Editorial Brad van Eeden-Moorefield 2
The Intersection of Mentoring and Personal Biography
Mentoring for Personal and Professional Success: Personal Reflections* H. Wallace Goddard 4
Mentoring Undergraduates: Professors Strategically Guiding the Next Generation of Professionals* Edgar C. J. Long, Jessica Fish, Lee Kuhn, & John Sowders 11
The Intersection of Mentoring and Social Justice
Outsiders within the Academy: Strategies for Resistance and Mentoring African American Women* Tammy L. Henderson, Andrea G. Hunter, & Gladys J. Hildreth 28
Social Justice Mentoring: Preparing Family Therapists for Social Justice Advocacy Work* Christi R. McGeorge & Thomas Stone Carlson 42
Perspectives on Supervision in Human Services: Gazing Through Critical and Feminist Lenses* Jay Poole 60
The Intersection of Mentoring and Teaching: Classrooms, Communities, and Programs
Innovation with Integrity: Preparing Parent Educators Online Susan K. Walker, Heather Cline, & Betty L. Cooke 71
Using Debates on Family Issues with Undergraduate Students: The 5 R’s Strategy for Promoting Skill Development and Attitude Change Patricia Hrusa Williams 91
Students as Practitioners in a Service Learning Context Jenifer K. McGuire & Vernette Doty 110

* Denotes invited article