Standard atlas of Branch County, Michigan : including a plat book of the villages, cities and townships of the county...patrons directory, reference business directory and departments...
Geo. A. Ogle & Co.

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Page  3 INGL~UDINcY OF THE VILLAGES, CITIES AND TOWNSHIPS- OF THE COUNTY. MAR, oF- Th4E- STAW1-~- 1JNITEcD- STA T-E~S- A~t-WbYWR L-DPatrons Directory, Reference Business Directory and Departments devoted to General Information. ANA LYS IS O F THE SYST EM O F U. S. LAN D S URVEYs, D I GEST O F TH E SYSTEM OF CIVIL GOVERNMENT, ETC. ETC. Cm @mpiled and ~ublished CHICAGO. a' ryr Wt/&X - y 0!~e A Y y9,e X C(0o

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Page  5 's TfABLE OF CONTENTS. GEBNERfAL INDEX. PAGE TITLE PAGE....................................................3 TABLE OF CONTENTS.................................... 5 OUTLINE MAP OF BRANCH COUNTY.....................7 MAP OF THE STATE OF MICHIGAN......................64-65 MAP OF THE UNITED STATES.............................68-69 MAP OF THE WORLD.................................. 72-73 PATRONS' REFERENCE DIRECTORY, BRANCH COUNTY.... 75 ILLUSTRATIONS......................................... 83 PAGE ANALYSIS OF THE SYSTEM OF UNITED STATES LAND SURVEYS............................................ I-Il DIGEST OF THE SYSTEM OF CIVIL GOVERNMENT......................................................... III-V I GENERAL INFORMATION REGARDING BANKING AND BUSINESS METHODS.................. Supplement VII-VIII ANCIENT, MEDIEVAL AND MODERN HISTORY CHRONOLOGICALLY ARRANGED........... Supplement X-XXIII i fy 11 t^ BRfRNGf- COUNTY INDEX. PAGE ALGANSEE TOWNSHIP.............................47 BATAVIA TOWNSHIP................................. 41 BETHEL TOWNSHIP............................. 51 BRANCH COUNTY, OUTLINE MAP OF...............7 BRONSON, PLAT OF........................... 26-27 BRONSON TOWNSHIP............................ 53 BUTLER, PLAT OF..............................29 BUTLER TOWNSHIP............................. 31 CALIFORNIA TOWNSHIP...................... 61 COLDWATER, PLAT OF EAST PART OF........................ 14-15 WEST PART OF............................10-11 COLDWATER TOWNSHIP......................... 43 GILEAD TOWNSHIP............................. 57 GIRARD, PLAT OF.............................. 29 GIRARD TOWNSHIP............................. 33 HERRICKVILLE, PLAT OF..........................29 KINDERHOOK TOWNSHIP..........................59 MATTESON TOWNSHIP...............................39 NOBLE TOWNSHIP..............................55 OVID TOWNSHIP...............................49 QUINCY, PLAT OF................................22-23 QUINCY TOWNSHIP.............................45 RAY, PLAT OF.................................. 29 PAGE SHATTUCK'S PLAT, PLAT OF.......................29 SHERWOOD. PLAT OF...........................27 SHERWOOD TOWNSHIP..............................37 UNION TOWNSHIP..................................35 UNION CITY. PLAT OF............................ 18-19 YORK, PLAT OF...................................26-27 TOWNSHIP AND RANGE INDEX. TOWNSHIP 5 S., RANGE 5 W.,.......................31 TOWNSHIP 5 S., RANGE 6 W.,......................33 TOWNSHIP 5 S., RANGE 7 W.,.......................35 TOWNSHIP 5 S., RANGE 8 W.,......................37 TOWNSHIP 6 S., RANGE 5 W.,.......................45 TOWNSHIP 6 S., RANGE 6 W.,.......................43 TOWNSHIP 6 S., RANGE 7 W.........................41 TOWNSHIP 6 S., RANGE 8 W.,.......................39 TOWNSHIP 7 S., RANGE 5 W.,...................... 47 TOWNSHIP 7 S., RANGE 6 W.,......................49 TOWNSHIP 7 S., RANGE 7 W.,.......................51 TOWNSHIP 7 S., RANGE 8 W.,...................... 53 TOWNSHIP 8 S., RANGE 5 W., FRAC................ 61 TOWNSHIP 8 S., RANGE 6 W.. FRAC................ 59 TOWNSHIP 8 S., RANGE 7 W., FRAC............... 57 TOWNSHIP 8 $., RANGE 8 W., FRAC................55

Page  6 INDEX TO ILLUSTRATIONS PAGB Andrus, Ralph S.................................... 85 Arlington Hotel, Coldwater........................99 Austin, C. H........................................85 Barnes, 0., Family Group..........................93 Beach Farm, Coldwater.............................95 Besemer, B. W., Scene on Farm of............121 Beyer, Bernice.......................................... 89 Beyer, Mr. and Mrs. Robert........................ 89 Beyer, Robert, Residence of........................97 Biglow, P. C. and Family.........................93 Bingham, Mr. and Mrs. C. 0., Residence of......................... 109 Block School at Bethel..........................97 Bovee, E. C., Residence of.......................115 Bowen, E. W., The Maples Farm...............113 Bowerman, W. J., Elmwood Farm............117 Boynton, Stanley W., Home of.................. 105 Bradley, L. D., Home of......................... 117 Branch County Court House, Coldwater...... 83 Branch County Farm................................101 Broadway, Union City..............................93 Bronson Library...................................101 Bronson M illing Co........................ 1........ 101 Bronson Sisters' Home.... 101 Bronson Street Scene 9.... 111 Broughton, Lester, Residence and Barns of....... 121 Brown, Mr. and Mrs. James M...................91 Brunsoni, J. W. and Family.................................. 87 Brunson, W in. and Family.................................. 97 Buck, Perry C., Scene on Farm of............123 Buell, thos. B., Broadmead Farm.............. 119 Burghduff, Fred, Scene on Farm of...........109 Burns, WV. J., Home of............................105 Burton, Geo. A............................................85 Burton, Luella.......................................... 85 Caley & Demerest, Home of....................117 Calkins, Fred B.......................................87 Campbell, Milo D., Residence of...............115 Card, Art, Family Re-union......................87 Carroll Bros., Store of........................... 117 Casteel, Leroy G., Residence and Barn of... 119 Cement Factory, Quincy..........................119 Cemetery Lake, Coldwater.... 107 Chase, 1r, Harey, Home of........................121 Chicago Street, Coldwater........................ 103 Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver J......................91 Clark, Wm., Lake Vu Farm.....................105 Clarke Library, Coldwater.......................... 85 Clingan, Mr. and MrsJ.J. L.....................97 Coldwater City Officials.............................85 Coldwater Lake...................................119 Coldwater M. E. Church............................. 93 Coldwater Opera House.............................91 Coldwater Postoffice................................. 83 Coldwater, WVest Chicago Street................107 Cole, E. A., Scene on Farm of..................117 Copeland, A. G.......................................83 Corbin Block, Union City..........................99 Corless, Henry, Scene on Farm...............109 County Line Farr7..... 123 Cox, Grant S.......................................... 83 Crull, S. D., Family Re-union...................87 Culbert, Mr. and Mrs. E. D....................... 91 Culbert, E. D., Lone Elm Farm....... 121 Curtis, N. J., Mt. Pleasant Hill Farm........119 Daily, Mr s.and Mrs. O. E....................... 85 Day, D. C., Hom e of.............................123 Day, Ira, Hom e of..................................... 117 Dean, W. M., Home of............................ 123 Denbrock, Albert, Apple Grove Farm........105 Denbrock, Carl, Home of.........................105 Denbrock, Fred, Residence of...................109 Denbrock Homestead....................... 109 Denbrock, Mr. and Mrs. J. A.................... 85 Dickinson, S. E., Residence of....................97 Dolph, Mr. and Mrs. S. WV.......................... 85 Dolph, S. W., Residence of.......................105 Donnel, J. R. and Family............................ 93 Dove, F. H., Residence of.....................123 Draper, L. H. and Family Group................95 East Chticago Street, Coldwater.................. 111 Electric Light Plant, Bronson................... 99 Elks Temple, Coldwater............................95 Ely, Orvil and Family Group....................93 Episcopal Church, Coldwater.................103 Evergreen Lawn Farm.............................109 Evergreen Lawn Farm......................... 103 Evergreen Lawn Stock Farm....1......... 109 Fairview Farm...... 101 Fairview Farm...... 123 Farr Hotel, Bronson............................... 107 Farwell, Mr. and Mrs. Don J. and Son....... 89 PAGR Farwell, Don J., Center View Farm...........95 Fen91er, Mr. and 57rs. Clare17ce................ 91 Findley, Byron, Residence of....................107 Flandermeyer. F. G.. Shoe Store................99 Flint, L. L. and Family............................. 91 Forward, Mr. and Mrs. Frank.....................83 Foster, Col. Edgar A............................. 83 Foster, Mr. and Mrs. E. J....................... 87 Foster, E. J., Ho7 ne of...........................123 Foster, Mr. d. and rs. Geo. M.....................91 Foster, Mr. and Mrs. Paul J... 83 Fowler, Fred H., Residence of.................123 Fowler, Fred H., Residence....................101 Fox, A. 0., Residence of............. 107 Franz, Wm., Residence of............. 101 Goble, Mrs. T. D. and Daughter............... 87 Goble, T. D. and Sons...............................87 Good, E. H., Hom e of............................107 Gottschalk, Charley, Residence of............ 123 Gray, John M., Sons of.......................93 Gray, John M., Scene on Farm of..............101 Gray, P. D., Residence of........................ 113 Green, Mrs. Barbara and Family Group...... 93 Green, G. W., Scene on Farm of.............. 113 Greenamyer, Solomon, Residence of......... 101 Greenamyer, Solomon, Thoroughbred H orses of........................................ 101 Greening, J. W., Residence of.................99 Gripman, Mr. and Airs. F. H................. 83 Grove, Burdette E., Home of..................109 Grove, Mr. and Mrs. Elijah......................87 Grove, Mr. and Mrs. Theron, Residence of..105 Groves, R. A., Auction Scene................. 119 H all, W illis and Family...........................97 Hall, Willis, Short Lane Farm................ 105 Hand, Mrs. E. A., Farm View................ I111 Harbaugh, J. F., Sugar Hill Farm.............Ill Harley, John W., Walnut Grove Farm.......113 H arris, A. J., H om e of.............................121 Hawkins, A. J., Sce9 e on Farm of........... 117 Ha0s, C. L- S07ne on Farm.............117 Hayes, F. E., and Family.............. 93 Hays, John and Fa0ily........................ 97 Henry, Warren.................................. 83 Hickory Corner School, District No. 2. 93 -High School, Bronson......99 Hildebrand, Fred A....................................83 Hildebrand, Carl, Spring Brook Farm........101 Hillman, Ira, Park iew Farm................... 113 Hinkley, Fred, Residence of................105 Hinkley, Fred, Meadow Brook Farm.......115 Hoffman, El0er, Ho0ne o.... 97 Hoffm0 an H eights.....................................97 Holmes, P. T., Mapleview Farm...............115 Holmes, WV. D., Cedar Lawn Farm............101 Home Coming, School District No. 6........ 91 Hoosier Shoe Factory, Coldwater...............111 Hoosier Shoe Fac9ory, Coldwater.. 103 Hoopingarner0 Gariel, lFamily Re-union987 Houtz, Mr. and Mrs. Worthy and Son........ 91 Houtz, Worthy, Sunny Farm....................115 Hoy, John C., Home of..........................123 Hughes, Ed., Scene on Farm..................123 Hughes. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. P. and D aughter Edna....................................91 Hughes, Wm. P., Scene on Farm of..........117 H ungerford, V. U.................................... 83 Jackson, A. W., Scene on Farm................ Ill Jackson, Mr.. and Mrs. Isaac............9........ 89 Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. Isaac, Residence of..113 Jelle7, WV. S., Home of............................. 109 Jewell, F. T., Residence of......................113 Jonas, G. W., Cloverdale Farm..................115 Jones, Guy R., Maple Row Stock Farm...... 113 Kaiser, Henry S., Parents of.......................97 Keeslar, L. A. and Son, Cedar Lawn Farm..113 Kehoe, John, Residence of........................Ill Keith, John, Residence of..........................107 Kenyon, John and Lyle W7......................... 87 Kenyon, Mr. and Mrs. Walter................... 87 Kenyon, Walter, Meadow Brook Farm.......109 Kibiloski, Stephen and Family.................. 97 Kibiloski, Stephen, Evergreen Lawn Farm..111 Kohl, Norman G., Residence of..................97 Kulow, A. W., Scene on Farm,of...............123 Lake S0loreDepot, Coldwater..................... ill Lampman. A. 9., 7o7eof..............7....... 17 Large Rock Farm........................... 123 Lawrence, J. L. and Family...................... 93 Layman, Wm. H. and Family Group........... 95 Leworthy, W. A., Home of........................97 Libest, Mike, Home of..................... 123 Lilly, Sey97our A., Residence of7................. 95 PAGS Lincoln School, Coldwater..........................83 Lincoln High School, Coldwater................. 95 Lindsey, W. D., Cobble Hill Farm............101 Lobdell, G. E., Home of...........................107 Lockerby, Wm., Residence of...................113 Lott, A. L., Farm Scene...........................115 McDermott, J. E., Pleasant View Farm......101 McEldarffer, Carl, Residence of.................97 McEndarffer, Isiah, Farm Scene...............101 McIntosh, H. G., Valley Farm................. 113 Mack, George, Residence of..................... 103 Macey, E., Side Hill, Farm....................... 113 Macey, Edgar and Family.........................89 Macey, Richard and Family........................89 Macey, Richard, Scenes on Farm of...........121 'Main Street, Coldwater............................... 101 Main Street, Quincy..............................103 Main Street, Quincy...............................107 Manguse, F. C., Home of.......................109 Manni, Mr. and Mrs. F P.............................85 Mann, F. P., Clover Leaf Dairy Farm.......105 Maple Grove Farm...............................109 Maple Hill Farm..... 97 Marquart, Ed., Home of.............103 Marquart, Mr. and Mrs. and Daughter G ladys........................................ 91 Marshall Street, Coldwater............. 111 Martin, Jennie, Residence of...................109 Masonic Te79 ple, Coldwater... 99 Meadow Brook Farm................................99 Meadow Brook Farm.............................. 109 Meadow Brook Farm............................ 113 Merling, W. E., Home of................ Ill M erry M ike Farm...................................123 Meyer, Miss Marie, Clvert Fruit Farm......95 Michael, B. T., Residence of.................. 113 Mikolatcher, Mr. and Mrs. Antone.............91 M ill, U nion City.......................................93 M iller, A. L. and Son............................. Ill Miller, Willis, Maple Corner Farm............107 Monroe Street, Coldwater.......................... 111 Moore Acres Stock Farm...........................113 Moore Acres Stock Farm, Scene on............115 M oore, A. L., Deceased............................. 83 M oore, M rs. A. L.......................................83 Moore, Lulu, Photograph from................. 109 Murphy, W. R., Mapleview Farm.............105 Musser, Alderman H. H. and Family.........97 Musser, H. H., Residence of.............115 Musser, J. C., Fair View Farm.............. 105 Newman, Wm. J., Residence of.................105 Nichols, Mrs. E. J., Maple Hill Farm.......101 Nichols, G. L., Maple Hill Farm...............Ill Nielson, A., Residence of..........................105 Norton, Tohn WV. and Family......................93 Nye, Mr. and Mrs. Nelson........................89 Oak Grove Cemetery, Coldwater...............103 Otk Grove Cemetery, Coldw4ter. 121 Olmstead, WV. H., Farm Residence of........121 Orchard Farm.......................................... 109 Osborn's Photo Studio, Coldwater................91 O utlook Farm.........................................109 Palmer, Geo. E., Residence of..................99 Paradine, Mr. and Mrs. A. E.....................89 Paradine, Mr. and Mrs. Almond.................89 Paradine, Mr. and Mrs. Blain.....................89 Paradine, Mr. and Mrs. Claud.....................89 Paradine, Mr.. and Mrs. Fred....................89 Paradine, L ela...........................................89 Paradine, Ora and Family...........................89 Paradine, Mrs. Ralph and Son...................89 Paradine, R uth..........................................89 Paradine, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas.................89 Park Scene, Coldwater..............................85 Pencil Creek Farm...................................123 Peppiatt, Fred J. and Family.....................87 Peterson, Dr. L., Residence of..................115 Piatt, Geo. 0. and Family..........................89 Plainview Far i................... 109 Postoffice, Coldwater................................109 Powell7, Lewis, Evergreen Dairy Farm........101 Presbyterian Church, Coldwater................. 93 Pridgeon, John, Evergreen Lawn Farm...... 105 Quimby, Ennis, Residence of...........-........ 119 Quimby, Mr. and Mrs. L. W.....................91 Quimby, L. W., Pleasant Hill Farm...........119 Quimby, Mr. and Mrs. Orvill.................... 91 Quimby, R. N., Barn of..................... 117 Quimby, W. H., Residence of.....................99 Quimby, Mr. and Mrs. Z. L......................91 Quimby, Zenis L., Shady Lawn Farm........115 Quincy M. E. Church................... 93 Quincy Public Library............................93 PAGt Quincy Street Scene............................ 93 Quincyv Water Works...................... 119 Ralston, John, Farm Scene....................... 113 Ramsdell, W. F., Home of........................109 Randall, Mr. and Mrs. S. B., Residence of..115 Ransford, Geo., Home of......................... 121 Rasey, Bert and Family........................... 91 Re, G., Store of........................... 107 Renshaw, John and Family......................97 Reynoles, John D., Home of.....................123 Rhymes, Wm. G., Home of.......................123 Robinson, F. E. and Family......................97 Rocky View Farm........................... 109 Rossman, A. M., Pleasant Valley Farm......113 Ryd9 r, A. W., Home of.................0........ 109 Ryder, C. F., Home of.................... 109 St. Charles Church, Coldwater....................93 St. Charles School, Coldwater.................... 111 St. Marks Church, Coldwater.....................93 St. Marys School, Bronson......................... 99 Saxton, E. E., Residence and Barn of.. 119 Scrimner School, District No. 4, Bronson.9. 97 Sebring, John...........................,. 91 Sebring, John, and Family......................... 97 Sebring, Mrs. John, Deceased..................... 91 Sbaffmaster, John H., Farm Scene9.. 101 Sharp, J. J., Far View Farm...............117 Sher977an, Clark and Family0.1..,,,.......... 95 Sherwood Public School.............,, 93 Shumway, Mr. and Mrs. Levi A............. 87 Sh9umway, Vivian and Family........... 93 Side Hill Fari............. 123 Smiley, E. E. and Family......................... 95 Smith, David, Store of........... 105 Smith, E. A., Residence of....................109 Smith, Evaline Residence on Farm of...... 105 Snow Prairie Farn..........................9,...,,., 101 Snyder, L. A., Residence of.......................103 Sorter, Harry, Scene on Farrl of............................ 109 South Butler Store..................................109 Springport Lad No. 34, owned by M. M. G arrett.......................................... 121 State School, Coldwater..... 119 State School, Bo9 s Plai ground..................103 State School, Main rEntrallce............................,,,,,,103 Straelly, John, Photograph from............. 123 Street Scene, Quinc................................. 111 Strong, O rlo................................... 85 Strong, Mr. and Mrs. Orno J...................... 85 Sunnyside Stock Farm.............................109 Taggart, Joh................................ 83 Talm97ge, A77brose 7..... 87 Talnage, Robert................................. 87 Tavlor, Cash, Hickory Plain Farm.............. 113 Taylor, James, Residence of.....................105 Taylor, Mr. and7 Mrs. L. G., Maple Lawn Farm........................................................ 121 Thacher, Herman I..................................83 Tho97as, J. A., Photograph from............. 117 Thomas, J. A., Residence and Barn of........ 121 Trumbull, Ernie, Maple Grove Farm.........115 Tuckerj Josep3, Residence of.................... 107 Tutful, Chas., Houe of................ 121 Tuttle, G. A., Catalpa Hill Farm............... 101 Tyler, M. L., Residence of........................117 Union City High School............................. 93 Van Patten, Bert, Home of........................109 Vogt, D., Greenhouses of.........................105 Vc,-7, John and Family.... 89 Vore, John, Residence of.................... 115 W alker, E. H. and Family....................... 97 W alker, E. H., Residence of...................... 99 Walnut Shade Farm........................ 109 Walnutvale Far9m........................ 99 Ward, D. A., Oak Grove Farm................ 121 Vartter, Mr. and Mrs. M. C., Anniversary S cen e................................................ 91 Waterbury, E. A., Scene on Farm of......... 117 Water Works, Coldwater............... 99 Watta, Martin, Photograph from............ 97 Weaver, E. M., Farm View.............101 XVWebb, Chas. R., Residence and Barn of....117 WVebb, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. R. and Son.. 95 Wendorf, Mrs. Chris., Home of........... 123 W endorf Homestead............................... 123 West Chicago Street, Coldwater................. 101 West Chicago Street, Coldwater.................103 W est Chicago Street, Quincy.....................101 W heeler, Mr. and Mrs. W. B....................89 Wheeler, W. B., Residence and Barn of.....121 W hig Center Farm.................................123 Whitcomb, T. A., Scene on Far of.........123 W hite, F. D.............................................83 W hite, F. D., VWhite Plantation................ 117 W hite, F. M., Hom e of........................... 123 W hitmore, Carl. Residence of................... 103 W hitmore, Mr. and Mrs. Kirk................... 85 Whitmore, Lynn................85 VWhitnev, A. T., North Butler Store.......... 115 Whittaker, Johnnie W.......................... 85 Whitthuhn, C. E., Walnut Ridge Farm.....113 Wilkins, J. H., Sons of.... 97 XVilliatms, F. H., Ho e of.................. 121 Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. J. E1.......... 87 W ithington, E. E......................................85 WVithington. M. J., Residence of...............123 Wolf, Wifred, Pleasant Ridge Farm........117 WVortz, S. S............................................83 WVortz, S. S., Hom e of.............................119 Zurbrug. John, Home of...........................109 Zeluff, B M., Residence of.......................115 Zeiuff, Burnett M., Barn of......................121

Page  7 -. -g'-g'; 'sat INEMA~7. "-IA.3 "'t- '! BRAN4CH COUN"*T Y __1 I = r D' -AZ -. - - - - _U - gr MICHIGAN Kcpf/I&/6,v&LK4 i */ (~ xr,9 Scale Y2- inch to t mile A. __ _ _9 _.'Tj 9_ Ti IC~ A? (/ C.. 31 ]737 T I t_ - __. "I :-_ 1-1. -. 4/'~1 I I I I J A l ___ [I 43 514____ ~ -~ ~, Ao - - - __ - - - '_ ----! I. I iF_ I4 I — I I 1h'I I 1 I,- II 14-41, 'I 14 1 -11 I __ 11 -. 'T 0% oir" '9 'k% 6, -T 70 4! _A111"ii-I!, -,It, ITT I. I F_: I I -,I — fi I _ __ I 4 W___11 -1 ' I I.33 30 15 s r 0 0 00 8jJ( ~ -- ~ 4 83 33813 & 1[1 -3J4..43K..-4=.J44=A 1''. C I E 1,I II 11 i II I. I 'i I, I C Q k I -A H.- 11 01 y - 11 )J, 11 -ILA- - ( I "Z// - - ( I I.~L5'..4..L..30. /L-.4.0 "'.2L _JL.4 0'_/4I I... LIL k615I7Li4z ro/'"- 1 I IL ' I 'IO I NDIAA' - L. —", ~~ - - - —, Title: Outline Map of Branch County, Michigan Keywords: Calhoun Co.; Notawa River; Ma Lake; Michigan Central R.R.; Cem. School; Ditch; Union City; Vincent Lake; Butler; Lake Lehr; Kinyon Lake; Kirby Lake; Jones L.; Quaker Lake; Grange Hall; SHERWOOD; Grange Hall; Coldwater River; UNION; Girard Lake; Hog Creek; Mill; Mill Race; GIRARD; BUTLER; Cem.; Ditch; Tenna L.; School; Girard; Church; Town Hall; Store; Blossom L.; Dane L.; Haven Lake; St. Joseph River; Craigs Lake; River Lake; Michigan Central R.R.; Sherwood; Morrison Lake; Poplar Beach; Randall's Lake; Miller's Lake; North Lake; State School; The Rapids; MATTESON; School; Ditch; Batavia Center; Long L.; Coldwater; COLDWATER; Quincy; Town Hall; Matteson Lake; Church; BATAVIA; Cook's Lake; Cem.; South Lake; QUINCY; First L.; Lime L.; Depot; Swan Creek; Cary Lake; Batavia Sta.; Marble Lake; Cedar Point; School; Ditch; Cem.; Church; Middle Lake; Swan Creek; Mill Pond; Lake Shore & Michigan Southern R.R.; Bronson; Bartholomew Lake; Mill; BRONSON; BETHEL; Biyers Lake; Town Hall; OVID; Mud Lake; Store; ALGANSEE; Hall; Hatmaker; Rose Lake or Lake of the Woods; Shattucks Plat; Elm Beach; Long Lake; School; Prairie River; Ditch; Bethel; Store; Church; Bingham Lake; Cem.; Indian Point; Coldwater Lake; Crystal Beach; Talmassee Creek; Bovel L.; Sans Souci Beach; Mud L.; Mallow L.; Gilead; Gilead Lake; Kinderhook; Brown's Lake; California; Mud L.; Long Lake; Fish Lake; NOBLE; Mud L.; Grange Hall; GILEAD; Draygon Lake; KINDERHOOK; CALIFORNIA; St. Joseph Co.; Fawn River; Round Lake; Honey Lake; State of Indiana; Anderson L.; Red Water lake; Lake Pleasant; East Gilead; Lavine Lake; Pleasant L.; Lake George; Silver Lake; Huyck's L.; Withington Lake; Ray; Lake Shore & Mich. Southern R.R.; Hillsdale Co.; Hog Lake Note: Copyright 1915 by Geo. A. Ogle & Co.

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Page  10 fV) --- ------ -- - - - I / 4 7mN - L ~ ZL Ya 7 -;s 1* y ~ r -— \ -AY J09JQN5UN? - --— 1 - - 'NF 74 0 OI~o N1 7 fr +(N/ Title: West Part of Coldwater, County Seat of Branch Co., Mich., Coldwater Twp. Keywords: Richard J. Bishop; State St.; Warren E. Boughton; Corporation Line; R.R. Kinney; J.L. Rowley; B. Stockdale; M.R. Carr; J. Fredrickson; R. Brower; J.J. Bishop; Levi Haynes; North Lake; Geo. Miller; Rich'd Bishop; No. 44; No. 43; Mrs. E.L. Merritt; Ida Bennett; Mrs. A.s. Upson; J. Farwell; No. 42; W. Fowler; Adolph Sherman; No. 41; Mary J. Hawley; Emma J. Hulbert; T.A. Hilton; No. 37; No. 36; Ward 3; No. 38; Part of School Superintendant's Subdivision Sec. 16; No. 35; F.J. Dunks; Mrs. E.L. Merritt; No. 39; Grand St.; Jno. Fox; Ward 2; Martha White; J.L. Heisrodt; O.W. Hoyt; Thorpe; No. 34; Wm. Shaw; McIntyre; Pilot Knob; Geo. Miller; O.G. Sherburne; C.D. Warner; No. 29; Warner's Add.; Hatch Ave.; Warner Ave.; No. 30; Lillian C. Hatch; Jane Rogers; Clarence Philbrick; Parkhurst Ave.; Mary J. Hawley; John Vogel; Henry Firth & S. Murry; N. Hunt; A.J. Eggleston; John H. Depew; No. 31; Eliz. Kritchbaum; O.G. Sherburne; No. 28; Joseph Eno; Detroit Ave; Scheidler's Add.; Charles St.; Mary O. Hyde; T.R. Hyde; No. 27; Waterman Ave.; Cherry St.; Pelton Ave.; A.M. Pelton's Add.; Waterman's Add.; A.H. McLaughlin; Pierce; Geo. W. Evarts; Smith; O.G. Sherburne; No. 17; Munson's Add.; Munson St.; Green's Add.; Green St.; Henry St; White's Add.; Hamilton's Add.; Fremont St.; Thompsons Add.; Orchard St.; Harrison St.; Halstead's Add.; Pierson St.; Williams 1st Add.; Taylor St.; Clay St.; Wm A. Coombs Milling Co.; Freeman Patch; Benedict Doll; Robert Watson; Chicago St.; J.B. Crippen's Add.; Johnsons Cooperage Works; Mill St.; E.H. Williams; 4th Ward School; Polk St.; Pearl St.; Part of Original Town; Garage; Wolverine Portland Cement Co.; Robert Watson; James Swain; Mill; Wm A Coombs Milling Co; Fremont St.; South Lake; D.C. Allen; Ward 4; Mrs. H.D. Morgan; Bernard Lilly; Walnut St.; Peckham St.; Jackson St.; Clay St.; Race St.; Cooperage Works; Bernard Lilly; Wm. A Coombs Milling Co; Pelton's Add.; For East Part See Pages 14 and 15; Corporation Line; A.E. Roberts; D.C. Allen; W.H. Frederick; Lake Shore & Michigan Southern R.R.; Van Aken Bros.; Jos Eno; Kraut Factory; B.F. Calkins; H.N Bidelman; Jay St.; A.E. Roberts; Corporation Line; Catherine Young; John K. Deal; J.R. Wallace; S.J Foy; Vanderberg; G. Miller; T.G. Sheldon; W.E. Gifford; A. Cleveland; Helen Warren; Filkins, Est.; Grange Hall; Clay St; D.M. Roberts; H.B. Lockwood; J.A. Thomas; Cath Young; S. I. Treat; Corporation Line; Samuel Treat; Garfield St.; Fred Sutter; S. Kempster Note: Copyright 1915 by Geo. A. Ogle & Co.

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Page  14 330 I Zw. '>j PIK IT I' of 3 0>'-53 K > k 0 Ko 43 0 H '> 3 - j 0 o > ~ ~ ~ ~ o o ~ 07 0 N 3' rIN 00K 000O 0001II ~ >3! ~>3~ 3>0 >K~ 0 K i> ~ ~:> 2 '>' > L 00 0733 00-,dL7 3~( $0 7 7 V140 00 100'dJd/ o 0>3 07V00 33/;i9Yd 0M ~~ /97 — -------— 0> Title: East Part of Coldwater, County Seat of Branch Co., Mich., Coldwater Twp. Keywords: Levi Haynes; State School; State School; Arthur and L. Ruple; Laura Ruple; Wm Martin; Jennie Martin; Corporation Line; State St.; J. Farwell; J. Cheney; No. 41; J.R. Watson; W. Oatway; Tappan Shoe Mfg. Co.; Branch Ave.; Mary J. Hawley; Clarke Ave.; No. 39; Part of School Supt's. Sub. of Sec. 16; No. 40; Eli Munson; Coombs Ave.; No. 34; J.L. Heisrodt; J.W. Ferns; Mary Rodabaugh; Tappan Shoe Factory Add.; Abbott Ave.; No. 33; Mary J. Hawley; WARD 2; Shoe Factory; Tappan Shoe Mfg. Co.; Elizabeth St.; Fair View Dairy Farm; L.J. Byers; L.J. Byers; Seeley St.; Liberty St.; No. 32; Herbert St.; Lanphere's Sub.; Old Cem.; Montgomery St.; Montgomery Add.; Grand St.; Bassett's Add.; Frederick St.; Fisk's Add.; No. 25; Lewis Add.; Alden St.; No. 25; Lanphere's Add.; Central St.; M.D. Campbell; Pierce St.; No. 23; 3rd Ward; School; Taylor St.; No. 24; Smith's Addition; Smith St.; McClellan St.; Girard St.; Wright St.; Cutter Ave.; Sprague St.; Corporation Line; M.D. Campbell; For West Part See Pages 10 and 11; Harrison St.; WARD 3; Gas Co.; Garage; Arlington Hotel; Drs. Office; Livery; Garage; Bank; Bank; Monroe St.; Garage; No. 1; Marshall St.; Hull St.; Hull's Add.; Presb. Church; Church St.; M.E. Church; Episc. Chapel; Garage; Masonic Temple; Hudson St.; Jefferson St.; 2nd Ward; School; Welling Add.; Morse St.; Cutter's Addition; Hull St.; Mrs. Jennie Allen; Church St.; Park Pl.; Sawdey & Milne's Add.; Daugherty St.; Park St.; Seeley Park Add.; Sprague St.; R.E. Clarke; Wright's Add.; Wright St.; Oakwood; A Replat of Roses Add; Oakwood Ave.; Green Lawn Add. No. 2; Van's Ave; Green Lawn Add. No. 1; Sarah Lockwood; Chicago St.; Kerr Bros.; Opera House; Hanchett St.; Pearl St.; Livery; Garage; Lewis Sub.; Sub. Div.; Bank; Livery; Post Office; Bap. Church; Court House; Jail; Library; Lincoln St.; D.E. Weage; Elk's Temple; Part of Original Town; High School; Washington St.; Peckham St.; Peckham's Add.; WARD 4; Hotel; Depot; Monroe St.; Pratt Mfg. Co.; Division St.; Henry C. Clarke; Perkins St.; Railroad St.; Hudson St.; Bradley Crippen's Add.; Luth. Church; Jefferson St.; Perkin's Add.; Elm St.; G.O. Gallop; Mrs. D.D. Kimball; Mary Campbell; Michigan St.; E. Wicker; H.B. Loomis; Lake Shore & Michigan Southern R.R.; Frieght House; Marsh & White's Add.; Knott Bros. Mfg. Co.; Division St.; Ware House; Conover St.; Coldwater Oil Stove Co.; Clark St.; Turning Fac.; William's Add.; Hooker St.; Pumping Sta.; Closed; River St.; Sherman St.; Clark & Nichol's Add.; Sheridan St.; Stevens St.; H.C. Clarks Add.; Preston St.; WARD 1; Crippen St.; Tibbits St.; Molby Furnance Co.; Sawdey & Milne's 2nd Add.; Lawton St.; Jefferson St.; Herman Golcherz Sr.; Josephine Craft; Waterworks Park; Mrs. C.A. Upson; B.D. Wing; B.D. Wing; Cider Mill; Clay St.; W.H. Frederick; D. Zimmerman; J.L. Worden; E. Eslow Est.; Bennett St.; mrs. L. Haskins Est.; Chas. Wright; D. Loose; G. Everett; Sprague St.; Sarah A. Smith; A. Klingler; Mrs. C.A. Upson; J.H. Ryder; Garfield Ave.; Corporation Line; E.N. & C.W. Williams; F. Warren; Lizzie Atyeo; Milnes Supply Co.; Mrs. C.A. Upson; Kerr Bros Note: Copyright 1915 by Geo. A. Ogle & Co.

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Page  17 CALHOUN 7; Fa3fCa __ 99 7 a 5 0 a 9e~ Soe3 de If7k 05 18 94 3 9 19 1 \4 5 949 S8 K-K 9343 3 5 ~2359 373 23 54 UNION ThK. 22 344 >.43 ' 3 ~> ~ 5 9 9 4 r,DIVISION S1 94 4 44fIO/OOOVS 2 5 4 99ss ~ ~4347e * 7K 9CKK RLOT7 I2 1 Title: Union City, Union Twp. Keywords: Calhoun Co.; Calhoun St.; Alex. McCrary Jr.; H. mallow; Chas. Waffle; Judge's Stand; Spectator's Stand; D.D. Buell; Barry St.; Ralston; Herman Johnson; David D Buell; Tower St.; Moseley's Add.; Thomas St.; Rev. J.W. White; Chas. Moore; Philo Olmstead; Division St.; Charlotte St.; Park; Park; C.E. George; Henry Van Vranken; (Closed); Summit St.; Hammond's Add.; Ellen St.; Church; Park St.; High St.; Ann St.; Joseph Krieble; Isaac Tower Est.; Harvey Smith; Dr. Hurd; Part of Riverside Cemetary; St Joseph River; Harvey Smith; W.M. Hatch; Dr. Robinson; Billings; Geo. Canrike; Broadway; Thompson St.; Farnum St.; Church; City Park; Allen St.; Church; Furniture Bank; Hammond St.; John St.; High St.; Ann St.; Livery Hotel; J.R. Eddy; John Wiseman; Coldwater St.; Lillie Brooks; Fred Pierce; Mrs Young; C. Hoffmann; Lillie Brooks; W.K. Roush; E.E. Clay; Gravel Pit; Union City Creamery; Delabaugh; Mrs John Miller; E.E. Clay; Finney; M.W. Frank; John Miller; Moore; Cummings; Geo. Palmer; Wm. Morsman; M.W. French; F. Bicknell; Wm. Morsman; Edward Larowe; Line Between Section 4 & 3; Wm. Morsman; St. Joseph River; Hattic Bronson & Sadie Blake; Sarah E. Case; Cyrus Worthington; Anson J. Davis; A. Davis; harvey Petty; F. Holt; John E. Seaberry; Kap Schoick; J. Jones; L. Cuatt; C. Beckwith; H. Wyrill; H. Jones; M.R. Davis; A. Boyer; St. Joseph St.; S.E. Seaver; Wm. Morsman; W.H. Stone; H. Ponner; Mrs. J.R. Shimp; John P. Kidney; Mrs. Sam'l Corbin; Edward Carr; J.C. Ford; South St.; Line Between Section 5 & 4; Line Between Section 5 & 8; Wm. Morsman; A.J. Troxell; Jessie Lockhard; John Jones; Mrs. M. Sanders; Ira Crandall Est.; B. Cline; Mrs. Frank Morey; Geo. Gorman; Marian Wilder; Flora Wilder; E.J. Worden; P.J. Buell; Lumber Yard.; Lbr. Yard; Union City Water Works; J. Holden; D.D. Buell; Mill Race; Mill Pond; Clark St.; Flora Wilder; L.D. Wilcox; Geo. Boyington; W.G. Lee; Wm. Burch; Mart St.; Woodruff St.; (Closed); Broadway; Crane St.; Fenton St.; Original Town; Isabella St.; Gilbert St.; (Closed); Moore St.; Lee St.; Lee's Add.; Jackson St.; Lincoln St.; Washington St.; Yeast Factory; Railroad St.; M.F. Buell; Hay Barn; Stock Yard; Freight House; Depot; Michigan Central R.R. Air Line Division; Water Tank; R.R. Grounds; Mrs. C. Thatcher; C.M. Van Orman; T.C. Anderson; Mrs. A.D. Norton; Line Between Section 4 & 9; Peerless Portland Cement; Riparian Rights; (Mill); Mrs. L. Day; M. Buys; Joshua Boes; J.R. Eddy; L.A. Wilson; R Carpenter; Jake Katz; G. Gillen; Vosburg's Add.; Coldwater River; J.A. Bell; Jake Katz; Riparian Rights; (Mill); Smith Bros.; Wm. Hartman Note:

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Page  20 & 9, 9/CharcA 23 440 86869 63864a70az 3S aa 0 COL.- ST4 p9Z 2 /8 a/ /:45 9 'm I 14131 465 a. AmK K ar/aa Pr q~ 5.4 a # ~. Kir ~ 0/asOY OS a raailis /aft 10 Sassarras Title: Quincy, Quincy TWP. Keywords: Ira Van Orsdal; F. Forsburg; P Ball; James Gould; Dumphy & Maybury; E.B. Church; Mathew Courtright; Broughton St.; Hewett St.; C.F. Drake; F.E. Knapp; Dumphy & Maybury; Jackson Vickery; Frank Roth; Emil Anderson; Quincy Creamery; Concrete Blocks; Lake Shore & Michigan Southern R.R.; Leroy Holcomb; R. Southworth; H.C. Barwell; E.H. Kenyon; M.L. Harmon; C.D. Brott; Jackson St.; Park; Power House; Depot; Railroad St.; M.N. Etheridge; E.B. Church; F. Campbell; J.C. Rogers; W. Crabs; Hiram Bennett; Grant Day; Geo. Snyder; Pearl Wilcox; Arnold St.; M.E. Church; Maiden Lane; Library; Feed & Coal; Chicago St.; P.O.; Bank; Belle Av.; Lakeside Add.; Grand St.; Lake Boul.; Failor Ave.; F.J. Marshall; Albert Bowerman; W.H. Kirby; L. Hendricks; A.C. Bowerman; S. Caldwell; West or Cemetery St.; Cemetery; Taylor St.; Jefferson St.; Bond St.; Bennett St.; Liberty St.; Berry St.; Pleasant St.; James Fry; James Fry; Main St.; Livery; Depot St.; Kenyon Coal Yard; Church; Brown St.; Mrs. S. Lasky; S.G. Brainard; Nellie Larzerlere; Mill; Church; Church; Church; Dally St.; School; Dally & Shear's Add.; Colfax Ave.; Mrs. A.J. Hill; Grove St.; C.E. & F.E. Yhost; S.G. Brainard; F. Fields; C. Tyler; Orange St.; Berry's Add.; Wood St.; Fulton St.; E.N. Turner; A.L. Bowen; G.E. & F.E. Yhost; F. Fields; H.C. Westlake Note:

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Page  23 k SHERWOOD SHEPIWOOD TWP.iV ZbI /0 el a/ B1POA/SO/ TW1P &GC) 0z'325 O1q lo CAleffklo O I Title: Bronson, Bronson Twp.; Sherwood, Sherwood Twp. Keywords: Jas. N. Kavanaugh; Gridley Post; Lake Shore & Michigan Southern R.R.; Joseph Gricza; Dr. H.P. Morey; Mrs. Reynolds; F.P. Ellis; L.J. Beard; A. Maloney; S. Maloney; Maggie Lane; Mrs. Sheffler; Mrs. M. Smith; S. Goodrich; L.J. Beard; Mike Stefonski; John H. Shaffmaster; Shaffmaster (Closed) Ave.; John H. Shaffmaster; (Closed); Shaffmaster's Add.; (Closed); Depot; Railroad (Closed) St.; State St.; Union St.; Franklin St.; Public Library; Livery; Hotel; G.M. Van Evert; Bronson Mill; Water Works & Elec. Light; St. Marys; School; Catholic Church; Fillmore St.; Parsonage; C.D. Randalls Add; Buchanan St.; Fremont St.; Mary Holbrooks Add; Bap. Church; Grange Hall; Winona St; Aaron Barnum's Add.; Washington (Closed) St.; Henry Notts Add.; Mahala Shaffmaster; E.c. Bennett's Addn; Sherman (Closed) St.; Chas. Strang; Lincoln (Closed) St.; Public School; Mowry Ave.; Chicago St.; Mowry's Add.; Ruggles (Closed) (Closed) St.; Compton St.; Rose St.; Rose's Addn; Douglass St.; Corey St.; Cong. Church; P.O.; Clark Add; Walker St.; Matteson St.; M.E. Church; Huber; A. Grawbarger; J.C. Magley; Cynthia St.; W.H. Parsons; A.L. Butler; Mrs. Seth Monroe Est.; Mrs. Jas. Allen; Allen & Ruple's Add.; McKinley St.; Roosevelt St.; John Greenwaldt; A.M. Clark Add.; J. McLarned; Fred Millard; Village of York; I. Nowiski; Geo. Duzendorf; G. Burch; W. Purdee; F.M. Rudd et al; Cemetery; Wayne St.; Henry Shaffmaster; Mrs. Frank Queer; H.P. Mowry; H. Rollins; W.D. Rudd; John George; Peter Cook; John V. Allen Est.; Village of Bronson; P.A. Buck; Grant St.; Fairview Add.; Noble St.; Res.; Peter Cook; Creamery; F.M. Rudd et al; E.L. Sargent; C. Sprung; J.W. French; Swain's Add; Clay St.; M.A. Sprung; J.W. French; J. Renow; G. Huntly; W. Henry; L.W. Belout; C.E. Swain Est. J.F. Alger; W. Henry; Ed Hazen; Henry S. Herriff; O.D. Havens; Caroline Pebins; S.J. Fisher; Margrett Thomas; Jos. Lyons; Thos. Renew; Wm. Smith; W. Schultz; Original Town; Railroad St.; Stock Yards; Elevator; Pickle Factory; Michigan Central R.R.; Depot; Fremont St.; Nash; Fulton St.; Hotel; Sherman St.; Church; Wm M. Selby; Bank; Main St.; James Lock; Sarah Kilbourn; Jas. Jones; J.S. Gates; Line between Sections 28 & 33; Leatherberry; S. Spurlock; Mrs. Gray; W. Division St.; M.E. Church; Fire Housh; E. Division St.; Mattison St.; Res.; Mechanic St.; Closed; Garfield St.; C.J. Gould; Arthur (Closed) St.; Colfax St; First (Closed) St.; C.J. Gould; J.L. Hazen; Henry S. Herriff; Lawn Ridge Farm; C.A. Daniels; Public School; Clarke's Add.; Lincoln St.; C.a. Daniels; Sawin's Add.; Second St.; Third St.; College (Closed) St.; Fourth St.; Main St.; Alberta Cline; Henry Olney; Isaac Rohrer Note:

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Page  29 J35- -77 77 ]3 -A R L KS A V E j7/)3 711 2 /.62-A -3 -~ / 3/3 4/2 7/5 8 / 7/ 8.. 22 >3 8 ' 8 2 A5 A ~ A 3" / /4 7/5' 2 3'-8 2" k8 U N I 0 N 5 8 L A K E 22S T , W I 72/5,7.)s-4/85/5 '3 o8 1 7_0,8-.41~'3 7)575.,37,/,?35.9h1' 56 -1 T.9-84573-73 Pz'.311 BC-sszze /7 7/5502. SooncA& 49 - -J (I, 2 7' /2frte. 6. /72-9 GIR-ARD o/A7,A IPD 7WP 6 3'o 6s 3oc f, 60 1,?cZ2 -I 7 4 7 8 -6.7-4/ EAS T S C/)ATTE A,3 H 0.7IZ 3L 06 6U 2L/7 T 58, 8/223 r,f/2 7 If ez.sO.Zs 60 13~0787 87-D " - Ii. 1, ~tiATTUCKE' PLAT O VfD [f11 jWa6-/2217' 0 CA,f qIAI -.f.1' -3'-22 3" /, IZY Z/I I I 'Y__! -___________ c) RAY CALIFORAYA 7hU- 7' -7 8 06O/AIA D501V 56 09 773 8/7 ' — ~72477~ 20 39 3217 32 35 843 7/5A 8'-V, S4~57 C-5 22 2K 7 227 82 ' 2 2 ---, I I. I .. I. Title: Girard, Girard TWP.; Butler, Platted as Herrickville, Butler TWP.; Shattuck's Plat, Ovid TWP.; Ray, California TWP. Keywords: Leonard Dean; Carles Ave; Carles Addition; Dr G.S. Gillet; Geo Waffle; Hall; Church; Town Hall; John Musser; F.J. Tompkins; Flora Anderson; I.W. Christ; F.A. Bidwell; Railroad St; Union St; Central St; School; H.E. Carle; Store; E. Williams; Store; Girard; First Ave; Second Ave; Chas Chauncy; Mary Reynolds; Chas Cosier; J.E. Perry; Thos. Mock; Chas. Bailey; A. Williams; Lake St; Sanford C. Knapp; Lewis Pierce; F.B. Wiggins; Store; Church; Annie Wiggins; Dr M.E. Chauncey; Thos. Stovick; J.S. Bowers; Geo Stray; Original Plat; H.J. Morrison; H.J. Morrison; Marshall St; E.T. Waffle; Thos. Dexter; Frank Williams; Valley Stock Farm; Hall; A.J. Whitney; Store; Sally Fenno; Enterprise St; Store; State St.; East St; Mill St; Church; Dick Lindsey; Mrs. J. Hager; A.A. & E.E. Quimby; Sidney Nulf; O. & T. Otis; Thos. Stanley; Wm. Clark; C.W. & Louise Willett; A.J. Hanna Est.; C.T. Cahill; L.B. Gibbs; Wm. Clark; L.H.; Coldwater Lake; Donaldson St; B. Paul; Hayes St; McNaughton's Add.; Railroad St; Kent St; Wheeler St; E.J. Ford; Quarter Line; Original Town; Mack St; Main St; Delmar St; Rob't McNaughton; Line St; Michigan & Indiana State Line Note:

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Page  31 1 11' -_,el -.11 O - - -12, 'n 1111 -..,: '11, — e, - —e/Nl PI -. -. I #.1 M 11 a.1 I - - I 31, #7ownsghip S Jouth,.57ange S WOest of the Slitchigan Mieridian 4-J D /. t. Rf..J ON CAl b/-J /70%/Nr - 1.- - - -. - - - -- - - - effi Ir ~F ( 4az- A'.7/a. A 0 prns. B. sAO Z?.L1 Pe I 341 i 'S 70.4 4 L,Ar 44,31:777Zi 45 4 VLz.) ~~ f~ Zb ~W27hz A~biirl 0 4.34N r /044 60 flT Jlo cz O'izo O Poa a 0 00 I I I I I 4, 1, I CT T 81,s Zoz. 40 40 Pf4 / 40 14) 714 LFAP 40 /20 A 7 CTOlzrz 40 4.,. Q)" 00 -bcy?,d;li - p& " l r U / I CQ 0) Q. --. -— 4 1 - (f) I k I k. -/. 30,2 n Al iZL q67770 'Iz I 34.jK F4I4G YV exlor 850 -1 o- -i- - -- - - -1 - - -, -. -,-. I V - Doip IUT-t44.4 /4 I4'. 7 2 ~ II4?-/IPC4FAPM, ES4444 4O-Z(YU / 3444I U.4 25wP0.$ 0. *>7777 42 - ( 44 4 50 I _ 45 4 Ca4 80 071 uzn2j 00 z0 41972 '0co Oroi7,n I7 ~ 7 45 074 4. 0 4 ~ o so, owol DA1I/' 77 40. 4)0' 4. >R4 al re'sO Zrs 4 / 44 4 4 4 04 Atr O Al7E sJE A00 Q 1677 77 5 17 54440000~~077% ~ oZ?7' 749'0 C/Q4 57 14777 -7/7 40 4 1s F /$7).)$3. >74 194 - T'i/74zs >$-4>. $F7 04<) Q> lcr$11.a777 4.) C 77/r..70.40 4445;4($ z.7 74 r 40.40. 4 00.> 04>mi1>'_ 1~o o0> 40 $7C70 >40>. _O -l --- e 477 4.077 7 7 70 i's 7>$$0>Ih'0'/ 400 44) o~ 07777 /* 4 >40>.Z/704I/407747 0>47 40 40 0 /<10 31 96.4 4 4 0 0 ~ ~ "0 P 0 0>Z 0177Dar 77 7147 I. Wlox 4/~.~/ C /xso7 Y. - * *.Y7 40) 4040.40 4 'u —4 r c ly.)7 ~ 07i) ~ 44'~o 444.O $ 71/of r ' /b7 D >' o &45 1)5 - 7.Q0 0>> 0 07 I.) q0> 4)'~7 ~ 64 '0774 0 447 445 * 04 $7 o7967'414. [/0707 40 101 7477 047 77544) 0 7 4 4 7I5 05'" 4~ (? 004 0>0$7004 )47 o 0;5 r $ '/07. 40<7 I )777..5<)./,vs >1 ~ 1 0 0a/ z42~7 /0>7 /6d2 40790 1 /0/ 4791 1 ZOEr357 00C 807 50co 5140 7 5 co 40O W./. '04o 51797.33 *s zrze3.87 R.. 0 A4i __ 44. __ I3 /0 b ' /07k70~$040)45 ) 77o/'7707~l 47 7.354.1 ~ ~ ~ OrlZw)o. CZr 04' V Z A Pv/A VoV 1470 (707 ~ 4.747070>~770~./90> 704.. 477/>1207< s /24/6 77AJlo/m 072.4 1 7'0 470> 07 00AR/VS~~/J __KQ) DO.49~7/40~77 4f7$ 5<0 >$/P~ ~C~ 7'>0>$~I 0~ ~ 0 l~~~. / ___ _ - ___ 4/ 4. ~ ><o 11~~T19Pt~'4~iosn~0>ITIW ' - Z) 4 44970.700( 0.07705.L >4i I IZ - 15 " I Z0 19dvczr-o 471 ~ /60 0>0 3 700 $707 0'04 J l o147~a U IC) (D) L I i wil7807771/k 70 c/ W 1/O If4573 99>9 770/44 7 0 I'll 11 - - - 11 - -%Q 40 07 47.4.44~0744.Z804 l 00712(7oo >Z' / Z4- 5<-11.47 0> /4. ___ 7 lcr4 $7$7 'K M g Z 7~ C= C >4477 CZ47 ___'L /00-, / VI-W,'q4AII p * *.444*4447744 4..~4.0 '*4 45 44 A Nc- 4077 9/7LkY. I. - - -.- - -":!= - - -, = = - i - I 11/1-11 --- ——,/ -,- - - - - - - -, - - - -1 - 9* Title: Map of Butler Township 5 S 5 W Keywords: Calhoun Co.; Jas. Taylor; Mullberry Lawn Farm; Wm. Lindsey; Henry Lindsey; B. Manchester; Chas. Teufel; L. Manchester; Ditch; Wm. Schubel; Three Oak Farm; Res. of Harley E. Schubel; J.A. Denbrock; Chas. Teufel; Lone Walnut Farm; Carl Whittuhn; Walnut Ridge Farm; Ditch; J. Moss, Sr.; Mrs. E. Hicks; John Pell; W.A. Howard; Geo. Putnam; Wm. Denbrock; Res. Of Cris. Wendorf; Christopher Wendorf; Cris. Wendorf; Sunny Side Farm; Susan Dickinson; R.F.D.; Jerry Pell; Res. Of Wm. Rhymes; Geo. Rhymes Est.; Mrs. A. Sweet; Rob't McArdle; A. Sweet; Hickory Lawn Farm; C.C. Moore; G.W. Wellman; J.C. Ambrose; C.F. Ryder; Sidney Dolph; John Bowers; Ruben Drinkwater; M.E. Drinkwater; L.M. Edwards; School; Frank Williams; Valley Stock Farm; BUTLER; Sam'l Dickinson; St. Joe River; Church Farm; Albert King Est.; M. Limerick; Thos. Dexter; Ditch; B. Findley; Maple Park Farm; Sally Fenno; G.V. Dexter; Milan Wade; Mrs. Ira Richmond; V. Robinson; M.H. Randall; S. Pratt; Ed. Ely; L. Robinson; H. Adams; Sam Hollenbeck; E.B. Priest; E. & A. Priest; O.S. Ely; N.H. Arey; Res. Of Albert Denbrock; Fred Denbrock; Jerome Wait; A.H. Newland; L. Dailey; A. Sawyer; E. King; R.F.D.; Joe Kikicoski; G. Demarest; W.H. Keller; G.D. Demarest; M.L. King; Gus. Wendorf; Main Valley Farm; Wendorf Homestead; Mrs. E. Hicks; Orrin Dailey; Dailey Homestead; M. Kowolski; Wesley Pell; Birten Wait; Mrs. J.C. Scripter; Mrs. F. Coffman Est.; Mrs. F. Coffman Est.; School; Myron King; Cem.; M. Kowolski; F.D. White; Mike Libert; Mary Mike Farm; A. Ambrose; J.A.P. Ambrose; G.L. Nichols; Maple Hill Farm; J. Bowers; Geo. Berk; Thos. Kolenski; John Sharp; Far View Farm; Mrs. J. Sharp; Adam Nulf; Mrs. Ransom; C.D. Sharp; D.J. Bowers; Bowers Homestead; F.H. Williams; Dick Lindsey; Sidney Nulf; Ditch; Oscar Earl; M. Dutcher; Sherman Ransom; Jas. D. Williams etal; Mrs. Emma Smith; Palmer & Williams; Rowland McDonald; A. Smith; J.W. Dutcher; M.A. Bennett; Mr. J. Hoger; A.A. & E.E. Quimby; R.F.D.; B.W. Besemer; A.J. Rainey; J.E. Hager; John C. Hoy; Whig Center Farm; B.W. & H.A. Besemer; H.H. Besemer; Bert Van Patten; Ida Bigelow; Ely Homestead; Geo. Thompson; A.A. Bigelow; Geo. Wright; A.H. Shilling; Chas. Bigelow; A.F. Crandell; G. Thompson; Quaker Lake; R.F.D.; Mrs. J. Rossman; Res of Rex Rossman; Ralph Olney; Jas. Rainey; Martin Kowalski; Jas. Rainey; Chas. Demares; Hillside Farm; Wm. Dean; Ditch; C.L. Bogue; Wm. Taylor, Est.; Cash Taylor; Hickory Plain Farm; F. Hinkley; R.F.D.; G.S. Warley; D.C. Dean; Thos. Ratkoski; W.& K. Slupranuski; thos. Dean; John Ratkoski; P.T. Holmes; H.G. McIntosh; Wilbur Benson; R.H. Fiddler; M. Roukie; Ed. Cox; John Rankowski; A.J. Whitney; A. Nulf; W. Slupranuski; N.J. Curtis; Mt. Pleasnat Hill Farm; Willard Williams; F.C. Burbanks; E.S. Michel; B.O. Moore; R.F.D.; H. Smith Est.; Mrs. C.P. Jordan; A.J. Whitney; Alice Rossman; J.B. Annin; A.M. Rossman; Pleasant Valley Farm; N.J. Curtis; E. Annin; M. Nelson; W. Williams; Winfred Wolf; B.F. Shipman; School; C. Ford; Cem.; J.R. Moore; C. Ford; M. Thatcher; Mrs. F. Cerrow; Res. Of J. Q Nowberry; Mrs. B.F. Shipman Est.; Chas. Ford; Richard Rogers; J.B. Lampman Est.; J. Porcupile; E. Lutz; Frank M. White; Cem.; Fair View Farm; J.L. Clingman; Clover Leaf Farm; Levi Swope; B.H. McNinch; Leanard White; Mercy Brown; Hiram Ackerly Est.; T.J. Rossman; John & Hannah Phillips; Ditch; Haskell Crandell; Samuel Swope; Cash Taylor; E. Speaker; Ira Cleveland; Hog Creek; V.A. Houston; R.F.D.; W. Hilton; I.W. Day; The Day Homestead; Grant Day; School; P.T. Holmes; Thos. Dean; Geo. White; W.D. Holmes; Cedar Lawn Farm; F.D. White; V. Oneal; Mary Cleveland Est.; D.C. Josephine Day; Harry Adams; Cem.; A. Jackson; Church; M.L. Evans; Stewart Wilcox Est.; William Hand; J Hartley; F.B. Wilcox; W.H. Horton; B.O. Moore Est.; Town Hall; W.F. Ramsdell; Maple Grove Farm; Geo. Ransford; C. Chauncey; Amos Wilcox; E. Bates; Res. Of C.C. Moore; B.O. Moore Est.; School; C.C. Moore; T. Grundy; S.R. Dean; H. Horton; Store of David Smith; Hiram Rogers; N.B. Kesson; John McDonald; Harrison Rogers; W.H. Loomis; F. Young; Jas. Wolcott; C. Crawford; Ditch; Levi Swope; J. Porcupile; H. Rogers; A.H. Dudley Est.; F. E. Lockwood; Theo. Mohn; Geo. McDonald; C. Mannerow; John Petti; Chas. Mohn; R.F.D.; G.H. Funk; R.D. Cooper; W. Snyder; Mrs. R.D. Cooper; F. Dinham; G. Porcupile; O. Snyder; Oscar Thompson; Samuel Swope; R.F.D.; J.B. Wolf Est.; Geo. Porcupile; F. Vickory; J. Brauton; Mrs. J.B. Annin; D. Cobb; Willard Coplin; W.J. Caldwell; A.L. Cary; Fred Marble; E. Hilton; Ditch; G.J. Stauder; Grant Day; D.C. Day; Fair View Farm; John Anton; J. Locklin; C.C Taylor; L. Hamilton; I.W. Crist; Ira & Della Day; Don J. Farwell; Center View Farm; John W. Norton; Walnut Grove Farm; A.D. Bracy; Walnut Level Farm; Ora Smith; Frank & Jennie Speaker; C.H. Locke; F.L. Holmes; Eliza Kennedy; J. Lalong; E.R. Kidder; Riverside Farm; S.M. Craft; S.M. Craft; C.D Kennedy; F.B. Kennedy; Jos. McKinley Est.; Chas. Bogue Est.; W.E. Merling; F. Young; W.R. Adams; E. Burleson Est; H. Holmes; Henry Morris; Chas. Stahl; Mrs. J.P. Annin; Chas. Mohn; John Petti; J. Zellar; J.F. Knapp; Ami Whitney; Prairie View Farm; Res. Of H.J. Greening; Cem.; J.F. & F.W. Knapp; John H. Kaiser; M. McVey; Chas. Mohn; C. Moore; Jud Bignell; John Bignell Est.; S.W. Robinson; A.A. Van Orthwick; Frank McKenzie; F. McGinnes; R.F.D.; Wm. Sobeskie; Frank Ball; Ledyard Perry; Ditch; Girard Twp.; Geo. Herman; J.L. Sobeskie; Frank Perry; R.F.D.; Quincy Twp.; Eliza Perry; W. Demarest; Matilda Baker; M.L. Hammond; Arthur Vanuys; Clizbe & Fletcher; Frank Ball; F.O Weatherwax; B.P. Scripter; D.B. Scripter; Jas. Weatherwax, Est.; Res. of Mrs. E.J. Nichols; Maple Hill Farm; H.P. Wilmarth; Chas. Cusick; O.P. Geer; W.Rolf; School; P.P. Lindsey; Anna Brooks; Geo. Lampman; F.B. Wilcox; E.J. Rolf; Susan Folts; Ambrose Lampman Est.; J.W. Greening; Meadow Brook Farm; Chas. Lindsey; A.E. Lampman; Blue Flag Farm; R.L. Coplin; Dr. W.H. Whitmore; Res. Of C.L. Olney; R. Ely; Geo. Lampman; Conway Otis; J. Grossbeck; Jas. Ransom; H. Myers Est.; Geo. Lampman; Harmon Myers, Est.; Stephen Otis; School; Chas. S. Haskin; Thos. Ryan; Frank Smith; J.B. Frey; Ora Baker; R.F.D.; Thos. Lampman; Merill Lampman; Horace Denham; Mrs. C.H VanOrthwick; Res. Of Robert Beyer; J.D. VanOrthwick; Chas. Gallant; Mrs. C.H Van Orthwick; Cyrus Hills; Ditch; Harvey Chase; Fair View Farm; Res. Of G.R. Oxenham; Chas. Cummings; Hillsdale Co. Note:

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Page  33 3 111 I. -,Pcm:* - -!* - — It -_ - I — =-' - - U-M 33i i7ownship S Jouth,!Range 6 Vegt of the Mitchigan 52eridian (4"7A!Trn" 1fAT _ _ _ 'X. 1- - - -ir_- - - H - 77 V.. - -1 - - 7-4- 40 Caoz~ b 40 78 Co z. ~j I-6r0 Q) _.i -1 "t - Q) -1 1111 1 R,, I '8-* 7767N cc. ~ A<[oer ~~ 8,0 7~ot. w ; 890 0 50 1126 ~ 80 N_ ~s Il G o. - lzl~czs I 00 1.-0? 43r 14CA' 7 AR6 4 10 70 CO70,5 k~ /Ji19'sr i-aziA4 lo. - - " - " ". - I - -, -,?:ff 73- ak'ZsS 00/ 6 1. I - I I - - -. - - - 11 I I _. - - - _. - I I - 40 -fC So I3 I. 0 I C-) I I., l l zl- 7 — - - co - 1 ' 3 */ 0 aO/C ~6 ~ 4~'A 0 092 ~ A:~ ~ All~ '4. 0 / 9' I~k0//9'si0do5 C~z~0 ~ / SA 7/090 cE 77,/9.5C' 4/95 /5C5 /05, '1~~~7bZ22/9A4Z/5 _9f/%05.c2)90/C 3, 1 '2-C ~C 80o0o 0, C, 0 15 )8 Q 0 /", ~ ~o '0 C 2o0 /00 40/ 70.0 4 00/ 5/4 ~ 7 - ~ -/ ~%' 0 '4 ~ ' ~ 50~0/ C, 0 0/ 0/654~'700 02 - 5oC, CsoKi COII4V/0 //A 53 0 '45 so ~ C0 5' 4/ -I~9'' I ~ *7~0~oz8 A 0-40> I 0/15-' 0/C _ _ _ _ i _' '10. / > 4W '/0 IV ' I Gzoa-o '1 0 C ~ ~0//. 4 ~ Yo ~0~o '~0i0/,~ ~/5 C / /0'-" 0/0/14 ~ '- ~ 0 4 ~ ~70./~~/ ~ ~ og CCC/~3~0/4, 0 ___ __ __ __ > S Jr~ I,.2 090/50 j 002,/0C7l0~ 4_ _ _ _ _-. _ _ _ "77 VI' 7 4?Z/0z 530 0/ 42 2'45 - 300 C, -_ _ _0 ooyo~jj~/. f77//0%~I I.~7 J%003C328'77/c/s ~/C~NA L L 11 I 1%4 q ER (JOJJ D W~A TJ3KM 7l 'I/IJ-P-1 IN,.-W-.0, I> Al 1:; I R, 1 1 v ____ - I., -1 __ - -I- I llllll_.=_Z1Wl.=.__l 19 MARNM mm Title: Map of Girard Township 5 S 6 W Keywords: Calhoun Co.; Mrs. J.C. Hills; Peter Larder; E.W. Knight; Carrie E. Moore; E.E. French; Ditch; G.E Bell et al; C.H. Reynolds; Jos. Bekoskie; Willard Whitney; Mary Bell; C.C. Moser; Wm. E. Scott; Joe Warkozceski; M. Pendil; P.A. Hubbard; H.H. Benson; West. Mich. Conf. 7th Day Adv. Church; Res. R. Brown; Jas. Wilder; Frank Vincent; E.C. Clark; Dan'l Scott; A. Haddock; Frank Elting; Mrs. Mary Wagoner; Res. A.A. Moore; Geo. Kingsley; E. Densmore; E. Abel; Frank Darling; Res. Geo. W. Cowles; J.H. Davis; R.T. Foster; Geo. A. Markham; Lake View; H.A. Hunt; C. Doolittle; Res. Hunt Bros.; F.W. Doolittle Est.; W.McElhaney; C.W. Wagoner; Hill View Stock Farm; John Moss; Ditch; Will Tobolski; Glen Huested; Sam'l Shed Est.; W. Hensler; Wm. F. Denbrock; Sweet Hickory Grove Farm; F.W. Tompkins; J. Schafer; Mrs. S. Shedd; S.H. Shed Est.; L.C. Schafer; Geo. Ensley; H. Hummeston; L. Manchester; S.H. Shed Est.; L.A. Shed; M. Coscealney; August Klink Est.; Res. Barney Klink; Elmer Snow; Geo. Washburn; Straus Bros.; Jos. Bekoskie; Geo. Okenkeski; A.F. Baird; Geo. Brewster; J.C. Hills; L.C. Wait; M. Gates; Jas. Hubbard; School; Wm. Eldridge; A.A. Workozcesla; F.B. Stevens; Jay & Wm Bishop; Lewis Reed; Res. Walter D. Oma; P.A. Hubbard; Mrs. Mary Wagoner; L. Reed; Jones Lake; M. Andrews; Lyman Kingston; Vincent Lake; Lusius Stray; Alma C. King; Long Acre; W.H. Woods; A. Todd; Joe Kelly; M. Kelly; J.T. Tompkins; Mrs. R.R. Hurst; Cloy Stray; School; Geo. J. Stray; Res. Clifford Doolittle; F.W. Doolittle Est.; Clare Corlew; Res. S.N. Beck; J. Hensler; J.E. & Steve Skudlarick; W.H. Wadsworth; E.E. Hancock; Eli Sanford; E.T. Waffle; Irene C. Tompkins; Andrew Tobolski; School; Joe Skudlarick; Henry Yost; W.H. Finney; T.L. White; M. Coscealney; Edgar Sebring; Sunny Hill; W.H. Green; M. Storick; L. King; M. King; E.F. King; J. Johnson; M. Grohoski; E.F. King; Asa Weaver; Chas. Rice; Myron Gates; Chas. Cady; Sarah Vosburg; Archie Cherdavoine; Edgar Fry; Ditch; S. Brewster; Chas. Rice; School; A.W. Cherdavoine; Clark & Sam Knauss; Mrs. Emily Fox; Sam'l Knauss; Frank Fox; Loyd E. Rice; O.F. Tinkham; Girard Lake; Maple Corners; Clark Knauss; F.W. Tompkins; E.E. Hancock; J.T. Tompkins; A.L. Smith; J.T. Tompkins; J.C. Musser; J.W. Mann; Leonard Dean; Mary Spaulding; A. Waters; Mary Tompkins; M. Spooner; F.J. Tompkins; Ditch; Mill; Mill Race; E.E. Hancock; F.A. Bidwell; Res. Of C. Farwell; John Ralston; S. Wood; Walter Bailey; Geo. Tobolski; Adaline Fox; Skudlarick Bros.; Frank Farwell; Mary Tompkins; C.A. Tompkins; J. Petch; W. Bailey; Chas. Petch; S.A. Loomis; Res.; R. Brooks; Bert. Hunkerford; J.B. Mintling; E. Bartlett; E.F. King; Myron King; E. Semmelroth; Carl Bogue; Ralph Olney; Mrs. M. Everett; J.B. Mintling; Maple Grove Farm; E. Sammelroth; H.W. Spencer; O. Rich; Res. Ben Brewster; Geo. Brewster; W.E. Nivison; Geo. Grove; J.H. McLane; Geo. Grove; Cem.; A.L. Smith; Smithland Farm; B. Wilder; Sam'l Barry; Lewis Reed; Sam'l Craig; C.R. & F.G. Morrison; Popular Lawn; D.S. Whitcomb; J.H. McLain; GIRARD; Nora LaDow; H.I. Thacher; Oak Grove; J. Ruch; H.J. Morrison; Nancy Nye; E.T. Waffle; Wm. Moore; R.B. Hollenbeck; Nellie Stahl; M.H. Mann; Morning Side; Cem.; B.A. Jones; C. Hollenbeck; Wm. Hollenbeck; R.G. Wagoner; Butternut Ridge; R.B. Hollenbeck; P.R. Harris; S.B. Taylor; A. Gribbens; S.M. Lutes; School; J.M. Brown; Frank Cox; Andrew Ratkoski; S.M. Lutes; Jas. Blauvelt; Frank Warkozceski; L.W. McCartney; A. J. Havens; Ditch; John Stahcwiak; H. Schooly; F. Cox; Amanda Cox; Chas. Lyman; Eunice Lyman; D. Lyman; Chas. Taylor; L.D. Ostram; F.E. Brooker; Rosa A. Holderbaum; Wm. Corey; Ditch; W. Harman; School; W.E. Nivison; W.H. Adams; Coldwater River; B. Foster; Geo Fetterly; Elsie McDougle; Cornell Heirs; Chas. Gruner; B. Johnson; L. Craig; S. Craig; Clarkson Ewers; Chas. Reed; N. Rowley; Res. C.E. Bush; Dan'l Parker; Craig's Lake; L.G. Stevens; C. & R. Barnes; Chas. Reed; Ditch; Chas. McCosh; Jas. Paddock; Evelyne Smith; Wm. Gilson; C.J. Harris; A.J. Hawkins; W.H. Fleming; Res.; School; E. Braughton; E. Smith; F.J. Smith; Maple Valley Farm; J.C. Barney; Geo. McMoody; Chas McCartney; R. Burritt; Res. Chas. H. Sweet; Leonard Dean; J.E. Jackson; A.J. Havens; J.F. Jackman; Warren Walker; B.A. Lehmann; Sam'l Wortz; Henry Hayes; School; E.W. Gould; W. Walker; P.Phair; Thos. Walker; Otis Pierce; H.A. Strong; T. Taylor; Seamar Taylor; J.C. Dobeski; Wm. Frerickson; J.B. Morford; Alice Walters; Thos. Stafford; Res. W.M. Paddock; John Anton; Delmar Haynes; Chas. & E. Gruner; Chas. Gruner; Mrs. Mattie Cornell; Ed. Res. Cornell; School; J.S. Trautman; W.E. Nivison; Geo. Shaw; M.E. Nivison; Res.; Anna Stroh; Coldwater Twp.; S.B. Randall; Geo. Blackwell; W.D. Waffle; Poland China Swine Farm; P. Adolph; Poplar Beach; Morrison Lake; Philip Adolph; M.J. & W.D. Hawley; S. Hart; Lake View; W.D. Hawley; Res. J.G. Curtis; D.H. Wood; Walnut Ridge Farm; P.P. Morrison; Ed. Grasley; Ditch; Res. Fred Nagel; H. Rice; Ora Wood; L. Rice; N. Taylor; C.E. Rice; A Cudner; Wm. Oatway; Guy W. Amaden; D. Corliss; Res. Lewis Logan; B. Spencer; Harvey Hoopingarner; J.J. Lewis; Res Will Sisson; C. Clement; Sam'l Wortz; Albert Rose; Rebecca Clement; J.H. Clement; J.H. Swope; D.N. Tripp & L. Cudner; Adeline Selbick; A.D. Rice; Albert Reynolds; M.C. Reynolds; G. Porter; M. Lossing; Chas. Gould; D. Snyder; H. Culp; D H. Strong; Sam'l Shultz; Joe Sobie; Res; Jas. Sobie; Peter Stahowiack; Ditch; A. Ferguson; P. Maurer; Corless Bros.; J.H. Mitchell; Butler Twp. Note:

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Page  35 42/422)0240)0 I I 14-1- -, -,, -.-,I A P- _,"'! e _.ffi, ),,. 1 + w -, - R 0,11w, 4 1 I 2~ IA l vgownship S5 South, 5?ange 7 W~eSt of the Mitchigan!ZJWeridlan 35 (7,4 F F. IF/ I7,Ar' +.,.. - - " - 1.1- - - - - - __ -1 l1 w o 7 7o-. 2 A)P~. o7 Z. 0 6 2 0 ~%..~~r~S.20)7 i 2 w26Q/*l ok 02))2.0 L 22 P I 9,-_ _.1 643.4,,-3-,-_0_' 6-X ". A Z 6 11 t2.4 5 - 22 12-) I..6/2A' /200, 8 Ip /16..F0 202, 00/7 "0 0Q *'2~* 2 0 o0 /0)00 "> 4o 020 0)02 0) 0 02 0 6252 0. I - -, 50/2 00~) A4. /'15 co~-y::2;~e. I2 A - 201 -317 To, 7? gq. /8 YZZ /00 CO*'j 4.041/ oc2; 00 o0 0 -25 0) 20 1 *. 02) 0/22 (3,0) -0 I — WIiN7i II 2 0)0) 2>0 j,0)) ) /06. /222.32~2 2/070 )o 0 ~63o oc'/oi041 7oy 0003 40 40 0 0 [,K, 6/0/ 0 oF 40 (5/0 <'[ * 0) 4/ 0*62 0) 4-00)6 0)47 0 -,) I12 82- (/2-10)22 290 * A.q C2; _65022;e2- 22 Q).160 5,/52, /0) (2.~) 610 06?20 K_~ 0 1 'l I I 0 IC 2,,~' 1257 5v 0 I2,Z? 41).? 13) Q) N RI I..13 )_:3 \ ,j, q -, I __ __ - - - - - -. I 40 -4 22' - q _ /26)o 4 V))' 2 ~0 Izoo /210 I,,, ooSo/,o 7.0 C'2 0)o 0 - i. __... - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 40 10) I0 2 -V I I II I - I - I I - _. 1.11 Q0 14 0 q)7 I. 0)) 0 -00. 0) N N N C" A 0o - ' Q1,;w " 0 20I 2A0GV9'0M r -4.2.0 /00 )J I foorI 70 3?. 1, f~AP'766eOCZ2; 7222 —5 I or /-21 lb 0).70a-1 0).42_XC I0) qD zo * 0,2/70 I1 -5 jJC 11 I; 80I 1.../~'2w62yI~ ~ 7S,' 2/ I I. -1 _1___L ---------------------- __41. ---- --. _ -. -. - - -- I. - 4 J~10, 2e /5>1 I0i,)0 /32 71o/620 00 I I 40 1,41N ____ -/Itz 770/0 o132.:32~'oo 0' 2/23' - '0)0~ 0 0 0 /0 O96 40.0.0 0 low 0 24/2 /00 i. ~> '/ ~ 0 ~ o) ~0 ) 0 Q 2 ' 0 0 ) ' ~ i 0) 2 2 / 6 - 2 4 0 0 ~ ~ / 2 2 A d d r n. 4 7 ',Y 'I 22 '20''- -..o0 0- 0) 0)024/ 'ly4 0 6-503320 2 '00 0 00 2.29 19 4302216 /60 140. 4o.JffrJIrf~5f /2o'o6/2 0) C/coo 43coloz - 224 BATAVIA 42-~i /I/ 0ow I -02022 0 2~~oz~z7? b16 Z - AHlz~2 /2r -/r1z 3?2ooo20o 0q.40 1.2.-' /4 7022 ba24. 4-0 Z6 2ze.2.2 Z06/&2 40 V2 400 30/ 4~4~1 0 Z260 / C." I ~40 0k) in- 2 /2 6~o 402 0~-'s ) 0).90 00~1. ~' I ~ '< ~5324) eI I i II 1I j I I Is ~! -:~r 1 - -IL C I- - I'I-`6,,i.- 0 t~ ~ I Iy02 1f06' -. L i2{ - __+-. * ----M -~ __I-~-Z~ _ _, __..P>OZ'o Z. 652 Ao~ro /04~ /c Z? k2r' C 0fI/co227 -1.1 C I I ZZO.7 — ",I) CIWl? 141. 0 Q ii% "I /0I 2).\41" i (IS ~~22~ 0 ~ _,", 0. 02~a-_ AY ZZO. 111^1 v - 2- -k y- - - - - - - -'I —,A 64~ /..L 24.1 _ - "/7 I______ 02*0. 2 'IT,7" 1A/ P_ -4 P, v _x P - '91 - " - __ - __ __0 - NSI____, 1_1. - I- - - lll -, — Qlllll_ _ I 11- _ _111\9____V.'C__ _A P,." ,__. I r>4a Belgium I kg NI a-;~W., I". , I I., RM I P M.- I I .Wl II Title: Map of Union Township 5 S 7 W Keywords: Calhoun Co.; Girard Twp.; Batavia Twp.; Sherwood Twp.; F.E. Atwood; Res.; G.w. Stanton; Mrs. S. Lusk; C.W. Hosmer; R. Chaffee; Ditch; G.B. Holben; C.W. Hosmer; St. Joseph River; N.H. Lucas; C.H. Johnson; Alex McCrary Jr.; H. Mallow; F. Lux; G. Lux; Res.; B.Witter; C.E. George; Henry Van Vranker; Union City; Hattie Bronson & Sadie Blake; Sarah E. Case; Cyrus Worthington; W.H. Stone; John P. Kidney; Mrs. J.R. Shimp; Mrs Sam Corbin; Edward Carr; J.C. Ford; Lillie Brooks; Fred Pierce; Wm. Morsman; Mrs. D Day; Mrs. C. Thatcher; C.M. Van Orman; J.A. Bell; Smith Bros.; W.K. Roush; Cathrine Knapp; Geo. Young; G.Gillen; Jake Katz; V. Campbell; H.G. Fisk; Orley VanSchoick; Dell Guilford; Wm. A. Sellwood; Bessie McCausey; Henry A. Worden; A. Van Schoick Est.; Jas Childs; R.F.D.; S. Melody; Christ Katz; Ditch; A.B. Cory; J.F. McCausey; H.G. Holz; D. Disbro; Mary Reed; E.R. Rickard; D.O. Cory; J. Mack; S.H. Nye; Wm. Katz; Lyman Ogden Est.; Res.; W.H. Ogden; D.L. Ely; School; Roy B. Cline; A.F. Drake; R. Arbogast et al; Wm. Morsman; A J Troxell; J.R. Blake Est.; Jas. Carr; R. Arbogast et al; John & Mrs. H.A. Travis; A.J. Troxell; M.F. Buell; T.C. Anderson; Mrs. A.D. Norton; I. Dufer Est; Wm. Hartman; A. Krimmel Est.; L.P. & Eliz. Adolph; A.B. Cline; Kate Krimmel; F. Merrill; B.e. Bell; T.W. & R.M. Collins; Lee L. Johnson; Mary E. Johnson; H.G. Fisk; R.H. Stafford; M.F. Buell; School; Mrs. F Roe; A.J. Morey; F.E. Morey; A Rosens; Mrs. C. Thatcher; Ditch; Willard Adolph; E. Adolph; School; Jessie N. Hayner; Mrs. G.M. Burnett; Joseph Grinnell; F.G. Zimmerman; H.R. Johnson; E. Cherdavoine; G.H. Vosburgh; Mrs. J.R. Vosburgh; Mary A. Baker; J.L. Cline; Michigan Central R.R.; Mrs. E. Swartwont; Geo. Wrigglesworth; Mrs. Belle Lee; Fred Olmstead Est. J.S. Nesbitt; Orvit C Sanderson; Anson Disbro; Res.; Grange Hall; H.F. Riley; John Peck; T.C. Anderson; A.J. Boyer; E.H. Hubbard; D.R. Lincoln; R.F.D.; Res.; Mrs. Lina Cooley; Ditch; Chas. Bell; L. Adolph; Peerless Portland Cement Co.; A. Zimmerman; Rhoda O'Rouke; (Burroughs); E.M. Philo; Chas. Knapp Jr.; Chas Knapp Sr.; Jessie Day; F. Champion; P.I. Phillips; Coldwater River; R.H. Stafford; B.F. Olmstead; D.P. White Est; Mrs. W. Duel; A.D. Eldred et al; Ed Adolph; Mrs. C.O. Lincoln; Mrs. J.T. Brooks; C.E. Brooks; A.A. Baker; Willard Adolph; C.W. Johnson; Henry A. Kingsbury; Res.; A.M. Olney; W. G. Lee; French & Son; S.A. Johnson; Glen Johnson; W.G. Lee; Oscar Day; C.D. Cozier; R.F.D.; Mary J. Gillett; C.D. Cozier; W.H. Farmer; Thos. Mack; Ella Whitney; Geo. Weaver; C.L. Burnett; F.E. Hansen; L.W. Arnold; Ditch; Robert Lake; Geo. Manvil; A. Campbell & Co; H.F. Riley; Res.; J.L. Kilbourn; School; A. Warsop; A.J. Mathews; John Philo; Chas. Mitchell; Meadow Brook Farm; A.W. Moore; S.A. Smith; Res.; J.L. Moore; R.J. Whitcomb; L.S. Whitcomb; W.w. Warren; Hattie Burnhart; Wm. Sisco; Jas. Fox; Fair Chance Farm; J. Seabury Est.; Edward Kenknight; Res; B. Kenknight; J. Swan; Cozier; Chas Wiley; Eugene Lee; School; H.E.; W. Hawley; Wm. Sisco; Eva Warren; Res; W.w. Warren; G.W. Gillen; Chas. Hubbard; Hattie Burnhart; E.A. Wooster; Emily Brooks; Geo Manvil; H. Schoick; S.w. Ressler; C.C. Cozier; Wm. Downs; M.B. Downs; Res; D.L. Stancer; Wm. Olds; Mrs. C. Sharts; Jos. Kingston; Mrs. H. Phillips; J.C. Mack; Ralph Dibble; D. Grisley; Joe Mack Est.; John Phillips Est.; E.P. Feller; Mrs. Jas. Ripley; Rex Dibble; Ralph Dibble; D.L. Stancer; Jas. Carr Est.; Hog Cr.; Wm. Kingston et al; John Clutter; Ditch; D.L. Buell; Res; Thos. B.Buell; D.D. Buell; Broadmead Farms; Res.; A.L. Smith; Grasmere Farm; S.A. Smith; Floyd Smith; Bert Dennison; Res.; Benton Green; G. Strong; H. & R. Nagel; B. Philo; Ditch; Mrs. L. Newcomb; W. Sisco; John & Thos. Cain; John M. Wells; R.F.D.; Chas. Barnhart; Mrs. John Brecker; Geo. L. Newcomb; Wm. Plum & Benj Ruthrauff; T.H.B. Ruthrauff; L. Robinson Est.; A.W. Moore; T.P. Cain; Sadie E. Spencer; Wyckliff Kyte Est.; School; H.F. Lee; H.M. Daniels; G. Brauker; Fred Swain; U.S. Robinson; Orin Swan & Wm. Johnson; C. Walworth; J.P. McDaniels; Geo. A. Lee; O. Kyte; F.L. Swan; Eugene Wilson; M. Nichols; John Brauker Jr.; Eugene Wilson; Mathew Burns; L.W. Hanks; Mrs. F. Barnhart et al; W.H. Addams; Geo. Shaw; Harry Bater; J.L. Hunt; Geo. Wood; D.D. Buell; D. Van Orman; School; Chas. Trumole; W.C. Smith; Chas. Bater; H. Newman; E. Yund; Herbert Kimball; Chas. Harper; I.B. Wilson; S Trumbull; E.H. Thompson; C.G. Tyler; Martin Case; Geo. Swain et al.; Chas. Barnhart; Sadie E. Spencer; Mrs. C.R. Smith; Kate Moore; A.P. Smith; Chas. Barnhart; Mrs. John Stryker; Early Hawley; John Hawley; Dora L. Barnhart; School; Mrs. A. Miller; P.A. Smith Est.; Solon Griffin Est; W.F. & P.G. Maess; E.R. Brauker; J. Brauker; E.R. Brauker; Frank Barnhart; Vern C. Brown; David Brown; C.J. Corey; Mrs. J. Brauker; E.F. Merritt; J. Brauker; O. Kyte; J.P. Williams; L.H. Fetterly; U.C. Myers; F.C. Blarcom; Maggie B. Graf; W. Gruner; A.F. Relyea; John Grzybowski; Albert Smith; J. Ward; A.H. Fry; Mrs. Susan George; F.E. Calkins; Chas. Luh; F.S. Wooster; H. Wiler; J. Wiler; Delmar Haynes; Wm. Luh; A. Miller; Mrs. H. McQueen; G.W. Dewater; Mrs. G Crandell; W. Gruner; F. Wooster; J.s. Trautman; Carrie Cassler; Ernest Hayne; J.J. Wagner Note:

Page  36

Page  37 I I? 22g 37 * 4,F T 7 > I C }::xx. —fSfHERWOO)Drn' I TOWNSHIP 3 ~ "0 "' 0 Scal 2 inchesto,1Imile %7ownship S5 South, S'?ange 8 Vest of the 5/tiehigan M)eridian * CL UW1 I 5 k 7 *0, I, CIC0 786/0.4.z.o chari.-,C )62vsrlaiZZ 5,a/22C,,e'52a" '. J~q.0 I.20.b,:6 a IF/ Z 7-9 a -/ 23. -K. K. OZ2 9n6lrx -A9- 15 T I Ng F- - I t I 11 3 &a24A/2 4~o 51/.00 40~ O4O. z5ucidl 1. ___ T, - r Z422.6 '.50'c' 2"-69.I.07'612 2346 CoZ72s 7- -- K 1SZ.2z I - l -... - -., I I - I.- 11 -1.- -s r - ~ 7 LU 1.I 1 C, ~K. < (2.?3 C42 ' Cr II -~oss '2I (If 4/, 2 464lr4o'z642 ts I7acoI 806 zI Z 2r'I..'5 662h42 I'll 616"11#F I 61 I IA/s 5 Z4044164z2 -11 40 -~u I 6~ I., "I II. —, - I', -. II. 9oesllaclay * slol 560 ZF47i4. *$'10s21c2.rz 520 5o y 0. L007, oji 2* 0 -,,, C,. '6 297T \ J1'42/ a~sll~ 242 6 fC 20 -/" I. - I I 210 82 4 1 0 & K',4- 1.324 ~rr 1 (4 0 4ie /60 I 111,. - - _. -.1. jvI-I R 5coee,40 C/26622' I"o/ I026I2I'266R C yarie'so I I I gmgw Z~ / //yr 0.10BE62! 0 I,,..63 q5Al~ t, ) i2 l".01 52 ~ I~' q ZI 13 tK I 11 -1 1 2 &a72d666r2/2o 46 40V '1762 5665'2. - I --- i 117 --! 11;H 4Ie~ 775c I. 2 lb20, ~ '0 C jj 'i6 2Z-.5 - rzlvA lqA'Z I I " - - 1. 0,? IV0 ~ I/_ 6 6 5L z2 '~~ 526.5 11, IC '1 6120 I - -!. - I i. 11 279 0o -11 66'0174262 74r11/s.53.1 292 15 g6 12 70j 4440 4C, 54.10 '60I0 o1127s 58/6.6oC6I --.42,,c2'.5'.D.rn103 67 /7250.266.5 0.' 0 7' 5' 8ss' N5/2.'>7'6 244. 0C,i.c 55560 6,8 21/222 C, 240 LiZ] C.4 "I - 0 11,I Nt, 1 C it... I i 1 Q --- -- -- *'C, -- '%% '. C, V. N * 224 0~ 23 41/30coo55's'140.6 0.rczC~r' ~4~ 22 2 226976 C, C, 00/s orjf '.0 5, 262/2665 76 "6 0 36/3d 2 56 3702'~' \0 ~.C,'~ 026 6 &ows* 0 D>5*o7~~./4 062 5 Aso I /CZ'8 E~' s.I~sr [K.~IL~rrE5O1 ',56 37 4 424.~1 T.2, VCalz/Woas'n 016120 76~ C, Co C. C ".0 Coo 2 '0'' 0o 0'0Co ~ w,.714 -14 /26.5 '50 UJ 0 -20 25.16 66227' 46 -49112/66 K) 2'70J 4i / 06 410 25.2 /622 I, -. - - - 4.7. 40 14 F602.9/266 7A _l K40.l.410 (4 - alol22si 6S62 0 5620 *C, 25 5o1e'sIow 4422-6/ c'..-zsc-6622.ts' 80 4' 7/24. 61155 266226 2 I -,, - - - -. I I IMip.10M. I I I N x Title: Map of Sherwood Township 5 S 8 W Keywords: Calhoun Co.; Union Twp.; Matteson Twp.; St. Joseph Co.; S. Cline; Theo Ansley; Harvey Van Fassen; Notawa River; Marl Lake; William H. Russell; Vira G. Wells; D.e. Moore; Michigan Central R.R.; P.W. Ansley; A.D. Tabor; L.H. Buck; Notaway Farm; C.D. Kellogg; Milton Lehr; R. Favorite; D. Wilson; Mrs. Minnie Overholt; Charles Standiford; Jas. Standiford Est.; R.F.D.; Cem; J.T. Russell Est.; Res.; Edda & Rodney J. Simons; Waldren Park; John Kehoe; Sam'l Shaw; School; G.M. Spencer; Res.; Ditch; S.B. Corbin; J.T. Russell; Charles Standiford; Budd Thurston; Vincent Watkins; Mrs. Hannah Martin; Mrs. S.A. Gilman; Res.; H.A. Johnson; W.L. Main; School; Eugene Engle; R.F.D.; L.F. Brace; John P. Fox; Willard Walsworth; Mariah C. Fulton; N.L. Pepper; L. Ralston; Theo. Ansley; George Ralston; Edgar J. Cross; John Correll; Jacob Correll; William Carr; R.F.D.; School; Heidelberg College Tiffin Ohio; S. Lehr; Guy D. Latham; R.F.D.; S. Lehr; R.R. Harmon; S. Lehr; Heidelberg College; Res; David Kinyon; Kinyon Lake; Lake Lehr; S. Lehr; A.B. Greenfield; Nancy Doubleday et. al.; John A. Stanton; Res; Nancy Doubleday et al; Samuel Shaw; S.B. Corbin; John A. Stanton; M.J. Selby; W.M. Selby; John J. Mallow; John A. Stanton; F.D. Sunday; Maurer Bros.; F. Pierce; F.J. Moore; William Scott est.; George Tuttle Est.; H.S. Peck; E. Failing; Fred S. Dunks; John Correll; William Fulton; Snyder & Bisbee; Arthur Fredenburg; W.H. Russell; J. Pulmer; Ed Reichart; R.F.D.; Karl Brandt; Sam Harmon; D. Durfee; A. Blackman; C.J. Shiner; Lucia L. Fredenburg Est.; Charles Hammond; Kirby Lake; Mrs. L. Scott; D.O. Hosmer; Elmer Groth; Fern Strunk; C.H. Hall; Cathrine Loomis; C.D. Kellogg; O. Kellogg; C.E. Thurston; Fred Pierce; Res.; Ethel Pierce; M.A. Rathburn; Charles D. Rathburn Est.; E.O. Miller; R.F.D.; Grange Hall; E. Davis; D.G. Hosmer; G.M. Spencer; A.M. Pulver; Leo Miller; C.R. Leatherberry; Nancy Doubleday et. al.; C.R. Leatherberry; School; Wm. M. Selby; Mary Robertson; Charles & Mary Robinson; John A Stanton; M. Walkins; Bert Everet; H.J. Evert; Elbert Loomis; D.L. Billings; Mrs. H.A. Leatherberry; William Scott Est.; A.E. Cole; L.E. Dufar; Fred S. Dunks; Mrs. Mary E Smith; H.J. Evert; J.c. Evert; John Defoe; C.O. Sanderson; Ditch; Carrie Silbaugh; Mrs. C.M. Mann Est.; Lewis Tenna; Mrs. C.O. Boussum; Wm. Carrell; R.F.D.; N.W. Hemenway; E. Carrell; C.E. Thurston; E. Fulton; Wm. Euler; Res.; Tenna Lake; R. Adams; Cem.; A.B. Blackman; Ditch; Theoren Pilgrem; Elmer Groth; J. Wells; Columbus Beard; Frank Bennett; Charles Mastin; Nancy Doubleday et al; H. Leatherberry; L.L. Fredenburg; Robert Bell; R.F.D.; J. Tillotson Est; M. Sprung; H.E. Henry; L. Stoy; H.E. Henry; N. Mulligan; Res.; G.A. Drumm; Rathburn & Drumm; H.J. Evert; E. Washburn; C Narber; Marion Watkins; Elbert Loomis; Maple Stock Farm; Jesse Gates; Henry Forrest; Mrs. J.G. Collins; J.H. Forrest; Res; Mrs. Jennie Osborn; R. Osborn; Frank Wilder; W.w. Gates; G.E. Kilbouren; W.R. Walker; R.F.D.; School; Mrs. Mary E Smith; Isaac Jones; J Foster; A. Disbro; C.M. Putman; H.B. Smith; Mary Herman; Fetter & Campbell; John Gawlak; George Baad; Clara French; Mrs. I. Taylor est.; Wm. Bacon; A. Kent; Blossom Lake; C. Blackman; School; L Fimple; Haven Lake; Joe Wells; Dane Lake; Caroline DeLano; Res.; C. J. & Isabell shiner; J. Murphy; C.A Mann; Elmer Groth; B.T. Van Housen; J.W. Swihart; F. Leatherberry; Eli Watson; Res.; F. Vreeland; Herbert E. Henry; Cem; J.A. annis; Ditch; Kidney; E.L. Sargent; C. Sprung; V. White; Henry s. Herriff; Sherwood; Robert Fraser; L.E. Mastin; A. Jenkins; Ida Westendorf; Frank Waggoner; Fannie Dormer; M.C. Hazen; Henry Woodruff; E.E. Carswell; J. Kemp; C.H. Flanders; Mrs. Holton Kilbourn; s.L. Kilbourn; Presley F. Wolfe; Res; Josephine Thomas; Ira Scofield; A. Betts; H. Roberts; T.L. Kimber; Michael Glowe; Jas. Davis; Ira Scofield; Wm. Birch; Ditch; John Gawlak; Geo. Francisco; Henry J. Jones; Anna Francisco; Martin Jackowick; J. Krzeinmski; G. Herman; Leroy Hubbard; Jos. Krzeinmiski; R.F.D.; Thomas Muzolff; S.J. Bole; Joe Wells; River Lake; St. Joseph River; E. Hill & Sons; E.W. Pulver; Howard Shaw; Frank Thornton; J.F. McIntyre; W. Ladyman; J. Wrigglesworth; W.H. Ladyman; B.T. Van Housen; F. Tollitson Est.; A.J. Slade; H.L. Van Housen; Michigan Central R.R.; C.H. Stoudinger; A. Gherring; Henry S. Herriff; Lawn Ridge Farm; C.A. Daniels; J.L. Hazen; Julius Mohr; res.; Alberta Cline; Henry Olney; Isaac Rohrer; Ditch; J.A. Annis; Geo. Young; A.W. Cross; J. Barton; F. Calkins; Anna W. Locke; P.J. Locke; D. McCarty; Martin Jackowiak; R.F.D.; J.D. Jones; C.H. Hall; M.L. Jones; C.H. Hall; Sylvester Gehring; C.L. Robbins; L. Gagnier; School; G. Root; Warren Henry; Fred Bathrick; Frank Van Wormer; John Francisco; N. & M. Alger; D. Codington; S.F. Taylor; Juliet Triskett; Raymond Jones; B.L. Ward; J.W. Taylor; B.L. Ward; Bolestow Kanicwske; Thos. F. Musolff; J.W. Dillman; Otis Williams Note:

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Page  39 1511 --- e.- I 11, It,- 111 — k, - - —.M=-:- - Al — i . - - - - - - -, 9:-,..I a - -NO-1-1, -1-MR-1-IN I- - 39 vCownship 6 Jouth, 501ange 8 Veet of the 5Ktehigan Melridian 'Qy r-rF7 XI, MO /') F) L - - I A ---'/0 -a / 9. -=-8 -.- — l' - -. - - -_-5- - I ", - - - - -- - I - 13 Ae z z:2-az 11 O e *a 6or?. /,5 —4 o!31o — 7 srocrjj o I —.. 74' 9-01 y&<2 C7?- C-,?Ohe.r.40 Kk~ 0. )./2% k 2?,1~ / I.. I k2r 7o Ue ~2o0 8 6 o- c z-o-! -- 4 6 I ", -1 - -,T,7 24 - -. -- 4 W. - 1N z g,'LzyO'-qe6z-z ZFO- -10 71, !16 L --- —-------------------- L --- — I IT> A- R/ Jczkoor lb 41_18~ 'or 7608%'''00020/ 200 -4-0 Zi40 oY3 0(0)) F o,-0soo 803t/%0 I -'.240 401 I /2fft6 IO i/z 502/e27S -)( h t - * < -? 'AQe2 0 o21 0 5 a yG /42~f 2zo1 6 V 0 '7 Y//0r /%.2? 1 /40 20 ~ tile ill tteo6) I202580 8 -7 24 1)03 - f (A 2. 8.$*06 301 2 I c4-& '40' 4I /1/0002 -02 1,I 208/288 3J-A o 0o0o/22 -A)A-F,~ /20 K.6i0 0) ~ /0 ~ ~ S/kO%? "" //p(.61 /4-0 j _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. 5~/8824 c:..>f I b~I K)0,A-_ * 52.o 6).- 2, i ~ p5476) 0IN:~f0~ ~ (8o ~ ~ Q- /00 Oeo-6 _NQ ( %78i./ 3' A.W6 0Y /A o 4-0 ____ ~ ~ ~. 5220* J A-~0 6 o~~o) 40.4. 440 0 0 A ott 9209 20 lo040I 40 2. _ _4_ _ 70_ 4 A8t~ij 0 )6 3e_- 2922 c1722CAP2%? 3 - 60 0 /0 0(- 4 - '1 oJ i IC",20 80 o c)529f3? 160 ____- ~ ~400(2 1oo~?( K.3i5/70(3 l I 440 zooh BRONSON 40 - 4.71 JIol o -s 2e-66's 190 '-z O O A1.5-0 Ix I- l-') zl 141 ' 11Q 11 1 Q QO Z. 2 04 0(.2/2272 /2/?7'x ~~p~ N 3K A. -F ~22 "'''. 1/72) 1 90011 6)ICW 7 902 272. o27 ' 9 - Q)2-7' l? 260 02kll 'OIA f-olaooo *1;'t I - 1117 -1 i'4 " I: I Q; - = - =2.0 - -'2 " (0 _ __ __ - I ~3.......' -. -.4 - 7-TVP. i "I Z' — 51 — 1 ki4' 11> - I 0 I # -#- -#. W., a'. ' W - M IZ:ZL)- ~I 01 Title: Map of Matteson Township 6 S 8 W Keywords: Sherwood Twp.; Batavia Twp.; Bronson Twp.; St. Joseph Co.; C.W. Lyon Est; F. Miller; J. Webb; W. Webb; St. Joseph River; B. Shetts; P. Watson; Michigan Central R.R.; Levi Snyder; W. Webb; Fred Thrams; M.E. Bathrick; E.H. Mowry; Ditch; Lambertson & Son; Jas. Mowry; Vere Mowry; W. Webb; C.A. Lambertson; Mrs. E. Wrigsby; Geo. C. Wattles; J. Mater; T. Huntley; S.K. McMillen; S. Moher; W. Johnson; Fred Calkins & Wife; Eldor Jolley; Guy R. Jones; Maple Row Stock Farm; Isaac Roher; W. Rosebury; J. Locke; J.L. Castle; A.W. Jackson; Woodland Stock Farm; R.F.D.; Wm. Mansfield; F.B. Calkins; Town Line Stock Farm; E. Gilispie; Wm. Trumble; Anna Lock; O.A. Forcum; J. D Heinbaug; J. Nichols; Jennie Mastin; C.P. Riley; Elmer Leatherberry;Geo. Misenar; Fred Bathack; Mrs. E. Mastin; Dwight Phimple; Curtis Mastin; Jas. Hollingshead; Wm. Monroe; Ernest Alger; J.B. Washburn; N. Alger; Francis Reynolds est.; Wm. Reynolds Est.; Res.; Clint Palmateer; Byron Mitchell; Chas. Ambs; J. French; J.F. Eberhart; A. Whitmore; Wm. Ambs; Jas. Coats; Fred Thrams; Elmer Fry; Elmer Whitmore; Henry G. Wagner; Carl Whitmore; School; Sam'l. Ambs; E.P. Wilcox; Mrs. M.J. Rust; W.s. Wattles; F. Taylor; W.P. Hughes; Harvest Home Farm; E.P. Wilcox; Jas. Anderson Est.; Merrit Wattles; Rich Wattles; Mint Distill.; Wm. Persails; Wilbur Scott; G.C. Wattles; Mint & Stock farm; A.W. Jackson; Fred Freeland; F.A. Wattles; Swain & Russell; Res.; J.W. Jailer; E.V. Nash; O.C. Nash; Jas. Hollingshead; Peter Vanderhoof est.; H. Hawn Est.; D. McCarty; H. Hawn Est.; Mrs. L.A. Wiley; Wm. Trumble; Wm. Mellinger; S.J. Jolley; Mrs. B.F. Green; M. Defoe; A. Hanna; Stephen Kibiloski; Leslie Bennett; School; Chas. Farrand; Ditch; Maple Row; R.F.D.; Wm. Stough; Nina Carter; Res.; Owen L. Moser; Res.; Erwin Salisbury; S.L. Keyes; H.F. Johnson; M. Phinicie; L. Langwell; E. Hoyt; Wm. Terhune; Mrs. R. Staffeldt; Asenth Akey; S.E. Yeatter; The Pines; Marie Meyer; Culver Fruit Farm; Delbert Whitmore; Res.; John A. Ultz; J.J. Ultz; Ditch; Pine Villa Stock Farm; Peter Gilpin; Lydia Hagenbough Heirs; J.W. Rex; Saml. Stuart; Oscar Dunather; Sam'l. Ambs; A'd. Hogoboom; F.R. Fisk; Res; Jay Straehly; Adaline Selby; Kirk Whitmore; Popular Lawn; Geo. Micklatcher; Hill View; John Stailey; F.e. Philo; B.J. Coward; Res.; E.W. Hogoboom; Ad. Hogoboom; B. Coward; Frank Coward; Store; F. Riley; W. Croy; C. Copeland; E. Croy; Ed. E. Croy; Stony Ridge Seed Farm; Chas. Vreeland; C. Greely; F. Shafer; E. Fordham; Gertie Turner & B.A. Stout; Wm. Burch; Res.; Joe Johnson; Stephen Kibiloski; Evergreen Lawn Farm; School; J.M. Copeland; Ditch; C.G. Babcock; E.P. Hoyt; Milton Bennett Est.; A. Sands; Res.; Wm. Buys; Allen Corson; Solomon Yeatter; School; Geo. Danbury; Cornelius young; P. Kane; Solomon Yeatter; Jacob Stall; Chas. McCarty; Frank McCarty; M. Claypool; Pleasant Hill; Fred Lyter; Henry Eberhard; Henry Thompson; Ditch; Frank Conn; Frank Kubosiak; C.A. Robbins; Town Hall; A.G. Copeland; C.A. Baxter; F. Kubosiak; John Outwater; E.E. French; School; Mrs. E. Gray; Res. W. Hurley; W. Hurly; J. Case; Z. Tyler; G.E. Butz; c. Thompson; T.D Turner; Hill Side; Matteson Lake; A. Grazella; Cem.; Harry Ruple; J. Werner; Jas. Allen; S.b. Carson; J.A. Carter; Church; Res.; J.F. Herman; Mary G Corson; L. Benton; W. Kubosiak; W. Luce; J.A. Carter; J. Koscielny; J. Lyter; J.D. Watson; S. Decker; Patrick Kane; Chas. Neindorf; Ed. Mussen; Res. Claude Mussen; Res Michael Kane; Jas. Kane Est.; P. Kane; Fred Luter; Joseph Smolka; J.D. Watson; E. Truby; Swan Creek; H. Eberhard; D. & R. Gibbs; Geo. Danberry; Christa H. Burnham; E.M. Burnham; Chas. L. Burnham; E.E. French; John Outwater; Mrs. E. Danes; E. Smith; Rebecca Carpenter; Wm. Valyer; Res. Ross Fenno; Ray Thompson; Allie Zepp; School; Jos. Wood; Geo. Herman; Allie Zepp; Frank Jones; L. James; A. Philips; F. Dusenberry; J. Kollasa; Jas. Harkey; A. Bartlett; Jas. Ratnowski; D.M. Reynolds; Burnley Foote; R.F.D.; J.B. Foote; W. Luce; M. Creiger; M. Wotta; Jos. Herman; Michael Herman; M. Wotto; R.G.; J.A.K; E. Salisbury; E. D. Warner; E. Chapman; Wm. Koyt; Eugene Kimer; R.F.D.; P. Kane; A.N. Hollister; P. Eberhard; Frank Bartholame; L.J. Byer; Walter Brook; Frank Coward; F. Thompson; D. & R. Gibbs; A.N. Hollister Est.; G.C. Hollister; David Shook; Milton Eberhard; John Sindlinger; Albert H. Hollister; Mrs. Hiram Hackett Est.; C.N. Phillips; Harlow Gibbs; J.H. Shaw; Fritz Shaffmaster; Henry Shaffmaster; Frank Martin; Richard Coward; Frank Shaffmaster; Edna B. Miner; Chris Sindlinger; A.E. Osborn; Silas Stevens; Wm. Bennett; K. Kolasa; Lucy Osborn; J.H. Russell Est.; O. Rice; Silas Stevens; Mrs. Mary Swartz; John Swartz; Floyd Luce; Jas. Lock; Rena Burns; C.S. Dunn; W.A. Allen; School; C. Monroe; A. Ruple est.; Swan Creek; Clarence Monroe; M. Wotta; M.S. Mills; Dora Billings; F.M. Carter; E.M. Warner; Mrs. Frances Carter; D. Danner; Geo. Vorce; S.S. Twitchell; John Chikowski; Ditch; W. Sekosky; Geo. Monroe; I.E. Monroe; J.A. Kollasa Note:

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Page  41 1?1 - -, -. - - -!, I',, -, 5 -, - -: " ) I 4,! I NMM - I:::~PUWW4 -S I ............ATAVIIA.. I U VV I NJ.73 r-1 I t I I - Scale 2 inches to Imile Uownaghip 6 Jouth,!Jange 7 W~est of t~he Sfiehigan Siteridian / 6 — '; 1 77/2 1%6 NIq iL.-. " - 11 - - - - - - - p 1 ~- -- - - - - - - - - - - - - ~- - - - - - - - - - - - - f, T 7 1 / 5-.1 - - -.11 I 5 Jwiz~soz2 E STOCK FAR/Al A -~A/00 /, 8678 I CEARLAN 558,:~.2bkr IIPL.1. I 67-CL 5 "I1s' 5 75 - 9OCSly VIEW ~73. 5~ v(, IA lb f~ [A I IS1tz /2c 1~. 2-,2, --- 257/A22/2. - 9.6~ ` Y~ 62v5os 57-, C50 4 ~ % -' — 1~ 2,/28 ~j Z0 I 11-1 I. ~ I.4 i K,~ 520.30 ~ 0- 66 lz k/ &7536.7VkI/a kl. L -. CrsO'5'ez-! f2/;2 <18%/d- C 227/wl 296 42!, 40 A -/11. "., I -elf!- " - -0, I -F — VOR -76 fl/A 222.5l! _ _ _ _ __'_ _ _ _ - -3 14~~*....I 2~ z 2 5778r's),8 52 7/.7~5 757977/5 - ~0227C ~ 7~~5I (7757.727/511527 75-..760 2-7 K) /ba (6785'.799/ (. ( (/l-7/~As. 21..56/ 28. K /17/27,s'owss' 426/772..- 72, N k/K~~~-1 A~2'-yIY 7rr.7/27 ~~2.~77 2 5~7/18~17/7 2,jj4. 7 ~ 2.56.7/18 -.kis2 92 7~7 CIL 11so~e z6u./ ~zs ~ 2 2 4/I 727 22 21 53 qt Q - -0 7/ 2./1. -7 C,~ 7/7~7/165Z{.4F2 ~ ~ /29s7 /752 I 7327 Cr2,.~ 2v ~ ~.72.72 72522/ ~_________ _______,_ - k 1..68185.79/55/7.2 A/K ~ ~20 ____- A.77757/ ~ ~.f1A' ~ ~ ~: $~L "'le.L ls 780.72 -:o. - K75/8.7/5 _ -"o 2 37,7~ s' 5 - 21/2 1 /2ZZ2/A A4r. /7 2/5 /'71 "2 '. 8522 0 7 I - 07 2/55'7 22f q27/ I. > 1K 2~75 17728175 43 It_ - _ _ _ _.7740/2 ~_ 22 ~s~- ~ 5/C,~. - - 7.iT8.7i'753r-. 753 I v,. U'< U) V ) u - ') 3 'j" * ; 'i, \Q I n "),- lr 41 'E. 75. cl/1717.7I W1-.67/2- 67 60.7/O/ 7/$1?6A JENLfL21-OA 172C37/5Z' co/7 2277/1 2K) 75/2 76 U.). 7 — 1./ i I,,V.: -Z-.1 /I, N %1\ 2; e -, 4-0 -r 11-. -V-`7 //9 Z- 1411ZZ 11 / 6 X i ~ "C11 —)-3 /2VIAObv0 '/IQ A. - - 50/5,F750 {/ 02 1-1 - 2al... 2C. _rWJ-? -1,- - - - - - -- - =. - 51+ -1 -.!M 01 Mm I. I, Title: Map of Batavia Township 6 S 7 W Keywords: Union Twp.; Coldwater Twp.; Bethel Twp.; Matteson Twp; A. Sexbern; T.B. Case; Res. Frank Yunt; Chas. Trumbull; Res. E. Salisbury; Wm. S. Watson; Buckeye Stock Farm; Church; B.L. Mitchell; Stony Hill; V.H. Hubbard; S.E. Hubbard; H.L. Kimball; E. Trumbull; Maple Grove Farm; Frank Magee; Arthur Hayward; Cedar Lawn; Wm. Kimball; Lynn Burch; W.H. Barrett; Ditch; John Hawley; Maple Hill; Res F.L. Hawley; Grove Tyler; G O Pierce; Frank Barnhart; Mrs. Nina Carter; R.L. Copeland; Rob't Hollister; F.C. Manguse; Rocky View; L.L. Hawley; V.U. Hungerford; J. Smith; Chas Pierce; A. Mitchell; J. & J. Imber; I.A. Martin; School; M.A. Johnson; c.W. & A.W. Saunders; Fred Fry; John Blanchard; Geo. Whitcomb; J. & J. Imber; A.P. Johnson; John Moser; Ward Gruner; J. & J. Imber; Judd Fry; S. Corless; Karl Gruner; Ernest Hayne; Geo. Shaw Estate; W.A. Miller; Maple Corner; J.s. Evans; B. Brooks; John L. Moore; A.J. Boyer; Mrs. L. Hogoboom; L.A. Hogoboom; Jos. Carson; W.H. Brower; Mrs. Nettie Moore; R.F.D.; Francis Moore; Elbert Case; F.J. Hawley; Nina Carter; Jacob Claar; School; M.Moore; Ditch; N.H. Musselman; A. Mikolatcher; Wm. Hurley; J.A. Wilcox; Aldie Trumbull; B.E. Grove; Calvin Claar Est.; Res. Clyde Claar; O.G. Grove; R.F.D.; W. Morwell; E. Grove; W. Salisbury; C. Claar Est; Wm Willis; E.F. Abel; J.B. Martin; E.E. Crisell; P. bullock; Wm. Dovey Est; Ditch; Lynn Burch; R.F.D.; H.D. Miller; Miller's Lake; Mrs. R Morrison; C.L. Burch; Ben Grove; A.R. Grove; Res. Ben C. Grove; Theron Grove; Sunnyside Farm; A.M. Richmond; B.F. Canright; John Stratton; Harry Moser; E. Gruner; A.W. Cooley; W.J. Campbell; G.A. Burton; J.L. Worden; Henry Miller; V.H. Hubbard; C. Moore; G.A. Tuttle; Catalpa Hill Farm; John L. Moore; Wm hurley; L. Hurley; S.A. Smiley; Allie Hurley; Hulda Lake; A.O. Fox; Chas. R. Webb Jr; Julius Herriff; Frank Moon; Clizbe & Fletcher; E. Richings; Mary Mungon; Wm. Hurley; Gertrude Field; Res. C.S. Field; Res. Allie Hurley; Mary Wortz; O.A. Vanderbilt; Chas. Field; A.H. Wilcox; C.L. Olds; M W. Olds; Harley Moon; John Seiler; H. Moon; Pitt Burch; School; Dora Ensley; M.W. Olds; G.E. McKinley; Austin Burch; C.A. Rhodes; D Rich; Store; W.H. Tyler; Wm Dovey Est.; Chandler & Lee; Wm Tyler; Chas. Graf; M.W. Olds; F. Johnson; J.M. Gray; E.A. Brown; School; F.A. Fairbanks; G.A. & L.D. Burton; Carrie Worthington; W.J. Campbell; M.L. Tyler; A.W. Cooley; H.S. Hill; Clara Brown; W.B. Higgins; Cem.; M. Brook; Carl Luce; B.E. Bolton; Elm Lawn Farm; A.L. Lock; Res. Harry Rice; L. Hurley; Chas. Moon; J. Wotta; Mrs. L. Wotta; John Burns; Andrew Bistry; Earl Crandall; Austin Noyes Est; Allie Hurley; School; Dan Hurford; A. Hurley; Harry Hurley; Ila Alderman; Mrs. Chas. Moon; F.H. Graves; E. Kinter; A. Bestree; Martin Wotta; Frank Claar; Chas. Webb Jr; G.E. Willis; Henry Addick; Town Hall; J.F. Wanar; David Wilcox; Res. H. Wanar; Wm. Wanar; Store; Batavia Center; C.L. Olds; H.E. Frederick; E.M. Jerdan; R. Smith; C.H. Austin; G. McMahan; W. Card; Sam'l Bater; Minnie Hannicker; J.M. Gray; F.A Covey; R. Smith; Sam'l Bater; J.A. Murphey; A.D. Bater; S. & E. Fenno; C.B. Burch; Fred E. Bidelman; R.E. Bates; Jos Swabrick; E. Paine; A.W. Cole; John Kostielney; Eugene Kinter; Leo Kinter; H. Jones; Steve Kibolaskie; A. Bestree; Mrs. E.J. Noyes; Jerry Stover Est; Res. Nettie yesh; John Gintling; Martin Mikolajczak; P.H. Danner et al; M. Kasherski; W.E. Foster; D. Noyes; E.R. Beers; Beech Ridge Farm; Fred A Burghduff; Dan Noyes; Mrs. E.J. Noyes; E.W. Taylor; B.W. Dow; Mrs. E.J. Noyes; M. Wotta; L.H. Keyes; E. Jones; H.C. Jones; Mrs. W. Lamber; Stephen Wotta; Geo. Paublisky; C.H. Taylor; Wm. H. Evens; Maple Row Farm; Kittie M. Hayne; Cook's Lake; R. Dovey; O.B. Wheeler; W.F. Harmon; Res. E.B. Harman; Broad View Farm; B.S. Harkness; Mrs. J. Taylor; Fred L. Schurtz; A. Gallup; Depot; C.H. Austin; Lime Lake; Margaret Shinneman; Cem.; Church; School; Res. F.F. Barne; L.O. Burch; J.W. Martin; R.F.D.; Mrs. J. Taylor; Chas. Simmons; Martha Wheeler; H.W. Stryker; Nellie Bates; Thos Swabrick; N. Green; Jos. Swabrick; C. Drum; C.H., H.E. & G.R. Shoemaker; Irwin J. Baker; Hope Stock Farm; Jas. Horkey; Martin Sikraski; joe Lynch; Frances Wotta; F. Signaski; J. Signaski; F. Wotta; J.H. Carter; Bronson cement Co.; John Tydryhoski; John Trikoski; Swan Cr.; School; E.F. Card; E. Dusser; Edw. Signesk; Fred A. Shurtz; John Kiboloski; Jos. Mackouski; J. Kiboloski; Benj. Buell; Maple Hill Stock Farm; Lake Shore & Michigan Southern R.R.; I.W. Dorsey; Bronson Cement Co.; Cem.; W.B. Langivell; E.A. Cole; Frank I. Herman; Bert Hobin; School; A. McIntyre; Jas. Burke; Batavia Sta.; F.J. Barrett; Harry Brandt; H.C. Maxson; Cary Lake; L. Gifford; Res. W.W. Barnes; R. Dovey; Rose Schurtz; Wm. Mowrey; Walnut Grove Farm; J.R. Biggs; C. Drum; R.E. Bates; Cathrine Robinson; Wm. Denwater; C.H. Austin; F.E. Keyes; J.R. Donnel; John Taylor; Adelbert Buck; N.W. Fenner; Mrs. Y. Jenkins; R.F.D.; W.S. Jelley; Plain View Farm; A.W. Merritt Note:

Page  42

Page  43 I -,, I," ''!" o -z — - 151 15 19, 4 gm 41 I 43 ~1 -1 11 - Q.. T 1 T -.-I- - - - - - - -44=- lp'c. 11 11 I TOWNSHIP j ' S- -1 Scale 2 inches to I mile i7own-ghip 6 Jouth, Aange 6 W08f of the M(ehigan Meridian I I -IC- W I 01JPAP12) ~17 JA,7D R-Rsf 6 s.- o,1 azL. 1'c05. Randczrz 19 < 9~T 0 Coorz.oad _ TY Z I -~/4 Z L Ic0 ~ /80 JcIrq Ra2 8-2/Kfd~3Ia Zp I. I 0 WILLOff BAN I EfRGREE V HILL k U aU L O LOT00 40 00O 0 0 10~ o et 1o00 3tzrrnz 80 I Co. 0z A0 8 IQ 8I4 'r-'y Adi uo i~ R w ~ ~ Io $ ~ o~ ~ ~ O ~ 0 N -lfaozn. 37\I N (0 0 -, n00 30 for —loo- p B otq6 /o11. 0 I 1 — n ' 21 __ - _ Z2c.-'16r9mlA L9, I I zoo/o-ac6yr4 40o > -3 0 - 4808 ~ ~ 4 1 C K. CoI /t40 60 B.o o'U> - / 0K'z~ho 06,11. 1; z~.) o-o 4V~ 3' — 0 4 -7- 177 o ~~on mzlhooI la.00 ~ o ~o ' I pWII -o Eh lu 00$ 40 60 fII /' 80 C7~B -0 0 WI2w%0.s8ICZ holdszIC 21 LEA /TV/7W40 30O u oh 0 I~ C 1.s'c~ za8lo si ~~,uoz I~ 054C) 00%?~ 1.40)1 C ~0 6. f. ~ OPoisj0So od K j C)AMMIIL4R 0 ' fA /A Vf A KAA 2V P.T ZO&0 2CL006 77 \ -— 1 6 0 - )4 zihI 4 6 (0 I od 4W/'' Gill M _ _ _ - I 4 0 4 0 * 0 0 4 0* / 4 of C) 0 00 c)7) 9 C)~_ 0.0 ~Z 4 Pr n-ozI- Co. q+ 09 Ft ono- 070 A~/6 ' OL o ~ ~ 1 id 0;.f/c s 010 5 ~ /30 0&040018. oEa AI 80 Cz, jZ 00IA- _ - cA'8 i 4-ci o 80. ass AlLicC La o'I ~ I 40.II02E cnooollo~ I ho P ' VJ 39 ~ Po-son 1 (JxI 35 j - ___ I to/on oO7 80 * 00 v 17 Q: I I I I 'I I4 U v 11-1, D --- - - - - - - I q- a P-2 -vm v- - q- I v- -- w- - 1, I rwp Title: Map of Coldwater Township 6 S 6 W Keywords: Girard Twp.; W.E. Nivison; Mrs. L.E. Brown; Res. L.C. Van Nuys; Geo. Shaw; W.E. Nivison; C. Burch; W.D. Fulk; G. Parker; Henry Doerr; Res. Arba Blind; Morrison Lake; E. Stroh; Seth B. Randall; Willow Bank; Chas. Jones; J.C. Smith; Res. Of C.A. Smith; E. Sears; Duess Brinton; Randall's Lake; L.R. Smith; Res. Of Bert Keel; R.F.D.; W.P. Straight Est.; Res. Of W.S. Rice; M.D. Campbell; L. Rice; Chas. Culp; Evergreen Hill; School; M.D. Campbell; Geo. McConkey; C.& E. Rice; J.J Lewis; Res. Of J.H. Hicks; Coonrod Swart; H.E. Barrack; Spring Bank Farm; L. Murphy; Percy Vickers; Floyd Gage; School; Chas. Wendorf; C.H. Richard; Wm. Wumer; Floyd Southworth; S. & S. Semmelroth; Fred J. Dunks; Res. of E.F. Fredrickson; Corless Bros.; J.M. Taylor; Geo. Furgason; A.J. Furgason; W. Evans; W.J. Gates; J.H. Friedrich; J.M. Burke; J.H. Friedrich; E.A. Brooks; J.W. Whitney; R.F.D.; L.R. Brooks; M.I. Coffman; N. Baldwin; F. Gruner; Starr Grunner; School; Frank Gruner; Chas. Spaulding; G.A. & L.D. Burton; Edwin Gruner; F. & E. Gruner; Albert Smith; Cem.; Herbert Abel; A. Tyler; David Fellows Est.; O. Kyte; Five Pine Hill; E. Van Blarcom; Rich'd J. Bishop; Ditch; County Farm; W.D. Rose; State; R.A. Sweezy; E.H. Jackson; Warren E. Boughton; C. Ryder; L. Farwell; R.R. Kinney; J.L. Rowley; B. Stockdale; M.R. Corr; T.U. Fredrickson; R. Brower; J.J. Bishop; Levi Haynes; School; Jacob Youce; State; Watson & Milnes; Ditch; Minnie Gage; State School; Arthur & L. Ruple; Laura Ruple; Wm. Martin; Harey Haynes; Cobble Lodge Farm; F.G. Legg; Robert Moore; Res. Of E.F. Martin; Jennie Martin; Pioneer Dairy Farm; W. Zobuski; John Cheeney; Wm. J Newman; Rhodes & Bachelor; Res. Of W.H. Claybaugh; R.R. Abbott; Frank Corless; Hill Crest; Albert Powelson; C.J. Hogoboom; John C. Newman; Roy Schumaker; John Vore; J.D. Wickes; H.J. Grinnell; R.F.D.; John H. Wiler; Albert Smith; M.L. Tyler; Lakeside Farm; Long Lake; M.S. Brown; V.R. Patterson; Jas. Ensley; W.A.F. Bartel; Sherman Jones; A. Little; Geo. Miller; North Lake; N. Myers; Cemetery; Pilot nob Geo. Miller; A.H. McL.; Wm. Comb's Mining Co.; O.G. Sherburne; F.P.; B.D.; Pierce; Emma J. Hulbert; G.W. Evorts; Smith; COLDWATER; S. Chene; W. Ootway; Toppan Shop Mfg. Co.; L.J. Byers; Res. Of C.C. Barnes; Res. Of Earl Barnes; Fair View Dairy Farm; M.D. Campbell; R. Lockwood; School; L.J. Byers; A.W. Ryder; F. Ryder; J. Sperbeck Est.; L. Haines; H. Ryder; A.W. Ryder; Beach Guernsey Dairy Farm; Res. Of Chas. J. Angevine; Clare Corlew; R.W. Grove; M.E. Dewey; John Gardner; A. Greenwood; Gorman Co.; Res. Geo. Greenwold; Wm. Patch Est.; J.S. Locke; Geo. Patch; F. Ryder; Jacob Straw; R.F.D.; F. Ryder; Jacob Straw; Mrs. M. Burke; W. & H. Sperbeck; Mrs. M. Burke; H. Brado; J.E. Crandall; Murphy Est.; Wilbert Buck; T. Parsons; A.E. Buck; School; Mrs. C.S. Spofford; W.H. Jones; Julio Johnson; Lake Shore & Michigan Southern R.R.; C. Park; Wolverine Portland Cement Co.; Robt. Watson; James Swain; South Lake; Wolverine Portland Cement Co.; D.C. Allen; A.E. Roberts; W.H. Frederick; Van Aken Bros.; Catherine Young; H.N. Bidelman; J.K. Deal; J.R. Wallace; S.J.F.; Wanderberg; G. Miller; T.G. Sheldon; W.E. Gifford; A. Cleveland; Filkins Est.; W.H. Frederick; Mrs. C.A. Upson; D.Z.; J.L.W.; E. Eslow Est.; Mrs. L. Haskins Est.; Chas. Wright; O. Loose; G. Everett; Sarah A. Smith; A. Klingler; B.D. Wing; Sarah Lockwood; Ann Brooks; R.W. Grove; J. Hoblower; G.S. Coffman; Emma C. Hunt; N.E. Wilson; E. Wicker; W.B. Dooner; P.A. Sweet; John Hablavetz; B. Hoblison; R. Subler; C.E. Keller; H.B. Loomis; H. Teller; Bassett; J.B. Courtright; N.W.; G. Shelly; E. Coording; B. Farwell; J.H. Ryder; B.F. Pelton; E.E. Saxton; Alice Billings; Mary Shank; Res. Of O.E. Markley; Geo. Martin; M.S. Merford; C.H. Lincoln; G.B. Lowe; F.S. Merford; Fred Lipper; School; A.L. Lott; Chula Vista Farm; Irvin Baker; A.W. Cole; J. Monock; J. Webb; A.D. Ralph; C.F. Phillips; R. Hill; F. Moore; F. Lynd; E.C. Miller; Ed. & Earl Gifford; River Bend Stock Farm; K.R. Sheldon; R.L. Richardson; O.P. Bates; Wm. L. White; O.D. Woodward; A. Knowles; Ezekial Batterson Est.; Pleasant View Stock Farm; Res. of L.A. Snyder; J.D. Johnson; J.S. Lockwood; Smith; R. Lockwood; Wm. Davis; E.E. Palmer; Wolverine Portland Cement Co.; I.H. Luther; D.M. Roberts; H.B. Lockwood; J.A. Thomas; Cath. Young; H.B. Lockwood; School; D. Cooley Est.; E.E. Palmer; Henry Snyder; Guy O. Widener; R.F.D.; S.I. Treat; Samuel Treat; Fred Sutter; S. Kester; Mrs. A. Carpenter; O.E. Joslin; E.N. & C.W. Williams; Pleasant View; J.E. Dermott; Warner Hill Farm; C.D. Wright; R.F.D.; Geo. H. Reed; Burton Sweezey; F. Warren; Lizzie Atyeo; Milnes Supply co.; Mrs. C.A. Upson; L.O. Wood; Alvah Clark Est.; S.O. Dick; D. & Wilda Smith; Anna L. Eard; Jas. R. Bassett; School; White City Dairy Farm; Res. Of A.A. Peairs; Frank Dorman; Ditch; Kerr Bros.; Effie Leudders; J.F. Holmes; E.E. Bennett; Maple Bennetts Park; C. Fitzgerald; D. & B. Smith; Susan Bailey; A.F. Mason; E. Leudders; J.J. Wright; Clizbe & Fletcher; H. Smith; Ella Crapo; C. Algoce; B.B. Gorman; E.D. Parke; Gertrude Bingham; Wm. Corwin; A.F. Mason; J. Burkholder; C.J. Mansfield; Cem.; Jason & Clara Gillett; Ditch; F.A. Baker; Harry Hockdale; Clizbe Fletcher; W.W. Van Zondt; Res.; Chas. Snyder; Wm. C. Behnke Jr.; Mrs. G.W. Fowler; G.W. Green; Batavia Twp.; Thos. L. Walker; Frank Gallop; R. Eaton; L. Gallop; Willis Howland; Ovid Twp.; E.A. Hand; W.P. Cement Co.; W.E. Knapp; Sweet Milk Dairy Farm; C. Batterson; H.D. Sanford; G.W. Green; Walter Good; Pine Hill Farm; Wm. Good; Jennie E. Jones; W.C. Kempster; M. Burch; G. Mathews; J.A. Cummings; Elton Bertram; J.W. Donnel; Judson Brown; P.H. Gunsaullus; W.H. Patch; School; Hannah Smith; Fred Markhoff; Ditch; Clizbe & Fletcher; O. Moore; M. McWhorter; Gatsch & Rathcamp; B. Minniear; P. Iverson; Harry Perry; R.F.D.; F. Steffaniak; H. Cobb; C.D. Adams; G. Spefbeck; S.B. Allen; S. Zeller; Clizbe & Fletcher; Hattie Cobb; School; W.J. Selby; Ralph Wilder; Alfred Parsons; Ted Cox; Maple Row; Ray & Roy Dickory; B.O. Cox; Jas. Dickey; Beech Grove Farm; M. Otis; F. T. Jewell; E.R. Knapp; R. Holdbrook; W.W. Bates; M. Bernard; W. Sheets; Jas. E. Dickey; Geo. R. Dickey; J. Modert; M. Bernard; Jos. Burdelski; M.G. Clark; Quincy Twp. Note:

Page  44

Page  45 11 I I 11 I I vlor'Mr, M: Q I.1 i- —A I -6, -..., 45 UINCY I U VV VY C) rl I P, -11 Scale 2 inches t~oImile U~ownahip 6 South,.57ange 6 West of the Wieahigan 5/t~eriditan,>, B IThE PQ 77 -",Tp - -,. _~.- -, —.- -- - - - -- - -- -- 2. - '- - = ---- i u2 0 QoO~ 40 10' 002 - 4` x 5'o17,ZwoCA0Z 290 I fooz I ~ — T 3O D5 - ~ - 442& J2o s 7702? 1004 t -/ 840. 4 I k7 ff0 4. Dobsofl ID' -St P.ln 422 - Vy0090 ~r 0'037/ 2202/3200 R0 0 0 Cmo I' 2 I~70 LOLLCI8ZTZCZ A2A"4P-' -AN/f I 2?4 1V2'94'ZAja~I CUZW7oZZ7Z9' I I - - I I - V, - 040 20- Z 0~0 I 40 hoot YY7 J'Wm 2/"r-czcq oo) 8,50 40 0' 5-8, 0D a2.45,' I IQ A, r19 1 Z, Z 1- Q. & -M -- - -I C7 I Arctic.;",, t,-) "II- 2,,043 00, oA. ---M I I6 I-I 'CZZ7oq O0) I o'0230v000740727. I sM1 o I 0 IPr:ySo " I 0 0- W4/?A 5i 707o, (7 9 0-1J, /0 ' I ______ -P Y~a 3i-22 CzIao -2 DAIAr ' AIII C i Pow raa oro/i lIwoi I "0 2? G ~ i CO C..W 7oco. ' Olt' 4 T 3 I 0' j./otcS I oo~ 21 ~ ' ~ '~'7'9" 2 60 "-Itt Iova'0 0??I0 02C C170 3 022OO,-4 o. Ma.70 IBr oo/t4z i-.c C P 20 03 C.-74R D 020 7 01620 t20 frav__0, /ZJ ' 7oZg'' 70771 0 0 0 4, 2 3I 7? _ 2C7 5 3 I c70 CZ r - I. Co Q) 2, L J5 2. C I'AS /0/2323 I1b2?s3- I WznI ______ ZI __ OI7c rp 3~? ~ I0; 23 z I EO Coc 6-J1i 0 o I' 7 ~ C 5, o - 050052 40 02'67 02Z37) 25 21 (0 2 o — ChrD I ~ e K. 2,0/ 07 I -4-07> ' /2 P a o c _ C 1 070 0 021 0' ___ ____ k O?/4 *40 L/ao oS,,-'Z7" /5 4 o/ oPt '0 cno5ooo _ _ _ __ _ 0?. i l O _ _ _ _ _ _ I I _ V-lo, 2' -.., 232/- C/c Z/co Pcozs~I 4 0 Y/5- (if ) oi 0c -40327 c 900L/s-two - C. 2, A0L, CAfi-o, 2, o* - 66$/ 10 -'70Q3 0700 723 23 "1 ip7Q)23 ~ 0~ C C 00 I3 0 6772 720I ~ r0 27z 77. r 'O owoi)0-.ZosCoooz 6 70 -Ybra zo Cutocz 2, 0623 020~77~ 72? /7A'acc 2X /6070 ArIAA L. C. I cOO - Johz-zLD2Ftc. 40 ~I 02?.1 ai-2,p aoitzc~z nc JR253 " t0377 77 0, 72 C7_ Z Po'i-o/ 24 2?, 15 Qj./20 - 2? I 11 ", 11 W, ME - - -- — -- M -- /9~e ir SO f 11 4 I'if- 0, -, R. I 420206 Title: Map of Quincy Township 6 S 5 W Keywords: Butler Twp.; M.E. Blair; F.C. Ball; T. McGovern; J.G. Mogg; C.C. Caley Est.; Caley & Demarest Farm; Lewis Powell; Res. Of Curtis Cary; Clizbe & Fletcher; Frank Weather Wax; R.F.D.; Geo. Harpham; M.F. Southworth; W.J. Kaiser; F. Boone; M.A. Hewitt; E.R. Twadell; A.J. Warner; School; Lorenzo Fay; W.H. Lockerby; J.W. Greening; School; A.L. Moore; Fred Holmes; Leroy Van Patten; Lockerby & Greening; Mrs. M.A. Hewitt; Fred Lampman; Peter Waller; F.L. Holmes; H. Noble; A. Dobson Est.; A. Dobson Est.; H. Harper; W.B. Potter; B. Gilbert; H. Myers Est.; D.E. Logan; Avery Keyes; Julia Tailor; J. Parker; Etta Stafford; Lettie Albright; Orlo Dobson; A. Dobson Est.; Floyd O'dell; I.A. Hillman; Park View Farm; Geo Dye; Frank Roth; T. McGirk; Chas. Ludeman; E.W. Bowen; Maple Farm; Ludeman Homestead; Mrs. A. Harmon; H. Cowan; J. Shaffer; G.O. Boon; Edmund Austin; H. Denham; School; E.W. Bowen; H.W. Austin; Thos. Lampman; Chas. Cummings; Wm. Tracy; Geo. Shook; Monroe; Strang; B.J. Horton; School; A. Nielson; Wm Champion; Jas. Locke; Wm. R. Murphy; Maple Hill Farm; Geo. B. Locke; Geo. A. Tompkins; Res. Of John Zurbrugg; D.N. Baldwin; Evergreen Lawn Stock Farm; John Glanders; F.P. Mann; Clover Leaf Dairy Farm; C.J. Twadell Est.; C. Van Gelder; Margaret Oliver; F.M. Lapham; C.A. Boley; Levi Johnson; C.C. Sears; Fred Sherman; Grange Hall; Freeman Estlow; David Powell; W. Bowerman; Elmwood Stock Farm; Walter Malloch; W. Lindsey; E.B. Church; Dr. C.S. Sears; L. Johnson; H. Birch; W.W. Dobson; Floyd O'Dell; Chas. Pruyne; H. Knapp; T. Briggs; Tom Atkins; E. Culbert; M.N. Etheridge; R. Dobson; D. Meeks; A.M. Etheridge; Wm. Marquart; W.H. Quimby; Geo. Decker; Wm. Marquart; Hannah Swift Est.; Hog Creek; N. Drake; Walt Otis; Mrs. J.C. Bennett; R.F.D.; Ellen Burns; Res. Of W. John Burns; Walt Otis; M.F. Shultz; J.D. Cornell; Geo. Strang; T.H. Keagle; Jacob Bender; H.D. Pessel Est.; Jean Southworth; C.A. Behnke; Frank McKyes; R.F.D.; O.A. Fry; John Zurbrugg; A.J. Holmes; E.A. Foster; Geo. Harmon; Hiram Corless; W.A. Lott; E. Ranson Est.; Milton Kanouse; G. Corless; S. Boynton; David Gary; Ida Holden; Frank Lusk; J.H. Fry; Smith Stanton; Charles Mumford; Sunny Side Dairy Farm; W.H. Shipway; Res. Of Fred Hodge; E.J. Zull; W. Hackett; Ira Van Orsdal; F. Forsburg; E. Church; A.B. Young; P. Ball; Geo. Caldwell; C. Ellsworth; C.F. Drake; Jas. Gould; F.E. Knapp; Dumphy & Maybury; E.B. Church; Alfred Goge; Matthew Courtright; Jackson Vickery; F.R.; Emil Anderson; P.W.; QUINCY; R. Southworth; Leroy Holcomb; M.N. Etheridge; E.B. Church; H.C. Barwell; E.H. Kenyon; N.L. Horman; C.D. Brott; F. Campbell; W. Crabs; G.O. Boon; S.G. Brainard; Nellie Larzertere; Mrs. A. J. Hill; S.G. Brainard; C. Tyler; L.O. Peebles; Mrs. J.C. Bennett; Zenus L. Quimby; Shady Lawn Stock Farm; W. Winn; W.H. Quimby; Pleasant Hill Stock Farm; L.W. Quimby; Res.; Orvil Quimby; Hill Crest Farm; E. Widner; N.H. Andrus; Geo. Polhamus; Jessie Field; Wm. Eichler; H. Benge; Calvin Parish; C.H. Davis; School; Jacob Talant Est.; G.W. Sanderson; M.J. Curtis; J. Rinnebrook; J. Parish; C.A. Parker; Park Place; F.M. McConnell; W.A. Johnson; H. Pierce; Far View Farm; Lincoln; Lott; M. Sullivan; H. Corless; M. Robinson; S. Stokes; Fred Boley; Lake Shore & Michigan Southern R.R.; W.J. Dennis; F.W. Bellamy; E. Lane; G.M. Wolcott; F.B. Ellis; School; S.W. Boynton; Frank Lusk; C. Holder; Jas. Ransom Est.; J. Stockwell; F.J. Marshall; J. & E. Ranson; H. & M. Dryer; Albert Bowerman; Cem.; Cement Co.; First Lake; W.H. Kirby; L. Hendricks; A.C. Bowerman; James Fry; R.F.D.; R. McConnell; Wolverine Cement Co. Plant; J.K. Dodge; Oscar Wilmarth; E.N. Turner; A.L. Bowen; C.E. & F.E. Yhost; F. Fields; D.O. Peebles; H.C. Westlake; N. Potter; I.J. Loveberey; Geo. F. Trott; Frank Schultz; J. Sebring; Geo. Cook; J.B. Schultz; F. Seaberry; Mr.s Frnak Burns; Maple Grove Farm; Wm. Thompson; I. Kinyon; F. Kinyon; Frank Shultz; Mrs. B. Baker; Matt Joseph; J.W. Ryan; B. Kinyon; Geo. Bird; I.H. Kinyon; Fred Knirk; D.C. Sprout; Chas. Braur; L. Eaton; Fred Knirt; Chas. Knirk; D.C. Sprout; Wm. Corwin; T.J. Holmes; Louie Dryer; P. Kinsey; E. Quimby; Thompson & Hoben; A.M. Haskins; C. Swihart; N.D. Thomas; Henry Dryer; John Lynd; Geo. Smoker; J.H. Oliver; Wm. Phelps; G.F. Marshall; Mrs. C.A. Lynd; Wm. Phelps; C. Koht; Geo. Smoker; Orren Wilmarth; Wolverine Portland Cement Co; Club House The Wolverine; E. Sebring; S.A. Carpenter; W. Moore; Oscar Wilmarth; O. Wilmarth; O. Moore; E. Palmateer; Alex Lucas; John Klinefeller; Mess & T.W. Barnes; J. Sebring; Chest Nut Lawn Farm; S.J. Williams; M. Corless; J. Sebring; Geo. Cook; I.J. Loverberey; E.A. McClave; School; H. Bowerman; Arthur Bowerman; W.R. Stevenson; Harris Wilson; Etta Coddington; B.M. Baker; Frnak Schultz; J. Mathias; J.W. Ryan; F. Forward; Spring Brook Farm; Jessie Fields; Willis Hall; R. Penoyer; Theo. Rowson; F.S. Kinyon; C.W. Fouts; Chas. Braun; Watson Fay; Mrs. E. Corey; L.F. Vanatta Est.; Richard Macey; Clarence Fay; Fred Grimm; Cem. School; Coldwater Twp.; M. Barnard; Roy Haskins; Church; Dan Palmateer; A. Sweet; John Modert; Mrs. F.A. Holbrook; Willard Sheets; Arthur Luse; Res. Of John Strachly; M G. Clark; Harry Corless; Algansee Twp.; B. Van Tassel; C.R. Rawson; Julius Peavie; Mrs. John Modert; M.C. Rawson; Poplar Hill Farm; D.C. Luse; John Craun; J. French; Wolverine Cement Co.; Marble Lake; L. Joseph Est.; Ralph Wheeler; Cedar Point; Cedar Point Farming Co.; Star Corless; Henry Becker; C.W. Morey; David Forney; Ralph Wheeler; H.W. Moore; H.D. & M.M. Bailey; A.L. Marshall; Frank Hayes; Pleasant View Farm; H. Becker; B. Myer; A. Bush; J.G. Van Patten; Res. Of Geo. M. Foster; B.F. Nye; Mary Spaulding; R.F.D.; Granville Bowerman; Abram Culver; J.F. Harbaugh; Fair View Farm; Willis Hall; Short Lane Farm; Gilbert Clizbie; Edgar Macey; Hillside Stock Farm; R.F.D.; W. Houtz; Sunny Side Stock Farm; H. Wagner; C. Herrick; E. Haynes; L.C. Ransburg; John D. Plue; Sam'l Swan; Albert Smith; B.L. Stockwell; Hillsdale Co. Note:

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Page  47 4A 47 - N 0'_ M"-, L' I I .....................ALGANSEE... 1 1111 TOWNS HI P / ~Scale 2inches to Imile 11 11 - __ I,5rownship 7 South, 2ange 5 'West of the Sieihigan M/eridian JoTezJa Z C's No40 ~he C TN-' Fs-h Cox6-/, -~ —qrvvp p0V Jt n /7027 7 BoO _/0ichoo 7 220 Zr V,'~ or 20 COozo 7z0 5~ooo5c~t~ A' fld~4z0o 40 40 1? 0 Cjood C~ 4020/ (4 0 I I. 'L ' _1614. 114 D Z27 on I I- 11;1 IQ /_ - 3 -ea Ili.M."-l 110ff171n17't Ut., 'I- ','.-Z "'_ 7-1 4r _- TN OD " or 'o. zvn-woL' Rczrooozz7 *Fo/J(ro 052- _ 2~ -s0 r "~0 - _7 I.40 2-f 1777fo e *7:'00/Oo 0au450,I I - I., I 1. - - - - - -. -I II - Rrdd Ta 4- Z0 oYo0. -4.47 2 r?00 llo0qdoz_ 490 go,10 63qdo,&-v 'Tq40Y'_-1 LI IY177. N;'10/Jp_ - 111p__ - PK/z_. 110 so,30705 290 076070.2 ~, g ch ',1 111- Q ) -1), M, 'Q Z ZJ12 P;zl k' t/mo?0r% 0 ooo L 0 ~ 0IS - Q t IcoO 0.-= A__ _- _ —. _1- - I_ 0/J "I 1. 40 Ii 'I 0,) 21a I -. Q))" Cq < - / '- ' t' 1 N 19012pe't1 M4 ^1 "I, - - 020 90. I 40 -0 Q i,"ocA1.7/ox Us 00b" i, oI'~ z 14 ' i ~ ofe o7-oooz I I 010 C-.2 0t1.05owz/ I I.o 2 0,2 4101 0 0 Io I'll ~C0 40 to - Uvs! e,40 I.. 10 0Zj, I2'l 0z~ 07. 0 0'. )'~ 00IlQC) 1j "O;Z.-I0 ~Z "A' Co <~ r6 7 (0; ~~5 1.11 0, I - 7z 0 0: 60 " "). C,~ C 01 WG roCboo.0r 4,. 1 Ao/oz 0 00 o~i CoH. I -40 lo0 4 00I222rooo 0 40 -i CO C'cr/Voo01 -Co/s/ 2770- 3oo 'D ro *J7-0 9 QrO 0,A d-z owo 7C/8, _17-7i~o0o~0E2 400.j554000___75- " 00 __ ____' -~oz.20'0 'IO I o'.Y.0Iooy-ooso 4 0 B4-c9d3ooy la -0 i DO 105/09 40 I 40. Jz)Odc CZ o 0, /00 000 Q or'oo o 0b080 * 01,OfuM 40 40 ~ * Dovr 2. ad 40 0/970 w /qoo 1 -7 _oCood-/oz- so 0P 8* 0 *G7~.c/ 4 40 A2o 40 HOL 57/ 9 0200 lb___- F- - - -C- C - ___ zoo? /00 "? 5 -4Qj, 06. Yvzl!orz alw) i F1Z7/34 \ 40 I 028.0 019'.?oo 0 ' lb I (5 Z20 0. ~ P ook S,!i s 020 Z.C) zzrz Q CQ I;' ; 10 j -b I, '& IjQ11 U U k6 - k 020b, 0~, ifS q 0,~ ' r 0 7' 0511.40 -17 27. -'.40 80 0 40, c os': Rs. qf 7270/ 2 000 / 0750 -.- I I I.- 11 STrOCK FA2I * 0 'k 0.70, '0 '0, 0 C0 ~'0 10`.01 F-/5 0~.00 1~Q) 0. -C ~ ) t;o; (5 I4 t- 0, 0/7 r4/ I Os 0,50,~~,5 0 ~ 0,75 60 Y-)0 eoo I,' D o~/ozo," C, 0 j 0, 0~ I I I ~0-:~p 0,0, I.. 2 CO 05, II i! - =- - A i-I — 6-.-_-='I ' - - =~- '-! - - __ _I__ - - - - -I- - - - - _ - 2-', <1/'0'.'.' T' 7"'/0.. -xo —oo- -0 ---4 -.-so-.-so ~' '6 -O'6 —/' '~ -~ < 'I' 'I's ' Title: Map of Algansee Township 7 S 5 W Keywords: Quincy Twp.; Dan'l Sherer; Hilen Hall; Maple Hill; J. Craun; A.B. Craun; Mary Archer; G. Norton; Ditch; L.B. Archer; A.F. Archer Est.; H. Cook; Isaac Corless; Fred Berlin; P.T. Craun; Marble Lake; J.N. Boyer; Adrian Foster; Elmer C. Hoffman; A.T. Hoffman; Wm. Gottschalk; Martin Griswold; Peter Wright; L.W. Zeller; Chas. Hacker; C.C. Foster; Bert Diment; Harvey Hoffman; A.J. Streeter; The Streeter Home; R.F.D.; F. Foster; Martha Priddy; Fred Wilbur; E. Bicford; J.H. Van Nasdale; Carrie Heydon; F.O. Heydon Est.; G. Bowerman; Adelbert Ransom; Alva Ransom; F. Strauss; C.E. Myers; Jay Myers; Wm. Strouble; A.D. Ransom; L. Hughes; A. Bennett; P.B. Hard; C.F. Myers; Church; Chas. Schmidt; L.W. Zeller; Aldebert Taber; W.R. Van Hoosear; John Pitcher; August Hulow; A. Adams; Pitcher & Son; Store; Cheese Factory; Elmer Van Hoosear; C. Fouts; Aug. Schmidt Est.; L.H. McClave Est.; O.L. Cox; Herman Cox; L. Bartholomew; L.B. Archer; Middle Lake; Bartholomew Lake; Wm. Wood; Nora Smiley; F.H. Bickford; L.B. Archer; John Donnel; Maple Corner; John Knecht; C.L. Winchell; Wm. Waldbridge; John Knecht; F. Reynolds Est.; Chas. S. Wright Est; Chas. Heuer; W.C. Lippert; M. Sprout; P.M. Scott; A.G. Reynolds; Ora Stockwell; School; Archie Sanders; Wm. Marquart; Mrs. Bennett; A. Beyer; V.A. Shumway; G.W. Jonas; Carl Hildebrand; Spring Brook; Ora Stockwell; C.E. Jonas; G.H. Ransom; Res. Of Ralph Keeler; Church; Cem. E. Keeler; J.D. Raynolds; Cerena Rogers; Fred Hoxie; John Hayes Est.; Res. Of F.E. Hayes; Evergreen Lawn; Fred Marquart; Ditch; Res. Of Ed. Marquart; W.J. Houck; School; O.K. From; Lewis Fisher; Fred Dornbrock; School; John Fink; August Schmidt; C.L. Hays; H.W. Waldbridge; H.B. Waldbridge; Frank Safford; H. Stevens; J.W. Harton; W. Poats; M.J. Potter; George Wright; C.L. Hayes; John Pitcher; L.A. Downer; I. Gorton; F. Gorton; L. Kulow; Frank Newbury; Jay Marshall; A.W. Kulow; Fannie Marshall; Alex Southworth; J.H. Van Hoosear; Geo. Shuman; David Fiester; Jas. Hughey; Lou Filley; Store; W.H. Jucket; M.J. Grover; Birt Bickford; F. Grover; J.W. Hall; Ira P. Bickford, Est.; Sam'l Knecht; Maple Drive; Willie Hall; J.W. Donnel; Garrett N. Hall; Hill View; School; Wm. Diedrich; Maple Hill; Louie D. Hildebrand; Frank Dove; R.F.D.; Ralph Ranford; J.F. King; Henry Hall; B. Van Tassel; G. Harper; Chas. Gottschalk; Clover Dale Farm; Albert Hagerman; Sophia Crater; Winnie Stockwell; James Ewers; Eliza Berry; Elmer Thompson; John Zimmerman; Earl Smith; Eugene Smith; Town Hall; J. Hayes; Fisher Cr.; E.A. Waterbury; D. Houck; W.J. Houck; Mrs. M.J. Bray; Lavern Bray; L.F. Hildebrand; Ditch; Philip Crater; J. Taft; J.L. Carrithers; Alpha Kirkham; Bradley Potter; May Kelsu; B. Potter; E.W. Danbrook; Eugene Poats; N. Potter; J. Keyser; B. Potter; Frank Poats; Chas. Bell; Jos. Poats; Edward Bier; Church; W. Nieman; J.H. Esterline; J. Keyser; J.W. Esterline; Frank Poats; Geo. Marsh; R.F.D.; School; R.F.D.; Farmer Netcher; B. Tooman; Mrs. F. Smith; O. Odel; Anson Brown; Elsie Crapo; Eugene Becker; Sam'l Warren; Jas. H. Sherman; Wm. Porter; Alonzo Clark; Ditch; A. George; E.C. Warren; School; Willie Hall; W. Bartel Est.; e. Cunningham; W.C. Gottschalk; Ezra Colvin; J. Taylor; Walter Graves; V.U. Hungerford; Chas. Nichols; A.J. Cory; Chas. Gottschalk; W. Odren; B. Braman; Isaac Fickle; C.R. Clark; Wm. Thompson; Geo. Clark; Geo. Busch; John Mowser; S. Moffett; P.C. Biglow; Beach Lawn; Wm. Fidler; School; J. Taft; I.W. Fickle; D. Harbaugh; E.L. Camp; W. Knuth; Nelson Martin; R. From; Francis Ryder; Leslie Taylor; Edson Clark; J. Fidler; E. Green; Roy From; Libbie Alshe; S.B. Goodman; Leslie Taylor; W. Knuth; E.L. Camp; L. Dunbar; G.E. Poats; Holstein Stock Farm; Katie Cash; W. Goodman; L.A. Wilson; Wm. Harmon; Ditch; A. Marsh; Jas. Walworth; S. Walworth; Henry Renner; L. Walworth; Carl Donbrock; Jas. Frick; Van Voorhis; Willow Hill Farm; Jas. Evard; T.J. Burlew; Beach Row Farm; Jas. Walworth; T. Thompson; T.J. Nixon; J. Johnson; L. Waller; Ransom Purdy; Michael Nogle, Est.; John Quimby; Cem.; E.M. Hawes; Talhassee Creek; Nellie Hall & A. King; Store; Chas. Cornell; Ed. Ogden; Mason George; W. Benjamin; Res. Of Edw. Ogden; Ditch; C.M. Williams; Poland China Stock Farm; S. McNitt; Jas. Carrithers; Sarah Parker; R.F.D.; Edna Tabor; L. Taylor; A. Casteel; Leroy G. Casteel; S. Robins; Kate Mundy; Urias Boyd; Lewis Mundy; Briggs Braman; F.A. Davis; School; Patrick; C. Webber; Albert Dodge; Thos. Dunlap; Church; Ed. Bovee; Alvin Enos; F. Parker; John Bovee; G.S. Bennett; S.B. Goodman; Linus Taylor; Maple Lawn; R.F.D.; E. Beckett; Church; B. Rice; Store; F. Knapp; S. Hughes; Emma; Allgire; Wm. Odrin; Bovee Lake; Emma Allgire; Res. Of B.F. Allgire; Emma Allgire; Linus Taylor; J. Bailey; School; A. Adair; Linus Taylor; W. Goodman; G.W. Cox; Wm. Adair; Wm. Beckwith; Seth Shumway; Chas. Goodwin; Jas. Bishop; E. Shumway; A.F. Shumway; Fred Goodwin; Wm. Clark; G.W. Kriser; Wm. Collin; Lewis Bradley; Ditch; A. Waterbury; A. Southworth; H.H. Bradley; Lewis Bradley; F. Abraham; J.W. Harley; Emmet Drury; Chas. Folett; Emmet Drury; Leroy & Geo. Gallop; Ovid Twp.; Wm. H. Mott; Perry D. Gray; Meadow Brook Farm; J.B. Brown; Res. Of J.W. Lytle; California Twp.; Wm. Franz; Fair View; Sam'l Harmon; C.A. Waterbury; E. Merritt; E. Purdy; J.R. Duguid; Jerome Wright; Chas. Diedrich; Jacob Pridgeon; Church; A. Dodge; Perry Tift; Pleasant View; Mrs. F.M. Burgoon; D. Royce; Res. Of P.C. Biglow; Fred Purdy; J. Purdy; H. Evard; Elvira Dunlap; Mrs. L.R. Tift; Levi Shumway; L.H. Draper; C.W. Draper Est.; C.O. Draper; M. Stukey; Mrs. Pomham; F. Waterbury; V. Franks; V. Franks; J.W. Dufer; R.O. Logan; J.W. Dufer; C.H. Goodwin; Geo. Goodwin; Maple Grove Stock Farm; M. Beckwith; Kate Poats; Sam'l Chestnut; School; Alfred Bassage; Rob't Smith; B.R. Warner; R.F.D.; Albert Camp; Edgar Warner; H.H. Bradley; Mary Dull; Ditch; Herbert Warner; B.F. Coles; Rhandolf Kriser; D. Grover; Hillsdale Co. Note:

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Page  49 I.- 4 - la 10 1, M. ___MMRR., II 49-1 TOWNSHIP 2 Scate 2 inches tolIomile a5own8htp 7 South, _51ange 16 Wttest of the 5/lithigan M~eridian (OLDJ)WA1 TIERj IQ. F lo".: T, I wp. /5/ /00 * 40/1 >1 l~oszsoo 3 I 4, Lw.1 11 Bro wr 1 D. 40 U9 40 Boo~ _7~( fvcoid Li zczr,1dz0 15mf-" (105) 40 iIs C 4 0 A t!; 701 7 '0 Coo ~,4 Q )17 `6 Q) 0 /00 2Cflrg 0! ~ 174~209 04 ~ ~, P~ Z7h7 2~., -- )241 '2o~ P30/ VD. Y01p -P-!J0DAAY.70 - - -... I F'rarZ? ~_I7/I Gcoo. Rood~(: U 00 oQQ. 00-i 9 -20-3-C 40!r~a,ooo 9 dof 51601A'70 30,17):7 30 0(n Boo 70 "I 111 I I I I 1.111L 11 11. I. 1. -. I - - 11, I I I -',, - -7- - --- _ --- — I _ _ M - i- -,,,-100 -.-T 0FG-F - - ' 2; — - - I_1 - _ - - - - 1 -' -. _ 9 I I0 1~.10C.I00, 4o. / 07 I5 '7 0 1 1. I * I1 owo 4i _ - 40 lIroazozz- 40 (so5-) S q~zJ77r 3 0 -90 - Q00.0-7. 000 I72z7 O 0 1 60 A _J~0zz 40 079' 00 ~ )5~ 0 Q 0 C -~- 10,l ---. ~2/dos. 0/2 70o C yesA3hU for 0 4Q44,oo/ C//COO. - 390 70Cl? '75 40 777 777 /3 ~0hoooo > 0000270oO-43sj~ - Boroc/i- 0 Bo 170 C40 S021 0/0 0) 40 0~00 ~, 0 33 I0 0 ( 02-a pazz~ od 00?,%WI 4 11 Z4 I 002raoo11A'7/5e02ooft11 /30 ~Z7F B T-!.4,I- I Io6 0l7ooo. 8_50 Ls~lbaoooo~(z Baorber Ac-qor 40.; 40-n 1.11 - I I 11" 4. 0 1 i0 4 * W0 ~00 __.___. 0. -- oDk rrs No oo / / 40 Cr C- 0 u8ozc1/e Me Z'S-9ons NA PLE A0-C /60 117 ' - 57)1'k ~ 00 335,36 (ab C! f FAM e 40 60 A ~ '0-007` Mqn Z0 0 Ar 7071.1 ZCZr ZI6451 f%0:/ej Woqrxbz-o - I --— w __ 0- 01. 7//I4D0r4~ 2v/60?P VrMovI oPa~roodrno ko Iord /2oooo,0 650 I 40C ( Cl(9 17701o1 Z,51 o I; 0-.001 ubosro{NJ7'- ____ - I I"D 1; Z' e: Z - Z r, - (2rroy 160,-% 000, Z" I'll ID~ZLo7~- ) 0,1 t07 2~oow~9~ It" I R '-7' I foI 40 -~ Ofo~31/A t0C 01 wy 60 KLN1J/1?HOO Sz 1114- Wonc 40 q7 _7y1Yz0. _17. / —, 9., 0_ U0 021 ~ '/b29 f - -~ w /10410 40 ) ' C,If ID 406 1 4 400 04 4 Y 7/sos. 001P07'A 04/0L0 C-A\z __ _ _7 /00 /30 I oc/Ozsro 40Toozisoo 1/oS r 0 I ogos - 40 R 05 oooia ojL ~O 5 40 45- o'o5__ 0j.057 70 o _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _0 C o- ' 0 B ole Z o Bd4. 0So-o-e- Cr or ot Go F400q C /2ev/'4jo'40 (9 io l z, l, 9r o a 1 70) ol"- 'fAO/ 10_ A 7,/j9 0 71 - 860 40 40 4) '0. I, I - - I?_ I I 40 000 Qj00 000 "_N Oo(q, 00 U I) 01( (9 - dEi-JK_ i J/ieca (or'7 690 (allooI ZlOjIY 5I 690.05, ci - 4== = k== __1 - - 0 Title: Map of Ovid Township 7 S 6 W Keywords: Coldwater Twp.; E. Batterson; J. Albro; Mrs. Osborn; V.E. Hagy; Res. Of Ora Paradine; T. Paradine; Frank Krull; Elins Teachout; E.T. Teachout; Rilla Eaton; John Linn; Cem.; Ed. C. Lockwood; The Locus; F.C. Bates; J.W. Donnel; Fair View Stock Farm; Marion Ferguston; Wm. C. Behnke; Walter Coleman; Church; A.B. Smith; S.L. Hard; Egbert Treat; J.W. Brown; Maple Ridge Farm; Chas. A. Brown; Gertrude Kempster; Harry Baldridge; J.W. Woods; Ivan L. Snyder; Frank Elk; Geo. Reed; A.E. Buck; W.H. McCurley; Asa W. Fergason; F.O. Smith; Harry Perry; F. Steffaniak; Frank Tompkins; Stephen Fergason; Mary A. Button; Chas. E. Brown; Geo. Perry; Chas. Bender; W.D. Tripp; Tripp Dairy Farm; Ditch; L.& A. Fulk; W. Logan; Chas. A. Mowry; Helen Norton; Michael Robinson Est.; B.O. Cox; T. Redfield; Dubendorf Bros.; Chas. Bender; Dubendorf Bros.; Isaac E. Corless; Ditch; Wm. H. Willis; B.O. Cox; Will & Warren Cox.; W. Smith; Ida Hineman; Isaac E. Corless; Wm. E. Walker; C. Kelsey; Harry McDougak; J.B. Coleman; Allison Howland; Stony Farm; Oak Grove Stock Farm; Leroy Lockwood; Res. Of Ray H. Lockwood; Maple Row; Ditch; W.H. Sweet; J. March; Larabee Bros.; Carl Martin; R. Cole; Harvey Bates; Cem.; J.W. Smith; School; Res. of L.G. Hutchins; A.B. Smith; Egbert W. Treat; J.W. Smith; Geo. Hawkins; Wm. S. Mowry; Noblit Bros.; Geo. Reed; A.J. Thompson; Homer P. Walling; Burnett M. Zeluff; Chas. H. Russell; Ovid Twp.; School; J.P. Long; Wm. S. Mowry; Thos. Bishop; Wm. B. Mohr; John Schumacher; F.E. Barber; Fred Kenyon; R.F.D.; Irvin Crawford; School; H.O. Bovee; Chas. A. Mowry; Wm. Treacher; Ditch; Mrs. E.R. Clum; Emanuel Durr; School; V.D. Wright; Benj. Lyon; Helen Conant; Grants Cox; I.E. Corless; O.L. Cox; Wm. Kerns; Wm. M. Wood; Herman Cox; Church; Margery & Sol. Greenamyer; Wm. M. Wood; J.A. Greenamyer; School; A.W. Russell; Julius M. Bates; H. Bates; Fred Thompson; C. Martin; Harold Bates; Res. Of R.C. Fenner; C. Fenner; P.C. Buck; J.H. Russell; Louise Cole; Corydon Fenner; Luther Russell; Thos. Paradine; Biyer's Lake; Wm. Biyer; John Biyer; Nelson C. Russell; Maple Road Farm; Frank Biyer; Oscar Shaul; Mary Hower; Mrs. Sarah Rose; Adelphus Buck; Ray Sellick; R. Sellick; Agnes Deprie; Res. of Ralph Paradine; Wm. Paradine; Fred J. Conklin; O. & T. Otis; Town Hall; Wm. H. Armstrong; Irwin Crawford; Fred Treacher; Ditch; W. Paradine; O. & T. Otis; Jacob Knepp; Fred Quimby; Theo. L. Wood; M.F. Wagar; Cem.; Geo. Perry; Res. Of Wm. M. Wright; Chas. Wright; Newton Crawford; Matilda Lawrence; A. Tindall; Henry Bavee; Fred Lawrence; C. Wright; Sidney Kibbe; Fred Lawrence; V.D. Wright; Flora Neairpass; Mud Lake; C. Ribbeck; M. Tarr; A. Tindall; Byron Tompkins; Sanford Tompkins; R.F.D.; Perry C. Buck; A. Smith; Hiram Card; Rose Lake or Lake of the Woods; Wm. S. Smith; Chas. Paradine; Res. Of Marion Cole; Louisa Cole; Helen E. Warren; R.G. Chandler; School; Helen Warren; Grace Heisrodt & Gertrude Harding; Thos. Paradine; L.F. Scheidler; Nancy Paddock; W.W. Paradine; Res. Of M.G. Wilson; Mark Heisrodt; Eugene Heisrodt; Fred Peppiatt; Frank Peppiatt; Eugene Heisrodt; Walter Kenyon; Meadow Brook Farm; J. Hoylett; Jay Hiesradt; Emma Noyes; Maple Knoll Farm; Jos. Tucker; O. & T. Otis; Mrs. M.L. Towsley; Chas. Willett; Shattuck's Plat; G.H. Lockwood; Sam'l Heckman; G.H. Lockwood; Long Lake; C. Cornell; Thos. Stanley; F.G. Pond; Elm Beach; G. Re; Store; V.B. Stout; Jud. Quimby; H.J. Sorter; Locas Hill; B.E. Tooman; W. Waldron; L.E. Waldron; Addison Tompkins; L.C. Waldron; Roy Odren; Bert E. Tooman; Everett Quimby; Jas. H. Sherman; G. Coffman; C. Cornell; R.F.D.; O. Bennett; Bingham Lake; S.D. Krull; T.A. Hilton; O. & T. Otis; Lewis Sherman; R.F.D.; Jesse Trump; Geo. E. Lobdell; Effie Barringer; Thos. Paradine; F. Stone; T.A. Hilton; L.E. Duffer; Chas. Nutt; E.A. Foster; Frank Stone; A.N. Paddock; Geo. Peppiatt; Res. Of Frank Peppiatt; Oliver Bussing; Jas. R. Wilson; Res. Of Roy Sellers; Wm. Sorter, Est.; Cem.; School; G.W. Unterkercher; E.R. Clark; Wm. Clark; Crystal Beach; Chas. O. Bingham; Out Look Farm; Geo. Tompkins; Indian Point; E.A. Quimby; Pearl Beach Ave.; G.H. Lockwood; J.U. Quimby; F.G. Pond; E.W. Quimby; O.L. Collard; Frank Myddleton; Mary Scheidler; Henry Echtinaw; Walter Rathbun; Fertile Hill Farm; School; W.H. Quimby; Geo. F. Quimby; Talhassee Creek; Florence Carrithers; A.D. Quimby; D. Cornell; W.G. Wing; John P. Doyle; Bethel Twp.; Bert Rasey; Leroy Sousley; John Nye; Res. of Bert Rosey; J.A. Halterbaum; Mrs. G.W. Lobdell; Jos. Goodwin; Jas. H. Nye; B.A. Strong; Res. of Orna J. Strong; School; Kinderhook Twp.; Maple Lane Farm; R.A. Strong; Oscar E. Spade; Ditch; Res. Of Roy Mundy; J.M. Haylett; Celia Heater; Hattie Nye; I.D. Miner; Wm. Flint; Chris. Sticken; J.W. Smith; Chris. Sticken; Ed. Tompkins; Alva C. McNitt; Res. Of Jay Tompkins; J.H. Wilson; Long View Farm; N.E. Bussing; Geo. Jones; L.J. Corwin; R.F.D.; Levi Tift; Albert Marshall; Delevan Sorter; Coldwater Lake; J. Echtinaw; Irwin Otis; W.G. Wing; Clark Sherman; O.F. Nichols; Dora E. Myers; Sans Souci Beach; F.E. Grover; W.G. Wing; V.V. Kryser; Garber Legg; T.E. Thompson; Res. Of Geo. W. Mott; Wm. Mott; J.D. Quimby; Wm. H. Mott; Algansee Twp. Note:

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Page  51 PPE:P7E I I TOWNSHI P Scale 2inchesto Imile I. BATAVIA osc.:5kk CCoZ72eVZ8 SS A~k~ / f, 12M ip 7 Jouth, S7ange 7 Weat of the 5/tihigan -lieridian 6C 0 7,- 0/06 54 48 V 29172tC0 8 f JS OrACELA1051 - 7WqN~ 70.55. 8'1 I~ Zr/49azzrvoy '4 52 —1 7 ~ 6rzLe ""' I I -11 - - "". -- - -, - I I 11 - I - - - - I I. - -- - I -.1 - I 11 I. - -- --- - -. - -- -. -. t I -. --,, - ;. - - - -1 - I I- '. - I I "I I I 11-1 I 0'. 7-1 /-9' 7-3. ' - -g -5-.- 11 "', - 7 - 810 6< 3 9/202/ 'I " 80 ~ V2rvZ I I I "M44-' - 97 92~Z~ J92.8,. I, - r28 C~ &018 I Z9. 49 "I if Z- (:;Co9 4 2-3 sz "9 rI6 - 56 90~1 ~ ~ 4 -- 6 68/o C/2s. ( ~ vls z-1 s70~I 4 49 9 l C7 72J17"4 *j el.~ 626- 78 '4 __ __ 4 -o ~8>~~"~86''49994427 /272 2 0 Ar 9I 9F~12457~9 4<9 4 49 /r8//101 6orlerD4 4 IX022 61-I7z ZZ&Z Aa_.128 3~267/205. — _Io 40 '4 K22/80 doss/I- 1" I 4 0 2 4 " ~7.28 27/ 5 /o. 710C 71 6'S RI4 9 9 " 2 AA1 ~s.56~61." 4.97 - VT 9 1 a' 'I ' P ~ 17o',4885 __ IA.-9 ICE __ _ 4 j4 _ 5 272223 05/1 '1, 1W 7'.e'.'o* _ om,57 ',< 0 795''a" 262if )172822/07282222 70 40~~4 -oSr*.52.2-7 15 _ _ __r _ _ 4 1 9 _A l_ _ _ K. I.27/ 2? /'/2/I 41 '.I.227836't/2/5 &9'O1215/ 49 -9 1 ~ 0 7 9 Lso __~ I ' Z69722 0 Kri/ 2 zo 6*/2 0 ~ 7/27'0 -- 2 ~~I 4r> I 7 10 9 I i — -. /I,, -- 4 4 -0 82&2/ 6 1 5/ 202C L0ALRAD * '499I "I'. 2/21 -1 0017//26'e/ 49 9 20'7 60 494949 494941 '449 977 41 32 2; 11949 (9 9777 59 40. '41 1,9/1 VAt 1 5700/f III- Y PMY5 fMO 4- 62 230 69-3 49Q 4499) rIKZ' 840o I/V5 VO522/03 4Z9~, q94 499 j 1867r77 412 S 50 '2124 Iz 2jjo7 467 /022 80Z-1'Z 40 0 2751- 0 /?'~.9' 4 L2 -J A'. IT. 9 l, -II,. -449 49 44 44 55~ 99949 4 z= < - - I - - -.,, - I I - ". - I I I _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ - - 7 4 0 2 --- ilZ:ZZLJ Title: Map of Bethel Township 7 S 7 W Keywords: Batavia Twp.; John Czakuski; Mike Soskenskee; V. Shekoske; V. Shekoske; Joseph Demskie; Lake Shore & Michigan Southern R. R.; Ditch; John Kriegler; Joe Stockwell; J. Kreigler; John Kiboloski; Jos. Mackouski; Mike Hutchicht; D.B. Paine; Wolverine Michigan Portland Cement Co; P. D. Harrington; Wm. McLellan; W.B. Langwell; Wm. McLellan; John Anderson; F.J. Herman; M. Kreigler; Mike Hutchicht; Eliza Wood; N. Smead; J.H. Treachout; L. Whitford; Wm. Brown; Cary Lake; L. Gifford; L. Seney; R.G. Moore; Eugene Shippy; Oral Moore; A. Vreedenburg; E. Good; A. Culver; Lottie Culver; Fred Parsons; P. Nutt; H. Barvey; Chas. Vanice; Leander Gifford; R.L. Bunkers; Minnie Bunker; R.L. Bunker; Res.; Frank Chapman; M. Gifford; E. Shippy; S. Loose; Sarah Parsons; Eugene Shippy; N. Shinefield; F.A. & C.H. Gallop; S.S. Gray; R.F.D.; Emory Olmstead; John Wasikowski; Eugene Walker; Willow Brook Farm; Ira; Vanorsdale; Ditch; M.M. Garrett; Kneeland Stock Farm; E.H. Walker; School; Walnut Vale Farm; Joe Stockwell; A.R. Parham; S. Malora; Pearl Nash; I. Boes; H. Vooris; Nellie S. Cory; C.R. Brooker; P. Holcomb; M.I. Roe; Mrs. Emma Hoskins; Swan Creek; C.U. Champion; Geo. Bielawski; R.F.D.; Ella L. Cooley; Mich. Portland Cement Co.; Chas. Fowler; H. Lilly; Sam'l Selby; Cem; Fowler Bros.; D.W. Chase; H. Lilly; Mary Penshaw; H.J. Smith; Clara Tozier; Lewis Hart; A.A. Rowe; L.C. Fenner; P.M. Dubendorf; Helen Freeman; P. Decker; Eliza Hurst; Bert Smead; Louis Cole; Chas Bertsch; Lewis Shurtz; Fred Parsons; Res. R.N. Quimby; R.R. Fenner; Eliza Stone; Jessie Carter; R.F.D.; J.W. Brunson; Mrs. Barbara Green; Mary Renshaw; Woodland Farm; Res; John Renshaw; Frank Thomas; W. Crawford; R.F.D.; H. Bagley; Ditch; Fowler Bros; W. Crawford; Rose Estella Russell; V. Kemp; I. Butcher; O.W. Butcher; Matt. Garrett; J. Stukey; Wm. Alker; L. Lockwood; Perry Wessel; Larabee Bros.; Terry Treachout; W. Russell; Mariah Norton; Wash. Russell; W.L. Russell; Res.; Russell Bros; John Lida; School; J. Roach; Geo Carter; Caroline Monroe; Ditch; R.F.D.; Frank Fowler; Geo. Carter; R.F.D.; Chas. Canfield; Godlieb Burtch; A. Loshinski; G.W. Clark; Res. of Sam Cook; C.M. Zock; Evergreen Lawn; Sam'l. Selby; Fred Fowler; Snow Prairie Farm; Chas. Hughes; Myron Monroe; Andrew Sobeski; W. Bowen; R.F.D.; Church; School; C. Varrus; Res. C. Fenner; Chas. Selby; W. Graves; Chas. Fenner; R.F.D.; Wm. Gillett; M.M. Nowekposki; G. Allen; A. Norton; Mate Bidwell; F.H. Fowler; W. Robbins; Roth Carson; L.T. Warner; Res. E.F. Raley; Jessie Carter; R. Booth; J. Criswell; T.N. Reading; H. McDonald; Frank Mills; Eliza McDonald; H.H. Sell; Elmer Criswell; H.W. Bagley; W. McDougal; W.H. Patch; Stony Ridge Farm; Jerry Sell; Jessie Russell; W.H. Layman; W.H. Patch; Res. A.A. Brown; L.W. Layman; Adelbert Cole; Chas. Fenner; C.W. Tuers; Corydon Fenner; Art Card; Card's Homestead; Vern Bates; W. Gage; Chas. Canfield; M. Bunnell; Mike Yesh; Ditch; John Hoopengarner; Vincent Lowinczak; John Beloske; M.J. Klavinski; John Bieloski; A. Micholock; W. Cornell; B. Rifenburg; F. Cornell; W.F. Taylor; Frank Yesh; Anthony Loshinski; Stephen Sikorski; J. Zinn; Ditch; Chas. Brook; John Klavisnki; Jos. Ludwick; Geo Brook; Frank Palmater; J. Klaurinski; L.H. Prestidg; Wm. Keyes; F. Wallace; W. Bracklebank; Andrew Harley; F. Whitny; S. Fenno Est.; Chas. Richards; Geo. Bercaw; L.H. Prestidg; A.S. Hatmaker; School; Hatmaker; Store; Stephen Swift; Jas. Ludwick; J. Klavinski; C. & H. Freeman; R.F.D.; Geo. Mast; Floyd Flint; Geo. Bercaw; H. Voorus; H. Ruple; R.F.D.; Sharl Larabee; W. Brocklebank; W.D. Cosner; A.J. Harris; A. Clouse; U. Killinger; W.H. layman; Catalpa Farm; Chas. E. Brough; Ed. Rupright; S.H. Bates; Burt Bates; H. Woodruth; Dennis Layman; B.B. Corman; James Bronson; Peter Bronson; I. Lockwood Est.; Cem.; Church; Ammerman & Hall; C. Cure; L. Wiser; P.C. Buck; L.W. Layman; L.H. Wiser; Wm. Wheeler; Pleasant View; Austin Smith; School; H. Kaiser; F. Pixley; Wm. Ammerman & Ella Hall; Emma Ammerman; Chas. Crandall; R.F.D.; E. Bingham; A.E. Ammerman Est.; Wm. Smith; P.A. Zinn; School; Frank Pruski; Chester Canfield; Chel. Canfield; F. Pruski; Wm Trusedale; J.C. Pfaff; B.D. Harris; John Neveski; L. Pickarski; J. Klavinski; Frank Yesh; Jos. Ludwick; Mike Sosenski; L. Clifton; L. Piekarski; W.E. Honeywell; Lucy Birch; H. Demeritt; A. Zigler; J. Kairouse; Eliz Payne; C.L. Goshorn; G.H. Williams; Bert Steffy; John Arendt; Jay Osborn; School; R.F.D.; A. Shay; Hiram M. Miller; Res. A.L. Miller; John Shank; Calvin Weaver; Lucy Demeritt; Ditch; Chas. Austin; A Olmstead; B.B. Gorman; J. Shank; Sabina Bronson; Res. of A.W. Card; Rachel Bronson; Lula Card; John Kanouser; Lloyd Nagle; School; Res. of Carl McEndarffer; A. Frick; A.J. Harris; W. Nagle; G.E. Lobdell; John Deeds; Henry Kaiser; Elm Ridge Stock Farm; Moses Hoyt; S.D. Crull; Store; Church; Bethel; L.H. Bower; Chas. Crull; R.T. Martin; Ed. Odren; Dan'l Weaver; Bernie Wiser; Henry Whitten; L. Clearwater; B.W. Harrison; R.T. Martin; Carl Shiery; Bronson Twp.; Chas. Somerlott; Willow Lawn; John Dunn; Mary Little; Mercie Stephenson; R.F.D.; Volney Sweeting; Levi Harley; Henry Olmstead; Frank Funk; C. Himebaugh; Gilead Twp.; Frank Honeywell; P. Cranson; E. Willis; Prairie River; Oscar Sowle; R.F.D.; Fred Olmstead; A. Foglesong; Res; E.B. Foglesong; Mrs. Hattie Sanderson; Prairie Valley Stock Farm; W.J. Bucklin; R.F.D.; Francis M. Markley; N.W. Crow; Church; S.B. McCourtie; B. Osborn; Bert Porter; M.A. Clem; Hannah Olmstead; N. Norton; John Hamilton; R.B. Hillyer; Wells Hillyer; Hannah Olmstead; Arthur Markley; N.W. Crow; E. Olmstead; Calvin Ritter; D.E. Williams; Warren Williams; Arza Harris; Alva McEndarffer; A. R. Hughes; Daniel Weaver; Res. Jas. Burnside; Lavina McEndarffer; G.W. St. Clair; C. Bates; Emma Lampman; Frank Lampman; Isiah McEndarffer; Res. John McEndarffer; Geo. & M. Piatt; Res. Chas. R. Garman; J.K. Deal; R.F.D.; Leroy Sonsley; A.H. Sherman Est.; Dan'l. Shiery; E.J. Foster; G.W. St. Clair; John Nettleman; Salem Zatone; Jas. Goodwin; Ovid Twp. Note:

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Page  53 105,00 - 53 TJWY~?-'-IV I: #7own-ghip 7 South, -01ange 8 Vest of the Jhitehigan MA~eridian.9 7-40 -Z l~ J,~ Q) ", - -l........I...... I -4 /0-~ ' 69 4 7 '. I -*I.r- 1. Q li,.sJ /x 7 '40' 14' /7 " - AMA~ - --. 1.zi. -:~ " - 2- 2 A22 4 -401 240 40t- oe'oo /2,K:~ C00~ /00 & 30 0. % I ' 12' 22 02~ %x 22. 40 \':S 7- 6..2I92Z?0 7 7 142U~c 12r0'0 N 11 /2992 A.l I I I. I iI il 11 V W,-z? - " 1, C. 5booA 40. 11)! '16" 9 2) I "I 310. 500~ /,0 39926-/jo 1 - 160 /39,Z-222 -'r.1 C. 24 J'e~z~~' ' 0 79 40 10. -10'2 /000E / 29.3 0 20 //0 4 2sS6 0'/ I 2 _,f92'6'6os2o 7 '' 7 6 *r-2 1.// > ~ I2 co 19 20666 80 I 4 a9 27 ____ 2 _ _ Z_ _ Q70/ I 026 2/ 62, 22 I oo/J 26 '0 /7 9 24 9.24 620. T~9iToo JJzoo 23 40 /0 9'I.60 242~170 0 ')26 '6 ' 0'ooo/4 roo c6 9 6o-2 2 4 21 ____ ~~ 2 ~~ 02 ~ 757,"o/ 32I0026',' ~ 0 -9 ~ ~ 0'..A2~>Aoo/o/I0222O~4~ 25c~~T412 ~ I '. 2 ' 99 9.. 24 2722 7 I~//7 /3 27 70 4,5T.2 2262 6666 )22 9< 2/2 24./70 0'j 0'o /,,_ _ ' 'Z) & Z. A~ chl n~l aI '2s 6 36262-22'Ilt ~../9>6oo'o> /J&/o70o42 66262221 Q9 2 4>.99)'19o.V1f6L. 62 22 I%~ 9 s.. ~'~ '9 9 __ />0. '~1 J 9~'9 /4 00 022 ~* 6,,o222626 ~ 0 24 40~2. 00 i'.2~,202 (, 4 K) 40629 9 o/6o20* 9o4. 2 I2Q3 2.//0O27 _ CO662'9~ 252 ' 2 4 ''>> ~ ~ 64 70, 0 2< 2~o9'2 ' ~ 9~~1 Ao 2021 9 Q)9 Cr'. __ 930 _0__) -- '2 — 2.2 2 10Z,..-2 0 '26"? 2" 63 032.4020/ 2 2 9 9 21 9 21 21 I 9>21,Z 24 929 00,< 1 /51227 4 I CI / 2.99 9642 /92726~,29'o r72.01TI /00.614..?. ij2 '6 e,2 9 999' I[-4.9 - 22 V00!I/;,, "4 40 9 9- D Z 40 3.2.4-/ /027 f * 40 -- 8I0 O.427 032 7/920/ /0/4 -/ 12 C, 292 2700 I -I — -. -. - - -- -- - - - - - - - - - - - - -— p __ - - -- - 22727 ~) =:~"'- ' >' ~22/0 -- 52-',22 eL k q-2 I 22 - I - - - I. - I 22/Z22, 1fwo6 a 1 490 -'I' V ) 9 9 62L6 -20 2772.. ~' I k.9 922 21 ~' ~ ' I0. 9 RI ' 2 924.22.4,49 9 I I.9...'I /912f1../12726. 40 ~ 'I -40 -4 LO3 '2" 22/ e 2'.' I,,, I.. -. I I - I - " --, - -i t-%.1 I- - - - - 1== =A= - - 4: t'!= - - - - - - - - d== - - - ==- - - - ' I I Pv, 1O.BI'E I I .- -I- 11-1 - - - - I:,_ WN - RIM ---— Xll)-l- — ll t> — - -" — K4'- 3+. - 501011"'! -W WWM Title: Map of Bronson Township 7 S 8 W Keywords: Matteson Twp.; Bethel Twp.; Noble Twp.; St. Joseph Co.; David Maystead; H. Ahlgrum; Wm. Shaw; J.H. Maystead; H. Shook; J. Kane; Mrs. E. Shook; Wm. H. Shook; J.H. Maystead; E. Welden; School; Jas. Kane Jr.; F.H. Richards et al.; F. Coward; C.N. Phillips Est; Mrs. Shefler; Frank Coward; Ditch; Marie Burk; James Kavanaugh; John Shaffmaster; Res; School; H. Russell; C.J. & R.A. Youngs; M. McQueen; S. Ludwick; J.E. Nowicki; E. Sweezy; Geo. Lewis; Elbert Martin; Ignatz Nowicki; Lorena Brown; M. McQueen; Mahala Shaffmaster; Mrs. Tamer Buys; M.J. Moore; Mrs. Mary Corson Est.; Minnie Osborn; Alma A. Moore; E.J. Bell; Ditch; Wallace Monroe; Frank Quear; A.K. Parham; Swan Cr.; Jesse Monroe Jr.; Ray Parham; Wm. Monroe; A.K. Parham; L. Galloway; David Maystead; H. Eberhart; Mrs. E. Shook; M Kiboloski; Andrew Kibiloske; Swan Creek; Andrew Losinski; R.F.D.; C.J. Holmes Sr.; A.J. Filkins; Mill Pond; W.D. Monroe; W.M. Monroe; Swan Creek; Jas. Smith; Thos. Smith; E.E. Beardsley; Res.; Laurence Warner; Mrs. J. Jump; Stephen Sosinski; L.T. Sackett; Jacob Kruszka; Res.; John Bloom; W.T. Paul; Frank Coward; Jas. N. Kavanaugh; Res.; Grindley Post; C.M. Van Evert; Joseph Gricza; Mike Stefonski; A. Case; Frank Klavinski; John H. Shaffmaster; Bronson; Mahala Shaffmaster; Chas. Strang; Frank Herman; F.M. Rudd et al; Cem.; Henry Shaffmaster; Mrs. Frank Williams; John E. Hoopingarner; A. Kibiloske; Raymond Milliman; Ditch; B.P. Taggart Jr.; B.P. Taggart Sr.; W. Gross; Lake Shore & Michigan Southern R.R.; Mary A. Bowman; Mill; Res.; C.J. Holmes Sr.; Gay Bowman; Geo. Rumsey; Grace King; Sam'l Holmes; Florence Holmes; A.D. Lindsey; Race Track; Stock Farm; E.E. Beardsley; Chas. Hamilton; A. Malova; School; John Taggart; Cyrus Piatt; John Schurtz; F.A. Beardsley; Frank Buholz; Anna strefanski; Mike Wait; Thos. Finishy; I. Strahley; Carrie Bowden; Mrs. Frank Queer; H.P. Mowry; H. Rollins; Mary A. Allen; C.R. Bowden; Andrew Smoker; John M. Greenwald; Anna Stefanski; Lewis Jasper; res; Res.; Creamery; F.M. Rudd et al; Thos. Paine; Peter Cook; Ditch; Robt. Housten; J. Roach; Frank Fowler; E. Gates; Cem.; Chas. Canfield; Abner Fair; W.H. Brooks; H. Brooks; Wm. Brooks Est.; H. Shane; J. Rumbaugh; Bertha Modert; Glen Milliman; Frank Smoker; E.J. Hopkins; Ida Upham Est; Mrs. Wm. Fry; R. Milliman; A. Meuly Est.; J. Karn; Hazel I. Holmes; Jas. Gregg; Peter Modert Est.; School; Flora Hart; Frank Smoker; Res; Wm. Johnson; John secor; Ditch; Martin Loshinski; A.Malova; Eva L. Himebaugh; Wm. Johnson; David Kline; Jos. Gunthorpe; L.D. Rowe; G.C. Carpenter; Mrs. Geo. Carpenter et al; Jas. Smith; M. Ludwig; G. Kuasnicuski; I. Strahley; B.L. Michalski; John Smoker; O. & G. Tisdell; J.Smoker; R.F.D.; Harry Sobeski; John Greenwald; Evergreen Stock Farm; John Unlerkecher; Jos. Smoker; V. Stockwell; Mrs. M.E. Lane; Geo. W. Mallow; Res.; Gleaners Hall; Oscar Dewsenberry; John Smoker; F. Shicorski; J. Shicorski; John Nowak; Seymour Cornell; School; Jacob Wrobelski; J. Shimsheski; Jas. Wrobleski; Chas. Shicorski; Jos. Kosmerick; John Bralaska; Coin Himebaugh; J. Rumbaugh; Albert Hatmaker; Dan'l. Himebaugh; J. wortman; Jas. Wortman; H. Wortman; Harriet Smith; D. Himebaugh; Frank Smoker; C.H. Hord; G.L. Quear; Mike Bykoski; Jack Stockwell; T. Russell; Rudolph Good; Prairie River; J.W. Hord; Mrs. J. Carpenter; H. Sanborn; E. Marden; G.L. Queer; B. Cook; Chas. Clouse; Geo. Sager; J. Worman; Wm. Johnson; School; F.C. Brink; Oscar Dusenbury; B.D. Wing; B. Depew; L.R. Brant; Res; H. Depew; Jos. M. Sager; Sunset Farm; M.D. Milliman; F. Buholtz; Dan Clause; Wm. Monroe; Jos. Rochowiak; Wm. Sutter; C.L. Slisher; J. Shicoski; A.R. Keester; A.R. Kissler; Mrs. C. Marlow; Jos Bogart Est.; Ditch; F. Bogart; Jas. Cunningham; J. Adomski; Frank Bogart; Louisa Shippy; J. Rochowiak; Michael Kollossa; Mary Kollossa; James Cunningham; John Cunningham; Jacob Shicoski; John Kennedy Est; Jeanette Kennedy; John Greenwalt; P.A. Zinn; B. Harris; H. Harris; J. Herman; S. Herman; Ditch; F.J. Tice; H.C. Hart; Mrs. Wm. Truesdell; Chas. Porter; Mrs. A.Y. Bushnell; Ellen Hollis; Ed. Wortman; B.F. Wortman; H. Wortman; Mrs M. Smith Est.; Clinton Himebaugh; School; Mrs. F.T. Fry; Ditch; Wm. Leudders; John Fry; Wm. Mallow; D. Himebaugh; M. Loopholz; Thos. Russell; T. Mathews; Carlton Himebaugh; Morris Kavanaugh; Sarah Himebaugh; Theo. Lilly; Olivia Farrand; L.R. Brant; W.H. Jenkins; G. Kavanaugh; Geo Slisher; W.J. Jenkins; Wm. W. Milliman; Carlon Himebaugh; Morris Kavanaugh; T. Lilly; Klavinski; I.D. Sweeny; H. Himebaugh; Jas. Ulrich; Ernest C. Snook; C. Daley; Cyrus Ulrich; W.H. Sitkins; John McMain; Wm. George; C.L Slisher; Res; C.H. Unterkircher; Amos Miller; J. Smoker; J. & M. Warner; M. Calhoun Est.; M. Cochenspanger; F.G. Anderson; O.F. Buck; Mrs. A A George; School; E. Pinney; O. Good; C.L. Slisher; A.A. Miller; Hiram Himebaugh; Ellen Kehoe; Jane Zimmerman; John Shicoski; Ditch; Mrs. Mary Waters; S. Adamski; Volney Sweeting Note:

Page  54

Page  55 I Irl Vr I I _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _5 5 3~3,..____________________I S ~6~~3'' S Scale 2inches tolImile 5rpactionali7ouvrnahip 8 Jouth, SAange 8 east of the MKichigan Mieridian DflK #'- AT Ql't AT _TwP." I I I I I I I I I I.N I I I,i I I 40 08040-340___ _ 02 C~-70222 40 765 61 40 80IOeA 86 6'0__ Q). 0, - I1 '-A eAleI 80 A~S0 7 4%. 220.z e_0 o l o_ _ _ c_ _ _ _ _ _ N 0 ZED \. ~bo AC- o 5 ~ 8/2 - 0 ~50 I.0 6J7/ el 3 5). ~ 2 8 1-3 A ~' 48' 8 4 -0.7262. 4 0 4 6/1 800 Z-fI 60 0 09 0 _4l0 ~ 1 U S ~ 515 6 '~'~ 9f".Z9 *40 62 A Zex e41, 1788.Ceze 6000h 8 e~'o i9 —U. k1Z Q ooZ ____ ___ __ 8 0.8 8 _____8/6 _7 84 - _'.1 SY A4 rT Or iNDIfAN1A ~-6~ -88 —68~'-38 —86 — % 6 —o73- W%~ Title: Map of Noble Township 8 S 8 W Keywords: Bronson Twp.; Gilead Twp.; State of Indiana; St. Joseph Co.; John Sielken; Theo. Lilly; John Fry; Jacob Mayer; Thomas Himebaugh; C.A. Mallow; E. Good; Cem; L. Zinn; Theo. Lilly; David Lilly; Mud L.; Rose Crawford; Wm. Mallow; Mallow Lake; Wm. Mallow; Jay Keesler; W.H. Jenkins; H.C. Brooks; Chris Silkins; Henry Silkins; Nicholas Sowers; Ditch; F.G. Yesh; A. Helizel Est.; S. Lilly; Pleasant View Farm; Isaac Blosser; F. Millima; C.H. Unterkirchey; O.M. Good; Frank Keller; H. Burnside; G. Beck; H. Beck; Francis Grove; Dan'l. Beery; Wm. Smith; D.F. Beery; M. Rice; Ditch; C. Amstets; Meno Good; Mrs. C. Burnett; L. Richardson; G.W. Hoopingarner; Clover Hill; Cem.; E.A. Smith; Evergreen Lawn; Church; B. Warner; Stock & Dairy Farm; R.A. Warner; Holstein Friesian Stock Farm; C. May; Church; W.b. Carpenter; Ditch; C. Himebaugh; Z. & B. Wilber; G.W. Hoopingarner; J. Cattell; Eliza Calhoun; Geo. Calhoon; Elmer Himebaugh; Mud L.; Robert Akey; Long Lake; Locy Robins; Lewis Cummings; M. Lilly; Hellen Royer; John Frchriep; Hellen Royer; A. Keesler; Fish Lake; The Noble Jersey Stock Farm; Ezra Good; Patrick Harley Est.; Wm. Mallow; C.D. Chesley; John Mack; Ditch; Francis Grove; Luther Burnside; Francis Grove; School; F.N. Grove & Son; James Casebeer; Geo. Mack; Geo. Smith; Fred I. Snyder; Mrs. John Sieger; David Ward; Parsonage; Church; Jos. Steffey; Town Hall; Ebert Work; Jane Lilly; R.A. Warner; Sam'l. Smith; Cem.; Locust Home; G. Dow Stegmaier; Julia Teller; George Stegmaier; Peter Yesh Est.; Aden Fair; School; Ella Keller; Otis Buck; John Cattell; Robt. Cattell Est.; G. Bushnell; H.M. Calhoon; Mud L.; Lynn B Calkins; E. Weaver; River View Stock Farm; Round L.; E.M. Weaver; Eliz. Weaver; Fawn River; Eliza Cummins; Lewis Cummins; R. Weaver; Lyman Bathrick; Edw. Botzner; P. Frey Est.; Clarisa Fry; Thos. Chesley; C.D. Chesley; Geo. Mack; C.K. Nofsinger; Robt. Burnside; V. Nofsinger; Walnut Row; A. Ashbec; Honey Lake; Cem; Edgar Ward; School; Ed. Botzner; Amos Fair; Wm. A. Leworthy; W. Weaver Est.; P. Boltzner; E. Work; Jones; Mrs. Keller Est.; S. Swain; John Snyder; Arthur Jones; A. Beery; Edwin Whipple; W. Moffett; Isaac Keller; Frank Beery; Ernest Rumsey; Frank Keller; Marshall Smith; Ed Reed; Nelson Lilly; H.P. & H.W. Saxton; John Rumsey; F. Wilbur; Miles Whipple; School; Geo. French; A.G. Bushnell; H. Cattell; Mrs. M.C. Calhoon; Oak Grove; Edwin Quick; Mort Gardner; Gardner Homestead; Res. Cliftin H. Short; Luke Peachy; Roman Whipple; C.N. & O.D. Benton; Geo. Fennell; David Binkley; I.B. & Mary Sweeney; Michania; A. Van Vorst; H.W. Grove; Frank Gunthrop; Wm. Kilkoin; I.B. & mary Sweeney; Arthur Jones; Isaac Keller; Abe Beery; Beery Stock Farm; Wm. Leaworthy; Benj. Royer; Wm. Royer; Elmer J. Wilber; Ben Boyer; Clint Morrell; Peter Imhoff; John Kelso; Jas. Penix; Ed Elliott; Fred French Est.; O.B. Fair; Kelso Bros.; Anderson Lake; F. Thomas Note:

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Page  57 1 - __ _-_ M. -i - 5raetiona( i7ownship 8 South, 2ange 7 West: of the YMichigan M//eridian 57 16100 k EsI. 00 'C Z" 79- -7T Y1:T. WI 11 _" _j___e -1 1 1 L_ I'll..11 -.1... - - I 14e k 1 r,-'#.76 GILJiEA D a/so 66o 9 0. '~5 Qe V.aa.c A _4o 1.04 5 I0, -.1 I 11 4o/.AoJ.t4o1 A / 5//9,F~ Al' - - - -1 I 40 / 40 0l 496.-70 4 q) /3,, 44~_ll I 4 - P -. r~'C 00 - I oO0. 4 / 1.9 kP-.61.6 190 T g4?ooeZ - 4 60 - C. I17 -40. 4~ zz1 40 40 40.!~0/11? c/z' C.. 401 40 i —1 '.4co 4 I ' '39-' 8~ /7) I......~. —..... -1./4.___.0 - 1 I.0 08 4.~* 67.5724070111co 1.12. 09 12 1.Z C.Z2? 9 1, 11 '-O z40 40< 400 [V7-c % 1J e - -9/ 0 4/ 710 41. 0fo C~s ~o/eo (\I/00.9 46C 1.6o 0o' 0 04400 0 /4 I 50 00 ~C'5Cbooz~ __ J 7~ 9'K 0 40 o >40 400 0 040 1 ~ o ~0.__ 81 4.30 00 'I 'z 4 o OoocSal 9-l I o407 -0LII y 30c- 71 60.90 I40 ~ ~ 7 3 4 I1zI 0 0 070) 44 4?0 40C9 oc'o0, 0 % Z 0 0 ) ro40e '4 1 ~19 3~< N~94 ~1'LN 40 40 I.j 4-0 400-000 4 I7fo~0.06 *,I, ~. ~ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - -.. i I I.I i I I I I I II -1Z - I~ C 5 11kY/f/0 C ~7' " I- 000L 4 00erC.( `C19cw1.a6 Z.ffWAJ 0021Z70.5'0 w 4.40~l~ 464 9066 /TA3 T13l~zz flcc.C,~ato 47~0_ 40 40IF 40 E0W01U~r22?Q~l I/ 9. '.41 L.7 906..-62~ 460 8.967 46 696 4489 1-1 1) kil., 1 L 1,VD-fA - % __ IV, __ I -.,. -?, lp_, -: 1_1 A_1-1, — e ,, - — (" - — e,. - - 2 -* el 0 _ _- __11_ _. zl _. _ I M i I + I I. PI 09 I I WN__-_ W Title: Map of Gilead Township 8 S 7 W Keywords: Bethel Twp.; Kinderhook Twp.; State of Indiana; Noble Twp.; W.H. Olmstead; Frank Funk; Elisha Bailey; Clyde Wingard; Samuel P. Calkins; Mrs. Emily Mills; Cem.; A.H. Martin; Res; M.J. Barnard; H.J. Cattell; May Est.; Store; C. Carroll; Gilead; F. Garman; School; Francis Keyes; F. McItyre; Church; Geo. Lazenby; Maple Row; A. Bidwell I. Parsonage; Mrs. A.J. Booth; W.H. Olmstead; S.D. Hathaway; Prairie River; Chas. Markley; N. Nortor; S. Deeds; John Markley; Markley Bros; Norman Sims; Shady Lawn; Geo. H. Rubley; Mrs. Belle Bicelow; M.J. Beck; H.C. Hoopingarner; John Woolf; R.F.D.; Isaac Harley; School; Markley; W.M. Markley; Frank Carman; A.J.Booth; Ditch; H. Byers; J. Steffey; J.M. Deeds; Wilkins & Luck; C.D. Hathaway; L. Langs; Chas. Keeslar; Johns & Taylor; J.B. Beers; C.R. Garman; Jacob Kyburz; Pleasant View; M.J. Beck; H.L. Burch; Allen Weaver; J.W. Zull; E.a. Foster; J.W. Weaver; School; J.K. Deal; C.M. Peterson; Willard S. Hilton; S. Sanders Est.; Fred Case; T.J. Carpenter; D. Case; W.S. Hilton; E.W. Hilton; Martin Upp; Rob't. Cattel Est.; Gilead Lake; Harvey Ryan; Lynn Calkins; R.P. McMahan; Myron Shafer; School; M.A. Porter; Mrs. A M Martin; D. Wilkins; Homer Ryan; Zella Finch; D.E. Williams; W.W. Williams; Grange Hall; Church; Chas. Wheeler; J.M. Wheeler; A.J. Booth; School; Harry Green; Homer Green; Geo. Beck; Earl Linn; Dora Wheeler; Ed Keeslar; G.B. Hoopingarner; Wm. Keesler; Henry Beck; John Beck; R.F.D.; J.W. Oberla; Myron Shafer; Res. W. Heckman; Edward Steffey Est.; C.c. Steffey; G.B. Hoopingarner; S. Garman; Jesse Steffey; M.J. Merriman; E. Casebeer; Chas. Keeslar; E. Parsons; E.J. Foster; Ditch; L.S. & L.A. Foglesong; I.J. Bicknell; E.W. Hughes; S.C. Mabrey; W.M. Easterday; L.J. Carpenter; A.A. Brown; Church; J.W. Arnold; Cem.; F. Byers; E.W. Hilton; C. Ward; C.S. Thompson; Sunny Brook; G.W. & C.A. Hivelley; H. Smith; S. Smith; L.S. Davis; M.E. Jackson; A.G. Barrick; Lee Casebeer; Mrs. M.J. Barnard; H.R. Taylor; J.C. Taylor; H.R. Taylor res.; O.A. Hoopingarner; O.B. Fair; Ralph Calhoon; A. Ebert; Gabriel Hoopingarner; Cem; F.C. Mather; L. Cranson; John Sanders; Mrs Hanna Booth; E.M. Bowerman; G.G. Hoopingarner; B. & Z. Finch; Jesse Sanders; E. Graham; A.E. Graham; Josiah Sanders Est.; E. Sanders; C.L. Luce; R.F.D.; A.R. Green; G.M. Hoopingarner; G.B. Hoopingarner; H.C. Keesler; Della Forester; C.L. Luce; A.R. Green; D.J. Webb; J.W. Swank; E. Casebeer; Ira Taylor; John Greno; Fred Rotkoop; H. Spade; N.N. Spade; Ditch; R.W. Foster; H.E. Garman; E. miller; East Gilead; John Smith Est.; H. Sanders; Dr. F.I. Rupright; C.W. Heitz; Wm. Burch; Maple Row; T. Carpenter; O. Weaver; School; L.W. Davis; Geo. E. Pifer; C.F. Godden; D. Rubly; Berton Wilkins; John W Weaver; J.F. Crull; Bertha Wilkins; John W. Weaver; Watson Burk; B. Wilkins; Cider Mill; J.H. Wilkins; Wilkins Homestead; Res. H.E. Wilkins; R.F.D.; Luke Peachy; E. Shufelt; Res. G.L. Keeslar; L. Keeslar; Cedar Lawn; C.S. Dean; David Jennings; H.J. Bellows; F.C. Mather; C.H. Dean; E.M. Bowerman; M. Waters; J.L. & C.A. Lawrence; J.L. Lawrence; E.G. Luce; E. Deeds; C.E. Little; J. Blain; Bert Bowers; A.J. Rubley; E.J. Wilkins; Red Water Lake; Lake Pleasant; L. Langs; F. Sherman; David Rubley; Ditch; Mervin Rupright; Franklin Zull; Evergreen Lawn; G.A. Adams; C.E. Dubendorf; H.R. Junk; Hog Lake Note:

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Page  59 /I — - I ~tiiI<KINDERHIOOK. -; ~~ ~ ~ - 1 I Scale2 inches toImile, 57ractional U~ownahip 8 S~outh, 5'Iange i6 Vest of the 5Iichfgan MY~eridian 30/20 - * 4 y ~ ~ ~A~z~o/cz 90 Z 0 Cm2ZZ~~/7 7- S% * -Y70 77. - A l6zr WHZCM * * REDOAK 207 3)706-Do * Z6.44 b/ 8 7 5 34Z4 45,:5, 4..................................... Title: Map of Kinderhook Township 8 S 6 W Keywords: Ovid Twp.; California Twp.; State of Indiana; Gilead Twp.; Willard S. Hilton; Gravel Pit; Oliver J Clark; J.H. Nye; Res. Nelson Nye; Edward Grove; Maple Lawn; Martha Upp; E. Vanetta; R.F.D.; Floyd A. Spade; Edw. Grove; W.A. Flint; Irene Upton; Fred Conklin; F.J. Peppiatt; H. Spade; Fred Case; H. Strong; C. Strong; T.D. Goble; Shady Nook; Noah Spade; Wm Miller; Martin & Jessie Hess; J.F. Smith; W.H. Mott; res Wm. W. Hoyt; Jas. H. Hoyt; J. Higbee; J. Echtinaw; Res. Fred J. Peppiatt; Dan'l Hoyt; Mrs. J. Tripp; Wm. Wilkins; Shady Lawn; E.J. Brown; Jas. H. Nye; Kinderhook; G.N Jones; Walter Musselwhite Est; J. Echtinaw; Coldwater Lake; F.J. Peppiatt; J.C. Brown; J. Wesley Garn; J. Echtinaw; Henry Knaus; J.G. McNall; Jas. S. Ogden; Mrs. Henry Adams; A.D. Adams; A.S. Disbro; Jonas Fulmer; Almeda Wolf; Mrs. R. Alexander Est.; M. McLaughlin; Irving McNall; R.F.D.; C.J. Ward; Jas. E. Boyd; T. Ward; F. Church; Amos Barrick; Oliver J. Clark; Clark's Homestead; Ditch; Harriett Vanetta; Mrs. W. Kelsos; Amos Barrick; E. Foster; Lindley Gripman; Res. E.E. Smiley; Albert Bradley; N. Nye; A.A. Johnson; James D. Conklin; L. Peightal John Burk; Drygon Lake; Jacob Michael; Hickory Grove Farm; H. Williams; Res. E.D. Conklin; Church; School; H.N. Lafler; Adaline Flint; R.F.D.; Dan'l Hoyt Est; Cem.; Oscar Williams; Hanahretta Flint; Res. H.I. Shade; Silver Lake; Cem; L. Corwin; Lewis Corwin; Mary E. Richey; olive Barnes; Res. Otis Barnes; Silver Lake Stock Farm; Mary H. Flint; B.F. & F. Michael; L A Root; L.A. Root; Res. Mort. Kline; School; Mrs. Emma Doerr; Jas. Ball; L.A. Jones; F.S. Harbaugh; J.P. Albright; Perry Foss; R.F.D.; Thos. Carter; P.G. Ogden; D Babb; Louis Babb; M.F. Miller; Hattie Miller; Dell Miller; A. Ball; Alva Higbee; J.W. Garn; J.H. copeland; mrs. R Alexander Est; Chula Vista Farm; I.J. Phenicie; Powell Powellson Est; Sanford Allen; F H Gripman; J.W. Goodwin; Thomas Whitcomb; Ira A. Flint; John H Brehm; Red Oak Farm; School; Whitcomb Homestead; Thos Black; F.H. Gripman; Maple Row Farm; Thomas Black; John Burk; Lavine Lake; Church; John K. Burk; Pleasant Lake; Henry Flint; Ira A. Flint; Res. F.C. Flint; J.N. & Nellie Spade; R.F.D.; B. Wells; John F. Phillips; Sam'l Herl; Peter Herl; Frank Chambers; C.W. Gray; Res. L.L. Flint; Miles Jones; Adaline Flint; J.N. & Nellie Spade; S.L. Wing; John Keith; Silver Lake Farm; Olive Barnes; Huyck's Lake; Sam'l Knauss; E. Waters; Eugene Foss; Sam'l Bricker; Res. L.S. Berlein; Cem.; Wm Bordt; C.W. Masters; Ella McNaughton; Ernest Waters; Wm Snyder; R.F.D.; Eliz Fass; Clem Bratton; Asa Beck; Jas Knauss; John Brehm; Myron Strong; L. Jordon; L. Kanouse; Earl Harbaugh; Harvey Straw; L. Hankus; F.L. Whaley; C.W. Gray; Wm. Hobson; Wm Case; Stacy Case; S.L. Wing; Lake George; Amos Beach; H. Fultz; J. Bachman; Mrs. John Keith; Reuben Sellers; John S. Lint; N.A. Keith; May Swain; Fred Eggleston; R Eggleston; Sam'l Hemry; B.A. Strong; Valley Center; Res. Fred Strong; Wm. Bordt; R.F.D.; Archie A. Millimans; P. Michael; A.L. Stokes; School; Lee Bordt; Mrs. Sam'l Sprague; Lyman Abbott; J. Phenicie; Mary Ettinger Note:

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Page  61 ' 4,,.,, *~ 61 57raetional U~ownship 8 South, Miange S West of the.Y~iehigan MJeridian A4rJ(;A Ir'iiER rw'p* 76w5'1' rra WI A 64 -oad40 - 40 40 40 -/2 1. /56' ~ 80 80 ~20 a464o 2 ' 7o/z5dzc zo AO C Iso __N, _ C. z6Z ~ ~ j~zszr,9e226 4 30 I'D0 25 1_3 \'~ ~ 80 1 ~ ~:~,ssso 0 ~ s Ss l — "'A "2' 9 ~ Q* ~ -so 0 I ~ __ * 80 6 -224l 70 5zs' 22 2oz ________ Aosls -50. 00 /20 "5 -1 1165 72 6JSZ. YIaz -DaL' 57225 /2 -/IPO6, - 9zofL. R.lo Zs 4,5T5z77'66Z00 - 2 2205./7. 5e ~6 40 ' 401 ___ "Z __ 1122 672'2.~S65*<. 'sP C 70'/,~/ 71- S. Wa'loIlT2y11 Aw~o2a AI-_ l l\.1 Z5 STATE _,7%1 -ZA" -seem '?O 1 16 1 ", _' ll - I i 1 -1156, 1/1 /152 I I 11 - "I I A1 ~I- I Z, - 275' ite02(~:6. /.Jo'd-a Lacol 8/1.5/ _Z:),"2z 1 kx0 /62150/2 11010 2. ) 79.7 -. 1-:11.1 I _______%- =J.2 - ~~ -l ''"I __ - _57 5/ _ -- - ____ Ap ZJVZ_.)VA.,/VA I '_ - - -, Rl*a =,I MO. II. l U._ Title: Map of California Township 8 S 5 W Keywords: Algansee TWP.; Elsie Shenman; J. Brown Est.; School; Effie Broughton; Lester Broughton; R. T. Follett Est.; J. C. Disbro; G. H. Paradine; C. W. Bailey; H. Albright; Lester Broughton; W. Mellor; Browns Lake; G. H. Paradine; E. E. Withington; Jane McMurray; John McMurray; G. H. Lords; Jas. Stewart; J. R. Dugwid; Frank Vantace; James Dunlap; Mrs. Kate Flynn; R. F. D.; R. Paulio; H. C. Evard; E. W. Cary; A. A. Cleveland; Mathew Vance; D. T. Bascom; Mary Goodwin; Maple Lawn Farm; Church; California; R. F. D.; P. E. Worthington; S. A. Wilson; N. Whitten; David Cass; A. Cass; John Gage; Alva McMurray; J. Wright; John Burnison; Lester Mingus; E. W. Graham; Walnut Grove; Chas. McMurray; Wm. Sherer; Albert Sherer; L. Cass; John Pridgeon; Evergreen Lawn; Ditch; J. W. Dufer; Sam'l Goodwin; Chas. Canfield; R. Bassage; Chas. Hall; T. Y. Somers; Ed. Goodwin; John Pridgeon; H. McGregor; Wm. Sherer; Ditch; Ira Reynolds; Mrs. Kirkendall; Chas. Reynolds; Albert Odren; D. H. Sherer; Geo. Bennett; G. W. Spencer; A. Back; Carlos Noble; W. J. Wilard; Frank Cobb; John Copeland; J. N. Averill; Sanford Allen; R. F. D.; E. H. Broughton Est.; Goodwin & Warner; Sanford Allen; Carrie Pifer; Sam'l Waters; Sam'l Waters; John Day; S. B. Reppert; Artie C. Hall; John McMurray; C. H. Lords; O. Judson; Edna Judson; Taylor & McClue; J. L. Hagerman; J. Taylor; Kate Carruthers; Geo. Hotchkiss; C. E. & D. M. Smith; H. Miller; School Property; A. B. Dailey; U. P. Parsonage; Cem.; R. F. D.; Chas. Ansley; Wm. Thompson; Ivan Paul; Dan'l Repper; E. J. Ayres; R. V. & H. Lawrence; David Sherer Est.; J. Depue; H. Lawrence; Wm. Sherer; David Speer; L. Brannan; W. S. Paul; Jas. Holland; R. F. D.; E. Mercer; David Sherer Est.; J. B. George; A. Back; Eva Firestone; Sam'l Chester Est.; Chas. Billman; A. Seeley; Wm. Hawley; W. Taylor; Eva Firestone; Delno Hawley; J. Carl; Harry Wolf; Fred Null; Elmer Hart; John Null; J. B. Haight; Cedar Lawn; E. Haight; C. F. Adams; Chas. Davis; E. R. Adams; Wm. Snyder; E. Adams; Geo. H. Adams; Church; W. A. Adams; A. Adams; W. Gould; Jas. McKinnie; Jas. Knaus; Withington Lake; School; Res. M. C. Secor; Mrs. M. A. Stokes; A. Fisk; Carl Hartman; J. W. Goodwin; J. D. Preston; John Hules; R. F. D.; Res. H. E. Ling; Carrie Ling; H. P. Pichen; T. Paul; W. S. Albright; Abram Reppert; Allen Paul; A. B. Vance; H. S. Reppert; J. B. Paul; Theda Paul; Mrs. M. L. Averill; D. H. Paul; School; Belle Brown; Henry Hamman; J. B. Paul; Alex Douglas; Mrs. Martha Averill; D. Ellis Est.; Amanda Fulton; Theda Paul; Wallace Judson; B. Paul; D. J. Goodrich; Julia Ford; D. S. Mitchell; E. C. Osborn; O. Teach; McClur & Taylor; Geo. Barr; D. E Osborn; Walnut Row; E. B. Duguid; W. McNaughton; Jas. Mitchell; John French; David McElhenie; Locus Corners; Clyde Adams; C. Adams; H. Billman; R. F. D.; School; D. S. Mitchelle; A & C. Judson; Kinderhook TWP.; State of Indiana; Res. Wm. Porter; K. Porter; M. J. Withington; Mary Grim; Mary E. Waller; W. S. Albright; Mrs. A. M. Stokes; B. Cleveland; Arthur L. Deemer; Mrs. E. L. Myers; W. Harbaugh; Jennie McNaughton; E. J. Ford; B. Paul;Rob't McNaughton; Ray; Mrs. H. B. Lyons; Lake Shore & Michigan Southern R. R.; C. McNaughton; C. Reynolds; Ed. Butes; Bert Midus; M. A. & M. B. Lewis; Dan'l Hudson; R. F. D.; Henry Wilks; John French; E. J. Betts; G. W. Felky; Hillsdale CO. Note:

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Page  64 IF IF I w , IF I -z li', I mi Title: Michigan Keywords: Canada; Royale; Pie Isl.; Amygdaloid Isl.; Isle Royale; Passage Isl.; Minong; Todss Har.; Rock Harbor; Chippewa Har.; Gull Isl.; Blakes Pt.; Washington Harbor; Washington Isl.; Johns; Rainbow Cove; Siskawit Lake; Siskawit Bay; Isle Royale Light; Siskawit Is.; Lake Superior; Eagle River; Allouez Mill; Kearsarge; Wolverine; Centennial; Belt Line Jc.; Red Jacket; Laurium; Osceola Highway; Demmon; Paavola P. O. or Franklin Jc.; Franklin; Swede Town; Oskar; Hancock; Houghton; Redridge; Redridge Jc.; Stanwood; Edgemere; Edgemere Jc.; Beacon Hill; Freda; Freda Park; Elm R.; Limin; GA; Salmon Trout; Onnela; Obenhoff; Atlantic Mine; Mill Mine Jc.; South Range; Messner; Trimountain; Ricedale; Mine; Ripley; E. Houghton; Huron; Baltic; Portage L.; Portage R.; Wyoming; Gate Har.; Delaware Mine; Eagel Harbor; Copper Falls Mine; Lac La Belle; Central; Crestview; Phoenix Mine; Crestview Jc.; Cliff; Ojibway; Ahmeek; Allouez; Fulton; L. Gratiot; Phoenix; Keweenaw; Mohawk; Hebard; Traverse; Snowshoe; Cooper City; Calumet; Linden; Gay; Linwood; Hubbell; Upper Mills; Lake Jc.; Maxon; Torch L.; Traverse Pt.; Woodside; Senter; Village Bay; Point Mills; Gross Point; Traverse Isl.; Jacobsville; L. La B. Jc.; Mosquito; Mandan; Montreal R.; Mt. Houghton; Fish Cove; Bete; Grise Bay; Lac la Belle; Pt. Isabelle; Menocta; Deer L.; Lake Superior; Lit. Girls Pt.; Black Riv.; Montreal; Montreal R.; Black River; N. Bessemer; Bessemer Jc.; D. S. S. & A.; Chi. & Nor. W'N; Bessemer; Puritan; Siemens; Ironwood; Hurley; Gogebic; Union Bay; Ontonagon; Carp R.; Porcupine Mts.; Lit. Carp R.; Presque Isle R.; Little Iron R.; Iron R.; Ontonagon; Korelock P. O. or Gogebic; S. W. Br. Ontonagon R.; Abitosse; Tula; Beryl; Duke; Gogebic Lake; Topaz P. O. or Groesbeck; Matchwood; Thomaston; Wakefield Jc.; Wakefield; Verona; Ramsay; Ross Siding & Hartleys; Marenisco; Dunham; Gogebic; Nor. Win. Chi. ; Wellington; Thayer; Cisco Lake; Wisconsin; Ontonagon Ind. Res.; 14 Mile Pt.; Sterling R.; Fire Steel R.; Grenland Jc.; Adventure; Greenland; Wood Spur; Evergreen; Chi.; Ontonagon R.; Potato R.; Cranberry R.; Rockland; Mass; Peppard; Victoria; Riddle Jc.; Mckeever; E. Branch; South Branch; Mid. Branch; Bergland; Ewen; Paynesville; Ruby; Nester; St. Collins; Bruce Cros.; Basco; Finland; Dermont; Choate; Radford; Sandhurst; Robelawn P. O. or Craigsmere; Robbins; Paulding; Barclay; Calder Wood; C. & N. W.; Interior; Interior Jc.; Turtle; Blemers; Bonifas; Win.; Waters Meet; C. Roziers Mill; Elmwood; State Line; Cisco Lake; Misery R.; Toivola; Stonington; Painesdale; Chassell; D. S.; Raleston; Winona; C. R.; Elm River; Twin Lakes; Nisula P. O. or White; Otter; Lakemine; Arnheim; Askel; Otter L.; Tapiola; Bellaire; Pelkie; Elo; Hazel; D. S. S. & A.; Simar; Motley; Alston; Assinins; Rubicon P. O. or Hubbells Mill; Sturgeon R.; Silver; Plato P. O. or Por; Mil.; Frost; Houghton; Taylor Mine; Baraga; Jasper Trout Cr.; Kenton; Perch; Robinson; Leo; Covington; Lewis; Onyx; Hanvey; Kitchi; Anthony; Read; Sidnaw; Nestor Cross.; Tunis; S. S.; Perch L.; Tamarack; Paint River; CHI. & NOR.; Iron; Atkinson; Basswood; Beechwood & Hazel; Crystal Falls; Mapleton; Iron River; Stambaugh; Palatka; Saunders; Pentoca; Pine R.; Keweenaw Bay; Keweena Bay; Pequaming; Pt. Abbaye; Huron Bay; Iron bridge; Baraga; L'Anse L.; Bridge; Zeba; Slate Cr.; Skanee; Huron; L'anse; Taylor; L'anse Ind. Res.; Herman; Summit; Hibbard; Pope; Murphy; Sturgeon; Michigamme; Pascoe Mine; Brown; Beck; A.; Beaufort; Redruth & Nestoria; Bode; Tioga; Tredeau; Bess; Vermilac; Parks Siding; Michigan Riv.; Michigamme R.; Beacon; Champion; Wabik; Erie; Columbia; Republic; Granite; Witbeck; Amasa; Witch Lake; Balsam; St.; Ponca; Michigamme; St.; E. & L. S.; Great Western; Tobin Mine; Dunn Mine; Naults; Channing; Sagola; P.; Mansfield; Kelso; Matstodon Mine; Panole; Mastodon; Stager; Brule River; WIN; Florence; Spread Eagle Sta.; River Siding; Antoine; Iron Mountain; Randville; Granite Bluff; Merriman; Loop Line Jc.; C. & N. W.; Fumes; Huron Is.; Huron Pt.; Pine L.; Luds L.; Huron Mts.; Oiorite P. O. or Clover; Humbold; Dishno; P.; Mil. Jc.; Clarksburg; Marquette; Floodwood; Golden; Turner; Henderson; Dickinson; Quinnesec; Norway; Vulcan; Eagle Harbor; Copper Har.; Keweenaw; K. C.; Delaware Mine; Wyoming Jc.; L. LA B.; Gratiot Lake; Lac La Belle; Deer Lake; Mendota; Lac la Belle; Pt. Isabelle; Bete Grime Bay; Mandan; Fish Cove; Keewanaw Pt.; Manitou Isl.; Pt. Abbaye; Huron Islands; Huron Pt.; Pine Riv.; Pine River Pt.; Huron R.; Huron Mts.; Mountain L.; Pine L.; Ives L.; Salmon; Trout R.; Ransom; Big Bay; Big Bay; Big Bay Pt.; L. Independence; Antlers; M. M. & S. E.; Yellow Dog; Ash; Powell; Birch; Bauks Head; Garlick Isl.; Godwin; Raish; Michigamme; Beck; Dishno; Brown; Pascoe Mine; Champion; Diorite P. O. or Clowry; Humboldt; Clarksburg; Boston Mine; North Lake; W. Shpeming; Ishpeming; Jopling; Diorite R.; Teel L.; Negaunee; Queen Mine; Hoist; Eagle Mills; Dead River; Whitman; Bancroft; Forestville; Garlic R.; Beacon; St. Lawrence; C. & N. W.; L. Superior; Garlick Pt.; Granite Isl.; Gillespie; Buckroe; Granite Pt.; Pickerel Lake; Middle Isl.; Presque Isl.; Superior; Marquette; Carp Furnace; Gillet; Harvey P. O. or Chocolay; Gordon; Short Pt.;Mud River Whitefish; Valley Mills; Spur; Bagdad; Laughing Fish Pt.; Tyoga; Deer Lake; Tyoga Jc.; Shelter Bay; Rock River; Autrian Isl.; Brownstone; Autrian Bay; Wood Isl.; Grand Isl.; Trout Bay; Trout Pl.; Castle Pt.; Grand Porta; Pt. au Sable; Grand Marais; Grand Marais Harbor; Grand Sable Lake; Beaver; Man.; Man.; Grand Marais Jc.; Bennett; Sucker Cr.; Summit; Two Hearted R.; Whitefish Pt.; Vermilion Pt.; Vermilion; Hearted R.; Lit. Two; Shelldrake R.; Tahquamenaw River; Emerson; Tahquamena Bay; Pancake Pt.; Corbay Pt.; Bachewauaung Isl.; Bachewauaung; North Sandy Isl.; South Sandy Isl.; Whitefish Pt.; Maple Is.; Parisian Isl.; Goulais Pt.; White Fish Bay; Goulais Bay; Iroquois Isl.; Sault Sie. Marie; S. Shore UC; Canal; Ft. Brady M. R.; Payment; Wabik; Michigamme; Erie; Milwaukee Jc.; C. & W.; Columbian Republic; Granite; B. Jc.; D. Jc.; Greenwood; Stoneville; Saginaw Mine; S. S. & A.; Winthrop Mine; Tilden; Nat. Mine; W. Jc.; Palmer; Partridge; Mineral Branch; Mil. & St. P.; Marquette; Witbeck; Witch Lake; Camp No. 7; Kates; W. Br. Escanaba R.; Princeton; Michigamme R.; Floodwood; Golden; Turner; Henderson; West Branch; Wolverine; Channing; Sagola; E. & L.; Ralph; Ward; Russell; Lindsley; McRae; Alfred; Gleason; Dickinson; E Br. Cedar R.; Ford; Northland; Mashek; Arnold P.O. or Watson; Goose L.; Cascade; Gentian; Basil; Gordon; Dul. So. Sh. & Atl.; Mangum; Green Garden; Yalmar Sta.; Whitefish; Deerton; Onota; E Br Escanaba R.; Sands; Plains; McReavey; Yalmar; Skandia; Anderson; Selma; New Dalton; Dukes; Lawson; Roberts; Dorsey; Rumley; Swanzy; Gwinn; Cedar Back; Forsyth P.O.; Little Lake Sta.; W.M.; Carlshend; Manigold; Ladoga; Alger; New Swanzy; Little L.; Helena; Turin P.O. or McFarland; Ross; Reade; Lathrop; Rock P.O. or Trombly; Rapid R.; Maple Ridge; Osier; Defiance P.O. or Campbell; Taycoosh R.; Friday; Autrian; Wilcox; Lowre; Hallston; Munising; Grand isl. B.; Sandy Pt.; Ferguson; jenks; Eben Jc.; Finns; Calciferous; Dixon; Lake; Forest; munising Jc; Ridge; Kirby; Zerbel; Stillman; Glacier; Coalwood; Wetmore; Mabel; Boogrens; Evelyn; Blueberry; Juniper; Boven; Peterson; Ames; Autrian; Buckeye; Limestone; Chatham; Mud L.; Diffin; Winters; Trenary; Klondike; Schoolcraft; Miners; Doucettes; Odetts; Uno; Camp; Steuben; White Fish R.; N.N.; Fish Dam R.; Iron Creek; Masters; haggins; Boucha; Cusino; State Roads; Wards; Doty; Baloy; Hartho; Ethel; Percy; Chapman; Samson; Metser; Petrel; Shingleton; Creighton; Walsh; Driggs; Camp Seven; Richardson; McInnes; Scotts; Gernfask; Sh. & Atl. Dul. So. Sh.& Atl.; N.W. Branch Manistique R.; W. Br. Manistique R.; Beesons Spur; & L.S.; Hiawatha Sta.; Hiawatha; Branch Manistique R.; Manistique R.; Big Spring; Camp 22; Station Nine; White Dal; Gulliver; Nicholsonville; Camp No. 11; Stary; Luce; Liston; Dannahep; Laketon; McMillan; Dul. So. Sh. & Atl.; Dollarville; Seney; Man.; N. Manistique L.; Helmer; Ackley; Diller; Manistique L.; Curtis; S. Manistique l.; Wilman; Donald; Bear Cr.; Blaney; B. & SW; Mooreville; Bryan; Viola P.O. or Corinne; Pike Lake; Mackinac; Gould City; Bovee; Haslemere; Engadine; St. Thomas; Blaney Jc.; Huntspur; Tahquamenaw E. Br.; Newberry; Middle Fk.; Chippewa; Eckerman; Sate; Soo Junction; Quarry; Fiborn; D.S.S. & A.; Hulbert; Hendrie; Fiborn Jc.; Milakoki Lake; Gilchrist; Garnet; Rexton; Caffey; kemp; Naubinway; Biddle Pt.; Stony Pt.; Ozark; Pt. Epoufette; Epoufette; Brevort; Salt Pt.; Bay Mills; Waiska Bay; Strongs; Woods Branch; Rexford; Wellers; Duff; Wellsburg; Red Carp R.; Brimley; Dell P.O. or Cordell; Dryburg; Cottage park Spur; Haff; Troutlake; Dick; Fibre; Strongville; Rudyard; Carp River; Kenneth; Nogi; Greene Charles; St. Martins Bay; Hessel; Gladys; St. Marys River; Hay Lake; Brassar; Sugar Isl.; Laramie; Great Lake George; Dafteh; Rosedale; Duck Is. Rapids; Kinross; McCarron; Donaldson; Oak Ridge Park; Thorice; Trombly; Homestead; Sailor Encampment isl; neebish; Tone; McVille; Kelden; Stirlingville; Munnasca B.; Mud Lake; St. Joseph Island; Munnasca R.; Stalwart; Pickford; Rockview; Raber; Lime Isl.; Round Is.; Meyers; Cedarville; Gatesville; Montreal Channel; sh Pt.; Worsley Bay; Bruce Pt.; Burnt Is.; Rotagannissing Bay; harbor Isl.; Maxton; Drummond; Pirate Harbor; Grants Is.; Marble Head; Thompsons Pt.; North; Randville; Youngs; Chi. Mil. & St. P.; Merriman; Felch; Cedar R.; Chi. & N. W.; Spruce; Hardwood; Foster city; Hylas; River Siding; Fumee; Antoine or Traders Jc.; Loop Line Jc.; L. Antoine; L. Fumee; Quinnesec; King; W. M. & N.W. & N.; Norway; Appleton Mine; Sturgeon; Sumac; Lagranche P.O. or Faunus; Cleeremans; PO; Iron Mountain; Vulcan; C. & N.W.; Stu Fall; Loretto; Cedar; Waucedah; Summit; Vega; Spalding; Spur; Farnham; Radfords;M. St. P. & S.S.M.; Pembine; Marinette; Aragon Mine; Aragon Jc.; Faithorn; Blum; Malacca; Hermans V.; Powers; Kloman; C. & N.W.; W. & M.; Menominee River; Bird; Houte; Nathan; Everett; Banat; Lit. Cedar R.; Nadeau; Carney; Phee; Menominee River; Menominee; Ames; Bagley; Talbot; Hendricks; Camp No. 2; Camp No. 5 & 6; Dryads; Delta; Woodlawn; Kingsley; Lemay; Cornell; Chaison; Gladstone; Perkins; Winde; Brampton; Whitney; Perronville; Alecto; Schaffer; Salva; Marrangers; Chandler; Gladstone; Cross; Newhall; Gladstone; Bay Siding; Larsons; Tesch; Bichler; Groos; Wells; Pine Ridge; Larch; Flat Rock; N. Escanaba; Stonington; Escanaba; C. & N.W.; Spalding; Wilson; Houles; Indian Town Sta.; Eustis; Harris; Bark River; Narenta; Hyde P.O. or Ford River Sta.; Ford River; Cedar R.; Gourley; Sand Isl.; Rapid River; Masonville; Ensign; Picket Cr.; N.N.; Sturgeon Riv.; Farrell; Lit. Bay de Noquette; Kipling; St. Jacques; Ogontz; Nahma Jc.; Ogontz Bay; Stony Pt.; Minn. St. P. & Sault Ste. Mar.; Nahma; Isabella; Round Isl.; St. Vital Is.; Snake Isl.; Vans Harbor; Garden; Peninsula Pt.; Chippewa Pt.; Big Bay de Noquette; Fayette; Burnt Bluff; Ann; Lit. Summer Isl.; Gravely Isl.; Pt. De Tour; Summer isl.; Poverty Isl.; Gull Isl.; Murphys; L. Co.; Delta Jc.; Manistique L.; Manistique Riv.; South Manistique; Manistique; Cherry Valley; Marblehead; Gulliver L.; Cooks; Camp 20; Thompson; Camp 1 jc.; Wiggins Pt.; Pt. au Barque; Portage Bay; McDonald L.; McDonald Lake; Hughes Pt.; Scotts Pt; Pt. Patterson; Simmons; Potters Reef; Pt. Seul Croix; Squaw Isl.; Timbered Isl.; Whiskey Isl.; Garden Isl.; Trout Isl.; St. James; Gull Isl.; High Isl.; Manitou Payment Shoal; Simmons Reff; Pt. aux Chenes; White Shoal; St. Helena Isl.; Hat Is.; Grays Reef; Straits of Mackinac; Hog Isl.; Waugoshance Isl.; Triangular Isl.; Stony Isl.; temperance Isl.; Beaver Harbor; Temperance Pt.; Beaver Isl.; Sturgeon Bay; Isle au Gales; Cross Village; Pierce Lake; Larks; Emmet; Goodhart; Crystal Sprs.; Stootsman; H.S.; Indian Garden; L. Brevort; Allenville; St. Ignace; Moran; Reavie; Gross pt.; St. Martins Isl.; Lit. St. Martins Isl.; Les Cheneau; Gros C; Groscap; W. Moran Bay; E. Moran Bay; Pt. St. Ignace; Mackinac isl.; Round Isl.; McGulpin Pt. Watsonville; Cecil; Cecile L.; Carp R.; Mackinaw; Freedom; Sand Bay; Pte. Aux Pins; South Channel; McLeods Bay; Levering; Lakewood; Bogardus; Pellston; Van; Hutland; Weyant; Cheboygan; Monroe L.; Weadock; Turtle L.; Mullet Lake; Riggs V.; Pleasantview; Brutus; Pinewood; Mulletts Lake; Carplake; Carp L.; Bliss; Hamlet; Walker; Hebron; Dow; Lakeside; Wheeling; Ingleside; Coryell; Detour; Goose Isl.; Pt. Fugard; Marquette Isl.; Lasalle Isl.; Prentice Bay; Beaver Tail Pt.; Pt. St. Vital; L. Duncan; Bois Blanc Isl.; Mary Lake; Walkers Point; Lake Huron; L. Thompson; Pt. Au Sable; Cheboygan R.; Inverness; Alverno; Long L.; Aloha; Grace; Hammonds Bay; Drummond Isl.; Kreetan; Pt. Detour; Detour Passage Bay; Pt. La Barb; Island Harbor; Huron Bay; False Detour Channel; Mildram Pt.; Mildram Bay; Cockburn Island; Pt. Smith; Strait of Mississagua; Green Isl.; Peninsula Pt.; Western Duck; Great Duck; Cresceb; Vidal Isl.; Bayfield Sd; Barrie Island; Elizabeth Bay; Helen Bay; Manitoulin Isl.; Inner Duck; Portage Bay; Middle Duck; Outer Duck; Lake Wolsey; Swanson; Daggett; White Rapids; Koss; Kells; Longrie; Stephenson; Ingalls; Noquebay; Kitsons; Wallace; Ellis Jc.; Hansen; Carbondale; Peshtigo R.; Porterfield; Kew; Menominee; Beaver; Cavoit; Marinette; Fox; Cedar River; Whales Back; Arthur Bay; Pt. Rochereau; Shoals; Washington Isl.; Plum Isl.; Portelles Mortes; Hedgehog Bay; Devil's Door Bluff; Ingallston; Sister Isl.; Sister Bay; Hawleys Bay; Chambers Isl.; Green Isl.; Egg Harbor; North Bay; Mud Bay; Bagleys Bay; St. Martins Isl.; Little Gull Isl.; Washington Har.; Rock Isl.; Hog Isl.; Detroit Isl.; Gravel Isl.; Spider isl.; Fox Island; Manitou Lake; North Manitou Isl.; Crescent; South Manitou Isl.; South Manitou; North Fox Isl.; South Fox Isl.; Fishermans Isl.; Cat Head Bay; Cat Head Pt.; North Manitou Island; Northport; Northport Pt.; Northport Bay; Bellows Isl.; Grand Traverse Bay; Gills Pier; Omena; Leland; Manseau; New Mission Pt.; Harbor Springs; Wequetonsing; Little Traverse Bay; Superior; Bayshore; Petoskey; Charlevoix; Belvedere; Cherrie; Susan Lake; Lamson; Wabmemee; Bear L.; Inwood; Charlevoix; Ironton; Pine Lake; Boyne City; Walloon Lake; Bay Sprs.; Atwood; Ellsworth; Essex; Dix; Phelps; E. Sta.; Advance; E. Jordan; Doyles; Cushman; Torch Light Lake; Eastport; Intermediate; Central L.; Cameron; Echo; Wards; Finkton; Hitchcock; Mt. Bliss; W. Sta.; Chestonia; State Road; Jordan Riv.; Snowflake; J. & S.; Antrim; Ayr; alanson; Irma; Torinabee; Burts Lake; Conway; Page; Oden; G.R. & I.; Fochtman; Kegomic; Ball; Crooked Lake; Burt Lake; Cheboygan; Indian River; Bayview; Epsilon; Wildwood; Rondo; Haakwood; M.C.; Hamby; Clarion; L. Jc.; McManus; Springvale; Thumb L.; Sturgeon; Wolvering; Trowbridge; Maltby; Moore; Project; Goo; Easton; G. & A.; Boyne Fs.; Robbins; Spring Water; Camp 10; Waggoner; Von Platen; Camp 2; Camp 5; Beryville; Vanderbilt; Maple; Slope; Headquarters; Corville; Kentucky; Simons; N. Elmira; Damp; Mosher; Hallock; Elmire; Otsego; M.C.; Hamilton; Harold; Thelma; Gaylord; Thelma Spur; Indian Pt.; Cheboygan or Black L.; Ocqueoc R; Hammond; Afton; Legrand; Black L.; Potters; Arva; rainy R.; Presque Isle; Fowler V.; Ocqueoc; Pigeon Riv.; Milliken; Wavel and; Tower; Allus P.O. or Conovens; Onaway; Det. & Mac.; Greenfield; Millersburg; Hawks P.O. or La Rocque; Cornwells; Pike L.; Royston; N. Fk. Thunder Bay R.; Long L.; Jackson L.; Montmorency; Johannesbi; Hetherton; D. & M.; 40 Mile Pt.; Moltke; Trout R.; Rogers; Calcite; D. & M.; Adams Pt.; Big Cut; Bunton; Hagensville; Liske; Presque Isle; May Lake Jc.; Hurst; Rogers City Jc.; Posen; Sobieski P.O. or Polaski; Grand Lake; Godfrey; Long Rapids; Leer; Orchard Hill; Bolton; Long L.; Cathro; Brash L.; Hillman; Selina; Lachine; Paxton; Flanders; Dafoe P.O. or Emerson; Kerston; Hillman Jc.; Fk. Thunder Bay R.; Metz; Presque Isle Bay; Lake Es; False Presque Isle; Middle Isl.; Fletcher Jc.; Alpena Jc. Alpena; Lit. Thunder Bay; Crooked Isl.; Gull Isl.; Sugar Isl.; Thunder Bay Is.; Thunder Bay; North Pt.; Peshtigo Pt.; Peshtigo harbor; Oconto; Sturgeon Pt.; Lit. Sturgeon Bay; C & N.W.; Green Bay; Brookside; Namur; Little Tail Pt.; Kewaunee; Ann; Cave Pt.; White Fish Bay; White Fish Pt.; Sturgeon Bay; Ship Canal; Algoma; Pyramid Pt.; Port Oneida; North Unity; Glen Arbor; Sleeping Bear Pt.; Glenhaven; Glen Lake; Glenmere; Burdickville; E. & S.E.; Empire; E. Empire; Lake Jc.; Platte River Pt.; Empire Jc.; Platte; Stormer; Pt. aux Becs Scie; Platte L.; Achas; Crystal Lake; Honor; Junc. Sw.; Frankfort; Elberta; Benzie; Beulah; Bay Point; Vandemans; Benzonia; Homestead; Carters; A.P.M.; Herring Lake; Joyfield; Welon; Suttons Bay; Provemon; Carp; Suttons Bay; Old Mission; Unity; Leelanau; Good Harbor; Elton; Lime L.; Shetland; Schomberg; Leelanau; Keswick; Hog Isl.; Mapleton; Neahta; Wanta; Maple City; Bodus; Cedar; M. & N.E.; Solon; ruthardst; Isadore; Heinforth; Fouch; Greilickville; Bingham; G.R. & I.; Hatch Crg. West Arm Grand Traverse Bay; Traverse Cy.; Archie; East Arm Grand Traverse Bay; Oviatt; Hayes; State Road; Allyn; Melva P.O. Or Platte River; L. Ann; Bendon; N.E.; Cedarrun; Neal Boardman; G.R.I.; Grand Traverse; Mitchell; Case; P.M.; Inland; Kehoe; Clary; Filers Sw.; Interlochen; Pine Park; Green L.; Grawn; Boardman R.; Beitners; Keystone; Munshaw; Slight; Mayfield; Wallin; Gerber; Nessen; Karlin; Twin Mt.; Wexford; Monroe Cen.; Hannah; Westminster; summit City; Kingsley; Birch L.; Kewadin; Helena; Brass Lake; Bellaire; Wolcott; Green River; Elk Rapids; Elk L.; Milton; Wells Branch; Alden; Comfort; Blosser; Wetzell; Mancelona Rd.; Mancelona; Antrim; Yuba; Angell; P.M.; Round; Rapid City; Leiphart; Norfolk; Wilkins Spur; Ricker; Westwood; Wilkins; Omega; Leetsville; Lola; Acme; Bates; Williamsburg; Mabel; Mahan; Soules; Kalkaska; Presey; P.M.; Excelsior; Culver; McAfee; S. Boardman; Houseman; Crofton; Lodi; Rowley; Saunders; Spencer; Sands; Sigma; O'Neil; Manistee R.; Hodge; Holmes; Fire Lake; Watton; Springfield; Deiberts; Ivan; Naples; Sharon; Alba; L. Harold; D. & C.; Otsego Lake; Salling; M.C.; Trombleys; Quick; Johannesburg Jc.; Nugent; Crooked; Blue L. Jc.; Fayette; Crowley; Otsego Lake; Waters; N. Branch Au Sable River; Squaw L.; Darragh; Blue Lake; Deward; Frederic; Hard Grove; Lovells; Judges; hanson; Mich. Cen.; Alexander; Kneeland; Bucks; Sigsbee; Angling; Riverview; Resort; Crawford; Grayling; Mic Cen.; Halsted; Horrigan; Wellington; Pere Cheney P.O. or Cheney Sta.; S. Br. Au Sable River; Vienna; Tyrus; Big Rock; Sherwood L.; Atlanta; Crooked L.; Chamberlin; Twin Lakes; M.C.; Vienna Jc.; Lewiston; Avery Lakes; Rust; Hunts Cr.; Gilchrist Cr.; Bonard; Dana; L. & S.E.; Au. & Wn.; Comins; Dew; Principal Meridian; Redoak; Wood; Biggs; Fairview; Kneeland; Au Sable River; Eldorado; Luzerne; Mio; McKinley; Coy; Flat Rock Lodge; Curtisville; Southbranch; Thunder River; Klein; Alpena; Spratt; Walburg; Devil L.; Turtle L.; Beaver L.; Ossineke; Hubbard Lake; Newton R.; Hubbard Lake; Spruce; McCollum; Hardy; Code; Curran; Byers Camp; Beevers Camp; Russell; Alcona; Nor Wn.; barton City; Lincoln; Killmaster; Bamfields; Five Channels Dam; Glennie; Lott; Bryant; Five Channels Spur; Mikado; Pardridge Pt.; Beebe Spur; Det. & Mac.; Scarecrow Isl.; South Pt.; Roe Lake; Black R.; Black River Isl.; Blackriver; Hawes; Alcona; Sturgeon Point; Sturgeon Pt.; Gustin; Harrisville; Handy; Greenbush; Cedar Lake; Kewaunee; Twin R.; B. Twin R.; Rawleys pt.; C. & N.W.; Twin Rivers; Manitowoc R.; Manitowoc; Big Pt. Sable; Hamlin Lake; Pleasanton; Arcadia; Sorenson; Malcolm; A. B.R.; Butwell; Saile; Glovers L.; Humphrey; Springdale; Henry; Bear L.; Pierport; Onekama; Portage Lake; Onekama Jc. Bear lake; Tanner; Thompson v.; Chief; Arendal; Polock Hill; M. & N.; Newland; Manistee; Manistee R.; Norwalk; P.M.; Oakhill; Oak Park; Filer Cy.; East Lake; Stronach; P.M. & G.R.; Little Riv.; Lit. manistee R.; Hoppers Jc.; Clement; Siddons; Freesoil; Sable; Marsh; Hoags; Tomlins; Elmton; Big Sable L.; Roulsen; Mason; Sugar Grove; Fountain; Bachelor; Millerton; Wolf Lake; Copemish; Lemon L.; Pomona; harlan; Cleon; Rollway; miners; Bagnall; Buckley; Sherman; Beech Siding; Baxter; Mystic; R.B. Jc.; Kaleva; M. & N.E.; Marilla; Wexford; Yuma; Glengarry; Mesick; Soper; Meanwataka; Bonds Mill; Brethren; Highbridge; Harriette; A.A.; Boon; Bunyea P.O. or Millersville; Missaukee Jc.; L. Mitchell; Wellston; Dublin; Florence; Eleanor; Axin; Rosenburgs; Cadillac; Benson; Manistee R.; Irons; Peters; Thorp; Hoxeyville; Olga; Bristol; Riverbank; Edgetts; Collins; Sauble; Peacock; Luther; States; M. & G.R.; South Allen; Hayes; Haskins; Haire; Pioneer; Arlene; Butcher; Stittsville; Manton; Gilbert; Missaukee; Section; Missaukee L.; Lake City; Missaukee; Jennings; G.R.; Round Lake; Cadillac; Cranmer; Veneer Jc.; Ardis Jc.; Veneer; Koopman; Ardis; Mynning; Dinca; Hobart; Elton; Lucas; Ann Arb.; McBain; Clam R.; Prosper; Falmouth; Vogel Cen.; Forward; Osceola Jc.; Ina; Tustin; G.R.; Anderson; Parklake; Marion; Crocker; Dighton; Winterfield; Grandon; Rose L.; Roselake; Leroy; Osceola; Hartwick; Surprise L.; Pennock; Stratford; Moorestown; Higgins lake; Lyon manor; Roscommon; Moore; Star City; Haymars; Michelson; Reedsburg; Houghton Lake; Markey; Houghton Lake; Geels; St. Helen; Ardis; Butterfield; Cummer; Merritt; Nellsville; Roscommon; Loxley; Kirkland; Moddereville; Dolph; P.M.; Leota; Second Correction Line; Butman; Skeels; Hockaday; Lit. Sugar R.; Temple; Clarence; Harrison; Cedar R.; Gladwin; Keno; Rose City; Goodar; D. & M.; Lupton; Tierney; Beaver Lake; Selkirk; Canfield; Sage; Ogemaw; West Branch; Campbells Cors.; Nester; hardwood Lake; Edward; Mich. Cen.; hauptman; Loranger; Greenwood; Prescott; Oberlin; Bowmanville; Alger; Mapleridge; Rifle R.; Arenac; Sugar Rapids; Secord; Moores Jc.; quinn; Dunham; Sterling; Maltby; Smith Jc.; Doan; Sages L.; D. & M.; Ellake; Long Lake; Hale; Iosco; Wilber; Mills; Taft; Siloam P.O. or Coopers Cros.; Whittemore; Emery Jc.; East Tawas; T.B.; Vine; Turtle; Au Gres R.; McIvor; E. Br. Au Gres R.; Alabaster Jc.; Marks; Alabaster; Melita; Turner; Twining; Santiago; White Stone Pt.; Omer; Arenac; Duck L.; Umstead; Souveigny; Augres; Sand Pt. Note: Published by Geo. F. Cram, Chicago, Ill.; Squares represent Parcel Post Units, Open figures 24 unit numbers, and run consecutively from north to south; Part of Keweenaw County; Forty miles Northwest of main part of County; George F. Cram, Engraver & Publisher, Chicago, Ill. Title: Michigan Keywords: Van Etten Lake; Lincoln Jc.; Oscoda; Ausable; Ottawa L.; Au Sable Pt.; Kunze Siding; Tawas Beach; Tawas Pt.; Tawas Bay; Tawas City; Port Austin; Flat Rock Pt.; North Charity Isl.; Hat Pt.; S. Charity Isl.; Pte. Aux Barques; Pointe Aux Barques; Burnt Cabin pt.; Grind Stone City; Eagle Bay; Huron; Nor. W'n; Mosel; Sheboygan Falls; Sheboygan R.; C. & N.W.; Sheboygan; Onion r.; Adell; Oostburg; Cedar Grove; Lit. Sable L.; Lincoln; Ludington; Buttersville; Wesley; Bass Lake; Bass L; Squireville; Pentwater; Pentwater L.; Smiths Corner; Au Sable Lake; Mears; Little Pt. Sable; Peachridge; Oceana; Hoffman; Benona; Claybanks; Lit. Sable R.; Scottville; Amber; Conrad; P.M.; Custer; Weldon Cr.; Walhalla; Pere Marquette R.; Pere Marquette Lake; S. Br. Pere Marquette R.; Tallman; Riverton; Bow L.; Mas. & Oce. Wiley; Fern; Carrs; Baldwin; Marlborough; Crystal Val.; Weare; peachville; Allencreek; Kirk; hart; P.M.; Pentwater R.; Tigris; Walker V.; Elbridge; Cobmoosa; Volney; Shaw; Beaver Cr; Klondike; Stony L.; Shelby; Ferry; New Era; Wagar; Hesperia; Campbell L.; Gale; Newaygo; Holstein; Cranston; Conley; Lake; Wingleton; Orono; Reed City; Parsons; Star L.; Forman; Crooked L.; Ungers; Nirvana; Chase; Oliver; Alderson; Lilley; W. Troy; Biteley; Parks; Hawkins; Up. Paris; Paris; Colecreek; Kopje; Otia; Woodville; Stimson; Stimson Jc.; Hungerford; huber; Etna; Ramona; Whitecloud; Field; Goodwell; Bopland; Ryerson; Wooster; Gilbert; Bigprairie; Dewing; Carlson; Ashton; Brazil; Wings; Crooked L.; Avondale; Evart; Muskegon R.; Sears; Clare; Lake George; L. George; Hersey; Tiff L.; Big L.; Manleys; Cranberry L.; Robinsons; Chippewa Sta.; Crapo; Upper Big Rapids; Pogy; Weaver; Chippewa L.; Emerald; Hill; Barryton; Fork; Brinton; Littleford L.; Sherman City; Big Rapids; Byers; Moiles; Rodney; Chatterton; Isabella; Titus; Horr; Wejdman; Hughes; Mecosta; Stanwood; mecosta; Mec; Rem; W. Millbrook; Mansfield; Stirling; Millers; Remus; Altona; Higbee; Sylvester; Blanchard; Millbrook; Dodge; Wheatley; Manns Sid.; Alward; Hatton; N.Br. Tobacco R.; Mid. Br. Tobacco R.; Bard; Summit Lake; Farwell; McKay; Moores Sid.; Dover; Tobacco R.; Colonville; Clare; Beaverton; Dale; Half Way; Curriers Sid.; Gilmore; Herrick; Coleman; Loomis; Edenville; Alamando; Van Decar; Beal City; Isabella; Rosebush; P.M.; Delwin; Leaton; Jordan; Wise; Salt R.; Midland; Caldwell; Broomfield; Ind. Res.; Boyden; Chippewa R.; Alembic; Mt. Pleasant; Stearns; Gordonville; Rowland; Coomer; Winn; Crawford; Shepherd; Porter; Gladwin; Howry; Arbutus; Winegar; Highwood; Mic. Cen.; Smith; Bentley; Saganing Cr.; Billings; Littibawasse R.; Rhodes; Estey; Mountforest; Edenville; Luman; N. Bradley; Brier; Pansy; Hope; Bertie; Nine Mile; Garfield; Cummings; Woodville; Crump; Tebo; Linwood; Sanford; Gray; Averill; Larkin; Duel; Willard; Wolverine; Mine No. 3; Kawkawlin R.; Loehne; Upsla; H. & W.; Monitor Sta; Millers Crg; Olson; Floyd; Midland; Barnes; Smiths Cros; Colden; Laredo; Rooney; Auburn; Coryell; Bangor; Monitor; Posyville; Littibawasse R.; Amelit; Freeland; Lawndale; Melbourne; Pine River; Standish; Saganing; Worth; Pt. Au Gres; Pinconning; Pt. Charities; North Isl.; Stony Isl.; State Road; Michie; Lengsville; Kate-char or Mai-sou Isl.; Linwood Park; Pond Isl. Sebewaing; Fish Pt.; Tobico; Kawkawlin; Oaatka Beach; Wenona Beach; N Bay Cy.; Bayside; Saginaw R.; Saginaw Bay; Banks; Essexville; Foss; Bay City; Raby; D.B.; Quanicassee; Bradleys; Sharpville; Downing; Akron Coal Mine; Woodman; Columbia; Unionville; W. Bay Cy.; Salzburg; Brooks; Beebe; G.T.; S bay City; Cheboyganing; Munger; Fifield; Farleighs; Post; Fairgrove; Kintner; Bloomfield; Mitchells; Gravel Pit; Pleasant Hill; Oak Pt.; Caseville; Bush Lake; Pte. Aux Barques R.; Wild Fowl Bay; Bayport; Anderson; Wilfongs; Huron; Pigeon R.; Berne; Pigeon; Gotts; Pinnebog; Soule; Crown; Weale; Bart; Ribble; Wolfton; Rosevear; Elkton; Grassmere; Sandy; P.M.; Linkville; Kilmanagh; Bach; Ashmore; Canboro; Owendale; Patton; Rescue; Popple; Northburns; Ivanhoe; Akron; M.C.; Duro; Colling; Colwood; Hutchinson; Patterson; Purdy; Gagetown; Elmwood; N. Fk. Cass River; Cass City; Wickware; Greenleaf; Holbrook; Montei; Atwood; Caro; Ellington; Whites Cr.; Deford; S. Fk. Cass River; Shabbona; Novesta; Johnson; Kinde; Glencoe; Filion; Clarks; Willow R.; Redman; Port Hope; Atherton; Hobson; Rapsons; Badaxe; Rapson; Veronal Mills; Sigel; Helena; Harbor Beach; Har. Of Refuge; Appin; Wadsworth; Ubly; Pawlowski; Parisville; Ruth; Whiterock; Cumber; Freiburgers; Tyre; Minden City; Mill Cr.; Palms; Charleston; Forestville; Chevingston; Argyle; Laing; Brotherton; Deckerville; Marion; Mills; Leitch; Richmondville; Belgium; M. & St. P.; Chi. & Nor. W'n; Ozaukee; Milwaukee; Bay View; Flowercreek; Michillinda; Wabaningo; Duck L.; Rothbury; White R.; Fremont; Montague; White L.; Whitehall; Big Blue L.; Brunswick; Brickton; Holton; Reeman; Sitka; N. Muskegon; Sweet; Dalton; Berry; P.M.; Twin Lake; McLeans; Muskegon River; Bixby; Hines crg; Muskegon Lake; Muskegon; Gr. Tr.; Simpson; Moorland; halls; Fort Sherman; Muskegon Heights; Lake Harbor; Black Lake; Lake Harbor Sta.; G.R. & I.; Kanitz; Sullivan; Pickand; Fruitpport; Ravenna; Kirk; Ferrysburg; Spring L.; Crockery Cr.; Nunica; Coopersville; Eastmanville; Newaygo Lakes; Brookside; Newago; Marl Lake; Bishop; Erwin; Croton; Howard City; Lit. Muskegon R.; Ashland; Bridgeton; Dickinson; Brooks; Grant; A. Sta.; Sun; Ensley; Grove; White Fish L.; Plumville; Trent; Canada Cors.; Bailey; Casnovia; Kent City; Perins; Cedar Springs; Velzy; Sandlake; Harrisburg; Conklin; Gooding; Lisbon; Ballards; Reeds; Sparta; Saxon; Camp L.; Edgerton; Cortland Cen.; Burchs Mill; Oakfield Cen.; Dennison; Wright; Herrington; Berlin; English V; Rend; Alpine; Belmont; Kent; Ula; Childsdale; Comstock; Rockford; Silver L.; Austerl tz; Chauncey; Morley; Rustford; Murphy; Rand; Remick; Montcalm; Amble; Townline L.; Lakeview; Sixlakes; Sin; Edmore; Wyman; Maplehill; Hiram; Pierson; P.M.; Coral; Long L.; Langston; Trufant; Entrican; Westville; Clifford L.; McBrides; Stanton; Cloud; Sheffield; Evans; Gowen; Spencers ms.; Griswold; Flat R.; Sidney; Martha; Colby; Moeller; Sheridan; Harvard; Lincoln L.; N. Green V.; Green V.; Wabasis Lake; Eureka Pl.; Virgil; Bushnell; Amsden; Miller; Fenwick; Butternut; Bostwick L.; Bostwick; Cannonsburg; Parnell; Grattan; Slayton; Belding; Smyrna; Miriam; Avon; Kidd; Chadwick; Orleans; Shiloh; Henderson; Haynor; Prairie Cr.; Jerseyville; Pleasant Valley; Coe; Brooks Cr.; Cedarlake; Vestaburg; Summerton; Foresthill; Riverdale; Elwell; Breckenridge; N. Wheeler; St. Louis; Wheeler; Ferris; Sumner; Elmhall; Eugene; Ithaca; Pine R.; A.A.; Beebe; Langport; Rathbone; Lafayette; Fishville; Crystal; Vickeryville; Crystal L.; Gratiot; New haven Cen.; Sethton; Northstar; Newark; Middleton; Carson City; Brice; Pine Cr.; Perrinton; Pompeii; Ola; Ashley; Bannister; Palo; Nickelplate; Muir; Maple Riv.; Hubbardston; Matherton; Pewamo; Fowler; Union Home; maple Rapids; Hayworth Cr.; Clear Cr; Shepardsville; Duplain; Redstone; Jam; Laporte; Saginaw; Carrollton; Eaton; Ryan;Iva; Graylock; Frost; Dice; Malts; Shields; Beaver Cr.; Merrill; Bad R.; Hemlock; Lakefield; Nelson; Saginaw; Grahams; Orr; Swan Cr.; Eastwood; Paines; Fordney; Edgewood; Fordney; Sickels; Marion Sprs.; Miner; Brant; Leutz; Fergus; Groveton; St. Charles; McDonough; Alicia P.O. or Prairie Farm; Luce; Fenmore; Chapin; Racy; Brady; Chesaning; Oakley; Shiawassee R.; Layton Corners; Eureka; Elsie; Ovid; Ann Ar.; Olney; Henderson; Carland; Dewey; Shiawassee; Easton; Westhaven; Judds Corners; McClure; L Waukee; Arn; Gilford; Mershon; Crow Isl.; Orlens; Kulmbach; Buena Vista; Hoyt; Reese; Arthur; Veenfliets; Stone; Tuscola; Denmark Jc.; Richville; Watrousville; M.C.; Perkins; Jc.; Saginaw; Orville; Fosters; Bridgeport; Ready; Gera; Tuscola Sta.; Frankenmuth; Cass River; Tuscola; C. Jc.; Vassar; Flint R.; G.T.; Verne; Carbon; Burt; taymouth; Blackmar; Birchrun; Countyline; Millington; Elva; Arbela; Mich. Cen.; Navan; Montrose; Brentcreek; Clio; Thetford; Pinerun; Genessee; E. thetford; New Lothrop; Hazelton; Flushing; Clay Tr; Genesee; Mt. Morris; McGrew; Lewis; N. Fk. Thread R.; Rogersville; Flint; Belsay; Kersley R.; Davison; W. Sta.; Ross Cross.; Wahjamega; E. Dayton; Wilmot; W. T.; Wilmot; Decker; Noko; Snover; Sanilac; M.; Juniata; Northgrove; Shays Lake; Mayville; Silverwood; Kingston; Lamotte; Germania; Braidwood; Markell; Stewarts; Fostoria; Wait; Clifford; Weeks; Reagan; Marlette; otisville; Otter Lake; Columbiaville; Drake; Flint R.; Burns L.; Millers L.; North Branch; Burnside; Deaville; Richfield; Nippissing L.; Five Lakes; Oregon P.O. or Carpenter; Lapeer; Kings Mill; Lum; Elliott; Mill Cr.; Elba; Lapeer; Attica; Imlay City; Urban; Elmer; McGregor; Burden; Downington; Poland; Forester; Port Sanilac; Sandusky; Juhl; Cash; Berkshire; Carsonville; Applegate; Laurel; Redstar; Flynn; Mardo; Elk Cr.; Watertown; Peck; Aitken; Croswell; Lewis Siding; Lexington; Brown City; Valley Center; Sharpsville; Melvin; Speaker; Roseburg; East Fremont; Amadore; Brockway; East Greenwood; yale; Fargo; Jeddo; Blaine; Zion; Atkins; Mt. Salem; Saint Clair; Avoca; Ruby; Eighty foot Grade; Lakeport; Northstreet; Gardendale; Huronia Beach; Milwaukee; Chi. Mil. & St. P.; Root R.; Racine; Wind Pt.; W.U. Jc.; racine; Wisconsin; Kenosha; Lake Michigan; Grand Haven; Sheldon; Robinson; Agnew; Ottawa Sta.; Bass River; Rusk; Conger; Allendale; Ottawa; West Olive; Port Sheldon; New Holland; Olive Cen.; Borculo; Crisp; S. Blendon; Pearline; Ventura; Noordeloos; Waverly; Cronje; Black; Ottawa Beach; beaver Dam; Zeeland; New Groningen; Idrenthe; E. Holland; Macatawa; Castle Park; Graffschap; Gibson; Fillmore Cen; Holland; may; Verisel; Bentheim; E. Saugatuck; Saugatuck; Douglas; New Richmond; Peachbelt; Dunningville; Fennville; Ganges; Belknap; Glenn; Allegan; Fennville; Pearl; Avis; Bravo; Millgrove; Lamont; Elgin; Kinney; Tallmadge; W. Gr. Rapids; Eagle Ms.; Grand Rapids; Oakdale; Reed Lake; Dewey; Heath; bauder; George; Garowe; Enison; Hanley; Grandville; N. Byron; S. Gr. Rapids; E. Paris; Crosby; Fishers; Fox; Hudson V.; Jamestown; Vriesland; Zutphen; Gitchell; Forest Grove; Byron Cen.; Ross; Herps; Dutton; W. Carlisle; Caledonia; Oakland; Burnips Cors; North Dorr; New Salem; Dorr; Diamond Sprs.; Greenlake; Moline; Corning; Middleville; Duncan L.; Hamilton; Monterey; Maplewood; Hilliards; Dallas; S. Monterey; Rabbit R.; Hopkins; Minerlake; Wayland; Bradley; Shelvyville; Gunlake; Gun L.; Allegan; Kellogg; Miner Lake; Fisk; martin; Monteith; Cloverdale; Orange V.; Chapel; Vergenner; Ada; Lowell; Flat R.; Malta; Prison Siding; Dildine; Ionia; Lyons Sta; Webber; Cascade; Whitney V.; McCords; Grand River; Alto; G.T.; Ionia; Chandler; Saranac; Gridley; Doris; Collins; Orange; Thorn Apple Riv.; Alaska; Labarge; Lyman; Logan; Bowen; Elmdale; Clarksville; W. Campbell; Campbell; Lake Odessa; West Sebewa; Rosina; Parmelee; N. Irving; Freeport; Carlton Cen.; Gerkey; Coats Gr.; Woodland; Dellwood; Woodbury; Irving; Bowens Mills; Yankee Spr.; Maple L.; Shultz; Hastings; Quimby; Mud Cr.; Morgan; Thorn Apple; Kelly; Vermontville; Watt L.; Barry; Cedar Creek; Clear L.; Pritchard V.; Dowling; Highbank; Maple Gr.; Nashville; Kalamp; Charlotte; Eaton; Carlisle; Lyons; Maple; Pewamo; Gr. Tr.; Stony Cr.; Clinton; St. Johns; Muskrat Cr.; Geary; Round L.; Rew; Mulliken; M.P.; Jeffery; Sebewa; Wacousta; Eagle; Dewitt; Lookingglass R.; Gunnisonville; Chandler; Bath; Sunfield; Bismarck; Shaytown; Roxana; Grandledge; Hoyt V.; Lansing; Fair Ground; Millett; Delta; N. Lansing; Trowbridge; Gresham; Chester; West Windsor; Potterville; Dimondale; Packard; West Holt; Kings L.; Petreville; Kingsland; Klink; Aurelius; Ingham; Kilwinning; Jessie; Burton; O. Jc.; Owosso; Corunna; Kerby; Victor; Laingsburg; Sagerville; Pittsburg; Bennington; Hartwellville; Durand; Vernon; M.C.; Parkes L; Shaftsburg; Morrice; Perry; Nicholson; Bancroft; Byron; E. Lansing; Okemos; Haslett; Meridian; Locke; Williamston; Oakgrove Sta.; Webberville; Pollok; Fowlerville; Livingston; Howell; N. Aurelius; Mason; Eden; Dansville; Whiteoak; Deweyville; Iosco; Annpere Summit; Backus; Lennon; Otterburn; Thread; Flint; Thread R.; Emergency; Swartz Creek; Crapo Farm; Duffield; Gaines; Torrey; Rankin; Newark; Atlas; Grand Blanc; B. Sta.; Argentine; Linden; paxton; Fenton; Groveland; Thayer; Holly; Ortonville; Cohoctah; Indian L.; Deercreek; Madison; Oakgrove; Rose P.O. or Rose Cen.; Hallers; Davisburg; Anderson V. P.O. or C. Sta.; Parshallville; Fleming; West Highland; Harland; Clyde; Oakland; White Lake; Hollister; Oxbow; Fourtowns; Pingree; Long Lake; Chilson; Highland; Milford; Brighton; New Hudson; Wixom; Commerce; Walled Lake; Hadley; Goodrich; L. Hasler; Farmers Cr.; Hunters Creek; Farmers Creek; Metamora; Thornville; Dryden; Almont; Hopkins Road; Seymour Lake; Bastidos; Thomas; Oakwood; Oxford; Leonard; Shoup; Lakeville; N Br. Clinton R.; Austin; Clinton V.; Waterford; Cole; Eames; Orion; Alert; Mount Vernon; Goodison; Rome;Drayton Plains; Sylvan; Cass L.; Three Mile L.; Rochester; Amy; R. Jc.; Yates; De Pews; Utica; Macomb; Disco; Cass L.; Walled L.; Nichols; Pontiac; Orchard Lake; Grove; Circle; Walnut; Norris; Birmingham; Franklin; Clawson; Troy; Colerain; Big Beaver; Clinton R.; Warren; Capac; Belle R.; Belleriver; Riley Center; P.M.; M. Sta.; Emmett; Abbotsford; Goodells; Lamb Thornton; Wales; Burns; Kimball; Wadhams; Ft. Gratiot; Tunnel Jc.; Tappan; Smiths Cr.; Marysville; Allenton; Berville; Doyle; Armada; Richmond; Memphis; Columbus; Butlins; Ratlerun; Pine R.; Washington; Davis; Ray Cen.; Lenox; Omo; New Haven; Adair; Carltons Crg.; Casco; Peters; Chesterfield; Waldenburg; Meade; Milton; Anchor Bay; New Baltimore; Anchor V.; Marine City; Fairhaven; Pearl Beach; Mt. Clemens Sta.; Cady; Fraser; Mt. Clemens; Dickinson Isl.; Pt. Huron; San Souci; Walpole Isl.; Pt. Huron; Sarina; Upton Wks.; Port Huron Salt Works; St. Clair Sprs.; St. Clair; Lambton; Roberts L'dg; Algonac; Alansons Isl.; Benton; Wadsworth; Lake ; Illinois; Waukegan; Lake Forest; Rondout; Highland Park; Deerfield; Glencoe; Des Plaines; Cook; St. P.; W'n; Evanston; South Evanston; Hagar; Twelve Cors.; Benton Harbor; St. Joseph; Hill Top; Glen Lord; Vineland; Stevensville; Springgrove; West Casco; Hawkhead; Leisure; Black R.; Scott Lake; Pullman; Lee; Horseshoe; South Haven; Long Siding; Fruitland; Packard; Kibbie; Lacota; Maple Forest; Grand Jc.; Columbia; Berlamont; Gobleville; Pinegrove Mills; Palisade Park; K.L.; Covert; Elmwood; Windermere; Blakes; lake Point; Paw paw L.; Breedsville; Van Buren; McDonald; Toquin P.O. or Paw Paw Lake Jc.; Bangor; Hagar; P.M.; Coloma; Riverside; Watervliet; Paw Paw R.; Hartford; Lawrence; Barrison; M.B.; Millburg; Bainbridge; Spinks Cors.; Pennyann; Keeler; Sister L.; Sister Lakes; Corwin; Decatur; Hollywood; Carl; Roy; Alton; Sodus; Arlen; Pipestone; Naomi; Hartman; Dowagiac R.; Glenwood; Volinia; Chicora; Cheshire; Merson; Kalamazo R.; Abronia; Otsego; Plainwell; Bowens; Hooper; Neely; Silver Creek; Prairie V.; Doster; Bloomingdale; Kendall; Mentha; Alamo; Argenta; Cooper Sta.; Williams; Hopkins; Springbrook; E. Cooper; Glendale; Almena; Walker; Eassom; Brownell; kalamazoo; Lauren Lake; Miller; Oshtemo; Nazareth; Comstock; P. Jc.; Lake Cora; Paw Paw; Lawton; Mattawan; Newbre; Brighton; Kalamazoo; Portage; Pike L.; Austin Lake; Texas; Indian Field; Pomeroy; Round L.; Bunksons L.; Grass L.; Chamberlains; Cedar L.; Schoolcraft; Bakers; Vicksburg; Marcellus; Prairie; Ronde; Leesburg; Howardsville; Flowerfield; Mint; Parkville; Milo; Cressey; Gull Lake; Delion; Fair L.; Hickory Cors.; Bristol L.; Banfield; Lacey; Assyria; Bellevue; Ceylon; Richland; Gull L.; Yorkville; Ney; Hume; Base; Bedford; Battle Creek; Convis; Penfield; Augusta; Galesburg; Renton; Climax; Adams; Nichols; Beadle P.O. or Beadle Lake; Wheatfield; Ceresco; Pavilion; W. Leroy; Scotts; Sonoma; Calhoun; Joppa; E. Leroy; Stanley; Wilders; Indian L.; Fulton; Pinecreek; Athens; Burlington Sta.; Burlington; Abscota; Tekonsha; Portage Lake; Factoryville; Mendon; Leonidas; Hodunk; Union City; Hog R.; Girard; Olivet; Ainger P.O. or Olivet Sta.; Brookfield; Eaton Rapids; Charlesworth; Winfield; Onondaga; Rice Creek; Partello; Duck Lake; Duck L.; Ottercreek; Springport; East Springport; Tompkins; Henrys Crg.; Tokio; Rice Cr.; Marshall; Marengo; Albion; Devereaux; Spring Cr.; Jackson; Parma; Mnard; Sandstone; Van Horn; Eckford; M.C.; Bath Mills; Spring Arbor; Reynolds; Condit; Concord; Snyder; Jackson; Hares; Wilsons; Clarendon; Homer; Grover; Pulaski; Stonypoint; Hanover; Butler; Litchfield; S. Butler; Mosherville; Milnes; Scipio; Moscow; Jerome; Bunkerhill; Leslie; Fitchburg; Stockbridge; Lowe L.; Gregory; Unadilla; Plainfield; Bruin L.; Arland; Rives Jc.; Henrietta Sta.; Portage R.; Portage; Munith; Lit. Portage L.; Trist; Line; South L.; Waterloo; Mill Cr.; M.C.; Prison Side Tr.; Jc.; Roots; Withington; Gillet L.; Goose L.; Big Portage L.; Chelsea; Francisco; Lyonette; L.S.; Leoni; Michigan Cen.; Eldred; Ackerson L.; Grass Lake; napoleon; Norvell; Washtenaw; Sharonville; Manchester; Jackson; Horton; Liberty; Cedarbank; Cranberry L.; Clarklake; Clark L.; Johnson; Brooklyn; Vineyard L.; M. Jc.; Watkins; Wampler; Somerset; Somerset Cen.; Knorr; Cement Cy.; Cambridge; Springville; Devils L.; Sand L.; Onsted; Putnam; Pentecost; Anderson; Pinckney; Island Lake; lakeland; Greenoak; Rushton; South Lyon; Dexter; Hamburg; Webster; Kirby; W.L. Sta.; Whitmore L.; Emery; Salem; Geer; Northville; Plymouth; Lima; Ann Arbor; Delhi; Bell; Geddes; Cherryhill; Dixboro; Denton; Wiard; Canton; Fredonia; Saline; Ypsilanti; Pittsfield P.O. or P. Jc.; Rawsonville; River Raisin; Bridgewater; Orania; Stonycreek; Milan; Belleville; Willis; Whittaker; W. Sumpter; Clinton; Tecumseh; Lakeridge; Macon; Cone; Saline R.; Azalia; Raisinville; Milan Jc.; Oakville; Exeter; London; Maybee; Novi; Farmington; Powers; Beddow; Southfield; clarenceville; Royaloak; Livonia; Stark; Lawn; Bellbranch; Beech; Michigan Ave.; Elm; Redford; urbanrest; Highland Par; Greenfield; Oak; N. Detroit; Kenwood; Howlett; W. End; Nankin; Swift; Wayne Jc.; Wallace; Pikes Peak; Inkster; Dearborn; Eloise; Wayne; Goudumere; E. Line; Navarre; Windsor; Detroit; Elray; Wayne; Huron R.; Frenchlanding; Hand Sta.; Preston; Romulus; Taylo Cen.; Wyandotte; Riverrouge; Ecorse; Bighting Isl.; New Boston; Flatrock Sta.; Sibley; Trenton; Chandler; Grosse Isle; Slocum Jc.; Brosseile; Detroit R.; S. Rockwood; Grafton; Gibraltar; Rockwood; Chapman; Newport; Pt. Millee; Wayne; Huron R.; Frenchlanding; Hand Sta.; Preston; Romulus; Taylo Cen.; Wyandotte; Riverrouge; Ecorse; Bighting Isl.; New Boston; Flatrock Sta.; Sibley; Trenton; Chandler; Grosse Isle; Slocum Jc.; Brosseile; Detroit R.; S. Rockwood; Grafton; Gibraltar; Rockwood; Chapman; Newport; Pt. Millee; Centerline; Lakeshore; Roseville; Halfway; Lake St. Clair; Greiner; Connors Cb.; Claireview; Mamiramck; Lees V.; Milwaukee Jc.; Hauvin; St. Clair Hts.; Grosse Pointe Farms; Grossepointe; paye; Cottagegrove; Detroit; Rochester; Stony Pt.; Essex; L. E. & D.R.; Essex Center; Ruscum R.; Mic. Cen.; Ontario; Oxley; Kingsville; Ruthven; Olinda; Pigeon Bay; Whatty; Leamington; Kent; Romney; Mayfair; N.W.; C.M. & St. P.; C. & N.W.; C.G.W.; Chicago; I.C.; C.B. & Q.; C.T.T.; A.T. & S.F.; A.T. & S.F.; C. & C.J.; Hyde Park; Grand Crossing; South Chicago; Wab.; Blue Island; C.J.; C.R.I. & P.; Lake; Harvey; Michigan City; Hammond; Tolues; L.S.; Indiana; Porter; Hinchman; Livingston; Berrien; Baroda; Bridgman; Sawyer; Harbert; Lakeside; Union Pier; Galien R.; Avery; New Troy; Galien; New Buffalo; Three Oaks Barrett Siding; Alfred; New Carlisle; Webbers; South Bend; La Porte; Otis; Stemm; Eau Claire; Berrien Springs; Lighton; C.C. & St. L.; Fairland; Berrien Cen.; Dowagiac;Cass; Cassopolis; Pokagon; Lagrange; Glendora; Jaquay; Buchanan; Sumnerville; St. Joseph R.; Barron L.; Kennedy; Niles; Edwardsburg; Dailey; Redfield; Dayton; Bertrand; Truitts; Adamsville; Baldwin L.; Granger; St. Joseph; Osceola; Elkhart; Crums Point; Pheasant Lake; Moorepark; Portage R.; Wakelee; Penn; Forest Hall; Sandy Beach; Vandalia; Corey L.; Fabius; Three Rivers; T.R. Sta.; Florence; St. Joseph River; Wasepi; Center V.; Newburg; Browns V.; Day; Long L.; Jones Corey; Williamsville; St. Joseph; Constantine; White Pigeon; Perrin; Sailor; Mottville; Union; White Pigeon Riv.; Oakwood; Klingers; Fawn R.; Elkhart; L.S. & M.C.; Bristol; Lagrange; Longitude 30 West from Greenwich; Sturgis L.; Fairfax; Nottawa; Findley; Colon; Mattison; Sherwood; Branch; Coldwater; Batavia; Olds; Holmes Siding; Prairie R.; Burroak; Bronson; Bethel; Coldwater L.; Lockwood; Sturgis; Fawn River; E. Gilead; Gilead; California; Lima; Fremont; Steuben; L.S. & M.S.; Quincy; Allen Sta.; Marble L.; Allen; Hillsdale; Bankers; Jonesville; Ft. W. Jc.; N. Adams; Wheatland; Stafford; Hoxie; Algansee; Purchase; Gorton; Towns; Lester; Hillsdale; Reading; Steambag; Jefferson; Osseo; Pittsford; Kinderhook; Montgomery; Camden; Cambria; Frontier; White; Ransom; buckeye; Shadyside; Prattville; Betzer; Waldron; S. Camden; Amboy; Angola; Williams; Alvordton; Ohio; Bakers; Church; Manitou Beach; Townlev; Addison; Devils; A. Jc.; Stoddard; Devils L.; Lenawee; Geneva; Windom; Rollin; Wolfcreek; Rome; Adrian; Tipton; Birdsall; Woodward; Mallory; Locust; Fairport; Walworth; Clayton; Hudson; Medina; Cadmus; Madison; Sand Cr.; S. Adrian; Lenawee Jc.; Gorman; Canandaigua; Seneca; N. Morenci; Limecreek; Packard; Munson; Bimo; Fiarfield; Jasper; Fruitridge; Weston; Ridge V.; S. Fairfield; W.W.; Fayette; Morenci; Denson; Swanton; Fulton; Sutton; Ridgeway; Holloway; Raisin Cen.; D.Jc.; Rea; Dundee; Deerfield; Petersburg; Durban; Grape; Raisin R.; Strasburg; Ida; Chases; Wells V.; Palmyra; Grosvenor; Sisson; Blissfield; Federman; Monroe; Morocco; Lulu; Winchester; Yargerville; Ogden; Riga; Victors V.; Ogden Center; Ottawa Lake; Bateman; Gert; Temperance; Ottawa lake; Whiteford Cen. Lambertville; Samaria; Erie; Alexis; Lucas; Toledo; E. Toledo; Air Line Jc.; Steiner; Raisin; Warner; Stony Creek; Brest; Colchester; Monroe; Raisin Pt; Greenings; La Salle; Lake Erie; Mid Sister Isl.; Vienna; La Plaisance Bay; Cape North; Maumee Bay; Cedar Pt.; W. Sister Isl.; manhattan Jc.; W. & L.E.; Locust Pt.; Littles Pt.; E. Sister Isl.; Pt. Pelee Island; North Bass Isl.; Mid. Bass Isl.; South Bass Isl.; Pt. Pelee Note:

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Page  67 1 2 13 14 1 6 1 6 17 18 19 LI RU 141 ell, FIJI \N B 0 SW c1p, bj 47. $,OWN NO O# JL 10 GN "n 14 R-Z, Z 844 TO se kO 4wkgg a";,"go, G Pt fg, whit v H % AO, HILTREE 1. A, /D "TT T01 $A A N MAZALE K Sm ANTO Door &N N 1 U 04TT,: ILIT T MAP OF THE Oil z", UNITED 3TATE3 1111AI P, 8A LON A 61 bj CEO. F. CRhM, Obioago, 111, K Publish k A. fl$ K 'O MAII P., 1011, F" 84h r) SCAU OF MILES AO 50 100 200 300 '0 S.Gbe fla Z I, gjwW1 ftno, ppo r5 Miles W OM Ind4 A O,, NLLO 0 M UV, ulmo M NTA 0 F wow M.- a --- W U L M, 0 "'00 A Lo UA.LUP nOl 0 B, 'a Q. N L M, G M o'-zo,& N 5 6 7 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 Title: Map of the United States Keywords: ge; BRITISH COLUMBIA; Crawford; Okanogan; Vernon; Lower Arrow; Nakusp; Gerard; whead; Lardo; Galena; Cochr; CALGARY; Gleiche; High River; Nanton; ALBERTA; Parkland; Cassils; Steerford; Kininvie; Stair; Medicine Hat; Mackinnon; S. Saskatchewan R.; Dundurn; Outlook; Strassburg; Nokomis; Kenaston; Mountain L.; Hawarden; Davidson; Bulyea; Elbow; Aylesbury; Markinch; Craven; Tugaski; Bethune; Sidewood; Beverly; Waldeck; Brownlee; Lumsden; Tuxford; Dafo; Touchwood; El Fros; Sheho; Kamsac; Benito; Sol; ton Jc.; Kelliher; Hubbard; Melville; Insinger; Yorkton; Saltcoats; Togo; Lipton; Balcarres; Neudorf; Dubuc; Atwater; Langenburg; Grand View; Dauphin; MANITOBA; Welby; Russell; Binscarth; Qu' Appelle R.; Vibank; Indian Head; Wolseley; Grenfell; Broadview; Whitewood; Moosomin; Esterhazy; Birtle; Ostrathclair; Rapid City; Kendall; Tyvan; Kaiser; Fleming; Brandon; Lake Dauphin; McCreary Jc.; Lake Manitoba; Cowdery; innipeg; Minnedosa; Neepawa; Gladstone; Gimli; WINNIPEG; W. Selkirk; Selkirk; White Mouth; Cat L.; Cat R.; Pipestone L.; Gull Rock L.; St. Joseph Lake; English R.; Lac Seul; Superior Jc.; Albany River; Ogoki R.; Martens Falls; Makoki R.; Kenogami R.; Missanabie R.; Bay; Abittibe R.; Harricanaw R.; Nottawa R.; Mattagami R.; Alberine; Str. Of Juan de Fuca; Cape Flattery; Flattery Rocks; PACIFIC OCEAN; Cape Johnson; Grays Harbor; Grays Harbor; Willapa Har.; Oysterville; Cape Dissapointment; Fort Stevens; Cape Lookout; ait of Georgia; Vancouver; New Westmins; Port Moody; Mission; North Bend; Okanogan Lake; Yale; Nanaimo; Chemanis; Cloverdale; Agassiz; Sumas; Sedro Woolley; Excelsior; Hamilton; Rockport; Blaine; Bellingham; VICTORIA; Fairhaven; Anacortes; Mt. Vernon; Olympic Mts.; Port Angeles; Pt. Townsend; Everett; Monte Cristo; Lake Chelan; Snohomish; WASHINGTON; Puget Sound; Ballard; Seattle; Waterville; Shelton; Fall City; Sallal Pr.; Wenatchee; Hoquiam; Montesano; Elma; Tacoma; Palmer; Buckley; Orting; Roslyn; Ellensburg; Gate; Ocosta; OLYMPIA; Centralia; Chehalis; Mt. Rainier (Mt. Tacoma); South Bend; Nahcotta; North Yakima; Seaside; Astoria; Kalama; Yacolt; Vancouver; Golden Dale; Columbia R.; Prosser; Portland; Hillsboro; Tillamook; Newberg; McMinn V.; Sheridan; E. Portland; Oregon Cy.; Mt. Hood; Woodburg; Mt. Hood; The Dalles; Biggs; Shaniko; Condon; Arrow Lake; Slocan L.; Sandon; Kaslo; Kootenai Lake; Kootenai R.; Crows Nest; Penticton; Rosson; Nelson; Cranbrook; DOMINION OF CANADA; Greenwood; Grand Forks; Rossland; Trail; Kuskanook; Northport; Okanogan; Republic; Columbia R.; Colville; Bonners Ferry; Springdale; Sand Point; Kootenai Falls; Jennings; L. Pend; d' Oreille; Harrison; IDAHO; Rathdrum; Coeur De Alene; Murray; Flathead Lake; Thompson; Coulee Cy.; Davenport; Spokane; Mission; Burke; Cheney; Odessa; Tekoa; Wardner; Mullan; Ritzville; Oakesdale; Winona; Farmington; Wallace; Bitter Root Mts.; Connell; Snake Riv.; Colfax; Pullman; Garfield; Moscow; Genesee; Kendrick; Juliaetta; Ahsahka; Ft. Missoula; Pasco; Wallula; Starbuck; Pome Roy; Dayton; Waitsburg; Dudley; Lewiston; Hamilton; Grantsdale; Grangeville; Walla Walla; Milton; Athena; Pendleton; Willows; Umatilla; Heppner; Blue Mts.; Elgin; La Grande; Union; Salmon Riv.; Mt. Idaho; Frank; Macleod; Lethbridge; Coleridge; Crows Nest Pass; Fernie; McGrath; Cardston; Sterling; Wetmore; Bow Island; Kalispell; Columbia Falls; Carlow; Shelby Jc.; Austin; ROCKY MTS.; Summit; Valier; Marias Riv.; Ft. Assiniboine; Conrad; Dutton; Ft. Benton; Big Sandy; Plains; Great Falls; MONTANA; Farmington; Quartz; Arlee; Wolf Creek; Craig; Monarch; Barker; Desmet; Missoula; Marysville; Austin; Neihart; Carlan; Drummond; Garrison; HELENA; Jefferson; White Sulphur Sprs.; Castle; Phillipsburg; Deer Lodge; Calvin; Elkhorn; Townsend; Harlowton; Anaconda; Stuart; Silverbow; Boulder Valley; Butte; Lombard; Logan; Bozeman; Livingston; Whitehall; Sappington; Salmon; Dillon; Laurin; Norris; Virginia; Red Lodge; Cinnabar; Forres; Maple Creek; Crane Lake; Swift Current; Old Wives Lake; Herbert; Moose Jaw; Pasqua; REGINA; Rouleau; Pacific Jc.; Havre; Toledo; Savoy; Ashfield; Hinsdale; Glasgow; Nashua; Lenox; Wolf Point; Milk Riv.; Missouri Riv.; Lewistown; Flat Willow; Garnell; Musselshell; Terry; Musselshell Riv.; Blenheim; Yellowstone River; Big Timber; Merrill; Laurel; Billings; Bull; Junction; Forsyth; Rosebud; Ft.; Keogh; Miles City; Rockvale; Bridger; Bowler; Fort Custer; Lodge Grass; Tongue R.; Lajord; Lang; Fillmore; Vandura; Kirkella; Virden; Kemnat; Coteau Du Missouri; Yellow Grass; Weyburn; Stoughton; Macoun; Estevan; Kisbey; Kennedy; Walpole; Arcola; Butler; Antler; Oxbow; Alameda; Reston; Souris; Hartney; Deloraine; Melit; Poplar; Colbertson; Buford; Ambrose; Bowsell; Portal; Sherwood; Kenmare; Antler; Souris; Bottineai; Omenee; St. John; NORTH DAKOTA; White Earth; Stanley; Lansford; Minot; Towner; Williston; Wallace; Minnewaukon; Missouri Riv.; Plaza; Voltaire; Drake; Esmond; Garrison; Fessenden; Sykeston; Glendive; Wibau; Sentinel Butte; Medora; Dickinson; Hebron; Washburn; BISMARCK; Sterling; Fallon; Westmore; Sims; Mandan; Braddock; Napoleon; Marmarth; Cannon Ball R.; Linton; Hettinger; Ashcroft; Lemmon; Pollock; Bowdle; Duroc; Glenham; Evarts; Moreau River; Lebeau; SOUTH DAKOTA; Carberry; Portage; La Prairie; St. Boniface; Otterbourne; Boissevain; Carman; Greenway; Manitou; Morden; Gretna; Morris; Emerson; Rolla; Sarles; Hannah; Neche; Cavalier; Langdon; St. Vincent; Embina; Red R.; Hallock; War Road; Beaudette; Greenbush; Rugby; Cando; Churchs Fy.; Park River; Drayton; Grafton; Leeds; Devils L.; Devils Lake; Lakota; Larimore; Minto; Warren; Thief River Falls; Oberon; McHenry; P.R. Jc.; Grand Forks; Aneta; Orgokston; Fosston; Mayville; Fertile; Bemidji; Carrington; Coopers T.; Hillsboro; Halstad; Steele; Dawson; Medina; Jamestown; Sanborn; Hope; Valley City; Casselton; Fargo; Ada; Glyndon; L. Itasca; Winnipeg Jc.; Braddock; Adrian; Moorhead; Barnesville; Lamoure; Kindred; Waireton; MINNESOTA; Breckenridge; Wishek; Edgeley; Milnor; Kulm; Monango; Ellendale; Oakes; Hankinson; Tintah; Lidgerwood; Fergus Fs.; Evansville; Sauk Center; Eureka; Leola; Sisseton; Aberdeen; Groton; Andover; Brown Valley; Morris; Roscoe; Ipswich; Faulkton; Bristol; Webster; Conde; Bradley; Millbank; Benson; Paynes V.; Ortonville; Willmar; Litchfield; Kenora; Barclay; Lake of the Woods; ONTARIO; English River; Carlstad; International Falls; Hunters Isl.; Red Lake; Vermilion Lake; Soudan; Wenton; Gunflint; Grand Marais; Black Duck; Virginia; McKinley; Tower; Ely; Biwabik; Hibbing; Allen Jc.; Walker; Leech L.; Stony Brook; Cloquet; Two Harbors; Duluth; L. SUPERIOR; Apostle Ids.; Park Rapids; Aitkin; Carlton; Superior; Iron R.; Bayfield; Ontonagon; Ashland; Mason; Ironwood; Wadena; Staples; Brainerd; Mille Lacs; Marengo; Hurley; Little Falls; Milaca; Hinckley; Spooner; Superior Jc.; Butternut; Lac Du Flambeau; Minocqua; Sauk Rapids; Cameron; Ladysmith; Rhinelander; St. Cloud; Minneapolis; L. Minnetonka; Anoka; ST. PAUL; Turtle Lake; Stillwater; Hudson; Eau Claire; Kennan; Prentice; Chippewa Falls; Tomahawk; Merrill; Abbottsford; Lake Nipigon; Linkooping; Fort William; Nipigon; Long Lake; Middleton; Trudeau; White River; Port Arthur; Josephine; Isle Royale; Michipicoten Isl.; Allouez; Keweenaw Point; Houghton; Mass; Keweenaw Bay; Bessemer; MICHIGAN; L'Anse; Nestoria; Champion; Ishpeming; Marquette; Munising; Seney; Soo Jc.; Groesbeck; Watersmeet; Sidnaw; Republic; Crystal Falls; Channing; Lathrop; Manistique; Iron Mtn.; Gladstone; Beaver Is.; Pembine; Powers; Escanaba; Monico; Antigo; Menominee; Marinette; Petoskey; Charlevoix; Otter; Dalton; Pardee; Michipicoten Harbor; Chapleau; Montreal River; Woman River; Goulais; Biscotasing; Pogamasing; Trout Lake; Sault Ste. Maries; Thessalon; Algoma; Spanish River; Cartier; Whitefish; Sudbury; St. Ignace; Mackinaw City; Cheboygan; L. Huron; Grand Manitoulin Isl.; Georgian Bay; Lake Nipissing; Parry Sound; Gaylord; Alpena; Lake Abittibe; Haileybury; Lake Temiscaming; Lake Victoria; Lake Bouchette; Cobalt; Lake Keepawa; Lake Kakebonga; Sturgeon Falls; North Bay; Nipissing Jc.; QUEBEC; Mattawa; Deux Riviere; Chalk River; Ft. Coulogne; Gatineau Riv.; St. Jerome; Greenville; Hawkesbury; Buckingham; Powassan; Emsdale; Pembroke; Renfrew; Ottawa R.; Hull; Huntsville; Haliburton; Bracebridge; Arnprior; OTTAWA; Carleton; Cornwall; Chamouchouan R.; stassini R.; sibi R.; R.; R.; Bersimis R.; R. St. Maurice; Lake St. John; Roberval; R. Saguenay; Chicoutimi; Trois Pistoles; Kiskisink; Rivierre A Pierre; QUEBEC; Ste. Anne; Shawenegan; Three Rivers; Levis; Elgin Road; St. Henri; Kingsbury; Jolliette; Nicolet; Douceis Landing; Chamberlain L.; Beauce Jc.; Sorel; St. Lawrence River; Dummondville; Arthabaska; Chesuncook L.; Moosehead L.; Hyacinthe; Marbleton; Valleyfield; Rouses Pt.; St. John; Montreal; St. Constant; Actonvale; Foster; Farnham; Sherbrooke; Coaticook; Rangeley; Greenville; Bingham; MAINE; Grosses Ro; Paspebiac; Bersimis; Little Metis; Rimouski; Metapedia; Dalhousie; Chaleure Bay; Campbellton; Riviere Du Loup; Petit Rocher; St. Louis; Edmundston; Bartibog; Mouth of St. Francis; Newcast; NEW BRUNSWICK; R. St. John; Van Buren; Grand Falls; Caribou; Plaster Rock; Presque Isle; A. Jc.; Ashland; Newburg Jc.; Woodstock; Houlton; A. Jc.; Patten; Debec; FREDERICKTON; Seboots; Mattawa; Keag; Schoodin; McAdams Jc.; F. J; St. Steph; St. Calah; Brownville; Dover; Milo; Cape Foulweather; Umpqua River; Cape Blanco; Port Orford; Gold Beach; Pt. St. George; Cape Mendecine; Dallas; Yaquina; Airlie; Toledo; Williamette R.; SALEM; John Day River; Corvallis; Albany; Scio; Lebanon; Idanha; Eugene; Coburg; Natron; Des Chutes R.; Prineville; Crooked R.; OREGON; Cottage Grove; Marshfield; Vorcalla; Empire; Coquille; Bandon; Roseburg; Myrtle Point; Summer Lake; Harney Lake; CASCADE MTS.; Albert Lake; Grants Pass; Eagle Point; Upper Klamath Lake; Medford; Klamath Falls; Jacksonville; Ashland; Lower Klamath L.; Lakeview; Crescent City; Rhett Lake; Montague; Heka; Upton; CALIFORNIA; Mt. Shasta; McCloud; Alturas; Arcata; North Fork; Smithson; Madeline; Ferndale; Eureka; Pitt River; Scotia; Redding; SIERRA NEVADA; Eagle Lake; Blocksburg; Red Bluff; Ehama; Susanville; Honey Lake; Amedee; Sumpter; Baker City; Council; Indian Valley; Huntington; Weiser; Payette; Ontario; Burns; Malheur R.; Vale; Payette R.; Placerville; Idaho City; Emmett; Caldwell; BOISE; Nampa; Malheur Lake; Murphy; Glenns Ferry; Owyhee; Mountain Home; Delamar; Snake River; Silver City; Shoshone Falls; Warner Lake; Stein Mts.; Buhl; Twin Falls; Goose Lake; Black Rock Desert; Paradise Valley; Winnemucca; Golconda; Iron Point; Coin; Battle Mtn.; Shoshone; Palisade; Deeth; Halleck; Elko; Smoke Cri Desert; Mill City; Oreano; Pyramid Lake; Wadsworth; Browns; Lewis Jc.; Bridges; Franklin L.; Ruby L.; Crab Tree; Yellowstone National Park; Shoshone Mts.; Challis; Beaver; Market Lake; St Anthony; Wind River Range; Mackey; Ketchum; Hailey; Bellevue; Arco; Rexburg; Idaho Falls; Shoshone; Minidoka; Wapi; American Falls; Pocatello; Blackfoot; Soda Springs; McCammon; Swan Lake; Bear R.; Montpelier; Big Piney; Albion; Malad City; Paris; Preston; Kelton; Cache Jc.; Smithfield; Logan; Sage; Waterfall; Terrace; Kolmar; Hyrum; Brigham; Almy; Bridger; Wells; Toana; Cobre; Ullin; Lugin; Lakeside; Great Salt L.; Ogden; Kaysville; Evanston; Great American Desert; Salt Lake Cy.; Bountiful; Echo City; Coalville; Garfield Beach; Grantsville; Sandy; Ft. Douglas; Park Cy; Tooele; Bingham; Alta; Heber; Uintah Mts.; Lehi City; Mercur; Pleasant Grove; Utah L.; American Fork; Provo City; Springville; Spanish Fork; Frannie; Cody; Shoshone R.; Himes; Big Horn Mts.; Sheridan; Buffalo; Parkman; Clearmont; Sundance; Grey Bull R.; Manderson; Basin; Ft. Mc Kinney; Gillette; Moorcroft; New Castle; Worland; Tensleep; No Wood Cr.; Big Horn Riv.; Powder River; Thermopolis; Lysite; Arminto; WYOMING; Lander; Bonneville; Shoshoni; Powder River; Orin; Atlantic City; Sweetwater R.; Oasper; Glen Rock; Douglas; Wendover; Hartville Jc.; Granger; Green River; Rock Springs; Patrick; Red Desert; Creston; N. Platte Riv.; Rawlins; Walcott; Dana; Hanna; Allen; Green R.; Encampment; Centennial; Collins; Laramie; Wyocolo; Hahns Peak; Ft. Collins; Stout; Steamboat Springs; Loveland; Arkin; Longmont; Vernal; Bear R.; White R.; Glenwood Sprs.; Meeker; Sunset; Boulder; Erie; Aladdin; Spearfish; Belle Fourche; Forest City; Gettysburg; Blunt; Black Hills; Lead; Deadwood; Whitewood; Sturgis; Piedmont; Rapid City; Cheyenne River; Philip; PIERRE; Ft. Pierre; Cambria; Hill City; Keystone; Custer; White Riv.; Murdo; Minnekahta; Buffalo Gap; Rosebud; Chamberlain; Gregory; Edgemont; Hot Springs; Pine Ridge; Merriman; Cody; Lusk; Dakota Jc.; Crawford; Chadron; Rushville; Niobrara River; Valentine; Ft. Niobrara; Ainsworth; Sunrise; Hemingford; Guerney; Alliance; Hyannis; Mullen; Thedford; Mitchell; Bordeau; NEBRASKA; Ellsworth; Dunning; Horse Creek; Ft. Russel; CHEYENNE; Bridgeport; Kimball; Northport Jc.; Julesburg; Ogalall; North Platte; Broken Bow; Callaway; Cozad; Vroman; Burns; Sidney; Grant; Wallace; Curtis; Elwood; Platte R.; Grover; Carr; Buckingham; Willard; Crook; Fleming; Imperial; Greeley; Hardin; Sterling; Holyoke; Culbertson; McCook; Beaver City; Holdrege; Brighton; Ft. Lupton; Goodrich; Ft. Morgan; Brush; Akron; Laird; Republican R.; Benkelman; Orient; Redfield; Watertown; Doland; Clark; Madison; Granite Falls; Hutchinson; Highmore; Miller; Huron; Iroquois; Lake Preston; Flandreau; Brookings; Redwood; Marshall; Tracy; New Ulm; L. Crystal; Wessington Sprs.; Wolsey; James R.; Howard; Vilas; Pipestone; St. James; Woonsocket; Madison; Salem; Loverne; Windom; Fairmont; Mitchell; Sioux Falls; Worthington; Platte; Bonesteel; Armour; Tripp; Parker; Canton; Rock Rapids; Sheldon; Estherville; Sisley; Spencer; Tyndall; Running Water; Centerville; Yankton; Vermillion; Cherokee; Storm Lake; Sioux Rapids; Fonda; Bassett; Stuart; Verdigris; Creighton; Plainview; New Castle; Bloomfield; Wayne; Ponca; Emerson; Le Mars; Elk Point; Sioux City; Sac Cy; Sioux; Moville; IOWA; Wall; Lake; O'Neill; Neligh; Norfolk; Humphrey; Madison; W. Point; Rodney; Ida Gr.; Merna; Sargent; Burwell; Ord; Ericson; Greeley; Albion; Schuyler; N. Bend; Schibner; Onawa; Ute; Tekamah; Mondamin; Manilla; Denison; Harlan; Blair; Mo. Val.; St. Paul; Palmer; Cedar Rps.; Columbus; David Cy.; Fremont; Council Bluffs; Avoca; Arcadia; Lexington; Boelus; Central Cy.; Grand Isl.; Stromsburg; York; LINCOLN; Wahoo; Ashland; Omaha; Red Oak; Glenwood; Villisca; Kearney; Kenesaw; Aurora; Harvard; Sutton; Seward; Crete; Plattsmouth; N. C. Jc.; Sidney; Shenandoah; Minden; Alma; Hastings; Fairfield; Geneva; Nabraska Cy.; Tecumseh; Roseberry; Republican Cy.; Red Cloud; Lester; Hebron; Superior; Dewitt; Fairbury; Beatrice; Auburn; Falls Cy.; Wymore; Corning; Bigelow; Napier; Menomonie; Marshfield; Glencoe; Norwood; Hastings; St. Peter; Shakopee; Red Wing; WISCONSIN; Fair Child; Mankato; Faribault; Wabasha; Trevino; Merrillan; Stevens Pt.; Grand Rapids; Waseca; Zumbrota; Owatonna; Rochester; Marshland; Sparta; Necedah; Albert Lea; Wells; Austin; Spring Val.; Winona; La Crosse; Preston; New Lisbon; Elroy; Desoto; Armstrong; Emmetsburg; Algon; Burt; Garner; Mason Cy.; Osage; Charles Cy.; Cresco; New Hampton; Decoran; Waukon; Viroqua; Baraboo; Prairie Du Chien; Rolfe; Eagle Grove; Clarion; Belmond; Hampton; Waverly; N. McGregor; Sumner; Oelwein; Montfort; Woodman; MADISON; Lancaster; PlatteV.; Rockwell Cy.; Ft. Dodge; Webster Cy; Iowa Fs.; Cedar Fs.; Waterloo; Manchester; Independence; Oneida; Delaware; Monroe; Lake Cy.; Story Cy.; Eldora; Traer; Cedar Rap.; Marion; Dubuque; Anamosa; Maquoketa; Savanna; Jefferson; Nevada; State Cen.; Vinton; Carroll; Boone; Marshalltown; Tama; Sabula; Fulton; Perry; Newton; Belle Plaine; Iowa City; Grinnell; Davenport; Clinton; Denrook; Rock Island; DES MOINES; Monroe; Pellac; Montezuma; W. Liberty; Atlantic; Knoxville; Evans; Winterset; Orient; Afton; Chariton; Indianola; Ottumwa; Albia; Oskaloosa; Hedrick; Muscatine; Wapello; Fairfield; Mt. Pleasant; Keithsburg; Monmouth; Galesburg; Creston; Clarinda; Diagonal; Osceola; Seymour; Centerville; Washington; Burlington; Ft. Madison; Dallas Cy.; Grant Cy.; MaryV.; MISSOURI; Caines V.; Princeton; Bethany; Albany; Pattonsburg; Trenton; Galt; Milan; Memphis; Lancaster; Keokuk; Alexandria; Kirksville; Edina; LaPlata; LaHarpe; Bushnell; Carthage; Havana; Beardstown; Wausad; Elano; Oconto; Clinton V.; Green Bay; Sturgeon Bay; Traverse Cy.; Algoma; Frankfort; Waupaca; New London; Appleton; Neenah; Green Bay; Menasha; Kewaunee; Copemish; Manistee; Walton; Cadillac; Oshkosh; Berlin; Fond Du Lac; Chilton; Manitowoc; Two Rivers; Ludington; Pentwater; Baldwin; Ripon; Waupin; Plymouth; Sheboygan; Big Rapids; Clare; Portage; Watertown; One Rock; Oconomowoc; Port Washington; Muskegon; Howard Cy.; Stanton; Eagle; Waukesha; Milwaukee; Grand Haven; Cedar Sprs.; Darlington; Janesville; L. Geneva; Beloit; Burlington; Racine; L. Geneva; Kenosha; Grand Rapids; Holland; Allegan; Hastings; Charlotte; Freeport; Rockford; Waukegan; South Haven; Kalamazoo; Battle Creek; Forreston; Elgin; L. Michigan; Evanston; Chicago; Benton Har.; St. Joseph; Coldwater; Jackson; Niles; Sturgis; Dixon; Rochelle; Hammond; Michigan Cy.; South Bend; Elkhart; Goshen; Aurora; Buda; Wyanet; Joliet; Laporte; Kendall; Galva; Lacon; Streator; La Salle; Ottawa; Kankakee; Valparais; Momence; N. Hudson; Plymouth; Napoleon; Pontiac; Dwight; Logansport; Huntington; Ft. Wayne; Wabash; Delrhos; Decatur; Peoria; Pekin; El Paso; Mackinaw; Bloomington; Gilman; Monon; Delphi; Kokomo; Peru; Marion; Delavan; Gibson Cy.; Lafayette; Frankfort; Muncie; Lincoln; Champaign; Clinton; Danville; Crawfordsville; Elwood; Anderson; Union Cy.; Vienna; Mancelona; Harrisville; Wiarton; Meaford; Grayling; Houghton L.; Au Sable; Owen Sound; Collingwood; Barrie; Harrison; Standish; Alger; Saginaw Bay; Kincardine; Pt. Austin; Bad Axe; Harbor Beach; Wingham; Harriston; Orangeville; Toronto; W. Bay Cy.; Saginaw; Bay Cy.; Palms; Goderich; Guelph; Berlin; Ithaca; Ashley; Vassar; Stratford; Galt; Burlington; Ionia; Owosso; Flint; Lapeer; Port Huron; Sarnia; Woodstock; London; Brantford; St. Thomas; Durand; LANSING; Glencoe; St. Catharines; Howell; Ann Arbor; Plymouth; L. St. Clair; Detroit; Windsor; Chatham; Port Burwell; Mayville; Hillsdale; Adrian; Ypsilanti; Monroe; L. Erie; Sandusky; Lorain; Cleveland; Paines V.; Ashtabula; Girard; Erie; Chautaugua L.; Union Cy.; Toledo; Montpelier; Fremont; Deshler; Tiffin; Bellevue; Akron; Youngstown; Warren; Sharon; Meadville; Oil City; Mercer; PENNSYLVANIA; Defiance; Findlay; Fostoria; Lodi; New Castle; Kenton; Galion; Bucybus; Mansfield; Canton; Butler; Massillon; Allegheny; Ohio Cy.; Lima; Marion; Mt. Vernon; Steubenville; OHIO; Sidney; Bellefontaine; Newark; Cambridge; Bellaire; Wellsburg; Wheeling; Piqua; Urbana; Zanesville; Benwood; Midland; Orillia; L. Simcoe; Lindsay; Coe Hill; Peterborough; Sharbot L.; Belleveille; Smiths Falls; Brock V.; Prescott; Norwood; Ogdensburg; Kingston; Gouverneur; Clayton; Whitby; Pt. Hope; Coburg; Picton; Carthage; Watertown; Sackets Har.; Hamilton; L. Ontario; Lockport; Kent; Rochester; Charlotte; Lyons; Cayuga; Oswego; Fulton; Syracuse; Richland; Oneida L.; Oneida; Rome; Utica; Niagara Falls; Ft. Erie; Buffalo; Attica; Batavia; Avon; Mt. Morris; Geneva; Auburn; Cortland; Herkimer; Norwich; Dunkirk; Dayton; Cuba; NEW YORK; Springville; Wayland; Hornellsville; Bath; Van Etten; Ithaca; Oneonta; Bloomville; Walton; Binghamton; Jamestown; Olean; Ulysses; Addison; Corning; Elmira; Owego; Hancock Jc.; Cory; Warren; Bradford; Coudersport; Lawrenceville; Sayre; Montrose; Mt. Jewett; Blossburg; Canton; Towanda; Ganton Carbon; Honesdale; Ridgway; Brockwayville; Emporium; Driftwood; Williamsport; Scranton; Wilkesbarre; Pt. Jervis; Boonton; Clarion; Lockhaven; Punxsutawney; Clearfield; Sunbury; Bellefonte; Bloomsburg; Shamokin; Stroudsburg; Mauch Chunk; Indiana; Tyrone; Pottsville; Easton; Pittsburg; Altoona; Port Royal ; Allentown; Boundbrook; McKeesport; Johns T.; Cresson; Mt. Union; HARRISBURG; Lebanon; Reading; Perth Amboy; ConnellsV.; Confluence; Rockwood; Shippensburg; Bedford; Carlisle; York; Pottstown; New Brunswick; Lancaster; Malone; Swanton; Newport; Kingfield; Moira; Stalbans; Plattsburg; Barton; Cambridge; Cole Brook; Coos; Strong; Adirondack L.; St. Johnsbury; Berlin; Rumford Falls; Sabanao; Champlain Mts.; Burlington; Whitefield; Bethel; Tupper L.; MONTPELIER; WoodV.; N. Conway; Auburn; West Pt.; Barre; Mechanics Falls; Lewiston; N. Creek; Ticonderoga; Leicester; Woodstock; Bristol; W R.Jc.; Warren; Laconia; Rochester; Brunswick; Rutland; Claremont Jc.; Franklin; NEW HAMPSHIRE; Portland; Saco; Biddeford; N. Berwick; CONCORD; Fonda; Johns T.; Glens Fs.; Saratoga Sprs.; S. Londonderry; Brattleboro; Keene; Manchester; Dover; Sunoook; York Beach; Portsmouth; Amsterdam; Sohenectady; Ochoes; Troy; Bennington; VERMONT; Nashua; Rockport; Newburyport; ALBANY; N. Adams; Fitchburg; Lawrence; Lowell; Salem; Greenfield; Pittsfield; Hudson; Cairo; MASS.; Athol; Marlboro; Lynn; BOSTON; Quincy; Catskill Mts.; Westfield; Holyoke; Northampton; Worcester; Springfield; Framingham; Taunton; Brockton; Cape Cod; Provincetown; Plymouth; Kingston; HARTFORD; Litchfield; PROVIDENCE; Woonsooktet; New Bedford; Poughkeepsie; Newburgh; CONN.; Middletown; Waterbury; Willimantic; Norwich; R.I.; Buzzards Bay; Fall River; Campbell; Hall; Danbury; New London; Westerly; Narragansett Bay; Newport; Nantucket; Siasconset; West Pt.; New Haven; Pompton; Bridgeport; Paterson; Passaic; Newark; TRENTON; Long Branch; Sandy Hook; Jersey City; New York; Brooklyn; Hempstead; Babylon; Jefferson; Long Island; Greenport; Sag Harbor; Amagansett; Montauk; Milford; Eastport; Newport; Bangor; Burnham; Machias; Bucksport; Waterville; Mt. Desert; AUGUSTA; Belfast; Penobsoot Bay; Mt. Desert; Rockland; Wiscasset; Bath; Covelo; Willows; Shasta Mts.; Chico; Truckee; Reno; Virginia City; Fort Bragg; Sherwood; Fruto; Sites; Lakeport; Colusa; Sacramento R.; Oroville; Marysville; Nevada City; Grass Val.; Pt. Arena; Ukiah; Coast Range; Rumsey; Davisville; Woodland; Yuba Cy.; Auburn; Colfax; L. Tahoe; Healdsburg; Calistoga; Guerneville; Markham; Santa Rosa; St. Helena; SACRAMENTO; Placerville; Napa; Elmira; Suisun; Galt; Ione; Lejo; Benicia; Lodi; Valley Springs; San Anselmo; Berkeley; Avon; Stockton; Mono Lake; San Rafael; Sausalito; San Francisco; Oakland; Alameda; Milton; Sonora; Tracy; Oakdale; San Mateo; Niles; Joaquin R.; Modesto; Santa Clara; Felton; San Jose; Coast Range; Merced; Santa Cruz; Newman; Berendo; Gilroy; Hollister; Watsonville; Los Banos; Salina; Tres Pinos; Madera; Monterey; Gonzales; Kerman; Hanford; Armona; Pt. Sur; San Lucas; Alcalde; Cape San Martin; San Ardo; San Miguel; Tulare L.; Paso Robles; San Luis Obispo; Pt. Harford; Guadaloupe; Santa Maria; Hot Springs; Alpha Cherry Cr.; NEVADA; Dayton; Ft. Churchill; Catons; Austin; Eureka; CARSON CITY; Mason; Rawhide; Gillis; Hamilton; Duck Water; Walker L.; Hawthorne; Hot Creek Mts.; Bodie; Luning; Belmont; Tonopah; Geyser; Wood Camp; Candelaria; Queen; Hamill; Goldfield; Silver Peak; Fryberg; Caliente; Raymond; Alvord; Pollasky; Fresno; Mt. Whitney; Rhyolite; Goldcenter; Goshen; Visald; Bullfrog; Keeler; Owens L.; Armagosa R.; Desert Mts.; St. Thomas; Moapa; Tulare; Plano; Death Valley; Las Vegas; Famoso; Freeman; Randsburg; Searghlight; Bakersfield; Kern; Kern L.; Ivanpah; Borate; Purdy Note: Published by Geo. F. Cram, Chicago, Ill.; George F. Cram, Engraver & Publisher, Chicago, Ill. Title: Map of the United States Keywords: Ironton; Silver City; Eureka; Payson; Thistle; Pleasant Val. Jc.; Nephi; Moroni; Mt. Pleasant; Scofield; Price; Grassy; Leamington; Ephraim; Ely; UTAH; Manti; Sevier Lake; Neels; Fillmore; Salina; Castle Dale; Green River; Black Rock; Richfield; Milford; Frisco; Sevier R.; Marysville; Monroe; Teasdale; Beaver; Cainesville; Lund; Junction; Pioche; Uvada; Mineral Range; Panguitch; Cedar City; Parowan; Escalante; Monticello; St. George; Kanab; San Juan River; Mormon R.; Virgin Riv.; Grand Canon; Colorado River; White Hills; Peach Sprs.; Chloride; Hackberry; Seligman; Ash Fork; Williams; Gorman; Flagstaff; Canon Diablo; Little Colorado R.; Babbitt; St. Joseph; Holbrook; Green R.; Utaline; Grand Jc.; De Beque; New Castle; COLORADO; Gypsum; Frisco; Georgetown; Idaho Sprs.; Central Cy; Golden; Red Cliff; Ft. Logan; Aspen Jc; Leadville; Como; Colorado Cy; Manitou; Cisco; Anthracite; Aspen; London; Ruby; Granite; Delta; Crested Butte; Baldwin; Gunnison; Buena Vista; Cripple Cr; Salida; Canyon Cy.; Montrose; Lake Jc.; Ridgeway; Aberdeen; Farlin; Monarch; Florence; Telluride; Ouray; Villa Grove; Saguache; Orient; Vance Jc.; Lake City; Moffatt; West Cliffe; Salt Cr.; Rico; Ironton; Silverton; Creede; Wagon Wheel Gap; Walsenburg; Dolores; Bluff; Mancos; Durango; Rockwood; Pagosa Sprs.; Alamosa; Antonito; Garland; Rouse; Farmington; Aztec; Lumberton; Elvada; Chama; Tierra Amarilla; Catskill; Blossburg; No Agua; Corta; Caliente; Springer; Navajo; Houck; Gallup; Wingate; Thoreau; Blue Water; Ft. Wingate; Eldridge; Cubero; Albuquerque; Bernalill; San Pedro; Cerrillos; SANTA FE; Espanola; Levy; Shoemaker; Hot Springs; Fulton; Lamy; NEW MEXICO; Hudson; Wiggins; Yuma; Herndon; Norton; Atwood; St. Francis; Oberlin; Lenora; Scranton; Byers; DENVER; Agate; Claremont; Burlington; Goodland; Colby; Hoxie; Elizabeth; Palmer L.; Ramah; Limon; Flagleb; Cheyenne; Wells; Sharon Sprs.; Wallace; Winona; Hill City; Oakley; Plainville; Wa Keeney; Falcon; Hugo; Colorado Sprs.; Pikes Pk.; Kit Carson; Smoky Hill R.; Pinon; Nepesta; Ordway; Galatea; Leoti; Scott; Dighton; Utica; Ness City; Pueblo; Cucharas Jc.; Rouse Jc.; Rocky Ford; La Junta; Delhi; Las Animas; Sheridan Lake; Lamar; Holly; Horace; KANSAS; Syracuse; Lakin; Garden Cy.; Jetmore; Kinsley; Arkansas Riv.; Coolidge; Cimarron; Dodge City; Bucklin; Meade; Trinidad; Springfield; Ulysses; Liberal; Coldwater; Ashland; Raton; Folsom; Des Moines; OKLAHOMA; Optima; Englewood; Beaver; Buffalo; Guymon; Cliftonhouse; Grenville; N. Fk. Of Canadian R.; Clayton; Stratford; Hansford; Ochiltree; Woodward; Gage; Higgins; Salona; Dalhart; Oumas; Canadian R.; Arnett; Bravo; Channing; Canadian; East Las Vegas; Naravisa; Logan; Tucumcari; Bard Cy.; Tascosa; Panhandle; Armarillo; Canyon; Claude; Jericho; Miami; McLean; Sayre; Almena; Long Island; Washington; Marys V.; Seneca; Savanah; Mankato; Belle V.; Sabetha; Hiawatha; Phillipsburg; Logan; Kirwin; Smith Cen.; Greenleaf; Blue Rap.; Goff; Horton; Troy; Alton; Stockton; Downs; Concordia; Beloit; Minneapolis; Clyde; Clifton; Clay Cen.; Miltonvale; Manhattan; Holton; Atchison; Westmoreland; Meriden; Luray; Lincoln; Manchester; Junction Cy.; Solomon; Kansas R.; St. Marys; Alma; Leavenworth; Russell; Hays; Ellsworth; Salina; Abilene; TOPEKA; Burlingame; Lawrence; Argentine; Olathe; Hoisington; Genese; Herington; White City; Council Gr.; Ottawa; Great Bend; Lyons; McPherson; Canton; Florence; Strong; Osage Cy.; Garne; Larned; Sterling; Hutchinson; Marion; Newton; Burlington; Emporia; Ft. Scott; Macksville; Stafford; Wichita; El Dorado; Leon; Yates Cen.; Eureka; Chanute; Iola; Cirard; Pratt; Medicine Lodge; Hazelton; Kiowa; Wellington; Kingman; Arkansas Cy.; Winfield; Moline; Independence; Cedarvale; Fredonia; Cherryvale; Parsons; Oswego; Columbus; Alva; Anthony; Medford; Ingersoll; Newkirk; Blackwell; Coffeyville; Nowata; Chetopa; Galena; Miami; Afton; Waynoka; Augusta; Tonkawa; Pond Cr.; Billings; Ponca; Bartlesville; Chelsea; Collinsville; Vinita; S.W. City; Siloam Sprs.; Homestead; Okeene; Enid; Perry; Pawnee; Claremore; Hennessey; Kingfisher; Watonga; Okarche; Stillwater; Cushing; Guthrie; Bristow; Arkansas Riv.; Sapulpa; Tulsa; Wagoner; Ft. Gibson; Sallisaw; Elk Cy; Hammon; Weaterford; Arapaho; Geary; Anadarko; Hobart; Ft. Reno; El Reno; Edmond; OKLAHOMA CY.; Chandler; Shawnee; Tecumseh; Norman; Okmulgee; Eufaula; Holdenville; Muskogee; Checotah; Potea; Wister; St. Joseph; Gallatin; MaysV.; Laclede; Linneus; Brookfield; Bucklin; Bevier; W. Quincy; Shelby V.; Clayton; Quincy; SPRINGFIELD; Bluffs; Cameron; Chillicothe; Macon; Monroe Cy.; Jacksonville; Kingston; Plattsburg; Platte Cy.; Liberty; Carrollton; Brunswick; Paris; Moberly; Hannibal; Perry; Louisiana; Roudhouse; Auburn; Girard; Kansas Cy.; Richmond; Salisbury; Marshall; Glasgow; New Franklin; Centralia; Mexico; Columbia; Troy; St. Peters; Litchfield; Independence; Lexington; BoonV.; Tipton; Fulton; Warrenton; Portland; St. Charles; Pleasant Hill; Holden Sedalia; K.C. Jc.; Versailles; Paola; Harrison V.; Sawatomie; Clinton; Butler; Rich Hill; Warsaw; JEFFERSON CY.; Osage R.; Bagnell; Dixon; Belle; Hermann; OwensV.; Union; Pacific; St. Louis; Nevada; Osceola; Richland; Rolla; Cuba; Hillsboro; Potosi; Crystal Cy.; De Soto; Bonne Terre; Farmington; Lamar; Minden; Buffalo; Bolivar; Greenfield; Lebanon; Salem; Bismarck; Ste. Genevieve; Doe Run; Ash Grove; Carthage; Joplin; Springfield; Marshfield; Mansfield; Mountain Gr.; Eminence; Ellington; Piedmont; Ironton; Fredericktown; Jackson; C. Girardeau; GreenV.; Delta; Mingo; Neosho; Granby; Cassville; Pierce Cy.; Monett; Aurora; Ozark; Forsyth; Willow Sprs.; West Plains; Thayer; Van Buren; Williamsville; Grandin; Doniphan; Poplar Bluff; Malden; Gravette; Benton V.; Westville; Rogers; Eureka Sprs.; Berryville; Harrison; Buffalo; Yellville; Knobel; Paragould; Hoxie; Jonesboro; New Madrid; Kennett; Caruthers V.; Blythe V.; Tahlequah; Stillwell; Fayette V.; Pettigrew; Cushman; Bates V.; Bald Knob; Searcy; White Riv.; Newport; Lake Cy.; Augusta; Decker V.; Covington; Van Buren; Ozark; Clarksville; Paris; Russellville; Ardanelle; Morrillton; Conway; W. Point; Forest City; Wynne; Memphis; Memphis; Decatur; Bement; INDIANAPOLIS; New Castle; TaylorV.; Charleston; paris; Shelbyville; Rushville; Richmond; Pawnee; Pana; Mattoon; Terre Haute; Brazil; Greensburg; Cincinnati; Hamilton; Cowden; Neoga; Marshall; Ramsey; Alton; Altamont; Effingham; Olney; Bloomington; Robinson; Columbus; Seymour; Covington; Lawrenceburg; Vandalia; LawrenceV.; Vincennes; Sullivan; Washington; Bedford; Madison; E. St. Louis; Belleville; Centralia; Salem; Flora; Mt. Vernon; Fairfield; Mt. Carmel; Paoli; Ohio R.; Covington; Sparta; Duquoin; Benton; Carmi; INDIANA; Princeton; Huntingburg; New Albany; La Grange; Louisville; Chester; Carbondale; Murphysboro; Eldorado; Mt. Vernon; Evansville; Shawnee; Henderson; Rockport; Cannelton; Owensboro; Irvington; West Pt.; Shelby V.; Lawrenceburg; Springfield; Perry V.; Commerce; Catro; Metropolis; Princeton; Hopkinsville; Dixon; Madison V.; Nortonville; Central Cy.; Leitchfield; Mammoth Cave; Cecilian; Hodgens V.; Greensburg; Bird Pt.; E. Cairo; Paducah; Dexter; Charleston; Belmont; Columbus; Mayfield; Cadiz; Gracey; Guthrie; Adair V.; Bowling Green; Scotto V.; Glasgow; Jeffersonville; Fulton; Murray; Clarksville; Hickman; Paris; Union City; Tennessee R.; Erin; Edgefield; Gallatin; Rogana; Hartsville; Carthage; Sunbright; Cookeville; Dyersburg; Trenton; NASHVILLE; Waverly; Cumberland R.; Lebanon; Bonair; Luxora; TENNESSEE; Milan; Dickson; Franklin; Jackson; Browns V.; Bolivar; Moscow; Lexington; Perryville; Henderson; Napier; Lawrenceburg; Middleton; Centerville; Columbia; Shelbyville; Tullahoma; Fayette V.; Eldra; Murfreesboro; Pike V.; McMinnville; Dayton; Madisonville; Athens; Cleveland; Detherd; Chattanooga; Springfield; COLUMBUS; Thurston; Moundsville; New MartinsV.; Uniontown; Mannington; Dayton; Franklin; Xenia Lancaster; Logan; Sisters V.; Washington C.H.; CircleV.; Marietta; Fairmont; St. Marys; Athens; Parkersburg; Chillicothe; Midland; Portsmouth; Gallipolis; Mason; Clarksburg; Weston; Buckhannon; Newport; Falmouth; Cynthiana; Greenup; Ironton; Huntington; Pt. Pleasant; Burning Sprs.; Spencer; Beverly; Ripley; WEST VIRGINIA; Clendenin; Clay; Sutton; Holly; Addison; FRANKFORT; Ashland; Kenova; GeorgeT.; Paris; Lexington; Catlettsburg; Morehead; Wayne; Louisa; Winchester; Burgin; CHARLESTON; Williamson; Coalburg; Richwood; Danville; Richmond; Richardson; Jackson; Jaeger; Fayette; Raleigh; Welch; Powhatan; Pocahontas; Bluefield; New River Dep.; New Castle; Salem; Livingston; Somerset; London; Corbin; Middlesboro; CUMBERLAND MTS.; Big Stone Gap; Marion; VIRGINIA; Bristol; Arbingdon; Tazewell; Wytheville; Gossan; Pulaski; Rocky Mt.; Stuart; Jellico; Cumberland Gap; Rogersville; Johnson Cy.; Mountain Cy.; Mt. Airy; Leaksville; Cross V.; Clinton; Knoxville; Corryton; Morristown; Newport; Green V.; Elizabethton; Wilkesboro; NORTH CAROLINA; Rockwood; Rutherfordton; Hot Spr.; Morganton; Marion; Hickory; Lenoir; Statesville; Newton; TaylorsV.; Winston; Salem; Salisbury; Ashville; Waynes V.; Hendersonville; Bryson City; Murphy; APPALACHIAN MTS.; Lincolnton; Shelby; Blacksburg; Concord; Norwood; Charlotte; Gastonia; Monroe; Aberdeen; Hagerstown; Westminster; Havre; De Grace; New Castle; Elkton; Grafton; MARYLAND; Green Sprs.; Martinsburg; Harpers Ferry; Frederick; Smyrna; Bridgeton; Hendricks; Thomas; Davis; Oakland; Piedmont; Keyser; Winchester; Charles T.; Romney; Strasburg; Brunswick; Alexandria; Baltimore; Leesburg; Chester T.; ANNAPOLIS; Queens T.; DOVER; Long Beach; Elkins; Monterey; Durbin; Harrisonburg; Luray; Calverton; Manassas; Fredericksburg; Elkton; Popes Cr.; MechanicsV.; WASHINGTON; Upper; Marlboro; Claiborne; Oxford; Cambridge; Easton; Seaford; Delaware Bay; Lewes; Georgetown; Laurel; Marlinton; Staunton; Basic Cy.; Orange; GordonsV.; Potomac R.; Chesapeake Bay; Salisbury; Crisfield; Clifton; Forge; Lexington; Charlottesville; Doswell; Roanoke; Warren; Columbia; James R.; RICHMOND; Agoomac; Lynchburg; Cumberland; Manchester; Burkeville; West Pt.; Williamsburg; Farmville; Keysville; Petersburg; Claremont; Newport News; Cape Charles; Fortress Monroe; Norfolk; S. Boston; Danville; Clarksville; Emporia; Franklin; Portsmouth; Suffolk; Virginia Beach; Munden; Reidsville; Oxford; Ridgeway; Henderson; Weldon; Elizabeth City; Madison; Roxboro; Halifax; Edenton; Greensboro; Burlington; Durham; Lewiston; RALEIGH; Springhope; Rocky Mt.; Tarboro; Albemarle Sa.; Plymouth; Bethel; High Pt.; Ashborn; Pittsboro; Selma; Wilson; GreenV.; Washington; Gulf; Troy; Carthage; Colon; Sanford; Fayetteville; Goldsboro; Kinston; Newbern; Pamlico Sound; Cape Hatteras; Seaside Park; Freehold; Barnegat; Camden; Beach Haven; Millville; Tuckerton; Atlantic City; Long Beach; NEW JER.; Ocean City; Cape May; Ocean City; Pt. Arguello; Lompoc; Santa Cruz Isl.; Santa Rosa Isl.; San Nicolas Isl.; Los Olivos; Elwood; Santa Barbara; Mojave; Kramer; Barstow; Daggett; Ludlow; Ash Hill; Goffs; Lancaster; Ventura; Pt. Of Rocks; San Bernardino Mts.; Stedman; Danby; Ventura; Oxnard; Saugus; Chatsworth; Los Angeles; Pasadena; Monrovia; Chino; San Bernardino; Redlands; Santa Monica; Redondo; San Pedro; Orange; Pomona; Corona; Colton; Riverside; Seven Palms; Salton; Santa Catalina Isl.; San Clemente Isl.; Santa Ana; San Juan; L.A. Jc.; E. Jc.; San Jacinto; Perris; Temecula; Fall Brook; Old Beach; Escondido; Tortuga; Fosters; San Diego; National City; La Presa; Araz; Coronado; Tia Juana; Mexicala; Ensenada De todos Santos; Pt. Banda; BAJA CALIFORNIA (Lower); Guadalupe; San Quentin; Cape San Quentin; Needles; Kingman; Jerome Jc.; Jerome; Winslow; Prescott; P. Jc.; ARIZONA; Congress; C. Jc.; Poland; A. & C. Jc.; Mayer; Crownking; Parker; Colorado Riv.; Salome; Wickenburg; Peoria; Roosevelt; Gila River; Gila Bend; Estrella; Hassayampa; PHOENIX; Sacaton; Tempe; Salt R.; Mesa; Higley; Florenece; Ray; Glose; Christmas; San Carlor; Gila R.; Melvin; Yuma; Tacna; Aztec; Sentinel; Maricopa; Casagrande; Redrock; Dudleyville; Solomonsville; Pedro R.; Teviston; Wilcox; Quijotoa; Jaynes; Tucson; Twin Buttes; Cochise; Benson; Fairbank; Crittenden; Calabasas; Nogales; Naco; San Jorges Bay; S. Isabel; Gulf of California; MEX; Rio del Altar; Lomas; Del Rio; La Cananea; Magdalena; St. Johns; Rio Puerco; Belen; A. & P. Jc.; Los Lunas; Moriarty; Santa Rosa; Vaugh; Sabinal; Abo; Willard; Madalena; San Antonio; San Marcial; Socorro; Rio Grande del Norte; Ancho; Carrizozo; Torrance; Capitan; Ft. Stanton; Lincoln; Cooney; Ft. Thomas; Morenci; Metcalf; Lifton; Pinos Altos; Kingston; Fierro; Lava; Cutter; Temporal; Alamogordo; Duncan; Ft. Bayard; Silver City; Hanover; Santa Rita; Rincon; Cox Canon; Lordsburg; White Water; Lake Valley; Deming; Nutt; Brice; Steins; Wilna; Hermanas; Aden; Rio Grande del Norte; Las Cruces; Gleason; Tombstone; Bisbee; Osborn; Douglas; Hachita; Ciudad Juarez; El Paso; TEXAS; Fronteras; San Pedro; Samalayuca; Clint; Ft. Hancock; Sierra Blanca; Nacozari; San Pedro Jc.; Casas Grandes; Terrazas; San Jose; Ojo Caliente; Conant; Puerto De Luna; Hereford; Dimmitt; Tulia; Clarendon; Memphis; Mangum; Wellington; Yesso; LaLenda; Clovis; Farwell; Texico; Plain View; Childress; Paducah; Acme; Elida; Portales; Foydada; Crowell; Campbell; Roswell; Lubbock; Slaton; Crosbyton; Dickens; Brazos Riv.; Aspermont; Hagerman; Artesia; Lamesa; Post; Augustus; Champ; Rotan; Hamlin; Dayton; Carlsbad; Malaga; Pecos River; Midland; Stanton; Big Spring; Snyder; Colorado; Roby; Roscoe; Sweetwater; Abilene; Ballinger; Palermo; Riverton; Van Horn; Toyah; Pecos; Barstow; Monahans; Odessa; Sterling City; San Angelo; Sherwood; Colorado R.; Eden; Dalberg; Kent; Valentine; Marfa; Paisano; Ft. Davis; Toyahvale; Ft. Stockton; Alpine; Haymond; Longfellow; Ozona; Eldorado; Ft. McKavett; Sonora; Juno; Fredericksburg; Hollis; Ft. Sill; Lawton; Chickasha; Purcell; Marlow; Ada; McAlester; Kiowa; Hartshorne; Heavener; Altus; Frederick; Quanah; Comanche; Devol; Duncan; Davis; Pauls Val.; Wynnewood; Lehigh; Tishomingo; Coalgate; Atoka; Antlers; Vernon; Iowa Park; Wichita Falls; Ryan; Gainesville; St. Jo; Ardmore; Marietta; Madill; Caddo; Durant; Denison; Bonham; Honey Grove; Paris; De Kalb; Benjamin; Seymour; Henrietta; Bowie; Sherman; Mt. Pleasant; Haskelu; Stamford; Graham; Bridgeport; Jacksboro; Decatur; Fort Worth; McKinney; Denton; Wofe; Commerce; Sulphur Sprs.; Anson; Weatherford; Dallas; Plano; Greenville; Terrell; Jefferson; Albany; Strawn; Baird; Cisco; May; Stephenville; Granbury; Cleburne; Waxahachie; Hillsboro; Garrett; Ennis; Corsicana; Kaufman; Mineola; Marshall; Tyler; Coleman; Brownwood; Dublin; Hamilton; Hillsboro; Morgan; Wortham; Palestine; Jacksonville; Naoogdoches; Goldthwaite; Gatesville; Waco; Barlin; Mexia; Trinity R.; Crockett; San Augustine; Brady; San Saba; Lometa; Lampasas; Belton; Temple; Brazos Riv.; Bremond; Franklin; Calvert; Trinity; Lufkin; Corrigan; Menard; Mason; Llano; Burnet; Georgetown; Rockdale; Cameron; Hearne; Trinity; Colmesneil; Marble Falls; Kerrville; AUSTIN; Bastrop; Taylor; Brenham; Giddins; Huntsville; Bryan; Navasota; Conroe; Hempstead; Liberty; Hoyd; Mansfield; Danville; Monroe; ARKANSAS; Waldron; Perry v; Argenta; Lonoke; Hazen; Des Arc; Brinkley; Marianna; Senatobia; LITTLE ROCK; Clarendon; Helena; Stuttgart; Lula; Mena; Hot Springs; Malvern; Sheridan; Benton; Altheimer; DeWitt; Frair Pt.; Coahoma; Eagles Nest; Horatio; Arkadelphia; Pine Bluff; Tutwiler; Clarksdale; Riverside; Gurdon; Prescott; Hope Camden; Kingsland; Warren; Dumas; McGehee; Rosedale; Huntington; Winona; Texarkana; New Lewisville; Hamburg; Portland; Arkansas City; Greenville; Leland; Itta Bena; Greenwood; Linden; Magnolia; El Dorado; Percy; Waskom; Minden; Gibsland; Homer; LOUISIANA; Junction Cy.; Bastrop; Ruston; Rayville; Mississippi; Tonula; Durany; Rolling Fork; Yazoo Cy.; Long View; Shreveport; Bienville; Monroe; Winnsboro; Delta; Vicksburg; Henderson; Coushatta; Columbia; JACKSON; Pearl R.; Carthage; Mansfield; Campti; Winnfield; Port Gibson; Hazlehurst; Natchitoches; Colfax; Vidalia; Harriston; Wesson; Saratoga; Many; Cypress; Alexandria; Cheneyville; JonesV.; Natchez; Woodville; McComb; Brookhaven; Williamsburg; Columbia; Lumberton; Rockland; Buna; Call; Kountze; Beaumont; De Quincy; Oakdale; Opelcusas; Eunice; Midland; Mansura; New Roads; St. Francisv.; Jackson; Pt. Allen; Arnaud V.; Flaquemine; St. Martins V.; Slaughter; Clinton; Kentwood; Amite; BATON ROUGE; Pearl Riv.; Ponchatouia; L. Pontchartrain; Donaldsonville; New Orleans; Corinth; Florence; Stevenson; Senatobia; Iuka; Tuscombia; Sheffield; Decatur; Athens; Huntsville; New Decatur; Lafayette; Sardis; Holly Springs; New Albany; Russellville; Ft. Payne; Oxford; Tupelo; Pontotoc; Winfield; Jasper; Birmingham; Pratt Cy.; Cullman; Attala; Rome; Gadsden; Piedmont; Anniston; Austell; Tallapoosa; Winona; Eupora; Grenada; Okolona; Aberdeen; Amory; West Point; Ensley; Oxford; Talladega; Carrollton; Stark V.; Macon; Fayette; Columbus; Bessemer; Woodstock; Blocton; Columbiana; Sylacauga; Lexington; Kosciusko; Ackerman; Tuscaloosa; Akron; Center V.; Calera; Roanoke; Lafayette; La Grange; ALABAMA; Canton; Lauderdale; Demopolis; Marion; Greensboro; Prattville; Dadeville; Wetumpka; Opelika; Lanett; Phoenix; Meridan; Forest; York; Tombigbee R.; Pine Hill; Selma; MONTGOMERY; Alabama R.; Camden; Greenville; Union Springs; Troy; Girard; Hurtsboro; Lumpkin; Eufaula; Braxton; Mendenhall; Laurel; Jackson; Georgiana; Searight; Luverne; Brantley; Ft. Gaines; Clayton; AbbeV.; Waynesboro; Ellisville; Hattiesburg; Cauvert; Repton; Evergreen; Andalusia; Flomaton; Elba; Pera; Ozark; Columbia; Dothan; Geneva; Beaumont; Merrill; Muscogee; Crestview; FLORIDA; Ba. St Louis; Gulf Port; Poplarville; Scranton; Mobile; Milton; De Funiak Springs; Marianna; Mississippi Sd.; Mobile Bay; Mill View; Pensacola; River Jc.; Chattahoochie; TALLAHASSEE; Dalton; Blueridge; Tallulah Fs.; Walhalla; Greenville; Spartanburg; Yorkville; Chester; Rock Hill; Wadesboro; Cheraw; Lancaster; Ellijay; Toccoa; Seneca; Anderson; Clinton; Union; SOUTH CAROLINA; Lula; Hartwell; Laurens; Carlisle; Camden; Gainesville; Cartersville; Greenwood; Abbeville; Newberry; Alston; Sumter; Dallas; Marietta; LawrenceV.; Athens; Elberton; McCormick; Lexington; Edgefield; Kingsville; COLUMBIA; ATLANTA; Washington; Aiken; Seivern; Covington; Fairburn; Madison; Warrenton; Thomson; Augusta; Blackvill; Orangeburg; Newman; McDonough; Griffin; Milledgeville; Tennille; LouisV.; Savannah R.; Denmark; Barnwell; Branchville; Pregnalls; Walterboro; Greenville; Barnesville; Thomaston; Macon; Wadlev.; Swainsboro; Millen; Sylvania; Green Pond; GEORGIA; Columbus; Fort Valley; Dublin; Stillmore; Beaufort; Port Royal; Hawkinsville; Empire; Statesboro; Cordele; Abbeville; McRae; Lyons; Reidsville; Attamaha R.; Savannah; Americus; Cuthbert; Dawson; Albany; Worth; Fitzgerald; Baxley; Walthourville; Jesup; Darien; Arlington; Tifton; Ocilla; Douglas; Flint R.; Bainbridge; Moultrie; Thomasville; Quitman; Valdosta; Dupont; Waycross; Okefenokee Swamp; Forkston; Fernandina; Monticello; Drifton; Madison; Live Oak; Perry; Jasper; Callahan; Lake City; High Sprs.; Baldwin; Starke; Jacksonville; Mayport; Pablo Beach; Hamlet; Clinton; Warsaw; Beaufort; Maxton; Jacksonville; Morehead City; Bennettsville; Burgaw; Cape Lookout; Clio; Lumberton; Darlington; Chadbourn; Florence; Peedee; Clarion; Southport; Wilmington; Conway; Cape Fear; Lanes; Georgetown; Santee River; Charleston; Fort Sumpter; ATLANTIC OCEAN; San Andres; Cerros I.; Pt. San Eugenia; Carbo; Tubay; SONORA; R. de Sonoara; Hermosillo; Pt. S. Gabriel; Ortiz; Cumuripa; Sebastion Viscamo Bay; Guaymas; Oroz; San Maria; San Lorenzo; Mulege; Navojoa; Lopeto; Soledad; Dolores; Montezuma; Madera; Gallego; Temosachic; Laguna; Aldama; Hormigas; Tonichi; R. Yaqua; Guerrero; Minaca; Sauz; Santa Eulalia; Chihuahua; Bachimba; CHIHUAHUA; Corral; Bocoyna; Saucillo; La Cruz; La Junta; Alamos; Rio Conchas; Chavita; Santa Rosalia; Minas Nuevas; Rincon; Jimenez; Masiaca; R. del Fuerte; Fuerte; Parral; Llano; Blanco; Rosario; Mochis; Fenochio; SINAI; Mesa de Sandia; Descrubidora; Topolobampo; Guamochil; Caimanero; Guanacevi; Alamito; Dryden; Rock Springs; Eloro; Presidio; Langtry; Shumla; Comstock; Puerto Gato; Falomin; Boquillas; Del Rio; Cline; Spofford; Batesville; Zaragosa; Eagle Pass Ciudad; Porfirio Diaz; Nova; Allende; Carrizo Springs; Rosita; Minera; Muzquizo; Sabinas; Nuevo Laredo; Hondo; Rodriguez; Sierra Mojada; Cuatro Cienegas; Corralitos; Escalon; Monclova; Lampazos de Neranjo; Panuco; Guadalupe; Personal; Bermejillo; Mapimi; Torreon; Pedricena; Tahualilo; Horizonte; Hornos; COAHUILA; Viesca; Jalisco; Alamito; Parras; Venadito; Reata; Paila; Saltillo; Cisneros; Paredon; Cerneros; NUEVO; Loma; Monterrey; San Pedro; LEON; Waring; San Marcos; SmithV; La Grange; Houston; Lockhart; New Braunfels; Luling; Sealy; Seguin; Columbus; Eagle Lake; Galveston Bay; Alvin; San Antonio; Hondo; Gonzales; Hallettsville; Richmond; Wharton; Columbia; Algoa; Floresville; Stockdale; Yoakum; Cuero; Edna; Bay City; Van Vleck; Hawkinsville; Angleton; Velasco; Pearsall; Kenedy; Victoria; Beeville; Goliad; Matagorda Bay; Palacios; College Pt.; Blessing; Cotulla; Skidmore; Refugo; Bloomington; Port Lavaca; Port O'Connor; Burro; Sinton; Aransas Pass; Rockport; Laredo; San Diego; Rosstown; Alice; Corpus Christi; Corpus Christi Bay; GULF OF MEXICO; Aguilares; Hebbronville; Falfurrias; Riviera; Padre Island; Zapata; Rio Grande; Arguellos; Samfordyce; San Miguel; Edinburg; Raymondville; San Juan; Harlingen; Santa Bia; San Benito; Point Isabel; Hidalgo; Brownsville; Los Herreras; Reynosa; Matamoras; Montemorelos; Laguna de la; Range; Port Arthur; Echo; Lake Charles; Iowa; Crowley; Gueydan; Lafayette; Abbeville; New Iberia; Franklin; Morgan City; Napoleonville; Thibodeaux; Gretna; Schriever; Houma; Sabine Pass; Port Bolivah; Galveston; St. Bernard; Belair; Buras; Delta of the Mississippi; Apalachicola; Cape San Blas; St. Marks; Carrabelle; Apalachee Bay; Mayo; Gainesville; Archer; Hampton; St. Augustine; E. Palatka; Palatka; Cedar Keys; Silver Spring; Morriston; Ocala; Astor; De Land; Daytona; new Smyrna; Dunnellon; Homosassa; Wildwood; Leesburg; Tavares; Sanford; Apopka; Brooksville; Orlando; Titusville; Rockledge; Port Tampa; Tampa; Plant City; Dade City; Kissimmee; Melbourne; St. Petersburg; Lakeland; Bartow; Sebastian; Tampa Bay; Ft. Meade; Manatee; Lake Kissimmee; Braidentown; Wauchula; Avon Park; Ft. Pierce; Arcadia; Jensen; Punta Gorda; Charlotte Harbor; Bocagrande; Ft. Myers; Lake Okeechobee; Jupiter; Juno; W. Palm Beach; The Everglades; Ft. Lauderdale; Lemon City; Ten Thousand Isles; Miami; Ponce de Leon Bay; Cape Sable; FLORIDA BAY; Great Bahama Isl.; Providence Channel; N.W.; Great Abaco Isl.; Ma; Pelican Harbour; Abaco; BAHAMA; New Providence Isl.; Egg Isl.; Royal Isl.; Rose Isl.; Nassau; Tarpum Bay; Dunmore Town; Eleuthera Isl.; Governor Harbour; Bahia De Magdalena; Magdalena Bay; Altata; Culiacan; DURANGO; Tepehuanes; Valeardena; Concepcion; Linares; R.; PAS; P; itude West 95 from Greenwich; Dry Tortugas; Fort Jefferson (U.S. Naval Station); Pine Islands; Key West (U.S. Naval Station); Ft. Taylor; Florida Reefs; Planter; FLORIDA STRAIT; Great Bahama; Andros; Semints; Yellow Cay Islands; Tongue of the Ocean; Big Wood Bay; Exuma Sound; Cat Isl. (Possible Landfall of Columbus); Cay Sal Bank; Anguilla Islands; Espiritu Santo; Great Exuma Isl.; Little Exuma Isl.; Rum Cay; Long Isl.; Rocks; Wolf Rocks; Larks Nest; Water Cays; Clarence; Flamingo Cay; Cay; Watl Son of o; Crooked Isl.; P; Fortune Isl.; Boat hannel Note:

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Page  70 Railrod M4ieag of the World COUNTRIES CAPITALS. AREA. COMMERACT ffl -Square Miles POPULATION, with the NATIANAL DEBTS, AFIC:46ie States. Total. PerCapita. Al4.i, 44 A'44 4 Aire 1,3IAR4 4,044244 sqSoS,521 $479765265 $44.41 44414444asi Mlor ne 244 9R72,51 3 47,15 2,,784.04,65,444 275 Dru E Aft............... i~ Autra- ungry......... Vena 4o996 455405,467 6,674,544 4,I47,464,025 243 Egyt.............. - 1,8 Boii............L 3a 567,430 I,62,S3 76,926 6,i 4,444 3S40 Rill 578j44455 5 4,6 55 3.72 44 ` 2 'so Bugai............ Soia 3808 3,744,2'83..... 28~o,200 [66 444444442444.......... 6 3946 1141 23 4724 271829409 4544 444~ 4 448.4..4....734 22,4N8,28 6I3,144 44 1.54 4lg 4142444h 4424. Co,i 444.... ogt 471,273 1,18W 2,923,404 444944792 3.62 4444o...............,.....41 ~44 3, 6 46.86 M:11.................... 2 vb..............- 4avn 4,44o 57217S7 4.74,474 44o4l I.. ' Dna rk.......... CopenhRge 1528 2464770 14,812,900 44,453,849 44444 4444444~~fit...... 444cao............ Quito 120,00 147,86i 1.3474850 5.7461628 4977 4442yt 2..... 14,......Car 4oo44o 9,8145 667,;77 541,743,7 4 157......... 4 Frne.............. Pais 24,094 3444444fi 74,497,347 R85647o6,4oI 454.32 4414...... ', G,,~.............Bri 248,83o 59.41.00 4 449495 698,84,4 29 14444...... I" Gra B444244 417434 Irln.... Lodo 2,979 4I4 7,544 523,773.397 3,8,6,3 9459 Ugtb........ 8 G ec............. 3tll 25404 4433 444 369,949 459797,436 8565 - 824 474,4S9458 42,14423 Hat4.........Pr uPic i4,24 874440 4,956.343 47.964.449 24841 ASA o Hn4rs........2Tgcgla 444442444,50 944963 96,44474 14419 hl~hitl,.................... nda................ Cacuta i766,644 244364446 44966.683 i04.44 44139 474 4B 42441..444444..444.444.4.4.474.8....4....... 38244 4............ 1 044 44..4....... 4 4444.......... 4444.44 444444 44 4osll 44 44444444... 44444 4444444............I I4.4V 424 13, N4 h............446 44444,,.446,24 gth............. o.44.4 19t 44444......... 4444442t................... 5 4444....K....., 255 4........... 282 B f444444i44 Ity....... 1,0 3444 44444 L-b44.4.344447 4ttJqId a t6.4 44....4.444 944 -g44 44.44 444............. 1,1 44444444 444 44444....44...4..4. 1144 4....4...4.44..4... 744 SP44....4..........4.. C 4..44444444....... 4,1 ~ 44413,2 43 43A,444444444424 4 4 4 44444444ERICA: ADDERUEE EAPENDITURE, cOTUTRIM CAPITALS. AREA COMMRCEC Totl Per 5Capita 74441, PerCapita 694444 Miles4 POPELATION wt 43446 NAATIONAL DEBTS. ADDEAUD, EXPENDITUERA 6272 590 1-8. 60757,00 $12409 United 5444s4 Toal 04443 Capita,4 0441 PerCapita, 044al Per4Capi4 444,75540 37.32 1442,48,000 37.69 1434.............. Rome 44o,446 34448,34 433.135542 82,564445,o 787E85 5375,044,00 $44.54 $356,444,04 $10.97 35J,896,o44 467 73,898,00 4 467 Japan.. 34644.........To i64655 46.7328441 24,644.443 463,857,443 59714 3,3,w 29 I350 484 344,644440 18.34.45o444 47.44 Eorea4. 54443.........Seu 84,44 44,44 0 4 0 57,I4..... 5.364,44 1449 564.9T -44 3,644 4.1 A 663 97 0. 04444...... Mxc 74949 l3.44449 42,27,7 6 475945,345 44.99 29,I7,4 443 7494 45 137,299:' 9~5 4,366,44 69 Nethelans...... 06 ~ o 448 5.430,981 743576,4164 463,454,904 86,62 64,346,4o 42454 64,468,44o I43 18,917,004 565 18,853440 p9 Ncaau 9644.......... anagua 49,440 34440 1 4,36,58,5,634 42445 2,403,000.74 2,393,440 4.78 8,5450 4441,2,4 94 4444..744444 44,445 22404,032 74715 344 27,00,4 4249I,3 47,2J940 12.16 38544400 44468 444,04140 46.49244427 634 4,4 44,43,445 7, 44,007,044 473 44,407,04.7 444 4 5 744444oo 47 Peria.4.............. Teean68,4 44,44 464 7375.3 7,300,000 77 7.300,000.3 342.-..........-.... 4 493713a 4,644,44 4,573,489 43,445,174 5.44 73,333,oo 2463 7,i6,oo 4.54 4544440 944 444086p43 L4 34,438 59423,132 2,935,87 894,34 524 97.336,4 425 I474,440 446 457 44.4ia53......4..84...2.2. 6Duch 48,347 $,54469 3863 474,774450 4 44 444,41 4 5,4,4 4 42.4 E6 74.41 b4urg. 4 64581394 449,004,34 7,98,177 34i44964,734 24444 44444,447,4 384 46,o4,95,44o 8.65 64,934,444) 1473 75, coo 05 Saladr42. -.. I Sal Savao 742325 i 6896 88,349 3,9,7 54723544 3426 3744 35 Santo 3 44 56 5 Dorio... SatDoig 44,4 5 6io4oo 4,70,374 26,4..6 44498 4,914,04 34 4724,000 2484 4,54,4 6437 554,4i~o 5-75 64444.............. 46lgad 19,05 2,443770. 54,84.6,443 34.86 13,69,44 537 144456,4o 5.65 95,764 475 6525.45000 17584 8444. 3445.3..4... A8 7 464 7 499,53,044 9.47 55,440 444 954 panI.... 64434. 5646i 497674 444894.574 55,976,788 40,864,33 72 44.72 1934077,000 456 5784644c io.49 Sw7,5en4.7..89.7...4..97.444644 Stockholm 1724476 5,444,494 9.S940437 94,533,33 4.4 4 4,456 49,593,040 9.54 4,64,844 4.o 14432744 588g wte v.....44443..4... 144 Ben 35,76 3315443 203357 17,400,567 5.45 24469i,444 6446 2064 0 656A o 2,046,44 444 2,149,4 444 Turkey........5.4Costatinpl i4i5 o4 40444,0 354.657 723,125,400 49.4 84,45,000 3A26 S184,5, 20 7,37,4U66ni4tedE~ 443446.44444...5. Wahngo 1.444,6o 76,303397..... 9454414637 44.54 944,624444 6.64 640,4323404 8,39 7-273044 277 7,341,000 44.....p. Montevideo 74444 978,0448,549,544 127,362,827 4344 16,70300 444 154,04432,00 453 5763I.4 44 44444 4 44443. 444431T 444 764,3364, 44.14 48145.44 47 244,64o2 4 41 j4 -44 ) 5D 444, 4444 444 444 A4 a, I4 244224O, W11134 F-.......... 4444 4 4y... 44 444........ 4... 44............ 444444444..4....... 14444~ 4 4 4..4..4..........,4.. 44 444 44...........4....4.., 48W 444,,,,,,,,tl.4.,,4. 4 40440 S 3ldl.,25Oh4W4434 44 l...44... 4........................... 44h 4~..........,....444,,,,4............. 44 4...................4..4..4..... 4444 444;..............................4...... 4, 4 4444..4.,.,.......4.4............ 44400 4- ll...........................44444 4 Title: Map of the World on Mercator's Projection Keywords: P.M.; Cape Chelyuskin; Taimur Bay; Taimur Isl.; L. Taimur; Legate R. Papigaiskoe; Sakalova; North East Cape; St. Thaddeus Bay; Khatanga Bay; Nordenskjold Sea; Nordwik Bay; Ust. Anabarkoe; Olenek; Anabara R.; Govriga; Saunikof Land; Liakof Islands or New Siberia; Bielkova Isl.; Kotelnoi Isl.; Mouths of the Lena River; Barkin; Borkhaya B.; Bulun; Bennett Isl.; Fadievsko Isl.; New Siberia; C. Medvedshu; Maloi Isl.; S. Sviatoi; Liakof Isl.; Kromskaia B.; Manio Isl.; Ust Yansk; Kroma R.; Henrietta Isl.; Jeannette Isl.; Mouths of the Indigirka River; Allaika; Bear Is.; C. medver; Midnight; Arctic Ocean; Wrangel Isl.; Aiun Isl.; C. Chelakhskai; Herald Isl.; Icy Cape; Point Barrow; Smith Bay; C. Halket; Comparative Time when Noon at London (Greenwich); Beaufort Sea; Nigalek; Martin Pt.; Mackenzie Bay; Prince Patrick Isl.; Lands End; Eglinton Isl.; McClure Strait; C. Prince Albert; Banks Land; C. Kellett; Nelson Head; Franklin B.; Cape Bathurst; Cape Dalhousie; Prince Albert Sound; Dolphin & Union Str.; Parry Islands; Melville Isl.; Melville Sound; McClintock Channel; Pr. Albert Land; Minto Inlet; Victoria Land; North C; Grinnell Isl.; Bathurst Isl.; Corn Wallis Isl.; Wellington Ch. North Deveon; Byam Isl.; Barrow Strait; Prince of Wales Isl.; North Somerset; Regent Inlet; Franklin Str.; Boothia; Magnetic Pole; Gulf of Boothia; Hayes Sound; Baghe Isl.; Ellesmere Land; Smith Sound; North Lincoln; C. Parry; Clarence Head; Jones Sound; Cobourg Isl.; Lancaster Sound; C. Liverpool; Bylot Isl.; Ponds Inlet; Baffin Land; Cockburn Land; Kane Basin; Prudhoe Land; Pt. Foulke; Hayes Peninsula; Inglefield Gulf; Wolstenholme Sound; C. York; Melville Bay; Baffin Bay; C. Shackleton; C. Bowen; Upernavik; C. Adair; Scott Inlet; Omenak Fiord; C. Walker; Greenland (Denmark); Peterman Pk.; Scoresby Land; Jameson Land; Edam Land; C. Bismarck; King William Land; Koldewey Isl.; Shannon Isl.; Gael Hamkes Bay; Francis Joseph Fiord; Bontekoe Isl.; C. Parry; Davy Sound; Liverpool Isl.; Scoresby Sound; C. Brewster; Noon; Prince Charles Foreland; Greenland Sea; Jan Mayen Isl.; Amsterdam Isl.; King B.; Spitzbergen; Ice Fiord; Bell Sound; Horn Sound; North East Land; Olga Strait; Barents Isl.; Wybe Jans Water; Edge Isl.; Thousand Is.; Hope Isl.; Bear Isl.; North Cape; Hammerfest; Wiches or King Charles Land; Barents Sea; Vardoehuus; Waranger Fiord;Osalm Isl.; Hooker Isl.; Northbrook Isl.; Great Ice Cape; Cape Lutke; Admirality Pen.; Matochkin Strait; Goose Bay; Nova Zembla; Strait of Kara;Cape Mauritius; Barents Ld.; C. Fern; Kara Sea; Gulf of yenise; Gulf of Ob; White Isl.; Aigach Isl.; P.M.; Lonely Isl.; Rechesnoi Is.; Piasina R.; Swerevo; Khata Riv.; Turishshk; Tunguska R.; Russian Empire; Seganka; Michaelova; Krasnoi; Marka R.; Shigansk; Siberia; Villiui R.; Taen Arinskaia; Olekminsk; Olenek River; Lena River; Yana R.; Arctic Circle; Verkhoianskoi Mts.;Verkhalansk; E. Villiuisk; Yakutsk; Lena R.; Amginskaia; Indigirka R.; Sredni Kolynsk; Zashiversk; Alakh Yunskaia; Tauiskaia; Nijni kolymsk; Alazeia R.; Kolyma R.; Ghijiga; C. Yakan; Chaoun R.; Takokagin; Anadir R.; Anadirskoi; Penjinsk; Olutorsk; St. Matthew Isl.(U.S.); C. Lisborne; Pt. Pope; Kelzebue Sound; C. Pr. Of Wales; Nome; Gulf of Anadir; C. Chukotski; Be; St. Lawrence Isl. (U.S.); Norton Sd.; C. Navarn; St. Michael; C. Romanzof; Nelson Isl.; Bering Strait; Initkilly; Colville R.; Ft. Morton; Koukuk R.; Alaska (United States); Nuklukayet; Yukon R.; Tanana R.; Anvik; Mt. Wrangel; Kuskoquim R.; Kenai; Peavy; Porcupine R.; Yukon; Ft. Good Hope; Circle; Eagle; Dawson; Ft. Selkirk; Orca; Mt. Logan; Mt. St. Elias; McPherson; Old Ft. Good Hope; Ft. Norman; Mackenzie R.; Dominion of Canada (British); Ft. Rae; T. Simpson; Ft. Frances; Ft. Liard; Wollaston Land; Coronation G; Great Bear Lake; L. Pelly; Point; Clinton Doobarent L.; Great Slave L.; Ft. Resolution; Victoria Str; Elliot B.; L. Garry; Ft. Hope; Chesterfield Inlet; Yathkyed L.; Fisher Strait; Hudson Bay; Island L.; C. Wison; Fox Channel; Southampton Isl.; C. Wolstenholme; Mansfield Isl.; Mosquito Bay; C. Kater; C. Dyer; Cumberland Sound; C. Mercy; Hudson Strait; Frobisher Bay; Hall Isl.; Ungave; Resolution Isl.; C. Chidley; Davis Strait; Disco Isl.; Godhavn; Disco B.; Christianshaab; Holsteinborg; Godthaab; Lichtenfels; Frederikshaab; Ivigtut; Egede Land; Mt. Rigby; Christian'ix Land; Horror Bay; Kjoge Bay; Brede Fiord; Faxa Fiord; C. Juel; Denmark Strait; Cape Bille; Cape Discord; Knighton Inlet; Nord C.; Iceland (Den.); Reykjavik; Arctic Circle; Langanaes; Faroe Is. (Den.); Shetland Is.; Tromsoe; Lofoden Is.; West Fiord; Trondhjem; Kiolen Mts.; Sweden; Norway; Gefle; Christiania; Tornea R.; Karva; Lapland; Kniaja; Tornea; Pitea; Uleaborg; Umea; Wasa; Gulf of Bothnia; Finland; Kucor; Viborg; Kolguev Isl.; Kola; C. Kanin; Barzuga; White Sea; Kem; Archangel; Onega; Divina R.; L. Onega; L. Ladoga; Petchora Bay; Gulf of Cheskoi; Pustosensk; Petchora R.; Mezen; Mezen R.; Ural Mts.; Kara B.; Mura; Obdorsk; Nadym R.; Berezof; Siberia; Ob River; Surgut; Tarda R.; Dudinsk; Yenisei R.; Taz R.; Turukhansk; Kazimsk; Bakhtinsk; Asia; Angara R.; Yeniseisk; Bratskoi; Krasnoiarsk; Saiansk Mts. Irkutsk; Dzinazit R.; Vitimsk; Vitim R.; Lake Baikal; Chita Onon R.; Olekma R.; Aldan R.; Nelkan; Stanovoi Mountains; Udskoi; Nikolaievsk; Manchuria; Amur R.; Blagovestchensk; Okhotsk; Sea of Okhotsk; Port Aiane; Shantarski Is.; C. Elizabeth; Langri; Bolsheretsk; Sakhalin (Russia); Paramushir Isl.; Yamsk; G. of Ghiounsk; G. of Penjinsk; Tigilsk; C. Ozernoi; Nijni Kamchatka; Kamchatka; G. of Kronotski; Petropavlovsk; Kuril Strait; Cape Lopatka; C. Olutorsk; Karaginski Isl.; Bering Sea; Bering Isl.; (Aus.); Monday; Sunday; Copper Isl. (Aus.); Niur Is.; Andreanof Is.; Rat Is.; Aleutian Islands (U.S.); Nunivak Isl.; Kuskoquin B.; Nevenham; Pribilof Is. (U.S.); Dutch Harbor; Umak Isl.; Ounalaska Isl.; Iliawna L.; Ft. alexander; Gulf of Alaska; Afognak Isl.; Bristol B.; Kadiak Isl.; Alaska Pen.; Trinity Is.; Shumagin Is.; Unimak Isl.; Yakutat; Dyea; Chichagof Isl.; Sitka; Baranof Isl.; Pr. Of Wales Isl.; Jackson; Dixon Entrance; Queen Charlotte Is.; Queenstown; Ft. Halketto; Land R.; Rocky Mts; Juneau; Ft. St. John; Wrangel; Cascade Range; Int. Slave L.; Hecate Strait;Ft. Chippewayen; Athabasca; Peace R.; North America; Reindeer L.; Dunvegan; Edmonton; Saskatchewan R.; Battleford; Calgary; Manitoba L.; C. Churchill; Fort Churchill; Indian L.; Port Nelson; C. Tatnam; York Factory; Nelson R.; Pt. Albert; Lake Winnipeg; Severn R.; C. Portland; Pt. Severn; James Bay; Ft. George; Ft. Albany; Albany R.; Moose Factory; Rams; Ft. Chimo; Labrador (Dep. Of Newfoundland); Hebron; Clearwater Lake; Nain; Mingan; Julianshaab; Hamilton Inlet; L. Melville; C.Charles; Belle Isl.; Cape Bauld; Quebec to Liverpool 2,600 Miles; Cape Farewell; British Isles; Orkney Is.; Stavanger; C. Lindesnaes; Hebrides; Scotland; North Sea; Dundee; Glasgow; Edinburgh; Newcastle; Belfast; Ireland; Dublin; Liverpool; England; Cork; London; Portsmouth; Stockholm; Skagerrack; Gottesborg; Denmark; Copenhagen; Hamburg; Berlin; Netherlands; Hague; Belgium; Leipsie; Dreseden; Frankfort; G. of Finland; Reyal; Osel Isl; Riga; Vilna; Baltic Sea; Duna R.; Konigsberg; Danzig; Dnieper R.; Warsaw; St. Petersburg; Novgorod; Vologda; Russian Empire; Volga R.; Nijni Novogorod; Moscow; Kaluga Simbirsk; Russia; Kursk; Kief; Don R.; Saratof; Viatka; Perm; Kazan; Kama R.; Ufa; Petropaulovsk; Orenburg; Orsk; Tobolsk; Ekaterinburg; Omsk; Tobol R.; Ishim R.; Irtish R.; Akmolinsk; Narim; Tomsk; L. Chany; Semipalatins; Hungaria; Rassutal; Selonga; Mongolia; Last; China; Barkul; Pichan; Turkestan; Shashau; Urga; Argoon R.; Tsitsikar; Mukaen; Pekin; Aigun; Kailat; Mergen; Khaberovka; Sungari R.; Ningouta; Patuna; Kian; Vladivostok; Korea; Japan Sea; Isl. (Japan); Patience B.; G. of Tartary; Le Perouse Strait; Yezo; Kunashiri Isl.; Sapporo; Hakodate; Aomori; Kurile Is (Japan);North Pacific Ocean; Vancouver Isl.; Westminster; Victoria; Seattle; Olympia; Tacoma; Columbia Riv.; Portland; Salem; Eureka; Great Salt Lake; C. Mendocino;Regina; Spokane; Helena; Butte; Snake Riv.; Deadwood; Boise; Laramie; Ogden; Winnipeg; L. of the Weeds; Fargo; Missouri R.; Bismarck; Duluth; Minneapolis; St. Paul; Pierre; Milwaukee; Madison; Sioux City; Cheyenne; Omaha; Des Moines; Chicago; Lincoln; Indianopolis; L. Nepigan; L. Superior; Sault Ste Marie; L. Huron; Ottawa; Kingston; Toronto; Lansing; L. Erie; L. Ont.; Detroit; Albany; Buffalo; L. Michigan; Toledo; Cleveland; Hartford; Columbus; Trenton; Pittsburg; Anticoste Isl.; Gulf of St. Lawrence; Quebec; St. Lawrence R.; Fredericton; Pr. Edward Isl.; Montreal; Augusta; Portland; Fundy R.; Nova Scotia; Halifax; Concord; C. Sable; Hartford; Boston; Providence; Newport; Long Island; New York; Philadelphia; New York to Liverpool 3,168 Miles; Newfoundland (Br.); St. Johns; St. Pierre (Fr.); G. Race; Cape Breton Isl.; Sable Isl.; North Atlantic Ocean; St. George's Channel; C. Finisterre; Brussels; English Channel; Paris; Orleans; Nantes; France; Bay of Biscay; Bordeaux; Toulouse; Andorra; Oporto; Saragossa; Spain; Europe; Luxemburg; Germany; Berne; Munich; Danube R.; Switzerland; Lyon; Milan; Venice; Trieste; Marseille; Monaca; Genoa; Italy; Adriatic Sea; San Marino; Corsica; Barcelona; Rome; Sardinia Naples; Lemberg; Berditchef; Austria; Vienna; Budapest; Jassy; Hungary; Belgrade; Roumania; Bukharest; Servia; Bulgaria; Montenegro; Sophia; Turkey; Philllopopolis; Constantinople; Kharkof; Taganreg; Odessa; Astrakhan; Sea of Azof; Stavropol; Caucasus Mts.; Black Sea; Betum; Brusa; Trebizond;Volga R.; Ural R.; Asia; Turgai; Guriev; Caspian Sea; Aral Sea; Kungrad; Baku; Turkestan; Balkash Lake; Choo r.; Kasalinsk; Sir Daria R.; Tashkend; Amu R.; Thian Shan Mts; Sergionol; Zuisn l.; Itt R.; Woldjs; Tarin R.; Koko L.; Hoangho or Yellow R.; Tibet; Chingtu; Vulin; Yenagan; Tientsi; G. of Pechitr; Taiyuan; Ning; Taina; Singanfu; Rankau; Nankin; Wuchang; Shanghai; Port Arthur; Weihaiwar (Br.); Seoul; Sado Isl.; Kyoto; Kiaochau (Ger.); Osaka; Yellow Sea; Korea Strait; Nagasak; Shikoku; Kiushu; Hondo; Tokyo; Lokohama; Yokohama to Port Townsend 4,202 Miles; Yokohama to San Francisco 4,791 Miles; Sacramento; San Francisco; San Jose; San Luis Obispo; Pt. Conception; Los Angeles; San Diego; Salt Lake City; Carson; Lead V.; United States; Pioche; Dursng; Fresno; Pioche R.; Sante Fe; Colorado R.; Phoenix; Lopker California; Hermosillo; Rio Grande del Norte; El Paso; G. of California; Lower California; Denver; Topeka; Pueblo; Kansas City; Trinidad; Wichita; Cair; Guthrie; Arkansas R.; Little Rock; Dallas; Red R.; Mississippi R.; Austin; Houston; Birmingham; Jackson; Springfield; Baltimore; St. Louis; Cincinnati; Washington; Louisville; Nashville; Norfolk; Chesapeake Bay; Raleigh; Memphis; Chattanooga; C. Hatteras; Atlanta; Wilmington; Columbia; Montgomery; Charleston; Mobile; Jacksonville; Delaware Bay; Bermuda Is. (Br.); New York to Gibraltar 3,215 Miles; Atlantic Ocean; Flores; Azores Is. (Por.); Terceira; S. Miguel; S. Maria; C. St. Vincent; Str. Of Gibraltar (Br.); Madeira Isl. (Por.); Mogador; Lisbon; Portugal; Madrid; Seville; Gibraltar; El Arish; Tangier; Mekinez; Fez; Morocco; El Golea; Balearic Is.; Messina; Palermo; Mediterranean Sea; Algiers; Tunis (Fr.); Tunis; Malta (Br.); Oran; G. of Cabes; Algeria (Fr.); Wargla; Tripoli; Ghadames; Greece; Smyrna; Sicily; Athens; Adalia; Crete (T.Y.); G. of Sidra;Benghazi; Pt. Said; Alexandria; Angora; Erzerum; Konieh; Tigris R.; Cyprus I. (Br.); Aleppo; Tripoli; Yafa; Damascus; Paguao; Jerusalem; Arabia;Krasnovodsk; Askabad; Tabriz; Rasht; Meshed; Teheran; Sehna; Khaf; Kashan; Persia; Ispahan; Basra; Yezd; Neh; Bokhara; Faizabad; Herat; Kabul; Serinogen; Kandahar; Afghanistan; Lahore; Kashgar; China; Khotan; Mt. Everest; Kanosh; Yangtze R.; India (British); Bham; yunuan; Chittagong; Mandalay; Tonkin; China; Nanchang; Changsha; Queiyang; Fuchau; Queling; Canton; Maeao (Por.); Amov; Formosa Strait; Longkong (Br.); Kwanchauwer (Fr.); Sanmum; Oshima; Shuri; Riu kiu Is. (Japan); Formosa (Japan); Bonin Is. (Japan); Volcano Is.;Marcus Isl.; Los Jardines Isl.; Midway Isl.; Tropic of Cancer; Cure Isl.; Lisiansky Isl.; Laysan Isl.; Gardner Is.; Birds Isl.; Hawaii ( U.S.); Kauai Isl.; Honolulu; Maui Isl.; Guadalupe Isl.; Pt. Eugenia; Mexico; Chihuahua; Guaymas; La Paz; C. San Lucas; mazatlan; San Blas; C. Corrientes; San Antonio; Galveston; Saltillo; Monterey; Matamoros; Gulf of Mexico; Tula; Tampico; Merida; Gulf of Campeche; Tallahassee; New Orleans; Tampa; Cape Sable; Nassau; Bahama Is. (Brit.); Key West; Havana; I. Depinos (U.S.); Cuba; Greater Antilles; San Salvador; West Indies; Santo Domingo; Tropic of Cancer;Canary Is. (Sp.); Teneriff; Palma; Ferro; Cape Blanco; Tatta; E. Abbas; Zenei; Rio Oroco; Wapan; Sahara Desert; Tripoli (Turkey); Fezzan; Murzu; Rhat; Cairo; Siout; Egypt; Esneh; Libyan Desert; Assouan; Nile; Suez; Leina; Red Sea; Hail; Medina; Yembo; Korosko; Mekka; Shiraz; Persian Gulf; Bushire; Bam; Lar; Jask; Riad Oman; B. of Oman; Muskat; C. El Hadd; Moseirah Isl.; Kelat; Indus R.; Baluchistan; Delhi; Bela; Haidarabad; India (British); G. of Cutch; Daman; Simlo; Nepal; Agra; Khatmando; Ganges; Patna; Calcutta; Nagpore; Bay of Bengal; Kiangmai; Fr. Indo China; Rangoon; Siam; Bangkok; G. of Martavan; Mergui; Andaman Is.; Gulf of Siam; G. of Tonkin; Kiungchau; Balinong Channel; Hainan; Hue; China Sea; Manila; Mindoro Isl.; Cambodia; Palawan Isl.; Apari; Manila to Honolulu 1,700 Miles; Luzon; Hong Kong to Apia 4,800 Miles; Samar Isl.; Pana I.; Phillippine Islands (U.S.); Ladrone Islands (Ger.); Saypan; Guam (U.S.); Wake Isl. (U.S.); International Date Line; Hawaii Isl.;Honolulu to Panama 4,665 Miles; Honolulu to New York 13,200 Miles; Revillaggedo Is.; Socorro Isl.; Manzanillo; Popocatepetl Vol; Acapulco; Clipperton Isl. (Fr.); Mexico; Vera Cruz; Yucatan; Tehuantepec; G. of Tehuantepec; Guatemala; Central America; San Salvador; Fonseca Bay; Managua; Samaioa (Br.); Haiti; Belize; F. Honduras; Kingston; Honduras; Tegucigalpa; Caribbean Sea; Nicaragua; Gallina; Maracaibo; Cartegena; Colon; Port au Prince; Santo Domingo; San Juan; Porto Rico (U.S.); S. Croix (Br.); Anguilla (Br.); Barbuda (Br.); Antigua (Br.); Guadeloupe (Fr.); Dominica (Br.); Martinique (Fr.); S. Lucia (Br.); G. of Maracaibo; Curacao Isl. (Dut.); Grenada (Br.); Trinidad (Br.); Barbados (Br.); Lesser Antilles; New York to Cape Town 6,640 Miles; Cape Verde Is. (Port.); St. Louis; Senegal R.; C. Verde; Gambia (Br); Bathurst (Br.); Guinea (Pt.); Bissagos Is. (Port.); French Sudan; Arawan; Africa; Timbuktu; Niger R.; Medina; Sudan; Segu Sikoro; Guinea (Fr.); Sierra Leone; Warno; L. Tchad; Northern Nigeria (Br.); Yakoba; New Dongola; Tao; Khartum; El Fazher; Massenia; El Obeid; Suakin; Coorafdah; Berber; Massana; Eritrea (It.); Suna; Blue Nile; Condar; Ade (Br.); Berdara (Fr.); G. of Aden; Kuria Muria Is. (Brit.); Kamar B.; Makatlan; Arabian Sea; Cobotra; (Brit.); C. Guardafui; Ras Hafun; G. of Cambay; Bombay; haidarabad; New Goa (Pt.); Mahe (Fr.); Lacoadive Is. (Fr.); Yanaon (Fr.); Bay of Bengal; Masulipatam; Madras; Puducheri (Fr.); Karikal (Fr.); Toobar Is.; Penang; Sungers; Acheen; Str. Of Guipam; Pen.; Hog I. (B.); Sumatra (Dutch); Malasca; Pulo Ntas; Singapore; C. Cambodia; Jolo Sea; Elopuxa; Gt. Natumas Isl.; Bruno; Borneo (Br.); Kucain; Cawarak; Celebes Sea; Mindanao; Jolo Isl.; Gilolo Isl.; Egoi Is.; Yap; Palaos Is. (Ger.); Micronesia; Caroline Islands (Ger.); Melanesia; Ponapi Isl.; Greenwich Isl. (Ger.); Marshall Is. (Ger.); Gilbert Is. (Br.); Palmyra Isl. (Br.); Howland Isl. (Br.); Washington Isl. (Br.); Fanning Isl. (Br.); Christmas Isl. (Br.); Equator; San Francisco to Valparaiso 5,140 Miles; Galapagos Is.; San Jose; Costa Rica; Panama; Momiox; Gulf of Panama; Tolima Vol.; Choco B.; Colombia; Popayan; Caracas; Orinoco R.; Venezuela; Bogota; Rio Negro; Georgetown; Paramaribo; Guiana (Fr.); Cayenne; C. Orange; Mouth of the Amazon R.; Marajo Isl.; Para R.; Pernambuco to Plymouth 3,867 Miles; Freetown; Monrovia; Equator; Guinea; Coomassi; Abrante; Bingerville; Akkra (Br.); Whydah; (Sp.) Fernando Po I.; (Por.) Princes I.; C. Palmas; Daromry (Fr.); Lagos; Lagos (Br.); Asab; S. Nigeria (Br.); Amerun (Ger.); Buen;French Equatorial Africa; Sobai; Ladoi; Mobana R.; Kongo R.; Wadela; Stanley Falls; Adis; Abeba; Somalilan; Abyssinia; Br. East Africa; Rudolf L.; Victoria; Somali (Italy); Brava; Mukhdisho; Morin; Colombo; Maldive Is. (Brit.); Ceylon Isl. (Brit.); Batu Isl. (D); Siriu Isl. (Dut.); Bencoolen; Sunda Strait; Sunda Islands; Banka Isl.; Borneo (Dutch); Pasin; Batavia; Java Sea; Macassar; Lava (Dut); Surabaya; Floris Sea; Molucca pass; Celebes (Dutch); Ceram I. (D.); Boerol I. (D.); Banda Sea; Floris Isl. (Dut); Fred Henry Isl.; Arafura Sea; Admiralty Is. (Ger.); Bismarck Arch.; (Dutch); New Buinea (Br.); Hairer (Ger.); Wilhelm; Lo.; Terres Str.; New Mecklenburg Isl. (Ger.); Solomon Islands; New Britain (Ger.); Bougainville (Ger.); Choiseul; Sapel (Ger.); Georgia (Br.); Malayta (Br.); Polynesia; L & Goonior Ellice (Br.); Phoenix Is. (Br.); Union or Tokelau Is. (Br.); Jarvis Isl. (Br.); Manihik Group (Br.); Marquesas Is. (Fr.); Albemarle (Ecua.); Quito; Chimobrazo Vol.; Guayaquil; Ecuador; Loja; Raita; Peru; Truxillo; Huaraz; Andes Mountains; Manaos; Amazon River; Jurua R.; South America; Purus River; Tirol; Villa Nova; Para.; Santarem; Tapajos R.; Carolina; St. Louiz de Maranhao; Paranahilos; Cesna; Fernando; Noronha; Natal; Theresina; Pernai; Liverpool to Melbourne 13,290 Miles; (Por.) St. Thomas I.; (Sp.) Annobon I.; Gulf of Guinea; Ascension Isl. (Br.); C. Lopez; Leopoldville; Banana; Boma; Loanda; Equatorsville; Belgian Kongo; Kasek; Nyangue; Tanganjika; L. Moero; S.S. Kabango; Gyanza; Mt. Kenia; Kismayu; Kilimanjaro; Witu; German East Africa; Mombasa; Pemba I. (Br.); Zanzibar (Br.); Tabora; Bagamoyo; Aldabra Is.; Quiloa; Seychelles Is. (Br.); Amirante Is. (Br.); Aden to Melbourne 6,310 Miles; Chagos Is. (Br.); Indian Ocean; Malaysia; Sumbawa Isl. (Dut.); Sandal Wood Isl. (Dut.); C. Preston;Timor Isl.; Bathurst Isl.; Cambridge G.; Oceania; Talmerston; Kings Sound; Broome; Normantown; Northern Territory (British); C. York; Somerset; Gulf of Carpentaria; China Str.; Cooktown; Coral Sea; Guadalcanar; Louisiade Arch. (Br.); Rennell (B); Espiritu Santo; Mallicollo; Huon Isl. (Fr.); Santa Cruz Is. (Br.); New Hebrides (Fr. & Br.); Vanua Levu; Viti Levu; Samoa Is.; Uea (Fr.); Tutuila (U.S.); Upolu Isl. (Ger.); Fiji Is. (Br.); Savage Isl. (Br.); Society Is. (Fr.); Tuamotu; Tahite (Fr.); Archipelago (Fr.); Lima; Lea; L. Titicaca; Arequipa; Villa Bella; Brazil; Cuzco; Sorata; Trinidad; Bolivia; Illiman; Suere; R. Xingu; Tocantine R.; Cuyaba; Goyaz; Diamantina; Barra; Aracaju; Bahia; Palma; Porto Seguro; Caravellas; Pernambuco to Cape Town 3,320 Miles; Trinidad Is. (Brazil); St. Helena Isl. (Brit.); Benguela; Mossamede; C. Frio; Port. West Africa; Bengweol; Sioma; Ger. S.W. Africa; Zembezi; Salisbury; Bulaway; Rouuma; C. Delgado; Comoro Is.; Nyasia R.; Mozambique; Zomba; Quilimane; Tete; Chinde; Farquhar Is.; C. Amber; Indian Ocean; Tamatavo; Tananarico; Cargados Carayos Isl.; Mascarene; Rodriguez (Br.); N.W. Cape; Roebourne; Western Australia; Australia (British); Steep Pt.; Northampton; Dongarra; Eyre L.; South Australia; L. Terrena; Bowen; Boula; Queensland; Warwick; New Caledonia (Fr.); Rockhampton; Brisbane; Loyalty Is.; Norfolk Isl. (Br.); Tonga Is. (Br.); Tropic of Capricorn; Cook or Herwi Is. (Br.); Austral Is.; Tubuai Isl.; (Fr.); Apia to Punta Arenas 5,197 Miles; Gambier Is. (Fr.); Pitcairn Isl. (Br.); Easter Isl. (Br.); Antofagasta; Mt. Llullailluco; St. Ambrose Isl. (Chile); St. Felix (Chile); Copiapo; La Serena; Iquique; Potosi; Cobija; Tarija; Salta; Asuncion; Tucuman; Rioja; Ouro Preto; Tiete R.; Paraguay; Parana R.; Curitiba; Itajahy; Desterro; Corrientes; Victoria; Rio de Janeiro; St. paulo; Tropic of Capricorn; South Atlantic Ocean; Walfiseh Bay (Br.); Angra Pequena; orange R.; Port Nolloth; Rhodesia; Limpopo; Palapyo; United South Africa (British); Bechuana; Transvaal Col.; Pretoria; Johannesburg; Bloenfontein; Orange Riv. Col.; Kimberley; Port. East Africa; Safala; Mozambique Channel; Delagoa B.; Madagascar (French); Lourenco Marquez; Pietermaritzburg; Durban; Mauritius Isl. (Br.); Reunion Islands (Fr.); Perth; Williamsburg; Bunbury; Culvere; C. Leeuwan; Albany; Port Eucla; Great Australian Bight; Spencer; Kangaroo Isl.; Darling R.; New South Wales; Port Augusts; Adelaide; Kingston; Victoria; Portland; Melbourne; Bark Strait; Lord Hove Isl. (Br.); Newcastle; Sydney; Cape Howe; North Cape; North Island; East Cape; Auckland; New Plymouth; Napier; Kermadeo Is. (Br.); South Pacific Ocean; Juan Fernandez Isl. (Chile); Mas-A-Fuera Isl. (Chile); Valparaiso; Santiago; Curico; Concepcion; Leou; Valdivia; San Juan; Salto; Cordoba; Rosario; San Luis; Buenos Aires; La Plata; Bahia Blanca; Blanca B.; Porto Alegre; Uruguay; Rio Grande do Sul; Montevideo; Plata R.; C. Corrientes; Inaccessible Isl.; Tristan da Cunha Isl.; Nightingale Isl. (Brit.); Cape Town; Cape Colony; East London; Port Elizabeth; Georgetown; C. Agulhas; Cape of Good Hope; Port Natal; Cape Town to Colombo 4,200 Miles; Cape Town to Melbourne 6,030 Miles; New Amsterdam; St. Paul (Fr.)Furneaux Group; Tasmania (British); Launceston; Hobart; Cape Providence; Stewart Isl.; Nelson; New Zealand (Brit.); Wellington; Hokitika; Christchurch; South Island; Dunedin; Invergargill; Wellington to Valparaiso 5,039 Miles; Chatham Isl. (Brit.); Bounty Isl.; (Brit.); Melbourne to Liverpool 13,350 Miles; Chiloe Isl.; Chonos Archipelago; Taytao Pen.; Gulf of Benas; Wellington Isl.; Viedma; Gulf of San Matios; Rawson; Bay of St. George; Port Deseado; Valparaiso to New York 8,460 Miles; Gough Isl. (Br.); Pr. Edward Isl.; Marion (Brit.); Crozet Is (Brit.); Kerguelen (Fr.); Royal Co. Isl. (Brit.); Macquarie Isl. (Brit.); Emerald Isl. (Brit.); Auckland Isl. (Brit.); Antipodes or Greenwich Is. (Brit.); Campbell Isl. (Brit.); Monday; Sunday;Madre de Dios Archipelago; Strait of Magellan; S. Inez Isl.; Hoste Isl.; Argentina; Santa Cruz; Strait of Magellan; Tierra del Fuego; Staten Isl.; Cape Horn; Falkland Sound; Falkland Is. (Brit.); Stanley; South Georgia (Br.);Sandwich Group; Lindsay Isl.; Thompson Isl.; Souvet Isl. (Brit.); McDonald (Brit.); Heard; Knoxland; Wilkes Land; Budo Land; Northland; Adelle Land; Antarctic Ocean; Antarctic Circle; Emp. Peter Isl.; Adelaide Isl.; Elephant Isl.; South Shetland Is.; Livingston Isl.; Smith Isl.; Bransfield Strait; Trinity Land Palmer Land; Coronation Isl.; Clarence Isl.; King George Isl.; Joinville Isl.; Louis Philippe Land; South Orkney Is.; Laurie Isl.; Graham Land; Emp. Alexander Land; Antarctic Circle; Enderby Land; Kemp Land; Victoria Land Note: Dimensions of the Earth; Equatorial Diameter; Earth's Azis; Circumference at Equator; Areas of the Earth; Land Surface; Water Surface; Total; Oceans; Pacific; Atlantic; Indian; Antarctic; Arctic; Principal Salt lakes; Lake or sea; Country; Area Sq. M.; Elev., ft.; Caspian Sea; Asia; Sea of Aral; Belkash; Maracaibo; So. Am.; Eyre; Australia; Titicaca; Issik-kul; Koko-nor; Van; Great Salt Lake; N. Am.; Urumiah; Dead Sea; Ngami; Africa; above sea.; below sea.; Countries; Capitals; Argentina; Buenos Aires; Australia; Melbourne; Austria-Hungary; Vienna; Belgium; Brussels; Bolivia; La Paz; Brazil; Rio de Janeiro; Bulgaris; Sofia; Canada, Dominion of; Ottawa; Chile; Santiago; China; Pekin; Colombia; Bogota; Costa Rica; San Jose; Cuba; Havana; Denmark; Copenhagen; East Indies, Dutch; Batavia; Ecaudor; Quito; Egypt; Cairo; France; Paris; Germany; Berlin; Great Britain and Ireland; London; Greece; Athens; Guatemala; New Guatemala; Haiti; Port au Prince; Honduras; Tegucigalpa; India; Calcutta; Principal Freshwater Lakes; Lake or Sea; Country; Area Sq. M.; Elev. Ft. above Sea Level; Superior; N. Am.; Victoria Nyanza; Afr.; Michigan; Huron; Tanganyika; Baikal; Asia; Great Bear; Nyassa; Tchad; Great Slave; Bangweolo; Winnipeg; Erie; Lake of the Woods; Albert Nyanza; Ladoga; Eur.; Ontario; Athabaska; Nicaragua; Onega; Tungting; Wenrer; Champlain; Dembea; Wetter; Managua; Balaton, (Platten Sea); Geneva, (or Leman); Constance, (or Boden Sea); Garda; Maggiore; Neufchatel; George; Cayuga; Lucerne; Zurich; Como; Area.; Square miles; Population; Commerce with the United States; National Debts; Total.; Per Capita.; Revenue; Expenditure; Countries; Capitals; Italy; Rome; Japan; Tokio; Korea; Seoul; Mexico; Mexico; Netherlands; The Hague; Nicaragua; Managua; Norway; Christiania; Paraguay; Asuncion; Persia; Teheran; Peru; Lima; Portugal; Lisbon; Roumania; Bucharest; Russia; St. Petersburg; Salvador; San Salvador; Santo Domingo; Servia; Belgrade; Siam; Bangkok; Spain; Madrid; Sweden; Stockholm; Switzerland; Bern; Turkey; Constantinople; United States; Washington; Uruguay; Montevideo; Venezuela; Caracas; Railroad Mileage of the World; Countries; Miles; Africa; Abyssinia; Algeria; Angola; British Central Africa; British East Africa; Cape Colony; Dahomey; Egypt; Eritea; French Guinea; Franch Somaliland; German East Africa; German Southwest Africa; Gold Coast; Ivory Coast; Kamerun; Kongo Independent State; Lagos; Madagascar; Mauritius; Natal; Northern Nigeria; Orange River Colony; Portuguese East Africa; Rhodesia; Senegal; Senegambia; Sierra Leone; Togoland; Transvaal; Tunis; Uganda; Asia; Afghanistan; Baluchistan; Bokhara; Borneo; Ceylon; China; Dutch East Indies; Federated Malay States; Formosa; French Indo-China; India; Japan; Korea; Laos; Manchuria; Persia; Philippine Islands; Portuguese India; Russia in Asia; Siam; Straits Settlement; Turkey in Asia; Total; Ustralasia; New Caledonia; New South Wales; New Zealand; Queensland; South Australia; Tasmania; Victoria; Western Australia; Europe; Austria-Hungary; Belgium; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Bulgaria; Denmark; Finland; France; Germany; Great Britain and Ireland; Greece; Italy; Luxemburg; Malta, Jersey and Man (Islands); Montenegro; Netherlands; Norway; Portugal; Roumania; Russia in Europe; Servia; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; Turkey in Europe; North America; Costa Rica; Dominion of Canada; Guatemala; Hawaii; Honduras; Mexico; Newfoundland and Labrador; Nicaragua; Salvador; United States; South America; Argentina; Bolivia; Brazil; British Guiana; Chile; Colombia; Ecuador; French Guiana; Panama; Paraguay; Peru; Uruguay; Venzuela; West Indies; Barbados; Cuba; Haiti; Jamaica; Porto Rico; Santo Domingo; Trinidad; Total; Grand Total;Telegraph Mileage of the World; Countries; United States; Russia; France; Germany; India; Great Britain and Ireland; Mexico; Austria-Hungary; Dominion of Canada; Argentina; Italy; Turkey; Spain; Sweden; Japan; Brazil; New South Wales; China; Chile; Norway; Queensland; Colombia; Philippine Islands; Dutch East Indies; Cape Colony; New Zealand; French Indo-China; Algeria; Victoria; Western Australia; South Australia; Persia; Portugal; Roumania; Netherlands; Belgium; Rhodesia; Greece; Switzerland; Venezuela; Madagascar; Bulgaria; Peru; Bolivia; Guatemala; Siam; Honduras; Nicaragua; Formosa; Egypt; Ecuador; Transvaal; Portuguese East Africa; Denmark; Tasmania; Korea; Tunis; Newfoundland and Labrador; Servia; Federated Malay States; Cuba; Salvador; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Natal; Dahomey; Orange River Colony; Ceylon; Angola; British East Africa; Uruguay; Senegal; Trinidad; Northern Nigeria; Longest Rivers; Names; Countries; Length, Miles; Mississippi-Missouri; U.S.; Nile; Egypt; Amazon-Maranon; Brazil; Yangtze-Kiang; China; Congo; Cen. Africa; Ob; Rus. In Asia; Hoangho; Lena; Niger; W. Africa; Yenesei; Plata-Parana; Arg. & Bra.; Mackenzie; Canada; Amur; Volga; Rus. in Eur.; St. Lawrence; U.S. & Can.; Yukon; Alaska; Arkansas; U.S.; Zambesi; E. Africa; Indus; India; Brahmaputra-Sanpu; Rio Grande del Norte; U.S. & Mex.; Danube; Aus.-Hun.;Mekong; Indo China; Saskatchewau-Nelson; Euphrates; Tur. in Asia; Orinoco; Col. & Ven.; Colorado; Ganges; India; Amu; Turkestan; San Francisco; Brazil; Sir-Daria; Irawaddy; Columbia; Dnieper; Rus. in Eur.; Para, or Tocantine; Darling; Australia; Don; Tigris; Tur. in Asia; Murray; Orange, or Gariep; S.W. Africa; Senegal; W. Africa; Ural, or Jaik; Rus. in Eur.; Gambia; Rhine; Germany; Ohio; Churchill, or Mississippi; Magdalena; Col.; Paranahiba; Fraser; Loire; France; Elbe; Oder; Rhone; Tagus; Portugal; Vistula; Seine; Susquehanna; Potomac; Garonne; Guadiana; Spain; Sacramento; Po; Italy; Ebro; Neva; Thames; England; Hudson; Armies of the World; Russia; France; Germany; Austria-Hungary; Great Britain; Italy; Turkey; China; Japan; Abyssinia; Switzerland; Spain; United States; Afghanistan; Belgium; Servia; Portugal; Sweden; Mexico; Roumania; Bulgaria; Norway; Netherlands; Nepal; Greece; Brazil; Persia; Korea; Kongo Independent State; Chile; Egypt; Denmark; Morocco; Bokhara; Siam; Venezuela; Argentina; Guatemala; Costa Rica; Uruguay; Peru; Ecuador; Cuba; Salvador; Bolivia; Nicaragua; Paraguay; Colombia; Haiti; Navies of the World; Great Britain; Russia; France; Japan; Germany; United States; Italy; Netherlands; Turkey; Austria-Hungary; Sweden; Chile; Greece; Denmark; Spain; China; Brazil; Norway; Portugal; Siam; Peru; Mexico; Published by Geo. F. Cram, Chicago, Ill.

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Page  75 PATRONS' REFERENCE DIRECTORY OF Branch County, Mic igar EXPLANATION.-The date following a name indicates the length of time the party has been a resident in the county. The abbreviations are as follows: S. for Section; T. for Township; P. 0. for Post-office address. When no Section Number or Township is given, it will be understood that the party resides within the limits of the village or city named, and, in such cases, the post-office address is the same as the place of residence, unless otherwise stated. Abel, Herbert, Farmer, S. 8, T. Coldwater, P. 0. Coldwater. 1898. Adair & Nagle, Garage, Coldwater. 1888. Adams, C. B., Farmer, S. 24, T. Gilead, P. 0. Kinderhook. Mr. Adams was born in Branch County in 1890. Adams, E. R., Farmer, S. 12, T. California, P. 0. Montgomery. Mr. Adams was born in Branch County in 1877. Adams, Geo. H., Farmer, S. 18, T. California, P. 0. Montgomery. Mr. Adams was born in Branch County in 1875. Albright, W\. S., Farmer, S. 17, T. California, P. 0. Ray, Ind. 1885. Algansee Township, Duane Houck, Clerk, S. 15, T. Algansee, P. 0. Quincy. Alger, Ernest, Farmer, S. 1, T. Matteson, P. 0. Sherwood. Mr. Alger was born in Branch County in 1883. Allen, Clyde AW., Dental Surgeon, Union City. Allen, D. C. & Co., Dealers in Hardware, Coldwater. 1858. Allgire, B. F., Farmer, S. 27, T. Algansee, P. 0. Montgomery. 1898. Amaden, Guy W., Farmer and Dairyman, S. 34, T. Girard, P. 0. Coldwater. 1908. Ambrose, J. A. P., Farmer, S. 9, T. Butler, P. O. Litchfield. Mr. Ambrose was born in Branch County in 1869. Anderson, Emil, Quincy Creamery, Quincy. 1914. Andrus, R. S., Employed by Cement Co., also Township Treasurer, Quincy. 1886. Angevine, Chas. J., Farmer and Dairyman, S. 14, T. Coldwater, P. 0. Coldwater. 1885. Angevine. R. C., Concrete Builder and Contractor, Coldwater. 1887. Anton, John, Farmer and Stockraiser, S. 25, T. Girard, P. 0. Coldwater. 1898. Archer, L. B., Farmer, S. 6, T. Algansee, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Archer was born in Branch County in 1862. Armstrong, Wm. H., Farmer, S. 15, T. Ovid, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Armstrong was born in Branch County in 1855. Atwood, Fred E., Farmer and Stockraiser, S. 6, T. Union, P. O. Union City. 1882. Austin, C. H., Farmer, S. 22, T. Batavia, P. 0. Batavia. 1847. Baker, Irwin J., Farmer and Stockraiser, S. 25, T. Batavia, P. 0. Coldwater. 1914. Barlow, B. E., Lawyer, Coldwater. Barlow, H. H., Lawyer. Coldwater. Barnes, C. C., Farmer and Dairyman, S. 15, T. Coldwater, P. 0. Coldwater. 1906. Barnes, Earl, Farmer and Dairyman, S. 15, T. Coldwater, P. 0. Coldwater, 1906. Barnes, F. P., Farmer, S. 26, T. Batavia, P. 0. Batavia. 1906. Barnes, Otis, Farmer, S. 10, T. Kinderhook, P. 0. Montgomery. 1906. Barnes, W. W., Farmer, S. 34, T. Batavia, P. O. Batavia. 1906. Barnhart, Frank, Farmer and Stockraiser, S. 34, T. Union, P. O. Union City and Coldwater. Mr. Barnhart was born in Branch County in 1858. Barrack, H. E., Farmer, S. 3, T. Coldwater, P. 0. Coldwater. 1901. Bartlett, C. S., Furniture and Undertaker, Union City. Bater, A. D., Farmer, S. 23, T. Batavia, P. 0. Batavia. Mr. Bater was born in Branch County in 1868. Bater, Sam E., Insurance and General Merchant, S. 26, T. Batavia, P. O. Batavia. Mr. Bater was born in Branch County in 1883. Bates, Harvey, Farmer, S. 7, T. Ovid, P. G. Coldwater. Mr. Bates was born in Branch County in 1878. Beck, Henry, Farmer, S. 9, T. Gilead, P. 0. Bronson. 1874. Beck, S. N., Farmer, S. 10, T. Girard, P. 0. Tekonsha. 1913. Beckwith, W. W., Farmer, S. 26, T. Algansee, P. 0. Reading. 1898. Beery, Abe, Farmer, S. 21, T. Noble, P. 0. Bronson. Mr. Beery was born in Branch County in 1868. Beery, Irvin, Township Clerk, S. 3, T. Noble, P. O. Bronson. Mr. Beery was born in Branch County in 1889. Behnke, William C., Jr., Farmer, S. 31, T. Coldwater, P. 0. Coldwater. 1884. Bell, W. A., Livery and Sale Barn, Union City. Bennett, E. E., Farmer, S. 23, T. Coldwater, P. 0. Coldwater, Mr. Bennett was born in Branch County in 1869. Berlien, L. S., Farmer, S. 14, T. Kinderhook, P. 0. Montgomery. 1907. Berlin, F. E., Farmer, S. 6, T. Algansee, P. 0. Coldwater. 1886. Bertsch, Chas., Farmer, S. 10, T. Bethel, P. 0. Batavia. 1878. Besemer, B. W., Farmer, S. 11, T. Butler, P. 0. Litchfield. 1882. Beyer, Adolph, Farmer, S. 9, T. Algansee, P. 0, Quincy. 1906. Beyer, Robert, Farmer, S. 36, T. Butler, P. 0. Allen. 1905. Bickford, F. H., Farmer and Justice of Peace, S. 7, T. Algansee, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Bickford was born in Branch County in 1867. Bidelman, E. A., Livery, Coldwater. 1861. Bidwell, F. A., Farmer and Poultry Buyer, S. 15, T. Girard, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Bidwell was born in Branch County in 1875. Biglow, P. C., Farmer, S. 33, T. Algansee, P. 0. Montgomery. 1911. Bingham, C. O., Farmer, S. 27, T. Ovid, P. 0. Coldwater. 1854. Bishop, Jay, Farmer, S. 8, T. Girard, P. 0. Tekonsha. 1873. Biyer, F. W., Farmer, S. 17, T. Ovid, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Biyer was born in Branch County in 1885. Blake, H. M., Restaurant, Coldawater. 1881. Blind, Arba, Farmer and Dairyman, S. 5, T. Coldwater, P. O. Coldwater. 1895. Boley, C. A., Farmer, S. 8, T. Quincy, P. O. Quincy. 1889. Boley, F., Farmer, S. 19, T. Quincy, P. 0. Quincy. 1889. Bolton, B. E., Farmer, S. 19, T. Batavia, P. O. Bronson. 1883. Bonfiglio, Louis, Ideal Candy and Fruit Store, Coldwater. 1910. Booth, Albert J., Farmer and Supervisor, S. 8, T. Gilead, P. 0. Bronson. MIr. Booth was born in Branch County in 1848. Bordt, William, Farmer, S. 23, T. Kinderhook, P. 0. Fremont, Ind. 1890. Bovees, The, Photographers, Quincy. Bowen, E. W., Farmer, S. 2, T. Quincy, P. O. Quincy. Mr. Bowen was born in Branch County in 1851. Bowerman, W., Farmer, S. 9, T. Quincy, P. O. Quincy. Mr. Bowerman was born in Branch County in 1875. Bowers, D. J., Farmer S. 3, T. Butler,. 0. Litchfield. Mr. Bowers was born in Branch County in 1857. Boynton, Stanley, Farmer and Supervisor, Quincy. 1863. Bracv, A. D., Farmer, S. 29, T. Butler, P. 0. Quincy. 1910. Bradley, H. H., Farmer, S. 25, T. Algansee, P. O. Reading. Mr. Bradley was born in Branch County in 1858. Bradley, L. D., Farmer, S. 25, T. Algansee, P. 0. Reading. Mr. Bradley was born in Branch County in 1857. Brainerd, F. L., Dealer in Coal, Wood Lime, Cement, Tile, etc., Quincy. Branch County Officers:-Probate Judge, Mark S. Andrews; Probate Register, Edna B. Miner; Sheriff, George W. Ralston; Under Sheriff, Nelson W. Fenner; County Clerk and Register of Deeds, Roy G. Moore; Deputies, Oral B. Moore and Clara Hiesrodt; Prosecuting Attorney, Chas. U. Champion; Circuit Court Commissioners, Chas. F. Howe and Chas. N. Legg; Coroners, Joseph H. Montague and Charles L. Keep; Surveyor, Thomas R. Shaver; School Commissioner, Frank 13. Robinson; Drain Commissioner, Eli D. Tift; Road Commissioners, F. L. Cox, Coldwater; W. A. Lott, Quincy; and E. E. Croy, Sherwood; County Treasurer, Ora B. Wheeler; Deputy Treasurer, Carl J. Martin. Deputy Sheriffs: —L. L. Holdridge, Coldwater; A. Bert Cline, Union City; Theodore Wood, Ovid; Arthur D. Bowles, Bronson; R. C. Denham, Quincy; Robert Bell, Sherwood. Branch County Savings Bank, General Banking, Coldwater. Brandt, Harry B., Farmer, S. 35, T. Batavia, P. 0. Batavia. 1869. Brant, L. R., Farmer and Stockraiser, S. 28, T. Bronson, P. 0. Bronson. 1913. Brehm, John H., Farmer, S. 18. T. Kinderhook, P. 0. Kinderhook. 1875. Brewster, Ben, Farmer, S. 19, T. Girard, P. 0. Union City. 1879. Bronson, Peter L., Farmer, S. 23, T. Bethel, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Bronson was born in Branch County in 1886. Broughton, Lester, Farmer, S. 6, T. California, P. 0. Montgomery. Mr. Broughton was born in Branch County in 1867. Brown, A. A., Farmer, S. 14, T. Bethel, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Brown was born in Branch County in 1888. Brown, J. C., Farmer, S. 3, T. Kinderhook, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Brown was born in Branch County in 1866. Brown, J. M., Farmer, S. 23, T. Girard, P. 0. Coldwater. 1867. Brown, J. W., Farmer, S. 4, T. Ovid, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Brown was born in Branch County in 1859. Brown, R., Farmer, S. 5, T. Girard, P. 0. Union City. 1914. Brunson, J. W., Farmer, S. 11, T. Bethel, P. 0. Batavia. Mr. Brunson was born in Branch County in 1870. Buck, D. A., Ex-Sheriff of Branch County, Coldwater. 1862. Buck, Perry C., Farmer, S. 24, T. Bethel, P. O. Coldwater. Mr. Buck was born in Branch County in 1871. Buck, Wilbert, Farmer, S. 19, T. Coldwater, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Buck was born in Branch County in 1873. Buell, P. J., Lumber and Building Material, Union City. Buell, Thos. B., Farmer and Breeder of Registered Holstein-Friesian Cattle, S. 30, T. Union, P. 0. Union City. Mr. Buell was born in Branch County in 1880. Burbank, F. C., Farmer and Township Clerk, S. 16, T. Butler, P. 0. Quincy. Mr. Burbank was born in Branch County in 1864. Burch & Kemp, Grocery and Meat Market, Coldwater. Established 1912. Burghduff, Fred A., Proprietor "Beechridge Farm," S. 29, T. Batavia, P. 0. Bronson. Mr. Burghduff was born in Branch County in 1864. Burk, Lee, Farmer, S. 13, T. Gilead, P. 0. Kinderhook. Mr. Burk was born in Branch County in 1875. Burke, James, Farmer, S. 34, T. Batavia, P. 0. Batavia. 1866. Burke, Mrs. Margaret, Farming, S. 13, T. Coldwater, P. O. Coldwater. 1900. Burlew, T. J., Farmer, S. 24, T. Algansee, P. 0. Reading. 1884. Burns, Frank, Farmer, S. 23, T. Quincy, P. 0O. Quincy. Mr. Burns was born in Branch County in 1878. Burns, John, Farmer and Stock Buyer, S. 35, T. Matteson, P. 0. Bronson. 1896. Burns, W. John, Farmer, S. 11, T. Quincy, P. 0. Quincy. 1891. Burnside, James, Farmer and Teacher, S. 36, T. Bethel, P. O. Coldwater. Mr. Burnside was born in Branch County in 1889. Bnrritt, R., Farmer, S. 27, T. Girard, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Burritt was born in Branch County in 1880. Burton, Geo. A., Superintendent Oak Grove Cemetery, Coldwater. 1868. Bush, C. E., Farmer, S. 29, T. Girard, P. 0. Coldwater. 1912. Bussing, 0. WV., Farmer, S. 28, T. Ovid, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Bussing was born in Branch County in 1859. Buys, Wm., Farmer, S. 13, T. Matteson, P. 0. Bronson. 1876. Byers, L. J., Dairy, Coldwater. 1900. Calkins, B. H. & Son Co., Cooperage, Coldwater. Son was born in Branch Countv in 1870. Calkins, F. B., Farmer and Stock Buyer, S. 3, T. Matteson, P. 0. Sherwood. Mr. Calkins was born in Branch County in 1872. Camp, E. L,., Farmer, S. 23, T. Algansee, P. 0. Reading. 1853. Campbell, Milo D., Ex-United States Marshal, Coldwater. 1851. Card, Art, Farmer, S. 13, T. Bethel, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Card was born in Branch County in 1860. Card, Alrah W., Farmer and Stockraiser, S. 26, T. Bethel, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Card was born in Branch County in 1878. Card, E. F., Farmer, S. 32, T. Batavia, P. 0. Bronson. Mr. Card was born in Branch County in 1886. Carr, Curtis, Farmer, S. 5, T. Quincy, P. 0. Quincy. 1908. Carroll, C. O., Merchant, S. 14, T. Gilead, East Gilead, P. 0. Bronson. 1885. Casteel, L. G., Farmer, S. 28, T. Algansee, P. 0. Quincy. 1909. Cattell, Russel N., Farmer, S. 12, T. Noble, P. 0. Bronson. Mr. Cattell was born in Branch County in 1896. Champion, Charles U., Attorney-at-Law, Coldwater. 1864. Chapman, Charles W., Cigar Manufacturer, Coldwater. 1852. Chapman, Frank, Farmer, S. 2, T. Bethel, P. 0. Batavia. 1898. Chase, Harvey, Farmer, S. 36, T. Butler, P. O. Quincy. 1856. Claar, Clyde, Farmer, S. 9, T. Batavia, P. 0. Batavia. 1913. Claar, Frank, Farmer and Breeder, S. 20, T. Batavia, P. 0. Batavia. 1906. Claar, J., Farmer, S. 8, T. Batavia, P. 0. Batavia. 1911. Clark, M. K., Farmer, S. 32, T. Sherwood, P. 0. Sherwood. Clark, Oliver J., Farmer, S. 6, T. Kinderhook, P. 0. Kinderhook. Mr. Clark was born in Branch County in 1855. Clark, Wm., Farmer, S. 22, T. Ovid, P. 0. Coldwater. 1911. Clarke, E. R. & Co., Drugs, Groceries, Paints, Oils and Glass, Coldwater. Clay, E. E., Corn Shredder and Gravel for Sale, Union City. 1853. Claybaugh, W. H., Farmer, S. 11, T. Coldwater, P. 0. Coldwater. 1913. Claypool, M., Farmer, S. 20, T. Matteson, P. 0. Sherwood. 1901. Clem, M. A., Farmer, S. 32 and 33, T. Bethel, P. 0. Bronson. 1913. Clingan, J. L., Farmer, S. 14, T. Butler, P. 0. Litchfield. 1905. Clizbe, H. Smith, Ice Dealer, Coldwater. Mr. Clizbe was born in Branch County in 1871. Coldwater, City of, W. T. Stansell, City Clerk. Coldwater Garage Co., The, C. F. Strong, Manager, Garage, ColdwaterColdwater National Bank, General Banking, Coldwater. Coldwater Township, Chas. Culp, Clerk, S. 3, T..Coldwater, P. 0. Coldwater. Cole, A. L. & Sons, Farmers, S. 13, T. Bethel, P. 0. Coldwater. 1854. Cole, E. A., Farmer, S. 34, T. Batavia, P. 0. Batavia. 1880. Cole, Marion, Farmer, S. 19, T. Ovid, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Cole was born in Branch County in 1879. Coller, L. C., Pianos and Organs, Coldwater. 1884. Conklin, E. D., Farmer, S. 9, T. Kinderhook, P. 0. Kinderhook. Mr. Conklin was born in Branch County in 1S67. Cook, Peter, Farmer and Stockraiser, S. 13, T. Bronson, P. 0. Bronson. 1869. Cook, Sam, Farmer, S. 17, T. Bethel, P. 0. Bronson. 1899. Cooley, Mrs. Lina, Farming and Stockraising, S. 16, T. Union, P. O. Union City. 1914. Cooper, W. H., Constable of Butler Township, S. 2, T. Butler, P. 0. Litchfield. 1875. Copeland. J. H., Farmer, S. 7, T. California, P. 0. Montgomery. 1869. Copeland, J. M., Farmer, S. 13, T. Matteson, P. 0. Sherwood. Mr. Copeland was born in Branch County in 1858. Copeland, S. A., Clerk of Matteson Township, S. 21, T. Matteson, P. 0. Sherwood. Mr. Copeland was born in Branch County in 1890. Corbin, John C., Farmer and Breeder of Shropshire Sheep, S. 10, T. Sherwood, P. 0. Sherwood. 1885. Corless, Fran, Farmer, S. 12, T. Coldwater, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Corless was born in Branch County in 1854. Corless, Fread, Livery and Feed Stables, Quincy. Mr. Corless was born in Branch County in 1856. Corless, Harry, Farmer, S. 31, T. Quincy, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Corless was born in Branch County in 1871. Corless, Hiram, Farmer, S. 19, T. Quincy, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Corless was born in Branch County in 1855. Corless, Isaac E., Farmer and Stockraiser, S. 1, T. Ovid, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Corless was born in Branch County in 1856. Corless, Wm., Farmer, S. 1, T. Coldwater, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Corless was born in Branch County in 1865. Cornell, Ed, Farmer, S. 31, T. Girard, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Cornell was born in Branch County in 1872. Correll, Jacob H., Farmer and Justice of Peace, S. 7, T. Sherwood, P. 0. Sherwood. 1889.

Page  76 76 Cotsonis Bros., Candy Works and Manufacturers of Pure Ice Cream, Coldwater. 1907. Coward, B. J., Farmer, S. 14, T. Matteson, P. O. Sherwood. Mr. Coward was born in Branch County in 1866. Cowell, W. G., Lawyer, Coldwater. 1874. Cowles, Geo. W., Farmer, S. 3, T. Girard, P. O. Tekonsha. 1911. Cox, E. C., Garage, Automobile Repairs and Accessories, Union City. Cox, Frank, Countv Road Commissioner and Farmer, S. 23, T. Girard, P. O. Coldwater. 1853. Cox, Grant S.,, Farmer and Dairyman, S. 12, T. Ovid, P. O. Coldwater. 1875. Cox, Herman, Farmer, S. 12, T. Ovid, P. O. Coldwater. Mr. Cox was born in Branch County in 1891. Cox, Otis L., Farmer, S. 12, T. Ovid, P. O. Coldwater. 1882. Cox, Ted, Farmer, S. 35, T. Coldwater, P. 0. Coldwater. 1872. Craig, Lewis, Farmer, S. 29, T. Girard, P. O. Coldwater. Mr. Craig was born in Branch County in 1869. Craig, S W., Farmer, S. 20, T. Girard, P. O. Coldwater. Mr. Craig was born in Branch County in 1862. Crandall, Chas., Farmer, S. 24, T. Bethel, P. 0. Coldwater. 1893. Croy, E. E., Farmer and Road Commissioner, S. 15, T. Matteson, P. O. Sherwood. 1863. Crull, S. D., Farmer, S. 25, T. Bethel, P. 0. Kinderhook. 1852. Culbert, E. D., Farmer, S. 10, T. Quincy, P. 0. Quincy. 1903. Cull, Chas., Clerk of Coldwater Township, S. 3, T. Coldwater, P. O. Coldwater. Mr. Culp was born in Branch County in 1864. Curtis, J. G., Farmer and Stockraiser, S. 33, T. Girard, P. O. Coldwater. Mr. Curtis was born in Branch County in 1877. Curtis, N. J., Farmer, S. 16, T Butler, P. 0. Quincy. Mr. Curtis was born in Branch County in 1855. Dailey, O. E., Farmer, S. 8, T. Butler, P. 0. Tekonsha. 1886. Day, D. C., Farmer, S. 30, T. Butler, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Day was born in Branch County in 1859. Day, I. W., Farmer, S. 19, T. Butler, P. 0. Quincy. Mr. Day was born in Branch County in 1853. Dean, D. C., Farmer, S. 17, T. Butler, P. 0. Quincy. Mr. Dean was born in Branch Countv in 1890. Dean, Thomas, Farmer, S. 20, T. Butler, P. 0. Quincy. 1880. Dean, W. M., Farmer and Township Treasurer, S. 18, T. Butler, P. O. Quincy. 1862. DeLano, Austin, Farmer, S. 30, T. Sherwood, P. 0. Colon. Demarest, F. C., Farmer, S. 6, T. Quincy, P. O. Coldwater. Mr. Demarest was born in Branch County in 1873. Denbrock. Albert, Farmer, S. 7, T. Butler, P. 0. Tekonsha. Mr. Denbrock was born in Branch County in 1886. Denbrock, J. A., Farmer, S. 5, T. Butler, P. 0. Tekonsha. 1880. Denbrock, Wm. F., Farmer, S. 11, T. Girard, P. 0. Tekonsha. 1885. Dennis, W. J., Farmer, S. 19, T. Quincy, P. 0. Coldwater. 1914. Dermott, J. E., Farmer, S. 28, T. Coldwater, P. 0. Coldwater. 1907. Dickey, G. R., Farmer, S. 36, T. Coldwater, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Dickey was born in Branch County in 1877. Dickey, Jas. E., Farmer, S. 36, T. Coldwater, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Dickey was born in Branch County in 1869. Dickinson, S. E., Farmer, S. 2, T. Butler, P. 0. Litchfield. 1864. Diedrich, Wm., Farmer, S. 17, T. Algansee, P. O. Quincy. Mr. Diedrich was born in Branch County in 1880. Diment, Bert, Farmer, S. 3, T. Algansee, P. 0. Quincy. 1902. IDisbro, Anson, Farmer and Stockman, S. 18, T. Union, P. 0. Union City. Dolph, S. W., Farmer, S. 3, T. Butler, P. 0. Litchfield. 1847. Donbrock, Carl, Farmer, S. 24, T. Algansee, P. 0. Reading. 1898. Donnel, J. R., Farmer, S. 36, T. Batavia, P.. Coldwater. 1910. Donnel, J. W., Farmer, S. 5, T. Ovid, P. O. Coldwater. 1908. Donnel, John W, Farmer, S. 7, T. Algansee, P. 0. Coldwater. 1900. Doolittle, Clifford, Farmer, S. 10, T. Girard, P. 0. Tekonsha. 1884. Dorsey, Ivan W., Monuments, Coldwater. Mr. Dorsey was born in Branch County in 1878. Doty, W. S., Editor of Colon Express, Colon. Dove, F. H., Farmer, S. 17, T. Algansee, P. 0. Quincy. Mr. Dove was born in Branch County in 1869. Dovey, Robert, Farmer, S. 27, T. Batavia, P. 0. Batavia. Mr. Dovey was born in Branch County in 1877. Downer, Loren A., Farmer and Manufacturer of Cheese, S. 1, T. Algansee, P. 0. Quincy. 1909. Drain Commissioners, J. L. Morgan, Chairman, Coldwater. Draper, L. H., Farmer, S. 34, T. Algansee, P. O. Montgomery. Mr. Draper was born in Branch County in 1873. He has served as Supervisor. Drinkwater, M. E., Farmer, S. 3, T. Butler, P. O. Litchfield. Mr. Drinkwater was born in Branch County in 1867. Drumm, G. A., Farmer and Stockraiser, S. 22, T. Sherwood, P. O. Sherwood. Mr. Drumm was born in Branch County in 1871. Dubendorf, H. H., Farmer, S. 1, T. Ovid, P O. Coldwater. Mr. Dubendorf was born in Branch County in 1868. Dubendorf, O. C., Farmer, S. 1, T. Ovid, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Dubendorf was born in Branch County in 1872. Eaton Grocery Co., G. Eaton, Groceries and Meats, Coldwater. 1909. Eggleston, Fred, Farmer, S. 22, T. Kinderhook, P. 0. Fremont, Ind. 1910. Elk, Frank, Farmer, S. 4, T. Ovid, P. O. Coldwater. Mr. Elk was born in Branch County in 1872. -Ely, Orvil S., Farmer, S. 12, T. Butler, P. 0. Litchfield. 1852. Euler, William, Farmer, Stockraiser and Breeder of Registered Belgian Horses,;S. 20, T. Sherwood, P. 0. Sherwood. 1911.,Evans, John S., Editor and Manager "The Sun and Star," Coldwater. 1869. Evens, Wm. H., Farmer, S. 27, T. Batavia, P. O. Batavia. Mr. Evens was born in Branch County in 1873. -Ewers, A. C., Farmer, S. 20, T. Girard, P. 0. Coldwater. 1914. Siwers, James, Farmer, S. 16, T. Algansee, P. 0. Quincy. 1904. 'arrand, Chas., Farmer, S. 11, T. Matteson, P. 0. Sherwood. Mr. Farrand was born in Branch County in 1866. Farwell, Clare, Farmer, S. 15, T. Girard, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Farwell was born in Branch County in 1892. Farwell, Don J., Firmer, S. 20, T. Butler, P. 0. Quincy. Mr. Farwell was born in Branch County in 1882. Fennell, George, Farmer, S. 18, T. Noble, P. 0. Burr Oak. 1904. Fenner, Clarence, Farmer, S. 16, T. Bethel, P. 0. Batavia. Mr. Fenner was born in Branch County in 1891. Fenner, C. M., Farmer, S. 13. T. Bethel, P. 0. Coldwater. 1847. Fenner, N. W., Under-Sheriff, Coldwater. Mr. Fenner was born in Branch County in 1874. Fenner, R. C., Farmer, S. 18, T. Ovid, P. O. Coldwater. Mr. Fenner was born in Branch County in 1886. Fenner, R. R., Farmer, S. 10, T. Bethel, P. 0. Batavia. 1911. Fenno, Ross, Farmer, S. 27, T. Matteson, P. O. Bronson. Mr. Fenno was born in Branch Countv in 1865. Fenno, W. W., Deputy Sheriff and City Marshal, Union City. PATRONS' REEFERENCE DIRECTORY. Ferguson, Marion, Farmer, S. 4, T. Ovid, P O. Coldwater. Mr. Ferguson was born in Branch County in 1859. Field, C. S., Farmer, S. 17, T. Batavia, P. O. Batavia. 1877. Fillmore, G. J., Hotel, Quincy. Mr. Fillmore was born in Branch County in 1859. Finch, B., Farmer, S. 8, T. Gilead, P. 0. Bronson. 1904. Findley, B. G., Farmer, S. 2, T. Butler, P. 0. Homer. 1858. First National Bank, General Banking, Quincy. First State Bank, General Banking, Tekonsha. Fitzgerald, C. H., Farmer, S. 9, T. Girard, P. 0. Tekonsha. 1877. Flandermeyer, F. H., Merchant, Shoes, Coldwater. Mr. Flandermeyer was born in Branch County in 1879. Fleming, W. H., Farmer, S. 28, T. Girard, P. 0. Coldwater. 1885. Flint, F. C., Farmler, S. 17, T. Kinderhook, P. O. Kinderhook. Mr. Flint was born in Branch County in 1874. Flint, F. F., Farmer, S. 15, T. Bethel, P. 0. Batavia. Mr. Flint was born in Branch County in 1880. Flint, L L., Township Clerk, S. 16, T. Kinderhook, P. 0. Kinderhook. Mr. Flint was born in Branch County in 1888. Foglesong, E. B., Farmer, S. 32 and 33, T. Bethel, P. 0. Bronson. Mr. Foglesong was bhrn in Branch County in 1878. Forcum, O. A., Farmer, S. 3, T. Matteson, P. 0. Sherwood. 1912. Forrest, J. H., Farmer and Stockraiser, S. 23, T. Sherwood, P. O. Sherwood. 1911.. r Forrest is a veteran of the Civil War, having served in the 144th Ohio Volunteers in 1864 and 1865. Forward, Frank, Farmer, S. 26, T. Quincy, P. O. Quincy. 1873. Foss, Eugene, Farmer, S. 14, T. Kinderhook, P. 0. Montgomery. 1906. Foss, Perry, Farmer, S. 11, T. Kinderhook, P. O. Montgomery. 1878. Foster, Col. Edgar A., Real Estate and Auctioneer, Coldwater. 1887. Col. Foster occupies a prominent and influential position among the business men of the state. He resides in the beautiful city of Coldwater, Branch County, Mich. The city is surrounded by a fine, level country, with a high grade of fine farm buildings. The country is dotted with beautiful lakes, stocked with all kinds of fish, and here and there are large summer resorts. Our subject was born in Steuben County, Ind., April 12, 1867, and is a son of John T. Foster and Elousia Foster. Both of his parents were born in 1840. In 1861 they moved on a farm in Otsego Township, Steuben County, Ind., where they have lived continuously ever since. Mr. and Mrs. John T. Foster raised a family of four boys; the eldest, Geo. H. Foster, died in 1890; Edson J. Foster, who lives on a farm in East Gilead, and Robert W. Foster, a farmer in Gilead Township. Our subject was married to a Miss Abbie E. Goodrich of Steuben County, Ind., March 24, 1887, and on April 6th of the same year moved on a -farm in Gilead Township, and started his business career as a farmer. In 1891 he sold out and moved to the village of East Gilead, and engaged in the timber business, which he followed two years. At this time he commenced to buy and ship live stock, and continued to do so for sorie time, and during this time of his busy life he decided to become an auctioneer, and as it was his motto to do what you do, and do it well, he attended one of the very best auctioneer schools, froun which le graduated, and at once began his auction work among his neighbors; but he soon was sought after, and comnmanded the best of commissions, until today he is known all over the country. He has a good memory and is quick to recognize a face. He is popular and has a smile for all. He is a man with good judgment, always keeping himself well posted on the value of all live stock, and he is a good judge of horses and is a good horseman. In the year 1903 he decided to go into the real estate business and from tle very first deal he has "made good." He is strictly honest and his people know what the colonel tells them is true, and his method of square dealing has made his patrons his friends. Without a doubt he has sold more property than any one man in the state. Our subject has represented the Michigan Mutual Cyclone and Wind Storm Insurance Company, with offices at Hastings, Mich., for a long time and three years ago he was chosen one of the fifteen directors from Branch and Hillsdale Counties. This company started thirty years ago with a membership of 159, carrying $163,710 insurance Today it has more than 60,000 members with more than $120,000,000 insurance. He also represents some of the best fire insurance companies, and by attending strictly to business he has built up a good business in this line. But Col. Foster with all his busy life, always has time to lend a helping hand to any in need. He is a lover of children, who are freouent visitors at his office and home. His office is located in the Masonic block, and his residence at 256 W. Chicago street, Coldwater. Besides his other business, he takes pleasure in managing two fine farms, one of 120 acres, on sections 1 and 2, Gilead Township, where his son-in-law ant only daughter make their hone. He also has one grandson 20 months old, who is named after the colonel. The other farm of 120 acres is east of the State public school; here has a fine herd of Holstein Cattle, with a fine record. Our subject is noted for buying and repairing property in his home town, and thereby doing a good turn for his home city as well as himself. He is a member of No. 31, I. O. O. F., of Coldwater, and a member of No. 1907, F. O. E., which has a very large membership. He is also a granger, with membership in No. 137, Coldwater, Mich. It may be seen, by carefully reading this very brief record of our genial subject, that his has been and is a busy life; he is practically a self-made man, having gained his present honorable position by an honest endeavor and judicious management of his affairs-ever with the thought uppermost in his mind "do unto others as you would be done by." "Going-GoingGone-Sold. " Foster, E. J., Farmer, S. 11, T. Gilead, P.O. Bronson. 1887. Mr. Foster was born April 12, 1867, in Otsego Township, Steuben County, Indiana, in a log cabin. He lived in this same cabin until he was 16 years of age, when his father built a new house, where Edson lived until he was 20 years old. In 1887 Mr. Foster came to Gilead, working as a farm hand o the farm of S. C. Mabrey, at $17.00 per month. In 1888 he was employed on the Larcom farm at $18.00 per month. Then in 1889 Foster, the farm hand, moved his trunk to the E. G. Luce farm for the summer. But Edson, it seems, had not given all of his time and thoughts to his employers, because on Dec. 5, 1889, at the home the bride's parents, John and Elizabeth Wilkins, occurred the marriage of Edson J. Foster and Almina M. Wilkins. In 1890 Mr. and Mrs. Foster moved on the Almond Graves farm at East Gilead, as a renter, but in 1891 thev moved to Kinderhook, Mich., on the Bovd farm. On Aug. 4, 1891, a son was born to them, Paul J., their only child. By strict economy, and honest, steady toil, Edson saved enough to buy a small hotne of their own at West Kinderhook. Mich., in 1891, and for three years was a poultry dealer. June 5, 1895, Mr. and Mrs. Foster sold their place and bought 37 acres on Section 11, Gilead Township. January 5, 1895, their home with all of its contents burned to the ground, forcing him to build a new house in 1896. With steady growing progress Mr Foster has increased his farm to 191 acres of land, with two sets of buildings. Mr. Foster's parents reside in Steuben County, Ind; they were born in 1840, and celebrated their fiftieth welding anniversary at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Edson Foster in 1911. The subject of this sketch had three brothers. Col. Edgar A., a twin brother, is a resident of Coldwater, Mich., and is an auctioneer and real estate dealer. Robert W. is a farmer of East Gilead, Mich., and Geo. H., who died in 1890. The latter was professor in the high schools of Indiana for seven years. Paul J. Foster, son of Edson and Almina Foster, was united in marriage to Ruby B. Brook of Bethel Township, Branch County, on Dec. 23, 1914. Paul and Ruby live at home on his father's farm in East Gilead. Foster, F., Farmer, S. 3, T. Algansee, P. O. Quincy. Mr. Foster was born in Branch County in 1860. Foster, Geo. M., Farmer, S. 34, T. Quincy, P.O. Quincy. Mr. Foster was born in Branch County in 1892. Fowler, Fred H., Farmer, S. 17, T. Bethel, P. 0. Bronson. Mr. Fowler was born in Branch Countv in 1868. Fox, A. O., Supervisor, S. 17, T. Batavia, P. 0. Batavia. 1882. Franz, Wm., Farmer, S. 32, T. Algansee, P. 0. Montgomery. 1882. Fredrickson E. F., Farmer. S. 2, T. Coldwater, P. 0. Coldwater. 1886. French, E. E., Farmer, S. 28, T. Matteson, P. O. Bronson. Mr. French was born in Branch County ii 1855. Frick, James, Farmer, S. 24, T. Algansee, P. 0. Reading. 1913. Fry, O. A., Farmer, S. 18, T. Quincy, P. 0. Coldwater. 1910. Fulk, W. D., Farmer and Breeder of White Leghorn Chickens, S. 6, T. Coldwater, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Fulk'was born in Branch County in 1873. Gallop, Leroy, Farmer, S. 31, T. Algansee, P. O. Montgomery. Mr. Gallop was born in Branch County in 1847. Garman, Charles R., Farmer, S. 35, T. Bethel, P. 0. Kinderhook. 1876. Garman, Harry E., Farmer, S. 10, T. Gilead, P. 0. Bronson. 1876. Garn, J. Wesley, Farmer, S. 3, T. Kinderhook, P. O. Coldwater. 1901. Garrett, M. M., Farmer, Stockraiser and Supervisor, S. 1, T. Bethel, P. O. Coldwater. 1888. Gates, W. J., Farmer, S. 1, T. Coldwater, P. 0. Coldwater. 1878. George, C. E. & Son, Breeders of Registered Jersey Cattle, Partridge Plymouth Rock, Partridge Wyandotte and Partridge Bantam Chickens, S. 5, T. Union, P. 0. Union City. 1904. Gifford, Earl C., Farmer and Stock Buyer, S. 30, T. Coldwater, P. O. Coldwater. Mr. Gifford was born in Branch County in 1876. Gilead Township, Earl Linn, Township Clerk, S. 9, T. Gilead, P. O. Bronson. Girard Library, G. R. Whitman, Supervisor, S. 16, T. Girard, P. 0. Coldwater. Goble, T. D., Farmer, S. 5, T. Kinderhook, P. 0. Kinderhook. 1868. Good, Ezra H., Farmer and Stock Breeder, S. 8, T. Noble, P. O. Bronson. 1868. Good, Walter, Farmer, S. 32, T. Coldwater, P. O. Coldwater. 1864. Goodman, S. B., Farmter, S. 27, T. Algansee, P. 0. Reading. Mr. Goodman was born in Branch County in 1856. Goodwin, C. H., Farmer, S. 35, T. Algansee, P. 0. Reading. Mr. Goodt win was born in Branch County in 1875. Goodwin, Erastus, Farmer, S. 3, T. California, P. 0. Ray. Mr. Goodwin was born in Branch County in 1882. Goodwin, Geo. W., Farmer and Stock Breeder, S. 35, T. Algansee, P. O. Montgomery. Mr. Goodwin was born in Branch County in 1870. Goshorn, Curtis, Farmer, S. 27, T. Bethel, P. 0. Batavia. 1914. Gottschalk, Charley, Farmer, S. 17, T. Algansee, P. 0. Quincy. 1865. Gould, E. W., Farmer, S. 26, T. Girard, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Gould was born in Branch County in 1860. Graham, E. W., Farmer, S. 3, T. California, P. 0. Montgomery. Mr. Graham was born in Branch County in 1855. Gray, John M., Farmer, S. 23, T. Batavia, P. 0. Batavia. Mr. Gray was born in Branch County in 1875. Gray, P. D., Farmer, S. 31, T. Algansee, P. O. Montgomery. Mr. Gray was born in Branch County in 1869. Green, Mrs. Barbara, Farming, S. 11, T. Bethel, P. 0. Batavia. 1907. Green, G. W., Farmer, S. 32, T. Coldwater, P. 0. Coldwater. 1909. Green, Harry G., Farmer, S. 9, T. Gilead, P. O. Bronson. Mr. Green was born in Branch County in 1867. Greenatnyer, John A., Farmer, S. 12, T. Ovid, P. 0. Coldwater. 1865. Greenamyer, Solomon, Farmer, S. 12, T. Ovid, P. 0. Coldwater. 1866. Greening, H. J., Farmer, S. 26, T. Butler, P. O. Quincy. Mr. Greening -as born in Bratllco County in 1873.' Greening, J. W., Farmer, S. 33, T. Butler, P. 0. Quincy. 1869. Greenwald, George. Farmer, S. 13, T. Coldwater, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Greenwatll was born in Branch County in 1878. Gripman, F. H., Supervisor and Farmer, S. 18, T. Kinderhook, P. 0. Kinderhook. Mr. Gripman was born in Branch County in 1866. Grove, Ben C., Farmer, S. 11, T. Batavia, P. O. Coldwater. Mr. Grove was born in Branch County in 1866. Grove, B. E., Farmer, S. 9, T. Batavia, P. 0. Batavia. Mr. Grove was born in Branch County in 1876. Grove, Edward, Farmer, S. 6, T. Kinderhook, P. 0. Kinderhook. 1902. Grove, Theron, Farmer, S. 12, T. Batavia, P. O. Coldwater. Mr. Grove was born in Branch County in 1852. Gruner, Chas., Farmer, S. 31, T. Girard, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Gruner was born in Branch County in 1860. Gruner, F., Farmer, S. 7, T. Coldwater, P. O. Coldwater. Mr. Gruner was born in Branch County in 1858. Gruner, Ward, Farmer and Road Commissioner, S. 1, T. Batavia, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Gruner was born in Branch County in 1866. Hagy, V. E., Farmer, S. 6, T. Ovid, P. 0. Coldwater. 1913. Haight, James B., Farmer, S. 12, T. California, P. 0. Montgomery. 1869. Hall, Artie C., Farmer, S. 8, T. California, P. O. Montgomery. Mr. Hall was born in Branch County in 1879. Hall, Charles, Farmer, S. 2, T. California, P. 0. Montgomery. 1866..Hall, Garrett N., Farmer and Road Commissioner, S. 17, T. Algansee, P. 0. Quincy. 1865. Hall, Henry. Farmer, S. 17, T. Algansee, P. 0. Quincy. 1865. Hall, Hilen H., Farmer, S. 6, T. Algansee, P. 0. Coldwater. 1847. Hall, Willie, Farmer, S. 18, T. Algansee, P. O. Quincy. Mr. Hall was born in Branch County in 1867. Hall, Willis, Farmer, S. 35, T. Quincy, P. 0. Quincy. 1877. Hand, E. A., Farmer, S. 32, T. Coldwater, P. O. Coldwater. Mr. Hand was born in Branch County in 1861. Harbaugh, F. S., Farmer, S. 11, T. Kinderhook, P. O. Montgomery. 1902. Harbaugh, J. F., Farmer, S. 35, T. Quincy, P. 0. Quincy. 1872. Harding, L. K., Livery, Coldwater. 1884. Harkness, B. S., Farmer, S. 27, T. Batavia, P. O. Batavia. Mr. Harkness was born in Branch County in 1883. Harley, Isaac, Farmer, S. 3, T. Gilead, P. 0. Bronson. 1868. Harley, John W., Farmer, S. 25, T. Algansee, P. 0. Reading. 1868. Harley, Levi, Farmer, S. 31, T. Bethel, P. 0. Bronson. 1874. Harmon, E. B., Farmer, S. 27, T. Batavia, P.. Batavia. 1914. Harmon, G. H., Farmer, S. 18, T. Quincy, P. 0. Coldwater. 1882. Harris, A. J.. Fartner, S. 22. T. Bethel, P. 0. Batavia. 1866. Harris, C. J. & Co., Undertakers and Funeral Directors, Coldwater. Hart, Scott, Farmer, S. 33, T Girard, P. 0. Coldwater. 1914., Hawes, E. M., Farmer, S. 30, T. Algansee, P. O. Coldwater. Mr. Hawes was born in Branch County in 1872. Hawes, H. A., Ford Garage, Coldwater 1872. Hawkins, A. J., Farmer, S. 28, T. Girard, P. 0. Coldwater. 1911. Hawkins, George, Farmer, S. 8, T. Ovid, P. 0. Coldwater. 1904. Hawley, Frank L., Farmer, S. 5, T. Batavia, P0.. Batavia. Mr. Hawley was born in Branch County in 1878. Hayes, F. E., Farmer, S. 10, T. Algansee, P. 0. Quincy. Mr. Hayes was born in Branch County in 1876. Haynes, Harvey, Farmer and Salesman for Jackson Acetylene Gas Generator, S. 11, T. Coldwater, P. 0. Coldwater. 1885.

Page  77 PATRONS' REFERENCE DIRECTORY. 77 Hays, C. LI., Farmer and Stock Breeder, S. 11, T. Algansee, P. 0. Quincy. M iMr. Hays was born in Branch County in 1863. Hays, Frank D., Farmer, S. 34, T. Quincy, P. 0. Quincy. Mr. Hays was born in Branch County in 1870. Hayward, A. F., Farmer, S. 5, T. Batavia, P. O. Union City. 1905. Henry, Samuel, Farmer, S. 22, T. Kinderhook, P. O. Fremont, Ind. 1905. Henry, H. E., Farmer,. 28, T. Sherwood, P. 0. Sherwood. Mr. Henry was born in Branch County in 1881. Herman, Frank J., Farmer, S. 33, T. Batavia, P. 0. Batavia. Mr. Herman was born in Branch County in 1889. 1 Herman, J. F., Farmer, S. 23, T. Matteson, P. 0. Bronson. 1873. Hermann, Joseph, Landscape Architect and Head Florist State Public School, S. 10, T. Coldwater, P. 0. Coldwater. 1907. Herriff, H. S., Farmer and Proprietor Lawn Ridge Farm, S. 33, T. Sherwood, P. 0O. Sherwood. Mr. Herriff was born in Branch County. Hess, Martin, Farmer, S. 4, T. Kinderhook, P. O. Kinderhook. 1886. Heuer, Chas. W., Farmer, S. 8, T. Algansee, P. 0. Quincy. 1869. Hicks J. H., Farmer, S. 3, T. Coldwater, P. 0. Coldwater. 1892. Hildebrand, Carl, Farmer, S. 9, T. Algansee, P. 0. Quincy. Mr. Hildebrand was born in Branch County in 1879. Hill Sons, E., State Bank, General Banking, Colon. Hillman, Ira A., Farmer, S. 3, T. Quincy, P. 0. Quincy. Mr. Hillman was born in Branch County in 1874. Himebaugh, Elmer, Farmer S. 7, T. Noble, P. 0. Burr Oak. Mr. Himebaugh was born in Branch County in 1870. Hinkley, Fred, Farmer, S. 18, T. Butler, P. 0. Quincy. Mr. Hinkley was born in Branch County in 1871. Hodge, Fred, Farmer, S. 17, T. Quincy, P. 0. Quincy. Mr. Hodge was born in England in 1880 and settled in Branch County in 1914. Hodgman, W. E., Abstracter, Coldwater. Hoffman, Elmer C., Farmer, S- 4, T. Algansee, P. 0. Quincy. 1877. Hoffman, H. J., Farmer, S. 3, T. Algansee, P. 0. Quincy. 1877. Hogobootm, E. W., Farmer, S. 15, T. Matteson, P. 0. Sherwood. Mr. Hogoboom was born in Branch County in 1876. Holcomb, Leroy, Retired Farnmer, S. 15, T. Quincy, P.T0.O. Quincy. 1893. Hollister, Albert H., Farmer, S T.32, T. Matteson, P. 0. Bronson. Mr. Hollister was born in Branch County inh1871. Holmes, C. J. Sr., Farmer and Stockraiser, S. 8, T. Bronson, P. O. Bronson. Mr. Holmes was born in Branch County in 1844. Holmes, P. T. Farmer, S. 20, T. Butler, P. 0. Quincy. Mr. Holmes was born in Branch County in 1861. Holmes, W. D., Farmer, S. 20, T. Butler, P. 0. Quincy. Mr. Holmes was born in Branch County in 1859. Honeywell, W. E., Farmer, S. 29, T. Bethel, P. O Bronson. 1850. Hoopingarner, Gabriel, Farmer, S. 18, T. Gilead, P. 0. Bronson. 1864. Gabriel Hoopingarner was born at Winfield, Tuscarawas County, Ohio, August 12, 1826. At an early age he began working on a farm where he acquired a sufficiency of this world's goods to enter the mercantile business. Not liking mercantile life he sold out and bought a tannery and followed this business for twelve years. He then sold out and did some traveling in the West looking for a farm. In September 1864 he with his family moved to Gilead, Branch County, Mich., and settled on the farm where he still resides, having added to until he now owns 240 acres, one of the tfinest farms in Branch County. He has always been an active and life-long Democrat; voted for Pierce in 1848 and has never missed an election of any kind since. In 1852 he was married to Miss Sarah Smutz, of Tuscarawas County. To this union fourteen children were born, seven sons and seven daughters. It is one of his joys to think that he and seven sons voted for Wilson whom de considers the best of them all. Horton, Miss Nina, Photographer, Bronson. Hosmer, C. W., Farmer and Poultryman, Breeder of Single Comb White Leghorn Chickens, S. 6, T. Union, P. 0. Union City. 1893. Hotchkiss, Geo., Farmer and Threshing Machine Operator, S. 9, T. California, P. 0. Montgomery. 1884. Houck, Duane, Clerk of Algansee Township, S. 15, T. Algansee, P. 0. Quincy. Mr. Houck was born in Branch County in 1887. Houck, W J., Farmer, S. 10, T. Algansee, P. 0. Quincy. Mr. Houck was born in Branch County in 1860. Houston, V. A., Farmer, S. 19, T. Butler, P. 0. Coldwater. 1907. Houtz, Worthy, Farmer, S. 36, T. Quincy, P. 0. Quincy. 1907. Howe, Charles F., Lawyer, Coldwater. 1880. Howland, Allison, Farmer, S. 7, T. Ovid, P. 0. Coldwater. 1868. Hoy, John C.. Farmer, S 11, T. Butler, P. 0. Litchfield. 1910. Hoyt, William, W, Farmer, S. 4, T. Kinderhook, P. O.- Coldwater. Mr. Hoyt M as born in Branch County in 1880. Hubbard, V. H., Farmer, S. 6, T. Batavia, P. 0. Sherwood. Mr. Hubbard was born in Branch County in 1872. Hueston, J W, Clothier and Furnisher, Coldwater. 1909. Hughes, Wm. P., F.armer, S. 8, T. Matteson, P. 0. Sherwood. 1883. Humphrey, L. F., Lawyer, Coldwater. Hungerford, Virgil U., Real Estate, 42 W. Chicago St., Coldwater. 1869. Hunt Bros., Farmers, S. 3, T. Girard, P. 0. Tekonsha. Hunt, Elmer, Farmer, S. 3, T. Girard, P. 0. Tekonsha. 1892. Hurley, Allie, Clerk of Batavia Township, S. 17, T. Batavia, P. 0. Batavia. Mr. Hurley was born in Branch County in 1864. Hurley, Wilber, Farmer and Justice of Peace, S. 22, T. Matteson, P. 0. Sherwood. Mr. Hurly was born in Branch County in 1878. Hutchins, L. G., Farmer, S. 8, T. Ovid, P. 0. Coldwater. 1908. Jackowiak, Martin, Farmer and Stockraiser, S. 34, T. Sherwood, P. 0. Sherwood. 1877. i Jackson, A. W., Farmer and Stockraiser, S. 4, T. Matteson, P. 0. Sherwood. Mr. Jackson was born in Branch County in 1862. Jackson, Isaac, Farmer, S. 12, T. Gilead, P. 0. Kinderhook. 1910. Jacob, T. H, Dealer in Dry Goods, Coldwater. 1904. Jailer, J. VI., Farmer, S. 10, T. Matteson, P. 0. Sherwood. 1905. Jasper, Lewis, Retired Farmer and Stockraiser, S. 14, T. Bronson, P. 0. Bronson. 1906. Jelley W. S., Farmer, S. 36, T. Batavia, P. 0. Coldwater. 1884. Jewell, F. T., Farmer, S. 36, T. Coldwater, P. 0. Coldwater. 1911. J; ohnson, Clayton C.. Lawyer, Coldwater. 1864. Johnson, H. A..... Proprietor of Forrest View Stock Farm, Breeder of Registered Guernsey Cattle and Duroc Jersey Hogs, Union City. Mr. Johnson was born in Branch County in 1855. Johnson, Joe, Farmer, S. 14, T. Matteson, P. 0. Sherwood. Mr. Johnson was born in Branch County in 1868. Johnson, W. A., Farmer and Dairyman, S. 18 and 19, T. Quincy, P. O. ' Quincv. 1911. t Jonas, G. W., FarmPer, S. 16, T. Algansee. P. 0. Quincy. 1907. Jones, C. C., Wolverine Cement Co., Quincy. Jones, Guy R., Farmer and Stockraiser, S. 4, T. Matteson, P. 0. Sherwood. Mr. Jones was born in Branch Contty in 1875. t Jones, L. A., Farmer, S. 11, T. Kinderhook, P. 0. Montgomery. Mr.. Jones was born in Branch County in 1858. Kaiser, Henry S., Farmer and Road Commissioner, S. 25, T. Bethel, P. 0. Coldwater. 1865. Kaiser, J. H., Farmer, S. 26, T. Butler, P. 0. Quincy. 1895. Kane, Michael, Farmer and Stockraiser, S. 30, T. Matteson, P. 0. Burr ||1 Oak. Mr. Kane was born in Branch County in 1886. Kavanaugh, James N., Farmer and Stockraiser, S. 11, T. Bronson P. O. Bronson. Mr. Kavanaugh was born in Branch County in 1860. Keel, Bert, Farmer, S. 5, T. Coldwater, P. 0. Coldwater. 1914. Keeler, Ralph, Farmer, S. 10, T. Algansee, P. 0. Quincy. Mr. Keeler was born in Branch County in 1884. Keep, Charles L.. General Insurance, Coldwater. 1884. Keeslar, G. L., Farmer, S. 19, T. Gilead, P. 0. Bronson. 1910. Kehoe, John, Farmer and Stockraiser, S. 3, T. Sherwood, P. 0. Sherwood. Mr. Kehoe was born in Branch County in 1865. Keith, John, Farmer, S. 15, T. Kinderhook, P. 0. Fremont, Ind. 1877. Kelly, Joe, Farmer, S. 9, T. Girard, P. 0. Tekonsha. Mr. Kelly was born in Branch County in 1887. Kempster, W. C., Farmer and Stockraiser, S. 33, T. Coldwater, P. O. Coldwater. Mr. Kempster was born in Branch County in 1879. Kenknight, Byron, Farmer, S. 22, T. Union, P. 0. Union City. Mr. Kenknight was born in Branch County. Kenknight, Edward, Farmer and Stockraiser, S. 22, T. Union, P. 0. Union City. 1865. Kennedy, John W. & Son, Farmers, Threshers, Manufacturers and Dealers in Hardwood Lumber, S. 25, T. Bronson, P. O Bronson. Mr. John W Kennedy was born in Branch County in 1867. Kenyon, Walter, Farmer, S. 22, T. Ovid, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Kenyon was born in Branch County in 1866. Kerr Brothers Co., Dealers in Hardware, Coldwater. Keyes, L. H., Farmer, S. 28, T. Batavia, P. 0. Batavia. Mr. Keyes was born in Branch County in 1849. Kibbe, Sidney E., Farmer and Daityman, S. 14, T. Ovid, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Kibbe was born in Branch County in 1870. Kibiloski, St., Farmer, S. 14, T. Matteson, P. 0. Bronson. 1875. Kidder, E. R., Farmer, S. 28, T. Butler, P. 0. Quincy. 1914. Kilbourn, J. L., Farmer and Stockraiser, S. 19, T Union, P. O. Union City. Mr. Kilbourn was born in Branch County in 1850. Kinderhook Township, L. L. Flint, Clerk, S. 16, T. Kinderhook, P. 0. Kinderhook. King, E. F., Farmer, S. 13, T. Girard, P. 0. Tekonsha. Mr. King was born in Branch County in 1858. King, Foster, Livery, Tekonsha. Kingsbury, Henry A., Farmer and Stockraiser, S. 14, T. Union, P. 0. Union City. 1912. _ Kingston, Lyman, Farmer, S. 9, T. Girard, P. 0. Tekonsha. Mr. Kingston was born in Branch County in 1855. Kinsey, H. A., Farmer, S. 13, T. Gilead, P. 0. Kinderhook. 1879. Kinter, E. N., Farmer, S. 19, T. Batavia, P. 0. Bronson. Mr. Kinter was born in Branch County in 1858. Kinvon, David, Farmer, S. 0. Sherwood. Mr. Kinvon was born in Branch County in 1882. Kinyon, E. H., Coal, Seeds, Salt, Cement, Lime and Tile, Quincy. Mr. Kinvon was born in Syracuse, N. Y., in 1844 and came to Branch County in 1861. Kitchel, Horace, Publisher of "The Reporter," Coldwater. 1875. Kline, Mort, Farmer, S. 11, T. Kinderhook, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Kline was born in Branch Countvy in 1862. Klink, Barney, Farmer, S. 1, T. Girard, P. 0. Tekonsha. Mr. Klink was born in Branch County in 1889. Klose, A. R. & Son, Groceries, Queensware, etc., Sherwood. 1877. Knapp, Charles, Farmer and Stockraiser, S. 16, T. Union, P. O. Union City. Mr. Knapp was born in Branch County in 1847. Knapp, F. E., Attorney-at-Law, Quincy. Alr. Knapp was born in Branch County in 1867. Knapp, W. E., Farmer and Dairyman, S. 32, T. Coldwater, P. 0. Coldwater. 1907. Knauss, Clark. Farmner and Dairyman, S. 17, T. Girard, P. 0. Union City. 1882. Knauss, H. D., Farmer, S. 2. T. Kinderhook, P. 0. Coldwater. 1877. Knecht, Samuel, Retired Farmer, S. 18, T. Algansee, P. 0. Coldwater. 1865. Kohl, Norman G., Cashier of First National Bank, Quincy. Mr. Kohl was born in Branch County in 1887. Kruszka, Jacob, Farmer and Stockraiser, S. 10, T. Bronson, P. 0. Bronson. 1891. Kubasiak, Frank, Retired Farmtter, Bronson. 1879. tubasiak, W., Farmer, S. 24, T. Matteson, P. 0. Bronson. 1897. Kulow, A. W., Farmer, S. 12. T. Algansee, P. 0. Allen. 1884. Kyburz, Jacob, Farmer, S. 2, T. Gilead, P. 0. Bronson. 1911. Kyte, Oscar, Farmer, S. 8, T. Coldwater, P. 0. Coldwater. 1863. Lampman, A. E., Farmer, S. 34, T. Butler, P. 0. Quincy. Mr. Lampman was born in Branch County in 1863 Lathrop, Mrs. Ola, Proprietor of Riverside Hotel, Union City. Laura, John F., Blacksmithing and Woodwork, Coldwater. 1890. Lawrence, J. L., Farmer, S. 20, T. Gilead, P. 0. Bronson. Mr. Lawrence was born in Branch County in 1856. Layman, Dennis A., Farmer, S. 23, T. Bethel, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. 'Layman was born in Branch County in 1872. Layman, Wm. H., Farmer, S. 23, T. Bethel, P. 0. Coldwater. 1867. Lee, John, (Hazen & Lee,) Hardware, Implements and Vehicles, Sherwood. Lehmann, B. A., Farmer, S. 26, T. Girard, P. 0. Coldwater. 1902. Leworthy, W. A., Farmer, S. 16, T. Noble, P. 0. Bronson. 1867. Libert, Mike, Farmer, S. 9, T. Butler, P. 0. Tekonsha. 1904. Lilly, Seymor, Farmer, S. 4, T. Noble, P. 0. Bronson. Mr. Lilly was born in Branch County in 1871. Lindsey, W. E, Farmer, S. 9, T. Quincy, P. O. Quincy. Mr. Lindsey was born in Branch County in 1878. Mrs. Lindsey was born in 1879. Ling, H. E., Farmer, S. 17, T. California, P. 0. Montgomery. 1890. Linn, Earl, Farmer and Township Clerk, S. 9, T. Gilead, P. 0. Bronson. Mr. Linn was born in Branch County in 1890. Lippert, Wm. C., Farmer, S. 8, T. Algansee, P. 0. Quincy. 1884. Lobdell, G. E., Farmer, S. 25, T. Bethel, P. 0. Coldwater. 1867. Locke, A. L., Attorney at Law, Bronson. 1862. Locke, P. J., Retired Farmer, Sherwood. 1862. Lockerby, William H., Attorney, Quincy. 1865. Lockwood, E C., Farmer, S. 6, T. Ovid, P. O. Coldwater. Mr. Lockwood was born in Branch County in 1857. Lockwood, F. E., Farmer and School Director of District No. 7, S. 22, T. Butler, P. 0O. Quincy. 1904. Lockwood, Ray H., Farmer and Dairyman, S. 7, T. Ovid, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Lockwood was born in Branch County in 1885. Logan, Lewis, Farmer, S. 34, T. Girard, P. 0. Coldwater. 1904. Long, J. P., Farmer, S. 10, T. Ovid. P O. Coldwater. 1903. Loomis, S. A., Farmer and Township Treasurer, S. 14, T. Girard, P. O. Coldwater. Mr. Loomis was born in Branch County in 1873. Lopez, Nicholas, Dealer in Fruits and Confectionery, Coldwater. 1907. Lopez, Rocco, Proprietor of Southern Michigan Fruit Supply, Coldwater. 1901. Loring, Sanford, Machine Shop, Coldwater. 1900. Lott, A. L., Farmer, S. 24, T. Coldwater, P. 0. Coldwater. 1909. Loveridge, Henry C., Attorney-at-Law, Coldwater. Ludeman, Charlie, Farmer, S. 2, T. Quincy, P. 0. Quincy. 1884. Lux, J. G., Farmer and Stockraiser, S. 5, T. Union, P. 0. Union City. Lynch, Joe, Farmer, S. 31, T. Batavia, P. 0O. Bronson. Mr. Lynch was born in Branch County in 1881. Lyter, Fred, Farmer and Stock Buyer, S. 20, T. Matteson, P. 0. Sherwood. Mr. Lyter was born in Branch County in 1870. Lytle, John, Proprietor of Merrill House, Sherwood. Mr. Lytle was born in Branch County. Lytle, J. W., Farmer, S. 31, T. Algansee, P. 0. Montgomery. 1864. McDougal, Harry, Farmer, S. 7, T. Ovid, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. McDougal was born in Branch County in 1883. McElhenie, David, Farmer, S. 13, T. California, P. 0. Montgomery. 1910. McEndarffer, Carl, Farmer, S. 26, T. Bethel, P. 0. Kinderhook. Mr. McEndarffer was born in Branch County in 1889. McEndarffer, Clarence, Farmer, S. 1, T. Noble, P. 0. Bronson. Mr. McEndarffer was born in Branch County in 1883. McEndarffer, Isiah, Farmer and Township Treasurer, S. 35, T. Bethel, P. 0. Kinderhook. 1867. McEndarffer, John, Farmer, S. 35, T. Bethel, P. 0. Kinderhook. Mr. McEndarffer was born in Branch County in 1882. McIntosh, H. G., Farmer, S. 17, T. Butler, P. 0. Quincy. 1844. McKinney, Fred, Theater, Quincy. McMurray, Chas., Parmer, S. 3, T. California, P. 0. Montgomery. Mr. McMurray was born in Branch County in 1878. McMurray, John, Farmer, S. 8, T. California, P. 0. Montgomery. Mr. McMurray was born-in Branch County in 1868. He has served as Supervisor. Macey, Edgar, Farmer, S. 36, T. Quincy, P. 0. Quincy. 1910. Macey, Richard, Farmer, S. 25, T. Quincy, P. 0. Quincy. 1907. Mack, Geo., Farmer and Supervisor, S. 17, T. Noble, P. 0. Bronson. Mr. Mack was born in Branch County in 1863. Mallow, George W., Farmer, S. 23, T. Bronson, P. 0. Bronson. Mr. Mallow was born in Branch County in 1854. Manguse, F. C., Farmer, S. 3, T. Batavia, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Manguse was born in Branch County in 1861. Mann, F. P., Farmer, S. 8, T. Quincy, P. 0. Quincy. 1893. Mann, M. H., Farmer, S. 22, T. Girard, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Mann was born in Branch County in 1853. Markham, G. A., Farmer, S. 3, T. Girard, P. 0. Tekonsha. 1855. Markley, 0. E., Farmer, S. 24, T. Coldwater, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Markley was born in Branch County in 1893. Marquart. Ed, Farmer, S. 10, T. Algansee, P. 0. Quincy. Mr. Marquart was born in Branch County in 1886. Marshall, Albert A., Farmer, S. 33, T. Ovid, P, 0. Coldwater. 1865. Martin, A. H., Farmer and Stock Buyer, S. 6, T. Gilead, P. 0. Bronson. Mr. Martin was born in Branch County in 1869. Martin, Carl, Farmer, S. 7, T. Ovid, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Martin was born in Branch Countyin 1880. Martin, E. F., Farmer, S. 11, T. Coldwater, P. 0. Coldwater. 1878. Martin, William, Farmer, S. 10, T. Coldwater, P. 0. Coldwater. 1878. Marusgczyk, Rev. Wm., Catholic Priest, Bronson. 1906. Matteson Township, S. A. Copeland, Clerk, S. 21, T. Matteson, P. 0. Sherwood. May, Clarence, Farmer, S. 14, T. Noble, P. 0. Bronson. M ay was born in Branch County in 1880. Maxson, Harmon C., Farmer, S. 23, T. Butler, P. 0. Quincy. Mr. Maxson was born in 1878 and Mrs. Matson was born in 1884. Mellinger, Wm., Farmer, S. 11, T. Matteson, P. 0. Sherwood. 1894. Merling, W. E., Farmer, S. 28 and 33, T. Butler, P. 0. Quincy. 1903. Meyer, Marie, "Culver Fruit Farm," S. 18, T. Matteson, P. 0. Colon. 1904. Michael, B. F., Farmer, S. 10, T. Kinderhook, P. 0. Montgomery. Mr. Michael was born in Branch County in 1858. Michael, J. E., Farmer, S. 8, T. Kinderhook, P. 0. Kinderhook. 1860. Micklatcher, George, Farmer, S. 16, T. Matteson, P. 0. Sherwood. Mr. Micklatcher was born in Branch County in 1874. Mikolajczak, Martin, Farmer, S. 30, T. Batavia, P. 0. Bronson. 1872. Mikolatcher, Antone, Farmer, S. 8, T. Batavia, P. 0. Batavia. 1873. Miller, A. L., Farmer, S. 27, T. Bethel, P. 0. Batavia. 1878. Miller, Willis, Farmer, S. 1, T. Batavia, P. 0. Coldwater. 1859. Mintling, J. B., Farmer and Stockraiser, S. 13, T. Girard, P. 0. Coldwater. 1902. Mitchell, B. L., Farmer, S. 6, T. Batavia, P. 0. Sherwood. Mr. Mitchell was born in Branch County in 1837. Mohr, Julius, Farmer and Stockraiser, S. 33, T. Sherwood, P. 0. Sherwood. 1911. Moore, A. A., Farmer, S. 4, T. Girard, P. 0. Tekonsha. Moore, A. L., Farmer, S. 4, T. Quincy, P. O. Quincy. Mr. Moore was born in Branch County in 1843. Moore, A. R., Cashier State Savings Bank, Sherwood. Moore, C. C., Farmer, S. 22, T. Butler, P. O. Quincy. Mr. Moore was born in Branch County in 1877. Moore, Wm., Farmer, S. 22, T. Girard, P. 0. Coldwater. 1897. Moore & Sweet, Hardware, Implements and Vehicles, Union City. Morgan, J. L, Dealer in General Merchandise and Chairman of Committee of Commissioners, Coldwater. 1871. Morrison, F. G., Farmer, S. 20, T. Girard, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Morrison was born in Branch County in 1876. Morsman,'Wm., Farmer and Stockraiser, S. 3 and 4, T. Union, P. 0. Union City. Moser, C. C., Farmer, S. 5, T. Girard, P. 0. Tekonsha. 1909. Moser, Owen L., Farmer, S. 12, T. Matteson, P. 0. Sherwood. Mr. Moser was born in Branch County in 1863. Mott, Geo. W., Farmer, S. 36, T. Ovid, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Mott was born in Branch County in 1878. Mowrey, J. W., Farmer, S. 35, T. Batavia, P. 0. Batavia. 1877. Mowry, Chas. A., Farmer, S. 11, T. Ovid, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Mowry was born in Branch County in 1859. Mowry, Wm. S., Farmer and Dairyman, S. 10, T. Ovid, P. 0O. Coldwater. Mr. Mowry was born in Branch County in 1865. Mundy, Roy, Farmer, S. 32, T. Ovid, P. 0. Coldwater. 1902. Murphy, W. R., Farmer, S. 7, T. Qinvcy, P. O. Quincy. Mr. Murphy was born in Branch County in 1864. Mussen, Claude, Farmer, S. 30, T. Matteson, P. 0. Sherwood. Mr. Mussen was born in Branch County in 1893. Musser, J. C., Farmer, S. 16, T. Girard, P. 0. Coldwater. 1892. Nagel, Fred, Farmer and Dairyman, S. 32, T. Girard, P. 0. Coldwater. 1909. Nash, O. C., Farmer, S. 9, T. Matteson, P. O. Sherwood. Mr. Nash was born in Branch County in 1873. Nesbitt. J. S., Cashier Union City National Bank, Union City. Nettleman, John, Farmer, S. 36, T. Bethel, P. 0. Coldwater. 1907. Newberry, J. Q., Farmer, S. 11, T. Butler, P. 0. Litchfield. 1855. Newman, Wm. J., Farmer, S. 11, T. Coldwater, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Newman was born in Branch County in 1875. Nichols, Mrs. E. J., Farming, S. 32, T. Butler, P. 0. Quincy. Mrs. Nichols was born in Branch County in 1851. Nichols, G. L., Farmer, S. 9, T. Butler, P. 0. Litchfield. 1897. Nielson, A., Farmer, S. 7, T. Quincy, P. 0. Coldwater. 1909. Nivison, M. E., Farmer, S. 31, T. Girard, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Nivison was born in Branch County in 1885. Noble Township, Irvin Beery, Township Clerk, S. 3, T. Noble, P. O. Bronson. Nofsinger, Vernon, Farmer, S. 17, T. Noble, P. 0. Bronson. Mr. Nofsinger was born in Branch County in 1882. Norton, John W., Farmer, S. 20, T. Butler, P. 0. Quincy. Mr. Norton was born in Wells County, Ind., in 1855 and settled in Branch County in 1912. Mrs. Norton was born in Jay County, Ind., in 1860. Nowicki, Ignatz, Farmer, Bronson. 1905.

Page  78 78 Noyes, Emma J., Farmer, S. 29, T. Batavia, P. O. Bronson. Born in Branch County in 1855. Nye, Nelson, Farmer, S. 6, T. Kinderhook, P. 0. Kinderhook. Mr. Nye was born in Branch County in 1890. Ogden, Edw., Farmer, S. 29, T. Algansee, P. 0. Quincy. 1886. Ogden, W. H., (Bert), Carpenter and Farmer, S. 1, T. Union, P. 0. Union City. Mr. Ogden was born in Branch County in 1875. Olmstead, W. H., Farmer, S. 6, T. Gilead, P. O. Bronson. Mr. Olmstead was born in Branch County in 1843. Olney, C. L., Farmer, S. 34, T. Butler, P. O. Quincy. Mr. Olney was born in Branch County in 1873. Omo, Walter D., Farmer, S. 8, T. Girard, P. 0. Union City. 1902. Osborn, C. R., Photographer, Coldwater. 1892. Osborn, D. E., Farmer, S. 14, T. California, P. 0. Montgomery. 1887. Otis, Orie, Farmer, S. 15, T. Ovid, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Otis was born in Branch County in 1879. Ovid Township, Jay Tompkins, Clerk, S. 33, T. Ovid, P. 0. Coldwater. Owen, C. W., Editor of Tile Quincy Herald, Quincy. 1885. Oxenham, G. R., Farmer, S. 36, T. Butler, P. 0. Quincy. 1895. Paddock, W. M., Farmer, S. 25, T. Girard, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Paddock was born in Branch County in 1872. Palmateer, Clint, Farmer, S. 1, T. Matteson, P. 0. Sherwood. Mr. Palmateer was born in Branch County in 1877. Palmer, Geo. E., Quincy. 1907. Palmer, Palmer & Palmer, Lawyers, Coldwater. Paradine, A. E., Farmer, S. 13, T. Batavia, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Paradine was born in Brauch County in 1875. Paradine, Charlie, Farmer, S. 19, T. Ovid, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Paradine was born in Branch County in 1880. Paradinea,Ora, Farmer, S. 6, T. Ovid, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Paradine was born in Branch County in 1893. Paradine, Ralph, Farmer, S. 16, T. Ovid, P. O. Coldwater. Mr. Paradilne was born in Branch County in 1886. Paradine, Thomas, Farmer, S. 21, T. Ovid, P. 0. Coldwater. 1869. Paradine, Wm. W., Farmer, S. 15, T. Ovid, P. 0. Coldwater. 1862. Parke, E. D., Farmer, S. 22, T. Coldwater, P. 0. Coltwater. Mr. Parke was born in Branch County in 1859. Parker, C. A., Farmer and Cigar Manufacturer, S. 19, T. Quincy, P. O. Coldwater. 1868. Parsons, F. M., Farmer, S. 2, T. Bethel, P. 0. Batavia. Mr. Parsons was born in Branch County in 1870. Patch, WV. H., Farmer, S. 14, T. Bethel, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Patch was born in Branch County in 1844. Peairs, A. A., Farmer and Dairyman, S. 27, T. Coldwater, P. O. Coldwater. 1911. Pearce, A. E., Wholesale and Retail Manufacturer of Cigars and Tobacco, Coldwater. 1866. Peerless Portland Cement Co., Manufacturers of Cement, Union City. Penix, James, Farmer, S. 23, T. Noble, P. 0. Bronson. 1874. Peppiatt, Frank, Farmer and Commissioner, S. 28, T. Ovid, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Peppiatt was born in Branch County in 1872. Peppiatt, Fred J., Farmer, S. 4, T. Kinderhook, P. 0. Kinderhook. Mr. Peppiatt was born in Branch County in 1874. Peterson, Chris M., Farmer, S. 1, T. Gilead, P. 0. Bronson. 1900. Peterson, Lloyd, Veterinarian, Coldwater. 1906. Phenicie, I. J., Farmer, S. 13, T. Kinderhook, P. 0. Montgomery. Mr. Phenicie was born in Branch County in 1879. Phillips, John, Farmer, S. 13, T. Butler, P. 0. Litchfield. 1911. Phillips, J. F., Farmer, S. 16, T. Kinderhook, P... Kinderhook. 1871. Piatt, Geo. O., Farmer, S. 36, T. Bethel, P. 0. Kinderhook. Mr. Piatt was born in Branch County in 1876. Pierce, Fred L., Farmer, Carpenter and Tinner, S. 17, T. Sherwood, P. 0. Sherwood. Mr. Pierce was born in Branch County in 1878. Poats, G. E., Farmer and Stock Breeder, S. 24, T. Algansee, P. 0. Reading. Mr. Poats was born in Branch County in 1864. Pollock, S. & Sonl, Lumber and Coal, Coldwater. Pond, F. G., Farmer, S. 26, T. Ovid, P... Coldwater. 1871. Porter, Wm., Farmer, S. 19, T. California, P. 0. Fremont, Ind. 1864. Powell, Lewis, Farmer, S. 6, T. Quincy, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Powell was torn in Branch County in 1875. Power, Pearl, Cashier of Quincy State Bank, Quincy. 1902. Powley, C. H., Editor of Bronson Journal, Bronson. Pratt Manufacturing Co., Children's Sleds, Bent Wood Seats and Shoo Flies, Coldwater. Preston, J. D., Farmer, S. 17, T. California, P. 0. Montgomery. 1870. Pridgeon, John, Farmer and Supervisor, S. 2. T. California, P. 0. Montgomery. Mr. Pridgeon was born in Branch County in 1872. Public Library, H. H. Barlow, Coldwater. Quimby, A. D., Farmer, S. 25, T. Ovid, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Quimby was born in Branch County in 1856. Quimby, Ennis, Farmer, S. 27, T. Ovid, P.O. Coldwater. Mr. Quimby was born in Branch County in 1852. Quimby, Geo. F., Farmer, S. 25, T. Ovid, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Quimby was born in Branch County in 1871. Quimby, Judson U., Farmer, S. 26, T. Ovid, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Quimby was born in Branch County in 1868. Quimbyr,L. W., Farmer, S. 14, T. Quincy, P. 0. Quincy. 1901. Quimby, Orvil, Farmer, S. 14, T. Quincy, P. 0. Quincy. 1901. Quimby, R. N., Farmer, S. 10, T. Bethel, P. O. Batavia. Mr. Quimby was born in Branch County in 1873. Quimby, W. H., Farmer, S. 14, T. Quincy, P. 0. Quincy. Mr. Quimby was born in Branch County in 1852. Quimby, Zenus L., Farmer, S. 14, T. Quincy, P. 0. Quincy. 1901. Quincy Lumber Co., Dealers in Lumber and Building Material, Quincy. Quincy State Bank, General Banking, Quincy. Raley, E. F., Farmer, S. 15, T. Bethel, P. 0. Batavia. 1904. Ralston, George W., Sheriff, Coldwater. Ralston, John, Farmer, S. 15, T. Girard, P. 0. Coldwater. 1903. Ramsdell, W. F., Farmer, S. 21, T. Butler, P. 0. Quincy. 1855. Randall, S. B., Farmer and Road Commissioner, S. 5, T. Coldwater, P. 0. Coldwater. 1848. Ransford, Geo., Farmer, S. 21, T. Butler, P. 0. Quincy. Mr. Ransford was born in Branch County in 1865. Rasey, Belt, Farmer, S. 31, T. Ovid, P. 0. Kinderhook. 1900. Rathbun, Walter, Farmer, S. 25, T. Ovid, P. 0. Coldwater. 1910. Rawson Furniture Co., Furniture and Undertaking, Quincy. Mr. M. Rawson was born in Branch County in 1855. Rawson Garage, (L. H. Rawson and E. J. Ayers) Garage, Quincy. Established 1910. Rawson, M. C., Farmer, S. 32, T. Quincy, P. O. Quincy. Mr. Rawson was born in Branch County in 1864. Rawson, Theo. M., Farmer, S. 26, T. Quincy, P. 0. Quincy. Mr. Rawson was born in Branch County in 1888. PATRONS' REFERENCE DIRECTORY. Re, G., Merchant at Coldwater Lake, S. 26, T. Ovid, P. 0. Coldwater. 1884. Reed, Ed, Farmer, S. 15, T. Noble, P. 0. Bronson. 1914. Register-Weekly, The, Tom F. Robinson, Publisher, Union City. Renshaw, John, Farmer, S. 11, T. Bethel, P. 0. Batavia. 1870. Reynolds, John D., Farmer, Brick and Tile, S. 10, T. Algansee, P. 0. Quincy. Mr. Reynolds was born in Branch County in 1886. Rheubottom, F. C., Undertaker and Monumental Works, Union City. Rhymes, Wm. G., Farmer, S. 4, T. Butler, P. 0. Tekonsha. 1893. Ribbeck, C.. Farmer, S. 13, T. Ovid, P. 0. Coldwater. 1870. Rice, Charlie, Farmer, S. 18, T. Girard, P. 0. Union City. 1885. Rice, Harry, Farmer, S. 19, T. Batavia, P. 0. Bronson. Mr. Rice was born in Branch County in 1979. Rice, W. S., Farmer, S. 4, T. Coldwater, P. O. Coldwater. Mr. Rice was born in Branch County in 1879. Riley, C. P., Farmer, S. 3, T. Matteson, P. 0. Sherwood. 1914. Robbins, C. A., Farmer, S. 21, T. Matteson, P. 0. Sherwood. 1912. Robinson, F. E., County School Commissioner, Coldwater. 1905. Robinson, Tom F., Publisher The Register-Weekly,' Union City. Root & Shulander, Vulcanizing antd Auto Repairing, Coldwater. 1915. Rossman, A. M., Farmer, S. 15, T. Butler, P. 0. Quincy. Mr. Rossman was born in Branch County in 1851. Rossman, Rex, Farmer. S. 12, T. Butler, P. 0. Litchfield. Mr. Rossman was born in Branch County in 1885. Rumsey, Chas., Livery, Sherwood. Rumsey, Geo. W. & G. A., Grist Mill and Saw Mill, S. 17, T. Bronson, P. 0. Bronson. Rumsey, G. A., Grist Mill and Saw Mill, S. 17, T. Bronson, P. 0O. Bronson. Mr. G. A. Rumsey was born in LaGrange County, Ind., in 1876. Rumsey, Geo. W., Grist Mill and Saw Mill, S. 17, T. Bronson, P. O. Bronson. 1842. Ruple, Arthur, Farmer, S. 10, T. Coldwater, P. 0. Coldwater. 1866. Rupright, F. I., Doctor, S. 14, T. Gilead, East Gilead,. P. 0. Bronson. Dr. Rupright was born in Branch County in 1863. Russell, A. W., Farmer, S. 18, T. Ovid, P. O. Coldwater. Mr. Russell was born in Branch County in 1876. Russell, Chas. H., Farmer, S. 1, V0.,. vid, P. Coldwater. Mr. Russell was born in Branch County in 1853. Russell, J. H., Farmer and Teacher, S. 14, T. Bethel, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Russell was born in Branch County in 1C874. Russell, Luther E., Farmer and Supervisor. S. 18, T. Ovid, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Russell was born in Branch County in 1872. Russell, N. C., Farmer, S. 9, T. Ovid, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Russell was born in Branch County in 1858. Russell Bros., Paul and Budd H. Russell, Farmers, S. 12, T. Bethel, P. 0. Coldwater. Paul Russell was born in Branch County in 1892 and Budd H. Russell was born in Branch County in 1895. Ryder, A. W., Farmer, S. 14, T. Coldwater, P. 0. Coldwater. 1873. Ryder, C. F., Farmer, S. 4, T. Butler, P. 0. Litchfield. 1872. Sager, Joseph M., Proprietor of Sunset Farm, S. 28, T. Bronson, P. 0. Bronson. Mr. Sager was born in Branch County in 1863. Salisbury, Edd, Farmer, S. 6, T. Batavia, P. 0. Sherwood. Mr. Salisbury was born in Branch County in 1880. Salisbury Erwin, Farmer, S. 12, T. Matteson, P. 0. Sherwood. Mr. Salisbury was born in Branch County in 1879. Sanders, Amos, Farmer, S. 17, T. Gilead, P.. Bronson. Mr. Sanders was born ill Branch County in 1896. Sanders9,Archie, Farmer, S. 9 T. Algansee, P.. Quincy. Mr. Sanders was born in Branch County in 1878. Sanderse,Jesse, Farmer, S. Gilead, P. 17, T. Gilead, P. Bronson. Mr. Sanders was born in Branch County in 1852. Sanders, Mrs. Minnie, Farming, S. 17, T. Gilead, P. 0. Bronson. Sandt, Peter, Plumber, Coldwater. 1874. Sanford, H. D., Farmer and Treasurer, S. 32, T. Coldwater, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Sanford was born in Branch County in 1880. Saxton, E. E., Farmer, S. 24, T. Coldwater, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Saxton was born in Branch County in 1868. Saxton, H. W., Farmer, S. 11, T. Noble, P. 0. Bronson. 1913. Scheidler, F., Farmer, S. 21, T. Ovid, P. 0. Coldwater. 1862. Scheidler & Baggerly, Livery, Coldwater. School District No. 3, AJ.J. Rainey, Treasurer, J. E. Hager, Moderator, S. 3, T. Butler, P. 0. Litchfield. School District No. 7, F. B. Wilcox, Moderator, H. R. Adams, Treasurer, F. E. Lockwood, Director, S. 21, T. Butler, P. 0. Quincy. School District No S.8, S.0. Wortz, Moderator, A. J. Havens, Director, S. 26, T. Girard. School District No. 12, W. S. Rice, Moderator, Harvey Haynes, Treasurer S. 10, T. Coldwater. Schubel, Harley E., Farmer, S. 6, T. Butler, P. 0. Tekonsha. Mr. Schubel was born in Branch County in 1892. Schumaker, Roy, Farmer, S. 12, T. Coldwater, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Schumaker was born in Branch County in 1889. Scott, Daniel, Farmer, S. 5, T. Girard, P. 0. Tekonsha. 1913. Sebring, E. A., Farmer, S. 12, T. Girard, P. 0. Tekonsha. 1867. Sebring, John, Farmer, S. 27, T. Quincy, P. 0. Quincy. 1853. Secor, M. C., Farmer, S. 18, T. California, P. 0. Montgomery. 1892. Selby, Chas., Farmer, S. 16, T. Bethel, P. 0. Batavia. 1867. Selby, Wm. M., Grain Buyer and Dealer iu Real Estate, Sherwood. 1892. Sell, J. S., Farmer. S. 14, T. Bethel, P. 0. Batavia. 1898. Sellers, Roy, Farmer, S. 28, T. Ovid, P. 0. Coldwater. 1904. Shaffmaster, Joy F., Farmer, S. 4, T. Bronson, P. O. Bronson. Mr. Shaffmaster was born in Branch County in 1886. Shaffmaster, John H., Farmer and Stockraiser, S. 4, T. Bronson, P. O. Bronson. Mr. Shaffmaster was born in Branch County in 1861. Sharp, J. J., Farmer, S. 9, T. Butler, P. 0. Quincy. 1876. Sherer, Daniel, Farmer, S. 6, T. Algansee, P. 0. Coldwater. 1852. Sherman, Clark, Farmer, S. 35, T. Ovid, P. 0. Coldwater. 1845. Shoemaker, Bros., Farmers, S. 24, T. Batavia, P. 0. Coldwater. 1912. Short, Cliftin H., Farmer and Road Commissioner, S. 12, T. Noble, P. O. Bronson. Mr. Short was born in Branch County in 1872. Shumway, L. A., Farmer, S. 33, T. Algansee, P. 0. Montgomery. 1849. Shumway, Vivian, Farmer, S. 8, T. Algansee, P. 0. Quincy. Mr. Shumway was born in Branch County in 1889. Shurtz, Fred, A., Farmner, S. 33, T. Batavia, P. 0. Bronson. Mr. Shurtz was born in Branch County in 1880. Shurtz, Lewis, Farmer, S. 10, T. Bethel, P. 0. Batavia. Mr. Shurtz was born in Branch County in 1886. Simons, Edda and Rodney J., Farmners, S. 3, T. Sherwood, P. 0. Athens. Sims, Norman, Farmer, S. 4, T. Gilead, P. 0. Bronson. 1903. Sisson, Will, Farmer and Dairyman, S. 34, T. Girard, P. O. Coldwater. 1906. Slisher, C. L., Farmer and Stockraiser, S. 35, T. Bronson, P. 0. Bronson. Mr. Slisher was born in Branch County in 1877. Sloman & Gruner, Clothiers and Furnishers, Coldwater. Smiley, E. E., Farmer, S. 7, T. Kinderhook, P. O. Kinderhook. 1878. Smiley, S. A., Farmer, S. 18, T. Batavia, P. O' Batavia. 1880. Smith, Albert, Farmer, S. 7, T. Coldwater, P. 0. Coldwater. 1904. Smith, Abram L., Farmer and Stockraiser, S. 20, T. Girard, P. 0. Union City. Mr. Smith was born in Branch County in 1839. Smith, Austin H., Farmer, S. 19, T. Ovid, P. 0. Coldwater. 1877. Smith, C. A., Farmer, S. 5, T. Coldwater, P. 0. Coldwater. 1898. Smith, David, Merchant and Farmer, S. 21, T. Butler, P. O. Quincy. 1846. Smith, Eugene, Farmer, S. 16, T. Algansee, P. 0. Quincy. Mr. Smith was born in Branch County in 1876. Smith, E. A., Farmer, S. 2, T. Noble, P. 0O. Bronson. Mr. Smith was born in Branch County in 1857. Smith, Fred J., Farmer, S. 27, T. Girard, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Smith was born in Branch County in 1858. Smith, F. O., Farmer, S. 3 T. Ovid, P. 0. Coldwater. 1906. Smith, Glen C., Salesman, 45 Montgomery St., Coldwater. Mr. Smith was born in Branch County in 1886. Smith, H. B., General Farmer, S. 13 and 24, T. Sherwood, P. O. Union City. Smith, J. W., Farmer, S. 8, T. Ovid, P. O. Coldwater. Mr. Smith was born in Branch County in 1874. Smith, Sam'l., Farmer, S. 10, T. Noble, P. 0. Bronson. Mr. Smith was born in Branch County in 1878. Smith, S. A., Proprietor of Grasmere Farm, S. 20, T. Union, P. 0. Union City. 1879. Smith, Thomas, Farmer, S. 10, T. Bronson, P. 0. Bronson. Mr. Smith was born in Branch County in 1853. Smith, WX. S., Farmer, S. 19, T. Ovid. P. 0. Coldwater. 1882. Smoker, Edward, Farmer and Stockraiser, S. 20, T. Bronson, P. 0. Bronson. Mr. Smoker was born in Branch County in 1891. Smoker, Frank, Farmer and Stockraiser, S. 20, T. Bronson, P. 0. Bronson. Mr Smoker was born in Branch County in 1868. Smoker, Raymond, Farmer, S. 20, T. Bronson, P. 0. Bronson. Mr. Smoker was born in Branch County in 1893. Snyder, L. A., Farmer, S. 30, T. Coldwater, P.O 0. Coldwater. 1885. Sobeskie, J. L., Farmer, S. 31, T. Butler, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Sobeskie was born in Branch County in 1874. Sobie, Joe, Farmer, S. 36, T. Girard, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Sobie was born in Branch County in 1891. Somerlott, Chas., Town Clerk and Farmer, S. 31, T. Bethel, P. O. Bronson. 1894. Sorter, Harry J., Farmer, S. 23, T. Ovid, P. O. Coldwater. Mr. Sorter was born in Branch County in 1873. Southern Michigan National Bank, The, General Banking, Coldwater. Southworth, John B., Auto Repairing, Coldwater. 1897. Spade, H. I., Farmer, S. 9, T. Kinderhook, P. 0. Kinderhook. 1885. Spade, J. N., Farmer, S. 17, T. Kinderhook, P. 0. Kinderhook. - 1886. Spade, 0. E., Farmer, S. 32, T. Ovid, P. 0. Coldwater. 1899. Stancer, D. L., Grist and Planing Mill, Manufacturer and Dealer in Hardwood Lumber, S. 32, T. Union, P. 0. Union City. 1882. Standard Garage, The, T. H. Ball, Proprietor, Garage, Coldwater. 1889. Stanton, Gib. W., Farmer and Stockraiser, S. 6, T. Union, P. 0. Union City. Mr. Stanton was born in Branch County in 1880. Stanton, John A., Farmer and Stockman, S. 9, T. Sherwood, P. 0. Sherwood. Mr. Stanton was born in Branch County in 1869. State Savings Bank, General Banking, Sherwood. Steffaniak, F., Farmer, S. 34, T. Coldwater, P. 0. Coldwater. 1900. Stegmaier, George, Farmer, S. 11, T. Noble, P. 0. Bronson. 1878. Stevens, F. B., Farmer, S. 8, T. Girard, P. 0. Union City. Mr. Stevens was born in Branch County in 1875. Stockwell, Joe M., Farmer and Stock Buyer, S. 6, T. Bethel, P. 0. Bronson. 1873. Straehl y, Jay, Farmer, S. 16, T. Matteson, P. 0. Sherwood. Mr. Straehly was born in Branch County in 1874. Straehly, John, Farmer, S. 31, T. Quincy, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Straehly was born in Branch County in 1857. Streeter, A. J., Farmer, S. 3, T. Algansee, P. 0. Quincy. Mr. Streeter was born in Branch County in 1872. Strong, Fred J., Farmer, S. 23, T. Kinderhook, P. 0. Fremont, Ind. Mr. Strong was born in Branch County in 1884. Strong, H. A., Farmer, S. 24, T. Girard, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Strong was born in Branch County in 1858. Strong, Orno J., Farmer, S. 31, T. Ovid, P. 0. Coldwater. 1890. Stuckey, Jesse E., Farmer and Real Estate, S. 12, T. Bethel, P. 0. Coldwater. 1911. Sweeney, I. B., Farmer, S. 19, T. Noble, P. 0. Burr Oak. 1881. Sweet, A., Farmer, S. 4, T. Butler, P. O. Tekonsha. Mr. Sweet was born ill Branch County in 1855. Sweet, Chas. H., Farmer, S. 27, T. Girard, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Sweet was born in Branch County in 1873. Swift, Stephen, Farmer, S. 21, T. Bethel, P. 0. Bronson. Mr. Swift was born in Branch Countv in 1876. Swope, J. H., Farmer, S. 35, T. Girard, P. 0. Coldwater. 1904. Taggart, John, Farmer and Representative of Farmers Mutual Insurance Co., S. 16, T. Bronson, P. O. Bronson. Mr. Taggart was born in Branch County in 1840. Talmage, Ambrose, Ex-Register of Deeds, Coldwater. 1865. Taylor, Cash., Farmer, S. 18 and 19, T. Butler, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Taylor was born in Lockport, N. Y., in 1855 and came to Branch County in 1856. Taylor, James, Farmer, S. 6, T. Bntler, P. 0. TekonshaMr. Mr. Taylor was born in Branch County in 1858 and Mrs. Taylor was born in 1863. Taylor, J. W., Farmer, S. 36, T. Batavia, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Taylor was born in Branch County in 1857. Taylor, Leslie, Farmer and Stock Breeder, S. 22, T. Algansee, P. 0. Quincy. Mr. Taylor was born in Branch County in 1884. Taylor, Linus G., Farmer and Supervisor, S. 27, T. Algansee, P. 0. Reading. 1870. Taylor, S. B., Girard Township Clerk, S. 23, T. Girard, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Taylor was born in Branch County in 1861. Taylor, Wat, Farmer, S. 29, T. Batavia, P. 0. Bronson. Mr. Taylor was born in Branch County in 1868. Teach, 0. E., Farmer, S. 14, T. California, P. 0. Montgomery. 1914. Tekonsha News, Ben McMillan, Editor, Tekonsha. Teufel, Charles, Farmer, S. 5 and 6, T. Butler, P. 0. Tekonsha. 1901. Thacher, H. I., Farmer, S. 21, T. Girard, P. 0. Coldwater. 1857. Thomas, J. A., Farmer, S. 29, T. Coldwater, P. 0. Coldwater. 1914. Thompsen, Elmer, Farmer, S. 16, T. Algansee, P. 0. Quincy. Mr. Thompsen was born in Branch County in 1878. Tift, I. S., Ex-Township Treasurer, S. 33, T. Ovid, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Tift was born in Branch County in 1872. Tift, Perry, Farmer, S. 33, T. Algansee, P. 0. Montgomery. Mr. Tift was born in Branch County in 1879. Tindall, A., Farmer, S. 14, T. Ovid, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Tindall was born in Branch County in 1848. Tinkham, 0. F.. Farmer, S. 17, T. Girard, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Tinkham was born in Branch County in 1847. Tobolski, Wm., Farmer, S. 2, T. Girard, P. 0. Tekonsha Mr. M Tobolski was born in Branch Countv in 1878. Tompkins, Jay, Clerk Ovid Township, S. 33, T. Ovid, P. 0. Coldwater. Tompkins, J. T., Farmer and Ex-Supervisor, S. 15, T. Girard, P. 0. Tekonsha. 1845. Treat, S. I. & Son, Dealers in Hides, Furs and Junk, Ccldwater. Tripp, D. N., Farmer, S. 35, T. Girard, P. 0. Coldwater. 1868. Tripp, W. D., Farmer and Dairyman, S. 2, T. Ovid, P. 0. Coldwater. lir. Tripp was born in Branch County in 1873. Truax, H. D.. Proprietor Arlington Hotel, Coldwater. 1910. Trumbull, Aldie, Farmer, S. 9, T. Batavia, P. 0. Batavia Mr. M Trumbull was born in Branch County in 1879. Trumbull, Ernie, Farmer, S. 5, T. Batavia, P. 0. Sherwood. Mr. Trumbull was born in Branch County in 1879. Tucker, Joseph, Farmer, S. 15, T. Ovid, P. 0. Coldwater. 1902.

Page  79 PATRONS' REFERENCE DIRECTORY. 79 Turner, Tom D., Farmer, S. 22, T. Matteson, P. O. Bronson. Mr. Turner was born in Branch County in 1867. Tuttle, G. A., Farmer, S. 18, T. Batavia, P. 0. Bronson. 1856. Tuttle, W. B., Furniture Dealer, Coldwater. 1891. Twadell, E. R., Farmer, S. 5, T. Quincy, P. 0. Quincy. Mr. Twadell was born in Branch County in 1858. Tyler, M. L., Farmer and Supervisor, S. 18, T. Coldwater, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Tyler was born in Branch County in 1869. Ultz, John A., Farmer and Stockraiser, S. 17, T. Matteson, P. O. Sherwood. 1914. Union City National Bank, General Banking, Union City. Van Aken Bros., Livery, Coldwater. Vance, A. B., Farmer, S. 9, T. California, P. 0. Ray, Ind. 1864. Vance, M., Farmer, S. 4, T. California, P. 0. Montgomery. Mr. Vance was born in Branch County in 1865. Van Nuys, L. C., Farmer, S. 6, T. Coldwater, P. 0. Coldwater. 1909. Van Patten, Bert, Farmer, S. 11, T. Butler, P. 0. Litchfield. 1881. Van Zandt, W. W., Farmer, S T.31, T. Coldwater, P. 0. Coldwater. 1914. Vogt, D., Florist, Coldwater. 1885. Voorus, Hadley, Farmer, S. 22, T. Bethel, P. 0. Bronson. Mr. Voorus was born in Branch County in 1866. Vore, John, Farmer, S. 12,. Coldwater, P. 0. Coldwater. 1908. Vreeland, E. P., Livery, Bronson. Watfle, Wm., Farmer and Swine Raiser, S. 32, T. Girard, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Waffle was born in Branch County in 1884. Wagar, M. F., Farmer, S. 14, T. Ovid, P. 0. Coldwater. 1882. Wagner, Henry G., Farmer, S. 7, T. Matteson, P. 0. Colon. 1904. Wagoner, C. W., Farmer and Stockraiser, S. 2, T. Girard, P. 0. Tekonsha. 1900. Wagoner, R. G., Farmer, S. 22, T. Girard, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Wagoner was born in Branch County in 1870. Wait, Birton, Farmer, S. 8, T. Butler, P. 0. Tekonsha. 1906. Walker, Eugene, Farmer, S. 1, T. Bethel, P. 0. Coldwater. 1886. Walker, E. H., Farmer, S. 1, T. Bethel, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Walker was born in Branch County in 1868. Walker, T. L., Farmer, S. 31, T. Coldwater, P. O. Coldwater. Mr. Walker was born in Branch County in 1861. Wotta, Frances, Farmer, S. 31, T. Batavia, P. 0. Bronson. 1884. Wotta, Martin, Farmer, S. 20, T. Batavia, P. 0. Bronson. 1897. WVotta, Stephen, Farmer, S. 28, T. Batavia, P. 0. Batavia. Mr. Wotta was born in Branch Countv in 1873. Wright, C. D., Farmer, S. 28, T. Coldwater, P. 0. Coldwater. 1913. Wright, Wmn. M., Farmer and Township Treasurer, S. 11, T. Ovid, P. O. Coldwater. 1866. Walker, W. E., Farmer, S. 12, T. Bethel, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Walker was born in Branch County in 1865. Walker, W. R., Farmer and Real Estate Dealer, S. 23, T. Sherwood, P. 0. Sherwood. 1911. Wanar, C. H., Farmer, S. 21, T. Batavia, P. 0. Batavia. Mr. Wanar was born in Branch County in 1868. Wanar, J. F., Farmer and Township Treasurer, S. Batavia, P. 0. Batavia. Mr. Wanar was born in Branch County in 1863. Ward, D. A., Farmer, S. 10, T. Noble, P. 0. Bronson. 1887. Warner, B. C., Farmer and Stockraiser, S. 2, T. Noble, P. 0. Bronson. 1879. Warner, R. A., Stock Breeder, S. 2, T. Noble, P. 0. Bronson. 1879. Warren, W. W., Proprietor Shropshire Home Farm, Breeder of Registered Shropshire Sheep, Poland China Swine and Plymouth Rock Chickens, S T.22, T. Union, P. 0. Union City. 1855. Washburn, J. B., Farmer, S. 1, T. Matteson, P. 0. Sherwood. Mr. Washburn was born in Branch County in 1863. Waterbury, C. A., Farmer and Township Treasurer, S. 32, T. Algansee, P. 0. Montgomery. Mr. Waterbury was born in Branch County in 1885. Waterbury, E. A., Farmer, S. 15, T. Algansee, P. 0. Quincy. Mr. Waterbury was born in Branch County in 1861. Waters, B. W., Real Estate and Insurance, Coldwater. 1890. Waters, Samuel, Farmer, S. 8, P. 0, T. Montgomery. 1900. Watkins, E. W., Retired Farmer, Sherwood. 1888. Watkins, Mrs. Marion, Retired, Sherwood. 1848. Watson, J. R., Real Estate and Insurance, Coldwater. 1906. Watson, Wm. S., Farmer, S. 6, T. Batavia, P. 0. Sherwood. 1913. Wattles, Geo. C., Stockraiser and Grower of Mint, S. 9, T. Matteson, P. 0. Sherwood. 1861. Weage, Daniel E., Contractor, Coldwater. Mr. Weage was born in Branch County in 1858. Weaver, E. M. & Sons, Farmers, S. 18, T. Noble, P. 0. Burr Oak. Weaver, E., Farmer and Stockraiser, S. 18, T. 18, T. Noble P.. Burr Oak. Mr. Weaver was born in Branch County in 1868. Webb, Chas. R., Farmer, S. 21, T. Batavia, P. 0. Batavia. Mr. Webb was born in Branch County in 1871. Wendorf, Chris, Farmer, S. 5, T. Butler, P. 0. Tekonsha. 1889. WVendorf, Mrs. Chris, Farming, S. 8, T. Butler, P. 0. Tekonsha. 1889. Wendor-f, G., Farmer, S. 8, T. Butler, P. 0. Tekonsha. 1888.' Whaley- F.J-., Farmer, S. 20, T. Kinderhook, P. 0. Kinderhook. 1895. Wheeler, Edwin, Ford Sales Garage, Coldwater. 1874. Wheeler, O. B., County Treasurer, Coldwater. Mr. Wheeler was born in Branch County in 1874. Wheeler, W. B., Farmer, S. 24, T. Bethel, P. 0. Coldwater. 1865. Whitcomb, T. A., Farmer, S. 18, T. Kinderhook, P. 0. Kinderhook. Mr. Whitcomb was born in Branch County in 1868. Yeatter.. E., Farmer and Supervisor, S. 18, T. Matteson, P. 0. Colon. 1890. Yesh, F. G., Farmer, S. 4, T. Noble, P. O. Bronson. Mr. Yesh was born in Branch County in 1878. Yesh, Leddie, Farmer, S 30, T. Batavia, P. 0. Bronson. Mr. Yesh was born in Branch County in 1888. Yunt. Frank, Farmer, S. 6,'T. Batavia, P. 0. Sherwood. Mr. Yunt was born in Branch County in 1875. White, F. D., Farmer and Township Supervisor, S. 20, T. Butler, 1. O. Quincy. Mr. White was born in Branch County in 1870. White, F. M, Farmer and Township Road Commissioner, S. 14, T. Butler, P. 0. Quincy. Mr. White was born in Branch County in 1861. White, Leonard, Farmer, S. Farmer, T. 1 Butler, P. 0. Litchfield. 1856. Whitley, Henry C., Real Estate Loans, Coldwater. 1863. Whitman, Geo. R., Merchant and Township Supervisor, S. 21, T. Girard, P. 0. Cold1water. 1888. Whitmore, Carl, Farmer, S. 7, T. Matteson, P. 0. Sherwood. Mr. Whitmore was born in Branch County in 1881. Whitmore, Kirk, Farmer, S. 16, T. Matteson, P. 0. Sherwood. Mr. Whitmore was born in Branch County in 1861. Whitney, A. J., Merchant and Justice of Peace, S. 2, T. Butler, P. O. Litchfield. 1898. Whittuhn, Carl E., Farmer, S. 6, T. Butler, P. 0. Tekonsha. 1875. Wilkins, E. J., Farmer, S. 22, T. Gilead, P. 0. Bronson. Mr. Wilkins was born in Branch County in 1868. Wilkins, J. H., Farmer, S. 13, T. Gilead, P. 0. Kinderhook. Mr. Wilkins was born in Branch County in 1838.Wilkins, W. H., Farmer, S. 4, T. Kinderhook, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Wilkins was born in Branch County in 1861. Williams, C. M., Farmer, S. 29, T. Algansee, P. 0. Quincy. 1906. Willianms, F. H. Farmer, S. 3, T. Butler, P. 0. Litchfield. 1905. Williams, Warren W., Farmer, S. 8, T. Gilead, P. 0. Bronson. Mr. Williams was born in Branch County in 1843. Wilson, J. H., Farmer, S. 33, T. Ovid, P. 0. Coldwater. 1853.. Wilson, Jas. R., Farmer, S. 28, T. Ovid, P. 0. Coldwater. 1840. Wilson, Lou A., Farmer, S. 23, T. Algansee, P. 0. Reading. Born in Branch County in 1880. Wilson, M. G., Farmer, S. 21, T. Ovid, P. 0. Coldwater. 1885. Winchell, C. L., Farmer, S. 8, T. Algansee, P. 0. Quincy. Mr. Winchell was born in Branch County in 1859. Wing, B. D., Farmer, S. 22, T. Coldwater, P. 0. Coldwater. 1886. Wiser, L. H., Farmer, S. 24, T. Bethel, P. 0. Coldwater. 1863. Withington, E. E., Farmer, S. 5, T. California, P. 0. Montgomery. Mr. Withington was born in Branch County in 1881. Withington, M. J., Farmer, S. 19, T. California, P. O. Fremont, Ind. Mr. Withington was born in Branch County in 1856. Wolf, Winfred, Farmer, S. 15, T. Butler, P. 0. Quincy. 1891. Wolfe, P. F., Farmer and Stockraiser, S. 26, T. Sherwood, P. 0. Sherwood. Mr. Wolfe was born in Branch County in 1861. Wood, Wm. W., Farmer, S. 12, T. Ovid, P. 0. Coldwater. 1874. Woods, W. H., Farmer, S. 9, T. Girard, P. O. Tekonsha. 1866. Worden, E. J., Groceries and Fire Insurance, Union City. Mr. Worden was born in Branch County. Wortz, S. S., Farmer and Road Commissioner, S. 26, T. Girard, P. O. Coldwater. 1871. Zeluff, Burnett M., Farmer, S. 9, T. Ovid, P. 0. Coldwater. Mr. Zeluff was born in Branch County in 1858. Zock, Casper M., Farmer, S. 17, T. Bethel, P. 0. Bronson. 1906. Zull, Franklin, Farmer, S. 13, T. Gilead, P. 0. Kinderhook. 1868. Zurbrugg, John, Farmer, S. 7, T. Quincy, P. O. Quincy. 1910. Zurbrugg, W. A., French Steam Dye Works, Coldwater. 1880.

Page  80 III - -- i - ~ I — ----, --- — -eC"bpL —; s 1 19I I-C - ~ ~ ~ r 1 I, I I C '1 Ca --- ~ ---- — I r I I fADVERTISING SEGTION - -- I I I I — THE REPORTER HORACE KITCHEL, Publisher Daily and Semi-Weekly Daily Circulation 2,480, Semi-Weekly 3,340. Only Daily in County Guarantees More Circulation Than All Other Papers in Branch County Duplex Web Press, Capacity 6,000 Reporters an Hour Two Mergenthaler Linotype Machines COLDWATER, - MICH. J. H. Lancashire, President. S. O. Bush, Vice President. Wm. M. Hatch, Sec'y-Treas. & Mgr. Peerless Portland Cement Company Manufacturers of Highest Grade Portland Cement Only UNION CITY, - MICH. E. P. Keep, - President. R. E. Waldo, - Vice President. B. G. Doolittle, - - Cashier. F. D. Rice, - Ass't Cashier. First State Bank ON TEKONSHA, MICHIGAN Established 1877 Incorporated 1902 J. L. Moore. H. E. Sweet. MOORE & SWEET HARDWARE Implements and Vehicles Roofing, Fencing, Plumbing Plows, Engines, Wind Mills UNION CITY, - MICH. The Sun and Star J. S. EVANS, Editor and Manager Clean, Fearless, Independent Published Once a Week, Thursday Afternoon We Make a Specialty of THE BEST JOB PRINTING Office 22 West Pearl Street Both Phones No. 150 COLDWATER, - MICH. Morris G. Clarke. Ralph E. Clarke. E. R. Clarke, Jr. Hugh. W. Clarke. E. R. Clarke & Co. ESTABLISHED IN 1850 Drugs, Groceries, Paints, Oils and Glass Largest and Most Complete Stock in Southern Michigan 26 and 28 Chicago Street, Corner Monroe COLDWATER, - MICH. C. J. Harris. R. J. Shattuck. C. J. Harris & Co. Undertakers and Funeral Directors No. 5 South Monroe Street Business Phone 262 NIGHT PHONES: C. J. Harris, Both Phones No. 209. R. J. Shattuck, Bell 757a; So. Michigan 3581. COLDWATER, - MICH. E. E. Palmer. H. H. Palmer. L. R. Palmer. PALMER, PALMER & PALMER LAWYERS COLDWATER, - MICH. W. B. TUTTLE Furniture, Carpets, Rugs MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS 43-47 West Chicago Street COLDWATER, - MICH. L. M. Wing, - President. Z. G. Osborn, Vice President. H. R. Saunders, - Cashier. W. H. Simons, Ass't Cashier. Coldwater National Bank Coldwater, Michigan. D. C. Allen. D. S. Greenamver. D. C. ALLEN & CO. DEALERS IN HARDWARE Paints, Oils, Glass, Etc., Etc. Wholesale and Retail COLDWATER, - MICH. Quincy Lumber Co. HAL S. LEGG, Manager DEALERS IN Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Sash, Doors, Mouldings, Glass, Lime, Cement, Etc. Phones: Independent, No. 54. Bell, No. 12. QUINCY, - MICH. L. C. COLLER Pianos and Organs Hobart M. Cable Pianos, Many Other Good Makes The Hobart M. Cable Self Playing Piano Pianos Tuned and Repaired in a Scientific Manner Bell or So. Mich Phone 96. COLDWATER, - MICH. THE T H E Coldwater Garage Co. C. F. STRONG, Manager SUPPLIES, REPAIRS, VULCANIZING Wholesale and Retail 29-31 Hanchett Street.:Both Phones 64 COLDWATER, - MICH. FRENCH STEAM DYE WORKS W. A. ZURBRUGG, Prop. Cleaning. Dying, Repairing and Pressing PROMPT SERVICE 27 East Chicago Street Both Phones 186 THE Register-Week I y Clayton C. Johnson Milo D. CampbellHumphrey Stanley E. Weage Humphrey ~'~1~~~~~~~~~~ ~"".~j..Hmh Campbell & Johnson ATTORNEYS Lawyer TOM F. ROBINSON PUBLISHER Union City, - Michigan COLDWATER, - MICH. Coldwater, - Michigan Charles U. Champion NICHOLAS LOPEZ Attorney at Law Dealer in Fruits and Confectionery S. 1. TREAT & SON DEALERS IN Hides, Pelts, Tallow Junk and Raw Furs Coldwater, - Mich. COLDWATER, MICH. COLDWATER, - MICH. C. S. BARTLETT HH. & B.E. BARLOW furniture and Undertaking Union City, - - Michigan Henry C. Whitley Real estate LOANS Coldwater, = Mich. THE Quincy Herald C. W.. OWEN, Prop. Correct Commercial Printing Quincy, - - Michigan Henry C. Loveridge Attorneys at Law Coldwater, - - Michigan V. U. Hungerford Real Estate, Loans and Insurance Bell Phone 363. S. M. Phone 252 42 West Chicago Street Coldwater, - - Michigan Herbert L. Sloman Starr W. Gruner Sloman & Gruner Clothiers and Furnishers Coldwater, - - Michigan F. C. Rheubottom Undertaking and Monumental Work Union City, Michigan W. Glenn Cowell L. K. HARDING ltnorney LIVERY Coldwater, = Mich. CHARLES L. KEEP L. J. BYERS DAIRY COLDWATER, - MICH. C. E. GEORGE & SON BREEDERS OF Thoroughbred Registered Jersey Cattle Also Plymouth Rock, Wyandotte and Bantam Wyandotte Chickens Attorney at Law General Insurance Coldwater, Mich. Arlington Hotel H. D. Truax, Prop. Steam Heat, Electric Light Rates $2.00 and $2.50 COLDWATER, - MICH. Old Bank Building Coldwater, - - Michigan SANFORD LORINi Machine Shop Bell Phone 741 10 South Hudson St. COLDWATER, - MICH. Office No. 2, Masonic Temple Bell Phone 34 COLDWATER, - MICH. Pratt Manufacturing COMPANY Children's Sleds, Bent Wood Seats And Shoo Flies COLDWATER, - MICH. I R. F. D. No. 1, - Union City, Mich. COLDWATER, - MICH. I I I ~I I I l I. 1 I ~11 U. I

Page  81 F2IIAJE- I - — C — -seB-~1 I I —r ~al - -- L ~ps- I gapre PPIL ~, Jbe M fADVERTISING SEGTION - - -- ~ ~ I -r --,, —.- I OLLOCK.. Rose........... SM. G. Clarke........ n.POLLOCK &SON ( A. S. Upson........ J......... e WATSON.Vice President............ Cashiert R W ATSON Established 1881 Lumber andCoal COLDWATER, IICH IGAN VAN AKEN BROS. FLORISTS Both Phones 36, 3 Rings B. L VAN AKEN, Manager Residence Phone, Bell 112 COLDWATER, LIVERY Both Phones 36, 2 Rings M. J. VAN AKEN, Manager Residence Phone, Bell 114 MICHIGAN The Southern Michigan National Bank Capital and Surplus, - $300,000 COLDWATER, MICH. HAWES Storm Front Company Manufacturers of Hawes' Improved Roll Up STORM FRONT AND Dust Hoods for Ford Cars Adjustable Storm Aprons and Storm Capes. Fabric Supplies Top Hardware. Both Phones 14 N. Monroe St. Coldwater, Mich. PETER SANDT Dealer in All Kinds of Plumbing, Steam and Hot Water Supplies, Pneumatic Water Systems, Gasoline Engines Pumps of All Descriptions. Gasoline Lighting Systems, Water, Electric and Power Washing Machines, Lawn Hose, Nozzles and Sprayers. Our quality of goods and workmanship is what makes us popular. Estimates Cheerfully Furnished COLDWATER,: MICH. DR. L. PETERSON Leading Veterinary Surgeon OF BRANCH COUNTY In Present Location Since 1905 Office Residence Noyas Sheds, or 101 N. Hanchett St. 28 N. Hanchett St. Res. Phone 2031 Always on the Job Office Phone S. 70 COLDWATER,: MICH. EDGAR A. FOSTER Real Cstate Money Loaned, Auctioneering Cyclone and Fire Insurance AO.ENT FOR The Hastings Michigan Mutual Tornado, Cyclone and Wind Storm Insurance Company Office-Masonic Block COLDWATER, - MICH. SUPERIOR II 63859 Weight, 1750 Pounds Thoroughbred Registered Percheron Stallion OWNED BY C. L. HAYS QUINCY, - - MICH. Independent Phone 154-13 Real Estate and Insurance BONDS Loans Negotiated, Securities "We Sell the Earth" Both Phones No. 212 COLDWATER,: MICH. Ford Motor Cars EDWIN WHEELER Branch County District Dealer The Home of the Famous FORD Automobile Accessories Supplies and Repairs COLDWATER, - MICH. Jacob Brothers Dealers in Staple and Fancy Dry Goods NOTIONS Ladies' Fine Tailor-Made Skirts SHIRT WAISTS, ETC. Also All Kinds Men's Furnishing Goods 70 West Chicago St. COLDWATER,: MICH. ROCCO LOPEZ Proprietor of Southern Michigan Fruit Supply Candies and Ice Cream Bell Phone 170. South. Mich. Hotel Bl'k COLDWATER, MICH. Kerr Brothers Co. Dealers in Hardware, Stoves, Nails Cutlery, Tinware, Glass Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Putty Hay, Grain, Seed and Potatoes Corner Chicago and Hanchett Sts. COLDWATER, - MICH. In Ten Sizes Cuban Hand Made CHAS. W. CHAPMAN Manufacturer of High 'Grade Segars La Flor de Chap 10 cents and up Lord Crasby, 5c. and up COLDWATER,: MICH. J. W. McCausey, President. Isaac Tower, Vice President. J. S. Nesbit, Cashier. Union City National Bank United States Depositary UNION CITY,: MICH. JOHN F. LAURA Boat Builder Auto Repairer Blacksmithing and Woodwork Sawing, Planing and Turning No. 40 South Monroe Street COLDWATER,: MICH. A. E. Pearce MANUFACTURER OF American, Blue Ribbon, Bloomer, Prince of P., High Rock and Other Fine Cigars 31 CHICAGO STREET COLDWATER,: MICH. C. B. Arnold. B. W. Waters. Arnold & Waters Real Estate and Insurance, Implements and Repairs A Square Deal BOTH PHONES 30 South Monroe Street COLDWATER,: MICH. The Standard Garage THOS. H. BALL, Proprietor The Largest and Best Equipped Garage in Southern Michigan Storage and Accessories Bell Phone 164 S. M. Phone 1641 COLDWATER,: MICH. Roll Scheidler. John Baggerly. Opera House Barn AND SHEDS Scheidler & Baggerly, Proprietors. Plenty of Room and fair Treatment Give Us a Call. Opposite Opera House. Hanchett Street S. M. Phone 240 COLDWATER,: MICH. I CHARLES F. HOWE Attorney at Eaw Circuit Court Commissioner Compiler and Publisher of "Howe's Marginal Annotations of the Compiled Laws, Public Acts and Court Rules of the State of Michigan." COLDWATER, - MICH. Coldwater Candy Works Manufacturers of Pure Ice Cream And Delicious Candies Supplies for Weddings, Parties Picnics, etc. WHOLESALE and RETAIL Southern Michigan Phone 3301 COLDWATER,: MICH. HERB BLAKE'S RESTAURANT Everything Good to Eat 37 Chicago Street Coldwater, Mich. Louis Bonfiglio Proprietor. Victor Bonfiglio, Manager. BONFIGLIO'S IDEAL Wholesale and Retail Foreign and Domestic Fruits, Nuts, Etc. Ice Cream and Soda Water, Fine Candies Both Phones 277 COLDWATER,: MICH. F. L. BRAINERD DEALER IN Coal, Wood, Lime, Cement, Tile, Feed, Seeds, Salt, Hay, Wire Fence and Fence Posts QUINCY,: MICH. E. A. BIDELMAN Palace Livery, Feed and Boarding Stables Real Estate, Insurance Opposite Southern Michigan Hotel, Facing Court House COLDWATER,: MICH. OFFICERS B. S. Spofford, President F. L. Burdick, 1st Vice Pres. A. Milnes, 2nd Vice Pres. M. W. Wimner, Cashier R. B. Gripman, Asst. Cash. Branch County Savings Bank COLDWATER, MICH. 3 Per Cent Int. Paid on Time Deposits DIRECTORS B. S. Spofford F. L. Burdick A. Milnes N. A. Reynolds N. Baldwin H. P. Woodward M. W. Wimer C. R. OSBORN Photographer Awarded Three First Prizes by Photographic Ass'n of Michigan 42 East Chicago Street COLDWATER,: MICHIGAN OFFICERS John A. Stanton................President Warren Henrv............Vice-President Harry Klose.............Vice-President A. R. M oore........................Cashier State Savings Bank Sherwood, Mich. STATE SUPERVISION Capital, Surplus and Stockholders' Liability $46,000.00 DIRECTORS J. A. Stanton C. D. Mosher C. S. Robinson Frank Hicks Henry Runvan Frank Wolf A. R. Klose Harry Klose E. L. Hazen Warren Henry A. R. Moore W. W. WARREN PROPRIITOR Shropshire Home Farm Breeder of Registered Shropshire Sheep, Poland China Hogs and Plymouth Rock Chickens Route 4. Union City, Mich. ii _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __I s I I ~ II I

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Page  85 I_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ g __ _ I I PAGE 85 ILLUSTRAfTION -..| I E. E. WITHINGTON, Proprietor of Wayside Farm, breeder of DNroc Jersey Swine and Live Stock auctioneer, R. F. D. No. 34, MONTGOMERY, MICH. C. H. AUSTIN, R. F. D. No. 2. BATAVIA, MICH. LUELLA BURTON, GEO. A. BURTON, Daughtertendent of G. A. Bto S Oak Grove COLDWATER, MICH. Cemetery, COLDWATtR, MICH. RALPH S. ANDRUS, OUINCY, MICH. THE EDWIN R. CLARKE LIBRARY, COLDWATER, MICH. PARK SCENE, COLDWATER, MICH. OFFICIALS FOR COLDWATER CITY, 1914. Holdridge, Aid., Swain, Aid., Norton, City Engr., Taylor, Aid., Hildebrand, Aid. Rodgers, Street Com., Phelps, Aid., Baldwin, Health Officer, Calkins, Aid., Musser, Aid. Griffith, City Phys., Stevenson, Marshal, Johnson, City Atty., KlRindinst, Mayor, Stansell, City Clerk, Blackmar, Aid. MR. AND MRS. ORNO J. STRONG, R. F. D. No. 2, COLDWATER, MICIH. MR. AND MRS. KIRK WHITMORE, R. F. D. No. 1, SHERWOOD, MICH. ORLO STRONG, Son of Mr. and Mrs. Orno J. Strong, R. F D. No. 2, COLDWATER, MICH. JOHNNIE W. WHITTAKER, Deceased son of C. E. Whittaker, R. F. D. No. 4, TEKONSIA, MICH. LYNN WHITMORE, Son of Kirk Whitmore, R. F. D. No. 1, SHERWOOD, M1CH. MR. AND MRS. J. A. DENBROCK, R. F. D. No. 4, TBKONSHA, MICH. MR. AND MRS. O. E. DAILY, Proprietors of The Daily Homestead, R. F. D. No. 4, TBKONSHA, MICH. MR. AND MRS. F. P. MANN, Proprietors of Clover Leaf Dairy Farm, R. F. D. No. 3, QUINCY, MICH. MR. AND MRS. S. W. Er0LEP'F, LITCHFT0ELD, MICH.

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Page  87 ILLUT IPAGE 87 J. H. WILSON, R. F. D. No. 3, COLDWATER, MICH. MRS. J. H. WILSON, R. F D. No. 3, COLDWATER, MICIH. FRED B. CALKINS, One of the leading fartners and live stock buyers of Branch County, SHERWOOD, 1IICH. AMBROSE TALMAGE, ROBERT TALMAGE., Register of Deeds. Branch County, Son of Ambrose Talmage, 1909-1914 inclusive, Department COLDWATER, MICH. Inspector of Michigan, United Spatish-Am. War Veterans. 1914-1915. COLDWATER, MICH. FAMILY RE-UNION, FAMILY RE-UNION, Photograph from S. D. Crull, Photograph from Gabriel Hoopingarner, R. F. D. No. 2, R. F. D. No. 1, KINDERHOOK, MICH. BRONSON, MICH. FAMILY RE-UNION, Photograph from Art. Carl, R. F. D. No. 2, COLDWATER, MICH. T. D. GOBLE AND SONS, R. F. D. No. 2, KINDERHOOK1, MICH. MRS. T. D. GOBLE AND DAUGHTER, R. F. D. No. 2, KINDERHOOK, MICHI. MR. AND MRS. E. J. FOSTER, R. F. D. No. 7, BRONSON, MICH. JOHN AND LYLE W. KENYON, Sons of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kenyon R. F. D. No. 3, COLDWATER, MICH. MR. AND MRS. WALTER KENYON, R. F. D. No. 3, COLDWATER. MICH. MR. AND MRS. ELIJAH GROVE, Residents of Branch County for nearly sixty years. Photograph from Burdette E. Grove, R. F. D. No. 2, BATAVIA, MICH. J. W. BRUNSON AND FAMILY GROUP, R. F. D. No. 1, BATAVIA, MIC(H. FRED J. PEPPIATT AND FAMILY, IKIND0RHOOK, MICH. MR. AND MRS. LEVI A. SHUMWAY, R. F. D. No. 35, MONTGoMERY0, MICH.

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Page  93 -- L — --— -L —?T --- 'R C& ILLUSTRRTIONS PAGE 93 III ___ __,, VIVIAN SHUMWAY AND FAMILY GROUP, R. F. D. No 3, QUINCY, MICH. P. C. BIGLOW AND FAMILY, R F. D. No. 35, MONTGOMERY, MICH. JOHN W. NORTON AND FAMILY GROUP, R. F. D. No. 3, QUINCY, MICH. F. E. HAYES AND) FAMILY, R. F. D. No. 5, QUINCY, MICH. 1.-Public Library. 2.-Chicago Street, Looking West. 3.-M. E. Church. 4.-View on Chicago Street, Quincy, Mich. 1. —High School. 2.-Broadway Street. 3 —View of Mill, Union City. 4.-Public School, Sherwood, Mich. 1. —M. E. Church. 2.-St. Charles Church. 3.-St. Mark's Church. 4.-Presbyteriatn Church, Coldwater, Mich. MR. AND MRS. ORVIL S. ELY AND FAMILY GROUP, R. F. D. No. 10, LITCHFIBLD, MICH. J. R. DONNEL AND FAMILY GROUP, SONS OF JOHN M. GRAY, R. F. D. No. 6 R. F. D. No. 6, R. F. D. No. 2, COLDWATIER, MICH. BATAVIA, MICH. T. L. LAWRENCE AND FAMILY GROUP, R. F. D. No. 1, BRONSON, MICH. MRS. BARBARA GREEN AND FAMILY HICKORY CORNER SCHOOL, DISTRICT GROUP, NO. 2 R. F. D. No. 1, RFBATAVI, D.. Irvin Beery, Teacher, R. F. D. No. 5, BRONSON, MICH. BUTCHER SCHOOL, BETHEL TOWNSHIP, Photograph from E. H. Walker, R. F. D. No. 6, COLDWATBR, MICH. O. BARNES AND FAMILY GROUP, R. F. D. No. 34, MONTGOMERY, MICH.

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Page  105 L~ ~ ~ -- - — I - -- - I I % itA I LLUSTRXTIONS PAGE 105 1 I^ - - - -- - - - - - RESIDENCE OF WM. J. NEWMAN, MAPLE VIEW FARM, R. F. D. No. 7, Home of Carl Denbrock, COLDWATER, MICH. READING, MICH. RESIDENCE ON THE FARM OF CLOVER LEAF DAIRY FARM, EVALINE SMITH, Home of F. P. Mann, R. F. D. No. 3, Photograph from S A. Loomis, R. F. D. No. 7, QU-NCV MICH. COLDWATER, MICE. EVERGREEN LAWN FARM, Home of John Pridgeon, Supervisor of California Township, R. F. D. No. 35, MONTGOMERY, MICT. MULBERRY LAWN FARM, Residence of James Taylor, R. F. D. No. 4, TEKONSHA, MICH. APPLE GROVE FARM, Home of Albert Denbrock, R. F. D. No. 4, TEKONSHA, MICE. ROCKLAND STOCK FARM, Residence of A. Nielson, R. F. D. No. 4, CCOLDWATER, MICH. - HOME OF STANLEY W. BOYNTON, QUINCY, MICH. GREENHOUSES OF D. VOGT, COLDWATER, MICH. STONY LONESOME FARM, Home of W. J. Burns, R. F. D. No. 5, QUINCY, MICH. SHORT LANE FARM, Home of Willis Hall, QUINCY, MICR. SUNNY SIDES FARM, Residence of Mr. and Mrs. Theron Grove, R. F. D. No. 1, COLDWATER, MICH. RESIDENCE OF S. W. DOLPH, LITCMFIELD, MICH. GENERAL STORE OF DAVID SMITH, R. F. D. No. 3, QUINCY, MICH. RESIDENCE OF FRED HINKLEY, Meadow Brook Farm, R. F. D. No. 3, QUINCY, MICH. LAKE VU FARM, Home of Wm. Clark, R. F. D. No. 3, COLDWATER, MICH. MAPLEVIEW FARM, Home of W. R. Murphy, R. F. D. No. 3, QUINCY, MICH. FAIR VIEW FARM, Residence of J. C. Musser, R. F. D. No. 9,, COLDWATER, MICH.

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Page  121 . ILLUSTIRm [119-~F r -10 PAGE 12 *45 ~B"";W*. - - - - I I _____I I FARM RESIDENCE OF W. H. OLMSTEAD, HOME OF A. J. HARRIS, R. F. D. No. 1, R. F. D. No. 1, BRONSON, MICH. BATA1V.IA, MJ&CH. LONE ELM FARM, WILDWOOD VIEW, Home of E. D. Culbert, Home of Geo. Ransford, R. F. D. No. 2, QUINCY, MICH. QUINCY, MIC. RESIDENCE AND BARN ON THE THORN TREE FARM, J. A. Thomas, Proprietor, R. F. D No. 2. COLDWATER, MICH. SCENES ON FARM OF RICHARD MACEY, R. F. D. No. 5, QUINCY, MICH. PLEASANT VIEW FARM, Residence and barn of W. B. Wheeler, R. F. D. No. 2. COLDWMATER, MICH. FAIRVIEW FARM, RESIDENCE AND BARNS OF Home cf Harvey Chase, LESTER BROUGHTON, R. F. D. No. 5. R. F. D No. 35, QUINCY, MICH. MONTGOMERY, MICH. VALLEY STOCK FARM, LONE WALNUT FARM, Home of F. H. Williams, Home of Charles Tuful, LITCHFIELD, MICH. R. F. D. No. 4, - T1EKONSHA, MICH. OAK GROVE FARM, OAK GROVE FARM, OAK GROVE CEMETERY, D. A. Ward, R. F. D. No. 5, Geo. A. Burton. Superintendent, BIlSl1,1. 1COL1DWATER, MICH. SPRINGPORT LAD, NO. 34, SCENE ON FARM OF B. W. BESEMER Prize Winner, M. M. Garrett, Owner Knee- R. F. D. No. 10, land Stock Farm, R. F. D. No. 6, LITCHFIELD MICH. COLDWATER, MICH. BARN OF BURNETT M. ZELUFF, R. F. D. No. 3, COLDWATER, MICH. MAPLE LAWN FARM, Home of Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Taylor, READING, MICH.

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Page  125 UNITED STATES LAND SURIEYS SUPPLEMENT 1. ANALYSIS OF THE SYSTEM -OFUnited States Land Surveys METES AND BOUNDS DIAGRAM i. sold or granted, was described by "Metes and Bounds," and that system is still in existence in the following States, or in those portions of them which had been sold or granted when the present plan of surveys was adopted, viz.: New York, h,Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Texas, o and the six New England States. To describe land-by "Metes and Bounds," is to have a known land-mark for a place of beginning, t"e.Y, ' ',..,V.. and then follow a line according to the compass-needle (or magnetic bearing), or the course of a stream, or track of an ancient high- \\ A way. This plan has resulted in endless confusion and litigation, as land-marks decay and change, and it is a well-known fact that s, the compass-needle varies and does not always point due North. As an example of this plan of dividing lands, the following description of a farm laid out by "Metes and Bounds," is given: "Beginning at a stone on the Bank of Doe River, at a point where the highway from A. to B. crosses said river (see point marked C. do. on Diagram 1); thence 40~ North of West 100 rods to a large stump; thence 10~ North of West 90 rods; thence 15~ West of North 80 ^^ rO rods to an oak tree (see Witness Tree on Diagram 1); thence due East 150 rods to the highway; thence following the course of the \ S es o highway 50 rods due North; thence 5~ North of East 90 rods; thence 45~ East of South 60 rods; thence 10~ North of East 200 rods CS' c, 'sr on oto the Doe River; thence following the course of the river Southwesterly to the place of beginning." This, which is a very simple r and moderate description by "Metes and Bounds," would leave the boundaries of the farm as shown in Diagram 1. MERIDIANS AND BASE LINES DIAGRAM 2 T7HE present system of Governmental Land Surveys was adopted by Congress on the distinguished. Each Meridian and Base Line is marked with its proper number or name. 7th of May, 1785. It has been in use ever since and is the legal method of de- Diagram 3 illustrates what is meant when this method is termed the "Rectangular scribing and dividing lands. It is called the "Rectangular System," that is, all System," and how the measurements are based on lines which run at right angles its distances and bearings are measured from two lines which are at right angles to each other. The heavy line running North and South (marked A. A.) on Diagram 3, to each other, viz.:-l-. These two lines, from which the measurements are made, are represents the Principal Meridian, in this case say the 5th Principal Meridian. The heavy the Principal Meridians, which run North and South, and the Base Lines which run line running East and West (marked B. B.) is the Base Line. These lines are used as East and West. These Principal Meridians are established, with great accuracy. Each the starting points or basis of all measurements or surveys made in territory controlled Principal Meridian has its Base Line, and these two lines form the basis or foundation by the 5th Principal Meridian. The same fact applies to all other Principal Meridians for the surveys or measurement of all the lands within the territory which they control. and their Base Lines. Commencing at the Principal Meridian, at intervals of si x miles, Diagram 2 shows all of the Principal Meridians and Base Lines in the United States, lines are run North and South, parallel to the Meridian. This plan is followed both and from it the territory governed by each Meridian and Base Line may be readily East and West of the Meridian throughout the territory controlled by the Meridian. ii ESinted According to Ait of Congosi, is th, ynar 1909. by Cm. A. Ogle & Co.. is ths offies of the Librarian of Cogress it Wahington D. C..J

Page  126 UNITED STATES LAND SURVEYS SUPPLEMENT I1 These lines are termed "Range Lines." They divide the land into strips or divisions six miles wide, i Each division is called a Raisge. Ranges are numbered from one upward, comma cing at the characters. For instance, the first division (or first six miles) west of the Meridian ib Range I. We IV., V., VI., VII., and s.i on, until the territory governed by another Principal Meridian is reached are numbered, the words East or West being always used to indicate the direction from the Principa Commencing at the Base Line, at intervals of six miles, lines are run East and West parallel wit Lines. They divide the land into strips or divisions six miles wide, extending East and West, paral North and South of the Base Line until the territory governed by another Principal Meridian and B numbered from one upward, both North and South of the Base Line, and their nlumbers are indicate _sorth of the Base Lilne is Township 1 North; the next is Township 2 North; then comes Township followed South of the Base Line; the Townships being designated as Township 1 South, Township 2 initials N. or S. being generally used) indicates the direction from the Base Line. See Diagram 3. These Township and Range Lines, crossing each other, as shown in Diagram 3, form squares, whicl which are six miles square, or as nearly that as it is possible to make them. These Townships are a, of land. The location of a Government Township, however, is very readily found when the nun counting the number indicated from the Base Line and Principal Meridian. As an example of this, ' Meridian, is at once located on the square marked * on Diagram 3, by counting eight tiers north oJ _ _____ ______ ____ ___ TOWNSHIPS OF LAND. A DIAG13 Y OWNSHIPS are the largest sub- iT 3 - i T 1 a | ~ — f — - divisions of land run out by the /. 1a %aajg.s?jM Ag -I A. g United States Surveyors. In the a^ --- Governmental Surveys Township Lines are the first to be run, and a Township " B 6- 4 Corner is established every six miles and marked. This is called "Townshipping." S a After the Township Corners have been care- so R ' fullylocated,the Section and Quarter Section s A Corners are established. Each Township is 2. | six miles square and contains 23,040 acres, l, or 36 square miles, as near as it is possible R. to make them. This, however, is fre- ~s e quently made impossible by; (1st) the pres-. 7 \ ence of lakes and large streams; /2nd) by -- State boundaries not falling exactly on Go R. Township Lines; (3rd) by the convergence - of Meridians or curvature of the earth's o R surface; and (4th) by inaccurate surveys. "' Each Township, unless it is one of the e_ R. I exceptional cases referred to, is divided -- V into 36 squares, which are called Sections. as R. These Sections are intended to be one 6 i o, mile, or 320 rods, square and contain 640 3.2 R. ___ acres of land. Sectione are numbered 3 o^ 'j consecutively from 1 to 36, as shown on, IsR. Diagram 4. Beginning with Section 1 in -- f the Northeast Corner, they run West to. — 20 6, then East to 12, then West to 18, and 2 so on, back and forth, until they end with a11.4 R Section 36 in the Southeast Corner. Diagram 4 shows a plat of a Township i5.s R. _ __ as it is divided and platted by the govern- -a I. ment surveyors. These Townships are _. R. called Government Townships or Congres- "ea sional Townships, to distinguish them from 22.6 R. 309 8 Civil Townships or organized Townships, A. as frequently the lines of organized Town-. i I ships do not conform to the Government. d, TowvJhip lines. 29.4 R. SECTIONS OF LAND. - 3- -131 32 33 TIAGRAM 5 illustrates how a section l may be subdivided, although the i.. -I Diagram only gives a few of the,43 R. many subdivisions into which a section may be divided. All Sections (except fractional Sections) are supposed to be 320 rods, or one mile, square and therefore contain 640 acres-a number easily divisible. Sections are subdivided into fractional parts to suit the convenience of the owners of the land. A half-section contains 320 acres; a quarter-section contains 160 acres; half of a quarter contains 80 acres, and quarter of a quarter contains 40 acres, and so on. Each piece of land is described according to the portion of the section which it embraces-as the Northeast quarter of Section 10; or the Southeast quarter of the Southeast quarter of Section 10. Diagram 5 shows how many of these subdivisions are platted, and also shows the plan of designating and describing them by initial letters as each parcel of land on the Diagram is marked with its description. As has already been stated, all Sections (except Fractional Sections which are explained elsewhere) are supposed to contain 640 acres, and even though mistakes have been made in surveying, as is frequently the case, making sections larger or smaller than 640 acres, the Government recognizes no variation, but. sells or grants each regular section as containing 640 acres "mlore or less." The Government Surveyors are not required to subdivide sections by running lines within them, but they usually establish Quarter Posts on Section Lines on each side of a section at tlie noints marked A. B. C. and D. on Diagram 5. After establishing Township corners, Section Lines are the next to be run, and section corners are established. When these are carefully DIAGRAM 5. located the Quarter Posts are located at points as ____ _ nearly equidistant between Section Corners as 1 possible. These corners when established by Government Surveyors cannot be changed, even though it is conclusively shown that mistakes have been made which cause some sections or N. E, 1 /4 quarter sections to be either larger or smaller than others. The laws, however, of all the O States provide certain rules for local surveyors < to follow in dividing Sections into smaller 160 A. parcels of land than has been outlined in the tA q 10 - - Governmental surveys. For instance, in divido 0 ing a quarter section into two parcels, the disN. 1/2 of S. E. 1/, ance between the Government Corners is carefully measured and the new post is located at a I 80 A. point equidistant between them. This plan is N. 4 of s.w. % followed in running out "eighties," "forties," of S.E.': S. E.4 "twenties," etc. In this way, if the Govern(20A-) _ of S. E.,/| ment division overruns or falls short, each af S.F.Y Y portion gains or loses its proportion. This is _____(20 A.) 40 A. not the case, however, with Fractional Sections SUBDIIDVING A SECTION. along the North or West sides of a Township,._ or adjoining a lake or large stream. extending North and South, parallel with the Meridian.Meridian; and their numbers are indicated by Roman 11R * st; the next is Range II. West; then comes Range III., DIAGRAM 3 ar. In the same manner the Ranges East of the Meridian m, ^ I i w. am w r ' 1 Meridian. See Diagram. u3 I a;h the Base Lune. These are designated as Township - -- - - lel with the Base Line. This plan is followed both - - ase Line is reached. These divisions or Townships are u id by figures. For instance: The first six mile division - - - - - 3, 4, 5, and 6, North, and so on. The same plan is - - - - 2 South, and so on. The " North" or " South " (the. C i are called "Townships" or " Government Townships," I f - very important feature in locating or describing a piece o 7i a iber of the Township and Range is given, by merely - - - - Township 8 North, Range 4, West of the 5th Principal - f the Base Line and 4 tiers west of the Meridian. L"AM 4. ------ --- a I _ _' _..... _ 1' _. 12 FRACTIONAL PIECES OF LAND. '~ 'ONGRESSIONAL Townships vary ^ considerably as to size and boundaries. Mistakes made in surveying and the 3 t fact that Meridians converge as they run North cause every Township to vary 15 14 18 more or less from the 23,040 acres which a perfect Township would contain. See Diagram 4. In arranging a Township into Sections all the surplus or deficiency of land - is given to, or taken from, the North and West tiers of Sections. In other words, all I[ )t Sections in the Township are made full- t ~16 640 acres-except those on the North and 2 23 t 1 24 West, which are given all the land that is 4 Ij~ I & left after forming the other 25 Sections. Ik Ia, s.TIMBEB Diagram 4 illustrates how the surplus or deficiency is distributed and the Sections it -- - -- rects. It will be seen that Sections 1, 2, t 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 18, 19, 30 and 31, are the "Fractional Sections," or the Sections which are affected if the Township overruns 27 26 5M or falls short. Inside of these Fractional Sections, all of the surplus or deficiency of land (over or under 640 acres) is carried to the "forties" or "eighties" that touch the Township Line. These pieces of land are. called "Fractional Forties" or "Fractional Eighties," as the case may be. Diagrams 4 and 6 show the manner of marking the 34 5 3 |acreage and outlining the boundaries of these "Fractions." Diagram 6 illustrates how the surplus or __ _ _ _ deficiency of land inside of these Sections is distributed and which "forties"or "eighties" it affects. From this arrangement it will be seen that in any Section that touches the North or West Township Lines, the Southeast Quarter may be full-160 acres-while another quarter of the same Section may he much larger or smallr. Frequently these fractional "forties" or "eighties" are lotted as shown in Diagram 6. They are always described as fractional tracts of land, as the "fractinral S. W. i of Section 6," etc. Of course those portions of these Sections which are not affected by these variations are described in the usual manner-as Southeast i of Section 6. As a rule Townships are narrower at the North than at the South side. The Meridians of Longitude (which run North and South) converge as they run North and South from the Equator. They begin at the Equator with a definite width between them and graduallyconverge until they all meet at the poles. Now, as the Range lines are run North and South, it will at once be seen that the convergence of Meridians will caue- every Congressional Township (North of the Equator) to be narrower at its North than at its South side, as stated. See Diagram 4. In addition to this fact, mistakes of measurement are constantly and almost unavoidably made in running both Township and Range lines, and if no new starting points were established the lines would DIAGRAM 6. become confused and unreliable, and 4a2 a. the size and shape of Townships LOT 4. LOT 3. -LOT 2. LOT 1. materially affected by the time the l surveys had extended even a hundred I li 45 li 42.5; 40.5 miles from the Base Line and Princi- 23.5AC. v ACRES. ACRES. a ACRES. pal Meridian. In order to correct the surveys and variations caused 53 R. by the difference of latitude and I I LOS a. straighten the lines, "Correction Lines" (or Guide Meridlians and 9 0 AC E ACRES. A29 AC. 6O ACRES. Standard Parallels) are established at / ACRES. frequent intervals, usually as follows: 8. North of the Base Line a Correction — e —. 6 R. Line is run East and West parallel LOT. 160 Rods. with the Base Line, usually every /l32 twenty-four miles. South of the 32 AC. C Base Line aCorrection Line isusually j established every thirty miles. Both 64 R. ) 160 ACRES. East and West of the Principal LOT 7. < Meridian "Correction Lines" are I. 0 usually established every 48 miles. | 37 AC. 0c All Correction Lines are located by 10 careful measurement, and the sue- 74 R. 80 Rods. 160 Rcds. ceeding surveys are based upon PLAT OP A FRACTIONAL SECTION. them.___ I _ _C Entered According to Act of Conuress, in the year 1909, by Geo. A. Ogle & Co., in the office of the Librarian of Congress at Washington, D. C.

Page  127 a? SUPPLEMENT ilI - I I I I I I I Ir I I I - DIGEST OF THE SYSTEM OF 4IVIL GOVERNMENT I _ _ _; _ ____ ~ DIGEST OF THE SYSTEM OF CIVIL GOVERNMENT WITH A REVIEW OF THE Duties and Powers of the Principal Officials Connected with the Various Branches of National, State, County and Township Government. NATIONAL GOVERNMENT HE GOVERNMENT of the United States is one of limited and specific powers, strictly outlined and defined by a written constitution. The constitution was adopted in 1787, and, with the amendments that have since been made, it forms the basis of the entire fabric of government under which we live. The constitution created three distinct branches of government, each of which is entirely separate and distinct from the others. They are the executive, legislative and judicial departments. The constitution specifically vests the executive power in the President, but all members of the cabinet are usually classed with the executive department; the legislative power is held by Congress, and the judicial authority is vested in the Supreme Court and various other courts which Congress has provided for in pursuance of the provisions of the constitution. It has been the aim of these pages to explain each of these different branches of government, and to briefly review the duties and powers of the principal officials connected with each department. The President and Vice-President are elected by popular vote, but the vote of each State is separate, so that a candidate may have a large majority of the aggregate popular vote of the country and yet fail to be elected. The Presidential election is held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November, when Presidential electors are chosen in and for the various States, each State having as many electors as it has representatives in both branches of Congress. The electors are chosen by the ballots of the people of their States, and all the electors of a State constitute an electoral college. The electors meet in each State at the capital on the first Wednesday in December following a National election and vote for President and Vice-President, certificates of which are forwarded to the President of the Senate, at Washington, who, on the second Wednesday in February opens the certificates and counts the votes in the presence of both Houses of Congress and declares the result; and the final step is the inauguration, which takes place on the 4th of March. The law provides that if neither of the candidates have a majority theththe House of Representatives shall elect a President from the three candidates receiving the highest electoral vote. In elections of this kind each State is entitled to only one vote, and twothirds of the States form a quorum. PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. The President is the highest executive officer of the United States. He is elected for the term of four years, and receives a salary of $75,000 per annum. He must be thirty-five years old or more, and a nativeborn citizen of the United States. The President is charged with a general supervision over the faithful execution of laws passed by Congress, and has supervision over all executive departments of the government. He appoints a Cabinet of nine officials who become the heads of the various departments, and these departments are intended to be managed and conducted as the President directs. The President is Commanderin-Chief of the Army and Navy. He has power to grant pardons and reprieves for all offenses against the United States, except in cases of impeachment; has power, with the advice and consent of the Senate, to make treaties. He nominates, and with the advise and consent of the Senate, appoints Ambassadors and other public Ministers and Consuls, all Judges of the United States courts, and all other executive officers of the United States, except in such cases where the appointments may be vested in the various "departments." When the Senate is not in session he can appoint, subject to its action when it reassembles. He has power, in certain extraordinary occasions, to call together both Houses of Congress, or either of them, in extra session; and is required from time to time to communicate with Congress, as to the state of the Union, and offer such suggestions or recommendations as he may deem proper. He is empowered to approve or to o all measures adopted by Congress, but it is provided that any measure may be passed over his veto by a two-thirds vote of Congress. The President consults frequently with his Cabinet, and nearly all important official matters are discussed by that body. In case the office of President becomes vacant through the death, removal or resignation of the incumbent, the law provides that the office shall in turn be filled by the Vice-President, Secretary of State, and other Cabinet Ministers in regular order. VICE PRESIDENT. The Vice-President of the United States is elected for the term of four years, and receives a salary of $12,000. In case of the death, removal or resignation of the President, the Vice-President succeeds him. The chief duty of the Vice-President is to act as the presiding officer of the Senate. He has no vote in the Senate, except in case of a tie, or an equal division of the members of that body. The VicePresident administers the oth of office to the Senators. STATE DEPARTMENT. The head of this departmentis the Secretary of State, who is appointed by the President as a member of the Cabinet, and receives a salary of $8,000 per year. The law provides that in case the office of President becomes vacant, through the death, removal or resignation of both the President and Vice-President, the Secretary of State assumes the duties of the Presidency. The Secretary of State may be said to be the official Secretary of the President, and countersigns all commissions issued by the President. o The Secretary of State is the head of the Department of State and is the chief diplomatic officer of the United States. In his department and under his supervision is conducted the public business relating to foreign affairs; to correspondence, commissions or instructions to or with public Ministers from the United States; or to negotiations with Ministers from foreign States; or to memorials or other applications from foreigners, or foreign public Ministers, or citizens of this country in foreign lands, or complications arising therefrom. The Secretary of State also has charge of all other business connected with foreign affairs, extradition matters and diplomatic officers; furnishing passports to vessels going to foreign countries, etc., and has charge of the Great Seal of the United States. Connected with the Department of State and forming a part of it in the great work of performing and caring for the duties outlined are the following bureaus: The Diplomatic Bureau, which looks after the affairs pertaining to foreign governments. The Consular Bureau, correspondence with consulates. The Bureau of Indexes and Archives, the duties of which are to open the official mails, prepare an abstract of the daily correspondence and an index of it, and superintend miscellaneous work of department. The Bureau of Accounts, in which all of the finances of the department are looked after, such as the custody and disbursement of appropriations; also indemnity funds and bonds; also care of the building and property of the department, etc. The Bureau of Rolls and Library, which is charged with the custody of treaties, rolls, public documents, etc.; has care of revolution ary archives, of international commissions, superintendence of library, etc. The Bureau of Statistics, for the preparation of reports on commercial relations. The chiefs of these bureaus receive from $2,100 per year to $2,300 per year. In addition to these there are connected with the State Department the offices of translator, at $2,100 per year; assistant secretary, $5,000; second assistant secretary, $4,500; third assistant secretary, $4,500; solicitor, $4,500; chief clerk, $3,000; clerk to Secretary of State, $2,500; passport clerk, $1,400. Besides these are the various comptrollers, auditors, clerks and assistants, which number well up into the thousands. TREASURY DEPARTMENT. This department was organized in 1789. The head of this department, known as the Secretary of the Treasury, is appointed by the President, is a member of the Cabinet, and receives a salary of $12,000 per annum. The Treasury Department is one of the most important branches of the national government, as it has charge of the financial affairs of the government, custody of public funds, collection of revenue and maintenance of public credit. Among the many important duties devolving upon this department are the following: It attends to the collection of all internal revenues and duties on imports, and the prevention of frauds in these departments. All claims and demands, either by the United States or against them, and all the accounts in which the United States are interested, either as debtors or creditors, must be settled and adjusted in the Treasury Department. This department also includes the Bureau of the Mint, in which the government coin and moneys are manufactured. The Treasury Department authorizes the organization of national banks and has supervision over them; has charge of the coast surveys, the lighthouses, marine hospitals, etc. It has charge of all moneys belonging to the United States; designates depositories of public moneys, keeps a complete and accurate system of accounting, showing the receipts and disbursements of the Treasury, and makes reports at stated intervals showing the condition of public finances, public expenditures and the public debt. h There are a great many important officials connected with the Treasury Department, chief among which are the following, viz.: Private secretary of the head department, at $2,500 per year; three assistant secretaries, at $5,000 each; chief clerk, $3,000; chief of appointment division, $3,000; chief of warrants division, $3,500; chief of public moneys division, $3,000; chief of customs division, $3,000; acting chief of revenue Haiorine division, $2,500; chief of stationery division, $2,500; chief of loans and currency division, $3,000; chief of miscellaneous division, $2,500; supervising special agent, $8 per day; government actuary, $1,800; supervising architect, $4,500; steamboat inspector, $3,500; chief Bureau of Statistics, $3,000; life savin sservice superintendent, $4,500; assistant, $2,500; commissioner Bureaus of Navigation, $3,600; superintendent United States coast and geodetic survey, $6,000; supervising surgeon-general marine hospital service, $4,000; Bureau of Engraving and Printing, director, $5,000; assistant director, $3,500; superintendent engraving division, $4,500. The foregoing will serve to show many of the lines of work attended to in the Treasury Department, as the names of these offices explain the branch of work they are charged with attending to. There are a number of other important offices in the department that should be mentioned, among them big th the following: The Solicitor of the Treasury, or chief attorney, who receives $4,500 per year for attending to the legal matters connected with the department. The Commissioner of Customs, who receives $4,000 per year and his deputy $2,250, has charge of all accounts of the revenue from customs and disbursements, and for the building and repairing of custom houses. The Treasurer of the United States receives $6,000 per year, assistant treasurer $3,600, and superintendent of national banks (Red. Div.) $3,500. The Treasurer receives and keeps the government funds, either at headquarters or in the Sub-Treasuries or government depositories, paying it out upon warrants drawn in accordance with the law, and pays all interest on the national debt. The Register of the Treasury is paid a salary of $4,000 per year and his assistant $2,500. The Register keeps the accounts of public expenditures and receipts; receives the returns and makes out the official statements of United States commerce and navigation; receives from first comptroller and Commissioner of Customs all accounts and vouchers acted on by them and files the same. The Comptroller of the Currency receives $5,000 per year and his deputy $3,000. This bureau is charged with a general supervision of the national banks and matters connected with the issuing of paper money. The Director of the Mint receives $4,500 per annum, and is charged with a general supervision over all the coinage of the government. The Comptroller of the Treasury receives $5,500 per year and his assistant $4,500. This bureau has charge of the auditing system of the Treasury. With the exception of the postal revenue accounts, the comptroller prescribes the forms of keeping and rendering all public accounts. a Auditors. There are six auditors connected with the Treasury Department, each of whom receives a salary of $4,000 per year, and is allowed a deputy at a salary of $2,500 per annum. No one auditor takes rank over another. The first auditor receives and adjusts the accounts of the revenue and disbursements, appropriations and expenditures on account of the civil list and under special acts of Congress, reporting the balances to the commissioners of the customs and first comptroller respectively for their decision. The second auditor devotes most of his attention to army affairs; looks after all the accounts relating to the pay, clothing and recruiting of the army; the arsenals, armories and ordnance; all accounts relating to the Indian Department; reporting to the second comptroller. The third auditor has all accounts for sustenance of the army, military academy, military roads, fortifications, quartermaster's department, certain pensions, claims arising for military service previous to 1817; for all property lost in the military service; he reports also to the second comptroller. The fourth auditor also reports to the second comptroller, and attends to all accounts of the service connected with the navy. The fifth auditor reports to the first comptroller, and adjusts all accounts connected with the diplomatic service of the Department of State. The sixth auditor adjusts all accounts growing from the service of the Post Office Department. / WAR DEPARTMENT. The War Department was organized in August, 1789. The head of this department is known as the Secretary of War; is appointed by the President, and receives a salary of $12,000 per annum. The War Department attends to the execution of all laws affecting the Regular Army, and carries out and performs such duties as may be provided for by law or directed by the President relative to military forces, military commissions and the warlike stores of the United States. In former years this department also had charge of Indian as well as military affairs, but this has been transferred to the Department of the Interior. The Woar Department is also required, among other duties, to maintain the signal service and provide for taking meteorological observations at various points on the continent, and give telegraphic notice of the approach of storms. There is also maintained a Civil Engineering Department, through the aid of which is carried out such improvements in rivers and harbors as may be authorized by Congress. The Secretary of War also has supervision over the West Point Military Academy. The private clerk for the head of the War Department is paid $2,500 per year; assistant secretary, $5,000; chief clerk, $4,000. The most of the subordinates and assistants in the War Department, except those mentioned, are officers officers of the Regular Army, who are paid salaries and perquisites. The Commanding General, next to the Secretary, looks after the arrangement of military forces, superintends the recruiting service and discipline of the army, orders courts-martial, and in a general sense is charged with seeing to the enforcement of the laws and regulations'of the army. The Adjutant-General keeps the rolls and the orders issued. The Quartermaster-General has charge of the barracks and the supplies, etc., that may be required for the army. The CommissaryGeneral is the head of the Subsistence Department, and has supervision over the purchasing and issuing army rations. The Judge Advocate General is the head of the department of military justice. The Surgeon General, as the name implies, looks after the affairs of the army relating to sick, wounded, hospital, etc. The Paymaster-General is the disbursing officer for the money required by the department. There is also the Ordnance office, controlling ordnance store, arsenals, armories, the manufacture of arms, etc. The Topographical office has charge of all plats and drawings of all surveys made for military purposes. Besides these there are the Inspector-General's Department and departments devoted to war records, publications, etc. In this connection it may be of i tterest to the general reader to refer briefly to a few facts concerning the ieguiar Army. The United States is divided for this purpose into a number of military districts. The head of each department receives his general instructions and orders from headquarters. -The term of service in the Regular Army is three years. The pay of private soldiers at the start is $15 per month and rations, and this is increased according to time of service. The pay of the officers is proportioned to their rank. The pay of officers in active service was fixed by an act of Congress May 11, 1908, as follows: lieutenant-general $11,000 per year; major-general $8,000; brigadier-general $6,000; colonels from $4,000 to $5,000; lieutenantcolonels from $3,500 to $4,500; majors from $3,000 to $4,000; captains from $2,400 to $3,360; first-lieutenants from $2,000 to $2,800; secondlieutenants from $1,700 to $2,380. In case any officer below the grade of major required to be mounted, provides himself with suitable mounts at his Own expense, he receives an addition to his pay of $150 per annum if he provides one mount; and $200 per annum if he provides two mounts. The pay of retired officers was fixed as follows by the act of May 11, 1908: lieutenant-generals $8,250 per annum; major generals $6,000; brigadier-generals $4,500; colonels from $3,000 to $3,750; lieutenant-colonels from $2,625 to $3,375; majors from $2,250 to $3,000; captains from $1,800 to $2,520; first lieutenants from $1,500 to $2,100, and second-lieutenants $1,275 to $1,785. NAVY DEPARTMENT. The head of this department is the Secretary of the Navy, who is appointed by the President, and receives a salary of $12,000 per annum. This department is charged with the duty of attending to the construction, armament, equipment and employment of vessels of war, as well as all other matters connected with naval affairs, and appropriations made therefor by Congress. The Secretary of the Navy has direct control of the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland; issues orders to the commanders of the various squadrons; has general authority over the Marine Corps; and has control of all the several bureaus of the Navy Department. There are a number of bureaus organized in the Navy Department for the purpose of more thoroughly handling the work, among the most important of which may be mentioned the following: Bureau of Steam Engineering; Bureau of Medicine and Surgery; Bureau of Navigation; Bureau of Provisions and Clothing, Bureau of Yards and Docks; Bureau of Ordnance; Bureau of Equipment and Recruiting; Bureau of Construction and Repair. Attached to this department are also officials or bureaus to attend to the following matters: Marine Barracks, Washington, D. C.; Museum of Hygiene; Naval Dispensary; Board of Inspection and Survey; Navy Supplies and Accounts; Naval Observatory; Hydrographic Office; Library and War Records; Naval Intelligence; Nautical Almanac, etc. The admiral of the navy (line) is paid $13,500 per year; the first nine rear-admirals each receive $8,000 per year and the second nine $6,000; chiefs of bureaus are paid $6,000 per year; captains $4,000; commanders $3,500; lieutenant-commanders $3,000; lieutenants $2,400; junior grade lieutenants $2,000; ensigns $1,700; chief-boatswains, gunners, carpenters, sail makers, $1,700; midshipmen at sea $1,400; midshipmen at academy $600. In the Marine Corps the major general receives $8,000 per year; colonels $4,000; lieutenant-colonels $3,500; majors, $3,000; captains (line) $2,400; captains (staff) $2,600; first lieutenants $2,000; second-lieutenants $1,700. An increase of ten per cent is allowed them when on sea duty, or on "shore duty beyond the sea." Chaplains of the rank of lieutenant-commander or higher rank receive the pay and allowance of a lieutenant-commander; those appointed prior to July 1, 1906, who have the rank of lieutenant receive $2,800; and others are paid according to their rank in the foregoing list. Naval constructors receive from $3,200 to $4,200 per year; assistant naval constructors $2,000 or the pay of rank according to the foregoing table; warrant officers $1,125 to $2,250. Petty officers and chief petty officers receive salary ranging from $33 to $77 per month. First class seamen receive $26 per month; seamen-gunners $28 per month; firemen, first-class, $38; ordinary seamen $21; firemen, second-class, $33; shipwrights $27; apprentice seamen $18; coal passers $24. The term of enlistment in the United States Navy is four years. POSTOFFICE DEPARTMENT. This is one of the most important brancnes of the National Government. Its head is the Postmaster-General, who is appointed by the President, and receives a salary of $12,000 per annum. The Post Office Department has supervision over the execution of all laws passed by Congress affecting the postal service, and has general supervision over everything relating to the gathering, carrying and distribution of United States mails; superintends the distribution and disposal of all moneys belonging to, or appropriated for, the department; and the instruction of and supervision over all persons in the postal service, with reference to their duties. In providing for handling the general work of the Post Office Department it has been found necessary to create four bureaus, or offices, as they are termed, each of which is presided over by an assistant postmaster-general, who each receive $5,000 per annum; are all subject to the direction and supervision of the head of the department. A review of these various bureaus and their principal officials, with the name of the office, will show very clearly the work handled by each. The first assistant postmaster-general is allowed a chief-clerk at $2,500 per year; superintendent of salaries and allowances $4,000; superintendent of division appointments $3,000; superintendent of city free-delivery service $3,000. The second assistant postmaster-general has charge of the following divisions, indicated by the following officials who are under his control: superintendent of railway adjustments $3,000 per year; chief of division inspection $2,000; chief of division of contracts $2,000; chief of division of mail equipment; general superintendent of railway mail service $4,000; superintendent of foreign mails $3,000. The third assistant postmaster general controls the following divisions: superintendent of money-order division $3,500; superintendent of registry system $2,500; superintendent of division of finance $2,250; superintendent of division of stamps $2,500; also the post-card agent and the stamped-envelope agent at $2,500 each. The fourth assistant postmaster-general controls the following divisions: Superintendent rural free delivery service $3,000; superintendent of post office supplies $2,500; superintendent of dead-letter office $2,750; topographer $2,750. Besides the various chiefs of divisions mentioned above there are connected with the Post Office Department a law clerk, at $2,500 per year; appointment clerk, at $2,000; assistant attorney-general, $5,000; a disbursing clerk, $2,250; also the auditor of the post office departtment, at $4,000. a I U,,II, —,,, L Copyright, 19go, by (eo. A. Ogle & Co.

Page  128 |.DDffl ="UIRNT lW I r IV - -I DIGESE OF TH FE SYSmEM GF CIV/ IL GC DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR. The Interior Department is under the immediate control of the Secretary of the Interior. He is appointed by the President, and receives a salary of $12,000 per year. In this department, as the name imples, is -conducted most of the public business relating to domestic or internal affairs, and, like most of the other executive departments, it is divided into a number of subdivisions and branches. The Secretary of the Interior is charged with a general supervision over public business connected with the following branches, viz.: Ist. The census of the United States. 2d. All matters connected with public lands. 3d. Everything relating to the Indians or Indian affairs. 4th. All matters concerning pensions or bounty lands. 5th. The issuance and filing of patents and caveats. 6th. The custody and distribution of publications. 7th. The compilation of statistics relating to educational matters in the various States. He also has oversight over several of the Governnent's charitable and benevolent institutions. For the purpose of handling properly the business connected with most of the subjects mentioned, there are bureaus organized for the purpose. The salaries paid to the principal officials connected with the Interior Department are as folows: First assistant secretary of the interior, $5,()00 per year; assistant secretary, $4,500; chief clerk, $3,000; assistant attorney-general (Dept. of Interior), $5,000; commissioner of the General Land Office, $5,000; commissioner of Indian affairs, $5,000; superintendent of Indian schools, $3,000; commissioner of the Pension Office, $5,000; medical referee, $3,000; commissioner of the Patent Office, $5,000; commissioner of the Education Office, $4,500; director of geological surveys, $6,000; director Reclamation Service, $7,500. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE. This department was formerly connected with the Interior Department, but in 1889 it was reorganized and made independent, and the Secretary of Agriculture was made a member of the Cabinet. The head of this department is appointed by the President, and receives a salary of $12,000 per annum. The general duty and design of the Department of Agriculture is to acquire and diffuse among the people of the United States useful information on subjects connected with agriculture in the most general and comprehensive sense of that word, and to prcurupropagate and distribute among the people new and valuable seeds and plants. The following is a list of the chief officials connected with the Department of Agriculture and their salaries, and the list will also serve to indicate the various lines of work handled by and the various duties which devolve upon the department, viz.: Assistant secretary of agriculture receives $5,000 per annum; chief of Weather Bureaut $6,000 chief of Bureau of Animal Industry, $5,000; statistician, $3,500; chemist, $5,000; entomologist, $4,000; botanist, $3,240; chief of forestry division, $5,000; pomologist, $3,000; plant pathologist and physiologist, $3,500;director of the office of experiment stations, $4,000; chief of division of accounts and disbursements, $3,250; editor, $3,000; agriculturist, $3,500; director of public roads, $3,000; statistical scientist in charge of investigations of production and distribution, $3,000; chief of biological survey, $3,000; chief of bureau of soils, $3,500; chief of bureau of plant industry in charge of seed distribution, $5,000. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE. The head of the Department of Justice is the Attorney-General, who is appointed by the President, and receives a salary of $12,000 per annum. The principal assistant of the Attorney-General is the Solicitor-General, who receives $7,500 per year. There are a number of assistant attorney-generals who receive $5,000 per annum, and a special assistant attorney-general is appointed for nearly all of the various departments, including the Treasury, State, Post Office and Interior Departments. Besides these there are a number of special officials connected withthe Department of Justice, such as attorney in charge of titles, $2,700; chief clerk and superintendent of buildings, $3,000; appointment clerk, $2,000; attorney in charge of pardons, $2,750; solicitor internal revenue, $4,500; superintendent of prisons and prisoners, $3,600; chief examiner, $2,750; chief of division of accounts, $2,500; disbursing clerk, $2,750; solicitor for department of commerce and labor, $5,000. The Attorney-General is the legal adviser of the President, and it is the duty of the Department of Justice to give all opinions and render all services requiring the skill of persons learned in the law necessary to enable the President and other officers of the various Government departments to discharge their respective duties. This department is also required to prosecute or defend all suits or procedings in which the United States is interested. The Attorney-General has general supervision over all the solicitors for the various departments; and also exercises general superintendence and direction over all United States marshals and United States district attorneys of all the districts of the United States and Territories. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE AND LABOR. The Department of Commerce and Labor was established in February, 1903. The general design of this department is to collect, assort and systematize statistical details relating to the different branches of labor and commerce in the United States. The head of this department, known as the Secretary of Commerce and Labor, is appointed by the President, is a member of the Cabinet and receives a salary of $12,000 per annum. The following are the principal officials under his control together with the salary paid: The commissioner of the bureau of manufacturers, $4,000 per year; commissioner of the bureau of corporations, $5,000; commissioner of the bureau of labor, $5,000; director of bureau of the census, $7,000; superintendent of the coast and geodetic survey, $6,000; chief of bureau of statistics, $4,000; supervising inspector-general of steamboat inspection service, $4,000; commissioner of bureau of fisheries, $6,000; commissioner of bureau of navigation, $4,000; commissioner-general of bureau of immigration and naturalization at $5,000; director of bureau of standards, $5,000. INDEPENDENT DEPARTMENTS. There are several independent departments, which, although none of them are as important as the foregoing, and their heads are not Cabinet members, yet they form a very necessary part and attend to very important branches of the National Government. Government Printing Office. The head of this branch of public work is the Public Printer, who is appointed by the President, and receives a salary of $5,500 per year. His chief clerk is paid $2,400 per year, and there is a foreman of printing and a foreman of binding, each of whom receive $2,100 per annum. Civil Service Commission. This commission consists of three commissioners, each of whom are paid $4,500 per year. The chief examiner connected with the commission is paid $3,000 per annum, and the secretary $2,500. Interstate Commerce Commission. This commission was crefor the purpose, and charged with the duty, of seeing that the laws regulating interstate commerce were faithfully executed and observed, and to prevent unjust discrimination on the part of railway corporations and common carriers. The commission consists of seven commissioners appointed from different sections of the United States, each of whom receives a salary of $10,000 per year. The secretary of the commission receives a salary of $5,000 per annum. JUDICIARY. The judicial powers of the United States are vested in the following named courts, viz.t The United States Supreme Court, consisting of one chief justice and eight associate justices; the United States Court of Claims, which consists of one chief justice and four judges; the United States Circuit Court of Appeals; and the United States Circuit and District Courts. All judges of United States Courts are appointed for life, or during "good behavior." The chief justice of the United States Supreme Court receives a salary of $13,000 per annum, and the associate justices $12,000 each. The circuit judges receive a salary of $7000 each per annum, district judges, $6000, and Court of Claims, judges receive $6,000, and chief justice $6,500 per year. The jurisdiction of the United States Courts extends to all cases in law and in equity arising under the Constitution, the laws of the United States, and treaties; to all cases-affecting ambassadors, other public ministers and consuls; to all cases of admiralty and maritime jurisdiction; to controversies to which the United States shall be a party; to controversies between two or more States; between a State and a citizen of another State; between citizens of different States; between citizens of the same State claiming lands under grants of different States. In all cases affecting ambassadors, other public ministers and consuls, and those in which a State is a party the Supreme Court has original jurisdiction. In the other cases the Supreme Court has appellate jurisdiction. LEGISLATIVE DEPARTMENT. The legislative powers of the United States are vested in a Congress, which consists of a Senate and House of Representatives, and which meets annually at Washington on the first Monday of December. The constitution gives to Congress the following general powers: To. lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts and excises; pay the debts of the United States; borrow money on the credit of the United States; to regulate commerce; to establish uniform laws on naturalization and bankruptcy; to coin money and regulate the value thereof; fix the standard of weights and measures; to declare war; to raise and support armies (but it is provided that no appropriation for this purpose can be for a longer period than two years); to provide and maintain a navy; to grant letters of marque and reprisal, and make rules concerning captures on land and water; to make rules for the government and regulation of the land and naval forces; to establish postoffices and postroads; to promote the progress of science and the useful arts by securing for limited times, to authors and inventors, the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries; to constitute tribunals inferior to the Supreme Court; to define and punish piracies and felonies committed on the high seas and offense against the law of nations; to exercise exclusive legislation over the District of Columbia and places purchased for forts, magazines, arsenals, etc.; and further to make all laws necessary for the general welfare of the United States, and for "carrying into execution the foregoing powers, and all other powers vested by the Constitution in the Government of the United States, or in any department or officer thereof." The Constitution expressly forbids Congress making any law- respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. Congress cannot suspend the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus except in cases of rebellion or invasion when the public safety may require it. No bill of attainder or ex post facto law can be passed. No tax or duty can be laid on articles exported from any State. No preference can be given by any regulation of commerce or revenue to the ports of one State over those of another. No title of nobility can be granted. Every law passed by Congress must be submitted to the President for his approval. If he returns it with his objections, or vetoes it, the measure may be passed over his veto by a two-thirds vote of both branches of Congress. The Senate, or the "Upper House of Congress," is composed of two Senators from each State in the Union. They are eleced by the Legislatures of their respective States, for a term of six years, and receive a salary of $7,500 per annum. No person can be elected to the United States Senate who has not attained the age of thirty years, been nine years a citizen of the United States, and is when elected an inhabitant of the State from which he is chosen. The Senate has sole power to try all impeachments. Its consent and confirmation is necessary for all important officers appointed by the President. Its consent is also necessary to conclude any treaty. The House of Representatives is the "Lower House of Congress." Each State in the Union is divided into congressional districts, of as nearly equal population as is practicable. In each district a representative is elected by the people for a term of two years, and each is paid a salary of $7,500 per year. Besides these, a delegate from each organized Territory is admitted to the House of Representatives, who is not entitled to a vote, but has the right to debate on all subjects in which the Territory which he represents has an interest. No person can be a representative who has not attained the age of twentyfive years, been for seven years a citizen of the United States, and is at the time of his election an inhabitant of the State from which he is chosen. All bills for raising revenue must originate in the House of Representatives. STATE GOVERNMENT T HE method of State government throughout the United States follows very closely the general plan of government that prevails in national affairs. The various functions of government in State affairs are handled in departments, with a State officer at the head of each branch, and the lines are clearly drawn between the executive, legislative and judicial powers. All the States are governed under a constitution, which outlines and defines the powers which each of these departments shall exercise and possess. All of the most important State officials are elected by the people, but in many of the States the less important offices are filled by appointment of the Governor, by and with the consent of the State Senate. GOVERNOR. The Governor is the highest executive officer in all the States of the Union, and is elected by a direct vote of the people. The term of office varies materially in the different States, ranging from two to six years. As to the matter of salary that the Governor receives, it also differs widely throughout the different States and is subject to frequent change. At the present writing three States-New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey pay their Governors $10,000 per year; Illinois $12,000; California $6,000; Minnesota, Indiana, Alabama, Colorado, Louisiana, Missouri, Montana, Virginia and Wisconsin all pay $5,000 per year; Kentucky $6,500; Massachusetts and Ohio $8,000; Nevada, Connecticut, Michigan, Tennessee, Texas and Washington, $4,000; Maryland and Oklahoma $4,500; Mississippi, Arkansas, Florida and South Carolina $3,500; Iowa, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, North Carolina, North Dakota and Rhode Island $3,000; West Virginia $2,700; South Dakota, Nebraska and Wyoming $2,500; Delaware, Maine, New Hampshire and Utah $2,000; and Oregon and Vermont $1,."K. About the only statement concerning the qualifications required for this office that would be common to all the States is that he must be a citizen of the State in which he is elected. In most of the States, in addition to the salary named, the Governor is furnished with a residence, which is known as the "Executive Mansion.' The powers and duties that devolve upon the Governor are about the same in all of the States. He is charged with a general supervision over the faithful execution of the laws, and is the legal custodian of all the property of the State not specificially entrusted to other officers by law, and is authorized to take summary possession of such property. He is expected to communicate by message to each session of the State legislature such information or recommendations regarding State affairs as he may deem necessary and proper, and he is empowered to call extra sessions of that body whenever the public welfare may demand. He accounts to the same body for all moneys received and paid out, and presents estimates of amounts to be raised by tax E)VE-RN M E:1Nation for varoous purposes. He has a negative (or veto) upon all laws pass d by the Legislature, but it is provided that measures may be passed over his veto by a two-thirds vote of that body. The Governor is commander-in-chief of the State military or naval forces, and has authority to call out such forces to preserve peace and execute the laws when the local authorities are unable to accomplish this. He may require the opinion of the various State officers upon any subject relating to their respective offices, and examines and approves the bonds of State officials. In many States the Governor has power to grant reprieves and pardons, afterconviction, for all offenses against the State except in cases of impeachment; but in a few of the States the pardoning power is vested in a board selected for that purpose, of which the Governor is generally ex-officio member. The Governor has the appointment of a number of State officers, and in many cases if an elective office becomes vacant he has the power to fill it by appointment; has power in many States to suspend a State officer, or even a county officer, pending a legal investigation. The Governor issues requisitions upon the executives of other States for parties charged with crime who escape to other States, and he has power to issue warrants for fleeing criminals upon requisition of other Governors. LIEUTENANT-GOVERNOR. The office of Lieutenant-Governor does not exist in all of the States in the Union, at least not under this name, as in a few of the States this officer is only known as the President of the State Senate. In some of the States the Lieutenant-Governor is paid a certain amount per day during sessions of the Legislature or General Assembly, and in others he is allowed a fixed salary, but it is provided that if the duties of Governor should devolve upon him, he shall during the continuance of such emergency be entitled to the emoluments thereof. The principal duty of the Lieutenant-Governor is to act as the presiding officer of the State Senate or Upper House of the State Legislature. In case a vacancy should occur in the office of Governor, the LieutenantGovernor would act as Governor until such vacancy was filled by election; and in all cases where the Lieutenant-Governor is unable to act as presiding officer of the Senate, a President pro temspore is chosen by that body. The Lieutenant-Governor has no vote in the Senate except in cases of a tie or equal division of the members. SECRETARY OF STATE. The office of Secretary of State is one of the most important offices within the gift of the people of a State, and the office exists under this name in every State in the Union. The Secretary of State may be said to be the official secretary of the Governor, and countersigns all commissions issued by the chief executive, and he is the custodian of the Great Seal of the State. As a rule it is the duty of the Secretary of State to call the House of Representatives to order and preside until a temporary presiding officer, or Speaker, is elected. It is his duty to see that the halls are prepared for the Legislature or General Assembly; he prepares the legislative manual and causes it to be printed and distributed; secures the printing and distribution of the State laws; indexes and files executive documents; provides and distributes election blanks; has charge of all books, bills, papers, etc., of the Legislature, and is practically "keeper of all public acts, laws, records, bonds, etc." The Secretary of State is required to keep a register of all the official acts of the Governor, and affixes the Seal of the State to all official commissions, etc., keeps a record of them, and is obliged to give any person a copy of the same when demanded. In all of the States the Secretary of State is ex olfcio member of a number of the State boards, but no list of these could be given that would apply to all States, as they are different in the various States. STATE AUDITOR. The office of Auditor of State exists under one name or another in nearly every State in the Union. The title of this office, however, is not alike in all the States, as many of them, notably California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and a few others, it is known as State Comptroller. In a few of the States, including Michigan and Pennsylvania, the office is called Auditor-General, and in two of the States the public accounts are audited by a Board ofAuditors. In all the States, however, the duties that devolve upon this branch of the State Government are practically the same, and a general explanation of the scope of work handled by the - State Auditor to one State -will apply, except as regards minor details, to all of the States. It is the duty of the State Auditor to beep the accounts of the State with any other State or Territory, and with the United States and all public ofRicers, corporations and individuals having accounts with this State. He audits the accounts of all public officers who are to be paid out of the State Treasury, and all persons who are authorized to receive money out of the State Treasury. In fact, all claims against the State which are to be paid out of the State Treasury must be presented to the Auditor, who, after the same is adjusted, issues warrants therefor payable at the Treasury. A complete record of each warrant is kept by the Auditor, who also keeps an account with the State Treasurer, charging him with all moneys paid into the Treasury, and giving credit for all warrants paid, and the books and vouchers of the Treasury must balance therewith, as settlements are made between these two officers at stated intervals. In a number of the States the Auditor is charged with a general supervision over certain corporations, such as insurance and banking corporations and building and loan associations, and in some States is ex-officio a member of a number of State boards. He generally has authority to make and execute satisfactions of judgments and assignments thereof in behalf of the State. STATE TREASURER. This is one of the most important executive offices in the gift of the people of a State. The State Treasurer handles vast sums of the people's money, and as a rule a very heavy bond, ranging from $500,000 up into the millions, is required of him; and generally the Governor is empowered to demand additional bonds if he deems the bond insufficient to fully protect the State. The duties of the State Treasurer are implied by the title of the office, and they are very much the same throughout all of the States of the Union. The State Treasurer is custodian of all the State funds. He deposits these funds in banks, which give bonds to secure the Treasurer or State against loss, and which pay interest on daily balances. The Treasurer pays out State funds only on warrants issued or signed by the State Auditor, or other proper official, and a full record of all warrants is kept in both the auditing office and Treasurer's office. The - aan by which the Treasurer receives the revenues of the State is diuerent in different States. In some States the Auditor issues an order for him to receive the same and charges the amount against the Treasurer. In others he is charged with all moneys which he is entitled to receive, and then given credit for delinquencies. In still other States the Treasurer issues duplicate receipts for all moneys paid in, which must be countersigned by the Auditor to be valid, and oate of these must be deposited with the Auditor, so he may charge the amount against the Treasurer. In this way a double system is carried on-both Auditor and Treasurer keeping a full account of all moneys received and paid out, and their books and accounts must balance, as at stated intervals the Treasurer must make settlements with the Auditor and submit books, vouchers, etc., to the Legislature. In most of the States the State Treasurer is tequired to publish at stated times, in the newspapers at the capital, an itemized statement of the public accounts, expenditures, funds, receipts and disbursements. He is also required to make a complete report and itemized statement to each session of the Legislature. In nearly all of the States the law is very explicit in outlining the duties of the State Treasurer, the following being very common provisions in relation to the office, viz.: That a complete record of all moneys must be kept, showing what is received or paid out of the various "funds," which "funds" must be exhibited in separate accounts. In several of the I - - AYILUh, ~x, Dy tteo. A. o~gle C %,o.

Page  129 SUPPLEMENT V DIGEST - O THEI SYSTE=M OF'- CIVIL VE:RN ME N T G O I"RM"I:N tac cmpanies, tad it is his datyto cotke the licnse ot toy company States the Governor and one or two other State officials constitute a board, which must at certain times examine and check up the accounts, books and vouchers of the State Treasurer and ascertain the amount of funds in the Treasury. ATTORNEY-GENERAL. The Attorney-General, as the name implies, is the general legal counsel or lawyer for the various branches of the State government. In all of the States the powers and duties of the Attorney-General are very similar. It is his duty to appear for the State in all actions and proceedings in the Supreme Court in which the State has an interest; to institute and prosecute in all courts all actions, either for or against a State officer, in which the State has an interest; to consult with and advise the various county or state's attorneys in matters relating to their official duties, and when public interest requires he assists them in criminal prosecutions. It is his duty to consult with and advise the Governor and other State officers, and give, when requested, written opinions on legal or constitutional questions relating to their official duties, and to give written opinions when requested by the Legislature or any committee thereof. It is also his duty to prepare, when necessary, drafts for contracts or other writings relating to subjects in which the State is interested. He is required to enforce the proper application of funds appropriated to the various State institutions, and prosecute breaches of trust in the administration of the same; and when necessary to prosecute corporations for failure or refusal to comply with the laws; to prosecute official bonds of delinquent officers or corporations in which the State has an interest. The Attorney-General is required to keep a record of all actions, complaints, opinions, etc. STATE SUPERINTENDENT OR SUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION. This is an office which exists in nearly every State in the Union. In three or four of the States the management of the educational interests of the State is vested in a State Board of Education, but in these cases the secretary of the board assumes most of the detail work that in most of the States devolve upon the State Superintendent. The full title given to this office is not the same in all of the States, but it is generally called "State Superintendent of Public Instruction or Public Schools." In Ohio, Maine and Rhode Island, and a few others, this officer is termed "Commissioner of Schools." The duties of the State Superintendent are very much alike in all of the States, as he is charged with a general supervision over the educational interests of the State and of the public schools. In many States his authority is not limited to the public schools, and he his authorized by law to demand full reports from all colleges, academies or private schools. It is his duty to secure at regular intervals reports from all such educational institutions and file all papers, reports and documents transmitted to him by local or county school officers. He is the general adviser and assistant of the various county superintendents or school officers, to whom he must give, when requested his written opinion upon questions rising under the school law. It is also his duty to hear and determine controversies arising under the school laws coming to him by appeal from a county superintendent or school official. He prepares and distributes school registers, school blanks, etc., and is generally given the power to make such rules and regulations as are necessary to carry into efficient and uniform effect the provisions of the laws relating to schools. The State Superintendent is required to make a detailed report to each regular session of the State Legislature, showing an abstract of the common school reports; a statement of the condition of public schools and State educational institutions; the amount of money collected and expended, and all other matters relating to the schools or school funds that have been reported to him. He is forbidden from becoming interested in the sale of any school furniture, book or apparatus. STATE LIBRARIAN. In nearly all of the States the laws provide for a State officers under the title of "State Librarian." As a rule the office is filled by appointment of the Governor, although in a few States it is an elective office and is filled by direct vote of the people. The State Librarian is the custodian of all the books and property belonging to the State Library, and is required to give a bond for the proper discharge of his duties and safekeeping of the property intrusted to his care, as in many of the States the State Library is an immensely important and valuable collection. In some of the States the Supreme Court judges prescribe all library rules and regulations. In others they have a Library Board of Trustees, which is sometimes made up of the Governor and certain other State officials, who constitute a board of commissioners for the management of the State Library. ADJUTANT-GENERAL. In nearly all of the States provision is made for an AdjutantGeneral, who is either elected by the people or appointed by the Governor. The name of the office implies the branch of work which is handled by its incumbent. It is the duty of the Adjutant-General to issue and transmit all orders of the Commander-in-Chief with reference to the militia or military organizations of the State. He keeps a record of all military officers commissioned by the Governor, and of all general and special orders and regulations issued, and of other matters relating to the men, property, ordinance, stores, camp and garrison equipage pertaining to the State militia or military forces. PUBLIC EXAMINER OR BANK EXAMINER. This is a State office that is found in only about one-half of the States. In some States it is known as Bank Comptroller and in others the duties which devolve upon this officer are handled by a "department" in the State Auditor's office. The general duties and plan of conducting this work, in many respects, is very similar, but there is a great difference between the various States in the officers who attend to it. Where this made a separate State office, generally speaking, the requirements are that he must be a skilled accountant and expert bookkeeper, and cannot be an officer of any of the public irstitutions, nor interested in any of the financial corporations which it may be his duty to examine. He is charged with the duty of visiting and inspecting the financial accounts and standing of certain corporations and institutions organized under the State laws. In several of the States it is made his duty to visit certain county officials at stated intervals, and inspect their books and accounts, and enforce a uniform system of bookkeeping by State and county officers. COMMISSIONER OR SUPERINTENDENT OF INSURANCE. In all of the States of the Union the department relating to insurance has grown to be an important branch of State government. The method of controlling the insurance business differs materially in many of the States, although they are all gradually moving in the same direction, viz., creating a department or State office in which all matters relating to insurance and insurance companies are attended to. In former years, in nearly all of the States, the insurance business formed a department in the State Auditor's office, and was handled by him or his appointees. Now, however, in nearly all the Northern States and many of the Southern States, they have a separate and distinct insurance department, the head of which is either elected by the people or appointed by the Governor. The duties and powers of the insurance department of the various States are very similiar. A general provision is that the head of this department must be experienced in insurance matters, and he is prohibited from holding an interest in any insurance company. The Commissioner or Superintendent of Insurance has extensive powers concerning insurance matters, and it is his duty to see that all laws respecting and regulating insurance and insurance companies, are faithfully observed; he issues licenses to insur not conforming to law. Reports are made to him at stated times by the various companies, and he has power to examine fully into their condition, assets, etc. He files in his office the various documents relating to insurance companies, together with their statements, etc., and at regular intervals makes full reports to the Governor or Legislature. COMMISSIONER OF LABOR STATISTICS. In several of the States a "Commissioner of Labor Statistics" is appointed by the Governor, who is the head of what may be termed the labor bureau. In a great majority of the States, however, this branch of work is taken care of by a board of labor commissioners, a bureau of statistics or by the State Auditor and his appointees. The general design of this bureau or commission is to collect, assort and systematize, and present in regular reports to the Legislature, statistical details relating to the different departments of labor in the State, and make such recommendations as may be deemed proper and necessary concerning the commercial, industrial, social, educational and sanitary conditions of the laboring classes. OTHER STATE OFFICERS. In all of the States there exist one or more other State officers in addition to those already mentioned, which are made necessary by local condition or local business interests. It is, therefore, unnecessary to mention any of these at length in this article. It may be stated, however, that in all of the States may be found two or more of the following State officers, and further, that each one of the following named officers is found in some State in the Union. viz.: Superintendent or commissioner of agriculture, commissioner of mines secretary of agricultural board, secretary of internal affairs, clerk and reporter of the Supreme Court, commissioner of railways, commissioner of immigration, State printer, State binder, land agent or commissioner, commissioner, register or superintendent of State land office, register of lands, commissioner of schools and lands, surveyor-general, inspectorgeneral, State oil inspector-general, State oil inspector, dairy commisSTATE BOARDS. Besides the officers and departments which have already been mentioned, tHc-e are a number of State boards or bureaus that are necessary in carrying on the complex business connected with the government of a State. The following list of such State boards and bureaus includes all that can be found in the majority of the States; some of them, however, are only found in a few of the States, because they are of a local nature and are only made necessary by the existence of certain local conditions or business interests. It will also be observed that some of the boards named cover the same line of work that has already been mentioned as belonging to some State officer. This grows from the fact that a few of the Sattes place the management of certain lines of work in the hands of a State board, while in others, instead of having a State board they delegate the powers and duties to a single State official. All of the States, however, have a number of the State boards mentioned in this list, the names of which imply the line of work each attends to, viz.: Railroad andwarehouse commissioners, board of equalization, board or commission of agriculture, university trustees, board or commissioners of public charities, canal commissioners, penitentiary commissioners, board of health, dental examiners, trustees of historical library, board of pharsmacy, commission of claims, live stock commissioners, fish commissioners, inspectors of coal mines, labor commissioners, board of education, board of public works, board of pardons, assessment commissioners. LEGISLATURE OR GENERAL ASSEMBLY. The law-making power of every State is termed the "Legislative Department." The legislative power, according to the constitutions of the various States, is vested in a body termed the Legislature or General Assembly which consists of an Upper and Lower House, designated usually as the Senate and House of Representatives. In a few of the States the Lower House is called "The Assembly." In most of the States the Legislature meets in regular session every two years, but this is not the universal rule, as in a few of the States the law provides for annual sessions. In all of the States, however, a provision is made whereby the Governor may, on extraordinary occasions, call special session by issuing a proclamation. The Legislative Department has the power to pass all such laws as may be necessary for the welfare of the State, and carry into effect the provisions of the constitution. The Legislature receives the reports of the Governor, together with the reports of the various other State officers; they provide by appropriation for the ordinary and contingent expenses of the government; at regular times provided by law they apportion the State into political districts, and make all other provisions for carrying on the State government. There is a general prohibition against the passage of any ex post facto law, or law impairing the obligation of contracts, or making any irrevocable grant of special privileges or immunities. Any measure to become a law must be passed by both branches of the Legislature, and then be presented to the Governor for his approval. If he withholds his approval (or vetoes it), the measure may be repassed by a two-thirds vote of the Legislature, when it will become a law notwithstanding the Governor's veto. SENATE. The Senate is the Upper House of the Legislature or General Assembly. The various States are divided into senatorial districts, in each of which a Senator is elected-the term of office varying from two to four years. Except in three or four of the States the presiding officer of the Senate is the Lieutenant-Governor, although a President pro tern. is usually elected, who acts as presiding officer during the absence of the Lieutenant-Governor. The presiding officer has no vote, however, in the Senate, except when that body is equally divided. Every Senator has one vote upon all questions, and the right to be heard in advocating or opposing the passage of any measure brought before the Legislature. In filling all of the most important State offices that are to be appointed by the Governor, the appointments must be approved or confirmed by the Senate. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. The Lower House of the State Legislature, in nearly if not quite all the States of the Union, is termed the House of Representatives. Like the Senators, every member of the House has the right to be heard in advocating or opposing any measure brought before the body of which he is a member. The House is given the sole power of impeachment, but all impeachments must be tried by the Senate. As a general rule, there is a provision that all bills for raising revenue must originate in the House. m JUDICIARY. The "Judicial Department" is justly regarded as one of the most important and powerful branches of government of either the State sor Nation, as it becomes the duty of this department to pass upon and interpret, and thereby either annul or give validity to all the most important measures and acts of both the legislative and executive branches of the government. It is impossible in a general article to give a detailed review or description of the construction and make-up of the judicial departments of the various States. The courts are so differently arranged both as to their make-up and jurisdiction that it would be useless to try to give the reader a general description that would accurately cover the ground. In all of the States, except, possibly, one or two, the highest judicial authority of the State is known as the Supreme Court, and unless questions are involved which give the United States Courts jurisdiction, it is the court of last resort. The Supreme Court is made up of a chief justice and the several associate justices or judges as may be provided for by the laws of the various States, usually from four to six. Generally these officers are elected by the people, either from the State at large or (in three of the States) as representing certain districts, but this is not the case always, as in several States they are chosen by the Governor or Legislature. In all of the States the Supreme Court has appellate jurisdiction both in law and in equity, and has original jurisdiction in remedial cases, mandamus, habeas corpus and cases relating to the revenue, but there is no trial by jury in this court. Various other courts are provided for by the laws of the different States, such as appellate courts, circuit or district courts, probate courts, county courts, superior courts, municipal courts, otscts of justices of the peace, etc. The jurisdiction of all these courts is, of course, inferior to that of the Supreme Court, and varies greatly in the different States. Besides these, where there are large cities, various other courts are also established to aid in caring for the enormous amount of judicial work that arises from such vast and complex business interests. The various courts are also provided with the necessary officials for carrying on the judicial business-such as clerks of court, court reporters, bailiffs, etc. COUNTY GOVERNMENT O far as the principal county offices are concerned, the general arrangement and method of handling the public business is very much the same in all of the States; but the offices are called by different names, and in minor details-such as transferring from one office to another certain minor lines of work -there are a number of points in which the method of county government in the various States differs. The writer has adopted the names of the principal county offices which are most common in the Northern States, as in the Southern and New England States there are scarcely any two States in which the names or ties s of all the county offices are identical. AUDITING OFFICE AND CLERK OF THE COUNTY BOARD. Generally the principal auditing officer of the county is known as the "county auditor" or "county clerk." In Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Wisconsin and many other States the office is called "county clerk." In Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Ohio and others it is termed "county auditor." In a few of the States under certain conditions this office is merged with some other county office. A notable example of this is in the State of Michigan, where they have one official, under the simple title of "clerk," who looks after about all of the work which in most of the States devolves upon both the county clerk and also clerk of court. In all of the States a bond in a moderate sum is required of the county clerk or auditor, and he is paid a salary of from $1,500 to $3,500 per year. besides in some States being allowed certain fees, unless it is in a very large and heavily populated county, where the salary paid is of necessity much higher than this amount. No county treasurer or member of the county board is eligible to this office. In general terms it may be stated as a rule the auditor acts as the clerk or secretary of the official county board, although in a few of the States the court clerk is required to look after this matter. t The clerk of the county board keeps an accurate record of the board's proceedings and carefully preserves all documents, records, books, maps and papers which may be brought before the board, or which the law provides shall be deposited in his office. In the auditing office an accurate account is kept with the county treasurer. Generally they file the duplicates of the receipts given by the county treasurer, charging him with all money paid into the treasury and giving credit for all warrants paid. The general plan of paying claims against a county is as follows: If the claim is one in which the amount due is fixed by law, or is authorized to be fixed by some other person or tribunal, the auditor issues a warrant or order which will be paid by the treasurer, the certificate upon which it is allowed being duly filed. In all other cases the claim must be allowed by the county board, and the chairman or presiding officer issues a warrant or order which is attested by the clerk. A complete record of all these county warrants or orders is kept, and the accounts of te county treasurer must balance therewith. The above in general terms outlines the most important branch of work which the county clerk or county auditor looks after in most of the States, but in all of the States the law requires him to look after a number of other matters, although in these there is no uniformity between the various States, and no general description of these minor or additional duties could be given that would apply to all the States. COUNTY TREASURER. This is an office which exists in all of the States, and it is one of the most important of the various offices necessary in carrying on the business of a county. It is an elective office in all of the States, and the term of office is usually either two or four years, but a very common provision in the various States is that after serving for one term as county treasurer a party shall be ineligible to the office until the intervention of at least one term after the expiration of the term for which he was elected. This provision, however, does not exist in all of the States, as in some of them the county treasurer is eligible for reelection for any number of terms. The general duties of the county treasurers throughout the various States is very similar. The county treasurer is the principal custodian of the funds belonging to the county. It is his duty to receive and safely keep the revenues and other public moneys of the county, and all funds authorized to be paid to him, and disburse the same pursuant to law. He is required to keep proper books of accounts, in which he must keep a regular, just and true account of all moneys, revenues and funds received by him, stating particularly the time, when, of whom and on what fund or account each particular sum was received; and also of all moneys, revenues and funds paid out by him according to law, stating particularly the time when, to whom and on what fund payment is made from. The books of the county treasurer must always be subject to the inspection of the county board, which, at stated intervals, examines his books and makes settlements with him. In some of the States the provisions of the law relating to county treasurer are very strict; some of them provide for a county board of auditors, who are expected, several times a year, to examine the funds, accounts and vouchers of the treasury without previous notice to the treasurer; and in some it is provided that this board, or the county board, shall designate a bank (or banks) in which the treasurer is required to keep the county funds deposited-the banks being required to pay interest on daily or monthly balances and give bond to indemnify the county against loss. As a general rule the county treasurer is only authorized to pay out county funds on warrants or orders issued by the chairman of the county board and attested by the clerk, or in certain cases on warants or orders of the county auditing office. A complete record of these warrants or orders is kept, and the treasurer's accounts must balance therewith. In most of the States the law is very explicit in directing how the books and accounts of the county treasurer shall be kept. COUNTY RECORDER OR REGISTER OF DEEDS. In a few of the States the office of county recorder or register of deeds is merged with some other county office, in counties where the population falls below a certain amount. A notable example of this is found in both the States of Illinois and Missouri (and there are others), where it is merged with the office of circuit clerk in many counties. The title of the joint office is "circuit clerk and recorder," and the duties of both offices are looked after by one official. The duties of the county recorder or register of deeds are very similar in the various States, although in some of the Eastern and Southern States the office is called by other names. The usual name, however, is county recorder or register of deeds. In Illinois, Indiana, I - - - I I Viopyrtgns, 1910, Dy 51e0. A. ugle so. Ioopyrngnt, 1910, Dy ueo. A. ugie cc %.o.

Page  130 -nij=01 EN Vanwar-u I I I | DIGEZSTr O:F' -rHIE _-rSYSTEM O:F' C)IVII 4GOZVNErRN9MFiI l II I cowa, Missouri, Ohio nd many other State, it is caltld "county recorder." Cne Kansss, Michigan, Mintesoae, North Dakota, Wisconesi aoce issy tore it is called "register of deeds." In ac of the Stters this office is the repository wherein are hopepttn records relttintg to deedt, msortegges, treesfers cod contracts affecting Coeds fithin the county. CI is the duty of the recorder or register, as soon as practical after tho fiticgofe tsyi streuensits rit in egehis office etitlde to e recorded, to recordkthe smed t b nth, conthe order of the iose of its reeptio tino hooks prosided hy she county for thate poepose; cod it is his duty to rndorse otn at instrutmets: certificate of the tinge wheo the ater was filed. Alt of the Steers he-e some of the follwing provisions oconoceriog the duties of The recorder, hoe these provisions aore ntctoomco to aft of sthent Ses,vioa.k The register or record rixcuot accored to recorda hi ntrobliesstof aykiod tnsiistyuen unless o fstedaccording to law hef i ano ohliged to record yny fostrusect unless his fees are paid in addvies; sf land r, witis n u fu forhimntcorord anymap, ptaor subdi-ision f fapondsiaed itehio aey incorporated city,towe n mor itateg unet it ise ppro-eednytse proper officerseofrthessun e. n maseey Sttes hetis foridde o eter arderd oo the rcords ueq tile t has t beedorsed "taxes paid"hy bthe proper officiat; he is reqoiredeteehibic, free of charge, alt records, and alottw- copies to he msade; he is aochorized to administer oaths and take acknowledgments. CIRCUIT OR DISTRICT CLERK, OR CLERK OF COURT. In nearly all of the States, each county elects a "clerk of court or courts," sometimes also known as circuit clerk or district clerk, indicating the court with which the office is connected. In some of the States, as has already been stated, the office of clerk of court is merged with some other county office. This is the case in Illinois and Missouri, where in many counties it is connected with the office of county recorder. In Michigan, one official under the name of "clerk" handles the business which usually is given to the clerk of court and county clerk or auditor. In Wisconsin, Missouri, Illinois and other States the name used is "circuit clerk;" in Kansas, Nebraska, Minnesota, North Dakota and many others the office is cailed "clerk of district court;" while in many of the States, including Indiana, Ohio, Iowa, South Dakota and others, it is called simply "clerk" or "clerk of the court or courts." The chief duty of this official is to act as clerk of the district or circuit court, and sometimes other courts of inferior jurisdiction. It is the clerk's duty to keep the seals and attend the sessions of their respective courts, preserve all the files and papers thereof, make, keep and preserve complete records of all the proceedings and determinations thereof, and carry out such other duties as may be required by the rules and orders of their respective courts. They must enter of record all judgments, decrees and orders of the court as soon as possible after they are rendered; keep all indictments on file as a public record, have authority to administer oaths, take acknowledgments; take and certify depositions, and are required to exhibit all records free of charge. In nearly all the States the law defines the character of the record books which the clerk of court must keep. Although there is no settled rule in this matter, the general provisions are that he shall keep: First, a general docket or register of actions, in which is entered the title of each action in the order in which they are commenced, and a description of each paper filed in the cause and all proceedings therein; second, a plaintiff's index and defendant's index; third, a judgment book and execution docket, in which he enters the judgment in each action, time of issuing execution, satisfaction, etc., and such other books as the courts or the laws may prescribe. SHERIFF. In all of the States the office of sheriff is one of the most important of the county offices. The term of office varies in different States, being usually either two or four years, and in several of the States one party cannot hold the office a second term-consecutively. The general provisions outlining tlse duties pertaining to this office are very much alike in the various States, and the following resume of his duties may be said to apply to all of the various States except in a few minor and unimportant details. The sheriff is charged with the duty of keeping and preserving the peace in his county; or, as has been written, "he is the conservator of peace," and it is his duty to keep the same, suppress riots, affrays, fighting, breaches of the peace and prevent crime, and may arrest offenders "on view" and cause them to be brought before the proper magistrate; and to do this, or to execute any writ, warrant, process, order or decree, he may call to his aid when necessary any person or the "power of the county." It is the duty of the sheriff to serve and execute within his county, and return, all writs, warrants, process, orders and decrees of every description that may be legally directed and delivered to him. He is a court officer, and it is his duty to attend, either in person or by deputy, all courts of record held in his county; by virtue of his office he has custody of the jail. It is his duty to pursue and apprehend felons and persons charged with crime and has custody of prisoners. He is not allowed to purchase any property exposed for sale by him as sheriff. COUNTY SUPERINTENDENT OR COMMISSIONER OF SCHOOLS. This is an office which exists under one name or another in nearly every State in the Union. The title of the office in a great majority of the States is "county superintendent," but in Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, New York, and possibly one or two other States, the office is termed "school commissioner," and in several of the States the laws provide for a board of county examiners or school commissioners, who are given considerable of the work that in most of the other States is handled by the county superintendent. The name of this office implies the duties which devolve upon it, adthey are very much alike in all of the States. The incumbent of this office is charged with a general supervision over the schools of the county, and must be a fitting person as to education and moral character. As a rule it is their duty to examine and license teachers, but in a few of the States provision is made for a board of examiners. County superintendents are required to visit and inspect the schools at regular intervals, and give such advice and instruction to teachers as may be deemed necessary and proper. They are required to organize and conduct institutes for the instruction of teachers if deemed necessary, and encourage teachers' associations. They introduce to the notice of teachers and the people the best modes of instruction, the most approved plans of buiding and ventilating school-houses, etc., stimulate school officers to the prompt and proper discharge of their duties. They receive reports from the various school officers, and transmit an abstract of these reports to the State Superintendent, adding a report of the condition of the schools under their charge. In nearly all the States they are forbidden having any interest in the sale of any school furniture, apparatus or books used in the schools. In many States they have authority to annul a teacher's certificate for proper cause, and in general to take such steps and enforce such methods as will elevate and make more efficient the schools under their control. COUNTY, PROSECUTING OR STATE'S ATTORNEY. There is a great difference between the various States in the method of handling or attending to the legal business relating to county matters or growing from county affairs. In many of the States the official who attends to this line of work is known as the "county attorney," in other States he is called the State's attorney or prosecuting or district attorney. In a few of the States they divide the State into districts embracing a number of counties, and a district attorney is elected in each district, who in some cases attends to all the legal work of the various counties, and in others he assists the county attorneys in their most important duties and prosecutions. But whatever plan may be followed in the Various States, and whatever title may be given to this office, the general duties of the office are very much the same throughout all of the States. Ct is the duty of the county attorney to commence and prosecute all actions, suits, indictments, and prosecutions, civil and criminal, io any court of record in his county in which the "people of the State or cucounty" may be concerned; to prosecute all forfeited bonds and recognizances, and all actions for the recovery of debts, revenues, moneys, fines, etc., accruing to his county; to commence and prosecute all actions and proceedings brought by any county officer in his official capacity; to defend all actions and proceedings brought against his county, or against any county officer in his official capacity; to give legal opinions and advice to the county board or other county officers in relation to their official duties; to attend, if possible all preliminary examinations of criminals. When requested, he is required to attend sessions of the grand jury, examine witnesses in their presence, give legal advice and see that proper subpoenas and processes are issued; draw up indictments and prosecute the same. The county attorney is required, when requested by the Attorney-General, to appear for the State in cases in his county in which the State is interested. The county attorney makes an annual report to his superior State officer of all the criminal cases prosecuted by him. PROBATE OR COUNTY JUDGE. The method of handling probate matters is not uniform throughout the various States. In many States the higher courts are given jurisdiction over probate matters, and in others they have created districts in which are held probate courts, whose jurisdiction extends over several counties and takes in other matters besides purely probate affairs. In a majority of the States, however, particularly the Western and Northern States, they elect a county or a probate judge, whholds court and handles the probate matters which arise within his county. The jurisdiction of these county or probate courts is not always confined exclusively to probate affairs, being frequently extended to many other matters, and they generally include such matters as apprenticeship affairs, adoptions, minors, etc. In some of the States they have both a county judge and a probate judge, and in these cases the jurisdiction of the latter is confined to such matters as are in line with probate affairs. In Missouri they have a probate judge, and also a county court, composed of county judges, in whom the corporate powers of the county are vested-as the official county board. In Michigan they have a probate judge and a probate register. The probate judge is generally given original jurisdiction in all matters of probate, settlement of estates of deceased persons, appointmemt of guardians and conservators and settlement of their accounts. They take proof of wills, direct the administration of estates, grant and revoke letters testamentary and of administration, appoint and remove guardians, etc. COUNTY SURVEYOR. This is an office which is common to nearly all of the States. It is the duty of the county surveyor to execute any survey which may be ordered by any court, or upon application of any individual or corporation, and preserve a record of the surveys made by him. Nearly all of the States provide that certain records shall be kept by the county surveyor, and provide penalties for his failure to place on record the surveys made by him. While he is the official county surveyor, yet the surveys made by him are not conclusive, but may be reviewed by any competent tribunal, and the correctness thereof may be disputed. COUNTY CORONER. This is another county office which exists in nearly all of the States. In the average county there is not much work for the coroner, but in the counties in which large cities are located the office is a very important one. In general terms it may be stated that the coroner is required to hold inquests over the bodies of persons supposed to have met with violent or unnatural deaths. In most States he has power to impanel a jury to enquire into the cause of death; but in some of them thisis not the case, and he is given power to act alone. He can subpoena witnesses; administer oaths; in certain cases provide for a decent burial, and can bind over to the proper court any person implicated in the killing of the deceased. OTHER COUNTY OFFICES. The county offices that have already been mentioned are the principal ones found in all of the States. There are, however, a few other county officials besides those mentioned which exist in many of the States, and which should be briefly mentioned in this connection. These are such offices as county physician, county assessor, county collector, county poor commissioner or superintendent of the county poor-house, master in chancery or court commissioner, county examiners, board of equalization, board of review, etc. The names of these offices imply the duties. These offices do not exist in all of the States, but in nearly every State the law provides for one or more of these county officials. COUNTY BOARD. The powers of every county as a body politic and corporate are vested in a county board. This official county board is generally termed the county "board of supervisors," or "boardof commisioo but there are some exceptions to this, like Missouri, where the cunty board is known as the "county court." There is considerable difference in the make-up of the county board in the various States. In some it is made up of one member from each township in the county. In others the counties are divided into districts, and one member of the county board is chosen from each district. No general description of this could be given that would be accurate, as some of the States follow both of these plans. For instance, in Illinois some of the counties are governed by a board of supervisors, which is made up of one member from each township, while other counties in the same State are governed by a board of county commissioners, consisting of three or more members, each representing districts into which the counties in question are divided. The general powers of the county board throughout all of the States is about the same, except in minor details. It represents the legislative and corporate powers of the county. One of their number is always chosen as chairman or president, and acts as the presiding officer. The county board has general charge over the affairs of the county. It is their duty to provide county offices, provide desks, stationery, books, fuel, etc.; examine, investigate and adjust claims against the county, and have general care and custody of all the real and personal estate owned by the county. At regular intervals they settle with the county treasurer; examine accounts and vouchers. They locate county roads; determine the amount of county tax, and regularly publish a statement of their proceedings; make statements of receipts, expenditures, etc.; and make all contracts, and do all other acts in relation to the property and concerns of the county necessary to exercise its corporate powers that are not specifically delegated to other county officials. TOWNSHIP GOVERNMENT HE method of township government throghout the different States varies so much that it is impossible in this article to treat of it more than in a general way. In many of the States the townships are not organized as bodiescorporae cdin other States in some counties they may have township organization, while in other counties in the same State it does not exist. In cases where there is no township organization the law provides that certain county officials shall attend to the local work, or that work which in other localities as assumed by the township officials. But even where they have township organization the plan of township government in the different States where it exists differs so widely that scarcely any two States may be said to be alike. About the only statements concerning the organized townships that could be made which would apply to all the States are the following: Every organized township in its corporate capacity has power to sue and be sued; to acquire by purchase, gift or devise, and hold property, both real and persona-l, for the use of its inhabitants, and again to sell and convey the saneee and to make all such contracts as may be necessary in the exercise of its powers as a toomship. In a great many of the States the township government is carried on after a plan very similar to the county and State governments, having various executive officers and a township board in which the conporate and legislative powers, of the township are vested. In other States they follow a plan which reserves to the people all corporate and legislative powers, and therefore have no need for a township board, but have various other township officers to carry out the wishes and orders of the voters. Where this plan prevails they hold what is generally termed "town meetings," at which every legal voter of the township has a voice. At these meetings reports are had from the various township officials, and the necessary measures are adopted and directions given for carrying on the township business. Still other States combine good features from both of the plans above mentioned, and besides the other usual township officials they maintain a township board, which is given certain restricted powers, such as those of a review or an auditing board, but they are not vested with the complete corporate and legislative powers of the township, this being reserved in a large measure to the voters, and all questions calling for the exercise of such authority are acted upon at the town meetings. In many of the States the township board just described is made up of three or more of the other township officers, who are ex-officio members of the township board, and they meet at certain times, perform the work required of them, and report to the town meetings. The principal officials in township organizations in nearly all the States are the following: "Supervisors, or trustees," "clerk," "treasurer," "assessor," "collector," "justices of the peace," "constables," "overseers, supervisors or commissioners of the highways," and "poundmasters," although as has been stated, many of the States do not have all of these officials. SCHOOL DISTRICT GOVERNMENT t-' HE "common school system," or, to speak with greater accuracy, the method of governing school districts, in the various States, differs widely, yet all follow in a general way one of two separate and clearly defined methods, being amended in minor respects to meet local conditions and ideas. All of these methods have their excellent points, and yet it has been claimed by eminent educators that no one of them is free from fault and objection, nor has reached perfection. It will be the aim of this article to briefly explain the principal features of the several methods, but it is not possible to go into detail in the matter of giving the system of school government that is followed in each of the many States of the Union. The constitution and statutes of all the States agree, however, upon several points. They aim to provide for a thorough and efficient system of free schools, whereby all the children of the States may receive a thorough common school education; they provide that all lands, moneys and other property donated, granted or received for school, college, seminary or university purposes, and the proceeds thereof, shall be faithfully applied to the objects stated; with two or three exceptions they provide that no appropriation shall be made or public funds applied in aid of any church or sectarian purpose, or to support or sustain any school, academy, seminary, college or university controlled or run in the interest of any church or for a sectarian purpose; and they prohibit the various school officials from holding any interest in the sale, proceeds or profits of any book, apparatus or furniture used in the schools in which they, as officers, are interested. In many of the States they follow what may be termed the "indepent school district" method, inasmuch as each district, so far as its corporate powers are concerned, is entirely separate and independent of other districts. Where this plan is followed the boundaries of each district are clearly defined, and each district is complete within itself. They elect a full set of district officials, and exercise their corporate powers and manage their district affairs within themselves. In this plan the corporate powers of the district are usually vested in a district board, which has general charge of the interests of the district, hires teachers, and makes such contracts, and carries into effect such methods as is deemed necessary to raise the grade or aid in the efficiency of the schools. The measure of the authority given to these district boards is not the same in all the States, and in many States it is restricted, and a part of the corporate power is reserved to the people themselves, the officials being required, in all important matters, to carry out the wishes and orders of the people of the disrict as expressed and decided upon at the "districtsschool meetings." Another method which is followed in many of the States may be termed the "township system." In such States the law provides for the organization of each township for school purposes, or as one large "district," and each township, so far as its educational interests are concerned, is organized, has the necessary officials and becomes a body politic and corporate. As a general rule, where this method prevails the townships are divided into three or more sub-districts. All of these sub-districts are a part of the whole, and the finances and general business is generally managed by a township board made up of representatives from each sub-district. This board is generally clothed with the corporate powers, hires teachers, provides fuel and supplies and makes all the contracts recessary to carry on the various schools in the township. As with independent districts, the powers of this board are not alike in all States where the township system prevails, for in some States their power is very much restricted, and is limited to certain official matters, the corporate powers and right to make important contracts being reserved to the people, who decide on these questions at what are termed the school meetings. In a few of the States where they follow the township system they have no official board. This is the case in Indiana, where they elect a township trustee, whose duty it is to look after all the educational interests of the township, subject to the approval of the people at the regular meetings. In most of the States where the township system prevails the law provides for the organization, under certain conditions, of sub-districts into independent districts, which gives them the power to elect their own officers and act independently of the other schools in the township. In nearly all of the States one of the two general methods given above is followed, with certain changes to make the plan more efficient and satisfactory, and to better meet the desires and needs of the people of the different States. Many of the States combine good features from both these systems, as some of the States have the township system, wherein each sub-district has its own board, and so far as controlling its own affairs is concerned, is independent of all other districts. But local conditions have in many instances made special and local provisions necessary that are different in each State, and while there may be a vast difference in the methods followed, their aim is the same, and, as a whole, the various systems have accomplished the result of giving throughout the length and breadth of the Union the grandest and most efficient system of free schools that the world has ever known. CITIES AND VILLAGES J N all of the States the laws provide for the local govercment of school matters and civil authority. In school affairs provision is pendent of, the township in which they are located, both as to they mayhbe separated from, and thus manage their affairs indecities and villages, so that when they attain a certain population made for handling the more complex educational interests of vfIlages and cities-the school boards being made larger, and in many cases the scope of their authority is very much extended. In civil matters provision is made in all of the States for the organization of villages and cities as corporate bodies, separate and distinct from the townships, and providing for the necessary officers to carry on the affairs of the municipality. I Ibed t. -_ 16 la - _ - -_ -,. Y-, -.Y _- - -,S.. - -11.

Page  131 r I SUPPLEMENT Vn I GENERAL. INFORMATION ON BANKING AND BUSINESS METHODS. - -- ____ GENERAL INFORMATION ON Banking and Business Methods. RELATIONS BETWEEN A BANK AND ITS CUSTOMERS. tioi than that which existi between the business men g-t Ermlly and the banks,..d it should be guarded with jealous it"' so that both toy retain the full ttoeidetoo of the other. Business development i. the Utited States has progressed with toolh gigantic stride. that it has long since passed the stage where it is even possible to carry on business withoot the agency of bankt. They re today. tece.sity t. the ttatttct1ottof ottioot and mt king eohoogeo. It h.. _id, od with a great deal of truth, that to the present day the entire and tolt object and result of business it the transfer of -tedit. on the bookt of the botki.g houset; and that about the only use to whioh money to pot tt 0. makiog small ehoogo 00 paying blatoet. Buoiotot, i. the most general and comprehensive ttose, ii almost wholly carried on by the aid of bankt with checkt, draft. tod etohongg. And it will be seen what o very important part the element of confidence play' in busites life, when it ii remembered that every check ot draft that change0 hando, implies the cotfideice on the part of the party reotti.t and ecetptiog it, that it will be honored at the bank ohen presented. OPENING AN ACCOUNT toter of o bank ii the interview with the banker, Nither the Pt'ooid t_, or Cashier, a. the case may bo. If unknowo to the banker it to tecetsary for some one who to toto to ide0tfy for the applicant a. being hontoable tod straightforward, for banks are compelled to be careful in this matter as they oobsequootly must handle all tho oheckt, drafto and exchangeo that the prospective uutoerto eopItyt to hit business, so that while tOe business of a0 honest fan to valuable to theo and Ot appreciated, that of 0 dishonest toot it h...tod ty them as an element of risk and dangertthe same to the0 to to every one else with whom he dealt. The identification and reference, however, being satisfactory the prospective customer is given a pass book or account book, writei his signature in a book kept for that purpose, is mad. known to the oeceivig and paying teller., makes his first deposit and is then a fil fledged customer and depositor of the bank. DEPOSITS. D OSITS a0 0 made in the following matt er: A "Depotit Ticket" to "Depoitik Blan"t.fuoniohedttheooottomer, 00d ht Ototoot toon this a full do..iptiot of all the items which he desires entered to hit credit, stating whether it is gold, silvet or currency o.d otkiog toepoato entry for each draft or check that he deposits. In entering such items as drafts and checkd some bank. require a sep.,at ent y for ea h itein whi h will thow 0ton what bank o o at least what city or town each draft or check is drawo. After having endorsed his name toothe back of iti checks and draftt ho 0and. the "Depotit Ticket," together with all the items named upon it, and his Pass Book, to the reoeivitg teller, iho examines it, thetks off the various items to too that thoy are all t00er, and onters the total amount to the ousotome's credit it the "'Pas Book;" and it is also carried to hit credit from the Dopoiit Ticket otto the books of the bank. The "Deposit Ticket" is an important feature of the traotottio., and the customer is required to fill this out with ink. It bear. hi..-m tot the date and is carefully preserved for future reference by the bank to settle any dispute or difference that oay arise. At ol1 ott ooo liable to error the depotitor, to prevent mistakes, ohould always see that the 00000t of the deposit 00 correctly entered it his book before levino the bank. If t deposit is made when a customer ha.oot hi.o"Pass Book" a duplicate ticket should be taket, and the amount entered properly when eot atOthe bank. It will be see. from the above that all checks and drafts are entered to the credit of the uttoooo at00 the time he deposito the-, the same as cash items. The depositor, however, is held responsible for the not-paymett of ol1 checks, drafts and other items deposited as cash until payment has beeo ascertained by the bank. The bank, however, must use due diligence in attending to them within a reasonable time. If a check or draft it held beyond a reasonable time and,meanwhile, the bank upon which it is drawn fail0, the recetiiig bank oould be compelled to lose it. What is a reasonable time, according to decisions of the courts, depends upon the orcuostanles and varies 00 different case0. In cities, where thoy have o Clear00g House, checks on other city banks are expected to reach the Clearing House on the next day succeeding the time of the depooit; but a.oto checks and drafts drawn upon other or distant cities, a reasonable time must be allowed oor bheoo to be presented for payment. If the banker, however, is negllgent concerning it, he must stand the loss. Such cases very r,!-ly, if ever,toccur, and it may safely be stated that to the absence of any special or unusual conditions for all items such as checks, draft0, etc., the banker only receives them for collection for 0he account of the depositor and therefore acts only as hib agent and 00 such 00 charged with using only due diligence in attending to the business. DISCOUNTS, LOANS, ETC. T 0E word "Dtscouro" is applied to interest when It Is deducted from the t-uoit at the time i loan Is 0ade-0in T other words, interest that is paid in advance. it is the general rule of bank0 it oakitg "short time" loans to cus00000s to give credit foo the amount of the loan, less the 1nterest. Many business me. fail to obtain the full benefit that a bank can give tl000, through hesitancy or diffidence in asking for a loan; o.d in many instance will borrow of a neighboring bustn..' man and thus, frequently embarrass him, rather than go to the baoket, whose business it is to help him through such times of need, when possible. This is what banks are established for, largely, and they are always glad to "get their money out and keep it out" provided they can be reasonably sure of its return. If an applicant is unable to furnish reasonable security, or it irresponsible or unworthy he must necessarily be refused, but in securiog mo0ey which he 0an00t guarantee the return of, whether it be from 0 banker or another business man he doet an tojustice to the interests of buoiteso generally. However, every business man in teed of 00000000I help, whether hib needs be great or little, should go to the banker 0000t ood submit the situation, eolurities, etc., to him, as of all meo he is by training the best judge and advisor in such matters. He may be compelled to decline to give the requi-oo aid, but this refusal should 0ever be taken as a per-.otol matter, as it must be remembered that he hab other inter000o to serve and depositors, stockholders and directors to pootect before following his own personal desires. COLLECTIONS. N leaving notes or other items for collection the customer writes on t e back of each the words: "or Collection for Account of," and places hi signature below it. 0000 Ot' 'eipt of this, the proper officer or clerk of the bank, will enter the items either 00 the back of the customer's "pass boot" or give aseparate receipt as the case may be. When the bank receives p y-0t on the items the customer is notified and the amount is entered to his credit both on his Pass Book and on the book' of the bank the aooe as any other deposit. A bank in re000000g 00000 for collection acts 0010 as the 0ge00 of the customer and does not assume any responsibility beyond due diligence on its part. All banko make collectioos either 10 or out of the city where they are located for their 0ustomers at very moderate rate00. These items should always bo loft at the bank bofo- thoy become due, so as to give the bank time to give an abundant 0ot00 to the parties. If the customer desires to make a "sight" or "'time draft' 0000 0 debtor, 0000 opplicatlot the bank will furnish him with blank drafts. STATEMENTS AND BALANCES. FEW words concerning statement0 and balances will not ho Iooppropoiote to hio otoototito. Eooty o.tottoot ofa hook should always and without foil, once ti each month, have his "Poot Book" balanced by the banker. This rule should al000 be0bt ohortd to correct any error that might occur and avoid loss and complication.. The.-o00t of deposit0 I0 added op tod a balance it otruck by deducting the totol tmount of the customer"' check0 which the bank ha0 either paid to "topoptod" (certified) during the mo0th. The cancelled checks 0re returned to the c000tomer. If any error is discovered it should be reported immediately to the bank it that 10 0ay be investigated and rectified. NEGOTIABLE PAPER. P ROBABLY the greatest fac0or 0 0 the business world of today is "Negotiable Paper," without which it 00 ott probable that tootooto development could have assumed the vast proportions that it has reached in America; ood without which the business of the elvilized world could..t be earrird to. Thio tero includes 0 variety of instruments, such as pomissooy ooto, check., drafts otd bill. of exchange. The bill of tochange ii one of the oldest forms of eogotiable paper, and has bee. 1. use for. umber of eent.,le.. The draft and check came into use at a much later day, 00d the promissory ote is a comp-aotioely recent invention, and ha. very largely thk the place of the bill of exchange as it was used in former times. The most important attribute of promissory notes, bill0 of exchange, and other instrumento of the same class, 0hi0h distinguish them from oil othto contracts, 00 their negotiability. Thio consisto of two ettirely distinct elemento or btotooheo-first, the power of transferring the paper froto one owner to -oother, so that the assignee shall assume 0 complete title, tod be able to sue to it; second, the effeot 0po0 the right0 of the parties produced by such 0 transfer ohen 0ad0 before maturity, to the regular course of business, for a consideration to a purchaser in good faith, and without notice of ooy defeot or defense, whereby ot defenses of the maker (with few exceptions) are cut off, and the holder becomes absolutely cettI ed to recover. A written order or promise may be perfectly valid as a contoot; butt 0000010 not be togottablh utoiit certain requisites are 0tomplitot0t0-;-.T- he following requisites are lodispensable: It must be writteno;otot be signed; it uott be absolute, not dependng opon ooy oootingoooy; it must be to poy -otoy to a certain amount capable of being certain by computation; the time of payment must be certain or such as will become certain; but when.o time ot expressed the law irplitithat payment is due imo ediately; and lastly, the order or promise must be accompanied by words of negot0ab0lity-that is, payable to a certain payee's ooder or to bearer. PROMISSORY NOTES. ACCORDING to the general "law merchant," unaffected by 00atute, a promissory nott it the written promise of a ier000 called the "maker," to pay a eertai suio of money at a certain time to a designated person termed the "payee"~ or to hio order or bearer. It must have all the requisites thatthav been in-tioned for mogotitble paper, otherwise, if it fails in any of these matter0 it becomes a contract, 00 it thus lose. the eleneot of negotiability. Contracts iay be perfectly valid without ott of these requisites, but they do not possess the peculiar qualities which belong to promissory notes. It is customary in ooiptromissory notes to write the words ovalue received" but this to not absolutely essential, as a cop00deration and value is implied in every note, draft, check, bill of exchange or endorsement. 0t is the common law of both England and this country that no promise ca0 be enforced unless made for 0 consideration or sealed, but negotiable instrumentt a00. rule are an exception to Ohis. Between the original parties a want of con00deratio can be pleaded a defense and would operate to defeat a recovery. It would have the same effect as between an endorser and his endorsee, but this only applies to immediate parties or to those who had notice of the defense or became holder. of the paper after maturity. It -ay be stated as a.oiotst tnvariable rule that no defense will operate to defeat the recovery if the! paper has been negotiated and passed.ito the hands of an 0nnoceot purchaser, in the regular course of business, before maturity and for value. The absence of any of these elements, however, will allow a defense to be set op 00d will defeat recovery even it the hands of third parties if it can be shown that there was either: a wantof consideration, that it was obtained by duress, or fraud or ciroumvention, or larceny; or that the consideration was illegal. In order to cut off these defense0 and give the holder the absolute right to recover, all of the conditions named must be fulfilled. If he purchases the note even one day after it becomes due it is then subject to any defense or set off which the maker may have against the original payee. Demand of payment for a note must be made at the place where It is payable at the time of maturity; if not paid notice must immediately be given to the endorsero, otherwise, 10 a majority of the Statet, all endorsements that are oot qualified will be released. If o note Is not dated it will not defeat it, but will be considered as dated when it was made; but a written 10t0 Is prima faci0 evidence of the time of making. When a note falls due on Sunday, or 0 legal holiday, It becomet payable the day previous. If a sum is written at length in the body and. also in figure0 at the corner the written word. control it. It destroys the negotiability of a note to write in the body of it any conditions or contingencies. A valuable ontotdratito is not always money. 00 may be either any gain or doatotgo to the promisor, or injury sustained by the promisee at the promisor'. request. A previous debt, or a fluctuatiog balance, or a debt due from 0 third person, might be a valuable consideration. So is a moral consideration, If fotitded upon 0 previous legal cottideratiti a0, where one promises to pay a debt that is barred by limitation or by infancy. But o merely morIl consideration as ooe founded upon natural love and affectionti no legal consideration. No consideration is sufflefent in law tf it be illegal in Its iature, or if distinctly opposed to public policy. If a note ol payable at a bank it is only necessary to have the note it the bank at the stipulated time to constitute a sufficient detnd; and if there are to funds there to meet it, this is sufficient refusal. 00000 0RACE.-In a great many States three "Days of Grace," as they are termed, are allowed on negotiable instruments beyond the date set for payment. This is not the universal rule, however, as the tendency of late years has been toward doing away with this custom, and a number of States have already passed laws boolishiog the "Day. of Grace." Where the rule is to effect, however, and it is not specifically waived in the instrument the payor is entitled to three day. as fully as though it were so stipulated, and the holder cannot enforce collection until the expiration of three days after the date set for payment, BILLS OF EXCHANGE. T E "bill of exchange" to an open letter or order whereby on0 person request0 another to poy 0 third party (or order obearer) certain fixed sum of money. They are of two kinds, the I0000d and Foreign bill-, the na000 of which imply the difference between them. The three parties to the bill are called the Drawer, Drawee and Payee. The bill must be presented to the Drawee and if he agrees to obey the order, ho "accept0 " the bill by writiog the word "00000ted" across ito face and sign0 his name below it —and thus becomes the "Acceptor." The instrument to usually made otogotiable and the payee can transfer it to other. by endorsement, which method of transfer may go on indefinitely. The following is a common fort of an iblaod till of exchange: BILL OF E.C.ANGE. $600 CHICAGO, Itt., toot 1, 1894. Sixty days after sight toy to John Sims, or order, Si. H00 -toed Dollaro, and charge -000 to my account. To H.Tt Hoo40T & Co., JoH0 Do. Boston, Mass. CHECKS. A 00EC0 on a bank is one form of "Ioland Bill of toA ch tot," boO 000re 00 10000 011000 diffoototo to tho 10 bOlity of the parties to it0 A check require0 00 tooept.-., at banh is bound to pay the check. of it0 depooitooo while still in possession of their funds, and the drawer of a cheok having fundo oo deposit has a0 action for damage for refusal to htoo his check, under such circumstances, on the ground of an implied obligation to poy checks ottordiog to the usual course of business. Checks are usually drawo payable immediately, but they oay be made 0ayable at a future day, and in this case their resemblance to o bill of exchange is very olose. Al otated, 0 check requires 00 accetpttot, 00 far as payment or liability of the drawer to cooettted, but it creates no obligation against t bank in favor of the holder until acceptance. When oocepted by the bank theo ord "Ateptod" 1. stamped on its fact with the signature of the banker. It is then said to be certified and thootofto the bank lo liable to the holder. As sooi a0 the heck is "certified" the amount to charged against the account of the "drawer" the same as if paid,..d it is considered paid so far a0 the "drawer" to concerned. Th. drawer of a check is ott o surety lo the same 0000e a0 is the d0awer of a bill of exchange, but to the principal debtor like the maker ofooot. He cannot complain of any delay in the presetmeot, for it bo an absolute appropriatlo. to the holder of so much 000ey, to the hando of the bank, and there it may lie at the holder'o pleasure. Th. delay, however, is at the holder's risk, and if the bank ohould fail after he could have got his money the loos 10 hi0. If, before ho presents the check, the bank payo out all the ootey of the drawer, the. he tay look to the drawer for payment. If the holder of 000heck traosfeoo it to another ho has the right to expect that it will be presented for payment withIt a reasonable time. le has the right to expect that it will either be presented the next day or started to the point on which it oo drawn. If it dt held beyond a reasonable time and a loss I. occasioned thereby, the party responsible for the delay 000t bear the loss. If h bank pays a forged check it is so far it. own loss that it cannot charge the oooey to the dEtoptot whose name was forged. But it is entitled to re0over the money frot the party who presented it. If it pay o check of which the amount has bee0 falsely and fraudulently increased, it cat charge the drawer only with the original amount, provided the drawer himself has not caused or facilitated the forgery by carelessly -riting it or leaving it dt such hands as to dh ak the forgery or alteration easy. t l some of the States the Supreme Court has decided in case. where checkt 0ere "otised" that the drawer must bear the lots as they had failed to take reasonable precaution to prevent it. Perforttitg and cutting machines are on the market which make it almost impossible to raise o0 alter the tmounts so a to avoid detect!o., and the tendency of the decisionl is to regard the use of these as otly o reasonable precaution on the part of check drawers to save their bank from trouble 0od lo01. Some, however, adopt the plan of writing the amount in red ink across their signature. If many persons, ot partners, join to a deposit they must join in a check. If a payee's name is misspelled or wrong in a check, the uo.. plan is to endorse it first exactly ot It appeaos and then sign the name correctly. There oooio settled rule as to how checks should be drawn. It the cities it 0s an almost Invariable rule to toakt the payable "to order" so ao to require the endorsement of the payee; but "1 smaller tow..00y check drawer0 0 make the0 n payable "to bearer," I. which case they require no endorsement, and if lost or stolen may cause loss-tos whoever presents such a check at the bank is entitled to Payin —t. DRAFTS. A DRAFT lo aformtofoa'Ooilndhtilltoftexchage." TOe 00o fo -t of bill0 of exchange called "drafts" are the bank A otaft (or o chatge) otd the "sight or time draft." The bank draft I., to.11 intents and, the same as a check, but the t000 is usually applied to "checks" draw0 by one bank pon f-0ds which it may have.i some other bank, termed Its "coiooopotdent." A draft is but very seldom made payable to bearer, it being almost an invariable rule to make them payable to a ertait payee or order. Thoy re 0egotiable and can be transferred ftdefotitely by endorsement. If a draft is loot or stolen, by applying to the bank that issued it, the payment can be stopped, and after the expiration of thirty day0 a duplicate will be issued. The "Sight Draft"' or "Time Draft," to which case it read1 to pay after t certain number of days, 10 a very common method of makitg collections to-day by creditors, and it serves the double purpose of being an order to pay to a bank or third party, and tt also o receipt to the debtor. It is simple in its wording, the following being a general form: $0000 CHICAGo, June 1, 1894. At sight (or so many days after sight as the case -ay be) pay to the order of Bank One Thousand Dollars o.d charge to my aceo..t. JOHN Sims. To GEo, Simo, NEw TORt, N. Y. ENDORSEMENTS. HEoglaturotof.. py.oroholtder onthetbtckof toy check, draft, note, bill of exchange or other etgotiable itotrument is termed hi."ootdoroemett." Itoimply means the placing of the name of the holder, or payee, on the back of the instrument, thus indicating that, for 0 consideration, he hab relinquished his title to it, otd in the boeooo of toy cotdition or qualification expressed it the endorsement, it implies that the e0ndoOOr will s00 that the instrument is paid in case it 00 not taken op by the maker or payor. Whhere the instrument 10 made payable to "bearer," a0 to "John Sim0000 bearer," no endorsement is eceosary to pass the titi.tit pa...o with delivery and any holder may collect or sue -pot it the same as if he were the payee named therein. In a case of Ohis kind if a0y holder e0 -dorses the instrument, the law 00 construed strictly against him, and, as it was ot necessary for hio to endorse to pas. title, the law presumes 00 the absence of a positive qualification that his endorsement was made for the pup.oe of tndicating that he would pay it if the payto failed to do so. Where several payees re named in the instrument it must bear the endorsement of all of them to pass tho title and make one transfer of It. In thi0 case, however, their liability as endorsers is joint, tot several. But where two or more holders endorse one after the other bn making i transfer fro0 one to the other their liability 10 several, not joint. Every check, draft, bill of exchange, ott or other negotioble Instrument which 1. made payable to a certain "payee or order" must bear the endorsement of the party ttted, to t"00 the title, and even th cases where they are made payable to "beareo" It is generally customary for the party to whoo a transfer is made to require the person from whom he secures it to place his endorsem..t thereon. There are several kinds of endorsement which should be mentiojed in this connection. The first is the "blank endorsement," or "endorsement to bl0," 1 to making which the payee simply places his signature on the back of the instrument, without ctodition or qualification of any kind. Thlo 000000 the title to the instrument, and, from that ti00 on, it becomes payable to bearer, and the title p00000 with delivery, until some subsequent holder sees fit to limit by making it payable to some other payee, or places some other qualification or condition in the endorsementi When a negotiable instrument bearing. "blank endorsement" has once bee0 pot into circulation, 00y subsequent holder of it hao the right to limit or restrict it by writing the conditions over hi. own endorsement, or, by otoitiog over the endoo..otoet of the original payee, word0 making it payable to himself or some other party, "or order." This point hot Otto detidod by the supreme courts of severa o the States. The eildofse-ent -ay be -restricted orqualified in a number of 0ays. One, which lo called a "full eottottottot," is very common 10 the b0001010 world. It is simply the act of the payee attod makiog it payable to some 0the0 certain payee or order. To do Ohio, the -ndorttoo writes on the back of the iootriomett, the dlotioet1o,.00 "Pay to John Sims, or order," and places his signature below it. Thio dot.ot limit his litbility as an endorser, but the title to the instrument must thootoftor pass through Jo00 Sims, and it must bear his endorsement before it will be paid or honored. _ _ _ _ I _ s I COPYRIGHT 1910. BY GEO, A. OGLE & CO.

Page  132 f GENERAL INFORMATION ON BANKING AND BUSINESS METHODS. ___ __ __ Another common form of limiting the endorsement is to enable the payee (when it is made payable to his order) to transfer his title to the instrument without becoming responsible for its' payment, and making the party to whom it is transferred assume all responsibility concerning payment. To do this the endorser writes the words "Without Recourse" over his signature, which has the effect of relinquishing his title without making him liable to the holder in case the payor fails to take it up. Another method of limiting the endorsement is to make it conditional, a good illustration of which is the following: "Pay to John Sims or order upon his delivering to the First National Bank a warranty deed to lot 5, block 4, etc.," below which the enorser places hit signature. He can also make it payable to "A. B. only," or in equivalent words, in which case "A. B." cannot endorse it over. In fact, the endorser has the power to limit his endorsement aP he sees fit, and either to lessen or increase his liability, such as either "waivit g notice of demand;" iaking his endorsement a "general and special guaranty of payment" to all future holders, etc., but he cannot, by hit endorsement, either increase or lessen the liability of any other endorser on the instrument. An endorser, as a rule, is entitled to immediate notice in case the payor fails to pay. This is the case in nearly all of the United States, as it has been a rule of the "law mnerchant" for many years. A few modifications, however, of the general "law merchant" have been made by statute in several of the States, relating to negotiable paper, in changing the end orser's liability by rendering his contract absolute instead of conditional, making notice unnecessary unless he s uffers-damage through want of it, or requiring a Judgment to be first recovered before he can be held. In the absence, however, of statutory provisions of this kind, and they exist only in a few of the States, it may be said that to hold endorsers they mnust have prompt notice of non-payment, and it may be said to be a genera l rule of the "law merchant" that h11 parties to negotiable paper as endorsers who are entitled to notice are discharged by want of notice. The demand, notice and protest may be made according to the laws of the place where payable. The term Photest is applied to the official act by an authorized person (usually a Notary Public), whereby he affirms in a formal or prescribed manner in writing that a certain bill, draft, check or other negotiable paper has been presented for acceptance or payment, as the case may be, and been refused. This, and the notice of t he "Protest," which must be sent to all endorsers and parties to the paper is to notify them officially of its failure. GUARANTY. A "GUAi RANTOR" is one who is bound to another for the tfo fulfillment of a promise, or of an engagement, made by a P L, third party. This kind of contract is very common. Acp cordin g to the "statute of frauds" it must be in writing, and unless it is a sealed instrument there must be a consideration to support it. As a rule ti is not negotiable, so as to be enforced by the transferee as if it had beet given to hit by the guarantor, but this depenids upon the wording, as, if it contains all the characteristicts of a note, payable to order or bearer, it will be held negotiable. A contract of guaranty is construed strictly, and if the liability of the principal be aterially varied by the act of the party guaranteed, without the consent of the guarantor, the guarantor is discharged. The guarantor is also discharged if the liability or obligation is renewed, or extended by law or otherwise, nless he in writing renews the contract. In the case of a bank incorporated for twenty years, which was renewed for ten years more without change of officers, the courts held that the original sureties could not be held after the first term. The guaranty can be enforced even though the original debt cannot, as is the case in becoming surety for the debt of a minor. A guarantor who pays the debt of the principal is entitled to demand from the creditor all the securities he holds, or of the note or bond on which declares the debt; andt, in some States, the creditor cannot fall back upon the guarantor until he has collected as much as possible from these securities and exhausted legal remedies against the principal. If the debt or obligation be first incurred and completed before the guaranty is given, there must be a new consideration or the guaranty is void. A guaranty is not binding unless the guarantor has notice of its acceptance, but the law presumes this acceptance when the offer of guaranty and acts of the party to whom it is given, such as delivery of goods or extending credit are simultaneous. But an offer to guarantee a future operation does not bind the offerer unless he has such notice of the acceptance as will afford him reasonable opportunity to make himself safe. A creditor may give his debtor some indulgence or accommodation without discharging the guarantor, unless it should have the effect of prejudicing the interests of the guarantor, in which case he would be released. Generally a guarantor may, at any time, pay a debt and so, at once, have the right to proceed. against the debtor. Where there has been failure on the part of the principal and the guarantor is looked to, he must have reasonable notice-and notice is dee ied reasonable if it prevents the guarantor from suff ering from the delay. It is, in many cases, difficult to say-and upon it rests the question of legal liability-whether the promise of one to pay for goods delivered to another is an original promise, as to pay for one's own goods, in which case it need not be in writing; or a promise to pay the debt or guranty the promise of him to whom the goods are delivered, in which case it must be in writing. The question generally resolves itself into this: To whom did the seller give and was authorized to give credit? This is a question of fact and not of law. If the books of the seller show that he charged them to the party to whom he delivered them, it is almost impossible for him to hold the other party for it, but if on the other hand it is shown that he regarded the goods as being sold to the party whom it is desired to hold, but delivered them to another party and it is so shown on his books, it is not regarded as a guaranty, but an original or collateral promise, and would make the party liable. In general, a guarantor of a bill or note is not entitled to such strict and exact notice as an endorser is entitled to, but only such notice as shall save him from actual loss, as he can not make the want of notice his defense unless he can show that it was unreasonably withheld and that he suffered thereby.' There is a marked difference in the effect of a guaranty of the "payment," or of the "collection" of a debt. In the first case, the creditor can look to the guarantor at any time; in the latter, the creditor must exhaust his legal remedies for collecting it. ACCOMMODATION OF PAPER. N accommodation bill or note is one for which the acceptor or maker has received no consideration, but has lent his L name and credit to accommodate the drawer, payee or holder. He is bound to all other parties just as completely as if there were a good consideration, for, if this was not the case, it would be of no value to the party accommodated. He is not allowed to set up want of consideration as a defense as against any holder for value. But he is not bound to the party whom he thus accommodates, no matter how the instrument may be drawn. IDENTIFICATION. HE: mere act of identifying a party or making him known to a banker carries with it no liability on the part of the.Tparty who thus performs it, unless it can be shown there was fraud or collusion. Customers of banks are frequently asked to identify and make known to their own bankers, strangers who desire checks or drafts cashed or other accommodations. In some cases a mere introduction is all that is necessary, but only because the banker relies upon the honor and integrity of his customer, knowing that an improper person would not be introduced, for in a case of this kind the bank assumes all the risk. Generally speaking, however, it is an almost invariable rule with bankers, as It should be, to require their customer to endorse all drafts or checks which are honored for the stranger. In this case the endorser becomes personally liable to the bank if any or all of the drafts or checks prove worthless. An endorsement which is frequently made by parties who are asked to identify others is to merely indicate that they know the party to be the payee amed i th heck or thtkr at the s ignature of the payee or party is correct. This is done by writing the words "Signature O. K." under the party's name and signing it. This ha thhe effect of guaranteeing that the party's, a-e i s as written and that it is his proper ignature. It does not guarantee that the check or draft is good or will be paid, but merely as expressed, that the ignturie is correct and the only liability assumed is that he will pay the amount in case the signature proves a forgery. Many banks, however, will not accept papers endorsed this way and justly so, for it throws pon them the burden of the risk. RECEIPTS AND RELEASES. A NY acknowledgment that a sum of money has been paid is a receipt. A receipt which reads "in full" though admtitted to be strong evidence is by no means legally conclusive. If the party signing it can show an error or mistake, it will be admitted in his favor. Receipts for money will be held open to examination, and the party holding it must abide the results of such examination-the great aim of the law being to administer strict justice. A receipt may be of different degrees of explicitness, as the word "Paid" or "Received Payment" written on a bill. A "release" is simply a form of receipt, but is more binding upon the parties, inasmuch as, if properly drawn, under seal, for a cnseideration, it is a complete defense to any action based on the debts or elaills so released. Herein, releases differ from receipts. A release is in the nature of a written contract and on the ground of fraud. But if its words are ambiguous, or may have either twoi or more teanings, evidence is receivable to deINFANTS AND MINORS. HE incapacity of a person to miake a valid contract may arise from several causes, and the fact of being an infant, or minor, is one of them. The general rule of law may be stated as being that the contract of an infant or minor is not always void, but is voidable, and in many cases special exception is made, giving validity to their contracts for necessaries. By being voidable but not void thini. themselves, means that the infant has the right to disavow and annul the conitract, either before or within a reasonable time after he reaches his majority. He may do this by word only, but a mer-e acknowledgment that the debt exists is not enough, and it must be substantially a new promise. AGENCY. HERE are a few well-settled and important rules of law governing the matter of' agents and agency, which every T business man should understand thoroughly. The relation of principal and agent implies that the principal acts by and through the agent. A principal is responsible for the acts of the agent only when he has actually given full authority to the agent, or when he has by his words, or his acts, or both, caused or permitted the person with whom the agent deals to believe him clothed withthis authority. This is a point which is not always thoroughly understood, but it is a well-settled principle of law. There are two kinds af agents-general and special. A general agent is one authorized to represent his principal in all his business, or in all his business of a particular kind, and his power is limited by the usual scope and character of the business he is empowered to transact. If he is given out as the general agent, the principal is bound, even if the agent transcends his actual authority, but does not go beyond the natural and usual scope of the business. On the other hand, a special agent is one authorized to do only a specific thing, or a few specified things, or a specified line of work. If this special agent exceeds his authority, it may be stated as an almos-t invariable rule that the principal is not bound, because the party dealing with the agent must inquire for himself and at his own peril, into the extent and limits of the authority given to the agent. Especially is this the case where the party knew that the agent had been or was engaged i n attending to a particular and specified line of work connected with the businiess of the principal. The party, however, is not bound by any special reservations or limitations made secretly by the principal of which he had no reasonable or easy means of having notice. The authority of an agent may be given by the principal, by writing or oral, or may be implied from certain acts. Thus, if a person puts his goods in to t he custody of another whose business it is to sell such goods, he authorizes the whole world to believe that this person has them for sale; and any person buying them honestly, inl this belief, would hold them. If one, knowing that another had acted as his agent, does not disavow the authority as soon as he con-veniently can, but lies by and permits a person to go and deal with the supposed agent, or lose an opportunity of indemnifying himself, this is an adoption and confirmation of the acts of the agent. A principal is bound by the acts of an agent even after the revoca-tion of his agency, if such revocation has not been made public or is unknown to the party dealing with the agent. Au agent can generally be held personally liable if he transcends his authority; but this is not the case if the party with whom he dealt knew h P athat the authority was transcended. ORIGIN AND HISTORY OF BANKING. N general, banks may be said to be credit instttitutions or dealers in credit. John Jay Knox once said that "the exchanges of the modern world are barter, effected by the indirect agency of the credit system, and banks and bankers are the machinery by which this is done." Metallic money and its representative, the circulating note, are only the smiall change of "Trade" employed in the settlement of balances and -small purchases and payments. This fact is illustrated by the operations of the New York clearing house. The exchanges have been about 800,000 millions of dollars during the past hit y, wi thirty years, while the balances paid in money have only been ibout 36,000 millions, or about 4 per cent. of the amount of the settlements. It has always been claimed that the business of banking originated with the Venetian money changters who displayed their wares and moneys on the streets and thus supplied those in need of change. According to the most eminent authoriites the earliest banking institution in Europe was the Bank of Venice, which was founded in 1172, and was based upon a forced loan of the government. Funds deposited in it could be transferred to others on the books of the bank at the pleasure of the owner, but they could not Pp _itdotawon. The perpetual ainnuities of the British debt are handled in a very similar manner at the present day. The Bank of Venice wai. continued until 1797. In 1401, the Bank of Barcelona was formed. At a period much earlier than this, the Jewish moneydealers had invented what was known as "foreign bills of exchange" but it is said that this bank was the first institution that made a business of negotitiating and handling them. The Bank of Genoa commenced operation in 1407 and for centuries was one of the principal banks of Europe. It was the first to issue circulating notes-which were passed only by endorsement, not being payable to bearer. The Bank of Hamburg, established in 1619, was a bank of both deposit and circulation based on fine silver bars. This bank, like nearly all of that early time, had, as a principal object, the protection of the people from worn, sweated, clipped and plugged coins, or coins of certain empires that were reduced in standard value. The remedy generally adopted was to lock up the debased and depreciated coins and circulate the credit granted for them. Various other banks sprang into existence throughout Europe, many of them being powerful government agencies, and in many cases exerted a wide influence in shaping the destinies of empires. In 1694 the Bank of England was established, and there is no banking institution in the world equal to it in the management of national finances. The Bank of France was authorized in 1800. It is not a fiscal agent of the government as is that of England. It does not collect or disburse the revenues of the exchequer, but it lends to it largely, while its credits, in the form of circulating notes and other acceptances, have borne the government safely through extraordinary needs. It is claimed that the first organized bank in the United States had its origin in the formation of a banking company without charter June 1th, 17S, by the citizenis of Philadelphia, and first action by Congress was taken June 22, of the same year, in reference to this proposed association. Two years afterward a "perpetuial charter" was granted to the Bank of North America at Philadelphia. In 1784 the State of Massachusetts incorporated the Massachusetts Bank. The Bank of New York was chartered in March, 1791, although it had been doing business sined 1784, under articles of assoiaction drawn by Alexander Hailtonll. Most of these institutions are still running and have been converted into national banks. The Bank of the United States was organized in 1791. The most of the stock was owned by the United States Government but later the Government interest was disposed of, and in 1843 the bank failed. State banks were organized rapidly, and private banking firms sprang into existence and the business of banking assumed immense proportions. In 1863, the NATIONAL BANK SYSTEM was adopted and in 1864 the National Bank Bureau of the Treasury Deparutment was rganized, the chief officer of which is the comptroller of the currency. In March, 1865, an act was passed providing for a ten per cent. tax on notes of any person or State bank issued for circulation, and making an exception of National banks. This had the effect of taxing the State bank circulation out of existence. As the National banking system has proven one of the most efficient and satisfactory methods the world has ever known, it will be of interest to review here some of its principal features Under this act National banks may be organized by any number of persons- not less than five. Not less than one-third of the capital must be invested in United States bonds, upon which circulating notes may be issued equal to 90 per cent. of the par value of the bonds. These circulating notes are receivable at par in the United States in all payments except for duties on imports, interest on the public debt and in redemption of the national currency. The National bank s are required to keep a certain reserve; they are authorized to loan money at the rate of interest allowed in the various states-when no rate is fixed by the laws of the State, the banks may charge 7 per cent. Shareholders are held individually liable, equably and ratably, for all debts of the association to the extent of the amount of their stock, in addition to the amount invested therein. The banks are required, before the declaration of a dividend, to carry one-tenth part of their net profits of the preceding half year to a surplus fund until the same shall amount to 20 per cent. of the capital; and losses and bad debts must be deducted from net profits before any dividend is declared. A receiver may be appointed by the comptroller to close up under his supervision the affairs of any national bank which shall fail to keep good its lawful money reserve or which may become insolvent. While there have been national bank failures, there has never been any loss to the people whatever on the circulation. A suit may be brought for forfeiture of the charter of a bank if the directors shall knowingly violate the law; and in such cases they may be held liable in their individual capacity. There are other restrictions in the law-such as, for instance, the prohibition against loaning to any one borrower of more then ten per cent. of the capital; or the holding of any real estate except such as is required for banking purposes, or the granting of loans upon the security of the bank stock. The national bank circulation has been gradually growing less during the past ten years, as the United States bonds available are quoted so high above par and the rate of interest so low that there is but little profit to the banks in it. All of the States have laws regulating State banks and providing certain restrictions, but as the laws of the various States are not alike it is impossible to give a general description of the matter that would apply to all the States. The laws, however, provide for and require State banks to hold a certain reserve, and at regular intervals they make full statements as to their condition and their affairs are examined into by certain State officials at frequent intervals. The laws of all the States have reached a high degree of perfection in the method of regulating and overseeing State banks, and the almost universal soundness and reliability of these institutions reflect credit upon the laws under which they exist. CLEARING HOUSE. HE Clearing-Htouse is the place where the exchanges of the ithe banks are made in all the principal cities of the world.. The clearing-house system was first established in London about the beginning of the present century. It was first introduced into this country by the banks of the city of New Yorktorganizing an association, under the name of the New York Clearinig-House, which commenced operations Oct. 11, 1853. At that time it consisted of fifty-two banks, but five of them were soon closed because of inability to meet its requirements. Clearing Houses have since been established in nearly all of the principal cities of the continent. In aill cities a bank receives large amounts of bills and checks on other banks, so that at the close of each day's business every bank has, in its drawers, various sums thus due it by other banks. It is, in like manner, itself the debtor of other banks, which have during the day received its bills and checks drawn upon it. Prior to the establishment of the clearing house it was necessary for each bank, every morning, to make up its account with every other bank, and to send its porter or agent to present the bills and checks so re-yeived to the debtor banks for payment. The balances were adjusted by payments in gold, which became so laborious, dangerous atlt complicated that the balances were settled only weekly instead of daily -a plan that resulted in great risk and evil. This was obviated by the clearing-house system, through which the settlements are so simultaneously and quickly effected that in Newt York the transactions in one single day have amounted to over $t300,000,000, in adjusting which the exchanges were settled in the space of an hour. Besides saving a vast amount of work, bookkeeping and expense, it enabled the banks by united aid to strengthen each other in times of excitement and financial panic. The following is the manner in which the settlements are made in about all the clearing-houses of this country: The clearing-room is provided with a continuous line of desks, one for each bank that is a member of the association, each desk bearing the name and number of the bank. Each bank is represented every morning, at the hour fixed for settlement, by two clerks, one a messenger who brings with him the checks, drafts, etc., that his bank has received during the day previous upon the othter banks —called the "exchanges," and these are assorted for each bank and placed in envelopes. On the outside of each envelope is a slip on which are listed the amounts of the various items which it contains. The messengers take their places in a line outside the row of desks, each opposite the desk assigned to his bank, while at each desk is a clerk with a sheet containing the names of all the banks in the same order as the desks, with the aggregate amounts which his bank's messenger has against each bank. Just previous to the hour fixed for making the exchanges the manager takes his position and calls the house to ordar. At a signal the bell rings and each messenger -moves forward to the desk next to his own and delivers the envelope containing the checks, etc., for the bank represented at that desk to the clerk at thuhkt at desk, together with a printed list of the bank PsP p in the same order, w ith the amount opposite each bank. The clerk receiving it signs anld returns it to the imessenger, who imiumediately passes on to the next desk; tt thee nextnt, tand so on until he has made a complete circuit and has again reached the desk of his own bank-the starting point. All the other messengers moving in the same manner, each messenger has, by this means, visited every bank and delivered to each everything his bank held for it, taking a receipt for the same; and at the same time each bank has received all the exchanges htthat every other bank had against it. This operation, even in the greatest clearing-houses, only consumes from ten to fifteen minutes. This enables the banks to upnow at once the exact balance for or against it, as the clerks immediately enter from the slips on their own sheets the aggregate amount from each bank, and the difference between the total amount brought by them, which at once shows the balance due to or from the clearing house to each bank. This is reported to their banks, and the balance is paid to or drawn from the clearing house, thus at once settling the accounts between all the banks. The lists are "proved" carefully and certain fines are laid for all errors, tardiness, etc....~, I _~ _L_~~_ I __ ~ __ COPYRIGHT 1910 BY GEO. A. OGLE & CO

Page  133 11 AN4CIENT, MEDIEVfAL AN4D MODERN4 HISTORY) Copyright, 1912, by Coo. A. Ogle & Co. The chief oim of this Chronological History is to give in a comprehensive and attractive form the principal events of the history of the world free from unnecessary details. For convenience this history is arranged under-I. Ancient History. II. Medieval History. III. Modern History. The latter is given-First. From the heginning of the Six-. ceenth Century to American Revolution. Second. From the hirth of the United Stotes to the present time hy countries. Ancient History.40 04 Oooool0- h of thflyf tioo 32f0 TOhf fi04 Efyptif 0dyonafty 0171 110.0000 P.,offo,f11fEyp4tian yff1ty. Pgyptian 404144411. b1gin. rPf4ii4 said to h.,ff bofo pfoplfd by ff10 'Py- o S idoo flood.. 2700 The 241 Egyptian dyfo-ty begio.. 'Phf ry —ofd 041410 ff14011 253 141is 0eiI., Oiotb Egypltoa dyfaotf. 1404 Chltdl 0ai1 tof 1101 1440 141qu0fd by Iie f ff7140. ff40 011111, Egypt, foofodfI. 0241 Alleged beogoiooo of 7111110 104114n4411 fbff-ti0- o-to by 7400041110 2104 Thlo Bio dyffsty in Chi.oo fo...lfl. PO110f.lff 01414ff pr4b1b4y itn 11 21100 Frsft 7111011 dyfsty ff01111. 1040 Ao40nlo-h1110. fooodf, 12th EgyptianO 21114 Pyrooid, 14441 1014 of 011004141 21004T, M ls Ofof iobfflbflcdt. 1040 UAll. 144f000it yl 00006 Kifftf of Albola 00a 11 01021 014ff If Ioo-ho-,o4404101:1042 110141 oof 4144 Egyp 1000 Rtoob in1 Egyf07pt. l4 f112 000111 101d40110 Agypt.11Phpt loot Ae~i- Popif gaof b tooooaloy of f.o Ao M.0 aob aoodooi. ftmEgypset lolyo gypt 01142 BPopobog of lbh 710 1100..g ftEgyp212 tPo Egloodo iooqooo of 0162 41. 01010 1nat 1001 1441t dIfryelll.y 1211 010ff. of lgpoo,t11 fio Ifrhfd ll 150EPu040411 of th11101 - gyt 01414e.1014 of lb. oft 1110Eypia 111041y. 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Page  135 _i SUPPLF-MENT XIT. ANCIENT, MEDIEVAL 'AND MODERN HISTORY. 311 R83me 3333113- Ch1itia3y. 2313t.3 Ni 33311 t3 t12p the 3ers13 311131, an bd 3th811 M.3g33..11831 814 WIr between3 th1 twll 133331.. 816 311h 33 StL M-111, 311133 31 T4331 3924 C3111111313311 f111313; 31311111d as th3 1131111 31 313 3333r, 130 (., 311). 1331 3. 1311 1331131 13-11 13331)ti. 31 131331111. 31131113aby 13 311p3h 1.l33111 (3113h 113)cl. 313 D11333 31 33133333b 11 31311 3154 313333111 133 311313. (331d 4303311 3161 313311I 333 313 -033311331 131113 y11 331 3133133313 kil 011,l 33.3 1 1 11111at 333333 f 31131 3 W3,333313 33313 33 3di 33 31313131 3183313 33 the I 11 3331 1313 t 11 1333 33131 331 3331333 3111w 31113 31t31333 (3113 31131h 3313311. 313131.33 331 313t 131333 P1t1 3332ie 3333311313 31178~.3.313 th 33ee 03133111113313 (3133h- 331). teGet — ro h 13 111 1333t 113 331331 31d 31133l byun31131313. 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Page  136 ANCIENT, - MEDIEVAL AND MODERN HISTORY. I 1877 Rih71814 I King 7f ENgliNd, Ju112 22. 1180 Bhtll If thED. DIN i711181 IL, of R1 -Wyckliffl ' IIN111 l f thN B111e ptbCh111es VTL, KiNg 78P811 1381 Wa119 Tyler's i.iI,7.-e11i8 IN LEEd.N GEIN ii,2711, 1721 dild 1545. 112 "171 f atod 11717," En~gland. 1.113 ThEl TININNI NINE M.-.,. 1116 Jobl Ni ObNINt IN SpNiN. B81117 1f L1117N711 d11716 If th2 Au18 117818 by INN 11111, N.d dIath If 1811 L01p71d. 21187 GII-NE IE-piN divide2d. F11 A7I7li77, pai7177, NINE I dIll 1441. 131 11glION of NIrwNy. 1lN0 TIN Elltllo E1p718 27-1 p7 17 lo Alil. RoNNr Ill King Ef lotllNd. TO. CONtEIbNIy TII1c pEbliIhEd J2. TIN Eyck, paillter, born. 1812 Th. P17t8g111 di... EN the C271 of 1291 TN1111111, 191 Tart111 iNT~d,!s R""818. 1111 18111e If 11717711, NhE TINk, 71111 B111t I., 482781 t11 H1 191718 ONLIE. 1197 P878 771171 If the Wp1Ilifit1 iI.10 -1221 H1fNry IT. -777 111 KINg of 7791811, llpL. 2071; 01177 If th1 1111 17711214. 2400 BINtE If 17111 171111, 817111171 1112 17117177. 1402 INIelliI iE W8111 I G11NdIT71 2112 1h1 1402 111111 72 AN77NI; Ti~o-I INN TartI7 dl 17111. th1 T.,. 1112 N.pteNI 111117t1 L 1405 P7-c171121.o1 f S97l1Nd4N1ptuNed. 1411 AlNI.p, 717111, i77 77711112. 1407 718171 111t,1di7t1d Np 1h2 P7p.. 1471 0771712 72 Pi,,.. Al,,ldll T. 11121 P777 Np 7771711 If 7112. 1410 9171111111 71 Hoogoop b211111 1117117 1411 1U1171111 71 SN. AEdIINII 271112 1. th7 HigNland 17171. 2421 B1 th If P 1 70177po Lippi, 711111r. 1421 1117y T. 11114c, 11217 1, KiNg of 1414, C111711 78 119t81111 Pop, 12111 XX22L. 11111111121 11211 If 1111228, 1Em717o7 If 1419 121121 If Agi1711;17,711 E~glil,1' 17 117117 V., d11111 71.111 771171. JINN H... and1J12117ofIIPNI11111112 it 911 11811, b1t 1724 Ep 9171111.d 1421 ThI 17111811 II H.-1 2111 Np ars 147 7.1 787111112 n-e211191111 If True17 111177 win th1 772171 2422 111177 VI. p7NIai11d Kig If 771111 17112 10 19111 i Pilip, 114 4-,-.h1179 1420 W1' TN N.. ilan 17d Venice. 1111 Th,1 7 TP ooo, L 1t1117 2425 TIN.. If Al oo` 111111 711118ans 214 th111 1127. er..uets I '1417 1211111 I crowned17111111, 11111114. 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Page  138 SUPPLEMENT XV. i I ANCIENT, MEDIEVAL AND MODEEN HISTOEY. 1703 Pootisso's o;W!d't stpo Esglioh Ths OS.dy Rook lOghth..os fiost lightod. 00. Gotoslls, noglisE Pohos Mioistsp. Bioth of J. Psol Riohtss; died 18s5. 1704 Msods of 07a0 VI., by ordso of Ohe ENTo1dios 05 fsor psose. Britsh~o posljoosot decoeso bosy doOies Os tosposts. Wbe Pontheons St. Genevieve. Parst,, Modern History. Psoso A. D. 1761 So Ohs pesosst tiss, by CHINA. 1700 Resostson of Ohs oglsho EMoshos' ot 1010 Edist ogoisot Chrsothssity Essouss of 1810 Failoo of Lssd Aoshsot's Esbhssoy. 7007 Eoogds-of s Ososs sotsbl1hbd. 0034 Opioot tssdo ysshbshtsd. 0089 OpioN ostssd, sossisg tosole swith Chinose sstssgso So Cootso. HosogKoogssaptursd. 0040 Tssds otith Eogltod fssbiddoo by' Ohs Soopeors 1041 Woo orosotod toits to Ubsoo's hod foith. Vistsoy sO Ohs Bsitssh. Trsoty gsoisg Eogtosd Hoop boos ood $000,00055, sopodsoto!d by totysosh 0000 Treoty of pttos, at Nsokio, oith MosIood, Agsgot 00. Hsog Ksog csded to Esglosod. Th. Ebios.s sstiss of Ctons, Asosy, yFosbh.soo, Niogpo ood Shsoghso sposod to BOitsh. Chino poyo $21,0ttt,(OOO 1840 Tosoty sotissod by Qosol Visstori ood tbs Soop-ssoTso.t-K-'g. lHosg Etsg bhotsr Sos-d, April 0. 1000 MohotOiso so Qotog-85 sucssfuof oh 1ttO Nsohio sod Oshoobso takso by oshofs. 101.0 RMoosool sOoof sor og to Chinose 000 -Csoosodoss Elltott, U. 0. N., dostroys 1008 Copttoeofs Cootto by Moglsho ood Toosty sf hood Elgt.. CPbnoso pioatts dsstroysd. 1819 Usoosoosto tsooty itb Uoitesd Stotss. Esgti.oh Essy attoshsd byUb0h:1000 Eogtood ood y50005 atO T with Chtoa. Treaty sf psoso sigosd bOtoboo 04. Ooooofdsof sO Osh., HOEt 12. Osti lion~ of toosty with Etooio. 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Do. Call.. air-. the th.-..,. 3834 Th. Q-dr.ple Treaty of Fr..-, E,gland, Spai. -d Portugal gu-.&!the right of Q.e,. I-bell. to the th-e. Do- C-,I-. lut.. Spain a.d. el.i- the I3,gi..hg of the C.,li.t war. 1ISSO Defeat ef CaAi.ts at battle of Bilbao. 1839 S --- —- f the g.,(:!r. —t f.-es. D.. Carl.. take. refuge i. 1S4 0E,,p.rt-., e.-.dlr of the royal f.r-, b-.-.p the real rule, of Sp.i.. The dQ,=, Reg.?t Chi.ti.. bdi,,.t,. EITIrtIT. -P.). the Papal N-A.. 1841 E.p.,t- d-I.-d, by the R.g,.t d-i.' the y.,,.g -i..,ity. Irj;-,eU.. - favor of Christi.. q.,]Id. 1842 I-u — tio. at gai..t E.p.fte,.; he bonb.rd, the (ity, D-. 3,..d -ivl. it... —d,!r, D- 4. 1843 Upri.ffig ag.i..t Mp.rtl- at 13- ]..., C....... Seville rd other point,. B.-b-d —t of Seville, July 21. Defeat of E,p.rt1845 Do. Carlos -dg.. hi. el.i- to hi. I.ab"Il. 11. 3 year. Id, is deel-d, by the C'rt-, to be of age. N.,-,. fti-d of Q.,- Chrl.ti.., is -ad,, e.-.dlr of the -y. 3_,S4,3 Mar.age of Queen Isablll. to hl, Do. F —i.- d' A-iv, Duke of C.di,. Marriage of the I.f..t. to the D.k. de!-,... of the Khg of Fr..P,.t,.t of England gi..t the.. -a,T.'g"' 1-847 Att'-pt by L. Riv. to the QI'SpIl- to P.-,! 1848 Th, Briti.,h E-.y ordered. quit Madrid ithi. 48 hours. I 8,5 0 13, th of the first child; it di-ediatlly. Att?-plt of Lop,. to wrlst Cuba froSp.i1851 Op,,,i.g of the M.dHd-A-.j.- -H-y.:1852 Mri..,. - k, att-pt. to kill the =.a.d slightly -..d. hwith. 1853 N.-.- e.illd to Vien... 1854 i.. at -'g-'I.- -ilit.'y S.-g..- - eed. in -.k-g h1 —If p,!-,The (.e —thr J.p-ch.d,..d c. — p,11ld to qWt Sp.i.. 1855 Death of Don Carl... I.-'r eti.. t Valencia. E.P.rter. r.ign.. A -,, cabinet f.i —.d, headed by Mar-,m O'D.- '11. 1. Madrid quelled by the Di.b..d —t of th...ti.-I -.,d. at B-I... and S.-gossa,.01ed by O'D.... 11, a. Dictator. O'D....11 f.,-d. to re,g.. N.... - -ad. pr-e —,. 1857 Birth of the pri.- royal.,859 War with More --- O'D.."ell,o —..ds the.-y 1. AfA1860 M..r. defeated at T,!t.- and G-dl1r... T.. ty of pe.el.1ged, March 26. U ---l efforts of Orteg. to throw the Q.een..d -.k,- the Count de ki.g, as Charles VI. Ortega bet, April 19. The E-P-'. Napoleon Ill. pr.p.- to 91 Spain a.. 11-t-0-s power. Th, P,.j-t b..doued,.-i.g to the ref_.l of E.glad. 1861 Th, -- ti.. of St. D.-ing. to Spain ratified. Spain ji.. Mgl-d..d Fr..- i. the -a...pAlti... 18,33 D- J... de B.-b.. hi. right to the threO'D...,?Il 'e.ig.. the pl-ier.hip. in St. 1864 q —el. with Peru. — I Pi- for 1864 N... a- again b- l. pri- -I.i.t-. He d,i-s the of St. D.-i.g.; Q.le. 1-brIl. ref.-.. ChiAi.. rt.,.. to Sp.1865 Pla- with Per., whi,!h is corapelled to Pay a heavy i.dl-ity. Q.,e. I-1,01..,d,!,. the sale of tbc,r.- I..&, a.d give. th —f.-th. t. tl. at!... SP.- reli,q.i.b- St. D.-i.g.. Q.. -11 with Chill, followed by war. of Italy r.e.gied by Sp.!.;:,SC I --- (Aip., headed by G-ral Pi-. "3 P- ].Y. de-. hi..-,..d i.- geot. -ter Portugal. O'Donnell -ign.,..d N. ---- f-..1 -i-ily. Th. C-t,. di.-i... d by the Q.le.. Spain f.,-.Ily r-.g,,!.- -d f —. treaty with the republic. of H..d.-., S.Iad.r, Costa Ria and N, a,,g,,, 3-867 R.-It 1. Catalonia and Aragon s.p1868 The Q-?.. g-As general a-..ty. Death of N.-aMurrill. b-l. prl-e -ini.ter. R-I.ti.. led by i a d Serr..., P' -- Sept. 17; revolution successful, and -i.i.try Q — I-bell. take. refuse in F-.-,..d i. d,p..ed, P-'1.1-.1 9.,ern-ent -gni.ld at Madrid, by Pri-, Se-... -d, Olt. S. RIigi... liberty of the press, and -i —I -ffr.gc granted by new goern-lnt, Oct. 26. R —It- at different point. supp —ld. The U.itd state. g.,-.-,!.t rl..gni.l. the pr."i.i...1 g."ern —t. 1869 Eff.rt. to fid. king for Sp.i.. Mr... ll-tld Reg-t, J..e 15. PA- b-e. pri-I -agent-. Outbreak. of the C-rli.t. -d -pblle... -pp-,ld. 1870 Ep.rter' d-li... the Sp..iffi I..bllla abdioat- 1. favor of her... Alf....; it 1. ff-,d t- P,!.-:!. L,.p.1d, of 0(?-..y,,,h. refuse. it. A-d-,... of the Ki.g of Italy,.1-td king by the C.rt. 'Nov. I 6. Ald..s 1-d" at C.rth.g-., D- 30. M.-h.1 Pri-, De,. 29. 1871 A-ades entlr' Madrid, J... 2. S-.. for-...- -i.i.try, Ja.. 5. The C.rtes di... Ild, N.v. 25. Insurrection in Cuba. 3.872 11-ig-tion of the -i.i.try. C.rIi.t -- beghS --- —- l't.. N... rr.; defeat. the Car-,i-t- at Or.qit.. Att-pt to.-A.ate the Ki,g..d Q.e-, July 19. supplier.. of C-BA -d republic.. upri.i.g.. 1873 Abdie.ti.. of Effig A-ade... Republic pr..I.I-ed. Defeat of the C-liAs at -ri- points. Do. C.,le. enter. Spa!., July 13. C.dl...rre.dlr. to hi-, July 31.,, P,-id-t of the C.ft,.. The "Virgini.." affair. 1-874 Coup d'Et.t. M.rh.1 Serra.. Prl.ide.t and C-.,,d., of the ar-yOverthrow of the,.public. Alf.... XIII. P.. 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Page  140 I ANCIENT, MEDIEVAL AND MODERN HISTORY. 1111 lbl5spsssldlOuIldsisIIlt 1110 lbs Slslbls ploslllissif Is Pis-Is, slif 1875 Iisg Alf.-.s lidsl ti Bssiss... J81. 9. Vittoiasi tabss fstss Ci-ili, Jsly 9. 1876 lsissdss if Bilbso, Fsib. 1.1881886sf C-siit, si Iss-gi, andIt reader sI Psispliss, Fsi. 26. Tsislipsss enitry sf Alfi... isis Masdsid. 1877 Etssslidiisis tsssty sithi lbs 17sitsd Gi-ssss s-sisty Is Cssiii,.. Qussss Istislis sisits Spshi. 1171 Msssiigi if Ktisg Alf-ss Is Mer-s,3, Dsssih if Q-ss M —dc35, Jiss 28. Attc-ptlid sss ossif f Alf...i, Oil. 1171 Isisssiis~.. Is Isslisl, isissldl 113 el.,Chsistiils, If Assisi, Ni., 29. 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Page  142 II ANCIENT, MEDIEVAL AND MODERN HISTORY. 1366 Tr61113 o6 P-.61 6i18 61ver1 01..611 1311 B1118 61 W1lli..6 61. 68081163; 6616 111168 36h111116.6 181 th 1Et 61611 361- 18, 111116 116 6111361. 1863. '016 61. 11 F1166.6.611th.6N.6th Gllrll.66111.61 1816368-1668116 1616 16 181.31.616118331111318 111113.6,l63611t181 1111111113 61 g.. 366.859 E.gl101161116h1 1 t-6y1. th 11061 th11l.6d6 6 hip 1.6.. - B1.d11.8. 1 6. Po.61.,1,t681I331161 8666 191 361616161- 1111 6 1d36161 111611 p.. 3P1r3.i1,-.D 8. 11by 0. il.66.666.66 6116116.61 11.6.6th1. Di.6t. gil-i, g11 38111.1.66 d war 6616 6166 L.II 31111111861 111631 111 f1.61.61... 11.1 1.1t 3 ~igo th8e 118.6. 116316611 11 68 66ite 1668111J. 31111. is.161.1311113.611. 61116. 1616 t311116831111. 1866k811.61631870.6136d6h311111d 316161 11161881631164..66 36668 116h 88161601661 161 161i1 t.61.ty vith 681.601 60111. 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Page  146 SUPPIoEtMENT 222222. ANCIENT, MEDIEVAL AND MODERN HISTORY. to th202 —.d f th22- 3.02. U. S.;S3220 231222s the Fi~hcri.. tr.ot Pll-ident'. e.9 t2g th2 U02.3S. SentP22242 t2 A22gt., 322., d,22tr2y, $2,. 222,0222222th022 plop22ty, Sept. 22. 22111 p22hib2t12g..oi2g 22 0022222 22. 0232,2 pp,32ed, S~pt. 22. S23ptc-b- h3022t t-ch~d $2..Chi..g. B... 23o Toodo, S7t. 29. U. S. S~~ec 0222 2222 th2-c. 22it2t22222ity 22 the 22 "Plohibitooy 022" 2222c. 22. Th. nMoochi...- d27y 22222 22 L22d 22ck~ill2 3228 02242 p20lie, 022. 24. LooN 222222112 7322, B3iti~h Mi~i~tcr, 422'— d 2by,20t,02t. 20. p2blic.. 2224140222 212222, N.,,. 6. 022222.1 3212222 2f2 021222i. 3222. 22222 222222 22 d22th. 412,..d 21 22222 4,705, t J221k2222,2, 3M2., D.2:. 22. U. S. 22-2-f222 "2222"22 "1Y22tic" s22124 223 322322 22 d-2222d 2122of 2822 Gllt 2t222 22 P222231,2222 2222 2,22 2222 22 224 22224123, 422. 9. 0232222222 of 43222212222. 222222,Th. S222,2 22 NootI, 222 220th D22222, 24002322 224 3220223220, 2221224 by B23121222 3222120 g2223 t220d Po,,idot, 001202222r.. 32222222 122224.c, M~y 27. 0322i22 of 202 021202222 20222ty, Ap22il 22. C222222212 of W324h2gt..'. 222232322202., 30. 2422422 of D3. 330212 t2 Chic2g., M~y 4. 02202220222 by 2l204 of P22200,3..; 5,002 22 20,702 Ii2722 10221 0223 $72,. 200,000 w22th 2f p20p22ty d3,oycd, 42 3 22. 22422 D. S. Too~y 2022 03 V. S. M-oo 2022 222212, 422224123 4222222 Fio1d, At g. 04. p32222 -2 22 2. T23221 of C22222 202322220232 Aig. 22, 22424 037. 26. C-oghiio, S.o1i-o 22 222302 20024 g1103, 234 3222102 2222 2222222221 11222, i22pi22o2221 20313 33222; 32332f.. 202 not 32i1ty. 02024 4. Bo22- 237012124 2 Sop23 -0322 of 42222200. 32022, 1322 P2...14222. of 202 30222422222 Stoto, 322. 6. D30th of G-22 33000, 32 3012238, 212.2.032 2333003 332014223 203 003 Wor~d'. 3212220222 3232212102, 22 0022030, Aptil 28. 03320 of 3222. P332212, t 22222 Ytork City, 4223 22. Fir~t 22322210 by 31222212223, ot A.obooo, N.~ Y2., 732W- 32212 Aiog. 6. P2222 121212223 of 001202222 222222, Aot foobiddiog 802 22e of th, 22212 foo 2002323 32,30232, opp,-A. S82pt. 28. 22,2 24231213 222222 bill 22022 32222,ct 0223322 212281022 oot IT.... of 223322 2222221232 3222822181, Not. 4. T02 2228 32232322 22033, o. 1. Sitti g 1Doll 224 t22 oho 2247222 2222273 of Wooodcd 322, 0282222 802 720 3202123 224 ho.tiio 224220,, Doo. 2222 02280 of Gotoge 22202222, 11822222, 22 73220123822, J22 27. 02200 of 2,V2. 7310482 28 a bo-q.22 2 2222 Y.ok, 422. 14. W.fhiogt.., 422 7. 1f22 Applio~ti.. bffoof 202 U. S. 220222222 32222 foo 233001018122n to thoU. S 22202223 2232 422222283 by 32224122 22pS1288 Iodioo 221 22424 by -Ib22i.,10 of 73220183202, Fob. 18. D-thb of 222. Wo- F. Sbhooo, t1 Wo.b. 223822, Fob. 24. 3122322 782222, of Ohio, fppoioted Soooo' t223 of tho 2Tr-222y, Fob. 21. 3833212h8 0712 p22224 00,.22,, 24o,cb 2. Apt 22328103 31,2211 Cotot ofAp I. P3220 22228218120 222l2 712224, Mooob 2. Tbo Copyolgbt bill b —2o 1I222, 242220 Tb, 22222822,08 of 2241182 12 tho U. S. P,203 2220221224, 242220 8. 328820 d22012220202 of Boholog 222 di2 0302012 of 22 28211222 21 2222 0212102, 222222832 32221 P2283 22122, Mooob 14, A-o-oiv.. Sooloty of.0270022 fooood 212 802 3388321122 of w2211232 lmooh 80. 2222112 of tho Itolloo 242212122, B ---. 2210...0102222..7 of 002 f.oodiog of 802 G22204.032 of tho Ro!pib~lo Apil 6. 20222Y202 City, ApoilO27. 18020 Chio,- 32220222 2222 to 222270 202 22232121 241812022, H. W3, Bloi,, Foot 22oothold R..-votioo, 22. D., 272234 22821222220 P,t242 92.,-d tC 22222, 2113 22. t.820 2f Ab002022 oiooolo oooilod tt 2222002,2220222 hc~g. 0202123222230 31 I O'Il.,.viIod, 4203 3. Tho 3222 of R2o,,io 32222082 Stooofod of 222,222i 22 -. 81022122 -ooi,, S.oI-do of t1bo 3011122 hlip, 22102, ot 2220920, to thco U. 8,4,o 4. Fio~t 201222128 of blook 112 22222 3112. Iotooo deol 3,22 h20232 hold otr...tW.fhiogt20, 4o82. C-oooooi -2222 22220 Spolo 21322,d 2302172 of 202 W-t203y 22i222 to 102 $020.22 -p 02272 22222 tho 20222 223 02212 -Lii.of tho U. S. 2201920102 1222,, doty. bihl Olcd g3122,t tho~ 2222,422221 Sti....tho Ilto.t.t S.. Djg, 4003 22 L 31~t.,V., Jly 821. 222222122 p222422022d4f23 tho 3220 21222 hy 002 U.S'. 322720228, Joly 20. 202 "222102802" ook 202 22322 23-_ Cood, 11222 02123 84. 280. 822., Aog. 2. IVooo. rip i 22d22412 222222,3 212234 827301021,.02. 83. 22222,, Aog. 19. 203 "Tootooo" 022102 202 tr.-oAtlo.. 8122022 of tho "1Moiotj," 1222 24 280. 9822., A02. 19. 284222 10042 of Oklohooto opened, topt. 021220128.'. of P272- Lho XIII. 202022, 320 222804 to tho- Cotholio Uoioo-fity t W..h0f0gtoo, Spt. 20. I.lfd St-ofod, Jo., Unotoeo~ity ol Polo Alto,C320, 072224, Oct. 8. 3922222122 202823 of Goooo- 3220 18t Lincoln Pok, Chioogo, 2221134, Oct. 3222222212 tooty 212 322222703 7222on 212424, Oct82. '22022020 104 Ar1p100.Id22120 231I00 221112 2222 of 2024 88 802 G — oo 2200 ot 00 22082 22 8220, 020. 28. U. S.3220222220 4222224 227221812 22222Ch 3011 fo 2222018 02 tho 22322 of tho 222222222, 028. 22. Argo-222in th0 s.Y2220d42,o to t22 02322 18. the U. 8. 8272222 02028 Coogoo, 22381212Mr r.32,7.of 32222382, 202220 Spk203, 2222 7. lO892.St-oool0200y, 022., 221 23212 022201 70i1t2?d by tho P02214281, 428. 2. 22221081 22102 oopliooi t MvAlc~to,~, To. 01 13 20 1222 1228, Joo. 7. 222of oot ` Too 22222 O 2 201224 by 022 2282122 0122, 40.n2. SPoool 22122232to 32822022 2202 th'o yPo-idcot, 2-222-2002g 0220221 id to tho 7322142 3210220128 Eohhiti..o, Thco Por-idot -bh2it. (o222-poodoo 110h Eglood to 3023222, 22312410 Behriog Se..too......y, Mo2h2 9 W222f2t7. 2R. 242222,20 2312282 P-3ood-to2of tho 8083381120 t 22C3223204, Moooh 90. Fr PhEt-lditi.. 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P02t P -Y0 3201214312212Sl 04222302 ooo po 01222 0222000804, Joo 00.iv- 2222132. 20022108 20.odoo 00220222812 it Nttioo 30020210 h.old ol.4t 10jcd 0022, 420. 22. P3-lrc.ifI, p-d g Joffto 80.y 3311,oom Toolif Sill Wood'8022221 Tto * 3222G2 31022120 oodig Ado S0,rtoolof 722201 th 32010,8, doot. 82.D,.ttg lo.i i.i-ip.1 ootoiot J., 4. ooOdO. U r.!].73oh o,dt igo,!'lg22Oct. 30.,r2000pol2cdrdh-ls Fotoyl Aooltio.. 2202 Copo-ito h1221, 4ot`oyo of th ol, GPotocoot Mlo — Jooo t 12. — 1. pI,2 ood c.ooootiilt 22 Pblldoiph-1 Poopi..ted2007. 0222023 4222.Wo S.oooo 720.hip Ke8.. h -oo Afo ti P02214p00 ti, doly-4. Poo thoO Cooood200 80f!., Sl.o3202028122-22 0022 Tokdy7 UOra~0te tlotw Yofk 802l tooth 31022 P~p,oo iooi 82222, 8120. 32222212 B f Wlioo 0227202223 12228 223, pi. 3222222001, y2d~, Joly 04. 822,020t oool 222022 -t4222 Ith 02102 22111 to 02 tOo P-k-t.. yoto to II-o' Ohio, bpoll, 02., 0.20tc28022 10,I Mlo6 oo o 2 0., Apiil 22..-,Api Pioolh-o.toop.J tke y Ii. 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Page  [unnumbered] ATLAS OF BRANCH COUNTY 1915 RECEIVED: 3/4 leather binding with cloth sides, leather tight to spine. Front cover free, endsheet also. Book was wire:.stiched.through the side; sewing sound. Paper of body of book is rather brittle and yellowed. Leather suffering from red rot. TREATMENT: Disbind. Scrape surface leather off spine, number unnumbered pages. Paste wash spine. Pick to pieces, was,except p. 83-123 (clay coated), dry, press, deacidify, and laminate. Guard large folded pages. Stub for thickness, add endsheets. Bind in scrapbook style binding. MATERIALS: Wei T'o deacidification solution. Ehlermann's PVA LAL 215. Swift's 2f 295 glue. PROMATCO endsheet paper, reinforcing paper, nylon laminating tissue. Ademco unsupported lamatec. Davey "Red Label" binder's board. Acid-free conservating mounting board. Library buckram. 23K gold. McBee sawtooth lockpins. Git BVfs. UKsc PVfA o &ks:v. ANN FLOWERS -AC DATE COMPLETED: June 2, 1982

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