whole of the old and new testa- sive, catalogus librorum, juxta exemplar ments arranged according to subjects in twen- quodl manu sua maxima ex parte descriptum ty-seven bools. On the basis of Matthew reliquit Robertus Hoblyn. vi pp. 1 1. 650 Talbot, as improved with indexes, tables, and pp. 1 pl. 80. Londini, J. Murray, 1769. other valuable matter, by Nathaniel West, Hochene (-). Cuadro historico de los abusos, d. d. [etc.] Together with Cruden's con- y espiritu de reforma politica en Espania, por cordance to the holy scriptures, revised by A. Duverne. [pseudon.] Traducido por J. John Eadie, d. d. [etc. ] Revised and edited Jener. liv, 329, vi pp. 160. Madrid, Boix, by prof. Roswell D. Hitchcoclk, d. d. [etc.] 1840. s. xlvii, 1158 pp. 4 1. 6 pl. 1 map. 8. Neow H odge (Archibald Alexander, d. d.) A co1mVYork, A. J. Joshnson, 1870. mentary on the confession of faith. With Hittell (John S.) Mining in the Pacific questions for theological students and bible states. 224 pp. 16~. Sazn Francisco, j1. classes. 549 pp. 120. Philadelphia, presH. Bancroft 8& co. 1861. s. byterian board of puzblication, 1869. ----- T — e resources of California; comlpri;- Hodge (Charles, d. d.) An exposition of the sing agriculture, mninilg, geography, cli- first epistle to the Corinthians. See Bible mate, commulerce, etc. and the past and future- (English),

Page  148 148 HODGE. HOLDSWORTH. llHodge (Charles)-continued. Hogan (John Sheridan). Le Canada. Essai The way of life. With an analytical auquel le premier prix a ete adljug6 par le index. New ed. 348 pp. 2 pl. 180. Phila- comit6 canadien de l'exposition de Paris. delphia, American Sunday school union, 1869. 106 pp. 2 maps. 8~. Montreal, J. Lovell. Hodges (D. F.) Jubilant voices. See Ba- 1805. ker (B. F.) and Hodges. Hogarth (William). Hogarth moralized. BeI-odges (Rev. J. S. B.) The book of common ing a complete edition of Hogarth's works9 praise: with music for the book of common [etc.] With an explanation, pointing out prayer. 71pp. 120. Nlew York, F. J. Hunt- the many beauties that may have hitherto ingdon 4- co. [ 1869]. escaped notice, and a comment on their moral H3-odgins (J. George). Sketches and anec- tendency. [Byrev. JohnTrusler, etc.] Now' dotes of her majesty the queen, the late first published, with the approbation of Jane prince consort, and other members of the Hogarth, [etc. ] 3 p. 1. viii, 212, viii pp. 80 pl. royal family, [etc,] New ed. revised and 80. London, S. Hooper, and mrs. Hogarth, corrected by John Timbs. 307 pp. 7 pl. 160. 1768. London, S. Low, son & Marston, 1868. Hoge (Mrs. A. H). The boys in blue; or, Hodgkin (John Eliot). Monograms, ancient the heroes of the " rank and file." Comprisand modern, their history and art-treatment, ing incidents and reminiscences from camp, with examples. 31 1.43 pl. 32~. London, battle field, and hospital, with narratives of Longmaens &8 co. 1866. the sacrifice, suffering, and triumphs of the Hodgson (E.) Swift writing, commonly soldiers of the republic. With an introduccalled short-hand, on an improved plan, the tion by Thomas M. Eddy, d. d. 477 pp. 7 pl. result of long practice. 35 pp. 3 pl. 16~. 8~. New York, E. B. Treat & co. 1867. London, J. St. John, [about 1820]. Hogg (Thomas). The fabulous history of the H-ody (Humphry, d. d.) The resurrection of ancient kingdom of Cornwall. 508 pp. 8C. the (same) body asserted; from the tradi- London, Longman, Rees, Ormne - co. 1827. tions of the heathens, the ancient Jews, and EHohenheinm. Festschrift zum fiilfzigjdihrigen the primitive church. With an answer to jubilcium der k. land- und forthwirthschaft. the objections brought against it. 4 p. 1. lichen akademie Hohenheim, [etc.] 3 parts 224 pp. 12~. London, Awnsham, 1694. in I v. 4 p. 1. 294, viii pp. 2 pl. 80. StuttHb1en (Moriz Wilhelm). Das verlangte, nicht gart, A. Miiller, 1868. s. erlangte Canaan bey den lust-gribern; oder Holbrook (Nelson M.) Readers. See Town ausfiihrliche beschreibung von der ungliick- (S.) and Holbrook. lichen reise derer jiingsthin aus Teutschland Holcombe (William H. mn. d.) In both worlds. nach dem engellaindischen in America gele. 387 pp. 120. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippingenen Carolina und Pensylvanxien wallenden cott 4- co. 1870. pilgrim, absonderlich dem einseitigen iibel- - The sexes here and hereafter. 277 pp. gegriindeten kochenthalerischen bericht 120. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott & co. 1869. wohlbedachtig entgegengesetzt. 8 p. 1. 127 Holden (Rev. George). The scripture testipp. 180. Franckfurt und Leipzig, 1711. monies to the divinity of our Lord Jesus Hoffman (Charles Fenno). A winter in the Christ, collectedandillustrated. 8p. 1. 460pp. west. By a New Yorker. [anon.] 2 v. 41. 8~. London, F. C. & J. Rivington, 1820. 2 p. 1. 337 pp; 2 p. 1. 346 pp. 120~. New Holdhaus (Dr. C.) and Panzer (Dr. R.) York, Harper & brothers, 1835. Denkschrift tiber die entwicklung der seidenHoffman (Rev. John N.) The broken plat- zucht in nordlicheren lindern. Vorgelegt an form; or, a brief defence of our symbolical die handels- und gewerbekammer in Wien. books against recent charges of alleged er- 1 p. 1. 211 pp. 2 1. 80. WFien, 1864. rors. 96 pp. 12~. Philadelphia, Lindsay Holdsworth (William), and Aldridge (Wil& Blakiston, 1856. s. liam). Natural short-hand, wherein the naHoffmann (Franz). Climbing the glacier. ture of speech and the manner of pronunciaFrom the German. 131 pp. 180. New York, tion are briefly explained, and a natural A. D. F. Randolph, 1865. reason assigned from thence ior the particular Hofland(Barbara, Wreaks). The captives in form of every stroke, [etc.] 1 p. 1. viii, 78 India; atale. (Metropolitan edition). 268 pp. pp. 28 pl. 80. London, [Wells & Grosvenor, 80. Wfashington, D. Green, 1835. s. [about 1766].

Page  149 149 HOLLAND. HOMANSo Holland (C.) Aspasia. 192 pp. 120. Phil- Holmes (George F.)-continued. adelphia, J. B. Lip7pincott & co. 1869. families. 276 pp. 120. New York, RichHolland (Josiah Gilbert). Letters to the ardson & co. [1866]. Joneses. ByTimothy Titcomb. [pseudon.] The same. IHolmes' southern fifth llthed. 347pp. 120. New York, C. Scrib- reader, [etc.] 408 pp. 12~. New York, ner, 1861. Richardson ~c co. [ 1866]. eHolland. See Netherlands. Holmes (John). A letter of directions to his Holley (O. L.) The picturesque tourist; be- father's birth-place [London]. With notes ing a guide through the northern and eastern and a genealogy by D. Williams Patterson. states and Canada; giving an accurate de- I p. 1. 76 pp. 40. New York7, U. Q. club, scription of cities and villages, celebrated 1865. places of resolt, etc. 3 p. 1.336 pp. 18~. places of resort, etc. 3. 1. 336. Holmes (Mrs. Mary J.) Ethelyn's mistake; New York, J. Disturnell, 1844. _A~ew Yolrl-, J. Distur~nell, 1844. or, the home in the west. A novel. 380 pp. Holliday (F. C. d. d.) A bible hand-book, 120. New York, Carleton, 1869. theologically arranged: designed to facilitate Holmes (Rev. William). Religious emblems the finding of proof-texts on the leading doc- and allegories: a series of engravings detrines of the bible. 332 pp. 120. Chicine- signed to illustrate divine truth. New ed nati, Hitchcock 4- [fIaldon, 1869. with an introduction by rev. James Smith. Hollingsworth (Robert J.) The five govern- xv, 395 pp. 18~. London, IV. Tegg - co. ment tests authorized by the treasury depart- 1854. mont of the United States, for detecting coun- Holmes and co. The Bengal obituary, or a terfeit greenbacks and national notes. 2 1. record to perpetuate the memory of departed 8o. [Cincinnati, author, 1868]. worth; being a compilation of tablets and Hollingsworth (S.) The present state of monumental inscriptions from. various parts Nova Scotia: with a brief account of Canada, of the Bengal and Agra presidencies. To and the British islands on the coast of North which is added, biographical sketches and America. [anon.] 2d ed. xii, 221 pp. 1 memoirs of such as have pre-eminently dismap. 8S. Edinburgh, TI. Creech, 1787. tinguished themselves in the history of British Holloway (Laura Carter). The ladies of the India, since the formation of the European White House. 1 p. 1. 658 pp. 2 p1. 13 por- settlement to the present time. ix, 424 pp. traits. 8~. Neew York, United States publish- 80. Calcutta, J. Thomas, 1848. ing co. 1870. Holste, or Holstenius (Lucas). Note et cas. Holman (Oliver, stationer). Journal of a voy- tigationes postumre in Stephani Byzantii age, Letc. a blank form log-book for a fish- Edvuca. Editc a T. Ryckio. Qui Scymni ing voyage]. 241. 40. Boston, O. Holnan, chii fragmenta et dissertationem de primis 1852. s. Italime colonis addidit. 7 p. 1.497 pp. 16 1. Holmboe (Christian Andreas). Ezechiels fol. Lugduni Batavorum, J. Hac7, 1684. syner og chaldreernes astrolab. 19 pp. 1 pi. Holt (J. S.) Abraham Page, esq. A novel. 40, Christiania, P. T. Malling, 1866. s. [anon.] 354 pp. 120. Philadelphia,.. B. ------ De prisca re monetaria Norvegim, et de Lippincott & co. 1868. numis aliquot et ornamentis, in Norvegia re- Holwell (John Zephaniah). Evenemens hispertis. Ed. nova. 60 pp. 7 pl. 80~. Chris- toriques int6ressans, relatifs aux provinces de tianice, J. Dahle, 1854. s. Bengale, et a i'empire de l'Indostan. Traduit Iolmes (Francis S.) Pliocene fossils of de l'Anglois. 2 v. in 1. xxviii pp. 21. 208pp. South Carolina. See Tuomey (M.) and 4 pl; 2 p. 1. 184 pp.5 pl. 8~0. Amsterdam, Holmes. Arkstee & Merklus, 1768. - Post-pliocene fossils of South Carolina. Holzwarth (J.) Petrus Claver, sklave der Nos. 1-12. 118 pp. 24 pl. 40~. Charleston. negersklaven. Bilder aus der mission unter S. C. Russell & Jones, 1858-60. den negern. 8 pp. 1 1. 282 pp. 16~. THolmes (George F. 11. d.) An elementary bizgen, H. Laupp, 1855. grammar of the English language. 1 p. 1. 238 Hiomans (I. Smith). The banker's commonpp. 120. New York, Richardson S' co. 1868. place book: containing Johnson's Treatise on Southern university series. The south- banking; Gilbert's Ten minutes' advice; ern pictorial fourth reader. For schools and Byles on the law of bills of exchange; M'Cul

Page  150 150 RHOMANS. HOORN. Homans (I. Smith)-continued. Hood (Edwin Paxton). Fragments of thought loch's Rlemarks on bills of exchange; forms and composition. 192 pp. 160. London, of bills of exchange in eight languages, etc. Pastridge & Oakey, 1852. 137 pp. 120. Boston, Phillips, Sampson & co. Hood's magazine and comic miscellany. Jan. 1851.:1844, to Dec. 1846. 6 v. 8~. London, H. Home (The) of the mutineers. [By T. B. Mur- Renshaw, 1844-46. rayl]? 342 pp. 9 p. 160. Philadelphia, Hook (James, ll.d.) Pen Owen. A novel. Amnerican sunday school union, 1854. S. [anon]. 2 v. 255 pp; 307 pp. 120. New Home pictures of English poets, for fireside and York, Collins & co. 1822 school-room. [anon. By K. A.S.] 291 pp. 1 pl. 12G. New York, D. Appleton & co. 1869. - Percy Mallory, By the author of Pen EHo-merus. Cnuvres d'Homkre traduites en Owen. [anon.] 2 v. 275 pp; 280 pp. 12~. Franaais par J. P. Bitaub6. Nouvelle ed. 4 Philadelphia, IH. C. Carey & I. Lea, 1824. v. in 2. 16~. Paris, d la grande librairie IHook (Theodore). Sayings and doings; or, classique, [about 1817]? sketches from life. [anon.] 2d series. 2 v. The first six books of Homer's Iliad; viii, 309 pp; 295 pp. 120. Philadelphia, with explanatory notes, intended for begin- H. C. Carey & I. Lea, 1825. ners in the epic dialect, [etc.] By James IHlook (Walter Farquhar, d.d.) Lives of the 1. Boise. xiv, 235 pp. 12~. Chicago, S. C. archbishops of Canterbury. v. 3. New seGri.ggs $& co. 1869. ties. Reformation period. [Reginald Pole. --- First book of the Iliadl; battle of the v. 8. of the whole work]. 80. London, R. frogs and mice; hymn to the Delian Apollo; Bentley, 1869. Bacchus, or, the rovers; second book of Hooker (Rev. Edward W.) Memoir of mrs. the Iliad. Translated by William John Blew. Sarah Lanman Smith, late of the mission in I p. 1. ix, 134 pp. 11. 160. O.:ford, S. A. Syria, under the direction of the American lTalboys, 1831. board of commissioners for foreign missions. -. - Diomede: fiom the Iliad, by William 407 pp. 1 portrait. 12~. Boston, Perkins & R. Smith. 52 pp. 80. New York, D. Apple- Marvin, 1839. ton &, co. 1869. Hooker (Rev. Thomas). The sovles ingraft - Selections from the works of Homer. ing into Christ. 1 p. 1. 30, 320 pp. 40. See Williams (Rev. J.) London, A. Crooke, 1637. Homme (L') de bonne compagnie; ou, l'art - --- A survey of the summe of church discide plaire dans la soci6t6, [etc. anon.] 2e Ed. pline. Wherein the way of the churches of 378 pp. 1 pl. 120. Paris, Le Prieur, 18/10. s. New England is warranted out of the word Honter (Johann'). Rvdimentorvmn cosmo- and all exceptions of weight, which are made graphicorum libri iii [iv], cumn tabellis geo- againstit,answered. 4partsin 1 v. 18p.1. graphicis elegantissimis. 30 1. 160.'i- 296, 90, 46, 59pp. sin. 40~. London, J. Belgvri, Froschover, 1549. lamy, 1648. Hoiontheim (Johann Nicolaus von). Justini Hooper (John, bishop of Gloucester). A declaFebronii commentarius in suam retractatio- ration of the x holye commaundements of nem Pio vi, pont. max. kalendis Novemb. Almighty God, written Exo. xx Deu. v. Colan. mdeclxxviii. submissam. [pseudon. ] lected oute of the scripture canonicall by John xvi, 310 pp. 1. sin. 40~. Leodii, J. F. Bas- Houper, with additions by the same nmaister sormpierre, 1781. Houper. 1061. 180. [London], 1550. Justinii Febronii de statu ecclesire et Hooper (John, m.a.) The advantages of legitima potestate romani pontificis liber sin- early piety displayed in a memoir of mr. gularis. Ad reuniendos dissidentes in relig- John Clement, surgeon, [etc.] Compiled rone christianos compositus. [pseudon.] from his letters and diary, and interspersed Ed. 3". 26 p. 1. 756 pp. 40. Bullioni, G. with occasional reflections. xi, 190 pp. 80. Evrardus, 1768. s. London, J. Giliet, 1813. IHood (D. N.) The trio: a collection of three- Hoorn (Jan ten). Oost- en West-indische part songs for female voices, designed espe- warande. Vervattende aldaar de leef- en gecially for female seminaries, high schools, nees-konst door Jacobus Bontius, Gulielmus colleges, etc. 112 pp. sn. 40. Boston, 0. Piso, en Georgius Markgraef. Hier nevens Ditson &Q co. [1869]. - is bygevoegt de nieuw verbeterde chirurgijus

Page  151 151 HOORN. HORNE. Hoorn (Jan ten)-continued. Horatius Flaccus (Quintus)-continued. sheep-kist [door J. Verbrugge]. 3 p. 1.304 [Opera]. Ed. stereotypa. 3 p. 1. 288 pp. 4 1. 96 pp. 180. Amsterdam?, J. ten pp. 24~. Parisiis, P. Didot, 1800. Hoorn, 1693-94. [Carmina]. 192 pp. 1 pl. 3'2~. LonHoornbeek (Johann). Tractatus de ratione dini, Gul. Pickering, 1824. concionandi. 72 pp. 11. 10.'Trajecti adl Works. [Lat.] Edited, with explanRhenum, F. Halma, 1635. atory notes, by Thomas Chase. 429 pp. [In ESSENIUS (A.) Compendium theologin dogmati- 16~. Philadelphia, Eldridge &, brother, 1870. cum, etc.] - The classical student's translation of Hope (Ascott R.) Stories of school life. xii, Horace; or, the works, translated for class. 439 pp. 16C. New York, Virtue and'Yor- ical students, [etc.] By H. P. Houghton. ston, 1869. xxiv pp. 1 1. x, 382 pp. 160. London, LongC~ONTENT~S. rnan, Brown, Green & Longenans, 1854. Autobiography of a Latin grammar. o The Coleworth ghost. Horace: The whole works, satires, epStory of a lobster. odes, odes, and epistles, translated literally Tom's troubles; story of a boy who liked to have his own way. into English prose, with critical preface, Hope (Cecil). Seabury castle. [A novel]. essay on lyric metres, and notes, principally 96 pp. 120. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott i& o'iginal By Henry Owgan. 219 pp. 12. co. 1869. Dublin, WV. B. Kelley, 1854. The satires and epistles of Horace. InHope (Thomas). Anastasius; or, memoirs of terpreted by David Hunte viii, 237 pp. a Greek. Written at the close of the eighteenth century. [anon.] 2 v. 333 pp; 339.. -— c- Six satires of Horace in a style between pp. 12~. New York, J. i J. r apTer, 183'2. pp. 20. Ne York, J. J. arper, 832. free imitation and literal version. By rev. H~iopkins (John Baker). The fall of the con- William Clubbe. xx, 136 pp. sm.4C0 Ipsfederacy. 96 pp. 12~. London, W. Free- wich, G..ermyn, 1795. 7mann, G[1866] i? r_ -_ Selected parts of Horace, [etc.] ConHopkins (Josiah, d. d.) Conference hymns, eluding with a piece out of Ausonius, and adapted to religious conferences and meetings another out of Virgil. Now newly put into for prayer, to which is added a selection of English [by Richard Fanshawe, with the the most favorite melodies in common use. original text]. 1 p.1.96 1. 16~. London, 309 pp. 18~. Auburn, (N. Y.) J. C. Derby G. Bedell 4' T'. Collins, 1652. & co. 1847. Horn (Georg). Area Mosis, sive historia munHopkins (Mark, d. d.) The law of love, and di. Qur complectitur prirnordia rerum nalove as a law; or, moral science, theoretical turalium omniumn, artiul ac scientiarum. 17 and practical. xix, 342 pp. 12~. New York, p. 1. 220 pp. 12 1. 18~. Lipsice, J. & F. LiiderC. Scribner & co. 1869. woald, 1675.!Hopkins (William). The flying pen-man, or ~ Arca Not; sive, historia imperiorum et the art of short-writing by a more easie, exact, regnorum,5 condito orbe ad nostra tempora. compendious and speedy way. 191. 1 portrait. 16 p. 1. 542 pp. 221. 18~. Lugdzcni Bata24~. London, S. Lee, [about 1780]. vorunm, ce officina hackiann, 1666. Hoppe'(Carl, m. d.) Percussion and ausculta- ~ Historia naturalis et civilis. 11 p. 1. 374 tion as diagnostic aids. A manual for stu- pp. 180. Lipsie,.1. 4' F. Liderwald, 1679. dents and practitioners of medicine. Trans- [With his Area Mosis]. lated by L. C. Lane, m. d. 152 pp. 12c. Orbis imperans. Totvs orbis in tredePhiladelphia, J. B. Lippincott 5, co. 1869. cim imperia dividitur, [etc.] 342 pp. 15 1. Hopper (Edward). Old horse gray, and the 18~. Laibach, 1667. s. parish of Grumbleton. 1 p. 1. 82 pp. 12g. Horn (J. E ) Le bilan de l'empire. 4e ed. Newv York;, Hird & Houghton, 1869. 30 pp. So. Paris, E. Dentu, 1868. Horatius Placcus (Quintus). Opera. Cum Horne (Thomas Hartwell). An introduction animaduersionibus et notis Danielis Heinsii, to the critical study and knowledge of the longe auctioribus. Idem libruin de satyr' holy scriptures. New ed. from the 8th Lonprcfixit: [etc.] 16 p. 1. 317 pp. 1 1.174,120 don ed. corrected and enlarged, [etc.] 2 v. pp. 160. Lugduni Batavorumcn, Ludovicus in 1. 464 pp; 493, 198 pp. 4 maps. I pl. Elzevirius, 1612. 8~. New York, R. Carter & brothers, 1850. s.

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Page  153 HOUG H. 1 HOWELL. Hough (Franklin Benjalmin) —continuedo How to order any lande, so as it may reteyne bined American and French forces, under all the moysture that falleth thereon, and to the command of gen. Lincoln and the count improve it thereby. [anon.] 4 L sm. 40~. D'Estaing, in the autumn of 1779. [anon.] [London, about 1650]? 187 ppo 1 portrait. sim. 40. Albany, J. Mun- [With PLATTES (G.) A discovery of n1finite treasure. i6391. sell, 1866. -Houghton (Mary Arnald). Emilia of Lindi- How Paul became an artist; or, "looking nau; or, the field of Leipsic. A poerl, in Ot" and'looking' in." [anon.] 131 pp. four cantos. viii pp. 2 1. 200 pp. 180. i- 2 pl. 18. Philadelphia, Atmerican sunday ladelphia, M. Carey, 18. school unin, 1869 Houghton (Thomas). Rara avis in terris; -ow to be saved; or, the sinner directed to or, the eompleat miner, in two books. The the savioul. [anon. By J. H. B.] 126 pp. first containing the liberties, laws, and cus- 180, St. Louis, J. 1V. McIntyre, 1865. toms of the lead mines of Wirksworth, in HIoward (Clarence J.) Howard's book of IDerbyshire. The second teacheth the art of conundrums and riddles, [etc.] 16 pp. 16~. dialling and levelling grooves. With an ex- New York, Dick & Fitzgerald, 1869. planation of miners' terms. 16G. London, Howard (Edward). Sir Henry Morgan, the J. oi-dges, 1740. buccaneer. I p. 1. 351 pp. 80, Paris, [1mlr COLLECTIeON of treatises upon metals, etc. ed, Baudry's European library, 1842, 1740, pp. 24:3-319]. ouper (John) See ooper Jo —-- Jack ashore. By the author of'" Ratlin -touper (John ). See iooper John). the reefer," etc. 2 v. 196 pp; 197 pp. 12%a Hours at home; a popular monthly of instruc- the reefer," etc. 2 v. 196; 19 tion and recreation. Edited by J. M. Sher- Philadelphia, Carey & Hart, 1840. wood. Nov. 1868, to Oct. 1869. v. 8-9. 80 --- The penitent boy, and other tales. 216 New'ork, C. Scribner' co. 1869. epp. 3 pl. 1~. Philadelphia, presbyterian NXew Yorlc, C. SCribte2r & Co. 1869. boar-d of publication, 1864. Housman (C.) A writing or declaration from the law book to obliterate the house of the Howard (Marion), Annie's influence; or, l " she hath done what she could."7 251 pp. 3 revolver or solar systenl~ 2d ed. vii, 354 pp. 25 pl. 8". London, A. J. YVaipy, 1821. pl. 18~. Philadelphia, presbyterian board, Houttuin (H.) Vier registers tot gemak der [168]. iHoward (T. E.) Outlines of composition.,See liefhebbers van de natuurlyke historie en Zander (L. J.) and H-oward c(. E.) kruid-kundeo 1. Register van de drie ryken diel natnurl na de l2e druk van hot Sisterna ['! L owe (Henry). Historical collections of Virnatur [] vdan1 C. Lineus, [! etc 1 2. Alpha- ginia. With geoglraphical and statistical debetisch resister van de hollandsche naanmen sciptions, [end] an istricaland descriptive er planten. 3. Alphahetise register van sketch of the District of Columbia. 544 pp. der planten. 3. Atphabetiseh register van de latynsche naamen der planten na de Her- I map. 14 pl 80. Ckarleston, S. C. Babcock barius amboinensis van G. E1 Rumphius. 4. ow CO. 1846. Alpliabetisch register van de maleidsche Howe (Julia Ward). Passion-flowers. [anon.] naamen der planten. 67, 88, 40pp. 4~0. iv, 186 pp. 12~. Boston, T'ic/kor, Reedl rp. c hant 17P80 ]F? Fields, 1854. Hovey (Alvah, d, d.) A memoir of the life and Howe (Mary A.) The rival volunteers; or, the times oftherev. IsaacBackus, 369 pp. 12o, blackplulle rifles. 377 pp. 12. NewI Y'ork, Boston, Gould c LinJoln, 1859. J. Bradbsern, 1864. How (Thomas Y. d. d.) A vindication of the Howe (Samuel Gridley). Tme refugees fromn protestant episcopal church, in a series of slavery in Canada West. Report to the letters addressed to rev. Samuel Miller, d. d. fireedmen's inquiry commission. iv, 110 pp. with preliminary remalars. xxxvi, 492 pp. 80. Boston, fright & Potter, 1864. 80. INew York, Eastblrn, Kirkl & co. 1816. sowell (James). Lexicon tetraglotton; an?How to amuse an evening party. A complete English-French-Italian-Spanish dictionary; collection of home recreations. [anon. ] 131 whereunto is aijoined a lanrge nomenclature pp. J6G. J6~. w }karic, Dicl/ & Fitzglrald, 18(69 of the proper termos (in all the fowr) belongI-low Jennie found her lord, and how she ing to several arts aud sciences, etc. Divided( thanked him. By the author of the "' Golden to fiftie two sections; with another volulme of ladder series." [anon.] 99 pp. 3 pl. 180 the choicest proverbs in all the sayed toungs. New York, R. Carter 4' brothers, 1870. 602 pp. 80. London, T. Leach, [1659]. 20

Page  154 154 HOWGILL. HUGHES. Howgill (Francis). The dawnings of the Hubbard (Rev. William). A narrative of the gospel-day, and its light and glory discov- Indian wars in New England, from 1607 to ered. [Collected works]. 16 p. 1. 736 pp. 1677. [3d ed.] 288 pp. 16G. Boston, Jo 3 1. fol. London, E. Hooks, 1676. Boyle, 1775. Howison (George H.) A treatise on ana- Hiibner (Johann). Zweymal zwey und fiinfP lytic geometry, especially as applied to the zig auserlesene biblische historien aus dem properties of conics; including the modern alten und neuen testamente, [etc.] Erste methods of abridged notation. Written for amerikanische auflage. x, 335 pp. 12 1. 104 the mathematical course of Joseph Ray,m. d. pl. 12~. Harrisbuzg,. T W.heit & IF. Boyer, xxiv, 574 pp. 80. Cincinnati, WTilson, Hin- 1826. kle 4' co. 1869. Hiibner (Julius). Bilder-brevier der Dresdner Howitt (Mary). Pictorial calendar of the gallerie. Mit original-radirungen von H. seasons, exhibiting the pleasures, pursuits, Biirkner, u. a. 2 v. 291. 27 pl; 31 1. 27 pl. and characteristics of country life for every 80. Dresden, R. Kuntze, [1857]. month in the year, and embodying the whole Hiibner (Otto). Die zolltarife aller linder of Aikin's calendar of nature. Edited by gesammelt, iibersetzt, geordnet. Mitangabe Mary Howitt. viii, 367 pp. 1 20. London, des silberwerthes der verschiedenen zollwthHI. G. Do/nz, 1854. rungeln in thalern und gulden, [etc. ] 2~ auf. Howitt (William). The northern heights of lage. iv, 390 pp. 8~. Iserlohn, [J. Baedeke0f London; or, historical associations of Hamp- 1866. stead, Highgate, Muswell Hill, Hornsey, and The same. Zweite abtheilung, 1. liefIslington. xxvi, 590 pp. 80. Loqndon, erung. 2 p. 1.72 pp. 8~. Iserlohn, J. Bee Longmanz, Green & co. 1859. deker, 1869. Howitt (William and Mary). Stories of EnHudson (Rev. Charles). A series of letters glish and foreign life., 2 p. 1. 496 pp. 160. addressed to rev. Hosea Ballou, of Boston London, H. G. Bohn, 1853. HLondon, Ii. G. Bone, 185.(Aled B.) Fo- being a vindication of the doctrine of a future IHows (John A.) and Street (Alfred B.) Foretribution, against the principal arguments rest pictures in the Adirondacks. By John 308 used by him, mr. Balfour, and others. 308 A. Hows. With original poems by Alfred B. p. 160. oodstoc, (t.). ts, 7. Street. 2 p. 1. 63 pp. 16 pi. sin. 40. New oodstoc, (t.) D. atso 1827 York, J. G. G~regory, 1865. Hludson (David). History of Jemima Wilkinm Hoowson (Rev, J. S.) The life and epistles of son, a preacheress of the eighteenth century st. Paul. See Conybeare (Rev. W. J.) and containing an authentic narrative of her life Howson. and character, and of the rise, progress, anc Hoyer (Johanni Gottfried). Geschichte der conclusion of her ministry. 208, xx pp. 120o kiinste und wissenschaften seit der wieder- Geneva, (N. Y) S.P. Hell, 1821. herstellung derselben bis an das ende des Hudson (Revz. Henry Norman). Lectures on achtzehnten jahrhunderts. Siebente abthei- Shakspeare. [lst ed.] 2 v. xii, 336 pp; 2 lung. Geschichte der niathematik. ii. Ge- p. 1. 348 pp. 120. Newv York, Baker & Scribschichte der kriegskunst. 4 v. 8~. Got- ner, 1848. S. tingen, J. G. Rosenbzucl, 1797-1800. Hudson (James). Report on the adjudicaHoyne (Temple S.) Classification of a few of tion of the Copley, Rumford, and royal the " new remedies " according to the parts medals; and appointment of the Bakerian, of the body acted upon. After the plan of Croonian, and Fairchild lectures. Compiled BonAiunghlusen. (Reprint from W. H. 0.) from the documents in the archives of the 2 pl. vii, 70pp. 8~. St. Louis, (Mo.) H. C. royal society. I p. 1. 62, 21 pp. 4~. LonG. Luyties, 1868. don, R. Taylor, 1834. Huarte de San Juan (Juan). Examen de Huet(Pierre Daniel). Opuscula duo, quorum ingenios: or, the tryal of wits. Discovering unum est De optime genere interpretandi et the great difference of wits among men, and de claris interpretibus; alterum De origine what sort of learning suits best with each fabularun romanensium. Ed. Ia veneta. genius. Published originally in Spanish. xvi, 216 pp. 31. 130 pp. I portrait. 16G. VeAnd made English verse, by mr. [E.] Bella- netiis, B. Milocco, 1757. my. 20 p. 1. 502 pp. I 1. 12~0. London, R. Hughes (John T.) Doniphan's expedition; Sare, 1698,. containing an account of the conquest of

Page  155 155 HUGHIES. HUME. IHughes (John T.)-continued. Humboldt (Carl Wilhelm). Religious New Mexico, [etc.] With a life of col. [A. thoughts and opinions. 171 pp. 160. BosW.] Doniphan. 407 pp. 6 pl. 1 map. 12~. ton, ffL Crosbjy & H. P. Nichols, 1851. Cincinnati, J. A. & U. P. James, 1850. [NOTE. —Composed of extracts from his Briefe an Hughes (Mary, late Robson). The life of eine freundinn]. William Penn, abridged and adapted to the Humboldt (Friedrich Heinrich Alexander vse of young persons. 192 pp. I portrait. 1 von). Versuche uber die gereizte muskelfac-simile. 120. London, IV. Darton, 1822. und nervenfiser, nebst vermuthungen uber Hughefs (Willianm Carter). The American den chemischen process des lebens in der miller and millwright's assistant. 2i8npp. thier- und pflanzenwelt. 2 v. 4 p. 1. 496 pp. 120. Detroit, mIersrhn t Hart, 1850. 2. 8 pl; I p. 1. 468 pp. 80. Posen, Decker &' comp. Hugo (Victor Marie). L'homme qui rit. 2e ed. 1797. 4 v. 80. Paris, librsairie internationale, 1869. Examen critique de l'histoire de la The same. The man who laughs. g6ographie du nouveau continent, et des [Parts i-ii ] From the French. Translated progres de l'astronomie nautique aux 15-e et by William Young. vi, 351 pp. 1 portrait. 16mesiecles. 5v. 80. Palis, Gide, 1836-39. 80. Neso YorkL, iD. Appleton. co~. 1869. Minerva. Ensayo politico sobre el reyno de Nueva Espafia, sacado del que pubThe hunchback of Notre Dame; or, La Nueva Espa, lic6 en Frances A. de Humboldt. Por P. M. rdeOlive. 2v. 448pp; 462pp. ll. 80. Mad[New York, about 1843]. [FRENCH novels, v., Nu IIans of Iceland; or, the demon of the Reisen und forschungen. Eine genorth. A romance. From the French, by dr/ngte erzahlung seiner wanderungen in J. T. Hudson. 141 pp. 80. _Vew YZorkos, den aequinoctial-gegenden Amerikas und im J. IW~inchester, [1844]. asiatischen Russland. Nebst einer zusam[FRENCH novels, v. 5]. menstellung seiner wichtigsten untersuHugo de Sancto Vietore. Opera omnia tribus chungen, u. s. w. von dr. W. Macgillivray. tomis digesta studio d. T. Garzoni, postillis, 1 p. 1. xxiv, 430 pp. I 1. 1 map. 7 pl. 160. ac vita auctoris expolita, et in lucem edita. Leipzig, Baumngadrtner, 1832. 3 v. in 1. fol. IMog2euntice,. Hierat, 1617. Researches concerning the institutions CONTENTS. and monuments of the ancient inhabitants v. 1. Annotationes elucidatorin in libros veteris et of America, with descriptions and views of novi testamenti. v. 2. Institutiones monastiece. the most striking scenes in the Cordilleras. v. 3. Eruditiones theologicn. Translated [from the French], by Helen M. Huguet (A. M.) Der monat m1arz, der ver- Williams. 2 v. iv, 41l. pp. 8 pl; 324 pp. ehrung des heiligen Joseph geweiht, [etc.] 11 pl. 80. London, Longman, 1814. 170 pp. 160. New York, and Cincinnati, Hume (Rev. Abraham). The learned societies Benziger brothers, 1869. and printing clubs of the United kingdom: Huish (Robert). An authentic history of the being an account of their respective origin, coronation of his majesty king George the history, objects, and constitution; with full fourth, with a fuill and authentic detail of details respecting membership, fees, their that august solemnity; [with] concise history published works, etc. xxxii, 307 pp. 80, of the coronations of the kings of England, London, Longmans, 1847. s. from the Saxon heptarchy, to the present time. 2 p.l. 314pp. 11pi. 3~. London, Eume(David). The history of England, J. 2Ro.bins 8 co. 182 1. from the invasion of Julius Cmsar, to the accession of Henry vii, [ete. 1st ecd.] 2 v. Hull (John, n. d.) A defence of the cesarean aviii, 424 pp; viii, 446 pp. i 1. 4~. London, operation, with observations on embryulcia, A. Millar, 1762. and the section of the symphysis pubis, ad- - The history of England, under the dressed toTW. Simmons. 230 ppE 7 pd. 8u dressed to WV. Simmons. 230 pp.- 7 pl. 80. house of Tudor, [etc.] 2 v. viii, 402 pp; MaInchester, R. f IfT. Dean, [1798]. iv, 403-739 pp. 40. London, A. Millar, Hull (Rev. Moses). The question settled. A 1759. careful comparison of biblical and modern [History of England, v. 3-4]. spiritualism. 235 pp. 120. Boston, fI. - — The history of Great Britain. v. 1. If7hite & co, 1869. | Containing the reigns of James i. and

Page  156 HUME.1 HUSSEY. Humne (David)-continued.:Hunter (William) -continued. Charlesi. vi, 473pp. 40~. Edinburgh, Ham- standard methodist episcopal hymn book: as ilton, Balfoeir & Neill, 1754. also, a number of original pieces. 320 pp. [History of England, v. 51. 329. Cincinnati, 3published by the methodist The same. v. 2. Containing the coml- book concern, 1846. moniwealth, and the reignls of Charles ii. alnld Hu-unington (1Rev. Elijah B.) Stamford solJames ii. I p. 1. v, 459 pp. 4~. London, diers' memlorial. 166 pp. 80o Stanford, A. Millar, 1757. (Conn.) author, 1869. [Historly of England, v. 61. Hluntington (Fay, pse7u, don?) In earnest; or, H-Iume (Sophia). An exhortation to the in- Edith Palmer's rmotto. 219 pp. 3 plo 160~ labitants of the province of South Carolina, Philadelphia, J. P. Skelly & co. 1869. to bring their deeds to the light of Christ, in Huntiington (George). Amusements, and their own consciences. [With] some ac- the need of supplying healthy recreations for count of the author's experience in the im- the people. 2d edo 84 pp. 160. London, portant business of r-eligion. 164 pp. 180. J. Parker & co. 1868. Dublin, I. Jackson, 1754. Huntington (Jedediah Vincent). Rosemary; Humphrey (Rev. Edward Porter). Our theol- or, life and death. I p. 1. 522 pp. 1 pl. ogyin its deyelopments. 90 pp. 18g. Phila- 120. Arew York, D. & J. Sadlier & co. 1860. delphia, presbyterian board of publication, Huntingtonl (Joseph, d. d.). Calvinism im1857. s. proved; or, the gospel illustrated as a sysHumphreys (Henry Noel). A history of the tem of real grace, issuing in the salvation of art of printing from its invention to its wide- all men. 231 pp. 80. New London, (Conn.) spread development in the middle of the six- S. Green, 1796. teenth century. Preceded by a short account of Hurd (John R.) Hyponoia; or, thoughts on the origin of the alphabet, and of the succes- a spiritual understanding of the apocalypse, sive methods of recording events before the in- or book of revelation. With some remarks vention of printing. 2d issue. xii pp. I 1. 216 upon the parousia, or second coming of the pp. 100 pl. fol. London, B. Qzaritch, 1868. lord Jesus Christ, and an appendix upon the HIunt (Freeman). Hunt's merchants' mag- man of sin. [anon.] xvi, cxxii, 707 pp. azine. See Merchants' (The) magazine. 80. New York, Leavitt, Trowz & co. 1844. Hunt (James Henry Leigh). Hunt's London A national bank, or no bank; an apjournal, [etc.] v. 1-2. From Wednesday, peal to the common sense of the people of April 2, 1834, [to] Thursday, December 31, the United States, especially of the laboring 1835. 2 v. sm. fol. London, C. Knight, classes. 104 pp. 80. New York, IW E. 1834-35. Dean, 1842. Hunt (John P.) Hunt's gazetteer of the bor- Hussey (Joseph). The glory of Christ under and southern states. See Long (R. H.) veil'd; or, the excellency of Christ vindiH-unt (Nicolas). The hand-maid to arithme- cated in his person, love, righteousness, etc. tick refined: shewing the variety and facility being the explication of the mystery which of working all rules in whole numbers and was kept secret since the world began: ocfractions, after most pleasant and profitable casioned by divers errours in the writings of wales, [etc.] 15p.1.676pp81l. 160. Lon- mr. John Hunt, [etc.] 5 p. 1. 918 pp.27 1. don, J. Boler, 1633. 1 portrait. sin. 4~0 London, J. and D. Hunt (Rev. Timothy Dwight). The past and Bridge, 1706. present of the Sandwich islands; beinff a EHussey (Samuel F.) A brief examination of series of lectures, to the first congregational Asa Rand's book, called a "Word in seachurch, San Francisco. 189 pp. 160. San son;" with a refutation of some of his erroFrancisco, TWhVitton, Towne & co. 1853. neous statements and charges, against the uhunter (Robert, m.d.) A popular treatise on people called "Quakers;" whereby his colds and affections of the air passages and work will appear out of season. 238 pp. lungs. Revised from the 6th London ed. 120. Salen, T. C. Cushing, 1821. 75 pp. 120. New York, J. Miller, 1867. Hussey (Zimri, aIn.d.) Brief instructions in Hunter (William). Select melodies; com- the use of the perfect adjuster, [for use in prising the best of those hymns and spiritual sturgical operations]. 20 pp. 80. Cincinsongs in common use, not to be found in the nati, Marshall & Langtry, 1854. s

Page  157 157 HUTCHINSON. IGNATIUS. Hutchinson (Peter Orlando). Chronicles of Hymns (The) of " happy voices," without the Gretna Green. 2 v. vii, 307 pp. I pl; vii, music. 244 pp. 4 1. 240. Newz York, Anmer284 pp. 8~. London, R. Bentley, 1844. ican tract society, 1867. Hutchinson (Thomas). A collection of orig- Hymns to Jesus. From the early English. inal papers relative to the history of the col- 32 pp. sq. 320. New York, E. P. Dutton &c ony of Massachusetts bay. Boston, T. co. 1870. J. Fleet, 1769. [Reprinted.] 2v. xv pp. 11. Hymns, selected from various authors, for the ii, 324 pp; 4 p. 1. 354 pp. 40. Albany, (N. use of the evangelical association, and all Y.) 1865. lovers of pious devotion. 4th ed. 480pp. [PRINCE society publications]. 180. New Berlin, (Pa.) J. C. Reisner, 1846. Hutchinson (William). History and an- Hymns for social worship. Selected from Hymrns for social worship. Selected from tiquities of the county palatine of Durham. Watts, Doddridge, Newton, Cowper, Steele, 3 v. 4. Durham,. Walker, 1823. and others, [anon. By 0. R. Kingsbury]. Hutten (Ulrich von). Eqvitis, [etc.] Vrlichi 468 pp. 320. New York, American tract de Hvtten ad B. Pirckheymer epistola, qva et society, [1840]. vitre svme rationea, et temporvw in q vm metas vit sv- rationem at temporvm. in qv.etas'Hymns and spiritual songs, for the use of ipsivs incidit conditionem lvcvlenter descrip- hristians; inclding a nmber never before christians; iacluding a number never before sit. In lvcem denvo protvlit, et commentapublished. [laon.] 246 ppo 31. 32~. Lezx rivmi qvo hvivs fata et merita exponvntvr, ington, (Ky.) J. Clarless, 1803. subiecit Iacobvs Bvrekhard. Ii p. 1. 240 pp. 8.HGym17 ns for Sunday schools selected from vari8 1. 180. Wolfenbvttel, G. Freytag, 1717. ous authors. [anon. By S.B. W.] 208pp. Huylenbroucq (Alphonse). Vindicationes 32~. Alew York, G. Lane, 1846. adversus fameosum libellum appelatum TuHymns for Sunday schools, youth, and children. bam alteramn, ficto nomine editanm, anno 1714. [anon.] 331 pp. 32~..New York, Carlton 2 v. in 1. 10 pp. 31. 30, 348 pp. 1; 148 pp. & Porter, 1857. 2 1. 16~. Bruxellis, A. Claudinot, 1715.,. Hyponoia. See HCurd (Johln A.) Hyacinthe (Charles Loyson, known asfiather). See Loyson. Iberia (La). Memoria sobre las ventajas de Hyde (Rev. Alvan). A new-year's sermon, a uniondePortugalyEspaea. 2ad.[etc. preached at Lee, Jan. I st, 1804. 28 pp. 80. Precedida de la traduccion del prologo, escrito Stockblridge, (111ass.) H. Willard, 1804. pOl "un jornalista portuguez," [etc. anon.] Hyginus, groinatics, and Polybius. fly- 170 pp. 8c. Madrid, M. Rivadineyra, 1853. s. Hygiln us, gaeonzties,,and Polybius. Hygini gromatici, et Polybii megalopolitani, de Idatius. Idatii episcopi chronicon, et fasti concastris romanis qu exaxstant. Cum notis et sulares. Opera et studio J. Sirmondi, anno adversionibus quibus accedunt dissertationes 1619. fol. Parisiis,typog raphi a regia, 1696. R. H. S[chelii]. 28 p. 1. 328 pp. 10 1. s. [In SIRMoND (J.) Opera varia, v. 2. col. 288-344]. R. H. S[chefii]. 28 p. 1. 328 pp. 10 1. sm. 40. Amstelodaumi, J. Pluyme, 1660. Ignatius, or Henricus a Sancto Ignatio. HEymn book for christian worship. [Unita- Artes jesuiticse in sustinendis pertinaciter rian]. 8th ed. xxxiii pp. 1 1. 552 pp. 120. novitatibus laxitatibusque sociorum. CleBoston, W'alker, Wise $ co. 1864. menti pape xi, atque orbi universo denunbooWkeforSunda, y. schoo8. P tiatas per Christianum Aletophilum. [pseu. Hymln book for Sunday schools, Published don.] ed. 3. 6 p. 1l. 582, 17pp. 11. 12~. under the patronage of the Providence assoati, A. Kerck e,. n..rlrgentorati, A. Kerckhoven, 1717. ciation of universalsts. 64 pp. 32~. Prov- j ciatio of uivrsalists. 64 32 Pr NTE.-Carayon attributes this book to Gilles Witte. idesnce, (R. I.) Iacrshcall & Hmmonond, 1829. Ignatius. Epistles to the Ephesians; the Hymns for the camp. 3d ed. revised and en- Magnesians; the Trallians; the Romans. larged. 127 pp. 320. [Richmnond? about the Philadelphians; the Smyrnmans; and to 186:3]. Polycarp. 80. Edinburgh, 1868. Htymns for church and home. Compiled by [ANTE-NICENE christian library. v. 1. pp. 139 to members of the protestant episcopal church, 29].,_ Epistles after the Syriae versions. To as a contribution, to any addition that may made to the hymns now attaed to the Polycarp; to the Ephesians; to the Romans. be made to the hymns now attached to the 8~ Edinburgh, 18i8. prayer book. 376 pp. 180. Philadelplia,. Edinburgh, 1868. [ANTE-NICENE christian library. v. 1. pp. 279 to.J. B. Lippincott &- co. 1860. 285].

Page  158 158 IGNATIUS. INDEPENDENT. Ignatius-continued. Illustrirter kalender fiir 1868 Eund] 1869. 2 ------ Spurious epistles. To the Tarsians; the v. 8S. Leipzig,.J. J. Weber, 1868-69. Antiochians; to Hero; Mary, the proselyte Ilustracion americana de Frank Leslie. See to Ignatius; to Mary at Neapolis; to st..Leslie (F.) Illustrated newspaper. John, the apostle; second to st. John; to Ilustracion (La) mexicana, publicada por I. the virgin Mary. 80. Edinburgh, 1868. Cumplido. Tomo 1-5. 5 v. 40. Me.ico, [ANTE-NICENE christian library. v. 1. pp. 451 to I. Cumplido, 1851-55. Imagenes (Las) de nuestra senfora, milagroIgnatius de Loyola (Saint). De obedientie sa te halladas. [anon.] 424, 24 pp. s samente halladas. [anon.] 424, 24 pp. sm. virtute, epistola. 320. Parisiis, 1673. 40 [n.p. n. d] [In AQUAVIVA (C.) Industrim ad curandos anime Title page wanti morbos, etc. pp. 272-301]. [Ttle page ant. Imbert (Barthdlemy). Le jugement de PAris. Illinois (Geological survey of). A. II. Wor- Pome en iv chants. [ Podne en iv chants. [Avec oeuvres methen, director. v. 1-3. 40. Chicago, legis- p. 1. viii, 200 pp. 4 p Ies]. I p.l. viii, 200 pp. 4 pl. 8~. Amlature of Illinois, 1866-68. sterdam, 1772. CONTENTS. ~CONYTENTS. Imitatione (De) Christi. De contemptv mvnv. 1. Geology. Assistants: prof. J. D. Whitney, prof. Leo Lesquereux, mr. Henly Engelmann. di: sive de imitatione Christi libri qvatvor. vi, 504, iii pp. 13 maps and pl. 1866. vi, 504, iii pp. 1 maps and pl. 1866i. Auctore Joanne Gersen abbate vercellensi, v. 2. Palmontology. Descriptions of vertebrates. By J. S. Newberry and A. H. Worthen. Descrip- ordinis S. Benedicti. Nunc primmni in Histions of invertebrates. By F. B. Meek and A. H. Worthen. Descriptions of plants. By Leo pania recusi, iuxta editiones parisienses. 1 Lesquereux. xix, 470, vi pp. I 1. 50p]l. 1866. p.1. 544 pp. 32. Salmantic, L. Perez, v. 3. Geology and paleontology. Geology, by A. H. Worthen, and assistants, Henry Engellnsann, H. 1682. C. Freeman, H. MI. Bannister. Paloeontology, Iperio (El) do la ly. La justicia y la varby F. B. Meek and A. H. Worthen. vii, 574, vii pp. 20 1. 1 map. 25 pl. 1868. clad, [etc.] Por un oficial que fue de la G. Illuminated (The) western world. [A week- R. P. [anon.] 168 pp. 120. Madrid, A. ly] devoted to romance, general literature, Santa Coloma, 1848. s. fashion and society, gossip, current events. Inchofer(Melchior). Eugenii Lavande nineJan. 2, to Dec. 25, 1869. v. 1. fol. New vensis, not-e astrum inextinctvm fr. Romani York, French c Whl/eat, and The western world Hay suis radiis interstinguentes. [pseudon.] company, 1869. comrr~pany, 1869. 3 p. 1. 161 pp. 160. [Amstelodamni, J. Blaee], Illustrated annual register of rural affairs, for 1641. s. 1855-56-57; 1858-59-60; 1861-62-63; 1864- Independent (The). [A religious weekly]. 65-66 [and] 1867-68-69; [or], Rural affairs: Theodore Tilton, editor. Jan. 1868, to Dec. a practical and copiously illustrated register 1869. v. 20-21. fol. New York, H. C. of rural economy and rural taste, including Bowen, 1868-69. country dwellings, improving and planting Independent (The) chronicle, and the unigrounds, fruits and flowers, domestic ani versal advertiser. [Boston weekly]. Jan. mals and all farm and garden processes. By 14, 1799, to Dec. 25, 1783. 5 v. fol. BosJ.J. Thomas. 5 v. 80. Albany, (N. F.) L. ton, Powars 4 Willis, and Nath'l. Willis, Tucker 4' son, 1869. 1779-83. The same. The illustrated annual regis- - The same. Independent chronicle. ter of rural affairs, and cultivator almanac July 16, 1807, to March 30, 1812. 5 v. fol for the year 1869, containing practical sug- Boston, Adams, Rhoades & co. 1807-12. gestions for the farmer and horticulturist. By the Ilndepelndent (The) gazetteer; or, the J. J. Thomas. 120. Al~ibany, (N. Y.) L. chronicle of freedom. [Philadelphiaweekly]. TuckCer & son, 1869. April 13, 1782, to Dec. 31, 1789. 9 v. fol. Illustrated (The) catholic family almanac, and 40. Pliladelplia, Eleazer Oswald for the United States, for 1870. 120. Aew 1782-89. York, Catholic publication society, 1869. Illustrated (The) London news. July, 1868, Independent (The) ledger, and the Ameri to De. 1869. 53-55. Losdonn lidon, 18G. can advertiser. [Boston weekly]. Aug. C.Leiy/ton, 1868-699v. 55 fl o nG 5, to Dec. 30, 1782; March 29, 1784, to Dec. 19, 1785. 2 v. fol. Boston, J. W. Illustration (L'): journal universel, orne de gravures. 1843 —1865. v. 1-46. fol. Paris, Folsoa, 1782-85. [NOTE.-Aug.-Dec. 1782, intercalated withl BOSTON 1843-65. gazette and country advertiser, 1782].

Page  159 INDIA. IOWA. India (De) eiusque gloriosa juventute, ser- Inquiry (An) into the state of the nation, at mones habiti a rhetoribus viennensibus, the commencement of the present adminis[etc. anon.] I p. 1.196 pp. 21. 6 p.l. 180~. tration. [anon.] 3d ed. 2197 xvi pp. 8S. Viennae, rI. Schwendimann, 1726. London, Longmanrs, 1806. Indiana (State of). Report of the adjutant [Imperfect: wanting all after page xvig. general. Containing Indiana in the war of Institut imp6rial de France. Annuaire pour the rebellion, and statistics and documents. 1868 et 1869. 2 v. 12~. Paris, imprimerie v. 1 and S. 80. Indianapolis, A. H. Con- iTipe'riale, 1868 —69. ner, 1869. Instruccion pastoral de los obispos de Ldrida, Infanzon (Gaspar Moles). Vniversal mietodo Tortosa, Barcelona, Urgel, Teruel y Pam de constrvcion, y ramillete de flores latinas plona, a) clero y pueblo de sus diocesis, y castellanas, sacadas de diversos autores, [polyon.] 2p.1. 256pp. 8~. hlclaga, Mar[etc.] 8 p. 1. 780 pp. 1 1. 80~. Zaragoga, J. de Lanaja y Quartanet, 1638. s. Inghara (Rev. Frederic, pseudon.) See Hale Intelligenz-blatt fiir das evangelische kirh(Rev. Edwav. Fred E.) pseudon.) See Hale chenwesen in Wiirtemberg. Herausgegeben von consistolrial-regulator Miiller. 80 pp. inglis (James, d.d.) Sermnons; with some of his forms of prayer. v. 1. 389 pp. 1 por- n StnttRart,. F. Steinkoff, 1822-24. [In SEUBERT (G. C.) Christlieh-protestantische trait. 8~. Baltimore, N. G. Matwell, 1820. kirche]. Ingraham (Rev. Joseph Holt). The aveng- Internal (The) revenue record and customs ing brother; or, the two maidens. 100 pp. journal. Jan. to Dec. 1869. v. 9-10. 4~. 160. New York, R. i. De ritt, 1869. ew York, P. Vr. Van Wyck, [ 1869]. The eagle crest; or, t8he dnke's heir. International exhibitions. See Exhibition. 100 pp. Ipi. 18~. New York;, R. M. De IWitt, [1868]. RInternational fisheries exhibition, 1867. M — oloch, the money lender; or, the Beretning orm den internationale fiskeriudbeautiful jewess. 100pp. 160. Neow York, stilling i Bergen i aaret 1865. Udgivet af R1.. De [Witt, 1869. udstillings-committeen. 2 p. 1. xxvi, 53 pp. The pillar of fire; or, Israel in bond- 5 photographs. 28 pl. 4~. Bergen, J. D. age. 600 pp. 1 pl. 16~. New York, HIarper Beyer, [1865]. q brothers, 1866. Introduction to the history of America. ------ The prince of the house of David; or, [anon.] 208 pp. 1 map. 160. Philadelthree years in the holy city. Being a series phia, Yozng & M'Culloch, 1787. of the letters of Adina, and relating, as if by [Imperfect; pp. 73-74 and 203-04 imperfect; pp. 205an eye witness, all the scenes and wonderful 06 wanting]. incidents in the life of Jesus of Nazareth. Invalid's (The) work. [By M. E. F. New ed. 472 pp. 2 pi. 12. Newv York, anon.] 120 pp. 18~. Philadelphia, presPudney & Rzssell, 1859. s. byterian pzblication committee, 1865. The red wing; or, Belmont, the bue- Inventariurn monumentorum superstitionis. canneer of the bay. 100 pp. 1 pl. 16~. English church furniture, ornaments, and New York, R. M. De [Witt, 1869. decorations, at the period of the reformation. - The southwest. By a yankee. [anon.] As exhibited in a list of the goods destroyed 2 v. 276 pp; 294 pp. 12o. New York, in certain Lincolnshire churches, 1566. Ed Harper f? brothers, 1835. ited by Edward Peacock. 272 pp. 3 pl. 8~. - The throne of David: from the conse- London, J. Camden Hotten, 1866. cration of the shepherd of Bethlehem, to Iowa. Geological survey. First and second the rebellion of prince Absalom. In a series annual report of progress, by the state geoloof letters addressed by an Assyrian ambas- gist, [C. A. White], and the assistant, [0. sador, resident at the court of Saul and H. St. John], and chemist, [G. IHinrichs], on David, to his lord and king on the throne of the geological survey of the state of Iowa; Nineveh. 603 pp. 5 pl. 16~. Boston, Roberts together with the substance of popular letbrothers, 1866. ters contributed to the newspapers of the ------ The white wing; or, the pirate of the state during the years 1866 and 1867, [etc.] rigolets. 100 pp. 16G. NVew eYorlk, R. 1M. 284 pp.. ~. es Moines, F. W. Palmer, De Wfitt, 1868. state printer, 1868..

Page  160 160 IOWA. ITALY. Iowa instructor and school journal. vols. vii- Isocrates. Orationes et epistole. Recognovit viii. October, 1865-September, 1867. 2 v. J. G. Baiter. Groece et latine. 2 p.1. 299 pp. 8~. Des Moines, Mills & co. 1865-67. 8~. Parisiis, Didot, 1846. [DIDOT. Bibliothgque grecque, v. 52]. Ireland(John, d.d.) Paganism and chris- [DIOT. Bibliothq geqe, v.52]. stia (La conetesse Dora d', pseudon.) See tianity compared. In a course of lectures to the king's scholars at Westminster, 1806-08. l hika (Helena). xvii, 426 pp. 8~. London, J. Murray, 1809. Italy. Ferrovia alpina italo-svizzera, [or] iL passagio delle Alpi elvetiche considerato sotto Ireland (William Henry). TMiscellaneous pa- l'aspetto degli interessi commerciali. Relapers and legal instruments under the hand zione della sotto commissione, [etc.] 67 pp. and seal of William Shlakspeare: including 4~ Firenze, Tofani, 1866. s. the tragedy of King Lear, and a small filag- Le opere pie nel 1861. [v.2-3]. 4~. ment of Hamlet,. from the original mss. in the Firenze, tipografea dei successo i Le [ onnier, possession of Samuel Ireland, of Norfolk 1868. s. street. 37 p. 1. 107, 7 pp. 3 pl. 16 fac-similes. coNNTa'rS. fol. London, Ererton, and ethers, 1796 v.2. Compartimento della Liguria. v. 3. Colmpartimento della Lombardia. - hapsodies. 200 pp. 120. London, Relazione sull' andamento delle am_ Longrman & Rees, 1803. ministrazioni dipendenti dal ministero dell' Irenaeus. Writings. Transltted by Alexander interno, nell' anno 1866 presentata, dal minisRoberts, d. d. and rev. W, H. Rambaut. 2 v. tro al parlamento, il 22 dicemlbre. 2 p. 1. 228 xx, 2, 80 pp; x, 208 pp. 8~. Edinburgh, pp. 11.9 tab. 40. Firenze, eredi Botta, 1866. T. & T. Clark, 1868. s. [ANTE-NICENE library, v. 5 anrd 9]. Direzione della statistica generale. StaIrving (Washington). Ausflug auf die prairien tistica del regno dItalia. Amministrazione zwischen dem Arkansas und Red-river. 2p. 1. pubblica. Bilanci comunali, anno 1866. 136 pp. 120. Stuttgart T&'iibingen, J.G. u. Bilanci provinciali, anno 1866-67-68. 8~. Cotta, 1835. F'irenze, Tofani, 1868. s -7~ A biographical sketch of Thomas Camp- o bell. A1U. b lbapny, 1864. onerio. Atti uffiziali della prima sessione del [Ir STONE (W. L.) The poetry and history of WVy congresso delle camere di commercio e prooming, pp. ix-xxiii]. posta di programma presentata al ministro Histoire de New York, depuis le com- d'agi-icoltura, industria e commercio dal d. mencemlent du monde jusqu'a' la fin de la Pietro Maestri. 122 pp. 80. Firenze, Todomination hollandaise. Par Diedrick Knick- fani, 1867. s. erbocker. [pseudon.] Traduit de l'Anglais. Industriamineraria. Anno 1865. 2 v. 2 p. 1. 350 pp; 1 p. 1. 290 pp. 80. Paris, 4. ailno-Firenze, stabiliumento Civelli, 1868. A. Saatelet & cie. 1827. S. The same. Industria mineraria. Voyage d'un Amedricain. Londres; ou, esqis e surle mcusanglaides et a - Relazioni degl' ingegneri del real corpo delle esquisses sur les moeurs anglaixes et amceri- a miniere. 8~. Firenze, tipogrcfctia Tofani caines, traduit de l'Anglais de m. Irwin Wash- miniere, t a Ton ington. 2 v. 4 p. 1. vii, 352 pp; 2 p. 1. 375 1868 pp. 12~. PXaris, Pont~hiee, 18-22. Ministro dell'Jfinanze. Tariffa generale delle dogane italiane, ristampata in relazione Irwin (Eyles). Voyage de l'Inde en Europe rwin(Eyls). Voyage de lnde en Europe alle modificazioui intervenute a tutto il mese par l'13gypte. Tradunit de l'Auiglais. [Pu1r di settembre 1866. Con appendice della cirJ.P. Parraud]. 2 p.1.386t pp.'2 maps. 8~. J. P. Parraud]. 2 p. 1. 386 pp.,-2' maps. 80. colare del ministero delle finanze no. 78, 6 Paris, Fuchs, 1793. febraio 1864, per l'applicazione dei trattati di I.saus. Quie supersunt. 80. Lipsia, 1770. navigazione c di conimercio tra l'Xtalia e la [OR\TORUIr gr ecorum qume superslunt. Ed. Reiske, Francia, [etc.] 330 pp. 80. Torino, v. 7]. stampc'ia r ele, 186fL Isidorus, pelusiota (St.) Liber glossarum, ex s..... -;linintrlo dell' istrutzionre lb/)bica. Bivaris glossariis qure sub Isidori nomine cir- t dell' istbbli cumferuntur colletus. 24 1. fol. Lduni blioteche. Anno 1863. 8. Fiez, tpografia Batavor, Pati 1600. dei successori Le Monnier, 1865. s. Batavornvn, 1. Patiubs; 1600. [In VULCANIUS, or Smit (Bonaventura). Thesanmrs Il bilancio della pubblica istrultritusque lingve; etc.] zione del regno d'Italia per l'anno 1869. Re

Page  161 16I ITALY. JACOBS& Italy-continued. Jackson (Rev. Henry). An account of the lazione alla camera dei deputati del profes- churches in Rhode Island. Presented at an sore Angelo Messedaglia, a nome della com- adjourned session of the twenty-eighth annfissione generale del bilanclo. 1 p. 1. 140 nual meeting of the Rhode Island baptist pp. 80. Milano, tipografia delle inagegneri, state convention, Providence, November 8, 1869. 18-53. 134 pp. I pl. 80. Providence, G. H. AMinistro della marina. Movimento della Whitney, 1854. Ravigazioae nei porti del regno, 1867. xviii, Jackson (I. WV.) Elements of conic sections. 319 pp. 40. Firenze, tipo-grafia letteraria, 3d ed. 2 p. 1. 96 pp. 6 pl. 8~0. Albany, 1868. S. Gray & Sprague, 1850. s. ---- ---- I'The same. Movimento della Jacksonl (James C. m. d.) How to treat the navigazione italiana all' estero, 1866. xiii, sick without medicine. 537 pp. 1 portrait. 1 283pp.. 4O. Firenze, G. Civelli, 1867. s. Reale comitato dell' esposizione inter- sopn 1 C n, 1868. nazionale del 1862. Relazioni dei commnis-.arii spcniali.. 4 5. S,. To d o, En-. Jackson (James Grey). An account of Timasaico sDalmazvzo, 1864-6i4 Tr buctoo and Housa, territories in the interior Aco Dalmazo, 1864-67.. of Africa, by El Hage Abd Salam Shabeeny; CONTENTS. with notes, critical and explanatory. [With] v. 1. (2parts). IMineralogia e metallurgia; armi ed artiglierie. Relazioni da G. Curioni, C. Sobrero, ]letters descriptive of travels through west A. Villa-Perniee, ed E. Grabau. and south Barbary and across the mountains v. 2. Istrluzione. Relazione di P. Villari. Igiene da S. Tommasi e S. N. di Poleone. Carta, stampa of Atlas, [etc. ] xxx, 547 pp. 2 maps. 80 i rilegatura di libri, da B. Cini, e C. A. Avonido. Ldo, n, Hust, Rees, One v. 3. Vini. Relaziotni di E. Bertone di Saimbur.e Vetri e cristalli, da A. Sobrero. Ceramica, lan- Brown, 1820. erie, da G. Sella. Seta e tessuti di seta, da F'. Sessa. Cotoni, L. Cobianchi. Mobili ed og- Jackson (Jonathan). Thoughts upon the ge>'cti d'addobro. da S. Richard. Olii, grassi e gcrati da dd.b. Fido S Ricchaieti.'go e political situation of the United States; that v. 4. Mappe e carte, eombustibili fossili, sali, solfo, of Massachusetts. particularly considered marmi e alt ri prodotti litoidi, da I. Cocchi. Prodotti vegetali adoperati nelle arti, da F. Parla- with observations on the constitution for a torle. Concimi, daA. Pvese. Sostlnzeg almen- federal government. By a native of Boston. tari, da A. Talrgiolni-Tozzetti. L' in Inghilterra, da Mauro Mlaechi. [anon. ] 209 pp. 80. Worcester,!. Thomas, v. 5. Indice alfabetico. 1788. -- Esposizione universale del 1867. Jackson (Rev. Thomas). Curiosities of the Relazioni dei giurati italiani. Volunme primo. pulpit, and pulpit literature; memorabilia, 3 parti. 515 pp. 1 pl. 8. Fiirenze, G. Pel- anecdotes, etc. of celebrated preachers, fronm las, 1868469. S. the fourth century of the christian era to the OONTENTS. Fascicoloi. Indastrie del lino, delprof. Gaetano Can- present time. 380 pp. 160. London,. toni. Hogg & sonz, [1868]. ii. La silvicoltra, di Giovn Carlo Siemeni. Jackson (William). Old-fashioned wit and iii. Industrie relative alle abitazioni umane, con notizie monografiche sulla scultlra e humour, in verse. With a prefatory letter of tarsia in legno. Del conte Demetrio Car lo Finocchietti. approbation and eulogy, from the late emiItard (Jean E. Marie Gaspard). An historical nent poet, the rev. George Crabbe. 112 pp. account of the discovery and education of a 80. London, J. Blackwood, 1860. savage man, or of the first developments, Jacob (John J.) A biographical sketch of physical and moral, of the young savage the life of the late captain Michael Cresap, caught in the woods near Aveyron, in the reprinted from the Cumberland ed. of 18'26, year 1798. [Translated from the French]. [etc.] with notes and appendix perW. Dodge. 148 pp. 1 portrait. 160. London, R. Phil-. 158 pp. 40. Cincinnati, (0.) J. F. Uhllorn, lips, 1802. 1866. Ives (Charles'. Chips from the workshop. Jacob (P. L. bibliophile, pseudon.) See LaParnassus, The outlaw's bride, [etc.] and crois (Paul). other poems. 180pp.1pl. 120. NewHaven, Jacobs (Christian Friedrich Wilhelm). The Hitchcock & Stafford, 1843. first part of Jacobs' Latin reader, adapted to Ivison afd Phlinney, peublishers. Descriptive Bullions' Latin grammar; with an introduccatalogue of books, [etc.] 111 pp. 3 pl. 80s tion on the idioms of the Latin language; an vew York, Ivison 4 Phinney, 1858. s im proved vocabulary; and exercises in Latin 21.

Page  162 162 JACOBS. JANET. Jacobs (Christian Fried. Wilh.)-continued. Jahr (Georg Heinrich Gottlieb)-continued. prose composition, on a new plan. By rev. pathic treatment, [etc.] Translated, [from Peter Bullions, d. d. 29th ed. 336 pp. 120. the French], with numerous additions, by C. New York, Pratt, Woodford g& co. 1853 J. HIempel, m. d. 20, 428 pp. 8~.' ew Jacobs (Miss Sarah S.) Memoir of rev. Bela York, WT. Radde, 1868. Jacobs, a. m. compiled chiefly from his letters Jamblichus, chalcidensis. The pythagoric and journals, byhis daughter. With asketch symbols, with the explanations of Jambliof his character, by Barnas Sears. 305 pp. chus. [Translated by W. Bridgman]. 80. 1 portrait. 16~. Boston, Gould, Kendall 8& London, [V. Bridgman, 1804. Lincoln, 1837. t[In BRIDGMAN (W.) Translations from the Greek. Lincoln, 1837. pp. 63-1181. Jacquemart (Albert) and Le Blant (Ed- James (George Payne Rainsford). One in a mond). Histoire artistique, industrielle et thousand; or, the days of Henri quatre. commerciale delaporcelaine. Accompagn6e 2 v. in 1. 219 pp; 206 pp. 120. New York, de recherches sur les sujets et embldmes qui Harper S hbrothers, 1836. la d6corent, les marques et inscriptions qui James (Henry). The secret of Swedenborg: font reconnoitre les fabriques d'oi elle sort, being an elucidation of his doctrine of the [etc.] 690 pp. 28 pl. fol. Paris. J. Teche- divine natural humanity. xv, 243 pp. 80~. ner, 1861. Boston, Fields, Osgood - co. 1869. Jacquemin (1 mile). L'agriculture de l'Alle- James (Mrs. Orrin). The border rivals; or, magne, et les moyens d'am6liorer celle de la the mill-flume mystery. 97 pp. 160. New France, avec une introduction sur l'instruc- York, Beadle & co. [1868]. tion agricole de la population des campagnes, James (Maria). Wales, and other poems. etc. 2 p. 1. 341 pp. 8~. Paris, librairie With an introduction, by A. Potter, d. d. 170 e'trang ire, 1843.. pp. 11. 12. New York, J. S. Taylor, 1839. Jacquot (Charles Jean Baptiste). M6moires James (Rev. William). The marriage of thle de Ninon de Lenclos. Par Eug6nede Mire- king's son, and the guilt of unbelief: two court. [pseudon.] ]dition illustr6e par J. sermons. With some memorials of his life. A. Beauc6, etc. 2 v. 2 p.1.476 pp. 10 p1; 142 pp. 1'2. New York, A. D. F. Ran2 p, 1. xvj, 431 pp. 1 1. 10 pl. 8. Paris, G. dolph 8- co. 1869. Havardlp, 857d Jameson (Mrs. Anna). Winterstudien und Jiger (Adlolph). Beobachtungen uiber die sommerstreifelreienin Canada. Ein tagebuch anatomie des Nilerocodils. Eine inaugural m ch issertation. 30pp.11. 12. Tingen1837. von mrs. Jameson. Aus dem Englischen dissertation. 30pp. 11. 120 Tiibingen,1837. ihersetzt von A. W. 3 v. 120, Brauniibersetzt von A. W. 3 v. 12~. BraunJager (George Friedrich). Beitraige zur ver- schwei F. Vieweg & sohn, 1839. gleichenden naturgeschichte der thiere und Jamin(Nicolas). Placido a Escolastica, sobr Jamnla (Nicolas). Placido a Escolastica, sobredes mens Jhen. In Mweireden. 2 p. 1. 71 p p. el mode de portarse en el mundo, en lo per8~. Stuttgart, J. B. Metzler, 1830. Jahn (Joh~ann). Enchiridion hermenetic teneciente a la religion, [etc.] Obra escrita, Jahn (Johann). Enchiridion hermeneuticm en Frances, y traducida al Castellano pOr d. generalis tabularumr veteris et novi fcederis. G. Quijano, [etc.] I I p.l. 322pp. 16~ viii. 188 pp. 8~. Viennx, in libraria CameSviii. 188 pp. 8O. Viennae, in l Came Madrid, M. Escribano, 1782. s. esi ndix h e, r The same. 2a ed. 4 p. 1. 322 pp. 2 1. Appendix hermeneuticae-, seu exercita- li B. oman, 179.. tiones exegeticoe. Fasciculus 1-2. 2 v. 18 ad,. - - Verdadero antidoto contra los males 1 p. 1. xvi, 282 pp; 274 pp, I 1. 8C. Vienlibros de estos tiemposs: o tratado de la leenme, in libraria Camesinoo, 1813-15. Jahr (Georg Heinrich Gottlieb). The clinical [etc.] Escrito en Frances [etc.] y traducido al Castellano por G. Quiguide; or, pocket-repertory for the treatment jano. lxxiv, 334 pp. 180. tladrid M. Esof acute and chronic diseases. Translated cribano, 1784. by Charles J. Hempel, m. d. 2d American Janet (Paul). Le mat6rialisme contemporain ed. from the 3d German ed. enriched by the en Allemagne. Examen du systmle du doeaddition of the new remedies, by Samuel teur Biichner. ix, 182 pp. 12. Paris, C-. Lilienthal, mn. d. 2 p.. 1.624 pp. 12. \ew Baillir'e, 1864. York, Belrlice & Tafel, 1869. York, IBereicke A Tafel, 1869. Janet's bun, and other stories for girls. _ —--- The venereal diseases; their pathologi- [anon.] 190 pp.5 pl. I8~. Philadelphia, cal nature, correct diagnosis, and homceo- American sunday school union, 1865.

Page  163 163 JANEWAY. JEFFRYS, Janeway (Rev. James). A token for chil- Jauna (Dominique)-continued. dren, being an exact account of the conver- 2 maps, 3 pl; 1 p. i. pp. 761-1439~ 1 pl. 2 sion, holy and exemplary lives and joyful maps. 40~. Leide, fr-res Murray, 1785. deaths of several young children. To which Jay (John, lst chiefjustice of the United States). is added, a token for the children of New See Federalist (The). Eingland. WVith new additions. 156 pp. England. With new additions. 156 pp. Jay (John C.) A catalogue of recent shells, 1.60, Boston, Z. Fowle, 1771. with descriptions of new or rare species in Jansen (Michel). Le guide du fabricant de the collection of J. C. Jay. 2d ed. 80 pp. mneubles. Album sur l'6benisterie. 2. 1. 4 1. 4 col. pl. 80. New York, [author], 38 pl. obl. 40~. Par'is, chez l'auteur, [1844]. 1836. s. Jauartio (Josephus Aurelius de). See Gen- The same. A catalogue of the shells, naro (G. A.) arranged according to the Lamarckian sysJanvier (Emma N.) Agnes Morton's trial. tem; together with descriptions of newr or 281 pp. 160~ Cincinnati, Hitchcock 4' Wal- rare species, contained in the collection of dlen, 1870. John C. Jay. 3d ed. 126 pp. 10 col. pl. 40~. The young governess; or, aunt Sibyl's New York, Wiley & Putam, 1839.. cottage. pp. 135to 281. 16~. Cincinnati, cottage. pp.l 135 to 81. 1 CiuciuatiJay (William). A view of the action of the -Hitchcock 4 Walden, 1870. federal government, in behalf of slavery. I iWith Agnes Morton's triali. Janvier (Francis De Haes). The skeleton.217 pp. 120. New York, J. S. Taylor, 1839. monk; and other poems. 148 pp. 120. Jednota ku povzbuzeni prumyslu v Cechach. Philadelphia, J. Challen 4 son, 1861. See Verein zur ermunterung des gewerbsJardine (Sir William). The ichnology of geistes in Bbhmen. Annandale; or, illustrations of footmarks im- Jefferson (Thomas, 3d president of the United pressed on the new red sandstone of Corn- States). Inaugural speeches and messages. cockle muir. 1 col. title, 17 pp. 13 colo pl. [With] the inaugural speech of James MadFol. EdinbZrgh, lithographed and printedfor ison. 126 pp. 160. Boston, S. G. Snelling, the author, by UI. H. Lizars, 1853. s. 1809. Jarxatt (Rev. Devereux). Life, in a series of ----- A manual of parliamentary practice, letters addressed to the rev. John Coleman. composed originally for the use of the senate I p. 1. iv, 223 pp. 160. Baltimore, WTarner of the United States. To which are added, HMrnna, 1806o the rules and orders of both houses of con- Thoughts on some important subjects gress. 188 pp. 16~. Concord, G. Hozgh, in divinity; in a series of letters to a friend. & J. B. Mlbore, 1823. 84 pp. 160. Baltimore, Warner 4& Hanna, 1806. M6elanges politiques et philosophiques [ With his Life.] extraits des m6moires et de la correspondance Jarrige (Pierre). Nachricht von den vielen de Thomas Jefferson, prec6d6s d'un essai sur lastern welche die jesuiten in der provinz les principes de i'6cole am6ricaine et d'une Gvienne begangen haben; nebst seiner ver- traduction de la constitution des Ihtats-Unis, antwvortung aufdieverliumdungen des Jacob par L. P. Conseil, avec un commentaire tir6 Beaufes und einer beurtheilung der jesuiten de l'ouvrage publi6, sur cette constitution, iiberhaupt. Aus dem Franz6sischen und par W. Rawle. 2 v. 2 p. 1.468 pp; 2 p. 1. Lateinfischen iibersetzt. 286 pp. 1 1. 80. 475 pp. 1 1. 80. Paris, Paulin, 1833. Breslau, Gosohorsky, 1761. Jeffries (John P.) The natural history of the Jaufry the knight and the fair Brunissende. human races, with their primitive form and A tale of the times of king Arthur. From origin, primeval distribution, distinguishing the French version of Mary-Lafon, by Alfred peculiarities; antiquity, works of art, [etc. ] Elwes. Illustrated [by Gustave Dor6]. 156 Also, an account of the construction of the pp. 8 pl. 0o. New York, Wziley & Hal- globe, changes of its surface, [etc.] with sted, 1857'. other interesting matter. 380 pp. 4 pl. 80~ Jauna (Dominique). Histoire ge6n6rale des New York, IW. O. Jenkins, 1869. roiaumes de Chypre, de J6rusalem, d'Ar- Jeffrys (John). A serious address to thepeonionie, et d'T gypte, comprenant les croisades, ple of the church of England, in some obser. ot los faits, les plus m6morables, de l'empire vations upon their own catechism. To which ottoman, [etc. anon.] 2 v. 32 p. 1. 760 pp. are prefix'd some passages of his life, written

Page  164 JEFFRYS1 JIMENEZ. Jeffrys (John)-continuecd. Je-suits-continued. by himself. 69 pp. 180. Philadelphia, J. Instrvetiones ad provinciales et svperiChattin, 1753. ores societatis. Auctoritate congregationis Jenkin (C., Two French marriages. Copy- vii, ut directiones tantihm, seorsim impress~m. right ed. 2 v. 299 pp; 296 pp. sq. 16~. 112 pp. 4 1. 16. Atraerpic, J. lMeursius, Leipzig, B. Tauchnitz, 1868. 1635. CONTENTS. Letterre apostolicoe, quibus institutio, v. 1. A Psyche of to-day. continentur v. 2. Madame De Beaapr6 confirmatio, e prvgi a rintinentu Jenkins (Rev. Charles). Sermons. 407 pp. societatis Jesu. 384 pp. 19 1 160. Ant120. Portlalsd, A, Shirley, 1832. verpice, J. Meursisus, 1635. Jenkins (Samuel) and Samnael (John). Let- -- Ordinationes prlpositorum generalivm, ters on Welsh history, to which is added communes toti societati, avctoritate septim.e many of the triads. Also, a plea in behalf congregationis generalis contracte. 146 pp. 5 l. 16~. Antve~Tpie, J. Meur-sizs, 1635. of the Welsh language, by J. Samuel. 326 1. 16. epie, J. eursius, 635. pp 120 Pe authors, 185-2 Ratio atqve institvtio stvdiorvwn sociepp. 120. Philadelphia,, authtors, 1852. Jelnnings (Rev. Isaac). Memorials of a cn- tatis Jes~. Avctoritate septime congrega> X X @ tionis generis aucta. 174 pp. 16 1 160% tury. A record of individuals and events, tionis enerlis acta. 174 p. 16 chiefly in the early bistory of Bennington, Antre pie, J. Me e rsz2s, 1635 Vt. and its first church. 408 pp. 1 map. 1 pl. Regvle societatis Jesv. 286 pp. 1 lo 16~. B d Li l 1869. 16. Bxellis, G. Schovartius, 1626. 120. Boston, Gould & Lincoln, 1869. Jr (- elton de i baio Hd The same. Regnle societatis Jesu. Jere'mie (- ). Relation de la bale de HudAvetoritate septinme congregationis generalis son. 16~. Amsterdam, J. F. Bernard, 1720. toritate i genralis [RECUEIL d'arrests de la compagnie d'occident]. auct. 276 pp. 25 1. 16~, Antverpice,.1. Jessie Burton; o', danger in delay. By the Meursius, 1635. author of "' Dr. Kendall's children and their Je'suites (Les), marchands, nsuriers, usurpacousin." [anon.] 322 pp. I pl 160. Phil- teurs, et leurs cruaut6s dans l'ancien et le adelphia, Am. sunday school union, [1869]. nouveau continent. [anon.] viii, 382 pp. Jesuits or Societas Jesu. Bullre, decreta, 1 1. 12~. La Haye, Vaillant, 1759. canones, ordinationes, epistolpe, etc. qume in- Jeter (Jeremiah B. d. d. ) A memoir of mrs. stituti societatis Jesu impressioni antverpi- Henrietta Shuck, the first American female ensi accesserunt ab anno 1636. 4 p. i. 687 pp. missionary to China. 251 pp. 1 portrait. 160. Antwerpiac, J. Meursius, 1669. 160. Boston, Gould, Kendall 8& Lincoln, Canones congregationvm generalivyn 1846. societatisJesu. 136pp.41. 160. Antverpire, Jewell (Frederick S.) Grammatical diagrams J. Meursius, 1635. defended and improved, with directions for Compendivm privilegiorvm et gratia- their proper construction and application, rvm societatis Jesv. 164 pp. 2 1. 16c. [etc.] 207 pp. 160. New York, A. S. Barnes Antverpic, J. Meursius, 1635. & co. 1867. - Constitvtiones societatis Jesv et examen Jewett (Re. S. A. W. j Livingstone in Afcvm declarationibvs. 368 pp. 36 1. 160 lrica: his explorations and missionary labors. Antverpiwe, J. Meursius, 1635. 301 pp.8 pl. 160. Cincinnati, Hitchcock & ----— The same. Constitutions des jesuites, IWalden, [1869]. avec les d6clarations; traduites sur l'6di- Jewsbury (GeraldineEndsor). Thearistocrat: tion de Prague. [Par Saboureux. anon.] an American tale. By the author of "Zoe," 3v. 120. France, 1762. etc. [anon.] 2 v. 260 pp; 224 pp. 160. [Renouard attributes the translation to m. Baudoinl. Philadelphia, Key & Biddle, 1833. _ _ Decreta cougregationvm generalivm so- Jewsbury (Maria Jane). The three histories. cietatis Jesu. 474 pp. 15 1. 16~D. Antverpice, The history of an enthusiast. The history J. Meursius, 1635. of a nonchalant. The history of a realist. Epitome instituti societatis Jesu. xvi, 263 pp. 80, Boston, Perkins 8t Marvin, 647 pp. 160. Bruxellis, P. Van de Velde, 1831. 1690. Jirnenez (Antonio Garcia). Nueva ortografia Index generalis in omnes libros insti- te6rico prActica; 6, coleccion de palabras de tuti societatis Jesu. 288 pp. 160. Ant- dudosa escritura, para el uso de las oficinas, verpi, J. Meursius, 1635. y de los que quieran escribir con tode co'

Page  165 165 JIMIENEZ. JOLY-CLERC. Jimenez (Antonio Garcia)-continued. Johnson (A. N.) and White (Jason). The reccion, y conforme al filtimo diccionario de young minstrel; a collection of music for the la lengua castellana. xi, 164 pp. 18~. use of schools. 8, 216 pp. 240. Boston, Madrid, 1832. s. G. P. Reed, 1848. Joanne (Adolphe Laurent). Les environs de Johnsol (Charles). A general history of the Paris illnstres. 2e 6d. 2 p. 1. xxviii. 662 pp. pyrates, from their first rise and settlement in 1 1. 7 pl. 1 map. 120. Paris, L. Hachette the island of Providence to the present time, cie. 1868. [etc.] 2d ed. 2 p1. 427 pp. 3 pl. 80. LonFontainebleau; son palais, ses jardins, don, T. Warner, 1724, sa foret, et ses environs. 3 p.l. 219 pp. 2 ----- The same. 3d ed. 80. London, T. Wlarmaps. 16 pl. 12~. Paris, L. Hachette & cie. ner, 1725. 1867. See, also, Histoire des avanturiers flibustiers. Guide illustr6 du voyageur en Suisse Johnson (C. Pierpont). The useful plants of et a Chamonix. 1 p. 1. xxviii, 510 pp. 4 pl. 8 Great Britain; a treatise upon the principal maps. 5 plans. 120. Paris, L. Hachette 8g native vegetables capable of application as cie. 1866. food, medicine, or in the arts and manufacLe guide parisien. Suivi de la liste al- tures. Illustrated by John E. Sowerby. 2 phabetique de toutes les rues et places de p.1. 324 pp.25 pl. 80. London, 11T. Kent - Paris. 1 p. 1, iv pp. 46 1. viii, 437 pp. 24 pl. CO. 1862. 120. Paris, L. Hachette &'cie. 1867. Johnson (L.) An elementary arithmetic, deGuide du voyageur en Europe. 2e ed. signed for beginners; embracing the first 2 p. 1. xxxii, 984 pp. 1 map. 12~. Paris, principles of the science. 154 pp. 160. L. Hachlette e& cie. 1867. Raleigh, (N. C.) Branson & Farrar, 1864. Johannes (George, the count). See Jones Johnson (Samuel, 1l. d.) Johnson's English (George). dictionary, as improved by Todd and abridged John (E.) Countess Gisela. By E. Marlitt. by Chambers; with Walker's pronouncing [psefudon. ] From the German by A. Nah- dictionary, conbined; to which is added mer. 125 pp. 1 pl. 80. New York, Har- Walker's key to the classical pronunciation pers, 1869. of Greek, Latin, and scripture proper names. The same. From the German of E. xxviii, 1156 pp. 80. Philadelphia, Kimber Marlitt by mrs. A.L. Wister. [pseudon.] 2 4' Sharpless, 1841. parts. 424 pp. 16~. Philadelphia, J. B. -- Marmor norfolciense; or, an essay on Lippincott & co. 1869. an ancient prophetical inscription, in monkish G- old Elsie. From the German of E. rhyme, lately discovered near Lynn, in NorMarlitt by mrs. A. L. Wister. [pseudon.] folk. By Probus Britanicus. [pseudon.] 344 pp. 12~. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott [Republished in 1775, with a preface and I- co. 1868. notes by Tribunus, dr. Parr? ] 2 p. 159 pp. The old mam'selle's secret. By E. Mar- 8~ London, M.'ichardson, 1820. litt. [pseudon.] After the German by mrs. Johnson (William Woolsey). An elementary A. L. Wister. 297 pp. 12~. Philadelphia, treatise on analytical geometry, embracing J. B. Lippincott 4- co. 1868. plane co-ordinate geometry, and an introduc- Over yonder. By E. Marlitt. [pseudon.] tion to geometry of three dimensions. 288 Translated from the German. Reprinted pp. 120. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott & from Lippincott's magazine. 43 pp. 1 pl. 80. co. 1869. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott 4 co. 1869. Johnston (R.) Civil service precis, containJohn M. Costello; or, the beauty of virtue, ing full instructions as to indexing and precisexemplified in an American youth. [anon. ] writing, with ten sets of exercises, set by the 204 pp. I portrait. 180. Baltimore, J. Muro civil service examiners. 2 p. 1. 186 pp. 120o phy & co. 1869. London, Longrnans, Green & co. 1869. Johns (Walter R.) Petrolia. See Cone (An- See also, Jonston. drew) and Johns. Joly-clerc (Nicolas). Phytologie universelle; Johnson (A. B.) A treatise on banking. pp. On, histoire naturelle et m6thodique des plan8 to 48. 12~0. Boston, Phillips, Sampson & tes, de leurs propridtes, de leurs vertus et de co. 1851. leur culture, [etc.] 5 v. in 2. 12~. Paris, fIn HOMANs (I. S.) Bankers' common-place book]. and Leipsick, 1799.

Page  166 166 JOMINL JORRES& Jomiini (Henri, baron). Treatise on grand Jones (Justin). Virginia Graham, the spy of military operations; or, a critical and mili- the grand army. 165 pp. 80. Boston, tary history of the wars of Frederick the Loring, [1867]. great, as contrasted with the modern system. Jones (Owen). The Alhambra court in the Together with a few of the most important crystal palace. 119 pp. pl. 120. London, principles of the art of war. Translated from 1854. 8. the French by col. 8. B. Holabird, u. s. a. 2 v. An apology for the colouring of the 448 pp; 496 pp. Atlas. vi pp. 39 maps. 8. Greek court in the crystal palace. 56 pp. New York, D. Van Nostrand, 1865. 120. London, 1854. Jones (Rev. Charles Colcock). A catechism of and Bonomi (Joseph). Description scripture doctrine and practice, [etc.] 154 pp. of the Egyptian court, erected in the crystal 18~. Philadelphia, presbyterian board of pub- palace. With an historical notice of the lication, 1852. S. monuments of Egypt. By Samuel Sharpe. Jones (Rev. David). A journal of two visits 71 p. 1. 120. London, 1854. made to some nations of Indians on the west Jones (Robert). A history of the French bar, side of the river Ohio, in the years 1772 and ~~~1773..t a borpianoceft ancient and modern; comprising a notice of!773. With a biographical notice of the the French courts, their officers, practitionauthor by Horatio Gates Jones. [Reprinted the French courthe their ofcers, practition Efrom the edition of 17743. xi, 127 pp. 8. ers, etc. and of the system of legal education Nyew YorAk, J. Satbin, 1865. in France. xxxix. 251 pp. 80~. London, Jones (Electa F). Stockbridge, [Mass.] past Benning &' co. 1855. and present; or, records of an old mission Jones (Thomas Wharton). The principles station. 275 pp. 120. Springfield, S. Bowles and practice of ophthalmic medicine and & co. 1854. surgery. Edited by Isaac Hays, m. d. With Jones (George). A letter to the N/ew York illustrations. xxxvi, 17-509 pp. 4 pl. 12~. Herald, September 4. [In the matter of the Philadelphia, Lea f Blanchard, 1847. s. Stowe-Byroncontroversy]. 11pp. 160. Lon- J'ong (D. de) Kobel (H.) and Salieth (M.) don,; T. Cooper, [1869]. Nienwe beschryving der walvisvangst en Wi TVth STOWE-BYRON (The) controversy]. haringvisschery. Met vale byzonderheden Jones (Hugh). The present state of Virginia. daar toe betreklyk, [etc.] 4 v. in. 1. 40. Giving a particular and short accountof the Amsteldnz, J. Roos, 1791. Indian, English, and negro inhabitants of Jonston (John). An history of the wonderful that colony. [With] a short view of Mary- things of nature; set foth in ten severall land and North Carolina. [Reprinted from classes, [etc.] Written by Johannes Jonthe ed. of 1724]. 3 p. 1. viii, 151 pp. 8. stonus, and now rendred into English y a stonus, and now rendred into English by a New York, J. Sabin, 1865. NewYok, J. Sn,. person of quality. 8p. 1. 354 pp. Eo. LonJones (Jacob). A century of sonnets; lines on don, J. Streater, 1657. on the Burns commemoration of 1859. The funeral of Canning, and other verses. vi, 114 Jordan (William Leighton). A treatise on pp. 12o. Lonidon, A. othe. Bennett, 1866. the action of vis inertire in the ocean. With Jones (James Athearn). Sagen der nordameri- remarks on the abstract nature of the forces kanische.nIndianer. [Aus demEnglischen]. of vis inertime and gravitation, and a new p. 1. 342 pp. I pl. 160. Altenburg, J. Hel- heory of the tides. 212 pp. 11 pl. 1 map. big, 1837. 80. London, Longimans, Green c co. 1868. [Imperfect. pp. 343-346 wanting]. Jornada de los coches de Madrid a Alcala, o Jones (John B.) Wild western scenes; a satisfacion al palacio de Momo, y a las apunnarrative of adventures in the western wild- taciones a la carta del maestro de nifos. erness, forty years ago; wherein the conduct [anon.] 4 p. 1. 362 pp. 7 1. sm. 40~. Zaragoza, of Daniel Boone, the great American pioneer, 1]714. is particularly described, [etc..] By a squat- J6rres (Ludwig). Die freymaurerey; oder ter. [anon.] 247 pp. 8~0. Philadelphia, offenbarung aller geheimnisse, ceremonien, E. Ferrett & co. 1845. eides-formeln, handgriffe und sinnbilder der Jones (Jo. Seawell). A defence of the revo- drey ersten grade. Nach Morgan und andern lhtionary history of the state of North Caro- schriftstellern. Nebst einer genauen belina from the aspersions of mr. Jefferson. schreibung von der entfiihrung des William xii, 343 pp. 12~. Boston, C. Bowen, 1834. Morgan, und seiner wahrscheinlichen er

Page  167 167 JORRESo JOVELLANOS. JSrres (Ludwig)-continued. Journal de Trevoux. See Me'moires pour mordung durch die freymaurer. Mit einem l'histoire des sciences, etc. anhange, [etc.] viii, 164 pp. 120. Penn- Journeys into the moon, several planets, and sylvanien, veifasser, 1829. the sun. IHistory of a female somnambulist, Jose de la madre de Dios. Storia della vita, [Pauline Dorathea Beuerly] of Weilheim, on virtu, doni, e girazie di Pietro di S. Giuseppe the Teck, in the kingdom of Wuertemberg, Betancur, fondatore dell' ordine betlemitico in the years 1832-33. A book in which all nell' Indie occidentali. 12 p. 1. 332 pp. 18 1. persons will find important disclosures con1 pl. 4~. Ronma, A. de Rossi, 1739. cerning their fate hereafter. Translated from Josse (Augustin Louis). Juvenile biography; the German. [anon]. 2 p. 1. 203 pp. 120~. or, lives of celebrated children. Inculcating Philadelphia, Vollmer & Hagyenmacher, 1837. virtue by eminent examples from real life. Jouvency or Jouvancy (Joseph). InstituTo which are added moral reflections, ad- tiones poeticre. 16~. Matriti, 1854. s. dressed to the youth of both sexes. Trans- [In COLONIA (Dominique de). De arte rhetorica lated bymrs. Cummyng. v. x, 443pp. 160. libri quinque. pp. 309-439]. Loo,. au c. etc. 1801. Ratio discendi et docendi. 234 pp. 3 i. London, A. Dulau ~ co. etc. 1801. 18~. Parisiis, J. Barbom, 1778. Journal (The) of applied chemistry. Devoted Parisiis, J. Barbou, 1778. to chemistry as applied to the arts, manu- Jouy (Victor Joseph 11tienne de). (Euvres factures, metallurgy, and agriculture. Jan. complites; avec des 6claircissements et des 1868, to Dec. 1869. v. 3-4. 4C. New York, notes. 27 v. 80. Paris, Didot, 1823-28. Dexter 4& co. 1868-69. CONTENTS. v. 1-15. 25-26. Essais sur les mceurs. Journal des beaux-arts et des sciences par m. v. 1-3. Discours pr6liminaire. L'ermite de la chausl'abb6 Aubert. Janv.-Sept. 1768. 3 v. 16~. se d'Antin. v. 4-5. Guillaume le franc-parleur. Paris, P. Fr. Didot, lejeune, 1768. v. 6-7. L'ermite de la Guiane. r[NOTve.-The above is a continuatioln of Mtllmoires v. 8-13. 25, 26. L'ermite en province. 8 v. pour l'histoire des sciences et des beaux arts, v. 14. La morale appliqu6e ~ la politique. known as Journal de Trevoux]. v. 15. Lermiie en prison. v. 16. M1alnges: le partie. Varilt6s litt6raires et phiJournal des 6conomistes. Revue de la science losophiques. 6conomique et de la statistique. 1e-28eann6es. v 17. Posiens l6tIres. v.18-21. Th6atre. v. 1-4. 1841-1869. 101 v. 8~. Paris, Guillamnin S v. 18. Th6etre. Tipp6-Sa8b, trag6die. B6lisaire, trag6die. Sylla, trag6die. Julien danus les cie. 1841-69. Gaules, trag6edie. Prenilre s6rie, 1841-1853. 37 v. [Des tables alpha- v.19. TheItre. v. 2. Oplra. v.. La vestale, trab6tiques triennales de cette s6rie se trouvent at la g6die lyrique. Fernand-Cortez, op6ra. Les fin des tomes 9,18, 27 et 37]. bayaderes, opera. Les amnazones, op6rao Deuxi6me s6Iie, 1854-1865. 48 v. [Des tables al- Les Abencerages, op6ra. P1lage, op6ra. phanbtiques quinquennales de cette s6rie se troy_- Zirphile et fleur de myrte, ope6ra-ferie. Velvent a la fin des tomes 20 et 48]. 16lda, ou les Gatloises, op6ra. Troisieme s6rie, 1866-1869. 16 v]. v. 20. Th6atre. v. 3. Vues pr6eiminaires. L'h6riJournal (The) of education for Ontario. [A tage, ou les mcours du temps. AM. Beaufils, Journal (The)ofeuainfrO.[A ou la conversationfaite id'avance. Le marlmonthly]. Edited byJ. G. Hodgins. Jan. age dem. Beaufils, on les reputations denmprunt. L'hoenme aux conv6nances. L'avide to Dec. 1869. v. 22. 40. Toronto, Hunter, h6t-itier. Les intrigues de cour. Rose 4+ co. 1869. v. 21. Th6atre. v. 4. _Opras comiques. Vaudevilles et parodies. ]Epitre d6dicatoirle m. EmmaJournal g6neral de l'imprimerie et de la librai- nuel Dupaty. Milton, faithistorique. Le marie. 1867-1868. 2e s6ri. v. 11-12. 6 v. ir 5. riage par imprudelce,opera comique. L'ar- 6 Vo ~~~~ioll5~~~. mant et le marl, op6ra comique. Les auber80. Paris, Pillet, 1867-68. gistes de qualit6,op6racomique. Lejuge-depaix, com6die-vaudeville. Comment faire? Journal de Saint Domingue. v. 1. Nov. 1765, com6die-vauldeville. Le vaudeville au Caire, tA nears 1766. 349pp. 41. 160. Ccap-Fana7sn is, com6die-vaudeville. Dans quel si6cle somn esnous? comn6die-vaudeville. La marMarie, 1765-66. chande des modes, parodie de la Vestale. Journal of social science: containing tlhe v. 22..Melanges, 2e partie. Beaux-arts. Salon de 1817. Salon de 1819. Salon d'HoraceVernet. transactions of the American association. Discouers sur l'industrie; d6di6 au commerce de France. Exposition de 1819. No. 1, Jane, 1869. 2 p. 1. 200 pp. 1 1. 80. v. 23-24. Ckcile, ou les passions. 2 v. New Yolrk, Leypoldt & Holt, 1869. v. 27. Table g6n6rale des matilres. Journal (The) of speculative philosophy. Jove y Muiiiz (Juan de). El perfecto sacerEdited by Win. T. Harris, [1868-69]. v. 2-3. dote, formado con algunas tan iinportaites, 80. St. Locis, Gl. lKnapp &c co. e868-69. conno debidas, y oportunas reflexiones, en Journala of the telegraph. A semi-umonthly cinco discursos, [etc.] xii, 344 pp. i 1.1 pl. record of the progress of the telegraph, and 80. Mlldrid, J. IBarra, 1774. of electric science. Dec. 1, 1868, to Nov. 15, Jovellanls (Gaspar Melchior de). Memoires 1869. v.'2. 40~. New York, J. D. Reid, [1869]. politiques, accompagn6s de notes, d'6clair

Page  168 168 JOVELLANOS. JUSTINUS. Jovellanos (Gaspar Melchior de)-continued. Junmghulhn (Franz or Friedrich Wilhelm). cissemens historiques et de pieces justifica- Topographische und naturwissenschaftliche tives; pr6cedes d'une notice biographique reisen durch Java, von dr. Friedrich Jungsur Jovellanos. 2 p. 1. 316 pp. 80. Paris, huhn. Fur die kaiserl. leopold. carol. akadeL. G. Michaud, 1825. mie der naturforscher zurn druck befdrdert Jovius (Paulus). See Giovio (Paolo). und bevorwortet durch dr. C. G. Nees von Juan de la Concepcion. Historia general de Esenbeck. Mit einem aus 38 tafeln und 2 Philipinas. Conqvistas espiritvales y tem- hdhenkarten bestehendenatlasse. x, 518 pp. porales de estos espanfoles dominios, estable- 1 1. 80. Atlas, 3 p. 1. 37 pl. 2 tab. obl. fol. cimientos) progresos y decadencias, [etc.] Magdeburg, E. Baensch, 1845. s. 14 v. sm. 40. Manila, etc. A. De la Rosa Junius (R.) The cure ofmisprision: or, selected & Balagtas, etc. 1788-92. notes, upon sundry questions in controversie Juan de San Anastasio. Coloquios can6nico- (of main concernment) betwen the word and morales, sobre elecciones de regulares. Obra the world. [etc.] 4 p. 1. 176 pp. 7 1. 160. p6stuma. 10 p. 1.226 pp. 5 1. 80. Mexico, London, B. Allen, 1646. 1816. s. Juras Reales (-, baron de). Entretenimientos Juan de Santo Thoma. Explicacion de la doc- de un prisionero en las provincias del Rio de trina christiana, y la obligacion de los fieles la Plata. See Moxa (Benito Maria de). en creer, y obrar. 12n impression. 8 p. 1. 398 Jurieu (Pierre). Histoire critique des dogmes pp. 180. Madrid, G. Ramirez, 1760. s. et des cultes, bons et mauvais, qui ont et6 Juan y Santacilia (Jorge) and Ulloa (Antonio dans 1'6glise depuis Adam jusqu't,Jesusde). A voyage to South-America: describing Christ; ou l'on trouve l'origine de toutes les the Spanish cities, etc. on that extensive con- idolatries de l'ancien paganisme, expliquees tinent. With the natural history of the par rapport a celles des Juifs. 11 p. 1. 809 pp. country. And an account of their gold and 141.1 pl. 40. Amsterdtm,, F. L'Honor, 1704. silver mines. Translated from the original Juste (Theodore). Essai sur l'histoire de l'inSpanish [by John Adams]. 2 v. xvi pp. 4 1. struction publique en Belgique, depuis les 509pp.5pl; 3p.1.420pp.2pl. 83. London, temps les plus recul6s jusqu'i nos jours. Davis c' Reymers, 1758. viii, 392 pp. 8~. Bruxelles, A. Janzar 8 Juanini (Juan Bautista). Nveva idea physica C. Hew, [etc.] 1844. natvral demonstrativa, origen de las materias Justin (Placide). Politische und statistische qve mveven las cosas. Compvestas de la geschichte der insel Hayti, (St. Domingo, porcion mas pvra de los elementos fragvadas entworfen) nach amtlichen beriebten [etc. ] en el caos, pvrificadas, y passadas de poten- des sir James Berskett. Nach dem Francia a acto en los tres primeros dias de la crea- zosischen bearbeitet von C. G. Hennig. xvi, tion del mundo, [etc.] Parte primera. 17 503 pp. 80. Ronneburo, F. Schumann, 1827. p. 1. 345 pp. 19 1. smin. 40. Qaragoa, here- Justinus. Givstino historiographo clarissimno, deros de D. la Puyada, 1685. nelle historie di Trogo Pompeo, nuouamente [Parte 2a wanting]. [de la lingua latina] in lingua tosca tradotto, Juicio imparcial sobre los bienes eclesiasticos et con somma diligenza, et cura stampato. que dedica al venerable clero espaliol d. J. L. 176 1. 80. Vinegia, Pietro de Niicolini da G. [anon.] xi, 231 pp. 2 1. 160. Madrid, Sabio, 1535. J. Sanz, etc. 1841. s. History, taken out of Trogus PonmJulius and his parrot. A story which is partly peius: containing the affairs of all ages fable, partly fact. By Una Locke and Frances and countries, from the beginning of the Lee. [pseudon?] 148 pp. 2pl. 180. New world 6util the time of the Roman empeYorlk, Carltonl SC La7na/tal, 1869. rors. With an account of Justin, from G. Juncker (Christian). Das guldene und silberne J. Vossius. Translated into English, by ehren-gedibchtniss d. Martini Lvtheri. In Rob. Codrington. 5th ed. 7 p. 1. 304 pp. 1 welchem dessen leben, tod, familie und relil pl. 180. London, 1f. Wthlitwood, 1688. quien, benebst den vornehmsten geschichten Justinus, martyr. Writings. Translated by der evangelischen reformation, [etc.] be- rev. Marcus Dods, rev.George Reith, and shbrieben, und aus mehr als zweyhundert rev. B. P. Pratten. 8~. Edinburgh, T. & T. medaillen [etc.] erkltiret werden. 30 p. 1. 562 Clerk, 1868. pp.61. 120. Schleusingen, G. IV. Giibel,1706. [ANTE-NICENE library, v. 21.

Page  169 169 JUTZI. KATSCH. Jutzi (George). Ermahnungen an seine hin- Kane (Elisha Kent)-continued. terbliebenen; nebst einem anhange fiber die sir John Franklin's in den jahren 1853, entstehung der amischen gemeinde, von Sam. 1854, und 1855. [Nach demn Englischen von Zook. Herausgegeben von A. Stutzman. F. Kiesewetter]. 2e auflage. xii, 288 pp. 8 xiv, 336 pp. 80. Sonmerset, A. Stiutzman, pl. I map. 120. Leipzig, O. Spamner, 1859. 1853. - Zwei nordpolarreisen zur aufsuchung Juvenalis (Decimus Junius). Satires. With sir John Franklin's. [Aus dem Englischen] a literal interlineal translation, on the Ham- deutsch bearbeitet von J. Seybt. 1 p. 1 iltonian system, with the life of Juvenal, by xxviii, 298 pp. 2 maps. 120. Leipzig, C. B. William Giffnel. Translated by Hiram Cor- Lorck, 1857. son. 12~. Philadelphia, Charles Desilver, Kansas (State of). Senate journal of the leg1868. islative assembly of the state of Kansas, beKa titc tebeniminang Jezos, ondaJe aking. gun and held at Topeka, on Tuesday, JanOom mtrsinaigan ki ojitogoban ka ojitogoba- uary 14th, 1868. 680 pp. 80. Lawrence, nen aiamie tipagimo8in masinaigan, 8ak8i (Kansas), J. Speer, 1868. ena8indibanen. 396 pp. 18~. Oki mnag8a- - House journal of the legislative asbikickoton John Lovell, moniang: ate me- sembly of the state of Kansas, begun and kateSikonaie8ikamikong, Kanactageng, 1861. held at Topeka, on Tuesday, January 14th, fWith AIA.IIE tipadjimo8i masinaigan etc.] 1868. 1066 pp. 8~. Lawrence, (Kansas), Kabinet der natuurlyke historien, weten- J. Speer, 1868. schappen,konsten en handwerken. January, Kapp (Friedrich). Leben des amerikanischen en February, [en] Maart en April, 1719. generals Johann Kalb. xiv, 306 pp. 1 por[anon.] 6 p 1. 366 pp. 5 pl. 160. Amster- trait. 80~. Stuttgart, Cotta, 1862. dam, H. Strik, 1719. Kardoo, the Hindoo girl, and other stories. Kalidasa. [The nmessenger cloud. Trans- Compiled for the presbyterian board of publated in verse] by R. T. H. Grifith. 120. lication. [anon.] 216 pp. 3 pl. 18~. PhilaBenar'es, (India), E. J. Lazarus c co. 1868. delphia, presbyterian board of publication, [In VALMIKI. Scenes from the Ramayan. By R. [ 869]. T. II. Griffith. pp. 131-184]. [1869]. SacontalA; or, the fatal ring; an In- KIarlamagnus saga ok kappa hans. Fortteeldian drama. From the original Sanscrit and linger im keiser Karl magnus og bans IsevPrAcrit. [By Sir William Jones]. xii, 98 ninger. Udgivet of C. R. Unger. cv, 566 pp. 1. 40. London, Edwards, 1790. pp. 1 pl. 80. Christiana, k. nord. univerKalkbrenner (Friedrich W. M.) Treatise on sitet, 1860. s. harmony, for the pianist, containing general Karr (Jean Alphonse). Dictionnaire du p6principles of modulation, for the acquire- cheur. Trait6 complet de la pdche en eau ment of the art of preluding and of extem- douce et en eau sal~e. Histoire, mneurs, habiporizing, with examples. Translated by tudes des poissons, crustac6s, testac6s, [etc. ] Robert Lincoln Cocks. 2 p. 1. 63 pp. fol. l'p. 1. 336 pp. 120. Paris, Garnier fri'es, London, R. Cocks Sf co. 1849. 1855. Kalm (Pehr). En resa til Norra Amerika, pA Eat (Hidde Dirks). Dagboek eener reize ter kongl. swenska wetenskaps academiens be- walvischlen robbenvangst gedaan in dejaren fallning, och publici kostnad. 3 v. 16%0 1777 en 1778, met eene kaart van Groenland. Stockholm, L. Salvius, 1753-61. 1 p. 1. viii, 76 pp. 1 map. 8Q. Haarlem, de E:ammermeisteror Camerarius (Joachim). wed. A. Loosjes, 1818. Vita Philippi Melanchthonis. 8 p. 1 428pp. Katholische kirchengebete lateinisch und 12 1. 180. Hagce-Comitum, A. NVacq, 1655. deutsch nach dem r6mischen missale und I:ampen (Nicolaas Godfried van) and Vee- brevier, sammt den gewohnlichen andachtsgens (Daniel). Levens van beroemde dibungen, [etc. anon]. 237 pp. 32~. nederlanders, sedert het midden der zes- Einsiedeln, gebr. K. & IN. Benziger, 1869. tiende eeuw, 2 v. 2 p. 1. vi pp. 1 1. 376 pp; Katach (Johann). Nonnulla de regimine xvi pp. 1 1. 444 pp. 8o. Haarlem, F. Boein, sanitatis, juxta sex res non naturales placita, 1838-40, ex Hippocratis et Galeni libris desumpta K:ane (Elisha Kent). Kane, der nordpolfahrer. cum aliis conitu necessaria. 240. RoteroArktische fahrten und entdeckungen der daJmi, A. Leers, 1677. zweiten Grinnell-expedition zur aufsuchung [With RErIMEN sanitatis. alernitanum. ed. 1677].

Page  170 170 KAUFFMANNS. KEMP, Kauffmnanns (Johann Gottfried). Pro statu KIeckermann (Bartholomnus). Oper[a] omecclesive catholicae et legitima potestate ro- ni[a] qvae extant. 2 v. 4 p.1. 1020pp. 11 1; mani pontificis,contra Justini Febronii juris- 882 pp. 16 1. 132 pp. 3 1. fol. Geneva, P. consulti librum ad reuniendos dissidentes in Aubert, 1614. religione christianos apologeticon theologi- Keel (Leo). Feuer und flamme. In gebeten cum. 4 p.1. 518 pp. 21. 4,. Coloviw Agrip- heiliger vater und gesfngen katholischer pince, F. T. J. 1M1etternich, 1767. S. dichter; [etc.] 2p. 1.414 pp. 24~. EinKaufman (Peter). Betrachtung iiber den siedeln, C. & N. Benziger, 1869, mensehen. 244 pp. 12~. Philadelphia, C. Keetels (Prof. Jean Gustave). Progressive Zentler, 1825. French series. Oral method with French, Kaulbach(Wilhelm von). Female characters In 3 parts. Part 1-2. 352 pp. 12~. New of Goethe, from the original drawings, with York, Sheldon &' co. 1869. explanatory text, by G. H. Lewes. 491. 23 pl. Keith (Alexander, d. d.) The land of Israel, sm. 40. New York, T. Stroefer, [1868]. according to the covenant with Abraham, Kavanagh (Julia). Beatrice. 520 pp. 12~. with Isaac, and with Jacob. 388 pp. 2 maps, New York, 1D. A~ppleton 8 co. 1865. 17 pl. 12G. New York, Harper - brothers, New York, D. Appleton & co. 1865. 1844. Dora. 3 v. 12~. London, Hurst 4 1844. Blackett, 1868. Keith (George). The christian quaker; or, - Madeline: a tale of uvergne, fonnded George Keith's eyes opened. Good news on fact. New ed. vii, 256 pp. 1 pl. 16~0 from Pennsylvania. Containing a testimony Lo~ndon, R. Bentley, 1851. against that false and absurd opinion which - The same. 300 pp. 120. Nelw York, some hold, viz. that all true believers and D. Appleton & co. 1857. saints, immediately after the bodily death, Kayat (Assaad Yakoob). The eastern travel- attain to all the resurrection they expect, and ler's interpreter; or, Arabic without a teacher. enter into the full enjoyment of happiness, 2d ed. 3 p. 1. 172 pp. obl. 320, London, etc.] 1pp. sm.40. London, B. Keach, W. McDowall, 1844. 1693. Keach (Rev. Benjamin). The travels of tihe elley (Caroline E.) Franky's little frield, godliness, from the beginning of the world to 124 pp. 1 pl. 18~. Boston, H. Hoyt, 1865. the present day. In an apt and pleasing Franky's little meeting. 120 pp. 1 pl. allegory. 144 pp. 1 portrait. 240. New 180, Boston, H. Hoyt, 1865. York, J. Tiebout, 181, lKellogg (Rev. Elijah). Elm island stories. -- Tpo-ro~oyla: a key to open scripture nos. 1-4. 160. Boston, Lee & Shepard, metaphors, in four books. To which are pre 1869-70. fixed arguments to prove the divine authority CONTENTS. of the holy scriptures. [etc.] Together with no. 1. Lion Ben of Elm island. 265 pp. 4 pl. no. 2. Charlie Bell, the waif of Elm island. 325 pp, types of the old teslament. 2 v. 4 p. 1. xxiv, 4 pl. 980 pp. 6 1, 80. London, J. [W. Pashan, 17779. no. 3. The ark of Elm island. 288 pp. 3 pl. no. 4. The boy farmers of Elm island. 300 pp. 3 pl. Keam (Peter) and Mickleborough (John). Kelty (Mary Ann). Memoirs of the lives and A hand-hook of map drarwin~g adapted espe- persecutions of the primitive quakers, exemcially to the maps in Mitchell's new series of plifying the obedience of faith in some of the school geographies. 57 pp. 25 col. maps. 40~ early members of the society. 2d ed. xx, Philadelphia, E. H. Butler 4 co. [1869]. 471 pp. London, Harvey 4 Darton, Kecht (J. Sm.) Der verbesserte praktische 1844o weinbau in girten, und vorziiglich auf wein- Kemp (Rev. James). Sermon, delivered on bergen. Den ainerikanischen weinbauern 22d February, 1800, being the day of mourngewidmet von H. B. Saer. vi, 84 1.2 pl. 16~. ing appointed by congress for the death of Readingr, IH. B. Sage, 1828. gen. George Washington. 15 pp. 7 1. 4 porKeckeler (Mrs. T. Hartman,. dl, ) Thaleia: traits inserted. 12~. Easton, (Penn.) J. woman; her physiology and pathology, in Cowan, 1800. connection with maternity, with hygienic Kemp (Dr. T. Lindley). Indications of inand medical directions. [etc.] 1 p. 1. 357 pp. stinct. A sequel to " The natural history of 1 portrait. 120. Cincinnati, A. T. 4 T. H. creation." 144 pp. 40~. London, Lonugman, Keckeler. 1869; Brown, Green 4 Longmens, 1854.

Page  171 KENDRICK. KIDDER. E1Kendrick (Asahel C. d. d.) Greek exercises, Ke'ralio (Louis Felix Guinement de). Hisadapted to Kendrick's edition of Bullions's toire de la guerre des Russes et des impeGreek grammar. 2. 1. 127 p. 120. 1New riaux, contre les Turcs, en 1736, 1737, 1738, York, Sheldon & co. 1869. et 1739, et de la paix de Belgrade qui la terKennedy (Andrew James, r. n.) La Plata, mina. 2 v. vi, 304 pp. 6 maps; 1 p.1. 324 Brazil, and Paraguay, during the present pp. 21. 7 maps. 120. Paris, Debure, 1780. s. war. viii, 273 pp. 1 map. 120. London, Keratry (E. comte de). La crdance Jecker, E. Stanrford, 1869. les indemnit6s francaises, et les emprunts.Kennedy (Grace). Dunallan; or, know what mexicains. 158 pp. 1 1. 8~. Paris, libraiyou judge; a story. 2 v. 1 p. 1. 371 pp. 1 pl; rie internationale, 1868. 1 p. 1. 342 pp. 1 pl. 120. Edinburgh, IWV. Kerl (Bruno). A practical treatise on metalOliphant 4& son, 1834. lurgy, adapted from the last German edition [In 7her Works, v. 5 -6. of prof. Kerl's metallurgy. By W. Crookes KennedJy (John Pendleton). Horse-shoe and E. Rohrig. 3 v. 80. London, LongRobinson. A tale of the tory ascendancy. mans, 1869. 598 pp. 1 portrait. 120, Philadelphia, J. CONTENTS. B. Lippisncott Sr co. 1865. v. 1 Lead, silver, zinc, cadmium, tin, mercury, bisKennedy (William). Geographic, naturge- muth, antimony, nickel, arsenic, gold, platinum, sulphur. xxviii, 724, x pp. schichte und topographie von Texas. Aus v. 2. Copper, iron. xxiv, 876, xvi pp. dem Englischen von Otto von Czarnowsky. v. 3. Steel, fuel; supplement. xxxii, 820, xiv pp. 212 pp. 1 map. 8~. Frankfurt am Maia, Kerl (Simon). A common school grammar J. D. Sauerlinder, 1845. of the English language. iv pp. 1 1. 350 pp. Kennett (Basil, d. d.) Romre antiqur noti- 12~. New York, Ivison, Phinney, Blakeman tia; or, the antiquities of Rome. [With] - co. 1866. two essays concerning the Roman learning, -- A comprehensive grammar of the Engand the Roman education. 15th ed. xxx, lish language. For the use of schools. iv pp. 375 pp. 9 1 14 pl. 8~. London, C. Bathurst, 1 1. 374 pp. 120. New York, Ivison, Phin1773, ney, Blakeman 4 co,. 1868. Kenrick (Francis Patrick). A treatise on / Elements of composition and rhetoric. baptism; with an exhortation to receive it. Practical, concise, and comprehensive. 408 Translated from the works of St. Basil, the pp. 12~. New York, Ivison, Phinney, Blakegreat. To which is added a treatise on con- man & co. 1869. firmation. 261 pp. 12~. Philadelphia, M. -- System of arithmetic on an original Fithian, 1843. plan, [etc.] 162 pp. 160. Philadelphia,'Kentucky (State of). Annual report of the C. Desilver, 1858. s. condition of public accounts for the year Kern (Carl). Die haberfeldtreiber. Oberending October 10, 1867. 525 pp. e8. bayerisches sittenbild. 1 p. 1. 404 pp. 160~. Frankfort, (Ky.) J. H. Harney, 1867. Stuttgart, Halberger, 1855. s. Biographical sketch of the hon. Laza' Kerney (M. J.) The first class-book of hisrus W. Powell, governor of the state of Ken- toryn with questions, adapted to the hse of tucky, [etc. By a committee]. Published schools. 23d ed. 396 pp. 1 pl. 180. Bal by direction of the general assembly of Ken- timore J. Murphy & co. 1869. tucky. 135 pp. 1 portrait. 80. Frankfort,. Murphy & co. 1869. tucky.:135 pp. l portrait. 8~. Frankfiort, Kervigan (Aurlle). L'Angleterre telle qu'elle (Ky.) S. I. 1W. Major, public printer, 1868. est; ou, seize ans dobservations dans ce - - Biographical sketch of the hon. John pays. 2 v. xxvii, 360 pp; 2 p. 1. 367 pp. L[arue] Helm, late governor of Kentucky. 160. Pais A. Le lerc 8 ce. 1860. [By a committee]. Published by direction. s Kidd (Joseph). Itomeeopathy in acute disof the general assembly of Kentucky. 144 e. n eases. N-arrative of a mission to Ireland pp. I portrait. 8~. Frankfort, (Ky.) S. I. M' during the famine and pestilence of 1847. Maljor, public printer, 1868. London, 1849. t W4ith the preceding]. With the preedin. BRITISH homneopathic association publications. Kenyon (William Asbury). Poetry of ob- Truths, etc. pp. 202-251]. servation, and other poems. vi pp. 1. 104 pp. Kidder (Daniel Parish). Consecutive ques160. Boston, I. Crosby 4 H. P. Nichols, tions on the gospel of Matthew. 180 pp.'851. 180. New York, Car~lton?4 Phillips, 1855. s.

Page  172 172 KIDDER. KIRCHER. Kidder (Daniel P.)-continued. Kimehi (David). Commentarius in aliquot Consecutive questions on the gospel of psalmos davidicos e primis, in sermonem John. 106 pp. 18~. New York, Carlton 4- latinum versus ab Ambrosio Janvier. 184 pp. Phillips, 1856. s. 18~. Ultrajecti, Oppels, 1702. Kidder (Jerome, m.d.) Vital resources; or, [In RELAND (A.) Analectara.hinica, *etc.] how to become physiologically younger and Kimpton (Rev. Edward). A new and complete universal history of the holy bible, from stronger. Being a scrutiny into the domain the creation of the world, to the full estabof the laws to which nature sometimes mar-of e lishment of christianity~ Ist American ed. vellously resorts for aid in its restorative 4 v. 8~. Trenton, J. J. IWilson; 1813. powers. 165 pp. 120. New York, author, Kindersley (Mrs. Nathaniel E.) Briefe von der insel Teneriffa, Brasilien, dern VorgeKiderlen (William L. J,) Geschichte der birge der guten hoffnug un Ostindien. Vereinigten Staaten von Nord-Amerika, vom Aus dem Englischen. 286 pp. 1 pl. l20 jahre 1497-1837. Aus demEnglischen fiber- Leipzig, WYeidmann's erben 4' Reich, 1777. setztundherausgegeben. viii, 447 pp. 120. King (Edward). My Paris: French characPhiladelphia, Kiderlen 49 Stollmeyer, 1838. ter sketches. 336 pp. 160. Boston, LorKien (Benjamin). (EIuvres litt6raires. Po6sie ing, 1868. et prose. 778 pp.3 l 80. Douai, A. d'Au- King (John, m. d.) The American eclectic dis. bers, 1852. s. pensatory. 1 p. 1. 1391 pp. 8'. Cincinnati, Moore, TWilstaech 8 Keys, 1854. s. Kilbourn (John). The Ohio gazetteer; or, King (Maria M.) Real life in the spirit land. topographical dictionary of the state of Ohio. v. l.20r ppM Roltofz, In thite s co. v. 1. 209 pp. 120. Boston, IV. White &A co. 10th ed. 336 pp. 1 map. 16~. Columbus, J. 1870. Kilbourn, 1831. King (Richard John). Hand-book to the ca---- Public documents concerning the Ohio thedrals of England. Northern division. 4 canals, which are to connect lake Erie with v. in 1. 227 pp. 32 pl; iv, 229 to 435 pp. 29 pl. the Ohio river. [From 1818 to 1832. Pub- 120. London, J. Murray, 1869. lished in the "Civil engineer, and herald of CONTENTS. internal improvement"]. 452, 28, 55 ppO 80. Part 1. York, Ripon, Carlisle. Columbus, I. 5N7 WFhitingo, 1832-33, Part 2. Durham, Chester, Manchester. King (Thomas). The modern style of cabiKimball (John F.) and co. Eastern, western, net work exemplified. 2d ed. 8 pp. 100 pl. and southern business directory; containing 40. London, H. G. Bohn, 1862. the cards and circulars of merchants, man- Kingsley (Rev. Charles, jr.) Hypatia: or, uficturers, and others, in the principal cities new foes with an old face. 5th ed. xxii, 487 of the east, west, and south. 2d annual pp. 120. Boston, Crosby, Nichols &F co. 1856. issue. vii, 604 pp. 80. New York, J. F. Kinney (Mrs. Hannah). A review of the Kimball & co. 1846. principal events of the last ten years of [her] - KIimball'ts Ohio, KentucSkyP, and Indi- life; together with some comments upon the na state register. Containing the names late trial. 87 pp. 12~. Boston, J. N. Bradof county officers, merchants, [etc.] With ley & co. 1841. statistical information in regard to works of Kinzi (Juliette A.) Walter Ogilby. A novel. internal improvement, etc. 194 pp. 8~. By the authoress of "Wau-bun." 2 v. in 1. N'Vew York, J. F. Kimball &' co. 1846. 619 pp. 12~. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippin[ With thie preceding]. cott S& GO. 1869. Kiraly (Franz von). Betrachtungen fiber soand James (-). Kimball and James' cialismus und communismus in ihrem verbusiness directory, for the Mississippi valley, ltniss zu den grundoren des rechts, zur, hbltniss zu den grundformen des rechts, zur 1844. With a brief notice of the discoveryen oekonomie, zur socialen praxis politischen oekonomie, zur socialen praxis and occupation of the Mississippi valley, 8.. and a historical and statistical sketch of the principal cities. viii 546 pp. 2 pl. 8~] principal ciie. i5. Kircher (Athanasius). Ars magna sciendi, Cincinnati, Kendall 4 Barnuard, 1844. in xii libros digesta, qua nova et universali Kimball (Richard B.) To-day: a romance. methodo per artificiosum combinationum 480 pp. 120. New York, Carleton, 1870. contexturn de omni re proposita plurimis et

Page  173 173 KIRCHER. KNOX. Kircher (Athanasius)-continued. Knapp (Georg Christian)-continued. prope infinitis rationibus disputari, omni- lischen kirche. Mit einer vorrede von C. umnque sumniaria quvedam cognitio com- Thilo. 2v. xlviii, 448pp; xii, 600pp. 8C. parari potest. 8 p. 1. 482 pp. 5 1. 1 portrait. Halle, waisenhaus, 1827. 3 pl. fol. Amsteloldami, J. Janssonius a Knapp (H. S.) A history of the pioneer and Wcesberge, 1669. S. modern times of Ashland county, from the Kirk (Edward Norris, d. d.) The waiting earliest to present date. 555 pp. 1 pl. 8'. saviour. 61 pp. 18~. Boston, Arnerican Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott & co. 1863. ftract society, 1865. Knapp (Mrs. Joseph F.) Notes of joy, for Kirkham (Samuel). English grammar in the Sabbath school, the social meeting, and familiar lectures. 43d ed. 228 pp. 160. Rochfester, Alling l co. 41837d. 28 6 Rk the hour of prayer. 176 pp. obl. 180~. ester, Ailing &j co. 1837. Kirkwood (James P.) Report on the filtra- New York, W. C. Palmer 1869. tion of river waters, for the supply of cities, Knapp (Samuel Lorenzo). The genius of maas practised in Europe, made to the board of sonry, or a defence of the order, containing water commissioners of the city of St. Louis. some remarks on the origin and history, the 178 pp. 30 pl. 40~ New York, D. Van Nos- uses and abuses of the science, with some trtand, 1869. notices of other secret societies in the United Kirton (John W.) The four pillars of tem- States, in three lectures. 107 pp. 12~. Provperance. 240 pp. 18~. New York, national idence, Cranston 4 Marshall, 1828. temperance soc. and pzlcb. house, 1869. A mllemoir of the life of D)arniel Webster. K:itty's Christmas tree; or, the net of the flat- 2d ed. 108 pp. 8~. New York, J. S. Redterer. [anon.] 134 pp. 3 pl. 18~. Phila- field, 1835. delphia, American sunday school union, 1869. Tales of the garden of Kosciusko. 216 Kitty's knitting needles. By the author of pp. 120. New York, West 4' Trow, 1834. "Country sights andsounds." [anon.] 72 Kner (Dr. Rudolph). Fische. 433 pp. 16 pp. 2 pl. 18~. Philadelphia, presbyterian pl. 40. W/ien, 1869. s. bolard of publication, 1866. [WULLERSTORF-URBAIR (B. v.) Novara expedition. ~board of publication, 1866. Zoologischer thoil, v. 1]. Klees (Johann Georg). Diissertatio inaugur- Knight (Mrs. Helen Cornelia). Jasper and alis zoologica sistens characteristicen e' de- Lucy. 132 pp. 18~. New York, American scriptiones testaceorum circa Tubingam in- tract society, 1868. digenorum. 45 pp. 3 i. 8~. Tubingae, typis Knight (Rev. Henry Cogswell). Lectures and reissianis, 1818. s. sermons. 2v. 278 pp; 267 pp. 120. Bos. Klunzinger (Carl). Antheil der Deutschen ton, Lilly 4 Wlit, 1831 an der entdeckung von Siidamerika; oder, Knight (Richard). History of the general or abentheuer des Ambrosius Dalfinger und des six principle baptists, in Europe and America: Nicolaus Federmann, beider von Ulm, des in 2 parts, [etc.] 267 pp. 80. Providence, Georg Hohemut von Speier, und des franki- Smith 4 Parmenter, 1827. schen ritters Philipp von Hutten unter der Knight (William H.editor). See Handbook herrschaft der Welser von Augsburg in Ven- almanac for the Pacific states, 1864. ezuela. Nach den hauptquellen dargestellt. Knorr (Ernest, ph. d.) Meteorologische beo4 p. 1. I 6l pp. 1 map. 120. Stuttgart, C. A. bachtungen aus dem lehrbezirk der kaiserlichSonnewacld, 1857. russischen universitaet Kasan, [etc.] Heft Knapp (Georg Christian). Narratio de Iusto Iona, theologo vitebergensi conditmque ab eo Universitaets-buch8dr9cherey, 1841. s evangelicm halensis ecclesia primordiis, ter- Knox (Charles E.) A year with st. Paul; tin evangelicarum ecclesiarumn smcnlaria intia evangelicarum ecclesiarum sEecularia in- or, fifty-two lessons for the Sundays of the dicendi causa exposita. Ed. 2. 100pp. sear. viii, 104 pp. 1 map. 120. New 1 1. 80~. Hals Saxonum, in libraria orphano- York, A. Do. F. Randolph, 1863. troplhei, 1823. S. Knox (Rev. Samuel). A funeral oration comScripta varii argumenti maximam par- memorative of the illustrious virtues of the tem exegetici. 2 v. x, 658 pp. 80. Ha1le, e late great and good general Washington. librariar orphanotrophei, 1805. Delivered in Fredericktown, 22d February, Vorlesungen iber die christliche glau- 1800. 2 p. 1. 25 pp. 5 pl. [inserted]. 80. benslehre nach dem lehrbegriff der evange- Fredericktown, (Md.) M. Bartgis, 1800.

Page  174 174 KNOX. KORAN. lKnox(Vicesimus, d. d.) Christian philosophy; Komensky (Ian Amos). A patterne of unior, an attempt to display, by internal testi- versall knowledge, in a plaine and true llony, the evidence and excellence of revealed draught: or a diatyposis, or model of the emireligion. With an introductory essay, by nently learned, and pious promoter of science rev. Henry Stebbing. xxxv, 308 pp. 1 por- in generall, John Amos Comenius. Shadowtrait. 16~. London, J. Rickerby, 1836. ing forth the largenesse, dimension, and use of Xnust (Friedrich Heinrich). De fontibus et the intended worke. Translated into English, consilio pseudo-isidorianae collectionis com- by J. Collier. 1 p. 1. 180 pp. 180. London, mentatio. viii, 101 pp. 40. Gottingce, Die- T. H. P J. Collins, 1651. terich, 1832. Kongelige norske videnskabers-selskab. CatKobel (H.) Nieuwe beschryving der walvis- alog over det norske videnskabersselskab vangst, [etc.] See Jong (D. de), Kobel samlinger. xxxx, 652pp. 40. fKjobenhavn, (H.) and Salieth (M.) tryktpaaselskabets bekostning, 1808. s. Kock (Charles Paul de). Georgette; or, the Kontogonos. See Contogonos. notary's niece. (Original translation). 60 Kopczynski (Onufry). Grammatyka jezyka pp. fol. Boston, Boston notion office, 1843. polskiego. Dzieto pozgonn6. 283 pp. 120. [FRENCH novels, v. 1]. [F. Wlarszawie, w druzkarni Rijzy piiar6w, --- Sister Anne. From the French. 1st 1817. Amn. ed. 88 pp. fol. Newv York, WFilson & Kopitar (Bartholomeus). Grammatik der co. [Published in Brother Jonathan], 1843. slavischen sprache in Krain, Ktrnthen und [FI'RENCH novels, v. 1]. Steyermark. xlviii, 460 pp. 1 1. 2 tab. 120~. Kohl (Johann Georg). Die deutsch-russischen Laibach, TW. H. Korn, 1808. S. ostsee-provinzen; oder, naturund vblkerleben K6ppe (Ludwig). Die sclaverei in Nordamerin Kur-, Liv- und Esthland. 2 v. 1 p.1. xii, ica. pp. 291-346. 8, [n. p. about 1860]. 452 pp. 1 map, 1 pl; I p. 1. viii, 456 pp. 3 pl. Krner (Friedrich). Eine polarfahrt. Geo160. Dresden & Leipzig, Arnold, 1841. graphische skizzen und scenen aus dem see- A history of the discovery of the east manns- und jagerleben. 2 p. 1. 105 pp. 1 pl. coast of North America, particularly the coast 80. Leipzig, B. Schlicke, 1858. of Maine; from the Northmen, in 990, to the Kort discours, ofte naardere verklaringe van charter of Gilbert, in 1578. 80. Portland, de onderstaende v. poincten. 1. Aengaende 1869. de verlichtinge die desen staat heeft ghenoo[MAINE historical society. In WVILLIS (W.) DocUmentary history of the state of Maine, v. 1. 1 p. 1. ten, door de opreehtinge en oorloghen van pp. 9-497, and 22 maps]. de west-indisehe compagnie. 2. Dat mlen Kihler (C. F.) and Armbruster (J. M. C.) deselve compagnie, met die van de Oost, of Catalog eiler auswahl werthvoller blicher, hare beyde octroyen, vereenigende, nu on[etc.] Welche zu beziehen sind von K. F. gelijek meerder verlichtinge, jae in korten Kohler, [etc. ] so wie durch J. M. C. Armbrus- het eynde van dese lastighe en ghevaerlicke ter, [etc.] viii, 292pp. 80. Leipzig, 1850. s. oorlogen, sal konnen erlangen. [etc. anon.] Kohlhans (Caspar). Dilucidationes quvedam 18 1. sm. 40. [Graven-Haghe]? 1644. valde necessarim in Gerardi Croesi historiam Korthals (Peter Willem). Botanie; [or], quakerianam editom aPhilaletha. [pseudon.] kruidkunde. fol. Leiden, 1839-44. 1 p. 1. 178 pp. I 1. 180. Amstelodami, J. [TEnIIINCK (C. J.) Verhandelingen over de naturClaus, 1696. lijke geschiedenis de nederlandsche overzeesche bezittingen]. [With CR(ESE (Gerard). Historia quakeriana, [etc.] Kossuth (Lajos). Select speeches. ConK5lliker (Albert). Bericht iiber im herbste densed and abridged, by Francis W. New1852 angestellte vergleichend-anatomische man. xii, 376 pp. 12. London,'TWiibner untersuchungen. See Gegenbaur (Carl m c. 1853. H.) etc..)etc. Koran. [Arabic]. (Innaaht al koran, etc.) Entwicklungsgeschichte des menschen und der h6heren thiere. x, 468 pp. 8~. 9hega, 1866]. Leipztig, W. Engelmann, 1861. - - The same. The koran, commonly — ~ Untersuchung~en zur vergleichencden called the alcoran of Mahomet. Translated gewebelehre angestellt in Nizza im herbste gewebelere. angesteplt in. Ni~zza im hehste from the original Arabick into French, by 1856. 128 pp. 3 p. 80. [Wirzbrg, 1857 the sieur de Ryder. [Andr6 du Ryer]. The [Extract from Verhandelungen der physikalischmedicinisechen gesellschaft]. whole now faithfully translated into English.

Page  175 175 KORAN. KURZE. Koran-continued. Kremer (R. E.) Bible gems; or, manual First American ed. 1 p. 1. 524 pp. 80. of scripture lessons. Specially designed for Springfield, (Mass) L Thomas, jr. 1806. public schools, but equally adapted to SunThe same. L'alkoran! (Le livre par day-schools and families. 314, 4 pp. 16~. excellence). Traduction textuelle de l'Arabe, Philadelphia,.. B. Lippincott d co. 1870. faite par Fatma-Zaida djari6-odalyk-doul den Kretschmer (A.) Die trachten der v5lker. Beniamin-Aly effendi-agha. 483, viii pp. See Rohrbach (Carl). 8~. Lisbonne, socidte typographique franco- Krockow von Wickerode (Carl). Reisen portugaise, 1861. undjagden in Nord-Ost-Afrika, 1864-1865. The same. VollstAndiges tfirkisches 2 v. 2 p. 1. 284 pp. 1 portrait; iv, 275 pp. I gesetz-buch, oder alkoran. Aus der ara- map. 1 pl. 80. Berlin, A. Duncker, 1867. bischen in die franzbsische sprachtibergesetzt Kromayer (Johann Abraham). Specimen dureh Du Ryer. Auss dieset aber in die fontiumn scripturr s. apertorum, editum in ilniederlindisehe durch H. J. Glasemacker, lustrandis vaticiniis Hosere, Joelis et Amosi. und jetzo in die hochteutsche sprache ver- Prfemittur dissertatio de optimo remedio obsetzet durch.. Lange. 115 pp. fol. Ham- scure vocabulorum significationis, [etc.] burg, J. von [Wiering, 1688. 6 p. 1. 68, 248 pp. 120. Amstelodami, A. [In IHAPPEL (E. W.) Thesaurus exoticorum]. WaZor, 1730. Koster (Henry). Travels in Brazil. xii, 511 Krug g (August Otto). Commentar zu dem pp. 8 pl. 2 maps. 4~. London, Longmlan, strafgesetzbuehe fir das konigreich Sachsen, 1816. vom 11. August 1855, und den damit in verThe same. Voyages dans la partie bindung stehenden gesetzen. 2e ausgabe. 3 septentrionale du Br6sil, depuis 1809 jus- v. in 1. 80. Leipzig, Voigt. Giinther, 1861. s. qu'en 1815, comprenant les provinces de Per- Kiihner (Dr. Raphael). Grammar of the naumbuco, Searl, Paraiba, Maragnan, etc. Greek language. From the German, by B. B. Traduits de l'Anglais par M. A. Jay. 2 v. Edwards, and S. H. Taylor. 5th ed. 620 xlix pp. 1 1. 376 pp. 18 pl. 2 maps; I p. 1. 512 pp. 8~. New York, D. Appleton & co. 1858. pp. I 1.6 pl. 8~. Paris, Delaunay, 1818. Kumu (De) Hawaii. June 6, 1838-Mei 22, 1839. v. 4. 40.' Honolulu, Oahu, 1838-39. s. Kotzebue (August Friedrich Ferdinand von). ke), no na Himene a me na umnu leomele (O ke), no na Himene a me na The sufferings of the family of Ortenbergg; a,halelu e hoolea aliu ai i ke alkua. 360 pp. novel translated from the German, by P. Will, [etc. ] 2 v. 210 pp; 220 pp. 16~. Dub- 24. Oahn, na na misionari pat, 1834. s. lin, J. Moore, 1799. KIiinckel (Philippe). Considerations hygidlKotzebue (Otto 1von). Entdeckungsreise in niques et pratiques sur les maladies de la penu, die Stidsee und nach der Berings-strasse zur preced6es dune introduction sur l'applicaerforschung einer norddstlichen durchfahrt. tion des sels cuivriques. 2 p. 1. lxxvii pp. 1 Unternommen in den jahren 1815-1818 auf 1. 382 pp. 1. 80. Paris, G. Bailliere, 1840. kosten des grafen Rumanzoff auf dem schiffe Kiintzli (Jean, a.d.) E1tat de la mddecine, poRurick. 3 v. 8~. Ifien, Kaslfuss & Kr1ams- sition des medecins, garanties sanitaires du snerl, 1825. peuple en France, eat plan d'organisation m6d[Imperfect; 20 pl. wanting]. icale. xvi, 288 pp. 160. Paris, 1'auteur, 1846. Kouns (George W.) The political guide: for Kupffer (Adolph Theodor, editor). Travaux farmers, mechanics, and laborers in the de la commission pour fixer les mesures et les choice of rules. 199 pp. 18~. Cincinnati, poids de l'empire de Russie. 2 v. 2p. i. xxviii, 1848. 512 pp; 3 p. 1.416 pp. 40~. Atlas, 2, 13 pl. Kraitsir (Charles V.) The Poles in the Uni- fol. St. Petersbourg, imnprimerie de la couted States of America, preceded by the earliest ronene, 1841. s. history of the Sclavonians and by the history tKurze abhandlung der militairischen theorie, of Poland. 2 p. 1. iv, 196 pp. 160. Phila- worinnen die vornehmsten regeln der kriegsdelphia, Kiderlen & Stollmeyer, 1837. kunst abgehandelt, durch exempel erklaret, Krauss (E. C. F.) Elements of German gram- und durch noten erlautert werden. Aus dem. mar. x pp. 2 1. 131 pp. 120. Boston, S. R. Franz6sischen des grafen V. D. S. G. iiberUrbino, 1869. setzt von E. C. von Ryssel. [anon.] 8 p. 1. First book in German. v pp. 2 1. 158 pp. 276 pp. 160. Chemnsitz, J. D. Stdsset's er12o. Boston, S. R. Urbino, 1869, ben 4- Putschern, 1777. s.

Page  176 176 KURZE. LA CROIX. Kurze anleitung zur tachygraphie, oder zu Lacey (George S.) A doctrinal and ritualistic der erlernung des geschwindschreibens, [etc. view of the holy eucharist. 147 pp. 120~. anon.] 14 pp. 1 pl. 16G. Jena, L G. Philadelphia, Clazton, Remsen, 4 HaffelSchreiber, 1814. finger, 1869. Labbe (Philippe) andBriet (Philippe). Con- La Chapelle (Jean de). (Euvres. v. I. Les cordia chronologica, duas in partes tributa, amours de Catulle. 4 v. in 1. 15 p. 1. 288 technicam et historicam: quarum posterio- pp. 4 1; 1 p. 1. 268 pp. 3 1. 180. Paris, J. rem absolvit Philippus Brietius, ab anno Anisson, 1700. mcci ad a. mdclxvi. 5 v. fol. Parisiis, La Chapelle (N. l'abbe'de). Traite dela contypographia regia, 1670. struction thdorique et pratique du scaphanCONTENTS. dre, oubftcau de l'homme, [etc.] Nouvelle v. 1. Breve temporum compendium digestum in Sa- dd. [etc.] pr6cdd6 du projet de formation cula mundana, romana, christiana, ad annum d'une 1dgion nautique, [etc.] ou d'dclaidccli. v. 2. Aera christiana pars posterior, carolinorum et reurs des c6tes [etc.] par La Reynie. 24, capetinorum annales complexa, ad annum mcc. ix-xlviii 328pp. I 4 pl. 160 Paris Royv. 3. Decimum tertium-decimum sextum nerm christianm seculum, cum brevi compendio snculi er, 1805. decimi-septimi. v. 4. Historix christianx concordiapersingulosChristi La Colombiere (Marc Vulson, sieur de). annos, a 1 ad 1600, breviter deducta. S Vulson (Marc) v. 5. Chronici technici. pars altersa, ab olympiadum ee Vuson (Marc). instauratione ad primuma Christi annum. His- La Condamine (Charles Marie de). Brief torix mundante concordia per singulos ab orbe condito annos, usque ad olympiadum instau- aan mevrouw. Aangaande het oproer verrationem factam breviter deducta. Ariadne ehronologica, labyrinthos temporum explicans. wekt onder't volk van de stad Cuenca in L'Abbeb or Labbe (Pierre). Elogia sacra, Peru, op den 29 Augustus 1739. [Proces theologica, et philosophica, regia, eminentia, crimineol over do doot van den heer Jean illustria, historica, poetica, miscellanea. Ac- Seniergues]. Tegens de leeden van de cessere Stephani Petiot, panegyrici duo. 8 acadenie der weetenschappen van Parys. p. 1. 488 pp. 4 1. 44 pp. 160. Venetiis, P. Die gezonde waren om de aarde te meeten. Balleonius, 1674. [anon.] 68pp.1 pl. 8~. [Amsterdam],1746. [ With his Bekort verhaal van een reyze, enz. ] Labillardiere (Jacques Julien). Relation du - - Journal du voyage fait par ordre du roi, voyage A la recherche de La Perouse, fait par ur it l'6quateur, servant d'introduction histoordre de l'assemblde constituante, pendant lordre doe z assemhl constituantee, pendant rique A la mesure des trois premiers degrds HlJs anues 1791-92, [etc. ] 2 v. 40 Paris, du mdridien. I p. 1. xxxvi, 280, xv pp. 4~. H. J. Jansen,.[1799]. S. Paris, imprimerie royale, 1751. [Atlas wanting]. [Atlas wanting]. The same. Bekort verhaal van een Lablee (Jacques). Mdmoires d'unhomme de reyze gedaan in't binnelands gedeelte van lettres; ouvrage anecdotique, faisant suite lettres ouvrage anedotiqe faisant suite Zuyd America, van de Zuydzee tot aan de aux M~moires sur la revolution fran.aise. aux Mmoie u a rvoution franaise kusten van Brazil en Guiane de rivier der [anon.] 2 p. 1. v, 352 pp. 80. Paris, VerAmazoone afzakkende, [etc. 1733:-45]. narel et Tenon, [etc. ] 1825. narel et Tenon, [etc. 1tee] 1825. Phl.Rene). e' Uyt't Frans vertaald. 8 p. 1. 136, 68 pp. 2 La Bleterie (J. Phil. Ren d). Vie d -. 1 map. 80. Amsterdam, T. Sligtenhorst, pereur Julien. 2 parts in 1 v. 1 p. 1. 523 pp. 1746 21. 2 maps. 1 pl. 16~. Paris, Prault, 1735., Lacroix (Paul). Les secrets de beaut6 de Laborde (Leon Emmanuel Simon Joseph, Diane de Poitiers. Par P. L. Jacob, bibliocornte de). Voyage de l'Arabie P6tr-e par phile. [pseudon.] 1 p. 1. 197 pp. I 1. 18~. Leon de Laborde et Linant, publi6 par Leon on d Laord et Linant, puli par Lon Bruelle & Leipzig, Kiessling, Schnee & cie. de Laborde. 4 p. 1. 87 pp. 2 maps. [8 pl. ] fol. 1856. Paris, (;iard, 1830. s. Paris, Giard, 1830.. Lacroix (Paul Joseph Eugdne). Biblio[Imperfect]. graphie des ing6nieurs, des architectes, des Laboulaye (1edouard Rend Lefebvre).s d'usines industrielles des 61eves des parti lib6ral. Son programme et son avenir. xv, 332 pp. 16~. Paris, Charpentier, 1863. dcoles polytechnique et plofessionnelles, et La Bruyere (Jean de). Des caractdres et des agriculteurs. 3 v. 4(. Paris, librairie mceurs de c siecle. 80. Paris, A. Desrez, scientifique, industrielle et agricole, 1863-66. 1836. La Croix (Phdrotdee de). Algemeene wee[BUCHON (J. A. C.) Choix de moralistes franqais]. reld-beschryving, nae de rechte verdeeling

Page  177 177 LA CROIX. - LA MARTINIERE La Croix (Pherotde de)-continued. La Faye (J. B. de). La tradition de l'dglise der landschappen, plaetzen, zeeen, rivieren, pour le soulagement ou le rachat des captifs. etc. geographisch, politisch, historisclh, chro- 306 pp. 3 1. 1 pl. 160. Paris, Sevestre et nologisch en genealogisch. Op het Fransch Giffart, 1721. in de Hoogduitsche tael overgebraght, door -- Voyage pour la rddemption des captifs, H. Dicelius. Nu vertaeld nae den tweeden aux royaumes d'Alger et de Tunis. Fait en druk door So de Vries. Met naaukeurige 1720, par les pp. Franvois Comelin, Philemon landiaarten van N. Sanson. 3 v. 40. Amn- lde La Motte, et Joseph Bernard. 8 p. 1. 169, sterdame, F. Halmna, 1705. lx pp. 160. Paris, L. A. Sevestre, et P. F La Croze (Mathurin Veyssidre de). See Veys- Giffart, 1720. siere de La Croze. L vith the preceding] Lactantius (Lucius Coelius Firmianus). Lafitau (Pierre Freangois, ferqque de Sisteron). Opera omnia. Editio novissima, tetc.]; Retire de algunos dias para una persona del cui manum primam adhibuit Joannes-Bap- mundo. Escrito en Frances, y traducido al tista Le Brun, rothomagensis; extremam Casteillano por d. Pedro Antonio de Tenzano imposuit Nicolaus Lenglet Dufresnoy. 2 v. y Sotomayor. 2 p. 1. 316 pp. 18~0. Geroa, I p. 1. clij, 750 pp. 1 l1; I p. 1. lxxxij pp. 1 1. Miguel Br6, 1761. s. 827 pp. 4~. Lutetics Parisiorum-, J. De La Forge (Louis de). Tractatus de mente Bure, 1748. humana, ejus facultatibus et fanctionibus, ------ Divinarvm institvtionvmn libri vii, [etc.] nec non de ejusdem unione cum corpore, Omnia studio Michaelis Thomasii emendata, secundum principia R. Descartes. 18 pp. cumr notis ejusdem, [etc.] 8 p. 1. 560 pp. 44 224 1. sin. 4o. Amstelodami, D. Elzevir, I. 16~. AntveTpi(e, C. Plantinus, 1570. 1699. ~~ Of the manner in which the persecutors Lafosse (Fulgence). Specvlvm triplex doc[of christianity] died. xxxviii, 236 pp. 16~. trine blereticorvin, et catholicorum. Circa Edinburglh, T. GCadell, 1782. controversias de scientia Dei, predestinaNOTE.-This treatise is, by many, ascribed to a cer- tione, reprobatione, de gratia. libero arbitrio, tain Lucius C.'cilius. tA insummary of the wlritings of Lacten- alijsque ebdem pertinentibus, [etc.] 246 pp. tils. By Jacob Henry Brooke Mountain. 2. 18. Bardigokevidna G.deLa Coert, xx, 154 pp. 80. London, J. G. i F. iv- Cabout 1750]. Tington, 1839.:Lagarde (Auguste de Messence, comte de). Ladd (Joseph Brown, un. d.) The literary Memoirs of Hortense Beauharnais, [etc.] remains of dr. 1J. B. Ladcd, collected by his Translated from the French. [anon.] 250 pp. sister, mrs. Elizabeth Haskins. To which 160. Philadelplta, Key Biddle, 1833. is prefixed a sketch of the author's life, by Lahalle (Pierre). Chronique Indiscrete, etc V. B. Chittenden. xxiv, 228 pp. 8o. New See Regnault-Warin (J. B. J. I. P.) York, H. C. Sbleight, 183'2. La Hodde (Lucien de). La naissance de la 5Lady (The) and the saints. In three cantos. republique en fvrier 1848. 4e d. 1lOpp. [anon.]'2 p.1.235 pp. 80. Londosl, E. 16G. Pens, L. re La Holde, 1850. cull, 18 239. [ WVith GALLOIS (N.) Vie politique de Ledrn-Rollin]. Lady's (The) almnnac, for the years 1869 and Lake (William). The parnassian pilgrim; or, 1870. 2 v. 320. Boston, G. Coolidge, the posthumous works of the late rr. W. [1868- Lake. With a sketch of his life. 184 pp. Lady's (The) friend. Edited by mrs. Henry 16. uso, (N. Y.) Balance psess, 1807. Peterson. January, 1868, to December, 1869. La Malche (Olivier de). El cavellero deterv. 5-6. 8~. Philadelphia, Deacon,% Peter- minado, traduzilo de lengua ftancesa en son, [1868-69]. castellana. Por don Hernando de Acvrfia. Lady's (The) guide to the ordering of her 16 p. 1. 208 pp. 3 1. 20 pl. 8~. Anveres, household and the economy of the dinner oficin. plartiniana, 1591. table. By a lady. [aznon.] xvi, 500 pp. La Martinieire (Pierre Martin de). A new 120. Losndotn, Smnith, Elderj co. 1861. voyage to the north: containing a full acLafarge (Marie Cappelle, maadaelie Pouch-La- count of Norway, the Laplands, both Danish, farge). Memoirs; written by herself. 2 v. Swedish, and Muscovite; of Borandia, Siberia, xxiii, 294 pp; 1 p. 1. 358 pp. 8o. London, Saumogedia, Zembla, atnd Iseland. To which HI. Colburn, 1841. is added, a particular relation of the court of 23

Page  178 178 LA MARTIN ILERE. LAMOURETTE. La MartiniBre (Pierre Martin de)-continued. La Morliere (chlevalier de)-continued. the czar; of the religion and customs of the toireindienne. Ouvrage sans vraisemblance. Muscovites; and a short history of Muscovy, [anon.] 2 v. in 1. 2 p. 1. xiv pp. 2 1. 128 as it was taken by a French gentleman who pp; 2 p 1. 166 pp. 1 1. 16. Agra, [ Paris], resided there many years; now done into 1748. English. [anon.] 7 p. 1.258 pp. 1 pl. 12~. NOTSE.-Sometimes attributed to Cr6billon fils; also, to the duke de ain Tremouille. Lozndon, T. Hocdgsoan, 1706. La Mothe Guyon (Jean Marie Bouvieres de). Lambardi (Sebastiano). Memorie antiche See Guyon. e moderne dell' isola dell' Elba. 2 p. 1. iv, Lamothe-Langon (]tienne Leon, baron de)o 256 pp. 1 map. 1 portrait. 18~'. Firenze, 1791. MB6moires historiques de s. a. r. madame, Lambert (Bernard). Deberes del cristiano duchesse de Berri, depuis sa naissance jushbcia la potestad pfiblica, [etc. anon.] 1 p. 1. qu'h cejour. Par Alfred Nettement. [pseu246 pp. 180. Madrid, Ibarra, 1813. s. doz.] 3 v. 80. Paris, Allardin, 1837. Lambert (C~laudte Francois). Anecdotes j - Miemoires de Louis xviii. recueillis et Lambert (Clauute Fraumois). Anecdotes jd.o suitiques; ou, le Philotanus moderne. mis en ordre par le due do D`i5. [anon.] 12 v. 8~. Paris, Mame-Delaunay, 1832. [anon.] 3 v. 180. La Haye, auz dgpens ~n M6moires de madame la vicomtesse de de la conmpaanie, 1740. la c agni, 1740. Fars-Fausselandry; on, souvenirs d'une Lambert (Gustave). L'expedition au pole octog6nairo. ]fvnomens, meurs et anecnord. 8~. Paris, gdographie, 1868.. Pi, so doograpbullti, 16v. dotes, depuis le rigne de Louis xv, (1768), [TWitl SOCII:TE de geographie; bulletin, 5e sfr. v. 14, pp. 561-7001. jusqu'au ministire La Bourdonnaye et PoLambertye (L6once, comte de)o Catalogue lignac, (1830). [psendon.] 3v. 8~. Pais, raisonn6 des plantes vasculaires qui crois- Ledoyen, 1830. sent spontan6ment dans le d6partement de la -- Mmoires et souvenirs d'une feme de Marne, [ etc. ] xxiv, 207 pp. 1 map. 8~. Paris, qualit6, sur le consulat et 1'empire. [anon.] Chamerot, 1846. s. 4 v. 80. Paois, Almae & Delasnay-Vallde, Lamrbreclhtsen (N. C.) Korte beschrijving 1830, ---- 1.. 1.Memoires d'une femme de quavan de ontdeklking en derverdere lotgevallens dune fm d qalit6, sur Louis xviii, sa cour et son riegne. van Nieuw-Nederland, weleer eene volk-. planting van het gemeenebest der Vereenigde Nederlanden in America. 2p. 1. 102pp. Valle, 1829. anBnt/. - oM6, Mmoires d'une femme de quamnap. 8~. MiddetlMbu -, S. vuan Benthem., ]88I map. 81. Meddelburng, S. van Bene lit6, depuis la mort de Louis xviii.jusqu't la fin de 1829. v. 5-6. [anon.] 2 v. 8~. Lame-Flle~ury (J<ules Raymond). Ancient Paris, Mname & Delaunay-Vallee, 1829. history told to children. From the French. - _ Ev6lations d'une fmme do Arranged with notes for the use of schools, qualit6, sur les annees 1830 et 1831. [anon. as an exercise for translation from English 2 v. 80. Paris, Mame-Delannay, 1831. into French. By Susan M. Lane. vi, 112 pp. -_ M6moires tires des archives de la police 120, Boston, S. R..Urbino, 1870. de Paris, pour servir It l'histoire de la morale Lami (Giovanui). Deervditione apostolorvlm, et de la police, depuis Louis xiv. Par J. liber singvlaris, [etc.] xvi, 446 pp. 160. Peuchet, archiviste de la police. [pse7don.] Florentite, B. Paperini, 1738. s,. 6 v. in 3. 80. Paris, 1838, Lamont (J. von). Verzeichniss von 6323tele- - Souvenirs sur Marie-Antoinette, [etc.) scopischen sternen zwischen +f30 und +90 et sur Ia cour de Versailles, par madame la declination, welehe in den miinchlener zonen- csse D'Adhdmar. [psesudon.] 4 v. 80. beobachtungen vorkommen, reducirt auf den Paris, L. Moame, 1836. anfang des jahres 1850, nebst vergleichung La Motte (Phil6mon de). Voyage pour la mit den beobachtungen von Lalande, Bessel, redemption des captifs. See La Faye (J. B. Riiinker, and Schjellernp. [viii. Supple- de). mentband zu den Annalen der miinchener La'amourette (Adrien). Las delicias de la resternwarte]. vi, 395 pp. 80. Miinchen, F. ligion christiana; 6, el poder del evangelio S. Hiibschnlzann, 1869. s. para hacernos felices. Traducida [del La Morliere (Charles Jacques Louis Au- Frances]. 2a ed. xiv, 370 pp. 18. llMadguste Rochette, chevalier de). Angola, his- rid, Ruiz, 1805. s.

Page  179 LAMPE. LANZ. Lamipe (Friedrich Adolph). Prteloquium [ad Lange (Henry)-continued. TIewv-as dissertationum biblico-chronologica- I Lange's atlas von Sachsen. Ein geogrtwa rlum. Authore J. J. Hottinger]. 32 1. 80~. phisch-physikalisch-statistisches gemlfide {tUn HOTTINGEFR (Johann Jacob). IIevrac, [etc.] des konigreichs Sachsen, [etc.] iv pp. 26 1' ~ —-— Rudimenta theologhi elenchtica, in 12 col'd maps. fol, Leipzig, F. A. Brockusum scholke privatze concinnata. 160 pp. haus, 1860. s. 16G. Brena,, anpd HI-. legernm, 1729. Lange (Johann Peter, d. d.) A commentary Lancet (Tlhe). A jourznal of British and on the holy scriptures, [etc.] New testament. foreign medicine, physiology, surgery, chem- v. 5, The epistle of Paul to the Romans. istry, criticism, literature, and news. Edited Se Bible (English). by J. G. Wakley, m. d. July, 1868, to June, 1869. 2 v. 8e Lodon J. J. Croft 1868. Lange (Wilhelm). De annis Christi libri due> 1869. 2 v. 80. London, J. J. Croft, 1868. primus exponens varies variarum gentium Lancewood (Lawrence, pseudon.) See Wise us e (D.) annos, secundus epochas nobiliores qu~ Christi passionem antecedunt, et ipsum doLand (The) ofl Powhatan. By a Virginian.. an~on.] 120 pp. 180 BlioeF.L- minice nativitatis et passionis tenpLus de[aqnon.] 120 pp. 180S Baltimore, F. Lucas, jr. 1821. - monstrans. 12 p. 1 436 ppo 14 1, 4. Lug2Lander (S) Our own school arithmetic. 224 dani Batavorum, I. Maire, 1649. pp. 1 60. Greensboro, (N. C.) Sterling, Langford and Chase. The Rockland, Belfast, C tnpbeil & A lbrig~ ht, 1863. Camden, and Thomaston [Me. ] directory, for Landing (The) of the French Atlantic cable, 1868. 242, 40 pp. 12, Boston, angford at Duxbury, Mass. July, 1869. [anon.] Chase, [1868]. 57 pp. 6 photo. pl. 80,~. Boston, A. Mud ge Langille (J. H.) The light-house boy. 55pp. & son, 1869. 1 pl. 18~. New Yor/k, American tract soLandor (Walter Savage). Dry sticks fagoted. ciety, 1864. xiv, 251 pp. 80. Edinbzurgh, J. Niclol, 1858. Langlebert (Edmond). Guide pratique et Landwirthschaftliche bldjtter fiir Schwaben me'thodique de l'dtudiant en mddecille; ou, und Neuburg. vii jahrgang. Redigirt von conseils aux e6lves sur la direction qu'ils doiFriedrich Schaffert. iv, 464 pp. 8%, Azgs- vent donner'v leurs 6tudes, [etc.] 2 p. 1. 310 burg, P. J. Pfeif'er, 1868. pp. 180. Paris, J. Masson, 1848. Lanehanm (Robert). A letter: whearin part Langley (Henry G. editor). See Pacific (The) of the entertainment unto the queen's ma- coast almanac, 1869, jesty at Killingworth castl in Warwiksheer in Langlois (Jean Thomas).. Mdmoire pour les this somer's progress-] 575, is signified, [etc.] inhabitants de la Guadeloupe. See Prasan 12~. Warwick, and Leamington, 1825. (H. de) and Langlois. MI anRIDEWv (J.) Kenilwortli festivyties, part 11. Languet (Jean Joseph). Tratado de la con3Lanfranco, of Milan. Ein nutzlichs wund- fianza en la misericordia de Dios. Escrito en ertzney biichlein, des hochberiimbten lengua francesa, Traducido en lengua espaLanfranci, aus fdrbit des wolerfarnen meister ieola por A. de Honrubia. 8 p. 1. 344 pp. 4 1. Gregorij Fleugaus, chyrurgen vnd wundartzt 160. Madrid, P. J. Alonso y Padilla, 1746. s. zu Strasburg. Dabey viel bewerter recepten, Lanman (Charles). Dictionary of the United heylsamer salben vnd ertzneyen, ein auszug States congress) and general government; bisher von obgenantem nm. Gregorio fiir sich compiled as a book bf r-eference for the Amer-selbs yn grossem werd behalten, itzt ge- ican people. 6thed. 8,0 Hartford, 7'. Belineynem. nutz zu gut auch ynndruck gege- knap & H. Ei. Goodwin, 1869. ben. Durch Othonem Brunfels verdeudscht. Lanoye (F. de). Rameses the great; or, 24 1. sin. 40, Zwickaw, G. Kantz, 1529. Egypt 3300 years ago. 5 p. 1. 296 pp. 34 pl. Lang, Turner & co's New York gazette and 16. New York, C, Scribner 5& co. 1870. general aclvertiser. See New Yo rk gazette ILanz (Rev. Carl). Maria, unsere zuflucht. Volland general advertiser. stendiges katholisches gebet und andachtsLange (Henry), Karte zu A. von Humboldt's buch. [ With two appendices: Der heil. kreuzreisen in die iiquinoctial-gegenden des neuen weg; a(n( Lateinische u-nd deutsche psalmen, continents. 1 sheet. obl. fol. Leipzig, 1860. etc,] 20 originalausgabe. 448 pp. 161.48pp. With HUniBoLuT (F. H. A. von). Voyage aux 18 insiedi, tc C. z e rgions 6quinoxiales dr nouveau contineLt. v. 1. 3 pl. Eisiede:s] 43. 1867.

Page  180 180o LAPI. L ATHROP. Lapi (Michel Angelo). Vita del servo di Dio, Larramendi (Manuel de). El impossible yenTorivio Alfonso Mogrovejo, arcivescovo di cido. Arte de la lengua bascongada. 19 p. 1. Lima. 5 p.. 316 pp. 2 1. 1 portrait. 12~. 404 pp. 16~. Salamanca, A. J. Villargordo Roma, N. Tinassi, 1656. Alcartlz, 1729. Lapie (Pierre). Medmoire sur los voyages ex6- Larrey (Isaac de, sielr de Granchamp). Hiscnt6s dans l'ocean glacial arctiqne, au nord toire des sept sages. 3 d. Augmentde do rede l'Amrlique septentrionale. [Extrait des marques par [Antoine] de La Barrede Beaud Nouvelles annales des voyages, etc. v. 11]. marchais. 2 v. 1 p. 1. xlviii, 490 pp. 1 pl; 1 52 pp, 1 map. 8c. [Paris], 1821. p. 1. xii, 540pp. 1 pl 160. La llaye,.J. Fan La Place (Pierre de). Du droict usage de la Dezoen, 1734. philosophie morale. Auec la doctrine chres-arrqe (atrice) ovio lius tienne. 6 p. 1.206 pp,4 1. 180. Leyde,.Jean 2a qd. 422 pp 8.. Parcis, A. Bohne, 1860. Elsevier, 1658. La Placette (Jean). La morale chrktienne La Salle de I'ttang (Simon Philibert de). Dictionnaire Galibi pr6sente sous deux abr6gde, et reduite a trois principaux d6voirs: la rdpentanc des pdcheurs, la porsdvdrac formes, [etc.] Pr6ced6 d'un essai de gramla repentance cles p6cheurs, la persev6rance maire. Par M.D. L. S. [ anon.] I p. 1. xvi, des justes, et les progrds que ces justes perse196 pp. I 1 8~. Paris, Bauche, 1763. v6rans doivent faire dans la piet6. 3e 6d. aug[ With the preceding]. mentaee par l'auteur d'un nouveau trait6 et de plusieurs m6ditations. 2 v. 8 p. 1. 416 pp; 443 pp.'2 1. 180. Rotterdanm, A. A, A.che 1714. spaensch tie La Plata ('Repulblic of). See ArgeLine re- annijegesceiet in Westindien rwaerin te sien La Plata (Republic of). See Arge-ithie re. - is de onmenschelijke wreede feyten der spva.npublic. La~ Poepe (Claude de). L'ouverture do l'Amnia- jaerden met samen de beschrijvinge derselvei' lant en volcken gert en nature. In Spans zone, et ses cons6quences politiques et combeschreven. 50 1. 4~. Amsterdam, C. L. merciales. 60pp. 8~. Paris, E. Dentu, 1867. van der Plasse, 1634. La politique du Paraguay; identit6 de, cette politique avec celle de la France et de La Solle (IIenri Fr anois de). Bok et Zulba: Ia Grande-1-Betagne dcans le Rio de La Plata. histoire alldgorique tlraduite du Polrtugais de 3 p. 1. 348 pp. 8~. Paris, E. Dentu, 1869. Dom Anrel Eninr. [pseudon.] 1. La Porte (Piere doe). Ma moires. Contenant 2 p. 1. 348 pp. 12~. [Paris, about 1740]? plusieurs particularit6s des regnes de Louis Latharm (Baldwin). The purification and xiii. et de Louis xiv. 324 pp. 18~. Gen;e?, utilisation of sewage, with plans of the Croy1756. s. don irrigation fields. 2 p. 1. 40 pp. 80. LonLa Reynie de la BruyBre (Louis). Projet (don, E. & F.. Spon, 18(i7. de formation d'une 6lion nauntique, sous le Lathrop (Joseph, d. d.) The infirmities and d6nomination d'6claireurs des c6tes, [ete.] comforts of old age. A sermon to aged peo160. Paris, 1805. ple. 2d leld. 14 pp. 12~. Springfield, (Mass.) [With LA CHAPELLE (Abb IN. de). Trait6 de la H. Brewer, [1802]? construction du scaphandre, [etc.]ed to the Hampshire La Rochefoucauld (Franois, 6 u de) on preched to the H pshi Sentences et maximes. 80. Paris, A. Des- missionary society at their annual meeting, rez, 183C6.. August, 1802, in Northampton. 22 pp. 80~. [BucHoN (J. A. C.) Choix de moralistes franqais]. Northampton, (Mass.) H. Brewer, 1802. La Roquette (Jean Baptiste Marie Alexandre a A sermon containing reflections on the Dezos de). Notice biographique sur l'amiral solar eclipse, which appeared on June 16, sir John Franklin, [etc.] 67 pp.6 1. lithogr. 1806. 2d ed. 20 pp. 120. Springfield, copies of autograph letters. 2 maps. I poitrait. (Mass.) H. Brewer, 1806. 40. [Paris, societd de geographie, 1857]? s. - Two serm10ns, on the atrocity of suicide Larousse (Pierre). Grand dictionnaire univer- and on the causes which lead to it. Preached sel du xixe sicdle, fiangais, historique, geo- at Suffield, Feb. 24, 1805. 2d ed. 36 pp, graphique, mythologique, bibliographique, 120. Springfield, (3lass.) H. Brewer, 1805. litt6raire, artistique, scientifique, etc. v. 3-4. - Sermons on various subjects, evangeliC-Con. fol. PJaris, Larousse &' Boyer, cal, devotional, and practical. 5 v. 80. 1867-69. Iorcester, I. Thomas, 1809.

Page  181 181 LATHROP1 LAWRENCE, Lathrop (Joseph, d.d.)-continned. La Vauguyon-continued. Sermons delivered on various occasions. 2 p. 1. ii, 222 pp; 2 p. 1. 212 pp. 80. LonFirst published singly, now republished and dres, J. A. Yie'vard, 1817. collected into a volume. 392 pp. 8~. Bos- Laveaux (Jean Charles Thidbault de). The ton, I. Thomas, 1812. life of Frederick the second, king of Prussia. Lathrop (Rev. Noah). The shepherd boy of To which are added observations, authentic Minnesota; a narrative of the life of George documents, and a variety of anecdotes. Melvin Kelsey. 63 pp. 1 pl. 180. New York, Translated fiom the French. 2 v. xi, 525 Carlto7n 4 Porter, 1866. pp. 7 1; 2 p. 1. 560 pp. 5 1. 80. London, J. Latiimer (Hugh, bish/op of WForcester). Sermon I)ebrett, 1789. on the ploughers, 18 January, 1549. Care. Lavie (J. Charles de). Des corps politiques et fully edited by Edward Arber. 40 pp. 16~. de leurs gouvernements. 2e 6d. 2 v. 4 p. 1. London, A. Murcray 4 sons, 1868. xvj, 420 pp; 1 p. 1. 332 pp. 3 1. 40~. Lyon, [ARBER's English reprints. no. 2]. P. Duplain, 1766. Seven sermons before Edward vi, on NOTE. —A republication of his Abr6g6 de la reputblieach Friday in Lent, 1549. Carefully edited que de Bodin. by Edward Arber. 2 p. l. 208 pp. 16~. Lon- Lavoisier (Antoine Laurent). (Euvres, pub(don, A. 1I17ssrqay 4' sons, 1869. li6es par les soins de son excellence le minis[ARBER's English reprints. no. 13]. tre de l'instruction publique et des cultes. v. Latocnaye (- de). Promenaded'un Frangais 1-4. 4~. Paris, imprimerie impe'iale, dans la Grande-Bretagne. 2 ecld. 2 p. 1. 1864-65. 273 pp. $8. Brunswick, P. F. Fauche 4 co. Law(Andrew, editor). A collection of hymn 1801, tunes from the most modern and approv'd Latouche (Hyacinthe Joseph Alexandre authors. I p. 1. 36 pp. (music), 48 pp. sm. Thabaud de Latouche, called Henri de). 40. Cheshire, (Conn.) IV. Law, [about 1790]. Fragoletta. Naples et Paris en 1799. Nouvelle The musical magazine; containing a 6d. 2 v. in 1. 1 p. 1. 232 pp. 1 pl; I p. 1. 235 variety of favorite pieces. A periodical pubpp. I pl. 160. Paris, H. L. Delloye, 1840. lication. 2 nos. 1 p. 1. 12 pp; music, 32 Latrobe (John H. B.) Eints for six months pp. obl. 8O. Cheshire, (Conn.) W. Las, in Europe. Being the programme of a tour 1792-93. through parts of France, Italy, Austria, The musical piimer; containing the Saxony, Prussia, the Tyrol, Switzerland, Hol- rules of psalmody, newly revised and imland, Belgium, England, and Scotland, in the proved: with a number of practical lessons summer of 1868. 374 pp. 16. Philadelphia, and plain tunes. obl. 80. Cheshire, 1'. Law, J. B. Lippincott 4' co. 1869. 1793. Laughing Kittie and purring Kittie,with other Law (Janmes). General and descriptive anatlittle folks at Robinwood. By aunt Mattie. omy of the domestic animals. See Gamgee [anon.] 151 pp. 3pl. 180. Boston, American (J.) and Law. tract society, [1868]. Law (John, of Lauriston). Aanmerkingen Laure; the history of a blighted life. By L. over den koophandel en het geldt, [etc.]; C. H. [anon.] 371 pp. 120. Philadelphia, als meede Historische en geographische beClaxton, Remsen 4' Haffelfinger, 1869. schryvinge van Louisiana, [etc.]; aan de Lavalette (Antoine Marie Chamans, comte de). mondt van de groote rivier Mississippi. Memoires et souvenirs du comte Lavallette; Benevens een berigt, van de nieuwe franpubli6s par sa famille et sur ses manuscrits. sche indische compagnie, en eenige aanmer2 v. xl, 370 pp; 1 p.1.410 pp. 8C. Paris, kingen, over den tegenwoordigen handel in H. Fournier, jeune, 1831. actien. 3Met authentyke stukken voorsien. NOTE.-" Ces m6emoires ne sent pas, dit-on, de m. Door P. J. M. 6 p. 1. 320 pp. 1 map. 16~ le comte de Lavalette." Qu6rard. Lavanlda (Eugenius, ninevensis,pseudon.) See Amsterdazn, Steenhoumer & Uetzef, 1721. Inchofer (Melchior). Lawrence (Henry). An history of angells, La Vauguyon (Paul Maximilien Casimir de being a theologicall treatise of our communQuellen de Stuer de Caussade de, prince de ion and warr with them. Whereunto is Carency). La vdritd sur l'Angleterre. Par added a large table of the severall particulars un Frangais. [anon.] Publi6e et dedi6e it contained therein. 5 p. 1. 189 pp. 5 1. sm. 40,~. la iation anglaise, par J. A. Vi6vard. 2 v. London, MI. Simnzons, 1650.

Page  182 182 LAWRENCE. LE COINTE. Lawrence (Philip). The model speakler. Le Bossu (Ren6). Traitd du poeme dpique. Consisting of exercises in prose and poetry. 5 p. 1. 420 pp. 1 pl. 160. Paris, A. Pralard, For the use of schools, academies, and col- 1793. leges. 395 pp. 12G. Philadelphia, Eldridge Le Bouthillier de Rance (Armand Jean). &- brother, 1870. Responsio ad tractatum Mabillonii de studis Lawrence (William). Report on the New monasticis, qum nunc primum prodit e galYork election frauds. See United Stes. lie in latinum sermonem conversa a Josepho (Cong)ress). Porta. 111.275 pp. 4~. Venetiis, A. Poletti, Lawrence (William Beach). Commentaire _net sn.r.[In MABILTON (J.) De studiis monasticis. v. 3]. sur les l~,llnents du droit international et sur Lebrixa or Lebrija (Antonio de). Aelii AniHietoire des progrs du droit des gens dote tonii nebrissensis grammaticarum institu. Henry Wheaton. Precede d'une notice sur tionum libri iv. recens recogniti. Multis la carrigre diplomatique de m. WSheaton. v.. preceptionibus apprime necessariis aucti, 1-2. xxvii, 404 pp; ix, 505 pp. 8~. Leip-,i, F., A. h, 1868atque publicme utilitati editi; quibus etiam zg, F. A. Brockhaus, 1868. accessit prosodia a p. Emanuele Alvarez, Lawson (James). Ontwa, the son of the for- accessit prosodia a p Emanele Alvarez, est. A poem. [anon. ] 136 pp. [etc.] 1 p. 1. 266 pp. 11. 18~. Cervariae in Lacetanis, J. Barber, [about 1620]. Lebrun (rsidoreFrdddric Thomas). Tableaux Lay (The) of Havelok the Dane; composed thei ofE a statistique et politique des deux Canadas. in the reign of Edward i, about a. d. 1280. 1 p. 1.538 pp. 1 1 8 Pris, Treuttel Edited from the unique inms. Laud misc. 108, in the Bodleian library, Oxford; by rev. W. Wi 1833 Sk. Skeat. lv, 159 pp. 8~. London,. Le Clne (Charles). Conversations sur divers., atidres de religion, [etc.] Avec un traitd Triibner & co. 1868. [EARLY English text society publications. Extrae de la libertd de conscience. [Par Jean Crell. ries, no. 4]. anon.] 2 p.1.287 pp. 180. Philadelphie, Layard (Austin Henry). The Nineveh court l'imothee de S. Anlour, [Amsterdam, H. Wetin the crystal palace. 80 pp. 1 pl. 12~. stein],1687. London, 1854. s. Lecerf (Pierre Louis). Le protestantisme et la Lea (Isaac). Fossil footmarks in the red sociedt. Comparaisonentreleprotestantisme sandstone of Pottsville, Pa. 16 pp. 1 col. et le catholicisme, leur dogme, leur discipl. fol. Philadelphia, T. K. & P. G. Collins, pline, leur morale, et leurs rapports avec la 1855. s. civilisation et l'ordre social. Rdponse au League (The) [and free-trader]. See Free- livre publie par m. Nicolas contre le protestrader (The). tantisme. 3 p. 1. 255 pp. 80. Paris, M. Leavitt (Joshua). The christian lyre. v. 2. Ducloux, 1853. 213 pp. 1 1. 180. New York, J. Leavitt, Lecky (William Edward Hartpole). History 1831. of European morals, from Augustus to CharLe Blanc (Vincent). The world surveyed; lemagne. 2d ed. 2 v. xviii, 498 pp; x, or, the famous voyages and travailes of 423 pp. 80. London, Longmans, Green & Vincent Le Blanc, or White, of Marseilles, co. 1869. who, from the age of fourteen to threescore Le Clerc (Joseph Victor). Des journaux chez and eighteen, travelled through most parts of les Romains; recherches, prcedddes d'un mdthe world, [etc. ] Rendred into English from moire sur les annales des pontifes, et suivies the French, by F[rancis] B[rooke], gent. de fragments des journaux de l'ancienne 6 p.1. 407 pp. 61. sm. fol. London, J. Star- Rome. 2 p.1. iii, 440 pp. 8~. Paris, Firkey, 1660. min Didot freares, 1838. Le Blant (Edmond). See Jacquemart (Al- Leclere (Dr. Nicolas)? Essai mddico-ldgal bert) and Le Blant (Edmond). sur l'empoisonnement, et sur les moyens que Le Bois des Gays or Guays or (J. F. E.) Das l'on doit employer pour le constater. viij, neue christenthum. Briefe an einen welt- 150 pp. 1 1. 120. Paris, LeTrault, 1803. biirger der wahrheit sucht, bearbeitet nach Le Cointe (Charles). Annales ecclesiastici dem Franzdsischen des Le Bois des Gays. Francorum, [ab anno Christi 235 usque ad Yon dr. L. Tafel. 2e aufl. 225 pp. 120. annum 845]. 8 v. fol. Parisiis, typoPhiladelphia, F. E. BUricke, 1868. graphia regia, 1665-83.

Page  183 18o LE COMTE. LEGRAND, Le Comnte (Louis). Nouveaux m6moires sur Lee (Mrs. Sarah). Stories of strange lands; l'etat present de la Chine. v. 1-2. 15 p. 1. and fragments from the notes of a traveller. 508 pp.'21 pl; 2 p. 1. 536 pp. 2 pl. 16. Paris, xv, 366 pp. 6 pl. 80. London, E. Mloxon, J. Anisson, 1696. 1835. [NOTE.-V.3. 1701. wranting]. Lee and Walker's musical almanac for 1869. Le Courayer (Pierre Fran9ois). -Trait6, oh For the use of seminaries, professors of l'on expose ce que l'6criture nous apprend music, and the musical public. 1 p.l. 144 deo a divinite dle Jesus Christ. xxiv, 367 pp. pp. 120. Philadelphia, Lee & Wralker, [1868]. 8~. Londr-es, Wlhite & Cochlrane, 1811, Londres, hite Cochrane, 1811 Leech (Harry Harewood). Letters of a senLe Duchat (Jacob). Ducatiana; on, remar- timental idler, from Greece, Turkey, Egypt, ques sur divers sujets d'histoire et de littera- Nubia, and the Holy Land. x, 463 pp. 1 ture, recueillies dans ses mss. et mises en portrait. 8 pl. 120. New York, D. Appleton ordre par -M. F[ormey].. 2 v. 12 p. 1. 545 cj co. 1869. pp. 2 pl. 18~. Amrsterdam, P. Humbert, Leemans (Conrad). Romeinsche oudheden 1738. teRossem, in den Zalt-bcemelerwaard. xviii, Lee (Rev. Andrew). Sermons on various im- 188 pp. 80. Leyden, H. WI. Hazenberg? portant subjects; written partly on sundry coinp. 1842. of the more difficult passages in the sacred [Atlas, 2 maps. 16 pl. 40. wantingl. volume. 403 pp. 180. Worcester, I. Thlomas, Lefroy (John Henry) and Richardson (Sir jr. 1803. John). Magnetical and meteorological observations at lake Athabasca and fort SimpLee (F. D.) andt Agnew (J, L.) IIistorical son, by captain J. H. Lefroy, royal artillery; re3 maps. 3 pl. 120. Savar~nnah, J., HEtl. and at fort Confidence, in Great Bear lake, 3 maps. 3 pl. 12~. Savannahl, J. HF. Estill, 1869. by sir John Richardson, [etc. edited by E. Sabine]. viii, 391 pp. 1 diagram. 80. LonLee (General Henry). Memoirs of the war in don, stationery office, 1855. s. the southern department of the United States. Leftwich (WV. M. d. d. ) Martyrdom in MisA new ed. with revisions, and a biography of souri. A history of religious proscription, the author, by Robert E. Lee. 620 pp. 3 pl. the seizure of churches, and the persecution 3 portraits. 80. 1New York, University pc1ub- of ministers of the gospel in the state of Mislishling co. 1869. souri, during the late civil war, and under Lee (Major Henry). Observations on the tile' test oath " of the new constitution. v. writings of Thomas Jefferson, with particular 1. 436 pp. 120. St. Louis, S. IV. book/ 8 pubreference to the. attack they contain on the lishing co. 1870. memory of the late gen. Henry Lee. In a Le G-ai (Eugene, editor). Petit theatre boufseries of letters. 2d ed. With an introduc- fon. Choix des plus jolies pidces corniques tion and notes, by Charles Carter Lee. xix, joudes sur les differents thedtres de Paris. 1 262 pp. 80. Philadelphia, J. Dobson, 1839. p. 1. 491 pp. 180. Paris, Passard, 1854. Iee (Holme. pseudon.) See Parr (Harriet). Legare (J. M.) Orta-undis, and other poems. Lee (James K.) The volunteer's hand-book; ix, 102 pp. 1J2~. Boston, WT. D. Ticknor & containing an abridgment of Hardee's infan- co. 1848. try tactics, adapted to the use of the percus- Legends of a log-cabin. By a western man. sion musket in squad and company exercises, [anon. ] 2 p. 1. 277 pp. 120. New York, manual of arms for riflemen, and United G. Dearborn, 1835. States army regulations as to parades, re- Le Gentil de La Galaisiere (Guillaume Joviews, inspections, guard mounting, etc. seph Hyacinthe Jean Baptiste). Voyage 3d thousand. 11 pp. 160. Richlmond, dans les mers de l'Inde, fait par ordre du roi, West 4& Johnson, 1860. h l'occasion du passage de V6nus sur le Lee (Jesse). A short history of the metho- disque du soleil, le 6 juin 1761, et le 3 du dists in the United States of America; be- name mois 1769. 2 v. 1 p.1.344pp.3pl; 1 ginning in 1766, and continued till 1809. p.1.364 pp.1 map.,2pl. 80. En Sueisse,libraires To which is prefixed a brief account of their associds, 1730. rise in England, in the year 1729, etc. 366 Legrand (Marec Antoine). Bedriegery (de) pp. 5 1. 160. Baltimnore, Magill & Chine, van Cartouche, of de firansche roovers; bly1810. | spel. Gevolgd naa't Fransch, door P. Laa

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Page  185 185 LEMSTOR1M. LE ROUX DE LINCY. Lemstr6m (Carl Selim). Om volta-induk- Leotaud (Vincent)-continued. tionsstrommars intensitetsfdrlopp. Akade- centio, societatis Jesv, exposuit. 6 p. 1. 296 misk afhandling. 2 p. 1. 132 pp. 1 1. 4 pl. pp. 11 1. sm. 40. Lvgdvni, 1654. 8~. Helsingfors. J. C. Frezckell &8 son, 1869. [With LIONNE (Artus de). Cvrvilineorvm amcenior contemplatio, etc.] Le Mullier (Henri). Histoire parlementairetc.] lection du prince Lepaige (Louis Adrien). Analyse des constitutions et privileges de la compagnie de Lounis-Napoilon Bonaparte jusqu'au 2 de- n 0 enb 18510 230 pp. 1o 12 Pais, JJ6sus. Nouvelle 6d. 2 v. 16~. Ambstercembre 1851. 230 pp. 1 1. 12~. Pares, Garnier, 1852. [COUDRETTE(C.) Histoire g6nrale delacompagnie Lennep (Jacob van). De voornaamste ge- ce J6sus, v.3-4]. schiedenissen van Noord-Nederland, door Lepan (1Edouard-Marie-Joseph). Vie politimr. J. van Lennep aan zijne kinderen ver- que, litteraire et morale de Voltaire, oi l'ori haald. 12 v. 160, Amsterdam, P. M1. War- r6fute Condorcet et ces antres historiens. 2e tars, 1848-53. ed. Augmentfe d'un grand nombre de faits, Lennep Coster (G. van). Aanteekeningen, avec la r6ponse de l'auteur a m. Viennet, gehouden gedurende mijn verblijf in de l'un des rddacteurs du journal de Paris. 2 West-Indian in de jaren 1837-1840. vii, p,1.378 pp. 160. Paris, Migneret, 1819. 359 pp. 3 pl 80, Amlsterdam, J. F. Schlei- Lepe (Pedro, bishop of Calahorra y Calqada). Jer, 1842. Catecismo catholico, en el cual se contiene Herinneringen mijner reizen naar on- la explicacion de los principales mysterioes de derscheidene werelddeelen. 2 v. xii, 324 nuestra santa fe catholica, ylos de mas cosas, pp. 3 pl; 1 p. 1. viii, 320 pp. 3 pl. 80, Am- qve debe el christiano saber para sv salvacion. sterdam., J. F. Schleier, 1836. 8 p. 1. 401 pp. 40. Madrid, A. Gonzales de CONTENTS. Reyes, 1707. v. 1. Reis naar de kust van Africa en West India, Lepelletier de Saint Remy (R.) Saint1819-21. Aanteekeningen, gehouden op eenen kruistoget in de Nordzee, met de haringvloot, in Domingue. Etude et solution nouvelle de 1827. la question haitieune. 2 v. lxxxiii, 374 pp; v. 2. Aanteekeningen gehouden op eene reize daar de Middelhlndsche Zee en Konstantinople, in 1825. 3 p. 1. 554 pp. 80.~o Paris, A. Bertrand, 1846. Lenny's search. By H. A. D. [anon.] 384 L'Epine (Ernest). La l6gende de Croquepp. 3 pl. 160. Boston, congregational sab- Mitaine. Illustree par G. Dore. 3 p. 1. 274 bath school and publishing society, [1868]. pp. 40. Paris, L. Hachette & cie. 1863. Lenoir (Marie Alexandre). Mus6e royal des Lereu (Hip6lito) and Suarez (Pascual). monumens frangais; on, mdmorial de h'bis- Lecciones escogidas para los niiios que toire de France et de ses inonumens. 216 aprendlen i leer en las escuelas pias. 4a pp. 120. Paris, A. Lenoir, 1815. impresion. viii, 326 pp. 1 l 180. Madrid, IMARKOE pamphlets, v. 36]. E. Aguado, 1831. s. Lente (El). Novela satirico moral, traducida Leroux (Charles). A practical treatise on del Frances por d. L. L. [anon.] 3 p. 1. the manufacture of worsted anti carded 224 pp. 18o. Valencia, J. Ferrer de Orga, yarns. From the French, by Horatio Paine, 1833. so m. d. and A. A. Fesquet. [XVith] an apLebon-Chapelle (-). Mes loisirs. Narra- pendix containing extracts from the reports tions, r6flexions, maximes et poesies. 4e 6d. of the international jury, etc. 1867. 341 pp. 352 pp. 80. Sainat-Etienne, R. Pichon, 1855. 1 1. 12 pl. 80. Philadelphia, H. C. Baird, Leon y Gama (Antonio de). Descripcion 1869. hist6rica y cronol6gica doe las dos piedras Leroux (Pierre). Job, dramae en cinq actes, que con ocasion del nuevo empedrado que se avec prologue et epilogue, par le prophlte estd formando en la plaza principal doe Isaie, retrouv6, rdtabli dans son integrit6, et Mdxico, se hallaron en ella el afio de 1790. traduit litt6ralement sur le texte hdbreu. 3 p. 1. 116 pp. I 1. 3 pl 120.. M6Veico, Zu- [Appendice. Le Job des eglises, et le Job iiiga y Ontiveros, 1792. de in. Renan]. 2 p. 1. 454 pp. 1 1. 8c. Leotaud (Vincent). Examen circvli qvad- Paris, E. Dentit, 1866. ratvrae hactenvs editarvm celeberriimm, qvam Le Roux de Lincy (Adrien Jean Victor). Apollonius alter, magno illo Pergmo non Le livre des 16gendes. Introduction. I p. 1. minor geometra r. p. Gregorivs a Sancto Vin. xiv, 286 pp. 8o. Paris, Silvestre, 1836. 2~4

Page  186 186 LE ROY. LETTERS. Le Roy (Jean Baptiste). Resumen de una Leslie (Frank)-continued. obrasopre hospitales, [etc. 1787]. 80. Mad- -- Frank Leslie's illustrated newspaper. rid, 1793. Sept. 19, 186S, to Sept. 11, 1869. v. 27-28. [In MEMORTAS leidas sobre la edificacion de hospi- fol. New York, F. Leslie, 1868-69. tales, 1793]. Le Roy de Lozembrune (Fran~ois). Pre - The same. Ilustracion americana de cis historique et politique de ce qui a donne Frank Leslie. Oct. 21, 1868, to April 14, lieu'i la rupture du traite de Passarowitz, et 1869. v. 5. fol. New York, F. Leslie, ia la guerre de 1737, [etc.] 160. Vienne, 1869. GrY3f'er le jeune, 1788. - Frank Leslie's lady's magazine. Jan. [In HISTOIRE de la guerre de Hongrie. 1716-18, pp. to Dec. 1869. v. 24-25. sm. fol. New York, ~~~~~245-92-~771]. F. Leslie, [1869]. Lery (Jean de). Historie van een reyse Frank Leslie's pleasant hours. Devoted ghedaen inden lande van Bresillien, ander- t Frank Leslie's pleasan t hours. Devoted sins ghenoemt America. Met een vocabu- to light and entertaining literature. Feb. laer ofte t'zamensprekinghe in haerlider tale: 1869, to Jan. 1870 v. -7. 8. New York, mitsgaders de beschryvinghe van veelderly F. Leslie, 1869-70. ghedierten, boomen, cruyden, ende andere Lesquereux (Leo). Report on the fossil by-sonderste dinghen van dien lande, her- plants of Illinois. 80. Chicago, 1866. waerts over heel vreemt ende onbekent. FILLINOIS (Geological survey of). v. 2, section 3]. Over-geset wt het Franchoys. Met ver- Lessing (Gotthold Ephraim). Nathan, the scheyden schoone figueren. 111 1. sm. 40~. wise. A dramatic poem of five acts. TransAmszstelredamet, C. Claesz, 1597. lated into English prose, by cdr. Isidore KaThe same. Reise in Brasilien. Nach lisch. I p. 1. ix, 212 pp. 1 1. 16~. NATew der von dem herrn verfasser selbst veranstal- York, Waldhteimer & Zenn, 1869. teten lateinischen ausgabe fibersetzt. Mit Lessius (Leonardus). See Leys (Leonard). anmerkungen und erltuterungen. 4p. 1. 415 Lessols from biography, for young men. pp. 1 1. 8~. Minster, Platsvet, 1794. [anon.] 191 pp. 180. Philadelphia, Ameri.. Le Sage (Alain Ren6). The adventures of can sundalay school eunion, 1865. Robert Chevalier, call'd De Beauchene, cap- Lester (Charles Edwards). The glory and tain of a privateer in New France. 2 v. 4 p. 1. shame of England. 2 v. 304 pp; 2 p. 1. pp. 307 pp; 4 p. 1. 288 pp. 180. London, T. 307-601. 80. New York, Bartram 4' LesGardner, 1745. ter, 1866. NOTE.-Ce n'est point une fiction, mais l'histoire sin- Leti (Gregorio). Li precipitii della sede aposgulere d'un capitaine de flibustiers, qui fut tu la corte di Rom Tours, par des Anglais, en 1731, r6dig6 d'apres les tolica;, vero la corte di Roma, persequitata, m6moires fournis par sa veuve. QUORARD. e perseguitante. 22 p. 1. 887 pp. 18. L Lescallier (Daniel). Expose des moyens de one, A. Dernen, 1672. mettre en valeur et d'administrer La Guiane. Le Trosne (Guillaume Frangois). Suite de xxiv, 216 pp. 2 maps. 8o. Paris, Buisson, la dispute sur la concurrence de la naviget1791. tion 6trangere pour la voiture de nos grains, Lesguillon (Pierre Jean).:Emotions. 2 p. 1. [etc.] viij, 184pp. 160. Paris, 1765. 308 pp. 8~, Paris, BolLsqitet, 1833. Letters addressed to lord Liverpool and the Leslie (Rev. Charles). A short method with parliament on the preliminaries of peace. the deists. Wherein the certainty of the ByCalvus. [pseudlon] I p1. 100pp. 80. christian religion is demonstrated. In a letter London, H. Colbsrns, 1814, to a friend. 12~. Newark, 1795. Letters on England. By Victoire, count de [In OGDEN (U.) Antidote to deism. v. 2. pp. 319- Translatod from th 342]. Soligny. [pselon. l Leslie (Frank). Paris universal exposition, original mss. 2 v. xvi, 311 pp; 1 p. 1. xi, 1867, [etc.] Report on the fine arts. 43 pp. 8~. 316 pp. 120. London, H. Colburn 4' co. Washington, government printing office, 1868. 1823. ______ The same. [Author's ed.] 43 pp. 31 Letters on the force of imagination in pregpl. 40. Washington, government printing nant women. [anon.] iii, 133 pp. 18~o qflice, 1868. London, W. Griffin, 1765. Frank Leslie's chimney corner. Nov. Letters on prejudice. [anon.] 2 v. xv, 28, 1868, to Nov. 20, 1869. v. 8-9. fol. 436 pp; xv, 486 pp. 120. London, T. CaNew York, F. Leslie, 1868-69, dell, 1822.

Page  187 LETTERS. 187 LEWES. 3,etters to a nobleman, proving a late prime Lever (Charles). The Bramleighs of Bishop's minister [William Henry Cavendish Ben- Folly. Copyright ed. 2 v. 366 pp; 362 tinek, third duke of Portland] to have been pp. sq. 160. Leipzig, B. Taczchnitz, 1868. Junius; and developing the secret motives Levera (Francesco). Dialogvs contra duas which induced him to write under that and hic transcriptas epistolas, nuper editas in other signatures. With an appendix con- prodromvm Francisci Leverae, in quo eiustaining a celebrated case, published by Al- dem prodromi doctrina et vsus vberrime mon in 1768. [By A. G. Johnston. anon.] confirmatur auctore Savinio Muto. [pseuxv. 55 pp. 80. London, Longman, Hurst, don.] 1 p. 1.64 pp. fol. Romoe, A. BerRees, Orme &- Brown, 1816. nabB, 1664. Letters of the southern spy, in Washington [WithhisProdromus universe astronomie]. and elsewhere. [anon.1 92, 3 ~pp 160. - De inerrantium stellarum viribus, et [n. p.] 1861. excellentia, secundum quatuor positus earum insignes, cum tabula declinationumn, ascenLetters (The) of Wyoming, to the people of sionum rectarum, [etc.] 106 pp. 4 1. fol, the United States, on the presidential elec- Aomn, rt Bernab[, 1664. Rouei, A Bernabb, 1664. tion, and in favour of Andrew Jackson. Orig- ~ Prodromus [seu liber primus] vniversm ginally published in the Columbian observer. astronomim restitvtae. De anni solaris et [anon. ] 104 pp. 80. Philadeplphia, S. siderei, ac dierum magnitudine in omni aeuo, Simpson 4c J. Conrad, 1824, etc. 4 p. 1. 418 pp. 7 1h fol. Romae, A. BerLetters written from Colombia during a jour- nab6, 1663. ney from Caracas to Bogota, and thence to [With the preceding]. Santa Martha, in 1823. [anon.] viii, 208 pp. Levesque (J. Ph.) Le Val-Duonegro; oun, 1 map. 80. London, G. Cowie cS Co. 1824. les frires du poignard invisible; suivi des Letter-writer's (The) own book. xxx, 15-224 Ruines de Dirckenfeld, ou, le tribunal des pp. 7 1. 18~. Philadelphia, J. B. Perry, frdres noirs; histoires du xvie sidcle. 2 p. 1. 1843. 334 pp. 8~. Paris, Locard 4' Davi, 1834. [Imperfect: title page and second leaf wanting]. Levesque de Pouilly (Louis Jean). The Leuckart (Dr. Rudolf). Bericht fiber die theory of agreeable sensations. In which, leistungen in der naturgeschichte der niede- after the laws observed by nature in the disren thiere wshrend der jahre 1848-1853, tribution of pleasure are discovered, the prin1856, 1858, 1859, 1860, 1861 und 1862. 80. ciples of natural theology and moral philosoBerlin, 1854-64. s. phy are established. [With] a dissertation [Extracts and reprints from Archiv fiir naturge- on harmony of stile. [anon.] Translated sLehrbeh der anatomie der wirbellosen from the French. xi pp. 4 1. 266 pp. 180. thiere. See Frey (H.) and Leuckart. London, W. Owen, 1749. U- Ueber die morphologie und die ver- Levi (David). Dissertations on the prophewandtschaftsverhbAltnisse der wirbellosen cies of the old testament. Containing all thiere. Ein beitrag zur charakteristik und such prophecies as are applicable to the classification der thierischen formen, 4 p. 1. coming of the Messiah, the restoration of the 180 pp. 80. Braunschweig, 1848. s. Jews, and the resurrection of the dead; Leusden (Jan). Clavis hebraica veteris tes- whether so applied by Jews or christians. tamenti. 7 p. l. 535 pp. 40, Ultraejecti, F. Revised and amended, with a dedication and Halma, 1683. introduction, by J. King. 2 v. 1 p. 1. lxxvi, -— ~ Philologus hebreus, continens ques. 298 pp; 313 pp. 8~. London, author, 1817. tiones hebraicas, que, circa vetus testamen- Levin's treasure in bank. By E. R. [anon.] tum hebrmeum fere moveri solent. ed. 2a. 140 pp. 2 pl. 185% Philadelphia, Claxton, 11 p. 1. 440 pp. 1 portrait. 40~. Ultrajecti, Remsensn' Ilaffelfinger, 1869. MIeinardus a Dreunen, 1672. Lewes (Charles Lee). Comic sketches; or,;Levasseur (A.) General Lafayette in Amer- the comedian his own manager. Written ika, oder dessen letzte reise durch Amerika and selected for the benefit of performers in in den jahren 1824 und 1825. Aus dem England, Ireland, Scotland, and America. Franz6sischen iibersetzt von A. Levasseur, Inscribed to the performers in general. xxxv, geb. Zeis. 2 v. in 1. 870 pp. 1 1. 80, Naum- 194 pp. 1 portrait. 160. London, H. D. Syh5nrg, ildd, 1829 mnonds, 1804a

Page  188 188 LEWIS. LIFE. Lewis (Eliza Gabriella). Poems. v pp. 1. Leys (LUonard). La sobriedad y sus ventajas; 148 pp. 12~. Brooklyn, Shannon - co. 1850. 6, verdadero medio de conservarse con salud Lewis (Enoch). A dissertation on oaths. perfecta hasta la mas avanzada edad; tra100pp. 160.~o Philadel7phia, U. Hunt, 1838. duccion hecha por Miguel de La Higuera y Lewis (Rev. George). The bible, the missal, Alfaro. 1 p.l. xi, 115 pp. 160. Madr id, L and the breviary; or, ritualism self-illus- Ibarra, 1782. trated in the liturgical books of Roule. Lezo (Nicolas Luis de). Ordo in divinis offiTranslated from the Latin; with preliminary ilis servandus in sac. rode palatin. matritensi dissertations and notes, etc. 2 v. viii, 285 juxta rubricas breviarii, missalisque romani, pp; vi, 289 to 809 pp. 8~. Edinburgh, T. turn ab universo ejusdem clero, tum etiam 4- T. Clark, 1853. aliarum ecclesiarum suo jurisdictionis vere Lewis (James Henry). The ready-writer; nullius, anno dii. mclccxli. 278 pp. 180. or, ne plus ultra of short-hand: being the alotriti, J. a Viana Razola, 1841. most easy, exact, lineal, speedy, and legible L'He'ritier de Brutelle (Charles Lonis). method ever yet discovered, [etc.] xix pp. Stirpes nove, ant minus cognitre, descrip11..106 pp. 8~. London, WI. Smith 4 co. 1812. tionibus et iconilus illustraLt. 6 parts in 2 Lewis (J. 0.) The aboriginal port-folio. Nos. v. xvi, 181 pp. 90 colpl. fol. Parisiis, F. 1-8. 12 1I 64 col. pl. fol. Philadelphia, D. Pierre, 1784-85. J. 0. Lewis, 1835. Liberal (The) preacher; a monthly publicaLewis (Matthew Gregory). Tales of wonder; tion of sermons by living ministers. Edited written and collected. 2d ed. 2 p.1.251 pp. by rev. T. l. Sullivan. v. 1. 2 p. 1. 202 pp. 120. London, TW. Bulmer & co. 1801. 8o.Keene, (N. H.) J. Prentiss, 1828. Lewis (Meriwether) and Clarke (William). Liberalismo (El) y sus efectos en la republica Reize naar de bronnen van den Missouri, en xicana. Por J. [anon.] 14 pp. door het vaste land van America naar de m1e2 Mexico, A. BoiJ, 1858. zuidzee. Gedaan op last van de regering de" Library [The] of reason. Containing a series Yereenigde Staten van America in de jaren of articles from the works of acint and 1804, 18(05 en:1806. Uit het Engelsch ver- modern authors, in favor of free inquiry. taald door N. G. Van Kampen. 3 v. 8. dited by W. Chilto [Edited by W. Chilton]. 89 1. 8~. LonDordrecht, A. Blusse 4 zoon, 18 16-18. don J. Watson, 185l. Lewis (William). A second series of lessons Liceo (El) mexicano. 2 v. 434 pp. 3 1. 38 on the game of chess, written expressly for p1; 264 pp.22 J1. 8~. MIeico, J. 1. Loa, the use of the higher class of players, and 1844. containing several new methods of attack [v. 2 inoompletel. and defence. New ed. revised and corrected. Lieber (Francis, 11. d.) Notes on fallacies x, 316 pp. 80. London, W. Simpkin 4 R. peculiar to American protectionists, or chiefly lMarsholl, 1834. resorted to in America. 39 pp. 8o. New Leycester (Sir Peter). Historical antiquities, York, American free trade league, 1869. in two books. The first, treating in general Liebert (Narcissus). De doctrina Taciti. of Great Brettain and Ireland. The second, Dissertatio inauguralis. 2 p. 1. 122 pp. 1 1. containing particular remarks concerning 80. Wirceburgi, F. E. T7hein, 1868. so Cheshire. [With] a transcript of Dooms- Life [The] and dangerous voyages of sir day book, so far as it concerneth Cheshire. Francis Drake, with the surprising of Nom3 p. 1. 437 pp. 1 1 fol. London, R. Clavell, bre de Dios, and the manner of his gaining 1673. large quantities of gold and silver. And a Leydekker (Melchior). De republica He- large account of that voyage wherein he enbrmlorum libri xii, et de vario reipublice He- compassed the whole world, [etc. anon. ] 164 brruorum statu libri novem. Porro anti- pp. 1 portrait. 240. London, H. Dean, quitates Judreorum vera ostendunturet falsme [about 1750]? corriguntur, [etc.] Subjicitur Archtologia Life before him. A novel. [anon.] 401 pp. sacra, qua historia creationis et diluvii mo. 120. New York, W. A. Townsend &' co. 1860. saica contra Burneti profanam telluris theo- Life (The) of Elisha Tyson, the philanthroriam asseritur. 2 v. 12 p. 1. 702, 96 pp; pist. By a citizen of Baltimore. [anon.] 7 p. 1. 638 pp. 6 1. fol. Amsteltedami, J. Stok- 4 p. 1. 142 pp. 1 portrait. 160. Baltimore, man, 1704-10. B. Lundy, 1825.

Page  189 189 LIFE. LINDSAY. Life [The] of an insect; being a history of the Ligue des nobles, etc.-continued. changes of insects, from the egg to the perfect mens, [etc. Par Paul de P. anon.] 2 v. being. [anon.] 2v. viii,418pp.4 pl; viii, x, 327 pp; 2 p. 1.372 pp. 80. Paris, J. N. 384 pp. 12 pl. sq. 160. London, society for Barba, 1820. promotinlg chistian knowledge, 1849. Liguori (Alphonse de). Le pouvoir de Marie; Life in the south; fiom the commencement of ou, paraphrase du Salve regina. xii, 204 pp. the war. By a blockaded British subject. 1 pl. 18~. Paris, M. Ardantfr'res, 1845. s. Being a social history of those who took part Lil (Herman van). Eet leven, de gevoelens in the battles, from a personal acquaintance en lotgevallen van William Penn, beroemd with them in their own homes. 1860-62. kwaker,en stichter van Pennsylvanien, [etc.] [anon.] 2 v. xvi, 427 pp; viii, 404 pp. 120. 2 v. in 1. iv, 288 pp; 1 p. 1. 443 pp. 80. AmLondon, Chlapman & Hall, 1863. sterdanm, J. C. Sepp c' Zoon, 1820. Life (The) and military achievements of Tous- Lillie (John, d. d.) Lectures on the first and saint Loverture, with an impartial account of second epistles of Peter. See Bible. (English). Lilliput levee. Poems of childhood, etc. With description of the conduct of general Le the addition of several new poems. [anon.] Clere until his death; also his successor, viii, 214 pp. 12 ph 18~. Naew rork, G. Routgeneral Rochambeau's actions, until the, l, 1 8 evacuation of the colony, [etc. anon.] I868. p. 1. 76 pp. 80. [n. p.] 1804. Lilljeborg (Wilhelm). On two subfossil whales discovered in Sweden. 48 pp. 11 pl. Life [The] and sketches of curious and odd 40. Upsala, [. Schultz, 1867. s. characters. [anon.] 192 pp. 1 p. 1. 16~0. Bos- 4 Upsala. Schultz, 1867 tonr, G. Clatrke, 1833. ]12ppIp.6 Bs [NOVA acta of the royal society of sciences at Upsala). Life [The] and writings of James Gordon Ben- Lilly (William). A short introduction of gramLife [The] and writings of James GordonBen- mar generally to be used. Compiled and nett, editor of the New York herald. [anon.] mar, generally to be used. Compiled and 1 64 pp. I 1. 120. New York, 1844. set forth for the bringing up of all those that Ligtfoote (William). The complaint of intend to attain to the knowledge of the Latin:Lightfoote (Wlliam). The complaint of England. Wherein it is clearly prooued tongue. 72 pp. 160. Dublin, R. Cross, that the practises of traitrous papists against the state of this realme, and the person of her The same. Brevissima institutio, seu ratio grammatices coonoscendse, [etc.] 1 p. 1. maiestie, are in diuinitie unlawful, odious in tices cognoscend, nature, and ridiculousin pollicie. 34 1. 40~ 130 pp. 160. Dublin, R. Cross, 1792. London, J. Wolfe, 1587. [With the preceding.] Lima (Santo coneilio provincial, 1583). TerLigne (Charles Joseph, prince de). Mmoires provincial, 1583). Tercero catecismo, y exposicion, de la doctrina et melanges historiques et litteraires. 5 v. christiana por sermones, paraque los curas 8~. Paris, A. Dzupont & cie. 1828. Mandado reimprediquen Ct los Indios. Maudado reimCONTENTS. primir. [En Castellano y Quichua de Cuzv. 1. M6moire scur Fred6ric ii, roi de Prusse. Lettles. co. etc.] 11 p. 1. 515 pp. 40~. Lima, 1773. Covup d.'oil sur les jardins. Lima pOr dentro y fuera, en consejos econov. 2. M1e6moires sur les Grecs, Juifs, etc. Dialogues. micos, saludables, politicos, y morales, que Mes 6carts; ou, ma t6te en liberte. Portraits. confiere un amigo a otro, con motivo de prev. 3. CGuvres militaires. tender dejar la ciudad de Mexico, por pasar v. 4. Fragment sur Casanova. Remarqes sur quelques ouvrages de Laharpe. It la de Lima. [anon.] 188 pp. 18~. Cerca Sur l'arm6e franqaise. Sur l'armvolution frangaise. de la tablada de Lutrin, S. Ayanque, 1797. Sur la r evolution frangaise. Utopie.' Lindley (John). Folia orchidacea. An enumeQnelques caracteres. Ml6moire pour mon cceur. tion of the known species of orchids. Part l, Portraits d'lhommes et de femmes. 2,4, and 5. 8~. London, author, 1852-54. s. Sur la maniere de lire et d'6erire l'histoire.,, a. n s De Plutarque et de ses grands hommes. [Wanting part 3]. Les enulvements, colu6die. Lindsay (Alexander- William Crawford, lord v. 5. Vie du prince Eughne de Savoie.. l BMlinoire sur le comte de Bonneval. Lindsay, earl of Crawford and Balcarres). A Ligue des nobles et des pretres, contre les memoir of lady Anna Mackenzie, countess of peuples et les rois, depuis le commencement Balcarres and afterwards of Argyll.:1621de l'ere chretienne jusqu'a nos jours; ou, 1706. vi, 1.62 pp. 1 portrait. 120. Edintableau des conspirations, revoltes, d6tr6ne- burogh, Edmnonston' Dougalas, 1868.

Page  190 190 LINDSAY. LINSCHOTEN. Lindsay (W. Lander). Contributions to New Linschoten (Jan iuyghen van)-continued, Zealand botany. 102 pp. 40. London, WTil- -The same. Description de l'Am6rique liams &' Norgate, 1868. s. et des parties d'icelle, comme de la Nouvelle Lindsley (David Philip). The elements of France, Fioride, etc. 86 pp. 6 maps. fol. tachygraphy. Illustrating the firstprinciples Anmsterdam, E. Cloppenburch, 1638. of the art, with their adaptation to the wants [With his Histoire de [son] navigation es Ildes Ori entales. ed. 1638]. of literary, professional, and business men. -126 pp. 120. Boston, 0. Clapp, 1869. -- Beschrijvinge van de gantsche custe Linguet (Simon Nicolas Henri). Essai phi- van Guinea, Manicongo, Angola, Monomolosophique sur le monachisme. [anon.] tapa, ef tegen over de cabo de S. Augustin 2 p.1. xx, 179 pp. 160. Paris, 1775. in Brasilien, de eygenschappen des gheheeH- istoire impartiale des jesuites de- len occeanische zee: midtsgaders hare eylanpuis leur 6tablissement jusqu'leur premiere den. 81. fol. Amsterdam, J. E. Clopen expulsion. [anon.] 2 v. 2 p.l. 480 pp; buch, 1623. 2 p. 1. 416 pp. 160. [Paris], 1768. [With his Itinerarivm. ed. 1623]. Histoire du siecle d'Alexandre avec -- The same. 8 1. fol. Amstelredanm, E. quelques r6flexions sur ceux qui l'ontprecede. Cloppenburch, 1644. [anon.] xvi, 341 pp. 120. [Amsterdam, With his Itinerarivm. ed. 1644]. lanrn.l ]XV1, 34 l pp. ] 2C2 Amsterdam, [Paris, Cellot], 1762. -- The same. The second booke. The - Le proc8s des trois rois, Louis xvi de true description of the whole coast of Guinea, France-Bourbon, Charles iii d'Espagne-Bour- etc. Translated out of Dutch into English bon, et George iii d'Hanovre, fabricant do by W. P[hilips]. pp. 198-216. 1 map. fol. boutons. Plaide an tribunal des puissances,, [ YWith his Discours of voyages into ye E. and W. Ineurop6ennes. Par appendix, l'appel au pape. dies. Booke 2. ed. 1598]. Traduit de l'Anglais. [anosn.] 176 ppo 8~. _. The same. Description de la Gvinee, Londres, 1781. etc. Le tout traduict en Francois. pp.252Link (Heinrich Friedrich). Verzeichniss der 275. 3 pt. fol. Amstelredas, T. Pierre hinterlassen bibliothek, welche am 24 Nov. 1610. 1851, versteigert werden soell. vi, 102 pp. [With his Histoire de [son] navigation es Indes Ori8., Leipzig, T. O. WIleigel, 1851. s. entales. ed. 1610]. Linnaean society of New England. Report - The same. pp. 187-206. 1 map. fol. of a committee of the Linnoan society of Amsterdam, E. Cloppenbsurgh, 1638. New England [signed, John Davis, Jacob [With his Histoire de [son] navigation aux Indes Orientales. ed. 1638]. Bigelow, Francis C. Grey], relative to a large marine animal, supposed to be a ser- - - Itinerarivm, ofte schip-vaert naer oost pent, seen near Cape Ann, Massachusetts, ofte portugaels Indien. Inhoudende een bein August, 1819. 59 pp. I pl. 80. Loss- schrijvinghe dier landen, zee-kusten, havens, dosn, [1820]? rivieren, hoecken ende plaetsen, met de ghe[With SCHLEICHER (J. C.) Catalogus plantarum, denck-weerdighste historien der selver, etc. etc.] 4 pl. 160 pp. 5 maps. 36 pl. fol. AnmstelreLinschoten (Jan Huyghen van). Beschrij- dam, J. E. Cloppenbuacr, 1623. vinge van America mnitsgaders de deelen der The same. 2 p. 1. 160 pp. 1 p1. fol. selver, als Nova Francia, Florida, de eyAnzstclredam, E. Cloppenbzrch, 1644. landen diemen Antillas, Jucaya, Cuba, Ja - [Imperfect: 2 p. 1.5 maps. 35 pl. wanting]. maica, etc. 33 1. fol. Amstelredam, J. E. _ The same. Discours of voyages into ye Cloppesnburcl, 1623. East and West Indies. [Translated by W. [With his Beschrijvinge van Guinea. Itinerarivm. ed. 1623]. Philips. Book 1]. 197 pp. 3 maps. 34 pl. fol. The same. 33 1. fol. AmLstelredam, E. London, J. Wolfe, [1598]. Cloppenburchl, 1644. The same. Histoire de [son] naviga[With his Beschrijvinge van Guinea. Itinerarivm. tion et de son voyage es Indes Orientales. The same. [The description of A1mer- Avec annotations de B. Palvdanus. Le tout ica. Translated into English by W. Philips]. nou5ellement tradlict en Franois. 2 p.1. pp. 216-259. fol. London, J. Wolfe, 1598. 21 pp. 2 aps. 7 p. fol. Amstelrddam, T. [WIith his True description of Guinea. Discours of Pierre, 1610. voyages. ed. 15981. [Imperfect: 2 pl. wanting].

Page  191 191 LINSCHOTEN. LITTELL. Linschoten (Jan HIuyghen van)-continued. Lippincott (Sara Jane Clarke) —continued. - The same. 3e 6d. 4 p. 1. 206 pp. 7 maps. Grace Greenwood. [pseudon. 1st series]. 37 pl. fol. Amsterdam, E. Cloppenburgh, viii, 406 pp. 120. Boston, Ticknor, Reed 1638. &- Fields, 1850. S. The same. Navigatio in orientem. fol. Lippincott's magazine of literature, science, Francfordii, fIJ Richterzas et M. Becklerus, and education. Jan. to Dec. 1869. v. 3-4. 1599-1601. 80. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott 4& co. 1869. [BRY (T. de). Collectiones. Series ii. Pars 2. pp. 1-114. Pars 3. pp. 1-54.3 maps. 7 pl.] Lippitt (Francis J.) Field service in war: Reys-gheschrift van de navigatien der comprising marches, camps, and cantonPortugaloysers in orientten: in-houdende de ments, outposts, convoys, reconnoissances, zee-vaert, so van Portugael na Oost-Indien, foraging, and notes on logistics. 1 p. 1. als van Oost-Indien weder naer Portugael. 158 pp. 120. New Yorl7, D. Van Nostrand, Alles by een vergadert, ende uyt de portu- 1869. galoysche ende spaensche sprake over-ghe- Lipsius (Johann Gottfried). Bibliotheca nuset. 134 pp. fol. Aimstelredam, J. E. Clop- maria sive catalogus auctorum, qui usque ad penblurch, 1623. finem seculi xviii de re monetaria aut numis [With his Itinerarivm. ed. 16231. scripserunt, [etc.] Prmefatus est brevi comThe same. 134 pp. fol. Amstelredasm, memoratione de studij rei numismatica anE. Cloppenburch, 1644. tiquioris vicissitudinibus Christ. Gottl. W E~ith L is Itingerarivin. ed. 1644]. Heyne. 2 v. xvi, 278 pp; pp. 279-548. 80. The same. The nauigation of the Port- LipsiHye Sc2.ifer, 1801. ingales into the East Indies, containing their Lisw S trauels by sea, into East India, and from the Liskenne (Franqois Charles). R6sum6 de East Indies into Portingall. Translated out l'histoie de jesuites. 3 p. 3pp. 18. of Dutch by W. P[hilips]. pp. 307-447.1 map. fol. London, J. I'Volfe, 1598. Lisle (Edward). Observations in husbandry. [With his Discours of voyages into the E. and W. In- 2d ed. 2 v. 398 pp. 1 1. 1 portrait; 406 pp. dies. Booke 3. ed. 1598]. 1 1. 120. London, J. Hshees, 1757. The same. Le grandc foutier de mer..., t, The same. L grand routir d r Lisola (Fran9ois Paul, baron de). Bouclier Continant une instruction des r outes et cours Continant une tion s routs t cours d'estat et de justice, contre le dessein maniqu'il convient tenir en la navigation des Indes festemont decouvert do la monarchie univerOrientales. Tlracluit de Flemeng en FranOdis. 2a p.. t165 pp. fol. Ansterdamn Fra selle, sous le vain pretexte des pretentions de Cois. 2 p. 1. 165 pp. fol. Amsterdanm, E. opp 1638a reyne de France. [anon.] 358 pp. 240. Cloppenbuergh, 1638. S. [With his Histoire de [son] navigation es Indes Orin- Pais]? 1667 entales. ed. 1638]. Listemr ann (Bernhard). A method of modVoyagie, ofte schip-vaert, van by noor- ern violin playing. 1 p. 1.73 pp. 40~. Bosden om langes Noorwegen de Noordt-Caep, ton, 0. Ditson & co. 1869. Laplandt, Vinlandt, Ruslandt, de kusten van Lister (Martin). Historize animalium Anglime, Kandenoes, etc. door de strate ofte enghte van tres tractatus. Unus de araneis, alter de Nassouw tot voor by de reviere Oby. 7 p. 1. cochleis, tum terrestribius, tum fluviatilibus, 38 1. 8pl1. fol. Francker, G. Ketel, 1601. tertius de cochleis marinis. Quibus adjectus [With his Itinerarivm. ed. 1623. Imperfect]. est quartus de lapidibus ejusdem insulie ad ----- The same. 2 p. 1.38 1. 11 pl. fol. Am- cochlearum imaginem figuratis. 4 p.1.250 sterdasm, J. E. Cloppenbhtrg, 1624. pp. 1 1. 9 pl.: sm. 4~. Londini, J. Martyn, [ With his Itinerarivm. ed. 1644]. 1678. S. Lintler (G. A. d. d.) A memoir of the rev. Literary (The)panorama. A review of books, Walter Gunn, late missionary in India, from a register of events, a magazine of varieties. the evangelical lutheran church of the United Conducted by C. Taylor]. Oct. 1806, to States. 156 pp. 180. Albany, E. H. Pease July, 1819. 24 v. 80. London, C. Taylor, & co. 1852. 1807-19. Lionne (Artus de). Curvilineorvm amcenior NOTE.-No more published. Continued as Colburn's contemplatio. 14 p. 1. 116 pp. sin. 40~. Lvg- new monthly magazine and literary panorania. dvni, V?. Barbier, 1654. Littell (John). Family records: or, genealLippincott (Sara Jane Clarke). Greenwood ogies of the first settlers of Passaic valley leaves: a collection of sketches and letters. By (and vicinity), above Chatham, with their an

Page  192 192 LITTELL. LOBSTER. Littell (John)-continued. Liverpool (The) repository, of literature, phicestors and descendants, as far as can now losophy and commerce. By an association be ascertained. 2 p. 1. 504 pp. 2 p. 802. Felt- of literary gentlemen. 2 p. i. 792 col. on 1981. ville, (N. J.) D. Felt & co. 1851. 8~. Liverpool, C. Gray, 1826. Little (The) brook, and its travels. [anon.] Lives (The) and battles of Tom Sayers, the 24 pp. 1 pl. 18~. Philadelphia, American champion of England, and John C. Heenan, sunday school union, 1866. "the Benicia boy," with full accounts of Little drops of rain. By the author of "]Nell's their various contests in the ring. [With] mission." [anon.] 237 pp. 3 pl. 160. New the new rules of the ring. [anon.] 94 pp. York, R. Carter 8' brothers, 1870. 1 1. 2 portraits.~ 8~. New York, R. M. De Little Effie's home. By the author of " Don- Witt, [1860]. aid Fraser," [etc. anon.] 266 pp. I pl. Living thoughts. See Means (C. A.) 160. New York, R. Carter b& brothers, 1870. Livingston (Henry). "The money-maker;" Little girls' habits. By Zell. [pseudon.] 60 or, how to get rich, Being a guide to pp.'2 pl. 180. Philadelphia, presbyterian business success, [etc.] and designed as board of publication, 1869. a help to those out of employment. [anon.] Little (The) house in the hollow. 227 pp. 3 320 pp. 18~. New, York, H. Livingston, pl. 16%. Philadelphia, American sunday [1868]. school u anion, 1868. Livingston (William). A review of the milschool unions in North A18erica 1753-56. Little Jack's four lessons. By the author of itry opertions in North, In a letter to a nobleman. [anon. With] "Sunday all the week," [etc. anon.] 109 pp. 3 pl. 160. New York, R. Carter & broth- col. WVashington's journal of his expedition ers, 1869. to the Ohio, in 1754, and letters [etc. ] found in the cabinet of maj. gen. Braddock, after Little Joe Carter, the cripple; or, learning to his defeat near Fort Du Quesne, [etc.] 276 his defeat near Fort Du Quesne, [etc.] 276 forgive. By the author of "Try." [anon.] pp. 1. Dulin, P. ilson J. Eshaw 144 pp. 3 pl. 180. Philadelphia, presbyte- pp. 120. Dublin, P. Wilson c J. Exshaw, 144 pp. 3 ph. 1 8. Philadelphia, presbyte- ]757. rian board of publication, 1864. eAn boar p lict, 1u. Llorente (Juan Antonio). Discursos histoLittle (A) leaven in a little lump. By the an- rico-canonicos sobre los beneficios patrirnothor of "Nic at the tavern." [anon.] 109 niales de las iglesias parroquiales del obispp. 2 pl. 180. Philadelphia,. American sun. pado de Calahorra y la Calzada. Parte dlay school union, 1865. primera, [etc.] 12 p.1.259 pp. 160. PamLittle (The) manual of devotion to the sacred plona, J. A. Castilla, 1789. s. heart of Jesus. [anon.] 171,71 pp. 320. Lloyd (Lieut. col. John Augustus). On the Cincinnati, J. P. IValsh, 1867. facilities for a ship canal communication, Little Margery. By Alice Gray. Epseudon.] between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, 150 pp. 3 pl. 180. New York, R. Carter through the isthmus of Panama. With an brothers, 1867. abstract of the discussion upon the paper. Little (A) more, and other stories. [anon.] p.1.34 pp. 2pl. 8~. London, i Clowes 216 pp. 3 pl. 180~. Philadelphia, presbyte-. ss, 18iO. rian board of publication, [1869]. [Excerpt minutes of proceedings, v. 9, of the instituLittle (The) preacher. By the author of "The tion of civil engineers]. flower of the family." Canon.] 223 pp. Lobe (J. C.) Catechism of [musical] compo180. New York, A. D. F. Randolph, 1867. sition. Translated by Fanny Raymond Little (The) watchman. By the author of Ritter. vii, 183 pp. 16~. New York, J. "Annie Lincoln's lesson." [anon.] 252 Schuberth &f co. [1868]. pp. 3 pl. 18~. Philadelphia, presbyterian Lobo (Felix). Resumen de la historia de los board of publication, 1866. Judios, de la revelacion, y de la religion Liverpool, (England). Liverpool, 1816. christiana. 6 p. 1. 139 pp. 16~0. Madrid, imGore's directory for Liverpool and its envi- prenta del supremo consejo de Indias, 1782. s. rons; containing an alphabetical list of the [Imperfect: pp. 1 and 2 wanting]. merchants, traders, and principal inhabitants: Lobster (The) boy; or, the son who was a also, lists of the mayor and council, officers of heaviness to his mother. By the author of the customs and excise, etc. iv, 290, 140 pp. "The fisher boy." [anon.] 120 pp. 3 pl. 1 map. 16~. Liverpool, J. Gore, 1816. 18~. Boston, American tract society, 1865.

Page  193 193 LOCH. LONDON. Loch (James). Memoir of George Granville, London. New guide to stage coaches, waglate duke of Sutherland. 83 pp. I portrait. gons, carts, vessels, etc. for 1814. Being a 4~. London, 1834. list of all the inns in London where stage Locke (D. 1R?) Nasby. Divers views, coaches and waggons put up and set out opinions, and prophecies of Petroleum V. from, with their respective days and hours, Nasby. [pseudon.] 6thed. 12.' Cincin- [etc.] Likewise a list of coasting vessels, nati, 1866.. barges, etc. By Critchett and Woods. Lodenstein, See Lodesteyn. 12th ed. 4 p.1. 144 pp. 120. London, J. Lodesteyn (Jodocus van). Kort en zedig on- Richardson, 1814. rzoek va't erigt nopende den sabbat With LONDON post-office directory for 1814]. derzoek van't berigt nopende den sabbath, [etc.] Benevens de Laatste gedagten over -- The same, for 1819. 17th ed. 4 p.1. de zedelykheit des vierten gebodis, [etc.] 156 pp. 120. London, J. Richardson, 1819. 12 p. 1. r724 pp* 3 1. 1Goningen,. [ With LONDON post-office directory for 1819J. Sc 7cuti4ngh, 1746. -1Grie J The post-office annual directory, for Loe or Low(Roblert). Effigiatio vei sabba- 1814. Being a list of merchants, traders, thismi. l p. 1. 197 pp. sin. 40 Losndini, etc. of London, and parts adjacent, [etc.] Im. NoIrton, 1605, General information relating to the post-ofL.oerwt. See Lw. fice, [etc.] By Crichett and Woods. 15th Lof-dicht over de heerlijcke victorie, in bet ed. 5 p. 1. 426 pp. 2 1r 120, London, proveroveren van de silver vlote, in de baey van prietors, [1813]. Matanca, onder het beleyt van den generael c The same. The post-office annual diPieter Pieterz Heyn, [1629]. Als oock het rectory for 1819. 20th ed. 6 p.1. 440 pp, veroveren der twee galioenen, comende uyt de 21. 120. Lonzdon, poprietors, [ 1818 Honduras. [anon.] 6 1. sm. 40. Middel- ~The same. London postoffice directory, bvrgh, Z. Ronan, 1629. by Frederic Kelly, for the years 1847, 1848, Logan (Olive). Apropos of women and 1851,1852, 1856, 1857, 1858, 1859, and 1860. theatres. With a paper or two on Parisian 9 v. 80. London, W. Kelly & co. 1847-60. topics. 240 pp. 120. lNew York, Carleton, LondQn (Anthropological society of). Jour1869. nal of the anthropological society of LonLogau (Friedrich von). Sinngedichte. 8~. don. v. 1-7. 80. London, 1863-69, Berlin, Voss, 1838. t;Vith The anthropological review]. [ 1With LEssING (G. E.) S'mmtliche sehriften. v. 5, ~ The anthropological review. 1863-69, pp. 104-3551. v. 1-7. 8%. London, 1863-69. Lombard (Jean Guillaume). Materiaux pour v. 1-7. 8. Lonon, 1863-9. Wanting v. 3 (no. 9-10); v. 4 (all). v. 5 (no. 16servir ~ l'histoire des ann6es 1805, 1806 et L17); v. 6, v. 7 (no. 26:-27)]. 1807; dedi6s aux Prussiens, par un ancien London (The) catalogue of periodicals, newscompatriote. [anon.] 216 pp. 160. Paris, papers, and transactions of various societies, Colnet, [etc.] 1808. also a list of metropolitan printing societies Lombardini (Elia). Della condizione idraun and clubs for 1869. 28th annual ed. 16pp. lica della pianura subapennina fra l'Enza 8Q. London, Longmans, [1869]. ed il Panaro. vii, 176 pp. 1 1. 4 maps and London daily times. See Times (The Lonp1. 40. Milano, tipografia degli ingegneri, don daily). 1865. s. London (The), Edinburgh, and Dublin phiEssai sur l'hydrologie du Nil. Traduit losophical magazine and journal of science. de l'Italien par l'auteur. vii, 72 pp. 3 pl. Conducted by sir R. Kane, and W. Francis. 40. PaZis, Challamel ai6,. 1865. s. 4th series. v. 36-38. July, 1868, to Dec. Della naturna dei laghi e delle opere 1869. 3v. 80. London, Taylor & Francis, intese a regolarne l'efitisso. 2'~ ed. con ag- 1868-69. giunte. 165 pp. 2 pl. 40~ Milano, tipo- London (Geological society of). Quarterly grafia degli ingegzeri, 1866. s. journal. v. 23-24. 1867-68. 8~. London, Lombardo (Salvatore). Gramimatica della Longsnan & co. 1867. lingua italiana. Adattata all' uso ed in- London [The] mercury; containing the histelligenza dei Greca; [ori, Fpao/zLartl TrVy tory, politics, and literature of England, for'I7TalZ.ttK yi6oamusy, etc. 6 p. 1. 213, L' pp. the year 1780. 3 p. 1. viii, 392, 151 pp. 80. 120. AOjvatg, A. K. TiapiroXa, 1858. S. London, J. Murray, 1781. 25

Page  194 1.94 LONDON. LORD. London (The) pocket pilot; or, stranger's Long Island historical society. Memoirs. guide. 90pp. 8~. London, J. Roach, [about v. 2. 80. Brooklyn, by the society, 1869. 1790]. CONTENTS. [Imperfect: wvanting title page and pl.] FIELD (T. WV.) The battle of Long Islanid. London (Royal geographical society of). Longus. Daphnis and Chloe. A pastoral See Royal geographical society. novel. Now first selectly translated into London (The) sensation comic songster. Con- English from the original Greek. By Charles taining popular songs, as sung by J. C. Rob- Valentine Le Grice. 9266 pp. 16~. Peninson, in London, Liverpool, and New York. zance, T. Vigurs, 1803. 64 pp. 160. New York, F. A. Brady, [1869]. Look (Henry M.) Masonic trials, and MichLondon times. See Times (The London igan digest: a treatise upon the law and daily). practice of masonic trials, with forms and Long (George). The decline of the Roman precedents.'227 pp. 160. Pontiac, (Michrepublic. v. 3. 80~. London, Bell 4 Daldy, igan), Rann &'Turner, 1869, 1869. Loomis (Rev. A. V.) Confucius and the Long (John). Voyages chez diffdrentes na- Chinese classics; or, readings in Chinese tions sauvages de l'Amn6rique septentrionale; literature. Edited ant compiled. 432 pp. renfermant des details curieux sur les 16~. San Francisco, A. Roman c' co. 1867. moeurs, usages, etc. des Cahnuagas, des In- Loomis (Elias, II. d.) Elements of astronomy. diens des Cinq et Six nations, Mohawks, Designed for academies and high schools. Connecedagas, Iroquois, Chippeways, [etc.] 254 pp. 120. New Yok, Harper 4' brothTraduits de l'Anglois avec des notes par J. ers, 1869. B. L. J. Bellecocq. i. p. 1. xxxvi, 320 pp. 1 Elements of geometry, conic sections, map. 8~. Paris, Prault, 1794. and plane trigonometry. 234, 58 pp. 12~. Long (R. H.) Hunt's gazetteer of the border New Yok, Harper 4 brothers, 1869. Loomis (Lafayette C!.) Mizpah; friends at and southern states; containing a full discription of the railroad routes, turnpike prayer. 391 pp. 120. Philadelphia, J. B. roads, cities, towns, etc. And showing disand-book and reliable gde Loomis (Rev. William Isaacs). The antitance.s, etc. A hand-book and reliable guide toanche s, ldiet.A 22pIc] ap 8. newtonian. Incidents and facts in my life. for the soldiers.'272 pp. 1 col. map. 180~. Pitatsburgh, (Pa.) J. 1P. Hlnst, [1863]. 59 pp. 1 portrait. 8C. New York, T. HolPittsbuLrh, (P.n ) J.. MCliunt, [ 1863]. mnan, 1869. L;Ong (Stephen Harriman) and McNeill (Vil- --- DI)iscovery of the origin of gravitation, liam Gibbs). Narrative of the proceedings and the majestic motive force which geneof the board of engineers of the Baltimore rated the diurnal and yearly revolutions of and Ohio railroad company, from its organi- the heavenly bodies. In two parts. 130 pp. zation to its dissolution, with an exposi- 80. Martindale Depot, (N. Y.) 1866. tion of facts, illustrative of the conduct of [With his The anti-newtonianl. sundry individuals. 189, 95 pp. 8~. Bal- Lopez (Santiago). Nueva guia de caminos timore, Bailey S F'racncis, 18839. para ir desde Madrid, por los de rueda y herLongfellow (Henry Wadsworth). The build- radura, a todas las ciudades y villas mas ing of the ship. 79 pp. 20 pl. 160. Boston, principales doe Espaila y Portugal, y tambien Fields, Osgood &' co. 1870. para ir de unas ciudades a otras. 3a ed. 194 Poems. 5th ed. 117 pp. 8~. New pp. 1 1. I map. 18~. Madrid, viuda de AzYork, Harper & bros. 1848. nar, 1818. S. - - Saggi de' novellieri italiani d'ogni se- Lorain (John). Nature and reason harmlocolo; tratti da' pii celebre scrittori, con nized in the practice of husbandry. xi, 563 pp. brevi notizie intorno alla vita di ciascheduno. 8~. Philadelphia, H. C. Carey c4 I. Lea, 1825. vi, 168 pp. 12~. Boston, Gray & Bowen, 1832. Lord (Charles E.) Evidences of natural and Longinus, or Dionysius Cassius Longinus. revealed theology. 580 pp. 80. PhiladelLonginus on the sublime. A new transla- phia, J. B. Lippincott 4c co. 1869. tion, chiefly according to the edition of Lord (John, 1l. d.) Ancient states and emWeiske. By a master of arts [at] Oxford. pires, for colleges and schllools. 645 pp. 1 1 p. 1. vi, 92 pp. 120. London, S. Cornish table. 1 map. 80. New York, C. Scribner & co. [1840]. & co. 1869.

Page  195 195 LORD. LOVIANO, Lord Byron's defence. [In the matter of the Lotich (Peter)-contiuued, Stowe scandal]. [anon.] 14 pp. sm. 40~. scripta. Notis instruxit P. Burmannus. 2 v. London, 1869]. 2 p. 1. 721 pp; 1 p. 1. 390 pp. 40. AmtelceLord (The) a strong tower; illustrated in the dami, ofticina schouteniana, 1754. history of Joseph, of Daniel and his compan- Lottie Wilde's picnic. By grandmother Hope. ions, and of Lazarus. 132 pp. 3 pl. 12~0. [pseudon.] Founded on facts. 180, New Philadelphia, American s. s. union, 1851. s. York, BroeAghton c' Wyman, 1867. Lorgues (Roselly de). See Roselly de Lor- Louis xviii. (kingf of France). Manuscrit ingues (Antoine F. F. V.) s (Atoine F. F..) dit de Louis xviii; prdc6d6 d'un examen de Loriner (Mary, pseudon?) Among the trees; sa vie politique jusqu'i la charte de 1814. a journal of walks in the woods, and flower- Par [F6lix] Martin Doisy. 1 p. 1. xv, 485 pp. hunting through field and by brook. 2 p. 1 1 portrait. I fec-simile. 80. Paris, I. G. 153 pp. sin. 4~. New York, Hurdl 4 Houah Michlad, 1839. to~n, 1869. -___ Memoires. See Laiiothe-Langon Loring (F. WV.) ald Atkinson (C. F.) Cotton culture and the south considered with tit Louis (Jean). Easy and elementary course reference to emigration. 2 p. 1. 183 pp. 120. of singing selected from German and other Boston, A. I'Villiams. co. 1869. t B~oston, A. W~illiamns 4 Co. 1869. authors. Part 1. 48 pp. sm. 40. PhilaLorinser (Franz). An introduction to the delphia, Lee 4 Walker [1869]. Autos sacramentales. sm. 40. Dublin, 1867. [In CALDERON DE LA BARCA (P.) Mysteries of Louvet de Couvray (Jean Baptiste). Accucorpus christi, pp. 1-67]. sation intentee dans la convention nationale, Losa (Francisco de). The holy life, pilgrim- contre Maximilien Robespierre, le 29 octobre age, and blessed death of Gregory Lopez; a 1792. 15 pp. 80. Paris, J. B. Louvet, 1795. Spanish hermit in the W-est Indies. 2d ed. A Maximilien Robespierre, et h sesroy28 p. l. 232 pp. 18B. London, 17 C. 1686. alistes. 55 pp. 8~. Paris, J. B. Louvet, 1795. _ —-'The same. [anon. ] Edited by J. Eyre. E With the preceding]. 123 pp. 18%. New York, J. Eyre, 1841. Quelques notices pour l'histoire, et le Losada (Domingo). Compendio chronologico rdcit de mes perils depuis le 31 mai 1793. de los privilegios regulares de Indias, desde 190 pp. 80. Paris, J. B. Louvet, 1793. Leon x. creado el aflo de 1513, hasta Cle- [ With the preceding]. oente xii. creado el ailo de 1730. 23 p. 1. The same. 307pp. 80. Paris, J. B. 468 pp. 8 1. si. 40. Madrid, 1737. Louvet, [1794]. Lossada (Luis de). Institutiones dialecticme, The adventures of the chevalier de Fauvulgo summulhe, ad primam pattem philo- blas, the French Don Juan. Written by sophici cursus pertinentes. 2 p. 1. 194 pp. 11. himself, [pseudon.] 192 pp. 8~. Boston, 80. Salmantica, F. Garcia Onorato y San Irving & co. 1843. Miguel, 1721. [FRENCH novels. v. 5]. Lossing (Benson J.) The pictorial field-book Love (Thomas). The art of dyeing, cleaning, of the war of 1812; or, illustrations, by pen scouring, and finishing, on the most approved and pencil, of the history, biography, English and French methods. 2d American scenery, relics, and traditions of the last war ed. [With] general instructions for the use for American independence. 1 p. 1. 1084 pp. of aniline colors. xxviii, 17-343 pp. 8~. 3 pl. 80. New York, Harper 4' brothers, 1868. Philadelphia, H. C. Baird, 1869. Lost (The) father; a story of a Philadelphia boy. Lovell (John E. ) Lovell's progressive readers, By the author of " Chinaman in California," no. 2. 216 pp. 160. New Haven, Durrie & etc. [anon.] 319 pp. 4 p1. 18I. Philadelphia, Peck, 1855. s. presbyterian publication conmmittee, [1869]. The samue. No. 4. 404 pp. 120. New Lost Willie. [anon.] 85 pp i. 1 pl. 1~. Haven, Durrie & Peck, 1857. s. New Yolk, A D. F. F. ndolph 4 co. 1870. Lovell (M. S.) The edible mollusks of Great Lothrop (Amy, pseudon.) See Warner Britain and Ireland, with recipes for cooking (Anna B.) them. 4 p. 1.207 pp. 12 pl. 12~. London, Lotich (Peter, the younger). Poemata omnia, Reeve & co. 1867. [etc.] Accedunt ejusdem narratio historica Loviano (Pedro de). Historia y milagros del de ctede Melchioris Zobelli, [etc. ] epistola- ssle Christo de Burgos.. 12 1. 220 pp. 1 i. urnm libri duo; vita a diversis auctoribus de- 8~o Bargos, J, de Ast-lez, 1740, S.

Page  196 196 LOW. LUIS DE GRANADA. LSw (Hermann). Diptera Americe septen- Loyson (Charles, cealled pr'e HTyacinthe). trionalis indigena. (Centurial 1na-5a). 1 p.1. Discourses on various occasions. Translated 266 ppo 8~. Berolini, typis A. W. Schadii, by rev. Leonard W. Bacon. With a biograph1861. s. ical sketch. xliv, 198 pp. 1 portrait. 120. Low (Johann Adam)? The analysis of nobility, New York, G. P. Putnam &' son, 1869. in its origin, as military, nercantile, andlit. Loza (Francisco). See Losa. erary; proofs, privileges, duties, acquisition, I Lozano (Christoval). Soledaries de lavida, y and forfeiture thereof, interspersed with seve- desengaios de el mundo. Novelas exemral curious monuments of history, relating to plares. 4 p. 1. 378 pp. 8~. Madrid, F. M. laws of chivalry, creations, degradations, Atbad, 1722. S. tournaments, etc. Translated from the original German of baron von Lowhen. With notes. 1 p.1.iv pp. 3 1. 317 pp. 3 1. 160. von des jesuiter ordens ursprung, namen, Lonon, J. Robson, 1754. regulen, beampten, gelhibden, freyheiten London, J. Robinson, 1754. regiment, lehr, fortpflantzung, thaaten, vnd I-ow (Samuel). Poems. 2 v. 147 pp; 168 verichtungen, so wol ins gemein, als insonpp. 16~. New York, Tr. T.' J. B~Swords, 1800. derheit, 14 p. 1. 878 pp. 7 1. 1 pl. 40. Basel, Lowe (Thomas Hill, editor). Poems chiefly J. J. Genath, 1626. dramatic. 4 p. 1. 140 pp. 16~. London, If. tic. 41.140pp. London, Lucy at home. By Zell. [pseudon.] 72 pp. Picfkering, 1840. 180. Philadelphia, presbyterian board of pubLowell (James Russell). The cathedral. I p.l. lication, 1869. 53 pp 16~.o Bostozn, Fi~elds, Osgood 4 o. Ludlow (John Malcolm). Woman's work in ] &70. the church. Historical notes on deaconesses _ Poems. xii, 279 pp. 12,. Cambrlidge, and sisterhoods. xvii, 317 pp. 16~. Lon-.J. Owen, 1844. don, A. StrahLan, 1866. - - Poetical works. Complete[ "diamond"] do, 1 7 s BtLudolph or Leutholff (Job). Iobi Lvdolfi, ed. 14, 437 pp. sq. 18~. Boston, Fields, s Osgood,,o 186918Salias Leutholf dicti, ad suam historiam Osgood.. co. 1869, emthiopicam antehac editam commentarius, A year's life. viii1 182 pp5 16~. BosAton C. C. Little J. Bvini, 1824P1 o in que plurima geographica, historiea et tonell, C(RCbeLitte Jrail Brownce).Fre, 11 critica, imprimis vero antiqvitatem ecclesiasLowell (Robert Trail Spence). Fresh hearts ticam illvstrantia exponuntur. 3 p. 1. 30 pp. that failed three thousand years ago; with 6cofi ad eum, 1 1.63- pp.6 pl0 fol. Francof'ti ad Mcenum, other things. By the author of I"The new J. D. Z 6nner, 16fl. priest in Conception bay." vi pp. 1 1. 121 pp. 120. Boston, Ticknor 4c Fields, 1860. Ludwig (Johann Friedrich). Neueste naLowell (City of, Massachusetts). City docu- chrichten von Surinam. Als handbuch fir ments, 1868-69. 17 v. in 1. 8~. Lowell, reisende und beytrag zur lhnderkunde, her1869, ausgegeben und mit anmerkungen erlaiutert, yon Philipp Friedrich Binder. xxxii pp. 4 Forty-first annual report of the school commlttee, with the third annual report of 1.260pp.1 map. 160, lena, kademischebuchthe superintendent of public schools, 1866. handlun, 1789. 72 pp. 1 tab. 80, Lowell, Stone & H1use, Luiken (Jan.) De schriftuurlyke geschie1867. denissen en gelykenissen van het oude en iLowrie (John M. d. d. ) The life of David. nieuwe verbond; vertoonende 337 figuuren. 448 pp. 1 portrait. 160. Philadelphia, pres- Verrykt met bybelse verklaaringen en stichtbyterian board of publication, [1869]. elyke verzen, door Joannes Luiken. Met The prophet Elisha. To which is pre- het leven van den dichter. 2 v. 8 p. 1. 380 fixed a memoir of the author. By the rev. pp. 21; 14 p. 1. pp. 381-676.21. 1 portrait. 40~ William D. Howard, d. d. 287 pp. 1 pl. 16. Amsteldam, Arentz, en Van der Sys, 1712. Philadelphia, presbyterian board of publica- Luis de Granada. Libro de la oracion y tion, [1869]. meditacion, en el qual se trata de la conLoyal heart: the pale-face hunter. [anon.] sideracion de los principales misterios de 100 pp. 12~. New York, American news nuestra f6, y de las partes y doctrina para la co. [1868]. oracion. 4 p. 1. 476 pp. 160. iladrid, EsLoyola (St. Ignatius de). See Ignatius. pinosa, [about 1810].

Page  197 197 LUITPRAND. LUZARCHE. Luitprand or Liutprand. De vitis romano- Luther (Martin)-continued. rvm pontificvm. Item Albonis floriacensis aliquod Dei~decretum in libro ipso statuerit, abbatis Epitome de vitis eorvndem ex Anas- precipu6 vindicatur, editus A Sebastiano tasii bibliothecarij historia excerpta. 4 p.. Schmidt. 11p. L381pp. 160. [n.p.]J.C. 162pp. 61. 40. Mogvntiee,. Albinus, 1602. Nagels, 1664. s. [r iith ANASTASIUS bibliothecariqns. Hist. de vita rom. pontif.] Luther's kleiner katechismus, mit be Lullabies,ditties, and poetic tales for children. weisenden und erlauternden spriichen aus [anon.] 223 pp. 18%. New York, Ameri- der heiligen schrift. Zusammengestellt von can tract society, 1865. J. C. Haas. 102 pp. 180. Philadelphia, Lullin de Chateauvieux (Jacob Fred6ric). Schiefer f' Koradi, 1856. s. Lettres ecrites d'Italie en 1812 et 13, a m. The same. Nebst verschiedenen beCharles Pictet, l'un des r6dacteurs de la lehrenden und erbauenden zusditzen, wie Bibliothbquebritannique. 2v. 238 pp; 238 auch beigefiigter unveranderter augsburgipp. 1 1. 16~. Paris, J. J. Paschoud, 1816. sclier confession, neue ausg. 151 pp. 180. Lunkaszprie (Georg Carabelli, edler von). Sznnytown, (Pa.) E. Benner, 1857. s. See Carabelli (Georg). Se Crabtelli (Gorg —-) The same. Luther's small catechism; Lupus Servatus, (abbot of Ferrnilres). Opera. with additions, including the Augsburg conStephanus Balvzivs tutelensis in unum col- fession. Translated from the original Gerlegit, [etc.]'notisque illustravit. Editio seman. 144pp. 18~. Philadelphia, Ltzcsay cvnda, ab ipso cl. Balvzio mvltis in locis 4 Blakiston, 1855. s avcta atque emendata. 8 p. 1. 538 pp. 11 1. Lutheran (Evangelical) church. Hymns, so12o. lntwerpire, apud I. F. Gleditsct 5f Jilus, 17102g. apud L F. Glcditsch ~'fiius lected and original, for public and private 1710. De tribus qumstionibus liber. Cum worship. Published for the general synod ceteris adnexis anno mdcxlvii excusus, of the evangelical lutheran church in the demum ecditus cura et studio tJ. Sirmondi, United States.. 5th revised ed. xii, 660, 23 anno 1650. col. 1226-1288. fol. Parisiis, pp. 160. Baltimore, T. Newton Ku'rtz, 1861. typographia regia, 1696. Liitke (Fedor Petrowitsch, commander). Voy[Il' SIRMOND (Jacques). Opera varia. v. 2]. age autour du monde, fait par ordre de sa maLurine (Louis). Les rues de Paris. Paris jest6 l'empereur Nicolas Ier, sur la corvette le ancien et moderne; origines, histoire, monu- Seniavine, [1826-29, etc.] Partie historique. ments, [etc.] Redig6 par l'elite de la Atlas lithographic d'aprds les dessins origilitt6rature contemporaine sous la direction de naux d'Alexandre Postels, [etc. ] et du baron Louis Lurine. 2 v. 1 p. 1. 396 pp. 2 1. 27 Kittlitz. I p. 1. 58 pp. 3 maps. 51 pl. fol. pl; 1 p. 1. 412 pp. 2 1. 28 pl. 80. Paris, G. Paris, Engelmann & cie. [1835-36]. Kegvelmnann, 1844. Lutteroth (Henri). Le jour de la preparaLussan (- Raveneau de). See Raveneau tion. Lettre sur la chronologie pascale. de Lussan. 87 pp. 80. Paris, C. Meyrueis et cie. 1855. Luther (Martin). House-postil; or, sermons Luyts (Jan). Astronomica institutio. In on the gospels for the Sundays and princi- qua doctrina sphmrica atque theorica, inter pal festivals of the church-year. Tasla- mixto doctrinusu sphbmer cclestis, et variis chro ted from the German. v. 1. ix pp. 1 1. 363 nologicis, pertractantur. lO p. 1231 pp. 12 1 pp. 1 portrait. 12~. Columbus, (0.) Schulze 2pl. 40. Trajectiad Rhenum, F. Halma, 4 Gassmann, 1869. 1869 Leben, meinungen und schic.ksale d. Luz de verdades catolicas. [anon.] 3 p.l. Martin Luther's, grossten theils mit doessen eigenen worten, fur gebildete leser aus allen teignen woten, fair genildete leser aus allelm [Imperfect: title page and last two leaves wantingl. stdinden, von Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Motz. 2 p.1.220 pp. 16~. Halle, J. J. Ge- ILuzarche (Victor). Catalogue of the valubaner, 1796. able and extensive library, consisting in [Imperfect: plates wanting]. upwards of 6,000 lots of printed books and Liber de servo arbitrio, contra D. manuscripts, travels, works relating to AmerErasmum roterodamum, cum brevibus an- ica, [etc.] to be sold by auction in Paris, notationibus, quibus b. vir ab accusatione, 1869, [etc.] Part ii-iii. 1 p. 1. 304 pp. 80. quasi absolutum Calvinianorum, vel durius Paris, 1869. s.

Page  198 198 LYDE. McCLELLAN. Lyde (Augustus Foster). Buds of spring. Mably (Gabriel Bonnot de)-continued, Poetical remains, with addenda. xlii, 150 abad de Mably, y en Castellano por el doctor pp. 120. Boston, Perkins cF Marvin, 1838. Penafiel? 189 pp. 80. [Madrid, about1800]. Lyle (David). The art of short-hand im- [Imperfect: title page wanting]. proved, [etc.] 1 p. l. lxxii, 29,76 pp 80. Remarks concerning the government Lonfdon, A. Mfillelr, 17i62. and the laws of the United States of America; in four letters addressed to mr. Adams. Lylyor Lilly (John). Euphues. Theanatomy From the French: with notes by the transof wit, 1579. Euphues and his England, of wit, 1579. Eupues and his England, lator. 2 p.1. 280 pp. 8~. Dublin, Moncrieffe 1580, [etc.] Carefully edited by Edward and others, 1785. Arber. 2p. 1. 479 pp. 16~. London, A. Macanus, ( urray & son, ~868. ~ Macarius, gyptius (St.) Hollmilime qvinqvaMlurray & son, 1868. [ARBER'S English reprints, no. 9]. ginta: interprete Joanne Pico parisiensi. 29 P. 1. 311 pp. 16~. _Parisiis, G. Mitoreius, 1559. Lynd (James). The class-book of etymology,,, [etc.] 277,58 pp. 120. Philadelphiai, E. Macaulay (Aulay). Polygraphy; or, shortC. & J. Biddle, 1847. S. hand made easy to the meanest capacity: being an universal character fitted to all Lylnn, (Massachusetts). The Lynn directory, languages, which may be learned by this with an almanac for 1858, no. 7. By Adams, book without the help of a master. The 3d Sampson & co. ] 8. Boston, J. M. Munroe, S8ampson co. 18 Boston, J. M. Munroc, ed. with his latest improvements, by the in1858. s. ventor. 3 p. 1. xxvi, 119 pp. 18~. London, Lyon (James). Urania; or, a choice collec- antlor, 1756. tion of psalm-tunes, anthems, and hymns, McBride (James). Pioneer biography. fiom the most approv'd authors, with some Sketches of the lives of some of the early entirely new. 5 p. 1. xii, 198 pp. obl. 120. settlers of Butler co. Ohio. v. 1. ] p. 1. xiv, Philadelphita, 1761. 352 pp. 1 portrait. 8a. Cincinnati, R. Clarke [411. of ms. music prefixed]. 4 co. 1869. Lyons (Joseph A.) Silver jubilee of the uni- [oHu ovalley historical series. v. 4]. versity of Notre Dame, June 23d, 1869. 266 McCabe (James D. jr.) Planting in the pp. i pl. 3 portraits. smin. 4~. Chicago, E. wilderness; or, the pioneer boys. A story of B. Myers & co. 1869. frontier life. 256 pp. 4 pl. 16'. Boston, Lyttelton (George, baron Lyttelton). Ob- Lee d4 Shepard, 1870. servations on the conversion and apostleship Maccarthy (Jacques or Jean). Choix de of St. Paul. 80~. London, 1748. voyages dans les quatre parties du monde; [In WEsT (G.) Defence of the christian revelation, o, prcis des voyages les plus intressans, etc. 1748. pp. 197-2461. etc. 1748. pp. 197-2463. ou, precis des voyages les plus int6ressans, Lytton (Sir Edward George Earle Lytton Bul- par terre et par mer, entrepris depuis l'anne wer, baron Lytton). See Bulwer-Lytton. 1806 jusqu'a ce jour. 10 v. 80. Paris, Mabel Clarke; or, looking unto Jesus. librairie ationale a strangre, 1821-22. CONTENTS. [anon.] 216 pp. 3 pl. 180. Philadelphia, CONTNTS. v. 1-2. Voyages en Afrique. presbyterian board of publication, [1Y868]. v. 3-4. Voyages en Asie. Mabel Clifton. A novel. By Frank Brier- v 5-6 Voages en Amdrique. v. 7-8. Voyages en Europe. wood. [pseudon?] 304 pp. 120. Phila- v. 9-10. Voyages dans lain mer du Sud. delphia, Claxton, Reimsen c HaflelMfinger, McCheyne (Rev. Robert Murray). United to 1869, God. 22 pp. 32'. Boston, American tract Mabillon (Jean). Tractatus de studiis mon- society, 1867. asticis. Accedit appendix complectens ani- Maccioni (S. M.) Falstaff, a grand opera. madversiones Mabillonii in responsionem See Balfe (Michael William) and Maccioni. Armandi Buthilierii ad eundem tractatum, McClellan (George Brinton). The report of et historia dissidii litterarii circa hec studia, maj. gen. George B. McClellan, [etc. or], a Vincentio Thuiillier gallice concinnata. letter of the secretary of war transmitting reLatine vertit J. Porta. Ed. altera. 2 v. 40. port on the organization of the army of the Venetiis, A Poletti, 1745. Potomac, and of its campaigns in Virginia Mably (Gabriel Bonnot de). Entretenimien- and Maryland, under the command of maj. tos de Phocion, sobre la conformidad, y semn- gen. George B. McClellan, from July 26, ejanza de la moral con la politica. Tradu- 1861, to November 7th, 1862. 175 pp. 80. cidos del Griego de Ni cocles [pseudon. ] por el Washington, Constitutional union office, 1864.

Page  199 1.99 McCLELLAN. MACGREGOR. McClellan (R. Guy). Republicanism in Macdonald (Duncan)-continued. America: a history of the colonial and re- Hints on farming. 10th ed. xxiii, 764, publican governments of the United States cclxviii pp. 1 portrait. 8~. London, D. of America, from the year 1607 to the year Steel, 1868. 1869. [With] constitutions, proclamations, MacDonald (George, ll. d.) Annals of a quiet platforms, resolutions, etc. Also, a brief his- neighbourhood. vi, 590 pp. 12~. London, tory of all the existing republics in the world. Strahan & co. 1868. 665 pp. 21 portraits. 80. San Francisco, R. England's antiphon. viii, 332 pp. 3 pl. J. Trumbull c4 co. 1869. 120. [London, Macmillan & co. 1868]. McClure (A. K.) Three thousand miles Guild court. 3 v. 12~. London, Hfurst through the Rocky mountains. 456 pp. 2 pl. & Blackett, 1868. 1 portrait. 120. Philadelphia, J. B. Lip- - Robert Falconer. 3 v. 120. London, pincott 4 co. 1869. Hurst & Blackett, 1868. McClure (William James). Poems. 1 p.l. 1. The seaboard parish. 3 v. 120. Lon148 pp. 1 1. 12. New York, P. O'Shea, don, Tinsley brothers, 1868. 1869. Mace (Fayette). Familiar dialogues on shaMcConaughy (David, d. d.) Discourses, kerism; in which the principles of the united chiefly biographical, of persons eminent in society are illustrated and defended. 120pp. sacred history. 404 pp. 1 portrait. 8~. Pitts- 120. Portland, C. Day 4 co. 1837. burLfh, G. Parkins & co. 1850. Maceda (Miguel Joseph de). Actas sinceras McConnell (N. A.) A debate on trine im- neuvamente descubiertas de los santos Saturmersion, etc. See Quinter (James) and nine, Honesto, y Fermin, apostoles de la McConnell (N. A.) antigua Vasconia, (hoy Navarra y sus vecinMcCoomnb (Florence, pseudon.) See Meline dades, [etc.] a p. 1. 315 pp. 80. Madrid, (Mary M.) imprenta real, 1798. s. McCosh (Rev. James, 11. d.) Philosophical M'Farland (Rev. Asa). An historical view papers. 1. Examination of sir WV. Hamil- of heresies, and vindication of the primitive ton's logic. 2. Reply to mr. Mill's 3d ed. faith. 274 pp. 1 1. 160. Concord, G. Hougfh, 3. Present state of moral philosophy in Brit- 1806. ain. 2 p. 1. pp. 473 to 484. 80. London, MacFarlane (Charles). A memoir of the Macmillan & co. 1868. duke of Wellington. In four boolks. xiv, McCulloch (John). Concise history of the 272 pp. 16~. London, G. Routledge 4J co. United States, from the discovery of America 1852. till 1807. 3d ed. 300 pp. 1 map. 160. Phil- McGee (Thomas Darcy). Die katholische adelphia,.1. McCulloch, 1807. geschichte von Nord-Amerika. See Shea McCulloch (John Ramsay). A dictionary, (John Gilmary), and McGee. practical, theoretical, and historical, of com- Mac-Geoghegan (Jacques). Histoire de merce and commercial navigation. Edited 1'Irelande ancienne et moderne, tiree des by H. Vethake, etc. v. l, xii, 767 pp. 8~. monumens les plus authentiques. 3 v. 40~. Philadelphia, A. Hart, 1851. s. Paris, A. Boudet, 1758. The same. New ed. With a biograph- McGilchrist (John). The life of William ical notice by the editor, Hugh G. Reid. Ewart Gladstone. 128 pp. 16~. Newz York, xxiv, 1558 pp. 11 maps. 30 charts. 8~. Lon- Felt & Dillinghamn, [1869]. don, Longmans, Green & co. 1869. --- The public life of queen Victoria. viii, A treatise on the principles, practice, 200 pp. 160. Newt York, Felt 4 Dillinghanm, and history of commerce. 128 pp. 80. [Lon- 1869. don, society for the diffusion of useful knowvl- McGill university. The McGill university edge, 1833]. s. calendar, and examination papers, 1867-68. [No title-page]. 2 v. in 1. 80. MAontreal, 1867. S. McCurdy (Dennis, teacher). The newAmer- MacGillivray (William, compiler). Alexanican order of arithmetic, etc. 260 pp. 120. der von Humboldt's reisen und forschungen. Baltimore, Armstrong & Berry, 1850. s. See hlumboldt (F. H. A. von). Macdonald (Duncan George Forbes). Estate Macgregor (Annie L.) The professor's management. 10th ed. xx, 126, ccix pp. wife; or, it might have been. 305 pp. 12~. 1 portrait. 80. London, D. Steel, 1868. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott 4' co. 1870.

Page  200 McGREGOR. MACKENZIE. McGregor (Sir James). The dean of Lis- Mackay (Alexander). Die westliche welt. more's book; a selection of ancient Gaelic Reise durc.h die Vereinsstaaten von Amerika. poetry, from a manuscript collection made by Aus dem Englischen iibersetzt von M. Heine. sir James McGregor, dean of Lismore, in the Nebst einer einleitung und vier illustrationen beginning of the sixteenth century. Edited, von Wilhelm Heine. 4 v. in 2. 8~. Leipwith a translation and notes, by the rev. zig, C. E. Kolmann, 1861. Thomas M'Lauchlan, and an introduction Mackay (Charles). Medora Leigh; a history and additional notes by William F. Skene. and an autobiography. Edited by Charles 2 p. 1. xcvi, 161, 164 pp. 2 pl. 80. Edin- Mackay. With an introduction, and a comburgh, Edmonston c4 Douglas, 1862. mentary on the charges brought against lord MacGreggor (Malcolm. pseudon.) See Ma- Byron bymrs. Beecher Stowe. 280 pp. 120. son (Rev. William). London, Richard Bentley, 1869. MacGregor (Robert Guthrie, editor). Epi. The same. 63 pp. 8&. New York, taphs from the Greek anthology. 1 p. 1. xv, Harper 4C brothers, 1870. 209 pp. 8~0. London, Nissen 4 Parker, McKean (Catherine). Manual of social sci1857]. ence; being a condensation of the " Principles of social science " of 1H. C. Carey. See McCuffey (William H. ) Newly revised eclectic second reader. 192 pp. 16~. Cincinnati, Carey (H. C.) W. B. Smith jc4 CO. [1848]. S. McKeever (Harriet B.) Breakers ahead;. or, Larry Dalton. 283 pp. 3 pl. 16~. Phil— The sanme. 224 pp. 160. Cenctnnatt, adelphia, J. P. Skelly 4' co. 1869. TV. B. Smith &j co. 1853. P. B. Smit 853Goodbye stories, for little children. 216 Newly revised eclectic fourth reader, etc. pp. 1 pl. 138. Philadelphia, presbyterian 332 pp. 12~o0. Cincinnati, W. B. Smith 4co. board of publication, 1866. [1853]. s. - Little Mary. 131 pp. 1 pl. 18~. Phil-....... Newly revised rhetorical guide; or, fifth adelphia, presbyterian board of publication, reader, etc. 480 pp. 120. Cincinnati, IV. 1867 f B. Smitht c co. [1853]. s. ~ Rupert Lawrence; or, a boy in earnest. hMcGuire (Irs. Jolln P.) Diary of a south- 336 pp. 2 pl. 16~. Philadelphia, J. P. Skelly ern refugee during the war. By a lady of 4' co. 1869. Virginia. Lanon.] 2d ed. 360 pp. 120. -- Westbrook parsonage. 359 pp. 1in New York, E. J. Hale L4 son, 1868. Philadelphia, Claxton, Remsen c' Haffelfinger, 1870. McHIenry (James). The hearts of steel. 1870. Mackeldey (Ferdinand). gxcurse fuber einAn Irish historical tale of the last century. selne rechtsaterien. p. 44 pp. 40 2. 3 p 1selne rechtsmaterien. 2 p. 1. 44 pp. 4~. [anon.] 2 v. x, 326 pp; 411 pp. 120. Bonn E. ee 1835. Philadelphia, A. R. Poole, 1825. 7 E Philadelphia, A.. Poole, 1825. aMcKenney (J.A. dl. d.) A devotional guide McIlvaine (J. H.) An examination of the for yonth. 76pp. 24~ Boston E. P. D for youth. 766pp. 240. Boston, E. P. Dut. Malthusian theory. From the Biblical reper- ton 4' co. 1869. tory for January, 1867. 28 pp. 8. [Phil Mackenzie (Alexander). Voyages dans adlpshia, 1867]les. Die monatlic.P- l'int6rieur de l'Am6rique septentrionale faits en McIntosh (Charles). Die monatlichen ver- 1789,1792 t 1793. L er d Montral a richtungen im blumengarten. Nach dem fot Chpioyan et 1 la mer glaciale; ae 2l nglisen origina bearbitt. 40 ei- fort C hipiouyan et la meu glaeiale; le 2 englischen originale bearbeitet. 4~. Wet~m ~r, 1861. ~s ~. du fort Chipiouyan jusqu'aux bords de mar, 1861. s. [in HARTWIG (J.) Die anlage von lust gebeiten und locean Pacifique. Prdc6dds d'u tableau blumengalten, pp. 89-126]. historique et politique sur le commerce des Mack (Alexander). Kurze und einftiltige vor- pelleteries, dans le Canada. Traduits de stellung der aiussern, aber doch heiligen l'Anglais, par J. Castera. Avec des notes, rechte und ordnungen des hauses Gottes, [etc.] du vice-amiral Bougainville. 3v. 8~. [etc.] 98 pp. 11. 160. Lancaster, J. Bdr, Paris, Dentu, 1802. 1822. Mackenzie (E.) An historical, topographical, [ With FL'EINGER (J.) Christliches handbiichhlein]. and descriptive view of the United States of Mack (Robert). Kyle Stuart; with other po- America, and of upper and lower Canada. ems. v. 1. xii pp. 2 1. 200 pp. 160. Co- With a sketch of the present state of Mexico lumbia, (Tenl.) author, 1834. and South America, and also of the native

Page  201 201 MIACKENZIE, McSHlERRY. Mackenzie (E.)-continued. M'Lellan (Isaac, jr.) Mount Auburn, and tribes of the new world. 2d ed. xv, 712 pp. other poems. 2 p. 1. 156 pp. 16. Boston, 1 map. 8 pl. 8~. Newcastle upon Tyne, W. D. Ticknor, 1843. MIAackenzie & Dent, 1819. McLeod (Alexander, d. d.) A sctiptural view 1Mackenzie (Morrell, 1.. d.) The use of the of the character, causes, and ends of the laryngoscope in diseases of the throat; with present war. 224 pp. 8~. New York, Eastan essay on hoarseness, loss of voice, and bturn, Kirk co. 1815. stridulous breathling,in relation to nervo-nlis- Mis'Leod (D. noaj. gen. patriot arny of Can ada). cular affections of the larynx. 2d ed. With A brief review of the settlement of upper.additions, and a chapter on the examination of Canada, by the N. E. loyalists and Scotch the nasal passages, by J. Solis Cohen, m. d highlanders, in 1783; and of the grievances 289 pp. 2 pi. 8~. Philadelphia, Lindsay Y4 which compelled the Canadas to have reBlakiston, 1869. course to arms in 1837 and 1838; with a McKinnen (Daniel). A general description of sketch of the campaigns of 1812-13-14. 292 the Bahaima Islands. 8S. Philadelphia, 1806. pp. 16eg. Cleveland, F. B. Penvniman, 184.1. LIn EDWARDS (B.) History of the West Indies. v. MacLeod (Norman, d.d.) Eastward. vi pp. 11. 4. pp. 329-403]. ac4. acaPP. 329-403]. (ArchibaldNeilCampbe304 pp. 45 p1. 4~. London, A. Strahan, 1866. 1Ylaclachla n (Archibald Neil Campbell). MeMoir of major gen. sir Neil Campbell.. M8 Macmillan's magazine. Nov. 1868, to Oct. moir of major gen. sir Nell Campbell. 8~. 1869. v. 19-20. 8~. London lacinillat 1869. v. 19-20o 80. London, Macmillan London, 1869. [11i CarIPBELL (Sir N.) Napoleon at Fontainebleaun co. 18690 and Elba. pp. 1-1501 L McNally (Francis). An improved system of M:cl.ain (Mary Webster). Broken idols. A geography. I p, 1. 93 pp. 4~. ANet York, story for girls. [anon.] 422pp. 3 pl. 16~. A. S. Bar'nes & co. 18,55. S. Boston, Mass. s.s. soc. 1868. ------- The sae. 110pp.35 maps. 40. Newu -_- The Italian girl; or, the victory that York, A. S. Barnes 4- co. 1867. overcometh the world. [anon.] 180 pp. 3 pl. McNeile (Rev. Hugh). Prospects of the!18. Pthiladelphia, presbytBrian publication Jews; or, a series of popular lectures on the committee, 1869. prophecies relative to the Jewish nation. hMac Larein (Archibald). A system of physi- Froml the 2d London ed. (etc.) iv, 135 pp. 80. cal education, theoretical and practical. viii, Philadelphia, 0 Raogers, 1840. 516 pp. I 1. 15 pl. 160. Oxford, Clarendon - Sermons on the second advent of the press, 1869, Lord Jesus Christ. 122 pp. 80. Philadel[CLAItENDON press series]. phia, 0. RoQers, 1840. ac L auchlnlm (HIlenry). Ecaste.rn branch of lMacoy (Robert). General history, cyclopedia, the Watling street, in the county of Northunm- and dictionary of freemasonry, [etc. includberlanld, from Benelay, near P~ortgate on the ing a dictionary of symbolical masonry. By Roman Twall, to Berwick-upon-Tweed, to- George Oliver]. 700 pp. portrait. 8S. New getlier with a branch extending from High York, snasoisc pablishiag coslnyy, 1869. Rochester to Whittingham, with enlarged Mok cPherson (Eldward, 11. do) A political plans of the adjacent camps, From a survey manual for 1869, including a classified scua made by direction of the duke of Northumber- mary of the important executive, legislative, land, (1857-59). 1 p. 1. 5 double pi. fol. Loa- judicial, politico-military, and general facts deon, printed for priroate dlistribNti~oz, 1864. s. of the period, from July 15, 1868, to July 156 McLean (Rev. Alexander). Food for the 1869. 2 p. 1. pp. 383 to 509. 80. Mashingf lambs; or, sermons for children. 195 pp. ton, Plilp & Slonons, 1869. 18.0 New York, N. Tibbals c co. 186S. Macpherson (James). See Ossia1n. and Eatoon (J.XW. editors). Penuel; Mlacquer (Pierre Joseph). 1l1mens de chyol, face to face with God. [Record of and mie-thiorique. xxij pp. 1 1.356 pp. 13 1. 4 pL sermons preached at the camp meeting at 16g. Paris J.'. Herissont, 1753. s. Vineland]. xviii, 483 pp. 1 pl. 12~. Ne7s McSherry (Richard, n. d.) Essays and lecYor0k7, IV, C. Psalnser, 186i9. tures on the early history of Maryland; Mexp Macleay (William Sharp). Illustrations of ico and Mexican affairs; a Mexican camthe, annulosa of South Africa, [etc.] 2 p2aig; oicmopaOthy; elements of hygiene; 75 pp. 4 col. pl. 40. Lond11on, 1838. pp 4 c p. 4, 38. health and happiness. I p. l. iv, 15 pp. 8e 0 I SIITH (Sir Andrew). Illustrations of the zoology B of South Africa. v. 51. Baltimore, Kelly, Pit. coo 1869. 26

Page  202 202 MACW tHORTER. MAHlABHARATA. MacWhorter (Alexander, d. d.) A series of Mage (E.) Du Sdndgal an Niger. Relation sermons, upon the most important principles du voyage d'exploration de mm. Mage et of our holy religion. 2 v. 2 p. 1.471 pp; Quintin anu Soudan occidental, de 1863' 1866. 484 pp. 8o. Newark, Pennington &' Gould, Extrait de la revue maritime et coloniale. 1803. 2 p. 1. 496 pp. I map. 80. Paris, P. DutMaddock (Henry). An account of the life pont, 1867. and writings of lord chancellor Somers, in- Magee presbyterian college, (Londonderry). cluding remarks on the public affairs in The Magee college calendar for the years which he was engaged, and the bill of rights, 1867-68 [and] 1868-69. 2 v. 120. Lonwith a comment. 2 p. 1. viii, 378,20 pp. 1 donderry, 1867-68. so pedigree. 40~. London, Clarke' sons, 1812. Magendie (Frangois). An elementary comMadison (James). Inaugural speech. 16~. pendiunm of physiology; for the use of stuBoston, S. G. Snelling, 1809. dents. From the French, with copious notes [WitilJEFFERSON (T.) Inaugrllal speeches. pp. 121- and illustrations, by E. Milligan, m. d. Re126. Boston, 180U9]. 126- ee, alsto, 1ederalist9(he)vised and corrected by a physician of Phila- See,, Federalist (The)..Madisonian (The). [Wshington semi and delphia, with an appendix. viii, 496 pp. 80% M~adisontan (Thle). [Waslhingto ln semi.nd tri-weekly]. Aug. 1, 1837, to Dec. 14, 1841. Philadelphia, J. Webster, 1824. 3 v. fol. Wl>aiington, 1837-41 - Physiological and chemical researches 3 v. f. Ia..tinaton, I.e on the use of the plussic or hydro-cyanic Madou (Jean EuroBaptiste). Physionomie 1400 jsq' nos acid in the treatment of diseases of the breast, sociWtd en Europe, depuis 1400 jusqu'a' nos jCours. 1 p, 1. 3 pp. 15 pl. 40. Bruxelles, and particularly in phthisis pulmonalis. A. Doe fasme-Pletsnckx, 1837. From the French, with notes, etc. by James G. Percival, m.d. 86 pp. 120. ANew Haven, Maffei (Giovanni Pietro). L'histoire des Indes OOrientalesetOccidentales. Traduitede Latin Hoze M' Spaldling, 1820 par in. M. D. P. [Michel de Pure]. v. in 1. MIaggi (Girolamno). De tintinnabulis, liber pos-. tumus. Franciscus Sweertius notis illustrai6 p. 1. 353 pp; I p. 1. 292 pp. I31. 4. Paris, p. dle 3ipp,; 1pill 2 9 p131ti5. 4 bat. Ed.nov 16 p.1.152 pp. 131.4pl. 18&0 R. de Ninville, 1665. A.mstelodlarnzi, S. Coimb, 16'34. Miafei (Scipione, marchese). Arte magicaan-, ihiata. ibri tre. Con un appedic. Magill (Edwarld Hiclks). An introductory nichilata. Liri CoFrench reader; containing grammatical x5 p. 1. 328 pp. 31 I. 4~. Verona, A. Alndreoni, 1ecec contcinig g mticl ex S1 p.1. 328 pp. 3 1. 40,VeronaA. Andreoni, ercises progressively arrangecl, familiar con1754. ags (Le) p u p;. versations on various subjects, and selections Magasin (Le) pittoresque, publie sous la di- rection de Euryale Cazeaux et Idouard Char- eading and ogether with ton..1833-1861. 29 v. 40. Paris, 1833- explanatory notes, ieferences to the author's 186 1. French grammrtar, and an adequate dictionary. 4th ed. vi, 451 ppo 1'2. Boston, Crosby The same. Tables alphabdtiques, 1833-. v 42,1843-52. 2 v. 4~0. Paris, 1843-53. Ainsworth, 1s68. 42) 1843'52). 2 v. 40. Paris, 184:3-53. Magner (D.) The inproved system of eduMagazin der neuesten und besten auslitLndi- Magne (D.) The improved system of edschein reisebesbreib ungen s 7 v. 160. Hsce- cating the horse. Also, a treatise on shoeing, be aizG.Vosnenr 14. 1and the diseases of the horse and their treatbzurg & 1MiZinz, G. Follmel, 1804. CGONTlENTS. molent, with valuable recipes, etc. 8th ed. v. 1-2. Denon's reisoe dtrch Ober- und Unter-Egyp- revised and enlarged. 204 pp. 160c. Rochesten. 2 v. ter, (N. E.) Evenzibnr e.r2ress plint. 1869. v. 3-4. Azuii's reiscn durch Sardinien. 2 v. v. 5-5. C. F. Volney's reisen durlch die Vereinigten Magruder (Henry R.) Sketches of the last Staaten von Nordamerika. 2 v. Staate-n von n~ordainerikra. 2 v. year of the Mexican emnpire. Ist ed. viii, v. 7. G. A. H. Guibert's reisen durlch Deutschland, year of t MIagazine (The) of horticulture, botany, and 135 pp. 5 pl. 8c, [W Wiesbaden], printed for all useful discoveries and improvements in pivate circulation, [1868]? rural affairs. Edited by C. M. Hovey. 34 v. Mahablarata. Irc7ao-alUUov0o-ata, 7ovioercv 8c. Boston, Hovey & co. 1835-68. apXatoAo~ta9 cvZt/oy7 % i Eptc (&canoyov re tat [v. 1-2. Entitled "The American gardener's magazine /YvOv lXoo(octlewv, vocltauxv re ccat cOteov and register of useful discoveries and improvements tlcioe, OUE22Ec4 a c' coyv c in horticulture and rural affairs. Conducted by C. MI. Hovey and P. B. Ilovey, jr." 1835, 1836. v. Maxa6aparaf, cvyypacetucr9 vTo rov O 02,o'-:3-10, 18:37-44, entitled as above. v. 11-20. New series. v. 1-10. 1845-54. o3ov Beaa. MerapaaeOtca Elc TOo fpayeavev. 21-25. Third series. v. 1-5. 1855-59. icov 7rapa A7?/zfrptov raZavov, vvv de rTp(TO2V v. 26-30. Fourth series. v. 1-5. 1860-64. v. 31-34. Fifth series. v. 1-4. 1865-68]. etcdoOetaa, tca er /cTa 7rpo)Eyoetv(t)v cac t waparT

Page  203 203 M AHIABItARATA. MA INE. Mahabhiarata-conti nued. Mairnonides-continued. pioewov aviOetaea,, eieu l rEO7 epytov K. Tvra - The reasons of the laws of Moses. Jov, ei-taorata dc P. Aeo-roa7'dov Koap-rov. From the " More nevochim " of Maimonides. p2g', 288 pp. 80. Ev AOqvaet, Vec 7g rv7,Vro- With notes, dissertations, and a life of the ypatac T. Xaproqvfaecoc, 1851. author. By James Townley, d.d. 451 pp, Mahan (Dennis H.) A treatise on field forti- 1 p. 8. London, Longman, Rees, Orsne, fication; containing instructions on the meth- Brown & Green, 1827. ods of laying out, constructing, defending, Maine (State of). An abstract of the returns and attacking intrenchments; with outlines of corporations made to the office of the secof the arrangement, attack, and defence of retary of state in January, 1852, for the year permanent fortifications. 4th ed. xxviii, 168 1851, [with other documents of the legislapp. 12 pl. 18~. Richmlond, (V a.) lest & ture]. 8~. Augusta, state printer, 1852. Johnson, 1862. - - Annual report of the adjutant general Mlahmnoud. [anon. ] 2 v. 2 p, 1.276 pp; 1 for the year enlding December 31, 1862. 8S. p. 1. 274 pp. 120. New York, Harper & Augusta, state printer, 1863. ~brothers, 1836. - The same. Appendix D to the report Mahony (Rev. Francis Sylvester). Facts and of the adjutant general for 1864 and 1865, figures from Italy. By don Jeremy Savo- 80. Augusta, state printer, 1866. narola, addressed during thelast two winters ~ Annual report of various public officers to Charles Dickens. Being an appendix to and institutions for 1868-69. 80. Austa, his "Pictures. " [pseudon.] 2 p.1.309 pp. state printe 1869. 120. London, R. Bentley, 1847. 120. London,?Bentley, 1847). T dela -- Catalogue of the Maine state library, ~Maigret (- ingfenieu? en chef). T~raitd doe a:1856. 439 pp. 8~. Augusta, Fullers, prinsurete et conservation des 6tats, par le moyen ters to the state, 1856. s. do folteresses. 5 p. i. 444 pp. 4 h 16~. de, forteresses. 5 p. 1. 444 pp. 4 1. 160. Documents printed by order of the legisParis, E. vBilliot, 1725"). S. lature during its session 1848, 1849, 1856, Maillard ( —A. l'abb),. Grammaire delalan- 1857, 1863, 1866, 1869-70. 8 v. 8~. Augue mikm aque; [or], Grammar of the Mikma- gsta, state pinter, 1849-69. que language of Nova Scotia, edited from the ______ Eleventh and twelfth annual report of manuscripts of the abbe Maillard by the rev. oseph. Bellenge. 101 pp. 4 e the superintendent of common schools, 1864 Joseph M. Bellenger. 101 pp. 40. e and 1865. 2 v. 80. Augusta state printer, York, Cramoisy press, 1864. S. 1864-65. [SHEA'S library of Armerican lingulstics. v. 13]. - - e Journal of the senate and house of repMaimbourg (Louis). The history of the cr- resentatives, 1869 Fortyeighth legislature. sade; or, the expeditions of the christian 80 Aurusta, state printe, 1869. princes for the conquest of the holy land. a Englished, by John Nalson, 11. d. 10 p. 1 -- Legislative manual, 1869. 80, AungustLa, 410 pp. fol. London, T. Dring, 1685. state printer, 1869. Report of commission fisheries. [N. --- Traite historique de l'6t1ablissement et et W. Foster and C. G. Atkins. non. 8". des prerogatives de l'dglise de Rome et de [Reprinted, Augusta, ]8681. ses eveques. 16 p. 1. 303 pp. 11 pl. 240. [I7, MAINE. Board of agriculture. Abstract of reParis, S. Mabre-Cramoisy, 1688. turns from the agricultural societies of Maine, 1867, pp. 69-194]. Mainmonides, or Moses Mainmfini. Porta _ Thirteenth annual report of the secreMosis; sive, dissertationes aliqvot'i R. Mose tary of the board of agriculture, 1868. 80~. Maimonide, suis in varins Mislhnaioth, sive Anugusta, state printer, 1868. tectus Talinudici partes, commentariis prie- Maine historical society. Collections. 2d selissre, qum ad universam fer6 Judworum ties. Documentary history of the state of disciplinam editunm aperiunt; nunc primium Maine. Edited by Willianm Willis. v. 1 arabice, [literis hebraicis] prout ab ipso auc- Containing a history of the discovery of tore conscripte sunt et latine edite, una cum. Maine. By J. G. Kohl. With an appendix appendice notarum miscellanea, opera, studio- on the voyages of thle Cabots, by M. d'Aveque Edvardi Pocockii. 12 p. 1. 436 pp. 14 1. zac, of Paris. 2 p. 1. 5';5 pp. 22 col. maps. 40. Oeloni.1e I. Htall, 1655. 80. Portland, Batiley W0 Noyes,:1869.

Page  204 204 MNiAIR2 MIANGIJTMN Mair (,John). An introduction to Latin syn- Malnesbury (Willianm of). See William, tax, [etc.] To which is subjoined an epi- of 1alcnlmesbury. tome of ancient history, [etc. ] xi, 299 pp Mgalmngren (Anders Jolan). Spetsbergen, 16~. Ediinbutro'h, R. Morisso)n son, 1797. s. Gr6ilands, Islands och den Skandinaviska Mairan(JeanThomtas de). Compenldionluev;o halfins hittills kinuda annulatp polychmta. de gramatica francesca. 3 p. 1. 166 pp. I I 1. p.. 129 pp. 1 tab. 14 pl. 8'. Helsibnfors, 1 tab. sin. 40. Mladrid, J. Herrera, 1799. s..1. C. Freickell 4c son, 1867. so Maistre (Comnte Xavier de). The leper oft alouet (Victor Pierre). Collection de meAost. Translated from the French of Le- moires et correspondclances officielles sur l'adimaistre. [anon.] 37 pp. 120. Boston, ministration des colonies, et notaument sur Cummzen2ings, BfilliLward 4 co. 1825. Ia Guiana fiancaise et hollandaise. 5 v. 8o. iRussian tales. From the French. 197 pp. 160. Philadelphia, H. C. Carey & S. iai della ovee ii i nzo Lea 7 1826. Mamiani della Rovere (Luigi Vincenzo). Lea, 1826. Grammatik der Kiriri-sprache. Aus lem Maitland (Samuel Roffey, d. d.) Supersti- Portugiesisahen ibersetzt von H. C. vo dem tion and science; an essay. 2 p. ol. 89 pp. 8~. LeipziPg, F. A. 160. London, Rivingtons, 1855. Brockhaus, 1852. Major (Johann Daniel). See-farth nach derTZ (H. C. oder). Beitrgzrp e [GABE.LrNTZ (H. C. von 5er). Beitr:5,ge zur sp,;achen~ neuen welt, ohne schiff- und segel; anno kunde. 3es heftl. 1670, zucrst, und nu wiederumb der gelehr- Mancy (Gindre de). See Gindre de Mancy. ten welt vorgestellet. 11 p. 1.258 pp.31. 1 pl. Mandeville (Bernard de, n. d.) A modest 10 Harrmburg, G. WofI', 1:683. defence of public stews; or, an essay upon Malcom (Howard). Travels in southeastern whoring, as it is now practis'c in these kingAsia, embracing Hindustan, Malaya, Siam, doms. By the late aol. Harry Mrldaunt. and China; with notices of numerous mis-] 80 pp 12. London, S. cott [pseudon.] 80 pp, 1~~. London, S. Scott, sionary stations, and a full account of the 1740? Burman empire; with dissertations, tables, etc. 2 v. 273 pp. 4 pl. I map; 321 pp. 2 Maeira (Juan Luis). De vita Antonii 120. Boston, Gould, Kendall 4y' Lincoln, 1839. Lopezii Portilli, Mexici primum, inde Valen-:Maldoilado (Lorenzo Ferrer). Viaggio dal time canonici. 54 pp. 1 1. 19~. Bononice, La z.lizls a?ielpe, 1791, mare Atlantico al Pacifico per la via deliee 179 Nordovest, l'anno mdlxxxviii, tradotto da Maiier (Salvador Joseph). Historia metricaun manoscritto spagnuolo inedito della bibli- critica de la sagrada passion de nuestro reoteca ambrosiana di Milano dal sig. cava- demptor Jesu Christo, [etc.] 20 p. 1.'263 pp. liere C. Amoretti, [etc.] 4, 96 pp. 1 map. 80. Madrid, A. Marin, 1732. S. 40. Bologna, Masi 4- ca. 1812. Mainfredi (Fulgenzio). Confirmatione delle Malherbe (Francois de). Poesies. xxvii, considerationi del p. m. Pavlo di Venetia con325 pp. fol, Paris, Didot l'ain6, 1797. tra le oppositioni del r.p. in, Gio. Antonio Mallet (Paul Hlenri) Northern antiquities; Bovio. Ove si dimostra copiosamente qual or, an historical account of the manners, cus- sia la vera liberta ecclesiastica, et la potesta toms, religion and laws, maritime expedi- data da Dio alli principi. 454 pp. si1. 40 tions and discoveries, language and litera- Venetia, R. IMeietti, 1606. S. ture of the ancient Scandinavians, (Danes, ialangan (C.) Stenography; or, the art of Swedes, Norwegians, and Icelanders). With short-hand perfected, [etc.] 5th ed. 16 pp. incidental notices respecting our Saxon an- 5 pl. 16~. Boston, R. P. & C. 1filliams, cestors. Translated fromn the French) by 1819. bishop Percy. New ed. with a translation Malangourit (Michel Ange Bernard de). Dof the prose Edda from the original old Norse fense d'Ancone, et des d6partmens romains, text; and notes by I. A. Blackwell. [With] le Tronto, le Musone et le Metauro; par le an abstract of the Eyrbyggja saga, by sir gen6ral Monnier, aux ann6es vii at viii, [etc.] W. Scott. 2 p. 1. 578 pp. 1 pl. 12C. Lon- 2 v. xvi, 318 pp. 1 map. 2 pl; 2 p. 1. 302 pp. don, H. G. Bohn, 1847. 1 1.2 pl. 7 tab. 0~. Paris, C. Pougens, 1802.,M!allock (David). The immortality of the Maiangum (Rev. Adolphus W.) Myrtle leaves; soul; with other poems. 1st Am. ed. x, or, tokens atthetomb. 2d ed. 132pp. 16~. 98 pp. 120~ New York, W. Stodart, 1833. Raleigh, (N. C.) Branson, 4 Farrar, 1864,

Page  205 205 MANNIACS. MANUEL. Maniacs (The); or, fantasia of bos bibens; Mansie (Rev. Alexander). The apprenticed characteristic of soma of the fanatics who labourer's manual; or, an essay on the apprenare conspiring the ruin of their country at ticeship system, and the duties of the apprenhorne. By a West-Indian. [anon.] 128 ticed labourers, including several of the perpp. 120. [Kingston, Jantaica]? 1824. sonal and relative duties binding on mankind Manifest destiny; or, the world a republican in general. xiii, 216 pp. 11. 80. 8 British superstructure on the rock. basis of the truth Guiana, society for the instruction of the lain Christ, whose legend, which has gone bourinr classes, 1837. forth protestant in the scriptures, and through Mansill (Richard). The age and life of our the march of events in the centuries, is the earth; a small worlk on cosmography, etc. universal prevalence of fieedom, unity, and 134 pp. 1 1. 80. Rock Island, (Ills.) 1867. peace, as well as immortality beyond. By - No light from the sun, and Planetary Sosiosch. [pseundon.] Part 1. 159 pp. 8~. motions. 52 pp. S0. Rock Island, (Ills.) New York, Craft cF Axford, [1869]? 1868. Mganifest ofte reden van den oorlogh tusschen Ml/ansola (A.) lIocteloypa atcc 7r'Tipo(opta7 Portugael, ende de vereenichde provintien' epc E2iazdoc.', 211 pp. 8~. Ev AO&jvan de Nederlanden. Tot Lisbon in de por- varC, ElC rov eOvCIKov rv7Oypa(etov, 1867. S. tugesche en castiliaensche taelen gedruckt, Mantilla (Luis Felipe). Reciprocal method in't iaer 1657. Ende nu inde nederduytsche for learning Spanish or English. Metodo taele overgeset. Mitsgaders manifestatie van bilingtie para aprender el Ingl6s y el Espailol. de leugenen ende valsheden waer miede het x, 250 pp. 120. Nze7va York, D. Appleton is verwult, ende een kort verhael van des y cia. 1869. coninucs van Portugael, ende sijner onder- Manu, Menoo, or Menu. Institutes of Hinsacten trouwloose ende ineyneedyge proce- du lawv: or, the ordinances of Menu, accordduren. [anon.] 56 pp. sm. 40~. Graven- ing to the gloss of Cullica, comprising the Haoghe, I. Hondins, 1659. Indian system of duties, religious and civil. Mann (A. Dudley). Die nordaniericanischen Translated from the original, with a preface, freistaaten. (Uebersetzutng). viii, 326 pp. by sir William Jones. New ed. collated with 80. Bremen, C. Schiinemann, 1845. the Sanscrit text, with notes by Graves }Mannering (May, psenudon.) See Nowell Chaimney Ilaughton. I p. 1. xxii pp. 1. 450 (H. P. H.) pp. 1 1. 40. London, Rivington & Cochran, Manning(J. M.) Peaceunderliberty. Ora- 1825. tion delivered before the city authorities of Manual del cristiano, con los egercicios de la Boston, July 4th, 1865. With an account las sdlida piedad. Por D. J. de Y. [non.] of the municipal celebration of the 89th ma ed. por d. Atanasio D.vila. 182 pp. 1 1. anniversary of American independence. 108 160. Madrid, F. Villalpando, 1819. pp. 8~. Boston, J. E. Farwell 4' co. 1865. Manual of the immaculate conception; a colMa~Crnainghlarnl (Sir Richard). An exact diary lection of prayers for general use, including of what was observ'd during a close atten- the most approved devotions to the virgin dance upon Mary Toft, the pretended rabbet- Mary. 160. NeVs York, 1867. breeder, [etc.] Together with an account of Manucio. See Manuzio. her confession of the fraud. pp. 211 244. Manuel du speculateur,5 la bourse. [anon.] 160. [London, 1726]. viii, 354 pp. 12~. Paris, Garnierfrires, 1854. [With ST. ANDRE (Nathaniel). A short narrative of an extraordinary delivery of rabbets, etc.] CONTENTS. Mansfield (Edward D.) Popular and authen- 1. Une introduction sur la nature de la speculation, [etc.] tic lives of Ulysses S. Grant and Schuyler 2. Un abr6g6 de lois et ordonnances qui r6gissent la Colfax. 425 pp. 2 portraits. 1 pl. 5 maps. bourse, [etc.] 3. Une notice sur chaque espece de valeur cotee au 120. Cincinnati, R. Wl. Carroll c4 co. 1868. parquet, rentes, obligations, [etc.]. —-- A popular and authentic life of Ulysses Manuel de s. Josef. E1 nillo instruido por S. Grant. 377 pp. 1 portrait, 1 pl. 120. la divina palabra en los principios de la Cincinstati, R. W. Carroll & co. 1868. religion, de la moral y de la sociedad. CateMansfield (Lewis WV.) Up-country let- cismo importante para la educacion de la ters. [anon. ] Edited by prof. B. na- infancia espaiiola, [etc.] 327 pp. 12~0. tional observatory. I engraved title. 331 pp. ladrid, icpreltrea de 1ct adininistraciol del I pl. 120. -Nee Yark, D. Appleton & c, 1852. real arbitrio, 1806. S.

Page  206 206 MANUSCRIT. MARGUERITE. Manuscrit venu de St. Hdelene. Napoleon Marcellinus and Faustinnus-continued. Buonaparte. Manuscrito remitido de la isla de mondo, anno 1650. col. 224-262. fol. PaSanta Elena per conducto reservado. Pub- srisiis, typographia regia, 1696, licado en Londres per Juan Murray en 1817. [I?_ SIRMIOND (J.) Opera varia, v. 1]. Nueva traduccion al Castellano por d. M. C. March (Daniel, d. d.) Night scenes in the viii, 152 pp. 1 1, 160. Madrid, Collado, bible. 544 pp. 12 pl. 80. Philadelphia, 1820. Zeigler, McCurdy & co. 1868. MIanuzio (Paolo). Elegancias de Pavlo Manv- March (Francis A.) A parser and analyzer cio. [Tradlvzidas por Lorenco Palmireno]. for beginners, with diagrams and suggestAgora nvevamente impressas, 8 p. 1. 169 1. ive pictures. vi, 86 pp. 160. New York, 16~. Madrid, L. Sachez, 1613. s. Harper 4- brothers, 1869. Mauzini (Giovanni Battista). Manzinie, his Marcou (Jules). Geology of North America; exquisite academical discourses, upon several with two reports on the prairies of Arkansas subjects. Turned into French by Scuderie, and Texas, the Rocky Mountains of New and into English by a lay 2 p pp Mexico, and the Sierra Nevada of California. 41a. Lonaton, Tgcih rb, 1654. 3 p. 1. 144, 8 pp. 3 col. charts. 7 pl. 40. Zurich, Zlrcher & Furbert, 1858. S. Manzoni (Alessandro). I promessi sposi; or, the betrothed lovers. A Milanese story of the Marcucci (Vincenzo). Della legittimith posiseventeenth century. As translated for the tiva o negativa della pene, principalmente Metropolitarn frolm the Italian, by G. W. della penQ di morte, con l'aggiunta di un tratFeatherstonhaugh. 1 p. 1. 249 pp. 8~. gas~hr- tate del duello, e dei mezzi onde estirparlo. ington, D. G'een, 1834, 2p.. 323 pp. 21. 80. Lugano, G. Ruggiac - The samoe. Lucia, the betrothed. From the Italian. 2 v. xviii, 244 pp; 314 pp. Marechal (Pierre Sylvain). Costumes civils 120. Neo York, G. Dearborn, 1834. actuels de tous les peuples connus, dessin6s d'aprhs nature, graves et colorids, par m. Marache (N.) Manual of chess; with the dprs re, graves et colori, par in. Grosset de Saint-Sauveur, [avec des notices games of backgammon and dominoes. 156 pp. 160. New Yrkl Dick 8Fitzgerald, historiques]. 2e ed. 4 v. 8~. Paris, pp. 16). eto NwYork, Dick & Fitzgerald, 1866., DCterville, [1784-87 1. 1866. Mars (Henri H.) Manual of diseased vines,:Marana (Giovanni Paolo). Letters writ by a and results. 120 pp. 2 pl. 122. New Turkish spy, who liv'd five and forty years York, 1869 undiscover'd at Paris: giving an impartial e ( J) E vineyards, to [!b FLAGG (W. J.) European vineyards, pp. 211 to account to the divan at Constantinople of the 232]. most remarkable transactions of Europe, MargaretLawrence, and other stories. [anon.] from 1637 to 1682. Written originally in 216 pp. 3 pl. 18~. Philadelphia, presbyterian Arabick. Translated into Italian, from thence board of publication, [186S]. into English, [by W. Bradshaw, anon.] Margon (Guillaume Plantavit de La Pause, lth ed. 8 v. 160. London, G. Strahan and 7abb6 de). Memoires du mar6chal de Tourotlherls, 1741. ville, vice-amiral de France, et gendral des NOTE.-Hallam attributes to Marana only fifty of armees navales du roi. [anon. Nouv. 6d?] these letters, forming abolut half the first volume, and suggests for the rest an English origin; but 3 v. 16~. Amsterdam, [F. Girardi], 1758. mr. Bolton C(orney, in the Gentleman's magazine Marggraf (Georg). Beschrijvinge wegens for 1840-41, strongly argues for the genuineness of the whole as Marana's own. de acla ende boomgewassen. 16~. AmsterMarcel (C.) The study of languages brought dam, 1694. back to its true principles; or,the art of think- [1b -eOORN (J. van). Oost- en West-indische varrande]. ing in a foreign language. 228 pp. 120. Margraf (J.) Kiiche und sklaverei seit der New Yorok, D. Appletont & Co. 1869. entdeckung Aumerika's; oder, was hat die Marcellinus. Marcellini, comitis illyriciani latholiscelo kirche seit dcr entdeclung Ame chronicon. col. 348-388. fol. Parisii~s, typo- jika's, theils zur milderng theils zur aufhegraphllica?regifa, 1696. bung der sklaverei gethan? viii, 230 pp. [l, SIRMOND (J.) Opera varia, v. 21. 8~. Tubingen, H. Laupp, 1865. and Faustinus. Libellus precuin ad Marguerite, b.aroness Leicllhnstein, and other imperatores. Primuin editus a Jacobo Sir- poems. By the author of Zelica, etc. [asnon.]

Page  207 MARGUUEIRITE. MARKHAM. Marguerite-continued. Marivaux (Pierre)-continued. 103 pp. 12~. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippin- La dispute, comndie. Le pr6jug6 vaincu, com6die. cott &' co. 1870. F6licie, comnldie. Maria de Jesus de Agreda. Aliento de Les acteurs de bonne foi, comedie. v. 3. Arlequin poli par l'amour, com6die. justos, espejo de perfectos, consuelo de peca- La surprise del'amour, com6die. La double ineonstanee, comedie. dotes, y fortaleza de flacos, en los trabajos Le prible travcsta, comedie. Le prince travesti, com6die. de Maria santisima. Poer el licenciado d. La fausse suivante, com6die. Diego del Valle. 6 p. 1. 328 pp. 2. s. v 4. L'il e desevilavge, com6die. Madldid, ~M. K7artin, 1770. Le triomphe de Plutus, com6die. Le jeu de l'anour et du hasard, coinmdie, Marianune, or Irish anecdotes. A novel. By Le triomphe de l'amour, comdie. L'6cole des mnres, com6die. the author of Ashton Priory. [anon.] New L'hieureux stratagme, com6die. ed. 2 v. 1 p1.197 pp; 1 p. 1. 176 pp. 120. v. 5. Lam6prise. La mOre confidente. London, W. Lane, 1801, Les fausses confidences. Mariana (Juan de). Historie. hispanico ap- La iae prvus Les sinc6res. pendix. Liber scilicet xxi, et nouem ceteri L'6preuve. ad xxx vsqe, qi vigntillos in tomo ho v. 6. Jugement sur le roman de Marianne. ad xxx vsqule, qui viginti illlos in tomell hoc ii Vie de Marianne; ou, les aventures dae idine. la rerum hispanicaruln ordine sequuntur. 336 comtesse de -. le-7e parties. v. 7. Vie de 3Mlarianne, [etc.] 8e-12e parties. pp. 20 i. ms. fol. Francofurti, C. Mlar- Jugemuent sur le paysan parvenu. niues & hIltceads I. Atuij, e606. Le paysanparvenu; ou, les mmeoires deM -. le-2e parties. W[ With SCHOTT (A.) Hispani-e illustratne, etc.] v. 8. Le paysan parvenu. 3e-8o parties. Marianus, (ffraterfranciscanus). See Orsce- v. 9. Le spectateur frainais. Pieces d6tach6es, 6ecrites dans le gofit du Speclar (Marianus). tateur franQais. Marie Madeleine. [anon.] Translated [from Lev. 10 cabinet d philosophe. v. 10. L'indigent philosophe. the French] by lady Mary Fox. With Le don Quichotte moderne. Discours prononce & l'acad6mie fran9aise, le 4 illustrations by mz. Lepelle de Bois-Gallais. f6vrier 1743. 1'23 pp. 80. London, Lonvnlean, Broozwn, R6ponse de l'arbhev6que de Sens au discours de Marivaux. Green 8~ Longmalns, 1851. Gren ocs s, 1851, Le Telemaque travesti. 2 v. 8 p,1. Marieni (Giacomo). Portolano del mare adri- 344 pp 36 pp. 16~o Acterdo, J. Rycl 344 pp; 356 pp. 160. Amsterdam, J. Ryckatico; compilato sotto la direzione dell' i. r. eofflefils 1736 istituto geografico inilitare. 2" ed. xiv, 546 La vie de Marianne; on, les aventures pp. 40. Vienna, tipografia dei pp.. Miechi- de madame la comtesse de a'. 4 v. in 2. taoristi, 1845. ]60. Amsterdam, D. J. Chazuegzion, etc. 1745Marin (Gines Miralles). Esevela de Daniel, dis- 78. cvrsos politicos, y morales a sv profecia. 8p. _. Thesame. Nouv. d. 3v. 120. Paris, 312 pp. 40. Barcelona, J. Llopis, 1711. li7brires associfs, 1781. Marilari (Antonio). Consonantira Iesv Christi et prophetarvm; hoc est. ad ipseis Mariz Carneiro (Antonio de). Regimento de Christi et prophetarvi; hoo est, ad ipsius Christi ccelitus nobis exhibiti necessariam pilotos, e roteiro le navegagam, e conqvistas do Brazil, Angola, S. Thom6, Cabo Verde, cognitionem ex diuinis scripturis compen-,.nt. 0............ Maranha6, Ilhas, et Indias. Agora novadivm, [etc.] 8 p. 1. 102 1. 160. Parisiis, 1. ~Roigcxy, ]543.~ nmente emendado et accressentado. 4 p.l. Roigny, 1543. 401. 189 pp. 81. 6pl. sin. 40. Lisboa, L. MIarivaux (Pierre Carlet de Chamblain de). 40. 9 pp. 8. 6 p. sa, L. CEuvres completes; nouvelle 6d. avec un no- de Aneeres, 1642. tice historique sur l1 vie et le caracttre du Markgraf. See Marggraf. talent do lanter, doe jugemetn litteracireset Markham (Cleiments Robert). A history of the talent de l'auteur, de jugemens litt6raires et des notes, par min. Duviquet. 10 v. 8~. Abyssinian expedition. WVith a chapter consnotParis, platt-car a.t Goa uet.ja e, 1822. taining an account of the mission and captivParis, Haet-cteur Ct Gayetjeune, 1822. ity of mr. IRassam and his companions, by CONTENTS. v. 1. Notice sBur Marivaux. o lieut. W. F. Prideaux. xii, 484 pp. 4 maps. Le pOre prudent et Oquitable; ou, Crispin, l'heu- 8o. London, lacn:illan & co. 1869. reux fourbe, com6die. Annibal, trag6die. Zwei reisen in Peru. 316 pp. 80. Le d6nouement impr6vu, comndie. Leipzig, G. S Lile de la raison; ou, les petits hommes, comBdie. Lepzig, G. Sef, 1 65. La surprise de l'amour, com6die. Markham (Gervase or Jervis). A health to La r6union des amours, comindie. v. 2. Les sermens indiscrets, com6die. the gentlemanly profession of seruingmen; Le petit-maltre corrige, comedie. Le legs, com6die. or, the seruingman's comfort, [etc. by I. M.

Page  208 MARKIHAM. MARTIN. Markham (Gervase)-continued. M arsh-Caldwell (Mrs. Anne). Angela. A anon.] 40. London, TV. TP. 1598. Reprintedl, novel. [anon.] 498 pp. 120. Newv Yorkc, London, Roxbzlghe libral ry, 1868. Hfarpcr 4c bhrothers, 1848. [RoXBURGHE library. oIT HAZL1TT (W. C.) Inedited Tales of the woods and fieldcs. ranon. tracts, etc. pp. 95-167J. 278 PP. 1'2~. Iew YL'ork, Ha~Ter& 8brotlers, Marks (Bernhard). Firstlessons in geometry. 278 1 ewpe ots, In two parts. Objectively presented, etc. 158 pp. 120. Nelo York, Ivison, Phinney, Two old men's tales. The deformed, Blakeman c' co. 1869. and the admiral's daughter. [anon.]'2 v. 212 pp; *206 pp. 12C. Nei York, Harper Marlitt (E. pseudon.) See Johin (E) otr 1834. Marmier (Xavier). Gazida. 2 p. 1. 461 pp.. 11. 160j. YParis, L.Hachette bse1860. Marshall (Edward Chauncey). The ancestry Los0 Prise, pi. HCottes dn va of general Grant, and their contemporaries. Les 8mes en peine. Contes d'un voyageur. 3 p. 1. 430 pp. 1 1. 16C ~ Puis, vy xiii, 186 pp. 120. New York, Sheldon & co. geur. 3 p. 1. 430 pp. 1 1. 160, Paris, A. Bertrand, [about 1850]?186 Marriott (John). Poems, to which is prefixed Marshall (Emily). Bertha's journal. 387 a short account of the author, including ex- pp. 1pl. 16. Boston, congregational sabbath tracts from some of his letters. xlii pp. 1. school and pseblisling society, [ 1 868]. 141 pp. 160. Nesw Bedford, (Mass.) A. Marshall (John A.) American bastile. A Shcarnsan, jr. 1805. history of the illegal arrests and imprisonMarryat (Fred'lerick). The dog fiend; or, nment of American citizens during the late Sntarleyyow. [anons.] viii, 400 pp. 160. civil war. 728 pp. 5 pl. 8~. Philadelphia, London, R. Bentley, 1847. T. WJ. Hartley, 1869. [BENTLEY'S library of standard novels, v. 107]. Marshall (T.) The Dutch g'rammar, preMlarryatt(Joseph). Thoughts on theabolition coded by an historical sketch of the origin of the slave trade, and civilization of Africa; and progress of the language of the Netherwith remarks on the African institution, and lands, [etc.] xlviii, 214 pp. 8~. Rotteran examination of the report of their commit- damn, author, 1842. tee, recommending a general registry of Martel (Miguel). Elementos de filosofia slaves in the British West India islands. vii, moral. 2a ed. 342 pp. I 1. 12~. Madrid, 235 pp. $8. London, J. M. Richardson, Yenes, 1840. 1816. Ma-telli (Pietro Jacopo). Della tragedia anMarsden (Rev. Thomas). The poet's orchard; tica e moderna. Dialogo. 3 p. 1. liv pp. I 1. or, miscellaneous poems on various subjects, 180 pp. 2 1. 2 pl. 80. Bologna, Lelio dalla and different metres, together with psalms Volpe, 1735. S. and hymns. 306 pp. 12~0. Dolgelly, R. Martens (Friedrich). Naukeurige beschryJones, 1848. vinge van Groenland of Spitsbergen. Ook Marsh (Rev. Dwight Whitney). The Tenres- hoe de walvisschen gevangen, gekapt en geseean in Persia and Koordistan. Being scenes neden worden. Met een verhael van de geand incidents in the life of Samuel Audley vangene walvisch in St. Anne-Land. [Uit Rhea. 381 pp. 2 maps. 11 pl. 120. Phila- bet Hoog-Duitsch vertaald door D. P. de delphica, presbyterian publication conmnmittee, Vries? andere uitgaaf? Met verhaal van een [1869]. reis, gedaan door de Montauban, kapitein der lMarsh (George Perkins, 11. d.) A compendious vrybuyters op de kust van Guinea in 1695]. grammar of the Icelandic language. See 5 p. 1.88 pp. 3 pl. sm. 40. Amisterdamn, A. Rask (E. C.) Cornelis, 1770. The other rights of sovereignty over 1Martha (C.) Le poeme de Lucrice. Morale, the Danish sound and belts, appertaining to religion, science. 2 p. 1. xvi, 362 pp. 1 1. 80~. the crown of Denmark. 8~. [Newz Yorc, Paris, L. Hachette, 1869. 1844]. Martin (Edward Winslow). The new adLWith SCHERER (H.) Der sundzoll. 1845]. ministration: containing complete and an----- Report made under authority of the thentic biographies of Grant and his cabinet. legislature of Vermont, on the artificial prop- 155 pp. 12O. Newu Yoo-k, G. S. 1Wilcox, agation of fish. 62 pp. 1 1. 8~. Burlington, 1869. Free press print, 1857. - The secrets of the great city: descrip

Page  209 20()9 MARTIN. MARX. MaFartin (Edward Winslow)-continued. Martinez (Dr. Martin)-continued. tive of the virtues, vices, mysteries, miseries, physica antigua, y moderna, recopilada en and crimes of New York city. 552 pp. 33 dialogos, entre un aristotelico, cortesiano, pl. 8~. Philadelphia, Jones, brothers & co. gasendista, y sceptico; para instruccion de [1869]. la curiosidad espaiola. 6 p. 1. 380 pp. 2 pl. 3Martin (Joseph). A new and comprehen- 80~. Madrid, 1730. s. sive gazetteer of Virginia, and the District 1Martinez de Zuiiga (Joaquin). Historia of Columbia. [With] a history of Virginia de las islas Philipinas. 1 p. 1. iv 1. 687 pp. fiom its first settlement to the year 1754. smi. 4C0 Sampaloc, [en las Philipinas], P. With an abstract of events from that period Argilelles, 1803. to the independence of Virginia. By a Martiniere (Pierre Martin de la). See La citizen of Virginia, [WX. H. Brockenbrough]. IMartiniere. 636 pp. 1 map 80~. Charlottesville, J. Mar- Martins (Charles, prof. at Mlontpellier). Noutin, 1835. velle comparaison des membres pelviens et Martin (Louis Auguste). Histoire de la thoraciques chez l'homme et chez les mamfemme, sa condition politique, civile, mifdres, d6duite de la torsion de l'hum6rus. morale et religieuse. Antiquit6, 2Tme partie. Extrait des m6moires de l'Academie des Grece, Rome, peuples du nord; notes et ap- sciences et lettres, etc. t. iiio 2 p. 1. pp. 471-542. pendice. 1 p. 1. 304 pp. 160. Paris, Didier 40~ Montpellier, Boelhm, 1857. s. 8 ci. 18631 Martire d'Anghiera (Pietro). Opus epis-'Martindale (Joseph C. mn.d.) A history of tolarum. Cui accesserunt epistole Ferdithe United States from 1492 to 1866, for the nandi de Pulgard Cum tractatu do viris nee of schools. 159 pp. 160. Philadelp/hia, Castellne illustribus. ed. postrema. 14 p. 1. J. K. Simon, 1866. 486, 62 pp. 1. fol. Amstelodalmi, typis elzeMartin-Doisy (F'dlix). Examen de la vie virianis, 1670. politique de Louis xviii [jusqu'k la charte - Relationi delle cose notabili della prode 1814]. SO. Paris, 1839. vincia dell' Egitto, scritte in lingua latina IIn LouIS xviii.'Manuscrit inedit. pp. 1-285]. alli re catolici d. Fernando, e d. Isabella, et Martineau (Harriet). Biographical skelches. hora recate nella Italiana da Carlo Passi. 7 ix pp. 1 1.445 pp. 120. London, MacCmil- p. 1. 79 1. 18~. Venetia, G. de' Cavalli, 1564. I-san & Co. 1869. MIartyn (Mrs. S. T.) Women of the bible. V iews of slavery and emancipation; [anon.] 349 pp. 40. Newz York, Anmerican from " Society in Americav" v, 79 pp. 8o.: tract society, [1868]. NTew Y0or-k, Piercy & Reed, 1837, Martyn (W. Carlos). The Dutch reformaMartinez (Eugenio). Elias solitarius; seu, tion; a history of the struggle in the Nethercum, Deo B. V. M. cceterisque ss. coelitibus lands for civil and religious liberty, in the patronis, sociata solitudo, per humiles preces, sixteenth century. 823 pp. 120. New York, meditationes, et exercitia. 7 p. L. 184, 79pp. American tract society, 1868. 80. Madrid, 1739. s. Martyr (Peter). See Martire d'Anghiera Martinez (Francisco). Le nouveau Sobrino; (Pietro). ou, grammaire espagnole simplifi6e et rd- MiVartyrdom of Ignatius. [anon.] 8$. Edduite A xxii leseons. 2e 6d. I p. 1. iv, 4, 263 inburgh, 1868. pp. 160. Bordeaux, P. Beaume, 181 1. [ANTE-NICENE christian library, v. 1. pp. 289 to 297]. [MAmtoIs:pamphllets. v. 55]. Marvin (Rev. A. P.) History of the town of Martinez (Henrico). Repertorio de los tiempos, Winchendon, (Worcester co. Mass.) from the y historia natvral desta Nveva Espalia. 11 grant of Ipswich Canada, in 1735, to the p. 1. 342 pp. numbered 278. 1 pl. 120. Mexico, present time. 528 pp. 5 maps and plans. 14 author, 1606. pl. 8 portraits. SO. W/inzchendcon, author, 1868. NOTE.-Title page fac-simile. IMarvin (Mrs. H. N.) The rabbit snares, and Martinez (Dr. Martin). Noches anatomicas; other stories. 128 pp. 3 pl. 180. Boston o, anatomia comrpendiosa. 2a impression. American tract society, 1867. Anulentadoa con otras obras, [etc.] 4 p. 1. Larx (Jakob). Die ursachen der schnellen 324 pp. 40., M. F. Rodrigovez, verbreitung der reformation, zunichst in 1750. s. Deutschland. v-viii, 123 pp. 8. A:rnheim, Philosopllia sceptica, extcto de la iz 185 27

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Page  211 211M:MASSACHUSETTS. MATHER. Massachusetts, etc. —continuel. 1Masson (Rev. John). The slaughter of the charitable mechanic association, at Faneuil children in Bethlehem, as an historical fact and Quincy halls, Boston, commencing on in st. Matthew's gospel, vindicated; and the Wednesday, Sept. 15, 1869, and continuing to suspected christianity of Macrobins, who also WTednesday, Oct, 6. 64 pp. 40. Boston, G. mentions the same fact, disproved; against Coolidge, 1869, the objections raised in The scheme, etc. Massachusetts (The) gazette.' [Salem and With a postscript concerning Virgil's fourth Boston weekly]. Oct. 18, 1781, to June 29, eclogue. 54 pp. 12~. London) 1728. 1787; Aug. 7, 1787. 4 v. fol. Salemn and [WitA CHANDLER (Edward). Vindication of the defence of christianity]. Boston, S. Hall cy J. W. Allen, 1781-87. Boston, S. NSal 4 J. W. Allen, 17281-87. aMaster and pupil; or, school life at the old N'OTIE. —Oct. 18, 1781-NOV. 22, 1785, published at Salem, and styled " The Salem gazette." Baldwin. A story for older boys and girls. ZMassachusetts historical society. Lectures By E. D. K[endall]? [anon.] 351 pp. 4 delivered in a course before the Lowell insti- p1. 160. Boston, D. Lothrop 4 co. 1869. tute in Boston, by members of the Massa- Masterman (George Frederick). Seven eventchusetts historical society, on subjects rela- ful years in Paraguay. A narrative of perting to the early history of Massachusetts. tonal experience amongst the Paraguayans. viii, 498 pp. 80. Boston, society, 1869, xv, 356 pp. I map. 80. London, S. Low, sos Proceedings, 1867-1869. xiv pp. I 1. & Marston, 1869. 519 pp. 3 portraits. 8~. Boston, for the Masterpieces of Italian art. [anon.] viii, society, 1869. 140 pp. 26 photographs. 4~. London, Bell iMassachusetts institute of technology. First 4 Daldy, 1868. annual catalogue of the officers and studentst Masters (Maxwell T. m. d.) Vegetable terand programme of the course of instruction atology, an account of theprincipal deviaof the school, 1865-6. 39 pp. 8~. Boston, tions from the usual construction of plants. John Wilson 4$ sons, 1865. xxxviii, 534 pp. 80. London, R. Hardwicke, Massachusetts mercury. [Boston semi- 1869. wveekly]. April 12 to Sept. 17, 1799. fol. IMasurel (Dr. L. J.) Des fi6vres intermitBoston, Yozng 4 Mginns, 1799. tentes, miasmatiques, on 16gitimes, deleur naMassachusetts society for promoting agri- ture et de leur traitement. Nouvelle theorie cultuLre. Inquiries by the agricultural society. de lintermittence, viii, 128 pp. 8. Paris, [With a view to collect accurate information G. Baillie're, 1854. on agriculture, etc.] 29 pp. 80. [Boston, Mata(Pedro). Gloriaymartirio. Poema en Youn7g 4 s Moninns, l1800]. tres cantos. Dedicado al pueblo y milicia naPapers on agriculture, consisting of cional de Reus. 49 pp. 1.. Madid, communications made to the society, [for Manini heRmanos, 1851. 1801, 1803-07], etc. 8 v. 80. Boston, Matelief (Cornelis, the younger). IHistoriale printers to the state, 1801-10. ende ware beschrijvinge vande reyse naer de -- - The same. G-eorgick papers for Oost-Indien, wtghetrocken in Mayo 1605. 1809, consisting of letters and'extracts com- Mitsgaders do belegheringhe voor Malacca, municated to the society. 80. Boston, Rusals ooc den slachter zee teghen de.Portusell & Cutler, 1809. s Ter same. Papers for ISI, 1809.m gijssche armade, ende andere discourssen. MThe sale. Papers for lS10, com- 6 1. sm. 4C. Rotterdam, J. Janssz, 1608. municated to the society. S. Boston, Bus- Mather (Cotton, d. d.) See Thirty important sell c Cutier, 1810. cases resolved. [Papers for 1811 wantling; none published for 1802 or Io8]? Mather (Increase, d. d. and others). The an-...- Puiles and regulations, containing the swer of several ministers in and near Bosnames of its present members and officers, ton, to that case of conscience, whetlher it is several important communications, [etc. ] 80. lawful for a man to marry his wives own sisBoston, T. Fleet, jr. 1796. ter? 9 pp. 185. Bolton, (N. -I.) B. Green, M.assachusetts (The) spy; or, American 1695. oracle of liberty. [Worcester weekly]. May Mather (Rev. Nathanael). The righteous24, L775, to June 19, 1777. 2 v. fol. Wor- ness of God through faith upon all, without cester, Isaiah 7'homnas, and Stearns & Bigelow, difference, who believe. 2d ed. 4 p. 1. 142 1f775-77. pp. 180, London, R. Cruttenden, 1718.

Page  212 MATHER. MAWEo Mather (Rev. Samuel). The gospel of the MIattheus (A. I. & co. druggists). Hints on old testament: an explanation of the types various subjects connected with our busiand figures by which Christ was exhibited ness. 151 pp. 120. Bufalo, Thomas 4 under the legal dispensation c Re-written Lathrops, 1856. from the original work, by [Caroline Fry]. Matthew Paris. Historia Anglorumn, sive, 2 v. 2 p. 1. xxiv, 292 pp; viii, 237 pp. 120. ut vulgo dicitur, historia minor. Item, ejusLondon, R. B. Seeley, 1834. dem abbreviatio chronicorum Anglira. Ed~-.- A vindication of the holy bible, wherein ited by sir Frederic Madden. v. 3. 1246the arguments for. and objections against, 1253. 80, London, Longmrss, Green & the divine original purity and integrity of co. 1869. the scripture are propo