[1]   DfS (copy?), DLC-RTL. The words ``if you consent'' in the first sentence and the signature are in Lincoln's autograph. See Lincoln's pass for James W. Singleton, January 5, supra, and communication to Grant, March 8, infra. Under dates of February 1, 7, 9, and 22, Orville H. Browning's Diary records the continuance of General Singleton's venture. The entry for February 9 is in part as follows: ``At night I went to the Presidents. He had just prepared his answer to a resolution of Congress calling on him for information in relation to the recent peace conference . . . and read it all to me. He also gave me a letter to Genl. Grant, respecting the purch[a]ses of produce in the South by Singleton. The letter is dated the 7th. and is intended to be delivered by Singleton. . . .''

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