"Here I have lived"; a history of Lincoln's Springfield, 1821-1865, by Paul M. Angle.
Angle, Paul M. (Paul McClelland), 1900-1975.
Page  293


HAD I followed my own inclinations, I would have used footnotes to indicate the more important sources I have consulted in writing this book. I am convinced, however, that annotation ir|ritates almost everyone except professional historians, and therefore I have yielded my personal preference. Still, if he is to play fair with his reader, the historical writer can hardly omit all mention of the materials he has used. History is a fabric of many threads, and an historian exhibits no more than common honesty when he proclaims that he has been weaver only, and not spinner as well; and besides, the reader should have some opportunity of judging for himself the quality of the raw material; whether it be long-fibred wool, or merely shoddy. Hence this note.

First and foremost, this is a newspaper history. Without the long files of the Illinois State Register and the Illinois State Journal (called also the Sangamo Journal and the Illinois Journal) which are available in the Illinois State Historical Library, this would have been a vastly different book, and I believe a much poorer one. At first glance these papers—at least for the period in which I have worked— seem barren enough. Politics was their chief concern, and even here the editors appear to have relied on their scissors rather than their brains. But if one has the patience to examine a year's run instead of a few scattered issues, the Page  294 first impression changes. Local news, especially in the earlier years, is scarce, but when one goes through thousands of pages, a mass of material illustrative of every phase of community life accumulates before one realizes what is hap|pening. So far as this book is concerned, it is no exaggeration to say that it owes more to the two Springfield newspapers than to all other sources combined. I only wish it were pos|sible to express my gratitude to the editors, particularly Simeon Francis of the Journal and Charles H. Lanphier of the Register. Little did they suspect to what use the future would put their paragraphs on the hog nuisance and the mud about the State House square!

Though far less important, a few other sources deserve particular mention. The records of the County Commis|sioners' Court, as the governing body of Sangamon County was originally called, have been drawn upon heavily. Three published works were indispensable: Sketches of Early Life and Times in Kentucky, Missouri and Illinois, by Elijah Iles (Springfield, 1883), History of Sangamon County, Illinois (Chicago, 1881), and John Carroll Power's History of the Early Settlers of Sangamon County, Illinois (Springfield, 1876). The first, a rare little volume, is the autobiography of the man who, more than any other, made a straggling frontier settlement into a permanent community. I have used it extensively in the first three chapters of this book. The second volume is a county history far above the average—a veritable quarry from which all sorts of diverse materials have been pried. (Since the book numbers 1067 double-column pages, and has no index, the metaphor is used ad|visedly.) The third title, a compilation of biographical and genealogical data concerning those who settled in Sangamon County during the first ten or fifteen years of its existence, contains much about pioneer life that is unavailable in any other form.

Of one passage in "Here I Have Lived" I wish to make Page  295 particular mention, if for no other reason than self-defense. Readers who are familiar with the traditional accounts of Lincoln's life will note that the story of the wedding of Lincoln and Mary Todd, as it is related in Chapter V, varies materially from the commonly accepted narrative. What I believe to be ample authority for my own treatment may be found in the Appendix to Mary Lincoln, Wife and Widow by Carl Sandburg and Paul M. Angle (Harcourt, Brace, 1932). The letters from Mary Todd to Mercy Levering, quoted here, as well as several of the letters of James C. Conkling which I have used in part, are also to be found in that volume. Other Conkling letters which I have quoted are the property of Mrs. Georgiana Conkling Reed of New Rochelle, New York, to whom, for permission to make use of family correspondence, I am deeply grateful.

Out of many another source I have made sometimes a sentence or two, sometimes pages. In addition to those to which I have already referred, the following deserve men|tion:

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