[1]   OR, I, XLVI, III, 640 and 610; New York Tribune, April 8, 1865. As printed in the Official Records, Lincoln's telegram appears (p. 640) without Sheridan's telegram, but with a note referring to it as appearing earlier (p. 610). The New York Tribune prints the two as incorporated in a telegram from Stanton to John A. Dix of the same date.

Stanton replied to Lincoln's telegram at 1 P.M.: ``Accept my congratulations on the glorious news of this morning Mr. Seward continues to be doing as wellPage  390 as could be expected from the nature of his injuries. His spirits are good. Your news stimulates him better than anything the apothecary could give and his surgeons say he will soon be able to sit up'' (DLC-RTL).

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