Personal Finances of Abraham Lincoln
Pratt, Harry E.
Page  ix


IN writing this book I have incurred many obligations. Five people read the entire manuscript and offered criticisms and suggestions which improved it throughout: Miss Mary Humphrey, then Acting President of the Abraham Lincoln Association, Miss Margaret Flint, Reference Librarian of the Illinois State Historical Library, Ernest E. East, author of Abraham Lincoln Sees Peoria, Benjamin P. Thomas, Ex|ecutive Secretary of the Association, 1932-1936, and author of Lincoln's New Salem, and Paul M. Angle, Librarian of the Illinois State Histori|cal Library, and author of "Here I Have Lived," and other books listed in the bibliography. Mr. Angle gave time and keen, helpful criticism in the several revisions of the manuscript. Mr. Logan Hay, President of the Abraham Lincoln Association from 1920 until his death, June 2, 1942, read four chapters and suggested material for others. Mr. F. Lauriston Bullard, Boston, Massachusetts, and James Monaghan, of the Illinois State Historical Library suggested improvements in several chapters. Mr. William H. Townsend, Lexington, Kentucky, gave access to material on Robert Smith Todd's financial gifts to his daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Lincoln.

Examination of the records of the Auditor of Public Accounts for data on Lincoln's legislative salary was made possible by James Hardie, Chief Clerk. Other legislative records were examined in the Archives Department of the Illinois State Library, and help was received from Miss Margaret Norton, State Archivist, and S. Ambrose Wetherbee, Document Archivist.

The chart showing Lincoln's disposition of his presidential salary warrants was prepared by Miss Betty Jane Gehlman.

Mrs. Edna Orendorff Macpherson, daughter of General Alfred Orendorff, law partner of William H. Herndon, graciously allowed the author to examine and quote from the Stuart & Lincoln fee book.

Page  xA photostat of President Lincoln's account at Riggs & Co., Washing|ton bankers, was presented to the Abraham Lincoln Association by the late Mrs. Robert Todd Lincoln. Mr. George W. Bunn, Jr., President of the Springfield Marine Bank, made available Lincoln's account at the Springfield Marine and Fire Insurance Co. from 1853 to 1865. This account is given in the Appendix.

Mr. David Davis, Bloomington, Illinois, great-grandson of Justice David Davis, the administrator of Lincoln's estate, allowed photostats to be made of his great-grandfather's private records and correspondence with Mrs. Lincoln and Robert Todd Lincoln dealing with the adminis|tration of the President's estate and the guardianship of Thomas Lincoln.

To all these I express my gratitude.