[1]   LS, owned by Milton H. Shutes, Oakland, California. Written by John Hay, this letter was signed by Lincoln following his return from the Hampton Roads conference. Representative John F. Driggs of Saginaw, Michigan, wrote Lincoln on February 1: ``I have the honor to present you with a fair specimen of our Mackinaw Salmon Trout. The Fish was sent me by Express, and came from Mr. Harvey Williams, one of my constituents who is eighty years of age, and who has followed fishing on Lake Huron for thirty or forty years. He has been a life long Democrat, but at the last Election made a trip of forty miles in one of his fishing boats to vote for you and the Union candidates. May I beg of you an autograph receipt to send to the old gentleman which I know he will highly prize.'' (DLC-RTL).

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