Plat book of Isabella County, Michigan
Foote, C. M. (Charles M.), 1849-1899., Hood, E. C. (Edwin C.), C.M. Foote & Co. (Minneapolis, Minn.)

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Page  3 GOVERNMENT SURVEYS FROx INSTRUCTIONS BY J. A. WILLIAMSON, COMMISSIONER. p:: =. mSToRICAL. THE rectangular system of surveying G overnment lands, termed the Land System of the United States, was adopted by an act of Congress passed May 20, 17865 The ordinance provided for townships six miles square, containing tl'Lrty-six sections of one mile square. The region embraced by the surveys under this law forms a part of the present State of Ohio, and ib usually styled "Old Seven Ranges." The townships, six miles square, were laid out in ranges, extending northward from the Ohio River, the townships being numbered from south to north, and the ranges from cast to west. In these initial surveys only the exterior lines of the townships were surveyed and mile corners were established on the township lines,.but the plats were marked by subdivisions into sections o, one mile square. The sections were numbered from one to thirty-six, commencing with number one in the southeast corner of the township, and running from south to north in each tier to number thirty-six in the northwest corner of the township. These first public surveys were made under the direction of the Geographer of the United States. The act of Congress approved May 18,1796, provided for the appointment of a surveyor-general, and directed the survey of the lands northwest of the Ohio River and above the mouth of the Kentucky River, "in which the titles of the Indian tribes have been extinguished." Under this law one-half of the townships surveyed weyre subdivided into sections "by running through the same, each way, parallel lines at the end of every two miles, and by making a corner on each of said lines at the end of every mile," and it further provided that "the sections shall be numbered, respectively, beginning with the number one in the northeast section, and proceeding west and east alternately, through the township, with progressive numbers till the thirty-sixth be completed." This method of nufmbering the sections is still in use. The act of Congress, approved February 11, 1805, directs the subdivision of the public lands into quarter sections, and provides that all the corners marked in the public surveys shall be established as the proper corners of sections or subdivisions of sections which they were intended to designate, and that corners of half and quarter sections notmarked shall be placed as nearly as possible " equidistant from those two corners which stand on the same line." The act of Congress, approved April 25, 1812, provided " That there shall be established in the Department of the Treasury an office to be denominated the General Land Office, the chief officer of which shall be called the Commissioner of the General Land Office, whose duty it shall be, under the direction of the head of the department, to superintend, execute, and perform all such acts and things touching or respecting the public lands of the United States and other lands patented or granted by the United States, as have heretofore been directed by law to be done or performed in the office of the Secretary of State, of the Secretary and Register of the Treasury, and of the Secretary of War, or which shall hereafter by law be assigned to the said office." The act of Congress approved July 4, 1836, provided for the reorganization of the General Land Office; and that the executive duties of said office "shall be subject to the supervision and control of the commissioner of the General Land Office under the direction of the President of the United States." The repealing clause is, "That such provisions of the act of the twenty-fifth of April, in the year one thousand eight hundred and twelve, entitled ' An act for the establishment of a General Land Office in the Department of the Treasury,' and of all acts amendatory thereof as are inconsistent with the provisions of this act, be, and the same are hereby, repealed." From the wording of this act 9.t would appear that the control of the General Land Office was removed from the Treasury Department, and that the Commissioner reported directly to the President, but as a matter of fact, the Secretary of the Treasury still had supervisory control4 for the act of Congress, approved March 3, 1849, by which the Department of the Interior was established, provided "That the Secretary of the Interior shall perform all the duties in relation to the General Land Office, of supervision and appeal, now discharged by the Secretary of the Treasury." By this act the General Land Office was transferred to the Department of the Interior, where it still remains. RECTANGULAR SYSTEMS. The public lands of the United States are ordinarily surveyed into rectangular tracts bounded by lines conforming to the cardinal points. The principal lines are designated as meridian, base, township, range, and section lines, and the bodies of land thus formed are known as townships, sections, and lots. The first recorded use of the terms "township" and "section," as applied to the public lands of the United States, is in an ordinance reported to Congress April 26, 1785. SURVEYING. Initial points from which the lines of the public surveys are to be extended must be established whenever necessary under such special instructions as may be prescribed in each case by the Commissioner of the General Land Office. The locus of such initial points must be selected with great care and due consideration for their prominence and easy identification, and must be established astronomically. The initial point having been established, the lines of the public survey are to be extended therefrom as follows:PRINCIPAL MERIDIAN AND BASE LINES are extended north and south and east and west from the initial point by the use of sclar instruments or transits, as may be directed by the surveyor Gencral. In order to check errors in meas-rement, two sets of chainmen, operating independently of each other, must be employed, and the proper corners established. Principal meridians are designated by number or name, as the Fourth and Fifth principal meridians in Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, and eastern Dakota, or the "Black Hills" meridian in western Dakota, and the Salt Lake meridian in Utah. STANDARDS AND AUXILIARIES. Standard parallels, which are also called correction lines, and auxiliary or guide meridians, are run from time to time, and are designated by number, and as north, south, east, or west, as the case may be, from their respective base lines and principal nieridians; parallels and aux-. iliaries are now run at intervals of twenty-four miles, dividing the country into tracts of twenty-four miles square, or sixteen townships. TOWNSHIPS AND RANGES. Township lines are run east and west parallel with and six miles from the base line and from each other, and the spaces between these lines are known as townships north or south, and designated by numbers according to their numerical distance from the base line. Range lines are run north and south on a true meridian, six miles from and parallel, as near as may be, with the principal meridian, and the spaces between them are known as ranges, and are described as east or west of the principal meridian, and consecutively numbered from that line. The bodies of land six miles square, formed by the intersection of the township and range lines, are called CONGRESSIONAL TOWNSHIPS, and contain, as near as may be, 23,040 acres. Congressional townships are described and located as being north or south of the base line and east or west of the Principal Meridian from which that particular survey is made. Thus township one north, range three west of the Fifth principal meridian, would be the first township north of the base line and in the third range west from the principal meridian. The law requires tha-t the lines of the public surveys shall be governed by the true meridian, and that the townships shall be six miles square, two things involving, in connection, a mathematical impossibility, for, strictly to conform to the meridian+ necessarily throws the township out of square, by reason of the convergency of the meridians, and hence, by adhering to the true meridian, results the necessity of departing from the strict requirements of law, as respects the precise area of townships and the subdivisional partsthereof, the townships assuming something of a trapezoidal form,: which inequality develops itself more and more as such, the higher the latitude of the surveys. Congressional townships are subdivided into thirty-six tracts, called SECTIONS, each containing as near as may be 640 acres. The thirty-six sections into which a township is subdivided are numbered, commencing with number one at the northeast angle of the township, and proceeding west to number six, and thence proceeding east to number twelve, and so on, alternately, until they number thirty-six in the southeast angle. In all cases of sutveyseof fractional townships, the sections should bear the same number as they would if the township was full. In all cases Where thg exterior lines of the townships, thus subdivided into sections or half sections, shall exceed, or shall not extend six miles, the excess or deficiency shall be-specialty noted, and added to or deducted froi-the'western or northern ranges of sections or half sections in such township, according as the error may be in running the lines from east to west, or frfni southto. north; the sections and half sections bounded on the northern and-western lines -of such townships shall be sold as Scontaining only the -quantity eipressed in the returns and plats respectively, and all others as containing the complete legal quantity. Sections are divided into quarters/by straight lines run from the established quarter section corners --United States surveys-to the opposite corresponding corners, and the point of intersection of the lines so run will be the corner common to the several quarter sections, or, in other words, the legal centre of the section; these quarter sections are designated as northeast quarter, northwest' southwest, or southeast, according to their location with regard to their conmmon corner. of the section, except on the last half mile of the lines closing on the north or west boundaries of a township, where they should be placed at twenty chains, proportionate measurement, to the north or west of the quarter section corner. Fractional sections and those containing meandered rivers and lakes are also divided into 40 acre lots, as near as may be, these fractional lots are numbered from one upwards in each section. By an examination of the accompanying diagram and of the maps on other pages of this work, the careful student will be enabled to describe or locate any piece of land. Numbers 1, 2-6 are the numbers of the meandered lots, A is the -north sixty acres of the north half of the northwest quarter; B, south twenty acres- north half northwest quarter; C, northwest quarter of the southeast of the northwest quarter; D, east one-half southeast northwest; e is the section corner, f north quarter corner, g west quarter corner, h quarter quarter corner. Proceeding down stream, the bank on the left hand is termed the "left bank" and that on the right hand the "right bank." These terms are to be universally used to distinguish the two banks of a river or stream. MARKING LINES. All lines on which are to be established the legal corner boundaries are to be marked after this method, viz: Those trees which may intercept your line must have two chops or notches cut on each side of them without any other marks whatever. These are called "sight trees" or " line trees." A sufficient number of other trees standing within fifty links of the line, on either side of it, are to be blazed on two sides diagonally, or quartering towards the line, in order to render the line conspicuous and readily to be traced, the blazes to be opposite each other, coinciding in direction with the line where the trees stand very near it and to approach nearer each other the farther the line passes from the blazed trees. Due care must ever be taken to have the lines so well marked as to be readily followed, and to cut the blazes deep enough to have recognizable scars as long as the tree shall stand. Where trees two inches or more in diameter are found, the required blazes must not be omitted. Bushes on or near the line should be bent at right angles therewith, and receive a blow of the axe at about the usual height of blazes from the ground sufficient to leave them in a bent position, but not to prevent their growth. CORNERS. The following are the different points for perpetuating corners, viz: For township boundaries, at intervals of every six miles. For sectionboundaries, at intervals of every mile, or eighty chains. For quarter section boundaries, at intervals of evecy half mile, or forty chains; exceptions, however, occur, as has already been explained. Meander corners are established at all those points where the lines of the public surveys intersect the banks of such rivers, bayous, lakes, or islands as are by law directed to be. meandered. Corners may be marked by a cross (x) marked at exact corner point on a rock in place, or by marks on a tree growing at the corner. Corners are also marked by stones, posts, burnt stakes, charcoal, mounds of stone and earth, and pits. Witness corners or bearing trees are also established to assist in identifying the true corner. Township corners common to four townships, and section corners common to four sections, are to be set diagonally in the earth, with angles in the direction of the lines, All other corners are to be set square, with sides facing the direction of the lines. Stones and posts at township corners are marked with six notches on the edges, stones and posts at section corners are marked on the south and east edges with as many notches as the corner is distant in miles from the south and east township lines. RE-ESTABLISHMENT OF LOST CORNERS. The original corners, where they can be found, must stand as the true corners they were intended to represent, even though not exactly where strict professional care might have placed them in the first instance. Missing corners should be re-established in the identical localities they originally occupied. When the point cannot be determined by the existing landmarks in the field, resort must be had to the field notes of the original survey. The law provides that the lengths of the lines, as stated in the field notes shall be considered as the true lengths thereof, and the distances between corners set down in the field notes constitute proper data from which to determine the true locality of a missing corner; hence the rule that all such should be restored at distances proportionate to the original measurements between existing original corners. That is, if the measurement between two existing corners differs from that stated in the field notes, the excess or deficiency should be distributed proportionately among the intervening section lines between the said existing corners standing in their original places. Missing corners on standard township and range lines should be restored by proportionate measurement between the nearest existing original corners on those lines. Missing section corners in the interior of townships should be re-established at proportionate distances between the nearest existing original corners north and south of the missing corners. As has been observed, no existing original corner can be disturbed, and it will be plain that any excess or deficiency in measurements between existing corners cannot in any degree affect the distances beyond said existing corners, but must be added or subtracted proportionately to or from the intervals embraced between the corners which are stiUll standing. f\' 0 I-. '- fI l - - -.-- - - I \ \:C Dt tji tn e ~~~ww ' - I. a; I Quarter Swction\Lme_.' _I.__................. - --- - -- --- -- - "4 3 South West viA Quarter 5 6.Qo,,i,,fl' Ifn l / I/ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ LC.o "".......,A/,-1..... AN In the subdivision of quarter sections, the quarter quarter corners are to be placed at points equidistant between the section and quarter section corners and between the quarter corners and the common centre

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Page  4-5 ' 1' - ^ M E G O S T A z? ' ' - *^^^Bp^/io u'N z^ ' *:' * * ' ' / ^ I,5^ " m' \, ' ^ |:___ _ _L __ ' '/__ ' j^ ft II n f__ ^ ^| ^ ^ ";^ ^ [^ ^ ^ ^ ^'^l1^^^^,^" ^ ^ ^^8| ^ - ^ Y ^.-^^ u^ "^ - ^--^7; ----^--- ~?------V ~-.j ^^--^^?^^^^^:T~-"'ll""'" } /^^'^-<;---=="" 1j)^ o- ^'< ^ ^.^h ^ ^ ^ \ \^ f,.<. x ^^'7^ * ^^ *il. ^ ~ ^ A ^ ^taT^ ^ ^ s= )_____"'I ^^-\/_____I ^______Z.__^____o "<^^||.._* * ___^ J * ^-^*^^^ -"====^ ^_j ^^ \ ' r^, ^ ^ ' ^ N^ +^~5..., ^: * \' ^^-^" ^ - ^^^ ^?=?^^^^ - L X jL,^- 1' ^' i.., s==== | -^=ss^---~"^f~^ '^^ r-w S fV S; *^ s ss - ~; &! ^ "&,i5 - ^-^ -^-l--/ X 1 " ^ ' E; ^ & *S v ~ __J/_____ o ___ ' ________ ^, j^_J|__^.._a^^|iliiA__~__._. \, / ___ i-o -. -,.. ** -;- g|p f^/. ^ y * ^^.. V^./ "^\^ ^'''~' / * -/.^ ^^^H- * ^\^^^~~ L-- ^ '^"^= ^ u ^.^. ^..^. '- si j. \^ ^ ^^3 ^ -, t t ^ '"^ ^^-^^ ^ ^ ^^r ^^^^^ ft ^. ___ ___ _______ ______ g- ___ - ___ ^ "^ ____ ___ ^2) ____^^ ___ ___ _______ _______ _____, * * ' ^ ___ __ ___ __ \^-y _ / ^/ _ __ _ _ ___ __ I', * " === _^^^f ^Sy ' ^^^ "* \ ^ jJs^ * - \:^ ^'y' ^y s ^, ) ^ i- lit '*, ^ v i '*' '? ^ i^ y -> <. ^S^^^ >"^ ^ _______^-^1_ * *- / Y______i.pj\ __/.*' I I. I__==- *?E-(--^/^-d o ^~ ( s 5 ';~ \ T~ ny iT^ ^ '""T- fa S-^Y~/'-(/^'^ ^ <^~^ y ^ *, '*\" "' f * '.[s~nyv^ ' ' '."^'y / -^ *S >^ * I i___ ^ - /__''-;~*.../- I i/ft^l ^"Y ^ *< ' /---- ^ _B I /, * F^i'--T^-\ ^F\ -^-^l ^H N. ) ^~ / t( J vt"^^" / / - si j ^ y ** ^*-.^ 'ii,^ '""'^ TL '^ /? i' l;; 1^ r fr^ /^ '') ik' ( ^ T"^~ i'' ^ ' " gis ^ ^,^ ir^ \ is ^i \^ ^ v ^ ~; * ^"|^d>< ^ l'^ is V' ^T-^-;c M^ i. ' ' '* * * ==== ^^^^^^^;^^_^^^^ ^ ^. _^___^ ^^^^^^^^^; ^^^^^^^^ _______-- ^-^r i^*'1 ^V'____ _____i^, ________ ________ ______"\ (^ i. S__ ^ j ^^____ \_____ ^ /C" _____/" -i j q^1 * ^^ - * ' * ^ -] ^ * g. / """^ ii - ^ -^__-- /T^T^p"^. \ \----^^u ^T^-:===b * -**: '* * ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ '"T" ^ * ^C ^ ^H^ ^ v^ ^ '^ 3^:\1 *V^ x^ -^ ^=== \ ^ ^ S^' {y:s:' ^ >r ).- ^g__^_____ i_-K~^aX.^__; jf___ s, *-r, * bj * ^ ^^^ 7^ ~^ ^ ^.-yrr--^^TO--, /-- ^' ^ r^^ ^ ^ \, 'N1 ^ ^^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^- ^ ^^t^ ^ " ^ ^ '' y;' '-.- * * ^*^ ^,_( _ /. ' [ I ______--""^l-iL * 'I *X;______/_______';^^- - ^^ ^ ^^. ^ ^*'^ *.-./S^ - ~ i * "^ --- - --- "^ -^--' 11 -\^ ^ ^ * & 6 V ^ ^ x i. ts ^" ^ ^ ^ *^ ls - ~; \^ ~'&/ -. & -*\ ^ '!! J^! [ k \r -^-^-A----]--^------vi-^i- 1 1^u M I D L A N D z- r ^G 0 U N T Y Y z? *. ^: LT---.----^,^, '* **^Ny ' /\ o> - ' - ' -. Title: Outline Map of Isabella County Keywords: Clare County; Coldwater; Gilmore; Vernon; Wise; Sherman; Nottawa; Isabella; Denver; Broomfield; Deerfield; Union; Chippewa; Rolland; Fremont; Lincoln; Coe; Mecosta County; Midland County; Montcalm County; Gratiot County; Devil Creek; Brinton; Sherman City; Delaney Creek; Walker Creek; Chippewa River; F.B.P.M R. R.; Luthfield Lake; Gilmore P.O.; Schofield Creek; South Br. of Tobacco River; Burnham Sta.; Stevenson Lake; Vernon City; City of Clare; Russell P.O.; Kinney Creek; Harrick P.O.; Flint and Pere Marquette R.R.; Loomis; Killenbeck Creek; Coleman; Walker Creek; Sherman City; North Branch of Chippewa River; Scott Lake; Little Salt River; Wise Station; North Br. of Salt River; Rosebush Sta.; Delwin; Calkinsville P.O. Spring Creek; Horr P.O.; Drew P.O.; Coldwater Lake; Indian River; Bundy Sta.; Detroit Grand Rapids and Western R.R.; Van Decar Sta.; Beal City P.O.; Riley L.; Weidman; Leaton; Jordans Creek; Caldwell P.O.; Ann Arbor R.R.; Alembic P.O.; Stinchfield Creek; Isabella Sta.; Jordan Sta.; Isabella City; Longwood; Bundy Sta.; Foster Sta.; Mansfield Sta.; Boyden P.O.; City of Mount Pleasant; AlembicP.O.; Halls Lake; Pony River; Campean L.; Coomer P.O.; South Mt. Pleasant; Wing Lake; Millbrook; Pine River; Winn; Blanchard; Rowland P.O.; Detroit Lansing and Northern R.R.; Strickland P.O.; Crawford P.O.; Shepard; Salt River; Skunk Creek; Remick Sta.; Stinfield Creek; N. Br. of Pine River; Jerseyville P.O.; Summerton P.O.; Coe P.O. Note:

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Page  6 6 Towns hip 13 NorthRne3Ws OF T HE MICH I.GANl EIDA IS AIBELLA CO(MIH xNL, Z 7trrsrIa35s * ~ 2 asa0F~trz fill a s~ z ~ ---, 00p t 1 W5 A9r * a I S~. A~mzyZe I 78 K * ~ ft.. 7' "' 7 7); ir r S-cale 2 TInches t~o the Mile r 9cre~Z d' tzre~t 449 1-Z czs /60 15Z9 4e9 4e ZJVX Ai - L-I ý' ý4.eza i p 5e; 7, rA lee9 Ný.40-.3.9 7dK W4e!ýt fl7z i le Iff "all 7<3 zi Fav z_ý M.2 3ý9 SUMMERTON 0ý9 P, 0 ze.77.3q all Em.......... FE r~ ecke217 *7 7 ~~Vcksa *Ago xx IAI c A~6t7err rZ2&lzearJXA''cnd4Y ff.- nrýer K K 9? r/Acee jZ X deZ~r Title: Coe 13 N 3 W Keywords: Geo. Atkins; Wm. Atkins; Alta Priestley; D. L. Kyes; L. D. Kyes; Jacob Stilgenbauer; E. E Graichen; A. M.; Ellen J. Neazor; A. Myers; Geo. Voirol; School; P. Merillat; H. Stilgenbauer; Wm. Miser; Rosanna Meyer; Ellen Ziegler; G. H. Tripp; Deer Park; G. H. Walter; I. N. Shepherd; Adams Brothers; J. Meyer; H. Fouts; Wm. Church; J. C. Church Jr.; F. Walton; F. Vernier; Mrs. A. Walton; W. L. Fannce; J. Brandt; D. Childs; Henry Schellenbarger; G. M. Church; C. D. Clifton; P. G. W.; Harrison Abbott; M. D. Abbott; R. Clark; Mary A. Whitney; D. Miley; S. M.; Mrs. A. Walling; School; W. M. Nelson; A. J. Hamlin; Jno. Fitzgerald; J. P. Kingsbury; C. E. Baker; P. Flannery; School; J. Northrop; J. Roberts Jr; Jos. Roberts Sr; L.H. McFarren; F. A. McFarren; I. Brown; E. E. Brown; Wm. Sasse; N. W. Struble; U. G. Andrews; H. A. Wagoner; School; Ward Drake; Harriet M. Cannte; W. Irish; Arvilla Melville; H. Southard; L. F. Wetzel; J. H. Wagoner; Thos. Hannett; W.H. Latta; W. H. Kinter; S. P. Murtha; Arthur Murtha; N. W. S; J. P. Struble; J. M. Kinter; J. L.; I. N. S; W. F.; Anna Schwier; Ann Arbor R.R; Shepherd; W. M. Upton; G. B. Campbell; Geo. Murtha; M. Murtha Est.; W. O. Miller; Mary Miller; Anna Schweir; Edward Drum; Mrs H. T. Hall; Richd Wonch; W. H. Wonch; P. Glenowich; Lydia Ream; Michael Roberts; J.H.; W. C. Myers; John Smith; W. L. Fannce; M. O'Boyle; P. Fanning Est.; Salt River; Peter Acre; Nancy Brown; J. Priestly; Marie Priestly; R. Baker Est.; Catharine Roberts; C. Dutcher; E. Rivett; M. O'Boyle; C. A. Coon; J. E. Coon; Peter McGrath; L. H. McF; G. B. Gaskell; Albert G. Struble; C. C. Curtis; Wertz; P. H. Estee Sr.; L. D. Estee; Calvin Bigelow; D. H. Way; L. N. Shepherd; Roscoe Sharp; G. M. Gould; W. S. Goldsmith; Danl Childs Est.; Alice Shepherd; J. J. Upton; L. N. Shepherd; J. Campbell Est.; Mrs. E. Campbell; L. D. Estee; L. Wilsey; S. W. Fausett; J. M. Moore; J. W. Moore; W. M. Upton; Mrs N. W.; C. W. Sawyer; I. Stahlman; J. M. Moore; Barbara Hutchinson; W. H. Wonch; M. M. Collins; C. W. Sawyer; Geo. Gruber; G. W. Gruber; J. M. & M. E. Gruber; H. Gruber; F. A. Marvin; J. E. Gruber; D. S Hulbert; Adda Hance; Phebe Clark; L. A. Wilson; J. C. Wilson; J. D. Frost; A. J. Gruber; W. H. Hutchinson; F. I. Davis; Ellen Drum; M. Clark Est.; Mrs. F. Clark; E. C. Wilson; Austin Campbell; L. Barden; J. C. Hudson; School; Allen Clay; H. R. Goss; W. Elliott; C. W. Mitchell; A. Allemann Est.; Chas. Borden; F. Robinson; D. J. Robinson; F. A. McFarren; L. H. McFarren; George Fenby; M. K; J. H. Palmer; M. E. Mills; W. F. Peters; Thos Hannett; School; Geo. Young Est.; A. Stahlman; B. A. Cohoon; H. L. Cohoon; J. E. Black; F. C. Stahlman; S. Ayres; Wm. Owens; T. H. Girven; R. Divelbiss; School; J. W. Moore; E. H. Doane; Albert Parker; Sam Kennedy; Jacob Best; T. H. Girvin; Mary Girvin; S. R. Baughman; Lavina Childs; Salt River; Jessie Hutchinson; Cemetery; J. F. Myers; E. G. Faunce; Geo. H. Freeman; Joseph Myers; W. L. Vroman; W. J. Buffington; Jno. Holden; J. H. Jason; Barbara Hutchinson; James Struthers; W. A. Sayers; Edward Harry; R. E. Howe; J. Yarnell Est.; S. Googe; Geo. H. Freeman; D. A. Leonard; L. B. Leonard; C. D. Alexander; L. Borden; P. Van Vranken; Chas. Hudson; B. E. Conkling; J. C. Conkling; W. Elliott; A. Converse; Jos. Byers; L. W. Baker; Jas. Freeman; Wm. Yarnell; W. E.; W. T. Ross; G. O. Ross; A. J. Becker; D. M. Peters; E. S. Frost; W. J. Frost; B. Throop; J. L. Burlingame; C. A. Daris; M. P. Daris; W. H. C. Robertson; J. Ream; A. Thompson; J. Katenhus; M. F. Post; E. E. Beeman; C. O. Crawford; Jacob Slates; Orin E. White; C. M. Johnson; O. Childs; E. E. Way; Wm. H. Ardner; N. H. Milliken; F. Olds; Andrew Childs; D. H. Way; Lavina Childs; Martha A. Taylor; W. H. S. Taylor; M. Loomis; A. D. Loomis; J.F. Cohoon; Martha A. Taylor; G. W Loomis; H. Wilsey; Planning Mill; E. S. McClellan; T. J. Ankrom; E. E Alvord; H. D. Alvord; W. S. Fordyce; J. McClellan; Eliz. Pethel; Wm. Thomas; C. Goodenough; R. H.; A. Ellis; W. C. White; D. C. Vroman; W. H. Vroman; Geo. Aldrich; C. D. Alexander; Coe P.O; L. W. Baker; J. F.; M. Collins; L. B. Leonard; C. T. Dutt; L. A. Ingersoll; W. H. Benegar; N. Johnson; A. Fordyce; E. G. Fordyce; A. Baughner; D. Miller; A. Davenport; E. Stahl; H. M. Davenport; George Elmer; W. Fisher; Laura Bigelow; F. J. Norton; C. C. Hart Est; O. H. Bush; Summerton P.O; A. Florian; T. Welch Est.; G. P; E. H. Estes; Jno. Palmer; W. T. Ingraham; C. A. V.; J. Cline; B.S. Shop; J. M; Wm. Palmer; Geo. Palmer; C. VanDeventer; Jos. Attney; L. B. Quick; G. W. Adgate; H. Childs; M. Young; A. White; S. T. Richardson; W. A. Small; School; Geo. Palmer; Nelson Robbins; G. A. Ruse; Church; School; J. C. Cohoon; H. A. Parsons; J. P. Way; A. Gallagher; A. O'Boyle; Sarah Thomas; P. O'Boyle; Solomon Doran Est.; Jno. Conley; T. J. Ankrom; D. Hamilton; Eliz. Campbell; F. M. Powell; Jno. Jackson; L. L. Wood; Jno Byers; E. F. Packer; H. J. Parkinson; J. H. Higgins; S. Wires; Martha Brown; F. A. Hart; A. Leonard; Mrs A. Carter; H. E. Leonard; J. Lonbold; S. M. Leonard; W Fisher; School; W. M Johnson; N Johnson; Cem; Joseph Higgins; M. H Leonard; J. L Higgins; C. B. C; G.H. Calver; A. E. Atwater; H. G. Leonard; D. E. Woodmansee; H. L. Gould; T. A. Bush; Geo. Ney; G. W. Levis; J. R. Renegar; A & E. Fowler; E. K. Fowler; S. B. Brindage Note:

Page  7 7 Jý-MAW -OV Sectiornt-L ilue'l Jctrrrbt,,in-h Wagort fioaffi R"7i,l-Rot&cl7___________ IfroposecL-Pail RatSfreWnj & kSpr"~S,Y ~~Clwrd-wS, School &Farm Hfo uses &c. Township 1 4 North, Rang-e 3 West OF THE MICHIGAN MERIDIAN ISABELLA CO. MICH. Nuimlwr of c"res - Sect i~opt 8.43 /60 -16 3036 S-cale 2 Thehles to the 7Mile S if 5'Z89 e96 3714 Jf6I-9 ~7. '/6' p.-. U I -je I I i -Pýv Jz 62z47z> /26' / N/ I -c ( a - /6' U ~?t9 a 7 4f U S 16' - ~z r-f 86' K K 4s U t4w S a a 3.7-Zk~e a[ IL /00% ____ --i-i - a k Hz -z 6hr6-' X9k, e~2 86'9 e r,.Z2-'&!27w =r-- - -Ir- - *Jid I N\1 ý W - -1"7- Iýlz-l I;ýgf f 8 16) * 49 6 86' 19 * iL ______ - L 4 - 4 2 -ýU Z/ 6?) u I im~ I 1-h -F 6 6;%4e7' a - 71U96' L 9t49 -27. I /5~)l ko36b7?keZ6 Jy,, 86 49 ' 26 -1 r IV7/ZtV 5 9 of+ 1 I 172 Tmr~ 49 49 Ve9724*9M1 46' -7!r -.4 " l I I -._ I I _ f ':30 IN --11 *!; I.ix __r I * - ff ff - - F--T - 1 7y A 11 1 X1 zl6)z 9L6A 112 IýR ku 86) 49 to lzý I I / f1 a U M r a- I- I 49 16) g 6Z>it7te27Zi 86' Ae, i i 86) II I I rl-ih - 38-29 677BvseZZ& 73727 _____4 -1 i /?79 16) I _____ W [U - I.4K. IN JL - __________.1 ____ __________ _____ - - - - T -- I I, _____________________ I _______________ -- if -* 16?!5p I 7Zz9Z 86' - 86' /iqAPZý7 9' /0S2i / K U ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ J I- I a -M ~ IiU,L)~Vh x 6 - _ a N *uo-u-~ -g 7~8 76'e24~r~ 'is.- EUB N'45 _____o-w 4___ 6).4 a T IVkA~z z 116246 U I> I 4pie - k52kr f Az - 1 61 814f-2 a 7NU Z,~j ~, ~ 62 U ___ __ _ _ or - ~ *j I9 - I- - Ia. 97z-.)?~d o:h 1Jz4 2~4</6e6 ez z 7I -L 8%9 Ar ýf /622 4c2 49 Ilk SI89 I -A9zJ pff:' I 16) IW2r 49 I 'e-1-1i1 1Zs-sYc1xZI71 I 2ssyeZ~1Z/ 1 842 7- - I U js12/TZ7g 86' I i 1 358./ I K17 eZ$A Zi>122~l.7T /Z9363e2, 46' 49 Ar-P V '/6) 9/177-6Z5 16' C7z8J47ZZ?36I9z1'6-7 - --Fl H /I %ý/ I '1ý 86' 5 ~'ez-,Zes Se5011-sýZw570 Z / 4!: U I I 1> 42-1 I II, PC, F 878 f U - af 1 1/16'. Z~i6k'z U AU - 4-2 i ki I i 4:* i 74 V i I- i-4 1Hz - lTzA '76) 8.1,-/19 JIV. ILI?5vý A; ' " ýý' I AO N' is 496'ý Title: Chippewa 14 N 3 W Keywords: S. D 4; S. D 5; S. D 7; F. S D 6; F. S. D 1; S. D 2; S. D 3; F. S. D 5; B. S.S; Geo. Eisman; Barnes; Mary A. Wilson; H. Falk; S. Todd; P. Meloy; J. P. Dibble; Zimmerman; J. Coffee; W. Todd; J. O. Glavin; P. Meloy; Unk.; R. Hafferd; DurandLand Co.; G. Gover; J. W. A. Smith; M. F. Swan; Lizzie Case; Peter Meloy; J. Snyder; Saw Mill; Maud Whitman; Chas. Collier; J. A. Vining; A. Linebaugh; A. Young; T. J. Fair; Minnie K. Brown; A. D. Guernsey; Wm. Stephenson; J. Kemler; H. W. Momson; P. & M. Hiller; J. F. Palmer; R. Holland; J. U. Gatehouse; Unk.; S. G. Leaton; Peoples Sav. Bank; C.T Russell Receiver; R. Holiday; Jno. Watson; L. Yerkes; Thos. Dennis; Chas. Cronkright; J. White; C. W; G. Whitesell; Wells Stone & Co.; G. Gould; Jas. Nickerson; Lewis Smith; Wm. Whitesell; H. O. Totten; School; C. Norton; C. Totten; State; W. L. Nickerson; R. Latty; Unk.; Unk.; Lewis Smith; F. Barnes; G. Cline; E. Cronkright; Saw Mill; Fred Davis; A. Taggart; Jas. Dibble; Lewis Decess; E. Sheldon; L. Briggs; G. Hook; V. L. Brown; J. Levanway; A. McGinnis; S. L. Gilbert; Judson Bros.; A. Fitchett; G. Heath; Jos. Tatu; Judson Bros.; B. H. Hause; F. Grinnell; J. L. Blodgett; Chippewa River; J. Vining; H. Hsll; A. A. Skillinger; J. Reagh; J. A. Leiby; Jacob Goffnett Sr.; H. Fair; D. Wooten; J. Miller; D. Vishwonger; G. Downing; Mary Herr; F. Halstead; A. Halstead; H. S. Beach; E. Arnan Sr.; Chas. Chivington; W. Chivington; S. McBride; S. J. Currence; Unknown; Eliz. Downing; Jno. Chamberlin; E. Anders; E. Granger; J. Childers; D. Totten; F. Burrington; Peoples Sav. Bk.; C.T. Russell Recr.; E. Ferris; W. Smith; Stella G. Leaton; Hay Est.; Minnie K. Brown; Stella G. Leaton; Peop. Sav. Bk.; C.F. Russell Recr.; Ira Beach; Minnie K. Brown; J. B. Peters; Peoples Sav. Bk. (C.T Russell Recr); G. H. Johnson; G. Smith; Wm. Smith; J. Landon; George Granger; R. M. Steel Est.; W. French; J. Riley; M. Hughes Est.; C. B. Mercer; Ellen L. Cleveland; Wm. Woodbury; Stella G. Leaton & Anna Corning; G. Suzor; Peop. Sav. Bk.; C.T. Russell Recr.; F. Crego; N. Montgomery; J.C. Lockwood; J. Neff; L. Woodbury; B. Shop; D. B. Halstead; Minnie K. Brown; F. S. Butler; J. Sheldon; Susan Sheldon; W. Bailey; L. Whitmore; C. Titus; H. P. Cornell; G. B. Cornell; J. C. Hardgrove; F. Hardgrove; C. M. Forbes; Irving West; Geo. Merrill; L. Merrill; Saw Mill; F. Hardgrove; F. Proper; Emma Ellis; F. Olmstead; C. Criss; M. Horan; Judson Bros.; Minnie K. Brown; P. F. Bounds; Peoples Savings Bank (C. T Russel Receiver); Indian; Jno. Moon; C. Dohn; T. Bensinger; Peoples Savings Bank (C.T. Russell Recr.); J. J. Walkington; H. Hentz; J. Oberlin; Wm. Cowden; Susan Cowden; J. Cooley; Harris Bros.; L. Outhoutt; Horace Hunter; G. Wedle; J. Herrington; C. Froggett; Geo. Gillespie; G. Wells; L. Oathout; F. Wadle; A. G. Forbes; Wm. Converse; Martin Nolan; Chas. Higgins; J. R. Gardner; Jacob Armstrong; D. Forbes; C. M. Forbes; Feed Mill; Baptist Ch.; Onion Creek; C. Higgins; W. H. P.; N. Lindsley; Alembic P.O.; Eliza Knapp; C. C. Foulch; L. York; G. W. Howarth; Meth. Ch.; D. G. Howarth; J. Dutie; Jno. Bailey; L. Sterns; O. B. Rice; Steward Potter; B. N. Bragg; C. Bennett Est.; Esther Kent; W. H. Kimball; School; A. R. Potter; Richards; E. Martin; Geo. Hicks; Babbitt Est.; D. H. Nelson Exec.; N. Hammond; A. Nichol; N.Y.C. Hart; A. Dewitt; I. N. Shepherd; F. Bruce; H. Francisco Est.; F. C. Clark; Unk.; L. Little; Mrs. Dibble; James Davidson; A. Kennedy; J. C. Hardgrove; R. Flory; R. Niedecker; F. H. Olmstead; Jas. Powers; John Lyons; D. Keith; School; Rosa Gilmore; Evan Ch.; Chas. Taylor; J. T. Landon; Jno. Foutch Est.; J. L. Ettinger; W. J. Ramons; Edward Powers; Alex Ettinger; Cem.; J. T. Landon; Chippewa Cheese Fact.; School; O. W. Johnson; John Morrison; Isabella Co. Poor Farm; Henry Hall; B. Dunston; S. Hamphrey Est.; G. F. VanWie; J. Doan; S. R. Kesler; P. Anders; Wm. Welch; F. Ripley; F. Hall; John Vining; Fannie Darfee Est.; Wright; J. Casner; M. C. G; G. W. Kief; W. Bruce; S. Hudnutt; Viola Schultz; John Kief; John Schultz; T. Durfee; Reuben Durfee; J. W. Hance; Unk.; C. Welch; Jno. Ewer; C. Chaffin; R. Bennett; E. R. Griswold; C. D. Allen; A. D. Coomer; D. M. Whitman; R. Phelps; R. G. W; Ann Arbor R.R.; A. Miser; Emma Servoss; Barbara Miser; J. M. Struble; J. J. Gilmore; Jno. Fraser; Mary Johnson; Jno. Fraser; E. B. Salisbury; Eliza VanSyze; Alex Ettinger; Jerry Horn; E. A. Salisbury; A. S. Fay; J. S. Gilmore; E. M. Hibbard; School; Edgar Salisbury; A. S. Fay; J. I. Richmond; Jno. Melville; Benjamin Wing; Silas Fosgut; M. P. Kern; Elsie Kern; W. Gilmore; R. C. Koyle; W. Nichol; Wm. Miles; School; Conrad & Mary Hook; Potter Creek; J. Vining; D. Johnson; G. B. Richmond; Mary Hook; H. L. Hall; H. O. Rice; Soloman Wolfe; F. Wolfe; J. Casner; V. S.; E. H; Z. B.; S. W. Hopkins; Wm. Irene; A. Gardiner; J. Cogswell; C. E. Galehouse; G. Waite; G. Johnson; S. J. Mullet; Wm. Swix; E. Hixon; O. Struble; Wm. Keifer; W. Seeley; J. Little; E. Doyle; J. C. Allen; Wm. Gribben; I. W. Shepherd; J. W. Lindley; Frank Reeve; B. Gardner; S. Allen; Anna Hill; P. Allen; E. Y Kelley; Henry Kelley Note:

Page  8-9 ^ ^ ^ ^.,,.. -..,^.^.;,,^^..-V. ': * *'. '.'* ' * *. / '"/". '^ "; * '-.' * -./--; \'^ ''" " ^ *''^'^--.-.*^.'^ N-7 "'1''1" ' ' ' ' ~ ''~ ' -- ^^"^.? **.--.^1 *.'1-- --.-..' * - **: ' - - *- * ^ * *.* '"1_'^*^;; * * ' JT.^.jBriTt^Gr' \\\ J^W. ^ya^e J^. ~ S^T-a^e - V Tr'a ^ Z^G77 ff ft * W WIT I A r^ F^ Ot^ V - Jy COF Hr \\\ \/ I I I r\. \ 1 * ' ~ 9 I " *'IStS ' * ^y ' v^v/JL^ ' r. v^ *:'. H. * ________________\\V----______________________--________________"^'^iT^llirflM M-l.ll^'M^i-i-B-1-I^S ----------------------------------------------------------((--------------------------- Jswf-^^X&^^e^C/i. " B \\-\ ^Otf Wl'T//T"'^il TTT^MYTmr^l ir~^iT~^\ 4P Wi. \\\ }^Jf/ HJLIA^I 11 xin-li^ll.m -K-^ *!, B r | W j^&^^&^^^^. BJ ^ ^y^^^ ^ ^^^^^..: *'. *;;., N?3 -^%7Z'<% j~?^^<5^7~9 '. '. --r.---------------------------------------,----------------------^----------^---------------------------- ^______________^__________________ ^ '. '::! ^ ^. ^,. g| ~ jy: jr. ^7-^Ze ^.. _.:.: * | *: -- ^:<%^^^_^. ' ' 7~ /?y y " -/ ' ^ - _-- ". - * '^(""asje^, IfllLLER ST* ^3 "j. * ^^^^ /jt M^^, *. * * - ". * * ^ ' * ^ '^ ^ ' * '.'* * ' '. H:,::" H^J%2^^ ^^GW^VW^S^ -:. ~^ * / /^--- - ----------- It -----^--------------^---:--, "* '.*:. ',,.... -. '* " ' -. J^y^/^3! J^^&^ ' ~.. ^ S 'iisiSiS ' ' ' -^^? ': ' iSiEsSI-^^ ' * ' ' ' ' ' '"^^a^l fcroy ^7 //.. ".. ^ <^ * * * "t. ' *:iV [^ ^ ^ /^ // /^ ^ /-_ ^ ^ 7 ^ ^ - ^^^7 ^ /* ^.^ ^ ^/s^ ^ ^ j?"^/^-^p s^fp.^p. '(<'*' 3 ^ // ^ ' -.. ~ ^.. - ^ * r... / - * *. ': A &e&7rsszz ^'^e7y ^^^s^. * NEELY ^^V* \ %; COURT S1\ * --- ""..j-^- |.~^^^^^ '. ' ^: ''/ * - ^sJ' ^. ' B- "" " ll ^B_-^--^^___ ^ ---^__- L: ---~^-- ^--23c=--afc======: ^/** te-^^11---^-fe <X - ^ i.^^ - ' ^^jB^^i. i|^ to----'^=---' <o ----~---- B, ---/-^--- <o^-'^----afr<^- ^^B- ^j^^ ^ ___ r/ ^s^^ ^^^^^ /^ ff 8 ^ /^ /4' /3 M // /^ ^ ' ~ ^ /3 /2 //. ^ ^ ^ /^ ^ ^ 7 ^ /<$ /^ /^ /^ /^ /3 ^ ^ ^.-^^':<\;:***^:*..^3*.*^;**'. ^ _-_ ' / y ^^il^^^^ ^^ ^^^^. ' ^ ";. * *'.. ' * ^ Z^J%^^^ m ________________^^GHARO * - *___________7} AV.________| ^ I I I'S^ ' ^ //^^^ r^ ' *; *:; ____ BISSELL__________5T.. _____ ^ ^. ^ ^:^ * __ - 3 ^ ^ ^ 7 j.^. /h 3 ^ ^ ^ ^ / ^ ^ ^ ^,^ / ^--? ^ J" ^ 7 ^ ^ ^ // ^^^^^^J^ __^^^ ^^//^^ / - J^^J2?^^ J 'I ^^?7Z^^ ' -..^ ^ ^^ I | ---ft-------------------^d^|; ^y ^^^^^^^^^i^ ^^ ^^ -. ^ u^^^ AV.^,,'^yl R>VER OR-^^~MILL l^________5r> - [/ T J FIFTT A^TM ___|BI._________________________:::^^z^j^g^____^ss^ ^s^^.:,.^ ^^... o..,.,,..,.,,-H--}--^^^^\. * n fhi^i ui^a^^^i^^ i i i i i i i i i i ^ir-----ia^M^ i--------\--i ^i-^-------i -* r^-r jyljl jVv ll\ ' ' * ^yy^e ^zyttsz-?i ^S.^ ^<^ ^ * ' ^ ^ ^ -^.^' ^ ^-; / ^^ ^-*-?^^ ^ * * ^CT. *.... *** **ij|^^ 1!| ^ iii^M^'^ * *:. ' * ' * ^^^^^^ * ' ' NORTH ST.-' S. ^ *^^:J%^^^^ ' jr^. ^^^ZZ ^^;.,.; *, * * -. ^^ J^^^^^l ' ^ ' ^ I'^^Tl'V7'^ Title: Village Of Shepherd; Coe P. O; Delwin Keywords: W. H. Kinter; N. W. Struble; Corporation Line; J. P. Struble; J. M. Kinter; B. J. White Est.; W. Fuller; Anna Schweir; J. Lyon; I. N.Shepherd; Alice Shepherd; J. J. Upton; I. N. Shepherd; I. N. Shepherd; Jas. Campbell Estate; Mrs. E. Campbell; H. Kelmer; Stave & Heading Mill; Stock Yards; Cider Mill; Ashery; Calaboose; Foundry & Machine Shop; Depot; Elevator; L. D. Estee; Church; Flour Mill; Bank; Hotel; Town Hall; Bapt. Ch.; M. E. Church; I. N. Shepherd; Warehouse & Apple Evaporator; Saw & Planing Mill & Nobelty Works; Neely Av.; Orchard Av.; Wright Av.; Maple Av.; Hall Av.; Campbell Av.; East Maple Av.; George St.; First St.; Second St.; Third St.; Fourth St.; Shepherd Bissell's Add; W. O. Miller; Mary Miller; N. W. Struble; W. H. Wonch; W. M. Upton; W. H. Wonch; I. Stahlman; C. W. Sawyer; Mrs. M.Wickard; Salt River; Miller St.; Miller's 2nd Add; Court St.; Miller's Add; Bissell's Add; Bissell St.; L. A. Struble; I. Stahlman; I. W. Fordyce; S. A. Tingley; F. S. Frost; A. J. Condon; Martha Clark; N. Lyon; R. Wellman; River Or Mill St.; Salt River; School No. 2; J. M. & M. E. G.; D. Wilkie; I. Furlong; Ann E. Clark; C. Tibbles; Moore's Add; W. M. Upton; Chippewa St.; Moore's Add; Prim. School; Union St.; N. Johnson; S. G. Leonard; S. Leonard; A. Fordyce; Church of Christ; P. O. & Store; Martha Boyles; L. B. Leonard; P. S. Leonard; Saw Mill; D. Leonard; A. Leonard; T. S. Leonard; E. W. Gibson; F. A. Hart; Peter Kohler; Wells, Stone & Co.; North St.; Broad St.; Pine St.; Lansing St.; Main St.; Brown St.; Flint & Pere Marquette R.R.; Judson Brown; J. S. Brown; Judson Brown; P. Kohler; Bap. Church; E. Rippstine; A. Sheldon; J. Swall; Freight House; C. Render; J. Tripp; J. Roese Note:

Page  [unnumbered]

Page  10 I10 Tow'ns'h.ip. 15 N o'rthRne3Ws OF: TH E M I CH.IGANMRDA S/ j. z WzJPO. _ rso 4/7 "> it~ 40' Iza U~~~ cs/I0749 4~2 """ Y, 49, I C'AL./i 77 7Z 429 49 -A Title: Denver 15 N 3 W Keywords: Wise P.O.; School; Geo. Mogg; A. Anderson; A. Walker; P. Bowen; J. A. Smith; E. J. Horey; H. Canfield; Jas. McRavey; Alfred Little; H. Carfield; W. M. Hovey; J. Lennox; W. H. McKay; R. Spence Est.; J. Pelcher; M. Sayles; Jas. Owens; J. Mogg; Mich Harris; Jos. Reis; J. Cluley; A. H. McKay; Wm. Mogg; Mumilk; M. K. Brown; M. E. Ch.; E. Owens; T. A. McGregor; J. Merrill; Peop. Ser. Bk.; C.T Russell Recr.; Jno. Buckborough; J. Hicks; Isabella Land Co.; D. Fish; Stella Leaton; A. Sherman; G. Butler; J. B. Long; J. C. McBlain; J. B. Loomis; J. Washburn; Emma Pool; F. Lee; Wm. Fish; C. E. Sutton; Jennie Nottawa; Mary Jackson; F. Chigam; J. B. Loomis; H. Seaton; C. Stahl; W. S. & Co.; Unk.; Stella G. Leaton; Jno. Meyer; A. Sherman; J. Hicks Isabella Land Co.; Elnora E. Fowler; J. Bader; G. Chander; Stella G. Leaton; W. S. & Co.; Bower Kohler; F. H. Dodds (Trustee); Elnora E. Fowler; G. Meredith; K. Fraser; W. H. Little; S. Hart; Wm. Prout Jr.; Spickerman; H. Hart; T. Prout; C. Prout; Wm. Prout Sr.; Thos. Mogg; A. B. Denman; J. Bader; School; J. P. Hersey; Helen Murphy; A. Jackson; E. Pontiac; S. Foster; S. Kuggeash; C. D. Nuttle; G. E. Dixon; J. Corbin; T. Jackson; L. Jackson; H. Kreimer; H. Bossence; B. H. Rolfe; Saml Reef; C. G. Hathaway; J. Mogg; L. Nowlin; W. S. & Co.; J. W. Keller; M. Baldwin; W. Price; Peter Kohler; Eliza Keller; W. S. & Co.; E. Kohler; Flint And Pere Marquette R.R.; C. White; Eliza Paysenee; A. Carman; John Barrager; P. Payshenenee; H. Bower; M. Keller; A. Bower; Jasper N. Drake; Saw Mill; Jno. Jordan; North Branch of Salt River; A. Lackie; Elnora E. Fowler; W. S. & Co.; Judson Bros.; Stella G. Leaton; Mrs. I. Kanffman; Stella G. Leaton; P. Johnson; W. S. & Co.; R. Seaton; J. Seaton; John Vorce; W. Mogg; Stella G. Leaton; J. Meredith; Unk.; W. Bender; F. J. Bender; Stella G. Leaton; Peop. Sav. Bk. C. T. Russell Recr.; Jno. Mahon; S. Wark; Jno. Taylor; Jno. Hart; A. B. Denman; J. E. Small; S. Hart; Robt Pierson; Jas. Higgins; P. Mahon; J. Mahon; Wm. Thompson; Spring Creek; J. Collins; C. Bennett Est.; Eliz. Taylor; Jas. Blackall; Wm. Slattery; Willie NeeHie; Nancy Pogsheneree; C. J. Graham; P. Shoemaker; Geo. Kreiner; T. A. McCarthy; J. Eggleson; V. B. Doyle; Clarence Thayer; J. G. Shem; Judson Brown; C. Tripp; Pamelia Powell; Delwin; J. S. Brown; H. W. Sage; W. C. Turner; Unk.; Wells, Stone & Co.; Stella G. Leaton; G. Bigelow; Judson Bros.; Wells, Stone & Co.; R. Mitchell; Elnora E. Fowler; Stella G. Leaton; Stella F. Leaton; Peop. Sav. Bk. C.T. Russell Recr.; L. Cole; S. G. Leaton & W. D. Arnold; Elnora E. Fowler; O. Raymond; Jno. Watson; P. J. Marthy; Wilber Brophy; H. Lyalk; Jno. Small; J. Taylor; J. Jacobs; P. J. Marthy; D. Meyer; V. Epple; South Branch; Leaton; J. Lawler; J. Gaudard; B. Parks; Geo. Lackie; E. Harrison; J. Harrison; J. W. Johnson; J. D. Harrison; Geo. Corbin; F. Ganard; Unk.; R. Bloom; J. Bloom; Jno. Day; L. Cole; Wm. Bays; Wm. Bloom Sr.; J Gaudard; Stella G. Leaton; 1st Nat. Bk. Geo. Reed Recr.; W. S. & Co.; M. Brown; Wm. McArthur; E. Halliwell; Jas. Hogan; Bloom; J. G. Foster; Melvin & Rachel Bloom; I. Collert; J. Collert; Frank Nastale; J. Hicks Isabella Land Co.; Clarence Granger; Hicks & Bennett Est.; Stella G. Leaton; C. Cole; T. Tonkin; Saw Mill; Tonkinsville; School; S. G. Leaton & M. K. Brown; Elnora E. Fowler; S. Wiczenskz; Jacob Maghszak; Jno. Magszak; Stella G. Leaton; P. C. Andre; F. H. Dodds (Trustee); Stella G. Leaton; Stone & Co.; B. Shop; Jordan Sta.; Jordans River; J. E. Harrison; V. Epple; A. Muterspaugh; J. H. Lloyd; E. J. Grover; W. H. Blondheim; School; Wm. Oastles; S. Sherbenan; W. Cooper; J. Vahey; Unk.; Jos. Kirkey; T. Tomkin; Martha Monroe; G. W. Thorpe; G. LaBell; 1st Nat. Bk. Geo. Wilson Recr.; Stella G. Leaton; J. Waugesik; W. S. & Co.; Unk.; W.S. & Co.; Stella G. Leaton; Adaline Smith; Peop. Sav. Bk. C. T. Russell Recr.; T. Tygart; J. Granger; Adam Schlinski; F. Dains; W. S. & Co.; Jno. Dernski; Stella G. Leaton or W. G. Gage; Stella G. Leaton; Sarah E. Baugart; J. Makoshi; Panlina Machuta; Jno. Hicks Isabella Land Co.; Elnora E. Fowler; W. S. & Co.; Theo. Bohnsel; Hay Estate; W. S. & Co.; Stella G. Leaton; W. S. & Co.; J. Hicks Isabella Land Co.; Judson Bros.; Peop. Sav. Bk. C.T. Russell Recr.; Stella G. Leaton; H. Campbell; Stella G. Leaton; J. Campbell; Ella Warren; B. C. Shaw; Wells, Stone & Co.; Mrs. J. Conly; Stella G. Leaton; Indian; A. Waterhouse; Loretta West; 1st Nat. Bank. Geo. Reed Recr.; F. Kreager; Rose Fitzharris; J. S. Sr.; S. A. & G. Hunt; H. Castle; Chas. Baumgart; Wm. Castle; J. Schultz; Stella G. Leaton; W. S. & Co.; Unk.; Wells, Stone & Co.; L. Weilnock; Brown & Ryan; S. G. Leaton & M. K. Brown; F. H. Dudds; Elnora E. Fowler; C. M.C. Cooks; C. A. & H. E. Bliss; A. H. Sharp; W. S. & Co.; J. Hicks Isabella Land Co.; Unk.; Hay Estate; Stella G. Leaton; Hay Estate; G. Mitchell; Peoples Savings Bank (C.T Russell Recr); Stella G. Leaton Note:

Page  11 W 11 Township 1.6 North, -Rang~e 3 West OMF TEMCHIGAN MERID.IA.N ISABELLA CO.MCH I Zc -tl) 2 Inceles to the IMile 0 AO~ e O P, \p~7 A42W........... 4z-- *40, ee5~2 -1 2'. -1/ i i )t, I -. 0 4A!59 '/12 t* 4/4 I 82.88 8/47 '3 812 I i --l -ýa4 LICK I K A I I U 862 U J2~cs/e I Y6z/e 46) yf6tt1 36V'.f72 KVO 1k 4 -- 412 U.33' Jill _yy;rse y 11269 -4 7Z--' ______ -4' 'I L _____..Jrn'~~' 1 '~ JL _______ - I IL........ -Tf '1 J _____ __e_ "8& &49 eAer' 9-0 ~m I 4A? K: I1 412, 4z I' ' '.~4 1 ~ ____ '~'1~ 49 A 2 Te.<-17Z46) rill{Q2 ~ ~. -4 A;ve r, 6 ý'6 zvizz -1Z9s' 8Z6~.2'62 ~6)3~16) '96 419'!Th? - ~4 ), off /2 4~K 449 46412 _______ ____ _ ______ ______ ____ ______ ______F/&__ _ ____z ______________U ______ ____7 ___ __ __ __ _ __ _ ~ 7Zzj' _ __ _ __ __ __ __ 6'__ __ __ __ _ _N_"__ __ __ ___nu_ -Jr. mU ~ ~ ~1 < 4638 U U 112 l~leZ 6~ y' 46) 6~ S ~ A~JA~ e I yt Uf),z67 _ _ '_ _ -'._ 3 480 7472 K' 412 " 86 -/6 869e624'? 4062449 __ 226 4,0d 1~zvJ2;e46 o/1 ze nail:___ I ' $ i ~ d S ' ~ B K ~ 4 1 ( C i i ~ ' ' ~r4t9 ~ _ _ _ _ _ _ IA,__?.6/14 * ~zz'6)A ~$ IF~ r-.*.l0 / 04 Title: Wise 16 N 3 W Keywords: E. L. Potter; P. Eberhart; Adeline F. Toland; W. R. Lansing; Peter Murphy; J. Edwards; P. Loomis; P. M. Loomis; Saml McJames; Herrick; J. H. Lansing; W. H. Bowen; M. E. Church; W. M. Gravest; Herrick; J. Presly; J. K. Martin; W. J. Maxwell; Wm. Maxwell; G. Martin; Levi Holmes; Thos. Walton; P. O. Store; School; W. Forward; L. Lansing; G. Lansing; S. F. & S. A. Fine; Flint And Pere Marquette R.R.; P. Herman; Edna Whitney; Jno. Benner; E. Bergey; W. E. Dodge; J. F. Harmon; W. Hursh; Wm. Davis; Sarah A. Stewart; State; J. Ostrander; Geo. Smith; Lydia Bergey; Martha A. Ayres; Wm. Corning Est.; State; L. Sears; State; L. Sears; Martha A. Ayres; J. Kinney; W. J. Jennings; J. L. Tally; Cath. Degeer; F. Phillips; L. Wheedle; T. Holbrook; J. Phullips; V. Hersey; Saw Mill; W. S. & Co.; J. Jewell; A. Wiley; Wiley Creek; George Hersey; Wm. Badgley; Frank Peterson; C. Quick; W. L.; G. Sneer; Geo. Day; School; T. W. Robinson; S. C. Zeither; M. Leosch; W. D. Parsells; H. Darling; C. Oberg; M. Durges; B. Darling; S. C. Zeiter; Betsey Charles; A. Dehartz; T. Ferguson; F. Skyring; Jennie McBlain; L. L. Sears; J. Kinney; J. K. Darling; Cem.; Jeannette Tubbs; Jno. Ryan; J. R. Dell; Loomis; Wells, Stone & Co.; L. Sears; Wells, Stone & Co.; A. Sunder; H. Webb; J. Kinney; M. Derges; L. Sears; Elnora E. Fowler; L. Sears; John Kinney; Martha A. Ayres; Stella G. Leaton; Stella G. Leaton; R. E. Baloolm; W. S. & Co.; Clement Openan; C. H. Niggenman; J. A. Harris; Wells, Stone & Co.; H. Hyde; S. G. Leaton; F. Farmer; Ed. Northon; F. McGraw; George Hersey; Hersey Creek; J. Gregory; Stella G. Leaton; S. McJames; Stella G. Leaton; J. Irwin; Milo & Emily J. Lamphier; Jeanette Church; J. Hersey; L. Carpenter; W. Hermann; W. S. Durling; H. Darling; M. Burch; P. C. Andre; W. W. Parsells; Maggie Tubbs; E. W. Allen; Chas. Bouser; J. Reed; J. Van Conant; R. C. Dart; W. J. Reed; H. W. Sage; G. W. Jason; R. Reed; Cath. Barwash; R. C. Allen; Hay Estate; Salt River Loomis Br.; G. W. Jason; G. W. Link; Judson Bros.; Martha A. Ayres; D. L. Hiles; G. M. Quick; W. E. Dodge; S. Salyer; Hance & Deveraux; T. B. Simons; J. S. Nelson; Wells, Stone & Co.; Elnora E. Fowler; Quick & Perry; Stella G. Leaton; Elnora E. Fowler; Stella G. Leaton; J. Small; Arthur Hill & Co.; P. Herne; J. E. Hubbell; J. Baker; O. Muschott; Wells, Stone & Co.; Wm. Henry; W. K. Brown; N. Morden; L. Leverson; W. E. Burhaus; Stella G. Leaton; Kinney Creek; A. Smith; Ferd. Leichti; Saw Mill; H. C. Fairbanks Est.; S. Leichti; G. Zinzer; W. S. & Co.; I. Hayner; Martin Eberhart; Morrison & Dains; Geo. Benner; Emma J. Noble; J. Irving; P. Penner; A. O. McDonald; Adeline McDonald; Saw Mill; W. E. Dodge; M. Morrison; Minnie Brown; J. Brown; School; M. Menerey; J. W. McKay; Stella G. Leaton; Martha A. Ayres; T. B. Simons; Wells, Stone & Co; Wells, Stone & Co.; Stella G. Leaton; J. Burns; H. Hecox; S. Bowdish; C. Parks; E. Orr; L. Thorne; A. F. Slater; F. A. Slater; E. O. Hiles; Geo. Rose; F. Coe; J. Hefner; George Hefner; Ditch; Stella G. Leaton; Chas. Stahl; W. S. & Co.; T. B. Simons; Stella G. Leaton; J. Harris; N. B. Bradley; C. B. Pierce; M. Fawks; J. D. Simons; Jno. Hicks Est.; N. Morrison; E. Stevens; Frank Sangster; Stella G. Leaton; Wilson Sharp; Wells, Stone & Co.; M. McGuire; E. C. Wetmore; W. Lennox; J. Thompson; Indian Bapt. Ch.; Mary Kaggeal Est.; Rosa Fosnan; J. Mahan; J. Menerey; T. Walton; Sarah Stevens; Frank Burwash; E. G. Bonnell; L. Chatfield; F. Price; Jas. Owens; A. Dunlap; Nancy Youba; F. Mettner; E. Collins; Jas. Hinkle; D. A. Logan; R. Gibson; M. K. Brown; E. Stanley; R. Jacobs; M. Pelcher; W. F. Freeland; H. E. McCall; T. Snell; E. L. Slocum; B. Shop; A. Lockwood; H. Spencer; W. S. & Co.; John Nelson; F. Hanel; W. Mann; Mrs. Rockett; G. W. Smith; Rev. Tittalidawassie; J. Milben; N. & W. Slocum; Thos. Radey (cont.); J. Lyness; W. Matier; R. Hillock; School; J. Hefner; J. A. Thompson; L. Milben; F. Nold; Wells, Stone & Co.; O. Bowen; A. Lackie; J. M. Neff; O. Little; C. A. Smith; W. H. Hunt; C. B. Pierce; Unk.; Wells, Stone & Co.; Judson Bros.; A. & A. Eaton; R. Westenberger; E. G. Rush; G. Bradley; Jas. McConnell; D. Walker; Killenbeck Creek; J. Hillman; T. Chatfield; Susan Eggleson; G. Mogg; R. McConnell; J. Davis; Jno. Fisher; J. Davis; G. Anderson; A. Anderson; Chas. Butler; Eliza Peters; R. Small; C. Bennett Est.; J. Turner; P. Pemogosher; J. & M.L.; H. W.; T. Smith; W. I. Baker; D. Wamegmash; Mary Ahyok; B. Billings; Michl Harris; B. Spence Est.; L. Williams; T. Jackson; Julia Dapp; R. Raymond; T. Snell; Wm. Campbell; D. McLeod; C. Brownell; F. Methner; F. Lackie; R. Snider; E. Owens; A. Harris; J. P. Berry; G. Butler; Laura A. Herion; John Ford; C. Walker; J. McReavy; Foster Swan; Jno. Marshall; W. S. & Co.; E. & P. McGuire; Wm. McCullough; H. Rockett; R. Moore; F. Moore; A. Marshall; Pres. Ch.; J. B. Long; A. Johnson (cont.); J. J. Stevens (cont.); Wm. Cady; R. Brennerstahl (cont.); J.A. Harris; Minnien Brown; Jno. Kelly; Minnie K. Brown; Cath. Kelly; W.S. & Co.; Wm. McGee; Jas. Bell; J. Maslander; J. Hallinger; T. Vennard; B.O. May; Jas. Burrows; Stella G. Leaton; Wise P.O; School; Station; L. Barager; C.H. Niggenman; Unk.; C. Stahl; Stella G. Leaton & Minnie K. Brown; M. E. Church; School; S. D 3; S. D 1; S. D 2; S. D 5; S. D 4; S. D 1; F. S. D 2 Note:

Page  12 12 AM - r--1.. rim 1 / I /A' I V-------H--7 '----h--I 3 I /1 1~ 31 '22w v';'~ 5 1 3 ~~1 7 6 -- -v '---~--~--- -~ ADAMS 4,' ~/~/24ii/ 1/2 I 2 I // I I a' I 3 1 /3 13~ /6' 4-- - Iklic~ I (9 41 4'i9 I I 'I r77i ~I4~ L1 2 ~I I 6~ ----s L-~ L FFiS~iT.12 V K q ---- 21 co/ - C5 - ~~1~~ - / I it H- --4---- 2 /1 --A--- 617 K /2 2 // 3 /0 4- 9 3- 8 7 ~/ ~3/z ~2 fi /6' ~4 9 6 7 i*I 2 // 1 21/ -j~ ~~ 1 '7 0 0 - -I [ - - - - 4 17 I 1 ~ 7 I SQ So SQ 9'~ 77 J WAS14INGTON N1 N A? 2z2S I A4 I I ZZ I 11 -1. Z.G I L 4 - 1 Z4 1 1 4 1 __/, - n I......a" ~A4azz%/%e ' I LATI.ONI VERNON CITYV '3 K VI2zIZI N 7Fl - MAPLE PEARL. MINERAL PINE..'; v/,- 510 K N K; Title: Loomis; Leaton; Vernon City Keywords: John Ryan; Wells, Stone & Co.; M. Derges; Jeanette Tubbs; Jennie McBlain; A. Dehart; S. C. Zeiter; James R. Dell; J. Darling; A. Sunden; H. Webb; School No. 1; P. O.; Town Hall; Flint And Pere Marquette; Depot; Saw & Shingle Mill; A. E. Nicholls; M. E. Church; Hotel; Adams St.; Jefferson St.; Washington St.; Monroe St.; Madison St.; George St.; Loomis St.; Centre St.; Wise St.; Buchtel St.; J. D. Harrison; P. J. Marthy; Flint & Pere Marquette R.R.; A. O. Halliwill; Warehouse; Stock Yard; Depot; Cole; E. J. Gover; C. Young; O. J. Olmstead; Parsonage; Walter Smith; Wm. Campbell; John Day; Highway; Store; B. Shop; Hall; P. O. & Store; M. E. Ch.; School; F. D. No. 3; Jos. Kirkey; J. H. Lloyd; Adeline Smith; A. O. Halliwill; E. H.; E. J. Gover; E. J. & G. H. Gover; E. W. Thorpe; W. H. Blondheim; Clare; Maple St.; Beech St.; McEwan St.; First St.; County Line; Martha Bicknell; F. A. Kelly; Maple St.; Pearl St.; Green House; Mineral St.; Pine St.; Mary Markley; Donald McCrimmon; State St.; Markly St.; Arnold St.; Main St. Note:

Page  13 13 MRX Nm AT 11 Q NJ 45 -).Ved J, 7~ ~ YQ~~,Farm EJJ __ ___ __ ___ _ LRtu.......... VJ 3; -Proose'K ai 7-7"T1 - \TE'iAl>T 'IStreamtis &kSpring~sJ1-J\'-\ (~Q I Clwrchle.s,School &Ib47rm Hfo use-S &c. - Township 6tiNorth, Range "4 West Seale 21 Inches (toI'ke Mlile Secti~orttNlitnbavs -80. 43 160 -.1 30 36 OF THE MICHIGANI MERIDIAN 'IE5~~ JFI ISABELLA COMIH _____________~1:4 a' U a U -- -------- U-- - If? U ~'~r~;LWLZ~9 49 U - ~~~~~72~ U /e~98 U-M N 0 T 6'5 M-11 742/?d -9 rtxicz2 3t9 al K U -Z'7~ 326? U 7Z U 3 - U Sr v a WNI=:;7 11 W, Vk AP&4 -- I -M I ý 3- 1 '-L 11 -In V-ý w - I \ýN - ___- __ __ __ __ __ _ _k __k-m -0 - a- - _____ - -- I- - I _____ ___ __ __ __ _______-___t U N U /3ý9 /~e2 ~~1 m 6 ~U U' N N ~71 U U K a~~AZ4 ~?Z ~86? 49 Z __AMz l oo~U -1 r7-ý ý - I I k - =1 Z' I 1 1 r- I I I %~Z7z~9 76Z771 3/6? ~ Z,~7~4?1~' U '-7 86' a 1, It 6~zs 86? 86? -A9 NJ I1 r 2 38i9 I /. 4rzz&1l e3L?49 433/ '76? T 11 - 4. T - m~~~~air- - F__ _ _ _ _ __. ~2J' U zz ll~7oZ 2~9 ~7'~9 K a 6e~. #96? 4~9 -U 66' -' </6? /A6? ________________ _______________ I...__-- - - 4-~-Z9 *~ 7 f5'12 U ~,~ z;: V/;;,7 Z7, 7L3. Z'Z5~9/~~ TrT/ K~1~KK U /CPS yr 46' 2 - Zf726'/ '96' U U Q ~ N t~7~36 -96? U * K. U 05 J/2~76/'J'697'i 86? 1~~ 86' O~ ~77~27~ U U F-f--- S -- U 2~6~z~~ L ____ _____ _______________________________ ~Ip1f--- a U IN K -~-~ 69 +f 452-,7&y z 60? U - U 86? SP M - U r7~ I AM -jQ- _6 F -_____ _1 - A I M I %, m I ________ ________- - ______KM__1wIt_____ L. ________I %e 4 4L 8~2 _4. e i U' NI- ~ Y ~ P~ # ~ 4 Fal 0 aý- -1 Fe 36?.-- A~A>1 ZZ~~5z97 ~77 K 26? 66' I 46? 49 6ea~ 77-N - _______ U' 3: 1~2 '/6~ U z'. 6~gg~~-7~~ U ___________ ____________ j _____ 7 ~ v '96? 41. II #9~2 __ __ ________ _________ *jjU-/6?-~ ~ 3#J/~ 62 2$ 4~' - --~ *.&~-$#w, Lk~S~Z47Z~~2 NH!IU BULRNT1AM1: ST-A 46) ___ R-2-49y~z /66? 4~ U ~*'63,~7 2t2 46: ~L. T'~ T d1 r ~ 4 + '~.8 a 493 K U U U "le I ~ +~~-* * - 0 4- - 4<19 10. i?5,'4z c ~y;. Zwe 46? U ___ 49' 'J J?~ZAF~'6~ '/6? '/6? 07. NJ * I If I ezi L~Z-' 4~... -* __________ _________ _________ 4 _____________________ a! 46?e52f62jv~ $6 '-U Jis KA2/rZ~ U ~ 86? U 4j,~7iz~2 U K '/6? 4~2 U~ 6~#-i~r S 2~ ~e~s4y~ U 462 9 86? I JOIE F4 i I f 46' -96' 191 ý-o -h!9 A 7-M j i6f#1ZZe?~~Z S ~v7 '-4 U ) 8Z'-/2 11 16'p 4V UI~2 Ii7UVd 1~2e -wzo '4; -k 42! 142 ______________ _am ___J I-- m---. 4 ~----I - 4L ~ _____ ii I--w-- __. U K ~ r&z~d "' 6'6~ 2~,~ U too is 46? a j!ii~'61z,2-e? ~ '/6? 49q im 6~. a ~ 862 K I,-- U 86? ~- I I-- ___.~ ~j7 d~ U S '/6) ~ I r 62,,i,?Af,5' A~7 ~' V6 ~d#&~71aF71 ~6' K- 26? '/6? --3 ~4z7 U I'- 8~2 6? '/6? U - - rt~ ~"'~ 'I _ _I____ _ P 86?&'9 4Th ___ - ~ If-*,I2Y 46? A-Vf~y ZK ~R nrr; -7k~KS '/6? 96' 86? ___A/66' _____ U - U F74,F6S42 S 9F r U U II 0 -U 4: II 4 L. Title: Vernon 16 N 4 W Keywords: S. D 4; S. D 6; F. S. D 2; S. D 1; F. S. D 7; F. S. D 5 & 7; S. D 2; S. D 3; F. S. D 1; Jas. Grady; Eliza Armstrong; J. Armstrong; T. Dell; W. Thomas; John Grady; T. W. Brown; F. F. Gorr; W. H. Wilson; F. Beagle; L. C.; Julia Bader; Jno. Bader; Clarence Bader; E. J. Bader; W. E. Currie; Fred Lister; Hay Estate; J. Gerren; C. Lee; Jas. Rowe; Jos. Grimason; C. McKinnon; A. J. McKinnon; H. R. McKinnon; City of Clare; Martha Bicknell; J. Arramel; J. N. D; P Miller; Mary Markley; Jno. Parrish; B. Parrish; W. E. Currie; Geo. Ault; Mary Elden; Lorenzo Venner; F. A. K.; Vernon City; Donald McCrimmon; W. McIntosh; A. Rhodes; Rebecca Pierce; C. W. Perry; Cath. Corner; L. Eberhart; Chas Bradway; Oscar Horning; W. Pierce; Wm. Adams; Thos. Dwyer; H. Gordonier; Jno. Kartz; Geo. Archambault; Jno. Herring; E. McKay; Andrew McKay; Ernest Sterns; Jno. McComb; B. J. Martin; Jno. Cassady; E. E. Willie; T. Kidd; E. E. Willie; W. H. Wilson; D. Ward; A. Jones; School; James Grady; W. C. Robinson; E. E. Willie; J. Duncan; W.H. H. Morgan; David Simons; J. L. Oliver; Jno. Duncan; W. Morden; Wesley Morden; R. Miller; Christopher Flood; OrphaCope; C. D. Cope; C. W. Perry; A. J. Clute; Andrew Elliott; South Branch of Tobacco River; A. J.McK; Chas. McKinnon; J. Parrish; Thos. Maynard; A. J. Doherty; J. B.. McLellan; Chas. McKinnon; Jos. Eliot; Wm. Coe; J. H. Seeley; Mary Bennott; E. Ramsey; W. Van Sicklin; Chas. Ackerman; S. J. Ramey; Jas. McPhall; Jno. Wilson; Jos. Dixon; B. Hales; David McPhall; School; Lucius Converse; Ernest Brewer; F. Falk; W. White; J. D. Allen; W. Livingston; L. Carpenter; Emily Carpenter; T. Carpenter; J. Stewart; Wm. Livingston; Mary Jones; V. Hobson; M. Rodgers; J. Rodgers; Geo. Siel; D. Ward; G. Bollen; Jas. Bollen; Hattie Master; R. M. Russell; W. H. Wilson; Wm. E. Dersnah; R. J. B. Wilson; Jas. O'Connor; School; Geo. McKeever; Jas. Nevil; H. Robinson; T. Bollen; G. McKeener; J. O'Boyle; Jas. Hodgins; V. H.; H. P. Siel Jr.; Geo. Harris; W. Hobson; Wm. Duncan; Saml Loomis; M. Call; R. Hodgins; George Turbush; Saw Mill; J. Baker; H. Ferrel; S. Thrower; A. Schug; H. N. Loomis; Henry Williamson; T. J. Baker; W. Hodkinson; J. Hodkinson; Henry Ort; Jas. Welch; W. Haler; B. Rady Sr.; Chas. Cramer; Byron Alger; Russell P. O.; Town Hall; Jno. Baker; Robt Archambault; Robt Malcomb; George Ackerman; Ephraim Brooks; Annie Hopkins; Jos. Dixon; Chas. Northon; Kinney Creek; Michl Dalton; W.H. Bowen; F. G. Farmer; Ed. Northon; D. Cowley; L. O. Burnham; K.O.T.M Hall; Edwin Russell; S. W. Owens; E. Russell Jr.; Stevenson Lake; Allen; W. F. Dodge; J. Davis; A. C. DeRemer; Julius Schug; Jno. Culp; Unknown; Fred Loomis; P. Cullam Est.; H. Wilds; J. Raymond; B. Albrecht; H. Sines; G. Albrecht; Geo. Woods; D. David; W. Upthegrove; N. Conrad; Sarah McDonald; Jas. Denton; F. N. Fishley; Jno. Loomis Est.; Jos. Sawyer; Jno. Brief; D. McPhall; Geo. Bouchey; Robt B. Beilty; J. Durnin; D. Carmichel; M. Loomis; R. Theyer; O. B. Theyer; L. Theyer; School; Burnham Sta.; School; B. M. Holtz; H. W. Burnham; D Crawley; J. J. Wilcox; W.O. McKay; Joseph Verrett; M.C.; N. Howard; Cem.; J. Depoty; G. Stough; Kinney Creek; Margt Crowley; Allen McDonald; W. T. Gardner; J. H. Gardner; Wm. Smith; V. Toman; E. Toman; A. C. Allen; H. Mellen; Chippewa River; P. H. Owens; Jno. Graham; Willow Creek; F. M. Dain; W. Goodknecht; W. S. McMillen; S. Isabell; L. Willey; T. Marchel; A. A. Melvin; Jesse Turbush; G. Bouchey; C. Bouchey; D. Bander; Jno. Herring; Jas. Kennedy; A. Bellinger; D. Fannell; D. Lockwood; Jane Carpenter; A. Nixon; Adelia Bouchey; L. C. Dolph; D. H. Nelson; J. P. Caldwell; Gilbert Bouchey; F. A. Fancher; Jno. McCanna; Jno. Bogan; J. Maricells; A. Maricells; J. Asline; A. J. Doherty; T. Marshell; Ann Arbor R.R.; W. Loomis; J. H. Seeley; G. Stongh; G. Stine; G. W. Stine; Patk Mahar; W. Lynch; F. Battle; J. B. Brown; L. Hales; T. Lesley; P. Crowley; Margt Crowley; Timothy Ragan; Pitts & Cranage; S. Leight; F. Leight; P. McGuire; P. Rippenburg; Kilbenbeck Creek; H. Howland; Jas. Bogan; Jas. McMillen; Thos. Bogan; J. Pollard; Edward Little; Jno. Little Jr.; T. M. Manaman; R. Hornby; Alfred Herring; School; L. C. Gardner; Chas. Little; Geo. Savage; Adam Horning; Delilah Tracy; Jno. Little Sr.; B. W. Irwin; Mary Smith; J. Crawford; Wm. Allen; J. Howland; C. Seiter; Henry Gilbert; F. Emerick; J. H. Anderkirk; D. Dickinson; H. F. Williamson; Wm. Page; A. Bellinger; C. D. Bogue; Richd Burrows; D. McGuire; Jno. McLaughlin; T. Horan; Cath. Leibrant Est.; J. D. Seiter Sr.; J. D. Seiter Jr.; Lansing Wing; P. Theyer; Louis Ross; Nancy Turbush; Cem.; School; A. Horning; D. Walker; Jno. McGuire; Chas. McElhenny; P. Battle; J. Battle Est.; Raymond McConnell; J. Horan; Catholic Church; Hugh McGuire; Owens Est.; J. C. McGuire; P. Mahar; Julia Battle; T. Walton; Peter McFarlane; M. Priest; Louisa Young; M. McGuire; Alex Burke; Wm. Horning; Wm. Hodson; W. Sharp; J. L. Hle Note:

Page  14 Towniship,.15 iXortliRneIWs O0F T HE -M I C H IGA[EIINSae2Ice ote J1~~~ S L B1 E L LA.,~m s~~a rWv '197Ltp 42_ W-1 W7 _ 4286/7 7Z2 29 AllK;-u~ Y J~/c4va ~&. 172'z ~yz c6~bzs 2 s& ~224r?zrz7 &jrva; 7r 8c2 p5*2 N -400" IlbkrZ.k _____~ ~ ~~~~~~~N NN_______ ___ __ _______ __ __ ___~ ~ ~~\ 49N.* $ /;z'c39 *~t9 40~ r ~ ~ _ UU _ _ _ _ __ _ _ r.."S ~ Z\.,1rw y9= r *r~:.~ t t6V } E Title: Isabella 15 N 4 W Keywords: F. S. D 7; S. D 3; S. D 2; F. S. D 1; S. D 7; S. D 4; F. S. D 8; F. S. D. 5; S. D 6; Edmund Hall; C. Hubble; T. McManaman; I. Border; E. Hornby; M. Jerore; Jno. Hicks; Jas. Willis; C. McClure; J. Armstrong; E. Jerome; E. Bergeron; S. Cameron; J. Byron; J. Little; Wm. Morrison; Jno. Bohan; A. Miller; T. H. Graham; Thos. Noland; J. G. House; B. Dunn; A. Miller; J. W. House; J. Davis & G. Granger; Page & Bellinger; S. Pemberson; J. F. L. Mendham; Thos. Gray; George House; H. House; Jas. Crawford; Jno. Crawford; Jno. Lynch; J. Mathews; W. D. Arnold; Kempt; Wm. Archer; Chas. Hatfield; Wm. Jackman; G. Smith; C. McKenna; L. Jackman; J. McKay; School; Spring Creek; Cem.; Clarence Thayer; Mrs. V. K. Brown; M. McFarlane; Jos. Horan; Alfred Curtis; Peop. Sav. Bank. C. Russell Recr.; J. Gillen; L. L. Landon; J. Williams; L. Landon; Bridget Hamel; James Pollard; Peter McFarlane; Wm. Hodson; S. Eagleson; Jas. McRavey; J. Stough; P. Mogg; J. Mogg; H. Mogg; Wm. Prout; E. Hall; T. Cassady; Wm. Funnell; Wm. Connors; R. L. Kennedy; E. Davis; D. Johns Est.; G. Priest; J. Stickle; G. Maybee; G. B. Slickle; D. Lowry; J. Lowry; School; J. Dunn; E. Connor; H. Johnston; A. Miller; M. Sayles; Thella Johnston; M. Stork; J. Walton; M. E. Church; Jas. Daley; J. Thrasher; Calvin Cameron; C. B. D. O.S.; Sarah McShea; Jane Munroe; Donald Morrison; T. H. Graham; E. Graham; W. J. Johnston; J. Y. Johnston; R. Hamilton; Rob't Neeland; Norman Wager; T. Calkins; E. G. House; W. J. Graham; W. D. Arnold; B. Calkins; G. & T. Hamilton; J. L. Bush; Rosebush Sta.; Calkinsville P.O.; E. B. Calkins; R. Scott; F. S. McCamber; Cath. Wark Est.; N. Morrison; C. Hetmsch; J. Fortin; B. Shop; B. E. C.; H. Terry; Sarah Terry; Mary Mogg; H. Langhlin; J. Fitzpatrick; J. Collins; R. Collins; N. Morrison Jr.; H. Fitzpatrick; M. Franziz; Wm. Archer; W. W. Millen; Cem.; B. Millen; A. L. Young; J. Archer; Mary Prout; Jno. Fitzpatrick Est.; D. Stickle; J. Maybee; M. T. Johnson; Susan Ashqual; Mary Jackson; Adgate; H. McQuirk; B. McNerney; P. McNerney; P. Gruett; Betsey Chatfield; D. E. Woodhouse; Alfred House; R. Kempf; A. Dunn; Jane A. Wing; P. Jackson; E. First; F. Hamilton; A. Dunn; Alex Cameron; Jno. McNerney; D. McClare Est.; Matthew Johnson; J. H. Lewis; W. Swindlehurst; B. H. Chapman; G. Cowden; H. D. Johnston; M. E. Johnson; Cem.; O. F. Valentine; B. B. Allen; G. W. Hunter; J. Graham; D. S. Lamont; J. A. Graham; J. S. Graham; High Graham; T. S.; J. McKnight; Jennie Swindlehurst; C. A. Roupe; Sarah Johnson; School; J. Jackson; J. Archer; Jennie Hart; E. Robison; O. H. Phillips; School; W. Spaulding; Spring Creek; Minnie K. Brown; D. McLanghlin; J. McLaughlin; South Branch Salt River; W. H. Wright; O. H. Phillips; B. Millen; Wm. Archer; R. Wark Est.; Harriet Cooley; Chas. Fall; J. Burr; E. Mitchell; B. O'Brien; Eliza Tipsaco; P. McNerney; B. McNerney; R. Kempf; M. Dibble; S. Gruett; W. J. Gray; Wm. Campbell; S. Gruett; John Wilson; H. Priest; Albert Miller; George Hughes; Matthew Johnson; B. Shop; J. H. Lewis; Wm. Lewis; J. Priest; Maria Paisley; T. Fannell; J. Fannell; W. Paisley; J. H. Edmonds; B. Shop; E. Crutcher; D. Conway; W. Boupe; Cath. Hodson; M. Johnson; Mary Coffey; Thos. Walton; Daniel Coyne; Betsy Rodd; N. Whitney; J. H. Edmonds; Wm. Quinlan Jr.; Timothy Foley; Geo. Wiley; John Neeland; J. L. Graham; Thos. Fraser; Ann Arbor R.R.; Henry Therring Est.; J. L. Thorne; Myra Pelcher; J. McNeil; Margt Dingman; J. McKnight; H. McKnight; D. H. Nelson; Wm. Angell; Thos. Carroll; Mary Trainor; T. Swindlehurst; Jas. Conway; Emma Walker; Minnie Walker; T. Rady; W. GayHart; Jos. Bradley; D. Riegle; J. Cretsinger; Wm. Pfhol; S. Mallory; J. Benjamin; C. Bennett Est.; J. Develin; C. Hannel; J. Fisher; D. Waimquance; H. Fitzpatrick; J. Williams; J. Harrison; C. E. Cole; W. Chippewa; W. Peters; W. Hall; Margt Hall; Thos. Clark; W. Simons; C. F. Brown; A. Weaver; T. J. Shetton; Fred Tice; M. Mahoney; O. F. Dart; E. V.B.; Peter Foley; Orin Erway; Frank Youngs; Elmer Prudden; Ed. Reakes; O. E. Gosline; Jas. Peid; Richard Vinson; Eliza Reakes; School; W. E. Edmonds; J. H. Edmonds; G. Marsh; Wm. Quinlan Sr.; Fred Pierce; Timothy Foley; T. Gallagher; Richard Vinson; P. Sullivan; P. B. Smith; H. E. Richards; Mrs. Jackson; P. Sullivan; A. Mooney Hrs.; John Butcher; C. Walker; J. Burns; N. Whitney; F. J. Clare; J. Riegle; J. Smith Est.; C. Coughlin; R. Reid; D. Couglin; F. Clare Est.; Jas. Conway; Jas. Swindlehurst; Michl Murphy; Jas. Watson Sr.; E. Robert; J. Walker; Jos. Clare; Nicholas Maing; W. D. Keller; F. J. Clare; Wm. Watson; J. Watson Jr.; J. Harrison; R. J. Harrison; A. J. Fairman; B. Shop; J. Gallagher; M. Post; William West; Jordan Creek; Jordan Sta.; Whiteville P.O.; D. Bennett; Lucy N. Bennett; W. E. Edmonds; Geo. Huber; Henry Gammel; Chas. Grace; G. M. Schnell; Minnie Garvin; Margt & J. P. Garvin; Store; Evan Ch.; Wm. Lewis; J. Beryo; Robt Ervin; W. A. Sabin; J. Sumner; W. S. & Co.; R. Goodwin; Joel Brookens; Ed. Smithers; G.D.; Mary McDonald; Susannah Fitzpatrid; D. Shanahan; H. McDonald; Sarah E. Goodwin; D. Byan; J. Palmer; J. Casey; T. A. Winans; P. Gallagher; M. Duinlan; P. Coughlin Hrs.; P. Coffey; P. Greer; S. C. & H. C. Goodwin; D. Shanahan; M. Sculley; Mrs. Wm. Hagen; John English; Felix Gallagher; Francis Ray; Mrs. Pimson; John Neff; A. S. Contant; Wm. Riley; L. D. Kent; W. Wallace; Danl Wallace; Isabella Sta.; G. Franks & Wm. Adams; Julius Jordan; School; Magdatine Butah; Joseph Roy; P.N; J. Wastian; Philip Fitzpatrick; R. W. Sanders; Cem.; Mrs. C. Bennett; Jno. Myers; T. Stockman; D. Robert; S. Depoure; Flint & Pere Marquette R.R.; Former Indian School; Chas. Cooper; Ed. Robert; Jas. Campbell; Jno. Campbell; J. Campbell; Ed. Robert; D. Buckley; Mary B. Weller; Wm. Weller; Geo. West; Jas. West Note:

Page  15 15O woommommmammm 1Pa -h44T XDm / Kj - lwf ~N '1 NI V 4; Township 1 4 North, Range 4l We st OF THE MICHIGAN MERIDIAN ISABE-LLA CO. MICH. Scale 2) -cIT~eeS to (h-e Ml ~~~~1 E a m K U4e9 _71z~ INI kS 7~~9t Z~ IV Z __ U L ýO N I u U' Ic ELACIT // 6m)v '/7 7 3729 ~1~26277/z.5, i2~ fli~e 862 U U ~me ~ //ze73 49 U e~z'43 -~ U /8 - ýrr A /J.4AO -I// 8m 4C C 462 U " 4'62 4162 3 U U -- 4620 uW[ 6: tzTzk 1 J L LL -j F -1 t-: 41. XJ'./v?4 4/04/ I/4L axisQO 6,U r-j VAN '62DF- 0i f ol ATOOI 41%0,01..4,r I zi I I L 30E IA Affr lo 1;32~ f81-jy 7U 6: /3 ~9 /8 __ (48~ ~d ~ U * J Tum#al Zw/2 I i y up V~2:t~i~ 72 462 N~ ~ ~ ~ T - - -1 1-. 462 0 a I I I --J L I I I 011 i L I I I - --- -; I 1 1 1:N; -j I I I V-ý I I I I %:f MA 1 4 1 a U a U Ur 0 IT4e62 I-- i IK -01-09, 7-Z~ '~ II;~~ I r v ~IN ~ I7U1 1,: I Ii I N9 I J T,A 6? 2 62HIK. //kA ~~ I 1Z.I 4Z9_ _ ~----- -~ / / -17/__ w ~~C~~ ~ ~ ~_ "6V8 ~k~7/)/~462 7S 9. - -"----- ' Z,, - _ I /~, I 86 '/Z9 # A U 7 1,7y/~i<& 6 8~9 U ~ 662 I I462119_ _ 4!9.I UV { K -~--'-" ~- __/__ OFN /I O OU HM.T rA$'N' 86 /6)0711 T/I~A T _ _ _U ~' --- ~626 I I U I 'K ý, I K, K U S/,Z/~6Zz 83 - I i I I I 1 -7 1 1 zim I JrT-5A-ll 6';2Z1/7n /-9t I I 'Ti z6 I I I I i I I I I i i 4162 496 U I I I I U ~e6Z4,9ec/~ /962 1.1 462 4162 U U 6 462 Jf76'Z- g 462 I il rA59 -A IN 51 _______/__ ell_ U -A- - K K -zý N K N'N -1 1, I- I I --r *wz: P, -39 U:~fr9 362 UU 462 N N 'N 13 I I I' U JJfJ/~;~//7A-96Zfr/6~2 0 -1:z F-ý, - -.762S662 zJi5~i97~ U 1I a N K ~62 SN 4,379 I I-'~ 'K 14/6 V- Z Ii-z In -o -A9__ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _Ii -; ~ 4 )~ i, zhI 4kY6~IK ý1 'K I 962 I~k4Z l4? NN ____________ ___________________________ '- -~--'----- U U U -% U N K K K N ~/2;~~ K, Zzi~9e~'y~ * Z~,7~/62 V j L - U MI U 9 a a in U a U U a Al Fs I Title: Union 14 N 4 W Keywords: F. S. D 8; F. S. D 5; S. D 5; S. D 6; S. D 1; S. D 4; F. S. D 2; F. S. D 1; S. D 3; F. S. D 6; F. S. D 1; School; Elenor Welsh; Wm. Brien; Peter Beltwick; O. Gorman; L. Drew; J. C. Sutton; D. Chamberlain; Adella Chamberlain; Wm. Bollman; Saw Mill; G. W. Drew; Susan Goodspeed; A. F. Drew; Evan Ch.; Joel Brokens; D. Fasnacht; Wesley Fasnacht; H. McDonald; Jno. Neff; C. E. Goodspeed; T. H. Wilson; Mary E. Waltenburg; H. Gaugier; J. Rowe; J. B. Gaugier; P. A. Powell; P. McDonald; G. P. McDonald; H. Thering; W. Clark; Jno. Houghton; W. C. Appleton; Jno. Quinlan; E. Y.; C. Grace; W. M. Tice; J. Daniels; J. F. Ryan; Jas. Shaw; Peter McCann; L. Yerkes; B. Yerkes; P. Bergin; D. Wallace; D. Wallace Jr.; Sarah Craig; S. Barnhard; M. O. H.; G. Reed; Isabella City; Alfred Southwick; Rich'd Gilpin; F. Clare; Katie J. Eisman; M. O. 4; C. E.; A. M.; N. E. Gilpin; Rob't Gilpin; Harry Gilbert; J. Trenthardt; Ann Arbor R.R.; Flint And Pere Marquette R.R.; St. C. Loomis; Ole Tweed; Judson Bros.; Chippewa River; Lizzie Loomis; Geo. Hahn; Kane Brothers; Tile Works; F. L. Perham; H. P.; Emily R. Loomis; Isabella Sta.; E. Sweet; Geo. Gilpin; M. B. Dimon; C. T. Wallace; B. Shop; D. L. Richardson; L. D. Richardson; L. Thompson; Brick Yard; F. B. Gaylo; L. T.; P. S. C. 4; S. F. Morey; J. G. G.; John Mars; J. G. Toles; G. Doerfer; F. Breidenstin; H. Breidenstin; M. R. Price; Geo. Dillon; F. Breidenstin; J. G. Kane; D. Price; Mrs A. E. Lea; James Davis; Bridget Feeney; Pat'k O'Hara; Rob't Morris Est.; Euphemia Lafromboise; F. Lafromboise; John McDonald; Mission Creek; Emma McLachlan; John Gorman; U.S. Indian Industrial School; Cem.; Jno. McDonald; M. McDonald; Thos. Bamber; Jas. Shaw; C. Robertson; A.T.; G.E.; D. W. E.; W. F. Newberry; Isabella Land Co. & W. A. Newberry; Chippewa River; Fair Grounds; Loudon (Trustee); John Hicks Isabella Land Co.; S. C. Leabon; C. Bennett Est.; Bennett & Pickett F. Lafromboise; C. Bennett Est.; Ann Arbor R.R.; Flint and Pere Marquette R.R.; 3rd Ward; Longwood; E. W.; Mary Brown; Stella F. Leaton; J. Hicks Isabella Land Co.; E. Hall; Wm. Rathburn; G. McLean; G. Wilson; Emily A. Orcutt; L. Maxwell; W. T.; J. B.; J. O. Klitz; C. Bennett Est.; J. O. J.; J. F.; E. C.; T. L.; J. F.; J. Dhmstgck; S. W. Griffith; D. C. Nunemaker; R. Mann; D. McGuire; Anastasia McRae; Wells, Stone & Co.; A. H.; H. H. M.; Wells, Stone & Co.; G. Belden; Unk.; A. Harry; F. Hirsch; S. B. Cady; C. Walker; Lizzie Leaton; T. Leahy; M. M. Hungerford; B. A. Ackerman; Rob't Morris Est.; A. E. Lee; Mich'l McCarthy; Jno. McCarthy; Jno. Carroll; Exchange Savings Bank; J. Bronstetter; M. Bronstetter; John Kane Est.; G. & W. Dusenbury; School; Mich'l Kane; Frank O'Horo; M. Carroll; Jno. Garvin; John Garvin; Jane Wyman; F. E. Bradley; C. J. Lea; J. W. Lea; G. A. Hicks; 1st Ward; City of Mount Pleasant; 2nd Ward; G. A. Hicks; D. H. Nelson; Park; Babbitt Est.; A. M. Fanchey; 1st Natl Bank of Mt Pleasant Geo. Reed Recr.; J. W. H.; D. McGuire; C. Moore; W. W. A.; J. O. K.; Nancy Brown; C. Bennett Est.; Cicero Kimball; G. L. Barrows; The Stone O.L.S.; C. M. Brooks; F. Kaiser; H. A. Manausa; Stella G. Leaton; K. & G.; C. P. J.; P. R.; J. H.; M. D.; G. W.; Geo. Reed Recr. 1st Nat Bk of Mt. P.; P. H. Estee; Jno. Neff; A. T. Cook; T. P. Collins; T. Keenan; M. A. Stevenson; G. H. Day; G. Goodspeed; Wm. Hoofar; J. A. Torpey; John Torpey; Pat'k Carroll; D. H. Nelson; M O'Horo; J. West; Judson Bros.; A. Lockhart; Bridget Lockhart; J. P. Murphy; J. G. Kane; Michael O'Horo; Michael Kane; H. Allen; D. L. Moss; G. Whitehead; H. Allen; A. Allen; J. Westfall; S. Roseberry; Jno. Moore; R. Brown; A. H. Bellnap; G. L. Granger; S. L. Gilbert; Corbin & Harris; Corbin & Graves; J. Elmore; C. H. & Kane Evans; A. M. Hobbs; Reuben Kempf; F. W. C.; H. H. B.; D. H. Nelson; S. W. H.; J. H. S.; Edgar Isbel; Fanme E. Fasquelle; M. J. Courter; W. W. Preston; G. A. Nusenbury; L. P. Riley; T. J. Barber; L. D. N.; Eliz. Brubaker; E. S. Crowley; Ida A. Young; J. Neebes; Jacob Neff; Alfred Southwick; A. R. Leffingwell; Jos. Myers; H. S. Bouton; Fred Speck; C. O. Curtis; Allen Ayris; Henry Ayris; M. O'Boyle; E. Frogert; A. Haney; Frank Ayris; L. N. Shepherd; W. J.; Adelaide Ball; Harriet Stringer; Wm. Porter; Cornelius Gleason; G. S. Burke; I. N. Gulick; Jacob Smith; Ann Whitehead; F. D. Jenner; J. A. Relyea; Sarah Slater; G. W. Whitehead; T. J. Rool; School; G. F. Hoop; D. Cuthbert; James Cuthbert; C. Gleason; A. Merrill; D. Merrill; Michael E. Kane; C. H. Southwick; W. H. Wood; F. Bellinger; South Mt. Pleasant; H. Harkins; W. R. Crowley; E. R. Waldron; J. L. Merritt; L. R. Biley; C. E. Depuy; Naomi Sterling; School; H. S. Bouton; J. P. Lyons; C. H. Mead; Wm. Bitchie; Howard Hankins; Jacob Neff; Alexander Brodie; L. P. Burgeois; J. W. Becktel; J. M. Kennedy; Joseph Myers; F. H. Rueggsegger; J. Jones; W. J. Luce; C. Jones; J. Jones; Wm. Merrill; F. D. Jenner; N. Moss; J. N. Stacy; G. E. Wicks; E.B. Dudlin; A. Jones; D. Carey; J. Blizard; Philip Bellinger; Jno. Carey; G. H. P. Bufford; Mary A. Carey; H. S. Wheeler; Homer Wheeler; School; J. L. Merritt; W. J. Wheeler; A. Merrill; M. E. Ch.; Walter Wing; Salana Wing; G. L. Granger; Frank Francisco; G. Sponseker; B. C. Dibble; D. J. Cohoon; Ethel A. Tonlein; Lydia Conklin; G. A. Bowen; T. Ayling; T. B. Ch.; D. L. Dibble; D. L. Dibble; S. Dougherty; J. L. Merritt; H. Harkins; J. Bumborough; Rosetta E. Smith; L. A. C.; L. Crummel; A. N.; D. L. Myers; L. W. Myers; F. Beethlisberger; Church; F. W. Dibble; D. H. Nelson; F. Grinnell; Henry Adams; W. D.; Sarah Stilwell; P. & D. Grinnell; H. Koyl; G. L. Dickinson; Henry Diehl; W. Lethorn; F. Evans; Eli Ferris; A. Miser; Barbara Miser; L. M. Zingery; L. B. W.; W. M. Zingery; M. M. Root; C. Coddington; Pat'k Cleary Est. Note:

Page  16-17 ^ '!.! '. l i r * ' * * - / ' ' * l^_______________________________ ' ' ' ' - II _______________^__________________________ GITFOF - f^.i.i.i.i.i.i.i.i.i.i.i.i.i.i.i.i.i.i.i.i.i.i.r:Tn^|]j:i]^-i--i^^'nii-Li^^ Scale 400 Fe| Ho flie Inch. ' *, * NORTllRART? *' iS^ * * f^ ^. /// ||:J^^<9^-^^. ^^ //% ^we^~'^.^^. J|.^. - ^wzZ^' ^. ^^z^ ' t * * ' - ' M H * ' li' /w/ h"' ~^^~'.^^ -.^^^.,; y *:: * * Iftiff:! ^ /^ C^ PRESTON *V ST. Ip|-. * ^2a-. |' ^. j||p^,. * 11^ ^^^ '. * ^ilVUl% ^ ^ ^' / ^ / f t^ i*^ ^? * '^~' * -.^. ( U.S. INDIAN INDUSTRIAL SCHOOL | 2"' ^^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^. ll^'1/^^^ ^^. ^ovc^-^- """1 fe____ ^ ^^^.^ ^^. t. BF- -- ' a - J^^^^ G^^~^ ^^ z^^zzZ^^^z'^ ^? i ^; -. f / f 6.^^7^^e^^ ^.5-6, r---i ^ | q ^ B * I * J -: * IK^;" ^ -^- 1^-^-- - /^ 2r-^. -^^ ^ *v^. *,. * * ^ ^ 1^:1/1? / B;! ^^^ ^ A^^ir ^__________^ ^ Sf1... 4 JL ^ JJ /.^ / '": F. * WOQOWQRrS _ST. __ ^ I! ^ ^ ^ ^ 1^ B ^^^ A 1^^^ |fc/^ /: B ^.^y ^.'./_ ^ - J;3~^!Z6o^ | |^ i ^ | ^ g ________' "~". j j \ ^ ^ * " 'l!fll!'11^- i "."^ ~.^~ P1GKARD * AV.____ ________________|" * ' *- ""_______________________________________________/__________^ ^ B w * ^--" '.:, ^!"^':^|^ ~s~P~6^ -^^^ %^Z * -^g^- ^^^"^^^^^.^^^'';:^^3^ ^^S" 13^.. ^ ^ <Jy..^ ^,---1|^1.^,11^ il ^^' ^<~Z[1 _____ /^.^V^WT^ ^W^ ^^.^&CW^7^ 7 r^ Zl * C^,4 r) /^ ------fc yJi^::,. ___I.IMCOLMT^___ ______ ____ /A ST. ____ ____ ' -~^ --~Tk /2 // " ^ 3 ^ 7 6 3 RIVERSlBE.,^Fr ^^ " VP^-' -^-^\^-^- -^^.^__ --^JRO^JV^^l^ff. -^ -- ^ BE --- '/^r ^ ^Ml flR^ --y^ ^,^ -^-^- ^-IM Ax-^li^g^.l^^ ^ ^ * ^ ^.^ // ^-'*s s * ^ \ ls 6s 2 (fff % 1~ H^^ -^i\\ ^^^ ^^.^^^^t^fte-y-^^j- ----y-i-^?-----^^ -7 -^'y ^ * ^ ^ S-' ^ S KS / ^^^. 1^^^ ' ^~il^ ~^ ^ ^ ~T~ ~~^^^ ~i^.!%r- "^r^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ -, -^l --. '. *. * ' '.. * l s ^ ^ ^^^^^ ' ' * ' ' * *. * *. Title: City Of Mount Pleasant Keywords: Thomas Bumber; F. E. Bradley; Corporation Line; U. S. Indian Industrial School; John Hicks Isabella Land Co; Ann Arbor R.R.; C. J. Lea; 1st Ward; J. W. Lea; Chippewa River; D. H. Nelson; Babitt Estate; A. M. Fancher; Riverside Cemetery; E. T. Hammond; Riverside St.; Greenhouse; Park; Depot; Lumber Yard; Hub Fact; Office; Stock Yards; Stock Yard; Creamery; Mrs. J. C.; B. C.; E. Judge; D. M.; N. F.; Jno. Wiley; Feed & Cider Mill; Pass Depot; Freight Depot; Flint and Pere Marquette R.R.; J. A. Fancher; B. D.; La F. Est.; G. Est.; J. A. Jancher; P. E. R.; W. B.; Hotel; M. M. Fessenden; Geo. Root; Levi Noble; Mrs. Kent & Emma Hall; M. M. Fessenden; Lempke; Rich'd Boulton; P. J. Robinson; M. M. Fessenden; 3rd Ward; Bennett's Add; Fordyce's Add; Kinney's 2nd Add; Original Plat; Kinney's Add; Brown's Add; Ryan's Add; Bennett Est, et al.; Bennett Est, et al.; Emily A. Orcutt; J. O. Johnson; C. Bennett Est.; Heading Mill; Preston St.; Fordyce St.; Woodworth St.; Mrs. How Mow Wee; Life Lease; J. W. Hance; D. McGuire; S. C. Hance; Nancy Brown; Preston St.; Fordyce St.; Woodworth St.; F. Close Est.; F. LaFromboise; Wm. Rush; Mrs. F. M. Swan; F. Yale; J. M. Hilton; G. W. James; W. Chapman; S. Miller; J. Wilson; R. & L. Lamber Co.; W. Smith; J. O. Johnson; Corporation Line; Pickard Av.; Palmer St.; Shop; Bennett Av.; Andre Av.; P. E. Richmond; John Kinney; School; C. Bennett Est.; D. E. Patterson; C. Bennett Est.; Mrs. T. Leahy; 1st National of Mt. Pleasant (Geo. Reed Receiver); J. Brown Est.; J. W. Hance; D. McGuire; Stub St.; Lincoln St.; Chippewa St.; Court House; Jail; Pres. Ch.; Mosher St.; S. C. Hance; Nancy Brown; Pres. Ch.; Hotel; Bapt. Ch.; Chestnut St.; Court St.; State St.; Carr St. Note:

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Page  18 LB -ONO-" ROSBUSH S.TA. CALKINS.VILLE1-P.O. JXorkc2&Abcrf9,2v Inleg1 AzclASC/ 37 zE 6%Ykz>zs J Al Aftzsk v~zACV/a4?ls V 4 A7. AT 6%74 ~ c7ciznzcs ~276~m /Z3~t &~zzrc* A737-A1 6+a2ý 7Z, 0 J-zZstrc!x &;;, 7 - STONE OUTLOTS.z~2ncr A'rc 6!~5'ezrzcZ/A~r/ m6~ ra #Dn5Saz4,,Z-Z ~1* - I I T V r 1 r ~ 134 BEAL CITY JbýrýVwczS ~Ali 6 L ~ ____ L ____ L ____ L ____ L ____ I ____ 1 ____ 3 ___________________ J/W <eazr Vrc -- I Title: Rosebush Sta; Calkinsville P.O; Stone Outlots; Beal City Keywords: Elm Grove Add; Rosebush; Calkinsville; W. D. Arnold; B. E. Calkins; Depot; Locust St.; Warehouse; Stock Yards; Thos. Gray; J. L. Bush Estate; B. C. Shaw; Grange Hall; Elizabeth St.; Maple St.; James St.; B. Shop; Hotel; North St.; Main St.; B. E. Calkins; J. M. Dallas; B. E. Calloins; T. Adams; F. Robison; Mary Hamilton; Monroe St.; Garland St.; Broadway St.; Michigan Av.; James McKay; D. S. Lamont; Lamont St.; Bogan St.; Railroad St.; Ann Arbor R.R.; Main St.; Hugh Graham; Bapt. Ch.; M. E. Church; Parsonage; J. Scott; D. Regan; F. C. Matteson; D. S. Lamont; Martha L. Shaw; P. O.; C. Bogan; M. L. Grange; Saw Mill; Rebecca Kennedy; T. Adams; Laughlin; Pres. Church; J. Archer; Nancy Brown; C. Bennett Est.; Cicero Kimball; T. P. Collin; H. Manausa; F. Kaiser; A. Stanton; Anthony Tillman; Cath. Church; School; H. Diittmann; J. Pohl; T. T. Martin; J. F. Doll; J. P. Yancher; P. O.; J. J. Martin; B. S. Shop; Jno. Tillman; P. Doll; A. Hundt Note:

Page  19 19 r j z ~ bt~ w~ is 17.1 Kii 10 110 K~~r - \ >ý-& SOUTH IM/T.PLAAN I VA at^ I e% I I A a I f's 1 4-- = L---CGMME-RCfA-L --Q 42,Ix '4,(44< < ~-x - - 2 7 /3a 2< ix2 PAY ME SAW T 41p JJ NQ - ----------.------>----5-I-.- -J _________ 1 rI> C IDWFLL 2 z 0 z / JZ22c2iZi 61 ir -3, 6Z 6e6 Al DE PUY S. - N-1 ____ I F.1117 - I XA' I Kzr S-// - - -NOMOVIN Title: South Mt. Pleasant; Caldwell Keywords: Isabella City; Longwood; Sarah Craig; St. Clair Loomis; Ann Arbor R.R.; Alfred Southwick; M. Loomis; Lizzie Loomis; George Hahn; A. Dart; Maple St.; Isabella St.; Fitch St.; Chippewa St.; Main St.; Cedar St.; Lynn St.; Chippewa River; H. Harkins; D. W. Elliot; W. F. Newberry; John Landon (Trustee); School; Johnson St.; Hawkins St.; Graves St.; Pay Me Saw St.; J. Hicks & Isabella Land Co.; Parker St.; Ferry St.; Long St.; Craig St.; Isabella St.; E. Wehmer; F. & M. R.R.; J. Nixon; C. W. Richardson; G. Brower; Cemetery; C. L. Moses; H.G. Bacon; H. G Bacon; Hall; H. C.; D. A. & D. W. James; R. S. Craft; D. P. Ferrenbaugh; S. Craft; School; A. J. Stansell; S. O. Smiley; P. O; A. A. Drew; C. W. R.; Hotel; S. Craft; G. Honsinger; J. Bowen; A. J. Stansell; H. Harkins; Vancise St.; L. P. Riley; Commercial St.; F. B. D.; DePuy St; D. L. Dibble; S Douroughty; H Harkins; J. L Merritt; First Add; Original Plat; S. Washington St.; E. E Depuy Note:

Page  20-21 WES Scle40 Atoth Ich.1 N ^A^ ^ ^.WW ^"^.ICIA ^-^.^ ^ >,1 -^ ^^ ^ *IGI^.^ '^ ^.__f g^afa'A ' T V^5 tll - - -- -== =:w^= = =,i - - ^ jL ^ =:*.==^ = - ^ ^.l-^ Z' -. ~ //^^^^ * II j 3 '^ - ^ 'S ^ y ^ ' O ^ _5- _ ^' ^? ' -- P ^ g ^ ^ E,3 3tN., DE N ~ CS t~ S;^$:^^^^^^^^^^^^YN^$:^^^ ^^^ ^^ ^^a7\/~^^Z \\ - J" -7 * ^!;3F A57. [a7?^"/ " ' \.-^*^ l^^f^^ g< Z - ^^^^'^ t~s^ 'iA Title: City Of Mount Pleasant Keywords: 1st Ward; 2nd Ward; F. E. Bradley; Bradley; West Broadway; Mrs. K. F. Wilson; Anna V. Harris & Sarah Churchill; J. Reams; Mrs. E. M. Harris; R. Bowers; I. Bowers; H. A. Sanford; C. Kibbey; Hopkins & Lyons Add; Fessenden St.; Lyon St; Upton Av.; Wood St.; Henry St.; Maxwell St.; School; Adams St.; Mrs K. F. Wilson; L. D. Kent; J. C. R.; J. H.; M. D. S.; M. Roop; Livingston St.; Anna V. Harris & Sarah Churchill; Harris; Leaton St.; W. Michigan St.; Leaton & Uptons Add; Flowing Well; George Reed Recr.; Saw Mill; Foundry; L. M. Gale; WoodenWare Work; Elec. Light Plant; Flour Mill; Anna V. Harris & Sarah Churchill; Mt. P. Mfg. Co.; Mrs. E. L.; L. D. Kent; Mrs. K. F. W.; F. K.; G. Kibbey; Jennie Murray; F. A. Harvey; Mrs. H. Reams; Woolen Mill; Planning Mill; Foundry & Novelty Works; Ch. Science Ch.; Bank; City Hall & Fire Sta.; Bank; Ch. Disciples Ch.; Cath Ch.; Sisters School; Walnut St.; W. A. C.; G. A. B.; The Corham Bros. Co.; Mt. P. Mfg. Works; B. Craft; Office; M. E. Ch.; Young & Vedder's Add; Bennett & Burrows Add; Smith's Add; Bentkey's Add; Hopkin's Add; Original Add; Kinney's Plat; Partridge Add; Hall's Add; Brown & Leaton's Add; Crowley's Add; Nelson's Add; Yoeng & Veddler's Add; Normal School Add; Hance's Add; Ge. Hall Add; Marpin's Add; Bamber's Add; L.D. Bent; Walnut St.; Mill St.; Jennie Murray; A. Kibbey; E.A. Harper; Mrs. E Beam; W.A.C.; Bud B.; Office; L.M. Gale; Saw Mill; The Corham Bros. Co.; B. Fract; Wisconsin St.; M. R. Ch.; Illinois St.; Michigan St.; Catch. Ch.; Locust St.; Mrs. S.; S.H.; Mrs. S.; Foundry & Novelty Works; Woolen Mill; Planing Mill; Ch. Sciogon; City Hall & Fire Sta.; Broadway; Sisters School; Bank; High School; G.L. Burrows; Arnold St.; Mission St.; Anna St.; Elizabeth St.; Kinney St.; Fancher St.; Cherry St.; Lansing St.; Jane A. Hall; C. Heckerthom; Mrs. Furtean; J. Sandbrook; C.M. Brooks; F. Kaiser; G.L. Burrows; L.A. Crane; Farmers & Mechanics Building & Loan Assn.; Mrs. A. M. Fancher; 1st. Nat'l Bank of Mt. Pleasant Geo. Reed Recr.; S. Bemrose; 1st Nat'l Bank of Mt. Pleasant Geo. Reed Recr.; C.W. Campbell; A. Stanton; Corporation Line; Crowley St.; M. Lower; M. Conner; J.S. Hamilton; C. Conner; Ida A. Young; Elizabeth Brubaker; F. S. Crowler; Gaylord St.; L.D. Newton; S.W. Hopkins; P. McCarty; M.D. Swan; H.A. Wright; Mahala Stevens; J.C. Porterfield; J.C. Porterfield; J.M. Swan; Bellows St.; Normal St.; Bellows Av.; Gaylord St.; D.H. Maurer; A. A. Loveland; Fannie E. Fasquelle; State Normal School; Hopkins Av.; Edgar Isbell; D.H. Nelson; T. Hillock; H.H. Bros.; F.W. Carr; Albert Coe; Mrs. Leuton; John Elmore; Thos. Kent; A. H. Bellnap; G.L. Granger; C. Harris; S.L. Gibbert; Corbin & Graves; Anna V. Harris & Sarah Churchill; Anna V. Harris & Sarah Churchill; R. Kempf; John Elmore; O.E. Marshall; M.E. Kane; Corporation Line; J. Shook; J.H. Swift; O.E. Marshall; M.J. Courtier; W.W. Preston; Preston Av.; E.S. Crowley; Alfred Southwick; Elizabeth Brubaker; Ida A. Young; J. Neebes Note:

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Page  22 22 Townshi p 3 No'rth,: Range 4 West OF" THE MICHIGAN 'MEFRIDIA.N S-ecale 2 I-n-ches to'-the iMle U U U 49so S 4 a *.al s IZZ SO.1 '4 r 37.77 4 S&P"T"r- n STRIfE4 b'csiwie 40 N A N N ~U.. -2/77Z-J1 469 so/I U if. 46.OZ? -b x - -_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __IF K p 6: OOMZ 4rcd-CC1uz U K f74 77-7, K 'K trs4a~Zst ~ltZZ/rk~rrt an a It llý I I I -i---- KA-S 2XSt U K I! I N rsrsz~azzz~r -yk2zrytt. wTdUI&9 47 '74 trdtxrd 2/ocr /1~/V-A & e4SnO f/ -r 00 -, rl?AAV (I I ROOtz.449dn /27/ S K1 ISABELLA CO. M.IC.H N N. a 0 Sl N 4 A. A'da zi;?5 JiZj24nniAt 8v9 -K I cl k 44/ 5 $ a a __iJ'1~7 't~. t7 1[ - i -car 4 4 r U* ra rM U _______ - ______ L.~~z~JL ______ ___?jS~I 3bCZP-1M 10ktW~z& CZ-z~ez sCi, ///0S~ivz9z /Z7 r-A7z*4 it 40 o * S P it * U '9334 U 4AZ7~vi,~ -JA~Zt so 44!9 W4nzd 809ctejT~s /4 - k U ~ Z7ZWct S.14 67&A7jW. ~"' ~ 0 t9 40 8V4 ' S e~ Zh/ie/zerd itn* N * IC oz_ _ ____6 _______ 79 ~4T zw;& 46'4 Nw Jj~J~ C77j A '1r:7zti.5z ~'f9sttctyy i~l3Zfrcnt-rw ____ _______ t6 5 l~wc/ /6 119 71clfi'cvwy ~ s. N j tE 849 -6 Sel~o&. 2a UU Fi2tz Nit7Z6CZ as, Sct, zZVIyrPa~Z0 ___ _______________ _____ ____ a ____ ___________ ____ I_ _ __ __________ __ 49 __ _ _ _ _ _ __aU; ~ 4 W-9 Zog10 )-/L N_ C-of '1 a _____________ - - ii _________ I! _____________ - __________ I - -r IIT r 1 IL /20 a ~rrw. 40 soýzrIS/cerzwl -1 "f2 44&ca U K S U ýAv ý 1 ý I.. I --- lei.,ý. ý d-,--.-- - AnlHo -- 7-7-I a ~rn. 410 S a. 86 4 - U Sairitd/' Ziarlen S~4~ -aIl an U Z2N2mnr 46 449 a 2/As. Cl I U -J L illy Vl 429 U 35.34.I...,. oe9 4 7~~ 4 VIe a Pa /rscick. /10 A --I 86' U 15 'NIt ~ 7dX~rarzc~cr' 80 > t, K/Jt'$. It 46 LZ0az r 777g ~ a I1 i-I U U U S U, S a iF 4; [I I-lu.5 'K. HF IS U U N 14 al 7642/ 6X645'.I1/9ccZ U -'A 701 74 7ZVO/ e.74m m 96 80:c5A9Z 47 to N 4~ IZi Ns 60 5 5, -A9U U 7Ir. Uz&a U.Azo. A'x 86 81? a Jtgr~Ay ~ ~6~2 w 1 T. t, -H K d2rS7afilzw ay 40 U Sc? kit!H )4 /26'. n- 1Z41) Ni U ~ eo 80o - Sc' N 471;p -V - -=41 T -A 'I, ______________I__-_W__7_4s___9___1_Q__________________________________ j==~2=~ t--c--_______ - ~. ~ ',lx,~A2 I C ý~" rý 4wCaza 440 6 I/zn' ~6w9r l/7em~9 Vi? N i~;r9cz 4tO~ ~40a ~~.0' ~ 0 U /2-C,9 Z K l) *~k ~ c~ ~ ~ 'U5 *1U5WRTO Ps0a 1 ------- - - ________ - _______ ~-. ' ~I ~ - a _________________ I I ~ I ~ I ~ I I rjzti~~ U IF-~=--'~- - - - ______ - __________ _____ - I "a L CX..mile T a 0 L!-kXsrkooZ a r4frzz~~ ~& U fl N ------ __ -___.u - - - S 7 *1 Title: Lincoln 13 N 4 W Keywords: F. S. D 2; S. D 4; S. D 2; F. S. D 1; F. S. D 5; S. D. 6; S. D 7; S. D 8; F. S. D 3; F. S. D 2; F. S. D 3; J. Blizard; A. Johnson; Alice Blizard; Jas. Ayling; Edward Fowler; C. Snyder; G. W. Schooley; Unk.; E. Wolfgang Est.; W. A. Berryhill; Harriet Jakeway; I. Thatcher; J. Runyon; M. E. Church; Albert Kaiser; Fred Bellinger; Geo. Bellinger; Edward Bellinger; Ferris Holcomb; Clande Bailey; Phoebe Baker; B. Shop; Mary Wardwell; L. D. Ford; John Mill; Edward T. Wardwell; J. O'Brien; Jas. & Mary Hill; Andrew Sugg; J. L. Merritt; Thos. O'Brien; Melvin Mull; A. B. Wonsey; F. E. Wilder; J. R. Hess; Peter Sanford; Wm. R. Rice; M. Wiant; Florence Way; W. Sanders; S. Sanders; J. H. Wilcox; C. H. Wilcox; R. Hess; Sam'l Hess; R. D. Balmer; Millie Preston; Thos. Lawrence; Sarah Moyes; Ralph Kniffen; M. M. Root; Mary Beach; Isabella A. Welch; Jacob Hess; Sarah Moyes; Fannie Grauber; P. Farnan; Wm. Atkins; C. Farnan; G. Austin; B. F. Morris; Mary Haley; H. Smith; R. D. Stowell; J. Thatcher; Emma Ayling; Jno. Haley; M. Davis; A. Cooper; A. E. Grover; Wm. Decker; School; L. Stebbins; J. McQueen; Jane McQueen; Harriet McQueen; Jas. McQueen; Wm. W. Wagner; W. Cole; S. E. Gates; Minta Woodin; D. H. Nelson; Simon Heppert; O. Lace; Cem.; J. V. McQueen; Free Meth. Ch.; C. T. Puchert; L. Stringer Est.; H. B. Copeman; Bellinger; F. D. Kyser; Jacob McMacken; B. Shop; Jos. Crim; A. F. Puckert; A. A. Cop; School; K. L. Landon; W. H. Luce; F. Luce; A. H. Rowlader; R. Campbell; T. Miser; G. W. Cole; Martha Gorsline; A. E. Wilson; Jas. Hoag; W. B. Hoag; M. E. & Rose Ervans; Lucy Knowlton; O. N. C. Keith; F. Dignan; A. P. Hoag; J. F. Rowlander; Jno. Walsh; Louis Gorsline; G. Ludy; J. Ludy Jr.; Jacob Ludy Sr.; Mary J. Dodge; Jacob Kratz; School; L. D. Estee; F. C. DuBois; E. Dubois Sr.; D. F. Shoe; E. DuBois Jr.; Strickland P. O.; D. H. Tibbitts; O. L. White; A. E. Grover; Mary Bostwick; M. L. Miller; Ida Miller; L. E. Parkinson; W. McQueen; G. M. Richardson; C. A. Richardson; H. Wickler; B. Shop; D. H. Nelson; C. Prowdley; C. Coons; G. A. Smith; Wm. Marshall Est.; M. Z. DeHart; P. H. Estee; Mrs. C. Woodin; Wm. Marshall Est.; Emma Johnson; Mary E. Bella D, Frances M. & Edward Door; Crawford P. O.; Mary Burdick; Edward Bellinger; Geo. McDonald; Feed Mill; Julia Gardner; T. A. Hunt; H. B. Copeman; M. M. L. Ins. Co.; Martin Barrett; D. Knipe; A. Knipe; Alice & Lella Thornton; Town Hall; W. W. Cole; F. D. Kyser; Jas. Wallace; A. C. Rowlader; H. Simonds Est.; Jno. Shannon; J. M. R. Kennedy; Saw Mill; Barber & Faulkner; Mary S. Rudler; Sam'l Earl; Jno. Wagner; I. T. Miser; Chas. Hann; Geo. H. Vredenberg; J. Hann Jr; J. Hann Sr.; L. Hann; A. Hann; L. D. Sewell; I. Hendee; Mrs. C. Armstrong; School; A.C. Vredenberg; W. S. Cook; J. Stell Est.; M. Loomis; G. P. Ryder; A. H. Ryder; L. M. Potter; W. W. Curtis; I. A. Fancher; School; C. McMillen; G. M. Gould; W. S. Green; B. Shop; L. Green Est.; D. S. Bush; Cem.; Bert Barnes; F. E. Hetherington; G. A. Hapner; B. Shop; M. Dolbe; School; Mary Landon; D. H. Nelson; E. Hapner; A. McKay; Chas. Titus; J. A. Hunt; O. S. Sanders; I. N. Shepherd; O. B. Everden; W. Bowers; E. A. Oathout; State; Dan'l Bardick; O. B. Morse; J. S. Figg; Zella Weatherbe; O. S. Sanders; Mrs. E. J. Sanders; S. F. Lansburg; L. P. Deming; Ruben Kempf; Cem.; Martha E. Beebe; Mary S. Rudler; A. P. Caszatt; Barber Faulkner; G. M. Parks; Hannah Everden; David Kent; S. D. Brown; I. G.; Wm. Tomlinson; Judson Bros.; G. Tomlinson; Marg't Gould; Alfred Hoover; Wm. Hoover; Hiram Eckert; Wm. Coughlin; J. W. Hance; D. H. Cogswell; Wm. Hawkins; T. O. Boyle; J. Roethlisberger; L. Bartholf; D. C. & T. O'Boyle; L. A. Quick; W. S. Fowler; Thos. Campbell; C. Edmonds; Eliza Campbell; C. Childs; R. W. Mitchell; Harding Kellogg; Baptist Ch.; N. Root; Chas. Scott; S. Scott; A. Myers; S. O. Noble; A. Stanton; J. Hetherington; M. B. Brewer; Millie Guthrie; F. Deming; Wm. D. Deming; M. C.; H. B. Caszatt; J. F. Caszatt; J. Guthrie; M. Castel; W. G. Close Est.; Jerseyville P.O.; Barney Duffy; Jno. W. Deming; J. A. Hunt; Store; School; B. S. Shop; S. Bowers; Martha F. Beebe; R. Deming; C. O. Standish; U. Willonghby; J. A. Kenney; Jno. Duffy; P. E. Duffy Sr.; Harris, Granger & Co.; Wm. Coughlin; Jno. Coughlin; A. P. Hoag; A. Wasserman; Roger Battle; Mich'l Duffy; Mud L.; P. J. Duffy; N. Dodge; Eliza Campbell; F. Allen; G. B. Hawkins; Jos. Fox; Nathan Dempsey; T. Murphy; Sarah Fox; D. Harrigan Est.; Morrison; H. M. Hance; Saw Mill; A. Thompson; J. D. McKenna; D. W. Hance; M. B. Brewer; C. Miller; L. Scott; Meth. Ch.; Jos. Brownridge; Scott Barnes; Chas. Wood; B. Shop; George Brandel; Jas. Black; J. Johnson; G. Thayer; D. Black; Jno. Black; J. Just; Abner Whiting; Louis Grey; Jas. Willoughby; C. A. White; A. P. Caszatt; J. Norton; C. Flansburg; R. Deming; C. Bennett Est.; J. Duffy; Stella G. Leaton; A. & P. Hamilton; Wm. Murray; Cecil Decker; E. Whiting; Pat'k Kenny; P. H. Duffy Jr.; G. Pool; J. J. Ingraham; Joseph Norton; M. Kenny; School; Timothy Battles; Abner Whiting; T. Battles; Jno. Battles; O. R. Gee; A. Lyons; A. F. Lorain; Cath. Ch. & Cem.; School; Jno. Fox; LeStrange L. Connelly Est.; J. E. Stell; Thos. Sweeney; Wm. Lestrange; Cath. Roberts; W. O'Conners; Mich'l Mellett Sr.; School; Geo. Wicks; M. Wicks; Mich'l Dugan; Ed. Dugan; Mich'l Mellett Jr.; Connelly Est.; H. Yeasting; T. Murray; L. McKinstry; H. Huffman; Summerton P.O. Note:

Page  23 Towns.hip 13 North, RagF etSae2Ice oteMl O F THE MICHIGAN MRDA a~~~ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ C O f,__ _ X/ 32 z96 z 46 4/12 719 1ý5 415 K 442 e gy tP37~ % f//t Z6& Z6 AI I~~~~~~~ 01-k~~~8) ~~r~rz Title: Fremont 13 N 5 W Keywords: S. D 3; S. D 7; S. D 1; F. S. D 2; S. D 6; S. D 4; S. D 5; F. S. D 5; S. D 6; S. D 5; R. Brown; W. N. Pierpont; Wells, Stone & Co.; E. Dush; Adaline Wyant; A. Foster; A. Hinebaugh; J. B. Peter; W. S. Smith; A. Hinnebaugh; L. Moray; I. Moray; Henry Wyant; W. Wolfrain; J. W. Curtis; C. A. Spicer; E. D. Curtiss; H. Boughton; Martha A. Taylor; Adeline Wyant; D. Riggle; C. Riggle; G. Z. Sutton; E. Wyant; G. H. Fox; School; G. Sickle; F. Sickle; Judson & Judson; A. Taylor; Judson Bros.; Alex Kemmerer; J. W. Curtis; Wm. Dougherty; Clara & Edith Williamson; Saw & Shingle Mill; J. R. Wilkin; G. D. Brown; M. Ackerman; J. B. Gordon; B. Shop; Hay Estate; Saw Mill; J. M. Simons; C. E. Osburn; B. E. Williams; S. Johnson; Hester Fifield; Nettie Deming; W. W. King; J. McQueen; J. Young; W. King; Geo. Eckman; Mrs. Bennett; W. H. Harrison; J. Starkweather; Mary Lamb; H. Amunyon; School; Wing Lake; E. M. Hutchins; J. & B. Hutchins; E. Somers; C. H. Evans; Timothy Kennedy; E. Turner; Jas. Haley; Ed. White; Casper Nohl; Archie Foster; M. H. Hillyard; Jno. Riggle; J. W. Curtis; Jacob Master; J. L. Brubaker; J. B. Fox; G. W. Moray; J. Moore; W. Robinson; Wells & Stone; Ada Dougherty; Frank Raymond; J. B. Fox; Mary J. Woodruff; Arvilla Dougherty; Jno Starkweather; M. H. Hillyard; W. W. Curtis; Minnie K. Brown; G. W. Dougherty; W. J. Jones; H. E. Leroy; F. Cragan; L. Schrader; George Reed; Julia R. Allyn; Saw Mill; John Starkweather; Minnie K. Brown; W. A. Starkweather; Jno. Smith; B. White; P. J. Marthey; Chas. Allen; Ester Taylor; J. H. Taylor; H. M. Perrin; J. H. Hnnt; Geo. Reed; Chloe Hunt; Cem.; Thos. Judge; Geo. Young; N. Wicks; Henry Stutting; Jane Smith; C. Stutting; Berry Farm; D. C. Hirzel; Caroline Wolfgang; Union Ch.; Conrad Behrer; W. N. Edmonds; Chas. & Irving Main; Christian Uebele; S. D. Eldred; M. C. Crum Est.; N. Mowery; Cem.; Martha E. Cullimore; Isabella Miller; J. W. Belles; M. H. Hillyard; A. Sullivan; C. Haas; J. B.; D. Sampsell; Fred Delo; Church of Good; L. Vickery; Babbitt Est. (D. H. Nelson Exec.); Geo. Reed; T. H. Lowe; G. W. Layman; W. F. Clark; H. Hannke; Mrs. E. R. Austin; P. Cogan; A. Livingston; J. Hannke; C. Gleason; Saw Mill; H. O. Hannke; S. A. Smith; Winn.; Julia R. Allyn; J. W. Crane; Ellen Keen; J. H. Casler; Geo. Lowe Est.; Leonora Taylor; Georgia M. Pierpont; J. H. Casler; Geo. Lowe Est.; G. W. Baker; W. N. Pierpont; Jacob Baker; G. W. Gage; W. Foglesong; Josiah Baker; G. W. Fox; School; G. W. Foglesong; M. Bacheller; H. Foglesong; A. Davis; G. Young; Eliza L. McNutt; Mary E. Ford; G. Zufelt; W. Griff; C. Wolfgang; R. Davis; Jesse Richmond; J. L. Ryan; S. N. Benchley; E. A. Benchely; S. D. Eldred; M. D. Cole; C. Riggle; A. J. Earl; D. D. Richardson; A. Richardson; Minnie Fuller; L. & Emma Booth; H. M. Russell; Wm. Delo; Jno. Delo; Jno. Henderson; Jas. Wills; School; Jno. Delo; Chas. Delo; F. H. Delo; N. Fox Est.; John Fox; Jno. Fox; H. Parker; Geo. Sandbrook; E. A. Sanderson; D. K. Moor; J. N.; J. H. H.; W. McQueen; W. Brackett; Geo. Reed; Jno. Starkweather; Hay Est.; Alex Baer; J. Sampsell; Fuller; J. W. Robinson; W. Wing; Unk.; Pine River; M. T. Ashton; E. Fifield; T. Beach; Wm. L. Vanatta Jr.; G. L. Smith; Emma Vanatta; G. Peacock; Hay Estate; C. L. Smith; Wm. L. Vanatta Sr.; C. W. Snyder; Wm. Vanatta Sr.; W. Allen; W. J. Everts; M. L. Heatherington; T. Vanalstine; A. Smith; Nancy Spink; Unk.; Francis Williams; C. Heatherington; J. Reid; Jos. Allen; L. A. Pierce; H. B. Hapner; Frank Anderson; A. Knight; Wm. McGregor; Hamilton McGregor; Archie Foster; Stinchfield Creek; S. S. Richardson; Saw Mill; Co.; J. M.; A. Grum; S. Caldwell; M. Russell; J. Henderson; Jas. Wills; Geo. Sandbrook; S. B. Richardson; Jno. Sandbrook; James Sherman; E. Williams; M. S. Fuller; Chas. M. Demlon; Charles Demlon; School; Wm. Gifford; H. F. Hammen; Thos. Sandbrook; F. Delo; Oscar Smith; S. Courser; L. Underwood; F. Smith; J. Starkweather; H. O. Hannke; S. S. Richardson; T. Courser; North Branch; Peacock & Leighton; T. Kimball; Hay Estate; J. L. Brubaker; Lamphier; J. W. Robinson; Miller & Spears; Saw Mill; Unknown; A. Knight; Hay Estate; H. H. Howe; T. McPherson; Wm. Henderson; Henry Yeiter; J. W. Livingston; W. Parks; H. Dollee; H. B. Hungerford; G. O. Adams; E. E. Hapner; G. Kemmerer; L. Nobles; Chas. Walker; F. Henry; J. H. Delaney; P. Varnum; Pine River; Archie Foster; Wm. Bowers; J. W. Robinson; Whitney & Remick; H. W. Riggle; Wm. Lint; Chas. Newton; Chas. Humphrey; M. L. Riggle; J. L. Brubaker; R. Hakes; Charles Boyden; J. H. Malish; Hay Estate; Unk.; Paul Taubtig; Wm. Wetherbee; Hay Estate; David Peckham; C. Walker; J. L. Brubaker; Wm. Burns; C. Teachworth; School; Hay Estate; O. Guthrie; J. Flansbury; F. Henry; F. Eglaff; E. Marcy; R. A. Hilsinger; Unk.; Magnus Butzel Note:

Page  24 2-4 SeCt/ott tLT77L&e Fatrm77-,Einiez ___________ Raft ERact. EProposectRail -RoalStrieamis & Sprinzgs JI5 mYhý N OF 7ik~t A-i C~atrches,ýSdwol 1&-ForrrtHo uses S&c. I Townsh ip 14 N orth,*Ra n ge. 5.We st Nictmhe~r of arewt-- --'80 43 160 --16 5036 OF T.7HE MICHIGAN MERID.IAN ISAB-ELLA CO. MICH. Sc ale( 2 hi"hs -to [Lite ANile U U; 10 7Z ale,1Aza 46R K 7 U jB ITn~e 8 -1A7tr'7 S86X9lx ý 38.8 7 -27 1~A~AZy %c FNS 4Z2 &2 * r 8/2 ~N4 K __ uE${ U _______ -__ U U S ___ c/cvv K ~szzi/k 6 ~.1~~~7s~z:ct - I *I~c~r ~ 1/9.78 IN ~yzzcr 49 ~; 4/9 1--" i i IF 1 C-A K 424 t~;.t9 t arcrz' X S Sm U * ES tros S '5 * * 5'. 3786 ~ r 83' 6tatZ.S2tv~lk~ZZ Ed. B s9cz /Irtrccznzx~~zt 8799 46? - ~e. eat <0 'N 1 - CK S U Ut N -Y IN FcAers 499k - -t1rt~1r 62a. A'allc&,7e7 IN - ' 4 28 U 4ý9 - I i Skoý I NJ Z. '6?A2Zs /63:37 U 62 784/9 ~4~2 A,Qac~< 46 U K - K KC ( v K K t t'"~ 00 K 4~2 /26 K 61 rr jttv2vscr J6 -----U - - U r in3? 429. 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AcA 266 /15ý-X-.kcs I -ffl--i i- Aw 4 #6 U bSno7 4,?9-- ~t *' I,rN'F - Im--~ f Er0 - 8~9 449 /7-- 7c47zQ4J 4~24/ ___ - I __ [ 49U4w lox_ ~1 UOO1J77,NO1Z 4~2 2tf~IC~ {Brit~~ t~ *Znrr. c~at ~A'~ 6-ar ~27'~cs E~44 ~ /4~r4CZ2 Z ea2,Z /c&Pazs,~tý c/s. I2/N 1 ERP- I_- 9U ~ *~s&/c 4ll ____ ri-:--0 ---4'_ rot 27c'. r~cJ_,1,927Z ý ý-MIe *1~?'~ t~tP~o~ ~z2 4 v-'ml i-I/i/r-~rtz~~t YYNrcm-zc * /676 hzSt~ATmccA&~ ~ ( a 8cst~V% 46 &ca 287~~2~-- II ~Z. U B 4 N ~ 4/2 49 ~ 0 ' ~2t'~4+n: 'to 7/6~ Ks 462 U ~ ~ 46~~J U ~a ~ a --'r s N,4.lz~ Ks00 I ---Ii -46 JET-s ~AJYrcrrc /26 -. 46 L_ F ~ ~ S -2 K ~s i&5 K; K a! U --8. - /V I vc ------F- -- F 7 - rS-Id6l G 1269 -9,7/rzc ZZ,4zst ~/6, 46' - 46 Y~9~rer 46 I i d U -5/F ~ 6?i~r//s 224-as,- tZ 46 reX- 36-4-1 ~Z%~/Cr yt 9~{714r 46.~, ~~j//~ i6/~' -4~9 Q7777 ~ 72~7 21cc/I ~A: ~ 449 ~; 49 It' I' - ~ - I I ~, I _ _ - z Ole NJ-- 4I 1- t ý-): zr; WffýP rzz 1.4. -Alj 12 Z/ -- ------- Title: Deerfield 14 N 5 W Keywords: F. S. D 5; S. D 7; F. S. D 8; S. D 2; S. D 9; S. D 4; S. D 6; S. D 3; S. D 1; Nancy Gould; Whitney & Remick; L. Edick; G. E.; D. Edmonds; Louisa Drake; F. Damon; S. Craft; Wilson; L. N. Smith; L. C. Paine; O. Richardson; Harrison Briggs; J. Clickett; J. Nixon; C. W. Richardson; John McGihon; J. Neff; P. F. Bennett; Marcia Fowler; Eva M. Edmonds; Dan'l Nichols; G. Brower; Jno. Bunting; H. E. Ward; L. Lowe; Eliza Nichols; C. Wilson; E. S. Nestell; Cem.; D. H. Prethro; A. E. Eldred; N. E.; B. Falk; A. C. Sheeler; W. S. & Co.; Jno. Shannon; R. Reynolds; T. J. Homsinger; C. Bennett Est.; T. Forquer; N. Ash; J. Forquer; C. Jerome; H. Peters; Free M. E. Ch.; C. Raymond; Sch.; Wm. Bolan; Wm. Smith; Theo. Hengsbach; F. Pety; Henry Ahler; F. Sheffield; F. Phillips; Jno. Bottener; Thos. Phillips; Jas. Sheehan; Geo. Zucker; Jos. Pohl; Wm. Donohue; Wm. Thayer; M. Englen; Cheese Hut; James Davis; D. Elk; Mary J. Yobe; J. L. Murphy; S. Deedie; Jno. Block; T. Yobe; F. Block; S. K. Foster; Herman Webber; Andrew Miller; Yobe Sr.; Wm. Shaw; Wm. Donohue; P. Carroll; Mrs. Ahyok; M. Quillan; School; Caldwell P. O.; Judson Bros.; S. G. Leaton; S. Craft; B. Strong; H. G. Bacon; Saw Mill; W. W. Reardon; L. C. Bliss; Stella G. Leaton; E. Davis; H. Nicholson; Rachel McKee; E. H.; H. J. Stansell; M. Frink; Minnie K. Brown; Wright & Kay; M. D. Brooks; Jesse Courser; O. C. Wynan Jr.; Jacob Wiley; O. C. Wyman; Mich. Mfg. Co.; Truman Bozer; W. H. Salisbury; Jno. Wood; F. O. Johns; E. Button; G. Morrison; E. T. Quackenbush; Store; H. Thomas; D. McClure Hrs.; O. F. Reynolds; Wm. Erwin; Brook Trout Farm; T. Hogg; N. H. Wright; E. Schlafley; Peter Cruise; W. E. Redfield; W. Ash; C. McCarty; T. Covert; J. G. Morrison; Mary Stewart; A. Chamberlain; Branch River; A. Green; G. B. Murphy; R. Hogg; D. McDonald; E. E. Cowles; C. Cowles; Wm. Knoop; G. R. Page; J. Batten; H. Batten; D. B. Searles; Thos. Fitzgerald; G. Dillon; F. Breidenstin; Henry Breidenstin; Wm. Hathaway; P. Logan; J. Gannon; Wilfred Grisdale; M. Fitzerald; Wm. Armstrong; F. Breidenstin; H. Breidenstin; Clayton Johnson; Melissa Marlatt; A. Southwick; Sarah Wilson; Fred Frey; A. Southwick; Wells, Stone & Co.; W. H. Hogg; School; S. S. Woodworth; Betsy Perry; A. Southwick; W. McDoll; A. D. Weston; F. Schlafley; E. Judge; T. Dennis; W. R. Holloway; J. L. Annis; Hattie C. Orser; Geo. James; Geo. Reed; Margt. Matthews; S. Johnson; School; Boyden P. O.; W. E. Redfield; J. Johnson; J. G. Morrison; A. McDonald; D. A. James & Wife; Roderick McGinnis; F. N. Boyden; Store; J. & T. McMahon; Don James; Edward Purtill; J. Gannon; Kath. Brant; H. McCormick; D. McCormick; Jno. McCormick; C. Ruegsegger; W. Coughlin; H. W. Sage; D. Sullivan; C. Bennett Est.; Jno. Hackett; Jno. Kile; E. Heins; School; Annie Brennan; W. W. Troggett; Wilfred Grisdale; D. Gorman; Jno. Uncer; G. A. Hicks; C. R.; D. McKeown; H. Brant; M. Wolfram; Wm. Doherty; B. McCormick; M. Koop; Saw Mill; W. H. Hickey; Woodworth; Wells, Stone & Co.; E. Tremper; Wm. Cotell; Peoples Sav. Bk. C.C. Russell Recr.; C. Wolfgang; E. E. Malcolm; F. Yale; Reuben Kempf; A. J. Wonsey; Marg't Matthews & Jas. Campbell; Jas. Rector; Minnie K. Brown & Stella G. Leaton; H. Winesbury; W. S & Co.; Stella G. Leaton; G. A. Sizer; Thos. Pickard; D. Hobel; F. O. E.; A. G. Bateman; Jacob Craven; Jno. Connelly; S. Shocknesee; David Johnston; A. Sprague; Geo. Neazor; Wesley A. Russell; Judson Bros.; Mrs. Wolford; Town Hall; L. A. Boyden; Mary E. Davis et al; Chippewa River; H. W. Sage; Sam'l Tapley; W. S. & Co.; G. Saunder; G. Elmendorf; John Hackett; M. Coughlin; D. McCarthy; N. Van Alstein; Jos. Grove; Rob't Finnerty; R. Purtill; D. Aderman; W. S. & Co.; W. R. Mosier; C. Foley; David Hall; C. Rice; Jno. Neff; T. French; F. D. & Co.; Pat'k Horan; Judson Bros.; T. Sweeney; Sarah Clark; L. Baker; Alzina Peffer; S. Peffer; Arthur Hill & Co.; M. DeLong; C. Lavene; J. Wonsey; Stella G. Leaton; Minnie K. Brown; Lydia Hall; Wells, Stone & Co.; School; Solomon DeLong; Jno. Croleous; Chas. Craven; M. DeLong; T. W. Palmer; John Wykes; N.E. Frees; F. Phillips; W. Gonzer; Thos. Uri; Wm. Harrison; Stella G. Leaton; J. M. Wykes; Mineral Well; Stella G. Leaton; J. Johnson; C. Case; Brown; S. Johnson; H. A. Egleston; Wm. Corning Est.; Melinda Pease; Saw Mill; L. Tiffany; N. Jones; G. Corning; Peop Sav. Bk. C.C. Russell Recr.; L. Ackerman; Jos. Grove; J. Ackerman; Brown & Hardgrove; J. Gulick; G. Davis; Wm. Conrad; J. Ackerman; Hardgrove et al; Stella G. Leaton; Sarah Clark; Minnie K. Brown; Palmer; Jno. Hicks Est.; Peop. Sav. Bank C.C. Russell Recr.; J. Beilstein; J. Lowrie; School; Geo. Davis; F. Rhoedes; G. A. Lucas; Eliza Lucas; Minnie K. Brown; Jno. Hicks Est.; J. Hicks & Isabella Land Co.; P. Bellinger; G. Edmonds; J. Beilsteine; Wm. Clark; W. Fulton; W. S. & Co.; J. Allen; T. W. Palmer; J. Olger; A. Olger; Sarah Betlur; Martha A. Taylor; J. W. Curtis; F. Johnson; Wm. Powell; J. Allen; A. Johnson; F. Dodge; E. K. Kaybzzy; F. Johnson; E. Johnson; A. Taylor; Alonzo Johnson; Campau L.; C. Bennett Est.; I. H. Beach; B. Simonds; School; A. Johnson; J. Jones; Cedar Creek; Stella G. Leaton; Minnie K. Brown & F. Hardgrove; Peop. Sav. Bk. C.C. Russell Recr.; Coomer P.O.; Cem.; N. V. Coomer; M. E. Church; L. Tiffany; Reuben Kempt; G. R. Hill; Ella A. Coomer; E. Simonds; F. Turner; M. Ackerman; Peop Sav. Bk. C.C. Russell Recr.; C. E. Emery; Betsy Smith; Ed. Buhrer; A. Stulling; T. Adams; E. Hamilton; G. R. Clark; G. Olds; Frank Turner; J. Lalone; J. Cary; Barbara Bundy; Franklin Rhodes; J. D. Gulick; G. D. Brown; D. Cary; Jno. Williams; C. Emery; A. Nolan; J. F. Byan; Wing L.; J. S. Brown; H. W. Wicklein; Note:

Page  25 52 MIN Townshi~p ]5 N orth, R~a'nge 5 Ws cl Ice oteMl O F T HE M'ICHIGAN MERDA ISABELLA CO. MIC.H Mo 86ý - - _ _ -- - _ - _ _ - - _ _ - _ _ _ - _ _ __ _ _ _W.47_ at/Ze 5 -t -24 24 Wy-wt 8 IQ4 rg~ ~A j__ _ _____ ~ r 4 ~ eqfl~J2X1-~%.8273 23' 7c Ii 6 E~~~~~ lzr_ _ __ _ ___ _ _ 7y,149 IV~.z~ckaz Z7 3~? 4 -i N Kr.,j 7y__ __ _ 400.~P r/~ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ ___ __ _ g. 3 V 49 Title: Nottawa 15 N 5 W Keywords: S. D 5; F. S. D 1; S. D 4; S. D 3; F. S. D 5; S. D. 2; F. S. D 8; J. S. Weidman; N. King; Stella G. Leaton Peoples Sav. Bk. (C.T. R. Reer); Chas. Pritchard; Edwin Smith; P. J. Andres; Scutt Lake; J. Schaefer; T. Martin; Fordyce Bros.; Stella G. Leaton; S. Fordyce; M. T. Norcutt; P. H. Bentler; Wm. Parks; Neuman Bros.; M. A. Burgess; M. L. Burgess; Jas. Russell; Frank Burgess; W. McCollum; H. A. McAlvey; A. Bitschman; Aaron S. Beach; J. Martin; H. W. Humphrey; L. C. Payne; F. J. Post; Cem.; School; J. Burgess; S. Jarman; J. Pitts; J. Abrem; Indian; Morrison & Dane; J. Woolscheid; H. A. McAlvey; Moriz Weber; Mathias Doll; Judson Bros.; A. C. Seymour; Dan'l Mayhew; J. W. Little; Schofield Creek; A. E. Seymour; Edmund Hall; Abram Andrews; E. Torta; J. S. Weideman; J. S. Weidman; J. M. Miller; S. Bohlinger; Mrs. L. F. Shepherd; A. B. Shepherd; A. B. Sherwood; J. S. Weidman; J. Kennington; J. Kunkle; N. Faber; D. Weber; R. Bellows; T. Faber; Mary A. Cowan; A. Haeslap; O. G. Brubaker; M. Nicholson; L. LaPearl; H. Yunker; D. Weber; J. R. Valentine; J. H. Booth; F. D. Childs; J. S. Weidman; G. Patterson; R. Blakely; J. J Martin; Ogden B. Donley; C. McCollum; J. Savings; Mary Gross; F. Gachter; J. G. Gachter; Stella G. Leaton; Minnie K. Brown; Church; Chas. Jackson; J. Vogel; J. Hyslop; P. Grunwald; Bennett; Benj. McKinley; E. Humphrey; J. V. Moran; F. Halsman; J. Simmer; M. Schumacher; C. Martin; E. Nichols; C. Bennett Est.; Jos. Vogel; Anna Parsh; M. Palmer; R. Southard; R. Neelandt; A. Doll; Judson Bros.; Stella G. Leaton; G. W. Moore; Wm. Burch; J. White; M. B. Dibble; Edmund Hall; David Cotter; Judson Bros.; Chippewa River; S. C. Taylor; J. Wibano; O. Macoscus; E. Vancor; J. S. Widman; F. Judge; 1st Nat. Bank (Geo. Reed Recr.); R. McCrainness; R. Lock; Elnora E. Fowler & K. Kock Est.; E. A. Meeker; Cem.; Jno. Beck; A. B. Donley; D. A. Penney; J. E. Rogers; E. Parks; Wm. Riley; L. LaPearl; L. F. Mead; D. A. Penney; D. Grewett; Jno. Neubecker; D. A. Penney; E. Wawercik; Jno. Gross; Andrew Ley; N. Lanbenthal; R. A. McMillan; T. Chatfield; N. Lambenthal; Henry J. Weiber; School; Town Hall; P. Cobbmoosa; Judson Bros.; D. Gerber; F. Gerber; Fred Palmer; F. Forest; Heirs of Nottowa; G. E. Wilson; Wm. Mills; Vandecar P.O.; Jno. Love; T. Kirkconnell; B. Baldge; J. Doerr; Stella G. Leaton & G. Lehmam; John Hartmann; W. Wilson; B. Shop; School; Reuben Kempf; W. I. Pardee; M. Doerr; J. Burns; Wells, Stone & Co.; J. McGuirk; F. McNamara; H. McGuirk; North Branch of Chippewa River; Mason B. Bibble; Weidman; School; River; J. A. Cliff; H. Tortu; W. S. & Co.; M. D. Boyer; B. L. Morris; Minnie K. Brown; Rennick & Whitney; Elnora E. Fowler & K. Koch Est.; Harris & Churchill; John T. McClenathan; Wells, Stone & Co.; M. Grewett; A. Grewett; Stella G. Leaton; A. Wilkie; Hans & Deverean; P. Simmer; Geo. Meade; J. S. Haines; A. Schneider; P. J. Shafer; J. Pung; L. Rademaker; Jno. Simmer; H. Simmer; J. Nyer; A. W. Bush; J. Arens; J. W. Pung; Anthony Tilmann; F. Faber; Cath. Ch.; Beal City P.O.; A. Nyer; C. Sherman; W. M. Van Decar; A. Albert; J. I. Schafer; Eliz. Tilmann; J. Faller; Cem.; H. Diittmann; J. Voison; C. Starr; Jos. Gachter; Henry Martin; Sophia Stevens; Jno. Gepford; E. Wawercik; E. Smith; Jos. Kremsreiter; W. Mills; N. Bitschman; H. Stevens; J. Zeien; M. Fuchs; J. Campbell; E. Johnson; F. Rau; F. Forest; North Branch of Chippewa River; P. Finerty; Mt. P. Lumber Co.; Rob't Hyslop; Remick & Whitney; Cold Water Lake; Elnora L. Fowler & K. Koch Est.; O. Ruthruff; R. Ruthruff; R. D. Hazelton; Summer Resort Hotel; Robert Hyslop; Stella G. Gleason; J. Cook; John Hyslop; G. A. Hicks; Jno. Rademaker; J. F. Doll; M. Schafer; J. Burkhart; P. Bierschbach; Jno. Tillman; Kate Kavanaugh; M. Meyers; Gertrude Schafer; Henry Lorenz; J. Andres; G. Rudemaker; E. Andres; Kate Salchert; W. Smith; Mrs. M. Schafer; Wm. Schuller; Nick Theisen; Carry Elias; Jno. Neff; P. Fedwa; F. Wagner; Jno. Tilmann; F. Theisen; Conrad Wickenheiser; J. Reill; Jno. Hall; P. Anders; Christ Fussmann; M. Saltcher; J. Fuchs; A. Foott; D. Shawboose; W. Bogaman; S. & J. Hunt; Frank Fuchs; Jos. Weiber; S. Grewett; Foley; Jno. Ott; M. Grinzinger; Miss Monching; Sarah Campbell; Jas. Peters; Indian Ch.; Indian; J. Elliot; Jno. Schuler; Alonzo Lockwood; J. Monching; J. Franzway; Chippewa River; Cecil Armitage; E. Oberlin; A. Taylor; Jno. Keller; H. Bellinger; G. Sanders; W. W. Beman; P. Newman; L. Turney; Coldwater; Stella G. Leaton; F. Ballard; E. Ballard; F. A. Sweeney; Jno. Weipert; C. M. Garrett; Jacob Pohl; Jno. Pohl; V. Esch; M. McGihon; B. J. McGihon; S. Bennett; Jno. Lynch; W. Bennett; P. F. Bennett; H. Van Valkenburg; Bert Lynch; E. Andres; W. Martin; J. Brewer; H. Bowen; M. Mars; J. Weiland; Jno. Tilmann; I. Peters; D. Bennett; J. Jackson; J. P. Yuncker; A. Thompson; F. Schohl; R. R.; School; H. Marheifer; E. Cross; J. Reill; Nich. Theisen; C. Mutz; J. Schumacher; P. J. Schumacher; C. A. Hibbln; Geo. Zucker; Peter Smith; Betsy Shavegan; Bergstetter Hrs; A. Hundt; F. Fedewa; Byron Tice; H. Boge; Mrs. J. Pego; F. Killbecker; Marg't Yuncker; P. Ash; Nich. Pohl; Wm. Thayer; J. Swanson; H. Block; Mrs. Levat; Geo. Wood; D. Moses; W. Chippewa et al; Leonard Huber; Jno. Zier; Jno. Block; Jno. Maeder; Jno. Schertel; Ger. Luth. Ch. Note:

Page  26 4.SA,. A& yz,/Sy Y'2927-~rf zszr 2' "Il-.400 Title: Weidman Keywords: Mrs I. F. Shepherd; M. Jeror; S. Gould; Mill Pond; J. S. Weidman; Shingle Mill; F. Judd; Township Line; F. J. Jadd; North St.; F. Sanderson; Mary Robinson; W. A. Davison; J. A. Damon; Bridge St.; Main St.; Planning Mill; Stock Yards; O.L.A.; Saw Mill; R. McGuinness; J. A. Damon; B. Shop; Hall; R. O. T. M. Hall; Hotel; Hotel P.O.; O. L. A.; Saw Mill; Lumber Office; J. S. Weidman; Flour Mill; Holmes & Anderson; T. Annis; R. Look; O. L. B.; F. Amidon; J. Burroughs; Parsons St.; Nottawa St.; Gilmore St.; Depot; Grand Rapids & Western R.R.; B. Shop; Church; H. Mann; J. Kelly; J. A. Cliff; Elnora E. Fowler & H. Koch Estate; H. Torta; O. L. C.; School No. 1; J. A. Cliff; F. Babbitt; A. Kew; J. Phelps; Sherman St.; Sixth St.; Fifth St.; Fourth St.; Third St.; Second St.; First St. Note:

Page  27 2-7 I. t 27 PJItAI7 flTh.0 )0 Townsh'ip 16 North, Ran~e 5 West,.OF" THE MICHIGAN 'MERIDIA'N S,le2Inceles to the Mile U ISABELLA CO. MICH.' WI, U l a Is A- - 1 -iSO at n Pzvz IZ9 A5 FY 49z - -11Ta7 42 7---- AWA r7pr A I p S&78 44~2 I 'V Vtr 49 rci 46' al 73.79 Z A H Y1. Isaac 6~rczn ICc.? 0&8 'C 4~2 49 U C N p!n flFn 6MZas A 3,9.- - -I-- - =-= i -, -- L- - Al I XE #kzkrs -*2 - rsc F / 777 ~ ar.1W rr 49 /249 U 45;!9 8Vo.v ff Iý, - I ~7-, - __I Ic? U lii I 1~2 )4m A7 /cCe3 e~ U isa <7 449 S n7rc?t< 7e9 -i97~rZtA'rcs. zZ6zrr 49 &C6Z9ckAJst U N4a-- z.-41Az~~j "-TI /' dkikznzi /7 44 vr-- -i----- Ir - ~ _____ _____ rr -go-- 20 prrwa ~nzkzz U 8~2 T Ac- /662 8c9 -i I -I *1 I ad-. 49~z; -1 V I9V2 ~? *2 I \ ilA' ý-j 49&t j 9. F 3 IF mký=AE i:1 i -A I 49 o. SAP77 7Zýýý Uw a -7-4 ____ _ ~- J'- ______- - __ ___ _____ - I - " L~LL U ~ LSL ____ 1t_____--__-a___ I - 5L ' r~V~42~ I- - --t-tI ---9---W U- I 57 5 819 rgztczrro4 749 U * -gag,- t 1 -1+ JAý Z:5 47rztd 229;IV.6i 'iýsý Z--ZA5;pz ZZ9 a lift? <7 tr *1a 7ensZ7,r '/0 gzy - errz~ 40 49 41a.,LMOREO 819 8t9. T!ý6A4Zr~ -- i i i. N -3A --OK i..1 -*2 <7 nrnd 40 A U '/t9 212 K - N lop 3F 9t? a 40' It tr't ZIS. VrrI t-V -1+----+ ""___v__m I ______ d ______ a "/0 629 i A * 4 1 0 U. - zyA7rt. /60 $ Urn U ______ - jI IL _____ I - 0 ______ J IU<1i14~ if - r U - rr -1-- _____ KAZ2~~'r-{iimL _____ I~4L'Kj 3kL< F T - -- r - ~ --Bp/1 27 U >4 819 6ý 19 7.tA.rN5e9 J7_4r U. -b 4 K 44~2 1' CrCZc'czc U 40 __ r Z7-*tYC7 _ 4.6 U U 12Z9 "I " ItI j ---Sk'--ý4 [24c St lzlp? 4~r zr x 819 -it 819 f;V 1 -II m -PT 49 */Znzaa 40* PCZr4AICr4SC7L 819 m /6~9 U 40 44 <7 -I *2 40 57--U. e22 -ýLýa 419 * 40 S I) K. A N j U' 40 _____ ~ ____ J - ____ 'j_____________________II- ___ L*4*1 ____ JL _____ I ______ - ______ L - I _____,409 9) N A 2hiU <74<Ic? 80 X2Th 5rt4re icj 10 dn7a5t2'/aA&2K9 S 819 4v9.- I-'-- 4 '' II * JL * 9.7S-" -C. U 40 a7 a, 80 4 '2 Sc' S 0) U rT N 11 i ', - -5 17. -T -. i i:;f - H 1. 'AS!/:ýg - 819 ZU'~r7Z U U -Z~zzq I 1ý1' i +ý. -.. I 6 5. /1'7 Ic )77Z, 6?- 7Za /21 rt,:74 Ic? *.4g*. r377z77z, /219 U ZJftrc#%c U 8 t,~77Z0, dtA2W-,4he27 -.. II * -I- -II- * + *1 K ý a U Ad U 8~2 C cA; 419 z Wan Zze! - 1- -'-- ------.f; I- - * ~4 - -'--4 - 'I- * 4 '- -7 _____ 1 , -,.. As V a 4 U In.' II.. 1 Title: Gilmore 16 N 5 W Keywords: S. D 5; S. D 1; S. D 4; S. D 2; S. D 3; John Baker; S. M. Cook; John Graham; Perry Jackson; Burton Aller; John Ritka; R. Wiggins; Wm. Bawkey; I. N. Shepherd; R. Wiggins; Ann Bawkey; North Branch Chippewa River; Wm. Webster; U. S. Pringle; O. T. Higgins; S. G. Brasington; R. Arthur; S. Closkie; Chas. Chase; D. Angle; U. S. Pringle; Emma Wiggins; I. Wiggins; J. Wiggins; Bertha Middleton; A. E. Rhodes; Nathan Judson; Jno. Schackle; S. Brien; F. Stoddard; A. E. Rhodes; Lucy Brown; F. Griffith; Jno. Finch; A. Lawrence; C. Bennett Est.; Wm. Sessions; Jane Stanley; School; R. Campbell; Josephine Rainey; Thos. Davison; Cora Sherman; Mary Maglone; Fraser; F. F. Walker; Geo. Arrand; Fred Ferguson; S. Shumway; F. D.; Jas. Ganforth; Whitney & Remick; Geo. Armstrong; J. Grogan; J. Grady; Holden Creek; Tucker; Fred Ferguson; S. Sherman; Whitney & Remick; Wm. Gorr; Sacker Creek; Whitney & Remick; J. H. Bawkey; Judson Bros.; Wm. Wixon; Geo. McIntyre; E. Fitzharris; Judson Bros.; School; Jas. H. Bawkey; J. Winters; W. H. Hatfield; N. E. Hatfield; J. H. Bawkey; Wm. Hatfield; T. J. J. Walker; Lorenzo Burgess; A. Gebhart; E. Hall; C. M. C. Cook Est.; A. Smith; Wm. Youman; Rust Bros. & Co.; Wood & Grimm; E. Hall; A. & H. A. Perry; Silas Pyres; Jas. Gregory; J. Laverty; D. Leek; N. A. Perry; U. S. Pringle; W. Denslow; E. Hall; G. Bradley; Malcolm; Thos. McGuire; E. Hall; J. Barton; J. Laverty; Wm. Elliott; A. Compo; Franklin Russell; P. Aikey; Whitney & Remick; Albert Putnam; H. A. Perry; E. Gamble; J. Ralph; Edmund Hall; Glass Lake; Rust Bros. & Co.; Eliz. Courtier; H. Ransom; J. Purdy; J. B. Judson; Geo. McIntyre; Rust Brothers & Co.; Littlefield Lake; I. Tower; Thos. Tower; G. A. Joist; G. Wixson; M. S.; J. H. Hawkey; A. Gebhart; R. W. Rickels; W. H. Hatfield; E. Squires; J. VanRiper; R. Carr; C. H.; E. F. McNally; Wm. Rush; State; W. Weaver; H. Northrup; Wm. Smith; E. F. McNally; F. M. Dain; Byerson & Graham; T. Mayes; A. Sherman; F. Hall; U. S. Pringle; E. Hall; S. W. Sawyer; Henry Waddington; Town Hall; C. Robbins; J. Schilling Est.; R. Malcolm; F. A. Beach; D. M. Phipps; R. E. Perry; B. Spring; Town Hall; G. Carbaugh; W. E. & E. E. Bearce; School; Wm. Gamble; G. Mowl; Sugar Camp; W. Wilson; W. S. Freeman; Frank Teachout; H. W. Sage & Co.; M. Brasington; H. W. Sage & Co.; J. Ganforth; G. McCumber; Herbert Glass; J. Roberts; Issac Gordon; Whitney & Remick; E. Hall; J. S. Weidman; J. Tower; Wm. Tower; C. Hart; G. Everden; Johnson; W. Spencer; C. M. C. Cook Est.; T. W. Palmer; M. Stoubenberg; H. Bearse; Wm. Tower; A. Gebhart; B. Squires; Geo. Tower; Gilbert Tower; L. D. Morse; Ingham Co. Savings Bank; School; Dan'l Heryamon; E. Herryman; Hall Bros.; C. M. C. Cook Est.; Unk.; Wm. Herrick; Albert Seaman; C. M. C. Cook Est.; Jane Hadley; Bapt. Church; H. L. Wood; E. Squires; Wm. Agle; Annie McCollum; H. H. Wood; J. H. Wood & Son; Jas. Hopkins; P. H. Robbins; Isabella Robbins Est.; Gilmore P. O.; Cem.; Unk.; L. L. Kelley; M. L. Robinson; Frank Allerton; Grant Carbaugh; J. S. Weidman; L. Seymour; B. Shop; Wm. McNeill; F. Wolfer; J. Byroach; Jos. Graham; M. E. Church; E. Glass Est.; R. F. Glass Est.; J. Mowl; W. H. Ford; W. S. Freeman; C. H. Freeman; J. Byroach; L. T. Clark; A. S. Glass; Frank Wolfer; Whitney & Remick; E. S. Crowley; J. S. Weidman; Coldwater River; I. Gordon; A. Gebhart; Bert Smith; I. Eldredge; L. Mannanson; Darius Griffin; N. Judson; N. Wellman; W. Shaner; J. Hatfield; A. Gibhart; T. W. Palmer; Oscar Grimm; A. Gebhart; A. Gibhart; Perry Jackson; W. H. Simonds; C. H. Freeman; Georgia A. Collins; Store; J. H. Wood & Son; Saw Mill; F. McIntyre; J. E. Wood; T. Mills; E. H. Smith; Johnson; Mrs. M. J. Wood; E. Fordyce; J. H. & M. J. Wood; Schofield Creek; J. T. Sifton; Jesse B. Brasington; N. Wellman; Caroline Wellman; C. E. Clock; F. Rawson; J. M. Ford; Mrs. W. Willoughby; D. Russell; Miles Schofield; School; Jno. Rawson; L. Rawson; Hugh Graham; Frank Wolfer; S. G. Brasington; F. Brasington; Jos. Youmans; A. Winans; Herbert Allen; H. F. Badgley; G. Terry; A. Gebhart; J. S. Weidman; N. Judson; W. W. Wood; A. Gebhart; Willis Smock; M. W. Eccleston; J. S. Weidman; F. & P. M. R. R. Co.; J. S. Weidman; Mich'l McAlvey; Hulda J. Mount; B. P. Mount; Lucy Ford; Wm. Mills; J. L. Fordyce; Amasa DaBois; J. L. Fordyce; Eliz. Grimm; M. L. Grimm; L. Fordyce; Thos. Mills; Thos. T. Wood; I. Schofield; Mary Jones; L. Richards; Wm. Emerick; Jno. Rawson; Jno. Cline; Jas. Schofield; Thos. T. Wood; Jos. Perry; R. Donegan; Jos. Perry; Gus Cook; Lewis Richards; N. J. Phillip; W. Phillip; Dan'l Mayhew; A. N. Sheldon Note:

Page  28 28 QK- - IA< Township 16.6.North? Range 6We st OF THE MICHIGAN MERIDIAN ISABELLA CO. MICH. Scale 2 Inc'he3s to thei-c-Aile I. U Eli I S ALez COO&r -I- ____ * ____ F 86Sf S Mr 40 t lb L# d&&!aSS!'&7 L0nS,~1 10 40 #CW72%sSee Cr9 Mr di/ew - 405 453/ 46' 6C-Va1-04 y3 &7zkr7>S 6C/9 80 I 62 4582 C 162 S 6767273 N A I I ~~ szZ 9e2,6 <C 4z77 It r U 40 J I ______________________________________________________ U?/37~39 49 U lit' 62 -S JA71iz Cr9 4Y J~te 40 K L 3347626' / A b C F2, v / ~zKJ&cii 7Ve9c2zzA 6. Brnysw c<vYh2?zK~72 /67 32ý191 0 - 0 ____ ____ ___ ____ _ _ ____ ___ ____ ___ ___ __ ____ ___ ___ ____ __ ____ ___ _ __ ___w__I 1M A 00,zz k 0, zU 40S2Z~c&Z'ccp<acts. I -.A6rI.crt9 z 49 7,<~i N dArr~r-_ _ 49g Z~kn8L C e_ __ zz_ A rtCA~ ~.&r orkre. ~?re tt~i t - 40 46'~ lA c~N 4 "K K A 49,J epea _,._ 7 -/r/t8 c/fr /CcQ /'r9 /66.45r2 /9<9/ ~ 40 49 ____ ___ ___ _ __ ___ __ ___ ___ _ 6zzz'U _ _is rrcTAW/6L en!A2'zezjy1969 46' S 5 -44%'9 046 -29 / *tA5V J2Zbwrzn -,rlib~ 6<6F\ 49 U F-.89 It' 4c29 *2 ft r / A' N - en 4t2 ________________ 6&Ks /629 1 1;40 fihzy %m~2'A I U I -4 E - U ~7? Ibrstr K 46 p k2J&re cqitJtzdfCj'< a 3 Sm U 'FU I - ~1" 40 cr6' - 2r b7zz/, &yer <'Ce 40 4ccn % 89<25 16' U 1&MYrz&6ake 89 _______________ -I r. I896 N S I al W K-- a cArnsv 0a4Zt!276r 7 A 46 >I 1 K -119 nzea5 40 C7< 80 K <-~1 10 w i I i I -'-*C ioa? - - - -- --i NJ S UL JS.0 JA47, K U ~ Jfkzzecc 40 4:9.32? I -L ol I - ---41 - i N:=ý, I r &ds 46' A'; ~zz6~t 46? flrsezAi 6XeaceT4 m F-r--- m+-,xr- r--rre -- --- 41 - - - - -1 - * -A &fv 15, w4-, w p Ing niflMA --w-l PNIMAN GIT Y SLcnz,~ 7A X~~ I U0 Ut &zr/ce7 It? 497zc& Ii? U. ~ U Ci U. i AT 46';Ke/loss p -A-- WY?1o'c ~49 S rr Oarn0 U /66' 1 4? j - A19-16~?vr wrZ -< /ca 7 K ctA2nre 40 2/ 1 /6k? IN L. I ==-I VN JVA QVJ kZJ'VcrJ V4V-4 L--.L= 11 1 Cý - I i 1 -1 1 1 thi --- - I KNI%, - - i 1-ý at~-~~21rr7 V V1r&2 a"r-AW-"ý -. --_________-________I * *1 -- --a I 1 i:t - < -W ý- - I--7 r~vflt /it w 11 - - a m 0 - N. / t Title: Coldwater 16 N 6 W Keywords: F. S. D 7; S. D 3; S. D 4; S. D 6; S. D 5; F. S. D 1; S. D 2; Jno. Blue; Geo. Hunt; Bert. Colley; J. Ackles; L. Mock; F. Meeker; H. Stanton; Jos. Scram; Henry Williams; H. Russell; Jno. Johnston; W. H. Frisbee; School; Devil Creek; Jas. Johnson; J. McCleary; G. Wagner; H. Davis; E. Stanton; A. Hilliker; H. Allen; R. Kellogg; Perry Davis; G. Conkright; S. Conkright; W. W. Preston; Jos. Moore; G. Archey; C. Baldwin; G. Martin; H. Sowle; Chas. Draper; Graves & Collins; E. Brown; G. W. Brown; School; J. H. Clark; B. Mussell; H. H. Graves & J. W. Hance; S. Cornell; T. Conley; D. H. Nelson; E. Fitzharris; James Trouten; Flint And Pere Marquette R.R.; Frank Lawrence; St. Marys Woolen Mfg. Co.; E. Monther; A. Jehrkie; C. Brewer; J. J. Booth; J. Croy; W. L. Jones; W. Esterline; Wm. Sheadell; C. Cobert; C. Brewer; T. W. Palmer; Geo. Briggs; E. H. Kellogg; E. Hall; Chas. Doty; W. E. Dodge Est.; F. Moore; Sarah Bartlett; Rob't Hilliker; T. W. Palmer; F. & P. M. R.R. Co.; B. Powell; J. Miner; A. Nelson; W. Nelson; J. S. Brown; F. & P. M. R.R. Co.; C. Powell; F. & P. M. R.R. Co.; J. J. Colley; J. Beal; W. W. Dickerson; H. Arnold; S. M. Meader; Peop. Sav. Bk. (C.T. Russell Recr.); Jessie Forbes; J. Roundtree; Jas. Spence; A. Scherer; Wm. Este Est.; L. Langton; J. F. Morse; Stephen Rose Est.; J. Baxter; G. Gilbert; J. H. Field; J. Spence; L. H. Ferguson; A. Webber; L. D. Silloway; R. M. Corey; E. Coats; E. J. Fitzharris; T. W. Palmer; Rob't Kane & E. I. Fitzharris; H. Walrath; Lewis Wolfram; D. Clark; Albert Lee; A. Lee; Wm. Graves; Wm. Coffron; T. Conley; C. Henzell; T. Bazaire; H. H. Russell; A. Kempel; George Dean; H. H. Russell; Fred Walters; P. McCarney; W. Navarro; F. Williams; Delancy Creek; Minnie K. Brown; A. Wixon; Edwin Reynolds; Henry Purcell; J. Moyers; E. Bugbee; Harvey Wellington; Rosa Williams; Joseph Reynolds; Sarah Bartley; Fred Smith; Wm. Este Est.; I. Tower; M. Beechler; J. Neipert; F. Smith; J. D. Moyers; Wm. Beck; Wm. Kosh; O. T. Brinton; Wm. Forbes; Cem.; D. Estes; School; O. T. Brinton; Brinton; E. A. Powers; Wm. Letson; A. C. Smith; E. Hotchkiss; Henry Hammond; Wm. Forbes; F. Jonas; D. R. Krabill; Rose Fitzharris; J. A. Sowle; Indington Milling Co.; Jno. Lowery; Whitney & Remick; C. L. Soper; W. J. Coffron; C. L. Soper; Wm. Bristow; Brown & Leaton; Alonzo Dunning; Sage L. & I. Co.; T. Conley; Patrick Bone; Katie Conley; Jas. Tanner; Francis Bone; Rich'd Dangerfield; L. Delong; Alice Delong Est.; F. & P. M. R.R. Co.; Mary A. Blesch; School; Mary St. John; F. & P. M. R.R. Co.; Geo. Blesch; T. Love; Rob't Harrison; T. Walker Est.; S. F. Frye; Geo. Blesch; G. H. Middlesworth; T. McG; A. J. Steed; N. B.; J. M. Albright; E. D.; W. B. Forbes; S. A. Letson; O. T. Brinton; G. A. Brow; Jas. Burns; Austin J. Bellows; Fred Haskins; Peter Conley; L. Sides; Cem.; Chas. Sowles; Jno. Mayville; J. Hamilton; G. Towers; Jos. Jose; E. Ryerson; Mary Bailey; S. Schilling; H. Boger; Issac Gordon; Lucetta Medbury; Herman Windhorst; John Albert; M. P. Gilmore; E. Delong; F. Huffman; Alice Delong Est.; A. Wallen; J. Bilyea; Midbury; F. & R. M. R.R. Co.; Claude Allen; Clare Bartroff; F. Navarre; Laura Turner Est.; Saw Mill; E.E.; T. Conley; Aug Mankie; Wells, Stone & Co.; J. Sisco; E. Shultz; Mary A. Blesch; S. P. Hill; Edward White; Walker Creek; School; 1st Nat'l Bank (Geo. Reed Recr.); E. Wagner; Dodge Est.; H. L. Roberts; S. C. Colley; Rose Fitzharris; Cecil Allen; H. O. Kent; Thos. Conley; H. L. Roberts; S. C. Hammond; E. P. Allen; School; J. C. Hammond; Belle Simmons; T. H. Smith; B. Spore; H. Boger; E. Wagerman; O. G. Brubaker; W. Haskins; Newell Turner; E. A. Spore; J. A. F.; H. Boger; A. Gebhart; E. S. Crowley; Eliz. Brubaker; John Albert; Wm. Graves; A. Lane; L. D. Williams; R. Phema; M. D. Braman; F. & P. M. R.R. Co.; D. Estestson; Chippewa River; Flour Mill; J. R. Cameron; G. Johnson; J. J. Sharp; Sherman City; Chesebro; Ethel Benscoter; Jonathan Tanner; H. W.; Julia A. Martin; S. Fusing; State; G. Pamlee; Gilbert Johnson; S. Mumea; H. Smith; Barney Plompton; H. M. Shepard; L. W. Brooks; A. Goodell; Tirsa A. Cheadle; J. Davis; B. E. Harper; B. Shop; S. J. Mumea; David Harper; L. W. Brooks; G. Colley; P. P. Allen; J. Harper; Agnes Huffman; S. C. Colley; Levi Smith; Jno. Bissell; E. Walker; L. P. Wagerman; Wm. Wilcox; Sherman Morse; N. B. Bradley; Chas. Bellows; Geo. Wilson; J. Conley; M. Pope; E. M. Darrell; T. W. Palmer; Whitney & Remick; S. Howe; Whitney & Remick; E. Hall; A. Gebhart Note:

Page  29 29 r2-- PATna Tow~nship 15 'North1 Range6 We st OFl THF MICHIGAN MERIDIAN S 3 / U 33 U U IL Jr 5482 6~9 r l7ljC 34~2 49 /6658 ~ -- K Q7. t 2~s~ 46 ZCikr~zzsczt S ~t U 86 K r76'l. A I oq N Q' ~ 46?r ~1 I I 5 6295IYSZS ~ 40 45>c 46? - C U 429-ý ED U 319 U ISA'BELLA CO. MICIH. U a As -X-.: ~67 *9 Em U ~U ~ ~rA2re/cr IC 89 46 U rzz U.I-kxst~ c I7ro k i i i - S 77 -J 46? etc 46 Rn rT-., Ar iýz sý ckyZz Jr-. Pewwzr' -J L X;7 A46I fIla - t-rr----~.---k F JSJk&tirizcct' StY ~ AS __ IL t~cw~a& Ar6 Cbc4yn /6~2 - LIL cAzzzcrc~c 6'6 3t9 U Nb -is----- -ZrS 49 ICY "I" I - 71ý5ýit --l ", ýý69 -r-4 _____ ______ _____ _____ ~ ____________ ~.- - 7 U ________ __________ ______________________ ~..s2i'I~~-'at~ -j - - V - -I__ _ ___ ___ _______ ~' UK 1 - --A eeazZw?-teNýc * 81,9 %I C 4443 A~r4Kr 4162 m t I (4 I 4159 /4/ J2r44ZW otA,&zcrz~ (en. AYcccZ Xs-cn) IICZZJ7C 429 I,~. 4? Offzewo, U p 829 KS 6;6Pc. IZari 829 10 K y k I - ZYI76bccArecgy,~] 829 ~7-i ______ alm a t k2 /649 Iz p S s - -.s i r /219 / ) K A _ ILIL tz At 16 TtCQ?7zc22?r66 829 ~ wzfcy S /219 _____ _____ __________________ r AIK - Six K ý-F ere#, IX. (Cd rS23?&C7~6tkZn940 61 I = 86 K A K NJ i- 719 ZZ S 1 61A9 S i I-17/iý 4-9 M. - I L ' I t - E r-sJIL4ak: Kf ~~as't 8ccct flr3'07 n we 4 BBF -Q K 44-9 00, * /229 >~ ~3t-W A'gy'cr 8/9 &'cZXanz~ 280 - r/4zczs kiM K N ~ K / N -Z /4/i S Scale 2 Inc.hes to the Mfle I1 47U 86 ~ 'IDM AN VA5 Ogg FA33M 0 ~ rH ~k ca6rrrt 4a 6 - 3 6.772 862 819 Sto, Cc, Bert 4623 46?.?7277 * x6 zzz," SOS, - f 4 m Aý is lw I cCBccet A: - 46? 3 462 ~6J KSZJAI/ 86 S -tK 6' L cs.'r U & I 46 46? 22919 Z-ýZZ ArH ___ - ~ ~ $ zzI:9$k===~ { j ' i' vrt ~.e-_ 1ss7s1_1 ____ wil I qzLx W- I la -1 1AW 7- Cý SN Uo K #6 2? 462 4-/i? x,Z- -4 DREWP 49_ W / 1205 ILezzt/Cr 6' '7' 40 3 622? 1~~rr 46? 7l-ý 510 ~ ~-~---~- -U-- * 2 - 4t9 3r 5 819 C. 6&r / Ira 11 Jezy U 42 - 4 Ib45 21V l. y. t LL&-u- L I___ N.___ 3IL ___I___I___Iif- -__________ ~1 ~.;r r j/77Az1-ZSZZ6 ' - /53-47 ~2 462 a 40 - V *I 819 U 2 ~/Y7t~9cZ~Ye7'{r319 3iv' Ozrr' *~9 Azr * / Sc? -' i - -F - 4. -4 i. 96 <3 /6~2 ~, Sc?.4ri -7;-~~J.M ~ I]---- X-~-rS~T-~-------~ 9 k'. Iht 81-2 -*2--i * /262 U ic6-a'zz F'ezS Iv46 rsr 4~2 U t N,:N- i '-4, F j - "r I,= - 233.8'4 U 3 i ý- -- - I i -. 1 C4;. 1 il r- - i I ý-- il. - 4 I II I ) -I I r/65/ -Al Title: Sherman 15 N 6 W Keywords: F. S D 1; S. D. 6; F. S. D 1; S. D 2; S. D 4; S. D 3; Sherman; H. R.; D. Estee; Gilbert Johnson; Wm. Bowen; J. Konkle; F. W. Clay; F. Chase; O. E. Kent; F. C. Wallington; J. McCulley; A. H. Mason; 1st Nat'l Bk. of Ithica (Geo. Reed Recr.); Jno. Shook; Wm. Miller; F. M. Rogers; T. W. Palmer; J. R. Cameron; Geo. Whipple; Gilbert Johnson; C. Harper; BayCity Mtg. Co.; Geo. Earll; G. Johnson; Arthur Fleming; A. Fleming; N. Harper; C. Culley; Mrs. S. C. Culley; S. Harper; G. Harper; Warner Smith; W. H. Dougherty; F. Culley; School; C. K. Eddy & Co.; F. C. Crandall; J. S. Weidman; C. A. Sanderson; Chas Bellows; C. K. Eddy & Sons; E. N. Emmons; Fred Horracks; Walker Creek; C. K. Eddy & Son; J. S. Weidman; A. Harris; W. K. Gibbs; R. Kempf; J. Chase; F. Chase; N. B. Bradley; Chippewa River; Levi Schafer; Long Lake; J. L. Mardon; Round Lake; Hoffman Lake; J. S. Weidman; F. P. & M. R.R. Co.; J. H. Thompson; N. Purdy; J. B. Peter; C. Martin; E. B. Denslow; S. C. Wright; I. Cummings; E. & B. Alderman; R. Alderman; J. B. Peter; Jno. Humbert; Wm. Thompson Sr.; J. S. Weidman; J. R. Cameron; Thos. Loomis; L. F. Denslow; Earl Durffee; J. S. Weidman; S. Culley; Sceadore; Geo. Earl; C. Sanderson; C. K. Eddy & Sons; Leonard Earl; Dorsey Earl; Jas. Haight; C. K. Eddy & Sons; Walker Creek; R. Edgecomb; M. D. Boyer; A. Gebhart; D. F. Parsons; L. Burdick; Taylor & Kiley; A. C. Johnson; G. R. Slawson & R. D. Parks; B. J. Shourds; Peop. Sav. Bk. (C.C Russell Recr.); M. M. Tinker; C. Paddock; E. L. Dooling; W. Crossett; S. C. Wright; Jesse Thompson; Wm. Thompson; Ella Degroat; N. B. Bradley; R. Elsworth; R. Irwin; R. Kirvan; School; C. E. Denslow; W. G. Denslow; Horr P.O.; S. Kirvan; E. B. Denslow Jr.; Wm. Thompson; E. Alderman; S. Krivan; B. J. Shourds & E. Byers; I. Denslow; H. Miller; A. Kent; W. K.; F. L. Kent; B. J. Shourds & R. G. Cooley; 1st Nat'l Bk. of Ithaca (Geo. Reed Recr.); J. Hineline; H. M. Goodenough; S. S. Woodworth; E. Hale; F. Sanderson; M. Manley; Peop. Sav. Bk. (C.C. Russell Recr.); J. Caldwell; Perch Lake; Jas. Bell; Mrs. L. F. Shepherd; M. Gerror; S. Gould; E. Schranton; G. A. Drallett; B. S. Gould; J. A. Damon; E. Clark; Wm. Garbet; J. Burroughs; F. Babbitt; Weidman; Gurdon Corning; S. Kirvan; A. Millegan; Cath. Pridgeon; J. S. Weidman; F. D. Woodard; G. Pridgeon; Mich. Mfg. Co.; G. Morey; R. H. Gardner; Advent Ch.; J. Hillman; Cem.; E. L. Dobling; Lucy Smith; Saw Mill; W. B. Bellis; Mrs. E. Adam; Andrew Lawrence; Wm. Chapman; Jno. Kent; W. N. Pridgeon; C. Champtin; C. Dehart; R. A. Cole; R. Mecum; H. Putnam; J. S. Weidman; Thos. Johnson; Ella Farrington; W. Hosencranz; M. Pennington; E. M. Holstead; A. D. Boyer; E. Hale; R. E. Ferguson; W. Rose Est.; Wm. Thorn; J. Williams; E. Lancer; E. M. Holsted; S. S. Woodworth; Mrs. J. H. Bird; I. J. Losey; H. C. Woodworth; J. H. Bean; J. R. Gardner; R. H. Gardner; A. Gebhart; M. Phillips; Arthur Kew; J. Phillips; S. S. Woodworth; B. Reed; C. M. Reed; M. S. Garvin; C. Beebe; A. Stewart; G. Miller; J. Buckley; Detroit Grand Rapids And Western R.R.; Coldwater River; John Froelich; F. D. Woodard; Wm. Tinker; Mrs. E. E. Tinker; G. F. Elliott; S. P. Hood; F. Cox; F. Cox; E. E. Grey; M. A. Elliott; Dan'l Loomis; Levi Erwin; Store; Bert Amy; E. M. Amy Sr.; H. A. Elliott; G. Engle; F. Losey; E. M. Amy Jr.; J. Brooks; G. E. Brooks; P. F. Bradley; D. P. Mecum; S. E. Bellis; Elmer Merrihew; John Hein; M. E. Ch.; Saw & Crust Mill; S. E. W. Est.; W. Terry; Sarah M. Brown; S. Bellis; Drew P. O.; A. Gebhart; Geo. Dell; H. Beutler; A. Gebhart; J. B.; Sarah B. Woodin Est.; E. M. Holstead; Millard Pennington; E. W. B.; Jennie Holton; School; Herman Beutler; Eliza Beutler; Elmer Goodenough; A. Reed; E. Brown; Dan'l Loomis; C. Losey; L. E. Smith; S. Sheldon; J. Sheldon; W. Sheldon; H. Losey; Martha Carr; C. A. Carr; School; H. Gaskill; Saw Mill; A. A. Smith; Edmund Hall; Coldwater Lake; L. E. Smith; S. N. Carr; G. W. Waight; J. B. Nicholson; Wm. Miller; W. Ammons; Mrs. Wm. Ammons; J. C. Wood; J. D. Hembling; Jno. Caswell; J. Snyder; Royal Sagar; Aaron Durfee; G. L. Taft; Christina Goodenough; F. L. Harrington; W. Bly; E. Hall; C. Sutherland; F. Swanson; Thos. Doyle; Fred Terry; H. Overbaugh; D. A. Carr; M. Amy; C. Van Reiper; E. Hall; C. E. Leiter; Peoples Savings Bank (C.C. Russell Recr.); David Archy; A. Gebhart; J. Beutler; Stella G. Leaton; R. M. Steele; E. W. Benn; Martha Carr; E. Hall; Mrs T. L. Early; Chippewa River; Mary Benn; Stella G. Leaton; Lucinda Rhodes; Clarence Beebe; Neil Faling; Mich'l Hein; C. Dean; Stella G. Leaton; D. A. Hoffman; E. Bibby; Wm. Hickson; Cem.; Babbitt Est.; C. Johnson Note:

Page  30 30 I WINN 1, 1 eAckýzz, CýM ý ST. H C') K K N K K al Eli 12MICHIGAN Cc 74~S31 L2LI C cjF I A. a I Title: Winn; Brinton Keywords: Dushville William's Add; John Startweather; G. W. Layman; J. W. Crane; Ellen Keen; Leanora Taylor; Julia R. Allyn; J. Hannke; H. Hannke; S. J. Ulam; N. Fox; D. D. Moor; W. A. S.; M. H. H.; P. Allyn; S. J. Ulam; J. W. Crane; E. B. Skidmore; Mrs. F. A. Robinson; L. L. Taylor; A. Southwick; Myron Clark; Mrs. O.C.; Hotel P.O.; M. H. Hillyards; T. H. Lowe; Saw & Shingle Mill; Church; School; Julia R. Allyn; Main St.; New York St.; Fremont St.; Michigan St.; Cedar St.; Mill St.; Washington St.; Church St.; Clinton St.; Roscoe St.; Franklin St.; Carroll St.; F. P. & M. R.R.; Charcoal Kilns; O. T. Brinton; M. E. Church; E. Hotchkiss; O. T. Brinton; S. F. Frye; T. Walker Est.; School No. 6; D. Estes; Original Plat; Lawrence's; Pitts St.; Gerardin St.; Main St.; Railroad St.; George St.; Bartlett St.; B. Shop; Hotel; B. Shop; L. O. O. F. Hall Note:

Page  31 31 0 ý. I 4 K Xft ANJAT ta r Pro posecl~ailiP afi - Streams &- SprL-zqs Chwrctes, Sclwot & Forr HIo us'es &C. Township 14 North, Range 6 We st OF THE MICHIGAN MERIDIAN Nttmhe~r of oxcresýSecti~own2Vtabers -- t 43 160 3f 0,36 Scale 2 Iniie-es to the Mile I SA B I Ii --I. LLA C.O. M IC H I U V - - 1 1.- I 6?t1 4% 21$ 39.UI T 014f I C~2. 86 $9 c-~~.-OP -m * 6/d6Y I -.......... L L-A ---.) I jr,VI 10 -A'd~7-zzi~ztzzd &222 6171C777Z9 4297 V N V N, S777e2% /6212 U 83.2-,91-R -S ft2 AL2 49 U 829 IF 4 EK 243:14 2/69 Zc& IsA - I --IL.1-...1...-.LZL _________________ -L I __________________________________ V---------'- ____________________________________________________ s. _________________________ a.. IT I T 8&ezz 451/7 - - Ocr, r - p 4 167723 Z %fS',C764 AT cit Dri Ag 0 rzz 6r~n~ /6~9-9,5,ýazo SZc9 40 29~9 z bf - I i ýF 40C. /j 80 U U 469 6h2 AteodSecr /rbz49A 40 42 t40 xz 29L 1 II T P B77 -Flo U 2725 711 meZ Sc.r Am'S CX -140 U 0 ~ I -P - U TtTM__I * Azrz"S 46 _ 40 Yi3,tCefrcywt 80 2? y 62Sw X Z/ K 4'6 a X&Z;z Jr 40 10 K IF I - 4 4 89~24 8c? Ara7zk.102771me/ 80 *1%2zrZcr 80 7. -I' 11 I 7e V 4t26?9 1 7 7= Z,. 1-10 ezzz2,z7z-j A57 ArkzYz~$2 80 c7&sV7z~,Z 86 A0 rrisr 20 - 8,2 U C K a P) I.-., -. " ',: "., __ __.. 1 1; '- - ____ I., "_, - I _ -I-, -,, - -- -; I, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 1~ - ~ - - YU 2 80 m 0' AcrArrz&4c /60 *M7~tT re, 4v 00 / 27Z zz Iýz it I-. II Arezzg 2c26 Jr 829 -80 - C ~ 8c9 '2 S C, 1 1 i1 -11t At t;t kf tI.'N-v- -rr!! K K K 10 n~2acc - - 40 2%IAZ9fl - 42 qs1 4a: 477W 78.52 40' 1-t~ YP~- NtL ~ - ___ _ __ EIN A N 'J LII~!I U j *' I ___ U a 78.86v Ki x-O - Jhie2UZ43. -:4.x Jf --,/,Z 7/9 - N;O ZZ01 40 4~cZ27inty 6it&trs 40 0 a U 23.,1r, 54X9r42 IL...... - h- I ~ - f-----------t---I- If F -I '/0 A K; 4/Osle;R '09 I K Cr9 4Kb. U heron *-Ar9 U a 13 A 40 a 40 U ~1/C iteeZe 40 00, p ýj P 9-dor i, I M '6221 ly6$gp psi ~27 51c~t fl~497~15~9t dtr2z//? 80 C 10 40 uC'8 i -I-, I --i i Nd 7 l. 86~9 Y6crcc 40 S N 6$.49 42 a &Z7 - -Z 490 Lt7IZCXZZYt 412 U Ut/jo >710 OKenZv'2 40* a al ____ ____________ ______ ____ -1 -4 J~d&E~44I''~"'.i____ _ AL __ ___It Z0;s0ze ceC7 ~4 IN 459~ 1Kk - if3 1t~ t 49 aUýZ x V cr1K 40m-7 r' k6 I___ ___ U zcZ2 90 4 ~ 0 '> \ ~ * II __ leot hi9c26 moo0 8 19 lrL a IF 4 0 31 Title: Broomfield 14 N 6 W Keywords: S. D. 6; S. D. 4; S. D 2; S. D. 1; S. D. 3; S. D. 5; F. S. D. 8; F. S. D. 2; C. A. Wing; Joseph Lett; School; Jos. Norman; Douglas Gay; Edmund Hall; Stella G. Leaton; Bundy Sta.; Edmund Hall; Detroit Grand Rapids And Western R.R.; Chippewa River; E. Benn; A. Hill & Co.; Theo. Cook; A. Durett; J. A. Wolfe; E. E. Wolfe; Mary Smith; F. & P. M R. R. Co.; Wm. Swan; Wm. Loomis; E. E. Wolfe; M. D. Swan; Chippewa River; Jas. Sawyer; Edmund Hall; Foster Sta.; School; Edmund Hall; J. S. Weidman; W. S. & Co.; J. F. Winter; Wm. Hummel; 1st Nat. Bank Geo. Reed Recr.; Theo. Cook; L. Grant; Wm. Northru; Hiram Eggleston; W. S. & Co.; C. Tompkins; Aug. Rhode; Wm. Hummel; Ger. Luth. Ch.; J. S. Weidman; Chas. Cook; J. Burgess; T. Parish; C. Krueger; Jno. McGrogan; Theodore Hummel; C. Krueger; R. Rhode; H. L. Lueder; Ger. Luth. Ch.; Edmund Hall; J. S. Weidman; Sam'l Badger; P. Pete; Harry Eldred; Jno. Eldred; Mansfield Sta.; Edmund Hall; Thos. Galer; Wm. Carrick; Jacob Smith; Lewis Smith; J. S. Weidman; Whitney & Remick; C. G. Quinn; Cem.; Town Hall; Clark Diehl; Jos. Diehl; E. Hall; L. Merrill; Aug. Rhode; J. Winter; Chas. Frost; Frank Hammel; Jas. Pascoe; A. Hine; John Fritz; A. Hine; H. Lueder; M. Riker; E. Hine; Wm. Lueder; John Fitz; Rob't Deringer; Whitney & Remick; Isaac Gordon; J. S. Weidman; Wm. Peterson; Halls L.; Edmund Hall; M. F. Leach; Jas. Baughn; Scott Farney; J. J. Berkey; Wm. Ferguson; Scott Wright; Elmer Hornbeck; W. Richardson; Hannah Sellers; E. W. Richardson; H. E. Wright; Julius Aldrich; J. L. Priest; Mrs. Deringer; Edson Grant; L. Wallington; L. Diehl; T. McBlain; H. Wilcox; H. H. Fisher; Edwin Roe; Frank Maxon; W. Maxon; Chas. Maxon; H. Zimmer; J. Hanty; Geo. Ewing; Wm. Leach; W. Maxon; Sam'l Scheidel; Henry Welch; Rob't Macklin; Wm. Olin; Wm. Leigh; M. Dopp; School; L. C. Griffith; Daniel Macklin; Edmund Hall; G. W. Dowell; E. Hall; A. Bushree; J. W. Sellers; Chas. Furney; Arthur Strong; R. Miller; J. W. Collier; W. H. Austin; I. C. Miller; F. B. Pierce; I. Shipe; C. Kimball; School; Abel Harding; R. Sellers; J. W. Packard; Foster & Berkey; George Shaw; C. L. Frost; J. Vian; G. W. D.; A. Hill & Co.; Milton Deihl; Store & P. O.; W. A. Burnside; J. E. Gross; W. Steele; R. Piatt; R. Shaw; H. D. Wright; Burt & Co.; Peoples Sav. Bk. C. C. Russell Recr.; C. Winnie; H. D. Wright; A. Hill; L. Moore; W. Packard; J. F. Grimes; S. Quinn; Melvin Berry; G. W. Steele; J. Wamsley; Wm. Hornbeck; School; E. L. Morgan; J. Kulp; A. Shank; A. Moore; J. Oberlin; C. Mitchell; Jos. Kulp; William Broomfield; L. C. Griffith; John Hutchinson; G. W. Ruthruff; C. & J. Hutchinson; F. Meier; H. Meier; Levi Ruthruff; Alfred Anderson; Abraham Eicker; Christ. Johnson; Wm. Buthruff; Free Union Ch.; Nelson Kimball; D. Collier; H. Brenaman; J. Penner; S. Stinchfield; J. W. Collier; M. Ruthruff; Chas. Root; A. Collier; G. W. Ruthruff Jr.; Oscar Hey; C. Holcomb; A. Wood; H. Meier; M. Diehl; Milton Diehl; F. Gordon; Wm. Buck; B. Holcomb; J. Lodge; A. Boody; Wm. Piatt; W. G. Sheldon; G. Scott; Free Meth. Ch.; H. L. Cammins; F. Piatt; J. Piatt; Martin Berry; E. Casselman; F. Nogle; M. Nogle; Martin Berry; Wm. Johnson; G. Drake; G. Taylor; Wm. Gilks; M. Oberlin; Wm. Taylor; Wm. Gilks; Wm. Oberlin; I. & S. Kulp; G. I. Woodruff; A. Trayer; A. White; Bert Eldredge; Claude Miller; L. Tate; Wm. Johnson; E. W. Woodruff Note:

Page  32 .32 Township13 Nrt,!ane,0Ws -OF THE MI C HIGNM DA Is r tq? C/WA AA;~ N 8925 5+ ~ ~ kfl ~ ~ 4%g Nk '~N\4Ia ' p ~A/2 Scale 62 Inch~es to th-fe ifile '400. r4 27 a99~ ~0XI AN X-I* 111 - I-S ~z9.~........>...&. 899.led. U Title: Rolland 13 N 6 W Keywords: F. S. D. 6; S. D 2; S. D. 5; F. S. D 8; F. S. D 4; S. D. 7; S. D. 1; F. S. D. 1; S. D. 9; S. D. 3; Milbrook; W. H. Lay; A. B. Cameron; S. E. Est.; A. B. C.; Mrs. S. E. Chapman; Wm. Berry; J. L. Brubaker; C. A. Chapman; W. H. Lay; Mich'l Norman; A. W. Miller; School; Lavina Mitchell; John Ruthruff; Alfred Anderson; Wm. Rathruff; B. Babcock; J. H. Banks; Susan Green; J. Irwin; E. B. Skidmore; Free Union Church; Mary E. Cole; J. L. Brubaker; Jas. Patten; F. Carrison; Godfrey Stamm; Mary Hubscher; A. J. Fish; Henry Johnson; O. B. Judson; Chas. Ruthruff; C. Roberts; M. Roberts; Lottie Kimball; Mrs. J. Johnson; D. Sampson; F. A. Stiles; S. D. Eldred; F. Fuller; A. Hutchinson; J. W. Painter; Louisa Headley; Saulsbury; Saw Mill; J. Collier; Russell Tate; Elmer Pease; C. Bundy; Erastus Doane; Geo. Norman; Lincoln Male; Mrs. J. F. Stevenson; Irvin Green; School; M. Brice; F. Howard; Geo. Plowman; W. A. Zimmerman; Henry Wyant; Uriah Ruthruff; Jacob Miller; Casper Nohl; Goodwin Est.; Lewis Maurer; A. J. Miller; S. Goodwin; W. H. Lovely; Wm. Keeler; H. Kunkle; W. P. Towns; A. Hoffman; Thos. Martin; C. H. Leighton; C. A. Chapman; Bertha Reichert; H. Booker; N. Smith; H. Hardinger; H. C. Harmon (Guard); S. Sawdy; S. W. Hopkins; A. Babcock; W. Donaldson; Godfrey Stamm; Wm. Scott; Mrs. J. W. Tate; Mary A. Wilson; Disciple Ch.; Wilmot McCabe; C. W. Guy; Mary A. Wilson; C. Ramsdill; A. Ramsdill; Christianson Bros.; I. C. Powers; School; B. Judson; D. W. Kessler; R. Guthrie; G. C. Lyle; H. P. Chapman; Pine River; W. A. Snyder; J. Tucker; B. H. Kelly; Hudson Teller; C. C. Roberts; S. D. Eldred; Caleb Myers; M. E. Ch.; C. J. Eldred; B. Chapman; Floyd Cutcher; C. J. Rumsey; Wm. Finley; School; O. T. Taylor; W. H. Krouse; B. F. Heckard; P. Burkholder; Mrs. Welch; Chas. Malish; Peter Burkholder; A. J. Uebele; Conrah Buhrer; Blanchard; Saw Mill; H. P. Smith; M. DeWitt; R. Boyer; S. S.; M. E. Houghton; A. J. Dickson; E. Allen; Wm. Flanders; Wm. Henry; T. D. Jarrard; J. & G. Robart; O. Crampton; T. J. Spencer; J. Burdick; H. P. Smith; Jas. Pumfrey; South Branch of Pine River; W. H. Guy; A. Thompson; T. D. Jarrard; H. Rice; Reuben Kempf; J. J. Babcock; W. W. Inglebee; S. W. Hopkins; J. L. Brubaker; W. Blout; Geo. Pumfrey; S. Young; W. B. Francis; Stephen Rumfrey; Mrs. H. H. Dinsmore; School; J. Kaiser; Cora Teller; S. S. Pierce; H. L. Densmore; Albert Beckley; Saw Mill; McAffee; L. Mull; Wm. Burlingcourt; J. L. Brubaker; State; H. Gay; Cem.; A. H. Baker; T. Ohls; Saw Mill; Mrs. Peter Chapman; Rachel Johnson; M. Brooks; A. Beckley; O. Wilsey; B. Hagerman; Rowland P. O.; Julia A. Chaffee; George Male; Rachel Johnson; Mrs. J. F. Stevenson; M. Brooks; Jno. Segee; S. D. Eldred; James O'Mealey; Jno. Linnell; J. H. Rogers; Mich'l Farrell; Jno. Wellhalf; Jos. Wellhall Sr.; Jos. Wellhall Jr.; Whitney & Remick; Detroit Grand Rapids & Western R.R.; Edith Densmore; Town Hall; Leonard Mitchell; D. Warner; R. H. Warner; G. Osborn; E. Warner; Edgars; J. Schees; M. Wright; J. H. Childs; B. Shop; C. Hoover; Mill; T. D. Guy; A. Smith; F. Chapman; S. D. Eldred; G. Haywood; J. F. Ryan; Ceylon Moody; Chas. Moody; J. W. Guy; A. Delo; D. J. Riggle; David Anspaugh; F. A. Moss; C. Moody; C. E. Williams; Mrs. D. Harbaugh; Henry Moke; Jacob Both; V. Russell; Whitney & Remick; Geo. Goodsmark; Skunk River; S. Christingdon; School; Frank Wilkins; C. S. Wood; Clarence Moody; Ansel Moody; W. H. Moody; Jno. McIntyre; Mich'l Jordan; E. G. Comstock; Peabody; Henrietta Beatham; J. Tevens; Jas. Morgan; E. C.; W. Moody; Chas. Moody; Spencer Beard; I. O. Chapman; School; Frank Guy; Whitney & Remick; Ephraim Courser; Archie Foster; Lansing Iron Co.; J. H. Williams; E. Dargnitz; Whitney Remick; O. Zeigler; J. & J. Smith; J. Walker; P. Hansen; Geo. Gilbert; Jno. Wetherby; Phoenix Ins. Co.; Fred Cook; Jas. McCarthy; J. McClaren; J. R. Hall; J. P. Murphy; J. W. Robinson; Archie Foster Note:

Page  33 NI N IN 'Nl N - IN '~ 1 NC N " h FIRST 111 N N N ~ N~~~~If l I.1 sz f II - ~o S~n -1 I 1 ~S ~ f W 1;fL~io JY~ t Z nC - N N NI~~ - Nni''C ';.5 N,(lr a ro Na ~FOURT 10 No _;1 'No N~. N 7. NJEjC ~ 6 7TH/I-- Title: Blanchard Keywords: H. Kunkle; Mark DeWitt; South Branch of Pine River; Mill Pond; Mark De Witt; J. Lynch; R. Boyer; Wm. Flanders; E. Allen; A. J. Dickson; Spring St.; Cedar St.; Harry St.; Main St.; Pine St.; Maple St.; Highway St.; State St.; County Line; First St.; Second St.; Third St.; Fourth St.; Fifth St.; Cemetery; Wesleyan Ch.; Detroit Grand Rapids Western R.R.; Hotel; K. O. T. M. Hall; Depot; M. E. Ch.; P. O.; Cath. Ch.; Public School Note:

Page  34 34 &czl~ AAAu~ c X&&& ýztZa6 ee Iireflz BRO e,2, el: K Co Co (I, 3 r 43 4 _ _ _ _ _ 4 /4I WOOD 6iIerx4?s 5 -ci, a. 5 -U, w 7Z) IC e~Z~cr </4,sczz'WARD3? MONROE 2e 4 17 7 MICHIGAN ST 9 Title: Sherman City Keywords: John Albert; Ellis Creek; M. D. Braman; G. Johnson; J. R. Cameron; Gilbert Johnson; Gilbert Johnson; F. W. Clay; F. Chase; O. E. Kent; Wm. Bowen; Gilbert Johnson; Johnson & Ellis Plat; Brook St.; Spruce St.; Wood St.; Main St.; Mill St.; Pine St.; Ellis St.; Gilbert St.; Cedar St.; Cotter St.; Maple St.; East St.; Cheese Factory; Shingle Mill; K. O. T. M. Hall; B. Shop; P. O.; Township Line; Church; Hotel; School No. 1; Chippewa River; North St.; Ward St.; Main St.; Cahoons Plat; Monroe St.; Michigan St.; Isabella St.; Washington St.; Madison St. Note:

Page  [unnumbered]

Page  35-36 U If a LL "Itria C4 co:g QT! Pý; CP rj.ý. 4 pq 0 %jr cD he C> 2t =X cyý r ea (D ir IF, %b P6 K Lo ro, -34!2 (D 'A4 rq ts ýý: (ý,.5 -c Z-,l, or. a. -i NK m 'A 7-1, \, ýýq I v r -,, DU SH. US idr Lo La - r T 4 vtn A 0 CM Ln - _t Q4 co 05, t U7 ý3;34 Z:,. 1 0;, V,ý 0 4- ij'ý; L to 42, 1 -4a o, r,, ý'. m ý jo" ( col 0lo. ci Vnl w 'co 0 le ca --ý P-1 ul T c ID It* Vq C) ci Vol Z' F4 Co LO Uo ell Title: Michigan Keywords: L. Superior; Dominion of Canada; Thunder Bay; Pie Island; Thunder Cape; Knob Isl.; Dioeon Bay; Isle Royale; Canoe Rocks; Steam Boat Isl.; Amyydaloid Isl.; Minong; Gull Isl.; Passage Isl.; Blakes Pt.; Scovilles Pt.; Smithwicks Isl.; Shaws Isl.; Motts Isl.; To Keweenaw Co.; Chippewa Harbor; Lake Superior; Grand Portage Bay; Washington Har.; Phelps Isl.; Rainbow Cove; Island Mine; Siskowit Bay; Siskowit Isl.; Montreal Isl.; Trading Post; Montreal River; Pt. Aux Mines; Mica Bay; Copper Mine Pt.; Dominion of Canada; Outer Isl.; L. Superior; Sleeping River; Carvers Bay; Agate Har.; Eagle Har.; Delaware Mine; Copper Falls Mine; Eagle River; Centralmine; Clifton; Phoenix; Keweena; Allouez Mill; Fulton; Allouez; Red Jacket; Kearsage; Torch Lake Jc.; Opeckee P.O.; or Osceola; Calumet; Tunarack; Ship Canal; Highway; Linden; Lake Linden; Poston; Franklin; Swedetown; Jc.; Linden; Quincy Mine; Woodside; Traverse Pt.; Portage Entry; Dollar Bay; Salmon Trout R.; Oskar; Hancock; Gravoreat River; Houghton; Rupley; Atlantic Mine; Chassell; Portage Lake; Traverse Isl.; DUL. SO. SH. ATL. R.R.; Jacobs V.; Crsng; Copper Harbor; Penn Mine; Manitou Isl.; Mt. Houghton; Bete Grise Bay; Keweenaw P; Pt. Isabelle; Huron Is.; Hudson River Pt.; Pine Bay & Riv.; Salmon Trout R.; Big Bay & Pt.; Pt. Mamainse; Pt. Pancake; Bachewauauna Island; Pt. Garbay; Michigan Isl.; Carp River; Lone Rock; Union Bay; Ontonagon; Gull Pt.; Flint Steel R.; Greenland; Fire Steel River; 14 Mile Pt.; Otter Lake; Newton; Keweenaw Bay; Pequaquawaming Pt.; Pt. Abbaye; Huron Bay; Pine Lake; Skanee; Mountain Lake; Pequaming; Methodist Mission; Huron Is.; Hudson R. Pt.; Pine Bay & Riv.; Big Bay & Pt.; Independence Lake; Lake Independence; White Fish Pt.; Maple Isl.; Rudder Head Pt.; Oronto Bay; Little Girls Pt.; L. Carp River; Silver City; Porcupine Mts.; Rockland, Greenland Sta.; C.M. & ST. P. R.R.; Laird; Baraga; Palmer; Arvon; L’Anse; Taylor; Summit; Yellow Dog R.; Yellow Dog River; Granite Isl.; Pt. Au Sable; Grand Sable; Grand Marais Har.; Sucker River; White Fish Pt.; Parisien Island; Goulais Bay; Montreal; Montreal River; Bessemer Jc. ; Bessemer; Presque Isl. River; Tula; Thomasion; Ontonagon; Lake Gogebic; Gogebic; DUL. SOU. SH. ATL. R.R.; West Branch; Groesbeck; Mathwood; Ewen; Bruce’s Crg.; Paynesville; Trout Creek; East Br.; Peri; Withey; Kotchi; Sidon; Taylor Mine; Summit; Baraga; Perch; Sturgeon; Vermilac; Nestoria; Redruth; Spurr Mt.; Michigamme; Dishno; Silver Lake; Champion; Habik; Clowry; Diorite; St. Lawrence; Silver Lake; Dead River; Granite Point; Middle Island; Grand Marais; Summit; Deer Park; Two Hearted River; Carp River; Shelldrake R.; White Fish Bay; Ironwood; Siemens; Jessieville; Ramsay; Gogebic; Wakefield; Gogebic Lake; Choate; Sandhurst; Radford; Ontonagon R.; C. & N.W.; Craigsmere; Paulding; Kenton; Barclay; Houghton; Anthony; Lake Michigamme; Erie; Beacon; Jc.; Clarksburgh; Midway; Stone V.; Jc.; Dishno; Champion; C. Jc.; Clowry; St. Lawrence; Winthrop Jc.; Ishpeming; Ishpeming Sta.; Negaunee; Carp; Eagle Mills; Bacdad; Grand View; Harlous; Presque Island; Marquette; Iron Bay; Gordon; Short Pt.; Fish R.; Laughing Fish Pt.; Grand Isl. Bay; Grand Portel; Cascade Falls; Man.; Beaver; Man.; Grand Marias Jc.; Man.; Bennett; Emerson; Taquamenon Isl.; Iroquois Isl.; St. Marys River; Sault Ste. Marie; Hartheys; Marenisco; C. & N. W. R.R.; Gogebic; Thayer; Robbins; Interior Jc.; Interior; Perch Lake; Republic; Witbeck; Granite; National Mine; Ishpeming; Negaunee; Greenwood; Clarkson; Stoneville; Goodrich Mill; Midway National Mine; New England Ms.; Palmer; Suflo Mines; Morgan; Harvey; Partridge; Goose Lake; Chocolay; Sand River; Deerton; Onota; Train Isl.; Rock River; Train Bay; Train Pt.; Autrain; Ridge; Munising Jc.; Tanning; Munising; Grand Isl.; Trout Pt.; State Road; Wards; Star; Liston; Bay Mills; Whiska; Et. Branch; Churchville; Sugar Island; Great Lake George; Wellington; Blemers; Watersmeet; Crozer; Lac Vieux; Tamarack; Plaintriver P.O.; or Elmwood; Atkinson; Marquette; Republic; Granite; Cascade Jc.; Garvey; Sands; Marquette; R. Au Sable; Emmet; Rumely; Paige; Chatham; Dixon; Mun. R.R.; Stillmah; Howard; Hallston; Man. & Nor. W’n R. R.; Merriam; Wetmore; Shingleton; Creighton; Driggs; Camp; Sency; McMillan; Dollarvill; Newberry; Taquamenon River; W. Branch; East Br.; Dul. South Shore Atl. R.R.; Luce; Chippewa; Sage; Soo Junction; Eckerman; Rexford; Wellsburg; Iroquois; Bay Mills Sta.; Dafter; Brinley; Rosedale; Canoe Cha.; Rapids; Rapids; CAN. PAC.; Bruce Ms.; State Line; Desert; Basswood; Paines; Beechwood; Hazel; Stambaugh; C. NO. W’N R.R.; Iron River; Iron; Sounder; Dunn; Amasa; Balsam; Great Western; Hollister; Mansfield; Channing; Crystal Fs.; C.M. & ST. P.; Sagola; Floodwood; Dickinson; Witbeck; Chesire Mine; Plains; Swanzy; Little Lake; Chesire Jc.; Chi. & Nor. W’n R. R.; Cyr; Martin; Carlshend; Limestone; Acke; McNeils Camp; Scotts Camp; N. Branch Manistique River; Gerntask; Danaher; N. Manistique Lake; Hendrie; Donaldson; Cottage Park Spur; Kinross; Barbeau; Rapids; Encampment Isl.; Montreal Channel; Pallado Is.; Armstrong; Panola; Calumet Mine; Metropolitan; Brule; Mastodon Mine; Mastodon; Stager; Randville; Granitebluff; Foster Cy.; River; Florence Commonwealth; Merriman; Hardwood; Floodwood; Dickinson; Escanaba River; Helena; Turin P.O.; or McFarland; Sturgeon River; Delta Sid.; Steuben; Hiawatha; W. Branch Manistque River; S. Manistique Lake; Rapin V.; Naubinway Jc.; Gilchrist; Hubbell Jc.; Trout Lake; Atl. R.R.; Alexander; Fibre; Rudyard; Munnusco Bay; St. Joseph Island; Mad Lake; Thessalou Is.; North Passage; Grants Is.; Antoine; Loop Line Jc.; Iron Mtn.; Watson; Escan. & L. Sh. R.R.; Lathrop; Rock P.O.; or Maple Ridge; Rapids River; White Fish R.; Fishdam R.; Smith Creek; Hiawatha Sta.; Viola P.O.; or Yatton; Gould P.O.; or Corinne; Bovee; Engadine; Greylock; Biddle Pt.; Naubinway; Stony Pt.; Lewis; Ozark; Mackinac; Pines P.O.; or Palms; Pickford; Stalwart; Gassy Pt.; Lime Isl.; Worsleys Bay; Burnt Island; Bruce Pt.; Mississaguing Isl.; Norway; Vulcan; Quinnesec; Appleton Mine; Sturgeon; Sumac; Waucedah; Cunard; Calumet Mine; Metropolitan; Ford River; Campbell; Camp 22; Sturgeon Hole; Hunt Spur Scott Pt.; Pike Lake; Paymont Pt.; Epoufette; St. Martins Bay; Search Bay; Gatesville; Drummond; Drummond Island; Pirate Har.; Marble Head; Tompsons Pt.; Mildram Pt.; Cape Roberts; Julia Pt.; Faithorn Jc.; Menominee River; Foster City; Sturgeon; Chi. & N.W. R.R.; Hylas; Faunus; Beaver; Brampton; Rapid River; Perkins; Ensign; Sturgeon Riv.; Minn. St. Paul & Ste. R. M.; Isabella; Moss Lake; Van Winkle; Iron Cr.; Murphy Cr.; Cooks; Delta Jc.; Big Spring; Camp 1 Jc.; Thompson; S. Manistique; Gulliver; Hughes Pt.; Pt. Seal Choix; Orville; Pt. Patterson; Pt. au Chene; Moran; Brevort; Big St. Martins Isl.; L. St. Martins Isl.; Rabbit Buck Pt.; St. Martins Pt.; Goose Isl.; Marquette Isl. Laselle Isl.; Strong Isl.; Prentis Bay; Pt. St. Vital; Pt. Detour; Detour; Detour Passage; Island Har.; Huron Bay; Scammon; False Detour Channel; Cockburn Island; Straight of Mississagua; Grand Manitoulin Island; Nathan; W. & M.; Quinnesec; Menominee; Dryads; Whitney; West Gladstone; Weels P.O.; N. Escamba; Mason V.; Gladstone; Ogontz; Bay de Noquet; Ogontz Bay; Nahma; Camp 20 ; Ansels Pt.; Whiskey Isl.; Squaw Isl.; Garden Isl.; Hat Isl.; Groscap; St. Ignace; Pt. St. Ignace; Mackinac Isl.; Mackinaw; Straights of Mackinaw; Bois Blanc Pt.; Bois Blanc Isl.; Pt. Smith; Green Isl.; Peninsular Pt.; Fisher Relay Sta.; Norway Mills; C. & N. ; Norway; Vulcan; Appleton Mine; Sturgeon; Sumac; Waucedah; Summit; Cunard; Cedar; Clytie; C. & N.W.; Farnham; S.S.M.; Eustis; Alecto; Schaffer; Felch Jc.; Newhall; Escanaba; Flat Rock; Little Bayoe Noquet; White Fish; Big Bayoe Noquet; Garden; Wellsburg; Portage Bay; Pt. Au Barge; Trout Isl.; High Isl.; Beaver Islands; St. James; Beaver Har.; Hog Isl.; Waugoshance Isl.; S. Channell; Pt. au Pins; National Boundary; Western Duck Isl.; Inner Duck; Middle Duck; M St. P & W.; Menominee River; Johnson Spur; Hermans V.; Pembina P.O.; or Faithorn Jc.; Kloman; Power; Spalding; Dougherty; Wislon; Houles; Indian T.; DeLougherty; Harris; Barkville P.O.; or Bark River; Narenta; Hyde P.O.; or Ford Riv Sta.; Pine Ridge; Ford Riv.; Sage Bay; Fayette; Jackson Furnac; Gull I.; Big Beaver Island; Aux Galets Isl.; Cross Village; Carplake; Pierce Lake; Canby; Bliss; Carp Lake; Levering; Freedom; Pt. Au Sable; Duncan City; Great Duck; Outer Duck; Nathan; Nadeau ; Carney ; Bagley ; Rocky Isl.; L. Summer Isl.; Big Summer Isl.; Pt. De Tour; Gallilee; Middle Village; Goodhart; Emmet; Ely Lake; Hughart; Ely; Douglas Lake; Biggsville; Geyerville; Michigan Cent.; Mullet Lake; Sova; Ames; Talbot; St. Martins Isl.; Gravely Isl.; Poverty Isl.; Gull Isl.; L. Gull Isl.; Pleasant View; Appleton; Ayro; Brutus; Pellston; Gashville; Topinabee; Burt; Mullet Lake; Ball; Cheboygan Lake; Hammonds Bay; Fourty Mile Pt.; Lake Huron; Kells; Fisher; Relay Sta.; Daggett; Stephenson; Ingalls; Cedar River; Rock Isl.; North Fox Isl.; South Fox Isl.; Harbor Springs; Little Traverse Bay; Bayshore; Wequetonsing; Conway; Oden; Alanson; Keomic; Crooked Lake; Bayview; Burt Lake; Burt Lake; Lake; Cheboygan; Koehler; Indian River; Black River; Allis; Presque Isle; Ocqueoc; Rogers; Quarry; Sawn Bay; Adams Pt.; Little Trout River; Kitson; Nokwebay Lake; Grand Ranch; Wallace; Pt. Rochereau; Plumb Isl.; Washington Isl.; Detroit Isl.; Ann Arbor Car Ferry; Charlevoix; Burgess; Carpenter; Petoskey; Littlefield; Joy; Epsilon; Wildwood; Sturgeon River; Diver; Ronda; Pigeon River; Onaway; Case; Austins Sid.; Millersburg; D.&M.; Bunton; Hagensville; Southrogers; Hoffman; Posen; Presque Isle; Palermo Har.; Presque Isle Bay; Menominee River; Carbondale; Birch Creek; Chambers Isl.; Ellison Bay; Rawley’s Bay; Norwood; Inwood; Cherrie; Tronton; Undine; Hotons Bay; Bay Springs; Dwight; Pine Lake; Doyles; Boyne; Bear Lake; Clarion; Bear Lake Jc.; Dot; Springvale; Whites Camp; Trowbridge; Wolverine; Rainy Lake; Pack Sid.; Blong; May Lake Jc.; Larocque; North Branch; Grand Lake; Polaski; Long Lake; Bell; False Presque Isl.; Marinette; Peshtigo River; Bagley Jc.; North Western; Menominee; North Bay; North Manitou Isl.; North Manitou Isl.; Cat Head Pt.; Cat Head Village; Grand Traverse Bay; Northport Pt.; Atwood; Ellsworth; Mitchell; Eastport; Rock Elm; F.&C. R.R.; Advance; East Jordan; South Arm; Boyne Falls; Berryville; Thumb Lake; Vanderbilt; McPhee; Hurs; Det. & Mack.; Godfrey; Long Rapids; Boiton; Orchard Hill; Cathro; East Side; Middle Isl.; Peshtigo; Cavoit; Marine; Menekaunee; Egg Harbor; Baileys Harbor; Mud Bay; South Manitou Isl.; South Manitou; Leelanau; Gills Pier; Northport; Omena; Bellows Isl.; Torch L.; C. & West Mich. R.R.; Torch; Central-lake; Echo; Snowflake; Mt. Bliss; Jordan; Finkton; Chestonia; Praha; Rockery; Elmira; Otsego; Browns Dale; Valentine; Jackson Lake; Briley; Montmorency; Hillman; Flanders; Alpena; Alpena Jc.; L. Thunder Bay; Crooked Isl.; Outer Thunder Bay Island; Peshtigo Har.; Jacksonport; Pyramid Pt.; Good Harbor Bay; Leland; Provement; Carp Lake; Suttons Bay; Old Mission; Old Mission Pt.; Creswell; Bellaire; Antrim; Kearney; Stover; Alba; Grand Rapids & Ind. R.R.; Simons; Otsego L.; Gaylord; Bagley; Twin Lakes; Bear Lake; Remington; Idlewild; Atlanta; Thunder Bay Riv.; Alpena; Sulphur Isl.; Thunder Bay; Chicago & Wisc. & Mich.; Oconto; Sturgeon Bay; Cave Pt.; White Fish Bay; North Unity; Sleeping Bear Pt.; Glenhaven; Glen Lake; Glen Arbor; Good Harbor; Isadore; Shetland; Bingham; Carp Lake; Keswith; Mapleton; Elk Rapids; South Milton; Clain Lake; Kewalin; Arkona; Aabee; Helena; Alden; Wetzell; Mancelona; Antrim; Wrights L.; Ostego Lake; Waters; Lewiston; A.S. & N.W.; East Fork; Hubbard Lake; Hubbard River; Ossineke; Scare Crow Isl.; South Point; Pensaukee; Brookside; Sawyer; Empire; Empire Dock; Burdickville; Maple City; Kasson; Oviatt; Cedar; Fouchs; Solon; Hatchs Cry.; Archie; East Bay; Angell; Yuba; Aarwood; Elk Lake; Mabel; Rugg; Barkercreek; Rapid City; Clearwater P.O.; or Ricker; Westwood; Leetsville; Coldspring; Frederic; Slaytons; Judge; Nor. Branch; Dana; Red Oak; Tong; Hubbard Lake; Ritchie P.O.; or Roe Lake; Black River; Green Bay; Namur; Door; Red River; Forestville; Clay Banks; Ann Arbor Car Ferry; Platte River; Aral; Edgewater; Platte; Osborn; Almira; Cedarrun; Lake Ann; Kent V.; Traverse Resort; Norrisville; Lake; Neal; Silver Lake; Grand Traverse; Traverse City. Acme; Bates; Boardman R.; Williamsburg; Kalkaska; Leiphart; Saunders; Spencer; Excelsior; Amity; Alexander; Bankers; M.C. R.R.; Appenzell; Red Oak; Maple Grove; Oscoda; Lymburns; Fairview; Curran; Killmaster; Mud Lake; Mud Lake Jc.; Henry; Alcona; Sturgeon; Kewaunee; Ahnapee; Frankfort; South Frankfort; Crystal Lake; Crystal Cy.; Honor; Benzie; Beulah; Benzonia; Collisen; Inland; Turtle L.; Clary; Staeg; Grawn; Interlochen; Green Lake; Monroe Cen.; Keystone; Beitney; Mayfield; South Boardman; Crofton; Lodi; C. & W.M.; Sands; Sharon; Grayling; Crawford; Pere Cheney P.O.; or Cheney; Tyrell; Au Sable River; Luzerne; Ryno; Comins; Mio; McKinley; Twin Lake Jc.; Grams C.; Alcona; Flat Rock; South Harrisville; Gustin; West Harrisville; Harrisville; Black Rock; Green Bay; Lincoln; Alaska; Ann Arbor Car Ferry; Watervale; State Road; Gorivan; Joyfield; Homestead; Smeltzer; Weldon; Thompson V.; Relsey; Bendon; Bartlett; Hannah; Summit City; L. Brewster; Kingsley; GR. R. & I. R.R.; Walton; Fife Lake; Fife Lake; Ivan; Dempsey; Wellington; Fletcher; S. Br.; Jack Pine; Hicks; Big Creek; Indian Lake; Odessa; Royce; Mack City; Imlay; Church; A.S. & N.W.; Bamfield; Chevrier; Glennie Sta. P.O.; or Vaughn; Mikado P.O.; or W. Greenbush; Roy P.O.; or Handy; Greenbush; Cedar Lake; Brown; Ellisville; Kewaunee; Arcadia; A. & E.; Springdale; Henry; Copemish; Nessen City; Pomona; Harlan; Farnsworth; Wexford; Hair; Morey; Pioneer; Moorestown; Stittsville; Stratford; Higgins Lake; Mich. Cen. R.R.; Roscommon; Damon; A.S. & N.W.; Woodrow; Rose City; Lupton; Maltbys; Smith Jc.; Dillon; Southbranch; Battons Crg.; Bryant; Au Sable R.; Beadle; Pine Lake; Seven Mile Hill; Denmark; Sandy B.; Tish Mills; Portage Lake; Pierpoint; Chief P.O.; or Chief L.; Onekama; Brookfield; Patches; Bearlake; B. & E.; Saunders; Biglow; State Road; Williamson; Tanner P.O.; or Bear Cr.; Chicken Cr.; Crossing P.O.; or Manistee Cy.; Lemon L.; Yates; Marilla; Ceon; Bayhall;Yuma; Wexford; Sherman; Mesick P.O.; or Sherman Sta.; Meauwataka; Gilbert; Lake; Manton; Jennings; Missaukee; Cutcheon; Nixon; Star City; Roscommon, Houghton Lake; St. Helen; Piper; Ogemaw; Beaver Lake; Beaver Lake; Selkirk; Long Lake; D. & M. R.R.; Iosco; Hale; Laidlawville; Tawas R.; Tucker; Oscoda; Au Sable; Kasson; Kellnersville; Rosecrans; Mishicot; Nero; Onekama Jc.; Arendal; Brown; Highbridge; Conger; Manistee; Camp Douglas; Harriette; Boon; Millersville; Ann Arbor & N.; Missaukee Jc.; Gr. Rap.; Big Clam Lake; G.R. & I.; Round Lake Jc.; Garfield; Lake City; Houghton Lake; Edna; Prudenville; Ogemaw Sprs.; West Branch; Campbells Corners; Corrigan; Silcam P.O.; or Coopers Crg.; Taft; Ogemaw; Tawa Lake; Vine; Tawas City; East Tawas; Bristol; Point Au Sable; Manitowoc; Cato; Branch; Neshota; Eastlake; Manistee; Oakhill; Filer City; Stonach; Manistee L.; Manistee River; Clement; M. & N.E.; M. & L. R.R.; Chi. & W. Mich; Wellston P.O.; or Doubling; Thorp; L. & W. R.; Hoxeyville; Benson; Hobart; Cadillac; McBain; Lucas; Galt; Falmouth; Vogel Center; Edson Corner; Achill; Greenwood; Welch; Prescott; Mills; Whittemore; Acton; Emery Jc.; Melvo P.O.; or Arn; Alabast; Tawas Bay; Ottawa Point; Manitowoc Rapids; Manitowoc; Two Rivers; Flint & Pere Marquette R.R.; Car Ferry; Gurnee; Poulsen; Siddons; Stronarch; Grand Sable R.; Sable River; M. & G.R. R.R.; F. & P.M. ; M. & L.; Clement Jc.; Clark P.O.; or Irons; Ferndale; Willville; Ruggles; Bristol; Olga; Osceola Jc.; Gr. Rap.; Tustin; Frtelingville; Milburn; Center Lake; Dighton; Marion; Park Lake; Winterneld; Summerfield; Upton; Arnold Lake; Eyke; Frost; Levington Sid.; Meredith; Butman; Tillabawassi R.; Culver; Alger; Moffatt; Shearer; Melita; Mapleridge; Turner; White Stone Pt.; St. Marianz; Stienthat; Newtonburg; Newton; Big Pt. Sable; Pt. Sable; Lincoln; Victory; Big Sable Lake; Mason; Freesoil; Fountain; Bachelor; Tallman; Lake; Peters; Conley; Luther; M. & L.; Carey; Ellsworth; Totten; G.R. & I.; Deer Lake; Leroy; Osceola; Rose Lake; Plaster Mill; Headland; Avondale; Temple; Pennocks; Clare; Harrison; Dodge; Cedar River; Gladwin; Gladwin; McClure; Principle Meridian; Hawrys; Moores Jc.; Quinns; Arenac; Dunham; Sterling; Deepriver; Standish; Arenac; Omer; Augres; Gravelly Pt.; Charity Island; Little Charity Isl.; Flat Rock Pt.; Port Cresent; Port Austin; Pt. Aux Barques; Grind Stone City; Huron; Millhome; Edwards; Hika; Ludington; Buttersville; E. Riverton; Sugargrove; F. & P.M.; Amber; Custer; Scottsville; Manistee Jc.; Branch; Bennett P.O.; or Stearns; Baldwin; Forman; Raiguel; Nirvana; Chase; Ashton; Orono P.O.; or Milton; Penasa; Evart; Sears; Mann’s Siding; L. George; Lake George; Hatton; Dover; Graut; Cedar; Grand Fks.; Highwood; Smiths; M.C. R.R.; Bently; Worth; M.C.; White Feather; Saganin; Wiguam Bay; Pt. Au Gres; Pt. Charities; Oak Pt.; Caseville; Rush Lake; Kinde; Ada; Riverton; Wesley; Fairview; Wiley; Mas. & Oce.; Fern; Weldon Cr.; Marble; Abbott; Wingleton; F. & P.M.; Norway Hall; Flint & Pere Mar.; Reed Cy.; Brazil; Hershey; Muskegon; Emerald Lake; Chippewa Sta.; Crooked Lake P.O.; or Lake; Farwell; F. & P.M.; Moore’s Siding; Clare; Wade; Beaverton; Tobacco R.; Rhodes; Estey; Mountforest; 9 Mile; Pinconning; Potato River; North Isl.; Stony Isl.; Kate Chay Isl.; B.P. Jc.; Wild Bay; Bay Port; Quarry; Hayes; Pinnebog; Soule; Huron; Creevy; Filion; Clark’s; Rapson; Redman; Port Hope; Forest Bay; Sand Beach; Pentwater; Spring Creek; Smiths Cors.; Crystalvalley; Woodburn; Peachville; Allencreek; Kirk; West Troy; Stiles; Lilley; Biteley; Sisson; McDaffies Mill; Phelph Mill Brookings; Hawkins; Cooks Sta.; Barton; G.R. & I.; Stimson; Crapo; Paris; Stimson Jc.; Weaver; Chippewa L.; Chippewa Lake; Deciple; Fork; Barryton; Sherman City; Nero; Brinton; Russell P.O.; or Burnham; Ellisville; Ann Arbor; Salt; Coleman; Wise; Loomis; Edenville; Alamando P.O.; or Dor; Hope; Wright; Duel; Cummings; Lengsville; Michie; Det.; Neaumquam Bay; N. Minishas Isl.; S. Minishas Isl.; Tarrv; Ribble P.O.; or Ribble Rd.; Berne; Pigeon; Elkton; Linkville; Grassmere; Rapson’s Sid.; Bad Axe; Verona Mills; Sigel; Helena; Elm Isl.; Rock Falls; Odell; Golding; Pt. Sable; Oceana; Hart; Mears; Tigris; Houseman; Elbridge; Walkerville; Cob Moo Sa; Volney; Diamond Loch; Otla; Woodville; Keno; Fields; Lumberton; Rangeford; Vincent; Park; Doyle City; Marshfield; Big Rapids; Byers; Rodney; Det. Gr. & W.; Winchester; Rienzi; Mecosta; Van Dear; Isabella; Weidman; Calkinsvile P.O.; or Rosebush; Isabella; Jordan; Leaton; Delwin; Riv.; Sanford; North Bradley; Averill; Hubbard; Willard; Loehne; Bay; Hamblen; Kawkawlin; Bedell; Liawood; Tobico; Oa-at-ka Beach; Wenona Beach; Saginaw Bay; Fish Pt.; Kilmanag; Sebewaing; Owendale; Capboro; Rescue; Wadsworth; N. Burns; Ubly; Flint & Pere Mar.; Cracow; Parisville; Ruth; Flint & Pere Mar.; Elm Creek; White Rock; Peachridge; Marshville; Benona; C. & W.M.; East Golden; Shelby; Ferry; New Era; Hesperia; Bloom; Wooster P.O.; or Worcester Hill; Denver; Etna; Newaygo; White Cloud; Mecosta; Stanwood; Remus; C. & W.M.; Bundy; Mt. Pleasant; Alembic; Chippewa R.; Midland; Smith’s Crossing; Midland; Colden; Fisherville; Laredo; Auburn; Ameith; N. Williams; Monitor; Salzburg; Brooks; W. Bay Cy.; Banks; Essexville; Bay City; Portsmouth P.O.; or S. Bay City; Wisner Bay; Woodman; Wisner; Akron; Union V.; Gagetown; Columbia; Elmwood; Elkland; Gagetown; Elkland; Cass City; Cass River; Cumber; Palms Sta.; Tyre; Minden Cy.; Charleston; Mills; Forestville; Clay Bank; Flower Creek; Rothbury; Hatzel Grove; Fremont; Chi. & West Mich. R.R.; Big Prarie; Altona; Morley; Rustford; W. Millbrook P.O.; or Millbrook Sta.; Sylvester; Millbrook; Blanchard; Rowland; Dushville; Crawford; Shepherd; Strickland; Salt Riv.; Bradford; Pleasant Valley; Porter; Laporte; Freeland; Lawndale; Frankenlust; Melbourne; Phillips; Towaukee; Munger; Mich. Fairgrove; Kintner; Tuscola; Gilford; Ellington; White; Nor. A. R.R.; Novesta; Argylen; Cedar Dale; Deckerville; Richmondville; Montague; White River; Whitehall; Brunswick P.O.; or County Line; Holton; Sitka; Brooks; Newaygo; Freemont Lake; Price; Croton; Howard; Lakeview; Amble; Coral; Cato; Edmore; Six Lakes; Wyman; Cedar Lake; Vestaburg; Forest Hill; Parkinson; Elwell; Sumnerton; Forest Hill; Alma; St. Louis; Pine River; Breckenridge; Wheeler; Doyle; Merrill; Randall; Hemlock; Frost; Saginaw Bay Jc.; Saginaw W.S.; Paires; Carrollton; Creens; Saginaw E.S.; Arthur; Reese; Denmark; Denmark Jc.; or Jenmey; Caro; Wahjamega; Watrousville; Ea; East Dayton; Deford; Wilmot; Sanilac; Creek; Lamotte; Elmer; Downington; Bridgehamton; Carsonville; Forrester; Fort Sanilac; Stump; Big Rapids Jc.; Dalton; Sweets; Twin Lake; Muskegon River; Grant Station; Bridgeton; Jericho; Ashland Lake; Ensley; Maple Hill; Pierson; Wood Lake; Trufant; Maple Valley; Colwell; Langston; Kendallville; Westville; Montcalm; Mo Bride’s; Riverdale; Ferris; Teus Mills; Elm Hall; Sumner; I.B. Jc.; Bad Riv.; La Fayette; Ithaca; Edgewood; Eastwood P.O.; or Garfield; Saginaw; S. Saginaw; Buena Vista; Orrville; Bridgeport; Blumfield; Gera; Cassbridge; Rich V.; Flint & Pere R.R.; Tuscola; Frankenmuth; Vassar; Juniata; Mayville; Kingston; Marlette; Germania; Juhl; Sanilac Center; Cash; Applegate; Angle; Pine Hill; New London; North Muskegon; Lakeside; Port Sherman; Muskegon; Muskegon; Fruitport Jc.; Halls; Moorland; Slocum Gr.; Canada Cor.; Kent City; Moon; Bailey; Trent; Casnovia; Cedar Sprs.; Velzy; Sand Lake; Lockwood; Nelson; Griswold; Evans; Spencer’s Mil; D.G.R.; Gowen; Pt. Richards; Crosby’s Mills; Sidney; Stanton; Colby; Sheridan; Crystal; New Haven Cen.; Gratot; Newark; Northstar; Sickels; Hasty; Tyner; Lentz; Fergus; St. Charles; Flint R.; Taymouth; Burt; Foster; Birch Run; Blackman; Flint; Elva; Arbela; Millington; Fostoria; Watertown; Clifford; North Branch; Index; Omard; Elk Creek; Peck; Croswell; Buel; Lexington; Mona Lake; Hackley; Lake Harbor; Pickands Jc.; G.R. & I.; Sullivan; Fruitport; Cloverville; Ravenna; Conklin; Harrisburg; Lisbon; Gooding; English; Reeds; Edgerton; Sparta; Rockford; Cortland Cen.; Oakfield; Oakfield Cen.; White Swan; Harvard Lorenzo; Ashley; Kiddville; Greenville; Amsden; Fenwick; Millers; Butternut; Bloomer; Vickeryville; Carson City; Middleton; Perrinton; Maple R.; Spring Brook; Pompei; Ola; Bridgeville; Stella; Ashley; Leon; Bannister; Chapin; Chesaning; Oakley; Layton Cor.; Shiawass River; Montrose; Newthrop; Elk; County Line; Brentcreek; Clio; Genesee Village; Farrandville; Pine Run; East Thetford; Rogersville; Otisville; Otter Lake; Columbiaville; Drake; Deerfield; Burnside; Whiting; Kings Mills; Dean Ve.; Brown City; Speaker; Melvin; Merrills V.; E. Fremont; Roseburg; Amadore; Evergreen; Stevens Ldg.; Kirk’s Jc.; Ferrysburg; Grand Haven; Spring Lake; Nunica; Coopersville; Spoon V.; Big Spring; Dennison; Reno; Harrington; Berlin; Wright; Pleasant; Ula; Kent; Childsdale; Alpine; Mill Cr.; Belmont; Austerlitz; Bostwick; Chauncey; Cannonsburg; Grattan; Otisco; Grant; Belding; Smyrna; Miriam; Shiloh; Chadwick; Palo; Wood’s Corners; Orleans; Hubbardston; Matherton; Lebanon; Union Home; Maple Rapids; Du Plain; Eureka; Shepardsville; Elsie; Henderson; Carland; Shawas-Genesee; W. Haven; Hazelton; Mount Morris; Flint River Jc.; Richfield; Mathew’s Corners; Oregon P.O.; or Carpenters; Lapeer; Five Lakes; Lum; Imlay; Goodland; Lynn; Elliot; Brookway; Yale; E. Greenwood; Hartsuff; Greenwood Cen.; Fargo; Avoca; Jeddo; Blaine; Zion; Lake Port; North St.; Milwaukee; Highland Park; Agnew; Ottawa Sta.; Knight; Bass River; Eastman V.; Robinson; Rusk; Allendale; Lamont; Tallmadge; Elgin; Indian Cr.; Kinney; Grand Rapids; S. Grand Rapids; Chapel; Ada; Parnell; Alton; Fallassburg; Grand River; Flat; Stanton Jc.; Ionia; Webbers; Muir; Lyons; Pewamo; Gr.Trunk R.R.; Bengal; Fowler; Clinton; Stony Cr.; St. John’s; Ovid; Bennington; Barton; O. Jc.; Corumna; Owosso; Judd’s Corners; Martin’s Cor.; Grand Trunk R.R.; Lennon; Otterburg; Flushing; Flint; Swartz Cr.; Belsay; Davison Sta.; Elba; Nipassing; Hunter’s Creek; Attica; Pool; Arkdale; Imlay City; Capac; St. Clair; Backway; Mt. Salem; Kenockee; Emmett; Wadham’s Atkins; Ruby; G.T. Jc.; Gardendale; Huronia Beach; Gratiot; G. T. R.R.; West Olive; Port Sheldon; North Holland; Ventura; Ottawa; Olive Cen.; Borculo; S. Blendon; Beaver Dam P.O.; or Vriesland; Averill; Bauer; Blendon; Hanley; George T.; Jenison; Grand V.; Fishers Sta.; E. Paris; Crosby P.O.; or Bowen; McCords; Cascade; Lowell; Whitney V.; Elmdale; Pratt L.; Chandler; Iona; Saranac; Algodon; Orange; Collins; Portland; Maple; Westphalia; Riley; South Riley; Victor; Geary; Laingsburg; Pittsburg; Hartwellville; See; Vernon; N. Newburg; Bancroft; Durand; Duffield; Mundy; Crapo Farm; Rankin; Gaines Sta.; Atlas; Grand Blanc; Pebble Run; Goodrich; Hadley; Rural; Farmers Cr.; Metamora; Leonard; Thornville; Dryden; Almont; Berville; Smith; Belle River; Riley Cen.; Lamb; Doyle; Goodell; Thornton; Wales; Burn; Upton’s; Smith’s Cr.; Marysville; Sarnia; Port Huron; Osborne; New Holland; Noordeloos; Waverly; Ottawa Beach; Zeeland; Drenthe; Zutphen; Hudsonville; Jamestown; Gitchell; Forest Cr.; Byron Cen.; Ross; Corinth; Dutton; W. Carlisle; Alaska; Alto; Labarge; Browne; Caledonia; Logan; West Campbell; Campbell; Clarksville; S. Cass; Bonanza; West Sebewa; Sebewa; Rosina; Woodbury; Danby; River Bend; Eagle; N. Eagle; Wacousta; Grand Ledge; Jugersoll; Delta; De Witt; Bath; Chandler; Perry; Shaftsburgh; Bann’s Mill; Morrice; Burns; Byron; Glass River; Argentine; Linders; S. Grand Blanc P.O.; or Belford; Fenton; Austin; Groveland; Thayer; Oakwood; Orton V.; Brandon; Seymour Lake; Thomas; Oxford; Shoup; Lakeville lake; Lakeville; Armada; Memphis; Richmond; Adair; Columbus; Rattie Run; St. Clair; Moretown; Holland; Graafschap; Gibson; East Saugstuck; New Groningen; Fillmore Cen.; Overisel; New Salem; Diamond Sps.; Burnip’s Cor.; Dorr; N. Dorr; Parmelee; Middleville; Moline; Irving; Filmore; Carlton Cen.; North Irving; Freeport; L. Odessa; Woodland; Bismarck; Sunfield; Mulliken; Shayton; Hoytville; Roxana; Lansing; Millett; Packard Okemos Sta.; Trowbridge; Okemos; Haslett; Alverson; Locke; Cohoctah; Oak Grove; Deer Creek; T.A.A.; Madison; Tyrone; Holly; Rose; Oakland; Davisburg; Springfield; Clarkston; Jersey; Eames; Cole; Orion; Goodison; Mt. Vernon; Romeo; Ray Cen.; Washington; Davis; Lenox; Newhaven; Casco; Peters; St. Clair; Springs; China; St. Clair River; Brigden; Wisconsin; Kenosha; Saugatuck; Douglas; Peach Belt; Fennville; New Richmond; Hamilton; Hilliards; Monterey; Dunningville; Hopkins Sta.; Hopkins; Wayland; Bradley; Yankee Spr.; Gun Lake; Bowen’s Mills; Quimby; Hastings; Coat’s Grove; Morgan; Vermontville; Chester; Potterville; West Windsor; Eaton; Dimondale; Holt; Meridian; Williamston; Webberville; Fowlerville; Howell; Fleming; Parshallville; Oceola Center; H. Jc.; Highland; Hartland; White Lake; Clyde; Highland Sta.; Waterford; Drayton Plaid; Ox Bow; Four Towns; Pontiac; Amy; Rochester; Shelby; Disco; Macomb; Utica; Waldenburg; Macomb; Meade; Chesterfield Jc.; Milton; Chesterfield; New Baltimore; Anchorville; Fairhaven; Starrville; Marine City; Port Lambton; Roberts Landing; Ganges; Glenn; Pearl; Allegan; Swan Cr.; Bravo; Mill Grove; Allegan; Kellogg; Watson; Shelbyville; Martin; Monteith; Brouard P.O.; or Doster; Orangeville; Cedar Cr.; Schultz; Barry; Cloverdale; Pritchardville; Dowling; Maple Gr.; Nashville; Kalamo; Carlisle; Kingsland; Chariotts; Aurelius; Mason; Ingham; Eden; White Oak; Dansville; Chubb’s Corners; Iosco; Livingston; Chilson; Summit; Brighton; Milford; Commerce; Walled Lake; Birmingham; Orchard Lake; Troy; Colemin; Big Beaver; Clawson; Canal; Cady; Fraser; Mt. Clemens; Algonac; Wallaceburg; West Casco; Spring Grove; Lacota; Lee; Grand Jc.; Cheshire; Abronia; Ostego; Plainwell; Lake Sh.; Gun Marsh; Silver Cr. P.O.; or Argenta; Milo; Cressy; Delton; Banfield; Johnstown; Assyria; Hickory Cors.; Lacey; Ainger P.O.; or Olivet Sta.; Bellevue; Olivet; Eaton Rapids; Brookfield; Charlesworth; Winfield; Onondaga; Leslie; Ritchburgh; Bunker Hill; Stockbridge; Gregory; Plainfield; Unadilla; Pickney; Pettysville; Anderson; Green Oak; A. Jc.; Hamburg; Rushton; Kensington; New Hudson; So. Lyon; Wixom; Novi; Farmington; N. Farmington; Franklin; Royal Oak; Southfield; Centerline; N. Detroit; Warren; Roseville; Middle Chan.; Rap. Cy. R.R. Co.; Greiner; Strontness Isl.; Harsons Isl.; Bassetts; Mitchels Bay; Lake St. Clair; South Haven; Packard; Brown’s Mills; Kibbic; Breedsville; Columbia; Berlamont; Gobleville; Mich. Cent. R.R.; Bloomingdale; Pine Gr. Mills; Alamo; Travis; Cooper; E. Cooper; Richland; Augusta; Yorkville; Bedford Sta.; Bedford; Penfield; Convis; Partello; Convis Cen.; Duck Lake; Base Line; Otter Cr.; East Springport; Devereaux; Arland; Rives Jc.; Tompkins; Vanhorns; Henrietta; Roots; Munith; Henrietta Sta.; Trist; Waterloo; North Lake; Base Lake; Dexter; Whitmore Lake; Worden; Salem; Northville; Plymouth; P. Jc.; Plank Road; Livonia; Oak; Elm; Stark; Beech; Redford; Sand Hill; Bell Branch; Oak; R. Jc.; Greenfield; Highland Park; Milwaukee Jc.; Leesville; Cottagegrove; Grossepointe; Claireview; Mitchels Pt; Stony Pt.; Covert; Van Buren; Bangor; Toquin; Mc Donald; Waverly; Kendall; Glendale; Williams; Almena; Oshtemo; Brownells; Kalamazoo; Comstock; Galesburg; Battle Cr.; Renton; Sonoma; Ceresco; Nichols; Wheatfield; Marengo; Springport; Bath Mill; Minard; Sandstone P.O.; or Trumbull; Jackson; Withington; Paddleford; Jackson; Francisco; Sylvan; Chelsea; Washtenaw; Lima; Eckert; Mich. Cen. R.R.; Weinsburg; Scio; Delhi Mills; Northfield; Emery; Ann Arbor; Geddes; Newberry; Perrinsville; Naukin; Canton; Wallace V.; Wayne; Inkster; Dearborn; Yew; W. Detroit; W. End; Delray; Woodmere; Detroit; Windsor; Walkerville; Belle Riv.; Can. Pac.; Gr. Trunk; Baptist Cr.; Lancaster; Chi. & St. P; Riverside; Hagar; Coloma; West & E. S.H.; Watervilet; Hartford; Lawrence; Lake Cora; Prospect Lake; Lawton; Paw Paw; Mattawan; Texas; Portage; Kalamazoo; Austin Lake; Climax; Scotts; West Le Roy; East Le Roy; Calhoun; Marshall; Eckford; Wilder V.; Condit; Albion; Spring Arbor; Concord; Parma; Snyder; Wilsons; Eldred; S. Jackson; Michigan Cen.; Napoleon; L.S. & Mich. So. R.R.; Grass Lake; Leom; Sharonville; Eckert; Fredonia; Bridgewater; Pittsfield; Ypsilanti; Rawsonville; Wilis; Denton; Romulus; Belleville; Hand Sta.; Taylor Cen.; Sibleys; Ecorse; Wyandotte; Essex; Essex Cen.; Comber; M.C. R.R.; Baptiste Cr.; Trudell; Chi. & West’n; Benton Harbor; St. Joseph; Glen Lord; Millburg; Napier; Somerleyton; Bainbridge; Keeler; Spinks Cors.; Sister Lakes; Decatur; Leesburg P.O.; or Chamberlaine; Schoolcraft; Mich. So. R.R.; Pavilion; Vicksburg; Fulton; Pine Cr.; Burlington; Athens; Abscota; Tekonsha; B. Sta.; Clarendon; Homer; Hanover; Mich. SO. R.R.; Grover V.; Pulaski P.O.; or Wheelerton; Stony Pt.; Horton; Clarks Lake; Cedarbank; Somerset; Liberty; Brooklyn; Clarks L.; Watkins; Johnson; Cambridge; Norvell; Evans Lake; Spike; Manchester; River Raisin; Saline; York; Stonycreek; Urania; W. Sumpter; Whittaker; Willow; Waltz; Wayne; Martinsville; New Boston; Flat Rock; Trenton; Chandler; Grosse Ile.; Stony Island; Slocum Jc.; Gibraltar; Colchester; Harrow; Canada; North Ridge; Wheatly; Des Plaines; South Northfield; C. & N.W.; Stevensville; Hollywood; Derby; Scotdale; Royalton; Hinchman; Sodus; Pipestone; Naomi; Hartman; Eau Claire; Cushing; Dowagiac; Volinia; Lit. Pra. Ronde; Glenwood; Howardsville; Wakelee; Marcellus; Flowerfield; Moorepark; Parkville; Portage Lake; Factoryville; Mendon; Leonidaa; Sherwood; Union City; Orangeville; North Batavia; Girard; Butler; Litchfield; So. Butler; Mosherville; Jonesville; Scipio; Moscow; Jerome; Addison; Somerset; Cen. Devise L.; Stoddard; Woodstock; Onsted; Pentecost; Springville; Clinton; Newburg; Tipton; Wolfcreek; Macon; Lakeridge; Tecumseh; Ridgeway; Britton; Milan; Cone; Azalia; Exeter; London; Maybee; Oakville; Carleton; Scofield; Steiner; Grafton; Bryar Hill; Newport; Rockwood; South Rockwood; Kingsville; Olinda; C. & N.W.; Maywood; Maplewood; Ravenswood; Bridgman; Glendora; Berrien Sprs.; Oakland; Berrien; Stemm; Berrien Cen.; Pokagon; Summerville; Cass; Cassopolis; La Grange; Penn; Vandalia; Newburg; Corey; Fabius; Three Rivers; Centre V.; Florence; Colon Jc.; Wasepi; Nottawa; Colon; Mattison; Batavia; Branch; Coldwater; Algansee; Q Note:

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Page  [unnumbered]

Page  39 PATRON'S DIRECTORY OF ISABELLA COUNTY, LIEL IIGAN. 39 BROOMFIELD TOWNSHIP. NAME. BUSINESS. POST-OFFICE. SEC. Broomfield, Wm.... Farming and Stock Raising. Mr. Broomfield came to Isabella County in 1861, and settled in Broomfield Township as a squatter. When the homestead bill passed he was the first man in. Isabella County to enter a homestead. The town is named after him......... I...... Millbrook... 31 Cook, Theodore... Farming and Stock Raising....... Caldwell..... 2 Fritz, John..... Farming and Stock Raising. Mr. Fritz was born in Germany in 1852, and came to America in i88o. He settled in Broomfield Township in 1887. Mr. Fritz was married to Miss Fridereka Dust in 1875, and has i1 children, 6 boys and 4 girls Caldwell..... 13 Hummel, Wm...... General Farming............. Caldwell......12 Piatt, Fred...... Dealer in Groceries and Provisions, Dry Goods and Clothing. Highest market price paid for Butter and Eggs...... Broomfield.. 23 Quinn, Sylvester... Farming and Stock Raising........ Millbrook.. 26 Woodruff, E. W.... Farming and Stock Raising......... Winn........ 36 Wright, H. D......Farming and Stock Raising....... Broomfield.. 26 NAME. Stahlman, F. C. Stilgenbauer, H. Wonch, William Wonch, Hiram Wetzel, Lewis White, Orin E. COE TOWNSHIP.-Continued. BUSINESS. POST-OFFICE. SEC Farming. Born in Coe Township, 1872.. Shepherd.... 19 Farming. Born in Ohio, 1856. Came to Isabella County, 1887 ý....... Shepherd.... 5 Farming. Born in Coe Township, 1868.. Shepherd.... 9 Farming. Born in Coe Township, 1864.. Shepherd.... 9 General Farming and Town Supervisor.. Shepherd.... 7 Farming and Breeder of Graded Short Horn Cattle. Born in Michigan, 1869. Came to Isabella County in 1898...... Shepherd.... 30 SHEPHERD (VILLAGE OF). Shepherd P. 0. BUSINESS. NAME. Armstrong, Jacob Cleveland, Ellen Gatehouse, J. U. Gilbert, S. L. Hardgrove, Frank Hibbard, E.- M. Hook, G. W.. Landon, Jene. Lockwood, John C. McCliggatt, John Oberlin, William. Salisbury, E. A. Salisbury, E. B. Salisbury, E. L. Servoss, Emma. Woodbury, Wm. Ankrom, T. J. Ardner, Wm. H. Baker, A. G. Best, Geo;. Childs, Charles Childs, Ira... Childs, Jessa Cohoon, R. M. Drake, Wardr Estee, P. H., Jr. Fausett, S. W.. Girvin, T. H.. Graichen, E. E. Hutchinson, Win. Jackson, John Kyes, L. D. Leonard, S. G. & C McClellan, C. S. McClellan, E. S. McClellan, W. G. Meyer, A..A.. Miller, William 0. Miser, Wm. D. Olds, F..... CHIPPEWA TOWNSHIP. Farming. Born in Kendal, Westmoreland County, England, in 1832. Moved to New York State, 1853. Moved to Chippewa Township, Isabella County, Michigan, 1863................. Mt. Pleasant... 20 Born in Loraine County, Ohio, 1846. Moved to Wood County, Ohio, 1854, and settled in Isabella County, 1866.... Mt. Pleasant... 18 Farming. Born in Stuben County, 1870. Moved to Isabella County, i88o..... -Shepherd 3.. Farming. Born in Ohio, 1847. Moved to Ashtabula County, Ohio, 1865. Has lived in Isabella County, since 1865.......Mt. Pleasant... 7 Saw Mill and Farming. Town Supervisor.Alembic..... 5 Farming. Born in Fuller County, Ohio, 1851. Moved to Michigan, 1868.... Shepherd.... 32 Farming. Born in Isabella County, Michigan, 1865.............. Mt. Pleasant... 7. Farming................. Mt. Pleasant. iS. Farming. Born in Oakland County, 1847. Moved to Isabella County, 1884.... Mt. Pleasant... 16. Farming. Born in New York City, 1873. Moved to Isabella County, 1876.... Shepherd... - 31. Farming. Born in Stark County, Ohio, 1830. Moved to Kalb County, Indiana, 1844. Moved to Isabella County, Michigan, 1856............... Mt. Pleasant... 19 Farming. Superintendent of Poor.... Shepherd.... 33 4 Farming. Born in Isabella County, Michigan, 1873. Town Clerk...... *.. Shepherd.... 32. Farming and Dairying. Born in Isabella County, 1870............... Shepherd.... 32 0 Farming. Born in Berg, Orleans County, New York. Moved to Isabella County, 1864................. Shepherd.... 31 Farming. Born in Kingsville, Ohio, 1840. Moved to Isabella County, 1882.... Mt. Pleasant... 17 Ashworth, E...... Town Treasurer. Born in Canada in 1844. Came to Isabella County, Mich., 1864. Bicknell, James S... Dealer in Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots, Shoes, Groceries and Provisions. Highest Market Price Paid for Butter and Eggs at all times. Brown, W. E......Editor and Publisher of the Isabella County Republican. Clay, Allen..... Carpenter, Contractor and Builder. Commercial State Bank.President, I. N. Shepherd; First Vice-President, Mrs. B. J. White; Second Vice-President, Thomas Hannett; Cashier, W. E. Adams. Directors: I. N. Shepherd, Thos. Hannett, Mrs. B. J. White, L. D. Estee, Mrs. M. A. Taylor, A. C. Vredenburg, 0. H. Adams, W. H. Kinter, H. D. Bent. Does a general Banking Business. Estee, L. D....... Dealer in Grain, Clover Seed and Lumber. Best Grades of Seed Grains of all kinds Bought and Sold. Elevators on the Ann Arbor Railroad. Field, C. C..,... Proprietor of Shepherd Roller Mill. Manufactures Flour, Feed and Buckwheat Flour.' Husted, H. B..... Proprietor of Shepherd Foundry. Manufactures Steel Plows and Land Rollers. A Specialty of Repairs for Boilers and Engines. Heavy Castings of all kinds. Richmond, R. C... Proprietor of The Taylor House. Riess, C. V....... Bicycle Works. All kinds of Cycle Work done promptly. Fine Work a Specialty. Wheels Made to Order. Factory on Wright Avenue. Gunsmith and general Repair Shop. Sawyer, C. W......Farmer and Township Clerk. Smith, Nelson.... Livery, Sale and Feed Stable. Fine Turnouts. Your Patronage Solicited. Hearse in connection. Struble, A. G......Albert G. Struble was born in Williams County, Ohio, October i, 1864, and came with his parents (Henry and Eliza Struble) to Isabella County, Mich., in the spring of 1868, and has resided here ever since. He has three brothers, N. W., J. H. and K. E. Struble, who are prominent business men in Shepherd, this county, also two sisters, Mrs. Zilla A. Conkling and Mrs. S. Maria Murtha, both residing in this county. Mr. Struble was married to Miss Jennie E. Morris, of Lincoln Township, this county, October 7, 1885, and on January 19, 1890, was born to them a daughter (Edna Alberta Struble). In the fall of 1888 Mr. Struble embarked in the Agricultural Implement Business in Shepherd, and has continued in the same business ever since. He has for sale.a full line of Agricultural Implements, Buggies, Wagons, etc.; also, has the agency for the Deering Harvesting Machinery, and keeps on hand a full line of all kinds of Repairs for everything in his line of goods. Struble, J. H...... Dealer in Dry Goods, Clothing, Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes, Carpets, Wall Paper, etc. Jason H. Struble is the second son of Henry and Eliza (Wickham) Struble, of Shepherd, Mich. He was born at Primrose, Williams County, Ohio, July 18, 1862. Removed with his parents in June, 1868, to Shepherd (then called Salt River), Isabella County, Michigan, where he and his family, consisting of his patents and three brothers (N. W., A. G. and K. E. Struble) and two sisters (Mrs. Zilla A. Conkling and Mrs. S. Maria Murtha) all continue to reside. He attended the village schools, and at the age of fourteen began clerking in a store, which occupation he followed until he was twenty-one years of age, when he purchased from his brother, N. W. Struble, a half interest in his general store, after which a prosperous business in this line was carried on by them under the firm name of N. W. & J. H. Struble until * ~ March 14, 1892, xvhen he bought out his brother's interest in the * business, and became sole owner, since which he has enjoyed a good and increased business. His stock is one of the largest in the county, and is selected with great care and well adapted to meet the demands of the consumers in this locality. Mr. Struble was married January 2, i888, to Miss Lola Upton, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Upton, of Shepherd. He takes a great interest in fraternal orders, is a member of the orders of F. and A. M., and the K. 0. T. M., and has served two terms as Master of Salt River Lodge, No. 288, F. & A. M., also one term as Coin mander of Shepherd Tent, No. 237, K. 0. T. M., besides filling various other offices in both lodges. Politically, Mr. Struble is a Republican, but is not a politician. He has never aspired to any office, but has several times, at the request of his friends, consented to accept various township and village offices, the duties of which were performed eminently satisfactory to his constituents. Struble, N. W......Dealer in Shelf and General Hardware, Crockery, Glassware, Paints and Oils, Brick, Lime and Tile, Sash, Doors and Pumps, Bicycles and Bicycle Supplies. Established in 1875. Mr. Struble was born in Williams Co., Ohio, September 22, 1852, received a common-school education and remained at home with his parents till nearly twenty-four years of age. Came to Isabella County in fall of 1868, and assisted his father in the store until October 20, 1875, when he bought out his father. He still owns the place, and is carrying on business with fine success. Mr. Struble is a member of the.Blue Lodge, F. & A. M., and also of the R. A M. at Mt. Pleasant; is also a member of the I. 0. 0. F. In political matters he belongs to the Republican party. January 18, 1879, Mr. Struble married Miss Nettie T., daughter of James B. and Lucy H. Allen, natives of Oakland County, Michigan. Mrs. Struble was born in Gratiot County, Michigan, May, 12, 1856. COE TOWNSHIP. Farmer and Breeder of Full-Blood and Graded Red Polled Cattle and Shropshire Sheep...* *.......*....*. Shepherd Farming. Born in Ohio in 1858. Came to Isabella County, 1899.... a....... Shepherd Farming. Born in New York, 1863. Came to Isabella County, 1867........ Shepherd Farming. Born in Coe Township, 1874.. Shepherd Farmer and Breeder of Full-Blood Poland China Hogs............... Shepherd -. Farmer and Breeder of Full-Blood Poland China Hogs............... Shepherd Farmer and Breeder of Full-Blood and Graded Short Horn Cattle, Lincoln Sheep and Poland China Hogs........Shepherd -. Farming. Born in Coe Township, 1871.. Shepherd General Farming............... Shepherd Farming. Born in Coe Township in, 1866. Shepherd Farmer and Breeder of Full-Blood Short Horn Cattle and Poland China Hogs. Born in New York, 1832. Came to Isabella County in 1878.......... Shepherd Farming. Moderator of School District No. 3. Born in Ohio, 1864. Came to Isabella County, 1869......... Shepherd Farmer and Breeder of FullUBlood Registered Poland China Hogs. Born in Ohio, 1864. Came to Isabella County, 1885. Shepherd H...Farming. Born in Ohio, 1876. Came to Isabella County, 1882.......... Shepherd A Farming. Came to Isabella County, 1873. Served in Company F, Seventh West Virginia during the war of the Rebellion.. Coe. Farming. Born in Coe Township, 1868.. Shepherd o.. General Merchandise, Dry Goods, Groceries, Notions, Patent Medicines, Agricultural Implements. Mr. Leonard is Postmaster of Coe, and is also a Justice of the Peace and Notary Public........ Coe. Carpenter, Contractor and Builder. Proprietor of Planing and Feed Mill... Shepherd Carpenter, Contractor and Builder. Proprietor of Planing and Feed Mill... Shepherd General Farming......... Shepherd Farming and Sugar Beet Raising. Proprietor of Deer Park............. Shepherd Farming and Lumbering........ Shepherd General Farming............. Shepherd Farming. Born in Michigan, 1858. Came to Isabella County, 1879....... Shepherd 28 29 20 20 20 *.. 29 19 7 '8 17 20 6..,. 15 34 6 35 27 28 27 5 9 5 29 I Sweatland, Arthur E.. Physician and Surgeon. Taylor & Shawl... Dealers in Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots and Shoes, Groceries and Provisions, Notions, etc. Village of Shepherd.. 0. L- White, President. Wellmah, R.......Justice of the Peace. White, 0. L...... Dealer in Live Stock, Potatoes, etc. Wolcott & Fouts... Dealers in Poultry, Groceries, Apples, Beans, Notions, Wool and Potatoes.

Page  40 40 PATRONS' DIRECTORYT-Continued. NAME. Allen, Geo. H... Bellows, Austin J. Bone, Francis... Bone, Patrick... Forbes, John.. Frye, S. F....... Hammond, S. C.. Roberts, H. L... COLDWATER TOWNSHIP. BUSINESS. POST-OFFICE. SEC.. Dealer in Dry Goods, Clothing and Groceries................ Brinton.......vil. SFarming...................... Brinton......23. Farming. Born in Ireland in 1844. Mr. Bone enlisted in Co. E., 27th Michigan Inf., October 29, 1862, and was honorably discharged November 9, 1864. He has six children, three boys and three girls.....................Sherman City... 20 ". Farming and Stock Raising. Born on Homestead Farm, 1876............ Sherman City... 20 " Farming................ Brinton....... o " Dealer in Drugs and Groceries. Postmaster and Town Clerk...........Brinton...... i ". Farming. Town Supervisor....... Brinton..... 26 ". Farming and Stock Raising........ Brinton......26 DEERFIELD TOWNSHIP. Annis, Jas. L.....Farming. Born in Michigan, 1864... Caldwell....16 Ash, Samuel and J. H..Farming and Stock Raising....... Mt. Pleasant... io Coomer, N. V...... Farming and Dealer in Groceries. PostSmaster, Justice of the Peace and Town School Inspector........... Coomer.......34 Craft, Samuel.... General Farming. Born in Ohio in 1832. Came to Isabella County, Mich., 1879.. Caldwell..... 7 Egleston, Henr Hogg, Thomas Johnston, Wm. Johnston, Davih Murphy, G. B Putrtill, Edward Quillen, M.. Russell, Wesley Weston, A D. Wykes, John. Canfield, H.. Cooper, Walter Conley, John Denman, A. B.. Drake, Jasper N Hart, Hugh. Hart, S. -.. Harris, Michael Hovey, Wm. M. Prout, Thomas A Reef, Samuel. Slattery, Wm. Thompson, Wm Vahey, James. Washburn, J.. Anderson, Frank Allyn, E. H... Adams & Son. Baker, Josiah. Curtiss, Chas. F. Demlow, Charles Demlow, Chas. I Everts, W. J. Fox, John.. Hirzel, D. C. Howe, H. H.. Moor, D. K. Pierce, L. A.. y A. J. S.. A.. Farmer and Dealer in General Merchandise. Has been Town Clerk three years.... Boyden.......27. Farming and Township Treasurer.... Mt. Pleasant... o10. Farming and Town School Inspector. Born in Canada, 1874. Came to U. S. 1883.. Boyden..... 21 SFarming. Born in Ireland, 1843. Came to America,. 1848. Came to Isabella County, Mich, 1883. Has six children, five girls and one boy..............Boyden.......21 SFarming and Stock Raising....... Mt. Pleasant... 2. Farming......................Boyden..... 15 ". Farming.................... Mt. Pleasant.. i " Farming......................Boyden... 21 ". Farming................ Boyden.... 17 Proprietor of Wyke's Magnetic Mineral Flow. Are you in search of health? If so, drink of the Water from Wykes' Magnetic Mineral Flow. It will cure Rheumatism, Gout, Paralysis, Neuralgic Affections, Bright's Disease, Insomnia, Piles, Erysipelas, Salt Rheum, Catarrh, Dyspepsia, Stomach, Rectal, Kidney and Bladder Diseases, Gall Stones and Gravel. It is Clear, Sparkling, Tasteless and Perfectly Pure, is a beautiful, health-giving Table Water. Shipped in Bottles anywhere in U. S. and Canada..............Boyden.......28 DENVER TOWNSHIP.... Farming. Born in Michigan in i865... Calkinsville... 6 S... General Farming................Leaton........ 30... Farming. Born in Canada in 1834. Came to America in 1855. Came to Michigan in 1 865.................... Leaton.......31 S... Farming. Born in Michigan in 1850.. Delwin...... 7 Farming. Born in Michigan in 1837. Came to Isabella County in 1874..........Wise...... 0.. Farming. Born in Canada in 1861. Came to Michigan in 1873............Leaton...... 7.. Farming. Born in England. Came to Michigan in 1872.......... Leaton....... 18... Farming. Born in Canada in 1832. Came to Michigan in 1881......... Delwin........ 5... General Farming............ Calkinsville.... 6....General Farming..............Calkinsville.. 7... Farming. Born in Ohio in 1846. Came to Michigan in 1898.............. Delwin... 9 S.. Farming. Town Clerk......... Leaton........17 S... Farming.................. Calkinsville.. 18... Farming............... Leaton........ 30... Farming.............. Wise........ 3 FREMONT TOWNSHIP. " ".. Farming. Born in Michigan in 1855. Came to Isabella County in 1878. Married Miss Mar' Liverton in 1875. Has one child, a daughter...........Strickland.... 24. Farming....................Winn...... 15. Dealers in Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots and Shoes, Groceries, Provisions and Hardware............... W inn...... vil.... Farming..................... Winn....... 14 S. Farming. Born in New York in 1857. Came to Michigan in 188o. Has been Town Supervisor three terms...... Winn...... 8... Farming and Stock Raising. Born in Germany in 1845. Came to America in 1854. Came to Isabella County, Michigan, in 1881. Has twelve children, seven boys and five girls.................Winn...... 29 VI... Farming and Stock Raising. Born in New York in 1871. Came to Michigan in 1878. Married Miss Ida Richardson on March 14, 1895...............Winn.... -.. 29 S.. Farming. Born in Pennsylvania in 1862. Came to Isabella County, Michigan, in 1879. Married Miss Mary Crum in 1881. Has six children, four boys and two girls. Winn..... 23 S.. Farming. Born in Canada in 1845. Came to Michigan in 1866. Settled in Fremont in 188o.................. Winn...... 20... Farming. Born in New York in 1856. Came to Michigan in 1876. Settled in Fremont Township in 1878..........Winn.......... 12 ~.. Farming.......................Strickland....26 ~. Farming. Born in Pennsylvania in 1842. Came to Michigan in 1866. One of the earliest settlers in Fremont Township. Has held the office of Town Treasurer fourteen years................ Winn........ 21 ~.. Farming. Born in Michigan in 1856. Came to Isabella County in 188o. Married Miss Cora Stowel in 1879. Has three children, two girls and one boy.. Strickland.... 24 FREMONT TOWNSHIP.-Continued. NAME. Pierpont, W. N. Richardson, D. D. Richardson, S. B. Richardson, S. S. Sandbrook, George Sandbrook, John. Sandbrook, Thoma Stutting, H.. Vanatta, Wm. L.. Williams, Francis. Wills, James.. Wolfgang, Edward Bawkey, James C.. Brasington, J. B. Brasington, S. G. Freeman, C. H. Freeman, W. S. Perry, H. A.. Sawyer, S. W.. Wood, J. H. & Soi Alvord, Frank.. Clare, F. J... SDevlin, John. Ervin, Isaac.. Gruett, Philip. Harrison, Robt. J. Kennedy, R. L. McDonald, John. Mendham, J. F. L. Morrison, P. J.. Schnell, G. M... Walton, John.. West, William.. LS GILMORE TOWNSHIP. Threshing................. Farming.................. Farming................... Farming and Town Supervisor...... Farming..................... Farming and Justice of the Peace..... Farming and Town Clerk........ Dealers in General Merchandise and Lumber. Gilmore. Gilmore. Gilmore. Gilmore. Gilmore. Gilmore Gilmore. Gilmore 26 26 25 24 24 II 15 27 ISABELLA TOWNSHIP. -. Proprietor of the Alvord Hotel...... Calkinsville... vil. ~. Farmer. Born in Erie County, 1859. Removed to Isabella County in 1881... Mt. Pleasant... 26.. Farmer. Born in Deerfield, Mich. Removcd to Isabella County 1876........ Leaton..... 24.. Stock Buyer. Born in Michigan, 186o.. Calkinsville... vil... Farmer. Born in Gratiot County, Mich., 1847, removed to Isabella County, 1861. Mt. Pleasant... 18... Farming..................... Leaton....... 25 -. Farmer. Born in Canada in 1842. Moved to Kansas 1864. Came to Michigan in 1870................. Calkinsville.. ~ 7.. Hotel............... Calkinsville.. vil. S.. Mason and Farmer. Born in Michigan in 1856......................Calkinsville.. ~ 4 S. Farming. Born in Michigan in 1864.. Calkinsville... ii -. Farmer. Born in Michigan, 1855...Mt. Pleasant.. 31 - - Farming and Stock Raising....... Calkinsville. 8 SFarming and Town Treasurer. Born in St. Mary's, Ontario, 1849. Moved to Isabella County, 188o.............. Leton..... 25 ^/ % BUSINESS. POST-OFFICE. SEC. - - Farming.................Winn...... 15.. Farming. Born in Fremont Township, Michigan, in 1870. Married Miss Nina E. Proudley in 1894. Mr. Richardson raises Full-Blood Durham Cattle.. Winn...... 19.. Farming and Stock Raising. Born in Maine in 1833. Came to Michigan in 1869.. Rowland..... 30.. Farming. Born in Maine in 1826. Came to Michigan in 1868.........Winn...... 30. Farming and Stock Raising. Born in England in 1842. Came to America in I.S67. Came to Isabella County, Michigan, in 1868................ W inn...... 30.. Farming and Stock Raising. Born in England in 1844. Came to America in 1868. Came to Isabella County, Michigan, in 1870................ W inn...... 30 S. Farming and Stock Raising. Born in Fremont, Isabella County, Michigan, in 1874. Married Miss Maggie Henderson in i1894. Has two children, both boys...... Winn...... 29.. Farming...........-. - W in...... 12. Farming. Born in Michigan in 1865. Settled in Isabella County in 1877. Married Miss Laura Gage in 1892. Has two children. Winn...... 22.. Farming..................... Strickland-.... 23.. Farming. Born in Canada in i85i. Came to Michigan in 1865.......... Winn...... 30.. Farming................ Mt. Pleasant... 12 LINCOLN TOWNSHIP. Ayling, James... Farming. Born in Surrey County, Eng., 1823. Came to Pennsylvania, 1835. Came to Michigan, 1867........ Mt. Pleasant... Bailey, Claude... General Farming............ Crawford.... Beebe, H....... Farming. Enlisted in the army at the age of 17.......... Crawford.... Berryhill, Wm. A... Farming and Breeder of Full-blood Durham Cattle. Was born in Ohio in 1849, and came to Michigan in 188o, and located where he lives at the present time.... Mt. Pleasant... Cransfield, Benjamin. Farming. Was born in Ohio in 1832. Moved to New York State with his parents at the age of 3. In 1857 he moved to Michigan and located in Eureka Town, Mt. Calm County. In 1862 he enlisted in the army and served in Company F, 2ist Inf., where he took part in all the battles fought by his regiment until peace was declared. He was wounded in the right arm while in the battle of Chickamauga, which took place the 2oth of September, 1863. Was wounded the second time March i9th, 1865, during the battle at Bentonville, N. C., under General Sherman. Suffered the loss of his right arm " which was amputated at the shoulder," after being broken in battle. Was discharged and mustered out at McDugel's Hospital, N. Y., June io, 1865. Returned to Michigan and located in Lincoln, Isabella County, in the spring of 1879... Crawford.... Cook, W. S...... Farming and Stock Raising. Born in England in 1853. Came to America in 1856, and located in Oakland County, Mich. Came to Isabella in 1890.... Shepherd.... Copeman, H. B... Farming, Stock Raising and Fruit Growing Crawford.... Deming, John W... Farming. Born in Michigan, 1855. Came to this county with his parents and located on Section 28 in 1876.......Crawford.... Deming, L. P...... Born in Ohio in 1845. Enlisted in the army December, 1862, joining Company E, and fought in all company battles but one. Mustered out July 28, 1865, at Washington, D. C. Has been married three times, and has five children living. Located where he now lives in 1867. Was the first to raise the colors at the court-house of Petersburg. Was wounded several times during the war, and now suffers a great deal of sickness brought on from exposure.......... Crawford.... Deming, R..... General Farming. Born in Ohio in 1848. Came to Michigan in i861. Located in Isabella County in 1879. Was married to Miss Deborrak September o, 1887.. Crawford..... 6 5 22 6 21 13 9 28 21 28

Page  41 PATRONS DIRECTORY-Continued. 41 LINCOLN TOWNSHIP.-Continued. NOTTAWA TOWNSHIP.-Continned. NAME. BUSINESS. POST-OFFICE. SEC. NAME. BUSINESS. POST-OFFICE. SEC. Deming, Wmi. D.... Farming. Born in Ohio in 1843. Came to Eaton County, Michigan, 1855. Moved to Isabella County 1863, and located in Lincoln. Enlisted in Company H, 8th Mich. Cav., April io, 1865, under command of Gen. Thomas. Was discharged in October, 1865, and returned to his home in Michigan. Was married to his present wife September 7, 1879........... Crawford..... 29 Dubois, F. C.....Farming. Born in New York, 1862. Came to Michigan in. 1865. Was married to Miss Nettie Viedenburg November 6, 1889, and located on Section 12 the same year................... Shepherd..12 Earl, Samuel.......Farming and Stock Raising. Born in Ohio in 1830. Came to Isabella County, Mich., in 1879............. Crawford.. 14 Everden, W. D. and Mrs. H. Farming. Mr. Everden was born in New -York in 1834. Came to Isabella County, Mich., in 1868. Served in the 3d Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery under Col. Roberts. Mrs. Everden was born in New York in 1839. Her maiden name was Gould.............. Shepherd...... 22 Farnan, Cornelius.. Farming and Stock Raising...... Shepherd....... Gates, Samuel E... Farming. Born in Ohio-_in 1858. Was brought to Isabella County by his parents. Married Miss Thatcher January 18, 1891. Crawford...... 9 Gossline, Louis... General Farming.............. St. Louis... n Gould, Margaret E... Farming and Stock Raising. Born in Ohio, 1848. Came to Isabella County, Mich., in 1884.................. Crawford....... 23 Hunt, J. A. and H. J. Dealers in General Merchandise and Farm Implements, Butter, Eggs and Poultry. Wagons, Buggies, Sleighs, Plows and Harrows................ Jerseyville.. 28 Kniffen. Ralph.... Farming and Breeder of High-grade Stock. Box 604................ Mt. Pleasant.. 2 Landoni,K. L......General Farming. Born in Ohio in 1849. Shepherd.. McMacken, J.....Farming. Born in Ohio in 1838. Came to Isabella County, Mich., April 8, 1886.. Crawford. 9 McMillen, Clark.... Farming. Born in Ohio in 1845. Came to Monroe County, Mich., in 1854. Came to Isabella County in 1885...... Shepherd... 13 McQueen, J. V.... General Farming. Born in New York in 1823. Came to Michigan in x86o...'Mt. Pleasant... 9 McQueen, Willard.. Farming................ Strickland.. 18 O'Boyle, Thomas and Daniel. Farming.............. Shepherd...... 24 Ranous, Benson... General Farming............. Shepherd....... Rice, Wm. R.......General Farming............. Crawford.. 3 Roethlisberger, John. Farming and Stock Raising......... Shepherd...... 24 Root, M. M...... Farming. Born in New York in 1835. Came to Michigan and located in Mt. Pleasant in 1887. Lived there four years and moved to Lincoln Township, where he nox lives................Mt. Pleasant... i Sanders, S. D.......Farming..........................Crawford........21 Sanford, Peter.... Farming and Stock Raising............Crawford........3 Schooley, Ceo. W... Farming. Town Supervisor...........Mt. Pleasant -. 6 Stell, Win. H.......General Farming....................Shepherd........13 Tomlinson William.. Farming........................Crawford..... 2 Vredenburg, George H. Superintendent County Poor Farm.... Shepherd........14 Wassermann, A.... General Farming. Was born in Germany in 1865. Came to America in 1882 and located in Ohio. Was married to Miss R. Anna Hoffman April 24, 1888. Came to Isabella County, Mich., in 1898 -.. Jerseyville.... 27 Welch, R. E. and Mrs. Isabella. Farming. Mr. Welch was born in Ohio in i86o. Came to Michigan with his parents and first located in Gratiot County. Came to Isabella County in 1875. Mrs. Welsh was one of the first white girls born in Isabella County and the first in Lincoln Township...... Shepherd... x Wonsey, Elias.... Farming................ Mt. Pleasant. 3 NOTTAWA TOWNSHIP. Andres, A. & E.. Farming and Stock Raising........ Beal City...... 29 Arens, Jakob.... Farming. Mr. Arens was born in Germany, 1830. Came to America in 1868, and located in Wisconsin. Came to Isabella County, Michigan, 1887........ Beal City.. 21 Beach, Aaron S -. - Farming. Born in New York, 1847. Came to Isabella County, 1885....... Vandecar.... 3 Bennett, P. F... General Farming............ Caldwell...... 32 Bentler, P. H......Farming. Born in Kent County, Mich, 1871. Came to Isabella County in 1899.... Weidman.. 4 Bierschbach, Peter.. Farmer and Carpenter.......... Beal City.. 28 Bitschnau, Andrew -. Farming. Born in York State, 1866. Came to Isabella County, Mich, 1897..... Beal City.. 3 Boyer, M. D.... Farmer and Land Dealer. Born in Michigan, 1852. Came to Isabella County, 1882................. Weidman.. 19 Burgess, J.......Farming. Born in Michigan, 1857. Came. to Isabella County in 1893....... Vandecar..... 2 Burkhart, John... Farming and Stock Raising....... Beal City.. 28 Bush, A. W..... Farmer and Town Supervisor....... Beal City... 21 Cotter, David.. Farmer and Highway Commissioner.... Vandecar.... 12 Doerr, Mike -.. Farmer and Justice of the Peace....... Vandecar.... 13 Doll, Mathias -... Farmer and School Inspector....... Beal City.. 2 Donley, A. B......Farming............... Weidman....17 Donley, 0. B......Farming. Born in Michigan, 1869. Settled in Isabella County, 1898...... Weidman.. 9 Engeman, Rev. J. D. - Catholic Priest............. Beal City a21 Gerber, Fred. & Ulrich Farming and Stock Raising.......Vandecar. 15 Grunwald, Peter... Farming. Born in Germany, 1837 -.. -. Vandecar... Hartmaun, John -.. Far]ing. Born in Germany, 1869. Came to America, 1874. Settled in Isabella County, 1896.............. Vandecar.. 14 Hazelton, R. D... Engineer. Accommodations for Fishermen' Boats and Fishing Tackle for Rent... Weidman.. 30 Humphrey, H. W. - - Farming. Born in Michigan, 1853. Came to Isabella County, 1883........ Vandecar.. 3 'Hyslop, John.. Farming................ Vandecar... Hyslop, Robert... Proprietor of Coldwater Lake Summer Resort. Fine Hotel Accommodations for Visitors. Good, Safe Row-boats for Rent. Also Proprietor of Steamer making several trips daily around the entire Lake.... Weidman.. 29 Jarman, S.... Farming. Born in Michigan, 1857. Came to Isabella County, 1886....... Vandecar... 2 Lapearl, Louis.. Farming and Apiarist. Highest Prices Paid for all kinds of Hard and Soft Wood. Orders Promptly Attended to...... Weidman.. -. 17 Maeder, John. Farming and Town Treasurer...... Mt. Pleasant.. 36 Martin, C. J.....Farming. Born in Michigan,. 186o. Settled in Isabella County, 1895....... Beal City.... 3 Martin, J. J......Dealer in General Merchandise. Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps, Hardware and Tinware. Shipping point, Weidman....... *.........*.. Beal City... - 21 Martin, Willie. Farming. Born in Michigan, 1871. Located on Sec. 33, Nottawa Township, 1896. Beal City -.. - 33 McAlvey, H. A. - Farming. Born in Ohio, 1859. Came to Michigan, 188o, and located in Gratiot County. Came to Isabella County, 1890. Vandecar.... 3 McClenathan, John T. Farming and Threshing. Township Clerk. Weidman -.. - 20 McCollum, Calvin -. Farming. Born in York State in 1864. Came to Michigan in 1881.......... Weidman.... 9 McCollum, Willard & Emeline. Farming. Mr. McCollum was born in New York, 1859. Came to Michigan in 1881, and was married to Miss Emeline Town in 1383.............. Vandecar McKinley, Benjamin. Farming. Born in Michigan, 1870. Came to Isabella County, Jan. 15, 1899... Vandecar Mead, L. F...... Farming and Stock Raising........ Weidman Norcutt, M. T... - Farming., Born in Michigan, 1876. Came to Isabella County, 1899.......Weidman Pardee, Walter J.... Farming................ Vandecar Penney, Daniel A. - - Farming................Weidman Post, Fred. J.....Farming. Born in Michigan, 1872. Came to Isabella County, 1898-..... Vandecar Pung, Edward & J. W. Farming and Stock Raising....... Beal City Pung, Joseph.... Farmer, Contractor and Builder..... Beal City Riley, Wmi & Maggie Farming and Stock Raising........ Weidman Ruthruff,.Reuben... Farming................... Caldwell - Salchert, Mike & Kate. Farming and Stock Raising....... Beal City Schafer, Frank J -. - Photographer................Beal City Schafer, Clara M... Farming and Stock Raising, Born in Ohio, 1855. Came to Michigan with her parents at the age of ten years. She was married to M. Schafer June 23, 1879, and moved with her husband to Isabella County the same year. She is the mother of five children, four of whom are still living... Beal City Schafer, Mathias.. - Farming and Stock Raising........ Beal City Shafer, Peter J.....Contractor and Builder.......Beal City Schumacher, John & P. J. Farming and Stock Raising... Beal City Taylor, Adelbert... Farming.................. Caldwell. Theisen, Nick & John Farming............ Beal City Watley, Dr. S -. Physician and Surgeon.......... Beal City Weber, Morriz... Farming and Stock Raising. Born in Germany in 1855............ Vandecar Weiland, Joe -. Farming and Stock Raising....... Beal City Wieber, H. J.....Farming and Stock Raising. Breeder of Full-blood Poland China Hogs..... Beal City *.3. 10 1 7 --4 -.. - '4 1 7 --3 -.. 421 - 21 -... '7 -... 30 - -.. 28 -28 * -. - 29... v28 29.... 20.... 34 -.. - 33 -.. 627.... vi 1. * * * * 33. 6 NAME. Aylsworth Pete Beebe, W. J. Bell, Wm. J. Fisher, G. C. Garbert, Wm. Gibbs, R. F.. Holmes & An( Weidman, Johi WEIDMAN (VILLAGE OF). Weidman Post-Office. BUSINESS. r. Proprietor of Hotel Weidman. Rates, $1.oo and $1.50 per day Good livery in connection. A full line of Wines, Liquors and Cigars kept constantly on hand. -. - -Blacksmith and Horseshoer. Carriage and Wagon Making. All work neatly and promptly done to order. Also dealer in all kinds of Lumber. - -. - Dealer in Furniture, Crockery, Glassware, Carpets, House Furnishings and Wall Paper. Funeral Director and Embalmer. -.. - Dealer in Hardware, Stoves, Tinware, and Agricultural Implements, Lime, Hair and Cement. Also Wood, Bolts, etc..... Blacksmith and Horseshoer. Carriage and Wagon Maker. All work neatly and promptly done to order. -.. - Proprietor of Hotel Gibbs. Rates $i.oo and $1.50 per day. House entirely remodeled. First-class livery in connection. ierson. - Manufacturers of Flour, Feed and Grain. a S. -. Manufacturer of and wholesale dealer in Lumber, Lath, and Shingles. Office and Mills, Weidman, Mich. NAME. Beckley, A.. Densmore, H. L - Houghton, Dr. L. Rogers & Fitzgeral Scallan, M. - - Snyder, Wm. A. - Standish, F. E.. Wood, Chas. S. Benn, E. W... - Beutler, John - Denslow, Grant H. Denslow, W. G. - Faling, Neil l. Gardner, R. H. - Gaskill, H.. - - Hein, John. Holsted, E. M. - Kirvan, S. Mecum, David P. Mecum, R. -. - Smith, Asa A. Thompson, Wm. - Waight, Geo. W. - Woodard, F..D.. - ROLLAND TOWNSHIP. BUSINESS. POST-OFFICE. SEC. - - General Farming............. Rolland... 5 - - General Farming............. Blanchard -.. 1.5 A.. Physician and Surgeon......... Blanchard -... vil. Ad Dealers in Shelf and Heavy Hardware, Farm Machinery, etc,............. Blanchard.... vil. - - Foreman for Whitney & Remick ---------Wyman....33 - - General Farming and Commissioner of Highways................. Blanchard - -. - 10 -. Dealer in Groceries, Drugs, etc. Proprietor of Livery and Feed Stable. Township Treasurer............... Blanchard.... vil. - - General Farming............ Wyman.-.-.-.-.-28 SHERMAN TOWNSHIP... Dealer in Drugs, Medicines and Choice Family Groceries........ Drew....... 27.. Farming and Stock Raising....... Drew........ 27... Proprietor of Saw and Shingle Mill. Deputy County Surveyor......... Horr..-.-.---.-17.. General Farming. Town Supervisor... Horr...... 17.. General Farming............. Caldwell ---------36.. Farming and Agent for Woodworth Lands in Sherman Township. ------------- Horr........ 19.. Farming.,................ Weidman..-.-.- 25 -. General Farming............ Drew -----------28.. General Farming............. Weidman. ------- 27.. Farming and Justice of the Peace...... Horr...... 17.. Farming and Dealer in Groceries, Drygoods, Notions, etc.. ---------------Horr...... 28 G ' General Farming............ Horr...... 20 - - Farming, Town Clerk and Justice of the Peace................. Weidman.... 25 - - Farming................. Sherman City.. 8 - - Farming. Notary Public and Deputy Sheriff, Director School District No. 3 - - Caldwell..... 25 - - General Farming............. Horr....... 30

Page  42 42 PATIRONS' DIRECT ORY-Continued. SHERMAN CITY (VILLAGE OF). Sherman City Post-Office. MT. PLEASANT (CITY OF).-Continued. BUSINESS. NAME. NAME. Cameron, J. R.. Edmonds, Frank. Johnson, Gilbert MacKersie, James Retan, Melvin. Rogers, H. C.. Soper, C. L... NAME. Allen, Henry.. Bechtel, F. W.. Bellnap, A. H.. Blizard, John. Bourgeois, L. P. Brown, Robt.. Collin, Thos. P. Fasnacht, Wesley. Ferris, Eli.. Gilbert, Harry. Harkins, H... Hobbs, Mason. BUSINESS. SDealer in Drugs and Hardware, Wall Paper, Agricultural Implements and Harness. Postmaster of Sherman City. SCheese Maker. SDealer in General Merchandise.. Notary Public.. Proprietor of Sherman City Hotel. ~ Manufacturer of and Dealer in First-class Pine and Cedar Shingles.. Physician and Surgeon. UNION TOWNSHIP. BUSINESS. POST-OFFICE... General Farming........... Mt. Pleasant.. General Farming. Township Treasurer.. Mt. Pleasant... Farming................Mt. Pleasant Farming and Fruit Raising. Born in England, 1849. Came to America in 1853, and located with his parents in Michigan. Located in Isabella County, 188o.... Mt. Pleasant... Farming. Born in New York, 1849. Came to Isabella County in 1892.......... Mt. Pleasant. S. Farming............... Mt. Pleasant. SFarming and Fruit-growing. Proprietor of Maple Glen Poultry Yard.........Mt. Pleasant...Farming.................Mt. Pleasant. Farming and Breeder of Full-blood Shropshire Sheep, Poland China Hogs. Owner of Full-blood Galloway Bull-......Mt. Pleasant. S. General Farming. Born in Vermont in 1868. Came to Isabella County in 1879 Mt. Pleasant..General Farming............ Mt. Pleasant. Farming. Born in Eaton County, Mich., 1868. Came to Isabella County in 1881. Mt. Pleasant. S. General Farming. Box 608...... Mt. Pleasant... Farming and Apiary.'............. Mt. Pleasant. S. General Farming................ Mt. Pleasant...Farming and Stock Raising. Town Super SEC S20 S25. 21 S31.. 25 21 13 S5 S. 36 2. S 27 Hoop, G. F... Hungerford, M. Jenner, F. D.. Kane, M. E... Md Kane, Mik... Manausa, H. A. Maxwell, John. McDonald, Georg( McLachlan, Daniel Moss, Noble.. Myers, C. J... Myers, Joseph.. Richardson, D. L. Riley, L. P.... Robertson, Add. Root, T. J... Wheeler, Homer. Zimmerman, Chas. visor................. Mt. Pleasant. Farming.................... Mt. Pleasant.. Farming. Born in Wayne County, Mich., 1830. Came to Isabella County, Mich., May 25, 1879.............". Mt. Pleasant S. General Farming................Mt. Pleasant SP. Farming.............. Mt. Pleasant.. Farming....................Mt. Pleasant S.General Farming...............Mt. Pleasant.. Farming and Stock Raising. Breeder of Full-blood Short-horn Cattle. Dealer in Live-stock............. Mt. Pleasant.. Farming and Stock Raising. Breeder of Full-blood Short-horn Cattle. Born in New York in 1827. Came to Isabella County, Mich., 188o............Mt. Pleasant.. General Farming................Mt. Pleasant.. General Farming................Mt. Pleasant Farminig and Breeder of Percheron Horses. Born in Saginaw, Mich., in 1876. Came to Isabella in 1878............ Mt. Pleasant.. Farming and Breeder of Full-blood Chester White Hogs............. Mt. Pleasant S. General Farming............ Mt. Pleasant.. Farming..................... Mt. Pleasant, ~ 21 30 18 3~ 28 20 14 29 4 9 31 Gorham Bros. Co... Manufacturers of Baskets, Veneers and Thin Cut Lumber, Trunk Slats. C. R. Gorham, President; A. E. Gorham, Vice-President; E. S. Gorham, Treasurer; F. J. Welton, Secretary. Hance & Devereaux. Real Estate and Mortgage Loans. Harris Milling Co., Ltd.. Manufacturers of High Grade Winter Wheat Flour. Wholesale Ground Feed, Mill Feed, Coarse Meal, Corn and Oats. Our Brands-Pure Buckwheat, Choice Graham and Roller Straight. Jameson I. R.... Isabella County Abstracts and Tax History. Jamison, Samuel J.. Collector. Personal attention given all claims. References-Exchange Savings Bank, Mt. Pleasant Commercial State Bank, Shepherd. Johnson Bros...... Dealers in and Manufacturers of Ladies' and Gents' Fine Shoes. Ladies' Fine Shoes and all Rubber Goods a Specialty. Repairing Neatly and Promptly Executed. Kennedy Bros.... General Dray Line and Feed Store. Dealers in Remer Bros.' Kelly Island Lime, Akron Cement, German Portland Cement, Hair, Lath, Land Plaster, Calcine Plaster, Coal, Fire Clay and Fire Brick. Kinch & Gravenstine. Proprietors of Mt. Pleasant Steam Laundry. Larkins, D.A..... Dealer in Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Main Street. Leaton, Mrs. J. C.. Real Estate. Livingston, J. A... Mortgages, Loans and Real Estate. Loveland, A. A... Attorney and Counsellor-at.Law. Solicitor in Chancery. Marsh & Lewis... Clothiers. Gents' Fine Furnishings, Hats and Caps, Trunks and Valises, Gloves and Mittens. Miller, H. A.....Proprietor of The Mt. Pleasant Democrat. Morrison, John W... Dealer in Agricultural Implements, Wagons, Buggies, Harness, etc. Morrison, Mathew.. Register of Deeds. Myers, A. A....... Proprietor Farmers' Feed Barn. Good. accommodations for work teams and wagons. Corner of Michigan and Franklin Streets, East of Post-office. Nelson, D. H...... Real Estate and Loans. Newton, L. D.... Contractor and Builder. Pickard, William... Room 7, Commercial Block. Preston, W. E.... Real Estate and Loans. Reed, George.... Attorney-at-Law. Richmond Company. Proprietors City Star Laundry, Corner Maple and Normal Avenues. Richmond, John.. The senior partner of the Richmond Company was born in the town of Louisville, St. Lawrence County, State of New York,-in 1843, and was raised on a farm. At the age of fifteen he left home to learn the miller's trade. At the call of Abraham Lincoln for more men in 1862, he enlisted in Co. C, 142nd N. Y. S. V., and served until the close of the war. He was wounded in the breastworks before Petersburg by the bursting of a shell, July 7, 1864, after which time he did no more actual duty. In 1867 he came West to Wisconsin, and from that time until February, 1879, he spent most of his time in Wisconsin and Minnesota. In 1879 he came to Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, and worked for the F. &. P. M. Railway Company, continuing in their employ until April i, 1896, when he embarked in the laundry business, which-he has carried on successfully to the present time. Rowlader, A. C... County Clerk. Russell & McNamara. Attorneys-at-law. Office, Commercial Bank Block. Rush, Charles.... Proprietor of The Senate Sample Room and Restaurant. Sanford, H. A.... Attorney-at-Law. Sheldon, 0. F..... Attorney-at-Law. Smithers, E. C..... Dealer in Agricultural Implements, Wagons and Carriages. Tiffany, L. M..... Manufacturer and Dealer in Lumber. United States Government School. Department of the Interior. Indian School Service. Office of the Superintendent. Wallington, F. C... Attorney. Webber & Ruel... Bankers. Responsibility $15o,ooo. Special attention given to Col"lections. Correspondents: New York, Chase National Bank; Detroit, Detroit National Bank. Elton J. Van Leuven, Cashier. Whitney, Win. T.. Justice of the Peace. Young, A. L....... Dealer in Real Estate. Wild Lands, Farms, Acreage Lots and City Property a Specialty. Abstracts made front original records of any lands in Isabella County. Money to loan. Insurance in con nection and best companies represented. Zank, J. E.... Tailors' Exchange. The Leading American Tailor. Up-to-date and all work warranted to fit. Headquarters for all kinds of Wearing, Apparel. VERNON TOWNSHIP. o.. 25.. 25.. 22 o... 10 S. 29 S 32.. 24 MT. PLEASANT (CITY OF). Mt. Pleasant Post Office. BUSINESS. NAME. Ackerman, J...... Dealer in Wagons, Buggies and Agricultural Implements. Agency for the celebrated Empire Drills, Thomas Hay Rakes, Disc Harrows and Plymouth Twine. Buggies and Carriages a specialty. Adams, 0. H..... County Treasurer. Baskerville, C. M... Physician and Surgeon. Bowen, C. D...... Publisher of the Central Michigan Times. Bowen, E. S...... Real Estate, Loans and Insurance. Bringard, Frank... Proprietor of "The Hub" Liquor Store and Restaurant Wines, Liquors, Tobaccos, Cigars, Pool and Billiards. Telephone No. 36. Burch, Lewis J... Physician and Surgeon. Burdick, 0. L.... Commissioner of Schools. Butcher, John F. & Co. Manufacturers and Wholesale l)ealers in Hardwood, Pine and Hemlock Lumber and Shingles. Planing Mill in connection. Hardwood Lumber a specialty. Also Dealers in General Merchandise, Groceries, Provisions, Dry Goods, Hay, Grain, Feed, etc. Carnahan, Will... Proprietor of the new Livery and Feed Barn, Lansing street, North of Broadway. Telephone No. 39. Special attention given to Auctioneering. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Coffey Bros....... Dealers in Agricultural Implements. Cole & Root...... Planing and Novelty Woodworks. Conrad, I. N...... Proprietor of Iron Works and Manufacturer of all kinds of Mill Machinery, Drag Saws and Jack Works, Gang Rip Saws, Heading Bolt Pealers, Upiight Gang Saws, Light Lumber Edgers, Gang Veneer Trimmers, Hub Boring and Ruffing Machines. Coutant, A S...... Publisher of Isabella County Enterprise. Day, Geo. H...... Proprietor Bennett House. Bus to and from all trains. Deuel, H. Edward.. Real Estate, Loans, etc. Diittmann, H., & Son. Dealers in Boots, Shoes and Rubber Goods. Dodds, F. H...... Attorney-at-Law. Donovan, P. C... Proprietor of the Donovan House. Steam Heated, Electric Lighted and First Class in every respect. Free Bus to and from all trains. Doughty, W...... Dry Goods and Carpets. io6 Broadway. Mr. Doughty is one of the oldest pioneer merchants, established 1868, of Isabella County. His stock of Dry Goods, Carpets, etc., is one of the largest to be found in Central Michigan. Always on hand a complete assortment of Dress Goods, Notions, Domestics, Linens, Silks, Velvets, Ribbons, Laces, Corsets, Underwear, Hosiery, Mackintoshes, Umbrellas, Upholstery and Drapery Goods. On second floor, a complete line of Carpets, Mattings, Rugs, Oil Cloths, Linoleumns, Lace and Tapestry Curtains, Draperies, Window Shades, Ladies', Misses' and Children's Jackets, Ready-made Skirts, Suits, etc. Exchange Savings Bank. John Kinney, President; L. N. Smith, Vice-President; G. A. Dusenbury, Cashier. Directors, D. H. Nelson, G. A. Dusenbury, L. N. Smith, John Kinney, W. C. Dusenbury, C. M. Brooks, 0. F. Sheldon. This Bank pays 4 per cent. interest on savings deposits. Fancher, I. A...... Attorney. Garvey, Phil. H... Proprietor of Main Street Livery Barn and Sale Stables. Buys and Sells Horses, Buggies and Cutters. Opposite F. & P. M. R. R. depot. NAME. Beitty, R. B.., Dain, F. M. Deremer, A. C. Dersnah, Wm. E. Dixon, Joseph. Doherty, J. H. Duncan, Wm. Flood, C.. Gilbert, J. C. Gorr, Frank F.. Russell, Edwin Stine, G. W.. Tirbush, J. B. Willey, Levi. Allen, E. W.. Lansing, John II. McDonald, A. 0 Menerey, Mart. Parsells, W. D. Robinson, T. W. Tucker, M. W. Zeiter, S. C.. BUSINESS. POST-OFFICE. SFarming................ Russell... SFarming....................Gilmore.... Proprietor of Stevenson Lake Summer Resort Clare...... ". Farming.....................Clare...... Farming.............. Clare...... "Mr. Doherty is Proprietor of Kilarney Farm, Sec. 27, and spends his summers in running his farm. He is also one of Clare's prominent merchants and deals in Shelf and Heavy Hardware, Agricultural Implements, etc................ Clare...... " Farming............... Clare...... " Farming.................. Clare....... "~ Horseman..................... Clare...... " Farming................ Clare...... ". Farming and Stock Raising....... Clare...... SFarming................. Clare....... * Farming................ Clare...... SFarming...............Clare...... SEC. S22."0 20 r i8.. II. viL * '7 S9 ~ 29. 6 S19 S26 * 29 S30 WISE TOWNSHIP... Justice of the Peace and Farmer. Grower of all kinds of Fruit, making a specialty of Apples, Pears and Peaches.... Loomis...... 17 -.. Farming. Born in Canada in 1855. Came to Michigan in 1876. Has been Town-. ship Treasurer four terms, and at present is Town Supervisor.........Herrick..... 6.. Farmer. Born in Canada in '855. Came to Wise Township, Isabella Co., in 1886. Loomis...... 21.. Farming. Born in Michigan in 1869. Holds the office of Town Clerk..... Loomis...... 29 S.. Farming............... Loomis.... 17 Farmer.and Justice of the Peace. Born in Canada in 1840. Came to Wise Township in 1871. Has been Justice of the Peace 25 years................Loomis..... 8 S.. Notary Public............. Loomis....... vil. S.. Postmaster and Farmer. Director of School District No. i. Owner of Saw and Shingle Mill. Dealer in and Manufacturer of Hard and Soft Wood, Lumber, Shingles, Railroad Ties, etc..............Loomis.......vil.

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