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The Ram’s Head Lady’s Slipper (Cypripedium Arietinum): A Primier for Wetland Preservation in the Carney Fen Wetland Complex, Carney, MI Wolfe, Yarrow; Palmiotto, Peter A. vol. 48 no. 3 July
Range Expansion by Cut-Leaved Teasel (Dipsacus Laciniatus) in Wisconsin and Minnesota, with a Consideration of Germination Success Stolp, Katherine M.; Cochran, Philip A. vol. 45 no. 4 October, 2006
Rare and Unusual Fungi (Basidiomycota) of the Huron Mountains, Marquette County, Michigan Richter, Dana L. vol. 43 no. 2 Spring, 2004
Rare Plant Species and Plant Community Types of Manitou Island and Gull Rock, Keweenaw County, Michigan Marr, Janet Keeney; Pensker, Michael R.; Albert, Dennis A. vol. 48 no. 4 October
The Rare Plants of Fort McCoy Military Reservation, Monroe County, Wisconsin Leach, Mark K. vol. 40 no. 1 January, 2001
A Reanalysis of 1960s Michigan Old-Field Data Corbett, Erica A.; Corbett, Gail A. vol. 43 no. 1 Winter, 2004
Rediscovery of Plantago Cordata (Plantaginaceae) in Michigan Parfitt, Bruce D. vol. 41 no. 1 January, 2002
Rediscovery of Rhynchospora (Psilocarya) nitens (Cyperaceae) in Indiana Hedge, Roger L.; Stork, Emily J. vol. 52 no. 1-2 January
Rediscovery of Rhynchospora (Psilocarya) Nitens (Cyperaceae) in the Great Lakes Region Reznicek, A.A. vol. 38 no. 3 Summer, 1999
Rediscovery of Wolffiella Gladiata (Lemnaceae) in Indiana Alix, Mitchell S.; Scribailo, Robin W. vol. 40 no. 1 Winter, 2001
Reliability of Wisconsin Oak Species Identification Based on Herbarium Specimens Ralston, Jeffrey Lee vol. 50 no. 3 July
Relic or Recruit? Newly Discovered Aronia arbutifolia (Ell.) Pers. (Red Chokeberry) in Kent County Raises Questions Regarding Past and Future Distributions Ryskamp, Michael P.; Warners, David P. vol. 51 no. 3 July
Reports of Four Rare Plants in Michigan, Including Two Non-Native Species Slaughter, Bradford S. vol. 55 no. 1 January
Review of Michigan Shrubs & Vines by Burton V. Barnes, Christopher Dick, and Melanie Gunn Huft, Michael vol. 54 no. 1-2 January
Reviews of Steve W. Chadde’s Guides to the Wetland and Aquatic Plants in the Great Lakes Region Harriman, Neil A. vol. 52 no. 3-4 July
Reviews of Steve W. Chadde’s Miscellaneous Field Guides to the Plants in the Great Lakes Region Harriman, Neil A. vol. 53 no. 1-2 January
The Road to the Isles: Reminiscences of Ed Voss as Dissertation Chairman Hazlett, Brian T. vol. 51 no. 1 January
The Role of Fire in Great Lakes Alvar Landscapes Jones, Judith; Reschke, Carol vol. 44 no. 1 Winter, 2005