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Jessaca B. Leinaweaver Accompanying and Overcoming: Subsistence and Sustenance in an Andean City
Jessica C. Robbins Acknowledgements
Appendix: Selected Works
Jeffrey R. Parsons The Aquatic Component of Aztec Subsistence: Hunters, Fishers, and Collectors in an Urbanized Society
Deborah L. Nichols Archaeology on Foot: Jeffrey Parsons and the University of Michigan
Anneeth Kaur Hundle Avoiding Race-Avoidance? Anthropologists and Affirmative Action
Sara Cooley Bringing Body to Bear in the Andes: Ethnicity, Gender, and Health in Highland Ecuador
Jennifer L. Gaynor The Decline of Small-Scale Fishing and the Reorganization of Livelihood Practices among Sama People in Eastern Indonesia
Susan D. Blum Diamond in the Field: The Life and Work of Norma Diamond
Erika Alpert Editors' Remarks
Kathryn Graber Editors' Remarks
Eli Thorkelson Experience, Reflexive Socialization and Disciplinary Order in Anthropology
Derek P. Brereton A Fair Reflection: The "Dirt Anthropology" of Robbins Burling
Susan U. Philips The Feminization of Anthropology: Moving Private Discourses into the Public Sphere
Virginia J. Vitzthum The Four-Field Anthropology and Multi-faceted Life of Frank B. Livingstone
Daisy Deomampo Gender, Sexuality, and AIDS in Brazil: Transformative Approaches to AIDS Prevention
Cynthia Gabriel Healthy Russian Food is Not-for-Profit
Jessica Marie Falcone 'I spy...': The (Im)possibilities of Ethical Participant Observation with Antagonists, Religious Extremists, and Other Tough Nuts
Emily Wentzell Imagining Impotence in America: From Men's Deeds to Men's Minds to Viagra
Danilyn Rutherford In Defense of Ambivalence
Elisha P. Renne Introduction
Richard Ford Introduction
William Peace Introduction: The University of Michigan's Department of Anthropology: Leslie White and the Politics of Departmental Expansion
Viola Allo Leaving: A Personal Narrative of Graduate School
Eli Thorkelson The Limits of Theory: Idealism, Distinction and Critical Pedagogy in Chicago
Hanna Garth Lost and Delirious in the Anthropology Graduate Application Process: Negotiations of the Self in early Graduate Socialization
Jessica Marie Falcone A Meditation on Meditation: The Horizons of Meditative Thinking in Tibetan Monasticism and American Anthropology
Notes on Contributors
Notes on Contributors
Notes on the Contributors
Notes on the Contributors
Jessica C. Robbins "Older Americans" and Alzheimer's Disease: Citizenship and Subjectivity in Contested Time
Mark K. Hébert Participatory Pedagogy
Kathryn Graber "Personal Communication, 2006": Authorship and Ownership in Anthropology
Viola Allo Perspectives on Polio Immunization Campaigns in Ibadan, Nigeria
Derek P. Brereton Preface
Dean Falk Professor C. Loring Brace: Bringing Physical Anthropology ("Kicking and Screaming") Into the 21st Century!
Kathleen Millar Reconsidering Routes to Membership in the Anthropological Community
Brian Hoey Striving for Unity: A Conversation with Roy Rappaport
Bruce M. Knauft Structure, Cultural Logic, and Transformational Dynamics in the Social Organization of Unstratified Societies: The Work of Raymond C. Kelly
Harry Starr Subsistence: Models and Metaphors for the Transition to Agriculture in Northwestern Europe
Sara Stephens "This Masters is Going to Kill Me": E-Narratives of Stress and Support Between Anthropology Graduate Students
Laura L. Heinemann Transplantation and Body Politics: Toward Assessing and Addressing Inequality