[1]   AD, DLC-RTL; DS, DNA RG 233, House Executive Document No. 59. On February 8, Schuyler Colfax wrote Lincoln: ``The Senate have been hesitating for two days about Mr. Sumner's resolution, asking for information as to the recent Conference at Hampton Roads. . . . I stated . . . to Mr. [Thaddeus] Stevens this morning that I understood from you that you had no objection to communicating the information, & a resolution has been passed unanimously, asking for it. . . . Under the circumstances, even if the Senate pass the resolution today, I hope you will reply to the House Resolution, in duplicate, if you feel required to answer the delayed Senate Resolution to that Body. I know the answer cannot fail to increase the confidence of the American people in you.'' (DLC-RTL).

The autograph manuscript of Lincoln's communication is composed of Lincoln's autograph letters, telegrams received, etc., which he collected for the purpose. In succeeding footnotes each document is described as it appears in Lincoln's manuscript. Peculiarities of punctuation and spelling follow Lincoln's original manuscript rather than the signed document sent to the House of Representatives.

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